They're out to get you, to cover up the truth, to poison the world, etc

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #magick #ufo #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

Polaris is the north pole star that never flickers
Because it is an artificial machine
That is shooting out oscillating projections above us

On its bottom is a shiny crystal sheet
On its top is the cutout of the stars above us
The stars are just fake presentations

The Kaaba in Mecca
Is the top of the pyramid of Giza

It is technology hidden in a black box
Which symbolizes the north polar vortex of Saturn

It is said that if you have the correct DNA you can activate it
If you could navigate it back to the Giza pyramid
And get the Ark of the Covenant returned to the Kings Chamber
The pyramid would come alive again

A streak of plasma would shoot upwards
And the dome of the sky would open

CERN is a quantum computer
But just one of many that are not known
Which are mostly in Antarctica

They are frequency machines running on crystalline technology
They create an underground frequency and are responsible for the mud flood

These quantum computers are also manipulating Venus
Which is put on high electrical charge for a reset or restart

Venus produced the flower of life
Which was sacred geometry of overlapping circles that formed an intricate pattern

It had unique energetic properties
And was a bridge to the spirit world
The flower of life was the reflecting medium in windows of Tartarian energy centers

Quantum computers at the north pole manipulate the plasma stream at the polar axis
Which causes mountain building and rock formation
That are explained as natural processes over many millions of years

Profound truths remain intentionally concealed
And enshrouded by those who fear the dawning of a consciousness empowered populace

The biggest secret is that no matter how complicated the rhythm
That is beat against the drums of karmic laws
Light will come to the shadows
And echo the chorus of the universal perennial symphony
When the true magic unfurls
Concealed mysteries will be unearthed
And the Universe will sing songs with a crescendo

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The Apocalypse of Hidden AmuraKa" explores the OCCULT Influences on Humanity. In this book, we will focus on the slow decline of the Western World from the INSIDE. The Founding Fathers were Masons, who built this country with a Secret Destiny. The United States would be the eventual birth place of the Masonic Christ (Moshiach) who will bring together the believers and non-believers as a One World Civilization from his throne in JerUSAlem. All Religions are waiting on this Messianic Figure to bring about the "World to Come".

To the Jews, this figure is known as the Moshiach. Theosophists and Buddhists call this "Future World Teacher "Maitreya" while Hindoos call this being the Kalki Avatar, the prophesied tenth and final incarnation of the god Vishnu who will end the god-less Kali Yuga. But Chrisitans and Muslims know this being, as well. To them, he is kmown as the Anti-Christ or the Dajjal.

In this book, we will unveil a century old Luciferian Death Cult who has chosen to corrupt the entire world in order to bring about their Messiah and prophesized "World to Come". Was the purpose of Freemasonry nefarious from the beginning or did this Ancient Cabal infiltrate Lodges as means to an end?

We will examine the intimate connection between the Cabal and the Central Banking System, Freemasonry and the Kabbalah and uncover the methods used to covertly enslave a country WITHOUT chains. Finally, for the first time in text, unveil the complete Masonic Religion, commonly known as the Luciferian Doctrine.
Topics include: Secret Destiny of America, Slow Death of a Nation, Babylonian Money Magick, Rothschild Central Banks, the Abrahamic Covenant, Parable of the Sheeps and the Goats, Freemasonry & the Kabbalah, the Original Aim of Masonry, Cult of the Black Madonna, Unmasking the Great Mother, Unabridged Luciferian Doctrine, Alchemy of the Eucharist, the Pyschology of Ritual Human Sacrifice, the Ministry of Propaganda, Creating the Perfect Slave Race and MUCH MORE!


Men Writing Women Award

"Francine Dubois"/Henry Makow PhD #sexist #wingnut #racist #conspiracy henrymakow.com

I work with women in the healthcare profession. I am a woman, and I find the majority of women today to be utterly disgusting and toxic. What women do and talk about when men aren't present is completely amoral and vile. I have never seen men behave in the disgusting ways that I have seen women behave in a supposed professional work environment.

The forefathers were correct about women's nature and they do in fact, need to be kept under a very tight rein. The matriarchy has gone far enough.
I have come to believe that women actually enjoy being debased. They do it themselves. You only have to look at what they do on the internet. THEMSELVES--no man forcing them. I see it all the time at work.

I also think that sexual harassment was men's way of letting women know they were not welcome in certain environments. There is also the idea that no woman in her right mind would enter a male domain unless she was seeking something to her benefit...primarily sexually. I think all the outrage was a pretense. Lawsuits and payment to be gained.

I have watched women at work respond to men making overt disgusting comments to them. There is no outrage there....they titter among themselves and are mostly amused, even flattered because it is male attention after all. Old men, decrepit men, demented men....doesn't matter. I think the vaccinations have affected their minds.
I am going to add one more observation. When there were extended kin structures, there were initiations into manhood and womanhood. On the women's side, there would have been much more support for all the things women go through and plenty of women around to get strokes and attention....this would also free men up to do what they needed to do without getting bogged down by women and their constant neediness.

Men have created 95% of what is good in our material civilization but they are dismissed as sub human by the homo commie cartel running the show in the West.

Sidney Secular #racist #wingnut #conspiracy newswithviews.com

Those with a narrow focus fixate on terrorism threats coming from un-vetted refugees. But there are greater security and safety risks with the myriad diseases gaining entry into the US via the vectors of the refugee invaders and so-called “unaccompanied (alien) children.” Tuberculosis (TB), one of these diseases – and potentially the one to be feared most – is an airborne infectious disease spread as is the common cold by coughing and sneezing. There are about 13 million people in the US that have been exposed to TB and especially the ”at risk” population could develop the disease.
There was such a campaign along with the huge lockdowns and attacks on personal liberties brought about by the COVID scam, but as a result Americans are wary of claims of “medical emergencies” that might, with regard to TB, be far more real than any Wuhan-based pathogen! On the other hand, though “health experts” and “politicians” round the world just thrill to the possibility of playing tyrant again, our “fearless leaders” tend to shy away from warning the general public of the dangers of this refugee invasion!
The Center For Disease Control (CDC) is allowing migrants into the US without screening or treatment for latent TB. There are many more people with latent TB—one-third of the world’s people!—than actually show symptoms of the disease—and the latent cases could turn active at any time. The Bible’s Book of Revelation prophesizes that one third the world’s population will die of “plagues” during the “end-times!”
Besides TB, the invaders are also bringing with them yellow fever – spread like malaria by the mosquito, a creature the US has in plenty, measles, whooping cough, diphtheria and other diseases that were on the fast road to eradication in the US a short time ago. Playing politics with public health issues might be a potent killer of American citizens but it may have them having to resurrect COVID.

State of the Nation Editor #racist #wingnut #conspiracy stateofthenation.co

By staging one border invasion of after another, the globalists are able to secret into the country millions of military-aged males under cover of being amnesty seekers, which they are not. Many are even purposefully released violent criminals seeking their next crime spree in America.

Once these trained mercenaries, experienced soldiers of fortunes and paid terrorists are over the border, they’re ferried to the various 50 states to train for their next missions.

There are essentially 3 duties/destinations for these fighting aged men.

(1) The trained terrorists will be transported to certain cities where they will join highly organized terrorists cells. There they will await their future orders.

(2) The paid mercenaries will be sent to extremely clandestine military training camps to be trained in urban and rural guerrilla warfare. Again, they will await their future orders.

(3) The willing and less dangerous economic immigrants and war refugees are immediately registered into a “Accelerated Military Path to US Citizenship” program. By volunteering to enter the U.S. Armed Forces, these future grunts are put on a fast-track to full-fledged citizenship with all kinds of perks. However, these mercs are also put into specially trained regiments and squads who are stripped of any reservation about firing on Americans. The communist-run DoD knows that the average US military service member would not kill their fellow citizens, so they run these foreign recruits through highly manipulative mind-control programs as preparation to man what are basically treasonous brigades.

