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Why The Left Hates America

If Blacks, Browns, women and homosexuals had founded The United States of America in 1776, you couldn’t shut them up about it. They’d be bragging 24/7 about how they founded the best, freest, most productive and most powerful country on earth.

But that’s not what happened, of course.

The emotional, child-like Left hates America because it was created and run by conservative White males and only by them, not by anyone else [1]. That’s a huge sin to the Left, and the leftists cannot forgive White males for that “crime.” How dare they nearly achieve perfection all by themselves, without including Blacks, Browns, queers, women, midgets and vegetarians! How dare they! That wasn’t inclusive! That wasn’t democratic!


[1] the Left is a coalition of angry losers that uses your tax dollars to wage war against you

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America: Fucking Things Up Since 1941

It doesn’t matter what it is, America is pre-programmed to screw it up: Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Covid-19 “pandemic.”

America knew that strangling Japan (i.e., preventing her from getting oil) would lead us into war in 1941. It did. (In fact, president Roosevelt was counting on it, as a backdoor to war with Germany) [1].

America also knew, early on, that the war in Afghanistan was a lost cause. But we stayed there anyway. We were determined to bring democracy to sand niggers who didn’t want democracy.

Not only did we waste billions (maybe trillions) of tax dollars on Afghanistan, but now, we are gonna bring 100,000 Afghan “refugees” to America so that they can rape our women. Yaaaay! Diversity!

Of course, you can thank Jews for all of this. Because anything that happens in the Middle East (vis-a-vis America) is ultimately about Israel.


[1] as early as October 1940, Roosevelt had decided that America would wage war against Japan, and he told Navy Admiral James O. Richardson, Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet, just that. So much for the Pearl Harbor attack being a “surprise”! There’s no bigger asshole in American history than Roosevelt, who started WWII by ordering Britain to make Poland “a line in the sand that Hitler couldn’t cross.” That order actually came from the Jewish powerbroker Bernard Baruch, who was Roosevelt’s handler and advisor. Today, Roosevelt is remembered fondly by history teachers and “Greatest Generation” stooges as the man who “protected America” and “guided us through the depression.” Nope!

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Expanding the List of Human Blights

Some types of people were left off of the last (too short) list of human blights. Let us fix that:

Human Blights:

Black people
Brown people
fat people
people who constantly whistle
people who practice yoga
people who eat sushi
people who eat tofu
people who believe in global warming
people who watch Woody Allen movies
people who own more than 3 cats
people who drive electric cars
people who don’t carry a pocket knife
people who correct your grammar

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Flu Cases in the U.S.A, 2014-2021, or, Fooling the Rubes

Flu cases during the flu seasons (i.e., October 1 to April 1).

Source: CDC


2014-2015_______30,000,000 cases







It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude that most “Covid-19” cases were actually flu cases. That’s because the, ahem, “gold-standard” PCR test could not distinguish between Covid and flu. Even if you factor in “social distancing to avoid Covid” the 2020-2021 flu case number is shockingly tiny.

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Jews have an unusual worldview ... Firstly, they believe that they are superior to all other people in the world, i.e., that they are “God’s Chosen People” ... Secondly, the Jews believe that it’s okay for them to genocide anyone who isn’t a Jew. ... in fact, the Christian Bible, aka the Old Testament ... [is] full of passages where Jews brag about genociding various “lesser” peoples ... according to the Jews, God sanctioned the genociding of those “lesser” people. ... This is the Jewish mindset: bold arrogance and stunning cruelty. You can see it in Palestine/Gaza even today, where the Jews shoot children, massacre zoo animals and bomb hospitals, and then lie about it.

Indeed, the Jews are racist against all humanity and are “at war” with everyone else on the planet. But they especially hate Whites, because they fear Whites more than any other people ...

You might ask: “why would the Jews want to genocide the West, since half of all Jews today live in the West?” The plain answer is: because they can’t not genocide the West. Genocide and hyper-hate are so natural to the Jews, so inborn, that they’re actually coded in their genes. Like an alcoholic who is drinking himself to death and knows it and yet still keeps drinking, Jews can’t help their natural inclination towards genociding the people that they fear the most, even if such genociding will eventually kill them along with the White people. Put another way: “Come what may, fish gotta swim, frogs gotta hop and Jews gotta genocide their greatest enemy”; such genocidal feelings among Jews are mostly subconscious (i.e., the Jews don’t realize that they’re wanting/committing genocide; they’re in deep denial, although realistically, some Jews probably do realize it).

Bottom line: since the West is the most powerful and most productive region on Earth, the genociding of Western civilization by the Jews is the foremost problem in the world, eclipsing every other problem by far. ...

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Jared Taylor Says: European Jews Are Western and Our Allies

This is really appalling: Taylor surely knows (i.e., he has been told before) that European Jews (aka Polish Jews) are not White or Western (“Western” means White European, e.g., German, Swedish, English). The Jews are a separate race and not White. Having “white” skin doesn’t make you White. In fact, there are Blacks who have really light skin but they are not White. If Taylor thinks that “Jew-inclusion” will keep him off of the Jewish-compiled “enemies lists” he’s so very wrong: the Jews think that anyone to the right of George W. Bush is a closet Nazi.

[Video, 1 minute, 40 seconds].

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The 64,000 Dollar Question About Covid

Get out your thinking cap. Put it on. Tightly.

Ready? Okay. Here’s a big question about the Covid-19 case and death numbers: if the Covid PCR test (you know, the “gold-standard Covid test” until a week ago) could not distinguish between Covid and the flu since early 2020, then how does the government know which people died from the flu and which people died from Covid? How does the government know that, since early 2020, “34.5 million people have caught Covid” and “611,000 people have died from Covid”? The government bases those statistics on…what?? That PCR test was the “gold-standard Covid test” as one government website stated.

