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The Bible says that before the Great Flood, human women married the "sons of God" and they produced GIANTS... That is where the Greek demigods like Prometheus, Atlas and Titan came from. The only true account of that tragedy is found in the Book of Genesis which was written by Moses.

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["...yet you have the gall to say that scientists, who are experts in their fields, who spend their entire lives working/researching/learning about these things, have managed to not notice the supposed errors that you, an ignorant layman have discovered. unbelievable. you represent creationists well."]

you do the same thing to men like kent hovind and ken ham, who are experts in their fields, who spend their entire lives working/researching/learning about the bible and the inspired word of god. yet you resist them and accept the scientists guistimates on how the world works????

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When you feel a presence like that, then something has been brought into the house that is not of God, our Lord Jesus Christ.

So, you had your pastor come out and pray over your house and things were alright, and then you read VAMPIRE books, and then things are bad.

Burn your vampire books, and get your pastor back.

["Okay, I'm burning those books if not discarding them in other ways... Thanks for your help everybody!"]

My dear sister, you missed the point---BURN THEM. Don't pass them onto anyone else, such as discarding them. BURN THEM!

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Belief in God seems to be a natural inference. Atheists are very rare and usually have to be converted to atheism. The reason probably so many believe in God, is the alternative seems absurd. The thought of everything popping into existence for no reason without a cause strains the imagination. The philosopher Aristotle formalized the cosmological argument, but I think it's a natural understand most have at least on some level. It's not so much why we believe in a God, as why would anyone not? The God explanation for our existence just makes logical sense.

Seeing really doesn't tell us much about anything anyway. I've never seen electricity nor George Washington. Seeing is one small part of knowing things.

The problem if evil is solved by freewill. God has given man freedom for a limited time. He saw freedom as more important than preventing all evil and suffering. Personally I'm glad I'm not a robot, even if I have to suffer at the hands of other free agents.

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By all means, show me your evidence that GAP is wrong. Show me your evidence that there was no Garden in Eden and that there was not a man and a women in the Garden by the name of Adam and Eve. While your at it can you tell me why snakes do not have legs, because it talks about that in there also.

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God Uses Rape to Punish Sinful Women

['It is entirely irrational to lay ANY layer of blame for rape on the victim based on how she was dressed.']

When we compromise God's standards is he going to say we are blameless when we reap consequences? No he isn't.

We reap what we sow. There are many, many women who are raped and have done nothing to be at all responsible, there is no doubt. However if a woman dresses like a whore and even worse acts like one as well, then she may well be increasing her chances of such a thing happening.

Perhaps the wording of the OP - deserves, was too strong. It could be interpreted to mean that a woman who dresses immodestly deserves to be raped as just recompense. That phraseology has probably caused heightened emotion on the subject. Nevertheless immodest dress is without doubt a contributing factor in certain rape cases. Most certainly it is a large factor in the increase in Sexual Immorality in general."

['she is NEVER at FAULT on ANY LEVEL if she is RAPED!']

bzzzz. Wrong!

If you walk into a bikie bar and say "You're all a bunch of girls, who wants to fight" then you are partly at fault if you get beaten to a pulp. No doubt the law will justly penalise the bikies for their violence. That doesn't take away the fact that you were stupid in agitating the situation.

Let me reiterate. If a woman dresses like a whore, and even worse acts like a whore she may well increase her chance of being raped.

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In the future, I hope to make more regular anti-Hindu polemics. The Hindu religion is largely unknown to the Christian community outside of Asia, and this can make Christians susceptible to becoming victims of the deceit of certain Hindus. I hope that I can educate those Christians who frequent these boards as to the dangers of Hinduism.

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Our forefathers said to put Christians in office since our government itself was meant to rule itself with no religious bias. It is up to the public to put Christian judges and officials in their place to secure our future as Christian America....and to insure America's future period. This has nothing to do with the constitution or civil rights.

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Presenting the type of arguement someone may be using to that person just makes it sound like you're just trying to come of as overly intelligent and, honestly, to me makes one sound ignorant of the actual topic at hand. Almost like a diversionary tactic. You do NOT have to title someones arguement in order to debate. It sounds ignorant.

