The woman-haters, man-haters, and non-binary-haters

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[Translated from Démocratie participative, French Daily Stormer - "Heriocally dead, White rebel Saint Frédérick Limol being demonized by Jewish medias wanting to destroy survivalism"]

First, Frédérick Limol wasn't "from Antilles" but in Lorraine. His photo on Paris-Dépêches confirm he was a good Aryan.

Indolent West Indies mulattoes don't work in forestry nor are as organised as Frédérick.

Everything we hear about "alcoholism" and "conspiracies" are only to sully him and hide his real situation.

It was about his ex-wife, who gave him Hell, denying him his children. He played the Jewish system's game in court. Until he understood the system was built to destroy the White man.
With the undefeated Puy-de-Dôme Arvenian warrior's heroic death, Gendarmerie is officially the feminist whores' protection detail.
I want to insist on how humiliated the system's militia was. Four dead, it's a beautiful victory. It's also a pedagogical K/D. There's cases better off forgotten. Cops know how to, when Gypsies or Arabs attack Whites.
We never hear about shootings in ragheadized Marseille's streets. Or beheadings in churches by Muslim refugees of love.
It's not for naught Masonic judges insist on his Catholicism - "extremist". They fear another Vendée.
For those wanting the right to bear arms - GAME OVER.
The Jewish state shall be overarmed while the people shall be totally enslaved.
This Arvenian warrior's heroic suicide denied the medias a judicial circus where he would've been dragged through the mud by feminists and lesbians.
He stayed undefeated, loyal to his principles to the end. He brought his world and his enemies in the flames.
It reminds me the French Waffen-SS's anthem

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(in regards to this post of mine:)

Not all incels are white, but the incel community is most certainly extremely xenophobic.

hm. I don't think so. At least not in the way the average joe understands 'xenophobia'

Xenophobia is not an opinion or a perspective. It's not a fear or a hatred of an outgroup.
It's a deflection of hatred from the actual target of hate onto the path of weakest resistance.
Since foids are the singular or at least primary cause of discrimination against men but also enjoy immunity to critique, the criticism instead targets those whom it is allowed to target. A person with xenophobia thus simply is either of 2 cases: Either they suffer from not enough blackpill or truth. Or they realists and rather prefer to attack feasible targets rather than foids which would only equate to a fight between david and goliath.

If you removed the causes of their discrimination within the ingroup, i.e. the discrimination from women, the xenophobia disappears without a trace. Ofc this is theoretical because such a society has never existed. Women have thus far always been allowed to exert their influences over men in all kinds of discriminatory ways. Which was the reason why older civilisations had to restrict their bullying rampages. With the technical means that we have now it is a different story. We can finally make this world a better place again. All we need to do is to trust in Gates and his plans to kill, sterilise and subjugate women.

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Blackpill 50% of all german men will never have children [Data]

Here's a graph from wikipedia. It shows childlessness by age and gender:image

There are several information you can extract here:

1) Chad not just fucks but also impregnates more than his fair share, because childlessness for men is always higher than for women.

2) The trend gets worse. Of course, in the age group of 20-29 and 30-39, some people will still have children, and the percentage of left overs will decrease because the older a woman gets, the more likely she is to choose beta buxx, but there's an undeniable trend, though. Additionally, some of the men who say the have children have been cucked, so the true number of childless german men should be two points higher, for german women one point higher.

In the 60s and 70s, people protested for "sexual liberation" etc. Let's say that those who went to these protests were on average 25 years old. From 1968 to 2014 (the data is from 2014), that's 46 years. Add the 25 years and those who went to the protests back in 1968 now show up in the 70-79 year old category. In the 70-79 year old category, there are 0% left overs and 90% of all men had children.

Nowadays, their efforts towards "sexual liberation" have come to fruition, and the percentage of left overs is not 0% but 50%. The old assholes all screwed us. The very patriarchy that they vehemently protested ensured that they got pussy and children. Now, they've succeeded, and most of their own children are either incels or onlyfans-subscribers aka incels in disguise.

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(NOTE: This is in reaction to this comment by @Bastethotep)

you can't take satanists seriously about anything, especially on the questions of women and race. they worship women and would like to give them carte blanche to do whatever they please, (even murder their babies, since it's "natural" and women represent fertility and nature's will) so the current political climate is very accommodating to them. that's why they don't understand the concept of race traitorism when it comes to women, their objects of worship. plus they think men are "destroyers" and women are "creators," when in fact it is the opposite.

(i'm assuming this cuck is a satanist b/c of his username.)

Also these hypocrites will say nothing when women openly insult millions of men and say one particular race of men is better than other races of men but will be outraged if a man says he doesn't really prefer a certain race of women and prefers to date a woman of a different race.

in the case of satanists, that comes from an exaltation of women over men due to their worship of Eve, who freed mankind from God's oppressive paradise. they seek to establish a gynocracy so that men can become whipping boys for women to insert crucifixes into their ass in the guise of ritual magic. satanism is gaining wide purchase in the world under the benevolent guise of gynocracy. when men allow their whores to peg them and act as yes-men to all women, they are following the ideals that say "no" to Eden, no to Paradise, in favor of worshiping a fleshly, evil goddess in the form of Eve the whore.

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(To koniec)
RageFuel racism is just another form of male cuckoldry toward women and endless destroying male brotherhood

Racism is ALWAYS against men. When in slavlands some gopniks beat ethnic or black guy and would never threat ethnic women, cause they fear competition. In west subhuman slav, xenophobia against eastern europeans is always toward men, which get cucked on dating market and their female counterpants fuck with germanic, latin chads and also 'slavic women are beautiful :soy: and slav men are ugly' are perfect examples of this, cause racial hegemony which profits anglos and germanics allows this

Foid of different ethnicity when lives in foreign country will always meet simps, while their brothers while be bullied by young chads in the school

Tho for counter argument i saw story of polish girl which ropemaxxed when bong foids bullied her


Many right-wing extremists often fetishize non-white women and almost all of the blacks who pathologically hate whites and humiliate them on a constant basis are the biggest simps for white stacies. It's an exception for a successful black man to have a black girl at his site, most of the time it must be a white girl (especially one with blue eyes and blonde/red hair), because they are seen as the ultimate status symbols.

The "Muslims" in my country are the same: They are only religious when they can look down on the german male, while not abiding the laws of their religion and lusting after their also (impure) women. While they attack German males they suck the dicks of white chads and simp for German stacies.

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RE: LifeFuel Is NIGERIAmaxxing the answer for Arabcels?

I’m an ugly arabcel. I’m brown skinned, I have fucked up teeth, a hook nose, and a mini Osama looking beard. Here in the Americas I can’t match with a foid to save my life, but when I switched my location to Nigeria I had tons of likes and matches. They even messaged me first. If I had a passport and some money I probably could have ascended, but sadly I don’t have either


Do they have running water and feminine care products? I don’t wanna go there and invite them to my hotel just for them to smell like fish

I’ve been there a few times and most of their women are obsessed with care products. It’s not the jungle that media make it out to be I know what Nigerian foids are like, trust me. When you’re not dark skinned, you’ll always find a girl who’s down to fuck you. I had a skinny Pakistani friend who went to HS in Nigeria, I’m talking horrifically skinny, and tons of girls wanted to fuck him at the Nigerian HS he went to.

That had nothing to do with him being Pakistani but because he was good looking anyway.

Except he wasn’t good looking dummy, if he was I would’ve stated it.

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If I made a discord for white BPF women, would anyone here want to join? (NOTE: BPF = BlackPillFeminism)

Ever since my post where I complained about intersectionality ruining women's movements by diluting the cause, I figured I should do something about it. I'm tired of women of other races using misogyny to shit on white women. I'm tired of feminism becoming a race hierchary circlejerk where white and black women alike team up to put down white women. I am tired of feminism being about race, or anything besides women. I am tired of seeing black feminists catering to black moids before extending kindness to a white sister. I am tired of middle aged and elderly white women being dehumanized and stereotyped. I am done trying to have solidarity with black feminists. I finally snapped when I read one of the users here say that hating white women is the only thing every group in this country can agree on.

BTW, this would NOT be a white supremacist discord. However, black feminists have shown their hatred of white women to the point where it has soured me on associating with them. I don't think they're inferior, I think they (and the white women who also follow self hating race ideology) are misogynist and a waste of time and energy to entertain. This is not about white supremecy, but about a place for my group of women to exist in peace away from all that and support each other and (because why tf not?) complain.

Users will be verified through an r/blackpeopletwitter "Country Club" style arrangement. You will be allowed when you have sent a photo of your skin with your username written on it. Males will be banned, intersectionalists will be banned. Users can be of any religion/lack thereof, political leaning, sexuality, age, etc as long as they are white, blackpilled, and female.

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RE: If I made a discord for white BPF women, would anyone here want to join?

I support the idea. I do not support intersectionality any longer. If I'm forced to choose between white shame/guilt and white pride, I pick white pride any day. Of course, I couldn't do that because EVERY kind of "race pride" effectively translates to "turn women into human cattle whose purpose in life is to breed as much offspring as possible." But you know what I mean. I will never succumb to white self-hatred, and I will NEVER tell woke lies about immigration, how "racist" borders are, how we need mass-immigration into countries already suffering from unemployment and unaffordable housing, how women being afraid of men is "rayciss", how calling the cops is racist. (In San Francisco they named a law after the fucking Karen meme that makes "racist" police calls a crime. In the UK, they sacrificed thousands of white working-class girls to non-white organized sex abuse rings: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotherham_child_sexual_exploitation_scandal)

I also dislike RadFems and LibFems "accusing" each other of being more white than the other side. Usually, LibFems "accuse" RadFems of being full of white women promoting "white feminism" - to which RadFems reply that the LibFems are actually full of white women and promoting white feminism. It's a bullshit back-and-forth between two sides who "accuse" each other of not being anti-white enough. https://i.imgur.com/P3q3cfs.jpg JPG Let them both go to hell.

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Discussion Reddit thread describes "woke" anti-incel bullies pretty well

They always tell you to "get over it" but if someone happens to give them even a fraction of the mistreatment you receive they freak out, get really angry and can't stop talking about the "disrespect" they were shown.

Funny how so many soycialists hate those who do not work for the ''capitalistic pigs'' aka hating on neetcels. They hate on NEETs for not being productive towards society yet they say they hate work and wagecucking.

Imo just like the sudden change of tone and insistence on how racial preferences in dating aren't racist when women have them, it's the same with when any actions are involved that could jeopardize the image of women as a group in any way. When women and how they feel are involved all principles go out of the window for these people.

I've seen this time & again.

Finally though we see the connection between how the virgin shaming and poor shaming can co-exist in the mindset of woke SJW liberals like you find in many anti-incel groups. When I came across that last comment about how bigotry is re-centered and moralized around metrics of human achievement and whatever is socially acceptable for the time it struck me how that's exactly what's going on and best explains the coexistence of virgin shaming, poor shaming, and feelings of superiority from having a relationship and sex over others that don't that many anti-incels demonstrate.

