The woman-haters, man-haters, and non-binary-haters

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The 30-year, fixed-rate #mortgage peaked at 18.45% in Oct. 1981 and troughed at 2.65% in 2021. The current rate is 7.4% and rising. 40 years of falling mortgage rates, plus married women entering the workforce, allowed home prices to rise much faster than incomes. Look out below!

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[ Context: about a grown adult chatting with minors online ]
There’s nothing at all wrong with it. Up until the last 20 years, many older men used to enjoy talking with teens, both boys and girls, even having them as friends. Platonic ones, by the way.
Interaction with them brings out dreams of our past youth, the* paternal, maternal instincts,* and, with members of the opposite sex, a touch of sexual lure. (Don’t you dare sneer! It’s biology because kids are at their most sexually powerful between 14 and 25. History shows that most children were married from ages 12 to 20. Usually as soon as the girl had her period, she was considered marriage material!! Women reaching 22 without being wed were considered old maids!!) Teens can give off sexual cues without meaning to because of biology.

I love talking with teens on the web, watching them around town, listening to them chat in groups in stores, admire their grace and awkwardness as they go through that leggy, big footed state where their limbs seem to grow faster than the rest of them. The girls are cute as heck.

The best thing is their simple beauty, their unlined faces and most do not have that awful ‘look’ adults get over race, religion, job conflicts, accumulated emotional injuries, money problems, and all of the beatings a ‘grown up’ gets trying to live.
Several years back, I dug up the standard profile of child molesters and read it to find out what one needs to look for and, surprise, surprise! I technically fit the stereotype!!

You know you’re not going to go and seduce some kid, so don’t worry. Besides, you might be surprised at the amount of kids who try to seduce their young, good looking teachers in high school, especially by girls. Feel sorry for those male teachers in their twenties when some pretty young thing of 15, oozing sexuality from all pores, just busting with nubility thanks to nature telling her it’s time to reproduce, turns on the heat.

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Fuck man. Life is unfair.

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[From “Gone with the Wind”]

We can see the image of the carpetbagger scene in Gone with the Wind, a war that freed the Negroes and occurred at a time when there were no Jewish-owned mass media and even before mass Jewish immigration began. (Oh, Judeo-reductionist racialists who don’t want to see that, in addition to the JQ, we have a Christian problem…!)[…]
–Throughout the film, from the opening scenes in Georgia, women’s outfits duly concealed the sexual appeal of their bodies, especially the dresses of the Southern beauties[…]Melanie Hamilton, who eventually married Ashley, is the perfect model of how women should behave again in the future ethnostate![…]
–At the Twelve Oaks party, before the barbecue is interrupted by the declaration of war, all the women are taking the obligatory nap (except Scarlett, who escapes to the upstairs bedroom) while the men discuss serious matters. It was unthinkable that a woman would have a say in such matters[…]
–Rhett and several other accomplices carry out a night-time raid on a shanty town after Scarlett, driving alone, is attacked by Negroes resulting in Frank’s death. Needless to say, on this night the wives of these brave men stayed at home sewing and reading decent literature
–Once married to Rhett Butler, ‘Captain Butler’ was always greeted first by pedestrians in the street as he strolled with Scarlett. She, faithfully at her husband’s side on these street strolls, was only mentioned after pedestrians greeted Rhett
–Let us never forget Scarlett’s marital rape when Rhett lifted her in his arms[…]
When I was young, the film depicted wholesome Western mores, before values were corrupted and completely reversed in our darkest hour. I even remember that my mother, who wasn’t racist at all, felt compassion for the Southerners in the scene where the carpetbagger we see in the image above appears, and we both resented the presence of the black singer who took advantage of the situation

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Over the course of my life I have watched the American people, indeed, the peoples of the West, abandon civilization and civilized behavior. Today nothing is important throughout the Western World except money. Even people with money don’t care what they look like. People dress like slobs. They behave worse. Four-letter words are common parlance in conversations between men and women. There is no longer such a thing as “polite society.”

Feminism taught women to throw away chastity and to be promiscuous, and with chastity went female modesty. When I walk on the beach, females from young girls to grandmothers are sporting the stripper’s G-String, Their entire buttocks are displayed. The tiny patch in front gets smaller and smaller. Not long ago I saw a young women without a top. She had two strips of tape across her nipples.
Sin spreads like contagion when sexual perversion is normalized and when the accumulation of money is the social goal, no matter how it is acquired. The result is that the social resistance to sin and depravity weakens. Today the governments of the Western World cheer on Israel’s genocide of the Palestinians. “Christian” Evangelical ministers claim that with genocide of the Palestinians, Israel is only taking what God gave them. The fact that God dispelled the Jews for their wickedness is left out of the discussion.

This is so sick that it shows that Christianity is no longer a force for moral, humane behavior. If Israel can exterminate Palestine, anything goes.

For decades the main function of education in the West has been to demonize the West and to present the West as an exploiter of the non-white world. This long-established campaign against the West was intended to destroy the West, not to reform it. The gentile agnostic liberals and the Zionists led the campaign to discredit and undermine the West.

The campaign for the destruction of Western Civilization has succeeded.

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Freemasonry is the most evil organization on Earth. If all our smiling psychopathic leaders are Masons, as this article implies, then it is wise to judge that this Brotherhood is rotten. Judaism has always been a scapegoat for the supreme and hidden hand behind them. I don't see Zionists alone debasing our morality, crushing our cultures, importing millions of invaders, turning women into objects of lust, pushing self-destructive life styles as normal -- I see the Masonic illuminati, with all their evil symbolism behind this assault.

Masons have created a society and culture where worldly 'success' is the pinnacle of achievement. This is what appeals to the Mason. He sold his soul for it. He joined the Brotherhood for it. While Christ rejected Satan's temptation for the World, the Mason accepted the price -- his soul. The Mason now creates a culture to justify his error, in order that we all may be deceived. Everyone has been inducted into this cult, and is caught up in the mad rat-race.

Everyone is unhappy. Women have been destroyed by the double assault of Feminism and porn-culture; two extremes which have robbed her of both gentleness and innocence. Men have been left feeling lost and have become self-destructive, insecure and angry. Men if they do not find 'success' and 'achieve' as per Masonic guidelines, they lose their self-worth and value.

