The woman-haters, man-haters, and non-binary-haters

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As a trans person myself, being a masculine guy was far more difficult than being a feminine girl (non-binary atm though). The biggest thing is that I was always made fun of for being suicidal in high school, even going so far as people saying 'Do you think he cuts himself, like actually? LOL', and my personal favourite 'He's going to die a lonely virgin.' Hell this even transferred into my adult life when I was kicked out of a house for being depressed.

However, the moment I come out as being trans, and feminine at that, people now actually seem to care about my issues.

Then there's the dating world, where men are infinitely more disadvantaged than women in modern society as women dictate how everything goes, Even if you are a confident alpha man you are still at the mercy of attractive women, as they have the privilege of being judgemental without any level of criticism being directed towards them. A man cannot make fun of ANY women or he is an incel misogynistic bigot virgin.

Men are just expected by a vast majority of society to bottle up their feelings. I'm apparently the only person in a lot of my male friends' lives that seems to give a shit as apparently no one else INCLUDING THEIR GIRLFRIENDS actually listens to them and feels for them, In fact, their girlfriends go so far as to either abuse them or just focus purely on their own mental health.

Oh. and who can forget the absolute joke that is sexual assault in males. NO one took me seriously, they just assumed I was either lying or being childish about the experience.

I've lived through men's suffrages as well as living through women's suffrages. and all I can say is that it just feels easier being female in western society, as people actually care about me and socially I can be taken seriously and not be labeled something derogatory.

Women definitely have their own issues that need to be addressed, but holy shit do men's issues get brushed under the rug.

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[From "From Degeneracy To Decadence"]

I ended my life of degeneracy when I turned to Lord Jesus Christ[…]I’ve made great strides away from a wretched existence, and am less degenerate than before, but I still find it hard to step away from degeneracy’s little brother—decadence
I define degeneracy as major sins that are a sign of a life lived far away from God[…]decadence is composed of smaller sins or worldly attachments that may be done by a struggling Christian. Here is a list of behaviors I’d define as degenerate:
Homosexuality — Sodomy is the champion of degeneracy
Masturbation — God did not design you to fellate yourself to Jewish-produced pornography
While my past sins were innumerable and multifarious, on this list I most committed fornication, masturbation, intoxication (mostly to enable fornication), and fame-seeking. When I wasn’t treating women as false gods to achieve sexual pleasure from their bodies, I treated myself as a god among men simply because I was so accomplished at worshipping promiscuous women
Some decadent behaviors I’ve identified in the wild:
Exquisite eating — I receive pleasure from the foods I make
Hot water — How can I not conclude that every time I turn on the hot water in the shower I am but a mere scrap of a man compared to my male ancestors
Optionality — To the decadent person, it’s important to have options, backup plans, and exit plans
Professional health care for pets — You want your pug to live forever and unto the ages of ages
On the list of decadency, I eat exquisitely, use climate control, shower in steaming hot water for prolonged periods, and pursue optionality. Do these habits completely block my salvation? I hope not

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Differences of living as a woman vs man (in my experience)

So I’m a transgender man and there are a few things different about how I was treated when I identified as a woman compared to now as a man:

-when I’m expected to just deal with things. When I was a woman and needed help, people would offer it to me before I even got the chance to ask. Now I’m supposed to just be fine and deal with all my problems

-I get a lot less sympathy now

-I don’t get much attention. I thought I wouldn’t mind this because I don’t like people noticing me but it feels lonely like this.

-I hardly get compliments anymore

-people are hesitant to believe me when I say things

-people assume I’m a bad person now when I’m actually just minding my own business

-body shamed more as a man

-i experience more harassment as a man

-I’m a shy person but when I was a woman, people thought I was cute and mysterious. Now they just think I’m a weirdo and a creep.

-I experience more sexism now

-I feel a lot of pressure to have sex/always want sex

-I have worse mental health now, mostly to do with financial pressure and pressure to date which I didn’t feel when I was a woman

And I was a feminist before I identified as transgender. I stopped when I realised they don’t see me as a real man. They hate on cis men and act supportive towards trans men which is just harmful

can you tell me about the pressure to date as a man that isn't there as a woman?

Thank you for sharing your experiences they are eye opening, I wish you nothing but the best.

There is a bit of pressure on women. But I meant like how men are supposed to make the first move and I’m not very good at that.

It feels sometimes like some men are looked down on if they’ve never had a real girlfriend, the same way virgins are looked down on.

Bet the feminists will listen to an "oppressed" trans person.

Probably, which is pretty sad

Well they’ll listen more to trans men than cis men

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[From "Prussian Policies Towards Women"]

Prussia shall make no policy, law or procedure which views or treats “Women” in any way as a disadvantaged sex
Policies geared towards Women must ensure that Women receive balanced treatment in terms of how they are relegated to their duties and responsibilities as a Woman, in Service to her Father, Husband and the Vaterland
Women under the Reich are raised and educated in everyday life to appreciate, love, cherish and respect Men, and they come to learn that her own internal happiness comes from her eagerness to Please and Satisfy the Needs and Desires of the Man whom she will one day devote her life to
The German Race[…]is a higher race, intellectually and spiritually, where one can enjoy relations with the opposite sex on a greater realm than only primal or materialistic values
Women[…]are forbidden to heed the advice from her friends as “superior” to any advice or trust/faith she puts in her significance other or Husband
Women cannot use their bodies, beauty or charm and manipulations to get their way through life[…]Such Women who attempt such behavior will be sought out for punishment
Activities like “flirting just because one can” or “flirting to test the market” or “flirting just for fun” needs to be behavior (from both genders) that is considered intolerable and shameful
The State does not take a personal interest in the treatment or discipline a Man may use towards his spouse
Rhesus Negative blood type is automatic grounds for Abortion[…](even if it against the will of the Mother or Father)[…]If someone has Rh- Blood, this means that they are Jewish
Distinct Labor Positions for Women will be made available
It has been scientifically proven that once a Woman has given herself unto a Man, she will never be able to properly pair-bond with a New Man

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[Discussion] "Foid worship" avatars should either be allowed or entirely banned.

I've never understood why avatars of scantily glad anime foids aren't considered "foid worship" when avatars of actual foids are.

One might argue that by adopting a foid's image as a profile picture, I would be pedestalizing that particular foid. However, it is my understanding that the "foid worship" rule also applies to a photorealistic or digitally manipulated image. In essence, I would violate forum rules by adopting an avatar of a foid that doesn't necessarily exist, if it is indistinguishable from an actual foid.

This leads me to surmise that the original intent of the "foid worship" rule is not to deter the worship of any one particular foid, but to deter the worship of the visual aspects of femininity in general.

In that case, I see no reason to allow avatars of so-called "2D foids", which depict and in some cases exaggerate the physical traits of conventionally attractive femoids.

I just find the rule rather inconsistent.

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RE: It's official: Not enough sex can kill you. HAVING too little sex increases the risk of a heart attack scientist say.

IT will play mental gymnastics and say that although they’re virgins, they’re still alive because their personalities are better.

healthcare is a human right

distribute the government mandated gfs

It probably stacks historically with their good experiences we will never have. So not only do they feel good for being validated in the moment, they also have so many good memories of themselves being validated for existing. I wonder how that really feels like.. must be nice.

