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Virus theory is the deception of the century,

Make sure you do not use the term 'germ theory' or 'exosome' because we have to fully discredit this advanced deception. Viruses do not exist, and therefore Vaccines and Virology cannot exist - you cannot create a Vaccine.

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Thread Warning - 10 Contradictions of Gender Ideology:

1. Don’t pathologise trans identity. However, you must offer treatment for gender dysphoria with medication and surgery.

2. Only refer to people by language they want. However, it is fine for us to label you “cis”. (

3. The real self is fundamentally separate from the material body. However, transforming one’s body can be crucial for personal wholeness.

4. Gender identity is a social construct. However, authentic identity may be attached to stereotypical male and female dispositions.

5. People should be free to believe in what they want. However, you must see the world through our ideological lens.

6. The trans community (1% of the population) must be listened to. However, the experiences of detransitioners (1% of trans community) should be ignored.

7. Children should not be able to smoke, drink alcohol, vote or get a tattoo. However, they should be able to consent to potentially irreversible medication.

8. You must understand us. However, you can never understand us because you haven’t had our lived experience.

9. If the media report a crime and specify it was committed by a trans person, this is transphobia. However, reporting an accolade and failing to mention the person is trans is erasure.

10. Be kind. However, it’s okay for us to throw slurs at those we disagree with.

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They have CRUSHED democracy in Hong Kong you dumbass.

Most Hong Kongers will join a war against mainland China during if a war happened , China is 100% justified in crushing Hong Kong and make under their control no mercy for traitors,

UK must be ready for war with Russia, says armed forces chief

Anglos are scumbags by nature. Australia wants a war with China, the UK wants a war with Russia. I would say the Russian federation and China must get their nuclear weapons ready at any time to wipe out anglos.

The Abraham Accords have been miraculous. The change in sentiments and relationships between Jews and Muslims along with Arab countries and Israel is absolutely astounding. The lack of mainstream media coverage of this over the past several years is shameful.

Arabs despotic governments are not Arab people for God sake. 99% Of Muslims do not like Israel.

How EU’s top diplomat sees competition with #China: “We western people, US and EU, we have been ruling the world … we were the masters of how technology was working … if we are no longer standard-setting we will not rule the 21st century,” @JosepBorrellF tells #GPF2021.

Actually the USA rules the German cartel known as the EU. Secondly the butcher of Catalonia @JosepBorrellF should stop his white supremacy and western chauvinism its disgusting.

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One of you gives real news, the rest of you are mentioned in the Book of Revaluation.


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dont let them pit us agsinst each other! lesbians and trans people are strongest when working together.

On the contrary. The vast majority of ‘trans women’ represent a very real and physical threat to women in general and lesbians in particular. I’ve never known a group of people so intent on colonising women’s spaces and undermining their rights. It’s anti-feminism writ large.

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The left is all about using intimidation tactics, terrorists actions to silence their political opponents
J.K. Rowlings address was posted online by trans rights activists
BLM /ANTIFA burns downs cities
Last night BLM supporter ran over a bunch of kids and killed them!


(Note: read her bio too)

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Eliyahu David Kay, who was killed in occupied Jerusalem today, is a white South African who recently moved to the Zionist settler colony and joined its “army” to help murder Palestinians and steal their land. He was clearly addicted to apartheid and colonialism.

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"No one or thing has any right to my body no matter what actions I do or do not take."

If you choose to be stupid with a sewing machine, that needle isn't responsible for being in your finger. God gave you brain cells. Find 'em and use 'em.

The only difference is that yes, you can and SHOULD go get that needle out of your finger. A needle does not belong in your finger. A baby belongs in your womb. That's the organ's ENTIRE purpose. Leave him/her alone 🙂

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It is time to call out those who say affirming “gender identity” is kind or progressive. It’s the opposite. We hear daily more stories of young people – mostly lesbians – who’ve been deceived into thinking that changing their bodies would relieve their confusion & distress.
They are victims of the most heinous form of conversion therapy we have ever seen. It is time to call it out, to halt these experiments on kids, and end this madness.

