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Racism, including ethnic hatred, nationalism and equating religion to race

Men Writing Women Award

"Francine Dubois"/Henry Makow PhD #sexist #wingnut #racist #conspiracy

I work with women in the healthcare profession. I am a woman, and I find the majority of women today to be utterly disgusting and toxic. What women do and talk about when men aren't present is completely amoral and vile. I have never seen men behave in the disgusting ways that I have seen women behave in a supposed professional work environment.

The forefathers were correct about women's nature and they do in fact, need to be kept under a very tight rein. The matriarchy has gone far enough.
I have come to believe that women actually enjoy being debased. They do it themselves. You only have to look at what they do on the internet. THEMSELVES--no man forcing them. I see it all the time at work.

I also think that sexual harassment was men's way of letting women know they were not welcome in certain environments. There is also the idea that no woman in her right mind would enter a male domain unless she was seeking something to her benefit...primarily sexually. I think all the outrage was a pretense. Lawsuits and payment to be gained.

I have watched women at work respond to men making overt disgusting comments to them. There is no outrage there....they titter among themselves and are mostly amused, even flattered because it is male attention after all. Old men, decrepit men, demented men....doesn't matter. I think the vaccinations have affected their minds.
I am going to add one more observation. When there were extended kin structures, there were initiations into manhood and womanhood. On the women's side, there would have been much more support for all the things women go through and plenty of women around to get strokes and attention....this would also free men up to do what they needed to do without getting bogged down by women and their constant neediness.

Men have created 95% of what is good in our material civilization but they are dismissed as sub human by the homo commie cartel running the show in the West.

Andrew Anglin #racist

[From “West Virginia: White Couple Arrested for Owning Black Slaves and Keeping Them in a Barn”]

Adopting black kids to use as slaves?[…]


A wealthy white West Virginia couple forced their adopted black children to work as slaves and sleep in a barn, according to disturbing charges

I’m not disturbed by that and don’t appreciate the editorializing[…]

Lantz and Whitefeather were first arrested in October after a wellness check led to the discovery of the couple’s five adopted children[…]living in deplorable conditions on their[…]property

Were they really deplorable?

Because I’ve studied this whole slavery thing, and found “slave abuse” to be a hoax. It’s also illogical to abuse your own property[…]
If you found someone beating and otherwise abusing their Roomba, you would think that person was insane[…]

“Human rights violations specific to the fact that these children were targeted because of their race and they were used basically as slaves[…]”

It sounds like they were literally used as slaves

Apparently that’s illegal now too, like everything else[…]
Oh, the blacks were wearing dirty clothes and stank?

Must be white people’s fault[…]
At this point, you’d think we could all just agree that abolishing slavery was a mistake. All of the results have been negative

Like seriously, what positive outcome has resulted from the freeing of the slaves?[…]
Thomas Sowell?[…]
He could have written those books in his slave shed in-between shifts on the farm

Under slavery, blacks were producing members of society. They also had healthy, Christian families. If the problem was that they were abused (there’s no evidence of that), then just bring back slavery but make it illegal to abuse them. That seems like a fair compromise with the libs

Moshe Feiglin #racist

Former Israeli MK Moshe Feiglin quoted Adolf Hitler while commenting on the war in Gaza saying: "We can't live in this land if one Islamo-Nazi remains in Gaza," while speaking to Channel 12 news

Feiglin continued, saying that Jews "are not guests in our own land, it is entirely ours," adding that he wants to "turn Gaza Hebrew"

Feiglin's Zehut party platform in 2019 claimed that once Israelis "adopt their true identity and stop seeing themselves as an occupying force in their own country, the rest of the world will leave the [Israeli-Palestinian] conflict behind and accept our legal sovereignty"

The document further stated the party would "cancel" the Oslo Accords with the Palestinians and offer three options to the "non-Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria," the first would be to leave. Israel, the platform stated, would "enable interested residents to sell their property, and will help them immigrate to the destination of their choice"

V Lmire and Wolf Fangs #conspiracy #racist

(V Lmire)
Many people don't understand this conflict/ civil war since 2014...
After the presidential coup, the people of Crimea voted to annex themselves at the level of 95%. It was over 90% of Donbass, Zaporizhya and Kherson voters in favor of leaving Ukraine and joining Russia. (Areas of mostly ethnic Russian speaking)
The international law of ("Principal of Respect for Self-Determination") allows the people of an area to determine their international political status and sovereignty.
As soon as Russia entered into the Donbas areas, in Feb 2022, (8 years of civil war), all of the previous destruction within these areas was arguably, immediately blamed on Russia.
The west refuses to recognize their voting status/ wishes, and instead say that "Russia Invaded"
The West thinks they can use force to make the people re-join Ukraine against their wishes.

(Wolf Fangs)
Yup!... Everything started to be put in motion with the 2014 coup supervised by Jewish-American Victoria Nuland in order to create a second Jewish homeland for those not interested in stealing land in the Middle East.
Zionlensky publicly linked Ukrainians to Jewish people, trying to create the narrative for the second Jewish homeland. When the stoned Zelensky brings the NATO dog to bark at the Russian fence, the consequences are very predictable

Clif High #crackpot #magick #racist #quack

I died of colon cancer that was induced by the Salk polio vaccine. It was known, at the time that they were produced, that at least 11 million doses were contaminated. They used them anyway. The result was the largest wave of cancers to ever hit any generation. Of course the media are ‘tards & said nothing. Many of them in the Boomer generation died of the cancers induced by the vaccines that they supported.

There was a very large percentage of the cohort of male boomers who died of colon cancers. These were new in the sense that they were long growing, and undiagnosed until the very end when they proved to be fatal. That was my story. I returned due to a debt owed to karma, but it was a typical death from a 30 year old colon tumor in most other respects. One of many.

What is of note now is that it has taken our corrupt Elohim worship cult controlled ‘medical system’ a total of 5 generations to go from the long acting cancers induced into the Boomers, to the new ‘turbo cancers’ created by the covid19 attack.

They have always wanted to kill vast numbers of us, but they did not have the technology.

It they were to just start trying to shoot all the White Americans, sooner rather than later, the armed subset of the population would shoot back, and the word would spread, and ζRevolution would be ON.
If you keep on with this understanding, you may end up taking one of their proffered death routes. The Elohim worship cult not only are gritology centric, but they believe that the creator of the grit gave control of it to them. So they fuck with it, or rather they try. Their understanding is so poor that their achievements in this area are few and puny. The Elohim worship cult is still only good at killing by poisons. Vaccines are nothing but a new label for the same old methods.