Now you know why so many people call Covid a “scamdemic.” Nothing adds up. How do you know that your Uncle Frank died from Covid last October? You don’t. How will we know that a new “rapid response Covid test” will be any better than the PCR test? We won’t. Is Covid just an Asian flu? How would we know?

“Keep in mind just a few days ago the Federal CDC announced all U.S. healthcare providers must switch to new rapid response tests for COVID-19. The reasoning? The current PCR test does not differentiate between COVID and the flu. The new tests will distinguish between the flu virus and the COVID virus.”


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White Privilege? No. Jewish Privilege

Go to your refrigerator and look inside. Examine the ketchup, mustard and pickle containers. You will see that they all have a little kosher (meaning “fit”) symbol on them, usually on the front label — a “U” or a “K” for example. That little symbol means that the food is “okay for Jews to eat.” In other words, the food was prepared in a special way and can “safely” be eaten by religious Jews without violating Jewish dietary rules [1].

Most packaged food in America today is marked with the kosher symbol. Even non-food items are often marked with the kosher symbol, e.g., aluminum foil, plastic wrap.

Given the fact that Jews make up only 2% of the U.S. population, that speaks loudly to how much power and privilege Jews have in America. (You’d think that Jews were extra-special or something! Actually, they do: Jews consider themselves to be “God’s chosen people” i.e., God’s favorite people).

(Consider this: if you went to Israel, and asked a dozen Israeli food producers to mark all of their packaged food with little Christian crosses on the labels, you’d probably get your ass beaten. White gentiles are such chumps. Jews have been waging war on White Western culture since ancient times, yet we put our enemy’s stamp on our food! Heaven help us!).


[1] Jews are both a race (a hybrid race via centuries of inbreeding) and a religion. White people occasionally convert to Judaism, but they are not considered to be “true” Jews.

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The Homeless Scam

Circa 1950, “the “homeless” were called “bums” or sometimes “hobos.” The police used to arrest them ...

Then suddenly about 1980 the liberal media began to call the bums “homeless people” (because ... if you want to normalize something unpleasant ... you must first rename the thing! As another example: calling the unhappy homosexuals “gay”). The media didn’t mention the fact that most of “the homeless” were mentally ill, or running from the law, or simply enjoyed the vagabond, panhandling, hippie lifestyle.

... “the homeless” have become saints, like George Floyd and Holocaust survivors. It’s not their fault that they’re homeless. Noooo. They’re simply innocent victims of White male capitalism and greed! ... Billions of tax dollars are spent on “the homeless.”

Guess what: if you give the “professionally homeless” more money and more free stuff, then more of them will arrive in your city! ...

Today, California is awash with thousands of “professionally homeless” who harass and assault people on the beaches and in the parks. (A bum will approach a citizen and demand money — after all, he’s “entitled” to it! If the citizen refuses the demand, he could very well be assaulted so he’ll usually cough up the money. Bums are also notorious for carrying communicable diseases, e.g., hepatitis, tuberculosis, strep and diphtheria).

... Liberals will say “there are 178 million homeless in America!” when in reality there are maybe 30,000, with most of them being in California. Why not Nebraska? Too cold, eh? Not liberal enough, eh? Not enough big cities, eh?

California is run by liberals, and liberals are idiots. To be precise: liberals lack common sense. They were born without “the common sense gene.” That’s why they should not be allowed to hold public office or make important policy decisions. …


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White people sorely need a new religion, one that isn’t ridiculous (e.g., think “Whites are really Israelites” or other similar nonsense).

Okay, here’s an idea for one. Here are 14 logical ideas/tenets for it:


— rejects Christianity because it’s an anti-White, Jewish-founded religion

— rejects Marxism and leftist socialism

— rejects Zionism

— rejects non-White cultures and peoples

— rejects egalitarianism/human equality

— rejects one-size-fits-all democracy

— believes that White people and White culture are superior to the peoples and cultures of the other races; it champions Western culture

— rejects feminism

— rejects globalism/internationalism, and embraces isolationism

— rejects corporatism/supercapitalism, but supports small capitalism

— rejects materialism and greed

— respects and reveres nature, but rejects “climate change”/”global warming” baloney

— respects and reveres the traditional family unit

— has or worships no god, i.e., is a nontheistic religion (because White people must see themselves as “mankind’s masters”; they must “worship themselves” in a general sense; our White skin is our uniform and our race is our nation; our religion must be merely an extension of those things; we don’t need strange, otherworldly gods; we should, however, adopt some sort of a deity, icon, symbol, figurehead, etc.)

As for a name for this new religion, it must be a good one. Sadly, I don’t have any good names in mind. Maybe keep it simple and easy, such as, perhaps: “Eurmancraft” (“Eur” = European; “man” = male; “craft” = a practice or a craft that you work at and improve. Another possible name: Lindercraft, as opposed to Dukecraft which of course couldn’t work since Duke is a Christian; or maybe Linderism, which sounds much better than Pierceism or Oliverism).

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“One brave man makes a majority ”
……………Napoléon Bonaparte

No so called right wing or nationalist party will ever be allowed to take power in any white country.
… What all these parties lack is a an armed para-military wing that is willing to kill to advance,protect the white mans interest and for revenge against traitors and rats.
…Organised muscle comes before organised white political parties.
The muscle must be well trained, ruthless and very bold. When you can make your enemy fear you and I mean shit their pants type of fear then you can launch your political wing (party). The party will speak for the demands put forward by the muscle.
.. If these demands are not met the muscle (para-military) will continue to strike with covert military style attacks.
…..If you have no muscle and are not willing to kill to protect your interest then you will being sucking Jew cock and eating shit for the rest of your life. !
The next stage in the struggle will be the rise of the white para-militaries around the world.

