The woman-haters, man-haters, and non-binary-haters

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Hitler and Putin are only historically similar in their demands: reunite lands populated by their ethnic kinsmen, who due to unfair historical circumstances brokered by enemy powers, are stranded inside nations that actively persecute and despise them.

Unbelievably, Putin made the same mistake as Hitler, which was not to invade the Soviet Union but rather to underestimate the will of the decadent liberal powers to refuse to give even an inch.

The fork in the road that departs from comparisons with known history is the advent of nuclear weapons.

This is scary stuff, but certainly — and perhaps we are underestimating them again! -makes irrational and inflexible Jewish globalists more likely to accept that other nations have sovereign interests too.

Is NATO willing to risk a nuclear exchange just to keep the Russians of Donbass and Crimea under Zelensky’s rule against their will?

The British, with USA material backing, were willing to escalate to a full blown World War just to prevent the unification of German populated lands with Germany.

I think it is unwise for Putin to be talking about nuclear weapons.

If he thinks he can spook the nihilistic, suicidal, homicidal sodomites and psychotic Jews who govern the West, he is probably mistaken.

The Kremlin is making a huge error to assume that just because all of the NATO nation diplomats they meet are female, nerdy Jews or gay that they will back off after hearing a few barks.
The crazed neoliberal elite and their Jewish handlers who run the West do not fear the possibility of nuclear exchange. They view the war in Ukraine as an existential fight for the existence of the neoliberal world order.

A fight they are as of now decidedly losing, particularly in the areas of global influence and adherence to neoliberal dogma outside the West.

The losing side in a war always acts the least rationally.

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RE: what counts as "ascension"?

Banging a cute, virgin, aryan jb who is between 15-19 years old, with a looks-rating of at least 8 PSL.

And you fuck her raw with no condom, and creampie her, and she has to be lustfully in love with you, so much that she would rope if you ever broke up with her.

THAT is ascension. Everything else is cope and cucked.


That's exactly right. Over 80% of males are incels because of not being able to get virgin, aryan jb's. It's brutal out there, Sub8 is law.

Wtf??? How am I "diminishing and trivializing" the suffering of incels if the vast majority of men are incels?

Are you implying that if most men suffer inceldom it's not a big deal?

It is a big deal. And I fucking hate cucks who try to make inceldom a smaller issue than what it really is.

Imagine living your whole life completely alone without a cute, jb, aryan gf sucking you off every morning.


And the fact that this is the case for most males just makes it even more suifuel.

And the fact that men have to cope by settling down with non-virgin, non-aryan non-jb foids because of this is simply TERAMEGAGIGASUIFUEL.

It's rather rope than settle with a non-virgin, non-jb, non-aryan foid.


No, the coper here is you thinking that foids who are non-virgin, non-jb and non-aryan count as ascension.

If you wanna cope and "ascend" with subhuman foids that are not virgin, aryan jb's then do it, but you know deep down that it's cope and that nothing compares to being loved by a pure, aryan jb.

I'm the biggest incel ever, don't come here and tell me I'm some fakecel when I have suffered way more from inceldom than you ever will.

I used to fuck escorts and I even had a fwb relationship with a Dutch milf, but I was still incel.

Why? Because I was coping with subhuman foids, none of the them were ascension, not even the milf. She was a used up subhuman foid not being worthy of having as a gf or wifing up, so that's why I only had her as a fwb.

A fakecel like you would never understand my pain.


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RE: Feminist academic paper: "Society would be better off as a whole if more women were willing to engage in justified violence against men"


How did this even got published?

You know full well why. Feminists co troll every aspect of society, and their entire movement - despite what their claims are - is a genocidal anti male movement

The stuff feminist literature says about men is effectively what German universities were publishing about the Jews

I don't know what I find more surprising about the article. That feminists are starting to open up directly about being pro violence against men (generally it's encouraged as a by-product and not directly) or the absurd statement that comes afterwards:

To that end, women’s justified violence against men should be encouraged, protected, and publicized. This will require a reversal of the current trend in legal and social practices

Let's entertain the author's idea then, and reverse the current legal and social practices concerning male and female violence. This is what would happen:

- Female victims of domestic violence would be more likely to be arrested than their aggressors.

- Women would serve 63% longer sentences than men for the same crimes.

- Killing men would result in longer sentences than killing women.

- Female sex offenders would be punished much more harshly than their male counterparts, even when children are the victims.

- Police would be much more violent against women (an even bigger gap than the race gap).

- There would be a sentencing bias against women that would be 6 times higher than the racial bias.

- Justice taskforces would be defending that men shouldn't be jailed for their crimes at all.

- A man raping a woman wouldn't be considered rape by law.

Hmm strange, reversing legal and social tendencies towards gendered violence does the exact opposite of what the author claims it does. Strange thing, if we reverse legal and social tendencies towards gendered violence what we end up is surprisingly similar to the world radical feminists believe they live in. Wonder what does that say about how society and law treat men.

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RE: Sexual harassment includes sitting in rooms with more male officers than women, says police chief


"This is not about me, but I think sexual harassment is about sitting in rooms where you have more male officers than women. Where you're in a male-dominated environment for any woman - that's always challenging."

This is so dumb I can't even think of anything to say about it that doesn't also sound incredibly dumb.


Yes, "we" are all about going back to segregation again! /s

Segregation, except where mutually agreed, based on sex is the only way to reduce male-female tensions, because sex is so much a part of our lives due to our very biology.

Individual multi-use bathrooms segregate people and reduce any possible gender friction and I think this principle needs to be more widespread.

Greater living from home also automatically means physical segregation and I think single men and women having their own apartments and only moving in together when they decide to marry or form a committed relationship has merit in avoiding the consequences of cohabitation, recognition of relationship and resulting potential for resources to be garnished on separation.

Can we already? A world where I'm not forced to be near women and only do so of my own volition would be great

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Do women view black skin on men the same way we view black skin on women?


When i see the black skin on a black womans body, it just repulses me, i get feeling of dirtiness, disgustingness, cringe, genetic vermin, stay away from me

is that how women feel when viewing black skin on men?

i know black skin is masculine thats why its repulsive on her. but its also the fact it literally is repulsive , disgusting to look at

so is that how women feel when viewing black skin on men?

I actually like seeing black women with big butts in porn. I could link you guys if I'm allowed to give you an idea. Black women aren't that bad tbh, it's just that if you are a black woman AND flat for example then you're basically worthless -- same with white women for the most part, but with black women it becomes a lot worse. I also notice black women are more likely to be uglier.

Pure blacks are disgusting with or without ass

They need a bit of white in them to make light skin

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[From "Total Aryan (Princess) Victory: Meloni Wins"]

As the reader is aware, Anglin hates women even more than he hates the Jews

I would have preferred Matteo Salvini, but he’s had a lot of problems in the last few years

However, Salvini supports Meloni. She has him and other men behind her. And according to what she’s said[…]going to govern Italy like Victor Orban[…]
She’s pissing off women and Jews the world over[…]
Most of Meloni’s views are not very good, but she’s out there saying we have to ban fags and abortion and send the blacks home

All vaginas aside, this is a huge win

The right-wing bloc led by Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy (FI) party is heading for victory in the snap parliamentary election, which took place on Sunday

Single women is all the left has left in a country that doesn’t have foreigners with the right to vote

In America, they have the foreigners, but they’re starting to lose the Mexicans. The core power base of the left is always white women[…]

The rise of right-wingers in Italy is apparently causing concern in Brussels, with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen delivering a veiled threat to them ahead of the vote

Yeah, that threat was crazy as hell

Total hole-on-hole violence

That threat will go down in the history books as a turning point when the EU became openly authoritarian[…]
The fact that Italians voted for the right-wing extremist even under threats of economic destruction[…]proves that Italians are fed up with gay stuff, baby killing, black people, and all of the other bullshit the Jewish left is pushing on every white country[…]
Meloni is not even “far-right” – she gets called that because she supports Mussolini and wants to exit the EU[…]
Countries are going to have to start moving toward Russia and China

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[Title: "New B.C. party pushing school board candidates with anti-vax and conspiratorial views". Mentioned names in the movement: Mark Vella, Teresa Docksteader, Carmen Halpenny, Fritz Radandt, Daniel and Terah Albertson.]

