The woman-haters, man-haters, and non-binary-haters

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The 30-year, fixed-rate #mortgage peaked at 18.45% in Oct. 1981 and troughed at 2.65% in 2021. The current rate is 7.4% and rising. 40 years of falling mortgage rates, plus married women entering the workforce, allowed home prices to rise much faster than incomes. Look out below!

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John Sullivan, a UK councillor candidate congratulated Russia on banning gay Pride marches and claimed regular exercise in schools can prevent homosexuality.

In a series of Facebook posts, Sullivan, who is a member of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) likened gay activists to termites and stated that feminism is evil and being gay is even worse.

In one post Sullivan suggested regular physical exercise prevents children from becoming gay.

He recommended Victorian style regular physical exercise be reinstated in schools as it apparently causes releases of tension which prevents homosexuality.

Sullivan also went on to call gay marriage supporters 'termites' mockingly reacting to an article on Conservative party members supporting marriage equality.

His antagonism doesn’t stop there, he also claimed feminism is evil, suggesting that homosexuality is even worse (saying 'it doesn't go there').

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[Blackpill] If you don’t hate atleast 90% of the world you’re a faggot

hate (not in order)

1. Niggers
2. Women
3. Jews
4. Some Mexicans
5. Native Americans
6. Aboriginals
7. Most other people
8. Chads
9. Normies
10. Stacies
11. Lefties
12. Conservatives
13. Fake religious people who are faggots and smoke weed and shit but still claim to be christian
14. Faggots and the rest of the lgbtq mentally ill club in general
15. Everyone not identified as a blackpilled incel
16. Some retards identified as a blackpilled incel

If you don’t hate most of society (atleast 90%) you are submissive cuckold who’s mom gets fucked by Jamal. I can’t see being an incel and not hating literally everyone around you. I just simply cannot!
List read in a vocaroo: View: https://voca.ro/4SLr2JxZ6Ef


1. Europeans because they are too fancy
2. I hate animals cuz they’re dumb
3. I hate whoever came up with makeup and women’s rights
4. I hate anyone who doesn’t like hitler
5. I hate police cuz they fight for women
7. I hate BLM cuz they’re even worse
8. I frickin hate Indians. Never seen one really but I bet they stink
9. I hate anime and cuz of that
10. I hate Japs
11. I hate people with Down syndrome and people who are literally brain dead and mentally retarded. I don’t think they deserve to live because they are literally an anchor to society.

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[ Context: about a grown adult chatting with minors online ]
There’s nothing at all wrong with it. Up until the last 20 years, many older men used to enjoy talking with teens, both boys and girls, even having them as friends. Platonic ones, by the way.
Interaction with them brings out dreams of our past youth, the* paternal, maternal instincts,* and, with members of the opposite sex, a touch of sexual lure. (Don’t you dare sneer! It’s biology because kids are at their most sexually powerful between 14 and 25. History shows that most children were married from ages 12 to 20. Usually as soon as the girl had her period, she was considered marriage material!! Women reaching 22 without being wed were considered old maids!!) Teens can give off sexual cues without meaning to because of biology.

I love talking with teens on the web, watching them around town, listening to them chat in groups in stores, admire their grace and awkwardness as they go through that leggy, big footed state where their limbs seem to grow faster than the rest of them. The girls are cute as heck.

The best thing is their simple beauty, their unlined faces and most do not have that awful ‘look’ adults get over race, religion, job conflicts, accumulated emotional injuries, money problems, and all of the beatings a ‘grown up’ gets trying to live.
Several years back, I dug up the standard profile of child molesters and read it to find out what one needs to look for and, surprise, surprise! I technically fit the stereotype!!

You know you’re not going to go and seduce some kid, so don’t worry. Besides, you might be surprised at the amount of kids who try to seduce their young, good looking teachers in high school, especially by girls. Feel sorry for those male teachers in their twenties when some pretty young thing of 15, oozing sexuality from all pores, just busting with nubility thanks to nature telling her it’s time to reproduce, turns on the heat.

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So as you know Mike Vogel I guess confirmed that Scootaloo's "aunts" are pretty much dykes.

Honestly I'm not too worried about conservative backlash from right-wing family groups that will bash on Hasbro for this decision (this is kinda inevitable and do expect something like this to happen very soon).

