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Vladimir Solovyov #wingnut #psycho

War is a much more natural state for man than peace is. It sounds awful, it sounds sad. “No, no, no. What are you talking about?” Stop saying that. It’s for that very reason that when blokes end up at war, however strange it sounds, they suddenly recognize that this is their destiny. War turns out to be so much more natural for a human being that everybody can find a place for themselves in the ranks and begins to live this war. And however strange and horrifying it sounds, ven to feel comfortable.

Eric Hovind #fundie

Proof of Noah’s flood is blowing up the Internet!
Our friends over at
point out some powerful truth. The Bible has been teaching there are fountains in the great deep for more than 4000 years! Follow
to read the article!Proof of Noah’s flood is blowing up the Internet!
Our friends over at
point out some powerful truth. The Bible has been teaching there are fountains in the great deep for more than 4000 years! Follow
to read the article!

Rick Davis #fundie

Can the magistrate pass laws that change an idolater's heart and cause him to accept Christ? No. The church preaches the gospel, which is powerful to save.

Can the magistrate pass laws that prevent idolaters from publicly honoring false gods? Yes. It would be good for society

Ken Ham #fundie

Have you noticed that those who claim tolerance can be the most intolerant of all?

Intolerance against Christians’ freedom to express their Christian worldview is increasing from secularists who are in positions of authority in education, research, and so on.

What happens when you briefly reference the Creator (without even specifically explaining who this Creator is) in a scientific paper for a secular publication? Well, watch out, for intolerant secularists will become incensed and get the paper censored.

Ken Ham #fundie

When I was answering the question who Cain’s wife was on a radio talk show, an atheist told me I was immoral for saying close relations married in early history. But can an atheist make that claim?

Secularists frequently accuse Christians of behaving “immorally” and religion of being “evil.” But such objections bring up an interesting question: how do secular humanists or atheists define evil and morality and by what authority do they make such statements?

For the atheist or secular humanist, there is no foundation for morality besides his or her own subjective opinion. These individuals often throw around words such as evil, immoral, moral, or ethical, often in the context of Christianity or Christian individuals. They will say things such as “religion is evil” or that teaching creation to children is “child abuse,” but what do they mean by these phrases?

In their worldview, what makes anything immoral or wrong? Really it boils down to nothing more than their opinion. They claim that something is wrong. But who is to say that their opinion is the right one? After all, there are many different opinions on what is right and wrong. Who decides which one is right and which one is wrong?

Steve Kirsch #conspiracy #pratt

At least 4 independent studies (Hooker, Mawson, Garner, and my own surveys) found an odds ratio of 5 or more for autism being more likely in the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated. This means that 80% or more of autism is caused by childhood vaccines. There aren't any studies of fully vaxxed vs. fully unvaxxed showing otherwise that any of us are aware of. Congress tried to get the NIH to do a study on vaxxed vs. unvaxxed, but the bill never made it out of committee.

Ray Comfort #fundie

Follow Me

Follow Me. (Luke 9:59)

Until we follow Jesus, we are lost. We are going nowhere, held firmly in the prison cell of sin and death. What a sad, depress-ingly hopeless state we are in until Jesus opens the prison door and says, “Follow me. ” Yet millions choose to stay in the cell, not understanding what awaits them. To choose death above life and hell above heaven is insane. The first second in hell will bring instant remorse. What a sad thing that the man to whom Jesus spoke these words had an excuse. Had he followed Jesus during the incar-nation, he would have entered into the most exciting adventure that any human being could ever have. Had he followed Jesus, he would have seen the sick healed, the blind given sight, and people raised from the dead. He would have had the privilege and honor of hearing life-changing words pour from the lips of the Son of God. Today, millions have excuses for not following Jesus Christ. The bottom line is that people love sin. They love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil, neither will they come to the light lest their deeds should be exposed (John 3:19–20).

When did I begin following Jesus? Am I still following Him daily as enthusiastically as I did at first?

Father, let me have the adventure of serving you.

*** From, Jesus in Red (365 daily devotions).
Available or wherever good books are sold.

Klaus Arminius #racist

Algeria expelled 1 million French (10% of its total population) under 3 years.

Tunisia expelled a 250,000 French, while Morocco expelled 500,000 Spaniards (7% and 5% of their respective populations).

Uganda expelled 30,000 Indians.

Nothing is ever impossible or too late.