A new political organization with roots in conservative Christianity is endorsing a number of school board candidates across B.C. who have anti-vaccine, anti-government and conspiratorial views.

ParentsVoice B.C. is registered with Elections B.C. as an elector organization, or civic political party, and is backing 29 school board candidates in eight school districts.
Running under the slogan "Take Back Our Schools," the party says it's aiming to reverse what it sees as the politicization of classrooms.

Many candidates running under the party's banner support political positions inflamed by the pandemic, with rhetoric similar to right-wing groups in the United States — including criticism of public heath policies and school programs about racism, gender and sexuality.

But an in-depth review by CBC of candidates' online material found that instead of promoting their political beliefs, many candidates have tried to obscure them — in some cases by deleting old social media posts.

[Rest of article follows, subtitles: "Pandemic conspiracy theories", "School systems are dictating to parents", "Online profiles scrubbed", "A lot of parents live in kind of a bubble".]

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RE: Just a reminder that Reddit is totally fine with harassment, bullying and threats of violence as long as they are directed towards white men.



Reddit is an international app. On a global scale, Men are not the majority in every part of the world, and globally, white people are also a "minority".

They know, they literally changed their rules to avoid this. It used something to the tune of "minority", it was pointed out to them that whites are a vast minority in the larger world, the rule was then changed.

Can't be sexist against men and you can't be racist towards white people. 😵

It's been said before, but maybe the reason so many people are backsliding, is because they feel attacked from every venue.

Sure, "touch grass" isn't actually a bad idea. Get off the internet, go camping, grow some food. Anything.

But increasingly our society is online.

So much life is being hijacked by online, and then it's no wonder a group of people who not only are told we are evil, but when we ask for help, instead of a helping hand, get told it's our punishment, lash out. I don't consider myself any kind of alt anything. But boy do I not blame some of the crazier folks.

This is exactly the Drew Afualo / Andrew Tate situation. Andrew Tate and Drew Afualo pretty much say the same thing about the opposite sex, but Andrew Tate is "dangerous" and radicalizing young men,while Drew is "powerful" and "standing up for women"

It comes across as jealousy at this point. I really do think other races of men have a jealousy issue when it comes to white men. I’m half black/half Latino and I’ve been in groups, where black men will treat their black and white biracial sons so poorly, by body shaming him and putting him down because of his features. I’ve also been mocked by fully black men, for being biracial. Some will put me down because of my height, facial features, etc.

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Women are having sex with shapeshifters/demons/aliens during the night

I asked average women how many men they fucked in their lives: the average is 50. I asked men: the average is 5 women. But for every sex between man and woman, you need one of each, which means the average should be the same for both sexes.

The only explanation I have for this phenomena is that women are having sex with creatures that LOOK like men, but aren't. Creatures that appear at the night, fuck women and they never hear about them again. There are a lot of creatures like that in mythology and folklore: shapeshifters, doppelgangers, reptilians, incubus, etc. They are probably fucking women and inserting their DNA in them through microchimerism/telegony or even impregnating them. They are slowly changing human DNA through sex with women. They probably control the government and media as well and that's why there's so much push for promiscuity.

99% of women will lie about this if you ask them but secretly all women are fucking strange interdimensional creatures every single night.

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We should start raping chads' and normies girlfriends to cuck them
Or normies who think they're better than us because they have a gf. That way, every time they are with their beloved girlfriend, they'd know she was used by us, the men who they despise and see as inferior, and there's nothing they can do about it :rich:

I'd rather kill than rape

Wanting to compete with savages for some monkey pussy is a waste of time. They should be DEALT WITH and society should fall back into the hands of strong willed men. Not effeminate fuckboys and their whores.

Normies, Chads, Tyrones deserve death.

Normies for the most part are beta buxxes.
But a Chad who has had 20+ foids in his bed is a fucking hoarder. I would break his legs, then throw a brick to his face. Make sure that he can live the rest of his life IN PAIN, suffERing like I've suffered my entire existence.


I'd rather kill than rape


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Privilege at birth displeases wannabe types, and the subject came up rather a lot last week, especially in the Land of the Depraved, where the Bagel Times regards monarchy as antidemocratic and the cause of most human ills, including the common cold, cancer, pimples, varicose veins, and even athlete’s foot. At my own alma mater, the University of Virginia, founded by the greatest of all Americans, Thomas Jefferson, some physically repellent creeps have demanded his name be taken off the beautiful neoclassical buildings he designed. The trouble is that Tom, as we called him in my college fraternity, was a bit antimonarchical himself, having sided with and advised certain colonists, starting with one named George Washington. No, the ugly ones have it in for old Tom because he was sleeping with Sally the slave and even had a couple of kids with her.

Shock, horror! Back in 1789 gents were not supposed to do that with slaves, but my excuse is that she was rather cute. What I’d like to know is what about the poor women who are, or eventually will have to endure, sleeping with those creeps who are anti-Tom, a much worse fate than Sally’s? Woke freaks are known to suffer from halitosis, tiny penises, and absolutely no regard for what women want. My suggestion is that American ladies all become lesbians and get it over with. But let’s get back to privilege, especially the white kind.
Unburdening the sins of their privilege in public, as some rich halfwit females are doing in the States in order to gain brownie points, is the latest outrage of the #MeToo era. They do it at length and in public and in breathless detail, but the skin-crawling and ridiculous apologies make unapologetic f— you types like myself look like superior human beings. Privilege is good and healthy, and has given the world most of the things we take for granted. So let’s all emulate our late Queen, who—unlike a couple of her descendants—never apologized for anything in her life.

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[From "Russia: Women and Faggots Arrested at Anti-Mobilization Protest"]

The sluts and faggots who are protesting should immediately be transferred from jail to the front lines in Kharkov. That is just obvious

If people don’t want to fight, then they don’t deserve the protections a state offers. The conflict in the Ukraine is not an elective military campaign like the US missions in Iraq and Afghanistan – this is an existential fight for Russia, and people who aren’t willing to stand with the troops are an existential threat to the country


Hundreds of people have taken to the streets of Moscow and several other Russian cities on Wednesday to protest a partial mobilization[…]

This is what Russia has wrought by allowing the American media to infiltrate their country

The Ukraine has spend the time since 2014 being totally saturated in American propaganda – and Russia has allowed the same to happen in their country, really for no reason

Russia now has an obvious fifth column in the form of these women and various homosexuals. If they would have stopped Twitter and Facebook in 2014, when the Ukraine shut off all Russian influence, they would be in a much better position, and these freak people would basically not exist in Russia at all

That said, it does appear that the revolters are a very small fraction of the population. Activating the reserves for active duty and deployment to a war zone is a very major act by Russia, and if the opposition can only rally a few hundred people in response, they are a flaccid and inept body

On the whole, the Russian people are 100% behind Putin and his defensive actions against Western belligerence[…]
I was just joking above, but people are reporting that the protesters are being handed summons to report to a military enlistment office while in jail

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I'm always amazed of the lefts capacity for justifying their evil using straw man arguments and blaming everyone else for the atrocities they are committing.
-The way they are (medicinally) castrating children to change their gender identity/puberty. Future society will look back at this like we do lobotomy now.
-murder unborn children (Nazis would be proud of this, specially for non-aryan races)
-rioting in the streets in the name of "peaceful blm protests" with pre-delivered piles of bricks to boot!
-attempting and succeeding in propaganda and indoctrination in our school system (another thing nazis are very proud of, socialists as well)
-the various institutions of "reverse-racism" against white people and others such as affirmative action, progressivism, reparations for history no one had part in, wokeism, etc.
-control of the mainstream media and social media with aggressive silencing of any opposing opinions. Nazi germany all the way up to modern communist states love this.
-using government police (FBI) and IRS to harass political opponents and anyone else who supports them.
-politicizing and in some cases allowing to happen, mass shootings in the sole goal of disarming the people so they can more easily exact total control.
-calling your political opposition "deplorable" similar to how the Nazis called other races "Untermenschen" to ease the acceptance of mass genocide of said peoples.
-and most grave in my view, is frauding the presidential election to instill their own dictator over the United States in opposition to the people's vote, justifying it because "the current president is a nazi and he must be removed at any cost".

