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( On a video about a rescued baby orangutan )

Eff these diseased monsters. They are heinous thugs. Disgusting thugs!

Maddy G: Wtf are you talking about

HJ: Apes. All apes. All monkeys as well. Nasty animals.

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consequences of your bad acts. you become the target 🎯 of Devils.

Why are there not more people talking about the real consequences of lying? The truth is more terrifying than you think. According to the Quran chapter 26: 221 and 222, there's a grave warning for liars: These verses tell us that evil creatures, known as shayateen, are drawn to those who lie. They whisper destructive ideas and deceit, spreading chaos in society. This isn't some superstitious talk, it's a stark reality. When you lie you, become a magnet for these dark Forces. They don't just visit, they infest, aiming to propagate more lies and confusion if you choose deceit.

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Shew I get how this kind of humor isn’t productive, but at the same time the world really is too damn woke…I can tell just from playing games, and that’s a problem. Between the ugly ass women in Mortal Kombat, the changed dialogue in MARIO games, yes Mario games, and the….lets just say situation in SpiderMan 2…..ugh I’m so tired of the constant political mind set of both fuckin parties, liberals AND conservatives….like, omg I’d give just about anything if Obama and Trump BOTH were never a thing….mostly Trump, but seriously I’m tired of politics being so out of control that you can’t play a damn game without being reminded of it

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This is muscle with Connective tissues, it is not volcanic intrusions or feeder dikes. This is not intrusive basalt, it has never seen heat nor pressures! You never see these patterns ever reproduced in volcanism. NEVER! This is Biology on carcasses that actually form the earth. Creation is not from 5 billion years of evolutionary volcanism like we have been led to believe from godless scientists that only search for one narative to get a paycheck and manipulate the science to fit the narrative. You have been DECEIVED by academia !.

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yep it is true... those that truly rule the world are reptilians, Evil people, Prince of the Power of The Air / Satan himself🤦🏻‍♀️ this world may seem like sunshine and roses but if you look at it from a spiritual perspective it is a prison for our mind & soul. ( we too have a reptilian side of our brain due to being mixed with other beings throughout history)
And now they came up with this Covid PLANdemic agenda... it is not about the virus and the vaccine is not for our safety. They are pushing the Great Reset. Don’t take the vaccine it will change our DNA, it has hydrogen, Luciferase in it ( Doesn’t that sound like Lucifer’s Race to u ?) because that’s exactly what they want to do... they want to wipe out God’s children from this world. This vaccine is somehow related to The Mark of The Beat that is mentioned in The Revelation Chapter of the Bible. Without it we won’t be able to buy or sell, it will either be in our foreheads or right arm. ( could be a chip, quantum dots tattoo, Digital ID..all I’m trying to say is.. if they try to connect us biologically to any sort of AI ( which in fact they are) then right there and then it will be the end of the human race)
The good thing is .. this means The Rapture is getting near.. it is when those that are born again in Christ are snatched away in a twinkling of an eye and taken Home before the Tribulation period happens on the entire world as a second chance for people to repent. They will come up with lies like it was an alien abduction or they may give other lies/ explanation on how people disappeared. Those that will be left behind will either take The Mark and follow this Satanic system or Die for the truth. The problem is if they take the Mark then there will not be redemption.

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Is it not love, to share the truth on homosexulity? I know not why you are fighting against the truth so hard, but the Lord knows. But I want you to know, God wants all homosexuals to realize they have a sin problem like EVERY other person in this planet. Sin is sin.
If anything Alia, TODAYS view point on homosexuality is wrong. The Media pumps into everyones brains they cannot help it, yet their are testimonies disproving them quite clearly. The Scriptures however, are correct.

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[Commenting on a video I made about Harlequin-type ichthyosis and Intelligent Design.]

It is the christian proposal that sin is the cause of all suffering.

Lets hypothetically suppose that it is the sin of man and his refusal to acknolwledge God as God that causes all suffering.

If that is the case then I am sure you can reason that Hell would be justtified for those who promoted sin and tried to convince others there isnt a God.

Because of their arrogance, this child and many others suffered.

