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An abbreviated version

I’m so glad that the bathroom signs for #xoxofest are a hit ☺️

Women! Ignore your instincts! Let men intrude on your boundaries!

And when the bad things inevitably happen, we'll use the fact that you ignored the big red flag warning against you - "Why did you smile at him instead of running away if you were 'uncomfortable', as you claim?"

I was in more danger of being raped by my ex than some trans girl minding her own business in the stall next to me.

Because your ex had more opportunity.

Yet you want to give predatory males more opportunity by opening up female-only spaces to any male who says he qualifies for entry.

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Everything women were demonised for predicting has happened

Men are infiltrating women’s spaces&sports

Young children are socially transitioned

GNC children are unnecessarily medicalised

Women are harmed as a result of Self ID

“Terf” was just a word for women with foresight

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Would you engage in sexual relations with a trans person? If no, please explain why not in the comments. Please RT for coverage.

I would never be with someone that believed mocking another's sex with dress up parody was ok anymore than I think blackface as a hobby or personality traits is acceptable.

Like I don't care how much you "believe" you are that. It's not acceptable to play dress up and parody them. I don't care what your reasons are. It's dehumanizing behavior and I won't allow it in my life or even be associated with anyone that believed it was ok.

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(Matt Walsh)
Tennessee will become the first state in the country to make surgical and medical “gender transitions” for children illegal. We will pave the way. This is just the beginning.

The Left is wailing and screaming and threatening to have me arrested and even killed, but they are powerless to stop us. Their threats mean nothing to me and their insults and accusations mean even less. We’re going to see this through. No matter what.

(Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene)
Georgia next!
The 118th Congress must pass the Protect Children’s Innocence Act to make it a felony to perform “gender affirming care” on minors.
If we don’t some states are going to do the opposite of TN and protect genital mutilation of kids before they are old enough to vote.

(Matt Walsh)
Amen. Every Republican in Congress should be speaking out on this issue loudly and consistently. It is not only critically important and morally right, but a winning issue on top of it. Americans do not support castrating children.

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“Old fashioned cross dressing” was not OK, and not something we should go back to. When it was “behind closed doors”, wives were still being coerced. Nobody these days would say that hitting your wife is OK as long as you do it quietly and nobody else knows.

Every time you make an exception or a prevarication to show you’re “not transphobic” it’s trans widows and children of transitioners who pay the price.

You might as well say “they should have to put up with it so we don’t have to”.

Also I suspect, the myth of the benign part time domestic cross dresser, was put about by the Beaumont Society to gaslight and trap wives.

For the hard of thinking who are currently attracted to the top tweet here, it’s comparing fetishistic male cross dressing where the wife is forced to participate, as being coercive control on a par with physical abuse. Coercive control is a crime and this is a valid comparison

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once again: gender theory came from queer theory and queer theory came from a bunch of male French intellectuals trying to turn their pedophilia into an academic discipline.

blaming mUh FeMiniStS for this shit is insidious midwittery

all the roads of gender ideology lead back to male sexual degeneracy. all of them. every single one.

all the roads forward through gender ideology inevitably take us to the normalization of male sexual degeneracy. all of them. every single one.

feminists (esp. lesbian feminists) in the 60s and 70s were the only ones sounding the alarm about this shit!

what was the result? the total demonization of feminism until which point it had been sufficiently psyopped by liberal parasitism so as to be completely unrecognizable.

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“Non-binary” is not real, valid, or meaningful. It indicates nothing about a person, except buy-in to a shallow faux-spirituality of ego worship w/ daily faith rituals of navel-gazing & breathtaking co-opting of gay rights (no you are not “coming out” as NB — that’s not a thing).

NB is “trans lite,” allowing people to join the gender craze (complete w/ social cred, special attention, legal privileges & oppression points) who otherwise wouldn’t b/c they know themselves well enough to know they don’t have the commitment to fake sex change.

NB is the shallowest faction of genderism — there are no expectations of behavior or appearance that flow from “declaring an NB identity,” yet laws that privilege “gender id” apply to NB as if it is the deepest: eg, it is NB that’s getting legal status as a 3rd sex (M/F/NB).

Non-binary is also the most naked appeal to a transhumanist spirituality of the “gender identity” labels, for the believers who medicalize “being NB” - “NB affirmation” (“nullo” surgeries etc) is a limitless, customized menu of ways to try & transcend (or just deny) being human.