Bunch of real egoists & real retards. Watch out for the rabbis, the Pharisees, the talmudists. They are a danger to you.

Three unnamed teenage boys in Courbevoie #racist #psycho

The suspected anti-Semitic attack in Courbevoie, a northwestern Paris suburb, has sent shockwaves in France in the run-up to a general election that could bring the far-right National Rally to power for the first time

The girl told police she was approached by three boys aged between 12 and 13 while she was in a park near her home with a friend and dragged into a shed on Saturday evening in Courbevoie

The suspects beat her and "forced her to have anal and vaginal penetration, fellatio, while uttering death threats and anti-Semitic remarks", a police source told AFP

Her friend managed to identify two of the attackers

The three boys were arrested on Monday

On Tuesday evening, two of them, both aged 13, were charged with gang rape, anti-Semitic insults and violence and issuing death threats. The pair were taken into custody

The third boy, 12, was also charged with anti-Semitic insults and violence and issuing death threats, but not with rape. He was allowed return home after being charged

Young Dixie #sexist #forced-birth #racist #kinkshaming

[From “Young Dixie’s Proposals to Combat Feminism in a Free South”]

Upon the agreement of the Young Dixie Executive Board, we have decided to put forward publicly an aggressive platform to defeat feminism in a Free South. The platform below is a work in progress, as we seek feedback from our fellow Southerners

1)Young Dixie seeks a criminal ban on OnlyFans and the seizure of all its assets by a proposed Confederate government. In this measure, we hope to end a parasitic cycle of degeneracy[…]
2)Young Dixie seeks a total ban on abortion initiated on a state-by-state level[…]
3)Young Dixie seeks a ban on “no fault” divorces[…]
5)Young Dixie seeks a total end to alimony, as it is nothing more than legalized theft and violates a man’s honor and rights
6)Young Dixie seeks to raise the voting age for women to 21 years of age, possibly even increased to 29. It should be said, a significant reason for lowering the voting age (in 1971) was that men could be drafted at 18[…]
7)Young Dixie seeks a ban on birth control pills and other associated birth control measures. In this, we seek to reinstate responsibility and consequences to sexual intercourse and decrease sexual promiscuity[…]
8)Infanticide (abortion) will be considered as a capital punishment offence in a Free South. The mother, as well as, any willing accomplice to the act, including the father, medical professionals, and infanticide activists, will be subjected to this judgement[…]
9)Young Dixie seeks to expand the description and definition, including prosecution, of prostitution to include women engaged in commercial pornographic content and thus liable to criminal punishment for prostitution
10)Young Dixie seeks a Southern-wide ban on gender (and racial) based affirmative action schemes in colleges and in the workplace

Le Patriote #wingnut #racist #crackpot #conspiracy

Hey Folks, I just want to say that the list below is MY OPINION ONLY of what is and has been truly going on in this amazing world of ours!

Please note when I say they, I am referring to the Deep State Cabal!

If You Are Truly Awake You Know

1. Donald J. Trump won the 2020 Election.

2. Joe Biden is not the President and was Executed 2019 for Treason and crimes against Humanity.
4. All Elites including The 13 most powerful families in the world, The Biden’s, The Clinton’s, The Bush’s, The Obama’s, The Soros’s, The Gates’s, The Rockefellers, The Rothschilds etc.. and all members of the Government and Entertainment Industry that were corrupt have been arrested and are either already [redacted] or being held in prison for treason and crimes against humanity.
6. Donald J. Trump turned power over to our good military in 2021 and they have been overseeing the country since in order to restore our Republic.
8. JFK & JFK JR are still alive and are True Patriots.
12. Many in our Government and many Elites in all industry have been involved in child sex trafficking, adrenochrome production, organ and body part harvesting.

13. You do not have to pay taxes to the IRS, they are a private corporation based in Puerto Rico, paying taxes to the IRS is in fact voluntary.
22. 9/11 was in fact a planned attack on We the People by our corrupt Government, The Vatican, British Royals and corrupt Israeli Government.

23. The corrupt FBI and CIA is responsible or have been involved in almost all terrorist attacks.
25. All history has been a lie, they have covered up our History because they do not want you truly know who you are or what you are capable of.
47. Q and the Q drops were and are very real, their purpose was to get people to start researching and solving the clues that were in the posts.

I do not want to make this post too long so in honor of our amazing President Donald J. Trump I will end it at 47, I could have went to 100 easily!

Sidney Secular #racist #wingnut #conspiracy

Those with a narrow focus fixate on terrorism threats coming from un-vetted refugees. But there are greater security and safety risks with the myriad diseases gaining entry into the US via the vectors of the refugee invaders and so-called “unaccompanied (alien) children.” Tuberculosis (TB), one of these diseases – and potentially the one to be feared most – is an airborne infectious disease spread as is the common cold by coughing and sneezing. There are about 13 million people in the US that have been exposed to TB and especially the ”at risk” population could develop the disease.
There was such a campaign along with the huge lockdowns and attacks on personal liberties brought about by the COVID scam, but as a result Americans are wary of claims of “medical emergencies” that might, with regard to TB, be far more real than any Wuhan-based pathogen! On the other hand, though “health experts” and “politicians” round the world just thrill to the possibility of playing tyrant again, our “fearless leaders” tend to shy away from warning the general public of the dangers of this refugee invasion!
The Center For Disease Control (CDC) is allowing migrants into the US without screening or treatment for latent TB. There are many more people with latent TB—one-third of the world’s people!—than actually show symptoms of the disease—and the latent cases could turn active at any time. The Bible’s Book of Revelation prophesizes that one third the world’s population will die of “plagues” during the “end-times!”
Besides TB, the invaders are also bringing with them yellow fever – spread like malaria by the mosquito, a creature the US has in plenty, measles, whooping cough, diphtheria and other diseases that were on the fast road to eradication in the US a short time ago. Playing politics with public health issues might be a potent killer of American citizens but it may have them having to resurrect COVID.

C.T. #racist

[From “Dugin & Pepe”]

Watching this interview comes to my mind: How was it possible to enter now into this geopolitical reality: Russia’s new alliance with the new powers of gooks and sand niggers? The sad answer is: because the Anglo-Americans sinned in such astronomical proportions not only in WW2 but in subsequent decades (continuing to defame Hitler and his murdered Reich), that now power is being transferred to non-Aryans!

