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consequences of your bad acts. you become the target 🎯 of Devils.

Why are there not more people talking about the real consequences of lying? The truth is more terrifying than you think. According to the Quran chapter 26: 221 and 222, there's a grave warning for liars: These verses tell us that evil creatures, known as shayateen, are drawn to those who lie. They whisper destructive ideas and deceit, spreading chaos in society. This isn't some superstitious talk, it's a stark reality. When you lie you, become a magnet for these dark Forces. They don't just visit, they infest, aiming to propagate more lies and confusion if you choose deceit.

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Shew I get how this kind of humor isn’t productive, but at the same time the world really is too damn woke…I can tell just from playing games, and that’s a problem. Between the ugly ass women in Mortal Kombat, the changed dialogue in MARIO games, yes Mario games, and the….lets just say situation in SpiderMan 2…..ugh I’m so tired of the constant political mind set of both fuckin parties, liberals AND conservatives….like, omg I’d give just about anything if Obama and Trump BOTH were never a thing….mostly Trump, but seriously I’m tired of politics being so out of control that you can’t play a damn game without being reminded of it

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This is muscle with Connective tissues, it is not volcanic intrusions or feeder dikes. This is not intrusive basalt, it has never seen heat nor pressures! You never see these patterns ever reproduced in volcanism. NEVER! This is Biology on carcasses that actually form the earth. Creation is not from 5 billion years of evolutionary volcanism like we have been led to believe from godless scientists that only search for one narative to get a paycheck and manipulate the science to fit the narrative. You have been DECEIVED by academia !.

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you do not realise a high mantle temperature, and low silica flowing rock is consistent with a young earth geology model, indeed rapid exposure of mantle material to ocean waters covering a globe is sufficient to lower the temperature, and further the continued presence of the masses detected just above the earths core by seismic tomography is even more consistent, as by the mantle temperature even as it is now, those masses should not exist if they were even a million years old, even a couple of 10s of thousands of years is an absurd lifetime for masses to retain their solidity at that depth and temperature,

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Gunter [sic] Bechly Explains What The Fossil Evidence Really Says

In this bonus interview released as part of the Science Uprising series, paleontologist Gunter [sic] Bechly unveils the truth behind the fossil record. There are multiple trade secrets among paleontologists. Chief among them is that Darwin's insistence on gradualism was motivated by his understanding that the dramatic jumps found in the fossil record imply intervention. Darwin hoped that time would reveal his desperately needed transitional fossils. It has not, and what science has learned since Darwin's day would've shattered his hopes as Bechly explains.

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Egalitarianism has been the cruelest joke on our civilization.

We were taught and brainwashed from youth to worship this man made false idol from birth and told to ignore the God of objective reality, of hierarchy, of a recognition of man's innate inequities, and most importantly, the need of salvation from Him(Christ).

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Another fact: 200 of the burned bodies Oct. 7 were Hamas, as they didn't have the capability of that firepower, which was from idf Apache helicopters with hellfire missiles. Ergo, all burned bodies that day were from idf missiles. The kibbutzes were attacked by idf tanks, as the idf has the Hannibal directive- to attack civilians if you tjink a terrorist is around them.
Hamas had 2 intentions: 1. attack military posts which had been targeting Palestinians and killing them for years, and 2. To kidnap around 200 Israeli civilians to use as bargaining chips to get their thousands of Palestinian prisoners back, most held without charge, tortured, some murdered, including children the idf kidnapped.
As you mentioned some of the debunked myths of that day, it's important to delve deeper, as there was more mythology generated by Israel about Oct. 7.


@changuito10 Hamas attacked in response to the ongoing illegal occupation of Palestine and the illegal, collective punishment blockade and siege of Gaza (not to mention such a blockade is itself an act of war, so another way that Israel started this).



Hannabol Protocol
Then Israel blames Hamas that Israel incinerated its own.