“You want it back white man ? …then your going to have to kill for it. “

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[A blonde-haired, blue-eyed white woman married a black man and had a child with him. There is a picture of him standing with his child, as well as another white child (presumably from the woman's previous marriage).]

That this lovely woman - the epitome of white, female, physical perfection should so miscegenate makes me angry at her, in spite of myself. I appreciate that females biologically do not have a moral sense - as the Talmud, the bible, Koran and most law courts and philosophers, psychologists and behaviourists agree. But I am still angry. Of course my anger should be directed at the white males of my own race - the father of that unfortunate white child. (who looks so much like my own little girl did at that age)
Yet, in truth I know that all female mammals are by nature UNCONSCIOUSLY attracted to males they see as dominant, while also desiring acceptance by (their concept of) societies ideals and mores.

While males seek to project their dominance. This is what the coon is doing, in full contempt of the emasculated white males, who, in a free society would have the guts to protect and preserve the best of their female stock by all and any means.

In other words the coon would never have got within sniffing distance alive.

The true recipients of our hatred and contempt are not the jews, nor even the white politicians, but the white trash who do their bidding in the police service and the law courts, who, make no mistake, would equally enthusiastically carry out the orders of a Stalin, a Hitler, or a William the Conqueror, as they now do, and for a pittance - at least the jews are loyal to their kind and like the politicians, stand to make a fortune from their misdeeds.

The fact is that the jew has bred us for centuries, like the cattle we are, exaggerating traits beneficial to them. By way of the execrable lunacy of their appalling religion, imposed through hellish torture, massacres, wars and social exclusion, via the agencies of tyrant kings, where anyone with the intellect, guts or forthrightness to speak out was eliminated together with his rebellious and intellectual genetic traits, until we have become a race of cringing cowards and superstition ridden fools, ever ready to accept the latest junk dogma in opposition to truth, natural feeling and factual evidence.

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The servants of the Dark Lord are the wizard Saruman, the nine Ringwraiths (former kings of men), the Orcs, and the Uruk-Hai. Saruman and the Ringwraiths are traitorous members of the races of the Fellowship. But who are the Orcs, the hideous, greedy, treacherous, squat, squabbling servants of the Dark Lord, who feast like maggots on the corpse of murdered nature, who swarm like cockroaches through the bowels of the Earth? They are Tolkien's equivalent of Wagner's Niebelungen, who are an allegorical representation of the Jews. And then there are the Uruk-Hai -- the tall, muscular, aggressive, stupid, black-skinned soldiers of the Dark Lord -- spawned and gestated in mud, and unleashed by Sauron and the Orcs to enslave and exterminate the fair races of the Fellowship.

As my companion and I drove away into the sprawling urban hell of Atlanta, I wondered aloud: "How can people watch a movie like that and then return to this without feeling profoundly alienated? How can they see such magnificent natural landscapes and such beautiful, organic buildings -- and then feel at home in this tacky, plastic cityscape? How can they see such serious, noble, idealistic people -- and then watch 'Friends' and 'Will and Grace'? How can they see such magnificent specimens of the White race -- and then contentedly rub elbows with Negroes, Mestizos, and Jews?"

If more people took Tolkien's world to heart, this world would be finished.

Thus it is a veritable miracle that this movie was made in today's culture. The Orcs will surely recognize the threat it poses. But there is nothing they can do now to prevent the rest of the trilogy from being made and released, for Peter Jackson made all three films at the same time!

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Well, another alternative is eliminating all non-whites. That way the Jew has noone to use against man, and we wouldn’t have to kill the few decent Jews that there are, and believe me, there are some. After a few generations absorption and Aryanization would occur, anyways. Of course, to prove I’m not a Jew, I also wouldn’t be that squeamish if all the Jews were rounded up and sterilized or killed. Momentary guilt, but, of course, the death of even the nicest Jews is warranted given the losses of Whites they have engendered as a people.

Zarathustra #racist vanguardnewsnetwork.com

It’s so irritating to hear someone being called a “nazi” as if it were an insult, which it isn’t, of course. And it’s rather amusing how everyone shits their pants if they are accused of being a racist or a “nazi”. “Oh, no, I’m not a nazi, I’m just proud to be a Euro-American/Conservative/Patriot/Nationalist”, etc. Who needs such cowards, anyway?

Max Hadden #racist vanguardnewsnetwork.com

The Jack the Ripper murder "mystery" is no mystery at all but simply another coverup of Jewish crimes and another example of how the greatest control freaks of all time, the Jews, are able to keep all the Gentiles in the dark and confused. A cursory read of all the sources along with the diligent research of one author would lead one to the conclusion that the case is closed on Jack the Ripper. But as the case is for many other "mysteries" of our modern society such as our screwed up economy, the open borders policy, the reason the Muslims "hate our democracy and freedom,", why blacks don't behave like whites, and why the "peace process" in the Middle East never goes anywhere, there's really no mystery at all. The cause of all this destruction and confusion is the Jews, the Jews, the Jews. But don't take my word for it, do your own research and thinking.

The most significant point of the whole Jack the Ripper affair is that identifying Jews as the source of problem is only the first half of the battle -- exposing them is the second half, and this is almost impossible to do. Cutting off their influence is the solution, but can only happen after the second half is accomplished. Discounting the revelations of Benjamin Freedman, Victor Ostrovsky and a few other Jews who have properly pointed the fingers back at themselves, that graffito written by some anonymous Gentile in Goulston Street back in 1888 during an insane Jew's killing spree still holds true today: THE JEWS ARE THE MEN THAT WILL NOT BE BLAMED FOR NOTHING.

