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Gunnersup #conspiracy incels.co

[Serious] Sigma being dead is the end of the first phase of our new world order

Sigma roped because of over-exposure to the blackpill. Lmao. Thia just shows how potent and toxic the blackpill gets. With sigma dead, we need to enter the second phase of our incel world order, not sure what it will be though.

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Atavistic Autist #sexist incels.co

[LifeFuel] As a consequence of the Corona Virus, roasties are being forced to live in enclosed spaces with their psychopathic/narcissistic Chad partners 24/7

Corona Virus quarantines have not only resulted in an increase of the divorce rate, as roasties grow disgusted by the unrelenting presence of their beta hubbies as compared to the male models they see on Tinder, but has also resulted in a rise of reported domestic abuse cases, as their psychopathic/narcissistic Chad boyfriends slam them against the walls and throw them off of balconies in between suffocating them to an inch of their lives.

Hopefully many of them will die.

JFL at "baby boom" copers hoping for a neo-boomer generation to replace the old boomers who are being decimated. Most of these roasties are on birth control, and even if they do actually give birth after nine months and don't simply get socially distanced abortions, they will just raise giga-soy'd sons or severely damaged cretins like their fathers (not to mention severely damaged, giga-slut daughters like their mothers).

The corona generation, insofar as it comes to fruition, will be remembered as being much more vacuous than even the baby boomers were.

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AccountError #psycho incels.co

Elliot Rodger was not a mad man. He realized that society had ABANDONED him and forced him to a life of loneliness. This was WAR, so his only logical decision left was to complete his retribution against society that denied him his life. Society is scared of people like him, loners who know that they have been selected to die. They will label people like ER as mentally ill, but they know deep down that he is the symbol of a generation of loners who are starting to realize the betrayal society had dealt to them.

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metabuxx #psycho #sexist #pratt incels.co

[RageFuel] "Just get out of your basement inkwell"

Never fall for this. ITS A TRAP. Being born as a non Chad is a curse and all non Chads should take every necessary precaution to avoid being seen publicly.

By getting out of your coping area you are exposing yourself to further embarrassment and humiliation. They want you to get out so they can laugh at your subhumanity.
You are giving a chance to holes, normies and simps to make fun of your hideous face.
White knights and feminists see this a perfect opportunity to beat you, falsely accuse you of rape and get you locked up for having the audacity to breathe in the same air M'ladies were breathing.
You are giving Chads the pleasure of mogging you in every way possible into oblivion.
Every single person present around you only wishes for you death and nothing else. They'll spit on your face and piss on your grave and the world will praise them for doing so. Why risk going out into the gynocentric world when you can happily LDAR in your favorite coping spot.

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PPEcel #sexist incels.co

[LifeFuel] Whores are still working in the UK amid the lockdown

JFL at normies who are whining about not being able to go clubbing.

Escortcels, you shouldn't let something as stupid as the pandemic get in your way. I know because I visited one yesterday. And if you aren't an escortcel, you should consider becoming one, since you probably have nothing better to do right now. The upmarket agencies in London are desperate for business since their usual clientele of married white boomers are deathly afraid of corona chan.

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The Incel Decade #sexist incels.co

[Discussion] What percentage of fertile years straight women are not having sex due to the lockdown?

Normally 99%+ fertile age women are having sex on a regular basis, so this quarantine is unheralded in terms of increasing the percentage of women that are having to forgo sex.

Obviously a fair number of them live with their partner so will be having more sex than usual.

Plenty of whores will still be sneaking out to fuck Chad,

But that still leaves plenty. For starters the percentage of women that can't get Chad (whether it's 80/20 rules or 90/10 in 2020) means they won't be having sex as they won't risk Corona Chan for normie.

It's absolutely unprecedented for a whole generation of women to have any more than the odd outlier female to be going weeks without sex. It's no wonder they can't cope. When we get out of lockdown it'll be like the last days of Rome for the open degeneracy these depraved women will be showing. You won't be able to walk down a street without seeing people having sex. Warning: stay at home when normality returns.

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PluralSpaceRace incels.co

[Soy] Incels without hate

How could you know that chad is fucking while you are rotting and not feel hatred? How could you be demonized and rejected and not feel hatred? If you are an "incel without hate" you have probably ODed on soylent :lul: :lul: :lul:

(Napoleon de Geso)
Incels without testicles

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Edfech #pratt #sexist #fundie incels.co

[moderator’s note: Original posting MUCH too long. 80% deleted. Please don’t post reprints of entire articles here. Interested readers can follow the link for further nonsense consumption if they want to.]

[Based] Timeless quotes on women

1,000–600 BC: The Bible (Old Testament)
While I was still searching but not finding—I found one upright man among a thousand, but not one upright woman among them all.
—Ecclesiastes 7:28[1]
For a prostitute can be had for a loaf of bread, but another man’s wife preys on your very life.
—Proverbs 6:21 [2]
Youths oppress my people, women rule over them. My people, your guides lead you astray; they turn you from the path.

1947–: Camille Paglia
"If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts."
"Woman's flirtatious arts of self-concealment mean man's approach must take the form of rape."
"Leaving sex to the feminists is like letting your dog vacation at the taxidermist."
"Men are run ragged by female sexuality all their lives. From the beginning of his life to the end, no man ever fully commands any woman. It's an illusion. Men are pussy-whipped. And they know it. That's what the strip clubs are about; not woman as victim, not woman as slave, but woman as goddess."

It's incredible how all these great men could reach at the same conclusion in different time periods...

who am I say something against them?

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Megakooter #psycho incels.co

[Discussion] Inceltrait, not wanting to have your picture taken

I refuse to have my picture taken by anyone. Hate the way I look in photos and feel like having my picture taken means that someone somewhere will have it to make fun of me.

It's always such a hassle among many things dealing with the few family gatherings I still attend.

But I've been lucky, the last picture I've had taken of myself was almost 10 years ago.

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Rambocel #dunning-kruger incels.co

[Serious] We need to stop using the term "normies"

You know what other group of losers uses this term and long before us? Those pussies at Alcoholics Anonymous. A cult that denies it's a cult of perpetual losers. All I think of is them when I hear that term and how much I hate it.

I propose we replace it with "sheeple" so we can say sheeps, sheepish, sheepscum, sheepardly, sheepidioty, sheeptard, etc.

What do you think?

Also this was a lot of work to write, thanks autocorrect.

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mylifeistrash #sexist #psycho #crackpot incels.co

During this pandemic, fat women should be denied medical care to preserve resources for the healthy and thin

Women over 25 should be denied medical services so people who are healthy have a better shot at recovering.

NO ONE IS ENTITLED TO HEALTH CARE. If you overeat, you forfeit that right.

Incel tears (full of fat trannies) will repost this topic because they believe they are special princesses who are entitled to eat to the point of obesity and receive free medical care. But they're pieces of garbage who are causing others to die for their selfish decisions.

cope they'd get double the resources/treatment for being "discriminated" against

They'll piss off all the doctors and nurses who have to move their fat asses around the hospital

doctors fucking hate fat people

(Transcended Trucel)
sadly this won't happen

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AccountError #racist #psycho incels.co

[Serious] People give ER shit for false reasons

From reading My Twisted World, it is very apparent that alot of the shit that's used against him is false. He was never the rich person people claim he was, his father was facing a financial crisis and Elliot only had a few thousand in the bank, which is practically nothing. He might've had a BMW, but that's it, there really was nothing else going for him in terms of wealth.

Elliot did not exclusively want a blonde stacy gf, he had multiple points of interests in other type of foids. The quotes about him wanting a blonde stacy are just projections of the perfect women, he legit didn't have 2/10 foids asking him out, if they did he wouldn't have gone ER.

And speaking of asking out, Elliot mostly gets shit for not asking a foid out. It sounds legitimate at first, but let's be real, Elliot knew the signs women gave him. Most blackpilled users will understand women will give non- verbal cues to signal that don't want to talk to you or even have any interaction. It would not be a stretch to say that ER picked up on these as even a bluepill simp can.

