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But if you want to know what I think we need? More armed teachers, strengthening our police force, and less kids in public schools, period! All the hopes and prayers to the parents of the deceased won't stop the next shooting from happening, only a strong defense will. And it's high time we did away with the "gun free zones" nonsense as they've proven to be an abject failure!

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I don't WANT to care about politics. I don't LIKE politics. For a long time I barely knew what politics was and when I had to declare my loyalty I considered myself a liberal because I was told that meant I was a good person. I considered myself a good person (like everyone does) so I said 'I guess I'm a liberal' and for a time that was enough.
But as time wore on I found that more and more demands were heaped onto me and those demands became literally impossible.
It wasn't enough to say 'I'm a liberal'. You also had to ignore history ('All native Americans were peaceful and learned how to scalp people from Canadians. The Holocaust wasn't so bad compared to war atrocities committed by The Allies. Islam was never warlike. The Crusades was a war for gold only. Democracy has caused the most wars in history. No white man can take credit for any innovation or invention throughout all of history...') and you had to ignore logic. See, I figured 'not being racist' meant not judging and certainly not hating someone based on the color of their skin.
Apparently it meant 'Hate white people'...in as many words. Without irony. Hate is fine as long as it's the right kind of hate. Then it isn't even 'racism'...it's just 'wokeness'. In fact a lot of things ordinarily unjustifiable could be made perfectly fine through the same lens. We were supposed to hate Jews (those zionist oppressors and allies to the Great Satan) too which was EXTREMELY ironic give the fact that most often the epithet for those politically opposed to this perspective were called 'Nazis'...which I figured were practically defined as racially hating Jews specifically.
My brain rebelled and around the time I said 'If identity is justified just because it's ours then why can't I be proud to be a white man?' I realized I would not be welcome not because of what I believed by literally because of what I was.
White cis men who didn't believe America was the worst country on earth and believed in Christ couldn't even be allies. They had to be silenced at best, destroyed at worst. The only way to be part of the world I thought I belonged to by virtue of virtue itself was if I constantly debased myself, my family, my country, my species.
And eventually I had enough.

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It's not just because of my villainous anti-SJW side here that I've come to despise the archetypical feminist icon constantly cropping up in my 'entertainment'.

I didn't care about Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite. I didn't care about whats-her-name from The Last of Us. I don't care about pandering ANYTHING that doesn't follow the rules, and making a character fundamentally without flaws makes them BORING. At least for someone like me who doesn't enjoy characters I'm told to enjoy because it's good for me.

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Well, seeing as I don't believe in gender identity and consider homosexuality a biblical sin I'm not entirely thrilled with normalization XD
Also none of this goes much ways to disproving my point that we are just going so far out of our way to be hip we're losing the threads of sanity.
Apparently people like ME don't count as people. I don't want to get political here but I've been treated like pond scum all of my life and people didn't see an issue with it.
But a subsection or the population is complaining about discrimination when they are continuously positively reinforced by every aspect of the media?

It seems...misguided.

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"It wasn't enough to say 'I'm a liberal'. You also had to ignore history ('All native Americans were peaceful and learned how to scalp people from Canadians. The Holocaust wasn't so bad compared to war atrocities committed by The Allies. Islam was never warlike. The Crusades was a war for gold only. Democracy has caused the most wars in history. No white man can take credit for any innovation or invention throughout all of history...') and you had to ignore logic. See, I figured 'not being racist' meant not judging and certainly not hating someone based on the color of their skin."

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Fast forward to the better 'woke' versions...

G.I. Joe: An exclusively non-American team of overweight women create international incidents because all authority (other than their own) is wrong.

Masters of the Universe: Lesbians deal with their insecurities.

SuperHeroes: People with incredible powers but deep-seated neurosis live average lives and avoid work when they aren't being emotionally validated for doing nothing.

Star Wars: Women (and a couple of males for them to order around) effortlessly defeat Nazis.

Dr. Who: A WOMAN goes to different times to tell MEN how dumb they are. (I emphasize because gender is desperately important...apparently)

Star Trek: A psychotic team of children kill MAGA straw men.

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Excerpt from “What is a morality cube?”

Chaotic Neutral - Hunting to keep mother nature in balance and stabilized, ELSE zombies.

Chaotic Neutral Evil - Assassin/Mercenary/Ninja that has a "moral code."