Those are all I can think of off the top of my head and I am sure there are more. But that should be enough to scare anyone who believes in the US constitution and values of a free society.

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Family Shocked After 14-Year-Old Whore Daughter Dies with Negroid Sex Pal
I was just thinking of the threat that 14-year-old sluts represent to our society, and today I was given a great gift reading that this one is finally dead.
If your stupid whore daughter is out at 3 AM cavorting with the negroes, then you’re really lucky if she turns up dead.

We do not need more stupid bimbos having sex with negroes, and if your daughter is one such bimbo, people are going to throw a party when she dies.

Well, your first mistake was naming the slut “Lyric.”

What the heck?
Yes, she was out at 3 AM roving for black cock.

Here’s the buck who got killed with her:
Ain’t that a beauty.

They’re not naming the suspect yet, but it is certainly another black she was also having sex with.

This is what happens when you let a teenage girl roam loose – they find all the black cock they can locate and gobble it up like fiends. Then, inevitably, she gets her wish and the bucks start locking horns with each other to lay claim on the pussy.

Look at her step-dad with his faggot hipster flat-hat and try-hard queer tattoos:
“My wife’s daughter is dead!” he hollered.

Many such cases.

People defend teen sluts and say they don’t know what they’re doing. Let me tell you something: they know exactly what they’re doing, and we can only hope they get what they deserve, which is a brutal death in a hail of bullets.

If I was President of America, I would give the shooter the medal of freedom award for putting this trollop where she belongs: in the grave.

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Honestly asian/slavic men deserve to cuck western men

Like they are more superior, more smart, have stronger cultures, yet for some reason THEY are the ones constantly cucked... meanwhile guys from the global south (like Middle East or Africa) cuck everybody else even though they're dirt poor and uncivilized.

In a just, equal world, Asiatic and Slavic men would cuck Western men by fucking every Western woman to solve their inceldom since they have a worse gender imbalance than us. Then hopefully that would mean the Anglo American Jew hegemony would be gradually destroyed and replaced with a stronger, more trustworthy system...

Don't wanna hear about "muh biology", in the past it was the superior high IQ races who cucked the inferior low IQ races, NOW ITS THE FUCKING OPPOSITE! SO BEFORE YOU COME IN MY THREAD WITH THAT FUCKING COPE THINK!!!!


(Transcended Trucel)
Slavs lack cultural influence if you compare to asia or korea.


sad truth. Only slav media I can think of is the witcher. And maybe vlad/dracula story if that counts. Slavs need some more major franchises also globally famous musicians

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It's Sweet To Be a NEET (It's Swell Bein' an Incel) - Original Song

There’s a new meme in town,
no, it won’t let you down.
We know society has sure gone to shit,
with a tip of my hat, I lift up my glass, and drink to the end of it.

From college I bailed, my relationships failed,
I’m jobless but feel oddly complete,
for I'm Not in Education, Employment, or Training,
I’m acronymically NEET.

When I was in school I was nobody's fool,
saw my teachers were aiming, for obedience training,
so I hit the road, lost my mind, kept my soul,
there was finally time to lift my feet and unwind.

(Refrain) While dreamin’, breathin’, keep on believin’,
eventually, we all complete the dream and reach the peak of NEET.
It’s sweet to be a NEET, it’s swell being an incel,
my delinquency’s complete, you see, all’s well that ends well.
They say the world the meek will inherit, but rest assured, the NEET will share it,
while NPCs complain and parrot, the current thing’s a pin they'll wear,
until they suffocate with flair, gee, what a relief to be a NEET. (/Refrain)

I looked for a job, didn’t like what they offered,
I heard, "Hey, wagie wagie, get back in your cagie."

I said, "Why don't you relax? You can have your licenses and tax,
don’t need much to get by to have harmonious lives."


I used to dig girls, got sick of floozies with curls,
with no phony woman distractin’,
I’m resumin’ all new euphonious craftin’.

But there’s nothing wrong with bein’ glad,
to get a wife that’s nice and trad!
'Cause humanity thrives with a family life,
that's breedin’, teachin’, to always believe,
that even we can be the light that guides us through the darkest night.

We won’t comply,
all NEETs unite,
all NEETs unite,
all NEETs unite.

So we didn't get jabbed,
the bosses said, "Too bad."
It was really that simple, my body my temple.
But that baby inside, is a life fightin’ to survive,
at conception, you’ll find a connection divine,
that’s dreamin’ breathin’ always believin’.


Gee what a relief,
oh what a relief,
it’s such a relief to be a NEET.

DarkMTS_57 #dunning-kruger #homophobia #sexist blackpill.club

Dating is exclusively made for losers, too afraid to come out of the closet and be gay.

Dating a woman is the gayest thing a man can do. Hear me out, let's apply logic for a second.
All gay guys try to be a pale copy of an annoying bitch. When you hate on gay people, you actually hate on people mimicking annoying bitches. Now, bitches get annoying real fast. Soon enough, you end up with a cliché of a gay man. Soon enough, you're just fucking a gay dude with a vagina and loose tits. And that, my friend, makes you fucking gay.
Only dating young hot chicks isn't gay, but you need to dump them before they turn into gay dudes. For "people" who say that settling with a chick and having babies with her is the non gay way, they are wrong. Not only you end up with a fag with a vage, you also end up with little fags. Nothing is gayer than child play. Your whole life turns into watching fags do faggy shit, instead of shooting shit, working on shit, building shit etc.
Prove me wrong.

Rod Fleming #sexist #transphobia pitt.substack.com

The OP dances daintily around the real issue. Certainly some adolescent MtF is the result of autogynephilia. This can set on with staggering rapidity. Where I live, there are many ado AGPs and they are not shy. In many the 'change' took less than a month and in some, less than a week. Until we find out what actually triggers autogynephilia, we cannot formulate strategies to counter it, other than one-to-one counselling. There are not enough sceptical counsellors. (I am one.)

However, the OP rightly suggests that something else is going on and there is. It appears to be a form of autoandrophobia, the fear of being a man, or the hatred of the idea of being a man. This is evident from the statements of subjects with this condition. What the OP dpes not do, spectacularly, is even ask why this autoandrophobia exists. She does not point to decades of anti-masculine propaganda pushed out by Hollywood and the MSM. She does not mention the teachers deliberately punishing boys - for being boys. She does not discuss the literally billions of anti-masculine online comments, some of which have been rehearsed here, which basically say 'woman good, man bad'. This is only a tiny selection of the vast amount of anti-masculine hate-speak we live under - and mostly, promulgated through social media, conventional media and education.

No, not all men are rapists. No, not all men start wars, though they die in them. No, not all men are violent criminals. No, not all men are abusers. In fact, nearly all men are decent, kind, courteous and protective. Yet the opposite message is hammered out, day after day. And where does it come from? It comes from feminism and the relentless anti-masculine campaign its leaders have carried on for 50 years now.

If you want to save these boys, you have to destroy feminism. Otherwise, sacrifice them on the altar of a bitter, jealous, man-hating cult and then, please, stop complaining and trying to divert the blame. That's your choice and we shall know you by the decision you take.

Zhou Chang-Xing #dunning-kruger #sexist incels.is

What the f#@k is this?!