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[On the afterlife for non-believers]

Have you seen the movie star wars episode 5? Remember after Luke blew up the death star, and returns to the Rebel's temporary planet(name?). Anyway, remember at the end where he walks up to Princess Lela? Do you remember the music, the soldiers, and the FEELING. Do you(non-believer) believe that after you die, that you will walk up to a princess and receive an award? Do you think that the "walking carpet" and R2-D2 will be there? While you walk to get your reward, will you nod your head to the other non-belevers,while the Star Wars music is playing?

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You forgot some other practices that have been developed through Darwinism:

Communism, Nazism, Racism, Atheism, Materialism, Amoralism, Scientism, Pantheism, Monopolism, Anarchism, Social Darwinism, Freudianism, abortion, drug culture, promiscuity, eugenics, genocide, chauvinism, bestiality, Satanism to name a few.

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First of the Bible/Jesus/Nostradamus states certain events that will triger the days to the second coming, such as famin, plagues, etc. One of the things Cisco will point out is the prediction of certain figures. The False Prophets, and the 3 Anti-christs <u>The False Prophets</u> : Said to be men/man/women that will blaspheme and battle with the word of God. Preaching to the world lies that will convince them that God is fake, hense preparing the road for the third false Jesus. Numerous passages in the bible states that the Anti-christ will come before the 3 anti-christ, and will preach false testimonies. Well their HAS BEEN such preaching, The false prophets have been in this world even before the birth of your grandparents. And those false prophets can be identified as SCIENTISTS. I mean think of it! Bible says creation-Science says evolution, etc. Science is the only thing that dismisses the word of God and minipulate people from making them think the Bible/God is a hoax or a form of the human imagination.

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There is nothing like exposure to cold hard truth to force a person to choose either to walk in the Light of what is Real or to pull the covers back over one's head and hope that pretending that the bad people are NOT real will somehow make them go away. Study some History and observe how islam has beaved over the Centuries when it is able to get its hands on the levers of Power...

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Proof of Satan is the evidence of chaos in the world. It was a chain reaction started by Satan. Evidence that God loves Satan is also the chaos in the world, because God is allowing Satan to sow his wild oats for the sole purpose of returning Satan to God's family and good favor.

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***poster is comparing homosexuality to murder***

So, based on Bryans explanation, let's board the train again. You're sitting there minding your own business and a guy comes in dragging someone by the neck and sits down across from you and puts a knife to their throat and pulls it across their throat and blood splashes out all over you and the seats and nearby passengers as his victim grabs their throat and bleeds to death. What's your response? What do you say to him about God? Do you pat his hand and tell him that it's all ok and you just keep doing what you're doing. Hey God loves everybody and especially those who are living in sin.

Why do you think the response should be particularly different if the couple sitting across from you are the same sex and share with you about their sexual relations and love for one another and how can the church condemn them?

I absolutely agree that we must share the gospel and the truth of God in love, but there's a line that can't be crossed in saying that and watching a sinner kill, steal, fornicate or practice any other immoral sexual practice before your very eyes. And, as a born again believer, I would never support, encourage or approve of the idea that anyone is born that way. Committing sin before God is a choice. It is always a choice.

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Educating the Next Generation

Every male, beginning at the age of sixteen, should be REQUIRED to own an automatic rifle, and to know how to use it. It would teach the young men discipline, Nationalism, and respect towards Authority. Their militia service should continue for the defense of our Nation until their 55th birthday.

Every female, beginning at the age of thirteen, completed at age eighteen, should receive training on how to be supportive, submissive wives to their future husbands. This would effectively rid society of feminism, which is nothing but psychological terrorism. Every female should be taught their equal status with men, while recognizing there are differences in roles between the sexes.

As for the working mothers who depend on their jobs for survival, their income should be replaced with a State incentive to be homemakers. This program should require the children be home-schooled. The children would also attend the State-taught courses mentioned above.

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Evolutionist Discrimination in Public Education.

There are currently five categories which the U.S. legally recognizes in which persons may voluntarily identify and classify themselves as, according to their self-evident, self-recognized and self-identified common ancestral racial traits of national and geographic origins. None of these categories are Homo sapiens.


