Racism, including ethnic hatred, nationalism and equating religion to race

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U.S. Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind.) said the U.S. Supreme Court was wrong to legalize interracial marriage nationwide and should have left it to individual states.

Braun’s comments Tuesday came as he discussed what he’s looking for as he evaluates Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson.

As the Senate Judiciary Committee holds confirmation hearings for Jackson, Braun said she seems well qualified. And the GOP lawmaker said as he evaluates her record, he wants a justice who won’t be an “activist.”

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[From "Germany is still a hotbed of Jewry as ever before"]

There is a large class of the German Population today which have gone to great lengths to hide their Jewish Ancestry[…]but there were cascades of efforts that took place to ensure Jewish prominence in Germany immediately following World War II[…]leading up to the formation of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik[…]
With the aggressive campaigns in the DDR to pretty much bring back everything exactly that was defamed and despised by the Nazis, the DDR had all kinds of Jewish Intellectuals at the head of the State and throughout its reign, and even songs banned by the NSDAP leadership were put into use

Jews had become even more of the mythical “German-Jew”[…]there is so much less of a focus on the Jewish Ancestry of so many of the leaders in these countries, for example like Angela Merkel[…]
Head of the WEF and one of the biggest mouthpieces during the COVID-19 Agenda, is a Jew by the name of Klaus Schwab[…]
Almost all heads and Most Ministers in Germany today, whether in Finance, including in Big Tech, Medicine, Science, Astronomy, Media and nearly every sphere of influence in Germany, are riddled with Jews

Political parties like the SPD, but even the AfD are full of Jews#
When the head of a department or someone subservient to the Jew, is not Jewish, it is always the most effeminate, obedient specimens of a German[…]
It is such a disgrace that after Herr Göring’s hard work in eliminating the Jews from Germany, how quickly they were brought back in[…]Göring’s brother Albert worked behind his back[…]
Albanians, Greeks, Italians and Spaniards all helped to protect and feed Jews[…]
Too many people are in love with the Jews[…]
There will never be a solution for Europe so long as the Jewish Question is never resolved for all time, and this means that the race and the 0.01% breeds of them are entirely liquidated

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Are white men all alone in the world?
>half of our own kind are traitors and hate themselves
>white women hate us
>goes without saying darkies hate us
>politicians we vote for don't care about us
Honestly feeling pretty demoralized about everything and am pretty much ready to just drop out of society. Video games and liquor feel a lot better anyways. Can anyone here actually explain to me what we're supposed to be fighting for? A short marriage and daughters who end up becoming whores? Sons that will likely become failures? It's over.

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What is /pol/‘s opinion on Identity Evropa?

I dont need that my whole Silesian region with chads is more Evropa than Identity Evropa larpers doing shit for saving their towns. Once for time chads here are even killing gypsies and sometimes even westerners here lurking for some bussines. 1/8 of population is prepared for long term guerilla war with storages full of czech and russian ammo and making home made bombs with polish Silesian neighbours. Once shit will hit Europe we can finally start civil war against cucked Bohemia and Prague making our own ethnostate while killing all taitors and their families.

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Rep. Mary Miller, R-Ill., said at an Illinois Trump rally Saturday that the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was a "historic victory for white life."

"President Trump, on behalf of all the MAGA patriots in America, I want to thank you for the historic victory for white life in the Supreme Court yesterday," Miller said.

A spokesperson for Miller told The Associated Press the line was a "mix up of words."

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Well, thank you for that summary of what you've been up to with family and travelling! Also, you made the right choice not to move to my third-world state [California]. Come back when the scenery and the culture is a little more… gentrified.

Wait, I'm pretty sure Jack Whitehall took his father Michael on a trip to LA and Las Vegas.

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Roe v. Wade, 410 U. S. 113, and Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pa. v. Casey, 505 U. S. 833 are both as dead as all the unborn babies they killed. (…)

The madness from [Roe v. Wade] spilled over to every level of life, and made our public officials, and our public, into screaming, nonsense-barfing, sneering, craven, blood-drenched monsters, harpies, anthropophages, and headless blemmyes. The great idols to Moloch loomed over every courthouse.

The madness led to the sodomy culture, the woke culture, the death of Disney’s soul, and to the encouragement of corruption both on a personal and political level. Oddly enough, if one traces the course of the mental disease, there are even connections leading to such remote side-effects as inflationary fiscal policy, confiscatory taxation, wokethink hatewhitery, suicidal energy policy, public riots and arson, all which would, at first, seem to be unrelated.

It is not unrelated. Accepting an evil axiom tacitly accepts, sooner or later, all the logical outcomes implied by it.

Roe v Wade cursed this nation. It darkened the intellect of our intellectual class and corrupted the morals of people. Ordinary youths became satyrs and rapists, each one a little Don Juan; ordinary young women became murderesses, each one a little Medea. The cult of Ganymede was released, and perversion worse than Sodom ever knew, built atop of pile of tiny skulls higher than any pyramid raised by the Aztecs.

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Lynn Beyak did nothing wrong, Indians got billions for going school. Stop whining about it and start paying your fair share to Canada.

What she said was true.
From 1800 to 1970 about 150,000 children attended residential schools. Relatively small number for a span of 170 years when you look at how many first nations people lived during that time.

The deaths can be almost entirely attributed to illness as they occurred before most vaccines.

It is SO FAR beyond reason to even suggest that most of these kids were sexually abused at the hands of the teachers/priests/nuns. To believe that most of these people, who dedicated their lives to educating, caring for, and preparing indigenous children for the new society were SO evil they would rape, torture, and murder kids or stand by while other teachers did it, is insanity.

Plus there is like no proof of most of these outlandish claims.

Not saying not a single child was sexually abused, but it wasn’t as widespread as they will have you believe and alot of it was student on student sexual abuse.

Not to mention that compulsory attendance ended in 1950 and the running of the schools was taken over by the native bands around 1970 if I remember correctly?

Anyone who has done their research on residential schools and has read old newspapers from that time will see stories of these kids being taken in to spend holidays with local families, travelling brass bands, travelling sports teams, etc. Not so doom and gloom after all.

It was not the torture chamber they make it out to be. They probably got 3 more square meals a day then they did at home on the reserve.

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[From "Russia Puts Down Hundreds of Rabid “Ukraine” Animals in a Day"]

At this point, frankly, I just want to see videos of Russian soldiers mowing down “Ukrainian” civilians indiscriminately

These people are continuing to march and die and destroy their own country, kill their own people, for no reason at all, other than allegiance to a foreign Jewish regime

Just level the place. Kill everyone. No one can claim they don’t deserve it


Russian strikes on a shipbuilding plant in the Ukrainian port of Nikolaev killed as many as 500 troops on Tuesday, the Russian defense ministry claimed during a daily press briefing on Wednesday[…]

Nah, it’s fine

There’s no reason to start slaughtering civilians. I would cheer if I saw it, not gonna lie. There’d be champagne corks popping around my room like ping-pong balls at the sight of entire villages of these Ukie garbage being mowed down with machine guns. I would cry tears of joy seeing these animals’ bodies torn to shreds by totally indiscriminate PKP fire

Order #66

The “Ukraine” people started this. They’ve been killing civilians for 8 years. They’re current firing missiles randomly at residential buildings

Russia has tried this nicey-nice thing, and the Ukie response is to continue to act like rabid animals

But it’s fine

Russia is winning by continuing to white knight for the civilians of a nation of utter savages. If it works it works


I guess if you can afford to hold the moral high ground, you should hold it

If I were Putin, I would be using mustard gas

But hey – that’s why I’m not Putin

Jared Taylor #racist #wingnut amren.com

We Don’t Have a Gun Problem. We Have a Race Problem.

