Racism, including ethnic hatred, nationalism and equating religion to race

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(An entire thread that captured some of Colonel Knight Rider’s little Discord group where they’re trying to push a “reformation” of DeviantArt. It shouldn’t be a surprise their reform is, well, terrible. Here’s some that really stood out.)

Colonel Knight Rider:
Okay. @everyone these are our proposed ideas for a DA reform bill so far:
Make the site unable to use for anyone under 18.
Make our pages private.
Pay to have multiple accounts.

Towers of Obscure:
I'm strongly AGAINST paid sites. They have strings attached that make it hard to keep a home.
It would keep out the commies like Xhe and people that couldn't afford to pay... keeping it safe for
decent people.
Towers of Obscure:
So you're implying a "the rich get richer" philosophy? Have it free for Americans but paid for everyone
else? Did you forget that Claire is Canadian? Try thinking about her and everyone else!
Claire is wealthy

Colonel Knight Rider:
I reported another Xhe sockpuppet. This one doxxed my last name.
For that reason, I don't want to say what it was.
I want to harm him..her...them...no, IT. Because I refuse to believe it is even human.
It is nothing more than a delusional, hate-spouting machine looking for reasons to get angry, With no
regard for the laws it claims to abide by.
It also calls the Chinese a minority. Even though most people in the world are Chinese.
It must die.
It is too stupid to live.
It cannot be reasoned with

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West*rn Europe 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮


"immigration is not bad" just fucking look at Sweden.

Only cucks say that, Sweden rape rate went up by 200% in 2015 when the mass immigration happened


Lmao we are the Lowest 😎💪🏻 And they call us criminals...

They didn't count stealing territory #kosovojesrbijaa #raskajecrnagora 😤😤😤


Fucking hillarious that w*stoids always talk about how unsafe Eastern Europe is

Sweden is very dangerous because there's so many kurds

True. If westerns had our mentality and stopped being soft hoes they wouldn't be fucked by a bunch of immigrants, when everyone violent then no one is violent.


Pretty sure the higher the income inequality is, the more robbery there will be. we are all equally poor so it's not so common 🙃 Nothing to rob, politicians took it all 🙃🙃🙃

No. Income inequality and Sweden and Norway is virtually the same. I could tell you one policy that is vastly different in both countries though……..


wonder why swedenistan is so high

Cause Middle Eastern immigrants,multi culturalism sure went good for them.

so strange, the more homogenous a country the lower the robberies...

Hmm, I wonder who’s responsible for those robberies in such diverse countries! Surely not…


I mean, Russia is claiming to have lot less street agressions than west Europe. But Russia don't Dela with "ordinary violence".

So ... Not gonna follow this one ;)

We have a ton of migrant on migrant wars in Moscow. Pretty crazy to watch.

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This system has absolutely no right to be throwing any black or brown person in jail. At the end of the day too, this is all just another distraction. They know this is a thing African people have had our focus on for quite some time, this whole situation with R Kelly so instead of focusing on the masses of Colonized African children who are being forced to take this jab and go back into these colonial schools to be brainwashed and all sorts of colonial violence, we’re focused on this fake justice that’s being served here by R Kelly going to jail for decades. Another distraction for our people to be focused on instead of focusing on this mandate that’s coming up.

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Over a third of white students lie about their race in college admissions, indicating that young Americans are seeking strategies to avoid being negatively impacted by left-wing and anti-white racism on the part of American colleges and universities.

A survey that polled 1,650 white college prospects indicated that 34% lied about their race to make themselves more competitive in applying for college admissions and financial aid at universities. 81% of the students that admitted falsely indicating a non-European race or ethnicity said they hoped to improve their chances at grants and admissions, recognizing the pervasive preference for non-white students on the part of colleges and universities.

Nearly half of white men admitted to claiming to be another race in college admissions.

Okay so now I am really confused! Mama Kamala, AOC, Maxine Waters, and Cori Bush all say because I am a cisgender white male of European pure race ancestry I have undue privilege and in fact my kind run this country as evil monsters?

So is this not the case? Should I wear blackface tomorrow to get a job and speak in ebonics?


How is there white privilege if these students are trying to pretend they are not white?

That is the same type of question as “Why are all the Africans in Africa trying to walk, run and swim a zillion miles to come INTO such a hateful, racist country where they are being LITERALLY HUNTED DOWN AND MURDERED in the streets in cold blood by the racist White man and police just because of the color of their skee-in?” Hmmm… and so we ponder….

(Vox Nihili)
How sad that it has come to this for this generation. While wanting to get a leg up, or at least even the playing field, by claiming non-white ancestry is understandable, I suspect some of them do it to some degree or other out of shame for their whiteness.

Remember, even saying IT'S OKAY TO BE WHITE is not okay. These kids have been psychologically abused.

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RE: Philadelphia Students ‘Scared to Go to School’ as Gun Violence Escalates


In the last year, nine kids at Simon Gratz High School were shot to death — three of them just last month, the school’s principal, Leyondo Dunn, told ABC News.

More than 80% of homicide victims in the city over the las year were Black males

Black boys also made up 96% of victims in child homicides in the city

Public schools are child abuse for any non-black child. It is like throwing a child into a general population prison setting since blacks mature at much faster rates then non-blacks, especially physically. All non-blacks should find alternate means to educate their children until this love affair Femocrats have with blacks finally ends and they are ready to see reason.

But if white students don’t want to go to school with blacks they are “racist”.

(Fed Up)
But look at the bright side. A black kid shot to death at Simon Gratz high school, has a 99.9999% chance of being killed by someone of his own race! Surely that should count for something.

(Robert Kelly)
I was watching a news clip on YouTube about the gangs in Haiti. The talking head was saying how Haiti needs more aid and more programs. Just like how North Philadelphia needs more aid and more programs. Whether in Philadelphia or Haiti, what program HASN'T been tried. How many hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in those areas?

Of course, YouTube deleted my comment when I said the problem with Haiti is Haitians.

Best thing for white people is to spend time around blacks.
It will render you alert, tough, careful, & completely redpilled on the race question.

(T Allan)
I have lived in the Greater Philadelphia area for 35 years. I used to go into the City at random and even worked there. But what is said in the the article is true. It is a dystopian hell hole completely over run now by hyper -violent negros.

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A Battering Ram of Facts

In 2012, Jared Taylor wrote, “Like communism, liberalism will be battered to death by the facts before it concedes that its morality was mistaken.” Mr. Taylor’s best known book, White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century, published ten years ago, is a 300-page battering ram of facts.

The first four chapters, in particular, are a relentless demonstration that “multiculturalism” is a burden and a failure. There are hundreds of examples, making his book almost encyclopedic. Here are some memorable ones. On page 86:

46 percent of whites adopted by whites said they felt a sense of not belonging. For non-whites adopted by whites, the figure rose to close to 75 percent.

A 2005 study on domestic violence in the US found that the incidence of spousal homicide is 7.7 times higher in interracial marriages compared to intraracial marriages.

One study for the period of 1979 to 1981 found that white men who married black women were 21.4 times more likely to be killed by their spouses than white men who married white women. A white woman increased her risk of being killed 12.4 times by marrying a black man. Marrying a white did not appreciably change a black person’s risk of being killed by his or her spouse.

No other book so comprehensively lays out the evidence for why race realists are right and egalitarians are wrong. With its neutral, journalistic tone and its hundreds of endnotes, White Identity is an invaluable attempt to deliver the facts to the unconvinced.

That is the book’s greatest strength — and its greatest weakness. There’s a rumor that a very prominent conservative commentator began reading White Identity but put it down because he found it too depressing. I’m confident that’s why many conservatives are hesitant to learn more about race. Liberals, meanwhile, are content to call dissenting views “racist” and ignore the facts.

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RE: A seperate subforum for whites and first world cels only.

It is quite apparent that ethnics especially currycels are deteriorating the quality of the forum. All shitskins should be perma banned right away or they should be segregated and not allowed to participate in the white subforum.

If this forum needs to survive, this needs to happen asap.

A seperate space for white cels where ethnics or third world cels are not allowed to participate.

