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Question: "Should father's be allowed to rape their daughters?"

Women are objects I don't understand why feminists care so much about consent, Women should be raped because it's natural, It happens with animals and they enjoy it because nature made sex pleasurable. Women are no different, They should be raped and used as objects by every male, Regardless of her age or relationship.
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Daughters need rape Yes, Fathers should always rape their daughters. Rape is good for girls and women. It teaches them what they were made for. By allowing fathers to rape their daughters from a young age, They can teach their daughters exactly what they are going to be used for during their lives. Fathers raping their daughters is natural and good and should be legal. Daughters need to learn how to take daddy’s cock down their throats, They need to learn to take daddy’s cock deep in their little pussys, And they need to learn how to be good little girls so their daddies can rape them over and over. Prepare her for her main duty in life; to please men and be a good little cum dump.
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Little girls need to be prepared for patriarchal living Women are, By design, Homemakers, Servants, Baby dispensers, Child-bearers, Dick-takers, Fucktoys, Cumdumps, Objects for Men's enjoyment.

Men are, By design, Dominators, Masters, Seed planters, Disciplinarians, Dick-givers, Powerful protectors.

Men were designed as Gods, Women were designed as objects to use and play with. Thus, Fathers should be be allowed and encouraged to prepare their daughters for patriarchal living. The preparation would consist of many things, But sex would be one of them, Of course. If a father wishes, He may have take his daughter's virginity so that she is ready for when the time comes to have sex with her future husband. I'm not saying it should be required, But it should definitely be legal.

Hail Patriarchy!
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[Debate topic: “Should women have rights?”]

Sandwich makers are needed Who is going to make me a sandwich when I get home from work if women can have rights and actually do things. God forbid someone let them make their own decisions, let alone vote. Have you seen them fly off the hook when they find out that you're sleeping with another woman? It is my right to take as many wives as I so please, since the bible said so. Also, if they have rights, they can drive. If we fix this serious issue, we should be able to significantly reduce costs to society by reducing accidents. DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR WOMAN IS? If she's not in the kitchen or in the bedroom, something is wrong.

Women should never have gotten rights to begin with! Things slowly went down hill once we were granted rights. ... I shouldn't have to go to school because the greatest joy a woman can have is serving her family. ... abortion came from woman's rights. Women said oh look I have all this power I should have the right over my own body too and should be allowed to kill my own child . It's sick. Bring back the good days were the wife is waiting for the husband at home!!!!

They would bleed all over society. Men have proven to be more superior, who has ever heard of a successful woman putting in long hours at any job they do? None. ...

They cheat in society Most of the women's I met used sex to advance in society.
... they always use sex to skip hard work,all of them just want husbands with money,because they are lazy and materialistic,all the women's I met were materialistic,I'm not religious,but the bible was right about them,they steal the succes of hard working men.

Women are too emotional and can't be relied upon to take the cold, harsh view that is needed. ... They allow emotions to rule over place of good solid reasoning. ... if women became presidents (God forbid) we would have a million wars because of pointless trivial reasons. WOMEN CAN'T USE LOGIC. ...

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Is rape a proper ground for getting a divorce?

Of course not I would never divorce my husband for raping me. If he feels the need to rape me that must mean I'm not having sex with him often enough, and as his wife I'm obligated to have sex with my husband whenever he wishes, so why should I think that divorcing him is merited just because he raped me?

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Women shouldn't be allowed to vote or hold positions of power for one simple reason. Most women make decisions based on EMOTIONS instead of FACT.

As we are now seeing, a government heavily influenced by women will be overrun with bleeding heart social programs (expanding welfare state) even in the wake of much bigger problems (faltering economy).

The FACT is that we don't have the money for these social programs. However, since women have been allowed in to the political world, the EMOTIONAL response allowing these social programs has been HUGE!

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Lower the Age of Consent to 11 !

- 11 is usually the age humans start being able to reproduce
- To help avoid criminalizing sex between two high school pupils

It is obvious that the age of consent is much too high in most of the world, The reasoning behind placing the age of consent at 16 is deeply flawed. After all who is likely to give a young person a good time? Someone well experienced or some fumbling kid? I think i know what I would prefer if i were a kid again.
If Spain can place the age of consent at 13, then why cant the rest of the world do the right thing and place it at 11

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The age of consent was the fault of homophobic feminists

The age of consent was raised from 13 to 16 in 1885 in the very same bill that criminalised homosexuality. It was the result of campaigning by puritanical anti-sex feminists who essentially believe that 'All sex is rape'.