I'm more worried about how the fandom itself will react. Obviously you have the /pol/acks that will scream "muh degeneracy". But a lot of people here will probably fail to take into account are the autistic SJW larps that will see this as some victory for social justice. (Wow, gay characters in a children's toy franchise. How stunning and brave of you. I mean you could help kids in Africa get access to food. But first world problems are more important.) I mean honestly if Hasbro decides to continue with this then eventually this fandom which is already seen as cancer by many will be seen as a stage 4 tumor just like the Steven Universe fandom or the worst case scenario the Rick and Morty fandom because of all the autists that will sperg out and show off how they are such a high IQ "intellectual" for watching a kid's T.V. show about magic equines.

I mean if you're happy that Hasbro is doing this then good for you and more power to you. But the way I see it if Hasbro and the show's staff aren't careful then there's a really good chance they will find themselves in the same awkward position as the freaking writers that work on Rick and Morty.

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[OP of thread]
waffleflavoredfloss: Just wondering at the hypocrisy of trans women who use medicare and employer insurance to get things like fake breasts and facial surgery etc. When will these services be free for women who have qualms about how they look? If Im flat chested can I claim breast implants are for my mental health or if I have large jaw can I use facial feminization surgery on the tax payer dollar too? I just found out these things were covered by medicare and Im honestly floored its so insulting and unbelievable.

[assorted comments]
natalwoman: If TIMs can get breast augmentation for having small breasts after hormones - why can't flat chested women get breast augmentation as well? Same with facial plastic surgery too!

You can be a woman and not have big comic book tits - but that doesn't fulfill their fucking fetish.

berryflakes: And you can be a woman and have a big and / or broken nose. We are taught that surgery shouldn’t be the first thing to do, even if you engage in self destructive actions because of your looks, and it’s never covered, but somehow they can get it free and without anyone questioning it?!

waffleflavoredfloss: I find it insulting to women who have features these people describe as male as well like do they not see how sexist they are?

McKarty: I’m sorry, but they aren’t real women. There are only two types of woman: porn and anime.

Edit: and hentai women, of course, who are iNtErSeX— it’s a spectrum! Sorry to be so exclusionary; I’m still (always) learning.

vrishkin: It ok girl, I sexualize all women :* :*

I’ve asked people before if insurance should cover my meal prep, gym fees and supplements so I could match my dysmorphic body view and been told “yes” before.

TiM apologists are delusional

skallys: It's weird because they spend so much effort claiming everything about them "IS" female, but then do a 180 when insurance offers covered surgery on like 8 different parts of them.

tryingformighty: You have made an excellent point. How can they argue for "gender confirmation" surgery while arguing they shouldn't have to have SRS?

Of course I think we know the answer...both are ways they seek satisfaction from their fetish.

justhysterical2018: Reminds me of when the New Yorker wrote this pretty glowing piece about a stunning and brave TIMs facial feminization surgery. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2018/03/19/the-story-of-a-trans-womans-face

I read it and just laughed. Women like the Kardashians and the Real Housewives get made fun of all the time for their facial reconstruction projects. Sure these women look ridiculous, but where are our profiles in the New Yorker for getting "affirming" nose jobs and forehead reconstruction? When women get plastic surgery we're called vain and shallow if you can tell we've had work done. Can you imagine a New Yorker author discussing with sympathy how difficult it is for women to get fillers and nose jobs covered by insurance?

tryingformighty: Does this mean that if "transwomen are women" we can make fun of them for being vain and shallow when *they* have facial plastic surgery?

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In my silly utopia-dream, all men are castrated at birth! If they would like to have their testicles back, they have to have a minimum of a college degree, a six-figure job, no criminal background, a driver's license, a perfect grade on a year-long parenting course, and the consent of a psychotherapist who has seen them for at least two years, the consent of their mother, and the consent of a female partner who the man has been with consistently for at least four years. Paradise!

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I think it is also the fantasy that they will get accepted into the private inner circle of women and be able to participate in secret, female-only stuff (which they think includes sharing tampons with each other). Posting about tampons on TikTok and other places is part of the fantasy; it's aspirational for other troons watching it, and the troon doing the posting gets pleasure both from building up his fantasy and from knowing that other troons envy his successful womanhood.

In reality, not only is "sharing tampons" a fantasy, but these men will never be accepted into women's inner circles. Not even the handmaidens actually want to hang out with male troons in real life; handmaiden support of brave transwomen extends to commenting enthusiastically on posts to show how enlightened they are, and nothing else. Most men who have already trooned out know this deep down, which is part of why they're so bitter and miserable.