Hopefully you can see your guilt.

as I have mine/

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you do not realise a high mantle temperature, and low silica flowing rock is consistent with a young earth geology model, indeed rapid exposure of mantle material to ocean waters covering a globe is sufficient to lower the temperature, and further the continued presence of the masses detected just above the earths core by seismic tomography is even more consistent, as by the mantle temperature even as it is now, those masses should not exist if they were even a million years old, even a couple of 10s of thousands of years is an absurd lifetime for masses to retain their solidity at that depth and temperature,

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Obama cannot be trusted he showed that when he praised the Quran and yet attacked the Bible, and yet he tells us he converted to christanity, makes me wonder if its true why? since you praise Islam and attack the bible?

the Quran says all? christians, Jews, atheist, and all other none Muslims will burn in hell, where our skins will burned over and over, Obama is an enemy..

He is in love with his ego and nothing else, he left his own brother to starve in africa living in a dollar a day..

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Natural selection,eviloution of gay mutants. (gay mutants? = born gay)
Gay mutations by nature contradict the survival of fittest rule. Observable gay behavior recognizes an anti-survival nature here. AIDS clearly demonstrates a second organism is in agreement with the threat,assisting the extinction of the gay mutations.
If you disagree.
Then prove empirically that our species is not threatened by? the growth of gay mutants.

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If becoming demon possesed and missing the rapture then going to hell is ok than being a homosexual is ok. Homosexuality leads to demon possesion, satans earthly world is leading you astray,with his TV, lying churches, schools.... once the rapture happens and satans govts. deceive you with their ufo technology you have 7 years till the end of the world, get an exorcism you victims of the conspiracy or miss the rapture and die in a FEMA camp, let the real natural selection process take place

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Egalitarianism has been the cruelest joke on our civilization.

We were taught and brainwashed from youth to worship this man made false idol from birth and told to ignore the God of objective reality, of hierarchy, of a recognition of man's innate inequities, and most importantly, the need of salvation from Him(Christ).

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Gunter [sic] Bechly Explains What The Fossil Evidence Really Says

In this bonus interview released as part of the Science Uprising series, paleontologist Gunter [sic] Bechly unveils the truth behind the fossil record. There are multiple trade secrets among paleontologists. Chief among them is that Darwin's insistence on gradualism was motivated by his understanding that the dramatic jumps found in the fossil record imply intervention. Darwin hoped that time would reveal his desperately needed transitional fossils. It has not, and what science has learned since Darwin's day would've shattered his hopes as Bechly explains.

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Stupid atheists. Stop listening to deluded scientists and think for yourselves. The Bible is the only truth. Questioning the validity of the Bible is both delusional and narrow-minded. If something contradicts the Bible then it is wrong. Period.

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Another fact: 200 of the burned bodies Oct. 7 were Hamas, as they didn't have the capability of that firepower, which was from idf Apache helicopters with hellfire missiles. Ergo, all burned bodies that day were from idf missiles. The kibbutzes were attacked by idf tanks, as the idf has the Hannibal directive- to attack civilians if you tjink a terrorist is around them.
Hamas had 2 intentions: 1. attack military posts which had been targeting Palestinians and killing them for years, and 2. To kidnap around 200 Israeli civilians to use as bargaining chips to get their thousands of Palestinian prisoners back, most held without charge, tortured, some murdered, including children the idf kidnapped.
As you mentioned some of the debunked myths of that day, it's important to delve deeper, as there was more mythology generated by Israel about Oct. 7.


@changuito10 Hamas attacked in response to the ongoing illegal occupation of Palestine and the illegal, collective punishment blockade and siege of Gaza (not to mention such a blockade is itself an act of war, so another way that Israel started this).



Hannabol Protocol
Then Israel blames Hamas that Israel incinerated its own.

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the atheist's true nightmare is what comes after death. haha. prepare for hell all you fags who don't respect this video. i hope God makes Satan shove bananas up your butts for all of eternity that would be poetic justice.