Here are CDC data on the 19,384 people who were shot to death in 2020, broken out by race.


Blacks accounted for 12,048 of them, even though blacks were only 14 percent of the population. And look over at the right, or deaths per 100,000. The figure of 25.5 for blacks is nearly 10 times the rate for whites, which is 2.7.

Could it be that white racists are killing all those black people? No. 566 blacks killed whites (including Hispanics), but only 246 whites and Hispanics killed blacks.


Since there are about 6-1/2 times as many whites and Hispanics as black, it means a black person is more likely to kill a white or a Hispanic by such a shockingly high multiple, I won’t even tell you what it is.

Let’s look at the really big picture. This graph shows homicide rates for different countries plotted against private ownership of firearms.


The US is way out on the right, with lots of guns. But the total homicide rate is pulled up by the very high black total homicide rate of 29.2. Blacks are committing murder at Latin American rates, right up there with Brazil and Mexico, which are over to the left with low gun ownership. For whites alone, the total homicide rate of 3.12 is definitely higher than a lot of European countries but it’s not off the charts.


Which has a bigger impact on a country’s murder rates? The number of guns or the people who live there?

What are the chances *any* of this gets any official notice in all the yackety yack about gun control? Zero. This little talk of mine would make good Congressional testimony, but politicians don’t dare talk about race – well, except maybe for this guy: “Blake Masters Blames Gun Violence on ‘Black People, Frankly.”


Note “Master Race” stamped under the headline. Tell the truth and you’re a Nazi.

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[Translated from "Abolir la religion de la choah" - "Abolishing the Chah"]

Here are 10 free and insolent remarks about the religion of Choah, and a conclusion

1. It is better to write choah. "chine vav aleph hè" = choah (catastrophe). Sh, it is in the English language
2. Sacredness being the essence of religion, there is a religion of Choah
3. The religion of Choah has four dogmas:
1) Extermination plan
2) Six millions dead
3) Gas chambers
4) Uniqueness
4. The Gayssot Act of July 13, 1990 [A law repressing Holocaust denial] protects the dogmas 2 and 3 of the religion of Choah against heresy and blasphemy[…]
6. Ancient Jews bragged in the Old Testament about the genocides they did. Cf. http://lesquen2017.com/2015/12/12/comprendre-le-judaisme/
7. The Jewish Choah by Germans caused 5 time less death than the Slavic Choah by the Jews ruling the USSR until 1953
8. The religion of Choah is racist since it puts Jewish suffering above others
9. France is no longer a secular country since the religion of Choah is officially sanctioned
10. The religion of Choah is the foundation of the current political system. Cf. http://lesquen2017.com/2015/08/16/une-analyse-en-10-points-du-systeme-politique-actuel-par-henry-de-lesquen/

Conclusion: for the salvation of France, we have to end the religion of Choah, starting by repealing the Gayssot Act

[deleted] #racist reddit.com

There is no such thing as indigenous history prior to when Europeans showed up. They didn't have a fucking written language. They just had mythology and traditions which is like the telephone-game of history. It of course has value like religion has value but you can't treat it as hard history. Plus compared to Christianity it doesn't seem to have gotten them anywhere so it's like the hobbyist's mythology.

Speaking of which, anyone go to the Museum of History (formerly Museum of Civilization) in Ottawa? I went last month, hadn't gone since I was a kid. So long story short they basically reworked the entire fucking thing into the Aboriginal History Museum. Right at the bottom of the place is all the recovered shivs and bats and whatever other bullshit they found, but as you go through they really focus on Aboriginal culture and there's this area right at the start with a massive video screen about how "Canada started." I'm not even joking, it's some Aboriginal elder woman describing how giant space animals came down to Earth and fucked around and made the continents. It's an otter and a bear and a fish, and it's just like "yeah and this is how it all started!" I wouldn't believe it unless I saw it just recently. Then the rest of it is boring tribal bullshit and arrowheads. Oh, and in "modern Canada" near the end there's some #IdleNoMore shit and Residential Schools and all that.

That was a bit of a tangent. I guess what I'm trying to say is Aboriginal historical study is fucking retarded (it's indistinguishable from modern aboriginal culture) and while I like Aboriginal culture in many ways - especially the connection to their ancestors and the belief that their history is passed through genealogy and blood - this infiltration into education is purely rebellious colonization by way of goofy bullshit literally nobody in the 21st century needs to know about. Fucking hell, when they were throwing spears at fish and believing crows were super-intelligent, the Chinese were building the Great Wall and the Greeks were inventing modern human thought.

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[ on indigenous people in canada]

They were literally stone age barbarians. The only metal they saw was the Inuit finding meteoroids on the tundra.

Scalping and raiding other tribes and making snowshoes are all they really accomplished in 16,000 years.

I've known this since I was a kid. You can blame the CBC for young me learning those "hate facts"

Leor Sapir #pratt #transphobia #wingnut #racist city-journal.org

The Assault on Children’s Psyches

California’s ethnic-studies curriculum is fueling a mental-health crisis among teenagers.

Patricia (a pseudonym) is the mother of a teenage girl who in recent years has come to identify as transgender. Her daughter’s trans identity emerged in response to feelings of shame about being white.

Other ROGD parents tell a similar story. Their schools compulsively tell their children how awful it is to be white, how white people enjoy unearned “privilege,” how they benefit from “systems” put in place by and for white people for the sole purpose of oppressing “people of color.” Plagued by guilt, the children rush to the sanctuary of “LGBTQ+” identity.

The students don’t want to be thought of as vicious oppressors. Lacking maturity and self-confidence, they fail to put “anti-racist” indoctrination in its proper context. They do not appreciate its ahistorical, anti-intellectual, and anti-humanist foundations, nor are they aware of the incentives leading teachers and administrators to foist it on them. Being white is not something these teenagers can escape, but they can mitigate its social costs by declaring themselves part of an oppressed group.

The wages of whiteness for teenagers are, however, only half of the story.

A recent study by Eric Kaufmann confirms the new meaning of LGBT among young Americans. “Whereas in 2008 attitudes and behavior were similar,” he writes, “by 2021 LGBT identification was running at twice the rate of LGBT sexual behavior.” The recent explosion in LGBT identification among Generation Z seems to be driven mainly by young, white, very liberal women who self-identify as lesbian or bisexual but who do not necessarily have female partners.

While both homosexuality and transgenderism are said to be organic and unchosen, being “queer” or “non-binary” takes nothing more than an act of will; one need only declare oneself so.

Whereas in 1991, most teenagers would have had at least one sexual encounter by the time they graduated high school, by 2017 most had had none. The vacuum left by the hollowing out of courting and relationships has been filled, so it would seem, by a new, inward form of “sexuality”.

deleted member #wingnut #racist #elitist #god-complex doomer.boards.net

But, to clarify further, it is not black rights specifically that trigger me. It is the idea that a minority group needs special protection - anything that goes beyond laws that simply says "people must be treated regardless of their ethnicity, sex, etc." and instead describes a specific group and a protection, or compensatory rights package they deserve. And I view BLM as the most recent force pushing that idea further. I want there to be no special protection of minority groups, no money donations to "poor because of color or whatnot". I want people to make their own living, on equal terms with the "majority" without government giving them leg for being oppressed. Another idea that triggers me is the prosecution of people who deny holocaust - while retarded, I don't think these people deserve prosecution. Being retarded is not ground to be sent to jail - if people want to doubt history books, they should be free to go. Perhaps some facts in history books are indeed wrong and revisionism is justified. But regardless of that, no laws should ever be made with provision to defend a certain view on history. And the ones that exist need to be taken down. That is my hard stance - I am not tolerating the state of things, and I wish I could change it, and will still do something that, in my view, amount to some practical war against this state of things, in real life. A war that doesn't mean me killing people, of course, but breaking social ties between my enemies and giving intelligence on them to whatever party that has the powers to prosecute is a fair game. I am at war with the left - I will bring them fucking down.