Mia & Dr Jordan B Peterson #transphobia

( Mia )
When people of the future look back at this despicable moment in history when we allowed teenage girls to sacrifice healthy body parts on the altar of gender, this image will be one of the exhibition pieces to demonstrate the true depravity of the era. What an utterly sick and twisted nation Canada is for allowing this individual to practice medicine.

( Dr Jordan B Peterson )
This is psychopathically detestable

For life
No parole

For crimes against humanity

Ken Ham #fundie

The late Dr. Henry Morris (considered the father of the modern biblical creation movement) had also been writing about this connection between evolution and morality in most of his early books.

Over the decades, evolutionists have often mocked me for tying evolution to morality. They claim that evolution has to do with “science,” not morality. But notice that as generations have been indoctrinated into believing naturalistic evolution (which is in reality the religion of atheism), Christian morality has declined. Armed with so-called “science,” secularists have become bolder in opposing Christian morality.

In our Western world, we are seeing more and more people (like Bill Nye “the Science Guy” whom I debated at the Creation Museum in 2014) who boldly claim that evolution is “science” and are using it to promote an anti-Christian worldview. More than ever, secular activists are vehemently opposing Christian morality, such as marriage being between only one man and one woman and abortion being murder.

And we are seeing very amoral and immoral behavior growing across the culture, especially, it seems, among the younger generations (Millennials and Generation Z). While we do not argue that evolution directly causes immorality, people can use Darwinian thinking to justify their immoral behavior.

Ken Ham #fundie

Let me make something very clear. Evolution is not the cause of racism, or abortion, or Gay “marriage,” or any other such issue. Sin is the cause of such issues. But there is a connection between evolution and morality.

I believe the message of the AiG ministry has been in a sense very “prophetic.” Even when I began teaching on creation vs. evolution back in 1975, I was already asserting that atheistic evolution and morality were connected and that, over time, immorality would grow as people rejected God’s Word and accepted naturalistic evolution. Not because evolution was the cause of the immorality, but the more generations believed evolution and rejected God’s Word, the more their morality would be subjective. This would result in moral relativism permeating the culture.

I taught that the more people believed that life arose by natural processes, the more they would also believe that life was ultimately meaningless and purposeless—and morality could be whatever a person determined. Or, as Judges 21:25 states, when there was no king (or absolute authority) in the land, “everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”

Helen Joyce #transphobia

(On the NHS Rainbow Badge Scheme)

It tells you it's a Men's Rights movement. They're a bunch of incels these people. I mean honestly, they go on about Andrew Tate, but this is worse, at least Andrew Tate's upfront about what he thinks. This is worse. We're meant to think that this is inclusive. That it's kinds, that it's generous, but this is the NHS acting like a bunch of incels.

Ken Ham #fundie

Why do many atheists rant and rage over what we as biblical creationists believe? In their worldview, when you die you then won’t even know you ever existed. And eventually from their worldview everything dies anyway, and that’s the end!

So why do they get so emotional about opposing Christians? Because as God’s Word makes clear in Romans 1 and 2, God has made it evident to all that’s He’s the Creator, and we all have a conscience. The bottom line is it’s a spiritual issue and that’s why they battle so hard as deep down they’re actually convicted. They suppress the truth (Romans 1).

Ken Ham #conspiracy #fundie #homophobia #transphobia #wingnut

There’s been a war on the family ever since sin entered the world. The devil knows how important the family is. The family is the first and most fundamental institution God ordained in Scripture. The family is the unit God uses to transfer a spiritual legacy from one generation to the next and to impact the world. The family is the educational unit of the nation. The devil knows, destroy the family and you destroy the backbone of the culture.

The family is coming under increasingly aggressive attacks in America? Here are just some of the ways—and reasons:

Gay “Marriage”
Actually, there’s no such thing as same-sex “marriage.” That’s why I have the word marriage in quotes. Marriage is a Christian institution God created when he made the first man and woman, Adam and Eve (Genesis 2:24). So-called gay (or same-sex) “marriage” is an attack on the family God instituted in Genesis. They can call it gay union or whatever they want to call it but it’s not marriage. There’s only one marriage, the one God created, a man (male) and woman (female).

Gender Issues
Almost daily we read news stories about transgender controversies, sex-change operations, restroom-gender issues, and the like. This is all an attack on the basis of the family structure God designed and ordained in Genesis when he created the first man and woman—the first male and female (Genesis 1:27). The secular culture has redefined “gender” to be what one feels they are as distinguished from one’s biological sex! But that’s absurd. Besides, Christians know we can’t trust our feelings because of our sin (depraved) natures.