Lastly, Elliot isn't handsome. He was short for his area, hapa, small frame and big lips. It is delusional to think that women would find him attractive, let alone in an area full of Cali chads. JFL

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Whisper of Sadness #sexist incels.co

[Story] This is how easy it is for Chad (WARNING)

So back when I was at college before corona happened...

I live in this small dorm at the school. Top floor of the building so I use the elevator. Floor is entirely girls except for me and and 1 other dude. (~15 girls and 2 dudes on this floor). Im incel so this ratio doesn't matter (all the chicks are pretty ugly though so its not too hard to cope). Other guy on the floor... total fucking chad. Looks really similar to Timothée Chalamet except 6'2.

Our dorm has communal dinners and each of the floors sits with each other. This means I actually get to talk with Chad a lot as we have dinner and are the only 2 dudes on the floor and our rooms are right across from each other. Hes chill and nice to me thank god.

Okay now that you know the environment, here's the story. Its a Thursday night, around 1:30 am. Im up as usual celing. I have to leave my room and go to the ground floor to fill up my water bottle. I go to the elevator and click the button. When the elevator comes up guess who's on it... Chad, only he has a literal 8-9/10 Stacie with him on the elevator. He says sup to me and they both walk out and towards his room. After witnessing this suifuel, I barely manage to go and get my water and make it back to my room.

The next day at dinner Im sitting with Chad. We are just talking normally and he says "hey I remember seeing you last night". Im like yeah you did. He tells me "last night was absolutely crazy bruh" and then proceeds to tell me his whole night. Apparently he had gone out to a frat party with some of his friends and they had ditched him because he met a girl there. He said he ended up just making out and then left to go find his friends at another party. While on the way to the other party, he said a girl came up to him and started talking to him. This was the 8-9/10 he brought home....

He said it went like this "she came up to me and asked me if i was the guy from one of her classes last semester. I said yeah i think I remember you to." Then they started talking and ended up walking back to his place (our dorm). Then he went on to tell me that they fucked. But guess what? She was also a virgin and bled on his bed.... (and btw this chad has said that condoms are a joke and that he never uses them). Now the craziest part to him was that he had not talked to this girl once the entire semester when they were in class together. I legit told chad "thats cool bro" with this face

Just imagine having a life like this

TLDR - Chad in my dorm fucked a 9/10 virgin that approached him after JUST seeing him in class last semester. (He literally never talked to her until she approached him JFL)

no read but i agree

Not even the TLDR?

good spare yourself

This makes me want to rope. Virgin girls are rarer than diamonds and your roommate got to fuck one! Women only save their virginity for Chad.

Im not even joking I was shaking the entire rest of the day after hearing it from him. I was trembling with feels

wont read for my sanity

For the best tbh, this was a nuclearblackpill experience

There's literally no way she's an 8-9

Im dead serious she was easily 8-9/10 I actually remember chad even said she was the hottest girl in the class

And she was a virgin

Absolute suifuel

and he fucked her raw

god mode activated for this young Chad,

all chad had to say (it's just you, the girls show up)

literally just existed and she wanted to fuck

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FaceandHFD #racist incels.co

[Blackpill] White people are genetically blessed

White people from northwestern europe are very fit, tall, handsome, strong, healthy and smart. Ethnics hate them because success breeds jealousy.

My south european aunt was telling me stories about her trip to Holland with her manlet fatcel betabux husband(who still has blue eyes btw) and was mocking him for not being fit, tall and hansome like the Dutch men. I've always noticed the superiority of the nordic/germanic guys in my life too tbh. The most popular guys in school looked nordic/germanic, the best athletes from my country are more white than average and the biggest guy at my town's gym looks like a nordic viking.

It's really sad for the human race that the true white population is shrinking because of racemixing and low birth rates.



Hopefully tech for designer babies develops soon, so everyone becomes white and healthy.

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Arthur Copenhauer #sexist #dunning-kruger #crackpot incels.co

”Ever notice how EVERYTHING about women is related to sex or relationships or babies? Literally all they do, think, or talk about is in some form related to one of those things. EVERYTHING.

It's because they're literally worthless otherwise. They're inferior men, the only reason they're valued is for their biology. It fucking pisses me off how inflated their egos get because of how men treat them, but deep down they're useless and only leech off the hard work of the men they pretend to be superior to.”

You wouldn’t expect eugenics automatons to think/do anything else

Based. This is literally the entire reason that women exist as they do. Their entire biological purpose is genetic selection, and because pregnancy and child-rearing is so time-consuming and biologically expensive/strenuous, they remained inferior to men in every possible way. Men are unburdened, and the only role they must play in reproduction is finding any fertile female, and impregnating her, regardless of her genetic quality. Because of this low commitment, they were free to evolve in other ways (intellectually/physically), while women were forced to be pregnant and look after the children.

Same with men, you think men who can get sex discuss anything else when they’re together? The only reason men who can’t are forced to distract themselves with pathetic copes and have other interests is because they can’t get laid. We actually have a higher sex drive than women.

See what I wrote above. Regardless of other interests being "cope", the point is that men actually posses the capacity for them, unlike women. A woman who cannot achieve sex cannot "cope", because she is too intellectually underdeveloped, and too biologically obsessed with reproduction. A woman can't become a master of anything to the level that a man can.

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BummerDrummer #sexist #dunning-kruger incels.co

[Serious] Incels are the strongest people mentally in the world.

As we've seen from quarantine stories, normies cannot cope with having to be at home, even if its for a few weeks. It is too much for them, and take into account said normies even have friends, a girlfriend, etc. they can talk to on their phone 24/7. This means even when normies are alone and quarantined they still have a social life and friends, mogging us, yet they can't even handle that.

Meanwhile, you have us across the pond who have been lonely for years, if not DECADES in certain circumstances. No friends, no girlfriend to speak of, and definitely not a social life (for those incels that do it's not very big). All of this WHILE we get demeaned by society and watchdogs, rendering us not even in a state of loneliness but of loneliness and oppression. If normalfags can't even handle this, which is not even 20% of what we have to deal with for YEARS, then that means we are in such a state of neurotic callousing and hardening that we are arguably the strongest people on the planet in terms of our minds.

Take pride in this fact. You are better mentally than all of society and its inhabitants. Your brain has hardened itself and you are superior to the people around you because of this fact. They are mentally unstable and can fracture and fail at the slightest inconvenience, meanwhile your entire life is a massive inconvenience and problem. Their minds are weak while ours are strong.

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gymletethnicel #sexist incels.co

[Blackpill] Remember that every female your age has received miles of shlong

This is something very brutal to remind yourself of. While you haven't even received a single hug or a single fucking kiss, the opposite sex has already done every act in the book. Also, remember that getting your first kiss gives you an unimaginable amount of dopamine which literally cannot be attained with coping. So you will literally never even experience the dopamine rush of sex and kissing, let alone actually doing these acts. Even if you somehow magically turned into an attractive male and could slay, the harm has already be done. While people around you are growing up and are becoming adults, many and have their own children even, you will literally always remain a child because of your bone structure.

Yet people expect us to act as if nothing is happening, as if this brutality isn't the reality of our existence. It is beyond over. Cope or rope.

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VirginAutistManlet #sexist incels.co

[SuicideFuel] I was at the Clinical Pyschologists office 2 weeks ago, and the moment I left I got destroyed and immediately felt like absolute shit again

Yes I know this story is late, but I only remembered it now after making my previous thread.

I walked out of the office, out of the psychologists building, and I started walking down the street and opened my phone to call a uber, as I was walking a TALL COUPLE walked past me, guy was like 6'4, full head of hair, and the girl was at least 5'11, me being 5'7 they BRUTALLY height mogged me.

This is what I mean. Just leaving the house is dangerous for me. I can goto a clinical psychologists therapy session, and the moment I leave, when im feeling a bit better, is to instantly get destroyed by being brutally mogged literally 15 seconds after walking out of the therapy session.

You know when im just HOME 24/7 this doesn't happen, when im shut-in there are no opportunists for me to get brutally mogged like that, which is why being home is the safest option for me.


