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Unfortunately circumcision can't prevent boys from M[asturbating]. My husband is circumcised, as tightly as it can be done, and he abused himself three times before we married. It probably reduces the chances of it happening or makes it less rewarding for them but I don't think it stops it.

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[Note, this guy is defending his faith]

God does not love everyone nor does he desire to save everyone. The preaching of the gospel is a savour of life unto the elect and the savour of death unto the reprobate.

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The Russia that [attacks Israel and that] God destroys is the one near the end of the millenium. These aren't the Russian Christians that obey God, but most probably the majority of atheists today and in the past...God is saving them all for the event to make an example of them.

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I am 34E and I have no problem with the size of my breasts except that guys are constantly staring at them, even when I dress modestly. Since it is causing them to sin, would the right choice get a breast reduction? It would solve a lot of problems because I wouldn't have to cover up as much and it wouldn't cause others to sin. It doesnt really matter to me if I am an A cup or an E cup, I'm still the same person. I've already talked to a surgeon but I don't know if I should follow through.

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I would never marry someone of another race. Why?

Actually, that's not it at all. It's because the white race is a dying breed, and I don't like that idea. God made people black, white, brown, yellow, to show His creativity and every aspect of the beauty of His creation, and I'd hate to see part of that creation wiped out for the sake of political correctness.
Unfortunately, all anyone thinks when they see the sentence: "I would never marry someone of another race", is "WOW YOU RACIST BIGOTED HOMOPHOBIC OLD FASHIONED HATEMONGER"

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["How is the minority being treated hostily a good thing?" 'I often ask that when I hear of atheists being treated with hostility by Christians.']

It should stay this way...

A one world religion and one world secular political system dosn't sound fun to me....

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We only have the bible account to base our beliefs on, and evolution isn't mentioned. What is mentioned is deception that will engulf the whole world. The TOE is very much a part of this endtime deception, not aimed at the ignorant masses but the 'best and brightest'.

Submitted for the Irony

Approved for it as well

The 'Creationist Concept of Evolution' Award

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If humans evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys and why aren't they transforming into humans?

The very fact that Neandertals, Homo-Erectuces are not mentioned in The Bible proves they are made up. I mean you would think God would have mentioned them 6,000 years ago when He wrote The Bible. duh.

Evolutionists were not there "millions" of years ago. They recast reality to explain anything they have no ready explanation for and glom onto any theory they find that makes them feel comfortable about the world and their place in it.

They just make this stuff up as they go along. Whereas Christians such as I always have the rock of ages, Jesus, to rely upon as a constant, consistent, force in my life.

Backronym of the Year

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Black holes are weird because they are make belief science fiction. Better know as "Fairie Dust" [Fabricated Ad hoc Inventions Repeatedly Invoked in Efforts to Defend Untenable Scientific Theories].

More Fairie Dust - Dark Energy and Dark Matter.

Fundie in a Nutshell

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I don't understand how in the last 75 years or less, christianity has been thrown out of schools, and been replaced by the theory of evolution. The biggest problem i have is that they the existance of God is up to each individual to decide for themselves.... but yet they teach the ideals of evolution, and require students to study this theory in order to pass basic classes required for graduation that goes agianst christianity.

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I'm not going to offer my opinion on the actual interracial marriage, although they were forbidden in the Bible. What I will say is will somebody PLEEEEAASE think of the children. haha. No. It's true. All kidding aside. Nobody bothers to think of them. They don't fit in anywhere and are thus segregated from their peers. They aren't black and they aren't white. Although they might be able to fit in on some superficial level, they don't have anything to call their own and it just isn't fair to them.

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[Second law allows local decrease of entropy, which is all evolution requires.]

The local decrease is ALWAYS temporary, which is what Evolution DOESN'T require. You have to keep defying continually.

The 2 law says anything LEFT TO IT'S OWN DEVICES tends toward DISORDER. Adding energy does NOT do anything unless the energy is AVAILABLE FOR USE.

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Cryptozoology in the Bible pwns Evolution

Following is a list of animals found in the Bible:

fowled bat
four-legged grasshopper
straw-eating lions

I contend that these animals are problematic for evolutionists.

AV1611VET #fundie

AV1611VET #fundie christianforums.com

To be perfectly honest, the Bible was written by God. It is "scientists" today who don't know about four-legged locusts and hares that chewed their cud; not to mention satyrs, unicorns, behemoths, leviathans, and fowled bats.

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orange #fundie christianforums.com

Democracy is turned into a Demoncracy in Christian countries. If in USA 70% of people are not Christians, then theywould vote for a president like them, not Christian. They would vote for laws that are against Christianity... So let us destroy lies of Devil now and forever I and you together... The Christians had given all human rights freely to all not Christians. But why and for what??... When we give these rights to unbelievers in thus way we give these rights to the Devil, and he, Devil receives big power from us as a gift...It is the same to give Devil a stick and to ask him to beat our heads, and after to say that 'it is God’s will'. 100 year ago in 1904 all world was under Christian leadership. But now situation is changed. To lose every thing in one century??We must keep democracy in our countries for Christians and take all not necessary, dangerous rights from unbelievers. For example we must take a right for voting (suffrage)... we must not do the same errors again. And we must not be fooled and to work to take some so called human rights from unbelievers, from criminals and so on. And not be ashamed by doing it. We gave human rights we must take it back. It is strange how many Christians believe to the ideas which they heard from unbelievers, from their enemies.

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Ex-Gays Defeating satan & embarrasing pro-gays

I ‘m just wondering what other people think about someone converting from gay to straight along with a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

I believe the bible says homosexuals are going to an eternal BURNING HELL because of the sin of sexual idolatry.

I believe the bible says homosexual behavior is a grievous sin. As one pastor put it, when God says “the end” in the bible, homosexual is the period at the end of the sentence. Biblically it is human depravity in its lowest state. It doesn’t get much lower.

I can only feel sorry for those that don’t want to escape this horrible fate – to be joined forever with this sexual idol with worms crawling over them screaming in agony, for somebody, anybody to help them. But it’s too late, and they burn forever -- what a horrible fate. I wouldn’t want it on anyone, but the bible says it is true.

Jesus said it with His own lips, “This is the Condemnation, that light came into the world, but men preferred darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.”

Don’t join the horrible parade to hell’s gates. In God’s eyes it’s a shameful thing, not something to be proud of. Escape while you still can.

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lynn18 #fundie christianforums.com

Why can’t Atheists have promiscuous sex?

