Byl Holte #wingnut twitter.com

Black people, don’t cheer for this.

Donald J. Trump is Nelson Mandela.

Donald J. Trump is George Floyd.

Donald J. Trump is Trayvon Martin.

Donald J. Trump is Brianna Taylor.

Donald J. Trump is EVERY black person unjustly convicted under the democrat system of justice.

You’re cheering on his arrest, but the same system that targeted YOU targeted HIM.

Remember that, next time the democrats make you jump up and down about an officer kneeling on a black guys neck.
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Tulsi Gabbard 🌺 #wingnut twitter.com

This should be a wake up call to all Americans.

Biden and the Democrat Elite have turned our country into a banana republic. They will go after anyone who dares to challenge their power.

We, the people, are the only ones who can reverse this disaster and save our country by voting them out of power on Nov. 5th.
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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene🇺🇸 #conspiracy #wingnut twitter.com

No one should get death threats and I get them ALL THE TIME.

But lucky for Mr Fauci, he has Secret Service Protection at the tax payers expense.

I DO NOT, and have to pay for my own security and am a gun owner.

It’s not my comments that have people furious at Mr Fauci, it’s the FACT that his ridiculous, non-scientific, tyrannical policies DESTROYED people’s lives and he’s a narcissistic ass hole and liar which is why SO MANY people hate him.

Kevin Sorbo #wingnut twitter.com

Trump lost 2024 because he didn’t advertise enough. Nobody even knew he was running. Everyone thought he was in prison. Biden got 934,569,334 votes, the most votes in the history of the world. It’s legit though and if you question it we’ll arrest you.
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Ken Ham #forced-birth #fundie #wingnut twitter.com

Chuck Schumer is the majority leader of the United States Senate.

In this post, I'm not commenting on his statements about not having enough workers or the immigration issue. I want to deal solely with this statement he made in a recent video clip (from 05 to 12). He said:

“We have a population that is not reproducing on it’s own with the same level that it used to…”.

What a hypocrite.

Here's what I believe he should of said, "We have a population that is not reproducing on it's own with the same level that it used to because I and most other politicians and many in the judiciary have totally supported killing off as many, in fact tens of millions of children as we can before they are even born."

The abortion holocaust (for which we've written a lot about on the
website) is a stench before the God of creation for which they will be held accountable one day. And I want to warn Chuck Schumer, "It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God" (Hebrews 10:31).
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Steve Kirsch #conspiracy #wingnut twitter.com

Ohio State University Study: COVID-Vaccinated Patients Die at Near Double the Rate than Non-Vaccinated, Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients.

However, the mainstream media totally ignores the study. That’s why important for everyone to read and repost. Thanks!
From trialsitenews.com
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Liz Wheeler #conspiracy #wingnut twitter.com

Compiling a list of Democrats politicians who belong in prison. All of these people committed crimes.

Joe Biden
Hunter Biden
Hillary Clinton
Susan Rice
James Comey
Peter Strzok
Lisa Page
Nancy Pelosi
Alejandro Mayorkas
Merrick Garland
Steven D’Antuono
Lois Lerner
Letitia James

Please add suggestions below.
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Sure Foundation Baptist Church #fundie #psycho twitter.com

[in response to an atheist discussing their recent trip to a national park]

Too bad a bear or mountain lion didn't cross your path. Oh, well I'll keep praying that you meet your demise soon and it's in a way that everyone would know it was God that did it.
I meant every word. You hate God, so I hate you. Hopefully, you get what's coming to you like your hero Madame Murray O'Hare did. You can't do what you do and not expect a recompense. Mocking God's word. Trying to get his people murdered by lying and doxing and stalking. #reap

Liz Wheeler #conspiracy #wingnut twitter.com

Hillary Clinton deleted 30k emails.

Epstein’s clients walk free.

Mayorkas allowed invasion of our border.

Pelosi’s rich from insider trading.

Hunter is a crack addict with hookers.

Biden sold access to Chinese commies.

Steven D’Antuano staged the Whitmer fed-napping & Jan 6th.

Peter Strzock & Lisa Page weaponized the FBI to “get Trump.”

Fauci lied about funding gain-of-function that created the COVID-19 virus.

Cuomo killed 11k elderly people in NY.

Pfizer & Moderna lied about the safety of the mRNA jabs.

Planned Parenthood sold aborted baby body parts.

They’re all walking free.

But TRUMP is convicted for… paying his attorney?
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Liz Wheeler #conspiracy #wingnut twitter.com

Trump’s conviction on 34 felony counts revolves around money sent to his attorney to pay off Stormy Daniels categorized as “legal fees.”

When Hillary Clinton categorized payment for the Steele Dossier to Perkins Coie law firm as “legal fees,” she paid a $113k penalty and… that’s it.

34 felonies that could carry life in prison.

$113k piddly slap on the wrist.

Because Trump is a Republican and they hate us.
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Tru Trips #homophobia #transphobia #pratt twitter.com

(submitter’s note: in response to a post saying that it’s valid to be openly queer and it’s valid to be in the closet or still figuring things out.)