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HueHueBr #dunning-kruger incels.co

[Blackpill] Only losers find a losers forum interesting

Chads and stacies can only be interested in other chads and stacies. People with low social value are invisible to them. Our problems mean absolutely nothing to someone at the top of the sexual hierarchy, who does not always coincide with the social hierarchy.

Normies and beckies can only take an interest in the lives of other normies and, eventually, envy the lives of chads and stacies. Incels and other lower-class normies are invisible to them, not least because they are too concerned with their relationships and trying to make their sex lives more interesting.

That way, if you, who are not registered and live spying on this forum, can not be chad, stacy or even a lower category normie. Either you are an incel, assumed or in denial, or you are a normie who can no longer have sex with your partner (which could also be classified as incel).

This is obvious. Normal people with an actual social life don't need to lurk for months to make an account in a forum made for lonely virgins.
It is the ultimate blackpill

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AccountError #psycho incels.co

[Based] Interesting ER [Isla Vita 2014 mass murderer] quotes

All I ever wanted was to fit in and live a happy life amongst humanity, but I was cast out and rejected, forced to endure an existence of loneliness and insignificance...
...women’s rejection of me was a declaration of war.
Females truly have something mentally wrong with them. Their minds are flawed, and at this point in my life I was beginning to see it.
I was completely and utterly alone. No one knew me or extended a hand to help me. I was an innocent, scared little boy trapped in a jungle full of malicious predators, and I was shown no mercy.
However, a beautiful environment is the darkest hell if I have to experience it all alone.
If a man is all alone, people get the impression that girls are repulsed by him, and therefore he is a worthless loser.
These are crimes than cannot go unpunished.

ER has some really good quotes ngl.
My favourite one is "the most beautiful enviroment can be the darkest hell if you have to spend it all alone"
really hit me tbh

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AccountError #psycho #conspiracy incels.co

Why incels and loners are feared more than anything

I remember a post on this forum a few months ago that was giga- high IQ

I never thought to realize it, society doesn't just fear us because we're ugly, but for more than that.

They have nothing left to lose, they swear no allegiance to anyone, not a company, race, country, sex or anything. Noone is our friend.
They have no end goal, the only goal of people going ER is to cause as much anarchy and chaos as possible. Not for a goal, not for a cause, but for vengeance.

The government cannot stop these people, as nothing can stop a man who knows that it is over for them already.

Most likely some low paid pleb that is contracted to monitor the forum on his shitty lap top at home :lul: :lul: :lul:

Basically all of IT except they do it for free :feelsgah:

Suicide fuel for soyzillian brazillian

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HARVARDCRlMSON12 and Copemaxx #crackpot #sexist #conspiracy incels.co



TranscriptThe Chemistry of Copulins (How Women are Drugging You)

The vagina produces a thick fluid known as copulin that has actual mind control effects on a male's brain. If a man is exposed to a woman's copulins, over time she will be able to:

1) Change remove or insert memories.
2) Tell the male what he sees hears feels smells tastes.
3) Insert subconscious thoughts that will surface as "his own ideas" or behavior later
4) Plant trigger words or actions that can cause thoughts actions or sensations in the male at later dates (days weeks even months).

"Karl Grammer and Elizabeth Oberzaucher, researchers who study how the human scent influences sexual attraction, found that when women are ovulating, they produce pheromones called copulins. Copulins have a distinct smell, which Elizabeth describes as "butter that has gone bad.

When a man gets a whiff of copulins, his testosterone levels rise. As a result, he secretes androstenone, an odor that repels women who arent ovulating.

TL DR: Foids are literally brainwashing sex havers with their pussies, and Incels are the only ones free from the mind control.
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TheIncelRepublic #sexist #wingnut #psycho incels.co

Anyone just want to live in a total utopia patriarchy?

Now for as long as humanity has existed we have never lived in a total patriarchy, women in history had some degree of rights.

But we ended up hypothetically take over society and put in extreme patricarcal laws.

So, we should only let women into the workforce making up 100% of workers with the exception of military, government, police, doctors and other high ranking jobs. Every male is given a government mandated wife/gf to breed with. All other men who aren't high IQ or don't want higher wages can become certified NEETs. Every male NEET will receive a free wife/gf , a free house, $3000 from the government each month, and a free education. Men can only be citizens, all other countries have to cooperate in the equal distribution of women as a source of labor and breeding

Women aren't allowed to go to school unless they need to use the education for their work. If she doesn't need it, she is not allowed to read or do any math.

Women aren't allowed to show any skin in public.

Women are not allowed to be near unneutered animals.

No abortions and birth control is only provided by their male leaders.

Women aren't allowed to vote or have a say in government.

Obey their male leaders whatever they say and adhere to their immediate commands, if the male demands sex, she has to give sex no matter what.

Women aren't allowed to chose their sex partners, but men are allowed to chose which women they want through government assisted selection process.

Tinder, porn and all other female degeneracy is banned. She has to have no male friends, and she has to not speak to anyone unless she is given permission too.

Any violation to these rules will result in extreme and harsh measures by the government to put these women back in line.

She is not entitled to food, shelter, water, affection, Chad or any basic human rights for that matter.

All men are entitled to human rights.

If there is an excess of men then we are to genetically create more eggs and sperm that will have a higher likely spawn rate of more women in the womb.

The wife/gf goes to work with the other women and makes a wage which is automatically transacted to your bank account and taxed by the government to fuel the welfare state. When she comes home from waging, she cooks dinner and cleans the house for the family and she has to feed you tendies and fries on your bed and have sex at the same time while you are watching a movie or playing a game. She also has to take care of your children when they come home from daycare. She is your property and you should do what you want with her as you wish. If you decide to get rid of her she is to be handed back to the government as "used goods" if she isn't virgin and essentially a slave to work without a wage as free labor.

But what if the women rebel against their male overlords?

Males will still be in the military, and I think you can put two and two together.

I think this my dream and comfy utopia right here.

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Various incels #sexist incels.co

[Serious] It's unnatural for a female to speak without permission

When I hear the female tone of voice is like I don't care what you say. You shouldn't give any opinion to start off. You're just a hole, you've been ravaged by chad. Your tone of voice is only for mating purposes during sex act.

It's annoying hearing the high pitch female voice, it gives a headache. They shouldn't talk without the permission of her father and be offered virgins to man so they hold some self respect, instead of riding the cock carousel.

I am somewhat disgusted by their voice. This is why I cannot even hear/see vertain songs or series anymore.

Yep, women were never suppose to speak unless spoken to. Now they can’t shut the fuck up.

(Arthur Copenhauer)
Correct. Maybe it's a bit extreme to say never speak unless spoken to. But the way they speak and assert themselves today is akin to a child incessantly blabbering on about inane garbage, but for some reason no adult has the spine to tell them to be quiet.

This is actually really high IQ. This is the way it used to be for hundreds of years, the biggest way for a female to gain respect in society was to marry as a virgin. However today, sluts get all the respect.

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mylifeistrash #psycho incels.co

Most really short and or ugly men are legitimate insane from a lifetime of abuse

Normies aren't too far off base from being afraid of these guys. It's like a dog that's been kicked and abused its whole life. It can easily snap and attack at any moment.

When you're too short / ugly, you'll never even get basic respect you'd get just from walking around in a grocery store. Nasty looks everywhere you go. Other men treat you like a child.

Unfortunately, for men to be normal or tall, there has to be a short/ugly class of men who are born to suffer. Society needs an incel class of men to look down upon so they have something to compare other men to.

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Atavistic Autist #conspiracy #wingnut incels.co

[Blackpill] Government officials consider alcohol and drug retailing to be an "essential service" -- and, basically, they want you dead

Alcohol was the only product that Eastern Europe out-consumed Western Europe during the Cold War.

And now, in order to ensure that the masses are similarly kept docile, you see alcohol and drug consumption being promoted by the tyrants in America.

This also relates to the cope of pornography that is being promoted for incels, especially during the Corona Crisis

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Anonymous MG #sexist incels.co

Cucks have always, and will always, be the main driving force behind social degeneracy and a decline in male conditions as long as they're allowed to keep existing in society. Before, these types of men would succumb to disease or be killed fighting a war, as the masculine men would survive and reproduce up until the advent of modern medicine and "the long peace".

