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(Emphasis shows parts of text in the image highlighted by OP)

IT unironically thinks that only females can be incel due to their looks


Really? The old "you should smile more, you'd be prettier!" Is what we're going with here? That's no better than what sexist men say to women.

Femcels have flaws in their ideology, but they are right about the fact that they receive more abuse for their looks. There's plenty of science on the subject. For example, there was even a study done showing that unattractive people receive harsher sentences in court. Not to mention unattractive girls who smile can and often are still unattractive. They can have bad teeth or weird shaped mouths. Femcels were often very sweet and quiet as children. Their personalities are not the problem. Unattractive people just get bullied and treated badly regardless of their personality. Unattractive people deserve proper representation. I'm frankly tired of seeing super attractive actors play supposedly "ugly duckling" characters, or ugly cartoon characters drawn more attractive too.

Imagine thinking a group of people who can literally have sex anytime they want within the span of 30 minutes on Tinder can be incel. So called "physically unattractive" females are still seen as sexually attractive by a gargantuan population of males, their looks play no meaningful impact on their ability to get laid. Males and females do not share the same reproductive neurological behavior patterns, you absolutely cannot compare unattractive females to unattractive males, their circumstances are entirely different.

Just because femcels are female, IT supports them and gives them a free pass to say whatever they want. IT could literally give them the same treatment they give us, where they use a small percentage of bait/venting posts as proof every single male incel is just like that and couldn't possibly be lonely due to being physically/genetically unattractive. IT uses a common reddit tactic where they will purposely only focus on the worst possible aspects of something to avoid the actual topic at hand. They know damn fucking well that looks are determined by your genetics and that its over for ugly males from conception, but they hate you and enjoy hating you.

Thing is that almost any woman can fraud 3-4 points with makeup. It’s honestly unfair.

makeup is easily detectable and looks unnatural.

girls say face doesnt matter but they paint their faces to make their eye area and facial structure look better
they genuinely think we are stupid

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soulartemis #sexist incels.co

[RageFuel] Dumb idiot foids with sociology degrees use sex to get jobs and call STEM majors useless creepy virgins

Found a sociology forum with a massive number of foids who chose to major in sociology and have postgraduate degrees in sociology.
They always whine about not being able to find a job.

They use their more intelligent husbands to find job connections and get hired.

They call STEM majors "aspie creepy virgins," completely oblivious to the fact that as sociology majors, they're all dumb as fuck compared to STEM majors.

They call CS majors and app developers "useless," extremely hypocritical coming from them when they make a living writing papers about Plato and human sexuality.

They even talk about sucking the dick of their professors and bosses to get grants and promotions JFL WTF

If this isn't a career blackpill into the extremely tutorial mode lives of foids, I don't know what is.

”What is new here? All social ((((science)))) whores' main job is to scam money and grades by sucking dicks. Also same goes with most liberal arts departments. They are the most degenerates in any university campus. They spend 80% of their time on partying and rimming chads' buttholes in frat houses.

As a side note, a cockroach in the shitroom of a STEM department building can IQmog an entire faculty of liberal arts.”

True. Just imagine studying for a useless degree and accumulating debt that will never get payed off and still having the courage to call yourself smart in the end. Just fucking lol @ those cunts. They can walk, but decide to put themselves in wheelchairs and then they complain why they can't go up the stairs. They fail at Tutorial Mode.

Perfect analogy, then they complain about how they can't get a job and how they have all this debt, fucking stupid
then they have the nerve to call app developers useless when they're the ones writing papers about human sexuality and calling that a career.

Atavistic Autist #sexist #crackpot

Atavistic Autist #sexist #crackpot incels.co

RE: Hookup culture is a myth, most women have stable sex partners

Most women have cucks.

Although it is true that since most foids are wageslaves now thanks to feminism, they hardly have time to even be whores anymore, whereas under the patriarchy, they could spend all day thinking about the mailman. Pretty funny tbh

cuck rate could go to 0 now thanks to paternity tests

This implies that foids are necessarily interested in getting pregnant when they cuck their hubbies. They're on birth control.

most women want LTRs with attractive, extroverted and rich partners

There is truth to this. Monogamy is something that women have historically desired, leading to their eager conversion to Catholicism during the Middle Ages.

But this was under the context of patriarchy, one where men as a whole had social power. Monogamy served to check the power of men as such and keep husbands responsible. But now, in the decadent feminist gynocracy, monogamy is just a foid's way of wanting to secure commitment from Chad, and check his power.

Remember with these surveys that foids will often not admit, even to themselves, that they cheated on their hubby/"boyfriend" cucks.

They will cope and say shit like "narcissistic/psychopathic Chad tried to get on top of me but I fought him off" (read: I shit tested him, got pseudo-raped and liked it, and then proceeded to fall asleep next to him). JFL.

yeah cheating is probably undereported, just like body count. but it is not close to 80-100%.
women will monkey branch when better options appear though.

Well, due to the fact that females have full sexual discretion under feminism, they are the ones, in all their arbitrariness, who define what constitutes "cheating" now.

Remember that the average woman is talking to multiple backup guys on her cell phone and sending some of them nudes and lewds. Is that "cheating?" The foid would argue "teehee, I'm just friends with him."

Indeed, the whole concept of "boyfriend" is inherently cucked, and implies that you're actively being competed with by other "friends" of hers. But I digress.

Bleachcel #sexist

Bleachcel #sexist incels.co

[News] A message to my fellow teenage males currently lurking this site

If you’re a teenage make right now, and you did not attract a girl within the first half of the school year of your freshman year in high school, I have nothing other to tell than that it is over for you. If weren’t able to get a girlfriend within the first half of your freshmen year of high school, then you are clearly unattractive to them. If you can’t form a proper friend group within the first half of your freshman year, it is especially over you too.

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Various incels #sexist incels.co

(NOTE: In response to a 19-year-old high-functioning autistic girl killing herself due to coronavirus fears)

RE: [JFL] Stacy commits suicide after living our life for 1 week


Its so funny that people tell us we dont need sex, girlfriends or friends to survive. But when they are in the same position as us they kill themselves. Her death is a great example to show how retarded normies are


In her sub 20 she looked like a used whore. Also big ass + short legs.



(The Incel Decade)

How long did she go without Chad? A week?

No coping skills at all


Jfl, all the memes are true. They really couldn't survive when put in our shoes for very long.

(Napoleon de Geso)

And no loss, because cunt would not give me sam fak anyway


She is weak and pathetic. But all foids are anyway!

I've been KHHV since birth. I'm 31 now.


God they are a FUCKING JOKE.


I can’t believe this is happening. All the articles posted here about these idiots killing themselves because of the quarantine seems satirical.


I always thought this shit is a meme, but she literally killed herself just because she is stucked at home for a few weeks....
We incels are not only self aware but also much stronger than such friggin toilets

VirginAutistManlet #sexist

VirginAutistManlet #sexist incels.co

RE: [JFL] Imagine having LANDWHALES REJECT YOU and still being called a volce/fakecel.

Would I actually want to date and have sex with fat women? NO

Does that mean I haven’t approached them in person and haven’t swiped right on them on apps? NO

I still put the net out there on fat cunts, even though I wouldn’t want to have sex with them, but I still get rejected, ignored and denied by fat cunts in the same way a petite Becky or sexy Stacey would.

I think there’s a lot of tallcels on here who probably CAN get a short obese girlfriend. I see lots of obese women with tall guys. It explains why they reject me, why would they accept a Manlet when they can get a Tall average faced guy?

AccountError #sexist #psycho

AccountError #sexist #psycho incels.co

Tribute to Harvey Weinstein

One of the few old and fatcels to ascend, he used his fame, money and status to ascend and had everything go 180 degrees with ungrateful foids. He gave women easy paths in careers for the minuscule price of sucking his dick, but alas, foids are low IQ and hated that he was uglys, so they all dogpiled on him with false accusations.

The media has already painted him as a monster so it's over for him buddy boyo

Goodbye Weinsteincel

Pennywise #sexist

Pennywise #sexist incels.co

[Serious] Has anyone noticed how foids take an authoritarian tone with unattractive men?

I have distinctly noticed this.

Whenever foids talk to Chad, its always cutesy, goofy, funny, joking, flirty. Or even asking Chad what THEY can do for THEM. "Oh Chadrick, you look thirsty, let me get a pot of tea on for you."

Whenever they talk to us, its like "Can you get me some water? I'm thirsty". "Oh Betalamule, I am really busy tonight. I have a date with Chadrick. I don't have time to do my dissertation tomorrow. Do you think you could do it for me?" "Betalamule, will you take my bookback over to building b? I have some plans with Chadrick in the mens locker room before class begins".

Why do Stacys think they're our fucking boss and shit? Stacy go and do that shit yourself. We are not your fucking work donkeys.

That means they have higher Testosterone than you
no joke

Bro I always hardly existed. I never spoke to anyone in school. I always always the sit in the back of the classroom neckbeard in college. I think they thought they could pull that shit on me based on the way I look. Uh, no.

I wouldn't know, I just get ignored.

Lucky. Foids used to call me ugly in full classrooms.

Don't take what I said srsly now
There could be a shitton of reasons
happened to me as well

No offence taken. My testosterone has always been rather high. Tested with blood. One of the reasons that my TFL/inceldon has been so fucking miserable.

They are used to having ugly men bend over backwards for them, and so they will adopt the appropriate tone to command their slaves.

Exactly man. They are used to betaorbiters bending over to their pussy power.

It's been a very longtime since a nobody tried to boss me around like that.

Yeah since I can't work or go to school anymore, its been a long time for me too. If some foid acted like she was my boss now I'd just tell her to fuck off. I used to just ignore it. I'd call Stacy out on her bullshit. I never simped for anyone, though. And I'm proud of that.

JohnWickCel #sexist

JohnWickCel #sexist incels.co

Has anyone noticed if a video has a girl pop up even for like 30 seconds most of the comments are talking about her?

I feel like this is because the average guy has so little positive interactions with women if he sees a average looking girl talking about something he likes without criticizing it or that girl just shows up his mind reacts like some guys on here do and he starts fantasizing about being with her.

Men are thirsty and pathetic as fuck. I was in some blackpill discord and they let a foid in and every dude was focused on her, it was pathetic

That’s what I mean. The average guy is so desperate for positive attention from women he’ll flip out over just one girl showing up in a video.