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Endless death and rape threats, threats of loss of livelihood, employers targeted, physical harassment, family address posted online with picture of bomb-making manual aren't 'mean comments'. If you don't yet understand what happens to women who stand up on this issue, back off.

Respectfully -- and I sincerely mean respectfully -- you need to fall back and support men like Matt Walsh. You're not built for this conflict. The failure and cowardice of men got us into this mess. Matt is standing up. You need to support him. Men have to fix this.

Respectfully, I've been facing down the Punch-and-Kill-TERFs brigade for a while now and not once have I thought, 'what I really want is to hand this over to a man who thinks feminism is one of the worst things to happen to western civilisation.' 1/4

Like many women on the left, I despair that so many self-proclaimed liberals turn a blind eye to the naked misogyny of the gender identity movement and the threat it poses to the rights of women and girls. Walsh's film undeniably exposed what many leftists are too scared to, 2/4

but a shared belief that women exist as a biological class (and water's wet and the moon's not made of cheese) does not an ally make. I believe women are susceptible to certain harms and have specific needs and that feminism is necessary to secure and protect our rights. 3/4

Walsh believes feminism is 'rotten' and his default appears to be denigrating women with whom he disagrees. He's no more on my side than the 'shut up or we'll bomb you' charmers who cloak their misogyny in a pretty pink and blue flag. 4/4

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ED claims that all of the single-sex spaces & activities historically allowed under Title IX were only valid b/c no one was “harmed” by them — but now that “transgender” students feel harmed, sex categories must go. Biden’s Title IX proposal helpfully explains why upholding

sex-based categories can’t continue: “When a person is denied access to education…activities consistent w/ their gender identity, it causes them more than de minimis harm on the basis of sex. Therefore…such treatment generally violates Title IX”. ED is insisting that only the

harms suffered by “transgender” students from sex categories count (“a range of serious dignitary, academic, social, psychological & physical harms”); harms suffered by “cisgender” students from losing single-sex spaces are just “unsubstantiated concerns about privacy & safety”.

In other words, nothing is more important than validating everyone’s “gender identity.” Any downsides or negative consequences to eliminating female-only spaces & activities are just bigoted, cruel overreactions to the harm prevention that really counts: affirming identities.

Of course, ED dodges an obvious question: how, exactly, is a school supposed to “treat everyone according to their gender identity” when gender identity is not defined to, for instance, be limited to cross-sex identification? How shall we avoid “harm” to enbies or gender fluid?

Maybe we’ll see a flood of Title IX complaints & even lawsuits charging schools w/ “gender identity discrimination” for not keeping up w/ neopronouns, & for “only” offering “girl/boy” options for locker rooms etc. That’s not very validating for non-binary or genderqueer students.

It’s also pretty dismissive of reality for ED to frame single-sex spaces/activities always allowed (until now) under Title IX as existing just b/c “no one was harmed,” as though there are no actual *benefits* (esp & mainly for girls & women) to having male-free spaces/activities.

It’s also insulting for ED to frame objections to losing single-sex spaces as concerns of “cisgender” students; how do ED officials know if all students who see value in keeping female-only spaces “identify as cisgender”? ED is forcing everyone into a made-up “trans/cis” binary.

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[In reply to a tweet about white people not having a history of being treated poorly and an entire thread about systematic racism]

There were White slaves. Irish people were slaves and were even seen as replaceable and of less value than Black people. For a long time, Italians weren’t even considered White!

Circus clowns are believed to have their origins in xenophobic caricatures of Irish people given their albino white makeup, often red wigs, and red noses that suggest a drunken state.

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💜a TERF can belong to any or no political party
🤍a TERF can be atheist or religious
💚a TERF might or might not be a radical feminist
💜 a TERF fights for the safety and
protection of children and women
🤍a TERF opposes the prefix cis
💚a TERF tells the truth


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As a research methodologist the lack of defining terms spins my head..we are asking people for their views on an undefined, fluid and subjective group that can’t even define itself!

Trans is an illusory demographic created by the forced teaming the children of homophobic parents, & those who have fallen victim to the social contagion of gender identity beliefs,
adult male AGP fetishists who want to put on a male dominance displays everywhere they go.

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Male inclusion in the women’s category excludes women and girls from playing sport.

I am in awe of brave female athletes like
, who are fighting for the next generation. I stand with you sisters!