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[Discussion] Why do women suck at insults?

I mean, does anyone disagree?

Very few women can think of any clever insults aside from

- Dick size
- You're gay
- You probably live with your mom
- You suck at sex

All female comedians and every insult to a male, even at incels, is just this.

Imo it's because men are the ones who have to flirt and court (even chads have to somewhat), whereas a woman just has to sit down and open up her thighs.

Thoughts on thots?

What are you fucking talking about??? Women have destroyed me with their words. It doesn't have to be creative. They could just say "CREEPY" and hurt me deeper than if some altrightcel hurled a tire at me. If anything, when men get all creative with the insults, it's a bit nice, it's a bit try hard.

If women insulting you still affects you, probably fakecel

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[From “Gone with the Wind”]

We can see the image of the carpetbagger scene in Gone with the Wind, a war that freed the Negroes and occurred at a time when there were no Jewish-owned mass media and even before mass Jewish immigration began. (Oh, Judeo-reductionist racialists who don’t want to see that, in addition to the JQ, we have a Christian problem…!)[…]
–Throughout the film, from the opening scenes in Georgia, women’s outfits duly concealed the sexual appeal of their bodies, especially the dresses of the Southern beauties[…]Melanie Hamilton, who eventually married Ashley, is the perfect model of how women should behave again in the future ethnostate![…]
–At the Twelve Oaks party, before the barbecue is interrupted by the declaration of war, all the women are taking the obligatory nap (except Scarlett, who escapes to the upstairs bedroom) while the men discuss serious matters. It was unthinkable that a woman would have a say in such matters[…]
–Rhett and several other accomplices carry out a night-time raid on a shanty town after Scarlett, driving alone, is attacked by Negroes resulting in Frank’s death. Needless to say, on this night the wives of these brave men stayed at home sewing and reading decent literature
–Once married to Rhett Butler, ‘Captain Butler’ was always greeted first by pedestrians in the street as he strolled with Scarlett. She, faithfully at her husband’s side on these street strolls, was only mentioned after pedestrians greeted Rhett
–Let us never forget Scarlett’s marital rape when Rhett lifted her in his arms[…]
When I was young, the film depicted wholesome Western mores, before values were corrupted and completely reversed in our darkest hour. I even remember that my mother, who wasn’t racist at all, felt compassion for the Southerners in the scene where the carpetbagger we see in the image above appears, and we both resented the presence of the black singer who took advantage of the situation

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I read about people's experiences getting bitches and I seethe away in my cuck shed. If my worthless pajeet father had not placed his pajeet nigger kike genetics into my worthless mother I would probably be able to get a girlfriend. Maybe not a 9/10 but at least a 6 which I would be happy with. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa

I just read a thread on r/redscarepod about this Indian nigga who got a white bitch to suck his dick at college and all I could do is wish for my worthless humiliating existence to end. WHYYYYY GODDDDDDD WHY COULDN'T IT HAVE BEEN MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. WHY DID YOU CURSE ME WITH THIS PAJEEEEEEEEEEEET AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

That nigger is so worthless that he couldn't even hook me up with a virgin indian qt arrange marriage village whore. The fucker thought he was some intellectual liberal and cut his ties to his community as soon as he arrived off the boat that cocksucker.

I'm not saying I would have gotten a bitch 100% because as an Indian it is harder but the fact that a lot of curries do get laid proves it's possible if you don't have shit tier nigger tier genetics.

I see the life I want in front of me and as I reach towards it the image vaporizes and drifts away. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKkk. Instead of getting laid with a qt gf I get to spend my life rotting away on these forums with you assholes. I know there isn't one but if by some miracle there is I hope that nigger burns in hell forever for cursing me to this fate.

Fuck man. Life is unfair.

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The most commonly seen sign in any street demonstration in America today displays an angry fist of revolution. The BLM racists have their black fist signs, the perverts have their rainbow fists, the Femi-Nazis have their fancy fingernail fists. A fist, it seems, is their love symbol.