These weak men will cause a societal collapse soon enough with their awful values and ideals, and we'll have to rebuild and try again soon enough. This is the cycle of civilization, and these are the unforeseen consequences of social reforms that enforce "equality".

Coronachan pls save us pewpew

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L Lawliet #fundie incels.co

[LifeFuel] I am happy because of Coronavirus

Look how normies are scaring from death. They don't care about anyone except themselves. We said how many times hypergamy is dangerous like a goddamn virus, but their little brain doesn't understand the truth. But I belive god. He is judging a little humanity. I hope he creates lots of pandemics and destroy humanity. I just wanted to share my opinion about Coronavirus

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Edmund_Kemper #wingnut #psycho incels.co

[Serious] Society should go back to being Paleolithic?

Seriously society should be cavemen again and act like animals and gorillas again.

im tired of the human race sometimes and sometimes humans annoy me and I wanna end all mankind because humans act so fuckin gay And shit sometimes. It’s fucking gay. I bet the humans were cool in the Paleolithic age because back then humans were cavemen behaving like gorillas and didn’t talk and ran around killing animals to eat and having sex with any foid they saw to create offspring and you could have sex with prime foids instead of betabuxxing a post wall 35 year old. Men grew big beard and act like monkeys. We still behaved like animals. And the music we had was banging on rocks with sticks and the art we had was scratched on stone and men looked like manly men and grew their beards out even in teen years.

We didn’t have laws back then and did what we want and we did shit outside all day. Binge drinking partying and sex with chads didn’t matter. People were awesome back then I assume. Nobody was a faggit yet. If society was like this again, inceldom wouldn’t torment us

the best time of life

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Colvin76 #crackpot incels.co

[Blackpill] UNDER 17.8CM (7 INCHES) = MIRCOPENIS

This is the brutal truth. Average sex-haver penis size is 17.8cm or 7 inches.

If you are below this, you are a mircro penis dicklet. Stop fucking coping.

(Another thread by said incel, started a few hours later)

[Serious] Easy way to cope with a micropenis

We will never use it anyway, so technically, there is nothing to worry about, right?

People won't know we have a micropenis unless we are erect naked or tell them.

btw, under 17.8cm = micropenis.

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ThoughtfulCel #sexist #dunning-kruger incels.co

[Serious] Man is the main cause of Inceldom

We can all agree that man has played a major role in advancing the human race through each era and age. The stone age, Victorian era, the age of discovery, etc. We can also agree that man has not always made the right decisions in history, with countless wars, terrible torture and rape, brutality, etc. But in general man has dominated and ruled over earth for centuries.

When i say man is the cause of Inceldom, i do not mean any of you are, or even the majority of men. I mean a select few men have doomed all of us to a life of inceldom. Man is the reason women have rights, he is the reason women can vote, can drive, can work, etc. Man is also the reason why most of us will never have sex, girlfriends, or wives.

Throughout history we've had countless books and quotes spoken and written by our greatest minds warning us about the nature of women. These men existed before females were "equal" to men, and saw through the deceptively convincing docile and innocent nature that women convey. If they were alive today, half of the things they said would not appear in any form of media. Currently it is a sin to expose female and criticize female nature for what it is.

Man has made it so that the nature of females is not only accepted, but encouraged. We've created devices, programs, and websites,that further encourage female hypergamy and their selective and discriminatory nature. We defend, orbit, and put down other men in hopes of gaining female attention and acceptance.

If a dog bites you maliciously, as a master, do you scold and slap it? Or do you let it continue to bite you? The answer is obvious, yet ignored when it comes to women. Women vocally speak their hatred of men. They lie, cheat, deceive, and storm media in hordes, complaining, whining, and babbling about inequality. And what does man do? He keeps giving, feeding, and allowing females to continue. He lets the dog continue to bite in order to satisfy it, without realizing it will never be satisfied.

Because of this, art, music, speech, and the lives of many men have been censored in the pursuit of keeping women happy and feeding into the female ego. What man doesn't understand is that females will never be satisfied. First it was the right to vote, then equal rights, and now you can't even engage a female without meeting HER checklist of requirements or you run the risk of being socially outcast. And the sad part is, its too late to turn back.

Women are not strong, they are not wise, funny, or even good for entertainment or friendship. Yet it is man who tells them they are. Coddles them, empowers them, and feeds them. And it is man who is responsible for inceldom.

TLDR females are terrible, and we've known that since we gained sentience as a species, but despite that, they have been allowed to unleash their full nature thanks to man. You can hate females for what they are, but its important to remember the cucks in history who have supported and allowed females equality despite knowing their nature.

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[Serious] Being incel has given me ptsd
you often hear abuse survivors talking about ptsd and all that but fuck that shit. being incel, shunned by women all my life has given me extreme PTSD. it is hard to walk, talk, even fucking breathe, i feel fucking subhuman just because im overweight manlet and short so women feel disgusted even looking at me. being <8/10 should qualify for disability. missing out on love should qualify as disability. being incel is living hell. i am physically and mentally fucked beyond any recognition, and any hope for the future is gone


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[Venting] Covid-19 doesnt make sense

low effort corona Threadmaxxing ngl @Anonymous MG


This shit doesnt make sense to me

Why the fuck do you need to shut down the entire fucking planet for a harmless flu ?
Way more people die from the normal flu .
Corona death count is pathetic .
The rate at which it spreads is pathetic .

What is the scheme behind this ?
i cant grasp it .
Is it to make us inject mandated Vaccines with Nanobots to control our minds ?
Distract us from the side effects of 5G by blaming it on a virus ?
Is it to make the population infertile and thus population control ?
Is it to shutdown the Hongkong protest and collective rebellion in general ?
Is it just the first step on the way to NWO 2.0 ?

You cant seriously believe they would shut down
just for this fucking flu .
There has to be some hidden agends behind this .
My autism makes
me feel the need to have some sort of explanation for this .

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[Serious] Leftism is for foids

Women are naturally more collectivist when it comes to things like gender, which is why they're so easy to dupe by Jews and also why many white women are radical feminists and leftists. However, collectivism when it comes to race is almost never seen in foids, but ESPECIALLY white ones. Nazism is an almost entirely male-dominated sport. Most "female Nazis" are only like that because their boyfriends are fash. Remember, women only follow the status quo because they're social butterflies. They would NEVER want to risk lowering themselves on the social ladder, hence why they get all those brownie points. The only exceptions to that rule are women who are just batshit insane, like Tila Tequila or Valeria Lukyanova. Only crazy women are attracted to Nazism, and that's pretty much where the list ends.

Now, I'm obviously not ripping on any leftists on here, but at the same time, it should be said that leftism is a female sport while rightism is a male sport. That's all.

Furthermore, women do not challenge the status quo. If something is popular, say ethnopluralism, multiculturalism, etc then they're going to follow it. Period.

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[Discussion] Foids view men the same way jews view goyims.

Jews considers everyone else to be cattle and their sole purpose of existing is to serve jews. Foids view men the same way. Foids are actually just like jews just not as intelligent. They are manipulative, deceitful and lack any kind of empathy, guilt, or compassion. Jews are the #1 civilization destroyers and foids are a close second.

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[Blackpill] If you believe in Thugmaxxing, you believe in the bluepill

JFL at thinking wearing degenerate clothes and/or shoes will make anyone here ascend.

If you believe in thugmaxxing, you believe in bluepill delusional bullshit.

Undeniable fact.

Thugmaxxing = Bluepill.

Teracope if you deny this.

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[SuicideFuel] foids nightmare compared to our nightmare
just think about it.

we are living our nightmare - which is being alone. with no love. no cuddling. no1 caring about you. we would do anything to break this vicious cycle.

meanwhile, foids so called nightmare? "rape". JFL. something that means that someone wants you so hard he is willing to break the law for you. JFL. imagine.

imagine someone risking years in prison just to be close to you. i cant even imagine a foid sucking my dick if my jizz gave mortality. LIKE WTF IS THIS SHIT?

everyday the rope is closer.