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The left & press are defending a convicted child molester, a convicted felon (burglary), and a convicted domestic abuser w/ a record of violence including charges for strangulation and false imprisonment who were burning black-owned businesses and all tried to kill a 17 year-old.

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Just gonna let y’all in on something: most people who are saying “Kyle Rittenhouse is guilty!” have no clue about anything going on in the case. They’re the same people who say, “CRT isn’t in schools” but couldn’t even begin to tell you what it is. They lie. It’s all they do.

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I hope Kyle Rittenhouse spends the rest of his life suing every single politician, business, individual and media network who smeared him as a white supremacist murderer. I genuinely hope he never ever stops collecting checks from these monsters. He was an innocent kid.

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The Free Masons are responsible for the revolutions' in the 18th century and later communism believe it or not. Their ideas come from alchemy turning dust to gold and man into a god. The original lie of the Devil. Fr ripperger is an excorcist and explains it well in his lectures

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A key test of Europe's "strategic autonomy" blather would be to solve this, militarily if needed, without the Anglo-Americans.

Serbia 'threatening third Balkan war', warns Kosovan prime minister

Serbia was isolated in 1999 , Russia and China were irrelevant and weak. not the situation in 2021. Euro federalists have to understand Serbia has Russia+ China on their support. And they did not forget what Europeans did to Serbia in 1999.

China and Serbia strengthening military ties

Russia, Belarus, Serbia kick off Slavic Brotherhood joint counter-terror drills

Serbians like Russian and Chinese were slaughtered and killed by Nazis and their puppets/allies . Jasenovac concentration camp is something we will never forget nor forgive.

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The 'vaxxine passports' are going to fail catastrophically and all of the people who advocated for unethical coercion, segregation and discrimination are going to be the bad guys in the story.

Like they always are.

There are people who still think this is all about health and public safety.

The way some people try to label everyone who doesn't want THIS particular injection an 'anti-vaxxer' is hilarious.

They think it's clever but it really demonstrates their own stupidity, lack of empathy, and inability to comprehend basic nuance.

He spreads vaccine misinformation, and it's clearly done for clicks/views/$. Just boring now

Yeah, it is ME spreading 'vaccine misinformation'. Not the politicians, media pundits, or globo organisations that have lied to you from day one and every day since.

I don't know how you can live with yourself being this disingenuous.

Cognitive dissonance is crazy.

Good morning to everybody, except those who support discrimination, segregation, and unequal treatment of their fellow citizens.

If you support medical tyranny, outright segregation, mistreatment, trampling of human rights, and/or aggression against peaceful people, then you are indeed my enemy.

They've drawn their lines. I will draw mine. I am not the aggressor in this situation. I advocate for liberty.

Globally, governments and their cronies have been imprisoning innocent people, trampling civil liberties, implementing segregation, and disregarding humans rights. For 18 months+

But people would rather talk about transgender bathrooms, what foods are racist, and the weather.

This is pretty damning. I recommend reading the whole article.

So much dodgy stuff has occurred over the past 20 months. I don't think people fully appreciate how serious some of it will prove to be.

More whistleblowers in the medical world are starting to speak up and expose shenanigans.

It feels like this whole thing is unravelling. Slowly, but surely... Give it time.

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Big Bird: I got my COVID-19 vaccine today! My wing is feeling a little sore, but it’ll give my body an extra protective boost that keeps me and others healthy.

Ms. @EricaRHill even said I’ve been getting vaccines since I was a little bird. I had no idea!

Jack Curtis: Sesame Street has fallen to Satan

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The Left knows that there is no case against Rittenhouse. They know he isn't the white supremacist serial killer they've made him out to be. They know he's innocent and they don't care. They want him to rot in prison anyway. Truth and justice are irrelevant. They don't care.

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