So this is Pride, are you proud of this? Absolutely VILE reprobates. Do what you want in private - STOP BEING P3RVERTS NAKED IN FRONT OF CHILDREN AND TRYING TO MAKE CHILDREN TAKE UNNEEDED MEDICATION!

Lauren Boebert #conspiracy #wingnut twitter.com

As we all knew, this was ALWAYS about election interference and stopping President Trump from winning his rightful re-election to the White House.

The American people see through the Democrat games and know this is a sham verdict.

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Brian Chan #fundie twitter.com

When in heaven, the elect will look upon those in hell.

And those in hell, will serve the elect, by being a display of God’s infinite wrath, to help the elect savor God’s infinite grace, to the praise of his glory.

Isaiah 66:22-24. Romans 9:22-23.

Marjorie Taylor Greene 🇺🇸 #wingnut twitter.com

Donald Trump is the best President of the century. He’s the best President of our lifetime. He’s one of the best President’s in the history of our country. And President Trump is the only hope we have to Save America and DEFEAT THE DEMOCRATS in 2024!image5:43 AM · May 25, 2024 · 161.1K Views
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Charlie Kirk #wingnut twitter.com

For those of you keeping score at home...

In 2016, Hillary Clinton's campaign secretly paid more than a million dollars to foreign spies to create entire fictions out of whole cloth in order to smear Donald Trump as a Russian agent. These concealed payments ultimately led to illegal spying on a presidential campaign and a pointless, multimillion dollar Congressional witch hunt that derailed nearly three years of a presidential term. For these illegal payments, the FEC fined the Clinton campaign just $8,000, and the DNC $105,000.

Trump, in contrast, spent $130,000 to spare his wife the embarrassment of a porn star's extortion attempt. None of the money was used to target Hillary Clinton or any other political opponents. It was done under advice of counsel. The FEC declined to even fine Trump over the payments. Yet he's the one facing four years in prison for an alleged "campaign finance violation."
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Ray Comfort #fundie twitter.com

Hell Will Freeze Over

It seems that the world talks about Hell far more than the Church. It speaks of the fires of Hell when it says, "Hell will freeze over..." and of its inevitability by saying, "As sure as Hell." They even admit to man's indebtedness to the Law of God by saying, "There will be Hell to pay," and rattle off phrases such as, "I'll be damned." Such talk is insane. They don't believe God's Word and yet they adopt its language. How can they be so flippant about the judgment of Almighty God? The Bible tells us how. There is no fear of God before their eyes. They are blinded and held captive by the devil. The only hope of their rescue is the grace of our God, who takes off the blinders, breaks the chains, and sets the captives free.

There goes another minute. Gone forever. Go share your faith while you still have time.
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Steve Kirsch #conspiracy #wingnut twitter.com

(He’s blaming the Covid vaccine.)
11 athletes down due to blood clot issues in just the first 5 months of 2024.

Does ANYONE think this is NORMAL????

I've never seen this before in my life.

How many of these sorts of incidents were there in 2019?
STANLEY CLOT - NHL Player Brock Boeser out of Game 7 with DVT blood clot and NHL's most vaxxed team, Vancouver Canucks, are out of Stanley Cup Playoffs - 10 more Athletes clotting suddenly
From makismd.substack.com
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Wall Rider #conspiracy #crackpot #dunning-kruger #psycho #quack twitter.com

Wall Rider: Lol they can cure it[rabies] holistically don't let them lie to you and do some research instead of being a tattle tail bitch

Slappy Longballs: I wasn't aware rabies denialism was a thing, but honestly, why wouldn't it be?

Wall Rider: Because why would known fraudulent companies keep lying to make more money. Lol you can cure it holistically without any vaccines. But go ahead and increase the chances of getting cancer by all means go ahead

(link to second quote) https://x.com/LucioMainOW/status/1794445701294039287

Steve Kirsch #conspiracy #wingnut twitter.com

This doctor in India had 2 family members with serious side effects from the COVID shots. If such effects are rare, say 1 per 100K people, and there are 10 people in her family, we expect to see 1e-4 events, but observed 2. This can happen by chance with probability 5e-9.

Someone is lying to you, I don't think it is Dr. Katoch:
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Tomi Lahren #conspiracy #wingnut twitter.com

Boy, do you think it could be possible that Fauci and his pals could have worked to help create coronavirus in order to destroy Trump’s economy and influence the election??
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Steve Kirsch #conspiracy #wingnut twitter.com

U.S. Government ‘Cartel’ Paid CVS, Walgreens Billions to Reject Ivermectin Prescriptions, Push COVID Shots • Children's Health Defense.

this is what we want public funds being spent on? To push a vaccine that kills people?
From childrenshealthdefense.org
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Steve Kirsch #conspiracy twitter.com

Do you know how many people (any age) in the US died from measles in the last 6 years? ZERO according to the CDC.
So why are we force vaccinating our kids for a threat that does NOT exist? If the vaccines are safe, why do the makers still need liability protection?image3:56 AM · May 22, 2024 · 38.6K Views
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Eric Hovind #fundie twitter.com

Atheist circular reasoning
God doesn’t exist.
because >
There is no evidence for God
because >
Any evidence for God isn’t evidence.
because >
God doesn’t exist.
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