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[On the possibility of a Canadian federal election. Morgenthaler was a crusader for abortion rights.]

Next elections I don't know who to vote for.
I have nobody to vote for.

The Conservatives allow Morgenthaler to get the Order of Canada and allow the Canadian Army to participate in the Toronto gay parade.

The Conservatives were the last hope for Canada, that's down the drain now.

The country is finished. Sodom and Gommorah in the great white north.

It takes a miracle and repentance to change things around.

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To assume that the Holy Spirit did not prophetically guide the KJV translators to use the word 'science' instead of knowledge is to limit God. God knew in advance that evolution would at its heart be an 'OPPOSTION of science falsely so called', so to try and limit gnosis to simply knowledge is to fail to understand how God used common Greek words and gave them a theological meaning (check the word Gospel as an example).

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You've got to be joking. Catholics don't pray to Mary? I'm not sure what kind of Catholics you've met... but my Mother raised me a Catholic, both of her sisters are Catholic and my Grandmar was a Catholic and they all pray to Mary. Sometimes more than God.

What is the "Hail Mary" if not a prayer to Mary. Catholics can twist and writhe around the facts all they want, but they still pray to Mary.

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(A bit of a two-for-one)

An Open Bible in every office of Government


I think we should, as conservatives, add an approach to our agenda that cannot be silenced by anyone. And that is the personal expression of religion in the government. No one can stop a legislator, a judge or even the Governor or President, from having a Bible open in their office, or in their sessions. It simply is not an issue.

It is the public expression of a private individual in a way that brings attention, maybe even agitation, but is completely harmless to any rational person. No one should mind it; because likewise the Muslim legislator should have his Qu'ran opened if he feels it is so prudent, the Jew the Torah or Hebrew Bible.

And so forth.

I think this should be mentioned by conservatives and we should get a petition going to get some of our faithful brothers in office to do this.

(And this is his signature)
"Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged." Means to Judge only when you are not a hypocrite.

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I've yet to meet the Christian couple who didn't want a family. The desire to procreate is instilled in us from our birth. The desire *not* to have children is programmed into the person's mind. It's fed by selfish whims, not natural instinct...which leads me back to the point you disagree with.

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Inferior? No. But yes, Paul teaches correctly God's preferred headship on earth...that the man is the head (or leader) of the woman.
So to repeat the order of leadership/headship: God-->Jesus-->Man-->Woman. This still holds true today regardless of what is politically correct in modern times.

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[On Ouija boards]

On the one hand we need to be careful not to allow ourselves to be enslaved to superstition. It is just a board and a piece of plastic. But on the other hand we need to be aware that such devices can be used by demonic spirits to deceive and enslave.

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I always wondered why women PUSHED for women to get to
work in a career then come home & have to care for a family!
HELLO, women HAD it made - talk about the Big Lie lol

They all but demonized women at home. Truly sad - I always speculate
that this is when the family started to come unglued as more women
left the home & less care & supervision was given to the kids??

It's typical tho, they can't ever get that pendulum balanced.
In trying to get equality, they pushed women right out their
back doors into being strapped to 8+ hrs of work outside (with all its
stresses & pressure) PLUS inside the home.

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<<Pagan nonsense for a change?>>

I am a devotee of the goddess Athena. I pray to her, I talk to her, I believe in her. And in return she has provided for me. Life has been admittedly rough since I knelt before her, but I have never been without something when I truly needed it.

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[Attacking Norse mythology and saying it's unbelievable and unsubstantiated]

Oh ok, but the bible records the conception of humanity.

You know a lot about the bible huh Freodin? Do you know of a more believable account of humanities origin? Or are you an evolutionist.

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[On how, after the Flood, all those millions of animals returned back to their respective homes.]

He had 2 of every animal. That's a good question. However, I bet the oceans didn't appear until after the Flood. So they hopped, walked, crawled, or whatever they did. I think the oceans were created when the water came shooting from the crust.

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[When asked: "So if the wife tells her husband that she doesn't want to have sex, and he forces her to (i.e., rapes her), then she is the sinner, not he?"]

God does tell us to rejoice in our spouse's body, and taking that away from the other is not really compromising. And for us traditionalists, there is that whole, obey your husband part of the vows. ::wink wink::

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Ah yes! there is nothing more harmless than the summer solstice. Nothing nicer like worshipping the sun for those young hippies. After all sun worship has been used by so many notables as Hitler, babyloninans and egyptians, knights templar, illuminati, I could go on and on!

The power of the sun has been understood by those with occult knowledge throughout the ages. Sun worship is everywhere in the occult. The nazi swastika itself is the symbol of the sun (taken from asian traditions, original symbol of the sun).

What lies in the occult powers of the sun that the elite of our world use to manipulate and control us?

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[Stating that people believed this in the past doesn't make it correct. Many people believed that Zeus was the cause of lightning bolts a little over 2000 years ago.]

Is everything you don't understand a fairy tale to you, Chalnoth, or can you think on your own?

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In Genesis description there is no rain and everything is spring fed.

The surface of the ground is watered by dew.

The salty oceans are cause by rain and erosion dissolving salts from the soil which eventually contaminate the oceans.

At the time of the flood there was only fresh water.
Actually the time of the flood can be approximated by projecting how long it would take to bring a fresh water ocean to the current salt contamination level.

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The "Big Bang" actually started out as a religions belief that some people trace back to Moses and the oral traditions. It became popular around 1000 years ago with a Jewish Rabbi and the mystical school of thought known as Kabbalah. In recent years the Astrophysicists have picked up on the theory.

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Make bible the law; replace congress, president and supreme court with panel of christian elders who decide all issues.

If we make the bible the law of the land, one would only need to decide whether any action or law agrees with the bilbe. We could then replace congress, the supreme court, and all other top-level executives (the decision makers) with a small group of church elders. This could save billions in tax dollars and stop all the endless legal battles happening all over the country regarding moral and family issues. The church elders would have the final say of what is right or wrong, based solely on the bible.

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I put forth the same question to you. There is a degree of trust. The bible (and I'm talking about a real bible) excludes this because it does not contradict itself.

Goto the library and checkout any book you like written by man...you find contradictions easily. The bible (a real bible) does not have contradictions...man is full of contradictions...he "moves with the wind". Man could not write a 1000+ page book without contradictions.

Other than the bible, there is a degree of trust. The media cannot be trusted..they have lied and lied and lied over the span of more than 50 years.

With advanced CGI, and actors willing to sell their mother for $$$ (money is the root of all evil)....how much of the trust are you willing to give?

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The Amalek people later in the passage we are told opposed the people of Israel. Does this mean that God orderd that they be killed to show all other people not to mess with the Isrealites? Were the childeren sacrificed to send a message to all others? These are my thoughts anyway

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They are to blame. Had AIDS been treated as a contagious disease like other contagious diseases, it would never have reached such epidemic proportions. But they whined about their civil rights, ignoring the civil rights and safety of the rest of society so that they could relish their perverse behavior and force the rest of us to pay for it trhough our taxes and our health and our incresed health care costs.

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