Imagine the scenario that should have happened: Stalin would have been defeated by Hitler, the Master Plan East would now have eight decades of implementation, and the dragon China would never have been born![…]
In that parallel world, the generous German Reich would allow the US an Aryan empire with a Master Plan South (Latin America), as long as it didn’t conflict with the Eurasian Reich

Indeed, when the last whites are left on Earth before their total extinction, it will be time for great humility[…]
Incidentally, with a well-implemented Master Plan East, there would have been surviving Russians, as long as they resembled Dugin[…]That was clearly in Himmler’s selection plans, as we see in the picture on the left where he was looking at a Polish boy to see if he would be chosen to be raised as a pure Aryan

One thing Dugin said is very true: unlike Asia, the Muslim world and even North Korea, Europe is completely out of the story[…]Germany for example doesn’t have a single notable intellectual. Pepe and Dugin mentioned a handful of intellectuals in the rest of Europe[…]but no more than five

All this is a result not only of WW2 but of how Europeans internalised the Anglo-American anti-Nazi narrative[…]As Dugin and Pepe argue, there is even more anti-American rebelliousness in countries like Cuba and Venezuela, despite being populated by Untermenschen I would add, than in Europe. Precisely for this reason my site alludes to the darkest hour of the West…

Mike Stone #wingnut #fundie #racist #transphobia #elitist #conspiracy

Ten Things I Hate About my Fellow Americans

1) America is made up of dupes, fools, and morons. How else can you explain over 60% of the population voluntarily injecting themselves with a fake vaccine for a phony virus?
Who else but a complete retard would do such a thing?.
3) Americans are filled with false pride that prevents them from admitting when they are wrong. This one is a head-scratcher. If someone shows me truthful evidence that counters a belief I have, I'm the first to say, "You know, you're right. I was wrong about that."
5) Americans are an unjust and immoral people. A truly just and moral people wouldn't stand for what we've seen transpire over the last two decades and longer. They simply wouldn't. The freaks and traitors would be tarred and feathered, or worse. None of the problems we're facing today would exist if Americans were just and moral.

6) Americans have no understanding of history. None. They were duped into fighting World War I, duped into fighting World War II, duped into fighting two Persian Gulf Wars. They think the Civil War was fought over slavery.
7) Americans are demonically possessed. I've written about this before.
Because so many Americans are demonically possessed, and because demons attract other demons, we have demonically possessed trannies posing as First Ladies, pop stars, and female athletes - and demonically possessed soy boys jerking off to their images.
10) Americans are baby-killers. Is there anything more evil or satanic than the murder or mutilation of an innocent child? Americans are all-in on both counts. They support the murder and genocide of Palestinian children. They support trannyism and the sexual mutilation of children. They support it all, and the worst ones of the bunch are the fake Christians who complain about Communism, but support Zionism. I shudder to think of the fate that awaits them when they are cast into the deepest and darkest pits of hell.

The Zetas via Nancy Lieder #ufo #wingnut #racist #crackpot #conspiracy

This monster Mothership is showing reflected sunlight during a Full Moon as a message - the Alien Presence is real and has a purpose. The purpose is not to frighten or enslave mankind, as those in the CIA suspicious of the Alien agenda or those wanting to keep mankind enslaved by debt as the Rothschild banking system run from Israel does or those wanting what Klaus Schwab asserted as the purpose of the now failed Great Reset.

That this monster Mothership was seen in Russia is to reassure the Russian people that their leadership is correct when they announce the presence of Nibiru, and correct in supporting the ZetaTalk message. The Mothership in view is in 2D and thus is not as large as it might seem. It is close to the Earth, close to those in Russia seeing this display.
The Daily Earth Wobble is a factor, as the Lean to the West is in play when the Sun rises in New York, then switches to the Bounce Back of the Americas when the Sun moves to be centered over the US. The Wobble thus pulls the land mass to the West of the Mississippi River down, suddenly. In that suddenly drooping land can create disasters such as dropping bridges and rupturing gas and water mains, the Junta is trying to establish landmarks that will guide their decision as to when to declare Martial Law.
The New Madrid Adjustment will reshape the N America Continent. We have focused on various aspects of this reshaping but like pieces of a puzzle, when put together, they show the radical changes in process. We have stated that the Mississippi River will be up to 50 miles wider in places due to a land droop West of the Mississippi.
Israel has for decades been the head of the snake for the Khazarian Mafia which used blackmail by evidence of pedophile activity and the resulting addiction to Adrenochrome to control their debt slavery agenda. The Rothschild banks are now failing, being replaced by BRICS membership.

MeMe #crackpot #racist #wingnut #conspiracy

The jews have manipulated things so that babies/children are seen as ‘owned’ and as a ‘commodity’. It is well known that Israhell has a very vibrant underground and illegal/immoral/inhuman trade in human body parts (also witnessed in war-torn Gaza), well they are only goy after all.
In the UK we don’t have the Fed, we have the Bank of England, which is also a fraud and nothing to do with England other than to sit in its own sovereign plot in The City of London and bleed the UK dry like any good jew business.

Despite appearances, it, too, is a wholly privately owned bank, allowed back into existence by that traitor Cromwell. As you propose of the Fed +BN, we must also end the BoE, it is like a vampire on our neck, slowly sucking out our life force, but never enough to kill us, just enough to hold us constantly sickly and weak.
Hitler when he was rebuilding Germany, after throwing out the jew central bankers, he also issued his own money which funded the regeneration of German industry and infrastructure and within few years for a societal change made Germany the envy of the world for industry and technological development. Notably their Catholic faith played a huge part in helping raise them out of the deprivation inflicted upon them by the wicked jews of the West.

And interestingly, this is pretty much what Putin did for Russia, paid off the jew central bank debt and kicked them out, returned the bank to state control and rejuvenated Russian industry and technology and supported and exploited the brilliance of Russian invention. It should not be overlooked either the central role the Orthodox Church plays in Russian society and how it unites them.

And, look at what Qaddafi did for Libya and its people when he kicked out the jew banks and issued his own currency, and used the country’s oil wealth for the benefit of the people.

How can you inherit the Earth if you don’t take everything from everyone?

Hammerhand #dunning-kruger #elitist #pratt #racist #wingnut

If Kanye West couldn't get blacks on mass to vote for Trump, he should stop wasting his time pandering to them. Blacks might be intellectually inferior but at least they have the common sense and streetsmarts to understand that the GOP is majority white party. They don't care about values such as individualism, free market capitalism, and meritocracy because those ideals don't resonate with their psyche and culture which glorifies savagery, degeneracy, and low IQ behavior. Blacks know they can't win in a fair and honest competition with other races which explains why the Democrats know how to appeal to their pathological behavior. It is so sad that Trump and the GOP is so out of touch with their core audience.

