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( @jennifer_1ee )
Why are men hesitating to defend women from the onslaught of trans invading our spaces? Perhaps they want to distance themselves from men who are openly deviant because it makes them cringe at their own secret fetishes. They want to get the weirdos away from them so they won't be tempted.

( @lucystone1871 )
I see a lot of men starting to pay attention and get angry. But this issue is still being reported (when it is reported) in the most biased way (women’s rights being painted as “anti-trans” etc), so my *hope* is that this is an awareness issue, at least in part.

( @RiggleElaine )
Men's lives go fundamentally unchanged. I see some fathers of girls and gay men/lesbians seeing how erasure of sex in our language is extremely problematic. Men did try to squash the trans, btw, many years ago, but women stopped it. Why? Empathy. We forgot about pervs. Men knew.


( @jennifer_1ee )
That's IT. You nailed it. Trans activism is an effortless virtue-signal for men. He says "Transwomen are women" and he's praised for his Enlightened Dudehood. The "enemy" is already beaten down and oppressed. Piling on women is a piece of cake behind the shield of po-mo rhetoric.

Abby Johnson #fundie #homophobia #wingnut twitter.com

I saw a video of a school that was waving rainbow “Pride” flags as elementary school kids walked through the door. It’s crazy to me that teachers aren’t allowed to pray in class, but they’re allowed to wave sexuality and adult topics in our children’s faces. We need Jesus.

Pro White Women #elitist #racist #sexist #wingnut twitter.com

Most of you are saying I need to be more positive towards white men...

How tf can I do positive posts when the majority of you're weak and are race traitors?!

You're all making me lose hope for a White Future because you're weak minded, pathetic race traitors.

You say you're tired of white women?

Well, I'm tired of you, white men.

You turn your head so easily for n0n-whites it's disgusting.

I wish you were r@cists!!!

But none of you are...

I feel like Pro White Women are more r@cists than "Pro white men"

I seriously feel majority white men are not masculine enough for White Women, you're weak and I pity you!

You can't even defend our white nations, you don't do anything!!

You don't organise, plan and do action....

You call it fed if anyone suggests anything or blame WW

"Pro White Women don't exist"
"White Women destroy White men in marriage courts"
"White women divorce me if I cheat with an asian"
"White women don't want me"
"White women don't want to be my slave"

All I hear is "white men" making excuses to race mix with asians

You disgust me

Rob Zillig #quack twitter.com

rabies doesn't progress in every case.. Some people and animals recover or are never infected after a bite in the first place.. Most people immediately get injected before any symptoms appear.. No I wont be immediately getting a rabies shot if I get bitten by an infected animal

Unwarranted Self-Importance Award

Carroll Bryant #wingnut twitter.com

I wonder how many of my democrat stalkers will show up today? Pathetic 10 year old adults with little to offer and nothing better to do than to check up on the great Carroll Bryant and call him names again. I'm just important enough for them to tell me how unimportant I am.

Shawn R. Bell #wingnut twitter.com

Our bodies evolved eating meat and it's easier to digest. It's only the last few thousand years we started cooking our meat to preserve it and add flavor. The people that made us fear eating raw meat are the ones we now know lies all the time.

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( Jennifer Bilek )
Only the question of what a woman is, is important. This is because our reproductive capacities are being deconstructed, colonized for the market - to be transferred to the tech sector.
The dehumanization is not personal. It’s business. They can’t dismember actual humans & justify what they’re doing. It’s how all slavery works. Colonize. Dehumanize. Extract the resources. Womanhood is occupied territory.

( Salspua )
Are you paying attention yet?

We must stop participating in this, stop pretending that the gender craze is about inclusion & people's "true selves."

Karim Ibn Rashid #fundie #moonbat twitter.com

As a Muslim, I support the Muslim working class from Islamic countries rising up and establishing a Communist Shari'ah Theocracy.image

DescriptionA group of industrial-era workers are knneling in a Muslim prayer pose in a factory, with writing in Arabic script (which I cannot read. @Aisha?). At the buttom is more Arabic writing, as well as “It is Islam and Islam alone that protects the working people” in German and French as well as the English sentence “Islam is the only supporter of the worker.”

