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The Cintamani Stones come from a meteorite that was once on a planet in the star system of Sirius, according to Cobra.

Luis Maertens of Bolivia says that Cintamani’s original main stone is an egg-shaped stone brought here many years ago by 40 different Ascended Beings from different worlds as a special tool to help the Earth through its ongoing transition.

This main egg-shaped Cintamani had been placed, some time ago, in the Gobi desert.
Shortly before 2012, the Cintamani Stone was then transferred to the primary and main female vortex on the planet.

This vortex, which is close to the Andes, is below Lake Titicaca in Bolivia.

Before the late 1950s the primary vortex was male and was in the Himalayas.

Luis indicated that this Cintamani Main stone is actually under the sacred mountain of Tehama in Bolivia.

It was officially and formally activated by the Confederacion as a receiver of cosmic rays designed to help stabilize the etheric psionic terrestrial grid in December 2012 and is now the main hub, transducer and receiver for the expansion energies of Light and the forces of the Galactic Central Sun, which is increasing the vibration of all life streams on earth.
The stones have powerful effects and the awareness can become extremely profound.

Many others who have received them are reporting similar experiences. There is no magic bullet, crystal or stone or technology that illuminates anyone or causes immediate ascension or higher states of consciousness.

However, the Cintamani Stone is a type of resonance and vibrational stabilization instrument.
You can call this technology a Zero Point Energy.

All Cintamani stones are tachyonized because they come from outer space!
For more info or to buy your Cintamani Stone please send a message 🙂

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The New Earth is here. Are you looking in the right direction?
Winner - 2022 Living Now Book Awards Bronze Medal, Metaphysical/Exploring Consciousness
Are you waiting for an “event” to catapult you to the New Earth? Do you wish you could wiggle your nose and ascend to the fifth dimension? What if the New Earth is here, but you need to shift your perspective to experience it? What if “all this” is a game to see if you awaken to the Truth about who you are?

Destination New Earth will help you:
Access the New Earth and strengthen your 5D shift
Heal when learning Truths hidden from humanity
Realize how important you are in this evolutionary consciousness shift
Discover your spiritual blueprint and claim your sovereignty
Awaken to the Truth about who you are
Understand the biggest misconception of all times—autism

Award-winning author Alex Marcoux and a dynamic trio have teamed up to share messages from Mother Mary, higher dimensional beings, and Daniel, an Ethereal Autist, on humanity’s spiritual evolution. Through their messages, you will discover that each person has a unique role in this consciousness shift.

When you awaken to your unique role, you become part of a much larger plan to assist humanity in a planetary shift in consciousness. It is time to awaken, realize who you are, and claim your sovereignty.

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- Liberty safe commits corporate suicide by colluding with FBI against its own customers

- The FBI is a TERRORIST organization carrying out POLITICAL persecutions across America

- BOYCOTT #LibertySafe and never buy their products again

- #RFK Jr. says the CIA runs Rolling Stone, Daily Beast, Wash Post and other controlled media

- Courageous woman blasts #transgender CULTISTS with the truth about "trans women," child mutilations and more

- Bioweaponized mosquitoes are being dropped on migrant camps in #Panama

- Malaria + Encephalitis (brain swelling) are current symptoms

- Treasonous Alejandro Mayorkas FUNDED the migration invasion camps in #Darien Gap

- Migrant INVADERS are being sickened before they make their way to the United States

- Human vessels / carriers for the next round of biological warfare against the American people before 2024 election

- USDA and FDA placing heavy new restrictions on food imports to worsen #famine and #starvation

- Former Malaysian PM warns of the West's global #depopulation scheme, involving coercion, invasions, revolutions

- The #dollar will collapse into hyperinflation as the Fed must print currency to buy up US #debt

- Expect food prices to nearly DOUBLE in the next 12 months

- One likely scenario is the collapse of the United States' centralized D.C. government

- Regional nation states will rise up and self-organize

- Those holding dollars will lose everything; those holding #gold or #silver will preserve their assets

- Full interview with Josh Yoder from US Freedom Flyers, about commercial air pilots vs. #vaccine mandates

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Ascension Class



Upon confirmation of your payment, you will receive an email (please make sure you enter your email correctly) with your purchase confirmation and links to 3 downloads:

1. COHERENCE: This planet is ascending into the higher frequencies of plasma, which greatly impact the principles of Coherence. Coherence is a necessary energetic principle to understand on the Ascension path as we progress towards personal consciousness expansion. When we dismantle the old enslavement profiles from this reptilian based Controller society, each of us must make the effort to explore new models of spiritually beneficial behavior, focusing on those humanitarian traits that support individual and collective growth to help evolve spiritual advancement.<...> Hence, this information serves the purpose to help better understand that Coherence, or lack thereof, is the result of the present bifurcation occurring in the energies of the earth, and is greatly impacting human behavior. Coherence is the main principle used to describe the synchronistic harmonizing of energetic properties that occur naturally within any living system, to support the integration of that grouping of energy. The properties of coherence are the result of Universal Laws, which apply to all systems of living things.
2. Q & A: Discussion on the history of breeding programs, extraterrestrial hybridization programs with human military support or rogue factions, and the prevalence of people on earth being taken through dream states to other dimensions to participate in genetic sampling and laboratory testing, how to ask in dream state for manipulation signature related to holographic inserts.
3. Heart Brain Unification in Empathy - In this meditation we will hold our intention to support the unification between our heart and brain functions through Empathy, in order to achieve the highest expression of coherence and unity within our body.

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According to quantum physics, the material universe is nothing more than a very dense form of energy.

Everything that exists in this universe is aligned in an energy continuum.

Energy flows constantly from these highly refined subtle realms from the causal world down through the astral, etheric, electromagnetic levels and finally into the material realm of existence.

Everything that exists on Earth exists within is own Energetic Continuum, our bodies being a perfect example. We also have several other layers of energetic bodies. Through all these layers of energy, an Energetic Continuum flows from the highest, most refined subtle bodies down to the material body.

The energy flowing through the Energetic Continuum comes from one source.

In India, it is called the Divine Mother. Christianity calls it the Holy Spirit, and many modern, New Age spiritual teachings call it Cosmic Energy. Modern physics calls it Zero-Point Energy or Free Energy. It is also called the Field, The Vacuum, and the Vortex. Alcazar calls it The Quantum Field.

​Zero-Point Energy is formless. It is the source of everything. Tachyon Energy is the very first energetic structure that emerges out of non-structured, formless Zero-Point Energy. Tachyon is not limited to a certain frequency. Rather, it includes all energies within itself. Its qualities are much like Zero-Point Energy, varying only in that it is a structured field.
The Tachyonization process:

is not a frequency, spin or manipulation
does not use sound, is not a radionics or SE% transfer
does not use sacred geometry to inform products
is not a photon-based technology, does not use crystals or orgon technologies
does not use magnets and is absolutely NOT operator sensitive.

Stargate Tachyon Globe Pricing

A Tachyon Stargate Globe is $250

The Globes are about 5" in diameter, include the 4" x 4" Stargate Experience stand, and come in a padded gift box.

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SOLD OUT - Making Music with ET’s
by Zenka Caro
Connect to your higher self, guides, angels, loved ones and star family.
✺ Communicate with ET's and beyond with interdimensional radio research.
✺ Set up radios and uncover patterns through citizen science testing.
✺ Amplify communication abilities with radio technique and automatic writing.
✺ Explore astral travel and expand consciousness with SDR on computer.

✅ All you can eat learning with live zoom access to this course with 8-12 other participants

Profound Fun for $369
Week 1:
Introductions | Get to Know Your Team & Set Intentions

Introduce yourself and learn about the others. Learn about the history and research of the lab and the protocol.
We will be programming our radios, setting our intentions and going over research gear.

Week 2:
Radio Codes | First Call and Set Radio Codes

We will be setting up our team contact codes,
and doing a broadcast over the radios to initiate contact. Share your experiences and research.

Week 3:
Visual Radio | SDR: Signal Defined Radio

Learn to configure signal defined radio on your computer,
watch for symbols and turn images into sound. Set a timed group contact experience.

Week 4:
Instruments | Electromagnetic Musical Instruments

Discuss midi-triggers, apps, old TV tubes and other devices for musical instruments which
could be used by manipulating electromagnetic waves.

Week 4:
Experiment | Contact Experiment

Use our group consciousness field to make contact live using our instruments and tools.

Week 6:
Automatic Writing | Learn to Automatic Write

Working in teams of two we will be learning to automatic write messages after
meditation and astral travel to guide our research. Share your experiences and research.

Week 7:
Astral Travel

Astral travel experience focused on group travel and radio contact.
Share your experiences and research.

Week 8:
Conclusions | Experiment and Research Conclusions

Contact experiment. Discuss findings, patterns, breakthroughs.

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Downloadable Video & Audio – 2.5 Hours

Experience a guided Meditation of the Quantum Access technique in this program!