I fucking despise this shitball. It feels like hell is burning at all times around me. This conclusion is not far from the truth.

This perfectly describes our plight. That we get excluded from this because of the way we were born. Of course we have every right to hate the unjust system. But there are some people on this very forum who would rather blame our genetics (something we had literally no say in) instead of the system which fucked us over

Then they have murdered as many men, than all men that have died in wars

Legalize, subsidize and encourage prostitution (without condom required) or make women sex-slaves is the solution.

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Then, beginning in the 1960s, women in increasing numbers decided they wanted the life of a man. This was feminism, an absurd notion that men and women were interchangeable. From being helpmeets, women became men’s competitors. Men found themselves working for women, taking orders from women (in the military!), and being accused by any woman they displeased of “sexual harassment”. Worse, as women attempted to become men, women’s duties went undone. Children were raised (badly) in daycare instead of in a home, meals went uncooked, houses unkept, clothes unwashed. No-fault divorce turned marriage from a mutual benefit to a scheme for stripping a man of half his assets. In movies and on television, petite, lovely women were regularly beating up big men.
It was all flight from reality, and, for women, a journey to extinction. As sex selection became the norm, people, including many women, selected more and more males. […]
The feminists howled, of course, but they could not stop a train they had set in motion. Bots replaced them not just for sex but for all the work women would no longer do. Once again, men came home to clean houses, great meals, ironed shirts, and well-mannered sons. What men had traditionally regarded as “girls’ stuff” was now “bots’ stuff”, at a lower price and with no headaches.
And so, like the Cheshire Cat, women slowly disappeared, leaving only the grin on the face of a bot. The last woman’s passing was certain to come (her name seems to have been Mabel, but everyone called her ByEve). It’s a man’s world now, where the fountains run with beer, endless free pizza is a birthright, and you can pee anywhere. Do we miss them? Nah.

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Photographs of more than 80 Muslim women put up for sale on an app are triggering outrage and calls for action.

The creators of the platform offered visitors a chance to claim a “Sulli” – a derogatory term used by right-wing Hindu trolls for Muslim women – calling them “deals of the day”.

The incident came on a day a Hindu far-right man called for the abduction of Muslim women at a gathering in Pataudi.

GitHub, which hosted the app, took it down after public outrage and complaints.

A week after the app was discovered, no arrest has been made.

Prominent journalist and activist Rana Ayyub, who has been at the receiving end of vicious sexualised trolling for her outspoken views, said that this was and is done “systemically” to target vocal Muslim women.

“The way they [Hindu far-right groups] sexualise you is the only way they believe they can shame and silence Muslim women online. We are supposed to be ‘oppressed’ in their books – so they think, ‘How dare we speak out for ourselves?’” Ayyub, who is a columnist for the Washington Post, told Al Jazeera.

Media professional Sania Ahmad, whose profile also appeared on the Sulli Deals app, says this sort of violence online is hardly surprising.

“It’s a very sad thing, but I’ve gotten used to this. Last year, there was a poll running where a Hindutva account asked ‘Which of the Sanias should I choose for my harem?’ The results were eventually published and the comments below called for even more violence. There were comments like – ‘why should we add them to the harem, just f*** them and dump them’. Another one said, ‘I want to chop off their heads and use them to decorate my wall.’”

Ahmad’s images were morphed on pornographic visuals after she spoke out against a similar instance of virtual auctioning of Muslim women on the night before Eid this year. A YouTube channel run by “Liberal Doge Live”, reportedly a man by the name of Ritesh Jha, ran an “Eid Special” – a “live auction” of Muslim women from India and Pakistan.

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The Texas Senate on Friday passed legislation that would end requirements that public schools include writings on women’s suffrage and the civil rights movement in social studies classes.

Among the figures whose works would be dropped: Susan B. Anthony, Cesar Chavez, and Martin Luther King Jr.

It would remove more than two dozen teaching requirements from a new law that bars the teaching of critical race theory, an academic framework exploring racism’s shaping of the country.

The bill would remove most mentions of people of color and women from those requirements, along with a requirement that students be taught about the history of white supremacy and “the ways in which it is morally wrong.”

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R), who presides over the Senate, said in a statement after the vote that “Senate Bill 3 will make certain that critical race philosophies including the debunked 1619 founding myth, are removed from our school curriculums statewide. Parents want their students to learn how to think critically, not be indoctrinated by the ridiculous leftist narrative that America and our Constitution are rooted in racism.”

“What we’re doing with this bill, we’re saying that specific reading list doesn’t belong in statute,” said the bill’s author, state Sen. Bryan Hughes (R).

The bill would prohibit teachers from being compelled to talk about current events or controversial issues, instructing those choosing to engage with students to discuss without “giving deference to any one perspective.”

Speaking on the chamber floor, state Sen. Judith Zaffirini (D) said the legislation amounts to “tying the hands of our teachers.”

“How could a teacher possibly discuss slavery, the Holocaust, or the mass shootings at the Walmart in El Paso or at the Sutherland Springs church in my district without giving deference to any one perspective?,” she said.

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RE: Indian Muslim Women Offered for Sale in ‘Auction’

Diversity doesn't work in India, either.

(Fed Up)
I can't stop laughing. This article is totally hilarious.

I wouldn't give a counterfeit penny for any Indian female, whether Muslim or not. I swear they were bred for ugliness.

(Francis Galton)
Among world religions, Islam is in a category of its own with regard to intolerance, hate, and violence directed towards non-Muslims. Therefore, I have a very hard time working up any sympathy for Muslims who find themselves targets of harassment or persecution. A person's religion is not even an immutable characteristic like race. If these people don't like being persecuted for their ignoble ideology, disavow it, or move to a Muslim majority country.

A map showing levels of racism around the globe had western nations scoring the lowest (no surprise there). The Middle East, Far East - even Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa - had higher rates. But the nation with the highest percentage of citizens who expressed racist views was India. Given that India has been a multi-ethnic society since forever, it doesn't bode well for our own multicult future.

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Well, it all began a while ago, when I saw a poll for the "Sexist of the year" on one Russian feminist site, and it featured one of my favourite scientists. I started looking into that issue, found out the quote they used to accuse him of sexism was taken out of context and misinterpreted, and made a post about it on Facebook. It attracted my feminist friends there, and they started telling me he ought to watch what he says, he ought to be more professional, and so on. Somehow I ended up arguing with one of them about whether human evolution still continues (actually, it does). This was the first part.

The second part occurred a few weeks later, when I made a joke about SJWs and another my friend suddenly started protecting them. This time it developed with much more drama, even his mom appeared there to tell me off and advise me to educate myself in gender studies. People from the previous conflict also joined. In the end I took down all my posts related to both issues and stopped replying to them.

I used to have a better opinion on Russian feminists. I saw them reposting rape statistics, advocating for gender equality in Muslim regions of Russia, spreading awareness about family abuse, and I thought they are better than 3rd wave ones. But it turned out I just hadn't seen the other side of them. They are just the same.

Thanks I am sorry your friends turned out to be such scumbags. I am not sure if I said this to you but I said Russian feminists are going to end up bloke ours sooner or later. I sound like an alarmist but it's true. Frankly is a get back in the kitchen joke a crime? I am stunned to hear a persons mom got involved. As for our evolution well I am in favor of eugenics just to help ease medical needs. I honestly left feminist friends and that behind when I started to be called out for the the dumbest things ever. I have one feminist friend I like

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One could also argue that there has always been and may always be a patriarchy, but it exists for the benefit of women.