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The Dark Pyramid of Alaska | Military Cover-up of a Forbidden Collaboration

In a remote corner of Alaska, a military officer stumbles upon a chilling discovery—an enormous pyramid buried deep under the icy wilderness, possibly larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza. The initial sighting during a seismic event leads to whispers of ancient technologies and hidden histories.

The local news coverage mysteriously vanishes overnight. Witnesses and insiders offer conflicting stories, fueling speculations about secret military involvement and otherworldly energies.

It's become known as the Dark Pyramid or Black Pyramid. What are the origins of this enigmatic structure? Why is it buried? Why so much security and secrecy? Could this be buried technology that holds truths about our past and power beyond our understanding?

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You realise that silencing anyone who doesn't share your 100% evidence-free, taken on faith beliefs (in sex-independent "genders") just makes you a religious authoritarian, utterly intolerant of non-believers, right?

How is it possible to protect the rights of same-SEX attracted homoSEXuals (note how that has NEVER been "same GENDER attracted homoGENDERuals"), when you prioritize an ideology that compels you to NOT acknowledge evidence-based, real-world bioloogical sex, in favour of the 100% evidence-free pixie-dust of self-declared "genders"?

You aren't JUST prioritizing your evidence-free ideology, above the protection of children... You are ALSO prioritizing the authoritarian enforcement of your faith-based religious beliefs, above the most basic rights of gays and lesbians, (evidence-based) women and girls,as well as anyone who values freedom FROM religion, and/or simple, evidence-based, objective truth.

Even the most hardline, fundamentalist Christians, Muslims or Scientologists aren't AS authoritarian and intolerant as you're being (by silencing non-believers, if they don't affirm your evidence-free beliefs as "truth", by submitting to use of compelled, wrong-sex pronouns. Enforcing a scenario where only those who share/PRETEND to share your inherently homophobic, misogynist religious beliefs, have the ability to speak/be heard)

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Money and Spirituality DO go together! Come and discover how you can transform your spiritual financial paradigm today 🔮 https://www.spiritmysteries.com/SMM

Light is an essential building block of everything, if not the singular building block which creates all things. Even though from our vantage point, it may appear as though we are dense physical beings, all of the particles that make up our existence are merely a mass of light vibrating much slower and tighter together.

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Women's Feelings Vs Honor And Virtue

Why isn't Honor and Virtue the most important thing to women? It's because their feelings are more important to them than anything, and men aren't people unless they're attracted to them or their brother. XD

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Time-Traveling Satoshi? Unraveling the Mystery Behind Bitcoin's Creator 🪙

In this video, we delve into the mysterious world of cryptocurrency🪙 and explore the enigmatic identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the elusive creator of Bitcoin. Join us as we uncover the fascinating theory that suggests Satoshi Nakamoto could possibly be a time traveler. Could there be more to this story than meets the eye? Watch till the end to discover the intriguing clues and evidence behind this captivating theory. 🤑 #CryptoMystery #SatoshiTimeTravel #BitcoinOrigins #UncoverSatoshi #CryptocurrencySecrets #TimeTravelTheories #NakamotoEnigma #BitcoinConspiracy #SatoshiUnveiled #UniplanetaryEvolutionTheory

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What does God say the homos deserve? In Leviticus 20:13, a famous verse, it says, ‘If a man also lie with a man as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them.’ That’s what faggots deserve, is the death penalty. They should all get the electric chair.

You know, a couple of my friends in the New IFB got in hot water because they said they should line up all the faggots and put them in front of a firing squad. I think that’s too easy! I think they should get the electric chair, make it a little more painful! Bring back the electric chair!

Every single sodomite, every single homosexual should get the electric chair. And they should do it publicly for everybody to see, so that they know that’s what happens to these freaks! These rapists, these child molesters. They are God-haters. It’s the reason why they’re even like that.