13 year olds are mentally perfectly capable of understanding the consequences of their actions to the required level as they have already lived longer than the life expectancy of many animals (e.G. Dogs, cats) most of whom would reproduce at a much younger age.

Not being allowed to have a sexual relationship at a young age can result in an increased risk of lifelong celibacy and failing to have any offspring at all (women have a biological clock, you know). This can of course result in depression and suicide.

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13 is the perfect age

At 13 girls are young with tight bodies and oozing with sex appeal. Look at any 13 year old girl these days and their hygiene is impeccable. They are mature ans fully capable of making these types of decisions on their own and they should be allowed to without consequence.

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The age of consent should be lowered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the USA, our age of consent is 16, 17, and 18. When the age of consent is that high, then life is ruined for those teens that wanted to be teen moms. There is a fine line however. The line should be 13. That's when most people tell thier children about the birds and the bees. Those idiots that think it should be increased are wrong. In 1937, a 5 year old gave birth to a healthy child. This was in Peru. Was she able to survive, yes she was. So is a 5 year can survive childbirth, then 13 year olds can give birth perfectly fine.

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13 for girls 16 for boys Lets face it, girls mature much faster than boys. Most girls hit puberty between 9 and 11 and typically fully developed by 13 or 14 (not in all cases but most). Buys on the other hand hit puberty between 12 and 13 and don't typical fully develop until 16 to 20. I'll focus on the girls since that's the one that I think should be changed. As I stated about, girls are fully developed at 13. A girl who looks like she is around 19 or 20 is most likely 13 or 14. I can't tell you how many times I have tried to pick up on a girl thinking she was 20 only to find out she is actually 13. This created a potentially dangerous situation for the guy if the girl decides to lie about her age. There a many younger girl that actually like older guys and if willing to lie about their age to get with one could cost jail time for the guy. No guy is going to ask for a girls ID before having sex with her. The fact is that 13 year old girls know what sex is and some even want it and with who should be totally their decision be it with another teenage boy or someone in their 30's.

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I checked google that are boys better than girls. It said yes because you see mens played sports on tv. I see mens have big muscle. Some women are stronger but most mens are stronger. Girls's legs stronger than boys because girls have wide hip. Girls are better than boys at school. Boys are better than girls at life.

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Your cattled determinations may think as ends to predicates of originality, but freed from the infinitude of barbed invisible fencing (?) no, you're slopping from the community troughs placed before your snout. Your ideas are not free ranging. You're mooing from the artificial insurance of the cozy insides of barn doors; confiding hereby to be slaughtered, you're simply another cow grazing amongst the pacified herds of society. So you cannot hear what I can say. Yet truly I say, it is you in whom free will is reined inspiringly, unknowingly, as higher a society you cannot see, yet they see your ego and knows always its castle it craves endlessly for new marbles.

This society everywhere sits wily to conspiracy. While evolution to all particulars its greatest lie so high no skies its limit, this is where I'd begin to reground your education. I'd absolve you to yourself some truths, as these truths told but unheard to the conformist. Be not afraid, yet wholly profane the world lashes with a bitter face, to the nonconformist. So become again as an infant, as an infant conforms to nobody. As is the Bible, the mind of an infant is also pure in heart.

The Bible is ripe with a moral vigor that domesticates always the mind no matter the past, the present or future, never will antiquity be there found. It is as true today as yesterday. Only with day-by-days setting, with each new rise enlightening closer the future, its meaning and accuracies then becomes better defined. Such an arduous climb for the mind awaits you, yet prefigures silently the soul inside you; for you lost faith, as Jesus said you would.

Whoso expounds now the Truth, asks for Truth, shall begin now to revere above all travesties to truths told alike as lies, shall then speak within the dwelling intuitions to the soul. As now one key opens a door, as two keys given opens more, as one more becomes ultimately three. Therein this the trinity to me becomes this to you the goal, becomes this to you and I as the predominations to life; and to all those that still strife, I promise, never is there an expiration to our faith.

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Were women meant to serve men?

Of course we were Obviously, history would not be as it is now if women were not meant to serve men. Our bodies are made to be pleasing to men both visually and physically. Almost every part of our bodies can be used for sexual gratification of men. We naturally submit to dominant, masculine figures even though a lot of us would rather not admit it. Even if we resist at first, it comes eventually.