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Creative Blkk coming with a new video expression my emotions on my experience as a homosexual, and just wanting to get closer to God, and the reason why I couldn't because of the sin I was holding on to.. I am not here to judge anyone only God can do those things. I ask you pray for me as I pray for you.. Be bless, so many more videos coming soon. LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, AND COMMENT I would love to hear you story, and if you or struggling with this you are not alone please reach out to someone if you feel it is me email me at give2god1@gmail.com

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Humans have desires. Wait, to keep it a bit simpler, I'll use men. Men desire various things, not all shared, and not all clearly understood how such desires come about. Some desire feet, legs, pantyhose, SPANDEX, lips, balloons, tongues, boobs, diapers, bondage, condoms, fingernails, underage children, vagina's and yes, penis (etc...). The point is, homosexuality is a developed fetish lumped in with the rest. If a guy didn't have a penis, there would be a cease and desist on MOST homosexuality

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1. STOIC (being calm and almost without any emotion.)
No feelings, No emotion,
prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance.
(Or if you prefer: wisdom, morality, courage, and moderation.)
Stoicism holds that the key to a good, happy life is the cultivation of an excellent mental state, which the Stoics identified with virtue and being rational. The ideal life is one that is in harmony with Nature, of which we are all part, and an attitude of calm indifference towards external events.
2. LACK OF LOVE ~ teaches compassion only as the highest virtue.
3. PASSIVE ~ We are just part of this Karmic universe, Cause and Effect. We are the effect of some cause, ie, we were born because our parents made love . . .
4. SELFISH ~ Does not concern about other important things, (example, the origin of the universe, the nature of the self as a body with a soul or mind, And the nature of God or Creator or Prime Mover, or the nature of the spirit) is only concerned of the self reaching enlightenment, nirvana
5. ATHEISTIC ~ Doesn't concern himself about god, more accurately, AGNOSTIC .
6. NO SOUL 无我 , ANATTA , NON-SELF ~ The self is just a tiny little part of a bigger reality in the universe.

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Jim Carrey has always been one of them. He just likes to mess with the audiences because he knows they're idiots. Jim cut a ladys hair in the Jimmy Kimmel show. He said he cut it in the form of his hand, because it symbolizes the control he has over his fans. Jim is a very satanic person and he loves to make fools out of people he will tell you a bit of truth and then mix it with comedy and lies to cause confusion. That's why we have so many people that think he's a good guy trying to expose the elite. Which is far from the truth. All of the people in hollywood are Satanic. You don't to get to be a celebrity without an initiation.

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He's actually laying it all out in the open, the secrets of life, the secrets that have been suppressed purposefully. He's doing it in the form of comedy, because it's the only way to get it out, without bringing the wrath of the control system down on him. Unfortunately everyone thought it was comedy, but all these years later with so many waking up it's shocking too see he was trying to help us all so long ago. It just goes too show how indoctrinated into the system we really were/are.

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They [the US] have been through that in 2009 with H1N1 and many live thru it, so the new one won't be any different. If it doesn't kill you, it will only makes you stronger.

Let's face it, to contain the virus, it needs the whole world to work together. Sadly, there are many poor or developing countries that cannot fulfill this task due to economic problem and their healthcare system. One country fails, it means the virus will live on, God forbid it mutated, and someday it will find its way to your country no matter what your country has done to contain it. How long your country is willing to do it? a year? 2 years? your country's economy will fail! It will eventually get to you. Our only hope is a validated working vaccine, but as many outbreaks have shown in the past, the vaccine is always late. Maybe this is why the US and EU are reluctant to do anything about it, they let you have it and bet on your body develops the immune system to withstand the virus, wherever they may come from, without scarifying the economy and the cost trying to contain it. To the majority, this is merely a flu, some will have it harsher than the other, but most will survive given the fact that the fatality rate is only 2-3 %. Unfortunately, some people will die. But then again, it will mostly kill the unproductive old people with pre-existing disease, if they die, it will only save your tax money for the healthcare, and so, you see where this is going? Like what they say, life is unkind.

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If it is natural for animals to have homosexual relations as well as rape and Pedophillia then rape and Pedophillia should be legalised. And don't say that it is disgusting and wrong cause homosexuality is legalised so might as well also be rape and Pedophillia as well because all 3 exist in nature so you cannot refute it.?

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Lol! Why do you think he’s had such a “mental breakdown?” For starters he’s the high satanic preset of the Hollywood coven #1 and then on top of that you can CLEARLY SEE all the “sacrifices”
He’s made (his younger girlfriend as just one of many)
AND he’s just become more and more DEMONICALLY POSSESSED “willingly” over the years! He’s a MJAOR handler in Hollywood. Hollywood ITSELF is the most satanic secret society “coven” there is! This is why they are surrounded by death and scandal CONSTANTLY!

