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[Are we becoming too tolerant of differences?]

Yes, and homosexuality is a good example. Tolerance is a good thing. However, it doesn't mean we shouldn't change the bad things about ourselves that can harm us physically and mentally. If you're a homosexual, you should try to be straight and stay away from relationships that involve the opposite gender. If you over eat, you should learn to control your cravings. It's simple.

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f**k the jews I ahte the goddamn jews The jews can go f**k themselves! I hate jews they so stupid they all destroying my county and mutilating their childrens genitals and telling us what tpo do amn, We gotta gas they! They so stupid yo man dog wea gotta kill em yo! F**k the jews and f**k em hard
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Ok so basically. . . Why the fuck aren't you in the kitchen Karen. God damnit Karen give me back the kids and make me a fucking sandwich. You stole all my shit. Fuck you Karen. God damnit Karen ur my property you dumb bitch. I swear to fucking buddhism that I will beat you again
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Woman Are Fucking Property These things have multiple uses. It can cook, Clean and fuck. There should be a woman property market. FemaleRealEstate. Com is what I suggest. This multipurpose tool could revolutionise the future if we put them on sale instead of being free. Woman slavery is the way of the future. These objects are valuable.
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Women are slaves of men and should be raped to death if they are not following commands of their masters Women are slaves to men. If men want to beat women, Women should happily let him best her. She should give him all his sexual desires and should put her life on the risk to save him. Men should get the best of everything and women should get raped if they don’t listen to his every command.

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[Debate topic: “Should rape be illegal?”]

Rape of a woman should be legalized God made us for the pleasure of man. Our bodies exist for the service of men. Consent is completely irrelevant issue. Every woman should be glad when she’s raped. I encourage every man reading this to rape as many women as possible. Start with your daughter because she’ll be easiest to control then go further.
I have been raped by many men and it’s been my pleasure to receive their seed. That’s why we exist. I disagree with the 18+ rule. I think every woman of any age should be raped especially if you’re under 18 because it’ll be easier to dominate her and silence the screams. I would gladly help any man who wants to rape a women. Man up folks!

Rape will be uncontrollable soon, like downloading illegal files. In the pessimistic future, when women became 10 times more sexually attractive than strip dancers today, because of their uncontrollable style, uncontrollable rape will exist. Fashion of women will be like strip dancers outfits and rape will be a habit of men.
This future is war between genders instead of gender equality.

I'm a dad, But. . . I tell my daughter about how men have sexual urges that they have to satisfy and that it's very possible she will one day be raped. She understands that it might happen and that makes it less scary for her (and she won't be so scared when I rape her :)). Making rape legal would remove the stigma around it so getting raped would be less of a big deal for feminazis to whine about. Rape will happen no matter what, Legalize it!

Fun for the whole family If you act like a whore and you get raped, It's because you deserved it. No matter how old you are or who you are. Rape is a part of life and it shouldn't be such a big deal - girls are overreacting when they get raped. It should be completely legal and all women should be raped.

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Eugenics is natural and approved worldwide. Eugenics is natural. We see it in selecting crops for food, and in animal husbandry where certain breeds are selected for specific jobs or abilities.

The idea that eugenics will destroy variety is incorrect. Dogs came from wolves. Wolves still exist, as do hundreds of different dog breeds. The same can be said for cats and plants.

Even now, we select the best possible mate we can. This is natural. Eugenics simply enhances those traits we find desirable. These traits can be altered over successive generations if needed. The only people who are afraid of eugenics, are those who are concerned their genes will not be passed on into posterity.

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[Debate topic: “Are women the property of their husbands?”]

Wives are property. After marriage , a wife should enter her husband's house wearing her wedding gown and carrying nothing else. Then ... she will spend the rest of her life there. Once in her husband should strip her and throw the gown away. From then on she will spend the rest of her life nude in her husband's house serving him. She will clean , cook , do the laundry and chores. She should also be kept pregnant as much as possible.

Yes women are the property of their husbands: Marriage is not some weird equal partnership. Men and women are not the same. For ages people accepted that children were the property of their fathers and then after marriage, women were the property of their husbands. This universal truth can be found in most religions ... Feminism came in and screwed people's minds, corrupting wonderful real marriage into a disgusting perverted equal partnership. ...

The woman was made for the man and not vice versa. The man is under obligation to protect and provide for his wife, not vice versa. The woman is his help-meet and under his loving authority. She excels at being a wonderful wife and mother and raising up the next generation wisely. Also, both of them must mutually satisfy their sexual needs. This is true patriarchy, the bedrock of civilisation. It's a pity that the modern world has moved so far from truth and sense.

Being property doesn't mean being a slave. ...
Men cannot abuse their wives or "do as they please(in a negative sense)". They have duties and responsibilities ...

Real Fathers and real husbands have been shot down by the deception called "gender equality" and in their place buffoons, nincompoops, white knights, manginas and emasculated men have arisen. Also, women have transformed themselves into something that didn't exist before.

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[Debate topic: “Should pedophilia be legal?”]

If people can be attracted to plastic cups they can be attracted to small humans People are attracted to all kinds of things. BDSM, Vore, Scat, Gore, Piss, Inflation, And all this is legal.

To me the attraction to children is far more normal than most fetishes since it's just very vanilla in comparison. They are humans just smaller, They have bodies just like we do. It's fine.

It should be legal as its was normal throughout centuries after centuries and suddenly it's a taboo Kids starts feeling a sexual attraction towards people and love sees no age it's a normal human thing. Sex is also good for the immune system. ... Oh kids can't consent absolute rubbish if they can choose between KFC and burger king they are well and capable to choose if or not to have sex. Forcing should be illigal regardless of age

Yes it should be legal because criminalizing pedophilia is like criminalizing homosexuality. It took a while for society to accept it, And we still don't. Age is just a number. You can't measure maturity because it solely depends on the child. ...