BodyFat10orRope #sexist

BodyFat10orRope #sexist incels.co

RE: [Serious] Woman hires a hitman to kill his bluepill husband. He forgives her.

Motivated by $400,000 life insurance. Lol and the cuck thinks she cares about him.

She wouldn't do that to chad. A chad husband is worth more than 400k to foids.

You think a female would forgive a man for that? She would enjoin it all the way. Females are evil and these fools wont accept it. Like I do always say, if we could see a female outside for what she is inside, we would be all faggots.

They would be extra furious that a lowly sub 8 almost wiped them out.

Wagiecel #sexist

Wagiecel #sexist incels.co

[JFL] I have wondered for ages why I always had trouble with foids and could never get along with them

The answer was pretty obvious all along.

I was a sub 8 male whos ugly and not tall enough.

Any way of acting that does not involve being a simp orbiter to a female is offensive in this day and age.

And I have trouble doing that coz I'm not NT or a normie. I don't automatically bow down to anyone or give them all my respect by default.

No wonder foids hate my guts. It was so obvious all along.

Sub 8?! Depend how far you are from 8

Since I pretty much have issues with every foid I met, i have to be pretty damn far

Incellectual #sexist

Incellectual #sexist incels.co

RE: [JFL] Brave Man Proves That Incels Are Wrong

Assuming this isn't LARP why do the lucky exceptions think that literally everyone can pull what they did? Its like winning the lottery finding some foid who is OK to fuck an undesirable male. It would be like a formerly poor guy who won the lottery telling other poor people to "Just win the lottery bro, its easy! you just aren't trying you lazy fuck". Theres only so many foids OK with not dating +Chad lites and wayyy more incels who have bad traits than foids who are OK with dating them (if that foid even exists)

endofdopamine #racist

endofdopamine #racist incels.co

(NOTE: In reaction to an Asian woman complaining about Asian characters being drawn as stereotypical caricatures)

I've always wondered if the reason they made the eyes of anime characters so big was because it was a massive cope for reality, kind of like what's going on with this twitter post.

It seems like drawing is just another way for her to fraud.

Sparrow's Song #sexist

Sparrow's Song #sexist incels.co

This is why MGTOW is growing and more and more men would rather pump and dump than commit to chad's leftover cumrags. This is also why prostitution is illegal... because landwhales would lose a lot of cucks and ewhores would get a dent in their business. Prostitution is illegal because the government wants non chad men to be desperate cucks.

rightfulcel #crackpot

rightfulcel #crackpot incels.co

[Serious] If autism makes a difference why doesn't pua work?

Shouldn't ones personality make a difference, no? Don't give me this crap of "personality only matters like 5%" shut the fuck up. Either it does matter or it does not.

PEETER #ableism #sexist

PEETER #ableism #sexist incels.co

Women are responsible for the sperg epidemic

Another example of women creating all suffering in the world is their ability to reproduce when autistic. Creating basically an army of permavirgin spergs like me.

BabyFuck McGirlsex #sexist #crackpot

BabyFuck McGirlsex #sexist #crackpot incels.co

[ToxicFemininity] Foids working in the Medical Field are the reason why no COVID-19 cure exists yet

Having foids working in scientific and medical fields essentially guarantees that virtually no scientific progress on COVID19 will be made as the foids larping as scientists will be too busy on tinder sexting chads.

Also foids "working" in the Life sciences as researchers will actually disturb & distract the men who are ACTUALLY working on the cure by wearing skimpy whore outfits and filthy fakeup and taking selfies and nudes to send to chad and sell to beta cucks.

Further to this, half the time the male Scientistcels will be perpetually living in fear of being #metoo'ed by their workmate foids such that their ability to quickly create a cure for St. COVID-19cel will be greatly impaired.

How is this relevant to the inceldom Discourse?

This validates what we in the Incel Cinematic Universe have known for years - remove all foids from the workforce and this will end inceldom, propel science and technology to the future and normalise the Sexual Market Place

BummerDrummer #crackpot #racist

BummerDrummer #crackpot #racist incels.co

[Serious] Blonde hair blue eyed manlets should be considered the same level as ethnic

I know the title sounds stupid, but hear me out.

As a blonde hair blue eyed male, you are drawn out and steryotyped into a 6'4 nordic aryan trope. When you do not fit this trope, it is at the same level if not worse than being an ethnic. No foid wants you if you are a 5'10 or below blonde hair blue eyed male. You are seen as feminine and weak.

Look at the people who are "JBWmaxxed"-James ft isn't blonde hair or blue eyed, and the men who are doing it aren't short and blonde hair blue eyed. Rather they are usually anglo with brown hair and brown colored eyes. The ones that are blonde hair blue eyed are typically old and fat and masculine men, and rather not effeminate.

I have been rejected by multiple ethnic females for being too feminine, I.E "white boy" or "sounds like his balls haven't dropped yet". The reason "JBW" might work is because asian women prefer masculine white men, but how can you JBWmaxx when chinese people are usually more masculine?

For this reason I now believe of myself as much of an ethnic as any of you. I am an ethnic male who is 5'5. The color of my skin does not matter upon the fact that I am as unwanted as a curry, rice, or nigger.

various incels #racist #conspiracy #psycho

various incels #racist #conspiracy #psycho incels.co

(Blackpill Rage)
[LifeFuel] 5% of coronavirus death in the UK are Jewish.


They only make up 0.3% of the UK's population. LMAO @ this jew bioweapon coming back to bite them in the ass. MAJOR LIFEFUEL!

Very nice tbh

(Transcended Trucel)
hopefully it kills enough

Oy Vey, another psyops. They get to crash the world economy and play the victim.


So now China is Jewish? I played along at first with the whole "Jewish conspiracy" thing but people were like "No no, China's fine, they're not Jewish. Coronavirus isn't Jewish." Now it is? Why can't we agree on anything?
Ah yes there are many layers and misdirections.

But you will never hear the President of The United States stand up and critise his masters

(Blackpill Rage)

So now China is Jewish? I played along at first with the whole "Jewish conspiracy" thing but people were like "No no, China's fine, they're not Jewish. Coronavirus isn't Jewish." Now it is? Why can't we agree on anything?
Sub-atomic IQ cope.

Communist China was created by the Jews and serves their interests

I hope every jew gets circumcised again without anaethesia

(Blackpill Rage)

I hope every jew gets circumcised again without anaethesia
They already get circumcised without anesthetics.
FaceandHFD #wingnut

FaceandHFD #wingnut incels.co

[Blackpill] Blackpilling the masses to harm the economy.

I think this should be our goal. We want to bottom 30% of men to become blackpilled and stop contributing to society. It would decimate the economy. This is how you get revenge from normies.

AccountError #sexist

AccountError #sexist incels.co

Foids who make sex all about them are annoying as shit


1. the man sacrificed everything to get into the relationship
2. all you do is starfish dead body sex and expect work from him
3. he asked for it and wanted it, you just agreed

literally stfu ROASTIES

Atavistic Autist #transphobia #sexist #ableism

Atavistic Autist #transphobia #sexist #ableism incels.co

[Serious] An autistic male transforming himself into a Machiavellian is the flip-side of an autistic male transitioning genders

Both are attempts of the autist to increase his social status, get attention/recognition, and fit in.

But what do they result in? In most cases, disappointment and failure.

Just as many transsexuals commit suicide, even or perhaps especially if they enjoy initial success in getting low tier normies to buttfuck them, many autists who try to become manipulative Machiavellians, even or perhaps especially if they enjoy initial success in it (as in a career setting), will just end up crashing and burning because they're not able to reconcile their lies with their true selves.

What the actual psychopath and foid have going for them is that their entire lives are lies. They aren't even pretending when they present themselves as artificial edifices: they are artificial edifices, the consummate NPCs.

But an autist has a true inner core, on the contrary. And rather than trying to be something you're not, self-actualizing through NEETdom and the cultivation of your special interests is the true way forward.

Napoleon de Geso #sexist #psycho

Napoleon de Geso #sexist #psycho incels.co

[LDAR] Femoids disgusting

No went to lay in bed for short time, and saif "FUUU', because thought how femoids are disgusting creatures, not expressions of my hopes and dreams. And even if somehow be possible to find waifu - unless of impossibly higly cultured, also will be some cunt, not being whos purpose is to fulfill my hopes and dreams, to be embodiment of my ideals about purity and culture


Genetically engineered catgirls for domestic ownership when?..image

Card-Carrying Villain Award

Sparrow's Song #sexist #psycho

Sparrow's Song #sexist #psycho incels.co

RE: "Incels are pure evil"

Femasites, a majority of men, the government, and rich people are pure evil... and they have a lot more influence than incels. I was born into a world where my species reproduces sexually, but individuals have varying degrees of genetic quality and sexual success. Not only that, but in a civilization that claims to have sent crafts to the moon... facial surgery is not covered by healthcare (for straight males) and height enhancing substances are either unknown or kept hidden from the untermensch by the Jewish/German/AngloSaxon elite.

In other words, everything is pure evil. Everything that lives is evil. Life itself is as evil as death, if not more. There is no such thing as a good person, everyone follows instincts. There is evil all around you, cells are evil, molecules and atoms are evil... atoms are really just darkness. Everything in existence you can physically perceive is literally darkness, light just gives it definition... and light itself is evil too because it exists.

I have a right to be evil, I have a right to hatred, I have a right to spread despair and misfortune. Everyone else is the same. As long as 100% of humans cannot customize their faces and bones and as long as we live mortal lives and reproduce asexually... Evil reigns supreme and shall not be defeated. Let the darkness consume you, you never had a choice anyway. You were born into pain and death before you knew what pain and death even were. Remember, when symmetrical faced people look at you, they wish suffering and death upon you, even if their minds don't instantly put those words or ideas together... their primal instinct is to hate you. Hatred is as natural as sex.

ER and CHO did nothing wrong.

Atavistic Autist #racist #conspiracy #sexist

Atavistic Autist #racist #conspiracy #sexist incels.co

[Serious] [Jewpill] The Corona Virus must be leveraged by the (((billionaire class))) to destroy the remnants of morality and collective identity

Why has Iran been so effected by the spread of the Corona Virus in particular? It's because Iranian culture is very communal, and people constantly mingle with each other over there. Without a social acceptance of homosexuality to stigmatize displays of affection between males, for example, the Corona Virus was easily able to spread in the Iranian Parliament as the politicians embraced each other and kissed each other on the cheeks.