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A trans activist YouTuber with a 930K subscriber base shared my song in a reaction video. In it, I am accused of focussing solely on transwomen, and not transmen. A gauntlet is thrown down: “How about you say the same points, but to me. What makes me not a man?”
The first and most obvious difference between you and I and the reason you are not a man is that you require synthetic drugs to sustain the simulation that you are a man. Your voice, that facial hair, none of it is naturally induced.
I do not need drugs to have a deep voice or facial hair, my body naturally facilitates it. Yours doesn’t. You have no acquaintance with the flood of natural testosterone during puberty, how it affects behaviour, how a male's life is moulded by it.
Unlike you, I never needed to amputate breasts because as a man I never developed them. Your body does not produce the sperm cell and will never do so. Your body developed to produce the egg cell and thus you will remain female no matter what.
The common cult retort here is to suggest that I must think an infertile woman is not a woman, that those who cannot produce a sex cell are therefore no longer male or female. This is thick.
A male dog doesn’t cease being male when its balls are cut off, likewise a female human doesn’t cease being female because she has her ovaries removed.
Your body developed the apparatus to produce the egg cell. You may have had a hysterectomy and an oophorectomy, but you will not replace that with the apparatus needed to produce sperm cells – the cardinal defining characteristic of a man – a characteristic you do not have.
You have a lump of skin affixed to your crotch which was sourced from your arm or thigh. This skin graft is not a penis, it’s a facsimile, a crude construct, a wedge of flesh fastened to your front which ultimately serves to cater only to an aesthetic whim.
It is either limp or requires a gizmo tucked under it that you press to inflate. You think this is a penis? It's a strap-on made of excised flesh. You will thus never experience sexual stimulation as a man, never have an erection, and you will never have sex as a man.

Kristan Hawkins and Alex Kobylarz #sexist #psycho #wingnut twitter.com

Kristan Hawkins: This is great news!!

Children deserve to be protected from abortion violence no matter who their fathers are.

Tech Witch: The cruelty is the point. Isn't it, Kristan? You're disgusting

fanster: Kristan: "Rapists should have more rights than their victims"

Alex Kobylarz: No one said that cut the crap we are for punishing the father. But the unborn baby is innocent and derseves the right to life protected by law I stand by miss Hawkins.

fanster: The victim should not be forced to have a baby.

Alex Kobylarz: What did the innocent baby do nothing . Jail the father but the baby has the right to life regardless of how they were conceived.

fanster: Because the victim has sentience and personhood. And it's wrong to make them go through a pregnancy they didn't consent to. There is potential for life in the early stages of pregnancy, but it's not the same as a developed human.

fanster: If there was a fire at an IVF lab and there were 10 embryos on one side of the building and 1 infant at the other, and you only had time to save either, you would save the infant because you know there's a fundamental difference between the two.

Alex Kobylarz: And an emybro is still a stage of life it is the beginning stage of life of an unborn baby so I protect and defend all life born or unborn.

fanster: No, you don't. Banning abortions means more women will die. But you don't care about that.

fanster: If you care so much about the unborn, I assume you also support comprehensive sex-ed and access to contraceptives, which are effective in reducing unwanted pregnancies?

Alex Kobylarz: It’s not about brith control but self control

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(Elon Musk)
We are simultaneously being told that gender differences do not exist and that genders are so profoundly different that irreversible surgery is the only option.

Perhaps someone wiser than me can explain this dichotomy.

There was a time when humanity realized girls could climb trees and want short hair and just be "tomboys". Many of them grew up to be fabulous mothers who showed their daughters how to be different. But now we cut their breasts off. Not exactly progress.

I wrote an entire book about gender ideology and its contradictions.

These ideas can’t be reconciled, which reflects how poorly thought out they are.

It's meant to be as complex and confusing as it can be, otherwise it could part of a rational discussion. It's emotional coercion; "if you don't agree with this statement you must be against the people whose this statement is about and therefor an enemy and a heartless monster".

The 3 biggest inconsistencies of gender ideology:

1. Insisting on respect for pronouns but imposing the label ‘cis’ on others.
2. Saying feelings are all that count but encouraging modification of the body.
3. Rejecting pathology but demanding access to medication and surgery.

Yes Elon. Because the losers, degenerates, and outcasts figured out that they can bully the masses into acquiescing to their behaviors under the guise of acceptance, inclusion, and equality. Now, the bar we’ve set as a society in civility is in hell, and it’s a free-for-all.

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sexuality is not about genitals, it’s about personality and appearance.