Various Commenters #racist amren.com

RE: McMaster University Holds Its First Ever Black Graduation Celebration

Black-only graduations come to Canada.

(Bobby E)
'When walking through the halls and grounds and classrooms at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ashley Assam says, “just by being on campus, you don’t see a lot of Black people.”'

Then why doesn't she go to a university in Africa? Lots of black people and no whites to oppress her. These people demand too much and give them an inch and they want million miles.

They have far more opportunities and are treated FAR better than a White person would in an otherwise all black college and they know it.

That's not necessarily true.

Um, who is safer: a black in a White neighborhood/school or the other way around? Think about it.


“The whole day was about celebrating and centering Blackness,” Ogunkoya said.

In other words there will be plenty of gunfire.

(Darien X)
If they only had the gumption to leave all white cities and neighborhoods and live only with their own, they could really put their money where there mouth is.
Africa would be the best destination.

Full racial separation is the answer, but notice that it is Blacks who get to do it and no one complains and, in fact, may praise them Had Whites demands a complete White graduation the you know who would be screaming from the roof tops and then we'd see and hear far too many Whites apologizing for being White. Wake up Whitey! Geez.

Where do these idiots think they are at? This is Canada, not Africa or even a city like Atlanta. Not a lot of blacks there.
Why in the world would they even want to attend a predominantly white university if whites make them feel uncomfortable?

Well, maybe the blacks hollered themselves hoarse during the black ceremony and didn't disrupt the REAL graduation ceremony. Nothing like seeing a 300 pound black woman in yoga pants jumping up and down screaming "Dat's muh baybeeee" at the top of her lungs for five minutes while her offspring mugs for the camera when receiving a diploma.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Many Whites disrupt as well, although not to the extreme as the blacks. Indeed, the stupids have taken over...

Henry Makow PhD #racist #wingnut #conspiracy henrymakow.com

As an ethnic Jew, it pains me to say that the essence of Cabalist Judaism
& Organized Jewry is to plunder, enslave & exterminate the goyim
and to establish a Satanic dispensation on earth.

Don't believe me? Communism and Judaism are identical.
Look at the planks of the Communist Manifesto. Do they remind you of Agenda 2030?
No private property. The state will own it all- the state being a proxy for the Jewish central bankers who hold its "debt.". No marriage. No family. No free speech. No free inquiry and education. They want to steal everything, especially your soul. We cannot understand our situation unless we understand this.

Plunder the goyim. Jewish central bank charging interest for credit created out of nothing. Credit crunches and pandemic hoaxes costing trillions in money creation and toxic vaccines. Gratuitous wars.

This is what they are doing in Ukraine and what Putin wants to prevent in Russia.
The Ukraine conflict is the biggest challenge to the New World Order since Hitler.
Hitler was false opposition.

Most Jews are dupes and would deny this, just as most goyim would deny that their "leaders" in every field are cowards, traitors & opportunists who advance this cancer for personal gain. After destroying millions of lives with their covid hoax, they're covering their tracks by starting their third World War.
Disclaimer: Why do I, a Jew, spread this information? Because this is not who I am, nor who my family or Jews I know are. I am the inventor of Scruples, a game based on 1200 moral dilemmas. God is the Moral Order. All human beings have souls capable of hearing the voice of God. Our Duty is to discern Right & Wrong and to Obey. You must be good to feel good.

However, the Masonic Jewish bankers and their Gentile Masonic flunkies are trying to dispossess humanity. It begins by degrading morality and inverting truth and ends in some planetary gulag or nuclear conflagration. I could remain quiet but we were put on earth to serve God.

Ivashkin, External-Rutabaga452 & Feniks_Gaming #racist #wingnut reddit.com

RE: Why are Eastern Europeans overlooked when it comes to discussing diversity or social issues in the UK?


Because they're white?

The wrong type of white apparently, so we get all the racist abuse. But, come the time people want to start talking about white guilt or white fragility, we're suddenly back in the club.

Which was a point I made to my employer's E&D officer when they started with the BLM stuff over summer, and to their credit a point they actually took on board.


It's a weird one with Eastern Europeans as they're lumped in with the oppressors despite being the victims of genocide within living memory and most never having had a settler-colonial nature beyond the borders of Europe.

Most of Eastern Europe is conveniently ignored by the woke crowd because white ethnic groups which have spent the last 1000 years being invaded, oppressed, murdered and generally suffering makes the idea of 'white privilege' quite a tricky concept to defend.

1000 years is a bit of an exaggeration - the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth did rather well from the 16th to the 18th Century.

That was a bit of an anomaly.

The Slavs have been oppressed for so long that they are the origin of the word "slave".


“Conveniently ignored by the woke”, yet racially abused by the gammons.

Simple as.

Yes this is were we are. As an White 36 years old Polish immigrant I have was told that I am the primary source of problems in Britain both the gammons for being Polish and the wokies for being white male. Hard to find your place in society when Right wing sees you as lesser citizen and left wing sees you as oppression of minorities.

Henry de Lesquen #racist #wingnut lesquen.fr

[Translated from "Comment Henry de Lesquen aurait réglé la question sud-africaine" - "How would Henry de Lesquen have settled the South African Question". From 2017.]


spoilerOn the left, a portrait of Mandela and then an arrow leading to the image of right featuring a noose

1. Nationality principle. One State on a continous territory for each Bantu ethnic group: Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho, etc.
2. Bantu states would have been South African Republic (SAR) protectorates. They would have been set for independence
3. Congoids (Black Bantus) would have lost their South African nationality for their ethnic state's
4. South African people: Caucasoids from European extraction (Whites) and mixed-blood Caucasoid-Capoid (Hottentot Blacks)[…]
6. Foreign residents in the SAR, Congoids wouldn't have acquired South African nationality, binationality being forbidden
7. Apartheid, as a regime of mandatory segregation, would have been abolished. Private persons would have kept the freedom to discriminate
8. Safety would have been reestablished through merciless repression of terrorist acts
9. Nelson Mandela would have been tried as leader or a terror group, the ANC, sentenced to death for his crimes and hanged high and short
10. Subversion of institutions and collaborating with terrorists[…]would have been severily punished

Conclusion: No Vorster nor Botha. Strong from its identity, the South African nation would have recovered its place in the world

Avoid_the_Groid #dunning-kruger #racist stormfront.org

Greetings from Chimpmania

Chimpmania is an awesome & humorous website. It is one of the few places on the Internet where you are free to admit and learn just how horrible Black people are worldwide and mock anyone who sides with them. Even though its not the focus, other obvious problem peoples like Latinos and Middle Easterners also get treated like the scum they deserve. That said, many members of that site don't come here for one simple reason: we have no tolerance for your silly Jewish conspiracies.