Because of the sexual exploitation of women,
Because Atheists don’t want to have a baby yet,
Because of abortion,
Because of HIV and AIDS
Because of Herpes
Because of Genital Warts / HPV
Because Atheists are not a result of Social Conditioning,
Because Atheists are not just slaves of sins,
Because of Syphilis
Because of Gonorrhea
Because of Chlamydia
Because of Hepatitis
Because of Scabies
Because contraceptives fail

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My fiancé is around wicked people. When I meet him, I had to show him a lot of light to the error of his ways. God showed me things about myself by having him in my life too. So either way, we are both blessings to each other. I can tell how my ex fiancé feels, no matter the mood. Last night before he came to my home, I felt an urgency to pray. So I did but I feel even a stronger urge to pray in tongues. So the whole time praying in tongues, I was searching the spiritual realm trying to figure out what is going on. I saw this spirit trying to get into my house and some other spirit. I REALLY felt like it has something to do with my fiancé but I didn’t know why. He knocked on my door and before I opened it, I stretched out my hand and ask the Lord to cleanse him before he comes into my home. I baby sit my little niece. She fell asleep before he got there. As soon as he came in, we read some of Revelation. I just felt this knot in my spirit and I just didn’t understand why but I KNEW it had something to do with my fiancé. So talking aloud and joking my niece woke up. So we lay down on my bed and started talking. My niece kept STARING at my fiancé in the dark as if she was frightened. I told him to turn on the light and he did. Once she saw who he was, she still was not in peace, I could tell. She was fighting her sleep and she wouldn’t go to sleep no matter how close I was. So I asked him who was he around and he told me he went to his aunt house. I told him he must have been around poisonous people all day. He tries to touch me to console me but I wouldn’t let him touch me.

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I am not saying that every atheist feels obligated to go kill people. In fact, such an obligation (if not for the variable of self-interest) would make no sense. I’m saying that, to an atheist, there’s nothing wrong with killing people (since morality is nothing but subjective opinion). An atheist, if true to his title, sees nothing wrong with events like Columbine, September 11, the Oklahoma City bombing, etc.

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Your Neighbor #fundie christianforums.com

Darwin’s Confusion - song lyrics

Darwin’s Confusion

There’s a theory going ‘round how everything began
I appeal to the mind of every thinking man
If you stop to listen as I sing these words
I think that most of you will see it’s most absurd.

They say that many eons of time have past
And everything we know today comes from a big blast
From the minutest molecule of every kind
It just so happens that they all combined.
And some said, “Hey, I’m gonna be a star”
Others decided they would become Mars
Some when they combined became the planet Earth
I am in such awe that they were so alert

Here on Earth as the molecules continue to combine
There was such division ‘cause each had their own mind
From the one-celled ameba came a crocodile
As he sprang from the water he was tempted to smile
‘Cause he knew he adapted to his environment
So he jumped out of a tree – down he went
Wasn’t very long till he sprouted wings
His scales turned into feathers, he began to sing

In the meantime as they were growing on
An ameba decided he had swum too long
He thought to himself, “I’ve got to be free”
So he crawled upon the land with his newly formed knees
He crawled so long till his knees got sore
Then he decided that he needed more
From this very thought he developed feet
As his toes began sprouting he said, “Man, this is neat”

Now this walking ameba is a burly monkey
They say he swings around in our family tree
From a hairy ape he began to shed
Over the whole Earth he began to spread
So now you can see as this story goes
Confusion is mounting as this lie is told
Darwin’s confusion makes no common sense
Think of a moment of its consequence

No, don’t buy this lie, don’t you be deceived
Our ancestry is more than just a tall monkey
There’s a God in heaven who created you
If you just let Him, He will show this to you

orange #fundie

orange #fundie christianforums.com

Why Creationists were bored from Evolutionists? Hi you. It is right that we, Creationists don’t want to spend our time For explaining Creationism to you. And I understand other Creationists. There are some reasons for it. 1) You don’t care about any arguments when given. Arguments and facts are meaning nothing for you. No matter/ for you. And truth in general. 2) Your ignorance bored us. 3) What is significant for you-it is your opinion. 4) There are books about it (Creationism), you can read they yourself. (Creationism and Time). 5) Truth doesn’t need to be propagated so much as lie needs to be propagated. Truth has his big price no matter that it was believed/accepted or not. But the price of the lie depends from the number of fooled persons. So at first if you are fooled it is your problem not our. 6) We gave you some arguments already. But you don’t accept them. It is already not question of arguments but question of philosophy And mental healthy……. When you can’t believe to a normal sense and your eyes, then no one can help you. You can suspect to all what you see, but is not scientific problem it is other problem. 7) Evolutionism it is not science, it is hypothesis about this- If we would accept that God not created the world, then how the world could begin to had been? So it is simply imagination. You can also imagine so, if you were not born from your mother, then how you can be created in 10 milliard years from the mud by Evolution? Scientists counted probability of life by Evolution; it is equal 0,0000000000000000000000…………. and so on. Certainly this argument also means nothing for Evolutionists as all other scientific facts. 8) But instead of Evolutionism the Creationism is real science backed with Lot of scientific facts. You want us to quote all they here?? (read books for it). We were bored by reading and seeing books and movies about Evolutionism, learning/study that nonsense in Schools…. Really we have not a time. And why we must to continue when you did not accept some arguments already? Truly we don’t care about you so much, because it is your problem. 9) Evolutionism was born from Atheism. And what is Atheism? In deep their heart Atheist thinks so-If God don’t live and work in my life (It is partly true (semi truth)) I would declare (with hysteria) and believe that there is not God. ((If God don’t work in my life it means that there is not God-this is another lie, which lives in hearts in many persons and far away from the sense)). He is offended from the God (as he think). In this way he does revenge to God. So it is hysteria against God. Evolutionism is continuation of the same hysteria. This is one of main reasons why Evolutionists don’t accept any scientific fact or any argument. Because it is not only question of arguments but question of hysteria. And Evolutionism not backed by scientific facts but hysteria and lie. So it is another reason why we-Creationists don’t want to spend much of our time uselessly on Evolutionists. 10) Only one fact for example. Do you know that scientific research showed that age of earth might be only about from 3000 year to 3000000 year when was counted by various (about 50-150) methods. Most often of them is about 10000 years. Do you know this?? But when you don’t know this simple thing how you can know about other facts? So I hope that it is clear for you now why Creationists don’t want to continue to argue with you. Be well. Orange in Christ

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[From a thread entitled, "Why I am a Geocentrist"]

When it [the moon] comes closer and closer it gets in the stronger and stronger pull of Earth’s gravity. How can it then resist that pull and start going against that attraction? Contrariwise, as it goes out to the apogee and is moment by moment breaking loose from Earth’s gravitational pull at tremendous speed, how can it stop the outward movement and start back??
If everything is attracted to everything. The entire universe should be stuck together in one big blob!
If the moon's (and/or sun's) gravity was what controlled the tides, there shouldn't be high tides on the opposite side of the earth from the moon. [...]