Enjoy this video Online Healing Retreat encore with Meg Benedicte who shares graphic visuals that illustrate the following topics she discusses:

1. Stargates – how they work, how to access inner stargate of Merkaba
2. Shifting Timelines – assessing current linear sequence timeline activity and how to shift to ascension
3. Laser Intentioned Focus – how to penetrate the quantum field with ‘superradiance’
4. Vertical flow of light in Ascension Column – develop self-sustaining continuum of life force
All of life in the dynamic Universe emerges from a single pulse of light, from the multi-dimensional scalar standing wave pattern. Within the vacuum state of the Quantum Vortex beats the standing scalar wave of Singularity…the continual pulse of creation. There is growing astrophysical evidence that the vacuum structure found within the galactic zero point field also exists at the atomic scale level in our cells. As ancestors before us, we are discovering knowledge of the ancient mystery of Apotheosis. By tapping into the phi spin of Metatron’s Cube, we are able to integrate Soul energy inwards and release incongruent energy outwards. Humanity is returning to the natural counter-clockwise rhythm of the sun and stars. This extraordinary discovery was the inspiration for developing Meg Benedicte’s proprietary healing process, Quantum Access™.
The method of altering physical reality is the sacred tradition of Alchemy that was taught in the ancient Mystery Schools. The pre-dynastic Egyptians were initiated in Alchemy and could access the untapped power of Zero Point energy, the source of Creation (genesis) in our Universe. Through a series of initiations, the Egyptians learned how to gradually master the universal technology required to shift gravitational fields and particulate matter.


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A Psi-Lord doesn’t try to fight Satanists. He or she just sequesters their efforts as Satanism turned against the Satanists getting the benefit; prize of power while they get damnation. The Anti-Anti-Christ Bone Generators Service is the ultimate product of this process in that the perfect Satanist state is the Anti-Christian prosper while evolving evil free from karma. Yaltabaoth Yaldabaoth has been working on Man so it can rule the Angels, the Anti-Christ being Man made Master of Angels. We know Man is just a transgenic chimp but the Soul Spirit trapped in the worthless chimp is an Angelic entity, supernatural spirit. So the Anti-Christ can be seen as the total conquest of the hidden part in evil by Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth by allowing it to manifest so it can be displayed as Man, then once it is known getting this Force to give it’s Hyperinfinity: Angelic body… to Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth by the Mark of the Beat a binding contract to give total control to evil imposed on all Man. To do this it’s not enough to have the Satanic Church, money is contracts to sell your Soul. We need a One World UN Lucifer (Lucis) Trust Government in which you get the Mark of the Beast. Yaldabaoth without it your Angelic Spirit, Supernatural Sprit unchained. The Rothschild one world Church of Satan also need to abrogate the Christ-principle so you go to hell. This requires not only covert Satanism but conquest of the world to enable the Anti-Christ. Immediately Russia, China, Chaezin Venezuela, Iran and North Korea becoming Anti-Western leads to WW111<...> To bring in the Anti-Christ the world needs to be conquered totally. Now with this Anti-Anti-Christ Bone Generator™ Service the outcome of WW111 has changed, the West will lose the war and the Westerners as Total DeathGoats suffer eternally for the sins of the Psi-Master who uses them.
Cost $1600 (only 12, after that you have to be a multimillionaire to buy the Bone Generators™ Service from one of the 12 Grand Bone Psi-Masters.

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The Theraphi Plasma Machine is a plasma energy device available to the general public. This device uses centripetal spirals (pine cones kissing noses) coming from each plasma tube to create Phase Conjugation. This process also creates a “mindful” and “intelligent” energy field as this recursive process of delivering the plasma energy ties into the same frequency DNA runs at.

What is the Theraphi Plasma Energy System?

Theraphi™ is powerful centripetal broad spectra phase conjugate field (both plasma/optical and ELF) Plasma Healing Field Technology, based on the famous PRIORE device- the net effect was a highly stimulating and healing and rejuvenating to most cellular life.

Theraphi™ Creator, Dan Winter – predicted precisely all the frequencies and phase relationships used in the Theraphi™ to rediscover amazing technology with great application. Theraphi™ technology expert Paul Harris implemented this is in very specialized amplifier design, world’s first custom vortex pyrex high voltage plasma tube, unique noble gas plasma mix for conjugate optics, and very specialized custom multi circuit high voltage Tesla coil for phase discipline.
Negentropy is the reverse of entropy and is considered “the life organizing principle”. It is the tendency to increase order leading to a steady predictable state. Life is considered to be negentropic because it consumes energy like food and transmutes it into the more ordered requirements for cellular function, like cells in the body, tissues, and organs. Negentropy affects our view of time, because time in science is defined as the direction of entropy. Negentropy is referred to as reverse entropy, hence “reverse time”, a process where the cell can remember what it was originally like before disorder set in (a definition of healing). Negentropy is a process of “reverse time” which takes something back to its earlier state.


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It is with great excitement and conviction that I introduce you to our latest offering from Gab Press, a book that holds the potential to ignite a transformative movement in a world deeply divided, manipulated, and re-engineered. The Boniface Option: A Strategy For Christian Counteroffensive in a Post-Christian Nation, penned by the nationally bestselling co-author of Christian Nationalism: A Biblical Guide For Taking Dominion And Discipling Nations, Andrew Isker, is a clarion call for Christians to rise from the ashes of a society turned upside down and rediscover the path to a life imbued with purpose, faith, and resistance. It is already quickly climbing up the charts and is a number one new release on Amazon in multiple categories.

In a world where darkness has cast its pall over the light of truth, where what is good is maligned, and what is beautiful is scorned, The Boniface Option emerges as a guiding beacon for those who refuse to surrender to the chaos. Isker artfully describes the society we find ourselves in as Trashworld – a dystopian reality where every cherished aspect of our human existence has been distorted and dismantled. It’s a world tailor-made to isolate, confuse, and pacify us, to strip away our connections to people and place, leaving us adrift in a sea of hopelessness.
As the CEO of Gab.com, I stand with Andrew Isker in wholeheartedly endorsing The Boniface Option. This book is a tool, a weapon against the ideological chaos that seeks to drown us. It’s a declaration of our refusal to surrender our faith and values to the relentless tide of post-Christianity. Andrew Isker invites us to embark on a journey of self-discovery, of confronting our challenges head-on, and of embracing the audacity to reclaim our faith in the face of modernity’s idols.
In faith and determination,

Andrew Torba
CEO, Gab.com

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OK, at this point, everybody who’s not a Project Blue Beam psyoped bugman gets that aliens are demons, right?


Again, demons are the more parsimonious answer, given we know that we are ruled by a diabolical Death Cult. And demons are more than willing to be mistaken for aliens. Exorcists like Fr. Chad Ripperger point out that demons’ #1 rule is “Anything but God.” They’re happy for you to fixate on extraterrestrial life if it distracts you from the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

[Tweet by Elon Musk: "The scariest answer to the Fermi Paradox is that there are no aliens at all"]

No, the scariest answer is that aliens are demons masquerading as E.T. and they’re here to lead you into eternal hellfire. Musk’s tweet wouldn’t even be possible if not for self-referential reductionist materialism. Which is also self-refuting since materialism is non-material. He needs to grow out of his nerd rapture phase.

We already know for a moral certainty that men are not the only rational beings in the universe. On the contrary, the cosmos teems with trillions of intelligences, the least of which makes the highest-IQ bugman look like a special ed student. And a third of those pure intellects is waging a proxy war on Logos Himself using us as pawns.

Have a nice day.

And read a sci fi-adventure story that takes the threat of damnation seriously.

[Followed by a link to his book]

Peymon Mottahedeh #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon freedomlawschool.org

Peymon Mottahedeh, Founder and President of Freedom Law School, was born into a Jewish family in Iran. From the ages of 6 to 14, Peymon learned about the politics of the East vs. West (America vs. Soviet Union), the Arab-Israeli Conflict, and Iranian politics from his father. During this time, he learned about the Shah's secret service, which had the power to arrest and detain anyone indefinitely, subject them to torture, and sentence them without a fair trial. Peymon then immigrated to the USA in 1977 at the age of 14, hoping to come to the land of the free and the home of the brave. Unfortunately, he found that the United States was anything but a beacon of freedom.

While attending the University of Long Beach in California, Peymon took classes in economics and finance, and ultimately graduated with a degree in Business/Marketing because he wanted to understand the workings of the business and financial world. In his first economics class, he came to the realization that the Federal Reserve system is a fraudulent scheme that generates money out of thin air. From 1983 to 1990, during and after his university years, Peymon worked in the mortgage industry for six months and then became a financial planner for seven years.

Peymon realized that he was a libertarian, and in 1989, when he became a US citizen, he registered and became an active member of the Libertarian party. In 1992, he discovered that the Income Tax system was a massive scam and learned from patriots about the New World Order Conspiracy and the fraudulent, privately-owned Federal Reserve Banking System. Since 1992, he has not filed any 1040 income tax returns or paid any federal income or payroll taxes.