And the cherry on top is that they only apply those standards to men. Never ever will they talk shit about the endless droves of jobless women who leech off their husband or off the state. They're complete hypocrites

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Serious Foids are misanthropist genocidal maniacs

You might think that Hitler or Mao were enemies of humankind, but in comparison to foids they were extremely moderate. Let's be generous, let's say the pareto principle of 80/20 holds and not the more realistic model of 99/1. Women would still want 80% of men dead, gone from the face of the earth because they view them as subhumans. 80% of men translates to 40% of human population. Foids literally want at least 40% of the human population gone.

A gigantic contrast to people like Hitler who merely targeted minor ethnic groups. The total ethnic jewish world population was at 17 million in 1940, with a world population at the time of 2.34 billion, which means the jews Hitler targeted were at most a 0.7% of the world population if he made no exceptions. And even if you add further groups up like the gypsies, you don't get much higher.

According to mainstream views of politics, foids would fall under the far-right extremist category and Hitler would be a moderate centrist.

Women don't want 80% of men dead.

don't forget your medicine bro :bluepill:

Sub-8 theory isn't true, that's not bluepilled, that's a fact. 6 and 7 out of ten guys still have sex, they still have relationships and they lead normal lives. Again, we are the minority, the majority of males aren't incels.

that's even more bluepilled than your previous statement. the majority of men are incels or at the very least borderline incels but just not aware of it.

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RageFuel 15 yo White Teen Has More Sex Than You(Oldcels GTFIH Pedocels Stay Out)

Jesus christ this bitch is having sex at 15 ...she didn't have to work on herself she didn't have to develop her personality.. Oh and OFC She has massive Stripper titities and her nipples are showing Jesus why are women such whores



I would rape that bitch to death if I was attracted to her. but Im not.

Cope....she has massive titties

I'm so goddamn old and younger people have active sex lives. Having sex at 15 is nothing shocking or abnormal.

I'm 16 and foids have actively called me ugly. b-b-but teen girls don't think about sex inkel. :feels:

:feelspuke: they grow so fucking fast nowadays. Youngcels like me don't stand a chance. Don't get me wrong, I could overpower her and make her my sex slave by force (in Minecraft), but consensually speaking it's over for sub5 ugly zoomers when it comes to zoomer women. Fuck.

Blame the jewish chemicals in the water. They are feeding u estrogen son and so the difference between a 13 year old girl and boy in puberty is huge

Is it cope to assume that she would look like 30 when she gets to 23yo or so? logically they are aging faster, so would that be a cope? I'm in doubt tbh.

Well women age faster and way worse yeah but idk if its cuz of that, its usually because of the birth control shit they take and having 50000 gangbangs and trains ran on them. They do age like shit, but their SMV is infinite anyway because of makeup and because men will fuck anything.

I see. The Wall is a fucking redpill cope. Thanks for the enlightenment, brocel.

Chad only slut. Her arrogance comes from numerous betas lusting for her filthy hole. Slurping chad cock is what gives her that high. Holes get bored and tired of sub8 cucks DMing her.

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Joe Biden wants America to know that right from day one of his brief rule as president, he will no longer put up with any of this ‘two genders’ nonsense that the bible tells us God created back in Genesis. His first official act will be to restore Obama-era polices that provide for things like men in dresses being allowed to be in the ladies room at the same time as your 8-year old daughter is in there. Joe Biden says he will ‘draw on his strong Catholic faith’ to be a president for ‘all Americans’. Hmm.
America 2021 will officially be turned into a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah, where all manner of evil and wickedness is not merely tolerated, not merely accepted, but now will be formally codified into the law of the United States. Every other nation in human history that reached the point that we are at right now was destroyed, America will be no different. The empires of Egypt, Babylon, Greece and Rome all collapsed when they made laws to protect and promote the things that God hates. You cannot do that and get away with it, God will not allow it.

God made only two genders, male and female, if you can show me genders different from those two, then they were created by Satan. It is a demonic delusion to believe that you can change what is hard-coded into your DNA, identifying as your fantasy does not turn that fantasy into reality. A man can no more become a woman than he could a dog, cat or farm animal.

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Experiment What's the most brutal blackpill you've seen in your life?

I need some brutal blackpills to make sure I don't get any thoughts about putting myself out there this weekend. Give me the most brutal you remember.

seeing ''shy'' ''lesbians'' reject non chads then getting wet and coincidentally hanging around chads

yeah i've seen shit like that too, fucking whores tbh. every one of those fucking "lesbians" gets wet around chads and big dicks.

Probably just the experience of me and my best friend in our 20s. We are very similar personalities and interests but obviously different faces so when we went to clubs he constantly got laid and I got zero.

yea that's brutal as fuck ngl when that happens, the similar personality doesn't often last long, since the better looking guy gets more confident over the years

Seeing the big kid who bullied me making out with probably the hottest girl in the school

that's straight up ERfuel

the chadsexual pill obliterates the dogpill + teenagelovepill when it comes to brutality. Also the creepypmVSchadpmpill is pretty brutal too, but I can't decide which one is more brutal tbh.

LesbianPill. I Fucking Hate Lesbians. Always flaunting their “precious partners”. Rather than giving a sub 8 man a chance, a glimpse into a love colored world, they choose to go against their biological hardwiring and choose to date and fuck other foids. Its like they are taunting me. I suppose I am a bit biased, since most girls I have approached before turned out to be lesbian and it gave me a real sour attitude towards those cunts.

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RE: It's Over Brutal racepill from Incel TV.

Blackpill 101 - E12: Incelibate State of the Middle East and North Africa TLDW: It's over for sandniggers.

I heard that inceltv was caught having an alt on a reddit sub that was basically anti white hatred. Makes perfect sense from his videos that Ive watched maybe 5 minutes of. Just lol @ any white incel that listens to that clown, he is a jewish and progressive shill cuckold who needs to be deported back to the hell hole his ancestors came from and to stop living off of (while berating!) the white man.

gove proof I'm pretty sure Incel TV is a sandnigger.


Fakecel if you think SEAmaxxing is "beneath you" because you're a superior white specimen who only white women are worthy of.

Fakecel if you don't want to go back to Africa and ascend with the 5'2 pygmy african women. The difference being that you going back to your country and cultural homeland is actually plausible and makes sense, while some random white guy in the south going 600000 miles to thailand to marry some gook in a hut to have mixed race hellspawns makes no sense. You wanna talk about SEAmaxxing? How about you go back to your homeland.

Do you think Africa is one huge monoculture?

No but there’s no point in distinction considering they haven’t done anything. Why care so nuance like if it’s about a people that couldn’t even invent the wheel?

ReturnOfSaddam #sexist incels.co

[NSFW] "No woman wants to see a picture of a dick" - redditors

Reddit users: "Guys, keep the dick pics to yourself, no girl wants to see that shit". "Penises are just ugly, girls aren't even visual anyway" "My girl doesn't even like penetration at all, I use my fingers and tongue to get her off"

Actual females: (Various NSFW GIFs of young women on Omegle reacting to “blessed” male strangers showing off their penises.)

Redditors are ugly like us, of course they don't know what Chad lives everyday. They don't like pics of your dicks redditors, Chad is receiving nudes from 14yo whores daily and sending dick pics in return.

Yeah. The life of Chad is another world. It is hilarious how bluepillers have no idea about the way Chad lives though. Imagine being blind to the blackpill in 2021.

have heard female before say out loud they like a big dick. we must not forget 11cm and 17 stay strong. Look at the first foid's reaction she's so damn horny, imagine a girl staring so lustfully at your penis.

"My girl doesn't even like penetration at all, I use my fingers and tongue to get her off"

Is there a bigger cope than this?

The funniest thing about it is that whoever says it basically acknowledges that for his girlfriend to like sex, it can't be a mutually enjoyable experience (i.e. he can't put his dick in her). Basically proudly accepting his role as a cuck provider :lul:

Fancy Alcoholic #sexist incels.co

Hypocrisy Foids talking behind your back

Apparently some foid at work said, without citing my name, but in a "passive aggressive" way making it obvious it was about me, that there was a lack of "will" on certain aspect of a certain project that happens to be mine.

Imagine the ridiculous audacity of this vile creature. I'm doing shit that is recognized very hard by a lot of my colleagues, some even come to me to support me or see how things go (kinda cool even tho ppl never talked to me before).

And then this foid doing her petty chit chat attavic thing.

NEET life is the way to go ngl.

I wanna be a NEET but then my parents would kick me out

I make more than my parents, that's the only reason I'm suffering those normies and NPCs at work daily.

Douglas Wilson #sexist #transphobia twitter.com

Let us not be hasty in proclaiming Kamala the first woman to be this close to the presidency. Since we have discovered that being a woman is dependent entirely on how the person feels about it, she might be the fifth or sixth & I have had doubts about Woodrow for some time now.

_Moon_ #sexist saidit.net

Looking at this from the perspective of an outsider (a lesbian woman), I have come to the regrettable conclusion, that one of the most common talking points in misogynist circles is absolutely correct. And by this, I mean the notion that what women say they want and what they actually want are two completely different things. While saying all kinds of woke BS, they despise gender non-conformity in men and are attracted to the hyper-masculine. Feminism is a love/hate Daddy issue relationship they have with and towards tall, straight, white, blond, bearded Daddydom types. Or tall, straight, black, bearded Daddydom types.

I have stopped participating in r/GenderCritical long before it was banned because I have repeatedly come across posts from women hating on bisexual men ... for being bisexual. Not because they were men - but because they were not 100% heterosexual, lol. This is an example of what I mean, women loving their "masculine" men (their husbands, boyfriends, sons, etc.) while hating on men for the most cringe BS reasons. And because they were focusing on a minority of transsexual men while continuing to love their masculine husbands, boyfriends, and sons. (Which reminds me of anti-Islamic right-wing communities. Why would I want to be part of a community that focuses on a group of men that is a minority in the West while worshiping men of "their" race and religion?)

KT commented that she considers women who do not want to be sexually dominated by men another sexual minority. In a way, lesbian women, asexual women, sexually dominant women, and women who simply have no interest in that type of masculinity might be like the four sexual minorities who, together, form a TINY niche of "outliers" who, right now, can take nothing but what the description of the sub here says:

Take the Black Pill, sit back, and enjoy the ride to hell.

LOLI BREEDING #psycho #racist #sexist #wingnut incels.co

It's Over The Police is an anti incel establishment

Remember movies with bandits and shit? you could steal stuff and maybe get away. or rape a foid and many people did. so foids needed protection and slutted around less because then they'd just be raped, robbed and murdered :lul:

nowadays if you do anything illegal you get arrested in a couple hours and assraped by bluepilled simps in prison for touching mlady. all this technology and equipment to catch us like fingerprints, dna identification, cctv, helicopters, cars, instant communication etc so nobody can do shit. meanwhile chad doesn't need to do anything illegal, he has money and foids given to him for existing.