Much of the feminist movement pushes an idea of female superiority. When God created Adam and Eve, he created them in his image with equal value. God gave different roles to husband and wife—they are to submit to each other as they submit to God and the roles he ordained (Ephesians 5; Genesis 3:16, 17). Actually, in Genesis 3:16, God warns that because of our sin nature, women will have the propensity to want to be the head, and men will want to lord it despotically over the woman.

Dr Jordan B Peterson #transphobia

This is an absolute

It's obviously and certainly
A social epidemic
And everyone knows it

The butchers
And their enablers

A steadily growing body of scientific evidence demonstrates that "rapid-onset gender dysphoria" claims do not reflect transgender adolescents’ experiences and that “social contagion” is not causing more young people to seek gender-affirming care.

Kevin Sorbo #wingnut

Imagine you tried to lock your front door to stop intruders and Biden came with a key saying “that’s inhumane,” and forced you to keep your door open. That’s what’s happening at our border right now.

Diane Yap #racist

I've been told repeatedly that police don't hassle me because I have "privilege" -- implying that it's unearned.

It was earned. By every person who looks like me and *didn't* commit crimes. Thanks to you, I almost never "fit the description" and am not considered a threat.

Roman Baber & Dr Jordan B Peterson #wingnut

( Roman Baber )
Books published prior to 2008 removed from school libraries in the Peel District School Board. They don't fit the Board's "equity-based" selection process.

One of the key objectives of the left-wing/woke is to erase history. Conservatives will stop them.

( Dr Jordan B Peterson )
By the way
Is essentially a back door
For the communists

I've been trying to alert the conservatives to this
For ten years
Along with such luminaries as


The usual criminals

And many of them finally seem to be noticing

Dr Jordan B Peterson & various commenters #wingnut #conspiracy

( Bjorn Lomborg )
Please stop with the scare tactics

Phrases like "climate breakdown" and "climate crisis" are not science

Their intent is to frighten, using panic to push poor policies

If you want to follow science, it is global warming or climate change

( Dr Jordan B Peterson )
Use fear of false emergencies
To gather power
To themselves

Pay attention
To this man


( @ModelYManiac )
The fact that AGW is used as a scam by the globalists to extend their control doesn't mean that AGW is false.
To understand this, look no further than the climate alarmists' disregard for Tesla, the only entity actually addressing the cause of AGW.

( @MisiSomogyi )
The colluding media and science entities seek to gain conquer by taking control of the language, the narrative and therefore the very way of how people think.
If you use their corrupt language you simply won't be able to come to an independent conclusion.

( @HeeJnPark )
Climate crisis is a scam.
Green energy is a scam. #wingnut

On August 17th, we received a Takedown notice from the New Zealand government regarding content on the our website.

As per our forums rules and the terms of service, we do not allow any illegal content on our forum. The content in question [Submitter’s note: a clip from the Buffalo shooting livestream] is legal in the US, therefore we will not be taking the aforementioned content down.

We don't answer to foreign governments and their laws.image

Matt Walsh #transphobia #wingnut

When I call the trans movement a cult I mean it in a literal sense. It functions exactly like a cult. It uses all of the same indoctrination techniques. It picks out a vulnerable target, isolates the target from his family, love-bombs with excessive validation and flattery, demands progressively more extreme displays of fidelity to the cause, and viciously ostracizes and attacks anyone who leaves. This is all Cult 101 stuff. Trangenderism is one of the largest and most dangerous cults in world history.

Billboard Chris & Dr Jordan B Peterson #transphobia #wingnut

( Billboard Chris )
Look at these @EmersonCollege girls get so excited to see Dylan Mulvaney, the man who makes a mockery of them.

The left loves a victim story.

All leftism revolves around victim mentality. These young women think they are in the progressive club, railing against oppressors.

If you’re a leftist raising a leftist, don’t be surprised when your own kids fall for this cult.

( Dr Jordan B Peterson )

Celebrating a man
Who by example
entices confused minors
To mutilate and sterilize themselves

The devouring mother

@jonkay & Dr Jordan B Peterson #transphobia

( @jonkay )
Absolutely can't wait for Libs to campaign on "Mom's a bigot. Let the schools decide what body parts your kid should have"

For some children school is the safest place in their lives. Poilievre and @Sflecce should know this. Either they are both using this debate to cover their trans and homophobia or it’s political pandering. Disgusting either way.

( Dr Jordan B Peterson )
Sterilize a gay kid today!