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( @GibbonsChip )
TRA's are the most useful idiots of the most elite of the elites. They have been hatching a plan for decades to eradicate biological sex and what it means to be human. Once you're not human, they can use you anyway they want. :

( Jennifer Bilek )
Just #FollowTheMoney
It makes so much more sense than the ridiculous narrative of special fairy people born in wrong bodies and governments, corporations, & international banks rearranging society for them because they care.

Karim Ibn Rashid #crackpot #moonbat #homophobia #sexist twitter.com

Marxism-Leninism is not only a straight heterosexual ideology but it is the ONLY heterosexual ideology.

All other ideologies have some perverse symbolism going on for them.

Here’s a scientific Freudian analysis that proves it:

Hammer and sickle: Symbolic heterosexual union of opposites. The passive and the active.

Swastika: Symbolic homosexual 4-way union. 4 aggressive active lines.

Hammer and sword: Symbolic homosexual union. 2 masculine symbols.

Fascist stick bundle: Symbolic bisexual union. 1 dominant masculine symbol. 1 dominated masculine symbol.


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( @radphoenixx )
Identifying as trans is white peoples’ desperate attempt at securing the title of most oppressed and being able to call minorities oppressors. And it’s workinggggg


( @KrizoSusanna )
It's far more complex than that. They are creating baby incubators where children will be born and new breast milk-formula is also created (hence the need for the removal of healthy uteri and breasts). It's the man's attempt to get rid of the woman and the trans people are their test subjects. The trans think this is about them, and it's the lie they fed them. They are just pawns in the creation of the new utopia where there are no women. Men want it. They've told us so the past 10k years; they want a society free of women.

Matt Forney #fundie twitter.com

[The first Tweet contains a link to a Salon article about a pedophile who refuses to act on their urges]

Everyone who argued that gay marriage would lead to legalized pedophilia has been vindicated and then some.


This is how it begins. First the left argues that pedophiles are "just like you and me" with news articles and positive portrayals in media.


Then the left pushes to legalize sex with children, on the basis that "pedophilia isn't a choice" and "it doesn't matter who you love."


Finally, they make it so parents who object to letting predators diddle their kids go to prison for "hate crimes."

Elena Ceaușescu Award

for least qualified education policy maker

Laurie Cardoza-Moore #conspiracy #crackpot #dunning-kruger #fundie #racist #wingnut twitter.com

Laurie Cardoza-Moore has promoted conspiracy theories about 9/11

She defended to plot to kidnap the Governor of Michigan

Now Tennessee House Speaker @CSexton25 has appointed her to a board charged with creating the state's social studies standards.

Cardoza-Moore has criticized existing public school curriculum for exposing children to “anti-Semitic, anti-American, anti-Judeo-Christian content in our public schools”

She says the current public school curriculum is "ruining our children’s lives"

In 2011, Cardoza-Moore claimed that former President Barack Obama was causing "horrific tornadoes" because he made a speech that discussed the plight of Palestinians.

A group run by Cardozo-Moore, @PJTN, “suggest[ed] removing” a sentence stating that “members of al-Qaeda carried out” the September 11 attacks, citing Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, a group that claimed 9/11 was an "inside job"

Cardozo-Moore falsely claimed the January 6 insurrection was not carried out by Trump supporters but by Antifa

When news broke that right-wing extremists were planning to kidnap Michigan GovGretchen Whitmer, Cardoza-Moore also expressed support for the plot

“Am I missing something here? Didn’t the Founders address removing a tyrant from office in the Constitution?” Cardoza-Moore wrote

Cardoza-Moore is also notorious for spewing anti-Muslim rhetoric. She led opposition to the construction of a Tennessee mosque and argued that the mosque was a “terrorist training camp.” She also falsely claimed that 30% of Muslims are terrorists

Cardoza-Moore's calls herself “Laurie Cardoza-Moore, ThD.” But her “doctorate” is “an honorary doctorate degree in theology from the Latin University of Theology,” an unaccredited diploma mill

Her only real degree is an Associates Degree in Film and Dramatic Arts

But somehow, she is qualified to participate in setting the social studies standards for the entire state of Tennessee.