<ul><li>QUESTION: If it isn't gravity that keeps the planets in their orbit, then what is it?
ANSWER: There are many alternate theories (i.e. Electric Universe) but before you ask that question decide if you really need an alternate theory. As Christians who believe in an almighty, infinite and sovereign God who is created everything that there is; why do we need to find a naturalistic explanation for everything? Is it not enough to say that God is in control and accept God’s word as correct?</li>
<li>QUESTION: Doesn't it require faith to believe that the earth is center and stationary?
ANSWER: Sure, but no more faith than it takes me to be a Bible-Believing Christian. And certainly much, much less than it would take for me to swallow evolution or geocentricity’s alternative, heliocentricity!</li>
<li>QUESTION: Imagine for a moment that science did have "proof" that conflicted with the Bible's blatant Geocentricity; which would you believe then?
ANSWER: Such a scenario is impossible, but if that were the case I would be left with no other choice but to accept what God says; science has been wrong before and it will be wrong again! "Let God be true, but every man a liar;" Romans 3:4. "He that trusteth in his own heart is a fool:" Proverbs 28:26. "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding." Proverbs 3:5.</li>
<li>QUESTION: Why was I taught in public school that heliocentricity was a proven fact?
ANSWER: Because even though it is a feeble and very lacking theory, it is one of the best purely natural explanations and it is compatible with the (insane) theory of evolution.</li></ul>

MagusAlbertus #fundie

MagusAlbertus #fundie christianforums.com

you're so intellectually dishonest it's sad... Want proof of the evil of your stance [theistic evolution]? You’ve got Boshido [another poster] thinking homosexual sex isn’t sinful! What’s next, the infallibility of man.. oh yea, that’s what your faith in science knowing more than the bible is predicated on. Your views are spiritually devoid, Romans 1 applies directly to you.. but rebuke from the bible isn't something you have to worry about, is it?

duordi #fundie

duordi #fundie christianforums.com

[In a discussion, 'Are Humans Apes?', ChrisS defines the biological classification of humans/homo sapiens]

Your calcification based on some similar physical traits, not some inerrant religious text.

Of course I have noticed some dogmatic undertones in the evolutionary posts.

Almost like evolution is their religion.

["Logic really needs to be made mandatory in high-school."]

Are you taking about ape high school or human high school.

My point is the thing that makes us unique is our ability to be aware that we exist and to have this conversation.

It is the most defining biological difference we have as a life form.

Its like you want to take the legs off a chaeta and call it pig.

Now just so you know what a spiritual conversation is I will give an example.

Apes don’t go to hell because they have no moral awareness.

Categorizing yourself as an ape won’t keep you from going there as you remain morally aware regardless of your preferred classification.

If a just God exists and we do not find a remedy for moral violations then we must be deep fried.

Reclassification changes nothing.

There that last part was a spiritual discussion.

Jimmy West #fundie

Jimmy West #fundie christianforums.com

[Originally posted July 10, 2005]

To all of you athiests out there.

God has been physycally speaking to me for a little over two years. He has told me many things and given me answers to many mysteries of the Bible, the creation and God himself. One of the things that he told me is about a supernatural miracle of global proportions that will happen in the coming months. When it happens, all will know that there is indeed a loving God.

<font color="purple">God will heal every child of innocence on this earth, who suffers from any chronic or serious disease, birth defect or disability. Pediatric wards will empty and children’s hospitals will close. All will know that it is a miracle from God, and many who have turned from him will return.</font> [...]

Get ready, for it is coming.

Supersport #fundie

Supersport #fundie christianforums.com

Simple Disproof of Evolution

Evolution is able to be disproven in so many ways....here's a simple, lethal disproof:

Ever since Darwin came along, evolutionists have claimed that the human race is evolving. We supposedly evolved from simplistic monkeys to what we are today. But I suggest just the opposite is actually happening.

Just like individuals age over time, so does our species. We are not evolving, but devolving. Our world is rolling downhill like a giant bolder rolling down a mountainside.

Humans have an average life expectancy of 70-75 years…with a maximum of around 120. But what happens if a man marries his first cousin? It has been shown that life expectancy of such offspring diminishes by 10 years. This is because of the large number of genetic mistakes that happen within the genome – which essentially ages the individual.

To me, inbreeding is seems to foreshadow where we are headed in society. We are going downhill genetically. This is true for individuals and this is true for the population. And the reason for this is because humans are consistently deteriorating and degenerating from the high rate of mutations.

If you think about it, every phsyical cause or mechanism of evoution is either conservative or degnerating. First you have natural selection – which is essentially a weeding out process. Then you have mutations, which are all either neutral or deleterious. Thus, to go from the simple to the complex is not only unlikely – it’s impossible. Indeed, all we see in this world is extinction. There are no new forms of life emerging. We are all headed downhill. This contradicts the basic dogma of evolutionists. Life is not gaining complexity or creating new information….it’s in a state of rapid decay and decline.

And it’s happening quickly! Ever notice how many people are on Depression drugs nowdays? You think this is an accident? We know that the environement (ie..what one eats, the air one breathes) can turn genes on or off….and we know our diets are getting worse and our air and water is getting more polluted. We also know through epigenetics that diseases run in families and are inherited. Thus, there is no other way to go than down. This is why many kids nowdays are born with Adhd or childhood depression. In my opinion it's the result of our previous generations' declining quality of diet. It's a result of Dr. Pepper, Cheetos, microwave popcorn, macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, pretzels, gum drops, high fructose corn syrup, flavors, colorings, transfats etc etc etc....... And it’s getting worse fast…genetic damage is accumulating in society. The medical establishment is not doing us any favors, either, by merely treating the symptoms.

Evolutionists like to think that Selection can reverse the effects of biological decay. They’ve argued this for decades. But since selection works on the level of the whole organism, it cannot stop the loss of information due to mutation. It’s like trying to fix a broken-down tv set with a hammer. How can you attempt to explain the appearance of something by the dissapearance of others? There are millions of cars on the road – and many of them will die and/or become unusable. Does this explain the origin of cars or make cars new or better?

Besides that, selection on the individual level is completely random and thus impotent. Every human I know is able to breed. And thus, breeding becomes more of a random lottery than something that's based on genetic superiority or fitness. This flies in the face of evolutionists' thinking. (Does anyone know of someone who is unable to breed?)

Some evolutionists try to claim that life can indeed climb upward by saying that the organism can draw energy from its environment – which would enable it to defy the downhill slide of degneration. But the problem is that Neo-darwinists claim that DNA is in complete isolation and goes on its merry way, regardless of any pressures and effects of the environment. Thus, they cannot claim this.