Bull. It was a made up term straight out of the second wave when the marxists subverted our universities and started twisting things to their agenda: Destroy the American Family unit and its values, thus weaken it. Sadly they've succeeded.

True enough

(and why would you look at who’s a member in this QAnon and incel infested little rat’s nest of a DA Group? COLONEL-KNIGHT-RIDER! Fancy coincidence, isn’t it?)

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I fucking hate these laws! These laws are an excuse for creepy fucking old men to basically legally have sex with children! I fucking hate them! It should simply be illegal to have sex with children. Period. No argument. I don’t give a shit what anyone try’s to argue. 18-21 should still be considered children for the sake of protecting them from those creepy fuckers that are 30+ from trying to get in their pants because they can’t get women their age! That should be illegal! Hands down. There are so many stories I hear where the husband is almost a decade older than the wife and they met while she was young. That’s seriously fucked up. It should be illegal. I don’t care that they’re adults! A 20 year old has no fucking clue what they’re doing in life. Now ok, maybe we can argue the 20s a little bit but I’m never, EVER going to back down from an 18 year old, or in some states, FOURTEEN YEAR OLDS being allow to LEGALLY HAVE SEX WITH SOME CREEPY OLDER PERSON! To me, when I hear a 30 year old is with a 21 year old, that tells me they want to basically rape children but don’t want to risk it. Age of consent should be banned period. The law should be you can’t have sex with anyone under the age of 22 if you are not in that age range. My god, it makes me so fucking sick to think that some countries and states are ok with grown ass old gross fat balding Cheeto dust breathing “men” be allowed to legally have sex with a 14 year old if he’s somehow able to convince her to consent.

I understand where you’re coming from but it’s ludicrous to try and control who a 21 year old has sex with.

There are ways. But I don’t think many would like them

How would you go about it?

Legal action I guess. Or tyrannical threats. I don’t know maybe I’ll become president of the United States and try to make it a nation wide law. Else I’ll start a private force to enforce it

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Blackpill Oedipus gets arrested and everyone insults his appearance, reinforcing the blackpill

‘Incel’ allegedly plotted mass slaughter of sorority girls, feds say


Brutal racepill, it's his gook eyes that make him ugly.

And his asymmetrical face, asymmetrical tall nose, small face combined with big head, and lack of a jaw

He didnt do anything, there is no concrete proof he actually come up with a place and date for attack. How quick are peoples to convict someone and celebrate the male rape.

How much more proof do incels need until they realize that every other man (yes, that includes men that are the same PSL as you) wants them dead just as much as foids do?

Every man thinks this too. There are low IQ autists here who believe men are on our side and would support our cause, that literally couldn't be further from the truth. Men want you to rot away and die alone just like foids do

They've just removed their social filter because it is now deemed socially acceptable to say what they think about his looks. We would be laughed about our looks all the same.


by the way you know he did get banned from .is for helping femoids infiltrate incel discords, right?

A guy talking about cat balls I knew he was a LARP can’t trust him I avoided him in 2019

A chad kills a woman and an infant and women want to suck his dick and free him. An ugly incel does literally nothing and women want him to rot for his entire life in prison.

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[ On the question of “why feminists support abortion but not prostitution” ]

most feminists I know..myself included...would fully support safe sex workers where women are earning their own income, paying taxes, etc. Frankly legalizing this would be great for the economy.

[ On a man cheating on his asexual wife with a sex worker ]

The only thing more pathetic and gross than a dude who cheats on his wife because he's too much of a pussy to divorce her...is a dude who cheats on his wife with a filthy used-up hooker and is stupid enough to pay for it. At least stay away from your wife so she doesn't catch your disgusting STD. Stay classy.

How is his wife who doesn't have sex with him going to catch his disgusting STDs?

Good point...his wife already figured out how gross he is and won't touch him. That's why he has to pay someone to lower themselves to have sex with him. Hopefully, she divorces him and takes whatever she can.

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[From "Total Collapse of Feminist Hoax Machine as Bill Cosby Freed!"]

Victimized Negro Gentleman Bill Cosby has been freed after having been falsely imprisoned in a feminist hoax

The entire feminist agenda is now at risk, as everyone is realizing that if you go to a big black buck’s house and take his pills, you’re not a “victim” – you’re a filthy whore

Furthermore, there isn’t even any evidence – all of the sudden, 30 women just came out of the woodwork? Is that believable? Why?
Cosby was targeted because he was the single useful black man – look at this BuzzFeed article whining about how he told the blacks to stop acting like a bunch of niggers

Cosby’s entire legacy was about telling American blacks to stop whining and blaming white people
What they did to Cosby was disgusting. They destroyed his entire legacy when he was 80 years old, because sluts were on a rampage just trying to destroy anyone. Every other black that was accused got off, but they nailed Cosby to the wall, specifically because he is one of the single living American blacks who stood up against the Jewish agenda to tell blacks to blame whites for all their problems

This is Bill Cosby talking to the Jew-controlled mulatto Don Lemon in 2013, just a few years before they decided to hit him with the rape hoax. He slammed dirty black sluts who won’t raise their own kids or stay married. He again told blacks to stop whining and blaming whites

I half expected them to do a rape hoax against Thomas Sowell next!

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(Doom Pill Pagliacci)

If 1 TW in the UK being murdered means they are at "disproportionate risk"... what's 10 TW in the UK being convicted of sexual offenses against children mean?

(Irish The Frenchie)
Does that include the ones the judges “felt bad for” and let off with a slap on the wrist?

(Jame Dudey Dench: 1st Wave Feminist)

Oooh I'd love for the TRAs to explain this

The BBC had a stab at it in 2018... The main crux of their argument seems to be that we only know about the trans prisoners on longer sentences as the shorter sentence ones tend to slip through the net. Not massively reassuring!

Well wouldn't there be a proportion of females inmates on shorter sentences too for that matter? The patriarchy fights very hard to defend them male pedophiles

The point they're making is that males and females on shorter sentences were included in the stats, but trans people on shorter sentences were potentially not. However since we know nothing about these mystery schrodinger's trans people it's a shaky excuse to say the least.


Just so you know, I have nicked that. It’s even worse than the 2017-18 figures I have been using.

(Inari E)
Wrongly convincted - as the Wispa debacle taught us, the child was the pervert

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Mailvox: does he know any women?

I'm beginning to think that Cedarford has never actually spoken to a real live woman:

And my point is that it is good if they do, because middle America, particularly women, are profoundly disturbed by the police state and restrictions on rights they promise....

This, right here, is evidence that otherwise intelligent people can say incredibly stupid things in defense of their most-cherished positions. It may be one of the silliest things I've ever seen anyone write here.

There is no evidence whatsoever that women are profoundly disturbed by a police state, to the contrary, they demand it on a regular basis! Women are delighted when smoking is banned, they weep tears of joy when repressive gun control is enacted and they are happy to be strip-searched at the airport and halted at mandatory late-night traffic stops. The reason is that most women are afraid of liberty and prefer Recht und Ordnung in the name of security; the popularity of the Nazis with women, the suffragettes' embrace of Fascism and the fact that there are no Founding Mothers are not random accidents of history.