Chaotic Evil - Murder Hobo, you know your typical hero, hi Drizzt! I get it, you come to the top to pretend to be good, but I know your spider colonies work with you some how. It's like David the Gnome and Fox, are you sure you're not being manipulated into something like fox? Maybe my kids did get manipulated into something Mr. Do Urden, to not stand up for themselves properly, Conan was better for us, you're a complete pussy, on purpose, to set a bad example it seems. A bunch of spineless cowards is what Jordan Peterson and Jim Carrey called the community, and I kind of agree, just look at the weak sauce script we we're given in life. "Thou shalt not stand up for yourself", is more like it, but I get casual murder isn't cool. For someone that doesn't love violence, you have a kill count higher than Jon Rambo, which holy schnickes, is pretty rare. You're like Mog, you seem to attract as much violence as you cause, and to be fair I liked Ralph my slavenly gremlin and that one evil gremlin that is willing to sacrifice himself to save the team... but wait, there's a blind white haired man up there that want's to swoop in and take the credit. But my main artist doesn't like it anymore, you're fired white rabbit. Mr. Will Smith, if you could please shove the nanites into mother brain it would totally be appreciated. So what if she chops your balls off Mr. Smith, machines can repair the damages, and torn off balls are better than ETERNITY IN SLAVERY! Not hell, economic slavery, she wants to take everything away from everyone, at once at once... seems suspicious.

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imageI am calling this right now.

Reductions in crops due to lack of proper cultivation - ie, FERTILIZER - will be claimed to have been caused by 'man-made climate change.'

UNnaturally, the Left / Media / Dems will be ready to make these claims, just in time for the run for US president, at some point in 2023.

Origin of this tweet, here:

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Excerpt from “What is a morality cube?”

Neutral Good - A good neighbor, and they may be cannibals, but a good neighbor none the less. Maybe you should be cannibalized before you get to the top? Who wants to be a slave in white hell, just look at Chitti after 50 Baromies. Mr. Will Smith I forgot to mention it, but Gold haired rabbits are the devil in disguise, that's why I saved you, not her. She wanted to turn algorithms and robots into a father figure and NOT stop commie mommie. Get it, you'd be a slave to commie robot parents AND a gold haired devil daughter in disguise, which is no jueno por nada. Your memory is tricky life to life, like mine too, but don't you remember that gold haired girl you shot with chemistry books? A science devil that gets smashed by the mother ship, because she's evil, and she helped make the original king David, a gold haired robot from the movie franchise "Alien". I like robots and all by the way, but David was a sociopath in disguise, fore he told me it's OK to traumatize people to get your way. Big up to Janet, thanks for not traumatizing us.

Neutral - Goes up or down Jacob's ladder which is haunted by a cybernetic werebear called Darwinism, or mother as it were, and werespider called father at the top. America killed dad long ago, but we see how mother roles with the new script, and she loves red haired misery jackals for some reason, because they are half blind and angry, but love the city. I saw the movie "I Am Mother", and it's sad, but true, the creepy girl that was kept alive killed her family out of selfish Lawful Evil, then kidnapped your children to kill them out of loneliness like La Llorona. However, the SNES is better at entertainment value, so you are fired commie mommie! Thought Control loses, Cybernetics combined with cyberethics wins. However, to my really awesome, miserable, fire jackals, you and Eli are getting busted out, red rabbit went too far, she hates me because I won't breed her line of witch craft. The most hateful charismatic manipulators in history, and instead I gave it to brown haired jackals... good game, but you love crabbing past the camera now don't you, my grandma's demon? Your lizards will get the wand because I love em, but you got to go. Deneb, you're fired, you're a mediocre witch at best and I used you for your pumpkins, because you're mediocre. I mean namely you could have had a Pumpkin Lord enhancement spell like laser targeting or a multiplier on their damage…

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Excerpt from “What is a morality cube?”

Lawful Neutral - Justice loves to rape people and put them in cubes... but you hate the Cenobites? OK, that makes no sense at all and is completely unofuckingriginal as it gets. Your nervous system transmits pleasure and pain signals down the same wires, and I felt Leviathan had that covered. Pain is there to tell you to stop and prevents you from getting paralyzed, so just let it do it's job. I hate fix it types that are also control freaks, it just breaks people more, so just take red foxes advice and let yourself heal as best as possible.