Anyone who looks at this situation logically should realize that at sometime in the past there must have been a time when there was less genetic damage in the genome. – and thus, longer lives. Can anyone think of time that this may have happened? I can! The Bible reports there was a time in the history of humans that lifespans were incredibly long. According to Genesis people lived to over 900 years old.

I believe God created Adam perfectly – yet after sin entered the world – and after his offspring began inbreeding with close relatives, the long march of unending genetic degeneration via mutations started occuring. (check this decay curve out!)


Afterwards, due to a diet of breads, deserts, cooked foods, sweets and toxicity, humans have been degenerating ever since. There is no way to stop this. Our species is dying. Information is weaking….genomes are decaying. If it were not for the internal mechanisms we have in our bodies for controlling the frequency of mutations, extinction of the human race would come quickly.

But this fact of degeneration is quite lethal to evolutionists. Not only does it make their wild ideas for the origin/evolution of life improbable – it makes them IMPOSSIBLE.

Common sense says that if we are all on a downhill slide that mutation/selection – being the conservative/degenerative devicees that they are -- could have never have explained the origin of anything. Our genomes could not have arisen spontaneously. Instead, our genomes were designed by a designer.

Evolutionists claim we came from the inferior to become more complex….but it’s just the opposite – we started out more complex and are becoming inferior.

If you think I’m nuts, then check this site out….(this is fascinating! -- and DEADLY to the Theory of Evolution.)


It destroys the theory of evolution. Plain and simple

SwordofJustice777 #fundie

SwordofJustice777 #fundie christianforums.com

Judges wear Black Robes just like Devil worshippers. The Judges’ Desk is the altar of baal. They bring men tied up in handcuffs before the altar (Judges’ desk) and these men are for the human sacrifice and the entire court proceeding is a satanic ritual. Sounds crazy? Is it a coincidence that the ‘language of the court’ is Latin (ex: Habeas Corpus) just like the ‘language of a Catholic Exorcism’ is also in Latin?

lynn18 #fundie

lynn18 #fundie christianforums.com

Why don’t Atheists want to love Jesus?

Why don’t Atheists want to love Jesus?

Because Atheists don’t worship false idols,
Because there is no evidence that Santa Exist,
Because Atheists are not hypocrites,
Because Atheists are not in denial.
Because Atheists don’t want the meek to inherit the earth,
Because Atheists don’t want to do to others, what Atheists would have others do to them,
Because Atheists don’t have evidence that Jesus Exist,
Because Atheists don’t want to live a Virtuous life,
Because Atheists don’t want to accept the existence of god,
Because Atheists don’t have scales on their eye,
Because Atheists don’t worship false prophets

The Serpent #fundie

The Serpent #fundie christianforums.com

The Atheists and their allies/cousins the Secular Humanists, and their masters (the Discordians) will swear up and down that they are not a 'Religion', but they are just as much a Religion as Christianity, or Judaism, or Islam, or Hinduism. It’s just more difficult for them to turn your government into a Theocracy if they tell you this in advance. Deception, obfuscation, and misdirection are inherent to their nature.

rockytopva #fundie

rockytopva #fundie christianforums.com

There is yet another form of light and energy that was brought down with Lucifer after they were booted out of heaven. This light and energy is in the form of Ego and as there is none of the true light and energy in ego, the ends are always cold and dark.

“Yes, a Jedi’s strength flows from the Force. But beware of the dark side. Anger, fear, aggression; the dark side of the Force are they. Easily they flow, quick to join you in a fight. If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will, as it did Obi-Wan’s apprentice.” - Yoda

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. -Mark 10:25

To capture the true light and energy the ego must be left behind! And to come to God and feel his light and energies you must do so in all humility!

CGL #fundie

CGL #fundie christianforums.com

[How old do you believe the Earth to be, and why?]

About 6,000 years old.

No, I don't believe this because red blood cells and hemoglobin have been found in some (unfossilized) dinosaur bones; nor do I believe this because the earth’s magnetic field has been decaying so fast that it couldn’t be more than 10,000 years old. I don't believe this because salt is pouring into the sea much faster than it is escaping and that the sea is not nearly salty enough for this to have been happening for billions of years; nor do I believe this because the total amount of helium in the atmosphere is only 1/2000th of that expected if the atmosphere were really billions of years old.

I believe this because the Word of God tells me so.

Mgriffin #fundie

Mgriffin #fundie christianforums.com

It [that insult] was meant to be constructive. Scholars use to think the earth was flat, the Sun rotated around the earth, fly’s came from rotting meat, and today they believe we cam from a rock that came from scattered dust that came from nothing exploding.

angelsword #fundie

angelsword #fundie christianforums.com

If any of you out there look at fashions magazines or watch T.V. you will notice the subtle change in advertisement over the past 10 years. Magazine ads from perfume to watches featuring women alone are now shown with a man caressing her, or posing in very provocative positions. Shampoo, or clothes softener ads have turned into prodigies of sexual denotations giving ‘excuse’ for the garments of the man and woman to be cast on the carpet in little heaps as the two fall into bed; one on top of the other. The changes dawned on me slowly, but surely. I even made comparisons of magazines I had in 2002 and 2003 with two magazines I bought recently. Same type of pictures, but now with very ‘suggestive’ changes. What do the changes suggest? Fornication. Acts 15:20, 1Thes 4:3.

For those of you who are not aware, the demon who presides, or influence people to commit fornication is Poseidon. http://www.pantheon.org/articles/p/poseidon.html. Surprised! Then I’ll give you a few of his Biblical names: Baal, Numbers 22: 41 {along with his female counter part Ashtaroth 1 Kings 11:31, 1 Sam 12:10} and Dagon {half man, half fish god of the Philistines, Judges 16:23, 1 Chr 10:10}.

Now you are probably wondering what connection there is between a fish god and fornication? To sum it up, Baal (which means husband) is the god of fertility and the sea. When he was happy crops were abundant and the sea was safe. When he was angry, boats were capsized/ lost at sea, crops failed and war broke out. To ‘appease’ Poseidon {a.k.a. Neptune}, live horses were sacrificed by being drowned in the sea and/or (preferably) the oldest child of families were sacrificed and thrown into the fire. The place called Tophet is mentioned in the Bible. Jeremiah 19:13 Isaiah 30:33.

New Agers will tell you that we are in the Aquarian (Poseidon) age. I don’t believe in Astrology, but the tsunami, hurricanes floods and other ‘water’ tragedies of gargantuan magnitudes over the past two years was enough to make me stand up and take notice.