Cops tend to either be Chads or incels in major denial; both hate incels.

they should get blackpilled soon enough with all the media hatred directed at them. imagine constantly getting shot at by niggers trying to enforce society's cucked values and then getting vilified for it because someone accidentally choked one to death :feelskek: that's a raw deal even for soys who don't realize that they're actively cucking themselves.

or kill an incel and many people did. so incels needed protection and sperged around less because then they'd just be beaten up, robbed and murdered

cope the police are not your friend. and incels had guns or other weapons, much harder targets than today where everybody is completely disarmed and only big ogres can be intimidating. I mean this is such a ppecel tier comment

SlayerSlayer #crackpot #homophobia #sexist #transphobia #wingnut incels.co


THEY GET OFF, because they are humiliation fetishists. Do you really want some sick fuck, whacking off about being friendzoned as your friend? Maybe you do, but I hope you realize that men and women CANNOT be friends, and you are not a good person for enabling a pervert's fetish.

I got friendzoned on a dating app (screen shot) r/FriendzoneCucks


Lmao what is the point of doing something like this? Do they really believe a woman will fuck them if they write a bunch of ideological bullshit to appease her?

they have a fetish where they get off to their own masculinity being marginalized. It starts off getting dumped, friendzoned. Next thing you know you are dropping off your female bestie to CHAD's house. Next thing you know you are getting off when you meet up with her and she tells you how much better his cock is and how happy she is to have you as a FRIEND. Next thing you're a straight up faggot looking at dicks on grindr, and then becoming a tranny.

The male humiliation pipeline begins when females REJECT YOU

Not getting pussy has some serious consequences.

BududubNow #conspiracy #sexist incels.co

Theory Foids love to tease ugly men sexually (or just any men they wouldn't fuck)

It happenned to me a few times in my life, where women would tease me without making it 100% obvious that they are doing it BUT enough to send me a message that they mock me. This is strictly sexual bullying, leaving ugly men like myself with blue balls.

She fucking leaned down, sticking her ass out and she did that in a way that made no sense because she sticked out her ass in my direction. That was clearly done on purpose to leave me blue balled. She did this twice. Of course it was NO invitation, she has a husband who mogs me to moon and back and a child.

I was one on one with my former landlord woman, she was like 5 years older than me. She laid down weirdly and sexually on the floor, sticked out her ass and didn't care that her loose shirt was showing her sideboob. She was telling me a story which involved her showing me how some creepy guy touched her chest so she literally put her hand on my chest and went down with it. She clearly wanted me to make a connection with that situation she was talking about and the creepy guy - as in I WAS that creepy guy and on top of that touch me and make me horny.

Last one was on my first year in uni, a foid looked at me and did a very "sexualized" face with biting her lip. Obviously a mockery, as she was 7/10 at least, maybe even 8 and she had BF who I bet mogged me to hell and back and back again.

I had some more situations like those but all of them were obvious attempts of those foids to lead me on and make me horny. It's what bullying is in the younger years, where foids act like they are your girlfriends and tell you sexual things in front of others to mock you. They love torturing and bullying ugly men.

Various Incels #psycho #sexist incels.co

(Total Imbecile)
Blackpill Just be nice: personalitymaxxed redditor causes wifes suicide

Source: reddit.com/r/SuicideBereavement/comments/ksluzg/i_feel_like_i_drove_my_wife_to_suicide/

Last year I blackmailed and forced her to get an abortion, even though she detested the idea. There were times where I yelled at her and physically threatened her when I was drunk. There were times when I beat her.

But not being an asshole is the absolute minimum, every guy with a gf is totally not abusive! JFL @ anyone clamining anything but looks matters

”Since her passing I met another wonderful woman and I think I might be able to build a life again”

Shoot me right in the head tbh

People in the comments are telling him not to date but he doesnt give a fuck JFL So much for therapy being useful, it literally doesnt matter, its all about how good looking you are


suicide is never anyone's fault,

Normie fucking COPE to avoid the reprecussions of their actions. He killed her. They always do this. Make up a feel good lie to avoid what they did I HATE NORMALFAGS SO MUCH :reeeeee:

Well she made her own bed and she laid and died in it. In other words she got what she deserved for letting her partner abuse her just because he looked good and from the post it makes it seem they didn't have kids so the "I was trapped with the kids and I couldn't leave them behind" meme doesn't work, she could have left at any time.

Chad chasing whore gets what she deserves. Sadly nothing will happen to the Chad.

"So my wife just killed herself and I feel kind of bad." :chad:

fschmidt #sexist coalpha.org

Double standard: Extramarital sex is worse by women than by men.


When a woman has extramarital sex, there is a chance that this will result in her husband raising a child that isn't his. But if a man has extramarital sex, there is no chance that this will result in his wife raising a child that isn't hers. This is a basic asymmetry. You could argue that contraception solves the problem. But our feelings evolved before contraception and the strength of our feelings are a result of the consequences in primitive times. This is why a cheating wife causes great emotional harm to her husband. Similarly, rape causes emotional distress to women because they lose control of choosing the father of their child. Rape with contraception doesn't reduce the emotional distress because this is a result of evolution, not logic.

What women really want from a husband is commitment. This is what they need to feel comfortable having children with the husband and raising a family. She wants commitment to be assured that the husband will always be there to support the family, especially when the wife is pregnant or with infants which put her in a weak position. So why are women so upset by male extramarital sex? Because modern women have been brainwashed to believe that male extramarital sex is an indication of lack of commitment. Historically you cannot find any instance of women complaining about casual extramarital sex by husbands before Paul started complaining about this in the New Testament. Of course women were jealous of mistresses throughout history, and this make sense since this is a real threat to her husband's commitment to her. It was Paul who introduced this terrible concept of male sexual fidelity to human culture. And even today, it is the degree of influence of Paul-based Christian culture on a society that determines the level of women's jealousy about male extramarital sex. Feminism is an extension of this culture and takes it to new extremes.

Various Incels #dunning-kruger #sexist incels.co

RageFuel If women aren't extremely picky, then why are there so many lonely men on the internet?

People keep gaslighting me and claiming it's all in my head. Girls always say they don't care about looks, and they like conventionally unattractive features. If every girl is this holy Saint that is accepting of all men ,WHY ARE THERE SO MANY FOREVERALONE MEN ON THE INTERNET? You rarely hear about a girl that has never had a bf. Why is it mainly men? Why am I so lonely? Why isn't there a girl dming me, who likes my alien skull? The next person who gaslights me, I'll track them down in Minecraft and bash their skull in.

Few men get all the sex while most men suffer (either as incels or betabuxxers). The problem is in these statistics, people ignore the foreveralone types who dont identify as incel (but actually are)

literally 40% of men are virgins but that statistic isn't true for women wh have 12% virgin rate. Who are 80% of women fucking if 60% of men haven't had sex once?

Women should be banned from fucking more than twice a year.

(Made in Heaven)
The more you understand female sexuality and sexual dynamics between alphas, betas, and females, it truly makes sense why people in the past stoned adulterers and whipped fornicators. It all makes so much sense

Various Incels #racist #sexist #wingnut incels.co

It's actually sickening how frequently the lie that incel forums are all white/racist is repeated

It pisses me off so much because it's LITERALLY just made up. As we know from multiple surveys, or even just a 5 minute browse of the forum, incel forums are made up of people from all corners of the world. ALL ethnicities are represented here. In fact, it's actually remarkable how diverse blackpill forums/communities are. Shitholes like reddit are like 95% middle class suburban white people who talk about the importance of diversity but in real life get scared when they walk past a black person JFL.

Well of course everything bad in society is chalked up to whites. Whites are to the leftist and progressive the epitome of everything they hate.

the fact that this forum is less than 50% white but society considers it part of white supremacy and that sphere is a compliment for us (whites).

yet another way we BTFO ethnics in basedness. If you Islamcopers were based this forum would be known as a radical Islamic board but guess what, it’s not. It’s a white supremacist one.

Almost everything about us is straight up made up OR pure projection.

We don't shower? Studies show foids don't shower and lonely people shower more
We only go after extremely good looking foids? Studies show women do this and men aren't picky at all
We only go after white women? Studies show women are strongly racially biased but men aren't

White men = Bad Brown men = Good Brown Female migrants = Bad Brown Male migrants = Good Hijab = Bad Promiscuous = Good Basically it's white women hating white men

Various Incels #pedo #psycho #sexist incels.co

(Subhuman Currycel)
SuicideFuel “You don’t get treated any different if you’re good looking or not”

8th graders lose their mind when teacher's model son arrives

Now imagine how they'd react seeing my receding chin, 5 inch wrists and hunchback it's over

The girl that opened the door squealed and basically creamed herself on the spot would be recoiling in disgust instead. Applied to me too of course

foids are fucking animals who cant contain themselves, yet cucks think they should vote. I hope a guy in a trench coat walks in the building

:soy: famous hot guy, let's make sure he knows I'm ready to get creampied :soy: no shame among foids

I honestly hope each one of those foids die from anal cancer

those same foids would act surprised if one of their classmates shot the school up after this. strange world huh people don't shoot schools up for no reason

”I imagine they're all so tight. Chad has his pick.”

He's a model so he has likely met and seen significantly better looking females.

imagine a 15some with 14 year old girls :feelsohh: he could unironically do it

Disgusting. femoids turn primal mode and act like monkeys for chad, its to signal their fertility. It starts at a young age

Absolutely disgusting. Even chimpanzees behave more civilized than fertile foids. Why again don't we put all women in zoos?

Imagine if men did that for JB foids. Theyd be in prison now JFL Foids are devolving into primal creatures. These ancient whores dont care about civilization.

THIS is why school shootings happen in the first place

Andrew Anglin #sexist #psycho #wingnut #conspiracy dailystormer.name

[From "Girls Snitch Out Their Parents for Attending the Capitol Storm"]

There is a weird thing that all of these totalitarian systems do where they demand that you swear fealty to the system by ratting out loved ones. They are constantly looking for opportunities to give you to do this, and you are rewarded greatly if you do it.
Oh how I wish we could still do Troll Storms.


With authorities tracking down the Trump supporters who barged into the US Capitol, teenagers have eagerly turned in their own family members who took part in the riot, and the media has encouraged the Stasi-style snitching.[…]

This is a gigantic psychological operation. Everyone who has a driver’s license (which is everyone) has all their biometric data on FBI file. If that’s not enough, the FBI has access to all of the Facebook biometric data, which is even worse.

This “we need snitches – snitch on your dad for democracy!” bit they’re doing is a gigantic social engineering program.

This is the old fashioned snitch culture, coming into view.

Everything here should be very scary, but some of it is so absurd, that it’s hard to be scared.

Here’s just something I’m going to tell you, that maybe I shouldn’t tell you: If my dad was a communist extremist, and killed a right-winger, I would help him bury the body.
Blood comes first.
We have to stop women.

The appropriate thing would be to beat them up badly, including breaking their ribs, and then rape them, brutally, and then lock them in cages.

But we of course can’t do that.

So I’ve argued for a boycott.

Copexodius Maximus #sexist incels.co

Story Told my mom I'm going to kill myself and told them to throw my body out in a dumpster, she freaked out any called my dad and the rabbi

I am a manlet compared to my brother. My brother looks like me a lot (better looking version), but is very tall, and gets women hitting on him all the time, meanwhile I just rot. She said height isn't everything, and that me having a very successful career means they are very proud of me, and that my brother is a failure in their eyes.