It should be ...
Children can get into trouble for lying, Stealing, Wagging school, Shop lifting etc. . . . They Knew what they were doing.
But when it comes to sexual stuff. . . OH they suddenly don’t know what they are doing and can’t consent. What a load of rubbish.

What about other sexualities? What about having sex with animals? Will that be legalized? You've already normalized homosexuality, Where the reality is that many get AIDS, And people who chop off their own genitals because they feel out of place in their gender. Why stop now? KEEP GOING YOU STUPID TURDS, KEEP IT UP. WOULD YOU FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE WITH LEGALIZING PEDOPHELIA FIRST OR BEASTIALITY FIRST? KEEP GOING! FUCK YOU

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10 reasons why atheists are dumb

1. they constantly say gods aren't real like they're angry about it. If you're angry about something not existing you should seek it out, not reject it.

This describes the behaviour of most internet atheist celebrities.

2. you follow evolutionary hypotheses like the faithful, even though the scientifically knowledgable you aspire to be wouldn't do that.

3. if atheism is the absence of belief then you are all stupid by default

4. they think evolution from animals to man happened dispite there being no good evidence for that "fact", then blast theists for not having any evidence for the existence of ONE deity. Fail!

5. they refer to themselves as free-thinkers but won't think freely about God(s)

6. they have never studied Christianity past what they learned in Sunday school

7. they sympathize with other religions as if they were good, but hate Christianity

8/ they hate close-mindedness, yet follow atheist celebrities advice like it's gods will, in everything they do

9. they think since some holy books are bullsh*t therefore all holy books are bullsh*t- that's crazy logic

10. they hate their parents and that's the main reason they stopped believing in religion

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How can Americans be so stupid Buildings dont fail from jet fuel. There were bombs in the basement. Thermite was found..Military grade..No investigation of the structure..All the steel quickly loaded on ships and sent to China. No test of explosive residue..People wake up...Building7 fell at 530 no stuctural damage.. No Jewish people died in 911. They were all told to stay home...Its so obvious and in your face...But we can believe our government would kill 3000 Americans on purpose to promote their agenda in the middle east..We are so dumbed down by the media, our food, air and water..Sports, fashion music and false flag after false flag..You cant remember, 911, Sandy hook, Boston marathon, its amazing that we are so brainwashed by the television..Can't even try to think things through with your own mind..We are nothing but wasters and breeders to the new world order..We are lime cockroaches to them and they have no problem killing any of us...Wake up!!!!!!!
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Basic laws of physics. Unless Conservation of Energy can hide once an a while, 9/11 was a magic trick. Uncontrolled jet fuel (kerosene) burn does not get hot enough to weaken entire building, never mind a couple of floors. This Uncontrolled event could not result in such systematic damage to steel framed buildings, (three of them).
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Physics violations prove 9/11 a hoax The official story of 9/11 violates basic laws of physics and is therefore proven to be a massive psychopathic hoax. The official story of the Twin Tower collapses is that the falling upper blocks crushed the lower buildings. But the falling upper blocks did not decelerate when "hitting" the lower building. Thus no jolt, no transfer of momentum, a serious violation of the law of conservation of momentum. Middle school physics proves 9/11 was indeed a hoax.
Posted by: MichaelFRepor

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[Debate topic: “Should women have rights?”]

Sandwich makers are needed Who is going to make me a sandwich when I get home from work if women can have rights and actually do things. God forbid someone let them make their own decisions, let alone vote. Have you seen them fly off the hook when they find out that you're sleeping with another woman? It is my right to take as many wives as I so please, since the bible said so. Also, if they have rights, they can drive. If we fix this serious issue, we should be able to significantly reduce costs to society by reducing accidents. DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR WOMAN IS? If she's not in the kitchen or in the bedroom, something is wrong.

Women should never have gotten rights to begin with! Things slowly went down hill once we were granted rights. ... I shouldn't have to go to school because the greatest joy a woman can have is serving her family. ... abortion came from woman's rights. Women said oh look I have all this power I should have the right over my own body too and should be allowed to kill my own child . It's sick. Bring back the good days were the wife is waiting for the husband at home!!!!

They would bleed all over society. Men have proven to be more superior, who has ever heard of a successful woman putting in long hours at any job they do? None. ...

They cheat in society Most of the women's I met used sex to advance in society.
... they always use sex to skip hard work,all of them just want husbands with money,because they are lazy and materialistic,all the women's I met were materialistic,I'm not religious,but the bible was right about them,they steal the succes of hard working men.

Women are too emotional and can't be relied upon to take the cold, harsh view that is needed. ... They allow emotions to rule over place of good solid reasoning. ... if women became presidents (God forbid) we would have a million wars because of pointless trivial reasons. WOMEN CAN'T USE LOGIC. ...

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[Debate topic: “Should women have the right to vote?”]

Women are natually communists As the weaker and more vulnerable sex, Women always tend towards communist and socialist programs that to know ones surprise, Always benefit women at the expense of men. All men are created equal. Notice women were not mentioned for a reason. Women never treat men equally and expect men to pay for the pleasure of their company.

As a woman myself, I don’t think that women should vote. ... I am fully aware that tough decisions will always result in someone gaining and others losing. Unfortunately ... women(most women) don’t understand that decisions can never made to the benefit of all. The world is neither happy nor is it fair and it’s not our responsibility to shed tears and sympathize for people that would never do the same for us in the reverse situation. Women are too emotional and it’s dangerous to run a country with feelings. Even though this would remove my voting rights along with the other women ... I would still be willing to forfeit that right if it meant saving our country from all the stupid women.