Peymon is devoted to educating and assisting Americans in their fight for rights and freedom. He is particularly passionate about providing people with knowledge on how to reclaim their independence from the IRS's robbery and deceit.

Joel D. Jacobson and Michael J. Grubb Jr. #magick #mammon evolved-ministry.teachable.com

These are mini courses created to introduce you to the concept of self mastery & provide basic techniques to help you establish a universal connection.

[Enroll in Course for $70.21]

These mini-courses are intended for those who would like to get their feet wet into the realm of Self-Mastery. They will not grant you a full understanding of how everything operates, but will provide you with basic techniques and give you insights on the directions you must take in order to develop a proper universal connection.

If you are serious about Self-Mastery and would like to go much deeper into the science of why these techniques create results, then we recommend you look into our Self-Mastery courses monthly membership. However, this is an affordable option for those who want to get a general understanding of the basics of Self-Mastery and are just beginning their journey.

Below you can view a list of courses included in this bundle and click on them for more information about each one. They are also available for individual purchase. Simply click on the course, and then click the, "Enroll Now" button.

Courses Included with Purchase
#7: Psychokinesis (Visualization) How visualization can affect the environment
[#8-14: Various “Aerokinesis” courses]
#15: Sexual Energy: Understanding the nature of sexual energy as a Self-Mastery practitioner
#16: Basic Airbending Techniques: 3 techniques to attain basic results with the environment #15: Sexual Energy Understanding the nature of sexual energy as a Self-Mastery practitioner
#17: Psychokinesis, Physiology, and Connecting with the Elements: Understanding how the four elements relate to the body and Self-Mastery
#18: Connecting with the Environment: An Essential Foundation for Success in Self Mastery

Original Price: $180

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Over the past two months, we've all seen the CIA-directed corporate media roll out stories claiming a power grid blackout is coming to America. Through predictive programming, they've already cast blame for this event on "right-wing extremists" whom the media has somehow concluded will attack power substations across the nation, plunging large regions of America into darkness.
This is all media propaganda, of course. A grid down false flag operation is being planned, indeed, but it will likely be carried out by the FBI and elements of the deep state in order to blame "right-wing extremists." No group in America runs more terrorist operations that the FBI, the same agency responsible for the attempted kidnapping of Michigan Gov. Whitmer, the attempting bombing of a Cleveland bridge, and the J6 "fedsurrection" honey pot trap.
So the Biden regime, which has already carried out an illegal coup against the United States of America, is revving up an engineered power grid blackout event while banning 95% of gas generators just to make sure nobody can generate their own electricity.
Here's what's covered:

- 95% of gas generators currently sold in America to be outlawed in six months

- Operation "Dark Brandon" seeks to plunge America into darkness and desperation
- All CBDCs will be "cheater's ledgers" where governments and central banks lie, cheat and steal

- HONEST ledgers are found in #crypto where no government can print new coins or delete balances
- Chlorine dioxide found to kill MRSA superbugs

- 99.99% of superbugs killed in just 30 seconds with just 0.5ppm chlorine dioxide (ClO2)

- Published study calls for chlorine dioxide trials in human patients

- Chlorine dioxide is widely used for livestock and is very safe at proper doses

- Every prepper should have chlorine dioxide as part of their emergency medicine kit

- OFF-GRID EVERYTHING: Money, medicine, food, electricity. Don't depend on central authorities to grant you permission. Have your own means.

Utsava #magick #wingnut #quack #conspiracy #mammon utsava.net

A lot of Patriots call Utsava the FIRST MAGA clairvoyant, who has published prophecies about the Great Awakening, predicting Trump's victory and the downfall of the Cabal, who gave accurate timelines like no one else.

She has been talking about the New Earth for years and has helped millions of people wake up and free themselves.
Utsava predicted the Trump victory and many other political events that came to pass, but her work goes far beyond political predictions. She can help you with a wide range of spiritual, metaphysical, and psychological tools to assist you on your path and align with your true life purpose.

Utsava grew up in Switzerland and is an American citizen. She has completed extensive professional and spiritual training, with a Master's Degree in Psychology and diplomas in Nursing, Herbal therapy, Nutrition, the Healing Arts, Psychic readings, and Metaphysical Healing.

Utsava has been practicing Mindful Meditation for decades. She spent six months in India at an Ashram where she learned the highest forms of meditation and spiritual teachings.

<phone reading for $225 an hour. All payments final>

Marc Saint-Onge and John Altshuler #quack #mammon thedailybeast.com

The founder of a health and wellness company that sold “magic dirt” which was found to contain toxic levels of arsenic and lead after a campaign from anti-multi-level marketing activists, is back[…]
Marc Saint-Onge calls himself the “mud man,” and has been extolling the virtues of “fulvic acid,” (decomposed plant material in the soil, otherwise known as dirt) in different forms since the 1990s. For nine months in 2021, his MLM, Black Oxygen Organics (BOO), sold four ounce bags of dirt dug up from an Ontario peat bog—for $110 a pop[…]
That was until a coalition of anti-MLM activists banded together to raise awareness of what they believed were the dangers of consuming fulvic acid, leading to a warning from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and a class action lawsuit against the company

But earlier this month, Saint-Onge appeared in a launch video for Lovvare, a new beauty and wellness MLM. In it, the company’s CEO John Altshuler announced Lovvare would soon be launching a new product—a powder called ‘Fulvic Essentials+’, formulated by Saint-Onge. The powder contains a “proprietary blend of fulvic, humic and beetroot”[…]
In the video, Altshuler touted what he claimed were the many benefits of consuming the fulvic-humic acid blend

“Increasing energy and reducing fatigue, strengthening immunity, increasing cognitive function and decreasing the risk of age-related cognitive dysfunction, increasing nutrient and supplement absorption,” Alshuler said. “May help with high blood pressure or high blood sugar and related issues, lowering free radical damage, and acting as a very powerful antioxidant, improving muscle function and supporting healthy testosterone levels”

The product is currently only available to the Lovvare’s ‘brand partners,’ who have signed up with the MLM to do “direct selling.” But in the video James Leonhardt, Lovvare’s vice president of sales and marketing, said it would be shipping to customers by the second or third week of July

Tim Tony Stark Rifat #crackpot #magick #ufo #racist #conspiracy #mammon supernaturalspirit.com

The Psi-Lord after the 60th Anniversary of Israel has become the new Grand High Priest of the Sanhedrin, as any Psi-Master can become a High Priest of Judaic Satanism (Sanhedrin 59a). As Tim Rifat believes in regime change not revolution this Bone Generator® Service makes you the chosen race of Total Intent so like the Jews before you, everything in the West will be owned by a few Psi-Lord Ltd, Psi-Masters.

Now to clarify what a Satanic Jew is and why some Western Jews who are against Israel (the self hating Jew) are not Satanic and in fact not even pharisaic. In the Kabbalah of the Zohar it is revealed the world of the Sephirotic Tree (the same one as in Genesis) consists of 6 Kabbalistic Trees; three up and three down; the Matrix and the infernal qlippotic realms respectively of the Western world and the Demons beneath. This means there are two dark energy matter worlds quantum superimposed on ours. Or more accurately dark energy matter for the left Kabbalistic Tree for Insectiles, Archons and a right Kabbalistic Tree for strange energy matter for the Satanic Jews and shapeshifting Reptiloids.
The Psi-Lord in this Bone Generator® Service gives the quantum computing engine the power not to decohere the strange dark energy matter in Satanic Jews. This turns the strange dark energy matter entity negative rendering it timelike so it loses all power over mind over matter, reality and turns the physical shell (all Satanic Jews are Shells) negative so the body becomes timelike and loses all power to influence the world, win wars, dominate the West as the body decays and dies from super quick entropy. Psi-Lord Ltd apologises if any insult is given to non Israeli Jews of the Middle Kabbalistic Tree, they are not harmed by this Service.
Enjoy dominance over the West as the Satanic Jews have done before by sequestering their Mind over Matter power to steal, hijack, appropriate all temporal riches and hotties, money and sex.

$600 with Certificate

Meg Benedicte #magick #ufo #mammon megbenedicte.com

The most powerful gateway of 2023 arrives on July 7th. It is a triple 777 Gateway event (add 2+0+2+3).

In Numerology, 2023 is the ‘7’ Year of Truth. It is a more introspective year, inspiring us to seek answers to the steady stream of questions about life itself. What am I passionate about? What is my Soul purpose? What is missing in my life? What are my dreams and aspirations? It is the perfect year to reflect in a Journal or vision board. It is the year to ponder your true calling in life! During a 7 year, it is better to reflect on every angle before making a decision.

The number 7 describes intellectuals, deep thinkers, philosophers and scholars. Those with 7 vibration are visionaries, their way of thinking is unique, beyond the ordinary. 7 symbolizes the Mystic, the Merlin, the Wise Sage! It is the path of ancient mysticism, the exploration of the internal essence of Being.