C.T. #racist #wingnut

I would like to add something to what I said last week about my nephew[…]In December 2022 I posted an entry containing this paragraph:

I wonder if there is anyone on the planet willing to raise, at least, one Aryan boy and one Aryan girl and educate them strictly in NS, with all that such an education would entail. If there is anyone who harbours this fantasy please contact me

I received no email response, which can be interpreted in two ways. Either no one who visits this site was interested in raising a child, or some Europeans who visited it were interested but fearing the soft totalitarian state their country suffers from[…]
Years ago, in the comments section, I said that a woman proposed to me a quarter of a century ago and I had refused. She is not an Aryan but a mudblood like me, although by Mexican standards she is considered white (like me). Curiously I have continued dealings with her[…]
Since I learned a very hard lesson with my nephew, I now feel like proposing marriage to this woman, if only with the idea of adopting an Aryan child to raise him as the Gods command[…]
What is not clear to me, even supposing she agrees, is the question of the children this child educated with the true Gods would meet[…]
There are pure Aryans in Mexico[…]Will I have to move next door to a Mennonite community for my adopted child to play with uncorrupted Aryans? Buying a large mansion next to them could only be done if I do a business that has to do with the falling dollar[…]And even then there would be some tension as the Mennonites are like 19th-century Christians, and my female friend goes to mass every day[…]
How difficult it is to have a normal life during what the Indo-Aryans called Kali Yuga! Before making a decision, what are the chances for someone who wants to educate his child properly? Is there a place in the entire world where it is even possible for a white child to live among uncontaminated white children?

Rev. Joel Webbon #fundie #racist #transphobia

Joel Webbon participated in a panel discussion during which he called for an end to immigration because he had to explain to his daughter why there was a woman in “straight-up Hindu garb at our neighborhood swimming pool”

“I don’t even know what country I’m in, in my own neighborhood,” Webbon fumed as he complained about having too many non-white, non-Christians in his neighborhood

Naturally, Webbon’s comments generated some controversy, which prompted him to double down during his livestream podcast on Wednesday

“My hometown and my neighborhood, my state, is being flooded with non-citizens, and then even those who are citizens … are still worshiping false gods,” Webbon griped. “They’re not American in any sense of our heritage, and primarily I’m talking about that being a problem as it pertains to religion”

“They worship other gods,” he continued. “They are Hindu. They are Muslim. They are Jews. They are not Christians”

Webbon said that he and his fellow white Christians have a “civic duty” to ensure that their children and grandchildren “have the privilege of growing up in a country that bears at least some semblance to the country that you got to grow up in and is not completely decimated by pagan gods and foreign people from foreign lands”

“All throughout scripture, the idea of full-blown invasions from foreign peoples who worship foreign gods, it is never, in scripture, spoken of as a blessing of liberty. It is always spoken of as a judgment,” Webbon declared. “I believe that America is under God’s judgment. And I don’t think that the forms or the expressions of God’s judgment merely lie with Drag Queen Story Hour, but that they also include the fact that my neighborhood is 30 percent Hindu”

“That,” Webbon stated, “is a sign of God’s judgment upon our land”

Mike King #crackpot #racist #conspiracy

The true story of the US Civil War, aka War Between the States, aka War of Northern Aggression does not “lie in the middle” somewhere; but rather, is something altogether different from either the contemporary northern Establishment account or the southern revisionist version. In reality, the brotherly bloodbath of 1861-1865 wasn’t really, in its true essence, a “civil war” as much as it was an attack launched upon the United States from an invisible foreign power with traitorous agents and sincere dupes operating in both the North and South.

It was “the usual suspects” based in Rothschild’s Europe -- aligning with (using) the empire-seeking Plantation Aristocracy based in the South -- who long-range-planned and, under one false pretext after another, finally executed America’s greatest disaster. And it was the determined leadership of President Abraham Lincoln that thwarted the elaborate scheme of this deadly Cabal in the end. Acclaimed "correctionist historian" and investigative journalist Mike's King will take you on an exciting "you are there" illusion-shattering suspense ride through important history which still holds modern-day implications.

Marcel Bucard Division of Perpignan - French Popular Movement #racist #wingnut #psycho

[Translation mine]

In mid-June, several residents of Chatoux, in Yvelines, were the targets of racist letters. On Wednesday, it was in Perpignan, in the Pyrénées-Orientales, that Brigitte, 62, received a similar missive with violent remarks, reports Actu Perpignan

The self-employed woman shared this letter on Facebook, dated July 1. “It stinks,” she wrote. But I’m not going to let it happen”

“I would like to write to you today to advise you on an important decision concerning your property,” the letter begins, then referring to the first round of the legislative elections: “The situation in Perpignan has changed considerably”

“It appears that you are no longer welcome in this city,” continues the text, with racist and threatening remarks, which urges the sixty-year-old to “sell her property as quickly as possible”. “Once the sale has been concluded to a family of good native French people, I advise you to prepare your departure for Africa”

“You must realize that your personal well-being and your property are no longer safe because you are no longer welcome today in Saint-Mathieu, where we will, starting in September, carry out a merciless and virulent cleansing of the neighborhood in order to restore the Catalan atmosphere of yesteryear,” we can then read

The letter is signed “La division Marcel Bucard de Perpignan”, named after the founder of the Francoist Movement, a fascist and collaborationist group, shot in 1946, as well as a “French Popular Movement”


spoilerLetter received by the victim. Logo on the letter was used by the fascist and collaborationist French Popular Party

Réseau Libre #wingnut #psycho #racist

[From “A (very incomplete) list of lawyers to be eliminated” - Translation mine]


spoilerExecution by guillotine of Urbain Liottard, Louis Berruyer and Octavive David. September 22, 1909

Note: July 4, 3:30 p.m.: The Dumbass-Moretti subversives are outraged and have already filed a complaint. Perfect ! My response to their lawsuit is already online here. Come on guys, a second lawsuit!

To be sent into a ditch or a stadium, these lawyers already declare that they do not respect the verdict of the polls in the event of a victory for the RN

These scum have formed a “Law brigade against the National Rally”, read this hilarious article!

Of course, they are not the only ones, it is the vast majority of lawyers who need to be neutralized. But let's imagine all those on this list found in a bottom of a pit or simply “disappeared”, and fear will change sides! It's high time to put things back in order!

For the record, in 2003 already the black robed vermin had filed a complaint against the sos-racaille website which had dared to publish a list of lawyers defending the vermin. The webmaster of the site was fined 12,000 euros although he was never arrested or even formally identified

History is an eternal rewinding, we are publishing a list of lawyers to be eliminated, we are not formally identified, we will not be arrested, and we may be convicted, who cares!