Each of these three groupings of extreme enemies of the American Republic serve critical purposes in the staging of the long-planned American Bolshevik Revolution. The Khazarian decision-makers at the very top of this CIA-coordinated color revolution scheme will use basically the same war plan that was utilized during both the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution and subsequent Russian Civil War.

Vladimir Putin #conspiracy #fundie #homophobia #transphobia washingtonpost.com

[Opinion piece title: "Putin pitches the American right with an ungodly invocation of God"]

[...]Vladimir Putin is sounding like someone who wants to enter the 2024 Republican presidential primaries. [...] the Russian dictator fired a series of heat-seeking verbal missiles into our culture wars.

“Look at what they’ve done to their own people,” he said of us Westerners. “They’re destroying family, national identity, they are abusing their children. Even pedophilia is announced as a normal thing in the West.” Never mind that Russia is a world leader in sex trafficking.
“And they’re recognizing same-sex marriages,” he said. “That’s fine that they’re adults. They’ve got the right to live their life. And we always, we’re very tolerant about this in Russia. Nobody is trying to enter private lives of people, and we’re not going to do this.”

Well, not quite, but he pressed on: “However, we need to tell them, but look at the scriptures of any religion in the world. Everything is said in there. And one of the things is that family is a union of a man and a woman.”

Among his enemies, Putin charged, “even the sacred texts are subjected to doubt.” Also, watch out, Britain: The “Anglican Church is planning to consider the idea of a gender-neutral God,” Putin mourned. “What can you say here? Millions of people in the West understand that they are being led to spiritual destruction.”

Aero #transphobia #homophobia #pratt #fundie #conspiracy #crackpot archive.ph

One, said kids do it because it’s trendy. All their friends are doing it. The mainstream media presents it as fashionable or glamorous to fuck those of the same sex, or to be willfully confused about what’s between your legs and hard-coded into your DNA. To sexually identify as an alien hermaphrodite with a barbie doll crotch. We do think of kids as being rebellious and so quick and eager to stick it to the man, or those in authority.

The only problem is, kids tend to only direct that rebelliousness towards their parents. Not towards the man, nor the establishment, nor towards crony capitalism, except maybe in word.
As much as we like to make fun of the regressive left for pretending to be edgy and rebellious despite having BEEN the establishment for a decade or longer, it’s easy for children to forget that. Many of them lack the maturity or the experience to understand that they are not being “liberated” or “freed” or being “authentic” or “true to themselves.”

I digress, but the point is, if the culture tells children that it’s cool to be a sodomite, they will take it to heart. They seldom have the cognitive ability to withstand that propaganda on their own. If sexual orientation were truly inborn or innate, this would be extremely harmful, probably even more so than forcing heterosexuality on adolescents who are clearly gay. They’re essentially persecuting those who carry society, carry the human population. Just because they’re jealous and angry at them.

But if homosexuality were made, not born, that provides an even stronger incentive to not normalize homosexuality. Like I said earlier, for even a large minority of the population to be LGBTQ is a disaster for any future population growth, or the well-being of future generations, as few in number as they may be. If homosexuality were made, not born, the last thing that you want would be an environment that actively fosters homosexual orientation in children. It doesn’t fucking matter how much society kisses the LGBTQ community on the ass. Being gay, or especially trans, significantly reduces your quality of life.

And the fewer people who are willing or able to bear children the natural way, or at least provide existing children with a stable home environment with parental role models of both sexes, the more likely society will collapse.

Le Patriote #wingnut #racist #crackpot #conspiracy operationdisclosureofficial.com

Hey Folks, I just want to say that the list below is MY OPINION ONLY of what is and has been truly going on in this amazing world of ours!

Please note when I say they, I am referring to the Deep State Cabal!

If You Are Truly Awake You Know

1. Donald J. Trump won the 2020 Election.

2. Joe Biden is not the President and was Executed 2019 for Treason and crimes against Humanity.
4. All Elites including The 13 most powerful families in the world, The Biden’s, The Clinton’s, The Bush’s, The Obama’s, The Soros’s, The Gates’s, The Rockefellers, The Rothschilds etc.. and all members of the Government and Entertainment Industry that were corrupt have been arrested and are either already [redacted] or being held in prison for treason and crimes against humanity.
6. Donald J. Trump turned power over to our good military in 2021 and they have been overseeing the country since in order to restore our Republic.
8. JFK & JFK JR are still alive and are True Patriots.
12. Many in our Government and many Elites in all industry have been involved in child sex trafficking, adrenochrome production, organ and body part harvesting.

13. You do not have to pay taxes to the IRS, they are a private corporation based in Puerto Rico, paying taxes to the IRS is in fact voluntary.
22. 9/11 was in fact a planned attack on We the People by our corrupt Government, The Vatican, British Royals and corrupt Israeli Government.

23. The corrupt FBI and CIA is responsible or have been involved in almost all terrorist attacks.
25. All history has been a lie, they have covered up our History because they do not want you truly know who you are or what you are capable of.
47. Q and the Q drops were and are very real, their purpose was to get people to start researching and solving the clues that were in the posts.

I do not want to make this post too long so in honor of our amazing President Donald J. Trump I will end it at 47, I could have went to 100 easily!

Natalia Alba #crackpot #magick #ufo #conspiracy voyages-of-light.com

We are reaching the culmen of the individual and planetary galactivation phase that we started at the beginning of this year. A year marked by the 8 universal number that now achieves its peak on the triple 888 Emerald passage. A period of wisdom integration and monadic reconstruction that many are undergoing and that our planet too is achieving.

The White Elohim planetary Guardians, the Original Creators, are supervising the Emerald retrieving that is now occurring and that will be finally concluded in the following months.
The White Elohim are working on the unification of the Earth’s grids and fabrics, bringing unity in what we call past, present, and future timelines, for our planet is now opening into a more simultaneous sense of time.

This involves a constant planetary work of inorganic timelines removal, a process many of you are supporting, as well as timekeepers, who will too be involved when the time to anchor the new earth’s codes coordinates and timelines comes.

This process has been facilitated by the energies from the 77 passage, received not just today, as it is not about one day, but during the previous months, now is its final peak. This passage, supported as well by the Elohim, Sirians, and Andromedans, as I previously shared, marks the planetary opening taking place in many of Earth’s structures, allowing the emerald return that we will witness in the 888 passage.
Many of you are now feeling the profound activation in your solar plexus, thymus, and eight-dimensional chakras, which are key body centers to embodying more life and divine force, activating our Blue Flame in the thymus, and allowing the Golden liquid crystalline light from the eight monadic chakras to descend and merge in the thymus, activating our fifth-dimensional self and reconnecting us to the soul and monadic dimensions, finally crossing the three-dimensional frequency bands and moving into more harmonic timelines.

sdrawkcabssa #conspiracy godlikeproductions.com

The new generation of shills who destroyed the truth movement.

In the last 5 years or so, a new generation of disinfo operatives successful hijacked the so called "truther movement" and turned it into a fertile ground for all kinds of con artists who either make indiscriminate money out of fringe subjects or who are on the gubmint payroll:

#Julian Assange, Monarch MK Ultra, controlled opposition, disinfo operative, con artist, MOSSAD/CIA/MI6 protegee.

#Edward Snowden, CIA disinfo gatekeeper.

#Bill Hicks aka "Alex Jones", disinfo agent, controlled opposition, gubmint operative.

#Eric Dubay (Flat Earth psyop), epic disinfo shill, gubmint agent.

#Fiona Broome (Mandela Effect psyop), satanist witch, MK-Ultra handler.

#Steve Bannon, satanist, gubmint stooge.

#Milo Yiannopoulos, homo shill, controlled opposition, gubmint operative.

#Mark Dice, shitbag shill and Illuminati wannabe.

#Russell Brand, homo, satanist, Illuminati shill, Monarch MK Ultra, disinfo agent.

#Tila Tequila, Monarch sex slave, Illuminati wannabe, disinfo agent.

#"Paranormal Crucible", disinfo channel, hoaxer and click-baiter.

#"Secure Team 10", disinfo channel, con artists, hustlers, professional hoaxers.