In honor of this extraordinary 777 gateway, I will be leading a 4 Day Retreat on Spiritual Mastery at Mount Shasta from July 6-9, 2023. I am excited to offer a special LIVE Zoom Webcast with my Co-Host, Manette Mays for the 777 Gateway Activations at the Shasta Resort on July 7 at 12pm PT. You don’t want to miss this very special occasion!

Join other Spiritual Seekers in the Circle of Light for the powerful 777 Gateway alignment activations at Gaia’s vortex root chakra. Step into the portal of ascension and activate your Soul’s Light Body & Blueprint for living as a Divine Human in the New Earth.

Calling all New Earth Wayshowers, Master Alchemists and Star Beings from all around the world to gather on 777, Friday, July 7 for the most powerful gateway of 2023! Register Here.

<$22.00 for the stream>

Elizabeth Rose #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon amazon.com

Are You Prepared for the New Era of Human Existence?

The world came to a stop in March 2020. Around the globe, people’s lives were upheaved, and everything we took for granted was overturned. We know that a “new normal” is on its way. But what will it look like… and who will benefit?

Our globalized society could not sustain the way it used to operate. Between capitalism, wealth disparity, social unrest, and climate change, the tensions that had been building since the Industrial Revolution reached a breaking point. Changes are inevitable in the social, economic, environmental, geopolitical, and technological domains.

The Great Reset is a comprehensive examination of the reason we are at this juncture, as well as the steps we can take from here. With detailed discussions of the monetary system, nature, capitalism, conspiracy theories, and COVID-19, this book will prepare you for any shocks the future holds.

In The Great Reset, you will learn:
How the current monetary system is built on stealing from our future to build our present
Why shareholder capitalism must be replaced in order to find balance and take care of all stakeholders
The objectives of the upcoming Great Reset: resilience, security, and sustainability
How to prepare for a currency reset, hedging your bets in case the US dollar is replaced as the global reserve
Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and how they can help you escape banks as an alternative to fiat currency
Why everyone should spend 5% of their income on gold as a permanent asset
The threat of the World Economic Forum using this opportunity to lead us into fascism
How the pandemic has reset us as individuals, giving us time to breathe even as it caused stress and anxiety
What special steps women should take to prepare for a global reset
…and even more!

The new age is coming, whether we like it or not. The only question is whether we will be prepared.

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Mind Over Matter
Come and experience the joy of mind-over matter!

Monthly Spoon Bending Parties online - Included with Membership
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Come Learn the Science and Joy Behind Mind-Over-Matter!
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The History
Uri Gheller invented spoon bending and was an expert in remote viewing and using his consciousness to expand the world’s understanding of what was possible. Jack Houck, created a methodology to teach the masses to bend spoons in the 1980s. By day, Houck ran a research lab at an aerospace company, and by night he researched his growing fascination with psychokinesis - teaching over 16,000 people with stunning results. His eight-plus years of research resulted in a repeatable methodology which enables 85% of participants to bend spoons. This phenomenon is possible with a single person but gets much easier when a group of 15 or more create a peak emotional experience together.

The underlying story is that energy follows intention. We constantly affect our reality, we just don’t realize it. This may be why spoons make great tangible feedback mechanisms and why mothers can lift cars when one is on top of their child.

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Stripped down to its bare essentials, GESARA—the Global Economic Security and Reformation Act—is simply a piece of legislation. However, cloaked in the beguiling attire of conspiracy, GESARA transforms into something far more tantalizing. It becomes Military GESARA—an operation so covert, so audacious, it would make the script of a spy thriller blush.
To fully comprehend the scope and ambition of Military GESARA, we must first unravel the complex tapestry of the prevailing economic system. The very structures that have held the world’s economy in an iron grip for centuries. The gargantuan edifices of finance that perpetuate a world divided, trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of disparity and discontent.
Who are the architects of Military GESARA, you may ask? They’re an anonymous alliance of global military forces—shadow warriors engaged in a clandestine war against financial oppression. Their mission? Nothing less than a full-scale assault on the prevailing economic system—an ambitious attempt to dismantle the oppressive structures that have held humanity captive for far too long.
With a heart beating in rhythm with the drum of anticipation, we continue our descent into the labyrinthine world of Military GESARA. As we traverse the cryptic landscape, a second character looms on the horizon—a symbol of awakening, a harbinger of change. But what is this tool? What cryptic contraption could possibly possess the power to broadcast the awakening of an entire populace to a new economic reality.
Imagine a system so powerful, so ubiquitous, it could penetrate the farthest corners of the globe. A network so vast, it can reach out to every individual, every entity, every institution, challenging the existing narrative and stirring the minds of people towards a new economic reality. Such is the potency of the dissemination instrument, the second character in the grand theatre of Military GESARA.

Judy Byington/Exposed Secrets from Area 51, Telegram #wingnut #crackpot #conspiracy #mammon operationdisclosureofficial.com

Sun. 18 June GESARA/NESARA announced during EBS Disclosure implementation.

On Mon. 19 June 2023 the Bank of England would migrate to the International Payment System ISO 20022.

Wed. 21 June Special Counsel John Durham to testify on his report to House Judiciary Committee (1788 became law on June 21). This was also the Satanic worshipper’s Summer Solstice, one of the most important Satanic Holidays of the year celebrated with sexual orgies using both adult and child victims, followed by a human sacrifice of any age, male or female.

Thurs. 22 June Supreme Court to consider whether or not to hear the Brunson Case – that could take down the Biden Administration and all of Congress for not investigating allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 Election.

In June 2023 Social Security increases would begin, plus Restitution Allowances and Med Bed appointments would start.

The first part of July the new Quantum Financial System will be completely interfaced in computers around the World that would be coordinating currency transactions through the International Payment System ISO 20022.

Sun. 23 July Inauguration of Pres. Donald J. Trump and his VP, JFK Jr, a celebration where those in the World Protection Program would come out.

Tues. 25 July Queen Diana’s Coronation.

In Mid August Jim Rickards said BRICS is releasing their new commodity backed International currency. This is the death of the Petrodollar.
Spit Ball, Big Picture, Trump Indictment, Step back and look at the big picture.Trump is in zero danger. Zero!

What are the advantages to a possible Trump indictment by the Feds? Precedent setting! Trump is literally destroying the two tier justice system by “allowing” himself to be a target.

People are worried about Trump and he’s not worried at all. Why???? Nothing happens to Trump unless he “allows” it to happen. And I mean nothing!!! This is war!

Trump isn’t surprised by any of this and can stop it any time he wants. Why doesn’t he? This is all about the normies.

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Over the last two decades, multiple individuals have come forward to reveal their recruitment and training as supersoldiers used in secret space programs, and for armed encounters with extraterrestrial entities. The use of supersoldiers goes back centuries. The governing elites struck secret deals to have a cadre of specially trained soldiers ready to battle either against or alongside Reptilian, Gray, or other “service-to-self” extraterrestrial visitors.
During the same historical period, there have also been reports of highly evolved humans, aka ‘Ascended Masters’, who have worked with service-to-other extraterrestrials to help the rest of humanity evolve into an open, free, and egalitarian civilization. Individuals who have chosen to walk the path of Ascended Mastery display a remarkable degree of “Unity Consciousness,” and a profound understanding of a cosmic force called Vril or Phryll that leads to enhanced abilities such as spontaneous healing, teleportation, telepathy, telekinesis, etc.

As humanity awakens to the truth of an extraterrestrial presence that the Deep State has long hidden, we are confronted with the choice of which path to walk as individuals and as collectives. Will the bulk of humanity remain asleep and unwittingly support the creation of cyborg supersoldiers who are technologically enhanced to embark on imperial wars alongside their service-to-self extraterrestrial masters? Or will countless individuals awaken, choosing to become Ascended Masters or Jedi Knights working alongside the service-to-other extraterrestrials to bring balance and harmony to our planet, solar system, and beyond?

Join Dr. Michael Salla in his next exciting webinar as he comprehensively lays the fundamental pathways opening up before us as humanity encounters the astonishing truth involving the extraterrestrial presence, and the incredible planetary transformation as we openly enter into Galactic Society.

Cost: $35

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The Ohoran Way

THIS IS NOT a personal reading !
Set of 8 pre-recorded sessions
meditation & guidance with extraterrestrials:

Thor Han -Pleiadean from Erra / Annax - Egaroth from Meissa / Coron - Pleiadean from Dakhurat

The Ohoran way is a meditative practice traditional to the Ohora star system, that we also name Arcturus. Spiritual discipline renown throughout the galaxy as an art of the body and spirit, it is very popular among those serving the Light, as it reaches out to a greater diversity of levels of consciousness. In this set of 8 videos, I have channeled three amazing galactic teachers who take you for a journey at the discovery of the true nature of your soul, and how it is connected to the entire multidimensional universe.
What a perfect way to empower ourselves and rise into our true celestial beauty.