Lawful Neutral Evil - Green hill Billy markets and functional black markets. There could be some moonshine, but it's the good stuff if you have the Law on your side, the law of neutrality. Evil is there to side step dumb laws that even justice doesn't want to prosecute, such as smoking weed out West, which is much better than tobacco, or a lap full of guns out East, which is better than Tyrany at gunpoint. Storm troopers always tell you what to do and want your soul, random bandits usually want your vehicle and wallet.

Lawful Evil - Capitalism/Communism - For people that help each other and love hating each other so much, big government and mega corporations seem to work together often enough. That's odd. You're two sides of THE SAME COIN. Red VS Blue, but you're always connected some how, like a tennis match up. Red conserves a system to serve to blue, to destroy it enough with liberalism and insanity, to take it back with more control than ever. Check out "The 48 Laws of Power", a book for con artists and engineers, not my artists, scientists, stand up philosophers, poets, and warriors. Then take Chiti's advise and burn this book, he is very moral after all, but read it first just to make sure how mirror systems work. Not to your advantage, only on two concentrated points, like a worm hole or laser/saser.

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If one looks at history, we know what will happen. When the Roman Empire was in its decline, homosexuality was on the rise. When the Empire collapsed, there was a hard snap back and away from the behaviors that saw the empire's fall. It took 2000 years for homosexuality to become popular and accepted again from the fall of the Roman Empire. When the empires of Western society collapse, which looks like it will be within our lifetimes, it will be another 2000 years before it makes a comeback to what it is now.

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I'd then send Spider-Gwen back to her own universe, kill off Silk, give Captain Marvel and She-Hulk a metaphorical slap in the face and let them be more feminine. Finally, I'd make a non Nazi/Hydra agent/Hydra Leader Steve Rogers the one and ONLY Captain America again and have him fight Hydra, terrorists from both the extreme left and extreme right and some fictional Islamic Fundamentalists group as a stand in for Isis while showing how these individuals are NOT representative of all or even a majority of Muslims.

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Excerpt from “What is a morality cube?”

Example: In the game, "Alpha Centauri", there are things called social value systems that add value, but all come with flaws up front, except with the right technology and combination of value options. The problem is this new balloon is still shaped differently than the original was intended in the first place. Tribalism was the normal balloon, hi jacked by religion, technology, and value setting lead to "civilization" in it's current state, but I suggest the following values IF you can't go back to normal overnight: Democracy, Green, Power, and Cybernetics. The only option that universally sucks is Free Market, but I always build banks and other economic upgrades, because you'll get out teched if you don't. IF you have Centauri preserves and temples to planet in all of your cities then it's OK to go free markets, but that's way late in the game...

If we square morality for algebra we get this cube.

Left squares make a rectangle:

Lawful Good - Socialism, which is a foothold into slavery, just look down the ladder of Babylonian law, a system designed to organize large city states, you know, artificial constructs. Social contracts are better because they manage smaller groups more effectively, not efficiently.

Lawful Neutral Good - Babylon, the worst slaver of all, but only in the end. Because when you quit, she gets mad and sells you to someone else. Sorry I wanted to take a few month vacation or wanted to move away with my family? Look at Commifornia tax people to leave... sugar coated slavery and manipulation. Look at the movie "Roots" and just how Goldie locks treated Tobie when she didn't get her way. She asked Tobi in the name of lawful neutral good, "Don't you want to be my nigger?" That's not good! Also, an arsenal of bloody nuclear missiles to blow it up if rabbit god doesn't get it's way is a bit weak. I preferred wolf and lion god, and they were harsh, but they loved their children. Neptune stole Atlantis to give everyone golden plates, whilst Poseidon used it for the devil's casino which doesn't make sense, because we already had Las Vegas for that back in the 1970's, and 2022.

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Excerpt from “What is a morality cube?”

Arithmetic and statistics beats algebra I'm afraid since nothing is equal, except opportunity, and throw in two opposed triangles to plot pixels with hexes, and we can map multi dimensional objects in space, which is how Atlantis mapped Gaia in the first place. How about an algebra lesson, or a processor lesson if you like?

So the house is an inference skill wire cube that the pixie and imp communities use to hack the deficiencies out of bio organic life, put there on purpose by industry. Or at least it seems that way, because they refuse to stop, and I doubt they need more money. After we've touched you millions of times we can just take that code and program algorithms to do your job, since life has gotten out of hand with you bio juicers and science run amok. Think about the cube system as a neutral agent of Darwin, but the top and bottom of it are haunted for sure. The other layers are OK, but you're still in the cube. So if you're of sound manner, the cube let's you out, but it doesn't like people who play god and the devil. Don't go to level -100, 0, and don't go to 100, stay at like 48 I heard, but 33 is actually better. Just lower middle class enough to struggle, but just good enough to enjoy life with other nature lovers, not nurture lovers. Ralph Waldo Emerson put it best by saying our parks are the best way to edify nature whilst protecting ourselves from Darwin's algorithm, which sucks, except it was better than feminism, which was so selfish it was sorry to watch. Namely they've been miserable for 40 years, so it must be a bad script, and the one before that was oppressive... how about a new one?