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There's a whole iceberg of how deep it actually goes that you don't see.
Even in American movements that had become completely detached from Christianity you can see the elements of "Protestant ethic" or "Puritanism".
The modern woke culture and cancel culture is purely built on that. It's based on the moral outrage that a person causes to the "puritan sensibilities" even if they're not the Christian sensibilities. In this context calling someone a racial slur or one of the myriad of -phobic terms or just doing something that's not acceptable for them is the same kind of defilement of morals as with Christian moms losing their mind over Pokemon or some other game.
It wasn't from this video, but when I first learned about this fact in American culture and started to see it through this lens it all started to make sense.
It's literally everywhere in their games, music, movies, online discussions. Obviously not everyone adheres to it in a strict sense, but you can see it in their subconscious process.

This American protestant ethic is not a set of morals or values. The morals and values can be anything, even very unchristian ones. The American protestant ethic is the way of application of your morals and values to the world around you.
"Those that believe my set of values are morally superior to those that do not."
"Offending my values even passively or unintentionally calls for an attack or even mob violence from my fellow morally superior peers."
"We must always be above those that are morally evil, by attacking them and self-promoting ourselves."
"The set of morals that you adhere to has to be a central point of your identity and you must build your entire life around it"

There's lots of things that I had probably missed but that's my take on it.

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(submitter’s note: lyrics have been abridged to meet the character limit)

They call me offensive, controversial
There's only two genders, boys and girls
They can't cancel my message
'Cause I'm the biggest independent rapper in the whole freaking world
Claim that I'm racist, yeah, right
I'm not ashamed 'cause I'm white
If every Caucasian's a bigot
I guess every Muslim's a terrorist
Every liberal is right

I don't wanna talk to folks who don't get it
Go woke, go broke, no hope, it's pathetic
Pro-choice, pronouns, pro-love, you're progressives
But you ain't pro-gun, no one to protect it
Where the American flags at?
Remember when people would hang those?
They've been taken down
They all been replaced with BLM flags or a rainbow

This ain't rap, this ain't money, cars, and clothes
We ain't sellin' drugs, we ain't gonna overdose
We ain't pushing guns, ain't promoting stripper poles
We won't turn your sons into thugs or your daughters into hoes

I don't care if I offend you, I was put here to upset you
You can cry and you can scream, you can riot in the streets
You defunded the police, now there's no one to protect you
I hope I offend you, I ask myself, "What would Ben do?"
Let's just keep it real facts, don't care how you feel, man
If you want my pronouns, I'm the man
I'm the man that don't respect you

Let's look at the stats, I've got the facts
My money like Lizzo, my pockets are fat
Homie, I'm epic, don't be a WAP
Dawg, it's a yarmulke, homie, no cap
Look at the graphs, look at my charts
You're blowing money on strippers and cars
You're going to prison, I'm on television
Dawg, no one knows who you are
Keep hating on me on the internet
My comment section all woke Karens
I make racks off compound interest
Y'all live with your parents
Nicki take some notes
I just did this for fun
All my people download this
Let's get a Billboard number one

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Stop using the singular "they". It's confusing. Just say "he" or "she". Each time I think that you are talking about a group of people, but you are just referring to one individual. It's a pain to follow. Stop it. Just say "he" when it concerns a man and "she" when it concerns a woman.

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We Are witnessing possibly The Best Opportunity in our countries history for an independent candidate To Win The Presidency as the result of two of the WEAKEST establishment candidates in the history of both parties being nominated simultaneously and Both actively engaging in attacking the democratic processes of our country while "independent" media can't even bring itself to give a fair shake to any of the independent candidates running. We as a people Deserve project 2025 being enacted for this utter disgrace of a state our conversation of politics has degraded to.