This is obviously bigoted and leads to dangerous notions of solidarity between people, rather than social alienation and mutual enmity. Fortunately, however, the Corona Virus is serving to break apart such close associations, promoting instead the virtues of individualism, idleness, and consumerism.

Before (((Pornhub))) offered free Premium to the consumer-citizens of Italy, it should be remembered that the Iranian government gave all of its citizens many gigabytes of free internet access in order to incentivize them to stay inside. And there is a poetic quality to this comparison, showing the triumphant march of capitalism, whose ultimate expression is a hikikomori NEET consumer who cooms all day shitting on the dignity of the working class producer and the value of his labor.

Now that most people are, in effect, hikikimori NEET consumers due to the virus, and in the case of America will shortly be receiving literal NEETbuxx, it is time to give the death blows to what remains of morality and interpersonal meaning.

In the course of the plague which swept Athens during the Peloponnesian War, it was observed that public morality got destroyed, and people embraced complete degeneracy as they contemplated the fact that they might soon be dead anyway.

And this spirit of the goyim already being dead and living for the moment, saving nothing, and spending everything, is exactly what we as Judeo-capitalist economic planners need right now.

At the current time the goyim are still in a hoarding (ultra-saving) mindset, but there only needs to be a slight adjustment of their herd movement in order to turn this into a golden age of social alienation (ultra-consumption).

As I was cooming the other day, I noticed a video from Italy of a narcissistic/psychopathic Chad engaged in sex acts with two girls across the street from a police station, making fun of those who were dying from the Corona Virus and the government's efforts to impose social restrictions in the form of a quarantine (the essence of morality, it can be said, for a quarantine is less for your own sake than for the sake of others). And it struck me that this was stunning and brave.

Society needs to ultimately be like this: where only psychopathic Chads and their harems of roasties go outside to assert their dominance over the world, while the consumer hordes stay inside fully engaged in the digital economy; indeed, masturbating to the very psychopathic Chads fucking their roastie harems outside.

It is relevant in the regard that Iran has been forced to release tens of thousands of prisoners in an effort to quell the spread of the Corona Virus, liberating countless narcissistic/psychopathic Chads.

Moreover, the retrograde Jew Bernie Sanders who remains loyal to the old covenant continues to lose his primary contests to our shill candidate.

This all fares well for the state of Jewish control in the future :feelsautistic:

Thoughts? Questions? Concerns?


chudur-budur incels.co

[JFL] A warning from Blue Mountains City Council


TranscriptBlue Mountains City Council:
“Reduce your risk of coronavirus infection
• Clean hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub.
e Cover nose and mouth when coughing.
e Avoid contact with anyone with cold or flu like symptoms.
• Thoroughly cook all meat and eggs.
• Avoid unprotected sex with domesticated, feral or native animals”
[row of grotesquely grinning frog smileys (“:feelskek:”)]
Wizard32 #sexist #magick

Wizard32 #sexist #magick incels.co

[Experiment] how shall I learn magical abilities to create a tsukumogami girlfriend?

for example like in this story https://hentai2read.com/the_goddess_is_an_onahole/1/2/

this will require some combination of mad science and demonick magick but we must either create some kind of Tulpa or else summon a ghost to inhabit a doll to be our girlfriend

What is most feasible? Share your supernatural achievements frens. Have you at least levitated a paperclip using your TK?

There must be a blood sacrifice. Nothing is for free.

Why blood? I thought cum alone could summon a succubus to inhabit a magic doll. I read it in this story once.

Would that mean it would turn into possibly a 3 headed girl that's multirace?
Not that I would hate that.

MFW 2-headed tulpa bisects my dick fighting over who gets to blow me first because they don't know how to twin BJ

the soul of that which is sacrificed will ultimately determine the personality of that which is possessed, so sacrifice something with little to no malicious traits pewpew.

Do insects have malicious traits? I wouldn't feel guilty sacrificing a ladybug and then I can imagine my tulpa is Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Just summon a succubus like these people on /succgen/
Time to stop LARPing and get serious about this.

That's the /x/ board but we should make a /succgen/ board on 8kun.top once boards are creatable again.

Blood has more power than semen.

This sounds like foid-based menstruation-worship propaganda.

have you tried summoning one?
Or learning about Sex magick?

Only did some casual browsing on magick a long time ago but I think I lacked the focus / antiskepticism to give it a genuine go.

Remembered reading some "Quantum Touch" stuff where I thought it might be cool to use love-psionics to heal my dog and cat's tumors but they both died of cancer anyway so it kinda soured me on the feasibility of gaining supernatural abilities through willpower.

You should've started with the basics, energy work, Meditation, Body scanning, Tonglen, LBRP. Is what you should start off with.

I also remember reading about "Dragons of Justice" and "Astral Dynamics" by Robert Bruce, plus there was this other acronym which I can't remember clearly .... had to do with Energy points around the body and intentionally gathering energy here...

This is going back about 15 years to my early internet days so ... New Energy Ways... NEW was it I think

Anyone recall "PSIPOG"? That one was catchier and easier to remember, Psychic Students in Pursuit of Guidance.

Man, pre-facebook/pre-YT/pre-Google/pre-MySpace internet was some interesting times. Max LARPing. Guys posting videos and I would watch them and shit. Could never get serious behind the attempt but it was a calming distraction from reading free webcomics to see these antics.

ionlycopenow #crackpot #wingnut

ionlycopenow #crackpot #wingnut incels.co

Everything is a transaction

Even basic common courtesy is a transaction at the end of the day

That's why normies never hang out with you, they can't get anything out of it

Nobody will ever show kindness or good will unless a camera is recording it to later be uploaded to Snapchat

Don't ever be deluded that there is a single normie who is different. To truly be empathetic, you have to be incel, that is an incel only trait. Normies just virtue signal at best.

wereqryan #racist

wereqryan #racist incels.co

[RageFuel] Ricecels, why did you destroy the world?

I know my people (curries) are utterly subhuman and disgusting (but so are yours). You are a savage and immature race with an absolute lack of moral consciousness. To satisfy your ominous appetite, you invaded forbidden ecosystems like bat territories, and in the process invited horrific diseases just to get a modicum of animal protein. And you also have no regard for the animals you kill; you kill them with utter recklessness, completely ignoring the agony and existential fear they are in. And you've justified these disgusting habits by calling them a part of your culture, that needs to be acknowledged and respected by other peoples. And look what that kind of cultural marxism brought upon the world. You fucking pigs fucking destroyed this world within a span of a couple of months you pieces of shit.

A generation ago, your people were fucking slaves, and today you are glorified slaves, having earned the reputation of being a good little productive slave. That reputation made you arrogant and your immature brain thought you could do whatever you wanted. Well look what that brought upon the world. Your oppression, your recklessness, your subhumanity has killed the human civilization. And now you're going to use your propaganda to turn it around and somehow blame the world. What gave you the right to fucking do this huh? Why are you such vile disgusting race? WHY? Why do you oppress, censor and kill your own people? And why are your people such demure low testosterone wallflowers that would happily take a beating with a smile? You disgust me and offend me. If I were the leader of the free world, I would've pressed the red button and nuked your country several times over.

D3X #crackpot

D3X #crackpot incels.co

[LifeFuel] Any geneticist incels here if you can recreate the XYY mutation this could reduce or solve inceldom

Physical traits[edit]
People with the 47,XYY karyotype have an increased growth rate from early childhood, with an average final height approximately 7 cm (3") above expected final height.[5] In Edinburgh, Scotland, eight 47, XYY boys born 1967–1972 and identified in a newborn screening programme had an average height of 188.1 cm (6'2") at age 18—their fathers' average height was 174.1 cm (5'8½"), their mothers' average height was 162.8 cm (5'4").[6][7] The increased gene dosage of three X/Y chromosome pseudoautosomal region (PAR1) SHOX genes has been postulated as a cause of the increased stature seen in all three sex chromosome trisomies: 47,XXX, 47,XXY, and 47,XYY.[8] Severe acne was noted in a very few early case reports, but dermatologists specializing in acne now doubt the existence of a relationship with 47,XYY.[9]

Prenatal testosterone levels are normal in 47,XYY males.[10] Most 47,XYY males have normal sexual development and have normal fertility.

Approximately half of 47,XYY boys identified by newborn screening programs had learning difficulties—a higher proportion than found among siblings and above-average-IQ control groups.[6][13] In Edinburgh, 54% of 47,XYY boys (7 of 13) identified in a newborn screening program received remedial reading teaching compared to 18% (4 of 22) in an above-average-IQ control group of 46,XY boys matched by their father's social class.[17] In Boston, USA 55% of 47,XYY boys (6 of 11) identified in a newborn screening program had learning difficulties and received part-time resource room help compared to 11% (1 of 9) in an above-average-IQ control group of 46,XY boys with familial balanced autosomal chromosome translocations.[18]

So the positive side of this is that the men are taller (average height 6'2) but had learning difficulties and average to bellow average iq

So what do you guys think ?

TheIncelRepublic #sexist #wingnut

TheIncelRepublic #sexist #wingnut incels.co

Modern clown society sees this as acceptable

When you realise that you live in a world where a FEMALE HUMAN being with low melanin would rather have sexual INTERCOURSE with a domestic CANINE BEAST rather than to show any emotional AFFECTION to a male of the SAME SPECIES with slightly higher melanin . [row of “Clown World” smileys]

Edit: I am referring to the meme that white women fuck dogs, FYI I don't chase white girls only, fakecels only have racial restrictions

The Incel Decade #sexist

The Incel Decade #sexist incels.co

[ToxicFemininity] Every girl is about to become a cam whore/e-thot during quarantine

If they can't go out and party and have their drinks paid for or be treated to expensive restaurants on a cuck's dime and are stuck at home, then they're more limited how to make cash or extra cash. Nor can they Instagram-model max in order to be flown out to Dubai to get shit on by Sheikhs and Sultans.

So we will see a complete saturation of the cam whore/patron movement. Cucks will have more options for cam girls resulting in market saturation which will cause ructions with the existing whores as it's more competition. We'll see more desperate thots trying to sell their bathwater and their dirty socks to cuck boys.

zekr #wingnut #sexist #crackpot

zekr #wingnut #sexist #crackpot incels.co

[Serious] Society no longer serves its one and only role of equally distributing sex.