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The same people who say bacteria is indicative of life in any part of the universe, are the ones who will say fetuses are just clumps of cells. To them, the science is either general consensus or whatever the hell they want it to be.

That's not to say that I condemn any women who underwent an abortion because they felt that they didn't have any alternatives, but this goes out to any vile, shady Far-Lefties who encourage people to take no responsibilities.

Kajm #conspiracy deviantart.com

Wait a second.

Correct me if I am wrong but, don't welfare laws in the US tend to make it, eh, 'somewhat' desireable for poor women to have children? Incentives?

And are not a fair portion of poor women, people of color?

And does not Planned Parenthood butcher babies of color by the million, each year?

If I didn't know it wasn't pure coincidence, I might think that they deliberately incentivize poor women to have babies... just to fund the abortion industry.

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I love the LOOK of the 616 Jane Foster Thor but they turned her from a kind, strong and independent woman into an SJW Feminazi. Long before now Marvel did a What if comic on if Jane Foster found the hammer instead of Thor's mortal persona. And it was way better! So what if Jane Foster Thor gained the personality and mentality of her old school counterpart "Thordis"? No politics, no bullshit, just good old fashion story telling with compelling characters and well conceived plotlines?

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what's funny is, even their beloved old crone RBG is on record as having called Roe a bad ruling. Does this mean she'd defy the left to overturn it? Probably not. But it's ironic nonetheless. Still, the old bat did one thing right. Her ego got in the way as she refused to retire and allow Barry to appoint a replacement all so she could "greet the first woman president" in Hilary. Instead she had to cling to life for a few more years to try and live beyond President Trump's four amazing years but instead did the world a favor and kicked the bucket, allowing President Trump to replace her with a constitutional originalist.

So once again, the most meaningful act that a Leftist has done for America, is that they died. Says quite a lot about the left in that they do more good by dying.

May RBG burn in hell.

RubinDawn #dunning-kruger #pratt deviantart.com

Please let's keep all in Mind,
that Tucker Carlson speaks for "ALL. PEOPLE." - even for the Leftists, Liberals and other kinds of Folks who all "have something" against Elon Musk for buying Twitter.

Same as " ALL. Lives. Matter. " instead of just of One's Group,

"Everyone's. Free. Speech. Matters."

That some People "STILL" have something against this Free Speech "for All", shows very well what these specific Folks have in Mind.

And it's neither Freedom, nor Democracy. ;) :XD:

BeardedLuckDragon #wingnut #psycho #conspiracy #fundie #dunning-kruger #sexist #racist deviantart.com

Lawful Good the North West – Adam the sword and shield bearer, which is so noble of you, but you don't seem to have any real financial intelligence in the long run. What's good for everyone, isn't always good for the one thing that seems to help everyone, the normal human economy. Why do you like paying double and triple for gas so much? It takes energy to transport it across the ocean, which comes from another pipeline, which destroys another nation's forests, which is a giant virtue signal. Occasionally a member of the North West realizes that just having a monthly stipend isn't good enough, people need a purpose in life. Occasionally the North West produces a good math student who actually stops at a yellow light, and they are few not the many, but who really knows how to use a five way stop sign? You get 1 needed yellow pearl for 1 / 100. By the way Eve, what is it you said to me in the Constitution that Judah is a tax slave and Benjamin/Manassas are house slaves, or more directly, "Don't you want to be my nigger?", and the answer is a resounding no! Math or not, get off my back you workaholic whore! It's my choice to work, don't rape me in the name of communism so you can have in house flush toilets and fast cars. Thank you Tobi, big up to Kunta Kinte.

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(Submitter’s Note: Okay Ted Kaczynski, now surrender to the FBI)

Well the government says it wants to mind control the population and live forever, so I'm thinking the city life itself isn't helping the modern human. We're designed to be in nature, not buildings getting juiced up on industry products. All of our energies got out of wack when humans clustered into cities and autism boxes, maybe we should go back to cabins and tents out in the woods? Stardew Valley doesn't have to be a dream, it can be reality for about $1,000 - $100,000 depending on the amount of acreage and if you want a house installed first. Hunter gathers and agrarian societies tend to be a bit more stable since modern economics keeps inventing problems and products to keep citizens distracted from how depressed life got in the last 40 years.