Donation: $80


Shamanic Star Connexion

Set of 4 pre-recorded shamanic workshops
Based on the Celtic & Norse traditions, as well as the knowledge of the Star People

Meet your allies and guides in the spirit realms, go on amazing quests to find healing and knowledge, and learn how to find your ways through the interdimensional tree of life. The journey will take you to the discovery of your true self. Who you really are, where you come from, and who are the ones walking with you.

- I : Meet your Earth animal allies
Let the Celtic Guardian of Nature take your hand, hear him calling for your totem animal and your animal allies.

- II : Meet your Earth spirit guides
Enter the sacred grove to meet those from your bloodline ancestors who are looking after you.

- III : Meet your Star family
(Special Starseeds) Meet your Galactic family

- IV : Alien past life
(Special Starseeds) Remembering your life just before you took upon this mission on Earth.

Donation: $110


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Stunning Imagery

It’s a symphony – that also happens to be a school. Leave it on your coffee table long enough and you’ll find soured relationships with neighbours made good, and your popularity restored.

After a few centuries of meditation on passages in Scripture like “Logos is with God,” the Church Fathers came to understand that the One was made up of three Persons united in love to each other. Their love for each other was so intense that it overflowed into the creation and love of the universe where it became apparent as beauty, leading Augustine to conclude that “beauty originates from God Himself.”

The fate of the social order depends on the soul’s ability to apprehend this beauty because beauty like truth and goodness is a transcendental and is coextensive with being. If the souls of the young were trained to love beauty, then “the effluence” of its “fair works” would “flow into the eye and ear, like a health-giving breeze from a purer region, and insensibly draw the soul from earliest years into likeness and sympathy with the beauty of reason.”

Art by its nature involves what Aristotle called mimesis, by which he meant imitation of nature. Art “imitates the divine and ideal order of things” which goes by the name of logos. If, as Plato taught, artists were gifted enough to discern beauty “amid fair sights and sounds,” if they could convey that skill in recognizing and creating beauty to young people, they would “dwell in a land of health” and “receive the good in everything.”

There are those, however, who cannot imitate nature without distorting it. A return to mimesis will spell the end of the perversion of art which characterized the 20th century. Existence is still waiting to call essence into being. Beauty is its eternal manifestation, and mimesis remains the most formidable defense against the attack on logos that has made the world we live in ugly as sin.


Paul Craig Roberts #wingnut #conspiracy #elitist #mammon paulcraigroberts.org

To be clear, the Western values of free speech and open discussion have been redefined as “fonts of misinformation” and “threats to democracy.” But of course, they are the basis of democracy. When free speech is suppressed, we have not democracy but tyranny.

Getting at the truth is difficult and always has been. Truth can upset and make angry as many or more people as it enlightens. An existing belief is tenacious. Most people want their beliefs confirmed, not challenged. This makes indoctrinated beliefs stable. Historians cover up truth for career reasons, as do politicians. Prosecutors cover up truth in order to obtain convictions. Media cover up truth for advertising revenues and in exchange for “sourced" leaks.

I have spent my life in service to the truth. This is not a claim that I always get it right, but that my agenda is truth whether I get there or not."
The only indications I have whether the risks I take as a truth-teller, risks that have materialized in dangerous and expensive harassments of more visible truth-tellers, such as Julian Assange, Ed Snowden, Matt Taibbi, Kash Patel, and Peter Brimelow, are readers financial and vocal support. If this support is not forthcoming, it tells me I am taking risks for nothing and am bringing difficulties to myself by attempting to inform those who are neither interested nor committed to their independence as free people.
My lifetime of struggling for truth has left me wondering if truth is a Quixotic adventure. My site is read by many all over the world, and my columns are reposted by many other sites and in translations. Yet those who support the website, financially or with encouraging words, are a small percentage of the readers. The unwillingness of most readers to give even $5 to support truth is discouraging. One problem truth tellers have is that, in our times, the deceptions are so overwhelming and awful that many people simply cannot stand the pressures of knowing the truth.

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Anti-Sigil, Verve, Magic Symbols Service:

Satanists inscribe symbols around their magic circle and in talismans, amulets and Gris-Gris. Sigil are ways of putting a magic spell into one symbol. The 13 Jewish Satanist Families that are the eye of the Illuminati pyramid and owners of all the Western slaves due to British Maritime Law have turned corporate signs into Sigils to spread black magic control over the Zionist Empire. In it’s basic form a Sigil in a magic spell in the form of symbolic language written in blood to lock the Quantum Wave Function with the carrier of Hyperinfinity (blood) onto parchment or human skin. Sigils written on human bones are even better and the human skull is best. A basic Sigil is I get money and your signature condensed into one symbol. In this Service you write a simple present tense of your magic spell and your real name and Tim Rifat will make an Anti-Sigil, Verve, Magic Symbol of this magic spell which will be put on a Certificate so you can copy it 156 times onto your hard drive for use as Psychotronic Crystalware® .

Occult Satanist black magic inscribes Kabbalistic, Enochian, Goetic, Egyptian, Babylonian, Sumerian symbols in the circle’s circumference. These are the Sigilised form of the Gods and Demons of the Satanic pantheon in it’s Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Jewish incarnations. This Bone Generator® enables the Bone Psi-Master to take any Demonic name, God name, be it Moloch or Baal, Baphomet or Elohim and simply put Anti- in front of the name, then draw the mirror image by use of a mirror, to get the Anti-magic symbol of any of the names used by the Satanists in their magic rituals to Evil. This then permanently wrecks all the Satanic rituals that use that Demon God, past, present, and future and highjack the energy, Hyperinfinity and Agglutinising Force so the Bone Psi-Master gets power by vivisecting the body of Satanism by dismantling the alphabet of magic ritual of black magic.

<$600 for crystals and certificate>

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Thank God for our two great Commander-in-Chiefs,
especially remembered on this Memorial Day weekend

President Kennedy’s WW2 Medals:
Navy and Marine Corps Medal
Purple Heart
American Defense Service Medal
American Campaign Medal Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal
(with 3 service stars)
World War II Victory Medal

President Trump is the current Commander-in-Chief
of the biggest Global Military Alliance Operation
in the History of Earth

So much portent is in the air for these next days……

a new global financial system [QFS]

Why would TRUMP help rebuild the U.S. & the world..

& AZ underground MIL bases controlled by White HATS


→The DS cartels controlled by the Dem party

a Golden Age awaits

The best is yet to come

Relentless Truth
Do not be afraid to see their system collapsing.
It’s supposed to be painful..
We have to accept that life is going to change
In ways we cannot yet fathom.
Being adaptable, open minded & relentless
Is the only way forward

Timothy Green Beckley #crackpot #magick #ufo #mammon amazon.com


WARNING!!! – This is NOT another book about the life of the genius Nikola Tesla. It is about a specific previously undisclosed discovery that has not received any attention in the media or by academic peer groups. It involves the development of what has become known as “Nikola Tesla’s Positive Purple Energy Plates” which when worn or carried by an individual, or placed in their close proximity (such as in a home, office or car) can have multiple positive benefits that some consider “miraculous!”

The plates are recommended as a transformational tool for Mind, Body and Spirit. If you have heard of Tesla’s purple energy plates previously and wanted to learn more about them, or if you are discovering them “by accident” for the first time (nothing is a “coincidence” in the universe), this volume will be extremely insightful.

<Plates sold separately also available on Amazon>

Juan O Savin #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon operationdisclosureofficial.com

37:55 There is going to be economic trauma..
On the far side of this
Look the FBI & CIA were weaponized against American voters.
All those vote-machines—a lot of that work was done
in 3-letter agencies in the U.S. to control Elections overseas
& that boomeranged back to America.
In Arizona.. I think something stunning is about to happen.
Ultimately it’s going to be Military vs 3-letter Agencies
to proceed with arrests & prosecution.
This is NOT Armageddon
because a lot of these monsters
that are keeping their noose on America

JFK Jr./Bruce #crackpot #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon operationdisclosureofficial.com

Wed. 29 March the Iraqi Dinar revalued in-country and began trading as a gold/asset-backed currency.

On Mon. 8 May both China and Zimbabwe ushered in the Global Currency Reset by announcing their gold/asset-backed currencies.

On Tues. 16 May afternoon around 5 pm EST the US Treasury released the Global Currency Reset codes to Wells Fargo.
Soon the full Durham Report would be released, followed by around 3,000 arrests of those found guilty of crimes including Treason during the years of investigation since Trump took office in 2021.

Sat. 20 May was theBack Wall for the Global Currency Reset Tier 4 notification. …JFK Jr. Telegram.
On Sat. 20 May the new Iraqi Dinar rate will be exposed through announcement of the Iraqi budget. …Bruce

Sun. 21 May Iraq would announce their new Dinar Rate and activate their ATM machines.
On Sun. 21 May at 6 pm EST Livestream on @CBKNews121 Telegram with JFK Jr., Elvis, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, Michael Jackson, Lady Diana, Steve Jobs, with detailed info. on all coming events.