Users flaired as "not FA" are asked not to participate until further notice - r/ForeverAloneWomen

A few months back, we started applying flairs to women who had exes, bfs, husbands, kids etc. But also to women saying they were forever alone but were escorts, strippers, sugar babies etc. Anyone with half a brain can understand that between a FA woman full of complexes and hangups who struggles to take a selfie without crying and a woman who literally get paid to strip naked or fuck, there is a huge gap. Everyone feels lonely at times but thank god not every lonely person is FA.

I don't get it, is she trying to exclude all toilets?

This sounds like it should be a sub-Reddit with 0 users.

For context I was Ecosia'ing the psychology of female social dynamics and their dominance hierarchy after I saw something interesting in Hoofddorp a week ago. Out of curiosity I clicked on some vaguely "Femcel" looking title, I got curious and saw this announcement. Like, are these toilets this delusional?!

Even the ugliest toilet in the world gets more attention and positive reinforcement in a day than St. Sergi from Spain gets in his entire life. These toilets are ridiculously delusional, or ...

These are just (obviously male) Incels Astroturfing pretending to be toilets in the hope that somewhere among the billions of toilets on the planet maybe ONE could understand our loneliness and suffering only to find that none exist and no toilet would ever have either sympathy or empathy for us.

Likewise, we are not the sub for women who want to be alone or who fuck aroud. Some threads are completely taken over by women who clearly suffer from a severe case of cognitive dissonance, who have insensitive lines of questioning, who clearly don't get it but like the dramatic sound of a madeup internet label. Reading "no one ever liked me" on FAW and "my 3 exes told me the same" elswhere on reddit is a slap in the face.

Like, seriously, isn't this like every Fem"cel" ever?!

IncelKing #ableist #dunning-kruger #sexist incels.is

RE: Autistic Chad "who can't communicate well" arrested for banging multiple teens.


A man who was already a registered sex offender is now accused of sexually assaulting two minors, and his mother says the alleged victims should have known better. 26-year-old Aleksandr Anatolyevi Rudenko was arrested back on Aug. 30 on five counts related to sex crimes. Lyubov Rudenko says that her son has autism, doesn't communicate well, and that there is no proof that he did anything wrong. The exact circumstances that led to Rudenko's current arrest were not released, but detectives say the two girls he allegedly assaulted were 13 and 17 years old.

Just be chad bro

>$135,000 bail
Holy FUCK that's a lot

Meanwhile there was a FEMALE high school teacher who kidnapped a 15 year old chad and kept him at her house as her sex slave for 3 or 4 days, and she was given $5000 bail, what a joke

Teacher arrested for 'hiding' teen boy in her home for days

The minor who had been missing since August 12 was rescued from the home of 31-year-old Florida teacher Kelly Simpson

So sick of these double standards, this society deserves everything bad that will happen to it in the future

I know it’s the government that creates and implements/enforces the law but the majority of the civilian population supports the government in their law/policy making, so they are guilty as well

He must've had a good personality and communication skills and it's totally not his chiseled jawline and blue eyes.

Here’s your “NT pill” for you
Nigga you ain’t “weird” you’re just ugly/short

NT-pillers on suicide watch

“But muhhhh autism”

If you’re good-looking you can be an autistic retard and still slay

Autism only makes or breaks average-looking men

Ugly men have no chance just based on their looks alone, so autism or not, doesn’t make a difference

Jim and Neurotoxin #sexist #dunning-kruger #wingnut #crackpot blog.reaction.la

[From "Female sexual preferences"]

Neurotoxin recently posted on the dysgenic nature of female sexual preference, and its evolutionary origins:
Female sexuality is anti-social and dysgenic. It must be restrained[…]
We begin with the truism that evolution selects for reproductive success and not any other trait. There is no restraint on evolution selecting for horribly anti-social sexual tendencies[…]
Since men are the sex that fights[…]there is more selection pressure for cooperation operating on men[…]
Women are fiercely sexually attracted to men who can dominate other men and are psychologically inclined to do so. They’re particularly drawn to men who kill and get away with it, because that is the ultimate example of power[…]
Myself on solutions to this problem:[…]
In order to successfully reproduce, State, State Church, society, kin, and family, have to impose peace, cooperate/cooperate equilibrium, between men and women[…]
Men want to bang every fertile age woman. Woman want to be banged by Mister one in thirty[…]
Almost all who are convicted of rape are innocent, because women seldom if ever bring complaints against actual rapists[…]
When childless women hit the wall, when Jeremy Meeks no longer calls, they turn crazy and evil[…]
Reproduction fails, obviously, when you get defect/defect equilibrium between women and men[…]
I find the level of enforcement that was required disturbing and distasteful, and therefore favor early betrothal, eight to ten or so, and early marriage, twelve to sixteen or so, even though successful societies have tended to have very late marriage[…]
The middle eastern tradition on this is Sharia. Its western equivalent is coverture[…]
No one cares what happens to a fallen woman. A woman’s status must depend on a man’s property right in her. Her status is that property right

Prussian Society of America #racist #sexist #conspiracy #dunning-kruger prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Caucasians are Poised to become #2 on the list of most brainwashed and subverted Race, only second to Negroes"]

Caucasians of all varieties are being poised to fall in the history books as the most easily able to be influenced and brainwashed race, second to that of the Negro

The worse position of this fate, is the fact that Caucasians have become the World Conquerors and have maintained this status of being true World Civilizers through different eras, for many thousands of years

The large majority of them demonstrate just how eager they are to give up their role[…]
Perhaps no other race but Caucasians have demonstrated the highest level of willingness to discard all Primal Instincts[…]deceiving their tribe and to show a ridiculous level of empathy for other races[…]
This trend is pretty much irreversible[…]
Even Brazilian Women and Russian Women have far surpassed value of over 90% of Western Women, and that is not only extremely dangerous[…]they will inevitably lower the standards of quality and never be able to forge First World Standards[…]
While Asians generally have the highest IQ’s in the world, they are much quicker to mentally calculate and process information compared to any race on earth except the Jews, the Asians, like the Jews have nearly no empathy whatsoever[…]
For so many decades now, and under the direction of the Vatican’s influences and standards of Marriage, the large amount of people who have been procreating come from Psychopathic, Greedy, Money-Oriented family[…]
Men were prized on their ability to grow fine hair[…]
All of this changed once phrenology became written off as “Psuedo-Science”[…]
There is almost no genuine interest for Good Eugenics in the world anymore[…]
Most Women in US, UK and Canada are either openly or discreetly lesbian or asexual[…]so they can sleep with Men on one hand to have access to his wallet

Various commenters #sexist ovarit.com

"If men without gender identities vanished from society, patriarchy would continue to be upheld by women"

( visits_radio )
"Cis" men didn't disappear from that book; they became rape-obessed monsters.

( Committing_Tervery )


rape-obsessed monsters

Meme from The Office: “They’re the same picture.”

( rowlings_army )
And they're not already?

( BlackCirce )
This is a fantasy men have had and described multiple times but it’s inconsistent with historical men’s evaluation of women. Men constantly assert that women are mentally weak, nonviolent, risk averse, not aggressive, not sexually motivated etc. Without those traits it’s difficult to see how in the absence of men, women would continue men’s organization of society dependent on those traits. Stories like YTLM and Manhunt when women suddenly become “exactly like men” in the absence of men are just cope. If most males died off, women would continue being mainly communitarian, risk averse, less aggressive etc and life would be better for everyone. Men cannot cope with the fact that their existence is why life sucks so much both for themselves and for women 💁🏾‍♀️

Also the idea that if women had power we would treat men the way they treat us acts to sanitize their brutality as self defense. “If we don’t keep them broken as slaves, they will grow strong and enslave us.”

( butchplease )
Naomi Alderman's "The Power" springs to mind.