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Women are insecure little power hungry insects If the entire male population wanted to, all females would be eradicated at their will.

But, as we males are the only side to have any morale and intelligence in this area it seems, we spare your petty little lives. And I am speaking to all the feminists and misandrists out there. All other women are fine, I take my hat off to those courageous women who put up with these black sheep of the female population.

For the hags out there, go back into your little dugout and rethink your pitiful lives.

Also, I must note that as I was writing this response, I was disgusted to notice that the word misandrist was not in this site's vocabulary. Women have been given a bone and are running with it. I say strip them of their excess rights and make them equal to men, not above.

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Not 13 but maybe 15 or 16. Some people say "they are just children" but really who's fault is that? For at least the first couple centuries A.D. And earlier, people were married and supported themselves usually between 11-14. They handled all adult responsibilities, including sex. If they could do it then, why not now? The only reason 13 year olds are to immature is because of how we raise them. Mothers don't want their "babies" to grow up, father's want their daughters to stay "daddy's little girl" forever, and so they baby and coddle their children, some still holding their kids' hands WELL into their mid-twenties. This does them no favors. Also this isn't about adults taking advantage of minors, there are already plenty of laws regarding real rape and real sexual assault, and if your argument is "protect the children that I refuse to let grow up" then make laws for REAL rape and REAL sexual adult much stricter when the victim is a minor, but it should not be illegal for them to have sex. As things stand now even minor on minor sex is illegal, would you want your kid to go to jail as a minor for having sex with a minor boyfriend or girlfriend who may even be the same age?? Why should we call them criminals for doing what they are biological programmed to do? I think that right now 13 is too young (at the fault of the parents) but 15 or 16 is not. Most of them already have jobs in addition to school, they drive cars, they handle plenty of adult responsibility and they definitely know what sex is, what the risks are and there outcomes. So why not? Hell most of them are tried as adults if they break the law, why are they adults if they break the law but children if they want to have sex? And besides, most 15+teens are having sex anyway, why should we call them criminals for doing what their bodies are biologically programmed to do? If we were meant to have sex older than that, wouldn't puberty occur at a later age?? I say for now lower it to 15 or 16 everywhere then gradually change how we raise our kids, increase sex ed and actually teach them right from younger ages and watch as they prove to us again, as they had for centuries in the past, that they can, in fact, handle adult responsibilities, then at that point you could consider lowering it to 13.

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[Are we becoming too tolerant of differences?]

Yes, and homosexuality is a good example. Tolerance is a good thing. However, it doesn't mean we shouldn't change the bad things about ourselves that can harm us physically and mentally. If you're a homosexual, you should try to be straight and stay away from relationships that involve the opposite gender. If you over eat, you should learn to control your cravings. It's simple.

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Were women meant to serve men?

As a woman I know it is true Many times in my life I wanted to rebel against everything - politics, parents, people around me, society in a whole. But one thing I never argued about is: men are here to protect and support us women and I must respect that. We expect of them to bring us food, cash, to take us everywhere and to make us feel safe. They do all of that. And what did women do? Tried to make them feel bad because they do it! Why? I want them to do it for me. They are stronger and they have higher payed jobs. I read that their IQ is higher. I don't know if its true but men are usually much more educated so maybe it is. In any case, I love the fact they don't expect me to do anything, I don't have to work, to go to schools...Only thing I have to do is to give them pleasure. To listen to them and respect their command. It is not hard! We all love a strong dominant man and you know it! I love when they demand and I love to serve them because it is in my nature. In life and in sex. It gives me pleasure to serve a man in any way because then I feel great when he is satisfied. Then he will give me whatever I ask. Money, holidays... Just listen to his simple wish - and obey! Even in the Bible it says so. I maybe dont have schools but I know what is in the most important book and it says we are here to serve men! Like it or not you must learn that, it is better for you.

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My teacher is the Christ, so yes, of course I take his word for it. He is my only leader and king.

Ashera has no importance in scripture, any more than any other false gods.

All my teachings come from Jehovah, through his son, scripture and holy spirit.

I am avoiding nothing, you are dragging in complete irrelevances.

John 6:45
ASV(i) 45 It is written in the prophets (Isaiah 54:13) , And they shall all be taught of God. Every one that hath heard from the Father, and hath learned, cometh unto me.

I have listened to Jehovah, and have been drawn to Christ as a servant for him.