Women never fought for their rights How many women died in the revolutionary war, The spanish-american war ... The civil war, WW1 and WW2 ... Or any other war in the history of america? ... Millions of men died for the rights enjoyed in america and the freedoms we have. No women have. Women have not earned any rights whatsoever and there very existence is at the mercy of men as we could kill all women at any moment.

The decline of western civilization . . . Can be directly correlated with women making political decisions. Historically men and women always had a balanced power dynamic and men's decisions have always been influenced by women as much as men have made their own conclusions. Now society's decision making is skewed too far to one side. To say women's right to vote is about fairness is disingenuous, It's really about power.

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[Debate topic: “Should rape be illegal?”]

Woman are in fact objects It's written in their DNA, women are designed to be fucked by men. They have vaginas with sensitivity, and it gets moist even when being raped because they subconsciously want to be filled with sperm since that is the animal nature within us, just like how men subconsciously want to put their dick inside.

Women are useless without giving their bodies to men, so they should just submit and spread their legs, let their body speak and stop acting like they deserve shit they didn't even do anything for.

No! It should be legal.. Think deeper ALL humans come with urges along with the need and right to satisfy them so in rape, everybody is the victim. The woman being raped, the rapist and their families are all victims in a way.. For a woman being raped would be very scary, for the rapist it sucks having to go to prison just for taking what's yours.. But in the end it's not rape that should be ilegal it's saying NO to men in need. Even if it's ladies raping men

Make it legal As a woman i know rape is okay... If any men rape me ill let them we are servents to me and we just know it. By now its the only reason we were made was to be maids to men... Rape isnt so bad anyway :) i need 3 more words

Yes, but only when a person commits the act to another person or non-person animal... If rape was made illegal for plants, then considering they are incapable of any form of consent, there would be no plant life on earth. All agriculture business would fail and the economy would collapse. Since the only way for a plant to have sex is non-consensual pollination (another way to say plant sex) this is true.

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[Debate topic: “We should Institute a death penalty for homophiles and transexualists.”]

I hate gays The homosexual and it’s consequences have been disastrous for humanity. The LBGT community are a bunch of degenerate hedonistic pathetic excuses for humans. What does being Gay have to offer to a person’s lifestyle? Nothing. They inisist to go against nature and giving in to their mental illness. They can’t even have children. They are f***ing useless.


Both are hostile ideologies. Both transexualism and homophilia are dangerous concept invented by the cultural neo-marxists.
Both are demonstrably mental illnesses that serve to weaken and degenerate our nations and peoples.
Homophila spreads sexually transmitted diseases and lessens population growth.
It's going to the point now where they are demanding increasingly higher privileges for themselves at the cost of the majority population.
We cannot allow this cultural marxist madness any longer!


We should do it only if they are open about it and refuse to stop I think that a death penalty would be prudent in the case that homophiles and transexuals who are openly promiscuous are a degeneration of the sanctity of the public and society as a whole. No we shouldn't go on a witch hunt of mentally ill folks who can't control their lust or emotions but we should oppose normalizing it by any means necessary


Not exactly true, But close The culture of both is completely degenerate and has no benefit to society. They should not be killed for being that way, Just if they won’t shut up about it. It’s fine if they do it in secret, But they just get so pushy about it and how everyone has to agree with them. That’s when they cross the line.

Sven-Olof_Lindholm & various contributors #crackpot #fundie #homophobia #transphobia #racist #psycho debate.org

[Debate topic: “We should Institute a death penalty for homophiles and transexualists.”]

It is unbiblical Throughout the Bible, Homosexual behavior is expressly forbidden. Anyone found to have committed a homosexual act was to be put to death. Simple as that. The Bible also forbids dressing as the opposite gender. No ifs buts or loopholes. Homosexuality and transsexualism were NEVER part of God’s original plan and never will be. It is simply a product of sin and imperfection. Soon enough, God will end homosexuals and transsexuals who do not repent. In the mean time, Why not get rid of some ourselves. Not because they ARE gay or trans, But because they choose to act on it and not be normal.


Bro like come on, They are transformers, Remember Chicago? I hate trans people, They probably smell from all the hormones they secrete and they all look weird, You ever walked and send a tranny and felt safe, Hell nah. We need a street cleaning service that just takes care of that crowd alone. Imagine the medicare they use from taxpayer money to pay for those surgeries. I hate jews.


God supports straight God only supports straight people only we should just kill all the gays in this world because straight people have turned this world into the greatest world ever I have seen nothing but harm from gay people all around the world I think that it is about time to turn this world back into a straight only world


They need to be dead I would rather live in a straight world rather than a stupid dumb gay world we live in right now we should just give a death penalty to all the gays in this world so that way we can protect this world and of course stop gays ...


Gays are too dangerous Gays are evil dangerous and of course they caused great damage to the world like right now the gays have ruined this world and they should have to be punished for that we should punish all the gays with harsher punishments in order for this world to become straight only

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[Topic: “Should we Euthanize those that will not or cannot take care of themselves?”]

It would be a disservice to the individual that is suffering and is an unnecessary burden on the health system.


Discourage the voluntary homeless and rid society of the ones who will never contribute Governments create more and more homeless by handing out free drugs, Putting them up in hotels with meals and allowing them to do what ever they want in our parks. Anyone not willing to take a home placement should be euthanized as should all that refuse to stop taking free drugs. The park dwellers should have a choice between euthanization, Institutionalization for the mentally unwell or working for their shelter while learning a trade of some sort.