She said he only gets trashy girl, and I should go for orthodox religious girls with good morals. I told her that they all have slept around, and I will only ever be a beta buck cuck for her. Then told her all about female mating strategy about alpha fucks beta bucks, and told her all the so called religious girls she knows are actually all whores who sleep around.

My mom was crying and asking how "muh sweet litte flower" could have been hurt this bad and all that bullshit? I told her there is no hope for me in this life, and that I'm going to kill myself and I requested that I don't get buried cause FUCK GOD and JUDAISM. Told her to toss my body in the garbage dump cause it was garbage, or throw it for a pack of rabid dogs to rip apart and eat.

My mom called my dad now in a panic and the local rabbi, and called for an emergency help.

Hopefully this stupid drama ends and they come to terms with the fact that it's over for me.

schizomode #sexist incels.co

RageFuel This reddit thread makes me want to kms

People who classify themselves as a "ass/tits man" have no right to complain when women state that they prefer tall men or a large phallus.

When guys say they're an "ass" or "tits" man, they mean they prefer ass over tits or vice versa. Pretty much no one who says they're tits guy doesn't mean a girl's tits have to be DDD to like them.

Girls have NO fucking idea what real body insecurity is. They think it's feeling sad once in a while because they don't look like Bella Hadid, even though 90% of guys don't care and would date you as long as you're not a landwhale. They could never understand what being a sub 5'5" unkissable, unfuckable guy is like, and they just don't care. It's laughable, it's a joke to be insecure about it, you're just a creepy incel; which just makes the reality of being a sub 5'5" unkissable, unfuckable guy even more fucking terrible.

"I'm not like the other girls who like muscles, I love tall and skinny guys!!" What's funny is I've never heard any girl say they like muscles on a guy. It's always. fucking. tall. Just fuck off.

I don't hate girls for having biological preferences for tall guys, I hate them for thinking it's okay to tell everyone they do because they can. I'd much prefer not knowing about their preferences and living in the reality where physical appearance doesn't matter and I just had to wait for the right girl to come along.

But this reality is a fucking joke.

BududubNow #sexist incels.co

RageFuel Be a Chad/Chadlite and foids will throw themselves at you

So I finally made a Chadfish account on badoo (easier to set up than tinder). One of the converstaions looked like this.

She's craving that Chad dick LMFAO. When was the last time a good looking foid gave you such attention? -JUST IGNORE THEM BRO, CHADS DO IT AND WOMEN GO CRAZY ABOUT THEM. Hahaha. She may sound like she's attacking Chad a little bit but she's not, she is anxious that one of the best fuck possibilities is no more. She is annoyed but not at Chad, she wants to pinch his ego a little bit so that he starts replying again but not too much not to push him away completely. I am not good at this shit but I want to fuck with her some more. I want to respond again with something but IDK what to say, what do you suggest guys? Then I want to ignore her some more and see her reactions again just to fuck with her brain.

Chadfishing is suicide fuel. There was a user here a few months ago (he used a jester avatar) who was posting his Chadfishes all the time, and he probably roped because he's not here anymore.

Yes, it is. The heartbreak that it causes is of the type I've never felt before. I bet chadfishing is "natures" way to push incels towards suicide.

SubhumanAbomination #psycho #sexist incels.co

Why the fact that women are getting obese is a good thing

1- Women being more obese day by day will lead to faster death for women and health deterioration which means more suffering for them physically and mentally

2- An economy crisis since neither the government nor the medical system will be able to keep up with all the obese women with their health issues and inability to work or do anything

3- Men will be more likely to go ER earlier than expected since simping and looksmaxxing for years just to get an obese smelly 2/10 whore is inhumane and insanity

4- Women will not be able to bear children or raise them anymore, so no point for them in getting a betabuxx, which will lead to more frustration for men, and earlier societal destruction

Tbh nothing will change for us, you are idealizing too much

We will always be incels i know, i just want to see the world burn

fschmidt #sexist coalpha.org

Double standard: Women should be virgins at marriage.


The fundamental difference between men and women is that men have an unlimited reproductive potential while women's reproductive potential is very limited. When a man has sex, he is giving away nothing of value. But when a woman has sex, she is potentially giving away a large aspect of her life if she gets pregnant. Today we have birth control to eliminate the practical side of this, but this doesn't change the feelings in us that were produced by evolution before birth control. This is why men still greatly value virginity in women, as can be seen in the cases where women auction off their virginity. But women place no value in the virginity of a man because there is no evolutionary basis for this feeling.

A woman who has sex before marriage is being selfish at the expense of her future husband. A normal husband (who places his emotions and common sense over feminist propaganda) would prefer that his wife be a virgin. Women also seem to be changed by premarital sex and are less able to bond with their husband as explained in Why Sluts Make Bad Wives.

The anthropologist Unwin, in his book "Sex and Culture", studied the isolated tribes of his time to determine what best correlated with level of development. He found one fact that perfectly correlated with level of development. This was female premarital chastity. In all the most developed cultures, women were required to be virgins at marriage. Then he looked at history and he found that in all rising cultures, women were required to be virgins at marriage. And in all cultures where this requirement was lost, the culture went into terminal decline.

fschmidt #sexist #elitist coalpha.org

Women should not vote.


The reason that women shouldn't vote has nothing to do with intelligence. The reason is that men's instincts are designed for tribe formation and women's instincts aren't. The natural structure of tribes of both humans and chimpanzees is for the tribe to be run by males. Men have a sense of fairness that comes with this role. Women have no such sense of fairness. Men naturally develop a loyalty to the tribe and will act in the tribe's best interest. The loyalty of women is always primarily based on family, particularly her children. When women are given the vote, they will always support these things; a strong central government to support them, the right to sexually provoke men without consequences, and the right to cheat on their husbands. These are women's primary political concerns. In a democracy that includes women, immoral men and almost all women will vote for these things and ruin society.


For equality, one can have separate governments for men and women. Under this system, men would elect a men's government to govern men and women would elect a women's government to govern women. This would prevent women from using the government to oppress men. What would be the result of such a system? The answer is that women wouldn't bother voting in such a system. If you look at all the political actions of women, they are all about controlling men. Women have no interest in controlling or regulating women. Women want a strong government to force men to hire women, to protect women from men, and to tax men to support women. Women want divorce laws to force men to pay alimony and child support to women. And women want to be free to sexually provoke men while having the government prevent any response from men which women call "sexual harassment". There isn't one single thing that women want from government that involves restricting women in any way.

Henry Makow, PhD #conspiracy #racist #homophobia #transphobia #sexist #fundie henrymakow.com


The butter truth is that the Illuminati bankers are Satanists. They are EVIL.

Naturally they would say good and evil are subjective.

They are not. Good is an absolute, and evil is its opposite. Good is Life. Evil is Death.

Satanism is the religion of death. They will not rest until they have robbed life of all its joy and meaning. Quite simply, the purpose of the scamdemic and the lockdowns is our demise. This is also the purpose of the havoc in Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles... coming to your city.

We have been under relentless occult attack for centuries. Never has it been more intense than today. The new Netflix series, Teenage Bounty Hunters, promotes premarital, lesbian and interracial sex. The very first scene shows a supposedly Christian girl overcome the resistance of a Christian lad who wants to reserve sex for marriage. They are replacing healthy Christian norms with Satanist norms designed to make people dysfunctional.

A satanic cult controls and exploits its members by corrupting and making them sick. Humanity has been inducted into this satanic cult, i.e. Cabalism.

We were being disenfranchised before they stole the election. Corporate America made it clear that didn't want "toxic" customers who didn't conform to Communist shibboleths like allowing trannies in women's bathrooms.

They have made it clear that control not profit is their priority. Christians and conservatives must be destroyed. We have already been banished from social networks. Parler was kicked off Amazon. Protesters are losing their jobs.

What next? This is what Communists do. Have no illusions. Biden has already announced his intention to discriminate against whites.

Gymcelled #sexist incels.co

Brutal Absolutely brutal dating site results - One whole year of consistent messaging

"WHAT??? THERE ARE GUYS WHO DONT GET REPLIES FROM WOMEN ON TINDER???" Also jfl he thinks 200 swipes is a lot image

Not based at all. Why would it matter if youre an angry incel though? Funny how if youre incel, youre opinion is as good as trash. Those are rookie numbers ngl. I used to swipe 200 per day, but eventually ran out of foids to swipe on.

He's only saying that to not get downvoted to hell. That's how it works in cucked spaces, you always have to preface saying you don't agree with X group, in this case inkwels. Also "YOU MUST ONLY BE GOING FOR TOP MODEL FOIDS :soy::soy:" This is so infuriating considering how high foids aim

9s and 10s. I swiped right on all kinds of hideous creatures (the kind that would haunt you in your dreams) and still got zero matches. And he thinks 5s and 7s women would swipe right on the average guy, JFL @ this deluded moron.

They somehow manage to accuse men of doing everything foids do, it's so surreal I don't even know how you could get this idea of men not wanting to fuck 90% of foids and being super picky. It's so universally known that men are so thirsty and willing to fuck anything

Wow, that is indeed brutal. I always knew my laziness had a point, I'm sure that if I tried hard, nothing would've changed.

I think this whole idea of laziness being destructive is just a thing that comes from chads. If chad is inactive then yeah he's missing out on lots of success and positive experiences. This could also be somewhat true to a much lesser extent for normies. But for us? I've never been rewarded in any significant way for all my efforts. If anything I regret putting in so much work. Had I known I would have chilled much more and not tried

Lebensmüder #ableism #sexist incels.co

This is a 10 year old thread in a subreddit for shaming sub-8 men who dare to have emotions. The tl;dr is, this girl plays WoW with a guy for years, they end up chatting about very personal things. He sends her a love letter. So she posts the letter online for everyone to laugh at. What causes me to rage about this particular example was this line in her OP:

“I would occasionally go to him for relationship advice and he would confide in his health problems to me. I believe he thinks we became emotionally close over time.”

Brutal. That poor fucker really thought that he lived in a RomCom, but nothing is to blame for that except society. When you exclude a man from all social activities due to his looks and mental problems (like autism) he has no idea about how normal social interactions work because he has no experience in that regard, so he takes most of his experiences from TV shows and movies and thinks that this reflects the real-life, but if you do the shit from movies/TV irl you will get nothing but ridicule, because girls don't give a fuck about "love" or anything like that. Here we are dealing with a man who probably was excluded from society since childhood, had severe autism and poor looks, who went to the only source he knew (e.g. movies, TV and the bluepilled lies like "Women are wonderful"/"Le empathetic gender" that society preaches) and tried to apply that "knowledge" with devastating results, an absolute human tragedy that is pathognomonic for our society - or for normies/women: a funny comedy you can laugh about.