On Tues. 23 May a Supreme Court decision on the Brunson Case would be announced (which could dissolve the Biden Administration and all of Congress for not investigating 50 allegations of fraud in the 2020 Election).

On Wed. 24 May the Supreme Court decision on the Brunson Case would be acknowledged, and if that decision was in Brunson’s favor, Trump would take his rightful position as the US President the next day on Thurs. 25 May.

Thurs. 1 June the US USA would run out of cash according to Janet Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury.
Yellen also said that all chaos would ensue including a Stock Market crash – that likely would never recover according to the White Hats, who were taking down all corporations involved in Child Sex Trafficking.
Tues. 13 June Q’s Timeline: (30 days from Mother’s Day) to MOAB attack the king and queen.

Tues. 25 July was set to be Queen Diana’s Coronation.

Access to Med Beds for the General Public was coming in June 2023.

Global Enlightenment Project/Christopher Macklin #magick #ufo #quack #mammon globalenlightenmentproject.com

The Global Enlightenment Project’s purpose and mission is to uplift, heal and transform the lives of the billions of people living on the earth today through offering Divine Healing services/events and through the building of the Pyramid Healing Center.

The Pyramid Healing Center represents the fruition of a Divine Vision given to Christopher years ago. He was shown that he would build a massive healing center housed in the sacred geometric forms of three working pyramids clustered close to one another.

The main pyramid building will stand 333 feet high with 33 floors and will be set on a specific configuration of planetary ley lines in order to make the greatest use of the cosmic energy circulating within the heavens and around the planet.

The pyramid healing center will be built within the heartland of rural America and will serve as a working healing/teaching center, offering residential overnight options, workshops and classes. There will also be restaurants, a gift store, gardens and conference spaces. The pyramids will, through the sacred design, specific building materials (ie., crystal, marble, moldavite and high frequency metals, etc.) and feng shui...heal the land, the environment around it, as well as, the mind, body and spirit of those who enter into it.

The sacred geometric pyramid form is a scalar continuum antennae that draws in incredibly high frequency energy from the cosmos and brings it into the interior of the pyramid where it circulates it within the pyramid structure and funnels it out into the earth. The energy that the pyramid draws in is a high vibrational, space-time continuum energy force that has a profound healing effect on all of those who are within it.
The fundraising process is currently underway for the building of the pyramid healing center. If you would like to donate, become a part of the process or for more information, please contact our offices directly by email.

Ileana the Star Traveler #magick #ufo #quack #mammon seekingthetruthinr.wixsite.com

In​ the online zoom Matryoshka Frequency & Vibrational Reading Course you will learn how to read the living hertz vibration of what your soul frequency is now, when in utero as well just born and explore the energetic frequencies of your auric fields, health: mind, body, soul, finances, creativity, relationships to self and others, personal growth, philanthropy, intuition: clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, IQ (Intelligence), EQ (Emotional Intelligence), SQ (Social Quotient), AQ (Adversity Consciousness), Joy, Ego, Integrity to self and others, self-awareness, clarity, divine purpose, personal purpose, compassion, empathy, energy purity, and the dimensions at which you are currently energetically connected with on your soul and physical paths in life.

​Each category for the frequency vibrational field for example health has the scale ratio for what the field is energetically resonating at right now it could be from 20 - 1000%. As well all the categories have observations sections where you would write down what is going on with someone's health, what blockages there are, diseases, ailments, imbalances, what is healthy in the body and potentially put in suggestions on what can be improved with the health. There are 39 main frequency vibrational field categories as part of the course learning plus additional categories that can be added in based on what you see the client is experiencing in their energetic frequencies those categories are also included in the course materials.

The soul field and the physical body’s energetics can be measured as living frequencies in several different categories for doing the frequency and vibrational reading analysis through the Matryoshka Frequency Reading Technique which is a spiritual soul reading system that helps us to connect with who we are on a soul level and understand ourselves as living beings.
​Course prices are: 4 hours is $475 USD

Peter B. Meyer #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon finalwakeupcall.info

Today, we live in a time that does not reflect reality. Don’t be confused by it. Underlying basic patterns are gaining necessary strength at a divinely determined pace.

The Deep Stators are now in total panic, trying to hold on to any semblance of control they think they still have. They did not think of awakening the population, nor did they think of us freedom fighters. We are taking back our control on many levels because they are no match for all of us together, awakened and united against them. Together we are able to rid planet Earth of the evil that has preyed on us for thousands of centuries.

In 1868, Vatican Jesuits, with help from the British Monarchy, created a global system of debt money based on a central banking system that printed fiat notes; IOUs.

To legitimise themselves in non-Catholic areas, they invented capitalism, communism and Nazism with the help of secret societies like the Freemasons, Ur-Loges, Knights Templar, Roundtable, Rotary and Lions service clubs.
The dark cabal still believes that the Light must accept the existence of USA Inc. as a true sign that the illegal deal forced on America in 1871 can continue. What the cabal does not know is that this reality was only a temporary condition. In fact, the noose has already been placed around their necks by having gone too far.

Now a trigger has been set to collapse the debt money system in the hands of the cabal in order to introduce the new global financial QFS system, which gives value stability to all currencies by hedging with gold and silver. This trigger is set to go off the moment the Cabal is fully neutralised.

The coming new era will be ushered in by an infusion of great abundance. This prosperity is largely due to the endurance of our Earth allies and the brilliant strategies initiated many centuries ago by the Ascended Masters. They were able to bring a new financial and monetary plan called QFS to this planet with the aim of bringing great abundance for all.

Tim Tony Stark Rifat #crackpot #magick #racist #mammon supernaturalspirit.com

Sequestering Judaic Kabbalist Satanic Magic Rituals:

The SuperJew rebooting system (Sequestrating the Satanic names of Kabbalah) is needed to use the Anti-Chaos version of Kabbalah magic as all Chaos Kabbalah magic has been erased by the Terminating Tetragrammaton Service. This Quantum Computing Engine Bone Generator® Sublime Good® Psychotronic Crystal® Magnet dumps all the toxic waste from every Kabbalistic Satanic Magic Ritual on every black magician, Rabbi who has every carried out any magic ritual be it Kabbalah or degenerate forms from the Clavicles, Grimoires of Satanism. It also gives you the positive effect power over all Kabbalah, Satanic Magic Rituals up to Adeptus Major level (using the Golden Dawn grades of Satanic Magic). So the SuperJew gets the untergoyim Satanic Jew to take all the blowback, toxic waste, Soul damnation, death as well as carrying out the ritual, which you now own and can command all the Demons, Spirits, Powers of all Kabbalah rituals up to Adeptus Major. So now you can call up all the GOETIA Demons and command them doing no ritual as it has already been done by the Satanists who suffer while your Bone Generator® Sublime Good® Psychotronic Crystal® Magnet gives you the power of the ritual they carried out. You never dirty yourself doing any ritual you follow the Talmud, get the untergoyim Jew to carry out the ritual get all the toxic waste and you get all the power past present and future, as all the Goyim, untergoyim own is the property of the SuperJew Psi-Master.
Inside the Triangle of Art you write what the Supernatural Spirit must do, what magic spell must do… what power you wish with your right hand Bone Generator® then pull the power to complete it back out with your left hand Bone Generator®. This protocol of Anti-Chaos magic Kabbalah Sequestration supersedes all magic Kabbalah, Satanism, that is now null and void as Chaos, Tetragrammaton has been terminated.
$600 with Certificate

Christopher Macklin Ministries #crackpot #quack #magick #ufo #mammon globalenlightenmentproject.com

New Healing Protocol

For Lyme, Morgellons, HIV/AIDS & Agent Orange

In this 8 to 10 week healing protocol for Lyme, Morgellons, HIV/AIDS and Agent Orange, Christopher works directly with the Akashic records of an individual. These records hold all of the possible timelines and outcomes that a person might access during their life. The idea of multiple timelines within the multiverse is scientifically addressed in the realm of quantum physics.

During the first 28 days of the protocol, Christopher, with the assistance of the angelic realm and with permission from the Divine, manipulates future timelines in order to facilitate the healing process. The future timelines are accessed and the individual is placed on the timeline of their divine path, where the illness cannot exist. The illness (nanotech and then spirochetes) is then placed on a separate future timeline away from the individual to be cleansed. On a daily basis, Christopher and the angelic realm continue to accelerate the healing through separating the illness out onto timelines that are further and further away from the divine timeline the individual is on.
Then, over the next 6 to 8 weeks, a DNA change is invoked and created in order to heal the damage done by the illness. This is to help repair and heal the DNA so that it becomes robust again. Once the DNA has been repaired and healed, it’s imperative that the individual not eat GMO foods or have vaccinations, both of which contain agrobacterium which damages the DNA, making it susceptible to the spirochetes and nanobacteria which create changes within the body and anchor in various illnesses.