If you can euthanize a dangerous animal you can euthanize a dangerous human. I am tired of living in fear of walking downtown or going to the parks I used to love because the homeless are camped out there. I was a social worker, I’ve seen it. You will never end homelessness. Build all the low cost housing you want, You can’t house a drug addict or someone with mental illness who chooses to be on the streets. They are dangerous, Constantly commit crimes and interfere with hard working tax payers rights to live safely. We euthanize animals that put the public at risk, Why are we keeping dangerous criminals alive. Obviously this is a slippery slope but the rule of thumb should be if you took someones human right of being safe by robbing them or physically harming them then you’re deemed dangerous to public and should be euthanized. It’s time to make people reap the consequences of their actions and reward those who make good life choices.

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[Topic: “Should we Euthanize those that will not or cannot take care of themselves?”]

There is no hope for mentally ill homeless people. It is inhumane to allow the homeless Community to live the way they do when they are all very clearly mentally ill. Most of them are mentally ill and addicted to drugs. There's no hope for schizophrenia. There is no hope for certain mental illnesses that cause violence and paranoia. These homeless people are not just merely living on the streets. They're ruining the streets! They are breaking into people's homes, Cars, Businesses, They are stealing! They harass people, Sometimes physically assault people. They are leaving their dirty needles all over the place. They are defecating in public. I don't understand how these people are not considered zombies that should be euthanized. We euthanize puppies and kittens that do absolutely nothing bad and yet we keep these people alive? For what? Their lives aren't great. I guarantee you most of them would want to die anyway. Get rid of them all. Kill them all! Goodbye goodbye goodbye homeless people!


Yes. . Yes. . . Yes. . . . People who aren’t contributing to society by working and paying taxes to keep our communities safe and operational, Absolutely have no place in a world that is dealing with over population and lack of resources. The United States and Canada would do themselves a great service by halting population growth and immigration to protect our natural beauty and resources. Homeless are a health hazard and a bring down property values. If you’re not contributing to society or at least trying to contribute it’s not my job or the governments job to take care of you. Homeless vets are excluded, Our shit government caused most of their problems so. . . . .

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[Debate topic: “Should pedophilia be legal?”]

Pedophilia Should be legal Pedophilia was legal in ancient times in Greece and Rome many other countries as well there is no problem ... age is just a number ...

Tender sweet meat It's tender, Tasty yummy sweet meat. Anybody denying attraction to tenders is living a lie. Keep it real is not possible for STUPID people.
BTW, Forceful attempts at children is wrong, This is common sense. Children enjoy a slippery tongue. Children are abused by a culture that denies them love.

It's sexy I think Nothing wrong with making a girl feel things she thinks feels good get them used to it don't be afraid to put thier clothes on them rub thier bodies. Nothing wrong with loving on a sweet little angel. Don't do it hard and get them used to it. Yes it's okay.

My Thoughts on Pedophilia and Racism are Similar I think the attraction to children and racism are okay by themselves, As long as you NEVER act upon them. ...

It's just common sense It wasn't until children were forced to work in brothels that the question of consent came into picture. ... Before then it was common for children as young as 6 years old to be married to adults.
We are used to the idea of consent (modern interpretation) there for we were taught that that's how it is or should be. Age should not interrupt the joining of two people.
… Children are people and have rights under the constitution. Therefore they can decide who they want to share them selves with and ... children are very sexual even at the age of 5 and they know what they are doing. Its obvious when your around it and observe it ...
Not only should pedophilia be legal but it should be illegal to interfere with it. It's more natural than people want to admit to.

Yes due to the fact prohibition will drive attraction Anything prohibited gets extra marketing just off it's bad rep of course until somebody likes it and it becomes the new fad ...

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Question: "Should father's be allowed to rape their daughters?"

Women are objects I don't understand why feminists care so much about consent, Women should be raped because it's natural, It happens with animals and they enjoy it because nature made sex pleasurable. Women are no different, They should be raped and used as objects by every male, Regardless of her age or relationship.
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Daughters need rape Yes, Fathers should always rape their daughters. Rape is good for girls and women. It teaches them what they were made for. By allowing fathers to rape their daughters from a young age, They can teach their daughters exactly what they are going to be used for during their lives. Fathers raping their daughters is natural and good and should be legal. Daughters need to learn how to take daddy’s cock down their throats, They need to learn to take daddy’s cock deep in their little pussys, And they need to learn how to be good little girls so their daddies can rape them over and over. Prepare her for her main duty in life; to please men and be a good little cum dump.
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Little girls need to be prepared for patriarchal living Women are, By design, Homemakers, Servants, Baby dispensers, Child-bearers, Dick-takers, Fucktoys, Cumdumps, Objects for Men's enjoyment.

Men are, By design, Dominators, Masters, Seed planters, Disciplinarians, Dick-givers, Powerful protectors.

Men were designed as Gods, Women were designed as objects to use and play with. Thus, Fathers should be be allowed and encouraged to prepare their daughters for patriarchal living. The preparation would consist of many things, But sex would be one of them, Of course. If a father wishes, He may have take his daughter's virginity so that she is ready for when the time comes to have sex with her future husband. I'm not saying it should be required, But it should definitely be legal.

Hail Patriarchy!
Posted by: Submissive_Lucy

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[Debate topic: Should divorce be banned?]

Can't handle marriage then don't do it. Female involvement in state sponsored genocide. Have categories to distinguish people into “us and them”.A dominant group uses law, custom, and political power to deny the rights of other group and legitimizes the victimization.One group denies the humanity of the other. Members of it are equated with animals, vermin, insects or diseases. The majority group is taught to regard the other group as less than human, and even alien to their society. Indoctrinated to believe that “We are better off without them.” Extremist terrorism targets moderates, intimidating and silencing. Inflammatory rhetoric and hate propaganda with the objective of creating fear of the other group. Their property is often expropriated, they are even segregated. They are deliberately deprived of resources in order to slowly destroy them. Programs are implemented to prevent procreation, Children are forcibly taken.The victim group’s basic human rights systematically abused through extrajudicial killings, torture, forced displacement and homelessness. End the Gendercide of your sons.