The sentiment for young males to want to drop out of society is completely justified and makes 100% sense. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. We are entitled to more than you think. We live in a society that only favors those that are neurotypical, genetically superior, and culturally hive-minded. It has created a perfect echo-chamber for those with these characteristics to live inside of a genetic bubble while anyone outside of these norms is barraged until death. We are in the midst of watching full on eugenics taking place without any foothold to stop such an activity from occurring. The call to nature is not a logical fallacy, anything that we can use to our advantage in terms of reproducing is right while anything else that inhibits it has zero innate value. Two lower status males killing an alpha male is not wrong but it is now illegal thanks to modern law. Infanticide is not wrong if it will allow a female to be available to reproduce more but it is now illegal thanks to modern law. Rape is not wrong but it is now illegal thanks to modern law. "Wrong" does not exist. It is completely justified for Lower status males to perform these tasks when sexual strain is placed upon them, and high status males also deserve the right to fuck as many women as they want too in a natural setting. Nature only cares about reproducing by any means, and anything that allows you to do this is right. The only difference is that now there are 0 blockades on the way in which high status males can achieve sex and reproductive success, while a tremendous amount of blockades are placed upon lower status males.

The original intent for societies to exist was in order to stop alpha chad males from having children with 14 women like it was 10,000 ago because group cooperation beyond Dunbar's number* is impossible. Monogamy was a successful social facade kept in place because without it, people knew that everything would fall apart if only a select few males were reaping the benefits of sustainable social order with sex while the rest were paying taxes to a system that did not benefit them in the slightest. Societies only exist to rear families in the form of monogamy and solidify a group identity because without this, every man is an individual just out there trying to desperately get pussy by any means, killing, raping, pillaging, etc. and living according to nature in order to spread your seed. You might be asking, "Wait, aren't men doing the same thing now just out there trying to desperately get pussy?" well yes, except the option to kill, rape, and take what you want is completely off the table (without losing your freedom). The social stigmas and taboos that kept women in check and ALSO kept high status males in check such as only having children with one partner have been slowly disintegrating for the last 100 years. Polyamory and having children with multiple partners should by definition fall into what is considered "wrong" by society but it is not anymore. A woman sleeping with 50 different partners should by definition fall into what is considered wrong "wrong" by society, but it is not anymore.

We are in a transition just as dramatic as those 10,000 year old high status caveman males keeping 14 women for themselves and acting baffled when you are telling them you can't fuck anyone you want anymore and have to settle for one woman. Imagine how insane this must have sounded back then.This transition is why ancient societies were much more violent than we are because it took hundreds of years to solidify. These hundreds of years in transitioning have been slowly reversed and now in this short 100 year time span have we reverting back to the caveman days but worse because the high status men are protected by the state while low status men are granted absolutely nothing. No, I am not in favor of the naturalistic era full of rape and murder OR this new dystopian genetic bubble era. The only solution is the reversion to social stigmas and enforced monogamy, THE INITIAL INTENT FOR SOCIETAL COOPERATION.

TLDR: Low status males are fucked.

*Dunbar's number: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunbar's_number

BabyFuck McGirlsex #conspiracy

BabyFuck McGirlsex #conspiracy incels.co

[Based] Be very Afraid of Incels.co users with a very high number of posts because......

They are not who they seem to be.

Imagine if you were an FBIcel, LAPDcel or a CIAcel who was paid to be monitoring incels.co for any terrorist threats - you would obviously have to post a ridiculous amount of posts on incels.co inorder to

* Impress your FBI bosses and show them you are working hard at your job
* Trick the legit incels on .co into thinking that you are not a LARPer and are actually stricken by that black plague called inceldom

Think about this logically - given how brutal the blackpilled truth is how can someone spend hours on .co continuously replying to every thread and posting like 10 new threads everyday consistently for months unless they were paid by the federal government to run surveillance on coping incels online???? True incels dont spend that much time on .co posting that many times because they have other copes like

* cooming to porn,
* online gaming,
* call of duty : modern warfare matches,
* watching movies,
* listening to music,
* gymmaxxxing,
* wagecucking
* Mining Bitcoins
* Forex trading
* e.t.c

On that stable basis - be very suspicious of those incels.co accounts who seem to always be on .co replying to everyone and everything because they are FBI LARPers and CuckTears LARPers, i'm also sure that some MOD accounts here are run by Law Enforcement jfl

Reprobus #sexist

Reprobus #sexist incels.co

[JFL] Normies unironically think most incels are cucks

I’ve been looking around the media a lot often, and from what I’ve seen, MANY normies have it mixed up that we are all cucks who will throw away our dignity for a female. I don’t know if it’s the HIGH VISCOSITY of normies masquerading as incels or just fakecels in general. But every time I’ve seen any normie mention us it’s in some asinine statement that makes us seem like cucks. Ignoring the enormous waves of fakecels though, normies legitimately formed us into such a way where they think we’re a bunch of low iq orbiters. They take memes that we have used for years and turn the name from incel to virgin or some shit meanwhile using the rest of our terminology. They are twisting everything we do and say to the point where normies and foids call themselves “incel” for the memes. Fuck normies

Ap0calypse #sexist

Ap0calypse #sexist incels.co

if you hate incels, you are sick and delusional

the fact that self identifying as an unattractive male puts you along the lines of terrorists and murderers shows how malicious and fucking evil our opponents are.

you use the absolute worst examples of us reacting to years of permanent sexual isolation as proof every single self identified incel is an evil terrorist.

it doesnt matter what we say or what we do. The truth is, you hated us from the start, you hated us before we even opened our mouths.

We have been called ugly before. We have been rejected for being ugly before. We have tried everything, but nothing has worked.

The truth is, we don't care what you say, because we already know what true thoughts exist in your malicious minds. Nothing you say will change the reality we live in.

Atavistic Autist #sexist #transphobia #crackpot

Atavistic Autist #sexist #transphobia #crackpot incels.co

[Serious] An autistic male transforming himself into a Machiavellian is the flip-side of an autistic male transitioning genders

Both are attempts of the autist to increase his social status, get attention/recognition, and fit in.

But what do they result in? In most cases, disappointment and failure.

Just as many transsexuals commit suicide, even or perhaps especially if they enjoy initial success in getting low tier normies to buttfuck them, many autists who try to become manipulative Machiavellians, even or perhaps especially if they enjoy initial success in it (as in a career setting), will just end up crashing and burning because they're not able to reconcile their lies with their true selves.

What the actual psychopath and foid have going for them is that their entire lives are lies. They aren't even pretending when they present themselves as artificial edifices: they are artificial edifices, the consummate NPCs.

But an autist has a true inner core, on the contrary. And rather than trying to be something you're not, self-actualizing through NEETdom and the cultivation of your special interests is the true way forward.

and this is related to inceldom how?

Transsexualism is a cope for inceldom, largely employed by autistic males, and there is currently a thread on this very board encouraging autistic males to become Machiavellians.

Various Incels #sexist #racist

Various Incels #sexist #racist incels.co

RE: [Blackpill] Female sex tourism map


A map showing an overview of origin and destination regions of female sex tourism:

Origin: North America (Canada and USA), Northern Europe (France, Germany, Austria, Benelux countries, Scandinavian countries, Finland, UK, Ireland), Japan, Australia, New Zealand

Destination: Southern Europe (Balkans countries, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece), South-East Asia (Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Phillipines, Thailand), Ecuador, Costa Rica, Turkey, Caribbean, Morocco, Kenya

Are any of you from a red country?


Females go to Thailand to bang ricies? I thought was a male phenomenom


Wait so white women are going across the globe to fuck ricecels?

Lifefuel for ricecels tbh

(Anonymous MG)

Yes Asia is a bit surprising but the rest is pretty normal tbh : south europeans and lLatinosie: tall dark and handsome

Latinos aren't tall at all, speaking from personal experience fellow Hispanics are rarely ever tall, they constantly get heightmogged by everyone (including Asians).

Southern Europe I could easily see though pewpew.


they should go to africa and take the black cock they deserve

Cucked graycel your mind ruined by albanian porn makers

(Wristlet 2)

"Destination countries: Spain"

I didn't even know that. JFL local chads are fucking all of the country's women AND other countries too while I rot

Lifefuel for SEAcels.

ROFL apparently US cunts are going to the middle of the Ocean.

i wish all women went to the middle of the ocean

(Blackpill Rage)

Landwhales travelling to the middle of the ocean to get fucked by sea whales.


always wanted to visit one of those countries. fuck a really petite asian girl.

but alas im white and not rich enough to go there unharmed. i go to bestgore and see all the vids of them killing whites in “suicide” becsuse the locals hate us for fucking all they women


Also, brutal AF. Look at Japanese females being among those that go to other countries for sex while men are committing suicide en masse and NEETmaxxing. No wonder their birth rates are dying.


Please dont let whıte women ın middle east not because ı care about them but because ım tired of seeing underage russian foıds hıttıng on 20 something year old chads and bothering me whıle ı try to get drunk ın hotels.


I'm from Spain. There's a lot of foreign foids doing tourism, specially in Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza and Marbella. I give a fuck, actually, when I'm LDARmaxxing.

Anyways, from a normie perspective:
A man doing tourism is a pedo and drug addict.
A foid doing tourism is adventurous and cultured.


The biggest group of female sex tourists are noodlewhores "traveling" to white countries but they aren't even mentioned, I wonder why

Also there's no way white women go to Vietnam or Thailand for sex, this map is bs.

(Snow Dushman)

Yes, Bosnia falls under Balkans.
Wait did the map just say women go to the Balkans to have sex with slavs?
Slavpill debunked?

zekr #sexist #psycho

zekr #sexist #psycho incels.co

[Serious] Has anyone else naturally developed into a sociopath over the years?

Forget darktriadmaxxing, its a giant cope and literally impossible to turn yourself darktriad if you are forcing it. This is because human empathy is built in and learned at an early age to where it cements itself into your subconscious permanently. The only way to chip away at this naturally is to be broken down by life experiences, depression, isolation, social ostracization, all contributing to your empathy disappearing organically. Also, most incels at this point have come to the consensus that darktriadmaxxing has 0 advantage for us because social manipulation works best for people that are already at a position to gain even more (Chad, rich people, etc). My empathy is probably half of what it was just five years ago even. People say that you learn to be more empathetic the older you get because you lose loved ones and go through life and can put yourself in other shoes but for me it has been the polar opposite. Each day that goes on the less I care about anyone, realize that the value of human life is pretty much 0, that life is a net sum of 0 if not less, and that the only thing that matters at the end of the day is your own well being and gain whether it be material, sexual, or anything else.