Now, all those who wave such signs would probably consider the previous paragraph to be what they call "Hate Speech". Not because I hate them, but because they hate me. Identifying them accurately is "hate speech", to them. They want to force me, and you, to use only speech that approves of them, even though I do not approve of them. That doesn't mean I hate them; it just means I do not approve of what they stand for and what they are demonstrating about.
They've been, and they're being trained in this sick special thinking in schools, from kindergarten up to advanced degrees. Their teachers and professors hate Christianity, America, white people, men and sexual normalcy. They are, after all, Marxists, by philosophy if not politics. And that is to say they stand opposed to all existing social norms and standards, and support their violent overthrow as it says in the closing lines of Marx's Manifesto. That's what Marxism is really all about: overthrowing whatever exists and establishing a replacement system to rule the world, and then teach it how to behave.
Trannies are moved to commit suicide, and even mass-shootings just because everyone on earth does not kiss their asses and tell them how wonderful and natural and acceptable and special they are.

They've been purposely dumbed-down, perverted and mal-educated in whatever schools they've been through. And they are probably completely unaware of having been Marxified, too. Some of them may be fully aware Marxist revolutionaries, but for the most part, most Marxist kids today do not even know that they are Marxists. They may not even know what Marxism is.

We could probably say the same thing about a lot of black Americans.

John #wingnut #homophobia #sexist news.yahoo.com

I am amazed by the number of liberals who understand how the natural environment is interconnected and that all events have innumerable repercussions, most of them impossible to predict, and who appear completely unable to understand that the same principles apply to the social environment. If the social environment is radically altered, as it will be with the acceptance of the idea that homosexuality is equal to heterosexuality, widespread and fundamental changes with unpredictable repercussions will follow, yet so many rush heedlessly ahead. As with emitting CO2 in the natural environment, often the act that will radically alter the environment appears harmless at first glance. But unlike the situation with CO2, no one in academia, Hollywood, or mainstream journalism will alert the public of the dangers, lest they be blackballed. 

Since humans evolved in small groups, the construction of large, self-sustaining societies that provided well for the welfare of the members has been difficult and has quite often led to failure. Any large society we construct will likely be quite fragile, like a house of cards. The adoption of same-sex marriage throughout a society would be akin to simultaneously pulling out a great many cards in this fragile structure. 
One of the key elements in this fragile structure is the duty to protect or care for other members of the society. This obligation originates with the duty that all men have had historically to protect all women in the society and the corresponding duty of women to nurture all men. This has always made men feel obligated to and connected to all the women in the society and the women to the men. Reducing traditional gender roles has eroded the strength of this feeling of duty, but it can still persist as long as men feel an attraction to women and women to men. However, with equating homosexuality with heterosexuality, the universality of opposite sex attraction is eliminated, this duty vanishes, and the society is atomized. 

Liberals often claim that preferences for gender roles and heterosexuality are socially constructed, when it appears clear that biological differences developed from millions of years of evolution across the great majority of species explain the gender roles and the predominance of heterosexuality, while the beliefs that the genders are the same and that homosexuality is the equal of heterosexuality are completely socially constructed, in a somewhat Orwellian fashion. This Orwellian crusade resembles the efforts of alchemists of a bygone era who tried to alter what they did not understand. These modern crusaders will likely be about as successful as alchemists, but with far more tragic consequences. This crusade also brings to mind Mao’s Cultural Revolution, where people were deemed to be equal in ability and suitability to tasks regardless of their actual situation, and retribution was swift toward anyone who questioned this.

Given that lesbianism is rising rapidly among the lower socioeconomic classes, it’s probable that life will soon become hellish for most non-elite men, who will be lonely and lost, and that the middle class will disappear among a rising tide of violence, crime, poverty, and homelessness. This will terminate the social contract for young men, as they will no longer be assured of love, marriage, and children even if they work hard and follow all the rules, and many of them are likely to feel isolated and become alienated. I wouldn’t be surprised if a great many become antisocial and even violent, and I suspect that more than a few will go on shooting sprees. 

Political/legal systems are mostly arbitrary, while the laws of nature are not, implying that a political system delegitimizes itself, not nature, when it arbitrarily imposes an unhealthy and unnatural form of equality.

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Over the course of my life I have watched the American people, indeed, the peoples of the West, abandon civilization and civilized behavior. Today nothing is important throughout the Western World except money. Even people with money don’t care what they look like. People dress like slobs. They behave worse. Four-letter words are common parlance in conversations between men and women. There is no longer such a thing as “polite society.”