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[Blackpill] Horsepill is just as true as the dogpill

We are all aware of the dogpill and if you reject the dogpill you are bluepilled and legitimately retarded. At the core of this dogpill is that women, all of them, would rather fuck dogs than they would ugly men.

This is a fact which cannot be denied as there is tons of video evidence of women fucking dogs and zero evidence of women fucking truecel-tier men. Thus it is an undeniable fact, there is even more proof that Godzilla and King Kong are real, than there is proof women fucking ugly men.
This is why I also hold the position that escortcel=fakecel for more than a few obvious reasons.

Now women also fuck horses, if they had easy access to one, they would fuck them on a daily basis. Horses are expensive, that's why they don't get fucked as often as dogs. But women with money unanimously fuck dogs and horses. This is why you always see rich white girls, especially in their teens, owning dogs and horses. The horsepill is very evident.

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[Discussion] Foids freaking out over the quarantine during the COVID-19 epidemic proves that female hysteria is real.

So, we've been hearing stories of foids freaking out and crying and even literally roping because they can't get dicked by Chad for too long. Well, this just proves that female hysteria actually exists.

It was actually a pretty common phenomenon before the sexual revolution, especially during the Victorian era and sometimes before where Western society was much more conservative and religious where they condemned anyone whoring themselves, and obviously before dating apps and sites that allowed women easier access to Chads. When women don't have sex for too long, these bitches literally go crazy. They get nymphomaniatical, depressed and psychotic. In fact the vibrator was originally invented so that doctors could alleviate their hysteria.

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[SuicideFuel] foids nightmare compared to our nightmare

just think about it.

we are living our nightmare - which is being alone. with no love. no cuddling. no1 caring about you. we would do anything to break this vicious cycle.

meanwhile, foids so called nightmare? "rape". JFL. something that means that someone wants you so hard he is willing to break the law for you. JFL. imagine.

imagine someone risking years in prison just to be close to you. i cant even imagine a foid sucking my dick if my jizz gave mortality. LIKE WTF IS THIS SHIT?

everyday the rope is closer.

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RE: [RageFuel] Had serious talk with my oneitis about my face

Yesterday oneitis asked how is it going with girl that she introduced me to. I said that i was ghosted, because of my face. Of course she went full retard bluepill mode and started spewing classic bullshit like “no one will love you before you love yourself” and of course said that i look fine (then why you don’t date me you skank?)

Aaahh and cherry on the top, words straight out of whose’s mouth: you should be grateful that you are not in relationships right now, it’s such a chore! And if you want sex just find girl for evening

You heard it bros! Just find a girl for evening theory

She would never understand what it means to be an undesired ugly man. She doesn't have any idea what it means to not have hundreds of orbiters in social media or several back-up men. Her life and yours aren't similar. Don't even bother.

OP being just one of them

It should theoretically possible to be friends with women but yeah most of the time when you think that you are friends you are actually just another orbiter that she doesn't give a fuck about.

When it comes to women if you're not fucking her you're her girlfriend.

Women are useless friends to men that give useless bluepilled advice and only give you the time of day when they want something (usually attention or money).

I experienced this first hand JFL. A female 'friend' once messaged me a link to some shady-ass scam she wanted me to participate in. Of course I declined. Haven't heard much since.

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(Emphasis shows parts of text in the image highlighted by OP)

IT unironically thinks that only females can be incel due to their looks


Really? The old "you should smile more, you'd be prettier!" Is what we're going with here? That's no better than what sexist men say to women.

Femcels have flaws in their ideology, but they are right about the fact that they receive more abuse for their looks. There's plenty of science on the subject. For example, there was even a study done showing that unattractive people receive harsher sentences in court. Not to mention unattractive girls who smile can and often are still unattractive. They can have bad teeth or weird shaped mouths. Femcels were often very sweet and quiet as children. Their personalities are not the problem. Unattractive people just get bullied and treated badly regardless of their personality. Unattractive people deserve proper representation. I'm frankly tired of seeing super attractive actors play supposedly "ugly duckling" characters, or ugly cartoon characters drawn more attractive too.

Imagine thinking a group of people who can literally have sex anytime they want within the span of 30 minutes on Tinder can be incel. So called "physically unattractive" females are still seen as sexually attractive by a gargantuan population of males, their looks play no meaningful impact on their ability to get laid. Males and females do not share the same reproductive neurological behavior patterns, you absolutely cannot compare unattractive females to unattractive males, their circumstances are entirely different.

Just because femcels are female, IT supports them and gives them a free pass to say whatever they want. IT could literally give them the same treatment they give us, where they use a small percentage of bait/venting posts as proof every single male incel is just like that and couldn't possibly be lonely due to being physically/genetically unattractive. IT uses a common reddit tactic where they will purposely only focus on the worst possible aspects of something to avoid the actual topic at hand. They know damn fucking well that looks are determined by your genetics and that its over for ugly males from conception, but they hate you and enjoy hating you.

Thing is that almost any woman can fraud 3-4 points with makeup. It’s honestly unfair.

makeup is easily detectable and looks unnatural.

girls say face doesnt matter but they paint their faces to make their eye area and facial structure look better
they genuinely think we are stupid

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RE: [Serious] Woman hires a hitman to kill his bluepill husband. He forgives her.

Motivated by $400,000 life insurance. Lol and the cuck thinks she cares about him.

She wouldn't do that to chad. A chad husband is worth more than 400k to foids.

You think a female would forgive a man for that? She would enjoin it all the way. Females are evil and these fools wont accept it. Like I do always say, if we could see a female outside for what she is inside, we would be all faggots.

They would be extra furious that a lowly sub 8 almost wiped them out.

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[RageFuel] Dumb idiot foids with sociology degrees use sex to get jobs and call STEM majors useless creepy virgins

Found a sociology forum with a massive number of foids who chose to major in sociology and have postgraduate degrees in sociology.
They always whine about not being able to find a job.

They use their more intelligent husbands to find job connections and get hired.

They call STEM majors "aspie creepy virgins," completely oblivious to the fact that as sociology majors, they're all dumb as fuck compared to STEM majors.

They call CS majors and app developers "useless," extremely hypocritical coming from them when they make a living writing papers about Plato and human sexuality.

They even talk about sucking the dick of their professors and bosses to get grants and promotions JFL WTF

If this isn't a career blackpill into the extremely tutorial mode lives of foids, I don't know what is.

”What is new here? All social ((((science)))) whores' main job is to scam money and grades by sucking dicks. Also same goes with most liberal arts departments. They are the most degenerates in any university campus. They spend 80% of their time on partying and rimming chads' buttholes in frat houses.

As a side note, a cockroach in the shitroom of a STEM department building can IQmog an entire faculty of liberal arts.”

True. Just imagine studying for a useless degree and accumulating debt that will never get payed off and still having the courage to call yourself smart in the end. Just fucking lol @ those cunts. They can walk, but decide to put themselves in wheelchairs and then they complain why they can't go up the stairs. They fail at Tutorial Mode.

Perfect analogy, then they complain about how they can't get a job and how they have all this debt, fucking stupid
then they have the nerve to call app developers useless when they're the ones writing papers about human sexuality and calling that a career.

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RE: [JFL] Imagine having LANDWHALES REJECT YOU and still being called a volce/fakecel.

Would I actually want to date and have sex with fat women? NO

Does that mean I haven’t approached them in person and haven’t swiped right on them on apps? NO

I still put the net out there on fat cunts, even though I wouldn’t want to have sex with them, but I still get rejected, ignored and denied by fat cunts in the same way a petite Becky or sexy Stacey would.

I think there’s a lot of tallcels on here who probably CAN get a short obese girlfriend. I see lots of obese women with tall guys. It explains why they reject me, why would they accept a Manlet when they can get a Tall average faced guy?

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[JFL] I have wondered for ages why I always had trouble with foids and could never get along with them

The answer was pretty obvious all along.

I was a sub 8 male whos ugly and not tall enough.

Any way of acting that does not involve being a simp orbiter to a female is offensive in this day and age.

And I have trouble doing that coz I'm not NT or a normie. I don't automatically bow down to anyone or give them all my respect by default.