The problem White Nationalism has with getting off the ground is simply all the baggage and beliefs needed to be a core member. The reasons to hate negroes are obvious: they are ugly, loud, violent, dirty, lazy, and commits craploads of crime anywhere they live. The reason to hate Latinos are almost the same exact reasons to hate negroes: just replace lazy with speaks trashy Spanish and tries to spread their savage culture. The reason to hate MENA Muslims is because they are ugly, smelly, incestous, camel-screwing, and violent woman-haters who want to forcibly spread their religion and language everywhere. These facts are all obvious to everyone who has lived around these mudskins; even if not everyone admits it. No leftist has ever asked a White Nationalist why they hate Blacks or Arabs. Instead the leftists just argue that you shouldn't stereotype people and that the talented tenth "good negro" makes the over 90% garbage the rest of the race is somehow passable.

Leftists do ask WNs why they hate Jews however and that to me is a good question. Jews aren't the ones causing riots and robbing liquor stores and shooting up neighborhoods like a certain North American Pavement Ape. The White Nationalists here should simplify their beliefs and just go after the negroes/Latinos/Muslims that everyone, even anti-racists, realize ruin society. Instead, it is a small, old, declining, and buggy forum about how Jews are behind all evil and some failed dictator from the 1940s was awesome. This place needs more anti-Blacks and less Nazi sympathizers. The Ku Klux Klan should be the model for White Nationalists to follow; they had a simple goal and kept Blacks in check.

Eretzyisrael #elitist #fundie #racist tumblr.com

Description: an image with pictures and text, on the left are pictures of pillcam capsules, plants, solar panels and the logo of the gps-navigationsystem Waze, representing Israel. On the right are photos of burning and destroyed buildings and people burning an Israeli flag at a protest.



Henry de Lesquen #wingnut #racist lesquen.fr

[Translated from "Qu’est-ce que le cosmopolitisme ?" - "What's Cosmopolitanism?"]

"Cosmopolitan", which means "world citizen"[…]is by itself a subreption because every city imply an inside and an outside, an inclusion-exclusion relationship[…]{b]The so-called "cosmopolitan" can't be world citizen, he's citizen from nothing and he claims the world only to deny his duties to the city[…]
By inventing the city, the Greeks gave to patriotism its purest and most exigeant form[…]
Cosmopolitanism is one of the facets of the egalitarian utopia, the anarchistic and carnavalesque version[…]
A Cosmopolitan is a foreigner in his own city. He's also "foreign to himself", as per Julia Kristeva[…]
For this radical Cosmopolitanism, one can become free only though freeing oneself from traditions[…]True humanism[…]know freedom comes from identity[…]
World should be considered as the city of every man, and reject peculiar identity establishing barrers inside mankind. But, as we told, the city can't exist without borders[…]
There is thus an organic link between "cynical" immporality of Cosmopolitan ideology of the world superclass[…]and the Immigrationnism which is the Alpha and the Omega of the globalist speech

We shouldn't be surprised the world superclass worships the degenerate non-art absuively described as contemporary art[…]{b]Degenerate non-art, termed "contemporary art", is a vector of Cosmopolitanism. It subverts the sense of beauty, oppose traditions and has nor estriction when attacking artistic patromony, as shwon on 2008 by Jeff Koons in Versailles

woodchip #wingnut #racist #psycho descentbb.net

Justice like keeping people locked up for over a year charged with trespass for 01/06 protest? Or not arresting anyone for Portland riots? And just what abuse were BPA committing? If I was in charge I'd have machine gun nests set up along border. Illegal migrant flow would stop without wall building or anything.

Brother Nathanael #racist #wingnut #conspiracy realjewnews.com

When Jews run a country your nation’s on a psychiatric couch.

I grew up in Judaism and all Jews are on Prozac.

They invented it…for themselves…the most neurotic people walking the face of the earth.

The latest episode of Jewish neurosis is brought to the American goys by Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence.

This Jew from New York’s Upper West Side told the Jew-riddled US Senate that “insight” into how Ukraine uses American military assets is “hard to tell.”

That’s a no-brainer.

It instantly goes on the global black market and the corrupt Jews running the Ukrainian government stash the cash in their Swiss bank accounts.
You’re gonna get hordes of illegals poring across your border peddling drugs, trafficking kids, getting free cell phones, free travel, free baby formulas, and assured rights to vote, that is, voting Democrat.

You’re gonna get a January 6 committee led by the Jewish fagella, Adam Schiff, interviewing an illiterate cop…

”it was an attempted koop happening in the Capitol that day”

…while rampant daily crime cripples our cities every day.

You’re gonna get food shortages, high prices for ground beef, and $56 billion worth of tax dollars sent to Ukraine with an extra $1.8 billion tax dollars sent every month.

Vickie Nudelman, Anthony Blinken, and Wendy Sherman—all unelected Jews—are shoving this up your ‘tax un-exempt ass’ whether you the goy—shackled under Jewry’s hooked-nosed chains—like it or not.

“But wait!” you say.

“We have an adult in the room, a Gentile, a Negro with a sensible head, at the Pentagon’s Department of Defense, who’s holding back on sending troops to Ukraine.”

He’s a diversity hire.

His peers call him a dumb ass.

Any dumb ass knows that sending US troops to Ukraine means an all out war with Russia.

The Jew-owned FED cuts his paycheck.

Throw Austin on the psychiatric couch too.

Let him bring to consciousness why he lets his schwartza shilling ass be laced by Jews who brought the Black slaves to America in the first place.

Kingston clan #fundie #racist #elitist #homophobia splcenter.org

Jessica Kingston[…]remembered[…]her Sunday school teacher coming into class with a bucket of water and a vial of black food coloring[…]
“The teacher was like, ‘You can never get that out, that is always there now’”[…]
Black people supposedly suffered from multiple scriptural curses, from the mark of Cain and Noah’s curse on Ham in the Old Testament to the racist tenets of early Mormonism[…]
Black blood was “the worst thing you can have,” Jessica said, particularly since the Kingstons consider themselves to be the whitest of the white, descended directly from Jesus Christ and King David[…]
Ex-Order members tell of a reputed church prophecy of an “End of the World War,” an apocalyptic vision that foresees a bloody race war with the Kingstons as the ultimate victors[…]
Kingstons command an estimated 6,000 adherents, boast a business empire reportedly worth as much as $1 billion[…]
A stern disciplinarian, who in later years looked and dressed like a mortician, [John] Ortell made incest a tenet of the clan’s faith, informed by his work breeding Holstein cows[…]
In order to maintain his family’s “superior bloodlines,” Ortell married and had children with two of his half-sisters and two nieces[…]
Control of The Order then passed to Ortell’s well-educated son Paul Kingston[…]
Another of Ortell’s teachings: Adolf Hitler had the right idea about creating a master race, but didn’t have the Lord’s help[…]
Being taught end-time prophecies, with a “cleansing” wherein the streets of Salt Lake City would run red with blood[…]
Another of the cult’s teachings was that soy can make you gay[…]
Don’t the infant deaths and tales of horrific deformities belie Ortell’s homespun eugenics?

Scott remembered that Ortell had an answer[…]
“Something along the lines of, to build a superhuman, if you have four or five defects to get the one good one, it’s worth it”

Republican congressional candidate Carl Paladino #psycho #racist #wingnut mediamatters.org

I was thinking the other day about somebody had mentioned on the radio Adolf Hitler and how he aroused the crowds. And he would get up there screaming these epithets and these people were just — they were hypnotized by him. That's, I guess, I guess that's the kind of leader we need today. We need somebody inspirational. We need somebody that is a doer, has been there and done it, so that it’s not a strange new world to him. I look around at the politicians that we've elected locally and I, I just can’t [unintelligible] on a federal level, I can't get comfortable with the RINO-ism. And on a state level, we — our Republicans are sound asleep. They're not an anti-government group. They don't get up with new press releases to comment on this issue, comment on that issue. I mean, there should be a debate going on in the newspaper every day.