List of subversives
[Below is a list of name of lawyers along with the bars they're registered with]

Rev. Joel Webbon #racist

On the latest episode of his Right Response Ministries show, Christian nationalist pastor Joel Webbon declared that he was celebrating White Boy Summer — a meme popularized by white supremacists. Webbon claimed that White Boy Summer is about celebrating “Anglo-Protestant culture,” which he called “the best culture”

“And so, with White Boy Summer, part of it — there’s a lot — but part of it is honoring the Western, Anglo-Protestant heritage,” Webbon declared while wearing a pair of Pit Viper sunglasses. “And the reality is this: There is a lot to honor”

The roots of White Boy Summer can be traced back to a music video of the same name by Chet Hanks[…]
Webbon claimed that “Anglo-Protestant culture” is “not only” a “particularly honorable culture,” but that it’s arguably “the best culture,” because “it is the one that for these last 500 to 1,500 years has most closely modeled the Christian worldview”

And he proclaimed that “Not only is it okay to be white, it is good to be white”[…]
But while Webbon acknowledged that White Boy Summer “may have started off with not the best intentions” — and was neither “nefarious” nor “righteous” — he claimed that “it has been sufficiently hijacked by the Christian Right,” meaning he is free to celebrate it

“And so in the same way that Charles Dickens, you know, he would say ‘Bob Cratchit, you know, well I say that this Christmas is merry and I wish you a merry [Christmas],’ I say that this White Boy Summer is a glorious and righteous White Boy Summer,” he said. “And I wish you to be happy and merry upon it”

GRAYSON BAKICH #transphobia #racist

I have written about the crimes of illegal immigrants — *ahem* newcomers — and transgender individuals, but this marks the first time I have ever seen a twofer.

In Denver last week, police officers shot and killed a 52-year-old man pretending to be a woman named Miguel Tapia (no, not the Chilean singer, and yes, a lot of the news outlets still call him a woman) because he was on the intersection of Broadway and Lawrence holding a hunting knife and apparently yelling angrily.

Because this guy fits into two categories that the left considers more valuable than Americans' lives, only people on X are getting these details out to the wider public, and Google isn't displaying much about this story. Whatever results you find when you search still refer to Tapia or Gonzalez or whatever his name was as a woman and do not bring up those two facts about him.

Given those details and the fact that, thankfully, nobody else was injured or killed in the encounter, expect this to be swept under the rug.

But hearing these news stories that the mainstream media would prefer you not know about is precisely why sites like PJ Media exist and why those same media companies and their allies in Big Tech and government try to silence us.

2nd Smartest Guy in the World #wingnut #racist #quack #conspiracy

By now most have heard of the unprecedented IT outages due to a Bill Gates’ Microsoft update, and the associated widespread disruptions in banking, travel, commerce and even hospitals going offline. This incident may very well have just served as a warmup to a far worse worldwide CyberPolygon attack on infrastructure, with the “solution” paving the way for much more devastating global IT exploits

The outage (problem) was met with the solution (CrowdStrike remediation method) in order to offer up the “solution” which in turn will cause the far greater problems with the cover story being a ratcheting up these Hegelian Dialectic “solutions” whereby forced 15 Minute City mass lockdowns featuring the cashless X Everything App digital ID’s will be instituted such that no elections may ever take place again; or at least that is the endgame of whichever psyop(s) the powers that be finally go with.
Given CrowdStrike’s questionable history and its ties with the Intelligence Industrial Complex, it is only a matter of time before Russia is blamed for these cyber “attacks.” That will most conveniently serve to usher in the ultimate false flag event; namely, WW3, or after the slow kill bioweapon injections would global thermonuclear war now be considered WW4? That would indeed serve as the ultimate post apocalyptic “prescriptive mode,” assuming there are any genetically modified human slaves left to lord over when these crazed rulers emerge from their bunkers

Given that Trump is a lock for winning the upcoming Kabuki theatre Uniparty politrix election, and the NeoMarxist left have quite literally imploded in full public display as their senile ice cream licking diaper soiling pedo puppet criminal increasingly malfunctions for all to see while their deliberately ruinous Cloward-Piven policies further destabilize what’s left of America, anything and everything goes at the precipice of this end of Banana Republic empire.

Mike Adams the Health Ranger #wingnut #quack #racist #conspiracy

Brighteon Broadcast News, July 17, 2024 – More ANOMALIES surface about shooting: Second shooter

- Inclusivity in the MAGA movement, embracing diverse religions and ethnicities. (0:00)

- Embracing former leftists who are recently red-pilled. (9:47)

- Assassination attempt on President #Trump, Secret Service COMPLICITY. (13:35)

- More details emerge about attempted assassination of Trump. (29:51)

- Trump's skeptical vaccine stance revealed in private phone call with RFK Jr. (47:41)

- Why the US dollar will collapse regardless of who's in the White House. (53:30)

- Decline of US global economic power is already baked in and cannot be reversed. (1:02:35)

- Why next assassination attempts against Trump may escalate to area effect weapons. (1:10:36)

- Conversation with Sebastian Gorka: Secret Service incompetence and cultural rot. (1:28:27)

- Military leadership and border security. (1:44:41)

- Immigration enforcement and civil rights. (1:49:03)

- Election integrity and voter suppression. (1:53:43)

JonFreeman #wingnut #racist

It's worth remembering that back in 2020 trump signed a order starting all institutions that endorse inequality (effectively all woke companies, since "blame whitey" is the opposite of "not judged by the color of your skin") will be barred from all gov contracts

This would spell the actual financial doom of all things woke. It would also castrate the education system, as they're all gov funded and woke as fuck.

While Biden (under his master's orders) hasn't enforced it ... trump certainly would once back in office.

This should give all liberals fear.