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[Topic: Should divorce be banned?]

You made the choice to be married, Now stick with it. Marriage is supposed to be a sacred bond and tradition to commit yourself to another person for life for better or worse. Whether you are treated good or bad by your significant other. Once again, For better or worse. You need to truly think about the future and what the other person might be like 20 years in the future. Things more than likely won't go your way. But the second you say your vows and accept a life together through better or worse. There should be no backing out of it NO MATTER WHAT. You can separate, Live in different houses and or states and countries. But for the rest of your lives until the day you both die. You both should remained married to one another. If there's a problem in the marriage. There should only be 2 choices. Fix it or leave. But even if you leave. Your still married to the other. You took the commitment, You need to stick with it. It's supposed to be a lifelong commitment. Something that needs to be seriously thought about and not jumped into because the heat of the moment. Divorce should be abolished or outlawed 100% completely.

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[Debate topic: “Are women the property of their husbands?”]

Pleased to Obey Him My first obligation is to serve and worship the Lord God; my second obligation is to love and serve my husband. ... And I only look toward him, Public and private. My body belongs to him and he may do as he likes with it (hopefully with respect and love, But it's his right if he doesn't feel respect for me at the time; I must have failed in some area). ... It is my pleasure to serve him. In return, He protects me and he is kind to me ...

Yes, Men, Ladies like me do exist. We aren't extinct. ...

I am certain I will take some heated replies from other ladies ... But ... Who is happy in their marriage and has kept that marriage intact? - I have. :)

OF course women are property, If not they're whores Women need to be the property of men or they will become whores feel guilty and say men raped them. The whole metoo movement is a bunch of shameful guilt riddled whores that know they are the property of their fathers but gave themselves away and now need an excuse as to why they're useless whores. Case in point a good women that stays home listens to her father or husband is much happier women and 100% of good women have never been raped. Or ... Claim someone raped them on their whore escapades. Look, Women don't have the mental capacity to orient themselves to the world, That's why they are liberals, Because they are stupid. ... Once realizing they are whores and disgusted with themselves always find a simp to live with and marry. Knowing they have spent all their value on many many men they find the most beta male to scream at for the rest of his life, Usually cheating on him a number of times. That it is best to not be whores and continue to be good daughters to their father and reserve them selves for the day the father gives them away to the man of HIS choice. Obviously, The father being a man will better select the male, Than her simple feeble mind can.

iqpibloghaydenchristian #fundie debate.org

If a 10 year old human has the intellect and wisdom to have sex, then y not? It is very shallow to assume that a child cannot be more mature than an adult in a distant future , human children wud hav surpassed current mans' intellect so to label underage sex as an impossibility is an insult to human abilities if dogs learnt to talk in the future, then that too wud be perfectly viable
Pedophile are unfairly stigmatized and demonized by society and i believe they deserve to be treat equally and fairly.Many Research has proven evidence that pedophile is a sexual orientation just the same manner as homo and heterosexual.People who have pedophilic tendencies inherit it since from birth and they are born in that way they are.It is unlikely to other sub type of mental disorder which has not been conceived from birth.And children aren't always incapable of given of to sex.By saying children can never reach the same intelligent level of an adult is an absolutely an insult and ignorant point of view. I know myself good enough,i perfectly understand what sex is and are able to judge the consequence of having sex as well as making rational decision. So long as relationship is consensual and adult can make the child feel happy and comfortable, i don't really seen the relationship as abusive.

Serato #fundie debate.org

If the Bible were nothing more than a pile of trash, as your despising ignorance would say, then why with a world with a million writers are good books not as common as the idiots insulting the greatest book ever assembled? In this is the miracle. We feel no hallowed presences to anything other than the Bible.

Try it! Attempt to tell a story to mimic the liquid eloquence of such moral simplicity, and you will inevitably fail. Yet more advantages have you, such as advancements to writing technology, as computers with a spellchecker, and many other advantages, yet you and I and everyone writes as children compared to the best selling book of all time.

You are a fool to insult something written to superior fashion over the intellectual impediments hindering your understandings. I could say more but you're too far gone at this juncture to your life. The honest truth is, is that you've been subconsciously and consciously manipulated through a variety of outlets. Get some help. Start" thinking for yourself. Good luck.

unknow #fundie debate.org

Think of poor families and arranged marriages There are obvious benefits to child marriages. For example child marriages create financial stability which in turn means that the family will have their needs met, not to mention that the child who is getting married will have all her needs provided for. Morality itself needs to be questioned...We can all agree that killing someone is wrong and immoral, but in times of war killing is not only morally acceptable but is also encouraged. SO MORALITY ALL DEPENDS ON SITUATIONS, by the child marrying she is basically saving her family.
I hoped this added some insight on the topic. There are no right or wrong answers...Sadly. All I can say is arranged marriages are needed in some cases and can save many lives.

no username #fundie debate.org

Eyewitness's are trustworthy Eyewitnesses can be trusted in courts across the land. They do not have a reason to lie and they want to see the right person punished for the crime. No one wants to see the wrong person punished for a crime that someone else committed. They will always be good to use.