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You are very wrong. I was a confirmed atheist since birth up till 3 years ago when I learned the truth.
The clear truth is that God definately exist. I have no doubt about his existance neither does his existing contradict my belief in the laws of science.
Only after I started belieiving with full faith did I realise just how much more amazing and better it is, how much more substance, meaning to my life, my everyday existance and action and my relationships have.

Darwinism is garbage. Dawkins is a sad old prick. God exists and regardless of what you atheists believe, most of which is garbage to justify drunken gay drug sex, you are a part of his design. And you will go hellbound for your disblief.
Faith is great. Atheism is shit.

End of story.

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The Dark Pyramid of Alaska | Military Cover-up of a Forbidden Collaboration

In a remote corner of Alaska, a military officer stumbles upon a chilling discovery—an enormous pyramid buried deep under the icy wilderness, possibly larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza. The initial sighting during a seismic event leads to whispers of ancient technologies and hidden histories.

The local news coverage mysteriously vanishes overnight. Witnesses and insiders offer conflicting stories, fueling speculations about secret military involvement and otherworldly energies.

It's become known as the Dark Pyramid or Black Pyramid. What are the origins of this enigmatic structure? Why is it buried? Why so much security and secrecy? Could this be buried technology that holds truths about our past and power beyond our understanding?

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Intelligent design is not even about religion. It is about observable fact. Some religious people were trying to prove that ID is an acceptable form of public school teaching but they failed to get their stuff together, so much so that they were lucky to get out of there without being punished for lying to the court but it was not the fault of ID. It was the fault of the poor presentation. ID has nothing to do with any religion. It's nothing more and nothing less than observable scientific fact.

Bacon Sarny-Geddon #transphobia #dunning-kruger youtube.com

You realise that silencing anyone who doesn't share your 100% evidence-free, taken on faith beliefs (in sex-independent "genders") just makes you a religious authoritarian, utterly intolerant of non-believers, right?

How is it possible to protect the rights of same-SEX attracted homoSEXuals (note how that has NEVER been "same GENDER attracted homoGENDERuals"), when you prioritize an ideology that compels you to NOT acknowledge evidence-based, real-world bioloogical sex, in favour of the 100% evidence-free pixie-dust of self-declared "genders"?

You aren't JUST prioritizing your evidence-free ideology, above the protection of children... You are ALSO prioritizing the authoritarian enforcement of your faith-based religious beliefs, above the most basic rights of gays and lesbians, (evidence-based) women and girls,as well as anyone who values freedom FROM religion, and/or simple, evidence-based, objective truth.

Even the most hardline, fundamentalist Christians, Muslims or Scientologists aren't AS authoritarian and intolerant as you're being (by silencing non-believers, if they don't affirm your evidence-free beliefs as "truth", by submitting to use of compelled, wrong-sex pronouns. Enforcing a scenario where only those who share/PRETEND to share your inherently homophobic, misogynist religious beliefs, have the ability to speak/be heard)

lisaisbizness #fundie youtube.com

If the Bible was so BS why are you spending time in it? If you disbelieve...keep it to yourself? You took all this time to prove it was false..obviously you were seeking something...

One more thing...if you wrote a book today and it was found 200 years from now..people probably will think it is false because the technology 200 years from now will probably be too amazing. Stop testing and tempting God. He has nothing to prove to you. He is probably laughing at how complicated man has to make everything....

ukchristian28 #fundie youtube.com

When he preached at my church Christian apologist John Blanchard pointed out that a consistent atheist would watch the world trade centre towers fall on September 11th 2001, knowing that thousands of lives had end and switch off the TV, yawn and say "what's for tea? In a random, godless universe what one animal does to another animal is neither here nor there. To care about such an event, the atheist has to borrow the Christian's worldview.