John 6:44
ASV(i) 44 No man can come to me, except the Father that sent me draw him: and I will raise him up in the last day.

True, I have accepted help and guidance from the JWs, and others at times, but the bible is the deciding factor. Anything taught me by anyone, which does not agree with scripture is rejected out of hand., Hence I truly am "taught by Jehovah".

You try to be so clever, and all you do is make yourself look ever more dumb.

There is no such thing as a self appointed expert on scripture. You are either appointed by Jehovah, or you never truly get to be an expert.

"Self" is a word which does not belong in the hearts and minds of followers of Christ, nor in their dictionaries. Self is what we have to abandon.

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I think not because girls are lame. We boys only watch tv after all that we do. We sweat from all our hard work. Girls should not try to compete because we are stronger. Think about it husbands give money to their wives all the time. Without boys you would be homeless. We also go out side and play sports whle you have stupid slumber parties.

A great magician never reveals his secrets #conspiracy debate.org

I've done extensive research into this subject because I appreciate facts. I was not alive during the moon race and I never just accept someone's word for something although when I was young I did because everyone else said we went to the moon. I know what our government is capable of and we all know there are secrets that remain for years even while hundreds sometimes thousands of people work on these projects. I spent weeks investigating film footage, photography, and many other aspects of the moon race.

It takes time, but the information is available. I don't rely on just 1, 2, or even 3 things for my opinion. All I know for a fact is that what people saw on TV, the photos,and have been taught by a government-run school system is a slight of hand magic trick.I believe that the Apollo program was a cheaply done fabrication so as to divert huge amounts of money to another top secret or several top secret programs. I am not a conspiracy person. I simply believe facts that I am able to judge for myself. Research, research, research is the key to knowing any fact. Have we gone to the moon? Yes, we have scientific equipment on the moon. Was it placed there by actual people?

I find no evidence that any person has ever stepped on the surface of the moon? Have we tried to send someone to the moon? I don't know but I do not believe we have. Since all experiments are always carried out by animals before people I find it amazing that after some successful and some unsuccessful attempts to send animals into low space (although the furthest animals in space, 2 monkeys, was not very far at all only reaching 360 miles I believe, someone correct me if I'm wrong) we decided to just start shooting multiple men at a time to the moon with great success. I know it's hard for people to believe that something they have believed there whole life could be untrue, especially when everyone they love, respect, and admire has been telling them it is true.

I ask you to simply put yourself in the position of someone a long time ago when the smartest people in the world, including governments, where teaching that the earth was flat and you would fall off if you went to far. How the idea that the earth was round was blasphemy. Just keep an open mind. Man is deceptive. Magic is slight of hand. We all know that you can't saw anyone in half, yet we sit in an audience and with our own eyes see it happen. If only the magician would tell us how he did it. He never will. He loses his power over us if he does. The magician is the government and we will never know how they performed the trick. Please forgive any spelling mistakes. I love you all.

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Why women should NOT vote! Women shouldn't be allowed to vote because it would ruin a perfectly working system. Also they belong at home taking care of kids as well as cooking and cleaning while the men are out working, fighting in the war, and bringing money to support the family. Women shouldn't have been given the vote from the start because they could consult with their husband on who to vote for and the husband could go vote on behalf of the family.

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I find most girls will start losing their luster after about 21-30 years old anyways, so lowering age of consent standards will only help girls to find these aggrandized romances they've been so indoctrinated to seek out, and maybe they'll learn that there are more important things to focus on than all the lovey dovey, material romance BS promoted by the media. They'll also be that much more physically desirable for an even longer period of time. BTW I am not a pedophile. Pedophilia involves attraction towards prepubescent children, not young adults. I just happen to prefer my women unspoiled by age and cynicism.

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[In response to the question submitted by the same poster, Should non-white be expelled from the US?]

The US is a white country only. The US is a homeland for white people and not for non-whites. Immigration from non-white countries must be prohibited. White people have made this country and non-whites do not belong in this country. If you are against this, then you are anti-white promoting the reduction of our race. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

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Hitler did nothing wrong

The jews set up camps in various places across Europe and the Reich thought nothing of it. They then secretly went on mass hunger strikes. They all started working themselves to death, so Hitler sent in troops to try and get them to eat, but they wouldn't listen. Their bodies started to pile up, so he had to get rid of them somehow because it was unsanitary. This explains the ovens. It was the Jews' fault.

