Robin Hood (aka Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad) #sexist twitter.com

Robin Hood: Boys shouldn't cry because crying indicates a loss of self control; this is inherently unmanly.

Bjorn Merkeland: Carl, crying is a natural sign of distress in humans. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to not be okay sometimes. Its very easy to confuse crying and being emotionally open, which is my guess as to why men are statistically more likely to commit suicide.

Robin Hood: Yes, it is unmanly to be in distress.

Robin Hood #wingnut twitter.com

If women don't breed, no culture survives. I don't understand why you are getting triggered by this self-evident fact of reality.

I know what I mean better than you, because you can't read minds. Here it is plainly:

All women should aspire to motherhood, all men to fatherhood, and those that don't should know that much is expected of them because they failed to uphold this social contract. You owe them.

Syrian Girl #racist twitter.com

(NOTE: This is about Gal Gadot being cast as Cleopatra)

Gal Gadot, or Gal Greenstein, will never be middle eastern.

She could live in greater Syria for a 100 years, she'd still be just a polish Ashkenazi.

You will never be us. You will never replace us.

Not with that masculine face and those beedy little eyes.

Nick Fuentes #racist twitter.com

Nick Fuentes: Media seething because they were hoping Trump would die or be significantly weakened/diminished by the coronavirus and instead he emerges looking stronger than ever before. MUSSOLINI MOMENT BITCH.

Ruth Ben-Ghiat: Hey @NickJFuentes Mussolini expert here. You do know how the Duce ended up?

Nick Fuentes: He ended up in heaven which won't be said about you bitch

Later, Nick retweeted this account

America First Investments: Oh, wow that’s crazy...

Jewish right wing political pundit, Ben Shapiro, retweeting Jewish left wing political pundit, Jake Tapper, to throw shade at a white Catholic, Nick Fuentes???

Could have never seen that coming

Carl Benjamin et al #wingnut twitter.com

[Basically, Sargon is whining about a private business not doing business with a Nazi…]

Robin Hood: Look, whether you hate Mark Collette or not, saying that someone can't have a bank account is saying that person cannot live in society, and must be cast out onto the streets. It should be illegal to leave someone without a bank account at this point, as cash is being phased out. I, like everyone else, destest Mark's Hitler simp politics, but common-law societies are built on criminalising actions, not beliefs. If we allow these kinds of decisions to be made then, as we have seen in every other realm, they will affect non-Nazis eventually. … It seems totally immoral to allow banks to target sections of the public because of their publicly-percieved opinions. People should have action taken against them only for the things they have done, in this sphere. Even murderers and rapists don't have their bank accounts closed. It gives huge institutions total power over the economic life of an individual, and I don't know how the left doesn't look at this and see the relative power dynamics at play. It's monstrous to see what is happening.

AssWorldsman: This is precisely why tech censorship is just scratching the surface. The biggest, most powerful cancel culture is refusing someone the ability to hold, send, and receive currency. It's excommunication from society. This is how companies destroy someone's life in the current year

Rhubba: HSBC must be held to account (pardon the pun) for their decision. It must be put out in the open for the public to know how and why they make decisions like these AND what criteria they use to judge: eg why Patriotic Alternative but not BLM or XR?

PostoPMalemaN: The holocaust never happened, Carl. What’s your excuse for not having educated yourself on this yet?

Mark R. Levin #fundie #wingnut twitter.com

1. By the way, to show you what a clown “the Rock” truly is, he says he’s a centrist and Independent, yet he’s effusive in his support for Kamala Harris, who’s the most leftwing senator in the Senate (left of Sanders!), and was the most vicious
2. and vile hack of the bunch during Brett Kavanaugh‘s confirmation hearings.  This should make you even more active in re-electing President Trump.

Tiny Tim #conspiracy #wingnut twitter.com

Joe Biden: Jill and I send our thoughts to President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump for a swift recovery. We will continue to pray for the health and safety of the president and his family.

Tiny Tim: We know that you worked with China on this virus and that they gave you an antidote. You probably infected Trump and his bride at the debate. He will overcome because Trump was heaven sent.

Rudy Giuliani #wingnut twitter.com

The reaction of the NYT, CNN and MSNBC indicate they have a sickness much worse than COVID-19.

There are no therapeutics or vaccines.

The disease is UNCONTROLLED HATRED for a great President who stands up to them on behalf of all of us who they look down on.