No wonder foids hate my guts. It was so obvious all along.

Sub 8?! Depend how far you are from 8

Since I pretty much have issues with every foid I met, i have to be pretty damn far

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RE: [JFL] Brave Man Proves That Incels Are Wrong

Assuming this isn't LARP why do the lucky exceptions think that literally everyone can pull what they did? Its like winning the lottery finding some foid who is OK to fuck an undesirable male. It would be like a formerly poor guy who won the lottery telling other poor people to "Just win the lottery bro, its easy! you just aren't trying you lazy fuck". Theres only so many foids OK with not dating +Chad lites and wayyy more incels who have bad traits than foids who are OK with dating them (if that foid even exists)

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endofdopamine #racist incels.co

(NOTE: In reaction to an Asian woman complaining about Asian characters being drawn as stereotypical caricatures)

I've always wondered if the reason they made the eyes of anime characters so big was because it was a massive cope for reality, kind of like what's going on with this twitter post.

It seems like drawing is just another way for her to fraud.

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Bleachcel #sexist incels.co

[News] A message to my fellow teenage males currently lurking this site

If you’re a teenage make right now, and you did not attract a girl within the first half of the school year of your freshman year in high school, I have nothing other to tell than that it is over for you. If weren’t able to get a girlfriend within the first half of your freshmen year of high school, then you are clearly unattractive to them. If you can’t form a proper friend group within the first half of your freshman year, it is especially over you too.

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Pennywise #sexist incels.co

[Serious] Has anyone noticed how foids take an authoritarian tone with unattractive men?

I have distinctly noticed this.

Whenever foids talk to Chad, its always cutesy, goofy, funny, joking, flirty. Or even asking Chad what THEY can do for THEM. "Oh Chadrick, you look thirsty, let me get a pot of tea on for you."

Whenever they talk to us, its like "Can you get me some water? I'm thirsty". "Oh Betalamule, I am really busy tonight. I have a date with Chadrick. I don't have time to do my dissertation tomorrow. Do you think you could do it for me?" "Betalamule, will you take my bookback over to building b? I have some plans with Chadrick in the mens locker room before class begins".

Why do Stacys think they're our fucking boss and shit? Stacy go and do that shit yourself. We are not your fucking work donkeys.

That means they have higher Testosterone than you
no joke

Bro I always hardly existed. I never spoke to anyone in school. I always always the sit in the back of the classroom neckbeard in college. I think they thought they could pull that shit on me based on the way I look. Uh, no.

I wouldn't know, I just get ignored.

Lucky. Foids used to call me ugly in full classrooms.

Don't take what I said srsly now
There could be a shitton of reasons
happened to me as well

No offence taken. My testosterone has always been rather high. Tested with blood. One of the reasons that my TFL/inceldon has been so fucking miserable.

They are used to having ugly men bend over backwards for them, and so they will adopt the appropriate tone to command their slaves.

Exactly man. They are used to betaorbiters bending over to their pussy power.

It's been a very longtime since a nobody tried to boss me around like that.

Yeah since I can't work or go to school anymore, its been a long time for me too. If some foid acted like she was my boss now I'd just tell her to fuck off. I used to just ignore it. I'd call Stacy out on her bullshit. I never simped for anyone, though. And I'm proud of that.

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JohnWickCel #sexist incels.co

Has anyone noticed if a video has a girl pop up even for like 30 seconds most of the comments are talking about her?

I feel like this is because the average guy has so little positive interactions with women if he sees a average looking girl talking about something he likes without criticizing it or that girl just shows up his mind reacts like some guys on here do and he starts fantasizing about being with her.

Men are thirsty and pathetic as fuck. I was in some blackpill discord and they let a foid in and every dude was focused on her, it was pathetic

That’s what I mean. The average guy is so desperate for positive attention from women he’ll flip out over just one girl showing up in a video.

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Atavistic Autist #sexist #crackpot incels.co

RE: Hookup culture is a myth, most women have stable sex partners

Most women have cucks.

Although it is true that since most foids are wageslaves now thanks to feminism, they hardly have time to even be whores anymore, whereas under the patriarchy, they could spend all day thinking about the mailman. Pretty funny tbh

cuck rate could go to 0 now thanks to paternity tests

This implies that foids are necessarily interested in getting pregnant when they cuck their hubbies. They're on birth control.

most women want LTRs with attractive, extroverted and rich partners

There is truth to this. Monogamy is something that women have historically desired, leading to their eager conversion to Catholicism during the Middle Ages.

But this was under the context of patriarchy, one where men as a whole had social power. Monogamy served to check the power of men as such and keep husbands responsible. But now, in the decadent feminist gynocracy, monogamy is just a foid's way of wanting to secure commitment from Chad, and check his power.

Remember with these surveys that foids will often not admit, even to themselves, that they cheated on their hubby/"boyfriend" cucks.

They will cope and say shit like "narcissistic/psychopathic Chad tried to get on top of me but I fought him off" (read: I shit tested him, got pseudo-raped and liked it, and then proceeded to fall asleep next to him). JFL.

yeah cheating is probably undereported, just like body count. but it is not close to 80-100%.
women will monkey branch when better options appear though.

Well, due to the fact that females have full sexual discretion under feminism, they are the ones, in all their arbitrariness, who define what constitutes "cheating" now.

Remember that the average woman is talking to multiple backup guys on her cell phone and sending some of them nudes and lewds. Is that "cheating?" The foid would argue "teehee, I'm just friends with him."

Indeed, the whole concept of "boyfriend" is inherently cucked, and implies that you're actively being competed with by other "friends" of hers. But I digress.

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Various incels #sexist incels.co

(NOTE: In response to a 19-year-old high-functioning autistic girl killing herself due to coronavirus fears)

RE: [JFL] Stacy commits suicide after living our life for 1 week


Its so funny that people tell us we dont need sex, girlfriends or friends to survive. But when they are in the same position as us they kill themselves. Her death is a great example to show how retarded normies are


In her sub 20 she looked like a used whore. Also big ass + short legs.



(The Incel Decade)

How long did she go without Chad? A week?

No coping skills at all


Jfl, all the memes are true. They really couldn't survive when put in our shoes for very long.

(Napoleon de Geso)

And no loss, because cunt would not give me sam fak anyway


She is weak and pathetic. But all foids are anyway!

I've been KHHV since birth. I'm 31 now.


God they are a FUCKING JOKE.


I can’t believe this is happening. All the articles posted here about these idiots killing themselves because of the quarantine seems satirical.


I always thought this shit is a meme, but she literally killed herself just because she is stucked at home for a few weeks....
We incels are not only self aware but also much stronger than such friggin toilets

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Sparrow's Song #sexist incels.co

This is why MGTOW is growing and more and more men would rather pump and dump than commit to chad's leftover cumrags. This is also why prostitution is illegal... because landwhales would lose a lot of cucks and ewhores would get a dent in their business. Prostitution is illegal because the government wants non chad men to be desperate cucks.

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rightfulcel #crackpot incels.co

[Serious] If autism makes a difference why doesn't pua work?

Shouldn't ones personality make a difference, no? Don't give me this crap of "personality only matters like 5%" shut the fuck up. Either it does matter or it does not.

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BummerDrummer #crackpot #racist incels.co

[Serious] Blonde hair blue eyed manlets should be considered the same level as ethnic

I know the title sounds stupid, but hear me out.

As a blonde hair blue eyed male, you are drawn out and steryotyped into a 6'4 nordic aryan trope. When you do not fit this trope, it is at the same level if not worse than being an ethnic. No foid wants you if you are a 5'10 or below blonde hair blue eyed male. You are seen as feminine and weak.

Look at the people who are "JBWmaxxed"-James ft isn't blonde hair or blue eyed, and the men who are doing it aren't short and blonde hair blue eyed. Rather they are usually anglo with brown hair and brown colored eyes. The ones that are blonde hair blue eyed are typically old and fat and masculine men, and rather not effeminate.