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It's nothing wrong as long as long as relationship is consensual ,but it's only wrong if the relationship was by force. While in my opinion 13 years old are mentally mature enough to understand the act and consequences as well in making decision.So they can consent.

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I believe that having openly gay people in the military is not good. I think that having openly gay people in the military is detrimental because it brings a sexual tension and an interpersonal tension into the combat unit scenario that is an unnecessary distraction. It very easily causes tension between members of the unit because it is a very unnatural lifestyle. Plus it is hard to get past all the stereo types that accompany the lifestyle such thinking gay guys are feminine or that they are more likely child molesters. Those two stereotypes alone very easily lead to tension.

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should the age of consent be lowered to 13

Because once you're of age to reproduce, you're fair game.

Once you're of age to reproduce, you should fair game in the dating world. "Kids" younger than that used to take on much more adult rolls years ago, but we're so involved in coddling and sheltering kids these days that they're happy with spewing the "I'm just a kid" excuse well into their 20s. If you're worried about lowering the age limit because they cannot make such "adult decisions" then why is the age of consent 16 or younger in most places? 3 years doesn't make much of a difference to me. They look pretty much the same and damn sure aren't smarter in a lot of cases. We should be striving to prepare kids for these types of decisions earlier on so that they can choose for themselves if they want to engage in such activities.

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Trump should be elected BECAUSE he would be a terrible president. Trump should be president, not because he would be good, but because he would do something different than the last 50 years of presidents, and something might change. Even if he drives us into the ground, there would be a massive uprising to change everything back. People will find an enemy and grow in adversity. When we aren't fighting wars, we start to bash each other down. If our leader proves to be a viable foe, the people would stop whining about unimportant things like race and sexuality and team up to fix REAL problems.

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Harry Potter

is showing people how to be evil satanic WITCHES. Notice that they call people in the book WITCHES. That is a sign that they are subliminally training people to use WITCHCRAFT. WITCHCRAFT is satanic. Therefore, Harry Potter promotes WITCHCRAFT and YOU SHALL NOT SUFFER A WITCH TO LIVE. Also, the school is called "Hogwarts School of WITCHCRAFT" showing that is obviously teaching people WITCHCRAFT which is SATANIC. In Harry Potter, the WITCHES went to great pains to conceal themselves from the regular, non-satanic folk. This is obviously a secret WITCHCRAFT guide that tells people how to be WITCHES and worship SATAN, while pretending to be an innocent work of fiction. Real WITCHES exist, but they hide well from us using information gleaned from Harry Potter, so that they can continue to worship SATAN.

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In 1937, a 5 year old gave birth to a healthy child. This was in Peru. Was she able to survive, yes she was. So is a 5 year can survive childbirth, then 13 year olds can give birth perfectly fine.

rainraoof #fundie debate.org

Why women should NOT vote! Women shouldn't be allowed to vote because it would ruin a perfectly working system. Also they belong at home taking care of kids as well as cooking and cleaning while the men are out working, fighting in the war, and bringing money to support the family. Women shouldn't have been given the vote from the start because they could consult with their husband on who to vote for and the husband could go vote on behalf of the family.

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The age of consent was the fault of homophobic feminists The age of consent was raised from 13 to 16 in 1885 in the very same bill that criminalised homosexuality. It was the result of campaigning by puritanical anti-sex feminists who essentially believe that 'All sex is rape'.

13 year olds are mentally perfectly capable of understanding the consequences of their actions to the required level as they have already lived longer than the life expectancy of many animals (e.G. Dogs, cats) most of whom would reproduce at a much younger age.

Not being allowed to have a sexual relationship at a young age can result in an increased risk of lifelong celibacy and failing to have any offspring at all (women have a biological clock, you know). This can of course result in depression and suicide

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All he needed to do was win the war Hitler's perfect world would not at all be a bad place to be born in. Looking at the prosperous germany of 1933-1939 we can get a glimpse of a beta version of hitler's perfect world. If Hitler had won the war the utopian society could have been established. Hitler's perfect world would however be better than the beta of it from 1933-1939. Hitler's perfect world is not the same as the Holocaust. Hitler's perfect world is the end goal and the Holocaust is just the means to achieve an end. The means justify the ends. All that needs to happen was for Hitler to have reached the end goal in order to make up for whatever suffering done to achieve the end. Unfortunately Hitler did not achieve the end goal so thus far it seems not worth it. However the creation of a 4th Reich could solve this problem.