AHAHAHAHAH! 😂😂No. If I like a woman I like her because she’s a woman. If she had a dick or a frankengina and had the best personality in the world it would still be a man pretending to be a woman and I would still be like NOPE. You’re a man. It’s pretty straightforward.

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I didn’t affirm my daughter, I removed her from the contagion. Within months she pulled what I called a “sees and desist” — she saw the truth and left the cult. Over a year later, she’s thriving more than she ever was when involved in gender craze. #YoungGCWomenUnite

Crazy how many people are mad I didn’t let my daughter go down a path toward mutilation. Maybe if studies showed transition actually improved mental health, I’d consider it, but a lot of you are proving that living your trans life didn’t make you any less of a miserable person.


Weird, many of you are claiming I abused my child by questioning her trans identity, yet you’re also referring to her as “she” “her” and “daughter”. It’s almost like you don’t care about my child as much as I do, or her identity, you’re just miserable, pathetic people. Stay mad.


We have an incredible homeschool coalition where I live. Anna is back in public school because I do trust her now, she’s the high school’s renowned TERF apparently. But my younger two, 2 and 4, I doubt we do public school at all.

Removing my child from social media meant she had to interact with friends in real life. It literally gave her more human connection. And she and I are closer than ever before.

Remove her from social media. Stick to it. That was the biggest thing for us, being removed from the social contagion gave her time to reflect on who she is without being influenced.
ALWAYS snoop. Removing our children from social media is a good start, to keep them from the predators and grøømers who would go behind our backs and tell our children lies. I’m so sorry about your experience 😔 I hope your daughter comes back to you safely.
I removed her from all social media. I purchased monitoring apps to block certain websites from her phone, and would receive dmail@alerts if certain words were flagged in her searches or texts. I also would not let her spend time with any friends whose parents o didn’t trust.
She turns 16 in less than two weeks. She survived not being affirmed. I’m so happy this gives others hope. We can’t let our children@hold us hostage with threats. Their infantile threats only prove we need to parent them more than ever. They’ll be ok.

@varindeus #transphobia twitter.com

The basis of the “what is a woman ” argument is the mistaken premise that a woman is an “idea” or a “feeling”. So anyone can have that feeling and thus be a woman. Nope. A woman is an adult human female, the member of the human species responsible for production of Ova.

Whether they currently produce them or not is neither here nor there. A legless horse is still a horse. Dissociating words from their meanings is a trick used to confuse and deceive, with far reaching ramifications. What is a child? A child is a young human person.

Except some will say no, it’s an identity, a feeling, an idea, a concept. A grown man can then say he identifies as a child, and he wants to play with children and have a childhood. Does that sound ludicrous? It should. But that is where this bullshit semantic game is heading.

@StellaDoves #transphobia twitter.com

Women, children & LGB's have sex based rights. If, as is being asked we defer to gender, then these rights are removed. By removing sex based rights safeguarding of Women, children & LGB's are also removed. Simple! If you don't see this as a problem, YOU are part of the problem!

@Woman4W #transphobia twitter.com

If a black woman wasn't black, she'd still be a woman.
If a disabled woman wasn't disabled, she'd still be a woman.
If a genderqueer polyromantic demisexual woman wasn't... all that bullshit, she'd still be a woman.
If a transgender woman wasn't transgender, she'd be a MAN, baby.

@theleechskiss #transphobia twitter.com

Yes, the patriarchy is rubbing its hands in glee that I'm defending trans women, whom it notoriously loves sooooooo much. Look who your side is allying itself with for five minutes! Republicans! Toreys! Conversion therapy advocates! The Heritage Foundation! Fox News!

Look what your ideology demands; enforced labels, controlled language, a curb on free speech, scapegoating, punishing & prohibiting of certain groups, medical experimentation on children, denouncement of scientific fact, projecting propaganda, censoring opponents & book burning.

@starmum22 #transphobia #dunning-kruger #pratt twitter.com

A🧵on the great unanswered questions of our time. You all know them, you’ve all asked them and all you get in reply are circular definitions, insults or tumbleweed.