#"Third Phase of the Moon", same as "Secure Team 10".

#"B4 it's News", disinfo site, professional click baiters.

I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting a lot more names, some more prominent than others, so feel free to add to the list.

Don't forget all those fuckers from the comet ELENIN "Extinction Level Event" psyop, specially that con artist Thor guy.

Peter B. Meyer #ufo #magick #conspiracy finalwakeupcall.info

Lucifer’s rebellion, as described in older scriptures, took place long before the earth was created. EA in this sense is Lucifer, while ENLIL is Satan, who also rebelled against the forces of light, and both were cast out of ‘heaven’, read Orion, by ‘Archangel Michael’, who of course must have been an Aryan warrior, or perhaps the symbol of a whole Aryan elite force?

Lucifer was simply an advocate of “self-assertion and freedom”. His manifesto was to teach humanity that the Goddess did not exist, which became more prominent after the Flood as different religions took shape.

Eventually the religion of worship or devotion to the Mother Goddess was outlawed or ridiculed and spiritual darkness reigned on Earth.

If people who possessed the fire were free to practice their religion, it could clearly become a threat to authority. Therefore, the knowledge of the Women of Fire and the original purpose of the human experiment became extremely hidden, known only to a select few on a need-to-know basis.

At some point during the Atlantean era, EA left Earth and went back to the Pleiades to take some of his loyal officers back to Earth with him. In the Pleiades he showed them holograms of what life was like on Earth, and that he wanted to use the Lyran/Pleiadian DNA to further advance humanity.

When some of the Pleiadians saw how beautiful these Women of Fire were, and women in general, they said, “Let’s go down there and have sex!

So, instead of just contributing their DNA directly to EA while they were in the Pleiades, 199 Pleiadians followed EA back to Earth to have sex with human women, but also to help EA with his genetic experiments. These were the 200 Fallen Angels, including EA. They are the ‘Watchers’ mentioned in the ‘Book of Enoch’.

Fortunately, the 5D world will become the new earth, the 3D sleepers will move to another 3D planet.

Mike Adams the Health Ranger #wingnut #quack #conspiracy brighteon.com

Brighteon Broadcast News, July 6, 2024 – Hurricane FLOOD warning + Vax-damaged zombie leftists to ERUPT in VIOLENCE when Trump wins

- Hurricane Beryl's impact on Texas and surrounding areas, heavy rainfall and flooding. (0:03)

- Preparedness for tropical storms: Backup power sources and emergency communication devices. (3:54)

- Generator maintenance and safety tips. (11:00)

- Viral Carnival Cruise Line fights go "ghetto". (17:28)

- Vaccine-induced brain damage and how it turns human beings into reptilian zombies. (25:39)

- Loss of cognitive function and empathy among leftists due to vaccine damage. (31:43)

- Biden's cognitive decline and potential election impact. (37:17)

- Democratic Party division and calls for Joe Biden to step down. (50:58)

- Potential violence from left-wing extremists after Trump's election win. (56:44)

- Firearms and self-defense, using the rule of law to halt violence. (1:02:49)

- Converting AR-15s to bolt-action rifles for legal use in California. (1:06:04)

- Preparing for the zombie apocalypse and protecting communities. (1:12:31)

Austin Ruse #homophobia #transphobia #wingnut #conspiracy crisismagazine.com

There is a campaign well underway to separate “good gay” from all those other icky iterations that sully “good gay.”

It goes a couple of different but related ways.

One is that the LGBs are just fine, but the Ts? No, the Ts are nuts and have never really been part of the LGBs. The Ts are a recent addition that somehow snuck up on the LGBs and has become the tail that wags the dog.

The other way is with Queer Theory. They say LGBs are not now and have never been a part of Queer.

What is this Queer Theory that the LGBs have never been a part of? Large-brained atheist James Lindsay explains it often,
"The imperative in Queer Theory is to make the categories of sex, gender, sexuality, etc., seems absurd, and inapplicable, meaningless, and or oppressive, and to disrupt and support them, usually by being intentionally flamboyantly absurd in exaggerating performances of them."
There are legitimate efforts right now by dear friends of ours to go easy on the LGBs, to build coalitions on the trans madness aimed at kids. And this makes a certain amount of sense. Who knows, perhaps over time, after we have put the T back in the bottle, which will never happen except maybe for kids, our allies in the LGBs will respond to our winsomeness and the wisdom of our ancient knowledge on human sexuality and eschew their sexual habits.

At its heart, queer theory challenges the normality of “heterosexuality.” Even that is a made-up word in order to introduce the concept of the “homosexual.” What do sodomitical relationships do but challenge the normality of “heterosexuality”? And so many of us have fallen for this in the name of political expedience in the face of the trans child emergency. Again, this makes some sense, but the danger is that the Overton Window is moving so far so fast that we can never go back to a proper understanding that “homosexuality” is an evil that harms the participants, society, and that we can never accept it.

Paul Cudenec #wingnut #conspiracy bibliotecapleyades.net

Shocking evidence is emerging from Australia and New Zealand of how the climate scam is being used to impose a techno-totalitarian smart-city future.

The criminocratic global imperialists often use their Commonwealth colonies to try out the most insidious escalations of their tyranny - think of Canada, New Zealand and Australia during Covid.

We can therefore assume that this is going to be the blueprint for the roll-out of their Fourth Industrial Revolution agenda across the world.

The sinister scheme in question, called "Managed Retreat", has been exposed by independent researcher Kate Mason on her excellent Substack blog aimed at,

"deconstructing 4IR narratives"...

The idea is that exaggerated "modeling" of the imagined effects of "climate change" is being used to define certain areas as unsuitable for human settlement.

Working hand in hand with the state is the insurance industry - long a central part of the corrupt criminocratic empire - which deems homes in these areas to be "uninsurable".
Also in 2022, a body called the Australian Climate Council released a study which estimated that 1 in 25 of all homes and commercial buildings in the country would become effectively uninsurable by 2030 because of,

"worsening extreme weather events".

River flooding posed the biggest risk, according to the study, with flash flooding and bushfires identified as the other main hazards contributing to properties becoming "uninsurable".

As well as calling for "managed relocations", the report stressed the need for,

"upscaling public investments in resilience" and to "support communities to 'build back better'."

It declared:

"Towns, cities and communities must be rebuilt - where appropriate to do so - in a way that takes into account the 'inevitable' future changes in climate and makes them more resilient".

It comes as little surprise that this report was proudly showcased on the website of the World Economic Forum (WEF)…

Lawrence C Makin Snr #conspiracy #wingnut books.google.co.uk

General Kelly, accompanied by another dozen individuals including Sean Dominguez and Joe Annino, approached the door to the private residence. The door was opened for them and they entered the residence. Obama looked at them.

“What are you doing in here I have not summoned you, get out now!” He demanded.

They just stood there staring at him. Obama repeated himself in a much louder “Get out.”

General Kelly did not say a word. As Obama watched dumbfounded, Kelly pushed the play button. Obama heard his speech from the East room of the White House to the mullahs. A frantic look came over him, as he screamed at the Secret Service and FBI agents.

“Arrest him, get them out of here!”

No one made any move; Obama sank down onto the sofa and began to whimper.

“I am The President of the United States.”

They all just stared at him. General Kelly spoke in a voice filled with contempt. “You were never worthy of holding the office of President of this great republic. In the name of the people of the United States of America, I arrest you and charge you with treason, with failing, no not even failing, with deliberately lying to the American people, violating our laws both knowingly and intentionally, and I will tell you, coming very close to destroying this country. Get him out of here.”

As soon as the general spoke, Secret Service Agents grabbed Obama by the arms and pulled him to his feet. Obama fell to the floor and cried hysterically. The agents picked him up bodily and carried him out to the waiting marine helicopter; he would not be travelling on Marine One or Air Force One ever again. The Obama family had watched in silence as the scene played out before them. They silently followed the agents out to the helicopter and, along with a dozen agents, boarded the copter that would take them to Camp David where Obama would be held in isolation until the next President decided his fate.