The only reason the right-to-life movement hasn't managed to win over women the way MADD and DARE have is because many women are more afraid of having a baby than of the physical repercussions of having an abortion. They couldn't be less concerned about Cedarford's "anti-abortion police state", and if one were to make women as fearful of abortion as they are of crime, drunk drivers, drugs and terrorism, they'd embrace that police state with open arms.

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you literally described Albanians...not Slavs

Bosniak, serbs killed and raped you in mass and most slav mongrels here dont consider you part of their group.

Why are you buthurt for?

He stated facts and you lied like a pig to defend a bunch of degenerates.

Unironically you have the highest rate of sex tourists,second to romania

Lol servian gypsy.

Albania is literally the most difficult place in Europe to get laid.

This is verified.

The biggest PUA website, Roosh Forum had 2 threads about Serbia and the Serbian slu*s those guys banged.

There was just a small thread about Albania and 0 success and Albanian has like 4 times more tourists than Serbia.

Typical serbian rat.

Not just white guys, but also blacks have their harems in Serbia.

I’ve never heard of Albanians targeting Bosniaks at all, so I don’t know where this suffering comes from? Many Albanians have actually been assimilated into Bosniaks in Šandzak.

Well some Bosniaks might have been attacked in Kosovo By Albanians probably because Albanians wanted to revenge so much against servs, that they targeted all slavs.

But it was not political like the mass killings and rape Servs did to bosniaks.

I have never heard of a targeted mass killing of Bosniaks by Albanians ever in history, while there’s been plenty by Serbs.

Robert Brockway #pratt #sexist avoiceformen.com

Robert Heinlein wrote about the crazy years. This period covered the late 20th century and early 21st century. A growing number of people are regarding this as prescient.

No means no is the past. The future is yes means yes or as it is now often called affirmative consent.

In an affirmative consent jurisdiction, a woman engaging in sex with a man need not notify the man when she withdraws consent.

Consider now that consent can be withdrawn at any time.

Even a short delay can result in jail. Kevin Ibbs became known as the 30 second rapist and was imprisoned for 4 years. Maouloud Baby continued for only 5-10 seconds and was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment with all but 5 suspended. Both of these cases occurred without the additional risk of affirmative consent.

Any man that has sex with a woman in such an affirmative consent jurisdiction is allowing her to point a gun at his head – permanently.

As if all this wasn’t bad enough, there is a variant of affirmative consent called enthusiastic consent. So far no jurisdiction has gone this far but feminists continue to push for it.

Note that the entire discussion to this point revolves around women’s consent. While these laws are written in a gender-neutral manner they are always applied in an entirely gendered manner. And the gender that gets to go to jail is the male gender.

Affirmative consent laws have the potential to cause irreparable damage to our society. I believe these laws will be revoked or more likely pared away in the future. By then it may be too late. The damage will have been done. Damage to human relationships and thus ultimately damage to the family structure. A society that harms the family structure will ultimately fall to one that does not.

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[Debate topic: “Are women the property of their husbands?”]

Wives are property. After marriage , a wife should enter her husband's house wearing her wedding gown and carrying nothing else. Then ... she will spend the rest of her life there. Once in her husband should strip her and throw the gown away. From then on she will spend the rest of her life nude in her husband's house serving him. She will clean , cook , do the laundry and chores. She should also be kept pregnant as much as possible.

Yes women are the property of their husbands: Marriage is not some weird equal partnership. Men and women are not the same. For ages people accepted that children were the property of their fathers and then after marriage, women were the property of their husbands. This universal truth can be found in most religions ... Feminism came in and screwed people's minds, corrupting wonderful real marriage into a disgusting perverted equal partnership. ...

The woman was made for the man and not vice versa. The man is under obligation to protect and provide for his wife, not vice versa. The woman is his help-meet and under his loving authority. She excels at being a wonderful wife and mother and raising up the next generation wisely. Also, both of them must mutually satisfy their sexual needs. This is true patriarchy, the bedrock of civilisation. It's a pity that the modern world has moved so far from truth and sense.

Being property doesn't mean being a slave. ...
Men cannot abuse their wives or "do as they please(in a negative sense)". They have duties and responsibilities ...

Real Fathers and real husbands have been shot down by the deception called "gender equality" and in their place buffoons, nincompoops, white knights, manginas and emasculated men have arisen. Also, women have transformed themselves into something that didn't exist before.

Unnamed participants #crackpot #sexist #fundie #wingnut debate.org

[Debate topic: “Are women the property of their husbands?”]

Pleased to Obey Him My first obligation is to serve and worship the Lord God; my second obligation is to love and serve my husband. ... And I only look toward him, Public and private. My body belongs to him and he may do as he likes with it (hopefully with respect and love, But it's his right if he doesn't feel respect for me at the time; I must have failed in some area). ... It is my pleasure to serve him. In return, He protects me and he is kind to me ...

Yes, Men, Ladies like me do exist. We aren't extinct. ...

I am certain I will take some heated replies from other ladies ... But ... Who is happy in their marriage and has kept that marriage intact? - I have. :)

OF course women are property, If not they're whores Women need to be the property of men or they will become whores feel guilty and say men raped them. The whole metoo movement is a bunch of shameful guilt riddled whores that know they are the property of their fathers but gave themselves away and now need an excuse as to why they're useless whores. Case in point a good women that stays home listens to her father or husband is much happier women and 100% of good women have never been raped. Or ... Claim someone raped them on their whore escapades. Look, Women don't have the mental capacity to orient themselves to the world, That's why they are liberals, Because they are stupid. ... Once realizing they are whores and disgusted with themselves always find a simp to live with and marry. Knowing they have spent all their value on many many men they find the most beta male to scream at for the rest of his life, Usually cheating on him a number of times. That it is best to not be whores and continue to be good daughters to their father and reserve them selves for the day the father gives them away to the man of HIS choice. Obviously, The father being a man will better select the male, Than her simple feeble mind can.

TheOffice_Account & Im_The_Daiquiri_Man #dunning-kruger #sexist reddit.com

RE: New Data from the Telegraph indicate that levels of sexlessness among young men are still steadily increasing, just 34% of male University students report being sexually active while studying at University and 43% report never having had sex.


11% of respondents claim to be celibate by choice, assuming that 11% of men are celibate by choice, that means that a staggering 55% of male university students in the UK admit to being involuntarily celibate.

1.36 million females to 1.02 million males. That's an excess of 340,000 females. And yet sexlessness among males is this high? That's insane.

I wrote this elsewhere but it bears repeating: You're thinking that this above is a contradiction, but instead, it happens all the time:

where women > men, hookup culture prevails.

where men > women, traditional dating is the norm.

Sure, there will be anecdotes and exceptions, but in general, when there fewer women, they prefer to be wined and dined and dated. But when there are fewer men, insta-sex becomes the norm. And when you're having insta-sex, 80-20 becomes the norm.

Hmm, let's see how this data correlates with male suicides in the same age demographic?

Oh right... somehow not surprised:


Note not only the actual numbers, but how sharp the trend is. Anybody honestly see that reversing with how men's issues are treated today?

In before the usual suspects talk about how it's "their fault for being loser LVM..."

I swear, PPD proves TRP the more the hamsters spin.

I hope these broken women don't have brothers, or sons that they are peddling their gaslighting nonsense to.