various commenters #moonbat youtube.com

“Never more disgusted than I am right now” -Kyle Kulinski. Me too Kyle. They treat us like we’re stupid thinking we’ll agree with anything they do and any line they sell, and if we do disagree, they don’t care!! I’m not American, so I can’t vote for your leaders, but we always all feel trapped b/c America affects us all so much!! We all get affected, but have no say! Very sad that America did not ACTUALLY de-escalate by this point. Sad that any of this started at all, but I was hoping they’d feel the heat and reel it in son!! This is the most disgusted, disappointed and angry I’ve ever been in my whole life, and it’s been a long life so far. Thank you, at least someone is speaking sense and a voice of reason. It’s practically all we’ve got now! #CEASEFIRE #FREEPALESTINE #IMPEACHBIDEN

Houthis are upholding their obligation under the 4th convention on genocide.
The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, is an international treaty that criminalizes genocide and obligates state parties to pursue the enforcement of its prohibition.

You’e complicit in genocide with this kind of thinking. Already 1000x the amount of civilian deaths of 9/11 and Dresden in just a few months. Yemen actually respecting the part of the Geneva code that requires signees to actively stop genocides they are aware of. They declared as much.

You think trying to stop a genocide is “piracy”?
Why are you defending genocide?
How ignorant are you?

You comparing financial problems to killing civilians in Yemen

Stupid comparison, disregard human life

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I will still make videos about whatever I want and I will never have a popular opinion since the world is under a hypnotic spell and under Satans delusion. I honestly don’t mind if you disagree, just say so. If my opinions of men going the other way make you weak men feel insecure then that’s your damn problem. Men are supposed to be strong and stoic and mature, not weak or emotional or easily offended. That’s how women want their men, if you don’t like it, then go be gay.

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And on June 19th 1946, God looked down on this planned Paradise and said “I need a caretaker,” so God gave us Trump.

God said “I need someone willing to get up before dawn, fix this country, work all day, fight the Marxists, eat supper, then go to the Oval Office and stay past midnight at a meeting of the heads of state,” so God made Trump.

“I need someone with arms strong enough to rustle the Deep State and yet gentle enough to deliver his own grandchild. Somebody to ruffle the feathers, tame cantankerous World Economic Forum, come home hungry, have to wait until the First Lady is done with lunch with friends, then tell the ladies to be sure and come back real soon, and mean it,” so God gave us Trump.

“I need somebody who can shape an axe, but wield a sword. Who had the courage to step foot in North Korea, who can make money from the tar of the sand, turn liquid to gold, who understands the difference between tariffs and inflation, will finish his 40-hour week by Tuesday noon but then put in another 72 hours,” so God made Trump.

God had to have somebody willing to go into the den of vipers, call out the Fake News for their tongues as sharp as a serpent’s, the poison of vipers is on their lips, and yet stuck. So God made Trump.

God said; “I need somebody who will be strong and courageous, who will not be afraid or terrified of the wolves when they attack, a man who cares for the flock, a shepherd to Mankind who won’t ever leave or forsake them. I need the most diligent worker to follow the path and remain strong in faith and know the belief of God and country. Somebody who’s willing to drill, bring back manufacturing in American jobs, farm the lands, secure our borders, build our military, fight the system all day and finish a hard week’s work by attending church on Sunday. And then his oldest son turns and says ‘Dad, let’s make America great again. Dad, let’s build back a country to be the envy of the world again’.”

So God made Trump.

mrperfect-qm9vt #sexist youtube.com

(This man is victim blaming a woman who has been attack by a stranger unprovoked)

@eddym2679 Or deported! She may of Rejected him in a nasty way as some girls will do, not that, that excuses him.
If that was the case, hopefully this humbles her.

@sponish0 Don't be silly, he was obviously triggered by something.

cushrinada and akashbaruth1658 #moonbat #conspiracy youtube.com

Israelis are really making is hard to hate Nazi's at this point...