Throughout this process, you can expect a variety of responses, the primary one being an extreme amount of emotion moving through and even a feeling that could be described as "bi-polar" like.
The minimum donation for the entire 56-70 day healing protocol is $3,600 USD.

Doktor Snake #magick #mammon doktorsnake.com

Works in relationships, business, the workplace, and all other situations where you need the dominant upper hand.

This powerful Swamp Voodoo working will bring you complete control over any human being in any situation. You will be able to bend them to your will. It’s black arts with a Tyrannosaurus bite. It’s live wire conjuration with devastating power for exerting your influence over others, men or women.

But the person you wish to dominate will NOT be zombified or put into a dazed trance. They will be the same as ever. BUT you will notice that they respond much more readily to your wishes. They will be much more compliant.
The Zombi Mummy Formulation No. 7 was originally taught to me by my Voodoo mentor, Earl Marlowe. This is how he described it:

“This working go back to Africa, to Egypt, and the original man, the Nubian, the black man. Make no mistake, this is black arts one of the strongest spells, known within the occult world. But you gotta remember that another word for Egypt was was ‘black.’ So this is the conjuration of the Egypts, the Egyptian arts, and the way of knowledge and understanding.

This working based on the pyramids that was built by the original man. Them pyramids was based on sound. The original man conjured sonic entities from the primal layers of the etheric lane. These entities live in the pyramids. The pyramids was mystic architecture.”
Zombi Mummy Formulation No.7 (2.0)
Bend any man or woman to your will. Gain dominant power. Influence others with unstoppable will.

After you order you’ll be sent a questionnaire to fill out your details and specific request. You’ll then be sent your ritual date. Once the working has been conducted, we’ll email you a letter detailing what we did, how it went, and what to do next.

COST: was $750 – now $275 (limited time only).

Dave Rossi/Dr. Michael Salla #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy #mammon exopolitics.org

In 2021, Dave Rossi began receiving information downloads after an extraterrestrial contact experience that activated advanced mental abilities to understand and develop complex mathematical equations. He suddenly understood the scientific principles behind a range of exotic technologies which he was able to envisage or was exposed to. Rossi’s surprising new abilities came to the attention of top scientists working on advanced technology projects who sought assistance with problems they were encountering. He has since been working with several scientists and investors to solve problems in classified programs, and is simultaneously developing advanced technologies that can be released into the public sector.

Rossi recently applied for several patents, two of which he shared with Dr. Michael Salla concerning antigravity and quantum healing inventions. In this Exopolitics Today interview, Rossi explains the principles behind the antigravity and quantum technologies he is developing and the timetable for releasing these patents to the general public. In his special announcement, Rossi explains how he is working with individuals ready to understand and build similar antigravity and quantum healing technologies for public release. He has created a Patreon channel to support his and others’ efforts to develop and build advanced technologies that otherwise would remain hidden in classified programs. He believes this is the most effective means of circumventing the draconian secrecy orders used to suppress more than 6000 patent applications through the US Patent and Trademarks Office.

Judy Byington #crackpot #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon operationdisclosureofficial.com

“The Shot Heard Round the World”
The Fall of the Cabal
No Money = No Power

April 19 was the 248th anniversary of the “Shot Heard Around the World” – the opening shot of the battles of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775, which sparked the American Revolutionary War and led to the creation of the United States.
On the 18th of April in 2023 full Liquidity for the Global Currency Reset had been released, plus all GCR participating countries were transitioning to the Freedom from Debt Laws, NESARA/GESARA and their own gold/asset-backed currencies.

The Cabal was not happy about their monies and thus power, being taken away.
Nor about the 17,000 Mass Arrests of Global and Political Elites about to take place.
To protect yourself and your family

Be Prepared For Emergency Broadcast System Activation
President Trump wasn’t a liar, he was painfully truthful. After decades of being lied to by politicians with silver tongues, people couldn’t handle it. The Deep State, media, Big Tech, RINOs, and Democrats knew he was actually telling the truth to Americans. They panicked and tried to destroy him. They failed.
WARNING, this is not a Test. This is an Actual Emergency. Be on the lookout for unexpected Amazon Deliveries. They may contain a powdery substance. If you receive one of these packages, immediately call emergency services and/or poison control.

Mike Lee #wingnut #elitist #mammon sltrib.com

On the other hand, Sen. Mike Lee has loudly defended Thomas from criticism, calling the Justice a “hero” and saying he has done nothing wrong.

Lee is now attempting to fundraise off the Thomas scandal. Last week, Lee sent a fundraising email titled “Stand with Clarence Thomas.”

“The hypocritical woke Left is at it once again with their latest smear attacks against Justice Clarence Thomas,” the email reads.

The email accuses Thomas’ critics of targeting him because he stands in the way of “advancing their radical agenda” before making his fundraising pitch about protecting the Supreme Court.

“The need to retake the Senate majority and protect the Court from being manipulated, warped, and taken over by radical leftists is greater than ever,” the message says. The email then directs recipients to a landing page where they can show their support for Thomas by providing their cellphone number and email to the Lee campaign. After signing up, users are asked to donate to Lee’s campaign.

Both Lee and [Mitt] Romney have taken campaign donations from Crow. The Texan gave Lee $16,800 for his 2016 and 2022 reelection bids. He kicked in $5,400 to Romney’s 2018 Senate campaign. For his 2012 presidential run, Crow donated $5,000 directly to Romney’s campaign and gave $2.3 million to super PACs that supported his White House bid.

Drew Dorans #wingnut #mammon thenewamerican.com

[From "Dismantle OSHA to Protect American Business"]

The fourth branch of government: an unofficial term for the collection of federal regulatory agencies that impose fascist, centralized control over every aspect of our lives. Ryan McMaken of the Mises Institute equates it to the Deep State, and adds a befitting if gory aspect, calling it the “headless” fourth branch of government[…]
The Lincoln administration spawned this hydra in 1862 with establishment of the fledgling U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)[…]Today, the USDA hamstrings our farmers, our food supply, and rural development. Likewise, the Department of Energy, established in 1977, has been stifling science and innovation and burning taxpayer dollars on the altar of environmentalism. And since 1913, the Department of Labor (DOL) has aimed its guns at American business

President Richard Nixon expanded DOL’s control in 1970, when he added to its list of agencies OSHA — the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Proponents argued that personal injuries and illnesses related to workplace environments imposed a hindrance to interstate commerce[…]
OSHA regulations resemble those created under the German National Socialist (Nazi) regime, which controlled businesses in Germany[…]
Such similarities between OSHA and the Nazi regime led author and journalist Alan Stang to dub the U.S. agency “OSHSTAPO.” He stated plainly in a 1972 issue of American Opinion magazine that OSHA “infringes on Americanism with Communistic opposition to private ownership”[…]
Since the agency’s inception, OSHA inspectors have been granted unlimited authority[…]to enter and inspect workplace environments[…]
Congress can dismantle this tyrannical agency, and Republican Congressman Andy Biggs of Arizona is working to do so[…]
OSHA must be abolished, and states must defend their rights and live up to their responsibilities

Ronnie m #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon msn.com

like Russia Ukraine and Russia are the same people, Taiwan and China same both had what agreement, Ukraine Government sold there people out to Nato, then Taiwan .. this all it over Nato a gang and Biden sold us into it. that all this is,, Nato wanted are fire power, it a shame either way , Nuke's will fly because Nato and Biden mostly. if Biden don't stop put gas on the fire, Biden want to control chips, and kill Russia out, where that laptop! Biden said was Russia doing, lol

DanlBoon #crackpot #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon operationdisclosureofficial.com

Now what you need to know about is the White Hats, formerly the White Knights, have been working intensely since JFK with his assassination to take control back for We The People, and these White Hats are present and former US Military generals as they are the 4th branch of the government when the present one goes awry.

Once the NESARA announcement is made then it should not be that every single Federal Reserve Note is worth nothing and your bank accounts are closed and you go to prison for not paying your debts to certain companies, but it is your debts are cleared per the White Hats and no one can dispute that and take you to court because they want their money.

You will all be informed of your Birth Certificate being a bond and now you can receive the funds for it as the QFS Account, and their must be valid verification of it belongs to you and no one else can take it from you. There is no DNA attached as there was none when you were born marked on it. Yes, there was $1,000,000 placed on it when you were born and now that plus all the profits and interest on it are yours as well. No taxes are to be paid on these either once you receive them.

It has been reported that the NESARA $100,000 monthly payments amount is in your QFS Account as well, yet you will only be able to use the monthly amounts when it is released and not all $13,200,000 of it. A computerized program monthly release and not someone manually doing it.

If you have to purchase a $4,000,000 home and you do not have the funds then you have the collateral in that account for the forthcoming $13,200,000, but the prices will be going back to the 1950’s prices so it may only cost $320,000 and no bank can deny you that purchase.