Gymcelled #sexist incels.co

Blackpill [STUDY] Human touch makes us feel happy and relaxed, couples sleeping together have better REM sleep, autistic people are hormonally sleep impaired

"Why do you care about sex and relationships??? :soy::soy:" Simply sleeping in the same bed as your gf/wife will improve your sleep. Simply being touched by someone will release hormones that will relax you, make you feel happy and positive and thus also help you to sleep



BONUS BLACKPILL: Autistic people are known to have disturbances in the serotonin-melatonin pathway. They're sleep impaired on a hormonal level
If you're autistic and have trouble sleeping it could be because of your autism. Roughly 50-80% of autistic children suffer from sleep disorders Can't fucking catch a break ffs @Atavistic Autist


WHITEPILL: Supplementing Melatonin did help autistic people sleep, but it did not fix the problem entirely

But if supplementing melatonin helped autistic people sleep then I think being in a relationship would also help them. But we all know how fucked those people are when it comes to dating ...

Samaher #sexist #psycho memri.org

Samaher: I am 200% in favor of [wife beating]. If a wife cannot put up with her husband when he is annoyed or tired, if she cannot put up with her husband when the financial situation is bad... If a man returns home with no money, not even enough for a pack of smokes and some bread – even if he has nothing – his wife must put up with it. If he is my husband, it is not all about “my dear,” “my love,” and then complaining about him or causing trouble when he slaps me. No, you have to put up with that.
If your husband slaps you, don't run to the police station, to your family, or to the neighbors. Solve your problems at home. Don't run here and there, to institutions, to associations, or anything like that. There are children involved, children that could be lost in the streets. And for what? Because he slapped you? Come on... We should examine why he slapped you in the first place. Maybe she provoked him, and he slapped her?
Sometimes, the purpose of beating is to draw her attention, out of love, so she will not make things worse.

Zina: Can someone beat someone he loves?

Samaher: Yes.
As a Middle Eastern woman, if my husband beats me in front of everyone, I would not say he is wrong. My husband, my honor.

Zina: This is a woman who deserves to be beaten. You deserve to be beaten. If we weren't inside this studio, I would knock you down.

Samaher: Bring it on.

Zina: Women like you deserve to be beaten. What do you say about that? It is my right to defend myself.

Samaher: So defend yourself. I want my husband to beat me. I want my husband to beat me.

Mike Stone #fundie #wingnut #sexist #homophobia #kinkshaming #conspiracy henrymakow.com

Like many of you, I am sickened by the stolen election and its aftermath. While I continue to pray for divine intervention, I have to ask myself, do we, as a people and a country, actually deserve to be free?

We are a nation in which roughly half of its citizens support the murder of unborn babies. Think about that. We support ripping unborn babies out of their mother's wombs and murdering them. We actually vote for public officials who legislate for this atrocity. Many of our citizens have had abortions or are the fathers of aborted babies. Why on earth would God allow such a people to remain free?

We are a nation in which the majority of its citizens are so stupid they believe in phoney shootings, phoney viruses, and phoney weapons of mass destruction. We believe in all those hoaxes and more, but we don't believe in God or the Bible. Why on earth would God allow such a people to be free?
We are a nation in which upwards of 70% of our citizens watch and read porn. We condone and support almost every kind of sexual debauchery you can think of, and debaucheries that aren't yet condoned and supported will be in the near future. We allow our children to be sexualized and taught by sexual perverts. Why on earth would God allow such a people to be free.
And the result is Communism. Hard-core Communism, the likes of which are going to stun the majority of people who are still somewhat awake.

Perhaps the saddest part of all this is that we have only ourselves to blame. Not you or I individually, but all of us collectively. We've turned our backs on God, so He has turned His back on us.

Gregory Hood #racist #sexist #wingnut amren.com

China Trolls the West’s Delusions and Hypocrisies

Sometimes, even race realists become so used to the stupidity that we are like the fish who never notice water. Sometimes it takes China, a self-respecting civilization-state, to expose our elites’ silly beliefs and shameless hypocrisy.

This is how China’s Ambassador to Grenada, Zhao Youngchen, described his government’s actions in the Xinjiang region, home of the Uyghur Muslims.

Islamic extremists in Xinjiang discriminated against women, and forced women to veil and wear black robes. All kind and rational women in western world, don’t you think the protection of basic human rights of Uyghur women by the Chinese government is commendable?

China isn’t oppressing the Uyghur minority or crushing its culture; it fighting for women’s liberation. Shouldn’t liberals be cheering? The New York Times published a column arguing what is being done to the Uyghurs is “genocide.” “Since 1949, the Chinese Communist Party has been gradually rolling out policies that threaten Uighur culture and identity. There are financial incentives for interethnic marriages between Uighur and Han Chinese couples.”

But aren’t we supposed to think mixed marriage is a wonderful thing? In 2018, the New York Times rejoiced with this headline: “A Sign of ‘Modern Society’: More Multiracial Families in Commercials.” Besides, what do Uyghur culture and identity really mean? Since CNN tells us “There is no ‘White Culture’,” maybe there’s no Uyghur culture either. You might argue that the Chinese government wants to eliminate the Uyghurs. You might even say that the Chinese Communist Party is trying to replace them. However, that’s dangerous talk, a paranoid conspiracy theory. How could political and cultural policies possibly have demographic consequences? It’s a ridiculous claim.

Lipton Matthews #racist #sexist #wingnut amren.com

Looking Out for Working-Class Whites

While the grievances of women, blacks and others frequently make headlines, working-class white people are satirized as uneducated rednecks. Journalists would never use the n-word on blacks, but mainstream pundits rarely exercise restraint when berating the white working-class. Pandering to every group in America except for working-class whites smacks of racism and snobbery.

Despite constant media lamenting about the plight of black people, they are making great strides, while working-class whites are being immiserated. Wilcox et al. wrote in 2018, “black men have made marked progress over the last half-century in reaching the upper ranks of the income ladder. Poverty among black men has dropped dramatically over the same time.”. Though more women than men are employed in America and they get the majority of graduate degrees, many people consider them to be oppressed and call for sex-based affirmative action. But it’s working-class white people who are struggling, so they may deserve class-based affirmative action. Class-based preferences can work:

In the early 2000s, four of Israel’s most selective universities began giving preferential treatment to poorer students. After analysing the academic outcomes of more than 5,000 students, the authors found noteworthy results.

If Google and many other companies are hiring people because of race and even sexual orientation, there should be no complaints if they promote diversity by hiring working-class whites. They might even bring a unique perspective. A racially diverse group of people who all studied at Harvard or Yale probably agrees on everything.

kt0998 #conspiracy #sexist saidit.net

Since USA is now basically falling apart as a nation, maybe we should discuss what this means for women. I am not American but have followed this death spiral for years and of course the same development is happening (just slower) in other western countries.

USA is split between the Woke "Minority Bloc" and the reactionary MAGA/Alt-Right. Both of them are openly misogynist. The first wants to turn every teen girl into "empowered" OnlyFans prostitute, sacrifice women's rights for trannies, force lesbians to suck girlpenis, throw white "Karens" under the bus etc. The second wants women barefoot and pregnant with no abortion and no vote.

For women, this situation is basically hell. No other group has to choose between two options that are so aggressively, violently AWFUL to them. There is no positive future for women in America or other western countries. Women's rights are virtually gone, nobody supports them anymore, and feminists are gleefully participating in this to ensure their WOKE brand of male supremacy will win.

Liberals, feminists and leftists have utterly betrayed women. Women are majority of their supporters and will continue to support this because most women are apparently fucking braindead. Liberal identity politics crap first stoked far-right extremist misogyny with all the performative "lol male tears" provocation and then decided that actually, white cis women are evil oppressors and threw them to the wolves they helped to create.

Never has it been as clear that BlackPillFeminism is right and there is no hope for women and every single political movement and ideology is anti-woman.

Government of Seoul #sexist abcnews.go.com

SEOUL, South Korea -- The government of South Korea's capital is facing criticism for an online manual for pregnant women that contained sexist tips and gender stereotypes.

The now-deleted guidelines, which were published on the website of Seoul’s “Pregnancy and Childbirth Information Center,” suggested that pregnant women should prepare food, clothes and daily necessities for their husbands and family before going to the hospital to give birth. They offered tips on weight management that involved hanging up smaller size clothing for motivation and warned women against excessive spending on children’s clothing.

South Korea has one of the lowest birthrates in the world, according to the United Nations Population Fund, and is trying to encourage more births. But critics say those efforts have been hampered by a government that often reflects a deeply patriarchal society and widespread sexist views.

“It’s like Seoul City is declaring that a wife should take care of all the housework,” Kim Hyomin, a student at Duksung Women’s University, said in a phone interview.

fschmidt #sexist reddit.com

Second, don't bother relying on your wife for this, a daughter's chastity is the father's responsibility. These are easily fixable in the future. But the general problem is hard. You didn't mention your daughter's age, but if she is young enough then I recommend taking your family to some conservative religious service weekly. Women are herd animals and are influenced by the people they see around them. Logical arguments are useless with women, but telling your daughter that many men just view women as pieces of meat (sex objects) may have some effect.

Mtd #sexist twitter.com

(about someone cosplaying a genderbent version of android 17 from dragon ball)
nanatsu: turns merlin into a woman
cospoors: turns android 17 into a woman
this is feminism taking over the world
I prefer good and disabled people taking over the world than these woke crybabies

Various Incels #pedo #psycho #sexist incels.co

News 16 yo Israeli whore fucks 30 chads in one night

Outrage as 30 men accused of raping Israeli teen in Eilat

A whore that is less than 16 yo decided that she wants to discover her sexuality by fucking 30 chads in one night. I wonder how much time itll take to pump the cum out of her. The media tries to sell it as rape but dont buy it

Rape is a fucking meme. She obviously fucked 30 people and then people are covering it up by calling it rape. It’s painfully obvious that she chose to do this since she is a degenerate whore

(Made in Heaven)
Just another reason to support Palestine over Israel.

Teen girls don't think about sex inkel :soy: :soy: JFL. Whores will be whores. Age is just a number

Agree. If she's a pubsecent and has a body of a 12-13 year old, she's fair game and knows what she's doing

That's a higher body count than 80% of men will reach in their entire lives.

This girl is 16 and got railed, meanwhile that 47 y/o reddit user is begging for some pussy

What's more realistic, 30 men decided they were going to rape, or one whore who wanted a train ran on her then lied about it when it was found out

Those idiots deserve to rot in prison. There were 30 of them and all forgot to bi her a McDonald happy meal afterward for all those happy endings.

The ragefuel in this story is how there are "men" (cucks) who degrade themselves joining to protest "rape" and all the femoids aswell. cucks writing 30 on their foreheads I am so disgusted with the people in my country. @kikecel בוא איתי לטאיוון נשיג איזו כלה אסייתית חמודה

Various Incels #pedo #sexist incels.co

(autism kills)
Foids realize they were hotter as teens than they are now in their 20s and 30s

View: https://www.tiktok.com/@juliadroolia/video/6902166420549848326?lang=en

“Thinking about how myself and every other woman I know was catcalled more when we were 11-15 y/o than now that we’re in our 20s-30s”

There's nothing disgusting about a man loving cunny. What's truly disgusting is adult women. Women shouldn't age past 18.