As far as the U.S. legal system is concerned, there does not seem to be any legally protected class of persons called Homo sapiens or any ancestral category of persons named Homo erectus from whom Homo sapiens are believed by neo-Darwinists to have descended.

Since it may reasonably be considered to be a violation of their civil rights to have their human ancestors related to, or called, anything other than what the U.S. Government recognizes as legally protected classes of persons, I respectfully submit that teachers and students in U.S. public school systems who publically volunteer to self-identify and self-classify themselves as members of any of the legally recognized and protected classes of persons established by law, may not be involuntarily labeled and classified as Homo sapiens in public schools without their written consent or the written consent of their parents or legal guardians.

Otherwise, if state governments continue to mandate and impose evolutionary neo-Darwinist beliefs and teachings about the human ancestry of the five legitimate racial catagories in which students and teachers have voluntarily chosen to identify and classify themselves as, then public school students and teachers have every right to sue the state for civil rights violations and a redress of racial and ancestral grievances.

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[We get another mention. Yay!]

I simply enjoy certain aspects of what Venofang says and God bless him for it. I understand this should necessarily be on this part of the board but I'm a teen and I enjoy talking with people who have a relative age the same as mine. And KEnt Hovind is allot better than Venomfang, yes he is in jail, and I am upset because of that also, but his arguments are true. I have been posted on FSTDT before, yes I am from youtube, isn't it amazing how crap flys over the internet. But I have also been taken out of context by people at FSTDT before and it upsets me. The evidence shows a young earth, the fossil record defeats evolution, there is no dating method available that supports an old earth, these things I once thought were fantasy, I have learned to be true, and when you see how easy it is to be brainwashed by the media which ben stein has shown to be true since it is so one sided, and it upsets me so much. Now people still have yet to give me anything that shows evolution to be true. Please, give me something. I wish people could understand that I care about them, that is why I do this. It's because if I was in their situation, I would want to be found, I would want to understand.

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That's true, Nick. It's just that the majority of the people have been taught evolution since pre-school, and at that age, kids believe anything you tell them. Afterwards, when they're older, you can keep them believing in it (even vigorously defending it) easily.

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[Between the Simpsons, Family Guy, Kitzmiller, the Dover elections, Ohio, Hurst v Newman, George Will, the Vatican's scientists, and the impending butt-kicking at the Kansas polls it must really suck to be a creationist right now.]

Not as much as it is going to "sucK" to be thrown into the lake of fire. You always have to look at the alternative.

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I am 100% serious. I really don't know if God would want me to give money to Atheists. For example both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are Atheists, and they both have helped push the computer industry foward. Doesn't anyone else feel guilty when they buy Windows and make the world's richest man (and atheist) richer?

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LOL!!! I didn't give my sentence any thought. Where in the bible was any woman forced to marry a man that raped her? If she was raped in the city, but no one heard her scream, then they where both stoned. If she was rape out in the country then only he was stoned.

And actually in most countries I have never known a woman to be forced to marry a rapist, but was instead killed, whether she screamed or not. Man is the one who changed God's laws and did what they wanted.

And to go as far out as the rest here. Then I guess we shouldn't be punishing child molesters either. I mean to go by everyone's arguement, he/she can't help it that they are attracted to children, is it right for God to punish him/her to a life of lonliness, condemnation, and after all they may have been born that way. I mean after all there are a lot of homosexual men who molest young boys after all. And I did say a lot, not all. So you are telling me that it is unfair for God to demand celibacy for these people, because he made them have this unfair attraction? LOL!!! I mean this is what you people are trying to tell everyone about homosexuals, that they can't choose to be different and it is unfair to expect them to remain celibate. I know the above is ridiculous, but so is the homosexual arguement and the arguement for fornication. You choose to follow your lust plain and simple, just like anyone does to follow any sin they choose to do. You can justify these lies all you want, but the bottom line is what does God Word say and do you believe it?

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[Paul's response to a thread he created entitled, "Is abortion OK if it would end homosexuality?]