Sexton and Cardoza-Moore did not respond to requests for comment

Jennifer Bilek #transphobia twitter.com

We must force the narrative away from identity & "gender" & refocus it on industry. The #LGBTInc is no longer a human rights movement. It is used to sell tyranny, homogenization of human thoughts & actions, the obliteration of true culture & families, & industrial body dissociation to the public under guise of good deeds.

Sure Foundation Baptist Church #fundie #psycho twitter.com

[in response to an atheist discussing their recent trip to a national park]

Too bad a bear or mountain lion didn't cross your path. Oh, well I'll keep praying that you meet your demise soon and it's in a way that everyone would know it was God that did it.
I meant every word. You hate God, so I hate you. Hopefully, you get what's coming to you like your hero Madame Murray O'Hare did. You can't do what you do and not expect a recompense. Mocking God's word. Trying to get his people murdered by lying and doxing and stalking. #reap

Lauren Boebert #wingnut #homophobia #transphobia twitter.com

Well, I guess North Face wanted to get a taste of what conservatives did to Bud Light and Target.

How many times do we have to explain to the woke marketing departments at these disgusting companies that America is not a nation of degenerates?

It’s time to boycott ANY product North Face has ever made.

Let’s make it as shameful to wear North Face as it is to drink Bud Light!

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( Jennifer Bilek )
Pr$de month (as if every month since 2014 hasn’t been Pr$de month) is coming up. The unremitting deluge is about to get even more intense. Are you ready?
What I see:
The narrative coming out of the media, force fed to them by #LGBTInc (Big Pharma wearing a dress)

is that the LGBT “community” (it’s a racket not a community) is under attack from all directions & people must stand up to this bigotry. They have been exposed & their rhetoric is getting more intense.
The other thing I am seeing a lot more of is the media pushing

Polyamory & thruples. This is more insistence that sexual dimorphism & reproductive sex is irrelevant. It is more grooming for a usurpation of repro sex by the tech sector.
At the end of the day, that’s what all the insanity is about: grooming us for the usurpation of repro sex.

( Keep Prisons Single Sex USA )
To think that incarcerated women are locked in cells with male rapists and murderers bc some politicians and bureaucrats delusionally imagine they are fighting a "civil rights" battle is bad enough. But then there's this to make it worse ...

Rep. Paul Gosar #wingnut twitter.com

The left's open borders "policy" is actually a strategy.

Mass migration, legal and illegal, is designed to fundamentally transform American society and permanently cement leftist electoral dominance. Our entire country and way of life is at stake.

We must close our borders.

@babybeginner #transphobia twitter.com

Glinner posting a trans man’s post-op bottom half without permission just proves that “Gender Critical’s” don’t see trans people being worthy of decency or respect. Ridiculing trans people for having procedures that has nothing to do with GC’s is unnecessarily cruel.

The same people who want you to support “gender affirming care” are panicked and horrified you might find out what that actually entails. This is why they use these childish words. They don’t want you to know they cut off a slab of a woman’s thigh and sew it elsewhere.

Jesse Lee Peterson #racist #wingnut twitter.com

I wish Sen. Tim Scott well, but at this time he's a RINO... Unless he's changed and realized that racism does not exist, he's a mama's boy without the backbone to stand against evil. We don't need anyone in the White House who believe racism or "white supremacy" exists.

@babybeginner #transphobia twitter.com

A 🧵 about language.

1. How many times does someone says “including others doesn’t hurt you”? We hear it all day long.

They are wrong. They know it. They don’t want you to know it.