Koruga #sexist

Koruga #sexist incels.co

[Blackpill] Some women don't even bother to hide that they care about physical attractiveness at IRL.

Today in the afternoon I was cooking, and at that time a girl I live with enters the kitchen (let's see, she lives in a rented room inside my house with her mother and sister) we are not friends, but we talk occasionally. Anyway, she came in and said she was happy because she was through with her boyfriend, I asked her why she ended up with her boyfriend (she had seen him a couple of times and he seemed like a nice guy). She told me that she broke up with her boyfriend because she was bored and because she was too ugly, she had a horrible nose (Well, the nose was very big, but it didn't look ugly either). I said, "Oh, seriously, but you told me he had a good personality" She said this "Yes, but I don't feel anything, I never liked kissing him, I was bored, so I'll look for something better" I told her to be lucky , since I do not think that she will get better (I do Mog for her face and skin, she is not feminine). She said "Ha, I won't give up" and then left because her mother called her.
That poor man only had one affair with her for a month, and she had it more than anything because the boy had helped her in college long before. I hope you learn the lesson.

Various Incels #sexist

Various Incels #sexist incels.co


The most retarded thing I've seen all year

Can you imagine what being a man would be like?

Everyone takes you seriously. Men view you as human, women view you as stronger. You're on the same level of men, women are either scared of you or attracted to you.

Short men don't get discriminated against. Even short men can be leaders of billionaire drug cartels and have a million followers behind him. Look at El Chapo (translated to literally "short guy").

Bald men are viewed as sexy and strong.

Fat men get paid more than fat women, regardless of education or skill. Everyone looks at fat guys as funny and cool, they're friends.

Fat or ugly women are laughed at. Unless it's a pretty face or hot body, what are women good for, right? It's believed that women have no strength unless it's manipulating men, by looks of course. Without that, they belong in the garbage.

That explains the hate non-hot women get.

Women will always know where they stand in terms of looks because men are LOUD. It starts since when you were a child. Boys in elementary school wouldn't play on the playground with you and refuse to touch you in gym class during obligatory square dancing, boys in middle school would call you a monster and hit you, boys in high school would say "that girl is so ugly" when walking past you in the hallways. In your adult life, men will try to use you as a masturbatory pocket pussy while they battle with the fact that they can't get hot girls. What a win.

Not even attractive women are shielded from a man's hatred. Girls get catcalled from creepy 50 year old men at 12 years old and it makes them feel violated. Even if a woman can use her attractiveness to her advantage, when a woman is no longer attractive as she ages, she is thrown away.

Non-hot men don't get that amount of hate. Life would be a lot easier when your worth isn't 100% determined by how you look or how young you are. If it was impossible to get raped if you had biological strength. Is that why FtM exist? I think so.


Tell me this idiot is trolling...


It's pretty obvious going by the sub.

And LOL @ short men not getting discriminated against. It's one of the few instances that not only is it allowed, but society encourages it.


short and bald males are discriminated against on the biological level, i swear everytime I go on reddit it gets worse


- be a foid
- complain about women losing their worth as they age
- don't realize that ugly men never have any worth to begin with


I loled at the comments:

"One day we were standing in the lunch line with friends and my crush was in front of us. He invited my friends to get in line before him, but as I walked up he put his arm to block me and said "only the pretty girls" and laughed with his friend. I'm sure he did this because somebody told him about my feelings. Thanks to my friends who scorned him for it I did not burst out in tears right there and then."

They legit think this kind of thing doesn't happen to ugly guys lmao


This is absolutely inter-dimensional quantum stupidity.

Literally every sentence is the exact diametric polar opposite of the truth.

(Wristlet 2)

fuck that whore, she has no idea what unattractive men go through

let's say she's telling the truth and women are scared, rather than disgusted, of ugly males, which I don't believe but ok. what does that change? how is being feared, hated and unloved a good thing?

Reply to manicel’s post:

life fuel tbh, i love it when chads hurt women's feelings

(I.N.C.E.L.S. Boss)

When she talks about men, she refers to the top 0.5% males.
We are not men in their eyes.


How the fuck can you be this disillusioned, what is a normal day like in this OP's life that makes them this inept to their own advantages as a female in modern society


Reply to manicel’s post:

The most confusing thing about that is the fact his horrible personality wasn’t enough to stop him being her crush up till that point.


this is infuriatingly bad, honestly, I am one of the most chill people you'll meet, I couldn't care less about normies, chads and stacies alike thinking looks don't matter and it's all personality, but these femcels that reject incels on a daily basis and then claim that being a man is much easier to perpetuate their victimhood notion and philosophy triggers me on such an insurmountable level, my blood literally starts boiling

How the fuck can you be this disillusioned, what is a normal day like in this OP's life that makes them this inept to their own advantages as a female in modern society

victim mentality I guess, I honestly have no clue how one can be so mentally handicapped, I've seen it all, I've passed through all the stages, atheism, blackpill-ism, nihilism, I don't care whatsoever about normies and their views on looks and how personality matters and what not, I'm used to people being oblivious to the truth, but man, these chad chasing "femcels" really get under my skin

ShySaxon #sexist #wingnut #psycho

ShySaxon #sexist #wingnut #psycho incels.co

[JFL] Traditionalists who defend women disgust me

I absolutely fucking DESPISE these cucks man.

“Migrants are touching and stealing our women, you know, the very women who voted for migrants to come in the country in the first place through voting left wing so we have to defend their honour!“


Let them get raped for all I care, I won’t defend them. Sorry ladies I’m not tall enough to help you, remember?

These are the same people who want to go back to the days of old where you have to court women in order to date them or some shit and support governments like Monarchy. Imagine having to bow to a Queen or Princess or noblewoman back during the Middle Ages when you could literally grab her by the neck and fuck her cunt raw if you so pleased.


Colvin76 #sexist #crackpot

Colvin76 #sexist #crackpot incels.co

[Blackpill] [Hard To Swallow Edition] If you are still a KHHV after high school & after turning 18, you will never ascend.

You are delusional as fuck if you think otherwise. High school is the "easiest" time to ascend for many reasons. Foids have less access to chads and still live at home.

My high school has 500-550 students per grade.
Divide that in half and you get the foid students, so 250-275. School time is 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, and approximately 180 days per year. Some of you many not have 500 students per grade. Maybe you only had 250 to 400s but my point still stands.

Imagine being around foids for this much time, in a less hypergamous setting, no tinder, and still not getting laid. What the fuck do you think is going to happen when I get to college or the work force? Adult 18+ foids have unlimited access to Chads on tinder, instagram, college/uni or work. Why would they choose a sub8 male like me?

*Brutal TeenLovePill incoming*:
being a virgin after high school or after 18 = missing Teen Love.

Teen love is a crucial point of development for being able to have a decent sex life and being socially accepted into society. This is when kissing, handholding, and sex happen. If you can't get these by 18, You are EXTREMELY FAR BEHIND SOCIALLY AND SEXUALLY. It its COMPLETELY OVER FOR YOU and saying anything else is DELUSIONAL COPE. Missing teen love means you are genetic dead-end subhuman trash. No way around it.

***Reminder that by the time HS ends, most of your normalfaggot peers have already either had sex, kisses, flirting, partying, dating, or other specific degenerate encounters/acts with the opposite sex.

How the fuck am I going to catch up? I can't. You can't either unless you are a fakecel faggot larper.

The only hope for 18+ virgins is if he were somehow a good looking tall mentalcel and foids looked past his non-existent experience. Besides that RARE EXCEPTION, it doesn't make sense how an 18+ Kissless Handholdless Virgin could ascend otherwise. Think about how creeped out foids get when thinking about average/ugly adult virgins.

(Cope): INB4 copers saying: :soy::soy::soy: "But we had 18 year olds and older on the forum ascend. Stop being so negative you're hurting my feelings with blackpills!!!" :soy::soy::soy:

Retards need to stop chugging soy and know that the exception is not the rule. 99% of us are going to rot here forever and there is nothing that can be changed about it.

If you can't ascend in high school or before 18, YOU WILL NEVER ASCEND PERIOD. You are doomed to Inceldom for life. GET OUT OF YOUR FANTASY LAND AND STOP BEING FUCKING DELUSIONAL.

MayorOfKekville #crackpot

MayorOfKekville #crackpot incels.co

[SuicideFuel] [DickPill] Penis size corresponds to height and body shape, holy fuck it was always over, forever

So basically a toilet can tell your dick size just by your body shape and height.

She knows that tall, high T chad has a monster cock that will fill her up just by looking at his athletic 6’3” body and his narrow waist and wide shoulders.

It is so completely fucking over. Testosterone dictates your entire value as a male. Testosterone will give you height, athletic body type, and a big dick (as well as strong jaw and hunter eyes). It’s all or nothing in this world. Everything depends on testosterone levels as a man.

There is absolutely NOTHING you can do to change your fate.
Gym is a lie.
Plastic surgery is a lie.
Money is a lie.
PUA is a lie.
Personality is a lie.
Betabux is a lie.
JBW is a lie.
Life is a lie.

You roped yet?

“Penis size interacts with body shape and height to influence male attractiveness” - PNAS
Gladiatorcel #psycho

Gladiatorcel #psycho incels.co

[RageFuel] lmao normies deserve to be shot (in Tokyo Drift)

Its always the same bullshit when it comes to anything work related. They will not listen to me when I state my opinion, like literally, ignore it, and then later on complain about the fact that Im not doing anything. I fucking hate normies and their retarded bullshit, I despise every single one of them. Always have to act as cocky as possible for the slight possibility of a increase in status.

I fucking hate you normies. If you are reading this board, I hope you all get fucking corona.

schizomode #sexist #psycho

schizomode #sexist #psycho incels.co

The Coronavirus quarantine is making me go batshit insane.

All the normie couples (or chad hook-ups idk) surrounding my tiny apartment block are all at home surrounding me, and until today I've just been hearing them constantly have sex, constantly reminding me of my genetic inferiority. Earlier today a particularly loud couple was having sex in an apartment across the courtyard from me. I just opened up the window and screamed "HEY SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH." It actually fucking worked. I didn't hear anything else from them or anyone else in the apartment for the rest of the day.