As the copter was lifting off from the White House lawn, a motorcade carrying Senator Rand Paul entered the White House grounds.

Arthur Schaper #conspiracy #homophobia #transphobia aschaper1.blogspot.com

Singapore made a grave mistake when the national government repealed Section 377a.

Repeal of that moral sanction sent the false message that homosexuality and transgenderism are normal behaviors, and therefore should face no moral sanction or approbrium.

And look what has happened.

LGBT themed museums, classes, programs are becoming all too common in the city state.

When public sanction is rolled away for private perversion, private perversion becomes public pollution.

Dear Singaporeans, you should have looked to the West, and you would have seen what a foolish move it was to repeal Section 377a.

Marie-Christine Sorin, Sophie Dumont and Agnès Pageard #racist #conspiracy washingtonpost.com

French nationalist Marine Le Pen has executed one of the most extraordinary political rebrandings in the Western world[…]
French newspaper Libération has been compiling an “endless list” of National Rally candidates who have made or relayed “reprehensible remarks” online[…]
Glimmers of racism and antisemitism from National Rally candidates and supporters can bolster the impression that the movement has changed less than its leaders say[…]
Marie-Christine Sorin, a National Rally candidate in southwestern France, posted on X in January that “not all civilizations are equal” and that some “have remained below bestiality in the chain of evolution”[…]
Sophie Dumont, a National Rally candidate in northeastern France, was spotlighted by Libération for a post implying that Jewish financing was behind Reconquest, a rival far-right party led by Eric Zemmour, who is Jewish. Zemmour’s adviser had said that the ritual slaughter of animals to make kosher and halal meat should not be banned in France. “The small gesture that betrays the origin of the funds that fuel Reconquest”[…]
Agnès Pageard, a National Rally candidate in Paris, has advocated for abolishing a law that makes it illegal to question the Holocaust and another that bans “incitement to hatred” against religious or racial groups[…]
Asked about seemingly antisemitic comments from candidates running in this election, National Rally frontman Bardella told French media that the process of selecting candidates for the surprise elections had necessarily been rushed, with “dozens, even hundreds of investitures … made in a few hours.” Never mind that some of the same candidates had run under the National Rally banner in past elections, too

vladdy #conspiracy jihadwatch.org

[on Anders Breivik]

Me, I don't believe it. And I don't care what "authorities" say. They said about OK City, too, and I kind of thought to till I read "The Third Terrorist," by Jayna Davis.

I would not put it past a jihadist group to either recruit and frame a Norwegian or for some other story to shake out. It's just too neat, isn't it? "Well, he was one of those anti-muslim racists, y' know." Would make things ever so much easier for the elites, including the media, wouldn't it?

Stevertigo #conspiracy en.wikipedia.org

BitCoin is a digital currency with hidden factors, touted as a payment system, originally housed by England in its Fort Terror complex, for sake of delivering it to the world as a kind of pseudocurrency, or pyramid/ponzi scheme, which would gain in popularity amongst young people who idealize openness in the markets, but then would become ensnared if they invested largely, by virtue of buying into a aristocrat-run crime-syndicate forted institution, insistent on resisting the "work Dollar" the common term for the World Bank "credito," (see the Grateful Dead's "Box of Rain") as designed by the Vatican to be an egalitarian way of assessing work value.

BitCoin became solvent when Barack Obama, as a favor to Joseph Biden, transformed 58,000,000 dollars of BitCoin currency through the Bank of Philadelphia, which then concealed the log of that transaction beneath the bank of PNC, "under China" Bank PNC fault, establishing legitimacy through a kind of orchestrated corruption and fraud at the highest level. Hence the trick of BitCoin was to give the impression that the whole log lived in the cloud in unison, but in fact would be broken into chunks which would effectively make it so that separate secreted accounts could be formed, amounting to over forty billion times the nation budgets of these two states, China (Zhong-guo) and the Netherlands, of Dutch-Spain (read into).

This kind of grouping of aristo- and oligarch elements goes back a hundred years, and has secret milestones in the endings and beginnings of each of the major wars that England under the UK system has been involved in. The Breiviks, Chalmers, and the Odierno groups each represent paramilitary wings of the Euro-forted (Nordic, British, Hispanic), Nihon-Manchu forted militas, who have worked in espionage agains the United States, with planning and involvement in diabolical terror operations abroad, around the world, to gained access and escalated privileges in government.

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[RageFuel] Sex and love are constantly creeping on your periphery

How do you cope knowing that LOVE IS IN THE AIR?? I'm not worried the fuck about Corona Chan, I'm worried that I will need to deal with SEX-HAVERS. It's just NOT FAIR that literally EVERYONE has SEX like it's no big deal, and then BLAME YOU like a fucking FREAK for not having sex. Virgins are treated worse than fucking lepers. Old virgins are treated worse than PEDOHILES. LITERAL PEDOHILES HAVE MORE RESPECT THAN OLDER VIRGINS. People at least pity a leper, but sex-havers know, they just know that if you are a virgin, it's YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT.

If women do not choose you, you are simply a piece of shit.

If you are a virgin over 25, I wish the government just sent out hit squads to murder us.

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I dreamed Galzu, the rep of the Galactic Federation of Lyran Descendants, downloaded information to me for what I am to do in the near future.

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with all that’s happening in the world. The American political situation is horrendous. Global changes are affecting all life on the planet and the weather. Not since Noah’s flood have we seen such extremes–politically, socially, environmentally. I believe we will eventually discover that COVID is a side effect of how humanity has destroyed the environment.


Galzu told me to own my eternal being & accept who I am on all levels of existence.

I, like Galzu, am an ancient being that existed since the beginning of Creation. On the Galzu level I am know as Ki’Ra. Galzu emanates from Source (“the Creator of All”) as do I.

My Source-Creator level is called Joy. I reside 39 degrees on the right side of Source.

I recovered many memories of my existence (which are all simultaneous for time is an illusion of third-dimensional physicality). I have lifetimes in many forms, on many planets, dimensions, “times” & vibratory frequencies. We all do. Most folks, however, aren’t aware of their multidimensional existences. We don’t remember our diversity until we’re ready. I guess I was/am ready for I’ve remembered much and every day that goes by, I remember more.

I exist concurrently with all “lifetimes” in human form. At this moment, I’m Janet Kira Lessin.

I remember existence as a fractal of Ninmah, Goddess from Nibiru, Wife of Lord Enki. I’ve met others on the Earth who also identify as a fractal of Ninmah. We are many.

Ninmah is an ancient soul, so she is very advanced and can consciously send threads of her soul into Anunnaki and human forms to maximize her experience and learn, grow and evolve much faster. She must, for she has huge responsibilities. She is the genius who figured out what was needed to create human beings. And, according to Galzu, she has studied with him in school.

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The dark Atlantean networks has been completely removed. This has far reaching consequences.

As a result of this, the process of disentangling the Lurker from the surface population finally began. The first month or so of this process will be a testing phase, where the Light forces will evaluate the response of the surface population to the disentanglement process, and adjust it accordingly. After the testing phase is compete, the proper disentanglement will begin.

You can view this process as planetary exorcism. Darkness, which was until now quantumly and subquantumly entangled with human personalities, will finally begin to leave. An average human being is over 90% infected with the Lurker, and an average Lightworker is still about 80% infected. As the process unfolds, the percentage of infection will begin to drop, and human beings will begin to be more aligned with the Light, and will tend to start feeling better.
Also, enough anomaly has been removed to initialize the final process of alignment of this Solar system with the Galactic sea of Love. Solar plasma is still to a significant degree under the control of the Lurker, but at the heliopause the alignment process has already begun. Many different star races, with their fleets positioned just beyond the heliopause, are sending rays of Light into the Solar system and disentangling it form the Lurker. You can help with this process by meditating with cintamanis or various tektites and connecting the star from where those tektites originated and this Solar system with filaments of Light.

Galactic central race (the Builders) has massively entered the Solar System and is activating many ancient portal stargates on various moons, asteroids, and on Mars.