Behind this all is the smiling clown-life macabre face of the Mason. They have destroyed everything! Innocence, morality, truth, love, family -- they have attempted to degrade us into ugly monsters, destroying the beauty in the human soul that God died for. And as humanity languishes under this oppression, we are told by our masters that we are nothing but animals, some sort of ape-man hybrid -- "Just have more sex and with more people, you're just an animal anyways." We are left feeling worthless! The only result for people caught up in this web of extreme unhappiness is medication or suicide.

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The majority of men are weak
They are blue pilled to the max
And slaves to their sex drive

In todays world
The interaction that goes down is quick and casual

When you are intimate with someone
You will pick up their emotional imbalances

Getting sex from an online hookup
Does not come without repercussions

When men chase women
They will go out more
Drink a little alcohol
Sleep in
And lose their focus

When men only do things to get laid
They will feel off centered

Men only require femineity in the bedroom
If they would lead with the sense that a woman has to earn him
Then she will look at him as the prize

When a man tells a woman no
It will only make her want him more
No is what a woman rarely hears today

Women seek validation
Sleeping with her is the highest form of validation

As long as porn exists and is easily available
The dynamic that exists today will not shift

What seems to be random insanity in the world
Is a carefully crafted manufactured reality

It is targeted mind control
With an agenda of pushing the population
Into accepting the transhumanist conditions of a dystopian society

The aggressive spiritual attack aimed specifically at children
Is to twist and confuse all meaning behind gender and sexuality

It means to destroy the ascension potentials of angelic humanity
To unplug our diamond sun DNA
And to disconnect the soul from its purposeful design

Eternal love is the embodiment of the eternal self with the Infinite Divine
Eternal truth is the actualization of your inner light

There is an energetic interconnection between all living beings
Which is the Infinite Light of the Creator
That animates all creatures

The human light body is being attacked
By siphoning off male and female vital force energies
And placing a monadic drag on the heart center

Reclaim your Living Light Consciousness!

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[From “Catechetical lunacy”]

According to Catechism of the Catholic Church (1992), paragraph 1935:

The equality of men rests essentially on their dignity as persons and the rights that flow from it: ‘Every form of social or cultural discrimination in fundamental personal rights on the grounds of sex, race, color, social conditions, language, or religion must be curbed and eradicated as incompatible with God’s design’

The above statement is as woke and as DIE [Diversity Equity and Inclusion] as one can get. Absent the talk concerning a mythical Jewish god, the above statement could easily be stated by Joe Biden, Alexandria Occasio Cortez, Michelle Obama or Kamala Harris

The above statement does not merely seek to ‘eradicate’ inequalities in opportunity, but also inequalities in outcome[…]
Depopulation and eugenics are a path, eventually, to all humans having prosperous and peaceful social conditions

It is Christian axiology that renders so much of Western Society so crime-ridden and so needlessly miserable. Christianity is a sect of ‘the least of these’, and so it is anti-eugenic i.e. dysgenic[…]
An absolute equality in social conditions? That is madness. That is Bolshevism. And the funny thing is that the above statement[…]was written in 1992 by the ‘conservatives’ Ratzinger—later Benedict XVI—Schönborn and Saint John Paul II. One of the reasons why I converted to traditionalist Catholicism is because I quickly found out that there was really no such thing as conservative post-conciliar Catholicism. They were all sell-outs and lunatics[…]
The virus with shoes that is destroying the planet, and swiftly rendering it uninhabitable is of ‘infinite value’[…]And it is not just humanity in sum that has infinite value, but each individual also! You can’t get depopulation done with beliefs like that![…]Christian axiology—which carries over into many forms of atheism—is the number one existential threat that humanity faces

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I got sucked into The Morning Show on Apple TV, because sometimes I just like to hate-watch. I don’t watch violence anymore or sex, and if anything starts with someone on a toilet, I’m out. This essentially means I watch nothing, except we had a marvellous time with Ted Lasso which made me remember how much I used to love television. Now it’s a wasteland of lizards in skin suits fighting each other.

Or stupid women talking, like the Housewives or even more offensive, The Buccaneers. Edith Wharton’s last book was cast via skin shade dark-to-light, and rewritten in the you-go-Barbie-cheerleading-style, lots of screaming and running around the grass, shrieking and jumping up and down on beds, crossed with loads of resentment about their insane levels of wealth and THE PATRIARCHY. It is both boring and offensive. Hollywood, which is full-on demonic, can cast the great classics of American and English literature with black girls with vocal fry, but we can’t wear corn rows or self-tan, because “appropriation”.
There is no peace in the streets, EVER, your people have started three wars in the last two years. You kill millions of babies and agitate to kill more babies. You’ve demanded so much money for social justice, we are broke ten times over, and risk a Weimar Germany hellscape. Your repulsive politicians have enabled criminal cartels to loot the public purse. We are being invaded by millions of military-aged men on the border, and at the border, hundreds of thousands of women and children are raped and being sold into sex slavery. Women – most women - have zero consciousness of any of this. Almost one hundred thousand children have vanished into the sex trade. But they want the border open because COMPASSION. Never mind the sharp uptick of crime, sooner or later, honey, you are going to want a gun and a man because the world you created - go girl – is so dangerous.


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[From “On the Deeply Personal Nature of My Agenda to Abolish the Age of Consent”]

The Jews put gigantic pictures of nearly nude women everywhere

They flood the entire internet with porno to the point that the average age for first seeing a hardcore porno is now nine (9)

Then they declare that[…]you will go to prison for hiring a hooker[…]
I’m not “pro-hooker,” necessarily

I’m anti-fornication[…]
Outlawing prostitution is a part of the agenda to spread sexual promiscuity throughout society

Both Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Augustine said this would happen if the government attempted to regulate hookers[…]
(From this, you can extrapolate that all state regulations on heterosexual sex are wrong[…])
Before the government regulation, women had one basic choice: “hooker or wife?”[…]
When they wiped out “hooker,” they wiped out the decision between the two. It’s not a coincidence that the countries that still have strong marriages – Moslem, Asian, and some Latin American ones – still have legal but discreet prostitution[…]
Jews used to run prostitutes, because they were just involved in every slimy thing[…]Now, Jews do porno – which literally is prostitution with a camera – while outlawing standard prostitution

Jews were at the forefront of feminism, pushing everything related to that agenda[…]
An age of consent on prostitution would be appropriate, because it’s a drastic decision for a girl to make. Marriage, however, is not a drastic decision, and it is traditionally made in consultation with the girl’s father[…]
I advocate lowering the age of consent primarily as a hymen protectionism measure[…]There is no reason these bitches should be in school[…]the younger she is the more able she is to acknowledge the husband as the new father[…]
The part about abolishing the age of consent being a deeply personal issue for me is a joke (it’s very funny), but the larger point is not a joke at all: the age of consent is an attack on the family

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( @Nature_and_Race )
There are some old guys on Gab right now that are so desperate to sleep with young Asian women that they're willing to support those young Asian women when they stir up infighting between pro-Whites.

