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The woman-haters, man-haters, and non-binary-haters

Mark Robinson #sexist #wingnut

Mark Robinson, the Republican candidate for North Carolina’s gubernatorial election, said he wanted to go back to a time “where women couldn’t vote” in a video that resurfaced in the wake of his Super Tuesday victory.

The video, recorded at a Republican Women of Pitt County event in March 2020, shows Robinson when he was a candidate for North Carolina’s lieutenant governor, which he later won.

In the clip, he says that he heard a man ask about the phrase “Make America Great Again,” which he posited implied the America where “women couldn’t vote” and “Black people were swinging from cheap trees.”

“I would say to him, if I was standing in front of him, ‘I absolutely want to go back to the America where women couldn’t vote,’” Robinson said.

Men Writing Women Award

"Francine Dubois"/Henry Makow PhD #sexist #wingnut #racist #conspiracy

I work with women in the healthcare profession. I am a woman, and I find the majority of women today to be utterly disgusting and toxic. What women do and talk about when men aren't present is completely amoral and vile. I have never seen men behave in the disgusting ways that I have seen women behave in a supposed professional work environment.

The forefathers were correct about women's nature and they do in fact, need to be kept under a very tight rein. The matriarchy has gone far enough.
I have come to believe that women actually enjoy being debased. They do it themselves. You only have to look at what they do on the internet. THEMSELVES--no man forcing them. I see it all the time at work.

I also think that sexual harassment was men's way of letting women know they were not welcome in certain environments. There is also the idea that no woman in her right mind would enter a male domain unless she was seeking something to her benefit...primarily sexually. I think all the outrage was a pretense. Lawsuits and payment to be gained.

I have watched women at work respond to men making overt disgusting comments to them. There is no outrage there....they titter among themselves and are mostly amused, even flattered because it is male attention after all. Old men, decrepit men, demented men....doesn't matter. I think the vaccinations have affected their minds.
I am going to add one more observation. When there were extended kin structures, there were initiations into manhood and womanhood. On the women's side, there would have been much more support for all the things women go through and plenty of women around to get strokes and attention....this would also free men up to do what they needed to do without getting bogged down by women and their constant neediness.

Men have created 95% of what is good in our material civilization but they are dismissed as sub human by the homo commie cartel running the show in the West.

Young Dixie #sexist #forced-birth #racist #kinkshaming

[From “Young Dixie’s Proposals to Combat Feminism in a Free South”]

Upon the agreement of the Young Dixie Executive Board, we have decided to put forward publicly an aggressive platform to defeat feminism in a Free South. The platform below is a work in progress, as we seek feedback from our fellow Southerners

1)Young Dixie seeks a criminal ban on OnlyFans and the seizure of all its assets by a proposed Confederate government. In this measure, we hope to end a parasitic cycle of degeneracy[…]
2)Young Dixie seeks a total ban on abortion initiated on a state-by-state level[…]
3)Young Dixie seeks a ban on “no fault” divorces[…]
5)Young Dixie seeks a total end to alimony, as it is nothing more than legalized theft and violates a man’s honor and rights
6)Young Dixie seeks to raise the voting age for women to 21 years of age, possibly even increased to 29. It should be said, a significant reason for lowering the voting age (in 1971) was that men could be drafted at 18[…]
7)Young Dixie seeks a ban on birth control pills and other associated birth control measures. In this, we seek to reinstate responsibility and consequences to sexual intercourse and decrease sexual promiscuity[…]
8)Infanticide (abortion) will be considered as a capital punishment offence in a Free South. The mother, as well as, any willing accomplice to the act, including the father, medical professionals, and infanticide activists, will be subjected to this judgement[…]
9)Young Dixie seeks to expand the description and definition, including prosecution, of prostitution to include women engaged in commercial pornographic content and thus liable to criminal punishment for prostitution
10)Young Dixie seeks a Southern-wide ban on gender (and racial) based affirmative action schemes in colleges and in the workplace

Matt Walsh #sexist

There should not be any women in the Secret Service. These are supposed to be the very best, and none of the very best at this job are women.
12:21 AM · Jul 15, 2024 · 3.6M Views
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Andrew Anglin #sexist

[From “Afghanistan: Teen Sluts on Suicide Watch After Dreams of Cock Quest Obliterated”]

Afghan teen girls had one simple dream: to travel the world and get fucked by various men they determined to have high status

Now those dreams are being flushed down the toilet like so many used condoms

The Guardian

Just over three years ago, Asma’s* future contained many possibilities. Aged 15, she was at secondary school. After that lay the prospect of university and then onwards, striding forwards into the rest of her life[…]