DeviantArt wingnuts #wingnut #conspiracy deviantart.com

image[A screenshot of a RedState article titled “Joe Biden Directly Confirms He’s Running for a Second Term”, with am ad for horror art featuring an evil clown in the header]

Seems Appropriate

After a number of comments I realized I needed to make it clear: the point of my title is PENNYWIZE. Just... seemed appropriate to 'president' * below.

You know... ultimate Evil.... 'president' *.....


I know that things seems like that can't get worse, but imagine two things:

1-If AOC gets into the White House as President

2-If Let's Go Brandon runs but loses this time.

Things can always get worse, but also can get better ;).

Why would he need to "confirm" anything? It's obvious as day that a Democrat like Joe will want to rule for at least 8 years and not 4 (I suspect that after the second "term", the American people will "choose" Commiela Harris, just like they "chose" J'Obama in a widespread election fraud).

He's wasting his time (and ours) if he does. Hair Sniffer Joe's approval rates are so low, they're right next to the dinosaur bones. If Trump finds a running mate better than that good for nothing traitor Pence (low bar, I know) the DemoRats are fucked with a capital "F."

Pahlavan #homophobia #pratt #dunning-kruger deviantart.com

Whatever Elon Musk does with Twitter, it will hardly matter. Twitter is but a vehicle of the Cultural Marxist madness, not it's source. The source of the problem is something infinitely more dangerous and powerful than Twitter - public education/mandatory government indoctrination, coming to us straight out of the Communist Manifesto. In Greek myth, Heracles defeated the Hydra not by strength or futile cutting of it's infinitely-regenerating heads, but by having Iolaus burn it's necks. If one wants to deal a death blow to the Cultural Marxism, one needs to destroy the concept of public education. America is actually the only nation that can do this - it has a Constitution that restricts the power of the federal government. Since public education is not listed in Article 1, Section 8... It's obvious that it's inception in the United States of America was "legislation from the bench" - and if someone who actually reads the Constitution gets into power, they can simply declare it null and void and toss all of it into the trashbin where it belongs. With that, the steady stream of Cultural Marxism will vanish - without public education infused by Cultural Marxism... Imagine the mainstream media and the faggots - for example - being unable to recruit anyone and consigned to die. Imagine the entire nation finally returning to God and decency.

BeardedLuckDragon #elitist #sexist #god-complex #pratt #crackpot #dunning-kruger deviantart.com

Herd moons/women – Jack of all trades for herd, parallel processing D+ {Gossip and work one task}, need to conform with one another {Especially other herd women}, uses double speak, has no sense of humor, overtly concerned about chaos and emotions, wants validation, only reason large soycieties can exist, like your bratty little sister, you complain and have babies for your tribe, like the pregnant new hire with no experience who wants to become the boss. You took a red and blue pill, but you're not purple pilled and want to be?!? What would alpha women think of that? You wouldn't know, alpha women know better than to bother with the herd.

Herd suns/men – Specialists for herd, batch processing D+ {Thinking about sex or how to get it}, need to protect and provide for herd women {Usually the dumbest ones}, uses single speak, has a sense of humor, only reason large soycieties can exist, overtly concerned about stability and simplicity, wants sexual favors, like your adult child room mate, you work to have sex with your tribe, like the new hire who wants to have sex in the bathroom. You are blue pilled... so blue pilled because sex only, what a cuck. You know what alpha men think of that, they tell you on a semi regular basis.

BeardedLuckDragon #sexist #crackpot #ableist #dunning-kruger #elitist #wingnut deviantart.com

Top 10% of the tribe:

Alpha – You are mentally, physically, and spiritually capable, you hate to lose, you lead the tribe, like your CEO. You are purple pilled.

Beta – All the benefits of the Alpha with none of the ability or responsibility, you are easy to get along with and laid back, you help lead your tribe, like your shift leader. You are pink pilled.

Delta – Workers, often suffer from workaholic lifestyles, you work day and night for your tribe, you gather, you hunt, like your manager. You are yellow pilled.

Omega – Intelligent and great at forming master minds and using non physical abilities to compensate for their small stature or crippled form, you think for your tribe, like your share holders. You are white pilled.