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[From "Jews Say Jump, Japanese Say How High?, or, If the Jews Hadn’t Tried to Sodomize Germany"]

The power of world Jewry always amazes me. Here, we have a non-White, non-Western politician forced to backtrack on his words because the Jews – a tiny minority – moaned about them. Perhaps if the Jews hadn’t tried to destroy Germany, some people wouldn’t try to tell the truth about Hitler? [1]. Sounds to me like Imperial Japan needs to make a comeback.


[1] before Hitler took power, Karl Radek, Rosa Luxemburg, Kurt Eisner, Karl Liebknecht, Leo Jogiches, Paul Levi, Rudolf Hilferding, Eugen Leviné, August Thalheimer and dozens of other Jewish radicals tried to enslave Germany, and they almost succeeded

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Jew York Shitty is the de facto Jew capital of the world. It’s kind of ironic that it was originally off limits to the Jews, under the Dutch colonial governor Peter Stuyvesant. The American heartland provides the food, the labor, the natural resources and the soldiers that make the Empire strong. The cities provide nothing but crime, ghettos, pollution, effete snobs, Jew media propaganda, snooty New World Order universities and capitalist wheelers and dealers who exploit and enslave the masses. So it’s no wonder the Jews are attracted to cities. They are like their close relatives the mosquitoes, annoying little bloodsuckers who are attracted to yellow porch-lights.

Scipio Americanus #racist vanguardnewsnetwork.com

Question: "What about [gays] who hate Jews?"

Answer: Who gives a shit! That’s like saying “What about degenerates who hate degenerates?” They are two sides of the same coin, my friend. The Jews are a serious problem but so is the character of our own people. Character needs to be stressed. If we were still a strong, vital, masculine, moral people, the Jews would be only a peripheral concern, a mere thorn in our side instead of the cancerous tumor they now have become. The rise of Jewish influence has occurred as a result of the demise of our own people’s character, starting with our own ruling and intellectual classes, who have worked along side the Jews at the expense of their own nations and peoples. To argue otherwise is to grant the Jew far more power and influence over us than he deserves. In other words, these two issues go hand in hand. Morally strong Aryan = weak, non influential Jew. Ultimately, we our the captains of our own destiny, not G-D’s Chosen Mongrels.

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Earth Day is April 22, 2008, so this is a good time to mention how global warming activism = green Marxism. Like regular communism, it’s dogmatic, international, and a secular religion that’s bent on saving mankind (mankind and Mother Earth).

We are supposed to believe that a global temperature increase of 1 degree during the past 150 years is “proof” of global warming.

How long before Western governments make green ideas mandatory? How long before “global warming denial” laws are installed?

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Death metal environments are full of promiscuity and drug abuse. There are too many dykes there, too, but at least no fags. It’s rare, despite what popular media says, for Aryan Nordics to be fags. Statistically, almost 70% of nig men are on the down-low, but there are almost no Nordic fags, probably none. Sometimes, obviously, men, even Nordic men, will get together and whatever happens, happens. This doesn’t make anyone queer, especially if you’re giving, not taking. It’s just what some dudes do. The ancient Greeks did it and had the greatest civilization in the world and weren’t queer.

Socrates #fundie vanguardnewsnetwork.com

[From "An Anti-Fascist Statement"]

(Above: Pinochet, seated in front, just after the Sept. 1973 Chilean coup).

(I’m sort of tempted to sign that anti-fascist statement in order to make a point: I’m not a fascist per se, and Alex has said the exact same thing, and most of the people in the White nationalist movement are also not fascists per se; although I do understand that, to save the sinking ship called America, there will likely come a point in time when fascist measures must be implemented for a few years, just like Augusto Pinochet did in Chile circa 1973/1974. To think that America can vote itself back to being a healthy republic is to be an idiot).

Give this libertarian credit for not signing that anti-fascist statement; however, it’s sad to see that a lot of people don’t understand the real nature of libertarianism: it’s [B]a Jewish movement [/B]posing as a freedom movement. Libertarianism has no power in the West, and that was the [B]whole idea[/B] from the beginning: to make White people think individually, not collectively.


Craigushka #racist vanguardnewsnetwork.com

Those people living in the illegal state calling themselves jews are not the chosen of God. These people are God’s mortal enemies, and those who support them do it out of thinking they are the chosen, and the creator is going to reward them for it.
Many people support them out of shear ignorance, and stupidity, because some evil political leader said we should, but they are in their pockets.
These people are the border of wickedness, and the people of God’s curse. The stupid dumb dog preachers even teach these so-called lies that they are the chosen, and Jesus was a jew.
These so-called preachers, priest, politicians, and layman are nothing more than deceived fools, and mouth pieces of satan, while building up the enemies of God, and bringing down America.
There is a double standard when it comes to those people, and anybody stating otherwise is a liar. America should come first, but traitors are placing America second when it comes to this terrorist state.

Zarathustra #racist vanguardnewsnetwork.com

The Jews have made their illicit and obscene fortunes by taking control of the most unsavory occupations around, jobs that no self-respecting Gentile would want anything to do with, like pimping, arms smuggling, drug peddling and money lending. The Jew has no scruples about anything. Have you EVER heard of a situation where a Jew had pangs of conscience and took mercy on his victim? Neither have I.

Antagonistes #racist vanguardnewsnetwork.com

How did it come to be that government and religion teamed up to engage in actions that are to the detriment of White people, such as importing people who do not have the right, or the intelligence, to be here?

Could it be because religion says that ALL men are created in the image of God, and our government says that ALL men are created equal?

Religion: “My brothers, created in the image of the Father, come to America! Your brothers in Christ welcome you, and will support you!”

Government: “All men are created equal. We are strengthened and enriched by diversity. Therefore, we welcome all people to America, as equals.”

It could be that this is the true Christianity, and it is just now being revealed, because the world is smaller.

But why in the hell didn’t the founding fathers spell out their White preference more explicitly?