I feel like I got a HUGE surge of autistic, raging testosterone for the rest of the day just from the minor victory. I walked to the supermarket and two different times I called a tall, skinny chadlite faggot to their face as I passed them. For literally no reason at all except being angry at the world. Both times they just were really shocked and didn't have any reaction. I'm a gymcel and I think I could take each of them, but holy shit am I being a dumbass.

I thought I was already in the acceptance phase of the Black Pill, but I think I might be going full retardragemode, just because it's exciting and delusionally vindicating. I'll always treat male manlets, curries, asians, and most blacks with utmost respect. Fuck everyone else.

theson #sexist

theson #sexist incels.co

[ToxicFemininity] "I love to travel"

And look where it got us. Maybe after this whole thing blows over this stupid trend of "I have to vacation in some random third world country every holiday" can finally end.

Cuyen #sexist #wingnut #conspiracy #racist

Cuyen #sexist #wingnut #conspiracy #racist incels.co

[Blackpill] The ultimate goal of men

Unfortunately, we are the generation of men raised by women hence we need validation from women, we need to being accepted by them, we need attention, actually, we are hungry for attention. Lack of masculine figures in our generation is caused this. If we had the right masculine figures to take as role models, we wouldn't end up as weak, validation-seeking beta males. Lack of masculine figures in our generation is a result of the degeneration caused by the jews, but that's another topic.

Most of us had weak moms too, with high anxiety problems and shit, which, eventually caused us to have high levels of anxiety. If maybe our dads gave us some beatings, we wouldn't end up like this. Notice how boomers are generally masculine. yeah, they are annoying but male boomers are over masculine, unlike our weak bitch ass, anal-fucked faggot generation. because they had some masculine figures in their lives.

As a child, we wanted attention from our mothers, and as grown males, we need attention from women. We try everything to just get attention from women. You come here and post when your crush looks at you, it's weakness. you feel happy when some random slut talks to you, it's also a weakness. you feel like you are going to bang her when a random female has even a little conversation with you, it's a weakness. in every aspect of our lives, we look for validation and attention from women. it came to a point that people kill themselves over not getting pussy or lack of intimacy.

I can't blame them. that's legit how the society is fucked up in a way that only men are negatively affected and women's standards are sky rocked. but what if what we really want is something else, but not validation from a cock riding whore? media and the brain fucked society programmed in a way that we all should serve women and beg them for validation. from children's tales to movies, we brainwashed to think that we should kneel down and suck female's feet and beg them for attention.

Sure you feel like having a girlfriend would be amazing, but you put some facts aside like women are swallow and they'll never let your mind rest, so your body. they will ruin your life once they enter it. they will brainwash you. and yeah, all women are the same. there's no expectation. just because your mother acts nice to you doesn't mean she is any different. the relationship between you and your mother is a kind of relationship that you'll never have with any female in the world. hence, two are different things.

And here comes another mistake men make, particularly non-black pilled men think that all women are like their mothers, and can tolerate their emotional breakdowns but in reality, you should show no weakness to keep a woman interested its what is it and it's proven by the science. talking to women about your shitty past and lonely life will do no good. you should actually lie them, manipulate them if you can, lie about your life and your interests. you should just make a lie instead of telling her your favorite thing to do is playing fucking Fortnite.

A part of blackpill is coming to the conclusion that women LOVE lies. and they are controlled by manipulation. to prove this fact, just look at how mainstream media plays tricks on women's minds, how to turn them into garbage sluts and cumdumpsters.

you should learn manipulation, compared to women, men have thicker skin so they are more immune to propaganda and manipulation. so you need to be dark triad to pull it off, to manipulate women.

Overall, women are a waste of time. they are really going to fuck your brain up, no matter if you are single or not. they are going to fucking ruin your life. hence why men need to serve for a higher purpose, more than getting validation from women, we need to do something vicious, something holy in a religious or non-religious sense. but something that values our well beings and gives purpose for our lives.

We all should serve for a purpose, live under discipline and that's how we're going to feel our masculinity. that's how we'll return to masculinity. The modern society repeatedly blamed masculinity for doing "harm" so over time, the masculinity is reduced, it became thinner and thinner in the west. Hence why men lost their purpose of life, hence why men commit more suicide than men. we need to return to masculinity, to who we were and what made us men.

Wagiecel #crackpot

Wagiecel #crackpot incels.co

How come psychopaths/sociopaths are never portrayed as completely ugly looking?

Serial killer, lawyer, CEO, con man etc.

One thing they all are is not completely ugly.

Does anyone consider ER a sociopath? They consider him a whiny loser who couldn't get laid so he took out on others. They almost don't want to call him a sociopath coz that term seems to have a cool alpha connotation to it

AsiaCel #crackpot #psycho

AsiaCel #crackpot #psycho incels.co

[LifeFuel] Imperial Japanese Army was a testimony to the toughness of incels

I believe many of you WW2cels or even incels have heard of the country Japan, but did y'all know that outside of anime it was one of the most fierce, violent and brutal country around?

The IJA was the army of incels - they would take terrorrity of the enemy and ascend through the means of questionable means.

The average japanese serviceman looked like that



The IJA taken part in many battles against the western countries, which mogged them (even worse back then), Russia was demolished by the Japanese and so did UK, Netherlands, France and even USA.

The average Japanese soldier back in the past was 5'3 and weighed only 115 pounds, compared to Americans of 5'8 and 145 pounds.

Despite losing out on the end, the toughness of the Japanese shown. The Americans had to face an extremely fierce enemy and paid costly for every island they took from the Japanese.

The Japanese would literally do 'special attacks' aka suicide attacks, crashing planes on bombers, charging straight to machine guns, suicide with grenades and put TNT on tanks and use them as explosive go-karts.

I think WW2 Japanese is a testimony to what incels can achieve as a whole, and can be a fierce enemy despite lack of height and appearance.


Colvin76 incels.co


Update results for this thread: https://incels.co/threads/before-the-coronavirus-gets-out-of-hand-i-will-approach-10-20-times-today.186701/ I originally said 10-20 approaches but changed my mind on it. To hell, might as well do 25 approaches.

From 3:17pm (EST) to 8:17pm (EST), I spent 5 hours approaching in public (with some small breaks).

Results from approaching = 25 rejections.

ITS OVER. I got nothing. Zero. I'm still a virgin. I'm still an Incel. I'm still a KHHVcel.

Fucking hell. These were the worst 5 hours of my life. Was brutal as fuck but at least I can say I've tried.

@Angry_runt @Feces thoughts?

BlkPillPres #psycho #quack

BlkPillPres #psycho #quack incels.co

[Blackpill] How We Can Possibly Help The Corona Virus Cause A Societal Collapse (MUTAGENS)


I was sitting and thinking, pretty soon a full blown cure will be available, is there nothing I can do to keep this corona cabana going? lol

So I started doing some googling and came across mutagens

In genetics, a mutagen is a physical or chemical agent that changes the genetic material, usually DNA, of an organism and thus increases the frequency of mutations above the natural background level.

I'm not sure which mutagens affect viruses more significantly but one or many may be in the list on that wiki page

The most promising looking one was in the "physical mutagens" section (UV radiation)

So I tried to find out if its true and it likely is:


while UV irradiation can be effective, it can also cause viruses to mutate

UV light can kill viruses at certain strengths though, but it will cause mutations and allow a virus to survive at lower strengths


According to the latest guideline on the diagnosis and treatment of the novel coronavirus released by the National Health Commission, the virus is sensitive to ultraviolet light and heat, so ultraviolet radiation can effectively eliminate the virus.

According to the guideline, indoor spaces should be disinfected with ultraviolet light with an intensity of over 1.5 watts per square meter. A UV lamp can disinfect objects within one meter for at least half an hour.


207-222 nm UVC Light Can Slow Spread Of Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

So if you want to help the spread :feelskek:, you can buy a small uv flash light and go around shining the light on surfaces in clinics or hospitals, IDK there's probably some other mutagens that are more effective and easier to utilize

I kind of have a dual mind when it comes to this scenario, I want the virus to get cured so I can wealthmax and move forward with my life but at the same time if a collapse can happen I'd actually prefer that and I'm rooting for that outcome more than the first, I'm good either way, but I'd prefer a collapse

Does anyone know of any "aerosol" type chemicals/substances that are known mutagens, would make dispersal even easier, you could go around inconspicuously releasing it and you would not be directly harming anyone (well depends on the mutagen, some are carcinogens)

Anyone with any ideas post em, lets make this shit happen boyos :feelskek:

:feelskek:(in minecraft of course)

Indoor sources of mutagenic aerosol particulate matter: smoking, cooking and incense burning

ItsACrazyWorld #sexist

ItsACrazyWorld #sexist incels.co

How feminists can claim men have had it better historically is a joke: men have traditionally been canon fodder, have had really hard, shit jobs...

...have been sent away from their family, etc. For example, the other day, I was watching a documentary on the Great Wall of China. Effectively every man in the army was drafted to build it. How many hours per day they worked, I have no idea, though you can imagine it's gonna be at least 12. The fucked-up thing though? These men were forced to stay there, work, no days off and were 1000s of miles from their families. Many soldiers had wives & kids (I guess people died by mid 30s then...so even a 20 year old soldier, would often have a couple of kids, probably), who they were forcefully separated from for an indefinite period of time. Allegedly the thing took 200 years to build - imagine that: you live in the south, are taken by the army, moved 1000s of miles North, working 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, until you die, never seeing your family again. And women want to argue that they have had it hard?

In reality, it did get better, since apparently when the general saw the moral of the men dropping, he allowed the wives and kids to move from their hometowns to where the wall was being constructed, effectively building villages along the route to accommodate the workers.

Likewise, look at human history - it's been nothing but fighting the entire time. Men would be sent out into the battlefield, outnumbered, knowing full well they were about to be slaughtered. They were literally worthless...nothing more than canon fodder...

In contrast, I wonder how women would react if they were conscripted and about to be sent into battle, sent over the top of the trenches, knowing they would be gunned down by the enemy? Would they want this form of equality?

Ropemaxx #sexist

Ropemaxx #sexist incels.co

[It's Over] [Suicidefuel] Has anyone ever red about mens sexual "harassment/assault" stories?

JFL waking up with a woman trying to suck you off dick, or trying to get on top of you and get fucked. Damn what a tradegy!
Imagine being so attractive a woman can't hold her lust and has to rape you.
Why cant no woman rape or sexually assault me? Over if you don't get this reaction.