Edlvsjd #fundie debate.org

Dinosaurs were an elaborate hoax, put on by early evolutionists. Dinosaur bones are actually bones from many different animals, with the missing bones made from plaster and the like. When you go to a museum, you're not even looking at what was originally found! All dino bones were "found" by people specifically looking for said bones, with many generally lumped into one area. This suggests planting these bones "Finding" a dino bone is a very lucrative business with a t-rex bone selling for $12 million dollars. People dig all the time. Miners, farmers, basement builders, etc. People explore all the time. Native Americans didn't find anything. No one knew dinosaurs existed until the late 1800's when someone theorized them, then after some fossilized teeth were found, an entire dinosaur was confirmed! Pro must state his case for why he believes that dinosaurs existed in round one. No semantics please. Arguments and rebuttals continue to R3, after which no new evidence may be presented. R5 is for final arguments, rebuttals and conlusions. Any sources may be used until they are found to be false info.
In 1990, "Sue" was found on a casual stroll. By a fossil hunter for a failing museum. Where did the rest of the fossils of all the dinos go? There were thousands of these monstrous beasts, but were not tripping over their remains? Evolution is a lie, atheists are so gullible!

Turnipsia #fundie debate.org

[Do you consider gay people to be normal?]

Being gay is like having a disability.

I'm a proud father of 4 kids and none of them are gay. Being gay is like having a disability. You cannot function in society without being straight because the world is built to support only normal people. Gay people just ruin pornography and a disgrace to the human race. God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. With that important logic. Gays shouldn't exist, they're just people who've been infected with the devil. Homosexuality is wrong.

Tes95 #fundie debate.org

Is a political ideology that believes in equality by force, or social destruction of traditional or different views, fit to make any form of policy?

The Liberal version of "equality" is unfit to make ignorant and dictatorial policy. So yes, a political ideology in fact exists that is unfit. This is the crux of why Conservatives cannot stand the Left. You cannot force someone to change who they are, yet they argue this when it is convenient for them, IE LGBT issues. They claim it is ignorance to believe in tradition, yet they systematically exterminate anyone who has a differing view. How is this equality? It is not, it is evil. It is a lie. Conservatives are called "bigots", "racists", "uneducated", "supremicists", "insane", "ignorant", "rednecks", the list goes on and on. I have never seen a Conservative cast the first stone in a simple conversation. The ideology of the Left is that of Orwellian dominance, slavery. It is proven by what they teach the kids. Just yesterday, my 5 year old sister came home and said "My teacher says it's not polite to say anything about the president". She goes to a Jewish preschool at our local temple. This sinful filth that has permeated society, IE drugs, crime, haphazard sex, forced acceptance of homosexuality and attempts to destroy traditional marriage, babies being murdered simply because it is "inconvenient", not on rape and incest. The Mayans were truly correct on the end of the world. It comes with the Left. The slavery isn't gone. It's now in the heart, mind, and soul.

Anonymous #fundie debate.org

If the Bible were nothing more than a pile of trash, as your despising ignorance would say, then why with a world with a million writers are good books not as common as the idiots insulting the greatest book ever assembled? In this is the miracle. We feel no hallowed presences to anything other than the Bible.

Try it! Attempt to tell a story to mimic the liquid eloquence of such moral simplicity, and you will inevitably fail. Yet more advantages have you, such as advancements to writing technology, as computers with a spellchecker, and many other advantages, yet you and I and everyone writes as children compared to the best selling book of all time.

You are a fool to insult something written to superior fashion over the intellectual impediments hindering your understandings. I could say more but you're too far gone at this juncture to your life. The honest truth is, is that you've been subconsciously and consciously manipulated through a variety of outlets. Get some help. Start" thinking for yourself. Good luck.

Serato #fundie debate.org

I get what you're saying. You wish to call evolution a scientific fact that takes more than faith to believe millions of years, from fossil to fossil, adding the ones and two's and three's, while many of these fossils are doctored and fake, and take enormous imagination to construct their appearance from fragments of lies. But let's go ahead and make up a story that says fossil x had sex with another fossil x, and out popped a baby fossil B. And while we're living in the land of imagination, let's call this scientific fact and just ignore its true definition, consisting of observable evidence that can be tested. And when we test legitimate fossils, let's pretend the carbon dating proves they're no older than 100,000 years. C'mon now, I can go on and on with this and that. Evolution is a lie, and the Bible explains why there are those seeking to brainwash you.

Ziggy #fundie debate.org

Actually, they are much worse than men. Women say that they are better than men to stroke their egos, but even those women know the truth.

1. Women are extremely insecure. This might be due to biology, but they use it as an excuse to treat others poorly and avoid responsibility for their actions.

2. Women lack self-criticism. They get super-defensive and hostile when someone points out that their behavior is detrimental to themselves and inconsiderate of others.

3. Women have a sense of entitlement. Perhaps this is consequence of #1 and definitely follows from #2. They think the world, and particularly the men in this world, should adapt to them and cannot be bothered to make an effort to make changes in their own habits to adapt to their surroundings. A good example is women who cheats on her husband because she gives in to her temptation but tries to claim that it was something her husband did to make her stray.

4. Women are dishonest. Men are also dishonest but women tend to be so with those who are close to them and often turn a blind eye to those who are hurt by their behavior.

5. Women lack a sense of justice. They perceive themselves as vulnerable, underestimate their own strengths, and rationalize their behavior by playing the victim and assert that they are acting in self-defense.

6. Women rely on intuition and emotion when it comes to decision making. They are capable of ratiocination just like men but prefer to trust their instincts instead of learning how to set boundaries with other people. They also believe their intuition is foolproof despite evidence to the contrary.

7. Women are intolerant. They view those with behaviors that they don't understand or don't recognize as a threat and lack the curiosity that men have to understand the world around them and investigate things that are unknown. Male curiosity and creativity is the mother of invention. That's why >90% of important scientists, inventors, and artists of all types are men. The fact that men cannot bear children inspires them to create things.