Occidental Dissent #transphobia #racist #conspiracy occidentaldissent.com

Take a society, mix in killer doses of egotistical selfishness and freedom without responsibility to the community, and you’ll eventually wind up with transsexual soldiers threatening to physically assault world leaders.

Well, maybe not that far every single time, but with enough (((encouragement))) things will almost always end in similarly-bizarre outcomes.

So, Chris (that’s how you’re going to be addressed), do you understand that threatening the President of the United States is a rather serious offense that can be punished with years of imprisonment?

Men like yourself have been arrested by the Secret Service for far lesser breaches of conduct, and I’m really hoping and praying that you get dealt with most harshly for your impudence.

Perhaps a few years in lockup (minus hormone treatments if you haven’t already had knife-work done) would help to rip that individualistic streak from your shattered brain.

At least we can hope, right?

Occidental Dissent #conspiracy #racist #wingnut occidentaldissent.com

How many times were we told that Donald Trump was a “fascist”?

What did Donald Trump ever do compared to these people? The corporate media spent years spreading misinformation based on dubious intelligence about Trump in the Russia hoax. The Democratic Congress impeached him twice. Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioted for years and torched entire cities and got away with serial violence while openly being supported by Corporate America. Big Tech deplatformed Trump and millions of his supporters from the internet. “Journalists” hunt people down who express politically incorrect opinions online like old school commissars, dox them and get them fired from their jobs. Democrats built a razor wire fence around the U.S. Capitol and sent in the military to occupy Washington, DC. They weaponized the intelligence agencies against Trump and his supporters.

Has it occurred to anyone how far across the line the Left has traveled over the past few years? They’ve resorted to mob violence, censorship, illegal surveillance, doxxing, economic blackmail and intimidation, impeachment, demonizing White people as a racial group, labeling virtually the entire Populist Right as “domestic extremism” and a national security threat, imposing a political litmus test on the U.S. military and law enforcement agencies, etc. Merrick Garland’s Department of Social Justice was even poised to arrest Derek Chauvin on the spot in court on federal charges if a jury had found that he was innocent. The corporate media now holds communist show trials and convicts police officers of systematic racism in the court of public opinion for the purpose of fomenting racial division for political gain.

Lucius Vanini #transphobia #racist #pratt theoccidentalobserver.net

There are NO transgender people. If “transgender” denotes the transition from male to female or vice-versa, it relates to fact less than does “unicorn.” There is NO sex change; such a transition NEVER occurs in humans. The misnomer “sex-reassignment” signifies only a transition to NEUTER, to ex-men and ex-women deprived of their reproductive systems. Nor is “self-identification” any more efficacious. Identifying and even believing one is a member of the opposite sex doesn’t make one so, any more than Emperor Norton’s believing he was Emperor of California made him so.

I prefer the term “transvestite” to denote pre-op delusionals, sufferers of gender dysphoria; and “neuters” to denote post-ops.

“Biologically male” is redundant and implies there’s another kind of male. There are no other kinds. Maleness and femaleness (NOT identical to masculinity and femininity) relate to reproduction, which is biological. When I discuss, say, the invasion of males into women’s sports, I never use the customary “biological males” but simply “males.”

My point is that we should avoid using the language of the peddlers and consumers of lunacy, because doing so seems to imply endorsement thereof.

As for the idea of Pakis and Somalis and other non-NON-British being Brits because they’re physically in Britain, it’s of course a lie of the anti-Whites. Hell, how many times have I had Spaghetti al Pomodoro in London restaurants? Does that mean spaghetti are an English dish?

The Final Wakeup Call #conspiracy #racist #wingnut #ufo #magick finalwakeupcall.info

Psychopathic elites rule the world! A relatively small group of satanic narcissistic psychopaths, organised according to Masonic sectarian ideology; who have unlimited influence and resources at their disposal.

These people have no compassion, they pursue their agenda based on unsubstantiated logic, full of lies. Their agenda takes us straight into the swamp of the Archon Bloodline; with Anunnaki and Draco Reptile Control Matrix!

Nowhere in recorded history is the art of making money out of nothing more developed than in the ancient Khazar Empire, which developed from nomadic robber clans operating on the western caravan routes in the Caucasus Mountains, north of Iraq, between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea regions.
These Parasitecrats are defined by names like; illuminati, insiders, the Deep State, Rothschild Khazarian Mafia – RKM, Cabal, elite, establishment, or Powers That Be – PTB. Who run the – Masonic Jewish – central banking cartel, the CIA, MI-6, and Mossad; multinationals, corporations, law enforcement, education, and the media with the goal of enslaving humanity.

The invention of the printing press enabled the printing of money, but also their version of the Bible, which led to the Age of Enlightenment and the downfall of the Roman Church. It was the moment when money could replace religion as the new control mechanism for the wealthy elite.

Wealth equals power, by constantly issuing new money, which is effectively taken out of the hands of the public, to put in the hands of the international banking cartel. Is the main means of oppression, to create rich gods and poor souls.

Through the application of these surreptitious means of oppression, the public has lost its freedom. In order to regain our freedom, the people must massively break the power of the Rothschilds; who, according to the colonial script, outlawed the people’s honest money.

Kevin Barrett #wingnut #racist #conspiracy veteranstoday.com

Many readers will no doubt object that Ukraine’s various ultra-nationalist Russophobic sects are not carbon copies of the Hitler-era German Nazi party; and that the USA, far from being Nazified, is dominated by ethnic Jews and by a fanatical anti-Nazi ideology that demonizes Hitler and worships the Holocaust. For these readers, Putin’s calls to denazify Ukraine are dubious, and my call to denazify America must sound ridiculous.

So let’s define our terms. I am obviously not asserting that more than 10% of Ukrainians, or more than 1% of Americans, are in love with Adolf Hitler. I’m using the word nazi with a small n (as distinguished from the German big-N Nazis under Hitler) to denote a certain family resemblance, not an absolute identity.

In Ukraine, that family resemblance is obvious. Many Ukrainian neo-Nazi groups, including the West’s beloved Azov Brigade, do lionize Hitler, brandish swastikas, and goose step around as if they were auditioning for minor roles in a remake of The Producers. Additionally, a considerable portion of the 55% of Ukrainians whose mother tongue is Ukrainian (and perhaps even a few among the 45% who speak Russian) have caught the ultra-nationalist Russophobic bug from the Azov nazis. These people now hate all things Russian with what one might call naziesque fanaticism.
In the USA, unlike in Ukraine, the nazi element is well-hidden. To locate it, we need to unpack the political philosophy of neoconservatism, which is, in fact, a predominantly Jewish brand of neo-nazism.
Since the neocons are the real nazis, Russia’s goal of “denazifying Ukraine” is too limited. The nazis the Russians are really fighting are in Washington, DC, and other big American metropolises. And getting rid of them shouldn’t be Russia’s job. The American people need to overthrow the neocons and denazify their own country—before the Russians are left with no choice but to do it with nuclear warheads.