Little girls don't need makeup. They have the JB glow. Makeup is for old hags that need to cope.

adults are fucking disgusting, both physically and mentally
"growing up" is just an euphemism for rotting

thats why they worry about getting old but god forbid you say young foids are attractive

"catcalled more" so, they're still cat called frequently? i thought they didnt like that? why are they complaining about it? god, they live life so easily

Girls are in their prime as teenagers both physically and mentally
With that said: The average male also looked better in his teens. I know I did. Looked a lot more tolerable at 15 than I do 20 years later


I'm 29, I feel like I look better than ever, and I'm yet to peak, which I expect to be at 35. For women looking more masculine is not very appealing, so that's why it is considered that men age better, probably

Male physical peak is 18-25, only slightly later than foids. After that it's all downhill and your collagen starts decreasing every second. This is why all pro athletes have their peak at this age, and all Olympic athletes also win their gold medals at these ages.

Most non-Asian foids start looking like crap after 28. They literally start to wrinkle in the eye area when they laugh or smile.

Obviously if you smoke or drink, youre gonna age faster.

I've noticed avid runners can maintain a youthful appearance for longer. Probably has to do with less body fat overall.

AutisticMonstrosity #racist #sexist incels.co

RE: As usual arab sluts biggest white worshippers


Cherry-picking. Arab men are trying their best to get European women while the opposite is not allowed by islam and their families. It is very rare to see European man, Arab woman couple in Europe while the opposite is a few order of magnitudes more common. Arabs are totally free to date our women.

According to statistics, "you" are stealing "our" women.

Scientific Blackpill - Incel Wiki

Arabs are taking European women much more frequently than European men Arab women. “Dating preferences of online daters in four major metropolitan areas: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta" is not relevant at all. European man may have a preference for Arab women, because they can be hot, but Arab men are very active trying to get European women in Europe and it is not forbidden by the society.

As an ethnic I don't really care because ethnics don't belong in Europe. In an ideal world, Europeans wouldn't fuel conflict in our countries, and we would go home.

How is Sweden, Germany, Austria and Finland fueling conflicts? These were the top 4 countries who received the most asylum applications in 2015. Switzerland can be hardly said to be fueling conflicts and the Swiss are soon minority in their own country. I would have let Gaddafi have his massacre in Misrata. I would have left the Serbs alone do what they wanted.

If anything European girls prefer European men even more. Consult this video for the racepill. View: https://streamable.com/vj27op

You live in Sweden. Open your fucking eyes and start calculating couples you see in your everyday life. I certainly know what are the statistics here in Finland.

AnonAutist & Shin no Shi #psycho #sexist #wingnut incels.co

RE: "do you think men deserve human rights"


View: https://www.tiktok.com/@fattiefiona/video/6830835012401777926?lang=en

She's right though, nobody deserves human rights because they don't exist. There does not exist any world government that is committed to defending or securing your supposed 'human rights'. They are a liberal hoax used as a pretense for 'regime change' (war) or sanctions of states that defy the liberal world order.

Get Schmittpilled.

(Shin no Shi)
who do you think let you use that app?
who do you think let you in bong?
oh wait the exact type of person that you're describing you letterbox faggot. I can't wait when some muslim guy just pins her down and tells her to stfu
Fuck these foids and their dirt ridden hypocrisy.

Lol at women thinking they have the power to take anything from men without big daddy jew government backing them.

Women are weak

David J. Stewart #fundie #sexist stewart1611.blogspot.com

I have been refuting HBC since 2014 for saying these evil things, earnestly contending for the Christian faith (Jude 1:3). Bless God, I SHOULD say these things about Harvest Baptist Church of Guam, and by God's grace I will continue to say them until their wicked pastors and congregation repent and get right with God. Harvest Baptist Church of Guam have abandoned their love for Christ in pursuit of the love of money (1st Timothy 6:10). They are serving mammon and not God (Luke 16:13). Revelation 2:4, “Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.”

I believe God led me to Harvest Baptist Church on Guam in 2013, to preach against them for their apostasy, but they are stiffnecked and proud. Revelation 2:21, “And I gave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not.” The Bob Jones University crowd for decades now have fornicated in spiritual whoredom with the heathen Neo-evangelical world. The Harvest Baptist Academy school on Guam, Bible college and Harvest ministries, are bad news! If you want to be spiritually corrupted, then you'll get what you deserve for eating at the Devil's table. Lordship Salvation is of the Devil. Harvest's pastors and staff OUGHT NOT be saying such things! They ought not be promoting Bob Jones University—because they promote Devil's Bibles, allow immodest clothing for female students, preach the Devil's lie of Lordship Salvation (i.e., Calvinism), and just don't care! Right doctrine matters!
They just don't care, neither about the purity of God's Word, nor the accuracy of the Gospel, nor about hurting people like me who pleaded three times in 2017 (and since) for their love, kindness and spiritual help. Sadly, it appears that the pastors of Harvest need a whole lot more spiritual help than I do. My office is open 24 hours a day fellas, just knock on my door. I'll do my best to help you get right with God.

UpsideDown #sexist incels.co

Blackpill [Shit that IT won't touch] Often times, normie advice does more harm than good

They give you advice, but the rules are set in opposition to what is socially acceptable."Be nice and girls will like you", then you start being nice to the girls and get labeled as a "nice guy". "You cant be nice, bro! Girls hate nice guys, they only want jerks", but by being a jerk you only get people to dislike you, so you stop. "Being yourself is great! Women love honest guys!", but by being yourself you get nothing again. "You can't pick up girls because you're boring! You gotta have a nice personality", then you try to emulate that interesting, suave, confident type of personality, only to find out you're actually coming off as stupid and pretentious to others. "You have to approach more, bro! It's a numbers game!", but the only thing you get is a reputation as the "Creepy guy". You hear that the best way to get a girl to like you is "Getting into hobbies that you're truly interested in, socializing in those groups and then trying there" you do make friends and social connections, but as soon as you try anything with a girl, you either hit a brick wall because she isn't attracted to you, or you come off as the creepy guy once again because people think you infiltrated their group just to hit on girls.

And while you as a naive, young, socially inept guy does that stuff, people are laughing and berating you for doing exactly as they told you. Now tell me why, why don't people just cut to the chase and tel you the truth? If people just told you that looks are the most important attribute in dating, and if a girl never sees herself fucking you in any situation no amount of personality or game or style or gym can compensate for that, you wouldn't have gone through all of that hassle and heartbreak. I do believe that some of us (especially the younger and the socially inept people) are victims of those shitty platitudes that normies throw at us just to sugarcoat the reality of things.

Total Imbecile #racist #sexist incels.co

Toxic Femininity Black girls literally have 0 feminitiy, what gives

I have yet to find a black girl that Id legit want to cuddle, like Id fuck a black girl cause Im incel but given a girl of some other race vs a black girl eeeeeeeeeeeeh Id always go with the other girl

I dont know how black guys do it

Black girls all look mean as fuck even when they smile, intimidating as fuck tbh

Anime/cutesy aesthetic doesnt work on them:


Like put that dress on a white girl or my younger sister and Id go nuts, but I cringe seeing it on a black girl, I cringe seeing black girls cosplaying

Is this exclusive to the US since slaves used to be bred for masculinity so they could be workhorses or are girls in Africa ugly too?

I don't find niggerwhores attractive either

Im starting to feel the same way about asians

There are some cute asian girls but on average they tend to be short (sub 5'4'') and look like frogs

TheLastSorrow #psycho #sexist incels.co

RE: Brutal "Just put yourself out there more!" Then this happens

The more you put yourself out there, the more you get rejected and humiliated if you're unattractive. And women's standards are too high, your looksmatch thinks you're far below her

Her arrogance has stemmed from living in tutorial mode, women's rights needs be revoked.

Disrespectful women(worthless whores) need to be put in their place again. They've seriously had their heads gassed up far too much by everyone. They forget too quickly that even the "lowest" of men can still overpower them.

D3X #sexist incels.co

JFL even using their bluepilled logic if you question their statements you get a red pilled statement

Foe example "not all women are the same " is a good one to start with it implies that, there are exceptions to the rule, which they deny in the first place. So the full statement is The majority of women are the SAME, but there are some exceptions. They don't realize that the majority overrules the minority by a huge fucking margin, and using some basic economics and a little bit of nature you can deduce if there is a high quality product and a supply of "good women" they will be taken , which leaves you the incel,average joe with the majority of whores. Id also like to add on how they apply bad traits to the majoirity of them (making them sexist by their very definition) but somehow bullshit them selves that there are good women . FUCK NORMIES AND THEIR LOGIC

Ive heard the :redpill:Just find a trad countryside conservative foid bro:redpill: a lot, their logic is flawed because even getting those foids is hard in the first place. Most conservative foids arent that much different from leftists too

those are bluepilled, the true red pill was about spinning plates and it applied to normies, but at least understood that hypergamy exists and that women couldn't love trully. They were not that delusional. The redpill was about game, biology, and money. The tradcucks infiltrated it and labeled it a redpill and applied their delusions on it. And since the tradcucks outnumber the true red-pillers they lost that war and so the red pill is what we know today "muh traditionalism"

RandyProzac #sexist incels.co

SuicideFuel I went on a date and fully realized how evil foids are.

About 2 weeks ago I got a match on tinder that I never expected to get. She was almost by exact type: petite Latina with good hips and smaller breasts. I didn’t realize until I got there that she and her friends recognized me from high school. Of course, I was a bullied outcast loner and was shocked anyone remembered me at all. I didn’t think of the implications until what happened today.

She seemed very receptive to me and we ate and talked a lot. I felt like a god walking around a mall with 3 super qt girls. It was just something normgroids do on a regular basis but it meant the world to me. At the end, she gave me a hug and said “text me” in a sweet voice I remember vividly. Again, heavenly to hear as incel.

I held out bluepilled hope. Over the weeks, her messages were dwindling in frequency. From being almost instantly messaged back, to being left on delivered for 1 hour, to being left on delivered for 2+ days at a time.

here’s the evil part - After being left on delivered for 4 days, she posts on her story “teehee going to [redacted] with these guys xd” or something like that. She was sitting next to a guy who mogged me into the underworld. Another post with her leaning on his shoulder with her hand in his hair. I message once again asking if it was over between us. She replies back, with a picture of the both of them, SMILING, and says “yes :)”.

that was a level of sadistic brutality that I never would have put her on for. Needless to say, I feel entirely worthless and I am currently drunk and my .40 sounds really tasty right now. It only occurred to me, that since they all knew me from the same high school, that she only invited me out to make fun of me. It was all just a cruel joke to them.

I am totally defeated and resigned to abject despondence now. No coping this time. Hold me bros

Unsaveable #sexist incels.co

RageFuel I hate my bluepilled brother.

He's a fat shortcel and acts like he's some hot shit, he's programmercel and yet he says he's not a Incel.(even though he's a virgin at 21)

When i called him bluepilled he said 'no i'm redpilled' :feelsugh: and then i had some talk with him about women few days back and he literally told me 'you need to talk to females for hours if you want to them to like you' :lul: then i asked him about the dickpill i said what if you're a dicklet? you know what he told me? 'if a woman cares about your dick size you shouldn't be with her in the first place' jfl.