[Then he makes another comment]

i'd like to clarify the difference between Hitler's perfect world and the 'Holocaust'

People seem to have a grave misunderstanding and seem to related national socialism in practice to national socialism in theory.
National Socialism in theory is essentially hitler's perfect world. National socialism in practice is the mass execution done in the name of eugenics
People seem to relate Hitler's perfect world to the Holohoax but people don't realize that once the perfect world is created the mass executions no longer need to be carried out.
True it may be morally repulsive with the holohoax and all but I believe the long term benefits of Hitler's perfect world will outweigh and short terms mass executions used to achieve those means.
Auschwitz will be disbanded in Hitler's perfect world once auschwitz has finished its job
Thus auschwitz was never a part of Hitler's perfect world.
Think of the world today as a crude and rough diamond ore. The mass executions auschwitz included are the refiners. Hitler's perfect world is the beautiful diamond itself. Once a diamond is perfect and refined then there no longer exists a reason to have the refiner
Thus judge the diamond not by the refiner so much as by its perfect beauty
After a few brief months when Hitler took power, Germany's economic problems went away and the country began to progress and make better of itself. True it wasn't perfect yet because of imperfections in the gene pool, but it was on its way.

Julie83 #sexist debate.org

I am a woman (aged 30), and I have to agree that we (women) are too emotional and not rational or logical enough to have the right to vote. Most women are intelligent but we allow our emotions to take over and we don't often think straight. I have never voted because we should not have the right to vote. Men are often naturally more level headed, rational and logical and understand politics better that women do.

harry truman #fundie debate.org

[In response to: Do you agree with Trump's call to boycott Starbucks for its red holiday cups?]

Yes Yes Yes The color red is a symbol for communism, or native Americans, this is the united states of america not the soviet states of commie-land, the only problem I have with this, isn't about why he is boycotting them, it is why he is not boycotting them, Starbucks supports gay marriage!

OLevasque #fundie debate.org

[Should rape be illegal?]

Of course not

Rape is completely natural. It happens between animals all the time. Our bodies, particularly women's, were made to attract mates sexually. It's an impulse beyond our control. When I was raped, it was a terrible experience I wouldn't wish on anyone, but I still believe it should be legal. Even when I was being raped, even though it was most certainly something I never want to experience again, it was still sexually pleasing which to me seems like a natural compensation. Eventually I got over it, as well everyone should. I mean it's not nearly as bad as murder, which could easily have happened instead.

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Serbia is a better country than Bosnia

Serbian Artillery Is Guided By God

You Bosnians, you cannot claim to have God guide missiles to hit your homeland! God is a Serb, proven many times by expert scientists across the world. He uses His power in order to smite you heathen islamic chetnik gang Bosnians. Our hand will reach you even in Sarajevo. Beograd, Smederevo, Novi Sad i Kraljevo, every soldier is a good fellow. Karadzic will lead the serbs, they are not afraid of anything! Don't touch our country, from Krajina, the Wolves are coming. Be afraid, fascists and Turks!

ararmer1919 #fundie debate.org

(This person is referring to the Native Americans)
This nation is theirs??????? Bull fing crap. We won it fair and square. They fought back, they lost. That's called progress. Ever heard of survival of the fittest? Obviously the natives were just an all around more inferior race compared to the Europeans. Imagine life today if things hadn't gone the way they had.

Optimistic Realist #fundie debate.org

Although we're all humans, it is impossible because most men are physically and mentally superior. Anyone who thinks not on mental aspect is delusional because almost all men can still think logically under pressure while women in most cases give in to emotions. Note: IQ does not measure intelligence. Intelligence partly covers mental strength. Women are emotionally strong and are able to multi-task that's why they SUPPORT men. Men focuses on one thing at a time and becomes barbaric when their minds become dull thus they take care child worse than women in most cases.

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[ on lowering the age of consent to 13 ]

Yes as long as both families agree. Humans know right from wrong when they are around 7.

They should also have to get a job and work at 13. Americans are just gonna get fatter and lazier and soon this country will start treating people in their mid 20s like children. We need to get back to the way things used to be. Americans are immature because they have terrible parenting. I started working in my dad's shop when I was 8 years old, graduated high school at 16, had save my first 10k (that I earned myself) before my 18th birthday, graduated college at 19, and paid off my home at 29. I also became sexually active at 13, I knew the consequences of my actions because I was made to take more and more care of myself at an early age. Parents now days want to hold their kids hands until they are 30. It's time for Americans to grow up. I'm not saying it's right to prey on the young, but what parents are doing isn't good either, stop sheltering and start letting them be responsible for their own actions.