Coup D’Etat #racist #psycho #conspiracy #wingnut vanguardnewsnetwork.com

The jews were kicked out of Europe 2,000 times. Seems my ancestoral Europeans would have been more successful to rid of the parasites, but instead left many to roam and populate to the point of disastrous proportions to infect many nations, its cultural life, banking, and financial entities.

How would we exterminate the jews IF they were ever to be rounded up? Would we have the courage to do so? Would we give them a choice to be gassed or infect them with lice carrying Typhus? The jews made billions of dollars propagandizing the fact that the Germans gassed all jews, yet miraculously most of them survived. Those jews must think they are some kind of a super human to survive the gassing. Or, were they thinking of only the end result (gassing) as a relief? The only pictures taken and released are the gathering of jews in showers to rid of lice and the piling of emanciated dead bodies. Could the gassing made them emanciated?

To show the world the big liars they are, we ought to reinvent the 1940’s Germany. I think an experiment is long overdue. Round up the jews in box cars and ship them by train to a or a few concentration camps that are apparently here in the U.S. ready for use. Divide the masses in each concentration camp into two groups, including women and children; mix them all together. One group will be gassed, the other will be infected with Typhus; commonly known as “camp fever.” The ones infected with Typhus will have no medical treatment, but will enjoy all the luxuries the camp can provide until their timely deaths. The other group that is to be gassed will of course immediately die and not be able to enjoy the comforts of camp as long as the ones with Typhus.

The expected outcome: The ones that were gassed will not be emanciated, but in fact will be nice and plump having to avoid the Typhus infection. The other group with Typhus will slowly become thinner and thinner from emesis and with uncontrollable bowel movements. They will suffer more output than input and therefore result in malnutrition.

How will the jews view a slow and agonizing death? They will be shouting, “Oy Vey!” “Kill me now.” “Gas me, please gas me!” “Give me a quick death.”

And so, the rest is history.

The Red Skull #racist vanguardnewsnetwork.com

Whenever can i take it out to show people.
I say this is my bag for White Guilt.
I want you to notice its completely Fucking Empty!

We Are The Best Race Ever. !
If your a Liberal Commie please move to a brown or black
3rd World Shithole so you can truly get the full crappy taste
Of “Diversity”.

White America was the best place ever. Created by for and about White People.

Deal with it Bitchez!

Socrates #racist #sexist vanguardnewsnetwork.com

When the White men argue, they each bring a basic argument to the table and then they make the argument. Simple and direct. Honest and forthright.

When Jews and women argue, they don’t bring any arguments to the table. Nope. None. Instead, they poke holes in your argument by constantly asking you stupid questions that push the debate off-course, until you finally give up and leave the room in disgust. Then, they think they have “won” the argument, when in fact, they haven’t won it. It’s a sneaky and underhanded way of arguing. Don’t waste time arguing with a Jew or a woman. You’ll waste precious hours of your life which could be spent hunting or fishing.

Socrates #wingnut vanguardnewsnetwork.com

(Mod here: removed what seemed to be unneeded bolding bits)

Did you know that president Donald Trump can legally use military force against left-wing extremists, such as “antifa” groups? He can. All he has to do is declare violent leftist groups to be “domestic terrorists” — which they already are, as shown by their own violent actions (they usually assault police, for example). By the way, Trump has mentioned labeling them as just that. Using such military force against leftists would accomplish several good things, e.g., the leftist terrorists would be held in military jails and subjected to military law and military judges, which would make it unlikely that they would be quickly released by some liberal, Jewish judge, as often happens in the civilian courts. In other words, Trump could easily copy South America’s Operation Condor program right here in America (granted, Trump’s program would have to be less violent than that).

Socrates #racist vanguardnewsnetwork.com

I watched some TV news footage of the Mount Rushmore protests by anti-American jerks last night, but all I really saw were two dozen fat, redskin Indians making animal noises while banging on drums. Maybe they don’t speak English? (A quick list of the accomplishments of American Indians during the past 500 years: 1) scalping people; 2) planting corn; 3) ???? That’s not much of a list, is it? At least now the redskins have telephones, dentists and air conditioning).

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Here are the two future options for America regarding its Black population:

Option 1: The U.S. government continues to tolerate thousands of murders, shootings, stabbings, rapes, armed robberies, assaults, burglaries and thefts per year as committed by Black people (who, for whatever reason, are especially crime-prone). Plus, the U.S. government (i.e., White taxpayers) continues to spend billions of dollars per year on welfare payments and other social expenses for Blacks — in other words, the U.S. government continues on America’s current, ridiculous, dangerous course regarding Black people.

Option 2: The U.S. government braves accusations (mostly from leftists and Jews) of “racism” and “cruelty” by expelling the Black people from America using several different methods over a 20-year period, e.g., revocations of citizenship, deportations, incentives for self-deportation, etc. This option can be summed up as: “Black integration didn’t work out, so let’s try something else.” (Even president Abe Lincoln considered this option).

It’s easy to guess the outcome of a vote on the two options: America’s 1000 smartest citizens would overwhelmingly choose Option 2 if given the choice and if they were allowed to vote on it anonymously and didn’t face repercussions from it. Smart people know that Blacks are a very heavy and very unnecessary burden to America (fifty percent [50%] of the people in jail or prison are Black, despite Blacks comprising only 13% of the U.S. population. The rest of the Blacks have much lower IQs and much lower impulse control. The Black race is basically a substandard race).

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Leftists are famous for redefining/remaking our language to make it less accurate. For example, they remade the definition of “marriage.” Now, a male/male homosexual union is wrongly called a “marriage.”

But guess what? White Nationalists can also redefine and remake our language at will. Watch!