And then those desperate old guys actually carryout attacks on their fellow pro-White brothers and sisters, in defense of these non-white Asians who are stirring up fighting between White people.

It's times like this that I'm sincerely glad the pro-White community doesn't have any real power or influence. Our movement would be completely doomed if it was more recognized by the outside world right now.

( @PrincessKrav )
@Nature_and_Race its infuriating. It truly is. I was shocked the first time I saw it on Gab, older guys saying all western White women are awful and that if White guys want good "obedient" (HAH) wives, they need to look to the Asian countries. BULL. Dont call yourself pro-White and say that, please.

( @NordicWolf )
@PrincessKrav @Nature_and_Race
I'm pretty sure Asian women don't even have the capacity to love.
Referring mainly to Chinese. Japanese and Korean seem quite different but Chinese are mixed of many of the original east Asian sub clads and not actually pure in their own race.
Seldom does good ever come of race mixing, even among similar races.

( @jh182244 )
@Nature_and_Race my son calls asian women, fish face.

( @ToyotaZZchad )
@jh182244 @Nature_and_Race based lmao. Now you just got to teach him to throw fish at Asian women.

( @234jjj )
@Nature_and_Race I will never be glad we aren't a White run country. Regardless of our differences/disagreements. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

( @kungpowkitty )
@Nature_and_Race muh passport bros.
Filthy miscegenation

( @GSauce111 )
@Nature_and_Race I agree with you to an extent. I would always choose a White woman over anything…..BUT, when 90% of the White dating pool is completely unobtainable, demoralized, etc, I can’t really blame some older dude going after an Asian who treats him well. I’d rather see him be happy with his life than be bitter, angry and suicidal because all of the White women he comes into contact with are brainwashed, entitled, narcissistic c*nts. 🤷‍♂️

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[From “Hultgreen-Curie, Naval Edition”]

Joe Biden proposed, and the US Senate confirmed, the first woman to lead the US Navy

The US Senate has confirmed three high-ranking military nominations, including Admiral Lisa Franchetti, who becomes the first woman to lead the Navy. Senator Tommy Tuberville allowed the votes to go through after months of blocking all confirmations in an anti-abortion protest[…]

To say this bodes ill, particularly in the current circumstances, is probably the understatement of the year. But if the limits of imperial overstretch have indeed been reached, it would be absolutely appropriate to have that critical historical moment overseen by the first female Joint Chief of the Navy

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NOT SATIRE: What if Growing Pains was shot in 2023? In Kirk Cameron's humorous remake "Grooming Pains," a father asks his son, "How was school?" Here is his response: "It was great! We practiced the "Pride of Allegiance," We learned about girl math and boy math, and we recited the black national anthem. Football ran long today because it was our first practice with Krystyna playing quarterback for the first time!"

Even as a joke, this isn't too far off from the crazy world we live in… It's a sad reality that so many forms of entertainment have been taken over by woke agendas. Now is the time to find alternatives for our children to grow up with and enjoy without being brainwashed.

Enter BRAVE Books! THE Christian children's book company that only publishes pro-God, pro-America content. BRAVE's latest release was authored by Kirk Cameron and is titled The Fox, the Fair, and the Invention Scare on the topic of loving your enemies. Get it for FREE when you subscribe to get a new book each month through the Freedom Island Book Club. BRAVE is THE alternative entertainment for parents wanting good, wholesome books for their kids!

Get a FREE copy of Kirk Cameron's book!

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The phenomenon of gender reversals is escalating in our day with sex-change surgeries and demands that the “transgendered” be accommodated. People are abandoning their natural identities and mentally identifying as any gender they choose. Society is indulging this behavior, which leads to even more confusion. For those struggling with gender confusion, the answer lies not in altering their physical bodies, but in allowing the Holy Spirit to change their hearts (1 Peter 4:2). When we submit ourselves fully to the lordship of Jesus, we desire to follow His design for us, rather than choose our own design (Galatians 2:20).

For a man to despise his gender and identify as a woman, or for a woman to abandon her gender and present herself as a man, is wrong. It is a defiance of God’s design when He created male and female. Deuteronomy 22:5 says, “A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this.” This command was not as much about clothing as it was about guarding the sanctity of what it means to be a man or a woman. Romans 1 shows that gender confusion is merely a symptom of a bigger problem. When people reject God’s authority and set themselves up as their own gods, chaos results. Verses 21 and 22 illustrate the problem: “For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools.”

Thinking that we know better than God is the doorway to becoming a fool. When a man defies his masculinity or a woman rejects her femininity, it is a symptom of grosser sin: rejection of God’s ultimate authority. The closer we grow to God, the more we can embrace our gender identity. Both genders display certain aspects of God’s character in a unique way. When we pervert His choice for us, we limit the opportunities He gives us to demonstrate the glory of being created in His image (Genesis 1:27).

Carrie Gress #fundie #wingnut #sexist #conspiracy amazon.com

From the spoiling of this relationship followed the decay of the entire family, and almost overnight, our once pro-life culture became pro-lifestyle, embracing everything that felt good. Sixty million abortions later, women aren’t showing signs of health, happiness, and fulfillment. Increased numbers of divorce, depression, anxiety, sexually transmitted disease, and drug abuse all point to the reality that women aren’t happier, just more medicated.

Huge cultural shifts led to a rethinking of womanhood, but could there be more behind it than just culture, politics, and rhetoric?

Building off the scriptural foundations of the anti-Christ, Carrie Gress makes an in-depth investigation into the idea of an anti-Mary—as a spirit, not an individual—that has plagued the West since the ’60s. Misleading generations of women, this anti-Marian spirit has led to the toxic femininity that has destroyed the lives of countless men, women, and children.