I have been rejected by multiple ethnic females for being too feminine, I.E "white boy" or "sounds like his balls haven't dropped yet". The reason "JBW" might work is because asian women prefer masculine white men, but how can you JBWmaxx when chinese people are usually more masculine?

For this reason I now believe of myself as much of an ethnic as any of you. I am an ethnic male who is 5'5. The color of my skin does not matter upon the fact that I am as unwanted as a curry, rice, or nigger.

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AccountError #sexist incels.co

Foids who make sex all about them are annoying as shit


1. the man sacrificed everything to get into the relationship
2. all you do is starfish dead body sex and expect work from him
3. he asked for it and wanted it, you just agreed

literally stfu ROASTIES

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Atavistic Autist #transphobia #sexist #ableism incels.co

[Serious] An autistic male transforming himself into a Machiavellian is the flip-side of an autistic male transitioning genders

Both are attempts of the autist to increase his social status, get attention/recognition, and fit in.

But what do they result in? In most cases, disappointment and failure.

Just as many transsexuals commit suicide, even or perhaps especially if they enjoy initial success in getting low tier normies to buttfuck them, many autists who try to become manipulative Machiavellians, even or perhaps especially if they enjoy initial success in it (as in a career setting), will just end up crashing and burning because they're not able to reconcile their lies with their true selves.

What the actual psychopath and foid have going for them is that their entire lives are lies. They aren't even pretending when they present themselves as artificial edifices: they are artificial edifices, the consummate NPCs.

But an autist has a true inner core, on the contrary. And rather than trying to be something you're not, self-actualizing through NEETdom and the cultivation of your special interests is the true way forward.

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FaceandHFD #wingnut incels.co

[Blackpill] Blackpilling the masses to harm the economy.

I think this should be our goal. We want to bottom 30% of men to become blackpilled and stop contributing to society. It would decimate the economy. This is how you get revenge from normies.

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various incels #racist #conspiracy #psycho incels.co

(Blackpill Rage)
[LifeFuel] 5% of coronavirus death in the UK are Jewish.


They only make up 0.3% of the UK's population. LMAO @ this jew bioweapon coming back to bite them in the ass. MAJOR LIFEFUEL!

Very nice tbh

(Transcended Trucel)
hopefully it kills enough

Oy Vey, another psyops. They get to crash the world economy and play the victim.


So now China is Jewish? I played along at first with the whole "Jewish conspiracy" thing but people were like "No no, China's fine, they're not Jewish. Coronavirus isn't Jewish." Now it is? Why can't we agree on anything?
Ah yes there are many layers and misdirections.

But you will never hear the President of The United States stand up and critise his masters

(Blackpill Rage)

So now China is Jewish? I played along at first with the whole "Jewish conspiracy" thing but people were like "No no, China's fine, they're not Jewish. Coronavirus isn't Jewish." Now it is? Why can't we agree on anything?
Sub-atomic IQ cope.

Communist China was created by the Jews and serves their interests

I hope every jew gets circumcised again without anaethesia

(Blackpill Rage)

I hope every jew gets circumcised again without anaethesia
They already get circumcised without anesthetics.
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AccountError #sexist #psycho incels.co

Tribute to Harvey Weinstein

One of the few old and fatcels to ascend, he used his fame, money and status to ascend and had everything go 180 degrees with ungrateful foids. He gave women easy paths in careers for the minuscule price of sucking his dick, but alas, foids are low IQ and hated that he was uglys, so they all dogpiled on him with false accusations.

The media has already painted him as a monster so it's over for him buddy boyo

Goodbye Weinsteincel

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Napoleon de Geso #sexist #psycho incels.co

[LDAR] Femoids disgusting

No went to lay in bed for short time, and saif "FUUU', because thought how femoids are disgusting creatures, not expressions of my hopes and dreams. And even if somehow be possible to find waifu - unless of impossibly higly cultured, also will be some cunt, not being whos purpose is to fulfill my hopes and dreams, to be embodiment of my ideals about purity and culture


Genetically engineered catgirls for domestic ownership when?..image

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BabyFuck McGirlsex #sexist #crackpot incels.co

[ToxicFemininity] Foids working in the Medical Field are the reason why no COVID-19 cure exists yet

Having foids working in scientific and medical fields essentially guarantees that virtually no scientific progress on COVID19 will be made as the foids larping as scientists will be too busy on tinder sexting chads.

Also foids "working" in the Life sciences as researchers will actually disturb & distract the men who are ACTUALLY working on the cure by wearing skimpy whore outfits and filthy fakeup and taking selfies and nudes to send to chad and sell to beta cucks.

Further to this, half the time the male Scientistcels will be perpetually living in fear of being #metoo'ed by their workmate foids such that their ability to quickly create a cure for St. COVID-19cel will be greatly impaired.

How is this relevant to the inceldom Discourse?

This validates what we in the Incel Cinematic Universe have known for years - remove all foids from the workforce and this will end inceldom, propel science and technology to the future and normalise the Sexual Market Place

Card-Carrying Villain Award

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Sparrow's Song #sexist #psycho incels.co

RE: "Incels are pure evil"

Femasites, a majority of men, the government, and rich people are pure evil... and they have a lot more influence than incels. I was born into a world where my species reproduces sexually, but individuals have varying degrees of genetic quality and sexual success. Not only that, but in a civilization that claims to have sent crafts to the moon... facial surgery is not covered by healthcare (for straight males) and height enhancing substances are either unknown or kept hidden from the untermensch by the Jewish/German/AngloSaxon elite.

In other words, everything is pure evil. Everything that lives is evil. Life itself is as evil as death, if not more. There is no such thing as a good person, everyone follows instincts. There is evil all around you, cells are evil, molecules and atoms are evil... atoms are really just darkness. Everything in existence you can physically perceive is literally darkness, light just gives it definition... and light itself is evil too because it exists.

I have a right to be evil, I have a right to hatred, I have a right to spread despair and misfortune. Everyone else is the same. As long as 100% of humans cannot customize their faces and bones and as long as we live mortal lives and reproduce asexually... Evil reigns supreme and shall not be defeated. Let the darkness consume you, you never had a choice anyway. You were born into pain and death before you knew what pain and death even were. Remember, when symmetrical faced people look at you, they wish suffering and death upon you, even if their minds don't instantly put those words or ideas together... their primal instinct is to hate you. Hatred is as natural as sex.

ER and CHO did nothing wrong.

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wereqryan #racist incels.co

[RageFuel] Ricecels, why did you destroy the world?

I know my people (curries) are utterly subhuman and disgusting (but so are yours). You are a savage and immature race with an absolute lack of moral consciousness. To satisfy your ominous appetite, you invaded forbidden ecosystems like bat territories, and in the process invited horrific diseases just to get a modicum of animal protein. And you also have no regard for the animals you kill; you kill them with utter recklessness, completely ignoring the agony and existential fear they are in. And you've justified these disgusting habits by calling them a part of your culture, that needs to be acknowledged and respected by other peoples. And look what that kind of cultural marxism brought upon the world. You fucking pigs fucking destroyed this world within a span of a couple of months you pieces of shit.

A generation ago, your people were fucking slaves, and today you are glorified slaves, having earned the reputation of being a good little productive slave. That reputation made you arrogant and your immature brain thought you could do whatever you wanted. Well look what that brought upon the world. Your oppression, your recklessness, your subhumanity has killed the human civilization. And now you're going to use your propaganda to turn it around and somehow blame the world. What gave you the right to fucking do this huh? Why are you such vile disgusting race? WHY? Why do you oppress, censor and kill your own people? And why are your people such demure low testosterone wallflowers that would happily take a beating with a smile? You disgust me and offend me. If I were the leader of the free world, I would've pressed the red button and nuked your country several times over.

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Wizard32 #sexist #magick incels.co

[Experiment] how shall I learn magical abilities to create a tsukumogami girlfriend?

for example like in this story https://hentai2read.com/the_goddess_is_an_onahole/1/2/

this will require some combination of mad science and demonick magick but we must either create some kind of Tulpa or else summon a ghost to inhabit a doll to be our girlfriend

What is most feasible? Share your supernatural achievements frens. Have you at least levitated a paperclip using your TK?