Wiki4Men #conspiracy #sexist wiki4men.com

Wiki4Men provides a repository for information, studies, and research on men and boys and the issues affecting them, without feminist or misandric bias. Wiki4Men also discusses issues of interest to MRAs and documents the evolution of the men's rights movement itself for posterity.

These days you don't need to look far to see negativity focused at men. Casual misandry permeates western civilisation where many men and women commonly make negative statements about men without regarding this as a problem or being challenged by anyone present. This problem has steadily deteriorated and we have now reached the point that books with titles such as Are Men Necessary? and The End of Men can be published without significant objection from the wider community.

Negative and inaccurate portrayals of men and boys have permeated mainstream media and online knowledge repositories such as Wikipedia, where the bias is particularly evident. Wikipedia editors routinely write negative commentaries about men and Wikipedia admins protect those commentaries while censoring counter-narratives that might show less biased, more accurate information. This practice is reinforced by feminist editing gangs who congregate in regular 'edit-a-thons' with the sole purpose of increasing feminist ideology within Wikipedia articles, and to censor male-positive discourse and research on men. In a nutshell those in control of Wikipedia have succeeded in deplatforming much reliable information about men and boys.

This site encourages publication of factual information about men and women and the cultural contexts in which they meet. It aims to be the keeper of rational and evidence-based conclusions, while rejecting popular forms of gender bigotry.

Chad McIroncock et al. #crackpot #sexist urbandictionary.com

[Definitions for ‘male feminist’]


Most often, the males who vociferously support feminism fall under the beta positive or beta negative category within the male social hierarchy. They usually patronize the feminist ideology simply to elevate their status in women's eyes, even though stridently feminist men are almost always found explicitly on the internet (similar to the "white knight"). Regardless of the numerous hypocrisies and double-standards endorsed by most sources of feminism, the male feminist will leap to his armchair, a dedicated keyboard warrior, to defend women against the horrible "profanations" and "vulgarities" people make towards the delicate and faint-hearted damsel in distress.

by Chad McIroncock

A person who usually sexually inadequate that invades gender equality politics in order to (attempt poorly) get laid. These people kiss the feet of feminists every day with very little reward reciprocated; in fact they are still seen as privileged assholes by feminists.

Dave is a male feminist, he licked my cum out of his gf's pussy in the name of equality.

by nigarkiller123 

A person who can be often noticed to be upholding topics of severe importance, mostly related to women on the internet, for the very purpose of getting some pussy (sometimes a random hole is sufficient). They can be spotted using the word 'friendzoned' very casually when asked about a girl they were rumored to be crushing on. They are also seen to be contradicting their own words because of extreme abuse of opinions gathered through interaction with people who suffer from stage sixty nine cancer, which in turn affect their ideologies.

by I'm an adult virgin

(n.) a simp.

In Eugene's final attempt to get spare coochie, he has declared himself a male feminist.

by Not Your Neighbour

A man so desperate so to touch the female genitalia that he shows hate towards himself and his own gender.


by SebCrosswel

BlkPillPres #crackpot #sexist incels.is

Response To: "You're Not Entitled To Sex"

In these modern times the social contract is no longer functioning, expecting men not to regress and go back to the days of rape and violence when the contract is no longer being enforced and/or adhered to, is what is truly outrageous, and not the acts themselves. Men aren't entitled to sex?, true I agree, but women aren't entitled to safety either, they never were entitled to it and they never will be, it was a "provision" offered by men to women for co-operating with men to facilitate the social contract. The safety resided within the rule set of the social contract, which is no longer at play here, so a significant and increasing number of males are seeing no reason to function as "civil" men, there's no logical reason too, why be civil when you essentially are not even part of civilization, civility its no longer to our benefit. Women's actions have thrown the entire system out of order, and the violent responses of men today are retaliatory. Society is basically trying to make average/below average males into somewhat of a "slave class" that offers their labor and utility, contributes to society, all while being barred from enjoying a basic pleasure that all the female citizens get to enjoy despite contributing less and having to risk their lives less.

Ask yourself who are really the crazy ones, the men who go out committing acts of violence or "opt out" of society, or the society that expected these men not to do this, despite significantly ruining the quality of life for the collective male populace, and having the gall to ask them to keep up their end of the social contract and be "good little boys and contribute to society as upstanding citizens" :feelskek:. Are you fucking serious, no wonder men are opting out of society, no wonder men are going out on murder rampages.

Shakiaseabrook22 #sexist #kinkshaming #fundie #mammon instagram.com

God set boundaries for sex.

Yet the flesh continues to push them.

God created boundaries for sex for our protection, which we may never full understand because of our limited capacity to understand.

But with our flesh wanting instant gratification we can push those boundaries, do away with those boundaries or pervert those boundaries.

While living an sexual abstinence lifestyle begin to see those boundaries as a blessing not a burden


Abstinence_inspires_millions #sexist #fundie #kinkshaming instagram.com

While in waiting, remember God is molding you & forming you into who He wants you to be before receiving your spouse. It’s easy to blame God for what you don’t have, or if you think God forgot about you, & thinking the grass is greener on the other side of waiting. However, God is with you & wants you to trust Him and His plan for your life. Believe it or not, waiting is a tremendous sacrifice in this life of Sin. Many don’t choose to wait because they say it’s too hard, but god gives us the ability and strength to do all things! Continue to wait, knowing you’re not alone in your waiting & that you’re doing what God wants. You’re one step closer to God’s best spouse for your life!

Wait because God says to & He will fulfill your desires.

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SuicideFuel You think Incest is rare? (and the real Giga Chads)

Lets do the Math.

If you look for the of percentage of woman who did had incest with there Brothers you find numbers from 2 to 17% a Computer-Assisted Self Interview found 4,2% of the Woman (all Students or Academics) had sex with there Brother.

Now we have 75% of woman (and men) who have a Brother/Sister, now we have something like
"5,6% of woman with a sibling had incest with there Brothers"

Dont forget, not Brother/Sister but Sibling. So we could easy say 1 of 10 Woman (who has a Brother) had incest with there Brother.

Yeah dont sound as something rare to me.
And dont forget Academics have less Children and there Children are Academics them self later in life so its probably even higher.

(i even did a screenshot)
SBI - the group of Men who did Brother sister Incest
CSA-AF - Men who had befor the turned 18 sex with a adult woman
Controls -Controlgroup

Yeah the SBI scores better in the Median then the Control group.

But look at the GIGA CHAD CSA-AF group, they had in the median 4 times as many partners then the fucking controll group.


Saint Chincel & various contributors #crackpot #sexist incels.net

do women have hobbies

[Saint Chincel]
And no shopping isn't a hobby so what do they actually do

… I grew up with 8 women … non of them had any hobbies or things they really liked except shopping , drinking wine and shouting no man in the mix except me … just me with a bunch narcissistic psychopaths

no they dont have hobbies, their only hobbies include. sex, dating, and thats all.

why do you think the vast majority of men have more copes.

[Saint Chincel]
Oh an killing there kids cant forget that they love that shit
Don't even go to prison some of them

[Saint Chincel]
Destroying reputation with lies all of them do that

the only hobbies i see them do is painting or drawing or whatever. not even interesting pieces …

Their hobbies consist of getting banged by chad, partying and pushing ugly guys to suіcіde for fun.