Who is Aquarius? What is the Aquarian age? Well, you won’t find a complete answer by consulting an astrologer, the best informant is….the Bible! Troy Lawrence, author of ‘The Secret Message of the Zodiac’ explains that the Hebrews (whose name for zodiac is Mazzaroth) had the names and meanings of constellations first. The Greeks and Romans got it afterward, using the zodiac (Mazzaroth) as a horoscope guide. A classic case of Satan trying to imitate God!

Each Mazzaroth sign has meaning of Biblical significance. Aquarius is the water bearer. A man pouring water out of a pot/pitcher. Jesus is the water bearer pouring living water out to Pisces the fish. Numbers 24:7, John 7:37, John 4:14. The fish (symbolizing Christians). The lesser constellations that support Aquarius are Cynus (a swan: a bird of return), Acts 1:11. Pegasus (the winged horse: signifying swiftness) Revelation 22:20, and Piscis Australis (the southern fish: God’s people).

don’t believe for one minute that the Baal worship of pagan times has stopped! It goes on today in the guise of other religions! And believe me they know who the evil Aquarius is and don’t hesitate to support him by promotion to spread his evil. Choose you this day whom ye will serve! Aquarius; the bad sign, or Jesus; the GOOD sign, the real Aquarius, who will return in this generation/age. Genesis 1: 14-16.

Please note: Both Poseidon and Baal mean husband-
The name Jezebel, top prophetess of Baal, means unhusbanded
Poseidon has a horse as one of his three symbols as does Jesus has three

You can look in any good Bible dictionary for in depth info and definitions on the Biblical names of Baal and info on TOPHET/TOPHETH. Two good ones are UNGER'S Bible dictionary and HARPER'S Bible dictionary.

Jedi #fundie

Jedi #fundie christianforums.com

First of all, the genetic/biological makeup of the serpent (The form Satan was using. See Revelation 12:9, 20:2) was altered (Genesis 3:14); the genetic/biological makeup of women was altered (Genesis 3:16); the genetic/biological makeup of plants were altered (Genesis 3:18), the ground was cursed so that it didn’t produce fruit, and in turn, would seem to prompt changes for the sake of survival in countless other organisms (Genesis 3:17).

Elijah2 #fundie

Elijah2 #fundie christianforums.com

[Regarding WoW]

Now being a Christian, we also need to view the powers of darkness that is subtly hidden behind these sorts of games.

There is magic in this game: from auras to ranged damaging ice novas, resurrection spells, etc, which isn’t of our Lord Jesus Christ. Now, we all know the “wiles of the enemy” and the “snares of the fowler”, and such game are set up by Satan to trap the gullible and immature Christians, and even if some say that it’s part and parcel of the game and that it’s harmless, then they will never know the truth that will set them free (John 8:32). Of course these things appear to be harmless in the eyes of those who are already seduced and deceived by the powers of darkness.

Christians who participate in this game need to be aware of the spiritual consequences.

Terral #fundie

Terral #fundie christianforums.com

A True Homosexual Has Never Been Born (my CF.com thread) and I challenge everyone here to prove otherwise. Everyone here has exactly one heterosexual male father and exactly one heterosexual female mother making them either a heterosexual male or a heterosexual female copy of their parents. A man or a woman can change their sexual ‘orientation’ (straight or gay) on a whim, but they cannot change the sexuality (male or female) with which THEY WERE BORN. Scripture says, “they know the ordinance OF GOD, that those who practice such things ARE WORTHY OF DEATH” (Romans 1:32), but they carry on “committing indecent acts” (Rom. 1:27) of a “depraved mind” (Rom 1:28) anyway to receive “in their persons the due penalty of their error.” Romans 1:27.

California (State of Lawlessness) deserves floods, earthquakes, wildfires and massive budget deficits and to slide into the sea for allowing wicked judges to legislate this nonsense from the bench and for harboring millions of illegal alien foreign nationals allowed to run around loose EVERYWHERE. If the box says “Made in California,” then “No Thank You,” I am not buying it . . .

In Christ Jesus,


concernedamerican #fundie

concernedamerican #fundie christianforums.com

I have a real problem when parents lie to their children, about the fat man in a red suit who goes down chimneys. If, “He knows when you are sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He knows when you’ve been bad or good...” Wouldn’t that make him all-knowing and omnipresent? If he can get presents to every house in the world in one night wouldn’t that have to make him all-powerful also? Isn’t God the only one who really has those attributes? The first of Ten Commandments, which God wrote with His own finger, says, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” (Exodus 20:3). Shouldn’t the focus of Christmas be on Christ, not Santa? Besides why would you want some fat man to get the credit for your hard work anyway? And finally, if parents lie to their kids about Santa, and then later tell them that an all-knowing, all-powerful God loved them so much that He sent His son Jesus to earth to die for their sins, how are they suppose to believe it? Why should they believe any thing their parents say after that?

JohnR7 #fundie

JohnR7 #fundie christianforums.com

[Public schools fall under the state side of the separation of church and state. If you want to create a theocracy then you’ll have to do it somewhere else.]

If you want "seperation" then you are going to have to go elsewhere, can I recommend a few communist countries for you to try out. Our founding fathers began this country as a christian nation. We are not about to allow you to change that now.

The only seperation was that there was to be no state approved church like they had back in europe. In Russia the Orthodox Church was the official church. In Rome the Catholic Church was the official Church. In England the Anglo Church was the official Church.

The Danbury Baptist Association were concerned about that here in American and Thomas Jefferson reassured them that they had nothing to worry about no one was going to restrict or hinder their religious freedom.

Now you and others want to take those very rights away from Christian. The rights that many people have died to give us and that Jefferson worked hard to secure for us. You want to deny us the rights that our ancestors worked hard to secure for us and at times even went to war to secure.

Why should I allow you to take away what they were willing to fight for and even willing to sacrifice their life for? Why should I give up my freedoms today?

Elijah2 #fundie

Elijah2 #fundie christianforums.com


When you are born-again, you are suppose to become a Christian, a Believer, and a True Worshipper of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit comes to abide in your “spirit”.

Now demons, “unclean spirits”, cannot get into your “spirit”.

But, you are a triune being; your “house” is a “body”, a “soul”, and a “spirit”.

Your “soul”, contains your “mind”, “will”, “heart”, and “emotions”

A Christian’s “body” can have a sickness, or a disease, just the same as the people of the world, the non-Christian, the un-saved. These sicknesses and disease can be caused by physical factors, but if there are no physical factors then they can have a demon, an “unclean spirit in their house”.

A Christian’s “soul” is the area of oppression or possession through their “mind”, “will”, “heart”, and “emotions”.