Konon #sexist #racist

Konon #sexist #racist incels.co

RE: [JFL] Cringiest debate I've seen, man attempts to refute the racepill and blackpill

>Asian women are the most loyal"

In the first 1 month of knowing them sure.

>"Asian men are slaying"

They literally slay the least of all races according to any statistic.

>"Women prefer foreigners over white men"

Giga cope, proven to be false. Everyone wants white dick.

>"Women love their autistic babies"

Maybe. But rat females also love their babies so what's your point?

>"Women tend to choose culture over primitive instinct"

Daily reminder your own mom will sleep with your bully if she ever saw him

>"Women prefer men who can't take care of themselves"

Won't even comment on that.

>"Looks don't matter in this day and age"

They matter the most right now for multiple reasons and if you are not attractive enough don't even think of trying. Most norms would realise this within this decade.

Ap0calypse #sexist

Ap0calypse #sexist incels.co

Common IT arguments addressed #3

"Look at this ugly guy with a hot wife, this is proof that females don't all care about looks. Even your father reproduced bro, that means you can!"

Nobody is denying that if we waited until our 30s and got a good job, we could potentially have a platonic relationship with a female not sexually attracted to us. Most wives aren't sexually attracted to their husbands, since most males aren't sexually attractive to females. Them having kids doesn't mean that the wife initiates sex often with the husband out of biological attraction, it just means that she felt obligated to have sex a few times to maintain the illusion of a relationship. Marriages are mostly financial unions only romantic in name, we are not interested in a relationship with a female not interested in us sexually and only interested in our resources and occasional company. Mutual sexual/physical attraction is what makes a relationship valid, without this, its merely an over-glorified friendship.

"My husband earns less money than me, and he isn't conventionally attractive"

Even if he earns less money, he is still contributing his income towards you and keeping you company. Even if you "care about him", you still demonize him for making sexual advances and reluctantly have obligatory sex with him once a month. If a genetically attractive male becomes available, you may desire to act on your biological instinct and dump your husband or cheat on him. If an attractive male does become available and you choose to stay with your husband, congratulations. Remain unhappy and keep pretending your "sexual attraction" towards your husband isn't a lie.

I never understood the point in cherry picking.

People win the lottery too but that sure as hell isn't a viable way to solve your financial issues.

Its not even cherry picking at all when the examples they use are ultimately false.

If/when feminism removes the remaining monogamous/patriarchal social practices of society, females will no longer need to hide their true feelings and will congregate to fuck the top percentile males.

ItsACrazyWorld #sexist #crackpot

ItsACrazyWorld #sexist #crackpot incels.co

It's fucked up how men are mocked/their opinion instantly discounted/are disrespected by women if they don't have a porn dick, yet...

...women can have any size boobs and they are supposed to be worshipped. A typical example you can see in porn, both 'professional' and arguably more noticeably, in amateur (since in 'pro' porn, you can at least argue that the women are just shooting with guys they're paired with). You can look at pro-porn - you have loads of women who range from 4'8 to 5'2 height wise (i.e. femlets) with often A or B-cup boobs. I'm not going to write examples since I don't want to promote them, but I think we all know - these are primarily Asian, but also white & Hispanic women. In porn though, these women will never be paired with a guy less than around 7.5 inches - in extreme cases, you're talking 10 or perhaps more. Why is men's value in porn based PURELY on the size of their dick, whereas women can have small boobs and still be considered 'attractive'? So why do women in the bottom 1% of terms of size, feel that they are too good for 99% of men? Far too many women from the bottom 1% will demand guys that are way above average in terms of dick size, despite the women themselves being below average in terms of both height and boob size

Likewise, in amateur porn this is arguably even more apparent, since the women are choosing the guys they shoot with - again, pretty much 90% of women will openly shit on men unless they have a huge dick. Again, it's a kind of 90:10 rule - whereby 90% of men are happy with women's boob size (even if they are way below average), whereas many women view only 10% (or realistically, if they want porn dicks, <1%) of men to be good enough

And this isn't just about porn - women will instantly put down/not take the opinion of someone they consider to be 'inferior' seriously. I think this is why women care about 'social justice' for groups like blacks and not about others (Asians, Indians, Hispanics etc) - since they assume the penis size stereotypes (which, according to studies, allegedly aren't true) and therefore have the link "black = big dick = 'real man' = I'll listen, compared with e.g. Asian = small dick = loser/virgin/incel = I don't care/won't listen".

And it's like, I'm not even small - that's kind of the fucked-up thing. I'm 6.5, which is allegedly a bit above average...but the average men are expected to meet is some thing as thick as your wrist and long as your arm. That's why I empathise with ER...afterall, if you have a 4 inch dick as he seemed to admit, you'll not only never be able to satisfy women (who demand 8 inches), but they'll fundamentally never view you as a man. In 2020, I feel like 7 inches is the absolute minimum for many women to respect you, as a man.

Can you imagine if men had this attitude towards women - imagine a man in parliament saying "bitch, your boobs aren't GG, I don't care about your opinion" and all the men coming together to silence her. Yet, that is the attitude of women towards men...

ShySaxon #sexist

ShySaxon #sexist incels.co

[It's Over] [COPE] The football/soccer team you backed is getting hammered 6-0 with only a minute left to play...

Suddenly some guy gets up and says...
“They still have a chance bro they can still win!”

It’s not even cope at that point, it’s STUPIDITY.
It is blatantly over for the losing team.
The same applies for Incels. I’m an ugly manlet and I’m autistic as fuck. My best trait? Being white. That’s it. Yet bluepilled soy man here still thinks that I can ascend.

It is fucking over. Done and dusted. I’m sub 8, an autistic freak and I’m a manlet. It doesn’t take a fucking genius to figure out that I’m not going to get laid. Stop denying what’s in front of you, stop embarrassing yourself and stop fucking coping. It’s over.

mental_out #sexist

mental_out #sexist incels.co

[RageFuel] People keep saying incels don't put in any effort to meet women, but then shit on any approaching methods incels try

I'm talking about this shit


Approach who? Random women they see on the street? Cause that's not the right approach, that won't da shit
for their "data."

They'll blame incels for not putting the effort in to meet women, but then when an incel says he will go out and try to meet women, that method is wrong and won't work.

And the thing is, I fully agree it won't work, but how the fuck are incels meant to be meet women? You can't talk to random women, but you also don't know any women, they also admit incels wont get laid on tinder, you also shouldn't do it at work because that's bothering people who're working, so I guess that leaves... absolutely fucking nowhere to meet women then.

For the record I fully understand it's all just about looks, but the way these faggots move the goalposts constantly is annoying as fuck.

Rheinkwell #sexist

Rheinkwell #sexist incels.co

[Story] I worked out with a Stacy

... I suffered an awful injury last year that left me with several herniated discs and agonizing pain for months. The only way to deal with this shit is by going to the gym.

Today I had an appointment to workout at my local gym. Of course it had to be a white Stacy who would show me the exercises. Not only do I dislike listening to foids, I also think they will never do their job properly when their customers are sub-7 males.

This Stacy was no exception. She showed me only a very few exercises that I knew already. She got distracted by nearby Chads all the time. I caught her looking at me in utter disgust.

I fucking hate this shit life. I hate women.

I had similar situation.

I had a career advisor appointment ting.

Chadlite who already had one told me it lasted an hour and it was really good and helpful

Mine ended up being less than half of that time and it was pointless.

She was rushing me, not answering my questions and being condensing and trying to force everything so that she could say that da ting b finished n all day.

Jesus. We're all practically living the same life experience: misery and crap. I always get mistreated by foids for no reason at all. I didn't even approach or looked at her inappropriate (unlike Chad) or anything.

Was she really a Stacy though? I highly doubt it. Most likely was just a Becky.

No bro. She was a Stacy imo. Blonde, perfectly symmetrical face, slightly tanned, Ariana Grande type of body. Chads stopped their workout to look at her ass.

I still reserve my doubts, no offense. I've seen the people that are referred to as Stacy and Chad on here.

She was definitely a high tier foid. Up there in the top 10%. But hell, even ugly foids treat me like garbage.

Actually, ugly holes tend to be the ones to treat ugly men like shit. Better looking women tend to be decent.

Well they're literally living in heaven. They have not as much negativity in their lives as ugly people do.

Atavistic Autist #sexist #crackpot

Atavistic Autist #sexist #crackpot incels.co

[JFL] BrazilianSmegma "wow, just wow'd" at my observation that 'only psychopathic Chads and roasties are allowed to be narcissistic'

This is literally true. If you're a grandiose narcissist in the sense that your inflated ego actually gets fed by the praises of other people, then from the individualistic perspective of therapy, there is nothing wrong with you. Despite the fact that you are most certainly harming others through your self-serving behavior, you are egosyntonic in the sense that your behavior ultimately benefits you and you recognize that fact -- and this is all that matters. "Treatment" over.

It's only if you're autistic/incel that narcissism is considered a problem, because your inflated ego is not being fed by the praises of other people; you are a low status/ugly/neurotic fallen narcissist who is actually disdained by others. Your self-serving behavior does not ultimately benefit you in the social arena, but just makes people hate you more. You are egodystonic due to this conflict of interests.

So how does therapy address the plight of being a giga-IQ'd autist/incel who knows he's above normgroids but does not get recognized for that fact? It attempts to break their ego down, but not completely -- only to the point of accepting the degradations of social conformity, where they can "find meaning in a job," for example, whereas psychopathic Chads and roasties find meaning in having innumerable orgies, tyrannizing the world, and spitting upon the collective good (at the very same time as the autist/incel is told all about the merits of "contributing to the community" or whatever, JFL).

This is very pernicious and reveals an inherent contradiction in therapy. On the one hand, it permits those with high social status to continue exploiting people and maximizing their individual autonomy at the expense of others (indeed, these people do not even "need therapy" for this), whereas for those with low social status, it endeavors to humble them and break their spirit, but not entirely. For if you totally killed off your ego, you would be totally fine with just NEETing for the rest of your life, for example, and not attempting to impress others and be pretentious. This obviously cannot do, because there is no way for psychopathic politicians in the government to tax your individual, creative endeavors as a NEET and for psychopathic, capitalist bosses to pillage your surplus value (not to mention, no way for self-absorbed roasties to get a betabuxx bailout from you).