Feminism taught women to throw away chastity and to be promiscuous, and with chastity went female modesty. When I walk on the beach, females from young girls to grandmothers are sporting the stripper’s G-String, Their entire buttocks are displayed. The tiny patch in front gets smaller and smaller. Not long ago I saw a young women without a top. She had two strips of tape across her nipples.
Sin spreads like contagion when sexual perversion is normalized and when the accumulation of money is the social goal, no matter how it is acquired. The result is that the social resistance to sin and depravity weakens. Today the governments of the Western World cheer on Israel’s genocide of the Palestinians. “Christian” Evangelical ministers claim that with genocide of the Palestinians, Israel is only taking what God gave them. The fact that God dispelled the Jews for their wickedness is left out of the discussion.

This is so sick that it shows that Christianity is no longer a force for moral, humane behavior. If Israel can exterminate Palestine, anything goes.

For decades the main function of education in the West has been to demonize the West and to present the West as an exploiter of the non-white world. This long-established campaign against the West was intended to destroy the West, not to reform it. The gentile agnostic liberals and the Zionists led the campaign to discredit and undermine the West.

The campaign for the destruction of Western Civilization has succeeded.

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The rise of homosexuality, promiscuity, gang violence, fatherlessness, lesbianism and single motherhood within the African-American community is directly attributed to GODDESS WORSHIP.

When you watch porn, you're unwittingly engaging in goddess worship. You're subjecting yourself to the worship of Cerces: Mama Wata: Yemonja. (I will use these names interchangeably throughout this article).

This is why in all porn movies (gay porn being the exception), the woman is always the starring attraction. Everything centers around her. This is because Mama Wata operates through goddess sensuality. The porn industry itself is highly occult in nature: and its purpose is to make money off people while opening them up for demonic visitation and infiltration through sex.

Here's something else to consider: Notice how whenever people - particularly women - get near a beach or some other body of water, they tend to want to get almost naked? Why the desire to show one's body so openly to others, specifically around water?

My contention is that the spirit of Yemonja is behind it. This demon is also behind the whole strong-independent-single mother phenomenon among many black women in the United States today. Most single black mothers and their children are under the powerful control of this marine spirit.

Yemonja is also behind the rise of homosexuality and lesbianism among so many black Americans. This is the goddess of single mothers, fatherless kids, female sensuality and weak effeminate men.

When a person enters into a covenant with this spirit, the children of the single mother becomes the property of Mama Wata.

To secure worship from them, this spirit leads the children into becoming emotionally-driven or effeminate males (if they're sons), and sexually promiscuous and domineering females (if they're daughters).

Mama Wata has specific colors that are worn by her more open followers. Those colors are aquamarine blue and sea green. Have you noticed a proliferation of women (and effeminate guys) dyeing their hair those exact same colors lately?

Sea shells worn as jewelry and hair adornments are another tell-tale sign of this spirit's direct influence within society today. This is because Mama Wata/Yemonja is known as the water spirit, meaning it is believed to dwell in or has its base of operation within bodies of water.

Mama Wata is personified as a mermaid spirit.

How does one enter into a covenant with this demonic creature? It mainly happens through sex! Particularly through engaging in fornication, adultery, masturbation, watching porn, visiting strip clubs, watching strippers and homosexual acts. Sex is the initiation ritual that brings one into covenant agreement with Mama Wata.

I've been warning you for some time that sexual sin is nothing to play around with! It's never just harmless pleasure. That's what this demon wants you to think, to make it easier to gain control over your life. When you have sex outside of wedlock, you are forming a covenant with demons.

This is the one big secret that witches and those given over to the occult do NOT want you to understand. They initiate others into the occult through having sex with them: including CHRISTIANS!

Many of you don't realize it: but this demonic spirit is the very reason why so many of you struggle to get into a relationship that's worth having.

It's also one of the main demonic principalities behind the high crime, incarceration and murder rates among African-American males. It's behind the gang confederacy in Chicago known as Folk Nation, which includes the GD, Black Gangster Disciples and the Latin Disciples. They use those colors because those are Mama Watas colors! These gangs are responsible for a large portion of the violent murders that has plagued Chicago's black and Latino communities in recent times.

Yemonja will always seek to claim her children back: even if it's by death. And it's the reason behind so many men being unable to find financial security or to maintain gainful employment.

All these are negative side effects of making covenants with demons.