1. What rights do trans people currently not have?
2. Why is it ok to identify into a sex but not a race/ethnicity/disability?
3. Why is standing up for women’s rights transphobic?
4. Why do you care about preferred pronouns when they’re used if you are elsewhere?
5. If trans women are women what they transitioning from?
6. If trans women are women why do they need to transition?
7. Where are all the middle aged women transitioning?
8. If trans men are men, why are they not dominating men’s sports?
9. If being trans is not a medical condition, why do you need medical interventions?
10.How can you be both trans and non-binary?
11.Why does it take surgery and drugs to be your true authentic self?
12.Where are the statistics showing trans people are attacked at a greater rate than other groups of people?
13.Why are trans women’s fears of male violence in single sex spaces justified but women’s fears of male violence in single sex spaces means they are hateful bigots?
14.Why is it not ok to misgender a trans person but fine to call someone ‘cis’ when they’ve asked you not to?
15.If gender is a social construct and anyone can dress/behave however they want, why the need for transition?
16.If sex isn’t real, why transition?
17.Why do feelings trump material reality?
18.Do you believe that adult male born people with a penis should be able to undress in female communal changing rooms with women and girls?
Feel free to add your own.

@SophieXY44 #transphobia twitter.com

If a man stood outside a woman’s restroom and demanded access or else he would kill himself, it’d be seen as manipulative and abusive. But if he claims to be a woman, women are told to capitulate else his death be on their hands.

Spoiler: It’s STILL manipulative and abusive.

@Woman4W #transphobia twitter.com

If trans people existed through all of history and just sat back and watched what women went through & never bothered raising their heads above the parapet until we fought for and won our own rights, that narrative is one of abject cowardice and not worthy of respect.

@prof_curiosity1 #transphobia twitter.com

Trans activism demands in a nutshell:
➡️male bodied people can access ALL women's spaces & undress in front of girls/women
➡️Male bodied sex offenders can access female victims in prison
➡️Gay, GNC, autistic children who are gender questioning to be chemically sterilised.

Helen Joyce #transphobia twitter.com

It seems there needs to be some honesty here from you and those who don’t consider trans women to be women that you wish to continue to call them men. Because if not the case then there is a very small group of women who were born with a penis and in some cases retain it.

I used to think that it was "kind" to refer to people how they wished. But now we have male rapists in women's jails, male athletes in women's sports, lesbians told they're bigots if they won't sleep with males, etc. So, yes, I am going to insist on saying who people actually are

Helen Staniland #transphobia twitter.com

This hasn't happened here.
Social transition isn't a harmless act. If a school forces staff and pupils to call a male pupil 'she', it's then much more difficult to make the case that that pupil should not be able to access changing rooms set aside for female students. They count.

What makes Ministers in this Government get up in the morning & think: “what hateful & hurtful thing can I say today about a very vulnerable minority of young people?” Replace “trans” with “black” or “gay” & you get my drift. We’re back to Section 28, but this is worse.

@CroneInAMillion #transphobia twitter.com

I consider this ad to be hate speech against my beliefs. Gender critical beliefs (that sex is real, significant & immutable while gender is a sexist, restrictive social construct) are protected in law. Who shall I report for this hate speech?




please note
is encouraging people to report fake hate crimes (e.g. statements of fact) and then using the inflated nonsense "hate crime" figures for political ends. This is stirring up social tensions as well as wasting police resources.

@janeclarejones #transphobia twitter.com

To all the people endlessly recycling the claim that good comedy should only be aimed at people in power, not vulnerable minorities.

People without power would never have been able to force everyone else to pretend that humans aren't sexed.

All Gervais did was highlight the reductio ad absurdum of sex denialism.

And not even by extrapolating.

Simply by directly quoting examples of that absurdism.

Do not pretend that people without power would have been able to make people mouth these absurdities.

Do not pretend that people without power would have been able to get the liberal and glossy media to write a bunch of pieces about the 'virulent' and 'violent' hatred exhibited by simply pointing to the absurdity of sex denial.

Everyone knows this is absurd.

You don't have to make jokes.

You just have to REPEAT THE ABSURDISM.

Power is being able to make everyone pretend that something that is blatantly absurd is not absurd.

And being able to demonise people for simply pointing out the absurdity.

This is what I wrote in the introduction to my book about the process of writing 'The Annals of the TERF-Wars.'


And then, they will accuse you of hatred.

And people will listen to them.

Because they are so powerless.

People who have no power got everyone to pretend that humans aren't sexed Part 1 of ?.

I know why comics like @rickygervais & Dave Chappelle love making trans jokes - it's great publicity and trans people actually have no power. So, you can hit them over and over- and you'll just get new, lucrative special out of it and get right-wing love and pretend you're brave.

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