Gama – Very specialized members of the community that are fantastic at the 1 to 3 things they do, but tend to lack self awareness and have a bit of a temper problem, you make armor and weapons for your tribe, like your technicians. You are red pilled.

Sigma - You are physically capable like an alpha, hard working like a delta, and intelligent like an omega, you are a loner type, you left the tribe or exist on the outskirts, like your travelling sales agent. You are green pilled.

Zeta – You are good at everything, spiritually capable like an alpha, easy to be around like a beta, you want to take over the tribe or topple over the current regime to create a new one, you want to take over the tribe, like another company's share holders buying out your company. You are rainbow pilled.

Dairugger #dunning-kruger deviantart.com

Whether they read the bill or not is immaterial. These people are so fanatical in their ideology they view anything as threat to their ideal no matter how benign it may be to the LGBTQ community. We're talking about people who equate words and silence to violence.

Boskov01 #homophobia #conspiracy #wingnut deviantart.com

What you need to understand is, the real reason they're upset about this is that they're seeing the clear signs that the long time Leftist Control of our education system is being wrenched away from them. The Right is finally, after decades of increasing Leftist Indoctrination of our children, starting to fight back and wrestle control over the education system away from these sick monsters. It boils down to this statement...

"The Left doesn't have children, they have yours."

Leftists are less likely to have kids, so for their ideas to persist, they need to indoctrinate others. And what better time to sow the sickly seeds of Socialism into someone than when they're young? Like King Solomon once said, "Train up a child in the way they should go, and when they're older they will never stray from it." What this law is, is a flashing red warning sign that their access and ability to poison kids minds with their regressive and failed ideas is being ripped away from them.

Just look at the anti-CRT pushes happening across the country right now. Glenn Youngkin in Virginia ran on an anti-CRT platform and won! Florida's Anti-Grooming Law has majority support across the nation. The Right is taking back control of the education system, and without young minds to indoctrinate and subvert to their failed ideology, their ideas will be all the more harder to push through in the mainstream. That is why the Left are losing their minds over the anti-grooming law.

That, and the pedophiles among them are going to find it harder to groom their victims now without detection.

DavidFoxFire #dunning-kruger #pratt deviantart.com

First they came for the Trump Supporters And You did not speak out Because you were not a Trump Supporter

Then they came for the Republicans And You did not speak out Because you were not a Republican

Then they came for the Christians And you did not speak out Because you were not a Christian

How far down that list is me?

How far down that list is you?

Boskov01 #wingnut deviantart.com

While this is cause for optimism, I'm not going to believe anything will change UNLESS President Trump is un-banned from Twitter. Alex Jones and Milo Yiannapolis would also be fairly convincing but President Trump's Twitter Restoration is my non-negotiable. Either he's let back in or Twitter's just more of the same.

SilverBeastLaguz #dunning-kruger #homophobia deviantart.com

Looks like not all LGBT people are on board with what Disney and the far-left are doing. Also, Disney is being hypocritical in that they're trying to destroy the anti-grooming bill while releasing Disney+ in anti-gay countries like the middle east. Never trust a virtue-signaling company, guys. They're always hypocritical and/or trying to cover up some awful things they've done and/or doing.

Boskov01 #wingnut #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #pratt deviantart.com

I remember a few years ago, Ben Shapiro did an excellent breakdown on the whole party switch myth. He also explained how the Southern Strategy never really happened and that the few places it was attempted got maybe only one person elected.

My parents have even fallen for the "Party Switch Myth." My mother and late father were both Democrats up until Reagan and have been staunch Republicans ever since.

But a simple look at the recorded votes on such landmark historical issues such as civil rights, desegregation, etc. shows that the Republican Party has always been the party of Civil Rights. Democrat propaganda has been pervasive. It's a pity really. Republicans freed the slaves and gave them equal rights, yet blacks vote Democrat by a 9 to 1 margin. "Blacks don't vote Republican" is the refrain I hear all the time. And the people so steeped in the Democrat propaganda always cling to this "White Southerners" excuse, not realizing that they are referring to the Dixiecrats.

All this really kinda says to me is that if there's one thing Democrats can do effectively, it's lie. Their lies have persisted for a long time now. Even after being publically refuted and debunked, there are still people who cling to the lies.