BlackHomophobicAtheists #fundie debate.org

1. Homophobes opposed gay bath houses. The police began to shut down gay bath houses in which led to the Stonewall Riots. Gays were able to keep the gay bath houses open in the name of rights.

Gay bathhouses turned out to be HIV distribution centers in which profoundly contributed to one of the worst STD epidemics in human history.

2. During the early days of HIV when only a few gays were infected, homophobes warned gays to stop having gay sex. Gays refused to stop having gay sex and as a result, the HIV epidemic switched into a mass epidemic and ended up killing thousands of gays and innocent victims who were receiving blood donations. Hiv eventually spreaded to the heterosexual community by bisexuals.

3. During the gay marriage battle, homophobes warned gay supporters that gays are too promiscuous to get married. A study by CDC shows the majority of HIV infecrions are happening within serious, gay committed relationships in which obviously includes gay marriages. According to the study, gay marriage influences unsafe sex.. the problem is, it doesn't guarantee loyalty.. Therefore, gay marriage is increasing HIV infection among gay men among gay men.

In conclusion, if gays had have obeyed homophobes, they would have shut down the gay bath houses in which would have saved thousands of gay men's lives because many of them would have not contracted HIV. During the early stages of HIV, if gays had have obeyed homophobes, they would have stopped having gay sex so many gays who died from HIV in the 80's would be still alive. During the gay marriage battle, homophobes warned gay supporters that gays are too promiscuous to get married. Gay marriage increases the risk of contracting HIV because gay marriage influences unsafe sex but it does not guarantee loyalty.

stephannoi #fundie debate.org

Exactly i agree what you have said.Actually children can already consent to sexual activity when they are at 12 but the society force them to be immature as prolong as possible to 16 or 18.
In which it seems like children cannot consent but it is not because of their ability but it is the fault of the society that want children to be in the way they favored to be by raise our children up immature which it is wrong.
If it's prepubescent children i could understand that they cannot consent due to because their body is not physical mature but people generally already reach the puberty at 12 or 13 ,so at that age they are not prepubescent children.

Beluga #racist debate.org

[Title: A new paper conducted by the Geological Survey of Canada found more than 90 percent of large earthquakes in western Canada were triggered by fracking operations. Do you think fracking should be permitted?]

[Opinion posted under "Yes"]

Earthquakes to kill the unwanted people. We should continue with fracking, IT'S CLEAN ENERGY! Earthquakes and Contaminated drinking water, who cares? Earthquakes would kill off african americans and muslims. Feed the contaminated water to syrian refugees. Fracking will save our world for us, who cares about generations to come? Rasicm is where this world is built on. Not f***ing rocks.

unknown #sexist debate.org

[ on lowering the age of consent to 13 ]

Yes as long as both families agree. Humans know right from wrong when they are around 7.

They should also have to get a job and work at 13. Americans are just gonna get fatter and lazier and soon this country will start treating people in their mid 20s like children. We need to get back to the way things used to be. Americans are immature because they have terrible parenting. I started working in my dad's shop when I was 8 years old, graduated high school at 16, had save my first 10k (that I earned myself) before my 18th birthday, graduated college at 19, and paid off my home at 29. I also became sexually active at 13, I knew the consequences of my actions because I was made to take more and more care of myself at an early age. Parents now days want to hold their kids hands until they are 30. It's time for Americans to grow up. I'm not saying it's right to prey on the young, but what parents are doing isn't good either, stop sheltering and start letting them be responsible for their own actions.

Optimistic Realist #fundie debate.org

Although we're all humans, it is impossible because most men are physically and mentally superior. Anyone who thinks not on mental aspect is delusional because almost all men can still think logically under pressure while women in most cases give in to emotions. Note: IQ does not measure intelligence. Intelligence partly covers mental strength. Women are emotionally strong and are able to multi-task that's why they SUPPORT men. Men focuses on one thing at a time and becomes barbaric when their minds become dull thus they take care child worse than women in most cases.

ararmer1919 #fundie debate.org

(This person is referring to the Native Americans)
This nation is theirs??????? Bull fing crap. We won it fair and square. They fought back, they lost. That's called progress. Ever heard of survival of the fittest? Obviously the natives were just an all around more inferior race compared to the Europeans. Imagine life today if things hadn't gone the way they had.

provideoman123 #fundie debate.org

Serbia is a better country than Bosnia

Serbian Artillery Is Guided By God

You Bosnians, you cannot claim to have God guide missiles to hit your homeland! God is a Serb, proven many times by expert scientists across the world. He uses His power in order to smite you heathen islamic chetnik gang Bosnians. Our hand will reach you even in Sarajevo. Beograd, Smederevo, Novi Sad i Kraljevo, every soldier is a good fellow. Karadzic will lead the serbs, they are not afraid of anything! Don't touch our country, from Krajina, the Wolves are coming. Be afraid, fascists and Turks!

OLevasque #fundie debate.org

[Should rape be illegal?]

Of course not

Rape is completely natural. It happens between animals all the time. Our bodies, particularly women's, were made to attract mates sexually. It's an impulse beyond our control. When I was raped, it was a terrible experience I wouldn't wish on anyone, but I still believe it should be legal. Even when I was being raped, even though it was most certainly something I never want to experience again, it was still sexually pleasing which to me seems like a natural compensation. Eventually I got over it, as well everyone should. I mean it's not nearly as bad as murder, which could easily have happened instead.

harry truman #fundie debate.org

[In response to: Do you agree with Trump's call to boycott Starbucks for its red holiday cups?]