This, so much. Despite being a based racist, it is mostly the fact that an african's/asian's life is so different from mine that makes me enjoy their rantings less. Ever since I got Internet at 11 and started playing ClashOfClans, I detested being in a clan where people are not from Europe/Russia/USA, because this is the pool I swim in, and it would make no sence for me to try and find friends elsewhere.
Being incels somewhat unites us but being incels of the same tribe takes it a whole step further.
There is a reason Amazon enforces workforce diversity to stop unionization.
That being said, your idea will never happen. Probably.

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Are solar panels Keto, Gluten-Free, or even digestible? Can I deep fry one? How about putting one on the BBQ? Are there any good recipes for cooking or baking a solar panel? Why the ridiculous questions you ask? As I drove down the highways recently, I noticed farmlands that used to have peanuts, corn, cotton, and hay now have fields of “planted” solar panels. Now I know why there is a big need for more illegals. Harvesting those big solar panel crops will require a lot more cisgender power.

Since Communists hate Americans especially cheerful Americans, the Communist EPA decided to screw up the supply chain. According to Chris Wright, “The central problem traces back to the fateful day when the EPA allowed California to mandate stricter emission standards on, among other things, big trucks. Then the EPA gave California the power to prohibit trucks that fail to meet the state’s stiffer standards. This immediately wiped out half the available trucking fleet because, in effect, it meant trucks older than three years old could not be used in California. So it’s no surprise there’s a shortage of trucks to move cargo out of California’s ports just like night follows day.” Merry Christmas from baby-killer Joe and Gruesome Newsom. Will they go to parties without masks? You Bet. Will Gavin continue to ferment grapes spewing an unchecked amount of CO2 in his vineyard? You Bet.

FYI: Sentences that are: Mandatory, Required, Mandated, Requested, Ordered, Ordinance, Decrees, Compulsory ARE NOT LAWS. I will not comply, will you?

Remember, by 2030, “You will own nothing and like it.” If you don’t give up everything you own to the government for redistribution, we can not save the planet. Don’t be selfish; it’s for the greater good.

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[From "Republicans Will Always Be The Stupid Party"]

I’ve never met Brion McClanahan

My old friend Bill Cawthon always spoke very highly of him though. For all our differences, I have a lot more in common ideologically with McClanahan than Matt Heimbach or Richard Spencer. This rant about the new Bret Baier book and conservative liberalism is ground that I have covered a thousand times here

I’ve always been of the view that the pro-South movement in all of its various forms – this includes the SCV and the Abbeville Institute – is incapable of coexisting with “antiracism.” This is why I joined the CofCC and used to mock the Rainbow Confederates. I’m unabashedly pro-White and pro-South. This has been my consistent position for twenty years now

Is anyone still stupid enough to believe the “Heritage Not Hate” slogan which Boomers thought was so clever a decade or two ago? I haven’t gone on Facebook in years. I don’t see how anyone can still possibly believe that “antiracism” ISN’T poison after the events of the last five years. It is like being a pro-free enterprise communist

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Abrief published  by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control in 2016 claimed that Southerners’ “racism” and “homophobia” may be causing high HIV rates in the South, where instances of infection are disproportionately elevated among African Americans and homosexuals. Then, moving from the sublime to the ridiculous and with contorted logic and mental gymnastics, the corrupt CDC blames “stigma” for high infection rates, not risky behavior.
Shame on you, whitey and straight people. Yet, this very same agency, the CDC, has other studies out about sexual behaviors that point to something altogether different.

Note for fuzzy thinkers: Our deductive reasoning is that heterosexuals, as a rule of thumb, have sexual contact with other heterosexuals and homosexuals with other homosexuals. Bisexuals come in contact with both genders. In our open-source research on homosexual rape of heterosexual men or vice versa, we conclude it is not that common except in prisons.
Hate to burst your bubble, perv justice warriors (PJWs). We have causa proxima data and evidence that a significantly higher number of homosexual students — relative to heterosexuals — are rapists or are being raped (by a factor of 3.29 to one), are violent towards partners (2.70 times), are promiscuous (2.69 times) and have serious drug use issues (seven to 10 times, depending on drug). The data points to a rape-violence drug subculture among homosexuals, yet where is the protest?

In addition, somehow the same agency (CDC) that did this very study feeds the SJW and PJW lies and deceit to blame white and/or straight “bigotry” for the HIV epidemic among homosexuals. You can’t make this shit up.

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The campaign manager for the town’s Republican slate of Board of Education candidates says comments she made about how “helping kids of color” has a negative impact on white children were taken out of context during a University of Connecticut education forum

Mary Beeman, the campaign manager for the group Parents for Guilford Students, made the comments last week during the UConn virtual forum on race in education

In the forum’s chat, Beeman commented, “helping kids of color to feel they belong has a negative effect on white, Christian, or conservative kids”
Beeman could not be reached for comment Thursday, but in a statement posted on Facebook, she said her remarks during the forum were “poorly worded and shown out of context”

In her statement posted on the Facebook group, Not So Simply Guilford, Beeman said her comment was in response to a statement Freeman made during the webinar about the importance of children of color fitting in

“Guilford students who may have staunch Judeo-Christian values — or simply are conservative thinkers — have been bullied into submission by their teachers and fellow students with left-leaning ideologies,” Beeman, a former Guilford Board of Education member, wrote in her statement. “Not only is diversity of thought being stifled, students are being victimized socially and emotionally because they have a different perspective”

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Critical Race Theorists are lying about Critical Race Theory and I would know, because I've read their goddamn bible, all 500 pages of it and I'm about two-thirds of the way through.

I'll be quoting extensively from this in this segment, these serpents are just going to lie to your face and pretend like their ideology is not what it seems.

I think it's an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of how the past informs the future, and, of course, that in turn should allow us to intervene and find the necessary solutions in regards to combating racial disparities.

That's not what CRT is.

Kimberly Crenshaw who wrote the introduction to this says that Critical Theory is, "An attempt by a collection of neo-Marxist intellectuals, former New Left activists, and ex-counter-culturalists in law schools to oppose the classical liberal argument that race is irrelevant to public policy." Crenshaw tells us, "With its explicit embrace of race consciousness, Critical Race Theory aims to re-examine the terms by which race and racism have been negotiated in the american consciousness, and recover and revitalize the radical tradition of race consciousness among African Americans and other People of Color, a tradition that was discarded when integration, assimilation, and the ideal of colorblindness became the official norms of racial enlightenment."

It's race supremacy for non-white people, that's what it is, and so what this leads them to is being pro-segregation, because integration is a form of black genocide. They also want to return to the separate but equal doctrine, only they want the society to be run and segregated by blacks, so it is just an inversion of the entire Democrat policy from like the 20s. That's what it essentially boils down to, it is expressly neo-Marxist in their approach, and they're very clear about this, they're crystal clear about this, so there's nothing to do about racial unfairness and it's not about racial disparities.

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[From "Why the French are not a valid “Contender” For European Hegemony compared to Prussia [Germany]"]

Make no mistake about the fact that the French indeed, are very hopeful about a return to their heydey of the Frankish Empire

This ambition today is no different than it was when the French took it upon themselves to seize every moment of time when the German Reich faced pressures or had fallen apart

French Ambitions can only be inferior to the German ones, because the French will surely only participate in the Truth or what otherwise are deemed as “Noble Ambitions” when they have monetary interests, stocks or other superficial interests invested into it, rather than an innate morality of their own

Part of what distinguishes Germany from all other Europeans by a colossal standard is that the German is willing to risk all bets and all consequences in favor of the truth, because we hold it so dearly to us
France employs Double-Agents who are actually Jews at the top of their leadership, vying for power and appeal on the level of supposedly making a “Strong France”, but surely even if a “Strong France” were to emerge, it would not be anything the likes of even their peak of the former Frankish Empire
The French can only perpetuate themselves in so far as that they can continue riding off historical falsehoods
France will one day or another have to cede Alsace-Lorraine, and any objection to it is an aberration and distraction based on the current course of political affairs
One must remember that the French are an Effeminate Race

To koniec #crackpot #psycho #racist #sexist incels.is

I unironically hate white people

Do you hate crackers?

Yes Votes: 23 52.3%

No Votes: 21 47.7%

Total voters 44

they are cucked scum of the earth

they worship foids, fucking pinkoids

When I was younger I looked up to crackers. But they got too Degenerate due to too much money/comfort over time. They are like the Eldar from Warhammer, a race too blessed and lives a life too easy.

i hated always germanic anglo french white crackers

muuhh superior race when east asians and jews have higher iq

Whites have committed many atrocities and actually have pushed some ethnic groups to extinction, but what saddens me more is that many don't know or don't give a fuck about what happened. I do get along with Whites on an individual level, but the history of the Americas, Australia and Africa infuriates me.