Sounds like an incel in denial, has he had any female interest before in his life?

Not any that i know of. He's a truecel tbh, both of us are voicecels also but he mogs me in that regard.

He copes with alcohol and vidya everyday and then says he's not a Incel jfl. Just today he told me to come to his coworkers village near the sea to have some lamb meat, i told him i'm sick and i'm not in the mood for no fucking lamb meat but he still kept bothering me and calling me for literal hours.

Sounds like its over for him tbh, you should send him a FaceandLMS video and see how he reacts.

He'll probably say it doesn't apply to him because we don't live in The West. He doesn't deny the lookspill but says personalty also matters.

Where do you live?

Eastern Europe i guess.

Geez So many EEcels here. Curries and EEs makes up about 60% of the user base here.

Yes i think its predominately EE users here. Big cities in EE are fucking terrible. Truly an unique kind of hell. Not westernized enough, not culturally advanced on their own either. This message comes from 2nd world gang.

ShySaxon #sexist incels.co

Brutal I just dropped a fuck ton of blackpills on my mom

I told that cunt looks matter and personality means jack shit in this world.

That bitch will be sorry for spawning me without giving me the chance to use the character creation screen. Fucking bitch.

Fuck you mom. I hate you for bringing me into this world. Fuck you too Dad you ugly, fat cunt.

It seem you have been contemplating your inceldom a lot lately. Happens to the best of us. Copes break down and laughing it all away doesn't work.

I have, yes. You’re observant. I’m a wreck at the moment.

What did they say back?

She just changed the subject. She knows it’s over deep down.

IMO it's not wise to wage war against the only people who, statistically, really care about you in the world.

They should have aborted me.

Gymcelled #sexist incels.co

Blackpill [STUDY] Teen love positively impacts your social life and your romantic competence for a DECADE

The participants of the study were initially 14-17 years old and were later assessed at 23-25 (not far from a whole decade). They controlled for personality and it didn't seem like different personality types affected the results of the study. Teen love improves romantic and social competence for a whole decade. Teen love can make or break you. Or I guess you could say that the lack of teen love makes you an even bigger loser.


The important part is that having negative experiences during teen dating had a negative impact (duh). But here's the interesting part: the positive effects were mogging the negative effects. In other words teen love is more impactful than bad teenage dating experiences.

We're supposed to start from nowhere and compete with people who have 15-20 years of sex dating experience by the time we're wizards

normies will just say the study isn't valid because they don't like

Normies just use anecdotal evidence thinking it disproves statistics

I'm sure op has posted this study before. Best article on missing out on teen love/adolescence ages 13-17 is wikipedia. Adolescence - Wikipedia

Or any entry on psychosexual development confirms ages 0- to 17-18 years of age are the most important time of your life.

I haven't, tho i made a similar thread about another study on the teen love recently

Animeak116 @ Murphy Slaw #sexist #ableism reddit.com

(=Weebs talking about anime girls. That is all.=)

King9204: Blake is the hottest character!

Animeak116: If only she wasn't bat shit retarded

Murphy_Slaw_: to be fair, aside from maybe Weiss all of Team RWBY + Jaune/Ren/Nora are completely retarded.
Blake is not much worse than the rest of them.

Animeak116: I mean all of them are retarded foe the sake of the plot just saying the symptoms started with Blake so i will always label her retarded as well. She may be a cute cat girl that any one may wany but she is idiotic as a brick that you'd rather use as a pump and dump then actual waifu material. Also Weiss was ruined this season heavily by the current episode. So i wouldn't hold my breath that she to isn't retarded especially after her scenes in the previous volume

Edmund_Kemper #crackpot #pedo #sexist incels.co

Theory Male high school teachers and college professors a lot slower to get remarried after divorce and are less likely to remarry

the study shows this is probably due to constant exposure to young attractive female students. and a lot of evidence shows this might be the causation


Female teenagers are attractive to most men. Get over it, IT. This is reality.

exactly IT just can't admit it because they're afraid of saying the politically incorrect truth

It would be pretty brutal to have so many teenage foids in your presence all the time. And to the ITcels reading this, get over it and accept the fact that normal men are attracted to teenage foids.

lets be honest, if there wasn't any stigma against attraction to teen foids, IT would admit it's common to be attracted to them

True. It’s only because soyciety said so. Practically any man you see will be attracted to teen foids

and they always say but muh brain development. the only reason teens have underdeveloped brain is because society infantilizes them too much

A brain of a teen is just as developed as an adult. It’s only society that keeps them stupid. As for the power imbalance argument it is also societies fault.

power imbalances actually can work. many people want a older mature person for protection and financial reasons

This is how it was in the past. The foid would settle for an older man who would financially support them and the man could have prime virgin jb pussy

the only reason teen girls are "traumatized" by sex with an older guy is because of society's extreme disapproval of their age gap

GeneticFilth #psycho #sexist incels.co

Blackpill Everybody knows that your life sucks because you're ugly

People know that because you're ugly that you live a harder life than them and struggle a lot because of it, they just don't care. People use to go to circus freak shows to laugh and mock deformed people. They didn't do it because they have bad personalities, they did it because a part of being human is finding enjoyment in watching ugly things suffer.

Not one person looks at this jestermaxxed 5ft3 guy and doesn't have their brains scream virgin loser.

Blueface & PNB Rock Turn Up The Heat On Nick Cannon 🔥 Wild 'N Out


“[The boy] was basically being tortured in school by the other students and investigators, but the administration was only focused on protecting the girls who were lying,” the family's attorney Craig Fishman told the outlet.

She allegedly justified her decision to fabricate the allegations during a recorded interview with school officials that was obtained by Fishman. “I just don’t like to hear him talk. … I don’t like to look at him.”

This is the shit that makes kids shoot up schools.

I stopped taking disrespect at like 14. I don't know how you motherfuckers let that shit slide. Once I started lifting disrespect, vanished.

That's the thing though is that when you're ugly it's just you constantly having to defend yourself. I stood up for myself a bunch and they always want revenge. Being ugly is cancer.

Henry de Montherlant #sexist #transphobia incels.co

RE: JFL 40 year old woman on r/Truefemcels

deformed, ugly, old, unlovable. 40 years old, never had a boyfriend

"The most perverse, surreal part of all of this is that I get approached by A LOT of men in bars, clubs." TRU FEM CEL DO NOT EXIST

Fucking larp. So she gets approached en masse but only by faggots who wanted to suck her cock? Fuck off.

She textually says she's being approached, but she considers those guys as perverts because she's too ugly to attract "good guys", and also she thinks they approach her because they think she has a D (lmao, who does this)

To be fair, you purposefully left out the part right after "clubs" (and also put a false full stop after "clubs"). The full quotation is: ”The most perverse, surreal part of all of this is that I get approached by A LOT of men in bars, clubs, who are then disappointed when they find out I was born a woman and I do not have a penis.”

she said she looks like this image

You buy this shit ? Dudes chasing ugly foids with a D unironically, and who then back off if the foid has a pussy ?

You don't think there are a significant number of men with a tranny fetish that want to be dicked?

You can be bisexual or "deviant" of any sort, but that doesn't mean you'll reject a foid you find attractive, giving "she lacks D”

purposefully misquoting someone

I wasn't going to quote an entire paragraph. Cuts need to be done. I made another message to add why I found the idea to be rejected as woman for lacking D absurd.

And even if it's true (let's just assume it's true), she still gets validation, which is more in a night than any trucel will get in his entire life. More in a single night than any trucel will get in his entire life.

Thus, femcels don't exist, I'm not particularly intellectual, and you're a bluepilled dickhead fegget.

whogivesafucc #sexist incels.co

Serious It's actually surreal how much women lie about rape

I disagree with rape, I find it to be one of the scummiest things you can do as a person, but none of these humanoids ever get raped, like I seriously think EVER. It has to be like at least 96% of them that lie about it just to get something out of the guy. Women literally hit licks with this fucking lie all the time
>marry some dude
>stay married for like a month or six
>divorce him and take him to court for domestic abuse and rape
>get either half or all his shit

I will never understand these "people," they're such natural sociopaths it's actually chilling

What I imagine rape to be is a man tying up a woman, maybe holding a knife to her throat, and fucking her. Something really heinous like that. This almost never happens.

What women mean by rape is they had drunk sex with a sub8.


Henry Makow, PhD #conspiracy #racist #sexist #transphobia #wingnut #fundie henrymakow.com

This is our Jonestown moment.
Renouncing the Creator,
humanity has been inducted into a satanic cult.
Not "The Peoples Temple," but Cabalism or illuminism i.e. Communism.

If the Joe Biden is able steal the Presidency, the assault on society will intensify. The country will be destroyed as BLM and Antifa are given free rein. Satanism, gender dysphoria, migration and lockdowns flourish. Don't think the Demonrats will rest on their laurels. They are coming after Patriots, Conservatives and Christians. It's what Communists do. Look at the covidscam. We must prepare to defend ourselves.

Failure to resist implies consent. Are you prepared to be dispossessed and enslaved? Are you prepared to drink the kool aid?
Communism expands the Rothschilds' monopoly over credit (money creation) into a monopoly over literally everything of value: Power. People. Commodities. Animals. Information. Discourse. Thought. Behavior.

Its goal is to dispossess, enslave, and even exterminate humanity. This is confirmed by Agenda 21, (the UN's agenda for the 21st Century) which calls for an inventory of everything and demands that people give up private property.

The Rothschilds and their cronies have unlimited wealth. They are bored with wealth. Now they want unlimited power.
People are astonished at the Demonrats' brazen disregard for democracy and basic decency. Communists are satanists. Satanists are dedicated to destroying civilization.

Jews don't know this but Judaism as defined by Cabala is essentially satanic. It seeks to destroy civilization and replace it with an Orwellian dystopia where they control every aspect of life. The Rothschilds seek to supplant God.

DisformedHalfbreed #racist #sexist incels.co

SuicideFuel What is wrong with Dutch girls?

This post is mainly for Dutchcels, but if you want to share your thoughts about this then you are more than welcome. Can anyone explain to me why every foid in the Netherlands wants to date a Turkish/Moroccan guy?

When I go on tiktok and instagram all I see is memes about how they want a Moroccan or Turkish guy in tight tracksuits. Even the highclass hockey girls often talk about hot Moroccan and Turkish guys in class. The stereotype of them being a drugdealer/low life scum is appealing to them??? I seriously don’t understand that. They aren’t even tall in general, like 1,75m at most which is ~6cm below average in the Netherlands. They are also very disrespectful towards foids but even they seem to like that when they call them a whore?? WHAT the fuck is WRONG with Dutch foids?? Is it the dark curly hair that Dutch boys don’t have? Is it the dark eyes paired with a well tanned face?? Why are Dutch foids so into foreign or halfblooded Moroccans and Turks??