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Eugenics is natural and approved worldwide. Eugenics is natural. We see it in selecting crops for food, and in animal husbandry where certain breeds are selected for specific jobs or abilities.

The idea that eugenics will destroy variety is incorrect. Dogs came from wolves. Wolves still exist, as do hundreds of different dog breeds. The same can be said for cats and plants.

Even now, we select the best possible mate we can. This is natural. Eugenics simply enhances those traits we find desirable. These traits can be altered over successive generations if needed. The only people who are afraid of eugenics, are those who are concerned their genes will not be passed on into posterity.

Beluga #racist debate.org

[Title: A new paper conducted by the Geological Survey of Canada found more than 90 percent of large earthquakes in western Canada were triggered by fracking operations. Do you think fracking should be permitted?]

[Opinion posted under "Yes"]

Earthquakes to kill the unwanted people. We should continue with fracking, IT'S CLEAN ENERGY! Earthquakes and Contaminated drinking water, who cares? Earthquakes would kill off african americans and muslims. Feed the contaminated water to syrian refugees. Fracking will save our world for us, who cares about generations to come? Rasicm is where this world is built on. Not f***ing rocks.

stephannoi #fundie debate.org

Exactly i agree what you have said.Actually children can already consent to sexual activity when they are at 12 but the society force them to be immature as prolong as possible to 16 or 18.
In which it seems like children cannot consent but it is not because of their ability but it is the fault of the society that want children to be in the way they favored to be by raise our children up immature which it is wrong.
If it's prepubescent children i could understand that they cannot consent due to because their body is not physical mature but people generally already reach the puberty at 12 or 13 ,so at that age they are not prepubescent children.

BlackHomophobicAtheists #fundie debate.org

1. Homophobes opposed gay bath houses. The police began to shut down gay bath houses in which led to the Stonewall Riots. Gays were able to keep the gay bath houses open in the name of rights.

Gay bathhouses turned out to be HIV distribution centers in which profoundly contributed to one of the worst STD epidemics in human history.

2. During the early days of HIV when only a few gays were infected, homophobes warned gays to stop having gay sex. Gays refused to stop having gay sex and as a result, the HIV epidemic switched into a mass epidemic and ended up killing thousands of gays and innocent victims who were receiving blood donations. Hiv eventually spreaded to the heterosexual community by bisexuals.

3. During the gay marriage battle, homophobes warned gay supporters that gays are too promiscuous to get married. A study by CDC shows the majority of HIV infecrions are happening within serious, gay committed relationships in which obviously includes gay marriages. According to the study, gay marriage influences unsafe sex.. the problem is, it doesn't guarantee loyalty.. Therefore, gay marriage is increasing HIV infection among gay men among gay men.

In conclusion, if gays had have obeyed homophobes, they would have shut down the gay bath houses in which would have saved thousands of gay men's lives because many of them would have not contracted HIV. During the early stages of HIV, if gays had have obeyed homophobes, they would have stopped having gay sex so many gays who died from HIV in the 80's would be still alive. During the gay marriage battle, homophobes warned gay supporters that gays are too promiscuous to get married. Gay marriage increases the risk of contracting HIV because gay marriage influences unsafe sex but it does not guarantee loyalty.

Ziggy #fundie debate.org

Actually, they are much worse than men. Women say that they are better than men to stroke their egos, but even those women know the truth.

1. Women are extremely insecure. This might be due to biology, but they use it as an excuse to treat others poorly and avoid responsibility for their actions.

2. Women lack self-criticism. They get super-defensive and hostile when someone points out that their behavior is detrimental to themselves and inconsiderate of others.

3. Women have a sense of entitlement. Perhaps this is consequence of #1 and definitely follows from #2. They think the world, and particularly the men in this world, should adapt to them and cannot be bothered to make an effort to make changes in their own habits to adapt to their surroundings. A good example is women who cheats on her husband because she gives in to her temptation but tries to claim that it was something her husband did to make her stray.

4. Women are dishonest. Men are also dishonest but women tend to be so with those who are close to them and often turn a blind eye to those who are hurt by their behavior.