For all liberals are woke

Marie-Christine Sorin, Sophie Dumont and Agnès Pageard #racist #conspiracy

French nationalist Marine Le Pen has executed one of the most extraordinary political rebrandings in the Western world[…]
French newspaper Libération has been compiling an “endless list” of National Rally candidates who have made or relayed “reprehensible remarks” online[…]
Glimmers of racism and antisemitism from National Rally candidates and supporters can bolster the impression that the movement has changed less than its leaders say[…]
Marie-Christine Sorin, a National Rally candidate in southwestern France, posted on X in January that “not all civilizations are equal” and that some “have remained below bestiality in the chain of evolution”[…]
Sophie Dumont, a National Rally candidate in northeastern France, was spotlighted by Libération for a post implying that Jewish financing was behind Reconquest, a rival far-right party led by Eric Zemmour, who is Jewish. Zemmour’s adviser had said that the ritual slaughter of animals to make kosher and halal meat should not be banned in France. “The small gesture that betrays the origin of the funds that fuel Reconquest”[…]
Agnès Pageard, a National Rally candidate in Paris, has advocated for abolishing a law that makes it illegal to question the Holocaust and another that bans “incitement to hatred” against religious or racial groups[…]
Asked about seemingly antisemitic comments from candidates running in this election, National Rally frontman Bardella told French media that the process of selecting candidates for the surprise elections had necessarily been rushed, with “dozens, even hundreds of investitures … made in a few hours.” Never mind that some of the same candidates had run under the National Rally banner in past elections, too

Snake Baker #racist #psycho

[From “Greek Coast Guard Accused of Being Mean to Invaders, Allegedly Killing Dozens of Them”]

These people are invading the country

Under Just War Theory, the military has a right to kill them

(I understand it’s more complicated than that, but actually, it’s not really)

The Guardian

A former Greek coastguard officer has described as “clearly illegal” the actions of colleagues who abandoned nine migrants at sea in one of 15 alleged pushbacks from Greek islands or territorial waters that reportedly killed dozens of people[…]
Two were thrown directly into the water, the man said, including an Ivorian man who said: “Save me, I don’t want to die … and then eventually only his hand was above water, and his body was below. Slowly his hand slipped under”

Yeah, well, buddy, nobody wants to die. Nonetheless, everyone does at some point

I would shed some tears for you, but I stopped buying tissue paper when I learned it was filled with PFAS

Frankly, I don’t know if the Greeks did this stuff or not. I don’t care if they did, and I support it, but I don’t know if I believe it

My thinking is it’s more likely to be made up than not, but also, Greeks are funny people, and the idea that some group in the coast guard was like “let’s start just fucking killing these apes” is not beyond belief

However, no real proof is offered here. These are all just allegations, and they are more or less impossible to investigate, so there is really nothing here to even discuss. The allegations just amount to baseless rumors

Dylan Louis Monroe #crackpot #conspiracy #racist #magick #wingnut


alternative image link:


The Sephirot Map follows the evolution of an occult belief system that relishes in human sacrifice & war, and uses banking as a tool for global domination. It is not a reinterpretation of the Kabbalistic tree of life, but is designed to reference key ideas contained within its nodes using graphic elements. It is a trisected timeline that covers a period from biblical times through 1913.

The supreme deity of this cult goes by many names; Baal, Moloch, Lucifer… One could argue that there are technically two factions among these occultists, the Satanists and the Luciferians, but once the flesh starts flying, only a psychopath would appreciate the subtle difference. The constant theme through this deity’s many incarnations is its insatiable appetite and demand for blood sacrifice.
The core values of these societies are elitism and deception. Even the majority of the members are kept in the dark as to the secrets of the highest order. As Albert Pike revealed, “Lucifer is God,” but only advanced degree Masons are told.

If all three Abrahamic religions have been pagan at their core since their beginning, who is the majority of the world’s population really worshiping? Who are we feeding our energy to? Humanity has been treacherously betrayed by its leaders of both church and state for centuries, but the extent of their crimes has yet to be fully assimilated.
This is the power structure that humanity is up against. The force behind this cult of evil is evidently anti-humanity, and likely non-human itself. Psychopathy derives from the reptilian brain. Satan, Pindar, Lord Archon are all names that refer to a leader who remains hidden behind a veil. “I Am That I Am.” The people in charge today are the same people who carried out the Inquisition. Their God is a sadist of the highest order.

As Q likes to say… “These people are sick!!!”

Connor D. Sullivan #magick #racist #conspiracy

The Apocalypse of Hidden AmuraKa" explores the OCCULT Influences on Humanity. In this book, we will focus on the slow decline of the Western World from the INSIDE. The Founding Fathers were Masons, who built this country with a Secret Destiny. The United States would be the eventual birth place of the Masonic Christ (Moshiach) who will bring together the believers and non-believers as a One World Civilization from his throne in JerUSAlem. All Religions are waiting on this Messianic Figure to bring about the "World to Come".

To the Jews, this figure is known as the Moshiach. Theosophists and Buddhists call this "Future World Teacher "Maitreya" while Hindoos call this being the Kalki Avatar, the prophesied tenth and final incarnation of the god Vishnu who will end the god-less Kali Yuga. But Chrisitans and Muslims know this being, as well. To them, he is kmown as the Anti-Christ or the Dajjal.

In this book, we will unveil a century old Luciferian Death Cult who has chosen to corrupt the entire world in order to bring about their Messiah and prophesized "World to Come". Was the purpose of Freemasonry nefarious from the beginning or did this Ancient Cabal infiltrate Lodges as means to an end?

We will examine the intimate connection between the Cabal and the Central Banking System, Freemasonry and the Kabbalah and uncover the methods used to covertly enslave a country WITHOUT chains. Finally, for the first time in text, unveil the complete Masonic Religion, commonly known as the Luciferian Doctrine.
Topics include: Secret Destiny of America, Slow Death of a Nation, Babylonian Money Magick, Rothschild Central Banks, the Abrahamic Covenant, Parable of the Sheeps and the Goats, Freemasonry & the Kabbalah, the Original Aim of Masonry, Cult of the Black Madonna, Unmasking the Great Mother, Unabridged Luciferian Doctrine, Alchemy of the Eucharist, the Pyschology of Ritual Human Sacrifice, the Ministry of Propaganda, Creating the Perfect Slave Race and MUCH MORE!