Biggest bullshit I've ever heard. Dutch/Turkish guys are often truecels who rot in the mosque or wageslave for pennies or maybe rob some stores because they don't have any money. Dutch girls HATE Arabs. OP is gigacoping. Moroccans are legit the most hated people in the Netherlands.

i think ure teracoping rn my nig, women are all coalburners and dogburners, plz stop with the bs

It's literally an official statistic from the CBS you utter retard. If you look at the statistics on the dislike of Moroccans you will find that women dislike Moroccans more than men. You are gigacoping hard, they hate us, ESPECIALLY WIHITE WOMEN.

okayden mr statistician

Various Incels #pedo #psycho #sexist incels.co

(waste matter)
RageFuel she is 13 year old

Melody (Brazilian singer) - Wikipedia

13 and she look like already have a bodycount about 100. by the time she is 18 she gonna look like 40

(Made in Heaven)
Apparently this is her at 12 and 8

JFL if you deny the loli pill

You are such a repulsive pig, luckily even from your backwaters we hear about filth like you getting what they deserve, a truck load of peace in your shit face.


I remember showing my friend a picture of her and telling him if he would do her, to which he replied he absolutely would. Upon informing him of her age he replied he "would have a talk to the FBI of they come for me because for fuck's sake, look at her." :feelskek:

(The Abyss)
12? The size of those fucking tits. They been feeding her estrogen? Why does she look like a 25 year old whore.

location: Brazil. Here’s hoping she gets her head chopped off by some machete wielding incels

Bitch looks 25 at least. Yet soyciety still blames men for not realizing the real age of jailbaits. To be safe I just assume every foid is 10 to 15 years younger than they actually look.

Jerek #pedo #sexist incels.co

SuicideFuel Spying on teens from above, in summer, absolutely puts me in a suicidal feel.

So, i live in an apartment which is roughly 200' above ground, and it gives you a nice view on the neighborhood, basically a park and a place near my house where teens usually gather. Obiviously i've bought a binocular and i usually spend some time spying on them.

Today there are two groups, the first one is composed by a young chad, a hot girl and a fat girl. Hot girl is lying and resting her legs on chad while he is caressing her thighs. The fat girl is just talking and is a bit far from the twos. I'd give anything to be 16 again and touch those perfect legs, i bet they are so hot and firm that it makes me fucking hard just by seeing it. And these people are your future successfull people, stacies will become "psycologist" or shit like that. The fat girl, instead, is what we MAYBE can get in our fourties.

The other is a group of some teens. I've counted three girls, all hot, and 5-6 guys. Not a single incel, but some of them are average. One chad and a girl are resting with their face on the ASS of another girl. The other is skimpy and talking in the middle of the other guys.

I can assure you seeing this kind of things arouses me more than anything you can imagine. I've fucked escorts that are probably hotter that these girls but this kind of show triggers me a powerful feeling of arousing and dread, because when i was their age i was shut in in my house, mocked because of my appearance. I'm almost 35 and it's always the same thing.

Sounds like heavy suifuel indeed. I'd stop it if I were you, not for their sake but for yours.

I can't dude, i can't. It's stronger than me. It's not just the arousal. I had to fap, it was too much to bear.

Gladiatorcel #crackpot #sexist incels.co

Blackpill The world does not benefit from women's rights.

All women are interested in the top 20% of men. Looks, height, physical strength, status, and wealth. Skin color is immaterial if you have those things. The entire racial equity movement, both sides racists and SJWs, it's all just a smokescreen for what women are biologically and subconsciously programmed to seek out: The exclusion of men who don't occupy the upper echelons of maledom to be excluded from the gene pool.

For thousands of years, the strongest and most confident men were clamored over by our ancestral women, while second-tier men were excluded without a second thought or a moment's remorse. Women excluding unfit men by any and all criteria possible is literally how we came to be the dominant species on the planet. It helped keep threats and intra-species competition at bay. But then we reached the point that we no longer had any threats. As the agricultural dawned, we no longer had any real scarcity or danger to face other than famine, yet women kept reproductively selecting in the same way: tall, strong, big dick, full head of hair. This resulted in harems. There is a raft of genomic evidence to indicate that, during the early agrarian period, up to 17 women would have children with the same one powerful man. Meanwhile, the other 16 men, whose labor might otherwise be fruitful, had nothing to work for and spent all their time infighting and plotting to back stab the man in charge.

Look around you. Engineering, construction, science, exploration. Modern civilization. All products of beta labor. Men who sold their time and effort for the promise of a loyal woman and children that would be biologically his own. We kept women down for a damn good one reason. They hate the idea of bearing children not born of alpha male seed. At some point, men began caring about their concerns.

Also, yes, water is indeed wet.

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The demonisation of incels is just "lol loser cant get laid" on a mass scale

I saw someone post some blackpilled statistic on a youtube comment and the first reply, with loads of upvotes was just "ok incel". Think about it, it's not actually discrediting ANYTHING written in the comment, it doesn't even address it, it basically just highlights it as a form of wrongthink ("this is what losers believe", "whoever wrote this can't get laid", "how dare you suggest women aren't wonderful").

You can see this with all forms of anti incel content - IT, articles written by SJWs about us, mainstream media shit. You will NEVER see them actually address the things we write about or the facts we present, it's always just ad hominem attacks on the authors, or when the author isn't available they'll write things like "just imagine what this guy looks like lol". It's pathetic.

Unfortunately I think this is a major reason why the blackpill will take ages to spread. Even when raw data is staring reddit cucks in the face (ironic considering they're usually so supposedly in favor of science, stats etc), they'll still deny it and shout INKWELL!!!!!!! There's no other explanation for not taking the blackpill, one look at a single Tinder experiment and anyone would be converted, but nope. The religious tier worship of foids will always win, it's literally similar to how religions in the past would just deny new scientific evidence for certain things and claim God works in ways we don't understand JFL.

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The shit trickles down, niggers and thugmaxxed arabs are taking some of our women so we have to get em in your country, I know you hate white people but niggers/hispanics/arabs get more pussy than whites from my experience. Just be in favor of ethnostates instead of crying about whitey all the time and this problem wouldn't exist.

Going SEA is emasculating, imagine you need to move out just for some worthless chink pussy.

Also this, it's greencardmaxxing and betabuxxing, it's pretty fucking pathetic.

"our women" lmfao your incel ass is DEAD to them. White nationalists are an embarrassment. And btw I am white.

Buddy if you can argue that "we're getting more incels because of feminism and yadayada" then I can argue we'd have less incels without all this degeneracy and communist politics. Not saying I'd necessarily get laid but the top 10% of incels? Who knows. Also wouldn't the same go for the "seacels" you care so much about? Aren't they DEAD to their women as well? Not very consistent my JBW friend.

Anyone who isn't a white nationalist in 2020 is a fucking embarassment, even if I was a nigger I'd probably respect them just from seeing the evidence that whites are being replaced.

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RE: Would men also overuse their power like foids do now if things were reversed?

I’m not convinced men abused their power before — people act like the 50s and back were the dark ages for women, but I disagree with that assessment because women were always cared for and valued by men. Without some kind of regulation in place, women become hugely giga advantaged and the 80%+ men are left as wage slaves with no family and no sex (for the lurkers that don’t buy this, please educate yourself on the blackpill science article of incels.wiki — normies have no idea how things are).

Relevant is that today men are actively persecuted and unfairly rated more harshly in schools/Uni/at work.

Teachers mark girls higher for IDENTICAL work to boys (OECD study). Furthermore, a boy will receive 1/3 higher grade in reading tests if the techer does not know he is a boy. From kday 1 of early yers education they also grade boys lower despite them objectively getting higher test scores

Also note the comments farther down cited by the OP where if you look at men today women in their 20s are actually out earning them.


Men did for most of history. Women and children were very often treated like shit. All women do is not have sex with men they don't find attractive. Men kept women as property with no rights of their own.

Bullshit meme. Women and children were simped to absolute protective standards even back then. People would literally kill all the men in wars, but leave the women and children alive. Men were killed and had the shorter hand ALWAYS. Everything you've been taught in this deceptive satanic lying piece of shit society has been the OPPOSITE. Everything normies tell you is literally backwards in reality

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Venting My best friend is a WHORE!!

I used to think that’s some women at the very least were decent in regard to their sex lives and would only sleep with someone if they were in a relationship. Guess I was wrong. She went from a committed relationship to sleeping with every second guy who comes her way. Now I can’t look at her without thinking how much of a slut she is

> Best friend
> She
Bro I ...

I know but I was bluepilled until very recently. Now I’m blackpilled I realise what she is.

(Ping And Pong)
I don't get how guys can be best friends with a foid without being faggots.

>Best friend

Ask her to sleep with you. If she is a true friend then she won't say no.

Being best friends with a woman as an incel? Do you like suffering and pain?

I was also friends with women before. They slept with every Tinder Chad but said no when I begged them to sleep with me too. Real friends would have said yes, especially when I told them I'm forever alone and desperate.

Every second of friendship with such girl makes you more cuck

OP, why don't you just chop your dick off, put it in a meat grinder, then feed it to her dog. It's less a less painful experience than this cucked shit.


OP and @RREEEEEEEEE have something in common. @RREEEEEEEEE is friends with multiple foids.

I used to be. I purposely avoid making friends since I already cut off most of mine.

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[From "[Discussion] Should we try blindmaxxxing?"]

OP by Joystr0:
It’s a couple days i’m having this idea: should we start seeing blind/deaf-blind feraloids? I mean, my idea is that by being blind and possibly deaf, they won’t notice out horrible subhuman face and voice. And that they would be easier to assault, since they can’t see and possibly hear. Not sure, what you think about it?

Reply from Selinity:
OUT OF SIGHT, STILL IN MIND: visually impaired women's embodied accounts of ideal femininity | Fannon | Disability Studies Quarterly

Blind women still care about their appearance. In fact they care about it more than their sighted counterparts when choosing a mate. (Don't have the study on hand but it's there, okay, find it yourself)

Reply from gigacel123:
No, they have ridden their fair share of normie-chadlite-chad cock over the years. They are probably the biggest size queens if anything because they are more touch oriented than normal.

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RE: Blackpill Female Dating Strategy Is One Of The Biggest Spreaders Of The Blackpill.



Oh my god!!!! This happened to me, girls. I was dating a HVM. He was amazing in every way. However, a few months in, I finally pulled his pants
down to reveal...the smallest penis I have ever seen in my life. It was the size of my pinky fingernail. I pretended I was not feeling well and asked him to leave. His penis was legitimately the only dealbreaker.

See, lurkers/downvoters, there's always the option of plastic surgery for your teeny weenies! We still won't want you anyway though, just fyi.


For real, so many women consider different plastic surgeries (rhinoplasty and breast augmentation beingvery common) yet men expect us to just...settle down for their 3-4 inch penis? ew.


womens rights was a mistake

Honestly though. Integrating women into society to have the same roles as men is what fucked us over. Now that they have all their money and rights to do whatever they want, why would they date their looksmatch? Furthermore, the addition of women rights and feminism in the 60s allowed for less social criticism against women meaning they can now be sluts, cheat and lie. Women were never given the same moral compass as us men, so therefore, lying and manipulative traits are easily found in them. We need to control them again. But this ducked society is headed in the opposite direction.

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