I hope I don't have any European blood in me, as it might imply that my female ancestor was a JBW slut or was raped.

colonialism, feminism, woman’s rights, lgbt faggots, modern entertainment, bringing blacks to America

Holy shit you niggas evi

i wish slavs, curries, pakis, east asians, SEAasians, mestizos, BLACK KINGZ massacred some cracker german, american, dane, swedish, english children

As a non white I have to ask why you hate whites/Northern Europeans

cause they think that slavs are subhuman and they bringed degeneracy to slavlands

i wish we would sterilize them


dutch cracker stealing slav women

Add drug legalisation to the list.

crackers confirmed to be subhuman

just look at subhuman faces of germanic subhumans like danes, swedes, norwegians g*rmans

and worst of them angl*s

Southern Europeans are crackers too

lol crackers think they are arabs

slavs and meds aren't white

i'm myself eastern european and i'm mongoloid warrior who will kill blonde cracker babies

Made in Heaven (“Lolipill is the Ultimate Truth”) #racist #crackpot #wingnut incels.is

JFL If one is offended by racial slurs, they simply hate their own race.

I've been visiting some Asian cope subreddits just to see how they think, and it's adorable how much self loathing Asians and Hapas have for themselves. Constant bitch fits between Asian men and Noodle whores chasing white cock. It made me realize something, that these people deep down all hate themselves and want an outlit for their anger. And they also hate being REMINDED of the race they were born into.

Why DOES an asian get angry at being called a slot-eyed manlet? Is that not what they are? An ethnic slur is just a reminder of what race one is. If one is offended by being REMINDED of their race, this just means they hate themselves. If someone called by a Turkroach or Sand Nigger I would not GAF since I am proud of my race. Meanwhile, call an African a Nigger and he will chimp out, call an Asian slant eyed and he will seethe, call a Hispanic a manlet and he will fume, call an Indian a dicklet and he will cry.

The truth is because these are all undesirable traits. Negro bones ARE ugly. Asian eyes ARE ugly. Being a manlet IS ugly. Being a dicklet IS ugly. You're seething because you're being reminded of your own subhuman genetics.:feelshaha: There's a reason there are no genuine ethnic slurs for Aryan people. How the fuck are you gonna make fun of someone with golden hair and sapphire eyes? How the fuck are you gonna make fun of someone with firey hair and emerlad eyes? How the fuck do you make fun of people with skin white like the rays of the sun or pink skin like the shine of a ruby?

[several young light-skinned children with various hair colours; file names identify them as Kurdish]

Fyi, this is also why ethnic-passing Europeans, like Anglos, Italians, Iberians, and Greeks ALSO hate being reminded of their lower rank in the whiteness heirarchy. The people below may be European, but they are still ethnic.

[several South European men, including a news article about a Cosa Nostra boss being arrested]

Prussian Society of America #sexist #racist prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Degeneracy And Degenerate Themes Among Female Musicians As An Increasing Trend/WHY WOMEN ARE DESPICABLE"]

I have been noticing these past few years, some of the horrifying Music which is being produced or otherwise re-arranged by many Female Musicians

I am not talking about “Modern Music” per se, the Degeneracy in the Modern Music is nothing new, and I understand it and where it stands

I am talking about Women behind Classical Music and other styles

And this is not about just American girls either, these are girls WORLDWIDE who are making some of the obnoxious Music and performing works of very respected Artists, and I’ve seen such girls who do this hailing from countries such as Lithuania, Georgia, and elsewhere

For one, these Female Artists seem to be obsessed with introducing Feminist and Political Messages in their Albums, and also cater to audiences which follow their Feminist and Political Values

A lot of these Musicians also seem to pursue “Jazz”, as Jazz is known as a Degenerate Music style, and they will try to introduce Children’s Music, Rock Music and other styles and incorporate it in the most haphazard, cringy and also distasteful way with the Jazz Music
I remember growing up listening to Female Musicians of all kinds, and even through the 90’s and maybe a bit into the 2000’s, I’ve never heard what kind of garbage is becoming a thing now around Women who play and sing Music
Women are becoming an increasing liability and danger around us, and despite what any Man’s opinion may be on a meatbag that is a pleasure to look at, that meatbag is destroying our civilization and the future of having future pretty meatbags to look at and have our way

It is the biggest error that Men of certain Nations, such as the English, Celts, Viking and Americans have done in the Liberation of Women, making them “equal” and giving them “rights”

Pepe Escobar & Vladimir Putin #homophobia #racist #transphobia #wingnut asiatimes.com

The world according to Vladimir Putin

Russian president, in Sochi, lays down the law in favor of conservatism – says the woke West is in decline

The plenary session is the traditional highlight of the annual, must-follow Valdai Club discussions – one of Eurasia’s premier intellectual gatherings.

Vladimir Putin is a frequent keynote speaker. In Sochi this year, as I related in a previous column, the overarching theme was “global shake-up in the 21st century: the individual, values and the state.”

The re-alignment of the balance of power presupposes a redistribution of shares in favor of rising and developing countries that until now felt left out. To put it bluntly, the Western domination of international affairs, which began several centuries ago and, for a short period, was almost absolute in the late 20th century, is giving way to a much more diverse system.

Putin made several references to freedom, to family – in his case, of modest means – and to the importance of education; he heartily praised his apprenticeship at Leningrad State University.

In parallel, he absolutely destroyed wokeism, transgenderism and cancel culture promoted “under the banner of progress.”

This is only one among a series of key passages:

We are surprised by the processes taking place in countries that used to see themselves as pioneers of progress. The social and cultural upheavals taking place in the United States and Western Europe are, of course, none of our business; we don’t interfere with them. Someone in the Western countries is convinced that the aggressive erasure of whole pages of their own history – the “reverse discrimination” of the majority in favor of minorities, or the demand to abandon the usual understanding of such basic things as mother, father, family or even the difference between the sexes – that these are, in their opinion, milestones of the movement toward social renewal.

Alexandra Bruce/Miles Guo #conspiracy #racist #wingnut forbiddenknowledgetv.net

Chinese billionaire dissident, Miles Guo says the quiet part out loud, as he describes the CCP’s vaccine plan to conquer the West.

Guo, who lives in exile in New York is the financier of the Chinese Whistleblower Movement, which broke the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop and which publishes the GTV.org and GNews.org websites. He has been correct so far in his assessments of the progress of the CCP’s Unrestricted Warfare campaign against the US.

He says the goal of vaccinating the militaries of the West is to wipe them out so China can take over and once these militaries are vaccinated, the campaign to get everybody vaccinated will end and an “antidote” will be offered that won’t save the lives of the vaccinated but it will stop them from shedding to others.

“What the CCP wants the most is to have the troops get vaccinated. Once they get vaccinated, the US military will collapse and the CCP will triumph.

“After the US troops are vaccinated, I tell you the vaccination against the CCP virus will basically be near the end…Especially when Wall Street, Hollywood celebrities, the White House and the troops are vaccinated, I can assure you there will be no vaccination issue.

“The people implementing the vaccination are soon to be finished. Those who are pushing the vaccination behind the scenes will likely have achieved their goals. Vaccination will no longer be pushed, and the antidote will be certainly offered. The antidote will pop up.

“What is the antidote for? It’s not to heal the damage brought by the vaccines, it’s to prevent you from transmitting the virus instead of a remedy for the vaccines.

“Those who were vaccinated are sentenced to death. The antidote for the vaccines is still in the hands of the CCP. Since the CCP wants you to die, how would they offer the antidote to you?

speculareffect #racist #wingnut #conspiracy speculareffect.org

Way back, I wrote this article explaining the very fact that police brutality (which is very real) isn’t race-based at all. They will fuck your white ass up, too, without hesitation.

I later wrote this article indicating that I was torn when it came to backing the blue.