MP Daniel Grenon (RN-Yonne) #racist

The far-right Rassemblement National (RN) party could have done without yet another blunder concerning dual nationals. While party leader Jordan Bardella portrayed himself as the representative of a "true republican front" in the newspaper Le Figaro on Tuesday, July 2, loyal readers of the regional paper L'Yonne républicaine discovered a completely different tone. The Burgundy newspaper had published the transcript of a debate pitting RN incumbent MP Daniel Grenon, who came out on top in the first round of the legislative elections with 40.4% of the vote, against Florence Loury, a Green candidate for the left-wing Nouveau Front Populaire (NFP)[…]The two candidates are set to face off against each other in a duel for the Yonne department's 1st constituency, in the second round on Sunday, July 7. The debate had been held at the newspaper's headquarters in the city of Auxerre the day before

According to the newspaper founded just after France's liberation from Nazi rule, Grenon defended Bardella's promise to ban French people with dual nationality from holding strategic government positions. But he went further: "Some North Africans came to power in 2016, these people have no place in high places." The blatantly racist and discriminatory remark sparked instant backlash. "No one will be able to say they didn't know," Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti warned in a post on X

This infringement of the principles of the French Republic came just a few days after RN candidate Roger Chudeau thrust the measure, which far-right leader Marine Le Pen's party had been trying not to mention openly, back into the spotlight. On Thursday, June 27, the former education inspector had asserted on the news channel BFM-TV that members of the government could not be dual nationals, targeting former education minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem – who is French-Moroccan. "Ministerial positions must be held by Franco-French people, period" he asserted, alleging "a problem of dual loyalty"

LTC Robert Maginnis #fundie #ufo #wingnut #racist #conspiracy #mammon

Out of this World Book
By: LTC Robert Maginnis
Out of this World brings the unfathomable to life thanks to an open eyed and detailed analysis of the science and theology brought to our doorsteps by the real possibility that unidentified flying objects are manned by extraterrestrial beings that are likely much smarter and far more spiritual than earthlings. Are they a threat to our national security and to our faith in God? Do they come peacefully or as conquers?

For decades US Government officials have denied what many citizens now believe that alien beings are among us and our government knows much more than it has revealed to the public. Do we really have alien craft and “biologics” as Congress was told by former officials?
Give Me Liberty, Not Marxism Book
By: LTC Robert Maginnis
Give Me Liberty, Not Marxism examines what current American leaders like President Joe Biden and his globalist allies intend for America and the world, an outcome that may well usher in the prophetic end times. The evidence for this possible result comes from an objective review of the histories of past Marxist- regimes, accounts that are juxtaposed with the contemporary political proposals by those who seek a global “Great Reset” that could produce a radically different America which becomes subordinate to a godless, totalitarian one-world government ruled by the Chinese Communist Party.

Kings of the East Book
By: Robert Maginnis
China is out to eliminate America and the western world and impose their communist culture on the entire planet. How do we know? Their history, economic power and coming military superiority backed by their rigid focus on instituting a one-world government under the Chinese Communist Party, a plan which is coming together now and is exposed to the world. Is there time to reverse their maniacal advance against freedom and democracy? Bob Maginnis reveals the danger and opportunity ahead in China’s New World Order.

<3 of 4 books in set - $45.00>

Two unnamed neighbours of Divine Kinekela #racist

This June 21, 2024, the Montargis public prosecutor's office announces that it has taken action following the broadcast of an episode of the flagship program “Envoyé Spécial”, as part of the early legislative elections of June 30 and July 7. The extract in question is the one which shows a couple of supporters of the National Rally covering their neighbor with racist insults: Divine Kinekela, a black caregiver. The couple allegedly threw insults at him like “bonobo” or “we’re at home, go to the doghouse” followed by monkey noises

In a press release, the public prosecutor Jean-Cédric Graux justifies his decision: “The words and behaviors observed could be criminalized as public and non-public insults of a racial nature, public provocation to discrimination and violence without incapacity of a racial nature, the Montargis public prosecutor's office took up these facts” The latter also specifies that the maximum penalty incurred is three years' imprisonment and 45 euros

State of the Nation Editor #racist #wingnut #conspiracy

By staging one border invasion of after another, the globalists are able to secret into the country millions of military-aged males under cover of being amnesty seekers, which they are not. Many are even purposefully released violent criminals seeking their next crime spree in America.

Once these trained mercenaries, experienced soldiers of fortunes and paid terrorists are over the border, they’re ferried to the various 50 states to train for their next missions.

There are essentially 3 duties/destinations for these fighting aged men.

(1) The trained terrorists will be transported to certain cities where they will join highly organized terrorists cells. There they will await their future orders.

(2) The paid mercenaries will be sent to extremely clandestine military training camps to be trained in urban and rural guerrilla warfare. Again, they will await their future orders.

(3) The willing and less dangerous economic immigrants and war refugees are immediately registered into a “Accelerated Military Path to US Citizenship” program. By volunteering to enter the U.S. Armed Forces, these future grunts are put on a fast-track to full-fledged citizenship with all kinds of perks. However, these mercs are also put into specially trained regiments and squads who are stripped of any reservation about firing on Americans. The communist-run DoD knows that the average US military service member would not kill their fellow citizens, so they run these foreign recruits through highly manipulative mind-control programs as preparation to man what are basically treasonous brigades.

Each of these three groupings of extreme enemies of the American Republic serve critical purposes in the staging of the long-planned American Bolshevik Revolution. The Khazarian decision-makers at the very top of this CIA-coordinated color revolution scheme will use basically the same war plan that was utilized during both the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution and subsequent Russian Civil War.

Ann Coulter #dunning-kruger #racist

Thus, for example, once you get past the paywall, you will find that Piquero and Bersani's joint study, "Comparing Patterns and Predictors of Immigrant Offending Among a Sample of Adjudicated Youth," used as its base group "adolescents who were found guilty of a serious offense."

THAT'S NOT A REPRESENTATIVE SAMPLE OF AMERICANS! It's a representative sample of teenagers who are convicted criminals.

Similarly, professor Bersani's oft-cited, but never-read study, "An Examination of First and Second Generation Immigrant Offending Trajectories," looked at a population group that included "an over-sample of Hispanic and African-American youth."
Instead of immigrants who are less crime-prone than our native blacks and Hispanics, we were hoping for immigrants less criminal than our Norwegians.

True, as Bersani explains, "because many immigrants initially settle in disadvantaged environments and are exposed to a number of crime-inducing risk factors, their experiences may be similar to many native-born minorities—particularly the African-American population."
But here's an idea: How about NOT taking in immigrants who are poor, uneducated, come from dysfunctional families and settle in disadvantaged environments?

Helena Glass #racist #wingnut #conspiracy

Marine le Pen is also a Jewish, Israeli proponent who just won the election displacing Macron - a Jewish, Zionist proponent. Jewish sympathizer and secular, Olaf Scholz, a socialist Marxist, remains at the helm of Germany while Italy's Meloni who pledged conservative values as a candidate immediately swung hard to port once in office - pro-Zionism. Thus Europe's elections have secured the EU as fully colonized under the Israeli flag.