Anonymous #crackpot #racist #ufo boards.4chan.org

I've always felt a deep unease around East Asians. Recently, I was meditating and communicating to my Pleiadian guides. I found out something horrible in my meditations and studies this week. Asians are directly descended from the reptilian aliens. It all makes perfect sense:

>little to no empathy for animals or even other human beings
>cold, extremely emotionally reserved
>obsessed with logic and reason, love the sciences and mathematics
>all Asian nations claim to be descended from dragons in their cultural myths and are obsessed with dragons
>various tales of half snake half humans in their legends
>beautiful Asian women are called snakes even in Asian culture
>when reaching their lowest depths are some of the most depraved and violent beings on earth(ie. The Chinese/North Koreans, Japanese during WW2, Mongols killed more people than anyone else)
>obsessed with rules and regulations and an intense work ethic, a mark of the Draco Orion Empire
>their appearance looks unlike any other race on earth, unusual shaped, alien or lizard eyes and sleek, streamline, flat facial structure gives them an alien lizard appearance
>lack of body hair
>said to be physically cooler to the touch than Caucasians

Sorry guys, but if you get involved with Asian women you are literally gonna be having sex with/romantically involved with a negative alien species that is barbaric and cruel. Asians are the biggest threat to this planet.

Gregory Hood #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut amren.com

Inventing a New Minority

The “Hispanic” category was a power grab.

In 1980, some whites objected to adding “Hispanic” as an “ethnic” category because it was both imprecise and insulting to white “ethnics” such as Poles and Italians.

Conservatives briefly considered whether ethnic whites deserve census categories. The 1980 Republican Convention included this as part of its platform:

Millions of Americans who trace their heritage to the nations of Eastern, Central, and Southern Europe have for too long seen their values neglected. The Republican Party will take positive steps to see to it that these Americans, along with others too long neglected, have the opportunity to share the power, as well as the burdens of our society.

Ethnic whites were merged into a larger “white” identity — and this didn’t lead to a boom in their influence and power. Instead, the “Hispanic” category is now the largest non-white group in the United States. The people who established the category knew what they were doing.

Priorities shifted when it became more profitable to be non-white.

In 1977, LULAC succeeded in having the federal government recognize ‘Mexicans,’ and all ‘Hispanics,’ as separate from European-Americans and essentially ‘non-white’ so as to be eligible for affirmative action programs.

Groups such as the National Council of La Raza encouraged Spanish-speakers to say they were Hispanic because it would mean more effective appeals to corporations and the government.

In some US states, the Portuguese were also granted minority status, and this, as well, proved to be of substantial benefit to some Portuguese-owned businesses.

Clearly, people want to be considered “disadvantaged” because then they get advantages. This isn’t just idiotic; it damages national unity. Racial/ethnic Categories are a powerful barrier to assimilation. Cubans are far more likely than other Hispanics to call themselves “white,” (87%) and, in a 2004 Pew poll, more than half said America was their “real” homeland. Only about a third of Mexicans, Central and South Americans, and Puerto Ricans did — even though the latter are all US citizens.

Henry de Lesquen #racist lesquen.fr

[Translated from "Pour une immigration négative" - "For a negative immigration"]

As soon as he was named as Minister for Interior, in 2002, Sarkozy declared the principle of immigration zero was to be forgotten

"Immigration Zero" was the official dictrine of every government, both right and left, since 1974. The expression meant the numbre of entering foreigners ("x") had to be equilibrated with the number of leavers ("y"):x-y=0. But, for Sarkozy, there should be more entrance: "x" had to be way higher than "y". It is positive immigration

I am hostile to immigration zero. I adhere even less to positive immigration of Sarkozy, Hollande and Micron [Mix of "Macron" and "micron"]

I am for negative immigration: "y" has to be (largely) higher than "x." We have to invert the migratory flux, so as to the number of leaving foreigner is way higher than the number of enterances

Benjamin Fulford #crackpot #conspiracy #wingnut #racist benjaminfulford.net

The world is going through a fundamental shift as the Western world is being cured of its Satanic infection. The result will be an unprecedented era of world peace and prosperity. This will be the legacy of the “make love not war,” hippy generation.
“What I can say with some certainty is that there is a general feeling of disgust here towards what the Jews [Khazarian mafia] have turned Anglosaxony into, and more generally, the West, including parts of our own countries,” says a source who claims to have just finished extensive talks with Portuguese and Spanish power brokers.

That is why the Russians have begun stationing troops and warplanes in Latin America as a move to counter Nato incursions on its own borders, other sources say.

Our sources in Mexican US military intelligence say the troops are already there along with a contingent of Chinese special forces.

This revolt against the US Corporation is why Iberoamerican narcotics gangs have stopped supplying adrenochrome to the Western elites.
The Mexican sources also told us the Mexican drug cartels are all united at the higher levels and are ruled over by a single individual, a Mexican national who sits one rank above the publicly-known cartel bosses. This unidentified person, Mexico’s most powerful, is taking orders over the phone from a Greek individual in Greece, they add, This Greek individual in turn reports to the Orthodox Church people who also control the avatar of Vladimir Putin, Russian FSB sources say.

Once the North Americans are liberated from the KM, the Iberoamerican sources say they welcome the idea of creating a super-state uniting North and South America. Reflecting this, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador called for just such a thing at a Press conference saying “The option is [continentall] transformation and you have to dare to do it. And you don’t have to keep thinking about the next election, you have to think about the next generation.

Prussian Society of America #wingnut #psycho #conspiracy #elitist #racist prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Europe to become a backwater and repeat mistakes dating back to even the 14th century"]

I would like to reiterate the fact that there has not ever been a single figure in European History ever known, who sought to disrupt the flow and channels of wealth, particularly ill-gotten wealth and the status quo, as to the level that Adolf Hitler had sought

This is why “Hitler Had To Be Stopped”™[…]
Europe’s conflicts will never be natural or out of true necessity[…]Only Adolf Hitler ever stood up to trying to eliminated thievery and advantageous scenarios that permanently allowed the Wealthy to ever gain and hold precedent on wealth[…]
The Nazi Economic policies were of the most harsh and brutal variety (as they should be) that any Authoritarian Regime has ever attempted in history. Behind shutting down union offices and confiscating their wealth, confiscating wealth from the Jews (rightfully so), and also using other excellent examples of punishment towards anyone with ill-gotten wealth or real estate holdings[…]
Most Baby Boomers are corrupt and immoral degenerates, the large majority of them are, and so are the children they had born which took on their ways

The consequences for the road of which things have led on will surely bring about the catastrophe of the Dark Age that took place for Europe in the Middle Ages[…]
Our Love and Support for Adolf Hitler is so great in his ambitions, that even if it meant that all of Europe had to face an even greater genocide and wealth confiscation program to secure the BEST populations to prosper and build a new future for Europe, we would be in total support for it[…]
Civil War is the only way

Indian Anon #dunning-kruger #racist boards.4chan.org

If geography played a role in civilization building, then horn of Africa should have created the greatest civilization in recorded history. Yet we all know bulbhead somalians are worse than us, which is a monumental task to accomplish.

Why? It's not just a question of access, the sheer density of trade is much more of a factor.
It doesn't really matter that horners saw the occasional pajeet make the crossing, it matters that every piddleshit coastal village in the Med basin was full of ships hopping up and down the coast on trade runs.


No the scope of trade there was far larger than Mediterranean basin since the sea route of silk trade, egyptian/phoenican/arab trade, greek trade all happened nearby it. Any witty race (even us for that matter) would have exploited it and made fortunes. Also the sea coast is extremely ideal for navy building and seafaring. If you compare the lands of eternal anglo wit them, they possess astronomical advantage.

Various Commenters #racist #transphobia #wingnut amren.com

RE: Transgender Lutheran Bishop Resigns Over Racism Allegations

(American Plague)

An openly transgender cleric from San Francisco has resigned amid allegations of racism after firing the pastor of a predominantly Latino congregation.

The association’s leaders said her message ignored the suffering of an entire community and gave “a white aggressor the opportunity to decide their own fate — a decision deeply rooted in white supremacy and systemic racism.”