Today, I no longer subscribe to the COPAGANDA and I see police officers for the violent, ZogBot, idiotic morons that they truly are.
Now, there is a marked difference between ACAB (All Cops are Bastards) and ACAR (All Cops are Racist). The latter is patently false and is a myth conjured up and perpetuated by Jews and the Jewish lamestream media. As iterated earlier, ACAB, because police brutality doesn’t give a shit about your race and they have a license to kill you.
Were we as citizens, allowed to exercise our rights under the constitution; to form or own security firms and private militia, absent the interference of the state, there would be no need for cops. Instead, we are criminalized for adhering to the constitution and are essentially told that only cops have the right to use deadly force, under any circumstances.
Abolishing the police is necessary and I do not mean this in the way BLM does, which is, niggers should be left to commit violent crimes, agress and violate others, without consequences.

Many an idiot will have the nerve to posit the argument that cops are necessary to maintain law and order. Give me a fucking break. The cops are here now and there’s still chaos.

These fucks were ordered to spitefully stand down and allow roving bands of niggers and Antifa members to destroy cities. Just as how they can and were ordered to stand down, these road pirates can and will be ordered to put their knees in your necks, if and when you refuse the death jab.

What causes these cops to act like power-tripping faggots? They usually are low IQ, emotionally unstable, mangina men, with inferiority complexes, who were unpopular in high school.

Various Commenters #elitist #racist #sexist stormfront.org

Latina shoots man who refused to kiss her in Illinois

Mom of 3 charged with murder for 'shooting man for refusing to kiss her'

I would have expected trouble from the guy named Jim Jones but he was the victim this time.

I'm just surprised James Jones could resist an offer like that from a ravishingly beautiful natural blond like here. Odd that she dies her roots brown. Must be the latest trend in Tacoland.

This woman is a walking poster child for abortion. She and her sprogs are nothing but a net drain on the lawful US taxpayer.

The guy would have to be smashed to kiss that ugly mug.

Please go on birth control or get sterilized immediately. Hope the kids don't continue the cycle.

The murderer's kids will most likely continue the cycle. Welfare trash is a lifestyle provided by those who enable them to both leech and even breed children they cannot even themselves afford. And the bums are shameless about it.

Those who should breed often do not. Those who do breed often should not have bred. Sad but true.


Many Latin women are mental.

I concur.

They will stab you (literally) and then a second after cry while professing how much they love you. This really happened to a friend of mine and he is White of Irish, Italian and Welsh stock. The sad part is he ended up marrying her. SMH. Haven't heard from him in years so I don't know their current status. Hope he ended up burying her under a concrete site.

They are jealous white people are more attractive.

(Kevin Rowe)
Long ways off from the Rio Grande, eh chica?

Looking at her nasty mugshot, now kinda understand why Mexican men drink so much tequila before they go home at night. The article sounds like she’s into girls anyway so she probably wouldn’t mind prison. Our tax dollars hard at work housing and feeling illegals.

Henry Makow PhD #racist #conspiracy #quack henrymakow.com

The goyim have been brainwashed to believe that Jews are innocent victims of gentile persecution and bigotry.

They are not told that Jews are the victim of other Jews -- the Sabbatean (Illuminati) Jews or Cabalists who use them as pawns, human shields and satanic sacrifices.

"Anti Semitism is indispensable to us for the management of our lesser brethren," say the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (9-2) a "forgery" that reads like the blueprint of the New World Order unfolding today.

Zionists and Communist Jews are Sabbbatean Jews or satanists. They hate Torah Jews and have conspired against them for more than 300 years. I am tired of hearing that some Jews are wonderful human beings. These are not the Sabbateans.

The Holocaust is the finest example of Sabbateans sacrificing other Jews to achieve their goal of a Jewish state, the future capital of their dystopian New World Order. Thus, Zionists have no compunction about sacrificing Israelis to the covid GMO "vaccine" especially if it makes people think "covid" is not a Jewish plot.

The Illuminati consist of Sabbatean Jews and their Gentile Freemason flunkies. Sabbateans are chameleons taking on the identity of their targets, destroying them from within.

Ordinary Jews are the scapegoats for their Satanist brothers who are imposing madness on humanity. Do these Jewish dupes deserve this fate? Yes because they have been indifferent to what Organized Jewry (Sabbateans) is doing in their name.

Zionist bankers funded the Nazi Party. It is an outrage that Israel claims to represent Jews and accuses its opponents of "anti-Semitism."

This may explain why Zionists are poisoning Jews with vaccines in Israel today.

There is an unrecognized schism in the Jewish people, where heretics (Sabbateans) have exterminated the mainstream and taken control of the remnant through Zionism and Communism. Yet, due to the anti Semitism organized by them, Jews mistakenly cling to their leadership. They are being crucified like everyone else.

Notorious Inkler #dunning-kruger #elitist #pratt #psycho #racist incels.is


Well that's a new one

Isnt your skin white too?

He is pissed off because he is just a Polack. Slavs are literally the slave race off rich european countries. 70% of all prostitutes are from EE and they suck dicks for practically pocket change. The vast majority of EE men work minimum wage (or at least low paying) manual labor jobs.

However, this thread is just low quality bait, but I give him a bump for the effort anyway.

Is that why Putin hates the west?

Could be idk.

Have you enjoyed some of that slav pussy for pocket change

Yes and I only paid 50€. She was a solid 8/10 and I coomed on her tits without paying extra. She was also really friendly.

Brutal ngl

It's the truth. The funny thing is that soys will use this as an argument to justify immigration, but they simultaneously admit that immigrants are nothing more than modern SLAVes. I'm so glad that McDonald's introduced those touch screen panels to order and pay your food because I don't have to interact with some low IQ immigrant anymore.

slav's seem to cope a lot with masc stuff, white knighting, and other thugmaxxing stuff. seems like the lower iq you are, the more likely you are to thugmaxx

damn. and to think tesla was a slav

Yeah, there are always exceptions to the rule. This post wasn't just an insult, it's literally the truth.

lol your future is just as bleak as slavs once your will run of wealth, future is painted with chink colours

Keep coping, Polack. You are the slave race of Europe and this will be the case until the day I die

you were raped by slavs literally just like your pathetic nation at fall of the berlin

Few foids were raped by slavs 70 years ago. So what? EE is a shithole. We lost two world wars but we're still the economic powerhouse of europe. You made this thread at 3:40am local time. Do you even have job? I could get you one. 10€/h in a brothel, cleaning rooms.

Daniel Baranowski #wingnut #racist #conspiracy americaoutloud.com

Imagine if the Federal government, the Teacher’s Unions, the National School Boards Association, National Council on Family Relations, Democrat Party, Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, the National Media, including all social media platforms, and Radical Progressives in Congress focused their time and efforts on scolding Black Americans that “Blackness” is at the core of American “Racism?”

What if they insisted a person can be “Black” without giving in to “Blackness?” What if they demanded Blacks give up their misplaced Black Supremacy, including their Black Privilege & Black Fragility. After all, they dominate most amateur and professional sports in America and much of the entertainment industry.

So you ask, why would the so-called Progressive Left do such a thing! Wouldn’t this be completely opposite of what they believe and preach? Well, yes it would be. But for the Left, political ideologies are like clothes; when the weather changes, so do their dressing habits. If they thought a 180-degree change in ideology is what they needed to win and stay in power, they’d turn so fast you’d likely suffer a severe whiplash by just watching.

So, in ten years, who’s to say that the Left won’t change their minds on Whiteness versus Blackness?” But for now, The Democrats have moved so far Left that if the political world were indeed flat, they’re as far Left as they can go before falling into a dark and endlessly deep abyss.
Because Whites are the majority race in America, the Democrats are doing everything in their power to topple their numerical position. They attack White people, who, through no fault of their own, are White, not Black, Brown, or any other racial skin color.

President Biden’s efforts to conquer Whiteness is second only to insisting every American must be vaccinated against COVID-19. If Dr. Anthony Fauci could develop a vaccine against Whiteness, this preposterous drug would also be a top-listed mandatory injection.