Everyone should be receiving access to their QFS Account at the same time and not the currency exchangers are to receive it days or weeks before you. The homeless and/or jobless should not be denied access just because of their situation and they must stay in poverty.

ITera Care #quack #magick #crackpot #mammon backpainfree.life

ITeraCare TeraHertz Wave Therapy

Tera Hertz technology is the latest treatment from the world of advanced healing. Using Terahertz Waves, discovered in the 1980's to match the vibration frequency of human cells, the therapy helps blood flow with normal healthy cells absorbing the Tera Waves while dormant cells are re-activated. As a result, damaged cells are repaired, leading to improved healing times in areas of trauma and leaving the patient feeling energized. Regular use also strengthens and induces the DNA organic molecules, enhancing self-repairing body cells.

THz (terahertz) waves are a form of nonionizing radiation and contain low photon energy, and are strongly absorbed by polar molecules such as water in both gas and liquid states. It shows the depth of Tera Hertz Wave penetration in our biological tissues.

Treatment with the ITeraCare Blower using Tera Hertz technology can:
Clear the eight extraordinary vessels of the body.

Pass through the twelve main channels of the body.

Remove toxins and harmful substances from the body.

Remove unhealthy elements that are not natural to our body.

Detect potential diseases using a scanning function.

Unclog vessels and stasis in the body.


Regulate internal organs and the immune system.

Replenish the body with Yang aura energy.

Repairs damaged cells and tissue.

Non-ionising Energy
Terahertz can still penetrate the body, but because of the low energy, it's non-ionising, and harmless, unlike, for example, X-rays.

Cell Therapy
Researchers from the RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics found that terahertz frequencies may have applications in manipulating cell functions for the treatment of certain medical conditions.


Ellis Washington #crackpot #racist #wingnut #mammon #conspiracy elliswashingtonreport.com

A. Prologue – Birth Certificate = You are a Perpetual Slave of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. Corporation = CORSPE

DID YOU KNOW? at childbirth, when you sign that piece of paper for Social Security and your birth certificate that the government now has the civil and criminal jurisdictional control over your child. They belong to the government [aka U.S.A. INC.] from that day forth. Everyone is a Slave to the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Corporation [aka FEDERAL RESERVE] by their Birth Certificate with the name spelled in all capital letters. All L.A.W. is Maritime/Admiralty Law of the Sea. We are Lost at Sea, chained to a Bondage of Debt. Private Citizens don’t pay taxes, can sign off Debt, claim your Ancestral Estate and come back to Living.

D.C. Act of 1871—Anyone born after 1871 is a slave to the United States Corporation (U.S.A., INC.) Your birth certificate was sold for money by a secret unconstitutional deal the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Central Bankers made with President Ulysses S. Grant in 1871 to get U.S. out of bankruptcy caused by the war debts incurred from the Civil War (1861-65). Therefore, everyone born after 1871 had their names bought and sold on Wall Street, then they created data on you to make money off of you. Illnesses, taxes, when they don’t have enough money in the future, they use your name as a pretext to use the printing presses in the basement of the Federal Reserve to print millions, billions, TRILLIONS of worthless certificate notes (not backed by gold or silver), but based on nothing but a worthless promise from the Rothschilds to cover the debts of the USA, INC. So, if you ask yourself – Why were birth certificates created? Answer: Because the UNITED STATES, INC. views you not as a human being, but as a financial debt SLAVE to be bought and sold as animals or chattel.

Jim Red Pills America #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon beforeitsnews.com

HAPPY EASTER and ENJOY THE SHOW, because MOABS NEVER STOP DROPPING in this SPECIAL EASTER 2023 EDITION of the SITUATION UPDATE 2023! After President Trump DROPS UNRELENTING BOMBS on the DEEP STATE DEMONS who rule the world, you’ll hear form a WHISTLEBLOWER who SOUNDS THE HORN around the world! As the story UNFOLDS right before your eyes, you begin to see the SECRETS of the CABAL seemingly falling from the sky as the REALITIES of the DARK WORLD we live in is LAID BARE for ALL to see! Never mind what you THOUGHT you knew, and DISCOVER some more TRUTH – it’s LURKING down the RABBIT HOLE that this Journey will take you right to! Patriots around the world, pull up an easy chair, grab the POPCORN and BE AMAZED!
GET READY for this LONG-AWAITED, EPIC EDITION of the Epic QFS, GCR & NESARA/GESARA SAGA! Banks EVERYWHERE are FAILING, but WHAT does this mean for NESARA/GESARA and the QUANTUM FINANCIAL SYSTEM (QFS)?! What’s this about the NEW U.S. TREASURY NOTES al ready appearing on the US DEBT CLOCK?!
Broadcasting straight from a TRUMP HOTEL comes THIS SPECIAL, LATE-BREAKING, MIND-BLOWING REPORT! The FREAKY-EYED GOONS in the Deep State are trying to convince people around the world that POTUS Trump is going to jail for the rest of his life….IN YOUR DREAMS, FREAKS! The TRUTH is that the CABAL is beside themselves with ANGER and FEAR as they await their FINAL DESTINATION! As POTUS Trump said, “….NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING! This is an EPIC BATTLE to the DEATH! We’re going to go in there and KILL THE DEEP STATE!” With that said, the Cabal is hoping beyond hope that the fake indictment against him now will offset some of the MASSIVE CONTROL they LOST when they lost control over the House Of Representatives. The MAGA Politicians are FULL CONTROL, Patriots – and the DEEP STATE DEMONS simply CANNOT STAND IT! BUCKLE UP PATRIOTS & get ready for the RIDE OF YOUR LIFE as you watch this GLORIOUS SCORCHING of the would-be Destroyers of our Great Nation! DOWN THEY GO!

Mark Baughman #conspiracy #wingnut #ufo #mammon operationdisclosureofficial.com

Understand, with NESARA/GESARA (National Economic and Reformation Act) and the QFS (Quantum Financial System) enabled, this will stop all corruption, drug money and money laundering worldwide. For the QFS system and see the corruption and stop it! NESARA is the release of money to the “people and not the governments”. Money will be release for humanitarian projects too. All countries worldwide will be a “Republic” government and not a democracy. This is what the “Founding Fathers” created at first. We can advance safely, without the Cabal interference, to the suppressed technologies after the QFS & NESARA.
Please, Get over it!! Yes, there is
other intelligent Life in the Galaxy and the Universe. Would God “only place one intelligent life on one planet”? <...> God, please help those people! There is evidence everywhere, and only the illuminati/Cabal control over educational systems & most religions have convinced some people it is true. 95% of the other Star Brothers/Sisters are benevolent and only 5% is malevolent. Both sides have helped or hindered humanities progress, but no more! Just the
good ones are helping now! Humanity is going to the 5th dimension, with the help of God’s will! And thou shall be done!

We humanitarians are NOT alone in our quest for Technical Leaps. Many good companies have started manufacturing some of them. And many new technologies will be released starting in 2023. As humanitarians after the financial shift, we will work together to solve problems & work together to get a new product out. We are planning to share manufacturing on many needed items. We will get help form our Galactic friends, thank God. For their knowledge & experience will be invaluable! Everyone will share and help one another in the 5th Dimensional Earth. For the real mantra is “Service to Others”. Let peace, love, harmony and oneness be a part of everyone’s lives.

Judy Byington #crackpot #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon operationdisclosureofficial.com

It was was rumored that around Sun/Mon 9-10 April POTUS would tweet “My fellow Americans, The Storm is upon us,” the trigger for us to go into full Global Martial Law.

We would then receive seven “Trumpets,” aka E B S text messages, on our phones alerting us to tune into our TV, radio or phones.

Via the US Military, all militaries across the Globe would shut down all Media, Internet, Phones and TV programming. (Emergency services would remain active).

During that time the Internet and ATMs would not work and phones would only work for calling 911.
This Global Martial Law would include a ten day Communication Darkness where the Emergency Broadcast System would be activated worldwide to play eight-hour documentaries three times a day (24/7) on the subjects of fraud, corruption, pedophilia, arrests and tribunals of Global Elites.

The Militaries would remove governments worldwide which were under control of the Cabal, while making arrests on 500,000 sealed indictments across the Globe.

After the 10 days of Communication Darkness, we would then connect to a new Quantum Internet.

Old systems of Government, Education, Finance, Health, Trade and Commerce etc., would be dismantled and replaced.

GESARA/NESARA would be activated.

In the US, the IRS (which was actually a Puerto Rican Trust owned by the Cabal) would be dismantled and replaced with a 14% tax on the sale of new items only, with no tax on food or medicine.

The US would go back to Common Law instead of adhering to Admiralty Law, which was only loyal to the Crown of England. Under Common Law if there was no damage or harm done, then there was no violation of the law. This would eliminate millions of laws which were used to control the masses and protect corrupt politicians. Lawyers, Judges and officers of the Court would be retrained in Common Law.

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