Sidenote: All attempts at black unity and upliftment will fail miserably unless this demon principality is dealt with first. We cannot solve our physical problems until we first conquer our spiritual nemesis.

Many of you are yoked to Mama Wata, whether intentionally or not. And now you must get unyoked. Only the mighty power of Jesus Christ can set you free.

To combat this notorious demon, a person needs to give their full heart and allegiance to Jesus Christ. The sinful lifestyle needs to be completely abandoned without reservation. One needs to be baptized in water. And they need to seek God for the baptism and in filling of the Holy Ghost.

Marco A #wingnut #conspiracy #sexist #fundie henrymakow.com

Freemasonry is the most evil organization on Earth. If all our smiling psychopathic leaders are Masons, as this article implies, then it is wise to judge that this Brotherhood is rotten. Judaism has always been a scapegoat for the supreme and hidden hand behind them. I don't see Zionists alone debasing our morality, crushing our cultures, importing millions of invaders, turning women into objects of lust, pushing self-destructive life styles as normal -- I see the Masonic illuminati, with all their evil symbolism behind this assault.

Masons have created a society and culture where worldly 'success' is the pinnacle of achievement. This is what appeals to the Mason. He sold his soul for it. He joined the Brotherhood for it. While Christ rejected Satan's temptation for the World, the Mason accepted the price -- his soul. The Mason now creates a culture to justify his error, in order that we all may be deceived. Everyone has been inducted into this cult, and is caught up in the mad rat-race.

Everyone is unhappy. Women have been destroyed by the double assault of Feminism and porn-culture; two extremes which have robbed her of both gentleness and innocence. Men have been left feeling lost and have become self-destructive, insecure and angry. Men if they do not find 'success' and 'achieve' as per Masonic guidelines, they lose their self-worth and value.

Behind this all is the smiling clown-life macabre face of the Mason. They have destroyed everything! Innocence, morality, truth, love, family -- they have attempted to degrade us into ugly monsters, destroying the beauty in the human soul that God died for. And as humanity languishes under this oppression, we are told by our masters that we are nothing but animals, some sort of ape-man hybrid -- "Just have more sex and with more people, you're just an animal anyways." We are left feeling worthless! The only result for people caught up in this web of extreme unhappiness is medication or suicide.

Matthew Belanger #conspiracy #psycho #racist #sexist #wingnut dailymail.co.uk

FBI accuses former US Marine of planning 'rapekrieg' series of attacks against white women as part of Neo-Nazi plot to boost America's Caucasian population

Matthew Belanger was arrested on July 10 in New York and was accused of hiring somebody to purchase an assault rifle for him

Belanger was discharged from the Marines in 2021 after he was found to be associated with the neo-Nazi group called Rapekrieg

The Rapekrieg manifesto details plans to 'engage in widespread homicide and sexual assault' to reconfigure America's racial make-up

They plotted to rape white women to try and bolster America's Caucasian population and ensure that it outnumbers minority groups

Those findings were a part of Belanger's involvment in a neo-Nazi organization known as Rapekrieg, which prosecutors said has 'overlapping beliefs and membership with other neo-Nazi groups such 'Rapewaffen' and 'Atomwaffen.'

A Rapekrieg manifesto cited in the court documents espouses about 'rape ideology' being an 'effective tool' defeating its enemies, which largely consists of Jews and minorities. The manifesto describes seeking to bring about a 'first world collapse' in which people who have 'any doubts about being able to pull the trigger on a Jewish child' will not be strong enough to remain in the organization. It talks about 'brainwashing' women and forcing them to become dependent on men as they are used for breeding white people and purifying the world.

'To be successful in this battle, the white man must learn to hate, seeing red the moment he lays eyes on a member of the race that has inflicted unspeakable horrors onto his people.'

Belanger and Rapekrieg associates from Long Island had purchased weapons and tactical gear, and discussed plans for attacked synagogues and women, including conducting surveillance on a synogogue and forming plans to attack it with molotov cocktails in 2019.

A source told prosecutors Belanger responded 'Good find' when a potential target for a rape-attack target - a high school girl who was photographed at a musical recital - was shared in a Rapekrieg chat group. A member of the group said 'Could possibly get her pretty easy rn,' and Belanger said 'I'm not on the mainland currently so no.'