Prussian Society of America #conspiracy #psycho #racist #sexist prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com


There are numerous agents all around us who have been trying to deprogram you and everyone else from fighting back. Suggesting things like “Non-Violent Action” in every form
While it may seem like government agents would be more likely to encourage you to commit violence, the contrary is actually true when it comes to large-scale schemes which have civilization-changing implications
Part of the problem with the general populations, is that they do not understand or see the world from the viewpoint of the Intelligence Agencies, because either they are always thinking the government agents will always use more aggressive tactics to trap them
In terms of civil wars and disobedience, they have much larger implications, and the controllers of this world have needed much time and patience to get their ducks in a row and use all kinds of means of programming people to not fight back
Intelligence Agencies throughout the world, know YOU better than you know yourself
Most people even if aware of things that the controllers do not want them to know, they are still Programmed Automatons without souls, therefore they are not mobilized for action or putting up a fight, because money and their reputation among others is at stake
These Agents who promote Non-Violence often resort to using “Religious Dogma” or putting a “Religious Twist” onto things, especially the Christian religion
It is also no coincidence that for example, Dr. Anthony Fauci is a Jesuit Agent
Most people are so detached from reality that they do not understand why a Civil War is Necessary even before all of this Racial Obsession coming from Non-Caucasians, and the COVID Agenda began
A Civil War has been INEVITIBLE for many Decades between Men and Women

levitation #crackpot #dunning-kruger #racist #sexist #transphobia ovarit.com

Why do anime and hentai turn so many white people trans?

Anime is popular with all races. It's a worldwide phenomenon at this point. So why the fuck are the overwhelming majority of weebs that try to literally become underage anime characters of the opposite sex the white ones?? No other demographic allows hentai to warp their brains to this extent.

It's seriously ridiculous. Almost every white TIM wears thigh highs and cat ears and talks about literally being a teenage anime girl. A majority of white TIFs had a yaoi phase that never ended, and fetishize kpop boys like they're their favorite anime characters.

I'm white so this might be just my experience, but I've noticed that a majority of trans people with anime obsessions and a hentai addiction are white. Of course any person who watches a lot of hentai is highly likely to be a perverted weirdo, but it's not like hikikomori Japanese men are turning TIM at such high rates or citing the cat boy from Re:Zero as their transition goals. Am I going crazy or is this as weird as I think it is?

I think it's the fact that white-people-culture is so tremendously individualistic and self-focussed. They're looking at content that's often created for escapism. People who are well-integrated into their communities and families know how to balance the occasional escapist fantasy with the demands of living within the social order. Western weebs who spend all their time in front of a screen, immersing themselves in escapist and sexual content to the point of obsession, well, not so much.

That makes a lot of sense. I've also noticed that not many socially well-adjusted people transition, except in cases of group contagion with teenage girls.

ChristianZen #dunning-kruger #racist reddit.com

RE: ‘Eastern European discrimination awareness’ part 6.

What’s the point of this? Some people are dicks but that’s nothing new.

To bring awareness to problems in Europe that are worth solving?

Then why title it "east european bla"? Are you aware that we all have to deal with bias? That is in fact how our brains work, thinking in boxes. Not easy to overcome.

A lot of people commenting thanked me for posting this. Also, there were people saying they got PTSD, depression, low confidence due to all the discrimination they have experienced. The problem is very real.

And now what? You want a east-block history and awareness month in all schools over the world? People walking with candles and forming human chains? "Hand in hand for eastern lands"? Benefit concerts?

When will people learn to grow the fuck up. React in the very situation. Actually step up for yourselves. If you do that, i promise you won’t have to deal with ptsd

Local man baffles doctors, invents incredible new method to remove mental trauma by "Just toughening up bro"

Everyone says this until they get the shit beaten out of them once and their minds change. I’ve had my moment. I hope you are protected enough by those around you that you’ll never be in that position. The world simply isn’t that black and white.

I just don’t deal with shit people. If somebody calls me slurs because of resentments against my country of origin then i know that this person is trash. But when i see an option that they are just stupid, then i try to educate them (like a grown up). This is all im saying.

Listen, the only appropriate reaction is “oh yeah, that should not be happening in a europe we’re trying to build”. I would really like you to be stepping up when getting consistently literally zero callbacks after applying to over 700 entry level positions after obtaining a master’s degree unless it’s a cleaning or construction work.

Were i live this doesn’t applies.

itisamuh #psycho #racist mmo-champion.com

Well I don't see why it's illegal, or even taboo for that matter. I'd call a brother and sister hooking up less weird than old and young people getting together, or even interracial relationships, and a hell of a lot less weird than homosexuality. Since all of those things aren't really all that frowned upon by our society anymore, there's no legitimate reason for this to be either. I may not like it, but standards are thrown out the window these days. This might as well be okay too, as long as they're both adults or, if not, similar in age. It should be discouraged, yes, but not illegal.

Prussian Society of America #crackpot #conspiracy #racist #wingnut prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Mathematics is Not Creative, It is a Man-Made Scourge and a Tool used by the Luciferians"]

The Information Age that we live in has also perhaps been one of the most Intellectually-obsessed Era that we live in, where the focus on Intelligence has been one of worship, rather than reverence

As such, Intelligence is “misplaced” and to a point where there is no longer any kind of Real Intelligence, because the Truest Intelligence first comes from Intuition and Wisdom

However, Modern Western Civilization rejects the notions of Intuition, and it also is not very keen on applying Wisdom. At least not in real application
Material is necessary for our survival, and I have no qualms against monumental figures being Mathematics, such as Blaise Pascal, however this Individual is a great exception in the fact that he possessed much wisdom and also the spirit to not become blind-sighted by Mathematics[…]It was his Philosophical Side which pioneered his knack for Invention and his proficiency in Mathematics, rather than the other way
Today, Mathematics is a cut and dry, calculating and Luciferian Agenda

People who think only by the means by Mathematics are essentially Evil and Calculating Cowards
Numerous youth who attend Universities in the Modern Era, actually believe that Mathematics is “Creative”, and the person who speaks this nonsense is as foolish as the one who worships the Tree Branch more than they do the Sweet Red Apple that hangs from it
The person who thinks ALL LOGICALLY and the person who thinks ALL EMOTIONALLY are both equally savage in nature

The entirely logical archetype, being represented by the Jew, while the entirely logical archetype being represented by the Negro
Mathematics has also permitted the Mass populations around the world to permit the COVID Tyranny and their Initiation into the Cult

Henry Makow PhD/E. Michael Jones #conspiracy #racist #sexist #wingnut #homophobia #transphobia #fundie henrymakow.com

In "A Goy Guide to World History" Part 4, a handful of thinkers describe how satanist Jews (Communists) have systematically attacked and dismantled the Christian social fabric.

These Jews were taught that this is necessary to prevent anti-Semitism, which they were told is irrational and a mental illness.

In the 45 minute documentary, E. Michael Jones, editor of Culturewars, explains how Satanism inverts truth. Evil is good. False is true. Sick is healthy. Thus Jews (Organized Jewry) who hate Gentiles are the "persecuted victims" while Gentiles who defend themselves are "haters" and mentally ill. Homosexuality is healthy while the nuclear family is sick.

Jones, the author of a dozen books, explains that Western Civilization is built on the belief in Logos, i.e. the Moral Order, God.

Logos uses Ethos (Will) to restrain and guide Pathos (Passions.)

Satanist Jews interpret any restraint on lust as Christian. In fact, Jones explains that, as the terms imply, Western Civilization is based on this Greek principle.

Take away Logos and Ethos, and Pathos runs amuck. You have Satanism i.e. Cabalist Judaism. "Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." This is the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit which Jones believes will destroy society.
As satanic possession, Communism takes many forms. When it failed to mobilize the worker to revolt, it morphed into feminism and mobilized women. Communist Jews promoted sexual "liberation" and "LGT rights" to undermine gender, marriage and family. They promoted multiculturalism and mass migration to undermine race and culture. Satanist Jews always find a fissure to pack a stick of dynamite. Blow up Syria and inundate Europe for example. Civilization must fail so their hegemony will succeed.

Benjamin Fulford #crackpot #racist #conspiracy #wingnut benjaminfulford.net

The owners of the US Corporation and stage managers of the fake Biden presidency appear doomed after their $150 trillion plan to stave off bankruptcy was rejected by Asian secret societies. The West now faces a period of extreme turbulence as the Khazarian mafia fights to survive before their bankruptcy becomes official in early December, MI6 and Asian secret society sources say.

What happened was, when the KM met with Chinese government representatives at a Zurich Airport hotel on October 7th,(see last week’s report for details), the KM used a combination of threats and promises to be “good from now on” to buy a few weeks more time. The Chinese side then took back to their bosses a $5 trillion per year, 30-year, $150 trillion proposal “to fight global warming.”