If a Christian has a bad temper, anger, bitterness, criticism, and unforgiveness in their “mind”, “will”, “heart”, and “emotions”, then they can have a demon.

If a Christian has a mental illness, and it is in their family background, then they can have a demon.

If a Christian has trouble serving our Lord Jesus Christ, then they can have a demon.

If a Christian has bad thoughts, then they can have a demon.

If other Christians continually reject another Christian, then they all can have a demon.

Now, demons cannot get into a Christian’s “spirit”, but, they can surround their “spirit” like a glass jar that surrounds its contents. And if a Christian is having trouble serving our Lord Jesus Christ the way God’s Inspired Word tells them to do, or that they want to do. Then the contents of the jar cannot get out, until the lid is removed. The lid on the glass jar is those demons, their “strongmen” and their “strongholds”.

Linux98 #fundie

Linux98 #fundie christianforums.com

I don’t know if we should get into a discussion about what proof is however I would like to give you some food for thought. If the Christian God is real then everything in the universe is “proof” of his existence. If the Christian God is real and the bible is the accurate account of the Christian God then the bible is, without question, proof of the Christian God. The proofs are in the form of eye witness testimony.

Idea #fundie

Idea #fundie christianforums.com

[On evidence of the Voice of God in her head]

My husband does not ask me to, but I get up with him in the morning, you know to be a good wife and all that, iron his cloths for the day while he takes a shower – this morning as I was choosing his outfit for the day, I felt prompted to put him in his safety shirt polo, this bright red thing that I personally don’t like very much, but the idea was there, so OK, got it out and ironed it. Then my DH gets dressed, comes out, and asks “How did you know I needed to wear my safety shirt today? I forgot I was supposed to until you had it laid out for me – I have a meeting with …” with the person who gave him the shirt, a safety meeting. Anyways, you could think that it was just a random thought wit an odd little coincidence – or you could believe otherwise… personally, I end up noticing a lot of odd little coincidences when I act on seemingly “random” thoughts…

Edmond #fundie

Edmond #fundie christianforums.com

[After starting a thread on <a href="http://www.christianforums.com/t2377830-quote-mining-no-fact-stating-s-j-gould-essay-disclosing-the-debacle-of-darwin’s-ev.html" target="_blank">Stephen Jay Gould's essay Opus 200</a>, the <a href="http://www.stephenjaygould.org/library/gould_opus200.html" target="_blank">essay's source</a> goes offline a few days later.]

What a Co-ikeedink! Today, Gould’s Opus 200 is Apparently No Longer Present on Web.

This thread is related to the thread… Quote Mining? No, Fact Stating. S J Gould Essay Disclosing the Debacle of Darwin’s Ev,… due to associated reference materials that have been discovered to have been subsequently removed from the web.

After a year of visiting this reference of S J Gould’s Opus 200 Essay on the Web, <a href="http://www.stephenjaygould.org/libr...ld_opus200.html" target="_blank">http://www.stephenjaygould.org/libr...ld_opus200.html</a> [link is broken, that's how it appears in the post] , still active just a couple of days ago when I posted the thread,.."Quote Mining? No, Fact Stating. S J Gould Essay Disclosing the Debacle of Darwin’s Ev" ….today gives this reply upon request for accuse …The page cannot be displayed.

What a co-inkeedink. This may be part of the magic of how evolutionary information….can appear…and then just….disappear…. all based, of course, on its validation or invalidate of the desired conclusions and perceptions that are desired to be presented…. Zap, Zap …its like reading a story about Harry Potter.

You don’t suppose there may have been same ‘persuasion’ applied to … make it disappear. No,…of course not, this couldn't be based on the coincidence that the site may have gotten several hundred hits, or more, during the past two day and its publisher may have received some negative responses as a result of its content.

Why that’s unthinkable. Such a notion would be preposterous. It’s a universal and well known fact that the evolutionist community is far too fair and objective about the issues relating to the subject of evolution to ever dream of selectively screening any information on the subject from easy access to the public.

They are much too open with all information whether pro or con as its applies to the subject of evolution. Why the record of their balanced public educational policies stand as a living testimony of that fact? Surely evolutionary web sites would not censure information perceived to challenge any aspect of evolutionary credibilty.

Before today the page was found ‘occupied’ through Google, Stephen Jay Gould Opus 200 or equivalent. The choice displayed is …. Stephen Jay Gould, “Opus 200,” 1991. If you locate another copy of Gould’s essay Opus 200 on the web, not evolutionist commentary about the essay, (they're still there) or if this site comes back on line let me know. I’ll be very surprised to get many takers for that request from the evolutionist group ….

The Serpent #fundie

The Serpent #fundie christianforums.com

You Atheists seem to have some pretty low expectations when it comes to existence. Why should I believe you will behave as morally as someone who believes they are destined for more than maggot-food, and why should I believe that you will behave more morally than someone who believes they are constantly being watched by an omnipresent, omnipotent entity? You aren’t making much sense.

armyman_83 #fundie

armyman_83 #fundie christianforums.com

(On his desire to see non-Christians expelled from the United States)

[And if people didn’t want to freely convert to your Christianity? What then? Concentration camps? Gas Chambers? Genocide? Torture?]

I was thinking expulsion. I am not for murder. expulsion could work.

(Just kick them out.) But of course this will never happen.

[Just wondering. You seem to have given this some thought. What are your plans for my minor son. Does he go with me, or does he become a ward of the Church-State?]

I haven't sat down and written anything out, that is foolishness (because it will never happen in the U.S.A.).

Why would I take your children from you? He is your child, I suppose there could be the option to give him to the care of the state. Though of course you would have to check what denomonation he should become.