They love shopping for batteries, for their vibrators.

Female hobbies include
1)chatting shit
2)sucking Chad's dick
3)seeking validation
4)manipulation/mind games
5)tormenting incels

Knitting maybe?

[Fiesta Payasos]
Banging chad, go shopping, take slutty selfies, receive attention by orbiters, watch reality shows about chad and Stacy, watch yt videos about make up and whore techniques. …

No. There was this time sitting next to this foid in my maths class … I shit you not all her and her friends did was watch movies and eat. … The smartest girl in the class … watched Kim Kardashian. Had no hobbies either. Even if they are not stupid they will do absolutely nothing with it.

… sucking money out of men's wallets.

They masturbate in front of a camera …

They are drones …
What they do on their pass time, is basically do what others are doing.
Lame ass creatures.

There's a few women with talents like art, but … there's a solid reason STEM and important roles in business are ran by men.

an0ncel #psycho #sexist incels.is

[WARNING] The time when I almost incestmaxxed.

This is probably weird af to everyone but i'm proud of it.

I tried incestmaxxing with my MOM.

I don't have a sister and I'm much more closer to my mom then to anyone else. I'm not attracted to my mom as like relationship wise, gf wise. That would be weird af. I'm only attracted to her sexually.

Her boyfriend's son is a complete douchebag. We go to summer vacation each year, but this fucking trash ass kid wanted to come with us. My mom and her boyfriend didn't declined it. My summer vacation got ruined, and I told my mom so many times that I'm not going.

I told her that I'll go if I get to try out sex with her. She was really shocked at first, but i explained why I asked her, what benefits we get from it etc. She calmed down, and said she'll think about it. Next day she said: "Ok, we can do it at night."

I was gassed af, so happy, incestmaxxing worked right?

NOPE I just got baited. Night came, nothing happened. Next day. Nothing. Again, night came, nothing. Next day i asked her wtf. She said that "actually we can't do it because there is chances for infections." I was like bruh, it's not going to happen. Anyway in hope that if I go to the vacation with that dumbass kid, she gonna let me do it there. Boy was I wrong. Basically I went there for no fucking reason.

And this was the story where I almost ascended, but got mogged off instead.

Btw I'm still proud of it, because it takes so much bravery to try incestmaxxing with obviously getting consent first. This was the most maddest thing I have done in my life, but I felt this way for years, and that I finally opened up felt great.

People here with sisters tho, try incestmaxxing

squidchronicle #moonbat #racist #sexist twitter.com

(NOTE: This is a transcript of a video.)

You look at the progressive left. You know, what's, what Asian American voices are out there. You, you have some Asian American females probably, probably honestly sucking on a white dick, let's be fucking real. You know what I mean? Are they really stand for AsianAm or are they just a face of it, but they don't really stand for our interests? What are they really doing fighting for us? Are they really doing that? Yeah, they not man. I was saying look, you know the, the state of Asian Americans in this progressive movement is fucked up. And it's like yo we got some, uh, there's a Asian American female here and there and there and I'm like, yo, do you ever see a person fighting for Asian American interests? Do you ever see saying anything? You gotta face that looks like it's there, like a participating. Meanwhile, she's sucking on a white dick, you know what I mean, or Black dick. Honestly, Asian American men are, are completely fucking last and not disregarded. She's not saying anything controversial at all. She's just a... face, right, a fucking stock photo, that you could use to say "look, we're diverse". Shut the fuck up man. But you have, that bitch has zero interest in promoting our causes and zero interest in equality or justice for our people.

Various Commenters #crackpot #sexist #wingnut reveddit.com

It's a myth that men were ever in charge in traditional relationships. Even back into like the 1800s and 1700s where we have contemporary writings contradicting this.

Earnest Belfort Bax wrote in the 1800s that women were basically in charge in domestic spheres.

He even talked about a media bias in the newspapers against men in family matters.

Another publication in the 1800s talked about how women were violent with their husbands, and how men couldn't do anything about it because there weren't any laws protecting husbands from domestic violence.

And then we get to today where women control 80% of marriages, and most decisions about where the couple lives, who they hang out with, what cars they drive, what food that eat, and even what clothes they wear.

Has it ever been a thing? It feels like it only happens in women's mock-medieval fantasy novels. Their porn literature. The fantasy of the guy in charge like 50 shades of Grey, is a fantasy precisely because it doesn't happen in reality.

How can the man be? Through the power of the very unfair courts, every wife is effectively holding a gun to the head of every husband. The laws build in an extreme power imbalance into every marriage. This is why no man should ever get married. It's a slavery contract. She can do anything she wants without consequence. The man suffered all the consequences.

Dude men in the US are trained puppies. I see it everywhere and in my family as well. And what choice is there? Society has completely gone berserk on man shaming.

I'd like you to tell me about any marriage (traditional or otherwise) where the man is 'in charge'...

I'll wait. 😉

Feminism: Equality, when convenient.

#Hashtag #Abuse #Award

Abstinence_inspires_millions #fundie #kinkshaming #sexist instagram.com

[Image Macro says “Just because they say they’re a Man or Woman of God, doesn’t mean they are”; make sure you court the one who lines up to God’s word. If they’re not right with God, they’re not right for you!]

Anyone can tell you anything, but actions speak louder than words! #courtinggodsway #doitgodsway #waitongodsbest #waitongod #virgins #virginsquad #virginityrocks #virginityiscool #virginlife #virginlivesmatter #celibate #celibacylife #celibacy #abstinencetillmarriage #abstinence #manofgod #womanofgod #nosex #nosexlife #abstainfromsex #alignyourselfwithgod #righteousliving #abstinenceinspiresmillions #godwordistruth #jesuslovesyou #honorgodwithyourbody

Prussian Society of America #sexist #psycho prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Civil Wars Between Men and Women are soon to Commence. Women WILL NOT be protected"]

I have a series of articles I am working on, including our Prussian Policies and Standpoints towards Women

Unlike the Christians, who would do nothing but Shame Men into an even further degree of Slavery to Women, we recognize that there are problems beyond repair, especially in so far as they concern the White Europeans, and that there has been large spillover of those issues into the Non-European World
Woe to such Men who fear handling women in harsh ways!

Women are the ones who initially declared this war against Men
Men -who protect unjust Women (which are the majority), have committed High Treason – at the behest of endangering other Men – are not Real Men
The only language you should deal with when it comes to Women is the Language of Force and the Methods of Cruelty. This will absolutely be the way forward[…]and if you disagree, conditions will manifest which will force you to take no other route

Women will not be protected, and I do not advise any Man to protect Women in these times, except if it is someone you are with or family members who rightfully deserve it. Make your decisions in this regard, wisely

For the Protection of Men and also youth, many Women will need to face impoverishment and also be purged if not banished from society everywhere. Many of them will commit suicide

There will be very very few Women who will be treated with (or whom deserve) protection
It’s mostly over for the majority of European Nations, and especially more so for America & all Anglo-Saxon Nations, along with Western Europe

Lost_Bug6069 #psycho #racist #sexist reddit.com

(NOTE: Those are various posts in numerous subreddits)

Oh please no honory status for Paks. Those nasty flirty Turk wannabe are so stinky in my hood Baku 🤮🤮 they are just as annoying as Indians in Midwest USA

I'd rather be flirted 100 times by a Turk or 20 times by a Kartvilian or 10 times by an American or 5 times by a Russian than once by a Pak



Yo that yalquzaq guy is EVERYWHERE

He's a national treasure, only behind TB2 drone and Iron Dome😉😉

Even TB2 can't repeatedly attack so many rounds at an erm*ni target all at once.