There must be a blood sacrifice. Nothing is for free.

Why blood? I thought cum alone could summon a succubus to inhabit a magic doll. I read it in this story once.

Would that mean it would turn into possibly a 3 headed girl that's multirace?
Not that I would hate that.

MFW 2-headed tulpa bisects my dick fighting over who gets to blow me first because they don't know how to twin BJ

the soul of that which is sacrificed will ultimately determine the personality of that which is possessed, so sacrifice something with little to no malicious traits pewpew.

Do insects have malicious traits? I wouldn't feel guilty sacrificing a ladybug and then I can imagine my tulpa is Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Just summon a succubus like these people on /succgen/
Time to stop LARPing and get serious about this.

That's the /x/ board but we should make a /succgen/ board on 8kun.top once boards are creatable again.

Blood has more power than semen.

This sounds like foid-based menstruation-worship propaganda.

have you tried summoning one?
Or learning about Sex magick?

Only did some casual browsing on magick a long time ago but I think I lacked the focus / antiskepticism to give it a genuine go.

Remembered reading some "Quantum Touch" stuff where I thought it might be cool to use love-psionics to heal my dog and cat's tumors but they both died of cancer anyway so it kinda soured me on the feasibility of gaining supernatural abilities through willpower.

You should've started with the basics, energy work, Meditation, Body scanning, Tonglen, LBRP. Is what you should start off with.

I also remember reading about "Dragons of Justice" and "Astral Dynamics" by Robert Bruce, plus there was this other acronym which I can't remember clearly .... had to do with Energy points around the body and intentionally gathering energy here...

This is going back about 15 years to my early internet days so ... New Energy Ways... NEW was it I think

Anyone recall "PSIPOG"? That one was catchier and easier to remember, Psychic Students in Pursuit of Guidance.

Man, pre-facebook/pre-YT/pre-Google/pre-MySpace internet was some interesting times. Max LARPing. Guys posting videos and I would watch them and shit. Could never get serious behind the attempt but it was a calming distraction from reading free webcomics to see these antics.

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ionlycopenow #crackpot #wingnut incels.co

Everything is a transaction

Even basic common courtesy is a transaction at the end of the day

That's why normies never hang out with you, they can't get anything out of it

Nobody will ever show kindness or good will unless a camera is recording it to later be uploaded to Snapchat

Don't ever be deluded that there is a single normie who is different. To truly be empathetic, you have to be incel, that is an incel only trait. Normies just virtue signal at best.

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D3X #crackpot incels.co

[LifeFuel] Any geneticist incels here if you can recreate the XYY mutation this could reduce or solve inceldom

Physical traits[edit]
People with the 47,XYY karyotype have an increased growth rate from early childhood, with an average final height approximately 7 cm (3") above expected final height.[5] In Edinburgh, Scotland, eight 47, XYY boys born 1967–1972 and identified in a newborn screening programme had an average height of 188.1 cm (6'2") at age 18—their fathers' average height was 174.1 cm (5'8½"), their mothers' average height was 162.8 cm (5'4").[6][7] The increased gene dosage of three X/Y chromosome pseudoautosomal region (PAR1) SHOX genes has been postulated as a cause of the increased stature seen in all three sex chromosome trisomies: 47,XXX, 47,XXY, and 47,XYY.[8] Severe acne was noted in a very few early case reports, but dermatologists specializing in acne now doubt the existence of a relationship with 47,XYY.[9]

Prenatal testosterone levels are normal in 47,XYY males.[10] Most 47,XYY males have normal sexual development and have normal fertility.

Approximately half of 47,XYY boys identified by newborn screening programs had learning difficulties—a higher proportion than found among siblings and above-average-IQ control groups.[6][13] In Edinburgh, 54% of 47,XYY boys (7 of 13) identified in a newborn screening program received remedial reading teaching compared to 18% (4 of 22) in an above-average-IQ control group of 46,XY boys matched by their father's social class.[17] In Boston, USA 55% of 47,XYY boys (6 of 11) identified in a newborn screening program had learning difficulties and received part-time resource room help compared to 11% (1 of 9) in an above-average-IQ control group of 46,XY boys with familial balanced autosomal chromosome translocations.[18]

So the positive side of this is that the men are taller (average height 6'2) but had learning difficulties and average to bellow average iq

So what do you guys think ?

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Atavistic Autist #racist #conspiracy #sexist incels.co

[Serious] [Jewpill] The Corona Virus must be leveraged by the (((billionaire class))) to destroy the remnants of morality and collective identity

Why has Iran been so effected by the spread of the Corona Virus in particular? It's because Iranian culture is very communal, and people constantly mingle with each other over there. Without a social acceptance of homosexuality to stigmatize displays of affection between males, for example, the Corona Virus was easily able to spread in the Iranian Parliament as the politicians embraced each other and kissed each other on the cheeks.

This is obviously bigoted and leads to dangerous notions of solidarity between people, rather than social alienation and mutual enmity. Fortunately, however, the Corona Virus is serving to break apart such close associations, promoting instead the virtues of individualism, idleness, and consumerism.

Before (((Pornhub))) offered free Premium to the consumer-citizens of Italy, it should be remembered that the Iranian government gave all of its citizens many gigabytes of free internet access in order to incentivize them to stay inside. And there is a poetic quality to this comparison, showing the triumphant march of capitalism, whose ultimate expression is a hikikomori NEET consumer who cooms all day shitting on the dignity of the working class producer and the value of his labor.

Now that most people are, in effect, hikikimori NEET consumers due to the virus, and in the case of America will shortly be receiving literal NEETbuxx, it is time to give the death blows to what remains of morality and interpersonal meaning.

In the course of the plague which swept Athens during the Peloponnesian War, it was observed that public morality got destroyed, and people embraced complete degeneracy as they contemplated the fact that they might soon be dead anyway.

And this spirit of the goyim already being dead and living for the moment, saving nothing, and spending everything, is exactly what we as Judeo-capitalist economic planners need right now.

At the current time the goyim are still in a hoarding (ultra-saving) mindset, but there only needs to be a slight adjustment of their herd movement in order to turn this into a golden age of social alienation (ultra-consumption).

As I was cooming the other day, I noticed a video from Italy of a narcissistic/psychopathic Chad engaged in sex acts with two girls across the street from a police station, making fun of those who were dying from the Corona Virus and the government's efforts to impose social restrictions in the form of a quarantine (the essence of morality, it can be said, for a quarantine is less for your own sake than for the sake of others). And it struck me that this was stunning and brave.

Society needs to ultimately be like this: where only psychopathic Chads and their harems of roasties go outside to assert their dominance over the world, while the consumer hordes stay inside fully engaged in the digital economy; indeed, masturbating to the very psychopathic Chads fucking their roastie harems outside.

It is relevant in the regard that Iran has been forced to release tens of thousands of prisoners in an effort to quell the spread of the Corona Virus, liberating countless narcissistic/psychopathic Chads.

Moreover, the retrograde Jew Bernie Sanders who remains loyal to the old covenant continues to lose his primary contests to our shill candidate.

This all fares well for the state of Jewish control in the future :feelsautistic:

Thoughts? Questions? Concerns?

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TheIncelRepublic #sexist #wingnut incels.co

Modern clown society sees this as acceptable

When you realise that you live in a world where a FEMALE HUMAN being with low melanin would rather have sexual INTERCOURSE with a domestic CANINE BEAST rather than to show any emotional AFFECTION to a male of the SAME SPECIES with slightly higher melanin . [row of “Clown World” smileys]

Edit: I am referring to the meme that white women fuck dogs, FYI I don't chase white girls only, fakecels only have racial restrictions

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chudur-budur incels.co

[JFL] A warning from Blue Mountains City Council


TranscriptBlue Mountains City Council:
“Reduce your risk of coronavirus infection
• Clean hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub.
e Cover nose and mouth when coughing.
e Avoid contact with anyone with cold or flu like symptoms.
• Thoroughly cook all meat and eggs.
• Avoid unprotected sex with domesticated, feral or native animals”
[row of grotesquely grinning frog smileys (“:feelskek:”)]

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