Also in The Anti-Mary Exposed:
How radical feminism is connected to the errors of Russia, spoken of by Our Lady of Fatima. The involvement and influence of the goddess movement and the occult.
The influence of “female” demons, such as Lilith and Jezebel.
A look at the matriarchy, a cabal of elite women committed to abortion, who control the thinking of most women through media, politics, Hollywood, fashion, and universities.

The antidote to the anti-Mary is, of course, Mary, the Mother of God, known widely as the most powerful woman in the world and the source of the belief that women ought to be treated with dignity. She is a beacon of all the virtues and qualities—purity, humility, kindness, beauty—that oppose this sinister force that has cast its spell upon so many women. Mary’s influence is unparalleled by any woman in history. She is the perfect model of Christian femininity, who desires to be a spiritual mother to us all, leading us to her Son, and to the fulfillment of our heart’s deepest desires.

OmegaKV #psycho #sexist mikraite.org

I remember watching a movie that dramatized a wedding in India between a 15 year old girl and an 80 year old man. In the movie it showed the girl crying and the intent was to make the audience feel bad for the girl. At the time I did feel bad, and I felt like it was barbaric that such things took place in parts of the world.

However my perspective has since changed. I do still understand why a 15 year old girl of any culture would be averse to marrying an 80 year old man. But if I were ever to find myself in the position of an 80 year old man being wed to a 15 year old girl, I would absolutely go through with the wedding, despite the girl's unwillingness. I would feel fully justified in doing so, even though I know it disgusts her. I would say "it's about time" and then proceed to have sex with her, consensual or nonconsensual, and then I would inseminate her with the intent of impregnating her, and propagating my genes.

I have suffered enough. If I ever get the opportunity to sexually ravage a prime teen without consequences, I would absolutely take advantage of it, without hesitating because of her feelings or her unwillingness to go through with it. I have suffered more than she has. I am better than she is. Consensual or not, I deserve to be able to sexually ravage and inseminate her.

Gary Ayers #wingnut #sexist #dunning-kruger quora.com

Gary Ayers
Then please offer examples and data that prove the existence of The Patriarchy.

I really tend to think that it is like God to the feminists: It is apparently eternal, omiscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. It has been crushing the female sex under its boot for ALL of human history, and yet each generation of feminists believes that THEY will be the generation that will FINALLY destroy it. Even though feminists NEVER have made up more than 7% of the female population of any country at ANY time since their movement began.

Gary Ayers
Oh PLEASE tell me you're not a male feminist. Those are documentedlybthe worst type of men.

Set aside the feminist propaganda for a moment: did you ever consider that maybe there was good reason ancient cultures governed their women and girls in such a way? Maybe with a 60% divorce rate (80%of which initiated by women), a 76% single-parent rate, and a 70%-and-increasing hookup culture participation rate, maybe women are proving they're lousy at picking men? And the rest of your diatribe is about 50 years out of date, isn't it? And if corporations actually could get away with paying women less than a man for the same work, why wouldn't they hire only women? Think how much would be saved on labor costs alone. But that isn't true and you and every other feminist fucking well knows it. And what rights have been taken away from women? Abortion was merely returned to the states to decide as their populations wish. It was not outlawed or “stripped” from women.

Society bends over backwards catering to women now. Show me where men have gotten women thrown in jail on false accusations. Why do women get less prison time than men for the same offense? Why is the entire domestic violence infrastructure built on the feminist Duluth model of sexual power, where the woman is automatically presumed to be the victim in every case of domestic violence, even in cases where it is CLEAR that the man is the victim? Why is sexual behavior in women treated as less serious or explained away when such behavior would be considered reprehensible in men, such as sexual assault of school students?

So just spare us the women are so oppressed schtick. The facts of today's world render it invalid.

various commenters #wingnut #racist #homophobia #sexist #psycho gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
In an ideal world, race-mixing (including self-indulgent recreational sex) would be viewed as treason against your own people, and thus would result in the death penalty.

However, we don't live in an ideal world. Not even close.

@Nature_and_Race Wahmen are retarded and mudsharks get the rope.

( @Weiss_Drache )
@Nature_and_Race As far as I'm concerned you can have all the "recreational sex" you want as long as it's with a White person and your intention is to eventually have children.

( @WhiteMansBible )
@Nature_and_Race It's an act against nature.

( @ObersturmbannFuhrer88 )
@Nature_and_Race why are niggers so hyper violent and faggots so hyper sexual? Like what’s up with that? Mudsharks really are disgusting. There are hardly any men who fuck black chicks as they are little all disgusting. Niggers are hideous

( @Rabbi_Spacelaser )
@ObersturmbannFuhrer88 @Nature_and_Race All faggots are pedos. Niggers are just plain stupid, like wild animals.

( @Nemesistyx )
@Nature_and_Race This is where I will disagree with you.

Death for something like that is asinine, unless it was a "conspiracy" Intention.

Best case is to ostracize them completely from the people. If you choose to race mix (depending on your circumstance of mutt status) you willfully choose an alternative culture then you should be with that culture. You choose differently, you must LIVE with that choice literally.

50 states, You telling me between all the purist of whites, blacks, etc etc all segregated up and then sub segregated groups of mixed races (based on culture identity). If you are a white boy who mixes with the opposite race, you and that race now must live in a different community.

( @Rabbi_Spacelaser )
@Nature_and_Race In an ideal world there would be no niggers

Laura Wood and Paul Vitz #homophobia #sexist #quack #crackpot #fundie thinkinghousewife.com

[From ““Homosexuality and Hope””]

A SOCIETY that normalizes homosexuality is a cruel society

Imagine a society that celebrated alcoholism and encouraged alcoholics to embrace their addiction. Imagine the covering over of the resulting disasters with platitudes of love. Then magnify that a hundredfold. For the affliction of the artificially-created homosexual is far worse, alienated as he is from the most basic roles and bonds of society

The heartless modern world consigns him or her to an unhappy state — without exception. The more homosexuality is normalized, the more homosexuals convert their inner conflict into “pride.” The person who identifies as a homosexual will always be in deep conflict, and the acute awareness of this causes pain that no homosexual “community” can assuage

But there is hope

In the introduction to Dutch psychologist Gerard van den Aardweg’s 1985 book on this subject, Homosexuality and Hope: A Psychologist Talks about Treatment and Change, Paul Vitz writes:

Homosexuals are not condemned to a way of life that alienates, separates, and restricts[…]

There is no such thing as an innate homosexual[…]
In societies where sex roles and the differentiation between boys and girls are strong, there is almost no incidence of homosexual behavior. The homosexual condition is caused by confusion and a blurring of these roles. Feminism and the endless propaganda to make men and women the same has inevitably led to a plague of confusion. It is no wonder that many people are caught in a trap of unnatural desires[…]
Many a girl raised to be as competitive and aggressive as a boy understandably struggles to embrace her womanliness. Many a boy who can never be the rowdy, athletic star and is surrounded by the glorification of homosexual lust understandably struggles to embrace his inherent manliness[…]
Meditating on the mysteries of the Cross is, of course, the most effective means of escaping all psychological affliction

Charlie Kirk & various commenters #wingnut #sexist gettr.com

(submitters note: refering to the protests against the overturn of Roe v. Wade)
( Charlie Kirk )
Notice who is marching in the streets: single, unmarried, mostly white, college educated “women”

Frankly it’s foolish to call conservatives racist—who we actually can’t stand are angry, liberal, white women.

( @chuck724 )
And all of them are too ugly to be worried about getting pregnant

( @Ross55 )
And ugly as anything on top of that! All liberal women are didgusting, self hating garbage!

( @MimiM1 )
You should have put college educated in parentheses considering they don't seem educated enough to use birth control or cross their legs

( @TimetoAct )
I too noticed that. Have viewed coverage from Live Streamers who were in DC at the moment the ruling came down. On the Pro-Life side you saw a more diverse side.

( @Iaiamonius )
Some of them aren’t fit, look like slobs, or are kinda freaky. What self respecting man would touch them?

( @WinstonBlack )
Well all see them, know, and understand what they are.

Ill say it for you.

College SLUTS.

( @MimiM1 )
Exactly... But having a college degree now doesn't mean much... It usually just implies indoctrination

( @TheRealDarkVoid )
And then you have to actually question just how many of them are "women."

( @sunrays )
Most white college educated young people are liberals, their skin color means nothing they are the backbone of the BLM group, taught by liberals who hate this Country and they cannot reason out for themselves but mindlessly believe what they hear

( @Patriot1895 )
College education is a euphemism for indoctrinated .....and they suffer from hitting the ugly tree......repeatedly

( @Littleboy2020 )
You mean liberal Women that fell out of the ugly tree and hit every single branch on the way down before hitting the ground face down then became known as fugly liberal women

Sunsoft Bass #sexist #conspiracy knowyourmeme.com

When people who like playing videogames had to deal with those stereotypical church ladies, preachers and christian politicians that claim violent videogames are turning children into murderers and Pokémon is satanic, and wanted to censor or ban videogames, they were heroes for fighting against this moral panic, defending your hobby from puritans is an honor.

But when the moral guardians were replaced with those stereotypical feminists and social revenge warriors, claiming how videogames are sexist, racist and gamer culture is toxic, and also trying to censor or ban videogames, then you are supposed to shut up and accept it, if you fight back, you are soft, whiny, manbaby, neckbeard, chud, virgin, incel, and somehow they shifted the blame by saying it's you who are engaging in a moral panic, not them.

Lila Rose #sexist #wingnut twitter.com

“Abortion is wrong, with certain exceptions" is like saying:

"Abusing a child is wrong, with certain exceptions"

"Robbing a bank is wrong, with certain exceptions"

"Rape is wrong, with certain exceptions."

There is no justification for killing innocent people.


Supreme Islamic Council of Gambia, Imam Abdoulie Fatty and Sulayman Saho #sexist #fundie #psycho english.elpais.com

Political and religious leaders in The Gambia are actively campaigning to decriminalize female genital mutilation (FGM). Despite being banned in the West African country since 2015, this harmful practice continues to be practiced secretly. The recent arrest and imprisonment of three women for mutilating eight infants, the first conviction since the law took effect, has sparked a new initiative to repeal the law. Imam Abdoulie Fatty, a supporter of excision, and legislator Sulayman Saho, who has called for decriminalization in the country’s parliament, are the driving forces behind this controversial issue[…]
In late August, a judge in the Central River region convicted three women — one who performed the procedure and two mothers — for mutilating eight babies. The women faced a choice of paying a fine of 15,000 dalasis (about $243) or spending one year in prison. A few days later, Imam Abdoulie Fatty, the radical religious advisor to dictator Yahya Jammeh, known for his homophobia and defense of excision, paid the fine for the three women to secure their release from prison. He also encouraged Gambians to continue this practice. “If everyone agrees to do it openly, the government cannot imprison an entire town, let alone an entire country”[…]
These statements provoked a debate that quickly spilled onto the streets and even reached the nation’s parliament. In mid-September, Sulayman Saho, an opposition legislator from the Central Baddibu district, stood before the National Assembly and proposed repealing the law that prohibits FGM. Saho expressed concern about the arrests of “mothers and sisters,” and connected female genital mutilation to the right to preserve religious and traditional practices. “The ban infringes upon these rights and fosters violence in our country… We must get to work and review the law that criminalizes female circumcision”

Lidl Drip #sexist #transphobia kiwifarms.st

RE: Official Kiwifarms Man-Hate Thread

This thread is a DMZ (De-Moidified Zone) and is strictly for women. Men and trannies (men) shitting up the thread will be removed from the entire Lolcow Salon for a month.

I tried to get ChatGPT to write a poem about men being annoying and having stinky butts and instead it gave me a long ass poem about not being bitter and setting our differences aside.


So men have apparently programmed this AI so it can't make fun of them. I guess we gotta do all the work ourselves.


More like pick-me-GPT

There's nothing gendered about comic books. It's like saying men are invading women's spaces if they show an interest in skincare, or fashion, etc (women welcome men into these interests).

When men say that women have invaded "Men's spaces" they unironically mean Schools, Universities, Jobs and really anything outside of the home. For this crime we are now punished by trannies. That's what they actually think.

Made the mistake of glancing at A&N to see them gleefully cackling at lesbians unable to prohibit troons from their groups, commiserating on how feminists cause this and we get what we deserve.
We are just a bimbo collective in their minds. Tiresome, emotionally stunted retards think punishing half the population via their more broken subspecies is deserved. How are we meant to like them? They realise this worldview punishes their mother's, daughters, sisters and girlfriends and they still think like this. It almost makes me think birthing a son would be an exercise in self loathing.