(Khankendi is the capital of Nagorno-Karabakh)

Seriously when we settle the border and liberate Khankendi, I'm more than willing to meet you very nice folks in Aragrats.

Azeris can teach you very civilised people in Aragrats how to properly herd cows and make yoghurt that doesn't taste like pee


The balkans also have a higher concentration of a certain minority.

Wtf are you gypsies doing here? Go back to Punjabi and breed with your Soniye please 🙏


Can a non-slavic Caucasian (Azeri + Avar) shitpost here?

But why?

Slavic boys are satirically attractive😉😉As long as they don't fall into gopniks, they are very datable.

Ok now get lost

But cuckold slovks has no chance of winning my Göktürk Azeri heart. They're Untermenschen good at nothing but sucking German cock and even taking pride in that. Tiso sucked German cock 80 yrs ago and Dzurinda again in 2004 🤑🤑🤑🤮🤮

Even Serbs are more honourable than slovaks. At least they suck chigga cocks with moderation🤣🤣

balkanised #conspiracy #psycho #racist #sexist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Court Documents Detail Alleged Abuse at Home Where Child Was Found in Freezer

Gruesome story of a black father, white mother.

I have a doubt.

I do not believe a word a white woman says anymore.

They are manipulative, exploitive, abusive, and psychotic.

She, like the majority of white women was happy to lay with the beasts.
So I see her, and the rest as the beasts they are.

Sorry, not sorry.
I have seen them working against white men for 40 years!
Never once relenting in their evil.
Or even accepting they do as such as a group, like they do.

The white men who have not been replaced by them yet, have been battered beyond recognition by a program of aggressive psychological warfare.

And yet you expect us to have sympathy for them?
Never again, shall my hand be forced.
Or my judgement clouded.

She is as guilty as sin.
Like the rest of them.

White women will never have to face the consequences of their actions against their own fathers and sons. Or even face collective responsibility in any form.

They have destroyed the West and every nation that empowered them from within.

Because of White Women's inability to foresee the second and third order consequences of their actions, they have painted themselves into a corner.

For instance, Women believe women should be allowed to serve in combat, but should not have to compete against biological men in sporting events?

I cannot take white women seriously.
And regret ever having done so in the past.

Bring back hanging, and let them swing...

Socrates #crackpot #racist #sexist #wingnut vanguardnewsnetwork.com

A philosophical question to ponder, which I’d like to answer as well: would today’s White, self-hating leftism exist if the Jews had not pioneered communism and socialism circa 1840? In other words, would liberal “Enlightenment values” (circa 1715-onward) alone have made White, self-hating liberalism “a thing” today? Without the influence of communism and socialism? I say no. Enlightenment values alone weren’t nearly radical enough to create modern, White, self-hating liberalism. Even the Old Left (circa 1930) didn’t have the self-hate that modern White leftism has — one reason being that today’s Left is heavily female-dominated, e.g., by college students, teachers, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi. Also, the New Left was birthed by Herbert Marcuse, who was a Marxist. So, no, Enlightenment values by themselves could not have made today’s vicious, self-hating White liberalism. It required some extra “Jewish poison” to bring it to full bloom, e.g., the Frankfurt School. Today’s Left is ultimately a Jewish construct).

Socrates #crackpot #elitist #racist #wingnut #sexist vanguardnewsnetwork.com

Defining the White Leftist Mindset in One Paragraph

Defining the White, leftist mindset, as it relates to White culture, in one paragraph:

White leftism is ultimately a jealous and angry attack on White males because they invented the world, and indeed that was their cardinal sin: White males invented the world! How dare they! Leftism says: “How dare the White males hog all of the glory! How dare they stand head and shoulders above everybody else! The White males must be punished for their success, for their centuries-long hegemony! How dare the White males give the world to mankind and leave everyone else to play second and third fiddle! We’ll cut those White males down to size!” You always hate and envy people who are better than you. Also, leftists are unhappy people who hate themselves, mostly for having been born White. They are also more emotional and therefore quick to complain.


[Footnote] you might say, “you forgot to mention White colonialism.” No. White colonialism benefited Brown and Black people, as Black writer Walter Williams admitted in his January 2002 article “South Africa After Apartheid” [Here. The money quote: “The tragic fact of business is that ordinary Africans were better off under colonialism.”]. Any leftist beef against White colonialism is related to the leftist beef against White male success in general.

No_Appeal4497 #conspiracy #psycho #sexist reddit.com

(NOTE: The OP posted a video filmed by someone in an area filled with armed Sinaloa Cartel members surrounding a plane.)

Apart from the killing and drugs, hanging out with your buddy’s with guns and money with no one who can touch you seems pretty fun...

Im not gonna lie, it is pretty fun

Nothin but vibes lol

Apart from the violence, this is lowkey a vibe

It is honestly, its even better when they throw parties or you go to an antro with them, and nothing but beautiful ass girls and shit too and they even tell you like here hold my other gold gun so you can look like you’re part of us 🤣

Im speaking for myself, i like guns i like off roading and i like beer and dancing with women, im young and this is fun to me, i get you on that though, and most of these guys are just doing their job, this is how they look at it, they have family and kids they go home to their kids and play with them but at the end of the day this is the “job” they chose

To each their own, I honestly grew up around all this shit so its normal to me atleast

Im not the one in the cartel nor killing nor selling drugs, you calling me an asshole for hanging out with them? Lol but yet you happy as fuck the cia supposedly killed the leader of haiti, what fuckin dumb hypocrite 🤣 the US invades foreign countries and kills and bombs innocent people yet you root for them

Its the united states fault for the way mexico is right now if they didnt consume drugs none of it would be happening and also in the 80s cartels ran smooth till the dea got involved

It's got a little symbol. The DEA and CIA are very creative.

When they get an airplane seized like 80% of the time they get it back

Women_Hate_Short_Men #dunning-kruger #sexist reddit.com

RE: Commenters are posting blatant sexist stereotypes and generalizing all men without even trying to answer the question. It's so disheartening to see sexism against men receive so much support. Am I the only one seeing this??

Why do you think there are so few female serial killers?

because women aren’t good enough to get away with it more than once!

acting like them aside,

women are embraced by every aspect of society and accepted no matter what

men are shamed and treated as disposable by every aspect of society, and told to man up no matter what

with the way men are treated is it really a shock some lose total connection with reality and have no empathy or emotion left?

these traits don’t lead to becoming a serial killer, but all serial killers have them for a reason. it leads to a passion for revenge against others, or a passion for feeling in power for once when they have been denied it all their lives but told by every aspect of society they should have it.

of course those threads just bottle it down to “men think they are more important than others”, does everyone not think this of themselves? and “testosterone”, which doesn’t cause violence but allows men to pursue goals far more than women and if a mans goal has been shaped by the world around him to get revenge or to feel accepted by force, you now have a serial killer.

of course there is outliers such as psychopaths and sociopaths but i wouldn’t base everything around an outlier group.