anyathesword's Avatar anyathesword #fundie

anyathesword's Avatar anyathesword #fundie christianforums.com

•Evolution is contrary to natural laws (without exception) whereas creation is consistent with natural laws—for example, creation is consistent with the laws of thermodynamics and law of biogenesis.
•There are no known biological processes for evolution to higher levels of organization and complexity—mutations are overwhelmingly degenerative and none are “uphill” (that is, unequivocally beneficial) in the sense of adding new genetic information to the gene pool.
•Geologic landforms and sedimentary features are completely consistent with a worldwide flood as described in the Book of Genesis.
•Enormous limestone formations, huge coal and oil formations, and immense underground salt layers are indicative of a worldwide flood—not slow and gradual processes over billions of years. Such features are satisfactorily explained by a worldwide flood and known geophysical and geochemical processes.
•A worldwide flood as described in Genesis 6–8 is within the boundaries of known geophysics—see phase diagram in chapter 4 and Pangaea Flood Video at CreationScienceToday.com.
•There is no credible technique for establishing the age of sedimentary rock—fossil dating used to establish the age of sedimentary rock suffers from circular reasoning and guesswork, all based on the assumption of evolution.
•The standard geologic column with transitional creatures evolving toward more complex forms, as depicted in most science textbooks, is utterly fictitious and misleading, and does not represent the real world. In reality, it perfectly represents the aftermath of a worldwide flood.
•There are no transitional fossils or living forms—there is not one single example of evolution! Evolutionists look for “the” missing link—ironically, they are in desperate search for just one! But there should be billions of examples of transitional forms with transitional structures if evolution were true, but there are none. The bottom line, evolution has never been observed within fossils or living populations.
•Contrary to popular belief, evidence indicates that early man was intelligent and highly skilled with an advanced social structure. There is also evidence suggesting their belief in the existence of an afterlife.
•Soft tissues and traces of blood cells have been found in dinosaur fossils supposedly 70 to 250 million years old. (Soft tissues and red blood cells have relatively short life spans.)
•Carbon-14 has been found in coal and diamonds supposedly hundreds of millions of years old. (C-14 has a relatively short life-span.)
•Radioisotope dating suffers from multiple unprovable assumptions—the technique is “fatally flawed”—yet scientists contend as fact what they cannot prove.
•Abundant daughter isotopes are indicative of accelerated nuclear decay associated with creation (expansion, stretching out, or acceleration of the universe from an extremely hot, dense phase when matter and energy were concentrated) and a worldwide flood with massive restructuring of the earth’s lithosphere, not slow and gradual processes over billions of years.
•Evidences of accelerated nuclear decay in igneous rocks found worldwide are helium in zircon crystals, radiohalos and fission tracks, and rapid magnetic field reversals and decay.
•Over a hundred geochronometers indicate a young earth and universe.

Angel Wings 1288 #fundie

Angel Wings 1288 #fundie christianforums.com

History books portray the conquest and settlement of the Americas by European Christian nations as nothing short of brutal, a campaign of murder and genocide aimed at the destruction of the indigenous peoples.

Is such a portrayal accurate? Or is it actually revisionist nonsense that “conveniently” omits the good that came from the European colonial powers that conquered the New World, namely the spread of Christianity?

Prior to the arrival of godly nations such as Spain, the natives of regions like Mesoamerica believed in fake polytheistic gods such Quetzalcoatl and Tlaloc. They practiced sorcery and animism, and they even engaged in ritual murder sacrifice of humans. The natives’ ways were arguably evil.

When Spain conquered large parts of the New World, the Gospels followed and spread the light of our savior to barbaric cultures that desperately needed redemption from the Holy Spirit. Christianity took root in lands that were plagued by idolatry, wickedness, and violence. Today, hundreds of millions of people from North and South America now adhere to Jesus.

Since Christianity found its rightful place in the Americas, how could the Western conquest of the New World be such a bad thing? In my judgement, the Christian European colonialists and settlers were carrying out the will of God to propagate humanity’s one true faith. (Mark 16:15)

The Word of God, which is infallibly inscribed in the Bible, will always be preached and heard in the Western Hemisphere, and we can thank the conquering Christian colonial nations for this beautiful gift of life and salvation. No revisionist historian will ever blot out this indisputable truth, and Jesus will reign supreme in the Americas forever and ever.

supersport #fundie

supersport #fundie christianforums.com

The fact is, genes make sense only in the context of the organism – and the organism only makes sense only within the context of the environment they live in. Animals, in fact, seemed to have completely disappeared from the realm of evolutionary biology. Nobody talks about animals anymore.

But I don’t believe you can separate the two. And not only do I believe that the organism can effect the environment, but the environment can also effect the organism. It’s another two-way street that evolutionists have chosen to completely abandon because of their head-in-the-sand version of science which validates their atheist agenda.

But see I have a theory as to why science must do this: It’s because science has come to realization that all animals have brains and consciousness in varying forms. These, of course, are the anti-science because science cannot explain such a phenomenon. But the fact is each animal has it’s own brain – and each brain comes pre-programmed with its own abilities according to how God designed it. Each animal has a different function and different abilities. God knew beforehand that environmental circumstances would be changing, thus he gave each organism the ability to change with it. This is simple common sense.

Therefore, I believe that God designed Finch brains to be able to subconsciously decipher when the environment changes and when a modified beak is needed. Likewise I believe God made it so peppered moths are able to modify their wing-patterns based on environment or background colors. This is no more unbelievable than the fact that a fish can change colors or that a snail can grow a bigger shell in the presence of predators. It all comes from the same creative Designer.

And what’s funny is evolutionists – in one breath – will tell you how they do not deny plasticity….yet in the next breath will tell you that’s not how finches and moths changed! If these people were intellectually honest, they wouldn’t talk out of both side of their mouths like that…they would admit the truth. But I no longer expect the truth out of atheists.

And if you think about it, there is no way that plasticity – adaptivity – could have “evolved” like evolutionists say because common sense says that this feature is automatically hard-wired into the brain. To believe otherwise would be to believe that millions-year-old moths didn’t have the same physical/mental capabilities as a present-day moths – even though they both have brains. I believe in order for an animal to not be adaptive it would have to be born without a brain. [...]

I don’t buy it....and you evolutionists are all outmatched by common sense.

327 #fundie

327 #fundie christianforums.com

I really can not tell you if I was awake or sleep when this happened. I baby sit my little niece at night and she was sleeping beside me. I felt a cold draft come in and I woke up to see if my niece was covered. She wasn’t and I started to cover her.

I wear contacts so when I don’t have them one anything 10 feet away is a little blurry. I notice while I was covering my niece up my front door was open. When I looked to see why, I saw this BLACK figure, DARK BLACK FIGURE! It looked like it was some type of being covered in black cloth. It was trying to come into my home but I just gave it this look like DIE! I started praying but I didn’t speak. All I know is that it knew I was staring at him. Since I didn’t have my contacts on I cant give you a full description. This thing was nothing but 2 to 2 ½ feet tall.

I woke up this morning to check my door and it was locked. You would think that explains everything but NO I don’t.

MikeMcK #fundie

MikeMcK #fundie christianforums.com

There’s no such thing as an “X-Christian”.

Let’s imagine that it’s a beautiful spring day and you walk to the park to eat your lunch under the shade of an old oak tree.

As you’re eating, watching the squirrels chase one another, listening to the giggling children as they play, a man in a wheel chair rolls up to you and says, “do you mind if I join you?”

“Of course not”, you say, “the more the merrier!”

So he pulls up alongside you, takes out his lunch and you begin to talk. After a while, the conversation turns to his wheel chair.

Awkwardly, you ask, “If you don’t mind my asking, how did you come to be in that wheel chair?”