The liberal elite

Fortunate Ben #enbyphobia

(for context: battle for dream island and inanimate insanity is a animated series about sentient talking objects and this guy is getting pissy because some of the characters are non-binary)
BFDI really shouldn’t be promoting this gender and pronoun nonsense. It just promotes nothing but narcissism and harmful delusions, especially among young and impressionable ones.
#bfdi #bfb #bfdia #tpot #osc
Nor should Inanimate Insanity be doing this either. #inanimateinsanity #ii #osc

Scarlett Johnson , Dr Jordan B Peterson & Corner of Common Sense #transphobia #fundie

( Scarlett Johnson )
Gender Ideology has no limiting principles. If left unchallenged, it devolves to the point of savagery. Why?
It is a religion without a God.

( Dr Jordan B Peterson )
There's always a god

Named or

Manifest or

Heavenly or

( Corner of Common Sense )
The alphabet community exposes their "god" sometimes...

Think of them marching together with satanists.

Marjorie Taylor Greene 🇺🇸 #conspiracy #wingnut

We are going to drag Biden and everyone who covered up his crimes through the headlines day after day, month after month, and prove to the country the entire Democrat party is corrupt and can’t be trusted.

So no matter which candidate runs for president if they take Biden out, everyone will know the Democrat party is filled with liars and traitors.

That, combined with Bidenomics’ destructive policies, will cause Democrats to lose big.

Steve Laws #racist

(Referring to the Peckham incident in London)

For everyone ready to say "Its not all Pakistanis" or "It's not about race", tell that to the victims, tell that to the people in your country being replaced by these third worlders.

It should be an English shopkeeper in an English shop with English customers but all the natives were forced out decades ago.

Enough is enough, they have to go back.

Dr Jordan B Peterson , Sam Parker & @EchoJayy #wingnut

( Dr Jordan B Peterson )
Woke: A pseudo-intellectual pastiche of postmodern and neo-Marxist tropes, dedicated to the idea that categories themselves do nothing but privilege and oppress;

Critical Race Theory: The proposition that all differences in outcome by race, ethnicity or virtually any other identifiable group difference are a consequence of systemic, conscious and unconscious prejudice on the part of the privileged (see Woke);

Cancel culture: The widespread utilization, primarily on the left, of female-typical patterns of antisocial behaviour such as reputation savaging, gossip, innuendo, mobbing and exclusion to isolate, demoralize and destroy political or personal enemies;

Socialism: a political/economic system which when applied anywhere, ideally or badly, immediately destroys wealth, while failing utterly to remediate inequality; alternatively, the political expression of envy disguised as compassion.

Any more stupid questions?

The next time you hear conservatives use any of the following terms, ask for a definition. They won't have any.

"Critical race theory."
"Cancel culture."

They just want to stoke culture wars to divert attention from economic looting and oligarchy.

( Sam Parker )
It's even simpler than that:

Woke is just anything anti-White, anti-trad-western civ, and/or anti-Christian.

( @EchoJayy )
Translation -

Woke - prioritizing self-indulgent social concerns afore reasonable societal concerns

CRT - Living in the past under the delusion that progress in modern society has not developed beyond its painful past

Cancel Culture- Unwillingness to be criticized or listen to a reasonable argument

Socialism - redistributing the benefits a person earns through hard work and discipline for the benefit of those who have either done nothing or just want more

These are complex summations - no need for rebuttals, lol 😆

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene🇺🇸 #conspiracy #wingnut

I’m shocked at this hearing. I have not heard one person say they are concerned about the doctor patient relationship when it comes to COVID.

However people are screaming, “WE WILL NOT COMPLY” as the Biden admin and Fauci are insanely calling for masks mandates and more funding for COVID vaccines, while some schools are forcibly masking children again - which is CHILD ABUSE.

People are also demanding we investigate the federally funded COVID vaccines, which I too have been demanding from the beginning.

With 983,973 COVID vaccine reports on VAERS and 18,015 deaths reported, why is the Republican led
committee avoiding investigating the COVID vaccines?

Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS #wingnut

The Supreme Court made the just decision to rule that university admissions programs that use affirmative action and other race-based admissions criteria are unconstitutional and violate the 14th Amendment.

This historic win was only made possible because President Trump delivered on his promise to appoint constitutionalist judges.

Steve Kirsch #conspiracy

Where is the graph of the protection from death over time of the COVID vaccines???

Every government has the data for this.

Why are they keeping it hidden?

There must be a reason…

I wonder if it is because they don’t want you to know the truth?