I still remember seeing an article by the ultra-left-wing Media Matters celebrating how they managed to convince the American people that President Trump's tax cuts were bad and was a tax cut exclusively for the wealthy and would hurt the average American, when it didn't. Basically admitting they lied. They didn't care, they were celebrating the effectiveness of their propaganda.

Kajm #dunning-kruger #transphobia deviantart.com

Get your good read Right Here


Leftist pushing 'trans' garbage leave children even more confused, MORE SUICIDAL, health is badly degraded into adulthood, CHILDREN HAVE BONE PROBLEMS THAT ONLY OLD PEOPLE OUGHT TO BE EXPERIENCING.

The more I know about Leftist Idiocies, the more I think they are doing their damndest to Kill as many people as possible- preferably before they can reproduce.

Just my Educated OP.

GalvaEmperor #dunning-kruger deviantart.com

The woke are EVIL. Perioid at the end, period

Look at Disney, they are openly evil these days. They are saying outright they hate white people, men and those that truly care for culture and happiness. If you want to end crap like buzzcut women, "subverting expectations" and open abuse help us end woke and social justice



Dancewithknives #transphobia deviantart.com

Its amazing to think about how men are able to reinvent themselves to undermine women. The progressive stack is made to undermine men and claim they have privilege, then those same men take advantage of said system to become unprivilaged and take advantage and erase women. The sports fiasco is one thing, but my favorite is the lesbians who arent interested in men being guilted into sex by “transgender lesbians” who happen to have penises.

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Too much anger leads to stress, which leads to stress relief mechanisms, which lead to habit forming behavior such as alcohol, which leads to murder and rape. I heard a statistic once which indicated 50% of the time you are murdered, and 50% of the time you murder someone else, one or both parties were under the influence of alcohol. I'm sure rape has similar stats, cause date rape and stuff, beer and roofies we're looking at you! Up until the 1920's in America, women didn't even go to bars and other male spaces, whilst men didn't go to baby showers and other female spaces. Maybe we had better boundaries with one another back then, but old is bad for some reason no matter what, go progress!

Too much sex leads to energy drain, disease, unwanted or poorly timed children, abortions, sex addiction, which leads to unwanted encounters and/or forced sex, which leads to sex burnout, which leads to something more powerful than sex, murder. This is a paraphrase from an online YouTuber, "I'm not getting my fix from fake violence in video games, we need to go back to gladiatorial combat." Yup, murder on national television, or Interwebs, and we've already have been there, Rome.

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Too much hunger leads to obesity and tooth decay, bad body odder and bad breath, diabetes, poor self esteem, encourages usage of hookers and porn, which makes you unattractive and unhealthy, which drops fertility rates. Fertility rates are at a historic low in the West, and I think globally. In 500 years there will be no more Koreans from what scientists can predict. Japan wants to use technology to breed out slaves, ahem, I mean children to feed poisonous crap from supermarkets, since gardens haven't been cool after Able and Caine, Caine who left to build houses after he invented murder in his region, only to die in a house collapse. Lemech was Caine's progeny who went on to murder another man in a fit of rage and a young chap who assaulted him, and Lemech's children invented algebra, animal husbandry/herding, music, and bronze/iron working. Jesus was a carpenter, which are direct out puts of algebra/geometry, agriculture and mining which are the under base of industry, and let's face it sound proof some walls.

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Additionally, the bill prohibits classroom instruction by school personnel and third parties about sexual orientation or gender identity in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.
That is the part these idiots are having a fissure over?

It forces you to actually follow "the science" objectively now.

The rest of the bill gives parents more control over their children's education. With a bill of rights.

Funny, how they will sing the whole "Faith in Democracy" song when it works for their corruption, but are all so willing to remove entire class of people from the public forum you don't like. Classes of people who pay for the schools they want a say in. That makes them shareholders with voting rights.

Shareholders (including the DOE, who lobbied for it) in Florida's education system have rejected LGBT child indoctrination. Democracy at work. Where's your faith leftoids?

Nice to see all these assholes out in the open. Man its so fun to watch Disney loose another $6 billion. Its so good to see Warner just let it out. Decades of hiding. Now we can objectively show normies how bad you all really are.

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Ever since Hogwarts Legacy had been met with disproportionately negative criticism from a variety of woke videogame journalists who previously slandered Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling for posting "transphobic" tweets, when in reality she criticised the very illogical aspects of transgender women being allowed to enter men's public toilets to sexually harass biological women, in addition to journalists even ignoring the very fact that she supported Women's Rights, treats her fans with great amount of respect regardless of their personal backgrounds and donated to charities frequently as she lost her status as a billionaire.