( BlackCirce )
People act like women don’t have access to deadly weapons. We do and we do use them against men, children and other women. Just far far less than men do. Like most mammals female humans are most dangerous when our offspring are threatened. If women wanted more men dead we absolutely could accomplish that without any supernatural interventions. People need to accept that, among the many many wonderful things about women, we are also more peaceful. Its a fact 🤷🏾‍♀️

Irène Grosjean #quack #dunning-kruger #sexist #conspiracy california18.com

Doctolib announced on Monday that it had suspended access to its site for 17 naturopaths, whose “training” section included the name of Irène Grosjean. The platform thus responded to several Internet users who denounced the very controversial practices of this 92-year-old naturopath[…]
Video from 2018 and which resurfaced which motivated Doctolib’s decision: Irène Grosjean promotes sexual touching to cure fever in children

“If it’s a little girl, you have to sit the child on a bowl with ice water (…) with a washcloth, we’ll rub the lips and the clitoris a little” she explains. She also advocating the same for little boys[…]
Followed by more than 135,000 people on Facebook, Irène Grosjean is close to the ideology of Thierry Casasnovas[…]monitored since 2012 by the[…](Miviludes). Thierry Casasnovas has been targeted for several months by a judicial investigation for “illegal exercise of the profession of doctor”, “abuse of weakness” and “misleading commercial practices”[…]
In her book “Life in abundance”, she explains that HIV is a disease that it is possible to “joy-laugh” by eating “germinated seeds, fruits and raw vegetables”[…]
She believes that “if the Germans hadn’t been fed beer and cold meats as they were, they would never have been able to do what they did in World War II”[…]
Irène Grosjean[…]says she is against drugs because she “lost in (her) youth, several young and dear beings well cared for as we usually hear”. “With Hippocrates, we made a lot of hypocrites”[…]
The naturopath also made conspiratorial remarks around Covid-19, which she considers to be a “connarovirus” made to “sell vaccines”[…]
Extremely controversial remarks on domestic violence[…]Praising the merits of the “laws of attraction”, she asserts that a “beaten woman is a beatable woman”

Joy Peace Humble #sexist #fundie facebook.com

As I watched many episodes I saw some major errors in the cartoon and I was shocked, sometimes, the child Joy in the cartoon wore trousers and earrings which could teach the Children how to dress indecently, this scripture condemns it: (Exodus 33:4-6, Isaiah 3:16-21, Hosea 2:13, 1Peter 3:3-4, 1Timothy 2:9, Deuteronomy 22:5)
I was troubled and I was confused, That how can a Christian cartoon be teachings children this evil, It really shocked me to see the extent to which the devil had gone to lure some Christian most especially children with so called Christian cartoon by putting little lies and false in it to deceive many. More so, along the line, I also listen to one testimony of heaven and hell and in the hell testimony, the person made mention that she saw that many of this Cartoons are from hell, that it is a trap from Satan to lead majority which are Children to hell and many children are in hell because of this bad cartoons but here I was, confused that how can this Christian Cartoon portray such indecency and evil then the Spirit ministered to me that the cartoon is evil, that whatever that comes from God would not teach evil but even the great deceiver which is satan can mix and chip in lies such as you see Joy wearing trouser in the cartoon could make a little girl to think that it is good when God condemns it.

pokitaru #sexist blackpill.club

Women don't deserve any rights and patriarchy has never existed.
There wasn't a single historical period when women had it harder. Reproduction, security and food were always guaranteed to any female. A single woman was always much more valuable than hundreds of men, their lives were to be saved first in any situation while men were always treated as disposable cattle. Ordinary men never had any privilieges. Men would rather solve her inconvenience than help their suffering brothers. Even strong leaders were manipulated and blackmailed by their own wives.

Even muslims treat women much better than thier own brothers, it's usually the muslim boys who are being abused, molested, trafficked, enslaved, turned into suicide bombers (while women are simply forced to cover their bodies and not whore around). Even when women had no rights they had no responsibilities either. It's the men who were forced to sacrifice themselves while women didn't really care because they would be spared regardless of the outcome. Even female nazis were simply shaved and humiliated while their men were tortured and killed.

Women don't care about the politics nor religion either because they can always attach themselves to a man or the government.
They don't care about raising generations of weak men and the collapsing society because they will eventually feign submission and skinwalk as conservative maids or turn into born-again virgins. Being a female is the most foolproof thing in existence, all she has to do to spread legs which is the life's ultimate cheat code.

A 5 minute blowjob is considered to be more valuable than a month's worth of hard manual labour, dignity, values, utility, progress, innovation and thousands of sacrificed lives.

speculareffect #wingnut #sexist #homophobia #ableist speculareffect.org

Human beings are generally retarded people. I mean, what the fuck is wrong with people? What the fuck is a “queen”? Can we stop for a moment to comprehend what the entire planet is going on about? Stop and think about how we humans allowed all this bullshit to go on for so long—some very small group of people ruling over us—a large majority.

How are we this fucking retarded? I’m not even going to get into the whole aspect of her being a woman. This applies to kings, too. “It’s tradition. It had always been done.” Yes, the good old appeals to tradition. It has always been done, so that makes it right and makes it acceptable and sensible that people allow this shit.
It is the religious mind (a retard) who pays obeisance to “royalty” and some higher authority and power. You see, the superstition behind all of this is what wroughts the retarded argument Christrannies give when the non-belief in a god or gods is posited or encountered—”where do you get your morality from, then?”. In other words, without a belief in a God, one is totally immoral and has no sense of “morality”. Likewise, the same retarded argument is made when it comes to government, rulers and the state. “Without a government or being under rulership, you won’t have laws. You’ll have chaos.” The religious mind needs a higher power, hence kings, queens and principalities, who in turn take advantage of the feeble nature of human beings.

I’m glad this is cunt is dead. Good riddance. Now, we just need all the others to fucking die, too, so we could be rid of them and not have to deal with them fucking with our lives.

How the fuck did this have dominion over the planet?

Simps, manginas and faggots believed in the make-believe bullshit of authority and enforce it through the threat of violence.

There is no authority. There is only the BELIEF in authority.

The media and other morons would have us believe that a crown holds sacred powers. Somehow these people are gods, yet they die.

Give me a fucking break.

Draulix #god-complex #sexist youtube.com

Our Father, who art in SYRIA, Hamudi Ebalz be thy NAME.
Thy kingdom COME, our MOG be DONE, IRL as it is on TINDER.
Give us this day our daily BLACKPILL, and forgive us for our LOOKS, as we forgive those who SIMP.
Lead us not into MSTOW, but deliver us from ROASTIES.
For thine is the HOPE, the COPE, and the ROPE.
Forever and EVER, WAHMEN..

There is no HOPE but to COPE, til you ROPE, just don't MOPE.
Take the Blackpill. Let the BITTER TRUTH guide you to SALVATION.

Papirouge #sexist #wingnut #enbyphobia #transphobia tumblr.com

"forced birth" is an oxymoron
You can't "force" something that is going to happen anyway. When getting pregnant, that baby is fated to be birthed at one point

It's like saying "forced puberty" or "forced aging".

If anything, abortion is the only "forced birth" because it artificially induce a delivery before term

#interestingly enough the 'forced' something is pulled by tra refusing to go through puberty
#they totally alienize this natural process by using semantics making sound like puberty was forced onto them
#the parallelism between trans activism and abortion activism are very interesting
#bc they both rely on antagonizing totally normal and unharmful bodily process

Kristan Hawkins and Alex Kobylarz #sexist #psycho #wingnut twitter.com

Kristan Hawkins: This is great news!!

Children deserve to be protected from abortion violence no matter who their fathers are.

Tech Witch: The cruelty is the point. Isn't it, Kristan? You're disgusting

fanster: Kristan: "Rapists should have more rights than their victims"

Alex Kobylarz: No one said that cut the crap we are for punishing the father. But the unborn baby is innocent and derseves the right to life protected by law I stand by miss Hawkins.

fanster: The victim should not be forced to have a baby.

Alex Kobylarz: What did the innocent baby do nothing . Jail the father but the baby has the right to life regardless of how they were conceived.

fanster: Because the victim has sentience and personhood. And it's wrong to make them go through a pregnancy they didn't consent to. There is potential for life in the early stages of pregnancy, but it's not the same as a developed human.

fanster: If there was a fire at an IVF lab and there were 10 embryos on one side of the building and 1 infant at the other, and you only had time to save either, you would save the infant because you know there's a fundamental difference between the two.