James Powers #fundie youtube.com

Sorry atheist fool, but I'm a 58 year old retired doctor that's studied these topics for almost 50 years. That means my education dwarfs yours. My facts can't be debunked: Existence of God? Creation? The best example of God’s existence is his best creation: The human being. Mankind is BY FAR the most intelligent, resourceful and powerful entity in the universe, and we don't have a clue as to how to design/create the high-complexity/high function as that found in the human being, and create it from NOTHING. So whoever did design/create the human being, has intelligence, resources and power FAR BEYOND that of mankind. Only a brilliant divine God could design/create the high-complexity/high function found in the ready-to-reproduce human being, which has all the co-existent bodily systems (circulatory, respiratory, reproductive, pulmonic, digestive, skeletal, muscular, nervous, body (skin), etc., etc.) intertwined in symmetry and order that only a DIVINE MIND could produce. And we certainly didn’t come from the non-existent MINDLESS UNGUIDED processes of atheism (big bang, abiogenesis, evolution) that CAN’T
EVEN THINK. Also, the lies of atheism (big bang, abiogenesis, evolution) have no LIFE, INTELLIGENCE or MORALITY to give, so it’s IMPOSSIBLE that the lies of atheism (big bang, abiogenesis, evolution) are the source for LIFE, INTELLIGENCE & MORALITY. The ONLY OPTION of the source of life, intelligence and morality, is from our living, intelligent moral God. It’s not even a conversation. Atheism = shallow thinking rebellious stupidity.

NEVER has there been a KIND of animal that has produced a new anatomical feature or function to begin a new KIND of animal (evolution). "Dogs" remain "dogs" no matter how far back you go. Same with bacteria. Richard Lenski of Michigan has been breeding ecoli strains for thirty years now, he and his lab, have generated 66,000 generations of ecoli and none have changed to anything but ecoli. No lab on the planet earth has observed one bacterium, one insect or animal morphing into anything else. And not even beginning to, w/ no anatomical change whatsoever. Atheism and it's religion of evolution is easily debunked... obviously.?

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Money and Spirituality DO go together! Come and discover how you can transform your spiritual financial paradigm today 🔮 https://www.spiritmysteries.com/SMM

Light is an essential building block of everything, if not the singular building block which creates all things. Even though from our vantage point, it may appear as though we are dense physical beings, all of the particles that make up our existence are merely a mass of light vibrating much slower and tighter together.

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[In response to Selena Gomez (who recently produced a Netflix series about the lives of undocumented migrants) being spotted outside the house of her ex-boyfriend Niall Horan]

Can’t make a documentary about the plight of indigenous people when you bring those responsible for it into your bedroom. It’s just hypocritical.

If you don’t see a problem with this then you probably wouldn’t have seen a problem with sleeping with them as they ransacked our villages and slaughtered us either. Ugh. There has ALWAYS been “the exception”, “the good one”, but y’know what? 400+ years later we are fighting to keep our families together and begging for rights in a land that should be ours. God told us that if we married each other then our children would inherit the land (Tobit 4:12), but we didn’t so now it’s taken by strangers. Stop being selfish!

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It does not take a broad mind to accept homosexuality. It takes a sick mind. Have you ever been to a gay parade. These people have a screw loose. The day a man can get a man pregnant or a woman can get a woman pregnant is the day that homosexuality becomes normal. There are no gay animals. Animals do not have sex for pleasure. We happen to be the only mammals capable of that.

cushrinada and akashbaruth1658 #moonbat #conspiracy youtube.com

Israelis are really making is hard to hate Nazi's at this point...

Yet Israel gets so much sympathy for beheading and burning babies that never excisted , think people. Hamas tied up hostages to take accross so they could negotiate yet they were found burned with weapons Hamas didn't have. IDF used the Hannibal doctrine and killed their own , those who survived said IDF didn't want to negotiate and tank fired and Apache fired rockets upon their own people to get to Hamas but some did survive. IDF fired at hostages on the back of a motorbike killing their own. Majority of hostages are IDF currently held but Israel doesn't care enough. Time will tell but gazans might be out of time by then. Ps! Hamas won't surrender, they will go down fighting as this is their last do or die for liberation

Every-ist And-ophobe #transphobia #dunning-kruger #pratt #interphobia youtube.com

ANYONE that uses "pronouns" should be cancelled. This is the EXACT PROBLEM. look if your a man and you dress up like a woman and put on makeup you are NOT A WOMAN. And you CANNOT FORCE ME to be a part of your mental illness. Period. NO amount of hormones or makeup will EVER change your DNA only 2 sets of chromosomes XX AND XY THAT 100% FACT AND you can't FORCE me to go against FACTS AMD TRUTH.