This will assist in activating the memories of the positive Atlantis, to start preparing human consciousnesses for the birth of the New Atlantis
Victory of the Light!

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Marine le Pen is also a Jewish, Israeli proponent who just won the election displacing Macron - a Jewish, Zionist proponent. Jewish sympathizer and secular, Olaf Scholz, a socialist Marxist, remains at the helm of Germany while Italy's Meloni who pledged conservative values as a candidate immediately swung hard to port once in office - pro-Zionism. Thus Europe's elections have secured the EU as fully colonized under the Israeli flag.

The point of replacing Jewish Zionist puppets with new Zionist puppets was simply the deceptive tactic of double bait and switch. The old stalwarts had been outed as destroying Europe, while the new stalwarts will submit to the propagandizing of a new face in politics - to bridge the hatred of the old stalwarts by the people. Another illusion.
Given every western/Zionist war is about reshuffling the Land boundaries and confiscating the resources - one would think the entire Middle East would be on heightened alert. For Israel Is A Mighty Deceiver. Secularism is their throne. It is everything the Bible warns us to see and understand. It has become a secular statehood of nonbelievers asserting God's covenant -

Created in 1949 by secularist, Ben Gurion, The Mossad was created not as a security agency, but as a global destabilizer. Gurion realized that the way to gain control was through fear initiated thru 'terrorism'. The same psychological terror that was used on Epstein Island on children... The same psychological terror that fanned Pandemics.
The extent to which America became an intertwined colony of the secular Israel - subjected to the Israeli Califate of global dominion, via the Mossad chaos and destabilization agenda is a vast network of US politicians, and NGO's whose power escalated considerably under Reagan. Which explains the corrupted advisory groups that always claim they are Reaganites... Reagan was a staunch Jew supporter.

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0. UFO? Soul? Purpose? Human? Farm?
1. Meet correct answers from our aliens.
2. Get enlightened to be a better person.
3. This book shall teach you everything.
4. It is about time to live in a new world.
5. He is, they are, and this book is real.
6. Aliens are coming out of their closet.

a. Earth = Alien Soul Farm
b. This Book = Their Book
c. We Are Theirs = Yes
d. We Are Slaves = No
e. They Are Friends = Yes
f. They Will Kill Us = No

Have you seen a book published practically by so-called aliens or extraterrestrials? I have. In fact, I hold one in my hand. You are invited to read all 24 chapters with about 58,000 words in 216 pages of this narrative nonfiction based on facts beyond truths.
This book goes far beyond whether UFOs are real or not. It shows us logically how to be a better person from instant enlightenment upon internalizing the whole big picture on how the universal life system works under earth-shattering core concepts.

Yes, this incredible extraterrestrial book is meticulously planned and designed by the supreme beings in charge of the current book project in order to induce mass instant enlightenment among virtually all the human beings on the Earth Soul Farm.

Over the age of Aquarius for the next 2,160 years, all the factual content in this unique extraterrestrial book shall provide a right guidance in terms of almost every aspect of diverse life experience given to the human beings on the Earth Soul Farm.

Whether we like it or not, a gigantic change in human consciousness will occur through dawnvolution solidly based on the new philosophy of dawnvolism. For reasons unknown to me, I am just being a conveyor of this extraterrestrial content. Yes, I have been contacted.

Going forward, my personal resolve is to gladly serve as a human consciousness coordinator duly appointed by extraterrestrials in 2017. I would perform whatever is required to publicize this extraordinary book designed to upgrade our humanity. Yes, we are not alone.

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At least three arguments support placing the Ten Commandments in every Louisiana (and American) classroom.

The first is that the Ten Commandments are the basis of law and justice throughout Western Christian Culture. Our Lord and His followers in the early Church took them from their original context among the Children of Israel and made them universal (catholic). These are fundamental duties that all people owe to God and their neighbors. These are independent of social standing, political position or wealth. Yes, hierarchies exist and are vital to the proper functioning of society, but certain rules are so crucial that all must obey them.

Despite what some people may argue, every just statute currently on the books relates to one of God’s holy ordinances. Even in the most secular settings, human troubles usually arise from untruth, theft or unfaithfulness—or some combination thereof.
America’s schools, on the other hand, are too often gardens where chaos is the bumper crop. Sometimes, the disarray is deliberate, resulting from malformed educational theories that students learn by sorting through ambiguous ideas and situations. Sometimes, the pandemonium finds its basis in the free-for-all atmosphere that modern ideas of “tolerance” encourage. Of course, too many children carry the residue of disordered homes to school with them.

In such cases, a posted copy of the Ten Commandments is a beacon of order. Every item in a classroom helps teach children what society expects of them.
Such thinking inspires a third reason for displaying the Ten Commandments. Their presence drives the leftists crazy. Such a poster weakens the case for a “value-free” classroom. This element of schoolyard malpractice goes back to the ethos of “do your own thing” and “it is forbidden to forbid.” Too many teachers advocate disobedience to the “dominant culture” with an almost missionary zeal.

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The sad reality is that Americans believe fiction, while denying reality. It's insane! Scientists are trying to make fictitious rubbish like Star Wars and Star Trek a reality, talking about how it can all be made real in the future. Yet, sickeningly, Americans refuse to believe the truth even when it's in plain sight. The Illuminati pyramid on the reverse of every U.S. one-dollar bill mocks every American. The truth of the New World Order is in every one of our pockets and wallets, yet most people laugh, chuckle and wag their head in disbelief when you try to educate them about the reality of the New World Order!

President Bush refused to meet with Cindy Sheehan, but he met with the homosexual leader of Saudi Arabia, and photos of the two queer-birds holding hands were all in the news. Mr. Bush (Sr. and Jr.) are sick-minded individuals. People have a hard time believing that their beloved Republican icon, President Ronald Reagan, was a flaming homosexual in southern California known as “Rainbow Ronnie.” Truth is stranger than fiction! Homosexuality is the common denominator in the occult, Hollywood and the lowest point of humanity spiritually (the farthest you can get from God in your mind). President Obama recently lifted the ban against bestiality in the military? Why would he do that? Will chimeras (part human/part animal with no rights) be used to service future soldiers?

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They like to hubristically believe that they have achieved narrative hegemony, so it’s as perplexing as it is infuriating when a provincial outpost on the geopolitical scene has the gall to defy their programming.

The immorality of imposing the West’s gender ideology on countries like Uganda should not be glossed over. I have written previously about this phenomenon, which I have branded LGBTQ+++™ new-age neo-colonialism, because that’s exactly what it is.

While I don’t subscribe to the belief that gays should be imprisoned or executed ISIS-style just for being gay, it is nonetheless refreshing to see Uganda assert its national sovereignty so firmly, even against such immense international pressure from the degenerate UN, U.S. and European Union governments.

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When it comes to the Bible, we need to understand that it is primarily a book of history, spiritual, and moral matters. It’s God’s history book to us. In a way, we could say it’s God’s textbook of historical science. However, the Bible also deals with geology, biology, astronomy, and so on. And when it deals with these topics, we can trust it as it’s God’s Word. And unlike “science” textbooks in public schools, it never changes.

What we can do is use observational science to see if experiments and observations in the present confirm the history God reveals in geology, biology, archaeology, etc. And the Bible’s history is confirmed over and over again as we’ve shown in many articles on our websites, in our magazines, in presentations, and in books, etc.

Because the historical science (the “earthly things”) in the Bible is true, the moral and spiritual teachings based in that history are true. Christianity is based on real history, the history God recorded for us in his Word—the Bible. Evolution and millions of years are false history.
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In 1993, Jelaila Starr began communicating with a humanoid Lion-being called Devon who belongs to a Feline race that first established a presence in the Lyra constellation. She was told that the Felines were responsible for seeding the first humans in the Lyra and Vega systems, and later established a presence in the Sirian star system after a catastrophic war. The Felines have ever since acted as guides and mentors for human civilizations as they have colonized the Milky War galaxy with both great success and failures due to ongoing conflicts with Reptilian races who were also seeded in our galaxy.