POC used to mean “Person/People of Color.” But not anymore. As of September 2, 2020, POC still refers to non-White people but it now means “Piece of Crap” (example: “LaShawnicus is a POC and so is his brother Trayvonnicus”). That’s much more accurate, because 95% of Blacks really are pieces of crap and the remaining, “tolerable” 5% of Blacks never criticize the other 95% so they’re actually part of the problem (so you could say that ALL Blacks are Pieces of Crap by default).

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[Excerpt from a longer story entitled “If Only…”]

Haight reached into his bag and withdrew a flat box, setting it on my desk. He lifted the lid, revealing an odd sort of typewriter keyboard. The bottom of the lid was glass. He touched one of the keys – and to my amazement, the bottom lid came alive with color-

Haight touched a few more keys and stroked a small blank space on the box with his index finger. With that, the most vividly realistic moving pictures imaginable began to flash over the screen.

And what monstrous scenes they were! Hideously ugly, smirking negroes sporting billowing clown trousers that literally hung off their Khoisanid buttocks, jabbering like rabid baboons about ‘busting caps’ in ‘crackers’ whilst brandishing pistols & fistfuls of U.S. currency! Great cities like the Detroit built by Henry Ford in ruins! Degenerate, utterly shameless white females engaging in sexual intercourse with the untermenschen – who had the unmitigated gall to laughingly boast about their penises being so much larger than Aryan organs as they ravished the swooning trollops! Then, most appalling of all, the inevitable, ghastly results of these abominable couplings: scene after scene of fat harlots, their greasy, nearly-nude rolls of flesh plastered with the most garish tattoos imaginable, proudly perambulating their revolting spawn – vomit-yellow, freckled, thick-lipped heads topped with kinky red wool – down streets seething with jungle noise, empty liquor bottles, used condoms & many paper cartons bearing the smiling image of an old man and the letters ‘KFC’…..

I could finally take no more: ‘Enough!’, I exclaimed, my stomach churning. I took a few moments to compose myself, wiping the nausea-sweat from my brow. When I could speak again, I said:

‘It is a truly nightmarish vision of America’s future you’ve laid before me, Herr Haight, and I’m sorry for you – but after all, of what pressing concern is that to us Germans? It’s the tragic-but-inevitable result of allowing jews to run your country. We’re cleaning them up in Germany, and you have had our example to guide you-‘

‘That’s just it, Herr Hitler!’, Haight interrupted. ‘Your great measures to remove the jewish ticks from Germany’s hide will not stand! German women of the future will likewise produce countless mulatto bast-‘

‘NEVER!’, I burst forth. ‘Not OUR girls!’

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7 Ways the Left Benefited from Covid-19

1. Covid allowed the Left to steal the 2020 election. That theft required months of planning. But under the cover of Covid-hysteria, it wasn’t hard to do; most people were preoccupied with Covid nonsense.

2. It allowed the Left to take revenge on the Right for 4 years of Trumpism (many liberals couldn’t sleep for 4 years! Trump Derangement Syndrome was real. Some liberals are still in therapy today: Mrs. Weinberg: “I’m sorry, Dr. Goldberg, but I just can’t shake this horrible feeling that Orange Man Bad will return someday — or, someone like him…return to terrorize us with freedom, a border wall and financial stability! Oh, it’s just too terrible to think about!!” Dr. Goldberg: “Now, there, there, Mrs. Weinberg, calm down, I’m sure that right-wing populism will soon die on the vine, and that everything will return to Clintonesque/Obamaesque normalcy. But if not, we can always flee to Israel!”

3. It wiped out all feelings of normalcy on the Right (the Right needs “normal, stable and calm,” but the Left doesn’t — in fact, the Left hates “normal, stable and calm” because it’s too “White suburbia”).

4. The lockdowns punished conservative small-business owners (most of them were Trump supporters).

5. It allowed leftists to use the government to bully and control people (leftists love using the government to bully and control people — just look at California).

6. It normalized the Left’s vaccine-mania (“mandatory vaccines for every ailment” will soon be the new normal).

7. It wiped out Trump’s great economy, which tarnished the legacy of Trump and Trumpism (i.e., right-wing populism).


[1] Covid-19 hysteria was entirely media-driven. Without the global media pushing it hard 24/7, Covid-hysteria couldn’t have seized the world and cost it many thousands of lives (e.g., suicides, heart attacks), and, billions or even trillions of dollars.

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Why is Mexico Getting Our Water During a Drought?

The Colorado River in Northern Arizona is at its lowest level since the 1930s. Lake Mead is now at 36% capacity — almost dry. Yet, according to a special 1944 treaty, America must give Mexico “x” millions of gallons of Colorado River water per year. Why? Mexico is surrounded by ocean water! Desalinate the ocean water, Brown fools. (Apparently, Mexico “plans to construct four desalination plants” in the northeast. But, knowing Mexico, it’ll take 30 years, and 100 White engineers, to do that!).

Saaay, who was the president of America in 1944? Oh yeah, the commie, FDR. Thanks, commie. You can always count on a commie to do the wrong thing.

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Thoughts On Human Rights

Since 1948, “human rights” have been a big thing in the West. All humans enjoy “human rights” simply because they are human, we are told by the UN, UNESCO and by famous leftists. They say that all of the world’s humans enjoy human rights, even retards and communists and 400-pound fat women.

But that’s not correct. All humans are different, so how could they all enjoy the same rights? Who would grant those rights? God? Which god? No two humans are the same. Some are taller, shorter, fatter, skinnier, smarter, dumber, more ambitious, more lazy, etc. Humans vary greatly. Like snowflakes, no two are alike. How come the humans didn’t have humans rights until 1948? So, in 1947, they didn’t have any such rights? That seems odd.