Liberty Hangout #wingnut twitter.com

Moderators are Democrat
Journalists are Democrat
Fact-checkers are Democrat
Pollsters are Democrat
Athletes are Democrat
Entertainers are Democrat
Big tech is Democrat
Corporate America is Democrat

The fix is in & the same people who accuse Trump of rigging 2016 are rigging 2020

Nick Fuentes and Sargon of Akkad #racist twitter.com

[note: Robin Hood is the name of Sargon of Akkad’s alt account that he uses to praise himself]

Nick Fuentes: We are living through a revolution that will replace America with a new country founded in 1619 by MLK, Nelson Mandela, and Muhammad Ali, which extolls the principles of racial justice and equality, and which installs a racial caste system with Whites at the very bottom.

Robin Hood: This is an accurate assessment of the situation.

ToxicManbaby #fundie twitter.com

(Toxic Manbaby 6%@ToxicManbaby)
Unlike Optimus, I'm a human and like to breathe.

(Punished Soundwave@thecoomeroffaze)
You're not gonna be breathing so easily once covid gets to you

(Toxic Manbaby 6%@ToxicManbaby)
Fakedemic not even scary Heart suit

(Punished Soundwave@thecoomeroffaze)
I'm gonna make a fat guess, that you're American?? Probably living somewhere southern?

Now why do you automatically assume he's a southerner?

(Traffy (Waiting On More Kaiju No 8)@AxiVaughn)
It's a reasonable assumption, I live in the south and I see these people everywhere.

(Toxic Manbaby 6%@ToxicManbaby)
Replying to @AxiVaughn @iamCHANGHISKHAN and @thecoomeroffaze
Normal people who aren't afraid to touch stuff and be next to people?

Replying to @ToxicManbaby, @AxiVaughn and 2 others
But normal people are afraid of diseases.

(Punished Soundwave@thecoomeroffaze)
Replying to @ToxicManbaby, @AxiVaughn and @iamCHANGHISKHAN)
I don't think anyone that lives in the south are "normal", plus how the fuck do you think this is a fake pandemic when there's literally people dying left and right, sure you can think its a leaked virus or a bio weapon, but denying something that is literally happening is weird

(Toxic Manbaby 6%@ToxicManbaby)
Lmao where? Hospitals are empty and nobody is sick.

(Punished Soundwave@thecoomeroffaze)
"nobody is sick", just because you dont see em doesn't mean they're not there, plus what the fuck do you mean hospitals are empty??? Literally every hospitals I've gone to this week has half or more of their building dedicated to covid patients

Phil Kidd #quack #fundie #transphobia twitter.com

You can't give a baby 11 vaccinations at one time and tell me it's not screwin' that kid up. You ain't tellin' me that!

You parents that have young kids...you oughta make your doctor space those vaccines out, so that child's body can adjust to the germs and the immutations(sic) they have just put in your child.

When you give a little boy 11 shots at one time, you're killin' his testosterone. Which makes him a man. Which makes him tough. Which makes him strong and a leader.

And I believe when you throw all these medicines and chemicals and viruses together, and inject it in that boy, you're killin' the testosterone of these boys. And instead of playin' with army boots and G.I. Joe, they want high-heel shoes and liptick! I know what I'm talkin' about.

You know I'm tellin' it right! They don't wanna go to the barbershop, they wanna get their hair "done." And they wanna be crossdressers and Mommy lets 'em wear panties and run around with her bra on, with socks in her bra, and they think it's so cute. But when Junior's 15 years old and he's hung himself, 'cause he doesn't know if he's a boy or a girl, and he's been rejected by society, you'd've wished to God you'd've made a little boy out of Junior!

Rex Jones #racist twitter.com

It's all fun and games to bring up "Government Data" until someone mentions FBI Crime statistics


Acceptable “Conservatives”

- Candace Owens
- Ben Shapiro
- Glenn Beck
- Stephen Crowder

“Unacceptable” Conservatives

- Alex Jones
- Nick Fuentes
- Faith Goldy
- Tucker Carlson

See the difference?

Rollo Tomassi #sexist twitter.com

I don’t know which ladies needs to hear but if you have to take off your clothes to “make a statement”, you’re not sexually empowered, you’re sexually enslaved.

Don’t confuse feminism with prostitution. You can be seen and heard without taking your clothes off.

No Candace, the only real agency women have is their sexuality. All women know this. It's why their first reflexive impulse to draw attention to themselves for any reason is to take their clothes off or broadcast sexual availability.