The Asians were warned by MI6 that “Climate change is a money-laundering operation, it is the collapse of the US sovereign debt…it is yet another guise to hide the fact the Federal Reserve Board families are bankrupt.”
However, Asian and Western secret societies have already agreed in principle to a plan for what happens after the KM is removed. The plan presented to the Pentagon, the British Commonwealth, the Asian Elders and the Russians is as follows:

Plan for USA version 2.0

The United States Corporation is bankrupt. The Federal Reserve Board of St. Louis and others say it has over $200 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities. The debt has risen exponentially over the past several years. Attempts to kick the can down the road are mathematically doomed. The only choice is a formal declaration of bankruptcy. When a corporation goes bankrupt, even a big corporation, new management is brought in to take over the still viable parts of the bankrupt entity.

However, in this case, we are dealing not only with the bankruptcy of the USA. We are dealing with the bankruptcy of mostly European aristocratic families who own the UN, the BIS, the IMF, the World Bank etc

Various Commenters #dunning-kruger #racist amren.com

(Chad Wuotan)
I had believed in the idea of diversity. I saw ethnocentricity as the evil that hindered us from living in a multicultural utopia. That to simply “not judge people by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” was all that was needed for racism to disappear and everyone to live in harmony. I learned that this principle sounds nice in theory, but in practicality, it is impossible. Moreover, that wasn’t really what people wanted.

Each of the ethnic student unions called only for increased ethnic pride and solidarity. All of my non-white friends actively embraced their heritage and took pride in their skin color. To embrace racial identity for them was heroic and encouraged. For whites, it was racist and deplorable. Preaching the value of racial diversity to others while pursuing ethnocentrism for themselves was hypocritical at best.

(Grace And Panic)
There’s that phrase again, “judge people by the content of their character not the color of their skin.” To me, this sounds like an admission from MLK the black community is full of bad characters with the exception of a few. The author here also said it was ok for his nonwhite friends to embrace their culture and skin color but not whites. That about sums up that futile statement about “the content of character.”

(Son of the 1st Revolution)
People often misinterpret MLK. He wanted his kids judged by the content of their character. He never said to judge white people by the contents of their character.

(Vox Nihili)
Most whites embrace the concept of judging others as individuals. The problem is other races don't want that anymore, if they ever really did. They support their own regardless of poor behavior, and they dislike whites as a group.

(Jack McGriff)
Content of character was NEVER taken seriously, and that's why it was never mentioned again or cultivated within the negroid race.

It is all about skin color. 100%.

Skin color is your uniform, like it or not.

Jared Taylor #dunning-kruger #elitist #racist #wingnut amren.com

Evolution Goes into Reverse

In the West, up until the 19th century, rich, powerful men had a lot of children. The top guys probably had good qualities, so when they had a lot of children, the population was improved.

This began to change in the 1870s. Western countries set up welfare programs so that poor people could have children and not starve.

When people with above average traits have fewer children than people with below average traits, evolution goes into reverse.

And it’s definitely happening. This recent paper from Britain is called “Human Capital Mediates Natural Selection in Contemporary Humans.” That’s a fancy way of saying evolution is affected by the traits of people who have children.

The paper used a sample of 400,000+ white people in Britain, and compared the number of children they had to the traits they had — good and bad — as shown by their polygenic scores.


The next generation will have more of the traits to the right of the dotted line, and fewer of those to the left.

The traits most rapidly spreading in the next generation are ADHD, smoking, extraversion, high BMI, and large waist circumference.

To the left are the traits that are being bred out, and at the bottom, being bred out most rapidly, are three measures of intelligence.

The authors of the study are blunt: Consistently over time, polygenic scores associated with lower earnings, education, and health are selected for, and higher earnings, education and better health are selected against.


If this keeps up, Westerners will degenerate to the point that society collapses, there is no more welfare, and evolution will resume its normal direction. Ordinary folks know that the children of most people on welfare are going to be a drag on society. If they had a chance, I bet a lot would vote to give all welfare recipients implantable contraceptives.

speculareffect #wingnut #homophobia #racist #conspiracy speculareffect.org

The sheep spend their entire lives fearing the wolf, only to be eaten by the shepherd.

Leaf faggot, Justin Trudeau mandates vaccines for everyone who wants to travel by train or plane.

Canadians attempting to escape the impending Communist hammer and sickle that are about to drop and sweep their heads off of their necks, won’t be able to. They are trapped!

Get ready folks. Our turn is next.

Canadians, listen well, for your own good: rope and branches! Like it’s Europe in the middle ages all over again. Start with that faggot, Trudeau.
All you city slickers, still kicking back in NYC and other major metropolitan areas; I told you to leave. If you haven’t yet, I hope you’ve prepared for the worst.

Resistance is futile!

All the time for logical arguments and reason is over! Time for self preservation and that means, by any means necessary!

It’s getting worse by the day. Not just in Canada, but in the USA, as well.

Trudeau is a very evil homosexual who is trying desperately to destroy Canada. He is Klaus Shwab’s agent of anal chaos and holds a very high profile in the World Economic Forum. Again, he wants desperately to destroy Canada. He said himself, that Canada will be the first nation of the new UN.
Look here, fellow netizens; we are going into full-fledged Communism in the west and Canada is on the precipice. Now I know there a certain places around the world that you might say, “Well, look it’s getting better in Sweden and it’s getting better in a lot of different places”. Maybe things are going well, for now and that may be true, but in those places (((they))) might do something major to set them as an example. In places like Sweden, where they lifted all restrictions; prepare for false flag events.

Everything is on the table folks. Nothing is outside the reach of the powers that be. A lot of people are going to die. A lot.

It is time to get violent!

Various Commenters #pratt #racist amren.com

RE: Jason Whitlock Attacks Obama, Tells Tucker Carlson Former President ‘Rejects the White Side of His Family’


BlazeTV host Jason Whitlock made a baffling comment about former President Barack Obama on Fox News Thursday night.

I saw that last night. It was only "baffling" to Josh Feldman of Mediaite.

A bi-racial man with a white mom, who demonizes the white race, has serious Oedipal issues. Freud would have been salivating at the prospect of analyzing him.

If there is so much white privilege why does bi-racial Obama identify as black?

Maybe because “white” Obama could not have gotten into Harvard. Undergrad or law school.

He certainly would not have been President if he was considered white.

(A. Ryan)
This is nothing new as there are plenty of examples of mulattoes rejecting their white side. This is probably for the best because black genetic traits are dominant, and they wouldn't pass as white in society. If any person is to blame, it is Barack's mother for being a mudshark.

Barry's race-hustling career was 100% based on affirmative action, so it's logical he'd self identify as a Negro

Actually all American blacks should thank the slavers who brought their ancestors here. But, they won’t.


I’ve often noticed this attitude seems pretty common among mulattoes for some reason. Talk about ungrateful.

Halle Berry is a good example of this. She said her award was for all of "the nameless, faceless, women of color. Her white mother who raised her solely by herself, was sitting in front of her in the first row of of the auditorium. Her black father was never in the picture.

(Occidentale Lumen)
The half-breeds are among the worst. Obama is archetypal.

As a symptom of our plight, there is now no status to be gained for a mixed-race person to claim or even acknowledge the White side. We have become moral pariahs in our own land.

Which is why we need a new one. All our own.

Various Commenters #racist #wingnut amren.com


A former African slave is telling Black Lives Matter and Critical Race Theory advocates that they need to go back to school to understand what is happening in Africa today and to learn that the United States offers them unique opportunities that they are unlikely to find elsewhere.

Bol Gai Deng is a former slave and South Sudan presidential candidate.

“I believe Black Lives Matter does not understand what is going on in Africa, they don’t know what is going on around the world,” Deng explained.

The people who write the big checks for blm know exactly what’s going on over there and profit just as much from it as they do the stupidity of American blacks.

(Robert Kelly)
If white men disappeared from the face of the Earth, slavery would make a roaring comeback. Women's rights would be next on the chopping block.

(Curse of Ham)
Ironically it is suffrage and allowing Blacks to be our equals that has detsroyed us.

Whites ended slavery not invented it, as simple as that.

That is a great succinct answer to anyone on the anti White band wagon.


I hear that a lot of African blacks have a lot of contempt for American blacks. Is that true?

They consider them lazy.

Same in the Caribbean and West Indies. There was even a public service TV commercial: don't hate American blacks, don't call them lazy, it's racist, etc. I saw it on local television there.