Instead, you are effectively brainwashed into having the same aspirational desires as normies, and your naivety in this regard is used against you. The fact that you will never achieve a dignified existence through social conformity when you are biologically aberrational is conveniently ignored in therapy. Rather than encourage you to express your narcissism through, say, becoming self-educated and flexing on others in the abstract, you are pushed into college, which is analogues to the indirect passage in a slaughterhouse where cattle are led -- into the butchering of your mind and body in the service of the consumer economy.

FaceandHFD #wingnut

FaceandHFD #wingnut incels.co

[Blackpill] I want an incel "rebellion"

Not a violent one, but...

I just want the fucking blackpill and looks theory to be forced down normie throats.
I want nihilism, amorality, satanism,Machiavellianism to spread as a result of us blackpilling the masses
I want subhumans to stop contributing to society and to demand euthanasia to be legalised.
I want eugenics to be taken seriously
I want surrogacy to be legalised everywhere.
I want artificial wombs, sex robots and genetic engineering to improve fast

AccountError #moonbat #sexist

AccountError #moonbat #sexist incels.co

[RageFuel] Fuck Billie Eilish

If you haven't heard of her, she is currently one of the most popular singers/ music artists. Practically everyone knows her at this point, a few of her songs usually get just under 100 million views, some into 400 million+.

1. She's a talent-less fuck, anyone can use a raspy and choir- like voice in a song, you're not doing anything skillful or special because of it.

2. She constantly acts like she has it hard, says she's depressed and is constantly sad. JFL foids could literally have under a billion fans with limitless cash and still act like they're the victims of life :(

This is the one that ticks me off the most, this foid has already achieved a huge amount of success, in their TEENS mind you. The average guy works their entire life to receive 0.1% of what she's given. Ungrateful fuck.

3. Boring ass personality, she attempts to act quirky and different, but she's just another average dumbass teenage edgelord foid.

4. She hates ugly men

Billie Eilish Rates Being Homeschooled, Goths, and Invisalign | Over/Under

In this video, she says "why are pretty little girls giving ugly guys a chance?"
yeah, fuck ugly guys, let's not give them a chance.

There are other trivial things that are more personal to me than actual points, such as dyeing her hair and her looksmatch probably dead via suicide rn.

From the moment I saw this bitch I hated her. I hate all rich people, famous celebrities, actors, musicians etc... It's all rigged, the whole system is a fucking lie. This cunt was born into money and connections and now she'll live a sweet life while singing about struggles.

Couldn't have said it better myself
One of the most well- off and privileged people in the world singing about struggles and hardships like they ever went through those.

Gymcelled #sexist

Gymcelled #sexist incels.co

[JFL] Normies I know are sharing articles on how to remain mentally sane during corona lockdown

They literally can't fathom being lonely and sexless for just a few days lmao. They're in complete panic mode, it's like they're about to face the firing squad.

Some foid I know shared articles on being sexless/away from your partner for the coming days.

Some guys shared articles about what to do when you're at home. Because apparently normies have no fucking clue what to do when you're home.

goes to show how fucking weak and pathetic normies are without muh social circle. "but sex isnt important" "having a gf wont cure you're depression" all while these faggots are already depressed because they have to "isolate themselves" for a couple days

I always knew this was pure bullshit because normies can't fucking stand not having a gf or going out with their friends. They tell us having a gf isn't important, yet they complain after being gfless for just a couple of weeks.

I remember in hs normies would complain about being sick for 3 or 4 days and not being able to go to a party or hang out with their friends.

I remember one time this chad got into an argument with his friends, so they stopped inviting him to every event for a few weeks. He had a "depression" because of it. But then they got back together and everything was fine of course.

I don't know whether to laugh at them or be angry. These Normie fucks have mocked us and downplayed what we go through, yet they can't go to a bar for a few days and cheer for some cucked sports team and their world caves in.

The best part is i tried warning normies, i told them to get some supplies, stock up on food. They told me i was paranoid and overstressing this "flu". Now they're in full panic mode because the stores are fucking empty and lockdown is coming soon. Fuck you you normie ass bitch. Should have listened to me.

Let them starve. They thought they were too clever to listen to a smelly Inkwell JFL

I also stocked up on soap, shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, mouthwash etc

I'll be clean af while the normies reek lmao

And they call us smelly JFL

College was a massive blackpill, normies would come to class after a night of partying. They were sweaty and reeked of alcohol and/or vomit. Disgusting.

Ropemaxx #sexist #crackpot

Ropemaxx #sexist #crackpot incels.co

[It's Over] [Blackpill] If you don't regularly have sex in your teens, your neurotransmitters are permanently damaged

If you dont have sex regularly in your early teens, your self esteem, dopamine and serotonin are forever damaged.
Seriously, any guy i know who had regular teen sex turned out good. You can see the happiness in their eyes, the glow, the drive for more, the lack of depression or anxiety.

Then i look at any guys who went through their whole teens getting nothing or maybe once every few years. Those guys are always failing, have anxiety and depression problems, work in lower end jobs etc etc.

Society needs to start offering young males sex at an early age. Shoutout to the post who said a female therapist giving an incel a blowjob would be 1000 times more effective than any therapy JFL.

Anyway, enjoy your permanently damaged brain, silly inkwells. Its over

Bangkok or bust #sexist #psycho

Bangkok or bust #sexist #psycho incels.co

I literally want to throw all femcels into a vat of acid.

I hate it when femcels complain. All you need to attract a 5+ male is to be healthy in weight, don't eat like a pig. Plenty of 5/10 and 6/10 would love an ugly, skinny woman. OMG how hard is that Meanwhile men will always be eliminated for physcial traits beyond their control. I think you femcels only complain because you all want Chadlites or high tier normies, you don't notice ugly guys, your weight-matches etc.

How to be an attractive foid:

Don't be too fat / don't overeat
Learn to use make up

How to be an attractive man:

Born with symmetrical masculine facial features
Born tall / at the very least 5'10
Born with wide frame
Born with big dick
Born with good hairline
Follow a strict diet
Lift weights 3+ times a week
Have good social skills
Be like by other women and respected by other men

Modern western foids are the most privileged group in the history of the world, and femcels somehow have the audacity to complain about how hard they have it.


FastBananaCEO incels.co

My 18th birthday will be fucking hell

My 18th birthday literally be like any other day. I go to college and obviously no-one knows it's my birthday cuz I don't tell anyone cuz no one there likes me and got no friends so I go about my day like it's any other then come back home and rot in my bed.

All my birthdays since 14 have been like this but it hurts this year cuz what the fuck are my parents gonna think when she asks what I wanna do for my bday and there is nothing I can do because I literally have zero fucking friends. What will she think of me having zero friends. She's a giganormie and stalks all my childhood friends parents on Facebook and probs sees there kids partying n having girls n stuff on their 18th birthdays whilst I do fuck all.

I dont care that I don't have any friends and my 18th birthday will be dead but j care what my parents and family think cuz they're gonna think I'm the biggest fucking loser and a bigger one than I already am.

Everytime they come over they ask if I've got a gf yet and ask how tf I haven't got one.

All the UK side of my family is as ugly as me but they all had gfs when they were kids cuz of hypergamy n no social media n all that back then so they wouldn't understand how I have no gf and never will.

I don't fucking care that I'm turning 18 but my robotic normie family wanna make a big deal out of it.

Living 18 years as an incel isnt something to celebrate unless you're celebrating the fact that you're getting closer to your death.

0fflinemode #psycho #sexist

0fflinemode #psycho #sexist incels.co

[RageFuel] It's true, women would rather fuck another women than a guy.

@Torridtwenty, r/PurplePillDebate

Women’s sexual fluidity/bicuriosity: what do you think it means?

The #1 porn search for straight women is lesbian


1/3 women have had sexual thoughts/dreams about their female friends


15% of straight women have had sexual experiences with other women


30% of straight women have kissed another woman


74% of women get aroused at the sight of naked female bodies


What do you think all of this implies? Could women simply experience arousal more often in general? Are women just more visually arousing (to everyone)? Some kind of societal push? Is it something that can be explained by trp?

This is why I don't consider woman "human" and why I want to break a women and put her on my display shelf. These animals would rather fuck themselves than a guy. Absolute fucking degeneracy.
ShySaxon #sexist

ShySaxon #sexist incels.co

[Blackpill] IT never touches my college experience threads

Wonder why they don’t bother. They are from the heart and I have no reason to lie about my experience there. Could it be that it refutes their shitty argument that “looks don’t matter” and supports the blackpilled ideas that “Chad always wins” and “personality is always last, looks are always first”?

Even the students in college knew looks mattered more than personality, they’d laugh and jest about how your personality could get you laid. It’s all a big joke to them.

It’s over for me and nothing they say will convince me otherwise. There’s literally no point in trying to self improve because that’s a joke and self improvement can’t change your genes.

Comfycel #transphobia

Comfycel #transphobia incels.co

RE: [Blackpill] Wizardcel is too ugly to transititionate

Suicidefuel for trannymaxxers.

My story

Trannies are digusting,I would rather be a virgin incel until the day I die than being a fucking disgusting degenerate tranny,trannies are living crimes against nature,biology and common sense.

Also even disgusting trannies want to leech from some betabuxxer,fucking lol.

The Abyss & N-Digger #sexist

The Abyss & N-Digger #sexist incels.co

(The Abyss)

[Blackpill] One little change of circumstances

If tomorrow everyone woke up & strength levels were swapped between males & females you would see the following:

Women openly insulting & ridiculing (to extreme levels) ugly, short or bald men.
Foids beating guys up left & right.
Sexual harassment by foids grabbing guys crotch.
Guys they don't like would receive a cock knocker slap to the Johnson followed by a remark like baby dick.
Any men defending themselves would still get jumped by cucks & have the book thrown at them in court.
A new type of prison/torture chambers.
Battle royale (Jap movie) type events.


It's a good thing that nature made the eviler sex the weakest. In times past they acted well because their survival depended on men, they had no choice but to please them and they were rewarded in doing so. But now as they become increasingly independent they show their true nature.

LastTryGhost #sexist #psycho

LastTryGhost #sexist #psycho incels.co

[Blackpill] To ER or not to ER debate is fucking dumb.

Who gives a fuck if someone ER’s or not. Our lives will always be fucking shit and full of rejection. I think if an incel really wants to fucking put some bullets in a few roastie whores and he understands the punishment the comes with it, then he should fucking be able do it. I don’t care if it will make foids hate us “more” they already hate us beyond anything we can even comprehend. You can make the argument that it’s not worth it, sure that could be applied to you, but the individual should determine it.