Yup, men are individuals and we are all a hivemind. So if a liberal woman supports troons on twitter that means all women support troons. They don't even know that there are different types of feminism other than liberal sex-positive feminism. They don't care to learn about it either because men's minds are very simple so they need to be able to fit women into very small narrow boxes.

Alain Soral #sexist #homophobia apnews.com

The Lausanne court sentenced French-Swiss polemicist Alain Bonnet, who goes by Alain Soral, for the crimes of defamation, discrimination and incitement to hatred on Monday. He was ordered to pay legal fees and fines totaling thousands of Swiss francs (dollars) in addition to the time behind bars

Soral lashed out at Catherine Macherel, a journalist for Swiss newspapers Tribune de Geneve and 24 Heures, in a Facebook video two years ago. He called her a “fat lesbian” and said Macherel’s work as a “queer activist” meant she was “unhinged,” according to Swiss public broadcaster RTS

“This court decision is an important moment for justice and rights of LGBTQI people in Switzerland,” said Murial Waeger, co-director of the lesbian activist group LOS, in a statement[…]
In an email Tuesday to The Associated Press, Pascal Junod, a lawyer for Soral, mockingly blasted the conviction for a “crime of opinion” and said the case aimed to probe whether a person had “sinned against the dogmas of single thought”[…]
Waeger said the verdict represented a milestone in the application of a measure approved by Swiss voters in 2020 that made it illegal to discriminate against people on the basis of sexual orientation

Soral was convicted repeatedly in France and sentenced to jail time in 2019 for denying the Holocaust

Leopards Eating Faces Award

Jey Rence Quilario (aka "Senior Agila") and the Socorro Bayanihan Services Inc. (SBSI) #fundie #sexist #psycho manilatimes.net

BOYS as young as six years old were being trained to become part of the private army of a cult leader in Surigao del Norte which he called "Soldiers of God"

Witnesses on Thursday told senators that the cult leader, identified as certain Jey Rence Quilario, alias "Senior Agila," also conducted forced child marriages

Two Senate committees conducted a public hearing on the reported "systematic abuse, rape, forced marriage of children, trafficking, forced labor" in the context of "cult-like activities" among members of the the Socorro Bayanihan Services Inc. (SBSI) in Sitio Kapihan, Socorro, Surigao del Norte

SBSI, with over 3,000 members, including former policemen and teachers, has reportedly maltreated children

Upon the motion of Sen. Ana Theresia "Risa" Hontiveros, Sen. Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa has ordered the detention of Quilario and three other cult leaders -- Karren Sanico, Rosille Sanico, and Janeth Ajoc -- at the Senate premises after they were cited in contempt[…]
One the girls who escaped the cult, identified as a certain "Jane," testified that Quilario even "authorized" husbands to "rape" her if she refused to have sex with him

A witness invited by the Senate Committees on Public Order and Women and Children also said that Quilario had prevented about 200 children from attending school so that they would not be able to "disobey" him

h00n23 #sexist #racist reddit.com

(about diverse female character designs in the anime OP):
They want to sell merch. People prefer buying merch of attractive female character

Second muscles on men are considered attractive because muscles are masculine.

Is it big boobs? Because in most anime/manga women are skinny and have body type. Yet I only hear people complaining about one piece lol

It is not sexist lol Look how female influencer look like. That's what most people find physically attractive.
Vast majority of people don't fine masculine buff women or fat women attractive.

sexualized female character design don't look good to me because it's my preference but those design are profitable? Because many find it attractive

Women looking attractive is important because most people don't want to buy merch of ugly women.

There are people who think that non skinny women look good but they're minority. There are people who prefer hook nose but most people don't find hook nose attractive. Understanding this point is extremely easy

What make diverse female body type good thing lol I went touch Steven Universe

Why do you even think that it is sexist lol I can't see it literally. Oda probably does care about making attractive character because people like attractive character. Dude people who want ugly female character are in minority

Edward Menez #racist #wingnut #sexist #conspiracy henrymakow.com

If you have read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, you'll know that over a century ago the overarching Jewish plan was to control society. The Protocols even boasted about how they promoted their agents, such as Charles Darwin (not Jewish) and Karl Marx.

What do these subverters have in common? They are almost always Jewish Satanists, or at least beholden to them. Think Sigmund Freud when it comes to Psychology and perverted sexuality. Or Betty Friedan when it comes to feminism.

With Philosophy, the man would be Ludwig Wittgenstein, founder of "post-modernism": the belief that everything is perception and truth is unknowable. This is Jewish Cabalism which is simply a pretext for Cabalist Jews to define reality according to their perversion.
Ludwig Wittgenstein is just another Jewish pawn put in place by the writers of history to override God's Creation. They tapped Einstein to be the face of "The Theory of Relativity" so we get confused whether we're moving or not. They forced Newton to be the face of "The Theory of Gravity," when the Laws of Density and Buoyancy were all that was needed. They made Copernicus come up with the ludicrous idea of Heliocentrism to take away the idea that God created the universe. And they installed Ludwig Wittgenstein and his post-modernism claptrap to make us question whether there is such a thing as Truth--God's Truth.

And it continues in the present with Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Mark Zuckerberg, as the media puts another autistic Jewish puppet in front of us and asks us to worship him. Wittgenstein is clearly--even from his mainstream Wikipedia page--a joke that has been played before our hyper-believing eyes to make us believe he is a philosophy legend on the level of Plato.

Wittgenstein is another hagiographical Jew, one among a million, who suddenly springs from nowhere to make a splash on the public thanks to mainstream media.