She begged her parents not to force her into marriage. “When I told them about my studies and dreams, they laughed and said: ‘Since the Taliban has come, girls will never be allowed to study. It’s better to get on with your life and get married’”

Bitch, that goofy shit is over

War’s over

The Taliban won

We’re going back to normal[…]
I kinda think someone at the Guardian just made these stories up

But overall, they are believable

Women do not have rights in Afghanistan, because Afghanistan is run by the most masculine men on earth

They might not have the highest IQs on average, but they have wisdom and discernment

Frankly, it doesn’t take much wisdom or discernment to see that women being involved in public life is an utter disaster[…]
The story of the Taliban is a story of hope for the whole world

The Taliban existing, right now, on the same planet as us, is proof that a better world is possible

What it takes is strong men with determination who do not believe that power comes from voting for the right politicians

Power does not come from voting

Power comes from the bed of a Toyota Hilux

Jason Whitlock #sexist #homophobia #biphobia #transphobia #fundie

In a bigoted rant, BlazeTV host Jason Whitlock complained that “women are not going to give up their power.” He also claimed that he would rather live in a “segregated society” under Jim Crow than “a world controlled by the alphabet mafia” — a derogatory term for the LGBTQ community

“This is the society women have built, the feminist movement has built,” Whitlock said. “And we’re lookin’ at a handful of Democrat, leftist men that are coming to grips with that.” As proof he cited Democratic strategist James Carville, who, in May, suggested that “preachy females” were hurting the Biden campaign

“They’re coming to grips, these men are,” he said. “And it’s too late for many of them. They’ve set all this stuff into motion. I don’t know if you can dial the clock back. But they’ve set all of this into mo[tion]. They’ve empowered women to the point that women are not going to give up their power”

Whitlock also advocated repealing “the whole 20th century,” including “LGBTQ rights and everything.” This, of course, would entail repealing major civil rights laws, but Whitlock said this would be better than the alternative

“Repeal it all,” he proclaimed. “And I say that knowin’… I’m… This is a fact: I would rather live in a segregated society than in this godless, pedophile, perverted society that we’ve built. I’d rather deal with Jim Crow than a world controlled by the alphabet mafia. Yes I said it. And I believe it”

Ian Gribbin #wingnut #sexist

A candidate for Nigel Farage’s Reform UK party has claimed the country would have been “far better” off if it had “taken Hitler up on his offer of neutrality” instead of fighting the Nazis

Ian Gribbin, who is standing in Bexhill and Battle, also wrote online that women were the “sponging gender” and should be “deprived of health care”[…]
Mr Gribbin is reported to have posted on the Unherd website in 2022: “Britain would be in a far better state today had we taken Hitler up on his offer of neutrality … but oh no Britain’s warped mindset values weird notions of international morality rather than looking after its own people”

The same month he wrote that the UK should “exorcise the cult of Churchill and recognize that in both policy and military strategy, he was abysmal”

The previous month he criticised women, writing: “Do you think you could actually work and pay for it all too like good citizens?

“Men pay 80% of tax – women spend 80% of tax revenue. On aggregate as a group you only take from society

“Less complaining please from the ‘sponging gender’”

In a separate post, he suggested squaring the inequality “by depriving women of healthcare until their life expectancies are the same as men, Fair’s fair”

In 2021, he wrote female soldiers “almost made me wretch [sic]” and were a “total liability”

In the run-up to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, he said that President Putin had “shown a maturity of which we can only dream of”

A Reform UK spokesman said: “Through offence archaeology, the BBC has found that Mr Gribbin has made a series of comments about a number of subjects

“They were written with an eye to inconvenient perspectives and truths. That doesn’t make them endorsements, just arguing points in long-distance debates

Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-WI) #sexist

Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-WI) on Thursday accused “the angry feminist movement” of emasculating men and said the U.S. should “work our way back” to 1960 if former President Donald Trump wins in November[…]
Grothman went after supporters of government-funded childcare programs and said President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty “took the purpose out of the man’s life, because now you have a basket of goodies for the mom.” He added, “They’ve taken away the purpose of the man to be part of a family. And if we want to get America back to, say, 1960, where this was almost unheard of, we have to fundamentally change these programs”

Grothman said “the breakdown of the family” was caused by the U.S. government in the 1960s and “people like Angela Davis, well-known communist, people like the feminists who were so important in the 1960s”

“So I hope the press corps picks up on this, and I hope Republican and Democrat leadership put together some sort of plan for January, in which we work our way back to where America was in the 1960s,” he added

vokal kazih, hooked , zantos , #psycho #sexist

[on a 14 yaer old child bride who poisoned her husband and at least 3 of his friends ]

Vokal: “ While I don't agree with forced marriage, killing is killing. She could have just ran away instead of poisoning a dozen or so people. Don't care if she's 14. Hope she fries, or hangs. However they do it.Just like any and every killer should.”