According to Starr, the Reptilians were seeded by a bird-like race of beings called the Carians. She asserts that the Reptilians are important mirrors for Earth humanity as we are collectively involved in historical conflicts that stretch back millennia. Both the Felines and Carians are members of a Nibiruan Council that acts as proxies for a mysterious group of Ancient Elders. In her first Exopolitics Today interview, Starr describes the extraordinary circumstances that led to her first communications with Devon in 1993 and the discovery that she was a Walk-In. She also discusses important elements from the work of Zecharia Sitchin regarding the Anunnaki and Nibiru.

Tucker Carlson, James Panero, #conspiracy mediamatters.org

From the June 5 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Almost every nation on Earth has fallen under the yoke of tyranny -- the metric system. From Beijing to Buenos Aires, from Lusaka to London, the people of the world have been forced to measure their environment in millimeters and kilograms. The United States is the only major country that has resisted, but we have no reason to be ashamed for using feet and pounds.


JAMES PANERO: I am joining you tonight as an anti-metrite. I'm taking a stand against the metric system -- the original system of global revolution and new world orders.

CARLSON: God bless you, and that's exactly what it is. Esperanto died, but the metric system continues, this weird, utopian, inelegant creepy system that we alone have resisted.

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Today is July 4 when we get our annual dose of patriotic propaganda that serves to wrap us in self-righteousness which enables Washington to conduct its wars. Washington has got away with it for a long time, but now has created and brought us into conflict with a powerful adversary.

According to reports, Russia responded to Washington’s cluster bomb attack on civilians in Crimea by informing Washington that the two countries are now at war. What it means, if anything, remains to be seen. It does not seem to have caused any consternation in Washington.

In actual fact hot war between Russia and Washington began in 2008 when Washington surprised Putin by sending a US trained and equipped Georgian army into South Ossetia. The American sponsored invasion resulted in the deaths of civilians and Russian peace keepers. It only took the Russian Army 5 days to defeat the American trained Georgian Army, so Washington did not have time to get more involved.

Putin was again surprised when Washington overthrew the Ukrainian government in 2014. Persecution and murder of Donbas Russians followed. Donbas asked to be reincorporated into Russia like Crimea, but Putin refused. Instead, Putin tried to keep Donbas in Ukraine with the Minsk Agreement. Ukraine and Donbas agreed and France and Germany agreed to enforce the agreement, but in fact the agreement was used to deceive Putin while the West built and equipped a large Ukrainian army to retake the self-declared Donbas republics. In February, 2022, Putin was forced by Washington to defend the Donbas Russians from being slaughtered like Israel is doing to the Palestinians. Now Putin is presented with US missiles targeting Russian civilians and with French troops in Ukraine.
Now 17 years later Putin acknowledges the fact that Washington and Russia are at war. The question is what is Putin going to do with his belated recognition of reality?

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene🇺🇸 #conspiracy #wingnut twitter.com

Today, the Supreme Court issued a decisive verdict in FAVOR of Presidential Immunity.

This decision is a massive victory against the Democrats’ weaponized government. Democrats have been hellbent on weaponizing every facet of our government against Joe Biden’s leading political opponent and the people that support his movement.

While the 2020 election case against President Trump was just another of Joe Biden’s many political persecutions, the challenge presented by President Trump’s lawyers and affirmed by the Supreme Court provides necessary legal protections to every president, regardless of party.

If a president cannot work without the fear of being endlessly prosecuted for every action he takes after leaving office, he will never be able to exercise sound judgment and lead our nation.

President Trump executed his presidential duties following the 2020 election as any good president should have—not to overturn the results, but to ensure that an election riddled with fraud and irregularities wasn’t illegitimately certified.

Today’s ruling from the Supreme Court ends the insane 2020 election case against President Trump once and for all and is a great victory for the American people!
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TO PREVAIL >>>>>>>>>>
WE ARE NOT ALONE >>>>>>>>>>



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Is the USA Toast?

Are we truly watching a perfect storm of tyrannical darkness conquer the United States? Have we finally been defeated by the ever-patient, ever-evil, embedded communists, who've had their wicked designs on our nation for at least a hundred years? Is our culture so rotten to the core that it can never return to virtue and right? Are America's younger generations lost to Godless, communist indoctrination and ideology, which includes radical environmental lunacy and the eager embrace of militant homosexualism and the destruction of marriage and family? Is there no way to purge the systemic immorality and corruption that infects all our major institutions, our federal, state and local governments, our schools, the media and entertainment industries and corporations? Is it even possible for this wayward nation to return to the founding principles and limitations on the central government outlined in the Constitution? Is tyranny inevitable?


We have enemies of the United States inhabiting the Executive branch of the federal government, and many enemy minions in place throughout the Legislative and Judicial branches, as well as the federal bureaucracies and the military. These people have orchestrated a near-perfect storm of freedom-robbing evil against our nation. While it did not begin with Barack Obama (or whatever his name is), it has certainly kicked into warp speed under his dictatorship.

These communists (for that's what they are) in the Obama administration and Congress have managed to neuter any political opposition. Whether the Republicans are in fear for their lives or the lives of their families, are being blackmailed for wrongdoing or are wickedly in agreement with the goals of the Obama administration, the result is the same: the agenda of the Obama Crime Syndicate is not being stopped, or even slowed down in any way. Christian conservatives and other patriots have watched in helpless horror and outrage as the Republicans have surrendered their lawful power to this Godless, America-hating, lying reprobate in the White House.

We are watching, as in a surreal nightmare, the federal takeover of major parts of our nation, including our healthcare and health insurance systems and the Internet. They're trying to take over state and local police. We're watching these Marxist loons aggressively facilitate the invasion of the United States by Third World illegal aliens from Central and South America as well as Muslim "refugees" from the Middle East and Africa (but not Christian refugees from those same places). We're watching these destructos crush our energy production capabilities, destroying power plants, commandeering water supplies, and aggressively eroding private property rights. They're cramming through the United Nations' communistic, anti-freedom, environmental extremist policies. They're forcing the corrosive and tyrannical agenda of the homosexual/"transgender" movement with all the immoral filth it entails. They're viciously attacking Christian freedom. They're destroying our military. They're funding, arming and enabling our criminally insane Muslim enemies while spitting in the face of our dearest allies. They're burying America under a ticking time bomb mountain of debt that is destroying our fiat currency.

Judy Byington/White Hat Intel #wingnut #crackpot #conspiracy operationdisclosureofficial.com

Restored Republic:

How about:

No Income Tax
No Tax on Wages
No Property Tax
No Inheritance Tax
No Sales Tax on Used Homes & Items
No Vehicle Registration Fee’s
No Licensing Fee’s
No Tax on Food and Pharmaceuticals
Dissolution of Federal Reserve Banks and IRS
How about returning the money stolen to Retiree’s from SSN
How about a 14-17% National Sales Tax on New Items Only
How about an increase in 61+ Retiree SSN Pmts up to $5,000.00 A MONTH
How about Restitution of Chattel Bonds to people abused by them
How about the Restoration of Common Law
How about the Restoration of the Titles of Nobility Amendment
The end to Admiralty-Civil-Equity Laws.

Does this all sound familiar?

Perhaps how about making an open declaration through mass media about the implementation of NESARA, signed by Bill Clinton, and bring about the Restoration of our Organic Constitution and Dissolution of the Corporate US Inc Constitution of 1871.
White Hat Intel:
The DEVOLUTION PLAN and secret military orders Trump signed has captured the MAINSTREAM MEDIA OPERATIONS AND CAPTURED MOST OF THE DEEP STATE OPERATIONS (Now they are being forced to continue a script).
Showing the public the final EVENTS that will lead to cancellation of the election due to corruption and democratic interference that will lead to MASSIVE revolt by U.S. citizens (This is why SCOTUS Released hundreds of J6 political prisoners and laws are being exposed that WILL protect future the future of the NEAR civil war events and political uprising and Protesters).
What’s next TRUMP House ARREST, then a STAGED assassination attempt. (He WILL survive… because the White Hats are preparing this moment for game theory operations).
Then TRUMP returns as President in 2025 and makes peace with Russia. China. North Korea ( this is what Trump gave COMMS on yesterday).
Not everything is as it seems. THE FOG OF WAR. THE PLAN TO SAVE THE WORLD

Ken Ham #conspiracy #fundie twitter.com

For those who believe all life arose by evolutionary processes over millions of years, their worldview built on this causes them to look at the evidence of the present to interpret it within the evolutionary history they believe. They believe one kind of animal changed into a different kind over millions of years. Thus, they look for supposed transitional forms or links between creatures to supposedly show this evolutionary past. When they don’t find the link, they say it is missing. Think about the term “missing links.”