Elijah Schaffer #racist #sexist #conspiracy angrywhitemen.org

During the Sept. 20, 2023 episode of his Rumble show, Nightly Offensive, ex-BlazeTV host Elijah Schaffer went on a rant[…]
During the last segment of his show, Elijah Schaffer played an out-of-context clip of then-Vice President Joe Biden in order to suggest that the white supremacist “Great Replacement” conspiracy is real[…]
After playing the clip, Schaffer complained about people who “don’t think America has a culture,” and said this phenomenon was “related to white guilt.” Schaffer said that America actually does have its own culture and that it “derives from European classicalism,” adding that “White society is amazing”

“And a lot of this is just anti-whiteism,” Schaffer said. “It’s extermination of white people. And that’s what this is about: to create a more subservient class. Well, a lot of white people are at the source of a lot of the world’s problems as well, right? There’s a lot of white people, a lot of Jewish people. There’s a lot of real disgusting liberals. I think there’s demons involved too”

Schaffer went on to say that, “they’re not going to exterminate all the white people, yet — or right now” but that “what they’re doing is essentially extermination of white people.” As for who “they” are in this scenario, he noted that “people will just blame the Jews” and said, “Maybe. I don’t know. I haven’t looked into it enough”

Schaffer then went on a tangent in which he denounced women’s suffrage and the existence of HR departments

“But also ‘I don’t get the problem with women voting. Women working, what’s wrong with that?’ Uh, HR departments?” Schaffer said. “HR departments were meant to ruin strong men who pioneered great paths through bogus accusations — even some of them true. But just to get men in trouble for being men and to create useless jobs for women”

lmw_blue #sexist reddit.com

You honestly should just become “misandrist”, because your male “friends” are probably waiting for the opportunity to take advantage for you. They don’t deserve any appreciation or empathy for anything. Do things for yourself and for women!

There’s no way to make any man have empathy for women, period. They’re not naturally that way. They are completely incapable of empathy, and yes I’m absolutely serious. That’s why we should focus on women and them alone.

There is no “high suicide rate”, there is no “body-shaming” against men, they don’t deserve to have their precious emotions taken seriously, and there is no problems that men don’t bring on themselves. They deserve it!

ChattyGremlin #sexist #elitist #psycho ovarit.com

In my silly utopia-dream, all men are castrated at birth! If they would like to have their testicles back, they have to have a minimum of a college degree, a six-figure job, no criminal background, a driver's license, a perfect grade on a year-long parenting course, and the consent of a psychotherapist who has seen them for at least two years, the consent of their mother, and the consent of a female partner who the man has been with consistently for at least four years. Paradise!

Elvis Dunderhoff #sexist dailystormer.name

[From "Watch: Female Officer Accurately Blames 11-Year-Old for Creating Porn of Herself"]

If she made the video, it’s her fault

I don’t understand who else’s fault it would be

New York Post

Two Ohio cops are being investigated for their response to a sexual misconduct case involving a child after a video of them appearing to blame the 11-year-old girl for creating “child porn” went viral

Two Columbus police officers, a female and male, were seen talking to the girl’s father on their front porch, six hours after he allegedly called to report that a man online had manipulated his daughter into sending him pictures of herself, doorbell camera footage shows

Oh, yes

An evil man was surely responsible for mind-controlling her[…]

The female officer is heard telling the dad his pre-teen daughter “could probably get charged with child porn” if she produced the images[…]


Your princess is committing a felony, old man

You should have covered it up rather than calling the cops on her

What were you thinking???

I hope the bitch gets charged

I’m so sick of this entire “everything is not her fault” thinking

She definitely lied to the man about her age, too. Guarantee that

And how are we supposed to believe the man found her? Obviously she found him

The cops should have kicked in the door and dragged the girl to jail

Human Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) Headquarters #crackpot #fundie #ufo #magick #sexist #homophobia #transphobia #conspiracy humanracesurvivalresistance.wordpress.com

Chuck Missler talks about how the lineage of the Savior would not have been possible, in order to save the woman, if Adam had not loved Eve enough to sacrifice his own life by deciding to join whatever fate she faced by eating the apple, too, because of his love for her. It is an imagery of Jesus’ love for his Bride who is the Church, and his giving his life for us on the cross, in order to save us. He talks about war between the “Genesis 3:15 seed of the serpent” reptilian hybrid nephilim pedophile cannibal Satanist LGBTPB witch feminists and the “seed of the woman” who is Jesus. The serpent in the Garden of Eden was Anu of the Anunnaki is the forefather of all the Draco reptilian chimera fake alien incarnate avatar black nobility families who run the world. He rules from the Draco Empire’s underground base under the Vatican Satanist headquarters. He used to walk on all fours, until he received a 4th dimensional snake and human hybrid body. He also uses a human nephilim giant avatar body. <...> When you see Western feminist nations’ Eve walking around with naked women’s heads and cross-dressing in men’s pants, dear brethren, then get out of that earth immediately, because that earth will get torched & scorched. 12 million of their children will get tortured & lesbian raped (pegged) & satanically sacrificed & eaten by these demon spirits in human-looking avatar satanically inverted gender bodies, and their human meat & bone ashes thrown into the supermarket groceries & church food & fast food, which these “naked women’s heads, men’s pants cross-dressers” fake Christians and fake pastors are hiding and covering up for Satan Lucifer, because they are afraid of assassination attempts and ridicule by church donators. <...> If they want the devil, then God will give these Western feminist nations’ women the devil, and all the devils’ nuclear wars & manufactured famines & fake pandemics & demon vampire cannibal pedophile armies, for that is their choice.

Andrew Anglin #sexist #racist #psycho dailystormer.name

[From "Woman in a Coma Since She was 3 Delivers Healthy Baby After Black Takes Advantage of Unused Womb"]

I’ve been talking for a long time about various ways to totally remove women from society while men maintain the ability to reproduce

Women – at least when they are conscious and capable of mobility and speech – create far too many problems for society to sustain their presence long-term[…]
If we could build these artificial wombs, then we could simply kill all women outright – potentially in fake shower rooms with electric floors[…]
It turns out there is a much easier solution: simply induce women into comas, then allow men to come in and do their business and come back and pick up the kid 9 months later

The blacks, once again, are on the forefront of technological solutions[…]
If I am elected to Congress next November, I will be introducing a law requiring all women to be put into comas
New York Post

The woman, 29, in a vegetative state for decades, had been unknowingly raped by a male nurse[…]

How much has it cost to keep her alive?[…]
Regardless, you’re looking at millions of dollars being paid by someone to keep this woman alive for literally no reason. It’s only logical that she would be pumping out babies. Even if you are some type of feminist radical and don’t agree with my plan to induce all women into comas, if you’ve got one just laying there, why not use it for reproduction? What is even the argument here?