Yet Israel gets so much sympathy for beheading and burning babies that never excisted , think people. Hamas tied up hostages to take accross so they could negotiate yet they were found burned with weapons Hamas didn't have. IDF used the Hannibal doctrine and killed their own , those who survived said IDF didn't want to negotiate and tank fired and Apache fired rockets upon their own people to get to Hamas but some did survive. IDF fired at hostages on the back of a motorbike killing their own. Majority of hostages are IDF currently held but Israel doesn't care enough. Time will tell but gazans might be out of time by then. Ps! Hamas won't surrender, they will go down fighting as this is their last do or die for liberation

ksitigarbha9787 #crackpot youtube.com

First time I see my friends cat it walks up to me slowly, goes up my leg and digs in the claws deep. I avoid cats. And I would never let my children near them. They have evil minds and emotions and it rubs off a bit on their owners. If they are kept inside, they make the air stink , it is very unhealthy to breathe this. If your cat was the size of a big dog, you wouldn't be alive today.( Not saying dogs are good)

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The climate will still change but we might not be able to stop it. Underwater volcanic activity near Artic ocean is allegedly linked to some of the glacier ice melt, the water was hot enough to nearly melt submarines. During same period it was reported glaciers at south pole expanded. Solar activity will also be main driver of climate change. This makes logical sense because the two main points of energy are the sun and the planet's core. All the elemental matter in between these two source endpoints will actually reduce energy in the system because it takes energy to change equilibrium states. The other big potential for disruptive climate change could result from magnetic pole shift. There is evidence that magnetic pole shift causes the equator to slightly rotate as the Earth's spin slightly re-orientates itself. This causes all the centrifugal forces exerted on the earth's crust and tectonic plates to recalibrate. It can potentially trigger period of high volcanic activity around the globe, rising sea floors, plunging mountain ranges, and potentially also trigger an ice age.

johnwally928 #fundie #wingnut #conspiracy #crackpot youtube.com

Friendly reminder that you cannot have a "green house gas" in the atmosphere. There are 3 main methods for heat transfer: convection, conduction, and radiation. Greenhouses get hot because convection heat transfer is restricted, and incoming radiant heat is greater than the outgoing heat conduction. There is no gas in our atmosphere that has convection heat transfer restricted. And convection currents will transfer heat to dark side of planet where thermal imaging can even see the radiant heat dissipate out into space. This is why the sun has pumped heat into our system for thousands and thousands of year, but the Earth has remained within certain limits of equilibrium.

Their concept of "green house gas" is a term used to describe gas acting like a "thermal blanket," where certain frequencies of radiant heat energy resonate with certain molecules like CO2, so some of the radiant heat transfer that would normally dissipate into space is actually trapped in the atmosphere. This is not true though, because radiant heat trapped by certain gases will still conduct heat through conduction to other molecules in the atmosphere as they collide and transfer momentum. Then these molecules will release radiant heat still. The original molecules trapping in the radiant heat can also still release the radiant heat slightly delayed. So their improper term of "green house gas" doesn't even cause global warming, it causes delayed, and frequency shifted, radiant heat emission. This remains true so long as the atmosphere isn't already at its maximum capacity for radiant heat emission.

amycombsbaker514davidhancock5529, davidhancock5529 #conspiracy youtube.com


Television is a powerful scrying mirror as is our phone I believe .


Read somewhere that the initial black colour of the tv before you turn it on is based on the old magic mirrors where you paint wood with a black lacquer, then sprinkle small particles of different metals, people also used black substances such as coffee to concentrate on as to receive images in their minds, hence the television or phone is a more direct way of moving into the subconscious. Certain occultists of the 21st century refused to watch television.
The whole thing of putting the television on or watching your phone for it to work effectively is that you get into a relaxed state( as these certain occultists would before scrying), before the input is fed to your subconscious, i maybe wrong ☺️


@amycombsbaker514 yes our phones turned off are perfect scrying mirrors

ammyn aten #transphobia #pratt youtube.com

I agree that both transtrenders exist and that as of this day in 2023, they are the widespread reason people dislike trans people. Im a bisexual cis male with a trans male partner, im perfectly accepting and tolerant of trans people, but it really makes me wish i wasnt because at this rate its a fad and a social contagion. I feel bad for people who deal with gender disphoria, who get compared with teens handling very normal feelings during adolescence and watching a few tik toks and suddenly thinking their half cow.