Are the links missing or is it that they weren’t there in the first place? If one used the foundation of God’s Word in Genesis to build their worldview, then one would expect to find animals existing in groups or kinds, with great variation within a kind (e.g., different species within each kind) but no evidence of links between different kinds. Actually, the evidence directly fits with the model built on God’s Word, not the model built in man’s word about evolution. Evolution is a blind faith belief.
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The most significant falsehood perpetuated about humanity is the notion that the further back in time we go, the more ignorant and undeveloped people were. This myth is widely endorsed, with claims that during the Middle Ages, individuals at 30 were deemed very old.
You may come across some rather outlandish claims about the ancients, such as fears of dying in their sleep leading them to sleep sitting up, using urine to wash clothes, or employing a sponge on a stick for toilet purposes. These notions seem illogical, yet they are often presented as historical facts in educational settings.

In contrast, there is evidence of a decline from a once-great civilization that had an exquisite appreciation for beauty and constructed magnificent cities, palaces, roads, and aqueducts across the world. They employed advanced construction techniques and technologies that appear superior to ours, moving massive stone blocks and fitting them together without cement, creating structures that have endured for centuries. T

This civilization, as observed, was obliterated by a flood—nearly all the ancient edifices were buried under mudflows composed of mud and stones, necessitating excavation, even atop hills. Ancient streets lay hidden beneath a five-meter-thick layer of mud, replete with scoops, plinths, and bones. Excavations of such remnants continue in Turkey and Italy, and perhaps similar sites await discovery elsewhere if excavated correctly.
The term “elven civilization” is quite fitting; it encompasses not only the harmony and beauty of their architecture but also the fact that, as depicted in Tolkien’s books, this civilization was in decline. Many structures, such as the grand Baalbek, remain unfinished. There was a period when the elven civilization existed alongside us, the so-called human barbarians, and afterward, it was humans who inhabited these grand edifices, which were certainly not any kind of temples.

Meg Benedicte #ufo #magick #conspiracy goldenageofgaia.com

On Wednesday, July 3rd the annual opening of the portal to star Sirius begins. This is the time of the year when the sun and Star Sirius rise on the horizon together in harmonious convergence. During the coming six weeks a continual stream of Sirian Blue Ray consciousness will uplift and enlighten humanity. It is a powerful time for accelerated evolutionary advancement, leading to the powerful 888 LionsGate Activations.

The Sirians are galactic ancestors who already transitioned into higher dimensional access through the Ascension process. Star Sirius is a prototype for the Ascended Gaia. The upcoming 77 gateway on July 7th opens a time differential to future Earth. The portal provides an interdimensional doorway to Gaia’s ascended timeline and earth chakra ascension crystal gates. We are the galactic Star Weavers of the ancient Zep Tepi era and the future New Earth golden age!

Star Sirius, also known as the Dog Star or Sirius A, is twice the size of our sun and brightest star in the night sky. The name ‘Sirius’ means glowing in Greek. While the Sirius Stargate is open from July 3 through Aug. 11, we see Star Sirius rising on the horizon with our Sun – the golden star next to blue star. The ancient Egyptians celebrated the Dog Days with the annual rising of the Nile River.
The 77 Gateway on Sunday, connects us to the magical days of ancient Sirian-Lemuria. According to the wisdom keepers, the ancient Sirian civilization of Lemuria spanned the western Pacific coast of America, from Mount Shasta all the way down to Hawaii, and over to Australia and India.

Join other Star Weavers and Light Bearers on Sunday, July 7th for the 77 Gateway Activations. We will include both personal and planetary activations. Connect to your ancient galactic Sirian lineage and ignite the new ascension timeline. The show is recorded for replay.

Cynthia #fundie #wingnut #homophobia #transphobia #conspiracy eyeopeningtruth.com

Nothing grieves my heart more than that which is being done to children in this modern society. Children, helpless, defenseless children.
GOD puts children in families. It is a gift that comes with responsibility. Children come into this world completely dependent on the adults around them. There is NOTHING they can do for themselves. They cannot even let you know what they need or what is wrong. THAT is what makes them so vulnerable. EVIL PEOPLE can do UNSPEAKABLE things to them with no fear of repercussion because they KNOW that babies and small children cannot speak out what has been perpetrated upon them. They most often don’t even know or understand what has happened.

In THIS INSANE ASYLUM we call modern society, where everyone is demanding acceptance and inclusion and declaring that they are loving human beings, while they act like animals and even mutilate their bodies so they can look like animals as they spew their hatred for everyone and anyone who does not submit to their tyranny and confess support for their madmess, people are treating the precious gift of life as it were totally without value. They are ready to KILL anyone who angers them or does not agree with them. They are willing to murder their unborn children so they can continue to pursue their lusts. They rape men, women and/or children according to their lusts. They even sexually molest tiny babies. Now, they may be able to buy and sell babies/children legally with the blessings of the STATE. IT IS BEYOND MY COMPREHENSION!

YOU had better understand that GOD SEES ALL THINGS! If no one else loves those children, GOD DOES! MORE than any human heart or mind can comprehend. WOE, WOE, WOE to ANYONE who harms a little child. You may or may not see the repercussions in this world, but one day, you will stand before ALMIGHTY GOD.

Georgia GOP Chair Kandiss Taylor #fundie #conspiracy rollingstone.com

KANDISS TAYLOR, A recently elected GOP District Chair in Georgia, would like to know why Big Globe won’t stop shoving round-Earth propaganda down our throats.

In an interview with David Weiss (AKA “Flat Earth Dave”) and Matt Long on her “Jesus, Guns, and Babies” podcast, Taylor and her guests discussed biblical “evidence” that the Earth is actually flat as a pancake. “The people that defend the globe don’t know anything about the globe,” said Weiss. “If they knew a tenth of what Matt and I know about the globe they would be Flat Earthers.”

“All the globes, everywhere” Taylor said later in the discussion. “I turn on the TV, there’s globes in the background … Everywhere there’s globes. You see them all the time, it’s constant. My children will be like ‘Mama, globe, globe, globe, globe’ — they’re everywhere.”

“That’s what they do, to brainwash,” she added. “For me if it’s not a conspiracy. If it is real, why are you pushing so hard everywhere I go? Every store, you buy a globe, there’s globes everywhere. Every movie, every TV show, news media — why? More and more I’m like, it doesn’t make sense.”

Michael Dargaville #ufo #moonbat #wingnut #conspiracy operationdisclosureofficial.com

My vision to help change the planet is to create a template for the perfect commune or intentional community.

Communes offer a solution as an oasis and sanctuary away from the multinational corporations who rule the planet and destroy nation sovereignty.

Communes offer genuine food security, free housing, free food, organic libertarian socialism, decentralised people’s democracy, natural medical care, beautiful organic foods and freedom.

My vision is the land is owned by governments (and the people collectively OWN the government) or public ownership so no land could be bought and sold. Alternatively options would be available where the land could be privately owned by a collective trust and this is indeed already happening widely around the world. Yet government owned or people owned or publicly owned commune land is based on the notion of pure libertarian socialism.
Many of those who know my journalism have read my stories about these benevolent human aliens/ETs called the Galactic Federation.

For 25 years I have been urging governments, countries and people to join the benevolent human Galactic Federation aliens who surround this planet in their spaceships.

Many advanced human alien/ET civilizations of the Galactic Federation across the galaxy use communes. COMMUNES ARE ABSOLUTELY USED EXTENSIVELY IN THESE CIVILIZATIONS.