“Oh, this thing?” he says with a laugh, “well, you see, about five years ago, I was crossing some railroad tracks and I was sure I could beat that train. I guess I was wrong. The train ran over me. Took off both legs and about 20” of intestine.”

You’re horrified. “That’s terrible!”, you say.

He looks at you with a reassuring smile and answers, “Oh, it’s OK. You see, I don’t believe in trains anymore.”

That’s insane, right? I mean, here the guy is, sitting right in front of you, two legs sheared off and a colostomy bag at his side to testify his encounter with the train.

The Bible tells us that when a person has an encounter with the Living God, there will be discernable, demonstrable evidence. Just as this man showed physical evidence, so will Christians show spiritual evidence and character traits that the Bible calls the “fruit of the Holy Spirit.”

There’s no such thing as an X-Christian. Either they’re showing the evidence, or they’re not.

LightBearer #fundie

LightBearer #fundie christianforums.com

But while immoral sex may bring temporary pleasure, it’s bad fruitage is testimony to it's wrongness"

"Only in the context of marriage will the pleasures of sex contribute to real happiness.

Jonteel #fundie

Jonteel #fundie christianforums.com

[Discussing the Bill Maher film, Religulous]

Well, you can't blame them for making fun of us Christians. You can’t make fun of the Jews (that would show clearly that you were a Nazi) and you can't make fun of the Blacks. That would make you a white supremicist (Nazi). So, they HAVE to make fun of someone, so they do. That's what they do. It defines them. They feel Christians are stupid, and they are smart. We are undermenshen. That is a term made popular by Nazis during the second world war and it is German for under men. These Undermenshen included Jews, Russians, Slavs, and anyone who wasn't ARyan.

Hitler spent a lot of time kissing up to certain Christian leaders. After all, his army was mostly Christian and he needed to have his soldiers follow him. But, privately (and we have proof of this) he felt that Christianity was the biggest joke ever played on man.

Michael Medved, a jewish film critic, speaking about how Hollywood depictions of Christians, said that he hasn't seen any persecution that was similar to this since Hitler made films about the Jews in the 1940s.

Key #fundie

Key #fundie christianforums.com

I know why ID and Creationism are not allowed, Apparently there are a great deal of bigots that can’t allow “God” to be involved with their precious Religion of Science.

Suecianus #fundie

Suecianus #fundie christianforums.com

I disagree with you. This IS the problem with freedom of speech, freedom of religion and democracy. If it weren’t for these things, Fred and his fanatics would not be able to spread their false teachings and many lives would have been saved.

God didn't ordinate Democracy. It was the Pagan homosexual Greeks who introduced this blasphemous system which lays the power of the state in the hands of the stupid majority. (Real) Israel was ruled by a holy dictatorship installed and supported by God. The Holy Inquisition at the Middle Ages, while not punishing people for merely following false teachings, would trial anyone who tried to spread his or her corrupt teachings. Pope Gregory XVI even condemned democracy at some point, I think.

No, these liberal teachings are bad and ungodly. And they should be fought wherever they appear. A Catholic theocracy, like the Papal States before 1870, would be the ideal system.

dad #fundie

dad #fundie christianforums.com

Originally Posted by Gracchus:

You said, dad, that if God told you the Bible wasn’t true, you would deem him a liar and spit in his face!

Originally Posted by dad:

And kick his sorry uknowwhat to boot. Then, I'd get mean.

Voegelin #conspiracy

Voegelin #conspiracy christianforums.com

You’ve surely heard about the political bogeymen “Big Oil” and “Big Tobacco,” but when it comes to your freedom to choose the foods you eat, there’s no special interest more powerful than “Big Tofu.”

From attacks on movie theater popcorn to fast food burgers, Big Tofu wants to keep you from dining on steak, French fries, soda and anything else it deems bad for you. The top priority: protect you from yourself by imposing its vegan-leaning, beans-and-rice, “if-it-tastes-good-it-must-be-bad-for-you” views on what constitutes a proper diet.

lynn18 #fundie

lynn18 #fundie christianforums.com

Why can’t Atheists and religious hypocrites and homosexuals and abortionists and alcoholics and drug addicts and Adulaters and gluttons and murderers and thieves love Santa?

Because there is no Evidence that Santa Exist?
Because they are not hypocrites.
Because they are not in denial.
Because they are just a result of Social Conditioning.
Because they don’t accept the existence of god.
Because they are just slaves of sins.
Because they don’t worship false idols
Because they don’t worship false prophets
Don’t know.

Ask, Seek, Knock
7"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.
8 For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.
9" Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone?
10 Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake?
11 If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!
12 So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.
The Narrow and Wide Gates
13"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.
14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.
15"Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.


JOMAN #fundie

JOMAN #fundie christianforums.com

There exists no natural law that produced an earth like ours in a cosmos like ours. I note the wisdom of God. He placed our graceful planet amid eight that prove it’s blessedness. It doesn’t matter if some other planet has a bit of water. Our planet is blessed with abundance of water. Random occurrence within the sphere of the sun’s influence would not have discriminated between the planets. That is, if they all came from the sun then they should all have equity of element distribution. But, alas and behold, they don’t. And, if the planets arrived from somewhere else they wouldn’t be confined within a narrow band of orbit. God put the asteroid belt there to teach us that rocks don’t gravitate together to form planets but, instead drift away. Yet the rings of Saturn are delicately formed. And, one planet is diverse from the next and reveals that they all must have a diverse source or a subtle designer who is teaching us to not be foolish. It is obviously more likely that the planets would fall into the hellish sun then that we would ever be thought to arise from it with the wings of life.

The Serpent #fundie

The Serpent #fundie christianforums.com

You have hit the nail on the head, my friend.

Essentially if someone tells you they are an Atheist, then what they are really telling you is that deep, deep down in their Soul they believe that they are God and you and everyone else are merely figments of their demented imagination.

The Atheists and Materialists are looking for a “Theory of Everything” They want to reduce the universe down to a math equation. The problem is that once they succeed they discover that math equation has been running in their subconscious mind and has been generating the universe all around them all along!

[Another Funny Fundie: It's funny how you will NOT accept God without proof, but you will accept other things without proof.]

Yeah, if you want to get them all riled up ask them about that nitwit Sagan and SETI. Ask them to give you some empirical evidence for intelligent extra-terrestrial aliens?

Or ask them why they believe that flipped coins ALWAYS land TAILS up.

They claim it is because there is no evidence the coin will land HEADs up, but that doesn’t make any sense to me???

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Homosexual activists have to resort to demonizing Christians with name calling simply because a Christian doesn’t believe in homosexuality for religious reasons.

It is horrible for children to be raised by homosexuals.