Hahaha! This reads like the most bizarre, Mad Max-like, post apocalyptic craziness😆! A bunch of transphobic Hispanics come together and terrorize a racist tranny bishop, for racial discrimination, to the point that "they" [the racist tranny] has to wear bullet proof armor during church service. I can definitely see how some God fearing Christians might think that The End is near.

(Marc Zuckurburg)
A contest to see who is the bigger snowflake.

(Meyer Lansky)
Hispanics learned a long time ago to play the race card the way blacks do. How many times do they mention blacks and browns in the same sentence when they claim discrimination and harassment from us evil whites?

Hay, caramba! supremasisticando Blanco et rasismo systematical! So firing someone with incomplete credential requirements is racism now... By the way, since when 'Hispanic trans' (or is he a Mexican trans?) is a RACE?
On a different note: What fired what? It is so difficult to follow all that terminology salad with some peppery qualifications added for taste... Speaking of tastes, in some denominations and religions, it's the achievements (work, publications, etc) that are emphasized, not the bedroom specs.
And that's an interesting twist: What kind of a discrimination and -ism is it if a queer fires a tranny? Is it a discrimination or a retaliation or some kind of a supremacy or what?


Isn’t it some kind of heresy for someone to insist on being referred to as, ‘they’

"They" like multiple demons inside. Legion.

Michael Hoffman #wingnut #homophobia #racist #conspiracy revisionistreview.blogspot.com

have been asked to comment on the tempest in a teapot here in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho concerning the preemptive detention of thirty-one “white nationalist” so-called “Patriot Front” members on June 11, which has been reported across America and throughout the western world.

The players arrested fall into the category of (mostly) unconscious servants of the Leftist-Soviet imperium which is rapidly developing in the U.S. These "extras" from Central Casting help to Sovietize America by acting parts in the Cryptocracy’s script, like the patsies in Michigan ("Wolverine Watchmen") who were lured into the FBI’s plot to kidnap the Democratic governor of that state.

Apparently there is an endless supply of useful idiots and patsies willing to act out the Federal government's entrapment theatre, thereby further empowering the Far Left change agents who conspire to paint Idaho as a white racist redoubt (only one of those arrested was an Idaho resident), and further empower the LGBTQ ideology. They succeeded on both counts.
However, the nature of these government-infiltrated patsy groups is such that they operate at a level that is one magnitude above mental retardation. The Patriot Front is not anitfa. I suspect the members of the "Front" have zero legal resources.
Why does the Cryptocracy target north Idaho with these charades? Because we are a Christian Constitutionalist demographic and overwhelmingly so.

Ours is not a racist region. It is a place where Americans of all races are welcome to come and enjoy freedom to home school or enroll their children in multiple charter and private Christians academies. We are a state highly resistant to mask and vaccination mandates. We do not appreciate interdiction by Soviet-style bureaucrats who have made life miserable for freedom-seeking Christian families in places such as New York, Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles.

Jack del Rio #racist #wingnut theroot.com

(This is from the Root which I know isn’t fundie, they’re just the source of the information)

NAACP Calls for NFL Assistant Coach Jack del Rio to resign

NAACP President Derrick Johnson has called for Jack Del Rio assistant coach to the NFL’s Washington Commanders, to resign, per Yahoo! News. Del Rio previously apologized after making a comment comparing the Jan 6. insurrection to the protests following the killing of George Floyd, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Johnson said it’s time for Del Rio to resign or be terminated. “The January 6th insurrection – an attempted coup – was far from a ‘dust-up’ - Downplaying the insurrection by comparing it to nationwide protests, which were in response to a public lynching, is twisted,” he said in a statement.

Del Rio wondered why the Jan 6. insurrection was met with more criticism than the summer 2020 protests. He also claimed the damage during the riot was nothing compared to that of the protests.

More from Tampa Bay Times:

“People’s livelihoods are being destroyed, businesses are being burned down, no problem,” Del Rio said. “And then we have a dust-up at the Capitol, nothing burned down, and we’re going to make that a major deal. I just think it’s kind of two standards.”

Amid backlash for his comments, Del Rio released a statement on Twitter Wednesday afternoon apologizing his word choice. Del Rio said it was “irresponsible and negligent” to call the riot a “dust-up.” But he said he stood by comments “condemning violence in communities across the country.”

Ben Sullivan #racist amren.com

My 55 black students could be divided into four groups:

1. Good kids who desperately wanted to get out of the ghetto (about 4 students)

2. Decent kids who, with a bit of effort, could perhaps rise above and become good citizens (4 students)

3. Bad kids who regurgitated what they knew white teachers wanted to hear (7 students)

4. Ghetto thugs (40 students)

Once the administration thought they had eliminated all of the possibilities for gang colors, the students started dying their teeth red and blue.

The gang affiliations would have gone unnoticed if the school did not have frequent “walk-by shootings.” Gang members would stalk the fences of the school looking for rival gang members to shoot at.

Riots were fairly common as well. For instance, two girls who started fighting over a boy would draw in their friends, and the friends of their friends, and so on and so forth.

Things I saw:

- Students robbing grocery stores in uniform

- Students talking about their grandmothers giving oral sex to animals for crack

- Students having sex in empty classrooms

- Students not understanding that the world was not in black and white before color photographs

- Boys hitting girls

- Open drug use

- Overt racism between students who called one another “stupid Africans” and made clicking sounds to mimic African languages (all these students were African-American, not African immigrants)

After three years, I was moved to a middle school where a majority of the students were Jewish, Persian, or Hispanic. There were no problems there. The Jewish and Persian kids understood the lessons immediately. The Hispanic kids had some trouble and lagged a bit, but not far enough to derail a lesson, and they were respectful enough not to keep a lesson from progressing. I eventually left that job, but only for financial reasons.

By their senior year, the whites, Asians and Hispanics had grown to detest their black classmates. They saw them as disruptive and ignorant thieves. I can remember another teacher sitting in a meeting and saying, “Remember Martin Luther King? ‘Judge me not by the color of my skin but by the content of my character?’ He probably should have left that last part out.” That about sums it up.

JayGoptri , AnalAndro & Ghost of Eskimo #transphobia #sexist #racist ncu.su

Judge whose not a Biologist
This proud woman of color can't even describe what a "woman" is. If the question was making her confused because of all the edgey new age commentary she's supposed to say, which is clogging her mind, she could have at least just given a few examples of the female species. Of course shes not a Biologist, so she gets a pass? And just today, all the leftist stations reporting "Science says there is no easy answer to the question"

The absolute shitty state of affairs in America.

The w*man is the cultural construct to describe the femanoid human beast, it's half human and half beast. The w*man concept is too normie so I never use it. I agree that it's just a damn costruction of a culture, so yes I think I can use the w*man concept to diagnose illness of a culture.

This womban here is a black african american nigger of color oppressed by evilwhitey. The whole concept of "african american black nigger of color oppressed by evilwhitey" is another social construct, that is valid only in white countries, exclusively in white countries. This concept is not universal, if you are white and you go visit some nignogg jungle savages, they don't see you as an "evilwhitey oppressor" because they don't even know what an university is.

(Ghost of Eskimo)
I was going to make a thread about her lenient sentencing of a man convicted for having computer child porn images. She was pretty reasonable and only gave him a few years for having thousands of images.

The Cuckservatives were raging because they would like him to tortured by a pack of soyboys for life in Gitmo. How dare she be lenient to a man who barely committed a crime.

Jean-Noël Strauss #racist #sexist #dunning-kruger lesquen.fr

[Translated from "Race et beauté:les femmes congoïdes sont-elles moins belles?" - "Race and beauty:are Congoid women less beautiful?"]