Bay of Pigs Award

Donald Trump #crackpot #wingnut twitter.com

Sleepy Joe Biden has spent 47 years in politics being terrible to Hispanics. Now he is relying on Castro lover Bernie Sanders to help him out. That won’t work! Remember, Miami Cubans gave me the highly honored Bay of Pigs Award for all I have done for our great Cuban Population!

Various Moonbats #moonbat twitter.com

(Andre Vltchek)
Here in #Yugoslavia, quarter of century ago I grasped lies of Western Empire. And its terror. US& EU destroyed the greatest European country in front of my eyes. Spreading lies about #Srebrenica etc. Then, butcher #BillClinton presided over mass murder in #DRCongo and #Yugoslavia

my understanding is that yugoslavia potentially had a very bright future, possibly becoming a powerhouse in the area that would have easily come to rival the french, german and british. size, infrastructure, strength of will (historical context and wars), etc. were more than ok.

(Andre Vltchek)
Definitely! And on top it was socialist/Communist and 'democratic'

(Azria #ANDIMIZ)
Until my Czech husband told me the truth about it and talked to a couple of Serbian friends, I also thought there was a horrendous massacre in srebrenica.MSM brainwashed everyone around the world that there was. It is really sad and frustrating what happened to your country

(Andre Vltchek)
For all those years I could not return to #Serbia. Just thinking abut what #NATO did to it was breaking my heart. Now I am back. And I will write about what I know!

(Paula Paalu)
It's a beautiful country. Still truly multicultural unlike neighboring ultra-nationalist ex-Yugoslavian states. And then Kosovo, terrible place, drug dealers, gangsters, hookers, casinos, whorehouses, corruption right from the border. Kosovo represents Western "democracy".

Marjorie Taylor Greene #wingnut #fundie twitter.com

As the Congresswoman from NW Georgia, I look forward to fighting for our Christian, American values and helping
pass an #AmericaFirst agenda!

No one will fight harder against the radical, Socialist Democrats than me.

Now let's all work together to re-elect
, hold the U.S. Senate, repeal Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, and help GA Republicans win!



Settler’s Lament, et al. #dunning-kruger #fundie twitter.com

Settler’s Lament: Atheism is inherently left-wing

Judah: It's hypocritical to embrace hierarchy, then to deny God's sovereignty.

Curufinwe Feanaro: New Atheism could have been halfway based if it had kept the message to “There is no god but Gnon, and Darwin is his prophet”, but it was quickly and very predictably co-opted by people who stopped believing in God a hundred years ago and just never told anyone.

Nate the Great: Precisely. Leftism requires atheism, for with God, one would find it difficult avoiding the inevitable backlash for breaking every Commandment and Beatitude.

Adam Milne: Are there not other routes to respecting hierarchy than through God? I personally struggle with which hierarchies to respect and I am an atheist.

Anonymous: if you are an atheist there is no hierarchy, only self.

Dee( I Am Love ) #fundie twitter.com

The Disney Vault is full of demonic , perverted, voodoo, white magic, black magic, sorcery, levitation & everything that goes along with the kingdom of darkness. Be mindful what you allow your kids to watch bc watching anything related to the Disney channel is a NO! #WakeUp

Steven from Texas #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #wingnut twitter.com

Peter Slen: Steven! Spring Texas Republican. Steven, go ahead please.

Steven from Texas: Yeah, there’s a big, big uncertainty with what you’re saying online today, uh, he’s talking about, doesn’t make sense, I’m a big Q supporter. We got kids who are in jeopardy, uhm, things are…

Peter Slen: Steven, what’s a… can you just explain very quickly what a Q supporter is?

Steven from Texas: [pause] Q-anon.

Peter Slen: Mmh-hmm. And what is that?

Steven from Texas: [pause] Yeah, it’s a. It’s a, I guess you could say it’s a… [longer pause] [hangs up]

Asteroid & Zoraya #transphobia twitter.com


Funnily enough no man insisted to be treated as a woman when women could not vote, or own property.
No transwomen then.
And no-one wondered if you had to do genital checks to find out who was a man.


Well there was the chevalier but he was treated as a VERY SPECIAL WOMAN by men. Men, back in the day, didn’t believe members of their sex could become members of ours any more than they really do now.

It's funny that things never change: they still are treated as VERY SPECIAL women. Not just regular women.

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