Alex Kobylarz: And an emybro is still a stage of life it is the beginning stage of life of an unborn baby so I protect and defend all life born or unborn.

fanster: No, you don't. Banning abortions means more women will die. But you don't care about that.

fanster: If you care so much about the unborn, I assume you also support comprehensive sex-ed and access to contraceptives, which are effective in reducing unwanted pregnancies?

Alex Kobylarz: It’s not about brith control but self control

Sierra #sexist #psycho #pratt lipstickalley.com

I've wondered the same thing before. Back in the day, it was nothing for girls to be married at 14, 15 to men 5-6-7 years older so why the outrage in this day and age when girls that age date boys in that age range? I guess I'm just a believer in the saying "age ain't nothing but a number".

This is my thing. If a 15 yo girl is caught having sex w/an 18 yo boy the boy could be arrested but if she were doing the same thing with a 17 yo boy then nothing legal can be done :dunno: So what's the difference in ONE YEAR in the boys age? I don't get it. During the R. Kelly drama I asked the same thing. Looking at the tape, it's obvious the girl was no virgin so my thing is if she were doing the same things she was doing w/R with a 14 year old boy then what?

I don't advocate pedophilia (I actually don't think KIDS should be having sex period but that's a whole nother topic). But I just can't grasp if they're doing it ANYWAY what difference does it make who they're doing it with?

ropecel #sexist #psycho blackpill.club

RE: Can sexbots solve inceldom?

I will never live to see that kind of technology

I don't feel anything with rubber foids.. I want foids I can beat the shit out of.. and make them cry... the idea of me doing incel things like beating a foid is very exciting.. no one will give damn if I beat a sex bot.. which kind of sucks.. I want to do something anti social
[ in Minecraft of course ]

Anja Eriud #sexist #wingnut avoiceformen.com

Women Complaining About Lack Of Available Slavemasters

One of the favourite myths of feminism is that the mechanism by which men oppressed women was marriage.

Let us begin with a gem of historical research that can be found at Gynocentrism and its Cultural Origins. One Mrs. Charlotte Smith in 1896 was so riled up and so aghast at the numbers of men who were refusing to get married that she started a campaign to force men to marry, and called upon public servants and officials to “do something” about this calumny against women.

“There are 47,000 girls between the ages of 20 and 29 years in this state who cannot find husbands… [and] the bachelor politicians, they do not dare discuss the social evil question. No man can be a good, honorable and upright citizen who has not entered into the holy bonds of wedlock”

Now wait just a minute – that can’t be right – men are roaming the land in hordes, gathering together in secret patriarchy meetings, laying plans on how best to trap and enslave these fair maidens into marriage! Feminists have said so.

In her paper entitled Sisterhood and Slavery: Transatlantic Antislavery and Women’s Rights, Karen Offen takes a jaunt through history to justify the use of the word or analogy “slavery” as comparable to the status of women

In case you haven’t noticed, Ms. Offen’s paper covers the period from the 1650s to 1848, a period during which women campaigned to have bachelors punished for refusing marriage. It is also a time in which we read of women having the legal liberty to choose for a husband any man who took her fancy, and if that man refused to marry her he was heavily fined according to the value of his possessions.

Let’s fast-forward a bit in history and the period just after the first World War. What was one of the major issues?

Condemned to be virgins: The two million women robbed by the war

Now take a closer look at the extracts from the letters cited in the article

Even when women were prepared to “settle” in a desperate attempt to “get married” there were conditions. The ladies preferred their men –injured or not, disabled or not, to be of a certain status. To be “Officers.” Hypergamy anyone? Gynocentrism?

PPEcel #dunning-kruger #sexist incels.is

r/IncelTear femoid writes about her own incel brother's depression: "His disability is a barrier for many women"

Now let's get down to the main point of this thread. You have a wheelchaircel who has never been in a relationship. She doesn't say anything about sex, but I'm inferring from the post that he's a virgin. Despite this, he's held onto the bluepill for almost 40 years. Forty. Fucking. Years.

I suppose Wheelchaircel told himself that as long as he was interesting ("traveled the world on his own") and had "a good sense of humor" and "a lot of respect", he would be able to overcome his disability and find a long-term partner. Now that he's aging, this sheer cope is crumbling before his very eyes, as his younger siblings hit developmental and personal milestones that he never will.

u/TodaySensitive9743 herself confesses that he's "one of the people [she] admires the most in [her] life," yet she "[doesn't] know how to handle this".

I don't have to point out how ironic it is that, just five days before the Wheelchaircel post, she wrote a lengthy screed about how incels don't understand how it's purportedly our behavior driving femoids away:

Has u/TodaySensitive9743 tried giving her disabled older brother a condescending lecture with the same advice? Has she tried telling her own brother, as many feminists have done, that he's a genetic abomination and that it's only fair for femoids to select the fittest of the species?

It's almost as if people experience varying levels of romantic success/failure for variables well beyond their control—like their race, facial structure, height, and yes, their physical and mental disabilities. Maybe, just maybe, the core tenets of the blackpill are in fact accurate:

There exists a gendered hierarchy of attractiveness that determine one's sexual market value (SMV).

The variables that determine sexual attractiveness are largely genetic and therefore immutable.

Because femoids have hypergamous mate preferences, a certain number of men (e.g. Wheelchaircel here) have such low SMV that it is irrational for them to even consider participating in the sexual market. They should just give up because they are destined for crushing rejection and failure.

Various Incels #pratt #psycho #sexist #transphobia incels.is

Most disturbing thing I saw on IT

Hey incels! 26(MtF), autistic, celebrating 4 wonderful years with my 5'0" tall hubby! 😍 The man of my dreams. Keep seething tho! 😂🙄


This is kinda sad actually

Just find a man with a wig theory

Kill it with fire.

Which one of them do you think has more autism? I got no fucking clue

Wait that non-troon dude is 5ft tall


I've never seen tranbomination with more than 50 updoots, even IT is lookist


Pukefuel of Thursday

(Misogynist Curry 卐)

"even IT is lookist"

yep, during recent flood of selfies most attractive people got most upvotes xd

Maybe it's because of their nice personalities not looks:lul:

If anything this is further proof for the blackpill. That dude would've been able to have a cute wife if he was 5'10" but he had to settle with a nasty looking troon. He's an alright looking guy. Absolutely over for short men today.


just begging for an incel to call me ugly


Why would incel call her ugly where she is clearly not?
I mean maybe nose is too small ok, but she is definitly attractive.

Long story short 726 upvotes for attractive female and 38 upvotes for pictures of tranny faggots that everyone puke at - blackpill definitely is not real.

John Horvat II #fundie #wingnut #homophobia #sexist returntoorder.org

The philosopher George Santayana (1863—1952) once observed that we Americans don’t solve problems; we leave them behind.
Thus, problems that won’t go away are now causing anxiety in countless Americans. We are tired of so many catastrophes that have fallen upon our heads simultaneously—COVID, inflation, crime, civil strife, war, and increasingly angry and strident political divides. Everything seems to be falling apart. We want an easy way out so we can get on with our lives.
The first major change is the scope of our problems that tend to intensify and multiply as time passes.

As society decayed, however, each successive wave of declining morality complicated and amplified the problems. For example, the sexual revolution of the sixties gave rise to the abortion mentality of the seventies and onward. Divorce and contraception soon made broken families the norm for all society. Today’s LGBTQ+ revolution now imposes itself upon all society despite attempts to escape its reach.
The second reason we can no longer flee from our problems is that the social structures that once kept difficulties somewhat under control have broken down. Our everything-goes culture overwhelmed our best line of defense against misfortune.
A third factor enters into the equation that explains our plight. It is a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of suffering in our lives. We have the erroneous idea that a world without suffering is possible
This walk-away-from-suffering mindset is everywhere. If a marriage does not work out, no-fault divorce makes another possible. If an unborn child cause inconvenience, a chemical or surgical abortion is provided as a solution. When social structures break down, people demand government programs to aid them. In our Facebook world, everyone must at least pretend that they are enjoying life (as if they had walked away), even if they are internally devastated.