As statistics from online dating services show, race is among the criteria[…]Congoid women are less succesful than other races' women. Satoshi Kanazawa, LSE professor and evolutionary psychology specialist, wrote Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women? Basing on US study program Add Health[…]Kanazawa calculated a "Physical Beauty Factor." While one of his previous articles showed women were in average more beautiful than men[…]it wasn't true for Congoid women[…]
Why are Congoid women less beautiful? The professor rejects BMC[…]He also rejects hypothesis basing on the beauty-intelligence link-Congoids have lower IQ[…]
Kanazawa propose a hormonal justification. Congoids have higher testosterone[…]Testosterone is an androgen[…]Men are more viril and women more manly. These, less womanly, are less attractive[…]
As to the self-overrating of Congoids' beauty, it can be explained by higher testosterone rates, which favors self-confidence[…]
Professor Lynn notes success of Mongoloid women among Caucasoid men is caused by lower testosterone rates, making their face more feminine. Kanazawa seems to be on the right track

Perfectibilist #crackpot #god-complex #magick #racist #ufo stormfront.org

(From "9 reasons Aryans (like blonde Swedes) are the (God`s) chosen people.")

6 Because are the most spiritually gifted. Both positively and negatively. (Alas.) Whites have dominated the realm of Magick, and the royal houses from Egypt to the druidic orders of England. There is a lot of demonic blood in the white race. But not in the blondes.

Blonde angelic aryans are more spiritually aware because of their loving, peaceful nature, and have a high aura-field-conscience than any other race as they are alien, and part interdimensional. As I am. This is the most pivotal point on my list. They can connect with higher realms of angelic purity, which the other races can`t. They connect to the higher heavens which are populated by blonde angels. To be able to venture forth in dreams, and see these dimensions; you return, and realize you are an angel with wings; a totally different species, as you have seen that your blonde race originate from universes far beyond earthly beauty and purity. I am of course talking about Alvarheim. The spiritual dimension above Norway/Scandinavia.

Only pure blondes can connect to these angelic degrees of purity and conscienceness. Some are very holy, but many have fallen into carnalism of the 21st century, and forgotten about their spiritual origin from the Heavenlies. The blonde remnants are fading, and the glory of Hyperborea, Thule, Greece, Rome, and Atlantis is fading. I would compare myself to a eagle who can look directly into the sun, while other races are terrestrial, and can only experience Earethern life and conscience. After all: It the aryans who created the Hindu mystery schools.

7 Because the original aryans were aliens. If an alien came to Earth to examine all races, he would certainly pick out the tall, peaceful, orderly, non-hairy, blonde or red-haired, blue-eyed, beautiful, intelligent broad-shouldered aryan with milky-smooth skin. Just like myself. �� He would come from the Pleiades looking for his long lost family. An angelic brother with peaceful divine conscience.

YBP Yxngcel #conspiracy #crackpot #magick #racist #ufo incels.is

The Global Elite Are Not Jewish

The true NWO elites aren’t Jewish, but light-eyed Aryan types descended from the ancient Phoenicians, Akkadians, Dacians, Druids, Brahmins, Tocharians, etc. They are the closest genetically to the negative Nordic aliens that you hear about in abduction and contactee literature. Think of the Queen of England, the Nazi supermen, or the Rockefellers for instance. Thousands of years ago these bloodlines employed indigenous people (Semites, Egyptians, Meso-Americans, Southern Indians, Paleolithic farmers) to be their power base.

Aliens are the next highest up on the pyramid above the human elite, and thus the top of the human portion ought to be closest to the alien types. You never hear of Space Jews except in Mel Brooks parodies.

They use Jews as a scapegoat and trick you into thinking Jews are behind everything. Your arleady falling for their agenda and they will keep you ignorant. I mean if they wanted to hide their agenda why would they let it be widely know that they are Jews and it's a common stereotype about global elites. I honestly don't believe they are. They might be the ones behind big corporations.

Demonic overlords (5D negative)
Nordic occult overlords (lower 5D negative)
Nordic crusaders and Mantis beings (upper 4D)
Lower demonic minions (astral)
Reptilian Minions and other negative aliens (lower 4D)
Grays, which are genetically engineered robots (semi 4D/3D)
Upper Illuminati (occult, possessed, secret society people) (3D, a little 4D)
Shadow Government (underground bases, ultra-black ops military)
Lower Illuminati (political elite, Bilderbergers, etc.)
Open secret societies (freemasons and so on)
State/local government, corporations, university systems, etc. <---- Here are where Jews (if they're involved) rule. They own big corporations, governments and university systems. .

Global Elite is being controlled by some metaphysical entities. And metaphysicality does exist. Its been proven.

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[From "We Are Everywhere, and Growing"]

The beautiful thing about the Left is that they do not know when to quit[…]they are going for broke in a desperate dash to their total Marxist conclusion[…]You can feel a change in the air[…]
If you asked me back in 2015, I would have estimated that five percent of the United States could be labeled within some sector of the Dissident Right. Today, I believe that number is probably closer to 40% and growing[…]
After Covid lockdowns, a stolen election, a meltdown in Afghanistan, chaos at the Southern border, and an economic collapse triggered by anti-working-class policies from the White House, an anger is metastasizing. Couple all of that with the broad recognition of Critical Race Theory[…]gender dysphoria propaganda[…]clear, anti-White marketing[…]awakening is happening[…]
As someone who travels frequently, I strike up conversations wherever I am[…]Far more individuals are knowledgeable about the origin of our current predicament[…]and the only solutions that make sense[…]75% of those with whom I meet are on some level of White Nationalism[…]
Teachers, doctors, lawyers, and police officers in Pennsylvania all seemed to share very strong, anti-Jewish sympathies. “Man, six years ago, I didn’t care about Jews,” explained one high school teacher, “but they keep f***ing pushing. Now I wish Hitler finished the job”[…]
With the election protests of January 6th – The “CivNat Charlottesville” – many normiecons and Civic Nationalists learned the hard way. Those who were not arrested for their mostly peaceful protest, learned the same lessons that White Nationalists of varying stripes learned in 2017[…]
As a secessionist, nothing could be more satisfying, and the best part of all this: the powers that triggered all of it, cannot put that genie back in the bottle and avoid number 110. We are everywhere, and we are growing

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CHARLOTTE, NC—Colin Kaepernick has made his way back into the NFL as a cheerleader for the Carolina Panthers. He will be the team's first African American Transgender Poly-Bi Cheerleader and will be joining the team on road games.

"I'm excited to be on the team!" said Kaepernick, weakened by a series of surgeries and hormone injections. "After I insulted the organization and called all the fans racist, I wasn't sure I'd be welcomed back, but I was finally able to contort my body into such a victimized form that they had no choice but to hire me."

"It's a dream come true!"

Panthers coach Matt Rhule was not part of the decision-making process that brought Kaepernick into the cheerleading fold, but he is reportedly enthusiastic about the former quarterback's role on the squad.

"I think he'll be a great distraction when we lose games," he said, sighing wistfully. "And believe me, we're going to lose some games."

ESPN commentator Jaina Winterwoman asked Kaepernick about the audition process. The interview, which will appear on a future episode of NFL Primetime, revealed that Kaepernick doesn't know how to dance.

"Girl, with an identity like this you don't have to do a thing," Kaepernick told the sports journalist. "I don't think anyone's going to be watching me for my dance moves."

The 2022 NFL season is scheduled to begin on September 8th. Ratings for Panthers games are expected to spike early on and then plummet, destroying the franchise.

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