She wasn't defending herself. She felt bad and wanted to make other people suffer like a typical school shooting case. You think she couldn't poison the husband in a different situation? No she wanted to kill as many ppl as possible.

Hooked: “I agree, she is pure evil. “ [url=]So she was able to go to the market and buy rat poison without anyone noticing, but couldn't just run away?. I think she wanted to make them all pay.

Zantos: “Exactly. She had every bit of freedom she needed to get away at any time. She had just as much time to kill him by himself then to try and take out as many others as she could with him.”

Technically she wasn't kidnapped, the marriage with this man was most likely arranged by her parents, as that is what the law states has to happen for a 14 year old to be married. Wouldn't you say her parents are more to blame than the husband in question? Would you also condone her killing her parents as well because they arranged the whole thing ?Attempting to kill 14 people because you aren't in love with the man your parents forced you to marry doesn't sound like my kind of justice.

Hooked: “Not only that but her own parents probably also had an arraigned marriage. Nah this girl was just evil, plain and simple.”

Puupi #psycho #sexist

because they were sitting at the dinner table CELEBRATING the man who was holding her, a 14 year old girl, hostage and wanting to have sex with her against her have killed them all too to get out of that situation...

They were celebrating their marriage. It's normal in their culture.

By the way, are you American? Are you a man? Are you circumcised?

Most (?) American men are circumcised and it is a lot more questionable thing to do compared to arranged marriages, even if the girl is 14.

I see child marriages more acceptable and moral than circumcision.

Those two things aren't remotely comparable, and I'm highly against circumcision of children. How is the marriage/rape of children by adults more moral than cutting some skin off of kids penises?

Mutilation of sexual organs of a baby compared to marriage where you may need to have sex against your will?

You know, there are lots of good things about arranged marriages as well. The girl gets a husband, a man who is feeding, protecting and taking care of her. And the husband gets a wife, who takes care of him. There is more to marriage than just sex.

Shockingly, most people have sex willingly in life. Even do everything they can to please people to get them to have sex. Ultimately, sex drives the whole human society.

So when you need to have sex against your own will - it is a bad and unwanted thing - but it isn't the most atrocious thing happening in the world.

Nigel Farage, MP (Reform-Clacton) #sexist #conspiracy

Nigel Farage has said he is part of a “similar phenomenon” to the misogynist influencer Andrew Tate, as he claimed that there were forces in society trying to “stop young men from being young men”

The Reform UK leader used the last day of campaigning before the general election to appear alongside Derek Chisora, the controversial boxer and Reform UK supporter, in a boxing gym in Clacton, where Farage is making his eighth bid to be elected as an MP

Farage used the visit to speak about what he described as the feelings of “emasculation” among young men, saying: “Look at the football. You know, they’re told: Go to Germany. Please don’t drink more than two pints of beer. You what? Don’t chant at the football matches. You what? Oh, and don’t tell jokes that might offend the Germans. I mean, come on. We are trying to stop young men being young men

“That’s why Tate got the following he got. So maybe I’m part of a similar phenomenon,” he said[…]
Farage defended his appearance alongside Chisora, who was given a 12-week suspended prison sentence in 2010 after being found guilty of assaulting his then girlfriend

Asked if Chisora was a good role model, he replied: “You show me someone who has lived a perfect life and never been in trouble. For these young kids he’s a fantastic role model. He’s got a huge following in the country. And yeah, he is a good role model. Imperfect as we all are”

Earsel Bill #wingnut #sexist #transphobia #homophobia

Shew I get how this kind of humor isn’t productive, but at the same time the world really is too damn woke…I can tell just from playing games, and that’s a problem. Between the ugly ass women in Mortal Kombat, the changed dialogue in MARIO games, yes Mario games, and the….lets just say situation in SpiderMan 2…..ugh I’m so tired of the constant political mind set of both fuckin parties, liberals AND conservatives….like, omg I’d give just about anything if Obama and Trump BOTH were never a thing….mostly Trump, but seriously I’m tired of politics being so out of control that you can’t play a damn game without being reminded of it