Yes Yes Yes The color red is a symbol for communism, or native Americans, this is the united states of america not the soviet states of commie-land, the only problem I have with this, isn't about why he is boycotting them, it is why he is not boycotting them, Starbucks supports gay marriage!

Julie83 #sexist debate.org

I am a woman (aged 30), and I have to agree that we (women) are too emotional and not rational or logical enough to have the right to vote. Most women are intelligent but we allow our emotions to take over and we don't often think straight. I have never voted because we should not have the right to vote. Men are often naturally more level headed, rational and logical and understand politics better that women do.

heil19 #racist debate.org

All he needed to do was win the war Hitler's perfect world would not at all be a bad place to be born in. Looking at the prosperous germany of 1933-1939 we can get a glimpse of a beta version of hitler's perfect world. If Hitler had won the war the utopian society could have been established. Hitler's perfect world would however be better than the beta of it from 1933-1939. Hitler's perfect world is not the same as the Holocaust. Hitler's perfect world is the end goal and the Holocaust is just the means to achieve an end. The means justify the ends. All that needs to happen was for Hitler to have reached the end goal in order to make up for whatever suffering done to achieve the end. Unfortunately Hitler did not achieve the end goal so thus far it seems not worth it. However the creation of a 4th Reich could solve this problem.

[Then he makes another comment]

i'd like to clarify the difference between Hitler's perfect world and the 'Holocaust'

People seem to have a grave misunderstanding and seem to related national socialism in practice to national socialism in theory.
National Socialism in theory is essentially hitler's perfect world. National socialism in practice is the mass execution done in the name of eugenics
People seem to relate Hitler's perfect world to the Holohoax but people don't realize that once the perfect world is created the mass executions no longer need to be carried out.
True it may be morally repulsive with the holohoax and all but I believe the long term benefits of Hitler's perfect world will outweigh and short terms mass executions used to achieve those means.
Auschwitz will be disbanded in Hitler's perfect world once auschwitz has finished its job
Thus auschwitz was never a part of Hitler's perfect world.
Think of the world today as a crude and rough diamond ore. The mass executions auschwitz included are the refiners. Hitler's perfect world is the beautiful diamond itself. Once a diamond is perfect and refined then there no longer exists a reason to have the refiner
Thus judge the diamond not by the refiner so much as by its perfect beauty
After a few brief months when Hitler took power, Germany's economic problems went away and the country began to progress and make better of itself. True it wasn't perfect yet because of imperfections in the gene pool, but it was on its way.

amajum0073 #racist debate.org

[In response to the question submitted by the same poster, Should non-white be expelled from the US?]

The US is a white country only. The US is a homeland for white people and not for non-whites. Immigration from non-white countries must be prohibited. White people have made this country and non-whites do not belong in this country. If you are against this, then you are anti-white promoting the reduction of our race. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

unknown #fundie debate.org

The age of consent was the fault of homophobic feminists The age of consent was raised from 13 to 16 in 1885 in the very same bill that criminalised homosexuality. It was the result of campaigning by puritanical anti-sex feminists who essentially believe that 'All sex is rape'.

13 year olds are mentally perfectly capable of understanding the consequences of their actions to the required level as they have already lived longer than the life expectancy of many animals (e.G. Dogs, cats) most of whom would reproduce at a much younger age.

Not being allowed to have a sexual relationship at a young age can result in an increased risk of lifelong celibacy and failing to have any offspring at all (women have a biological clock, you know). This can of course result in depression and suicide

rainraoof #fundie debate.org

Why women should NOT vote! Women shouldn't be allowed to vote because it would ruin a perfectly working system. Also they belong at home taking care of kids as well as cooking and cleaning while the men are out working, fighting in the war, and bringing money to support the family. Women shouldn't have been given the vote from the start because they could consult with their husband on who to vote for and the husband could go vote on behalf of the family.

unknown #sexist debate.org

In 1937, a 5 year old gave birth to a healthy child. This was in Peru. Was she able to survive, yes she was. So is a 5 year can survive childbirth, then 13 year olds can give birth perfectly fine.

blockhead134 #fundie debate.org

Trump should be elected BECAUSE he would be a terrible president. Trump should be president, not because he would be good, but because he would do something different than the last 50 years of presidents, and something might change. Even if he drives us into the ground, there would be a massive uprising to change everything back. People will find an enemy and grow in adversity. When we aren't fighting wars, we start to bash each other down. If our leader proves to be a viable foe, the people would stop whining about unimportant things like race and sexuality and team up to fix REAL problems.

unknown #sexist debate.org

should the age of consent be lowered to 13

Because once you're of age to reproduce, you're fair game.

Once you're of age to reproduce, you should fair game in the dating world. "Kids" younger than that used to take on much more adult rolls years ago, but we're so involved in coddling and sheltering kids these days that they're happy with spewing the "I'm just a kid" excuse well into their 20s. If you're worried about lowering the age limit because they cannot make such "adult decisions" then why is the age of consent 16 or younger in most places? 3 years doesn't make much of a difference to me. They look pretty much the same and damn sure aren't smarter in a lot of cases. We should be striving to prepare kids for these types of decisions earlier on so that they can choose for themselves if they want to engage in such activities.

TasticBran #fundie debate.org

I believe that having openly gay people in the military is not good. I think that having openly gay people in the military is detrimental because it brings a sexual tension and an interpersonal tension into the combat unit scenario that is an unnecessary distraction. It very easily causes tension between members of the unit because it is a very unnatural lifestyle. Plus it is hard to get past all the stereo types that accompany the lifestyle such thinking gay guys are feminine or that they are more likely child molesters. Those two stereotypes alone very easily lead to tension.