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There's seemingly no limit to the breathtaking depravity of this comment section, as well as Kyle himself. The fact of the matter is that what you're seeing in Gaza is exactly what would have happened in Donbas if Ukraine had prevailed. In fact, Ukrainian politicians have on many occasions spoken admirably of Israel as a blueprint for the kind of policies they wanted to implement in their own country, with ethnically Russian Eastern Ukrainians in the role of the Palestinians. The similarities go so far that ever since 2014 Ukraine has spent valuable and scarce ammunition shelling civilians in Donetsk simply to enact sadistic revenge and wipe out the population to pave the way for an invasion, just like Israel is doing in a much more asymmetric conflict. Seen in this light, the Russian SMO is best understood as a peacekeeping mission against a rabidly fascistic regime in Kiev, whose presence and survival is predicated on American support and thus incompatible with peace. For this reason, the only long-term sustainable outcome is a Russian victory and Ukrainian surrender, which fortunately is what we're seeing.
@Dave102693 I'm the biggest anti-Zionist you'll ever come across. But at the same time, I'm also an anti-imperialist, which is why I'm against America and its endless color revolutions and wars.
By the way, it's interesting that neither of these responses addressed the substance of what I wrote. I know it's because like all Zelensky supporters, your allegiance is based on complete ignorance of the facts and thus you're unable to come up with a compelling argument for your position.

kisamehoshigaki09 #moonbat #conspiracy #pratt youtube.com

A peace deal cannot happen as long as Zelensky is in power. He will not agree to any peace agreement of any kind, as he has already made clear over the past 18 months. Every time a peace deal or even just a humanitarian proposal is made he rejects it. The Ukrainian army wouldn't even let civilians use the Russian made humanitarian corridors when Russia was taking Mariupol last year.
Well this is just false. The UN Charter has a clause about right to self-determination and that applies as much to the people of the DPR and LPR who want freedom from Kyiv's tyranny as it does to anyone else. The Budapest Memorandum clause 2 indicates that use of weaponry against Ukraine by Russia is permissible if it is in accordance with the UN Charter which as I have just established is interpretable and justifiable from the Russian perspective.

Ukraine terminated the 1997 agreement ITSELF after VIOLATING IT THROUGH THE DEPRIVATION OF DONBAS CIVILIANS' HUMAN RIGHTS so Ukraine is entirely to blame for the violation of the 1997 treaty and you have NO argument on that one whatsoever.

The 2003 treaty pertaining to the Sea of Azov is perhaps the ONLY actual point you have and it is also the LEAST significant of all the treaties in your little list.

Ukraine violated the spirit of Minsk 1 and 2 through its refusal to relinquish areas of Donetsk to the semi-autonomous governance of the DPR or demilitarize the area resulting in the DPR resuming hostilities. The DPR is not Russia, they are ethnic Russian UKRAINIAN CIVILIANS so the idea that "Russia" violated Minsk is simply ludicrous even if you were to make the FALSE claim that the DPR violated the agreement first.

♡Patato•Gang•Leader♡ #fundie #homophobia youtube.com

Fuck you right back i think that you are mean for not accepting opinions 😌 you might be an adult but its clear that you are not aware of :religious themes, opinions, democratic opinions and no don't come at me with you can't accept people and stuff if i can't hate or just don't like LGBTQ+ then You can't hate on people that are not accepting it and here are you making a whole dam song about it

You all are so nice for standing up for LGBTQ+ but that what you are doing is not fighting for LGBTQ+ community your trying to prove everyone else that only you guys are right and only you guys can talk about your opinions that's just mean and no I'm not homophobic i ain't scared of that gay asses of you I'm

History Channel #ufo #conspiracy #mammon youtube.com


Rumor has it there's been an alien employed at Area 51. See more in this scene from Season 19, Episode 7, "Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind."

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