Of course, it’s unfortunate that a black was the one to impregnate her, because we really don’t need any more black people[…]
If we do this on an industrial scale, and require all women to be put into comas, as my bill proposes, we will be able to keep the costs down, due to economy of scale[…]
I’m sure AOC will make claims like “this is a sexist policy from the patriarchy,” but no one takes her seriously

Padraig Martin #wingnut #racist #sexist #homophobia #transphobia #fundie #conspiracy identitydixie.com

[From "Devastating Military Recruitment in 2024"]

The military must continue to attract “consumers”: impressionable 18 – 24-year-old young adults, primarily males[…]
The U.S. military has become a social justice petri dish. That is not unique to Presidents Obama or Biden[…]The cumulative result will be sixteen years of a constant leftwing orbital shift that is way out of touch with ordinary Americans[…]
One of the key drivers of military recruitment was an appeal to patriotism[…]They joined to defend the Constitution and these United States[…]
Potential black recruits have been fed a steady diet of anti-American vitriol for the last five decades. It has gone into hyper-drive since the emergence of the Black Lives Matter[…]
More importantly[…]is the cumulative impact of anti-White and anti-Christian rhetoric[…]
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) push has effectively forced White males out of recruiting content[…]The messaging from the United States military has been crystal clear: we do not want White recruits[…]
Anti-White shift in advertising may have been justified if the military still had White veterans imploring their White children to join the military[…]White veterans are speaking openly about Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the politically weaponized Covid vaccine to their children[…]
Despite mountains of anecdotal assertions that Generation Z[…]are the most liberal demographic cohort in generations, polling data has shown something very different[…]
A case in point would be the horribly mocked cartoon commercial of a young female Army recruit with two lesbian mothers[…]The ridiculously leftist cultural mishmash was compared to Chinese and Russian recruitment videos featuring hardened men training constantly[…]
We simply need to focus our messaging like a laser beam on two groups: GenZ White Christian males and GenX veterans. Our strategy should hyper-inflate perceptions that the military is anti-Christian, anti-White, and homosexual

William Luther Pierce #racist #psycho #sexist #wingnut #dunning-kruger forums.spacebattles.com

Liberalism is an essentially feminine, submissive world view. Perhaps a better adjective than feminine is infantile. It is the world view of men who do not have the moral toughness, the spiritual strength to stand up and do single combat with life, who cannot adjust to the reality that the world is not a huge, pink-and-blue, padded nursery in which the lions lie down with the lambs and everyone lives happily ever after.

Nor should spiritually healthy men of our race even want the world to be like that, if it could be so. That is an alien, essentially Oriental approach to life, the world view of slaves rather than of free men of the West.

But it has permeated our whole society. Even those who do not consciously accept the liberal doctrines have been corrupted by them. Decade after decade the race problem in America has become worse. But the majority of those who wanted a solution, who

wanted to preserve a White America, were never able to screw up the courage to look the obvious solutions in the face.

All the liberals and the Jews had to do was begin screeching about "inhumanity" or "injustice" or "genocide," and most of our people who had been beating around the edges of a solution took to their heels like frightened rabbits. Because there was never a way to solve the race problem which would be "fair for everybody or which everyone concerned could be politely persuaded into accepting without any fuss or unpleasantness, they kept trying to evade it, hoping that it would go away by itself. And the same has been true of the Jewish problem and the immigration problem and the overpopulation problem and the eugenics problem and a thousand related problems.

SmhChan #sexist #psycho #racist incels.is

Blaming everything on kikes is taking the blame away from foids

At this point, I want more degeneracy in this society. So when these foids are ready to settle down after their hoe-phase, there'd be no escape from the degeneracy of their own creation. I don't care if it's some kike propaganda and what not. Foids are the ones who have directly harmed men. They are the true enemy. I don't care if the society devolves, rots, and dies if it means the foids get to experience a fraction of the pain that is the existence of men.

Cherie Shelor #wingnut #sexist #conspiracy newswithviews.com

Do you suspect a ‘trojan horse’ in our midst here in America? I most certainly do. We partake of its grip daily, totally unaware that it is our foe. It comes to us as a matter of convenience and appears to make our lives better, easier, and convenient.
As evidenced, that ‘strong beast’ has attacked the very foundation of our existence – the family. Men have left the land and placed themselves in factories, shops or some other box. They no longer provide the basic necessities from their own hand. Women have fallen for the lie as well and have entered the labor force to continue the counterfeit construct.
I believe there are two components. One, the people would cease to be virtuous. Two, the people would place their basic needs into the hands of others. Every American has either knowingly or unknowingly placed themselves in a position to be dependent on a system so cunningly designed to entrap them. Most people remain in a position where their basic needs could be taken away should they fail to live up to the financial burden that comes with the ‘system of things’. And should the time come for the people to disapprove of some behavior or unlawful act the system perpetuates, the people who are indebted to this artificial construct will probably not come against the very structure that sustains them. After all, how can you bite the hand that feeds you?

Our enemies knew that in order to achieve their goal, they must change how the people view life and how they arrange their lifestyles. This ‘new’ life must be totally foreign to that of our founding fathers. It must erode the principles that made this country what it was in its beginning. It must arrange things in such a manner to entice men and women to become dependent and indolent. Now I am not advocating returning to the ‘stone age’, but we must find that balance between the old and the new America – and quickly. The question is sadly asked then, are ‘We the People’ or are ‘We the Problem’?

Indracel #sexist #conspiracy #crackpot incels.is

Anyone notice foids want men to be both a traditional man and traditional woman so they can do nothing in the relationship anymore?

Foids are really milking off of men’s intense sexual attraction to them nowadays to the point where they aren’t expected to do anything in the relationship anymore. They don’t even guarantee sex anymore and they get furious when they’re asked to provide emotional support because they’re not a “free therapist” in the words of many foids. They basically want to feel zero pressure to do anything at all to the point where their only value is their vagina, but they get offended and call you a misogynist when you actually point that out.

All the proactive work done by traditional women are now shifted onto their boyfriends so that they are simultaneously required to be both the tradwife and the tradhusband, leaving themselves to be a voracious consumers. Not only do men initiate the relationship, pay for dinner, plan dates, open doors, purchase gifts, provide compliments, have cars, do all the work in sex but now they have to pay attention to their appearance and look handsome, be able to cook, be able to clean, do the laundry, be emotionally available. But if a man asks for any of this he is a misogynist.

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