They consider them to be a bunch of whiners and that they've wasted opportunities given to them, etc. The standard of living Americans blacks enjoy is light years ahead of what nearly any African has.

(Ivbin band)
The standard of living American blacks have today is higher than the standard of living that I experienced growing up in the 1950s and 1960s. Even the most poverty-ridden black "family" has food on the table (unless the money is spent on drugs, vice and alcohol) and air conditioning. Every black should thank God every day that his/her ancestors were brought here.

Transcended Trucel #racist #sexist incels.is

If your ethnic, don't read your history!

Seriously don't! I started reading about curry history especially the history past the 1500s and it is humiliating as fuck. Don't read that shit. It will damage your mental health. Don't learn your ancestral history. Literally the last 500 years of ethnic history is low IQ shitskin infighting and getting mogged and humiliated by whites. It is extremely humiliating. The more I read, the more enraged and disgusted I become.

Only ethnics who have done well or at least can be proud to some degree are East Asians(China/Japan/Korea). Every other nonwhite has horrible humiliating history. Their nations are complete shitholes, and the more you read about their history, the sadder and more disappointed you become.

Here are some examples of how far curries fell:

The Mughal Empire had a thriving industrial manufacturing economy, with India producing about 25% of the world's industrial output up until 1750, making it the most important manufacturing center in international trade.

Guess what it is today? 3.5%. Brutally humiliated. Just FUCKING lol. 1/7 the world population yet <1/15 the wealth.

Another ethnic nation for some more diversity that has fallen hard is Brazil.

In the 1850s, Brazil was a wealthy nation who could compete with eurocucks.

Brazilian economic growth, especially after 1850, compared "very well" with that of with the United States and the European countries, according to the historian Boris Fausto. Brazil in the last year of the monarchy was a “prosperous and [internationally] respected” country, according to historian Oliveira Lima.

But in the end brazil is 50% nigger mutts and still became a shithole.

Ethnic history is beyond humiliating and enraging. Reading this shit is not good for my mental health. Don't read this shit! Knowing less = more when it comes to ethnic history especially for the last 500 years. I fucking regret reading up on this. It is so despair inducing beyond words can express.

Muhammad Harub #fundie #psycho #racist israelnationalnews.com

The Tel Aviv District Attorney's Office filed an indictment in the city district court today against Muhammad Harub, 20, a Palestinian from Judea and Samaria, for a terrorist act of attempted murder, a terrorist act of causing serious injury and illegal entry into Israel.

According to the indictment. on the eve of Yom Kippur the defendant stabbed a man in Jaffa with a screwdriver, believing he was of Jewish descent.

Prosecutor Adv. Noa Bar stated that the defendant decided to murder a person of Jewish descent out of nationalist-ideological motives and in order to arouse fear or panic in the public.

"For this purpose, on September 15, 2021, on the eve of Yom Kippur, the defendant equipped himself with a screwdriver and entered Israeli territory without a permit. In the afternoon, the defendant arrived in Jaffa and began searching for a potential victim to carry out his plan. The defendant, who believed that the complainant was a person of Jewish descent, approached him without the victim noticing, shouted at him at him in Arabic 'Jew, Jew', slammed a bottle of water next to him, and stabbed him with the screwdriver in his upper body, with the intention of causing his death," the indictment reads.

It further states that "during the incident the complainant told the defendant in Arabic that he was an Arab and not a Jew, but the defendant ignored his words and continued to stab him. The defendant's actions caused the complainant serious injuries, he was rushed to the hospital, hospitalized and needed surgery."

Along with the indictment, a request was submitted to detain Muhammad Harub until the end of the proceedings against him.

Tom Shackleford #wingnut #conspiracy #racist identitydixie.com

[From "Critical Crime Theories"]

Crime in America was pretty bad when I was a kid but the issue wasn’t sugar coated. There was a whole entertainment genre themed: We need somebody to get rough with this scum
I grew up in a mid-sized Southern city that had seen better days just like Times Square. Our downtown was gentrified from a place with a smut shop (owned by an old guess who) and a bunch of rundown buildings into an area with trendy condos, shops, bars and restaurants

The residential properties are still okay but the retail is in sharp decline as shootings from the nearby projects have migrated into these locations. As SWPL as the transplants who snap the condos up tend to be, they’re still wary of catching a stray round while browsing for clothes
A sharp contrast between then and now is the lack of self-efficacy that defines the grievances of Heritage Americans about crime. In the past, cinema would cater to our displeasure and politicians would have to do something real about it

The point of movies these days is to replace white male protagonists or at least insert disjointed diversity into remakes[…]The agenda of politicians and prosecutors is a comprehensive reversal of all the progress made in the 90’s while simultaneously persecuting political dissidents and ordinary people who defend themselves

My question is where are they taking all of this?
An end goal that’s theoretically feasible? Not so much

I suspect this is why dissidents trying to conceptualize everything systemically often narrow down to the most terrifying dystopian possibilities
If there’s no political will to fix the problem, the practical mechanisms for addressing the problem are being dismantled[…]render much of the country ungovernable, maybe they’re letting it happen because they’ve got a more comprehensive solution in mind. By “they,” I’m not referring to the politicians

Jared Taylor #racist #wingnut amren.com

Enjoy Columbus Day While You Can

Columbus used to be a hero because he brought white people and Western Civilization to the New Word, but now that makes him a great villain.

I have a better name for the holiday, which preserves the tradition of giving credit to a single man, in this case, an “indigenous person” named Opechancanough. He became chief of the Jamestown colony’s Indian neighbors when his older brother, Powhatan, died. Under Powhatan, whose favorite daughter had married an Englishman, there was peace.

Opechancanough was different. In 1622, he hatched a plot to exterminate every white man, woman, and child. The main population at Jamestown got wind of the plot, but even so, Opechancanough’s men managed to kill about 400 whites, or one-third of the colonists. The Indians had special consideration for George Thorpe, who had tried harder than any other colonial leader to be kind to Indians. In the words of a contemporary, they “did so many barbarous despights and foule scornes after to his dead corpse, as are unbefitting to be heard by any civill eare.”

The slaughter began a year-long war with the Indians, but Opechancanough sued for peace. Amazingly, in 1644, he ordered an identical sneak attack, and managed to kill between 400 and 500 English. This time, the colonists went on to kill so many Indians, including him, that two years later, the Virginia General Assembly noted with satisfaction that the natives were “so routed and dispersed that they are no longer a nation, and we now suffer only from robbery by a few starved outlaws.”

Opechancanough was a patriot and freedom fighter, a defender of his people against the rapacious white man. Rather than celebrating a tame abstraction — indigenous people — let us celebrate a hero who, not just once but twice, tried to save his tribe, his land, and his way of live by exterminating the hated white man. And Opechancanough is exactly the kind of alien, unpronounceable name that best stands for the America of the future.

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Blacks have impacted our society in negative ways. Systemic racism is the current alibi for black failure when there is no evidence of racial discrimination. Whites and Orientals are discriminated against with affirmative action policies.

Blacks are not innocent victims of irrational white hostility. By every objective, measurable criteria blacks tend to be significantly less intelligent than whites. Blacks have an illegitimacy rate that is over twice the white rate, and a murder rate that is nearly eight times the white rate.

Those who blame these facts about the Negro race on white racism cannot explain why black rates of crime and illegitimacy have risen since 1964, when the Civil Rights Act was signed, and when the War on Poverty was declared. They cannot explain why black academic performance has improved very little, despite expensive government spending programs like Head Start and No Child Left Behind.

Speaking of white racism, no one should be surprised that a race that is accurately associated with low intelligence, crime, and sexual irresponsibility arouses feelings of hostility. I have known many Orientals and Hispanics. I have never known one who liked blacks. For economic reasons immigrants often need to live in or near black neighborhoods. They do not like what they see. They do not feel guilty about it.

Intellectual standards are reduced for blacks in order to achieve a student body or a work force that "looks like America."

The average black IQ in the United States is 85. For whites the average is 100. It is not possible to achieve anything close to equity without lowering standards for blacks. Because affirmative does not increase the number of opportunities, lowering standards for blacks means raising them for whites, and for Orientals, whose average IQ is 106.

I have worked with blacks who owed their presence to affirmative action. Their inferiority was noticed and resented by white co workers.