2. Let’s start here. When women are a subset of women they cannot lay claim to anything that was separately a woman’s. In one linguistic sleight of hand, women have lost their individuality that determines who has control of something. Be it sports or prison or their name.

spoilertrans women are women and
are as entitled to women's
spaces as cis women are.

3. Now the woman is just a grumpy member of the group trying to keep something away from other WOMEN.

EVERY reason why we have separate spaces women is instantly wiped out with this trick. We are stunned.

We try to explain. We are sure it’s a misunderstanding.

4. We try to justify why we have separate spaces. We explain desperately about things we all knew five minutes ago.

We are sure they just don’t get it. As we explain power differential we

5 are called shrill or mean. Or worse they get endless accusations of NAMALT (not all men are like that).

And why are we doing this? To justify our right to get our OWN stuff. We beg for our own stuff back. We try to explain why we should have our own stuff.

6. And all because with one linguistic move, women have ceased to be an entity entitled to their OWN things. It’s the ultimate takeover.

Property belongs to the owner. If you get the clerk to add a name to the title of your home, you no longer own it.

7. This is actually a thing thieves do. They change the title on your home. (Check periodically). It’s sinister because it is effective.

That’s what TWAW does. It changes the name on the title.

8. And since the phrase is trans women are women and women are cis women, the TW now gains the prominent and controlling place on the title. The women are just cis women. A subset. A minor player. With no rights at all. Full control has been turned over.

9. But the game is not complete. For women are powerful and can speak up. Who would let them take their stuff without complaint?

So now we get to the second genius move. The way to shut women up. We are told we are hateful if we object to having our own stuff taken.


Steve Kirsch #wingnut twitter.com

It's very simple to prove that the US response to COVID was completely inept. There are >50,000 unvaccinated Amish in Lancaster, PA. I will pay $2,500 to the first person who can prove there were more than 5 of them who died from COVID from 2020 to the present.

Piers Corbyn #conspiracy #crackpot twitter.com



#BillGates vaccines CUT populations; he says it and it's observed.

Climate meetings I've attended noted the "population prob", especially "sub-Saharan Africa".

#ExtinctionRebellion #Greta (also #Soros-#Gates funded) key message is PEOPLE espec oldies ARE THE PROBLEM


There's plenty of food. The issue is CONTROL.

World population could fit on IsleofWight.

By farming oceans +better land use 300x population is possible.

OIL isn't a fossill & won't run out. NEW energy (#Saffire etc) is coming.


#ClimateCrisis "biggest threat EVER to the Planet" but #XR (of #Gates+#Soros) gone?


#Climate Assemblies say END YOUR WayOfLIFE!

=#PopulationCull grannie, Africa...& YOU KEEP your WayOfLife


Steve Kirsch #conspiracy #pratt #ableist twitter.com

With less than 200 entries to go, I did a calculation of the OR for autism: 5.06. Brian Hooker's paper: 5.03. In short, if you are vaxxed, you are 5X more likely to develop autism than if you are unvaxxed. You can take that to the bank. This is from the records of 10,000 kids from the parents. Let me know if you want to debate me on this :).

Rep. Paul Gosar #wingnut twitter.com

Conservatives should be making clear that we support LEGAL immigration and are working to stop ILLEGAL immigration.

Do not accept the Left’s phony argument that we are against legal immigration.

Our message is clear: Don’t cut in line!

We cannot have legal immigration when we are experiencing an invasion of rampant illegal immigration at our southern border. It’s a threat to our national security, economy, our culture, and our way of life.

We need an immigration moratorium.

Steve Kirsch #conspiracy #pratt twitter.com

The CDC has been lying to people for more than 20 years now, making the FALSE claim that vaccines do not cause autism. They are lying. The exact opposite is true. Nearly all autism in America can be stopped if we stop all vaccines. It has a side benefit too: our kids will be healthier overall.