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh, and he presented this interesting scenario. What would happen if the woman's right to choose an abortion interfered with homsexual's rights - which I think it is very conceivable that this could happen. Would the gays champion the right for a woman to choose an abortion, even if it means there will be far less homosexuals in the world - at least enough that they will no longer be a political force in the world? My guess that if this scenario ever hapens the homosexuals would become the staunchest pro-life group ever.

And what of the feminist? Would the feminst change his position on abortion? Would the feminist be in favor of outlawing abortion if it would endanger the homosexual right to exist? My guess is that the pro-abortion crowd do not care if it means the total extinction of their homsexual friends.

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Hi, ive got a bit of a dilema, there's this real nice lookin resturant that i would like to take my girl, the only porblem is that it has displayed inside the Aum symbol, as well as a religous statue. Should i eat at a place like this?

I asked my dad, and he then asked me if i would eat in a resturant with satanic symbolys, and i wouldnt, so why should it be different for this resturant?

On the other hand Jesus him self ate with the sinners, and surely we should be following his example?

I'm not realy sure about this, so I was wondering if some people could give me a few pointers so that i can make my own choice.

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Maybe God removed an essential part from our brains called the Super-conscious mind besides the Sub-conscious mind to prevent anyone from seeing his creation.

There is a clue that I think that humans are separate from animals, and that's our faces give our unique identity. Ape faces look like an army of clones like the ones in Star Wars.It would be evolution if all human, male and female, faces are the same.

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I agree with you though, if the OP wants to help her daughter [a lesbian] fight off this demon then she should not be slow to beat her if she commits sexual sins (which can include fantasizing, not just 'doing things') relating to this perversion.
My sister used to be addicted to self abuse and our father basically beat her every time she did it, or even thought about doing it. She had a horrible life for about 3 months but is so grateful to him now .

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short haired women keep angels out of church.

short hair on women and long hair on men cause angels to not operate the gifts of the spirit listed in 1 cor.12.

1 Corinthians 11:5 But every woman praying or prophesying with her head unveiled dishonoreth her head; for it is one and the same thing as if she were shaven.

what this means is women with short hair dishonor their husbands.1 Corinthians 11:3 But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God. The unveiled part means short hair as found in vs. 15.

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[No offense, but the fact that you don't know what to think of a man (Warren Jeffs) who's been convicted on multiple counts of sexual assault and rape is raising some red flags for me.]

I don't think you understand, nor would you ever understand. It deals with faith and obedience, not logic.

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In 2020 I believed that the left was friendlier to women and children, supporting programs like paid family leave and health care, but even though it's been a few months, I'm still not really over my shock at finding out just how much hatred and contempt the left really has for women and children. I just never imagined it. If you're a woman or child and you need help, don't run to anyone on the left because they'll just take the side of the abuser if he's anything other than a straight white male who doesn't pretend to be a woman.

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(Carter also went forward with the development and production of improved . . . As for giving away the Panama Canal, have US ships ever not been able to use the Canal?)

So we can use the Panana canal. Big deal. Giving it away along with dumping the Shah encouraged Soviet expansionism in Central American and Afghanistan--the latter of which spawned Al Qaeda.

Carter gutted the CIA and FBI counterintelligence. Over 2,000 agents were purged. KGB generals could not believe their good fortune. European intelligence agencies seriously considered that Carter was a Soviet mole. The Carter/Church/Democratic Congress destruction of U.S. Intel was directly responsible for the USA not being able to stop the 9/11 raid on New York City.

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Yes, the left won't let us say "pedophile" anymore when it comes to this perversion. We have to say "minor attracted person" now so that their feelings won't be hurt. Well what about the feelings of the children who are subjected to this abuse?

And the trans thing when it comes to children. Parents (usually woke mothers, father nowhere in sight) parading their male children dolled up in make-up and frilly dresses and showing him off and claiming he's a girl because he wanted to play with dolls a time or two or some other such thing for social media clicks and likes. Makes me sick. Don't say it's because the child wants it. No, that's all on the parents pushing it on their children. Children want to be unicorns and dinosaurs too.

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Before all this "woke" stuff, trans people would just live as if they were the other sex as much as they could because it helped their gender dysphoria symptoms, but they were still very well aware that they weren't actually that sex. It's all very different now that it's being pushed onto everyone else as if their mental disorder was the norm and everyone else has to redefine reality to conform to it and validate it.