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China's Communist Party Formally Embraces Assimilationist Approach to Ethnic Minorities

Quiet changes to education policy, personnel in minority regions follow Xi's call for forging of a 'collective consciousness'

Communist China is ditching minority appeasement to create a unified national culture. Some provinces aim to abolish Reservation/Affirmative Action by 2026

Meanwhile here in Viśvaguru, we’re obsessed w caste-bank politics & welfare schemes that hurt poor general castes

Indian Communists would decry this exact same move as “fashizm” if it were done in India, btw. That’s why I do not take these jokers seriously.

Bruh you shill for China lol

No. I want to enact policies similar to China in India. I have no interest in wanting us to become Chinese puppets. I support balancing in both SCO/BRICS and the Quad. How is that shilling?

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[From "The Fruit is Still Rotten"]

I think that the focus on increased non-White immigration is an example of the Dissident Right putting the cart before the horse. This is especially true of the European Right[…]While immigration is certainly a grave problem, it is ultimately not the root of the West’s issues, but rather its fruit. The existential challenge the West faces is a loss of faith in its identity and history, this primarily started in the wake of the Great War and has grown rapidly since the end of World War II
Immigration certainly is a problem[…]Even without immigration, the West would still be in dire straits[…]The West[…]is in a crisis not so much because of foreign immigration, but because a large section of its native population no longer cares if their civilization continues
This is why I tend to hold so-called Far Right politicians like Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders at arm’s length[…]There is a reason why I’m suspicious of them, instead of being an avid fan of Viktor Orbán of Hungary and Andrzej Duda of Poland. The problem with Le Pen and Wilders is that they are, ultimately, defending secular Europe and not Christian Europe
The biggest difference between them, and the rest of secular Europe, is regarding the inherent conflict with Islam and Europe. With Islam, they are honest that a secular society cannot have a large population of Muslims[…]Le Pen’s France is the France of Voltaire, not the France of St. Louis IX
Mass non-European immigration assures that the West never can recover – or, at the very least, makes recovery much more difficult. Without immigration, Europe would still be in a deep spiritual crisis[…]That crisis would eventually end, a new generation would rise up and cast off the baggage of the World Wars with renewed faith in their own civilization

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Unnecessarily my fucking ass.

50,000 native kids aren’t in care outside of reserves because guilty white liberals want them there — they’re there because 50,000 native kids have piss poor parents that can’t even look after themselves due to a variety of issues.

Of course the native industrial complex in Canada will tell you that the parents are bad because of ‘residual damage from residential schools’, which is a major cop-out; quickly followed by the demand for more funds from whitey as repetitions for things and stuff.

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We came here and created a blank slate. We birthed a nation from nothing," he continued. "I mean, there was nothing here. I mean, yes, we have Native Americans but candidly there isn't much Native American culture in American culture. It was born of the people who came here pursuing religious liberty to practice their faith, to live as they ought to live, and have the freedom to do so.

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Barack Obama and his links to cannibalism

When the Obama's last visited Kenya, his relatives had a big feat prepared for their arrival.
Halfway thru the meal Barack Obama's youngest daughter turned to her mother and declared loudly;
"I don't like daddys auntie."
Michelle Obama said; "OK, but at least eat your veggies."

This raises many questions about Barack Obama. Is Barack Obama a cannibal ?

Obama has publicly admitted while being raised as a Muslim in Indonesia he ate dogs.

Barack Obama father was a Marxist Kenyan and when Barack Obama was born as a native born American, he was also born as a British subject and a citizen of Kenya which under Kenyan law, Obama is still a Kenyan citizen. Barack Obama is 1/2 Kenyan and 1/2 red diaper baby on his mother side.

Cannibalism is part of the Kenyan culture and still widely practiced in Kenya. It's in the blood of all Kenyans.

Even Kenyan immigrants in the United States have been arrested and convicted of cannibalism in America.

So what are they actually cooking in the White House kitchen ?

What are the Obama's actually brewing in the White House in which they claim to be beer. What kind of beer ?

While Christian Crusaders were waging war in the Holylands against barbaric Muslims almost a thousand years ago, Obama's ancestors were feasting on human flesh.

Today while Muslims in the name of Islam are beheading Christians in Iraq and Syria, what's Obama feasting on tonight ?

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[From "What Happened to Strong White Men?"]

As I am writing this piece, I am at a pub in a suburb that is north of Atlanta[…]As I sit here, I am surrounded by exceedingly soft White men, wearing jerseys that venerate black athletes, and cheering on teams for a sport that literally opens with the black national anthem. This begs the question: what happened to strong White men?
The soft jowls of the men around me betray exceeding amounts of estrogen in their diets. They do not seem to notice the beautiful girls at the bar – behind it or sitting beside them. They are dialed into the fast black guys
What happened to our sense of self? When did we sacrifice our masculinity for the sake of placating a feminized world?
Today, that same people sit at bars and worship black athletes who have established their own anthem in a country that was conceived and built by White people

Where are the strong White men? Whereas some are in the military, I have seen none who have taken a brave stance against Covid vaccinations and leftist governmental overreach
When someone asks, “Why are so many White women dating black men?” look around you. Those White women have been taught the feminist definition of masculinity[…]Those White women have been groomed on a healthy diet of Mandingoes and soy boys – the latter does not appeal to their genetically ingrained desire for protection, thus they gravitate to the former

If you have read this far, take an honest assessment of yourself. What are you doing to promote White masculinity?
Do you want to make a real difference? Embrace masculinity. Put down the video game, dial down your sports worship, wake up early in the morning, make your bed, go to work, provide, and embrace masculinity to the fullest. Your people are depending on you

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These Are Real Civilizational States: China, Russia, Japan, Korea (One) and Singapore.

Countries that have Potential to become Civilizational States: Egypt, India, Turkey, Brazil and Mexico.

Countries with no Potential to become Civilizational States: All Western Countries.

Isn't Russia part of the West ? White, European origin, Christian.

I don't want to get into Genetics but Slavs aren't/weren't considered White by many (ex: Nazi Germany). Stalin didn't consider himself as a White Person but rather an Arab. Russia is better considered as Euro-Asian Hybrid IMO.

Not Greece?

Greece recently had a Huge Debt Crisis which went for 8 Years and is having a Falling Population, so I don't consider it one.

Things in Mind when considering Civi-States
1. Competence of Governance
2. Keeping Marginalized Communities at Bay.
3. Economy
4. Education
5. Portrayal of Country to Foreigners
6. Promotion of History and Culture.
7. Respect for Ancestors
8. Mix of Traditionalism and Modernity

China - a civilizational state? CCP has done everything in its power to erase its history and heritage before 1949.

Not at all, China is promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine on the World Stage, India is not even promoting Ayurveda. Xi proudly claimed in front of Trump that China has 5,000 Years History. They still respect their Emperors, Have Banned Christian Missionaries and Confucianism is making a Comeback.

Why are Brazil and Mexico on the list? Bolivia is a country whose current ruling party seems to like its Pagan past. Mexico and Brazil? Not so sure.

Brazil & Mexico have growing Economies as well as Competent Leadership (AMLO in Mexico is Left-Wing and Nationalist while Bolsonaro is literally plotting a Coup Next Year).

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As much as I want to believe cities are dysgenic a visit to a rural PA grocery store is a reminder that everywhere is in its own way

Why is everyone so fucking ugly

(Your Humble)
People like to make it out like an agrarian versus industrial thing, but any post paleo diet is going to be dysgenic

(Yung Boomer)
Don’t tell #trad macho redneck rural twitter I said this: Republicans from blue states ought to colonize flyover country with pretty art hoe gfs.

Pennsylvania doesn’t have great looking people.

(Weimerica's Revenge)
America is a genetic toilet where all of the worlds pure bloodlines come to be flushed down the pipes together. Guess who was the one to coin the term "melting pot"

(Besta Posta M.D.)
It’s a class thing. Go to a ritzy area and everyone is beautiful. I used to go see my dad for two weeks every summer in his beach town. I remember the first year I got back and my mother took me to wal mart for weekly shopping and I was like, what the f@ck

(Lord Lightyear)
Part of the premise of cities being dysgenic is that they soak up all (most) of the good genes from rural areas and churn out low birthrates. Cities absorb the high iq and are iq shredders. They absorb the beautiful women and turn madonnas into whores (wives/mothers into sluts).