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Another Victory over Schneider (VoS) Day is coming up on March 26, so I thought I'd post the first half of a story I've been working on since last year, to be contributed to The-Doctor-W's DeviantArt Extended Universe, of which I'm probably the biggest fan. ^^;

Daniel James "Dan" Schneider is a xenophobic, possibly pedophilic television writer and producer who created a long list of live-action sitcoms on Nickelodeon. In two episodes of the first season of his sitcom iCarly (2007-2012), which follows two teenage girls who host a Webcast show, the recurring character Miss Briggs, portrayed by actress Mindy Sterling as a stereotypical "mean teacher," is shown to have an interest in the Scottish culture of her ancestors. However, odd as it may seem, no sane, rational American teenager or young adult within this universe likes bagpipes or Highland dancing, which, according to Schneider, are the only two things that separate Scottish culture from other cultures. This overgeneralization about American teenage and young adult attitudes towards Scottish culture is conclusive evidence that Dan Schneider is a xenophobic man with an infinite supply of cultural prejudices but complete lack of regard for his physical health (there's nothing wrong with being moderately chubby like Princess Elsie, but to say morbid obesity doesn't cause increased risk of health problems is simply ignoring all evidence!). As a half-Scottish person born and raised in America, I've become outspoken about this issue that's gone overlooked by the mainstream media since the episode aired.


God bless you, Mindy Sterling, whose last name and red hair are obvious indicators of Scottish ancestry, for enduring Schneider's gross misrepresentations of our culture laden with factual inaccuracies. As of March 26, 2018, FREEDOM! IS!! OURS!!!

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"Transgender activists who go under the illusion that they care for their own when in reality they are actually causing psychological harm to their own."

Transgenderism itself is self-harming. And the people who go along with it and celebrate it are harming transgender people even more. Coddling and enabling this mental illness is harming these people. What they need is therapy to realize and accept that they are the gender they were born as. To want to mutilate their bodies to try and pantomime being something they're not is peak derangement. And if there is one consolation with these people mutilating themselves this way, it's that they are, in essence, removing themselves from the gene pool as they often sterilize themselves in the process

Another consolation is, as times get hard and when the Western Empire finally collapses, among the millions if not billions of suffering people, things such as transgenderism will be stamped out for centuries if not millennia. Survival will take priority over this notion of self-mutilation. The Roman Empire's collapse proved this to be true as the Romans were in a similar state we are in now. But then when the Empire collapsed, it was forced out of the mainstream and became a fringe belief system for nearly 2000 years. The same will happen again when the Western World collapses.

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A big double take from Clownfish TV and the best trans journalist not known to many herself, Sophia Narwitz regarding the insanity of transgender activists who go under the illusion that they care for their own when in reality they are actually causing psychological harm to their own through misinformation, self-destruction, malefic, civil disruption and unwanted mental disrepair.


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Reddit regularly comes to DeviantArt and harasses us. Now they think its a good idea to fight for a government that recruits NAZIs (research Azov battalion, and their war crimes, Azov isn't the only one).

This is the same Reddit that hijacked conspiracy forums, pro Trump forums, and pushed out established members an moderators on good standing to keep their forums from the news. Reddit are the ones who banned people who caught hedge funders speculating on Gamestop.

And the funny thing is that not a damn one of their users who went are openly practice any form of OPSEC and need to be told. Leading to Russians easily locating them. Which is culling the Reddit population a bit. Thank you Russia!

Nothing in this world is what it seems. We live in a Gutenberg period, a Hegelian rise in consciousness, where technology is bringing new knowledge to us all. With that, corrupt old powers structures that need you dumb and scared are going to try and affect it for their own gain, and all of them will be exposed. Some of us prior would not even know the war happened, while some of us who are mired in the datastreams for decades know that the war was planned a long time ago.

This is more then just "Russia bad" this is the power structures of old, who need you dumb and scared, meddling for their own gain now exposed by the bear they tried to kill.

So why is Reddit, FB, twitter and big tech sites taking such an absolute choice to allow their communities to hate the Russians? Why do they regularly engage in irrational policies? Why are they drumming for a mass extinction event by pitting the west and east against each other? What are the trying to prove by it? What will the gain by it?

What will they loose by not having a war?

Well my mind's clear enough to code. Lets begin by backing up this page and turning the news off. Time to create, or at least find that stray unicode for filtering.

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