The point of replacing Jewish Zionist puppets with new Zionist puppets was simply the deceptive tactic of double bait and switch. The old stalwarts had been outed as destroying Europe, while the new stalwarts will submit to the propagandizing of a new face in politics - to bridge the hatred of the old stalwarts by the people. Another illusion.
Given every western/Zionist war is about reshuffling the Land boundaries and confiscating the resources - one would think the entire Middle East would be on heightened alert. For Israel Is A Mighty Deceiver. Secularism is their throne. It is everything the Bible warns us to see and understand. It has become a secular statehood of nonbelievers asserting God's covenant -

Created in 1949 by secularist, Ben Gurion, The Mossad was created not as a security agency, but as a global destabilizer. Gurion realized that the way to gain control was through fear initiated thru 'terrorism'. The same psychological terror that was used on Epstein Island on children... The same psychological terror that fanned Pandemics.
The extent to which America became an intertwined colony of the secular Israel - subjected to the Israeli Califate of global dominion, via the Mossad chaos and destabilization agenda is a vast network of US politicians, and NGO's whose power escalated considerably under Reagan. Which explains the corrupted advisory groups that always claim they are Reaganites... Reagan was a staunch Jew supporter.

Unnamed French far-right activists #psycho #wingnut #homophobia #racist

Hours after Bardella’s National Rally (RN) party scored big in the European election this month, four men in Paris assaulted a teenager at whom they hurled homophobic and transphobic slurs

The four, who were found guilty and sentenced after the attack, told police they were RN party members and members of the violent far-right GUD group, the Paris prosecutor’s office said

While the interior ministry says it does not have consolidated numbers on such incidents, they offer a snapshot of what rights groups say are a rising number of assaults motivated by race, religion, homophobia, transphobia and political allegiance during campaigning for France’s snap election

The RN says it has no links to violent far-right and neo-Nazi groups. It did not reply to a request for comment about the spate of incidents since the European election[…]
“We’ll smash you, Bardella will win, and it starts now,” Green party activist Olivier Richard recounted the two young attackers as saying. They headbutted him in the face in Bordeaux as he carried pamphlets for the left-wing New Popular Front[…]
“They were sure they were going to win and could do what they wanted. This situation is terrifying”[…]
Political tensions have long intensified ahead of votes in France. But rights groups and activists say something has shifted this time, with violent individuals holding far-right sympathies seemingly feeling emboldened[…]
Michael Colborne, researcher for Bellingcat on transnational far-right networks, said that if the RN was to take power, young men could feel empowered to ‘take matters into their own hands’”[…]
Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin has warned of the potential for “extremely strong tensions”. He announced this week he had shut a number of far-right groups, including the GUD[…]
Reuters spoke with four activists and politicians with the NFP left-wing alliance who have been physically or verbally assaulted by RN supporters while campaigning ahead of the vote on Sunday

Grazy Girl and Éric Zemmour #racist

An anti-migrant electro-dance song titled Je Partira Pas (I won’t leave) has taken French social media by storm, despite efforts to ban it

The track, credited to an artist named Grazy Girl, first aired on June 21 during the Fête de la Musique (Music Day) in France

The song quickly went viral on social media platform TikTok, amassing a large following and hitting 47,000 views in three days[…]
TikTok’s bans have not deterred users from re-uploading the track manually. Consequently, it has spread to other social media platforms such as X and YouTube

The SOS Racism organisation filed a complaint against the song on June 27 for “provocation to racial hatred”

Dominique Sopo, President of SOS Racism, highlighted that the lyrics specifically targeted people of Arab or Muslim origin, exemplified by terms including “djellaba” (kaftan) and “Fatma” (an Arabic girl’s name meaning “baby’s nurse”)

The organisation urged the platforms the song appears on to delete them and called on the relevant authorities to take immediate action to have the content removed from those that did not do so and to punish the authors

Right-wing supporters in France have fuelled the song’s popularity[…]
Prominent hard-right public figures have shared the song, labelling it “the hit of the summer”

French hard-right party Reconquête President Eric Zemmour posted a video of himself dancing to the track on X[…]
The anti-migrant anthem also features lyrics such as “good riddance – and don’t come back. As you come, you will leave!”

Marine Le Pen #racist #conspiracy #wingnut

[See this quote]

The Envoyé Spécial report broadcast Thursday evening on France 2 continues to provoke reactions within the political class. This report, filmed in Montargis (Loiret), with a view to the legislative elections, highlighted a tense neighborhood situation involving supporters of the National Rally (RN)

In an interview published on Saturday June 22 in La Voix du Nord, Marine Le Pen, RN candidate in the 11th constituency of Pas-de-Calais, defended the comments made by a white couple of RN sympathizers towards their neighbor, a black caregiver, Divine Kinkela. The couple used the expression “go to the doghouse”, which Marine Le Pen does not consider racist. She criticizes the Envoyé Spécial report, calling the program "ultra-politicized on the far left" and criticizes the media for not reporting that Divine Kinkela is, according to her, a communist activist with pan-African supremacist beliefs

Marine Le Pen goes on to say that "the question is whether 'go to your niche' is not a popular expression of people who hate each other." She emphasizes that the interpretation of these remarks as being racist is linked to the skin color of the victim, which she finds scandalous. She concludes by accusing the report of leading public opinion to believe that the RN's coming to power would lead to racist behavior

The report shows Divine Kinkela, living in France for 30 years, suffering insults from her neighbors. The man of the couple accuses “the Mustapha, the whatever you want” of “not respecting the customs of France”. His companion, whose face is blurred, takes the caregiver to task by telling her: “We do what we want, we are at home. Go to the doghouse!"

Pierre-Nicolas Nups #racist

A far-Right election candidate in France is facing prosecution for unveiling an election poster reading: 'Let's give white children a future

The slogan is accompanied by an image of a blond-haired, blue-eyed boy, and is in support of Pierre-Nicolas Nups of the Parti de la France (Party of France)

Pascal Schneider, the mayor of Neuves-Maisons near Nancy and one of the biggest towns in the constituency, said: 'This poster is nothing more or less than a rag that sullies the city, the canton, the entire department

Mr Schneider said he had filed a legal complaint with public prosecutors, claiming the poster whips up racist hate

But Mr Nups, who is standing in the 5th constituency of the eastern Meurthe-et-Moselle department, said in retort: 'I approved this poster. It is neither sectarian nor exclusive

'On the contrary, it delivers a positive message, a message of hope for our youth, and nothing else. And if anyone sees anything else in it, it would be a malicious interpretation'[…]
The Parti de la France is an offshoot of the Front National, founded by supporters of Jean Marie Le Pen, but candidates such as Mr Schneider are not being endorsed by the RN

[Below is the poster depicting a blond white boy with the slogan “LEt’s give white whilcren a future”]