The only way all humans in the world would enjoy the same rights (human rights) is if they were all the same and all equally valuable. But they aren’t. Thomas Edison was much more valuable than a negro in Africa. So human rights cannot exist. If a lion eats a human in the jungle, then that human didn’t have any “human rights,” did he? And how come the lion has no “animal rights”? Shouldn’t the lion have rights? Such as: a right to eat meat (the human) in order to survive? Humans are animals, just like lions are.

Human rights are bogus. Fake. They don’t exist.

(In fact, humans rights are a fantasy made up by a Jew [Rene Cassin] for UNESCO in 1948. How does a Jew decide that all humans have “human rights”? If humans have human rights, how do you explain Gaza, which is today a giant concentration camp full of Palestinians? Apparently, “certain people” have human rights and other people don’t. Right, Israel?).

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Worthless Brown Potatoes, Shut Up

Seen on the web:

“It’s quite interesting to witness the development of a new right that only applies to non-whites and that is the right to not be offended. Basically, it’s alright to offend white people with bigoted terms like “white privilege” and “racist” but it’s a crime against humanity for white people to use the n word or to criticize people because they happen to be non-white.”

Whites invented the world, so if non-Whites don’t like Whites, they can go pound sand. We’ll take the world back, and then where will the worthless, non-productive Brown potatoes be? No electricity, no A/C, no cars, no clocks, no airplanes, no computers, no TV, no radio, etc. The worthless Brown potatoes would be back in the dark ages without Whites. The Brown potatoes better shut up and show some respect. We made the world. We gave you Brown potatoes democracy and what did you do with it? You can’t even run a country. Mexico?? A turd in a punch bowl. Central America? Ditto. Africa?? An entire continent run by hopeless retards. And you call Whites “trouble”?? You’re all a shit smear on the underwear of humanity.

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Women In Universities Show Why Women In Universities Are Not A Good Thing

Actually, no one should be in a university today, male or female! They are institutions of Marxism [1]. But I digress.

“Dutton maintained that, as women take over universities, they make universities more female — more focused on rule-following, everyone getting along, and not causing offence. This drives geniuses out of universities, meaning females undermine a key element of universities: the unemotional pursuit of truth.”



[1] major universities in America often require, yes, require students to read Marxist literature, e.g., Herbert Marcuse’s books “One-Dimensional Man” (1964) and “Eros and Civilization” (1955). Here’s an example from Michigan State University: [Here].

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Defining the White Leftist Mindset in One Paragraph

Defining the White, leftist mindset, as it relates to White culture, in one paragraph:

White leftism is ultimately a jealous and angry attack on White males because they invented the world, and indeed that was their cardinal sin: White males invented the world! How dare they! Leftism says: “How dare the White males hog all of the glory! How dare they stand head and shoulders above everybody else! The White males must be punished for their success, for their centuries-long hegemony! How dare the White males give the world to mankind and leave everyone else to play second and third fiddle! We’ll cut those White males down to size!” You always hate and envy people who are better than you. Also, leftists are unhappy people who hate themselves, mostly for having been born White. They are also more emotional and therefore quick to complain.


[Footnote] you might say, “you forgot to mention White colonialism.” No. White colonialism benefited Brown and Black people, as Black writer Walter Williams admitted in his January 2002 article “South Africa After Apartheid” [Here. The money quote: “The tragic fact of business is that ordinary Africans were better off under colonialism.”]. Any leftist beef against White colonialism is related to the leftist beef against White male success in general.

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A philosophical question to ponder, which I’d like to answer as well: would today’s White, self-hating leftism exist if the Jews had not pioneered communism and socialism circa 1840? In other words, would liberal “Enlightenment values” (circa 1715-onward) alone have made White, self-hating liberalism “a thing” today? Without the influence of communism and socialism? I say no. Enlightenment values alone weren’t nearly radical enough to create modern, White, self-hating liberalism. Even the Old Left (circa 1930) didn’t have the self-hate that modern White leftism has — one reason being that today’s Left is heavily female-dominated, e.g., by college students, teachers, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi. Also, the New Left was birthed by Herbert Marcuse, who was a Marxist. So, no, Enlightenment values by themselves could not have made today’s vicious, self-hating White liberalism. It required some extra “Jewish poison” to bring it to full bloom, e.g., the Frankfurt School. Today’s Left is ultimately a Jewish construct).

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Women Geniuses: the Latest Thing

Best meme I’ve seen in months and I’ll tell you why:

“Behind every great woman is a team of men who did all the actual work.”

There’s a new thing around. A narrative. Very PC. It’s all the rage. It basically goes “a brilliant woman invented X, Y or Z but never got any credit for it because sexist White men hogged all the credit because White men are chauvinist pigs who keep women down.” That’s the usual, basic narrative.

Example: I just saw such a narrative two days ago on the internet that basically went: “a female physicist helped win WWII for the allies by inventing anti-radar technology that allowed allied airplanes to avoid German radar.” She was brilliant! A genius! Sure. Right. Okay. (Did you know that an Italian woman invented Velcro? Yeah. She was pulling a wool sweater over her head and it got caught on her mustache. *rim shot* Couldn’t resist. Velcro was actually invented by Swiss electrical engineer George de Mestral in 1941).

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The “Homeless Problem” in America

Isn’t it curious that there’s only a “homeless problem” in big, liberal cities like Seattle and San Francisco? You don’t see the “homeless” camped out in Topeka, Kansas. (In Los Angeles, the “homeless” have built permanent little tent cities, consisting of 1,000 tents each. Imagine the smell and the diseases such as hepatitis! That’s a public health problem).

The “Homeless Problem” in America is media-driven. Recall the transformation, entirely via the press, of the “homeless”: first, they were just bums; then later, they became “transients”; then, circa 1981, they became poor, innocent “homeless people.” Being a bum lost its stigma, and drug-addicted losers who were wanted by the law felt free to become “homeless” without fear of being arrested for vagrancy (in fact, I don’t think “vagrancy” is a crime anywhere now). Today, “homeless people” are proud, noble “victims” who cannot be criticized, no matter how often they shit on your doorstep or break into your car.