Lv99_BixNood & fast_curry #racist #sexist incels.is

Chinkcels get brutally cucked in new Huawei ad

Chinkcels on zhihu are not happy about this, many blackpilled comments: https://www.zhihu.com/question/462814527

Part of the malice is to encourage East Asian yellow women to abandon their own race of men

Anyone who says I'm overreacting and says Chinese men are too sensitive is a pull-off, an accomplice to the cultural genocide of Asian-Yellow men by Germanic whites

Enjoy - refers to the yellow man working while the white man enjoys the gentle yellow skin wife (cover face)


All forms of racemixing are bad but racemixing is worse in Europe than in China. France has 5 million Africans or 7.5% of the total population. China would need 105 million Africans to have the same %.

The eurocucks brought it upon themselves by colonizing shithole countries in Africa.

That law has nothing to do with colonial past and can be changed tomorrow if the Jews that rule over France decide to do it.

Yeah but it won't. Americans could also go back to enslaving niggers but you know as well as I that'll never happen.

Zhihu is a site I never manage to understand. On one hand, if you search for the term "incel", you'll see foids and soys sitting at the moral high ground, defending whores and making fun of lonely men. Then the men get worked up when they are slapped on the face by videos like this, completely oblivious of how their own actions of white-worshiping will eventually lead to their own doom. Too bad CCP is no longer as based as it used to be; whoever's involved would have been labeled as the enemy of people, publicly shamed for degeneracy then sentenced to death.

DavidByron2 #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #sexist reddit.com

Feminism is fundamentally about men, not women.

Feminism is a hate movement. Some people (OK- feminists) pretend it's about equality, but it turns out that hate movements and equality movements are not hard to tell apart, seeing as they are complete opposites.

Again and again when an equality movement would zig, feminists reliably zag. And then feminists come along to do damage control by telling everyone that "all movements" have "extremists" who do the exact opposite of their goals. Like the famous cannibal vegan extremists, or the extremist BLM advocates who want to bring back black slavery. All well known groups just like the "extremist" feminists who hate men. Remember that "extremist" means "people who do the exact opposite of what the movement stands for and yet are not criticized for doing so by the rest".

Following the MeToo campaign, a number of women behind the various allegations of were convicted of libel. The newly-started fund aims to pay their damages, regardless of whether their stories of abuse are true.


These women are all liars, as determined in a court of law. This money could have gone to the female victims of sex abuse but instead it's going to known liars who are making it more difficult for the victims to be taken seriously. Women are seen as worthy of a financial reward by feminists, if they lie about men and try to wreck the lives of innocent men, EVEN if the result is to make things worse for other women. So on this basis I would say for many feminists, feminism is not about women, it's about men. It's about hurting and destroying men.

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The major theological difference between Therâvada Buddhism and Mahâyâna Buddhism, and its implications for antinatalist praxis.

In the more conservative tradition, the emphasis is on personal enlightenment. It is rather individualistic in that the texts and traditions are oriented towards liberating oneself from the cycle of dukkha. But if one were to attain enlightenment, would it not be more helpful to spread it?

Mahâyâna Buddhism elaborates on this by focusing on universal compassion. Though I am extremely conservative when it comes to Hindu theology, I cannot dispute the pragmatic superiority of Mahâyâna over Theravâda Buddhism.

And I cannot help but draw parallels between this theological distinction and the distinction between antinatalism and efilism. (Though efilism is more elegant because it is contained in the rationale for antinatalism.) Antinatalism will not only fail because it is less philosophically rigid than efilism and devoid of practicality, but because its adherents are individualistic. They only care about their personal choice to not reproduce and approach the problem from an anthropocentric perspective. Frankly, being a pregnant woman pales in comparison to being a pregnant kiwi bird.

Now I think that Mahâyâna Buddhism doesn't go far enough. Why not cease the suffering of all living beings, sentient or not? That is the crux of efilism. We better spread those xenoestrogens (via oral/dermal/inhalation means) and contrive other ways of inducing involuntary infertility. If DDT can show up in Antarctic wildlife despite being banned in the USA for decades, it wouldn't take much additional effort to chemically spay rural populations as well as urban ones.

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You are male-identified, have autism or some shit. Your posts are weird and no one wants to talk with you also no one cares about difference between Therâvada Buddhism and Mahâyâna Buddhism.

she/he is troll this person loves islam and shoots animals like wtf

How do you think your food gets produced? Urban Western scum do not comprehend how anything works, they only sit at end of the production line and consume without appreciation. I guarantee that everyone who criticizes me for hunting is not vegan.

These people complain about being oppressed only because it's happening to them. I can tell that many people here do not respect how much labor, physical and intellectual, goes into sustaining their pampered lifestyle. Just like the rest of liberal feminists who want us to become web developers instead of going into the trades, or at least picking a more intellectually stimulating field like electrical engineering. It's incredibly high-paid too, but they will not even consider the idea until someone else tells them it is possible.

Nor do they comprehend anything about geopolitics, economics, or history. Why is Hitler regarded as the archetype of evil in the West, when so many evil people have existed since? WWII was probably the last time these people came close to true societal hardship.

In my homeland, it was only two decades ago there was a civil war followed by insurgency and violence. We responded to this naturally, but people think we are psychopaths. When the real psychopaths are the USians who were sniffing for oil around the Caspian Sea in the 1990s and decided to import Islamic terrorism into the area, in order to destabilize the region and build their own pipeline.

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RE: Black athlete who trashed America trashed whites, Mexicans. and Asians

(End the fed)

She says “Mexicans just don’t care about ppl,” she wrote in a Tweet in November 2012.

In another Tweet from 2011, she wrote: “This lil white boy being bad as hell!! I would smack his ass then stomp him!! Smh #whitepplKids hella disrespectful.”

“Just saw this gurl wearing heels with white socks!! What the Hell..#chineseppl always try to start new trends..smh..ggguuurrrllll,” she also wrote in 2011.

She joked about rape too

Most dark ghetto black women hate lighter races because their men prefer lighter races so these dark ones cant keep a man around.

(Double I)

The truth is they are all saying stuff like this about us and other non-blacks ALL the time, it is part of every day interaction with black people, pure Racism non-stop. She just wrote it down, so she got caught! In fact, in all the years I have known black people I have never heard a black person say a good thing about White people EVER!

Me neither. They are incapable showing appreciation or acknowledge our many virtues and accomplishments. Whites that think, because they know a decent black or read Thomas Sowell, that they are good people with a few bad apples are delusional. It's merely a smokescreen for their hatred and jealousy for a better race. They all hate us, and want what we have. Hate them more.

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RE: Misrepresenting men's worries about not being able to defend themselve against an abusive women into : men just want to hit women

I remember when, during a particularly drawn-out fit of violence on her part, I threatened to call the police on my then-girlfriend if she hit me again (she was using a saucepan - didn’t hurt much unless she hit a joint). She said ‘Go ahead. We both know which one of us is going to be arrested.’

My blood went absolutely cold. It was right then that I realized that there is no backup for men in our world, no safety net of any kind except for the ones we make for ourselves. No-one cares whether we hurt or bleed, only whether we work or die.

Feminism : violence is horrible and should be condemned.

Also Feminists : it's sexist to think that women shouldn't be violent, men can and should deal with it. Women have the right to hit men, rape men and steal from men.

Also Feminists : I don't understand why MRA's criticize feminism so much.

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