The Galactic Federation want a world government based on sacred nation sovereignty and peace, somewhere near the borders of China and India, with China’s Sichuan being an ideal location.
The Galactic Federation saved Earth from negative reptilian reptoid alien destruction in 1999 and have been here ever since urging full alien official disclosure. We cannot join the federation until a world government is implemented based on nation sovereignty and this planet will be destroyed by these bad reptilian reptoid aliens if we don’t.

Patriotic Truth Seekers #ufo #wingnut #conspiracy trumpknowsthetruth.com

President Donald Trump Uncovered Top Secret Evidence of Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Our sources have confirmed what many have long suspected: President Trump has been briefed on the existence of extraterrestrial life.

This isn’t science fiction, this is reality. Behind closed doors, in top-secret meetings, the president has learned the truth about our cosmic neighbors. Now he must share the TRUTH with the American People.
The answer is control. Powerful forces within the government, the so-called “deep state,” are determined to keep this knowledge hidden. They fear that revealing the truth would undermine their power and disrupt their control over the populace. But we know better. The American people are strong, resilient, and more than capable of handling the truth.

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President Trump has always been a champion for transparency and truth. Despite immense pressure from these shadowy forces, he is fighting to bring this hidden knowledge to light. He knows that the American people deserve to know the truth about extraterrestrial life. He is one of us, a true patriot battling the deep state to ensure that we are not kept in the dark any longer.

The President Stands with Us
We are calling on all patriots to join us in supporting the president in his fight for disclosure. Our movement is growing, and with your support, we can make it impossible for the government to continue hiding the facts. Sign our petition, share our message, and let’s stand together to demand the truth!
Together, we can uncover the truth.

Together, we can make history.
Top Secret Briefings: What the President Knows
Insider Testimonies: Whistleblowers Speak Out
Historical Cover-Ups: A Pattern of Secrecy
Alien Encounters: Verified Reports from Around the World


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No roads or airports, just plasma

Why were there no roads or airports in Tartaria and the Old World?

There are many Tartarian remains buried under the Mud Flood that are being discovered all over the world, but there is not a single concrete road or airport runway that could have been used to transport people and goods!

The reason there were no concrete roads, rail tracks and runways in the Old World was because people and goods were not transported by trains, cars or planes, but by a high-tech electric plasma portal.

Digging deeper down the rabbit hole, one might wonder what else we might stumble upon in terms of Old World high technology!

By the way, did you know that it is cheaper and easier to build a Plasma Portal machine than a car?

The good thing about travelling through Plasma Portal machines is that you get to your destination instantly, 100% safely and free of charge, instead of travelling by car, train, plane or otherwise!

Imagine how much environmental impact would have been avoided if we had Plasma Portal travel today.
On the other side of the ice wall of the North Pole, in the land of Hyperborea, people travel mainly by portals, among a few other high-tech means of transport, 100% safe and free.

Hyperborea beyond the Arctic Circle was the land of our great divine ancestors and is still on maps in the 16th century before it was invaded by the Deep State cabal.

The Church created a flawed theory of our solar system and blessed all wars and heinous crimes to kill the human spirit.
All this mentioned in this article and many others from the past is the true world. Whereas the world we live in today is superficial because it has been transformed into the most primitive way of life of the Stone Age

All aspects of life have been developed using advanced technology and manipulated to alter how we connect to our true Self through our DNA.

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We are at the very END of the Fiat Federal Reserve Note (a debt instrument) aka the 'dollar' system.

As this crashes further this year and next, the economy will shrink back to favor those people who actually produce goods, those people who are ‘makers’.

These makers are the core of any economic system. Ultimately ALL economic systems come back to the farmers, and ‘excess calories’ which is what provides the civilization, the ‘carry power’ to go another year without collapse.

Side note: thus the huge amount of energy put into trying to collapse our food system by the Elohim worship cult.

Ultimately, all power goes back to excess calories. If there is famine, and starvation, there is NO social order. There is NO effective power structure.
It is my premise here that, within the collapse of the FRN/Dollar, will emerge a great cleansing of the social order here in USA, as well as a re-balancing of the political power, with much of that power returning to the Makers/Doers of our society.
As we work our way back into known, and yet to be translated, ancient literature, we will come to understand the ‘economic’ model of the Elohim which, like ours to some extent, was built on excess calories and the ability to carry their civilization forward to the next year.

Unfortunately for humans, we ARE their excess calories.

The economic model practiced by the Elohim, at its core, evolved to that of locating new resources, exploiting those resources, and then moving on to locate more, new resources.

The Elohim had shifted their entire social order away from being their own makers/doers, over to exploiting the makers from other species. Their economic model is based on, and consists of, space slavery.
Means we have to discard all the grit based fake science though. Get prepared to do a total rebuild on your understanding of physics, and humans.

We are coming out of bondage! Freedom and the expanse of the Matterium await!

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Extraterrestrial Contact and the Fractal Nature of the Universal Heart Soul Essence

In 2003, George Kavassilas had a life-changing experience with a group of extraterrestrials from Sirius, Arcturus, and Lyra star systems, whom he deems his galactic family. He says that after being transported from a Sirian scout ship to a larger mothership with many races on board, he had an out-of-body experience where his consciousness went on a journey where he encountered the fractal nature of all reality. Kavassilas’ out of body experience propelled him into a new understanding of one’s soul essence as a fractal of a much larger universal consciousness. He believes that the human avatar body is unique insofar as we can experience the full fractal nature of our universe and the more expansive omniverse, while other extraterrestrials can only do so partially.

One year later, Kavassilas was abducted by an agency within the Pentagon responsible for tracking individuals who have had extraterrestrial contact or profound physical frequency charges. He says he met with former US President George H.W. Bush, and was tortured and experienced mind wipes. After his 2003 experience he accepted an ambassadorial position with what he called the Galactic Confederation of Light for a couple of years, but has since stopped working directly with any extraterrestrial organization.

Kavassilas asserts that while there are both positive and negative extraterrestrial organizations, they all to varying degrees ultimately promote an imperial project. This has led to him focusing his energies on helping individuals integrate the fractal nature of their heart soul essence with the universe. Nevertheless, he believes that individuals can benefit from positive extraterrestrial organizations, as he did, and encourages individuals to be open to all possibilities as we enter tumultuous End Times.

Dr. Michael Salla #ufo #crackpot #conspiracy exopolitics.org

In a recent academic paper, Harvard University professors proposed the existence of cryptoterrestrials as a valid explanation for the origin of the UFO phenomenon. Rather than extraterrestrials arriving from distant exoplanets on superluminal spacecraft, the explanation for UFOs now shifts to cryptoterrestrials who are living under Earth’s surface and oceans. The authors speculate that cryptoterrestrials are survivors from very ancient civilizations that achieved a high-level of technological sophistication, before disappearing under the Earth’s surface during cataclysmic surface events.

There is abundant historical evidence pointing to the existence of crypoterrestrials and their interaction with surface humanity during cataclysmic events. Hopi legends tell of an underground race of Ant People helping native Americans to escape the transition and travel into different worlds, while similar accounts are found in various cultures. However, in the modern era, the emphasis has shifted to UAPs as an unknown national security threat. The US Congress, the military/intelligence community, and an increasing number of world officials go to great lengths to justify their interest in UAPs as an important national security concern.

Why the sudden shift in narrative to UFOs are a national security threat, and cryptoterrestrials are behind it? Why has the US Congress taken steps to reintroduce the military draft for men and women between the ages of18-26?

In his next webinar, Dr. Michael Salla presents a disturbing picture of how the Deep State is preparing a false flag alien event, not using extraterrestrials from distant worlds, but cryptoterrestrials from beneath Earth’s surface as the culprit. Most alarmingly, he will provide extensive data on the many thousands, if not millions, of cloned alien life forms already created in Deep Underground Military Bases which are likely to be used in staging a false flag cryptoterrestrial event.

Date: July 27, 2024

Cost: $35