Metropolitan Dodonis Chrysostomos #sexist #fundie hellas.postsen.com

The Holy Synod of the Church of Greece speaks of “unacceptable” statements, which “tarnish and grossly unfair the essential initiatives and the quiet work of the Church of Greece”[…]
Metropolitan Dodonis Chrysostomos expressed the outrageous opinion that to become pregnant a woman must “have participation” and that there is no rape

“If she’s in a hurry… A woman doesn’t sit and rush without wanting to. Let’s not go crazy now. Well, let’s not go crazy”, “she doesn’t get pregnant with this matter, she has to be involved (…), both of them have to act in order to be arrested”, said the Metropolitan

As was logical, the political world and members of the government condemned, without a second thought, the specific statements, while Twitter also “caught fire” with users blasting Metropolitan Chrysostomos[…]
On the occasion of the sermon that will be given on Sunday in all churches against abortion, the Metropolitan said that the Holy Synod “listens to society”, that abortion is a crime and that “it is not possible to allow the “destruction” of a of an infant, of a child who, when conceived, has already begun to be life”

For cases where a fetus has serious health problems, he emphasized that permission should be requested from the Church to perform an abortion and that it should indeed be scientifically proven and not “with a financial guarantee of the doctor’s decision”

“If the child’s brain is going to turn out to be problematic, then he should ask for the help of the church and agree to have an abortion but with (…) a scientific and not a financial guarantee of the doctor’s decision,” he said characteristically

The metropolitan also noted that the Church is against contraception, leaving, however, a “window” for the cases in which if she conceives a woman is at risk of death and not “if we make love just for love’s sake”

Surv1ver, vanishingly-orca & NeoVidia #psycho #sexist #wingnut reddit.com


Shameful! Wikipedia article about violence against men has been altered to state that men are the most perpetrators of violence but not include the fact that they are also the majority of violence victims. One of the feminists making these changes later jokes about domestic abuse against men.


I must admit those brogressive male feminists often have the most pure form of misandry. Like we’re talking top shelf 👌🏿

I don’t support violence and especially not domestic violence, but honestly it would be ironic if his wife decided to beat the sexism out of him one day.

Like learn that girl some martial art, and have her tramp his throat with a high kick or a right hook before going to town on his stupid face.

Feminists hate men. Their root system is hate.

They deny and lie, but it’s just a religious hate cult. When they claim they aren’t lying shits, they like to reference nonsense from a century ago.

Ignore their lies. It is literally just hate.

Yes all of them. When your brain tries to deny it, you know it’s true, and you bought into the lies. If it’s not hate, do you plan to “no true Scotsman” all of them? Because it’s hate. Through and through.

The great millennial tragedy will be the sexism against men. And the amount of lives lost will hurt humanity for millennia.

BringThyWhip #dunning-kruger #sexist incels.is

Chad’s sex life is almost unimaginable


Everyone knows women are only for Chad/chadlite, but rarely discussed is the actual quality of sex for HIM

he gets to experience

1. genuine LUST. Every tinder hookup is DESPERATE JB. It’s not some normal date, it’s JB arriving shaved and probably wet on arrival if not hours before, she flirts like crazy, flat out talks dirty to him, caresses him unsolicited until she finally jumps him and has primal animalistic sex. And when Chad gets off inside her, it may be the biggest thrill of exhilaration in her entire life until then

2. The MOG. Chad isn’t stupid. When he fucks your oneitis, he KNOWS he’s the best she’s ever had. He gets to think of you and all the losers who came before while he’s watching her have involuntary convulsing squirting orgasms all over his 8” cock. And she’ll confess everything to him since jbs are blabbermouth retards. She won’t save face for you because you brought her coffee, she’ll laugh about you like a bitch hyena and so will Chad

3. the feeling of being pursued. After the sex (which WILL be the best of her life), she’ll constantly be blowing up his phone, sending nudes, dirty texts begging for him again. Imagine waking up to a phone full texts from 3-4 Stacies saying “I miss your huge cock”. the T levels must just be through the roof if they werent already

4. The “snowball effect”. Although I’m more or less a Chad determinist, in practical terms a Chad is in fact “made”, insofar as he must become who he is meant to be through the course of time (or at least what he experiences as time - Chad being an eternal metaphysical entity IRL). In other words, throughout the course of his life, he experiences a snowball of confidence, while incels and normies LDAR from womb to tomb

Brutal TBH. I’m not even sure it make sense for incels or even normies to desire so-called “ascension” to be in competition with the descendants of Archangels, literal divine beings for whom the world is an Arcadia, the paradise of Gods

[deleted] #sexist #pratt reddit.com

I think women need to start being better partners to their husbands...particularly with regard to financial matters. Women have the right to earn a living and have the same financial obligation that a man does. To take care of themselves and their children. Women who sit around on their asses all day while their husbands go to work and then complain about how their job is the hardest in the world just make me roll my eyes. I have worked full time...raised two kids...and have a beautiful immaculate home. And although its not always easy, cleaning a house and raising kids (once they're in school) is NOT even remotely close to what it takes to earn a living. I'm also sick of the blatant disrespect of men on commercials, shows, etc. Like they're incapable of doing household tasks or rearing children without some bitch nagging at them all the time. I would NEVER speak to my husband that way. He deserves my respect...he works hard, he's brilliant and although I may do some things better than he does...he does things I'd never be able to do. We each have our skills and together we're greater than the sum of our parts. Being a feminist isn't a license to disrespect or take advantage of men...especially not good, hardworking, kind men.

Various Incels #racist #sexist incels.is

Suifuel for ricecels

San Francisco elementary school near me - all hapa's

No more white kids or asian kids anymore.

And all the parents picking up their kids? Asian moms or white dads.

WMAF is the future, we lost

Brutally over for the Rice race. Lots of rices are low-T cucks tho and don't mind noodles fucking white males or males of other races.

Not the fault of rices. You guys can't compete with your women having a weird ass white fetish. Blame coal burners, landwhales, and chad-only sluts for forcing white men to settle for noodles. I don't want a noodle but I'll probably have no choice honestly. Certainly not gonna spawn a damned hapa regardless.

nobody is forcing white men you dumb fuck. Blame both the Asian women and the white men for allowing that shit. They are the only 2 in the relationship so I’m blaming BOTH

The only way some white men can get any puss is because of noodles. Any man would do the same and other ethnics do it all the time.

Yes it takes two to tango. No ones forcing white men to be with noodles. A lot of them do that already realizing that Asian men are at the bottom of the barrel. Making Asian men's situation from extremely hard to impossible basically.

Thats why I am all for acceleration of decline because of basic Karma. They can't commit all of this evil and not expect some of it to come around. The way the universe works is that it naturally equilibriates itself and things balance out over time.

I like black americans for practicing civil disobedience, leechmaxxing and being burdensome to the American government in many different ways. But I do acknowledge that a lot of black men think and behave just like noodlewhores as well as go dumpster diving for white landwhales.