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Once upon a time, in 2002, there was the SARS-CoV-1 virus, for which they developed a vaccine.
Animals given the vaccine developed a robust antibody response, which is what they wanted.
But when the animals were exposed to the live virus, they all died from the pathogenic priming effect, so they discarded the vaccine.
Fast forward to 2019 and the SARS-CoV-2 virus, in which vaccines were developed in a rush and released as experimental vaccines - and guess what essential step was skipped? Animal trials.

A Nobel prize winning virologist predicts mass deaths within 2 years among those vaxxed.

The UK recently released a report showing that most COVID deaths are among the vaccinated.

One of many reports on UK COVID deaths:

UK hospital data shocks the world: 80% of COVID deaths are among the vaccinated… COVID deaths up 3,000% after vaccine wave

(Note: Here is the link he posted - doesn’t look like a very authoritative source to me https://stuartbramhall.wordpress.com/2021/09/28/uk-hospital-data-shocks-the-world-80-of-covid-deaths-are-among-the-vaccinated-covid-deaths-up-3000-after-vaccine-wave/)

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The catastrophic anthropogenic global warming scam came from the politician Al Gore, and it’s being pushed as hard as possible by corrupt politicians worldwide to enrich themselves from the hundreds of billions of dollars in carbon taxes, and to increase their control over economies and they do manipulate science and scientists as part of the scam, via the huge amounts of grant and research money given to those who propagate the scam, and other types of pressure they exert.

But there are fortunately those climatologists, researchers, professors and scientists out there, who speak the truth and counter the ridiculous scam.

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[Replying to 'would you like to be put on an island by someone?']

I don't believe in the lie of "tolerance." Furthermore, I would LOVE to be put on an island with other believers. To spend day and night in the presence of God with fellow believers would be awesome to me.

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Most of the atheists I have seen on this site are of the village atheist variety who are generally incapable fo following an argument for more than a few sentences and then respond in a completely irrelevant direction, not responding to my arguments at all. I once gave a simple list of arguments that I believe demonstrates the rationality of believing in God, and this was in response to an atheists claim that there was absolutely no reason for anyone to believe in God. Almost every atheist responded as though I were trying to actually present the arguments despite my repeated denials... This type of intelectual dishonesty is why I left the secular apologetical forum, and to sum it up, I have better things to do with my time than waste it on tossing pearls to swine.

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There IS a way to win in Iraq if we have the stomach for it

1. We pull our troops out of Baghdad, Mosul, Irbil and Basra.
2. We attack, and demolish these cities with nuclear weapons -- preferably strong enough to wipe out the entire cities. We bomb all four cities within two hours, preferably.
3. We give the remaining insurgents, the Shiites, and the Sunnis 24 hours to lay down their arms and surrender, or we'll drop bombs on Suleymaniye, Kirkuk, al-Najaf, Karbala, Nasirah and Hillah -- again, within two hours of the initial attack.
4. We pull our troops out of Suleymaniye, Kirkuk, al-Najaf, Karbala, Nasirah and Hillah.
5. While we're at it, we also drop a nuclear weapon on Kandahar, Afghanistan, and let the Taliban know that Mazar-I-Sharif, Charikar, Herat and/or Jalalabad in Afghanistan are next and that we have no problem nuking Afghanistan until it glows.
6. We might also let Syria and Indonesia know we're quite fed up with their anti-American attitudes and if they have a problem with that, they can take a trip to Baghdad or Kandahar and see what might be in store for them without a bit of immediate "attitude correction" on their part.

We've spent all this time and money developing nuclear weapons -- we might as well use them on the enemy before the enemy uses them on US. If they're so hot to turn this war into a crusade against the West, we might as well let them know what they're in for.

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Occam's razor states that the simplest answer tends to be the right one.

Which is the simplest answer?

That man is the result of evolution, is desended from monkeys which desended from dogs which desended from slime because of a cosmic acident in which the universe just happened to perfectly fit what was required for life?


That God designed and created the universe as is and placed life into it?

Occams Razor says that God did it as obviously the God answer is much more shorter and simpler than evolution.

Case closed.