[Video, duration is 12 minutes].

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Why Liberalism Should Be Illegal Under Federal Law

Simply put, if taken to its logical conclusion, liberalism/leftism will destroy America in many different ways. Liberalism is not an evolutionary ideology. It isn’t even an ideology per se. It’s a revolutionary movement. A revolution. An overthrow. Destruction of the existing order. And anything so dangerous must be banned by federal law as being “harmful and destructive to America.” If liberalism isn’t banned by a bill in Congress, then it must be banned by an executive order from the president.

Here are a few ways that liberalism will destroy America:

1. It will bankrupt America (just look at the “Green New Deal” which will cost over a trillion dollars).

2. It will lead to massive lawlessness (after all, liberalism basically amounts to “just ignore any laws that you don’t agree with”).

3. It will lead to massive health crises (look at California already, with its rats and homelessness; some of the rats have bubonic plague and the bums have e. coli).

4. It will lead to massive social disorder, and from that will spring untold mental-health and social crises.

5. It will lead to massive legal and illegal immigration, with too many immigrants for America’s government agencies, social services and infrastructure to handle.

Have you seen the 1973 movie “Soylent Green”? That’s just what America will be like if liberalism is allowed to continue unchecked. Why would anyone want to allow liberalism to continue, given what awaits our country if it does? Make no mistake: this isn’t just a matter of “differing Left-wing/Right-wing opinions and ideas.” This goes far beyond mere politics.

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Britain: Once a Great and Powerful White Nation, Now an Orwellian Nightmare Filled With Thought-Police

(Did you know that Britain has turned so far to the Left that it has “racism police”? Yes. Racism police! They are euphemistically called “Community Safety Units” or also “Community Cohesion Units.” They “fight racism” (but only White racism — I’ll bet you $50.00 cash on that). It’s just like being inside the book “1984” by George Orwell, only it’s 2021 instead of 1984. Worse, in Britain, the “victims” of “hate” decide if the “hate” is actually “hate” or just another paranoid persecution fantasy [1]).

In Britain today, even if you’re a cop, you cannot share a meme of a Black criminal/drug addict who ODed in U.S. police custody. If you do, you’ll face criminal charges, like this guy. Floyd wasn’t even British! And he was a thug and an ex-con! [Article].


[1] The UK government says this about “hate” (bold text is mine): “Second, the working definitions of hate incidents and hate crimes in England and Wales are broad. Under these definitions, the “perception of the victim or any other person is the defining factor in determining a hate incident” — so, if Crazy Joe Tranny decides that you have harassed him, oops, her, because, well, he’s, oops, she’s a crazy tranny, then that’s all the cops need to arrest you, or at least file your name in a computer database of “haters.” [Here].

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Fascism? Where? What Fascism?

The “antifas” (“anti-fascists”) and the Left moan about “fascism” daily, but here’s the funny part: there isn’t any fascism in the West. Nope. Zero. None. In fact, the last time fascism was in the West was in Chile pre-1990 (contrast that fact with communism, which still exists in a half-dozen countries today, and some of those countries have nukes, e.g., China) [1]. So, fascism has not even existed in the West for 27 years! And Donald Trump? He is in no way a fascist. He was elected by the people of America in November 2016. Yelling about fascism is like yelling about the Easter Bunny or Bigfoot: it’s only a fantasy.

[Video mentioning a “fascist America”].
[1] under Pinochet; here, for simplicity, we’ll call Chile a Western country, meaning “significantly Westernized”; Chile has a strong connection to Spain

[Erik du Fresne]
The irony (of all ironies) is that the (so called) “leftists” (who are {in actuality} rabidly antiWhite, intimale, open borders, unlimited welfare offering, multiracial communists {as most cancerously exemplified by: Moochelle O’bomber and: Bill Clinton }) are (actually) the most fascist (so called) “Americans” of us all, as evidenced by:

– Hitlery (through her husband: Bill)s vicious destruction of David Koreshs “Branch Davidian” compound (and disciples) in Waco, Texas

– her (and Bills) savage detonation of cruise missiles on to the heads, homes, families and lives of the people of Serbia (a.k.a: Bosnia/Herzigovenia {in the “former” Yugoslavia})

et. cetera…

[The Red Skull ]
The anti facists are going to be really sorry when the Real Facists show up and
Eat them for lunch.

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If Black Lives Matter

If Black lives really matter:

Slavery in America officially ended in 1865. Why didn’t Blacks have universal voting rights in America until 1965 (100 years later), when the Jim Crow laws were abolished? [1]. Black people only “became important” at that time, and they needed special federal laws to make that happen [2]. Let’s put it another way: in 1963, Blacks were still yard apes, but in 1965, they were smart and respectable people, worthy of voting! They gained 15 IQ points and were completely transformed into normal humans almost overnight! Nobody recognized their importance until a century later, but it was just an accidental oversight! (Do you believe that?) [3].


[1] due to the southern “Jim Crow” laws, Blacks had no universal “right to vote” until 1964/1965 with the passage of the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act.

[2] Note: I have recently discovered that Norbert Schlei, the author of the Voting Rights Act, was not Jewish. I had previously said that he was Jewish, because he’s been called Jewish by many smart people. However, historically, it has been Jews who have pushed for civil rights laws for Blacks

[3] on average, Blacks have IQs 15 points lower than Whites. IQ is “intelligence quotient.” IQ tests measure the ability to recognize and solve problems. Private companies used to give IQ tests to job applicants, but negroes would fail them routinely, so the “racist” tests were abolished by law.