True, I have no sympathy for cumskins. They fucked their women up with feminism and now they're taking ours as replacement, so essentially we (ricecels) are paying for the sins of their ancestors

National Socialist Movement #wingnut #racist #conspiracy #sexist nsm88.org

[From "25 Point Plan"]

The NSM has 25 demands inspired by the original NSDAP 25 point program[…]
1. We demand the unification of all Whites in the United States on the basis of the right to self-determination of our people[…]
2. We will not permit any behaviors antithetical to the values of National Socialism. We will safeguard our children[…]
3. We demand our own territory for the sustenance of our people
4. Only Whites may become citizens[…]Since Jews are not White[…]no Jew may become a member of our nation[…]
6. Voting rights are to be enjoyed by adult, White male land owners, alone[…]
7. […]If it is impossible to nourish the total population of the State, then the members of foreign nations (non-citizens) must be expelled from the Reich
8. Any further immigration of non-Whites will be prevented[…]All non-Whites who have immigrated since 1960 be required immediately to leave the Reich[…]
17. We demand a land reform suitable to our needs, provision of a law for the free expropriation of land[…]This is primarily directed against the foreign land-speculation companies, including Jewish[…]
19. We demand substitution of an Aryan law in place of the Roman law serving a materialistic world order[…]
23. We demand legal opposition to known lies[…]In order to enable the provision of an English press, we demand, that:
a. All writers and employees of the newspapers appearing in the English language be members of the race
b. Non-English newspapers be required to have the express permission[…]
d. Publications which are counter to the general good are to be forbidden[…]
24. We demand freedom of religion for all religious denominations[…]so long as they do not endanger its existence or oppose the moral senses of Aryans[…]
25. For the execution of all of this we demand the formation of a strong central power in the Reich

Henry Makow PhD #racist #wingnut #conspiracy #sexist #homophobia henrymakow.com

We've reached the point in TV where the hero is a deviant, misfit
or weirdo. We cheer as he makes the world conform to him.

Where have we seen this before? The modern alienated anti-hero is the Luciferian JEW
at war with God (the Moral Order,) nature and society. "Modernism" is Jewish Satanism
i.e. Cabalism, a solipsism where they redefine reality according to their perversions and self interest. Sick is healthy.

Is it any surprise that Hollywood is dominated by Jews and homosexuals?
What Jews and gays have in common is that they are outsiders, many of whom feel unjustly persecuted and think their perversion & dysfunction should the norm.

Most of my fellow Jews don't know that Judaism is a Luciferian cult, a rebellion against God. Cabalist (Illuminati) Jewish leaders wish to supplant God and redefine reality according to their perversity and self-interest. This is the New World Order.
In the 1950's, they had to rebuild, so the Illuminati gave us healthy values. "In 1950's television, the man of the house was king of his castle. Was it an illusion to begin with?" Father Knows Best. Ozzie and Harriet. Leave it to Beaver. My Three Sons.

Was it an illusion? I don't think so. Some things are hard-wired. Most men want to rule their own roost. That doesn't mean we want to lord it over anyone. But every successful organization is a hierarchy and that applies to families as well. Only a monster has two heads. The division of labor made a lot of sense. If you want a man to shoulder responsibility for a family, he has to lead it. It must be his creation.

There was no moral ambiguity in the 1950's Westerns. Good versus evil. Gunsmoke. The Lone Ranger. Have Gun Will Travel. Men were men. They put their lives on the line to build a just society. Women supported and loved them for it. Then, almost by clockwork, having set up this target, the Illuminati got to work destroying it. Birth control allowed women to be sexually independent. Why not be financially independent too?

HikikunDeformis , Bangkok or bust & bonesmashing #sexist blackpill.club

why do incels preach just lower your standards bro
Well I don't have much experience with women outside the internet. I was hitting on one local fat chick and she ended up with another man. I never met her IRL.
A few others online from places like Brasil, Uk etc

There is only 1 time in my life where I very directly hit on a 40+ year old chubby female. Back then I was so suicidal that my inhibitions went away. I groped a few women in the streets and I would always run away afterwards. But I felt like this one female with shitty looks might accept me.

So after I touched her ass I just stood there. I think she was scared of me so she didn't over-react. She asked why I did it and I very politely asked her if I could do it again. Naturally if she would let me I would make my move here and then. I would never waste an IRL chance to bang anything willing. I used to mastrubate like 8 times a day and was very horny.

But most of my life I spent being terrified of women. Because an entire group of highschool girls would laugh at me nearly every single day. I still fear teenage girls way more than adult women.

(Bangkok or bust)
Pigfuckers think others can fuck pigs (obese women). So they simply can't understand why an incel would turn his nose up at a landwhale.

People who hold unusual attractions think others do to. It's unusual to be attracted to obesity, disability, diseasssd, deformed and old age folk etc.

Of course they then jump to the extreme that we only want "hot girls", but that isn't the reality.... The reality is most incels just want a non fat foid of reproductive age.

I think some guys can fuck anything and have zero disgust threshold, hence they project that in other men your being too picky, but that is max 5-8% of men with zero standards.

It is all pure, unadulterated cope. Nearly nobody here can "date down" because they aren't even good enough to dumpster dive.

It is like Looksmax idiots thinking they can just inject high doses of unsaturated steroids or tren or take toxic SARMs & suddenly become Chad. Chad is the result of a multitude of factors, not just muh testosterone stupidity ... There is no magic pill besides $$$ & risky surgeries.

But they are mostly all broke or unwilling, so they move the copepost somewhere else.

Various commenters #wingnut #sexist reddit.com

This is the worst argument I’ve seen so far. Also it’s scary that people actually think like this.
A uterus is there to bear children. It's the only organ that's there as life support for another life.

A uterus is there to help keep alive the life that you started. Your own kidney isn't supposed to be in other people's bodies. That's the difference.

(The uterus is also the only organ that someone can choose to use or not.)

Edit: You can also choose to not use your brain, as evident by the comic above.

There’s also a causal difference that introduces the aspect of responsibility for one’s actions. In all cases except for rape, sex was a choice, and if that choice causes the creation of a new life, then the mother is responsible for that life until it can be safely taken from her care (barring danger to her life of course, in which case self defense enters the equation). Just as anyone else is and should be held responsible for the outcomes caused by their chosen actions.

That’s the same thing,”when a baby is using your uterus nonconsentually”, or however I paraphrase, it’s not taking a kidney, bone marrow, skin, your eyes, it’s taking what’s its; and people need to take responsibility rather than claiming responsibility is impossible; and the overturning of Roe v. Wade never set this notion, because this is an unlike comparison


Menstruation lol

The uterus is actually just a house for the baby. The organ the baby really relies on is the placenta, which is the babies organ(it’s only there when there’s another human growing in the woman) which essentially is the woman using the baby’s organ without its consent 🥴

This is like the concert violinist argument with more steps and extra absurdity.

That argument went out of fashion almost 20 years ago because it doesn’t work.

The fetus has special rights to a woman’s body because she put it there. This is the highlight of juvenile thinking: “My actions don’t have consequences.”

Rape as the exception only proves the rule.

Hungarian State Audit Office (NAO) #sexist #dunning-kruger euronews.com

Hungary's State Audit Office (NAO) has expressed concern that the country's education system risks being “too feminine”

In a new study, the authority warned that Hungary's education could pose demographic challenges and impact the development of boys

“The phenomenon called ‘pink education’ has numerous economic and social consequences,” it wrote

"If education favours feminine traits [such as] emotional and social maturity [and] therefore causes an over-representation of women at university, [gender] equality will be significantly weakened"

The state body -- which is close to nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orbán -- also warned that men who are more inclined to take risks and be entrepreneurial will not be able to fully develop their potential

The NAO report stated that this can lead to "mental and behavioural problems" when their creativity and innovation are "necessary for the optimal development of the economy"

The audit office also says that “pink education” could cause “demographical problems” as educated women would be unable to find similarly educated spouses, “which could lead to a decline in fertility”

The study -- issued last month -- was first published by the Nepszava newspaper on Thursday

Like in many European countries, Hungary's teaching profession is dominated by women (82%)

JonFreeman #wingnut #sexist #transphobia deviantart.com

given that libs is the "lazy party" (i.e. "I can help everyone by literally doing nothing and sheltering in my house? SIGN ME UP! WHERE CAN I BERATE OTHERS FOR STEPPING OUTSIDE?") ...

it's no wonder that "strong female leads" written by feminists are basically drag versions of "asshole male lead".
They can't figure out how to write their own likeable character, so they gender swap and call it a victory for womanhood.
actually, that explains a lot about feminists...

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