5. Women lack a sense of justice. They perceive themselves as vulnerable, underestimate their own strengths, and rationalize their behavior by playing the victim and assert that they are acting in self-defense.

6. Women rely on intuition and emotion when it comes to decision making. They are capable of ratiocination just like men but prefer to trust their instincts instead of learning how to set boundaries with other people. They also believe their intuition is foolproof despite evidence to the contrary.

7. Women are intolerant. They view those with behaviors that they don't understand or don't recognize as a threat and lack the curiosity that men have to understand the world around them and investigate things that are unknown. Male curiosity and creativity is the mother of invention. That's why >90% of important scientists, inventors, and artists of all types are men. The fact that men cannot bear children inspires them to create things.

Serato #fundie debate.org

I get what you're saying. You wish to call evolution a scientific fact that takes more than faith to believe millions of years, from fossil to fossil, adding the ones and two's and three's, while many of these fossils are doctored and fake, and take enormous imagination to construct their appearance from fragments of lies. But let's go ahead and make up a story that says fossil x had sex with another fossil x, and out popped a baby fossil B. And while we're living in the land of imagination, let's call this scientific fact and just ignore its true definition, consisting of observable evidence that can be tested. And when we test legitimate fossils, let's pretend the carbon dating proves they're no older than 100,000 years. C'mon now, I can go on and on with this and that. Evolution is a lie, and the Bible explains why there are those seeking to brainwash you.

Anonymous #fundie debate.org

If the Bible were nothing more than a pile of trash, as your despising ignorance would say, then why with a world with a million writers are good books not as common as the idiots insulting the greatest book ever assembled? In this is the miracle. We feel no hallowed presences to anything other than the Bible.

Try it! Attempt to tell a story to mimic the liquid eloquence of such moral simplicity, and you will inevitably fail. Yet more advantages have you, such as advancements to writing technology, as computers with a spellchecker, and many other advantages, yet you and I and everyone writes as children compared to the best selling book of all time.

You are a fool to insult something written to superior fashion over the intellectual impediments hindering your understandings. I could say more but you're too far gone at this juncture to your life. The honest truth is, is that you've been subconsciously and consciously manipulated through a variety of outlets. Get some help. Start" thinking for yourself. Good luck.

Anonymous #fundie debate.org

Censorship in music should exist I don't want my children to be exposed to such filth, such as foul language, racist remarks, and sexual references. By having these censored, we are protecting the innocence of a child. Also, as an adult, I don't want that trash being heard by my ears. I think that if someone wants to hear that, they should buy the music and listen to it on their own. I shouldn't have to worry about what my child or myself may hear by flipping through radio stations. It is ridiculous. But like the Bible says, the devil is out to devour its prey like a lion...No wonder so many people are against censorship. As the end nears, the world will only become more and more corrupt. God help us all!

Tes95 #fundie debate.org

Is a political ideology that believes in equality by force, or social destruction of traditional or different views, fit to make any form of policy?

The Liberal version of "equality" is unfit to make ignorant and dictatorial policy. So yes, a political ideology in fact exists that is unfit. This is the crux of why Conservatives cannot stand the Left. You cannot force someone to change who they are, yet they argue this when it is convenient for them, IE LGBT issues. They claim it is ignorance to believe in tradition, yet they systematically exterminate anyone who has a differing view. How is this equality? It is not, it is evil. It is a lie. Conservatives are called "bigots", "racists", "uneducated", "supremicists", "insane", "ignorant", "rednecks", the list goes on and on. I have never seen a Conservative cast the first stone in a simple conversation. The ideology of the Left is that of Orwellian dominance, slavery. It is proven by what they teach the kids. Just yesterday, my 5 year old sister came home and said "My teacher says it's not polite to say anything about the president". She goes to a Jewish preschool at our local temple. This sinful filth that has permeated society, IE drugs, crime, haphazard sex, forced acceptance of homosexuality and attempts to destroy traditional marriage, babies being murdered simply because it is "inconvenient", not on rape and incest. The Mayans were truly correct on the end of the world. It comes with the Left. The slavery isn't gone. It's now in the heart, mind, and soul.

negroid #racist debate.org

It would be most efficient to re-create slavery. Many industries struggle with cost because blacks are getting way above their place in demanding money. Blacks are also genetically better at physical and less mental work. Therefore many industries would be more successful. Whites don't need to waste money on welfare and blacks don't need to feel indebted about the welfare they take away.