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I am Honestly Starting to Think I'm just Too Intelligent for Women

I honesty think that's it, im no Chad but I've seen guys way worse than me get laid. I mean im probably a 4/10 but i've seen threes get more action than me. I think the difference is that im intelligent, too intelligent for women. Women are genetically programmed to want big dumb gorillas, not intellectuals. I understand science, I understand reason, philosophy, society, how the world works. I understand it too much for their minds. It's intimidating.

This sounds like an r/iamverysmart but the more i think about it the more it literally makes sense. Women start disrespecting me after i say something very intelligent, maybe it's because they become scared i might outsmart them into dating me or something?

Qoeleth #homophobia #sexist forums.catholic.com

I suggest that the recent rise of homosexuality is a reaction made by a patriarchical culture to the movement to give women equal rights. Homosexuals are trying to derive women even of the status in human relationships.

A homosexual is effectively saying "I can go ahead and have a sexual relationship without including women, without having the consent of a woman." Homosexuality seems to be all about reducing the power and status of women- of making them unnecessary. I think, in spirit and effect, it is almost akin to rape.

Vox Day #sexist #psycho voxday.blogspot.com

[On warrior women in fantasy]

Has Phony ever hit a woman? Has he ever seen a woman's head snap back, seen her knees buckle, and stood over her as she lays crumpled on the floor? Has he ever bloodied a woman's nose or blackened a woman's eyes? Has he ever toyed with a woman desperately trying to lay a hand on him before stepping forward and flattening her with a single jab?

I have. It wasn't even amusing because it was so easy. I had a harder time fighting a well-trained eleven year old boy. I wasn't even throwing any combinations or throwing my strikes at more than half-force, and that was still enough to lay them out. If you are a man who hasn't ever hit a woman in the face, or if you are a woman who hasn't ever been beaten up by a man, your opinion on the subject is guaranteed to be irrelevant. The cumulative difference in speed, strength, and mass simply has to be experienced to be believed.

I sincerely encourage anyone who wishes to write about women warriors to visit a full-contact dojo and ask to spar a few rounds with the opposite sex. They will accommodate you and it will be an eye-opening experience.

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #magick #sexist #ufo #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

The majority of men are weak
They are blue pilled to the max
And slaves to their sex drive

In todays world
The interaction that goes down is quick and casual

When you are intimate with someone
You will pick up their emotional imbalances

Getting sex from an online hookup
Does not come without repercussions

When men chase women
They will go out more
Drink a little alcohol
Sleep in
And lose their focus

When men only do things to get laid
They will feel off centered

Men only require femineity in the bedroom
If they would lead with the sense that a woman has to earn him
Then she will look at him as the prize

When a man tells a woman no
It will only make her want him more
No is what a woman rarely hears today

Women seek validation
Sleeping with her is the highest form of validation

As long as porn exists and is easily available
The dynamic that exists today will not shift

What seems to be random insanity in the world
Is a carefully crafted manufactured reality

It is targeted mind control
With an agenda of pushing the population
Into accepting the transhumanist conditions of a dystopian society

The aggressive spiritual attack aimed specifically at children
Is to twist and confuse all meaning behind gender and sexuality

It means to destroy the ascension potentials of angelic humanity
To unplug our diamond sun DNA
And to disconnect the soul from its purposeful design

Eternal love is the embodiment of the eternal self with the Infinite Divine
Eternal truth is the actualization of your inner light

There is an energetic interconnection between all living beings
Which is the Infinite Light of the Creator
That animates all creatures

The human light body is being attacked
By siphoning off male and female vital force energies
And placing a monadic drag on the heart center

Reclaim your Living Light Consciousness!

Gaedhal #elitist #racist #sexist #psycho westsdarkesthour.com

[From “Catechetical lunacy”]

According to Catechism of the Catholic Church (1992), paragraph 1935:

The equality of men rests essentially on their dignity as persons and the rights that flow from it: ‘Every form of social or cultural discrimination in fundamental personal rights on the grounds of sex, race, color, social conditions, language, or religion must be curbed and eradicated as incompatible with God’s design’

The above statement is as woke and as DIE [Diversity Equity and Inclusion] as one can get. Absent the talk concerning a mythical Jewish god, the above statement could easily be stated by Joe Biden, Alexandria Occasio Cortez, Michelle Obama or Kamala Harris

The above statement does not merely seek to ‘eradicate’ inequalities in opportunity, but also inequalities in outcome[…]
Depopulation and eugenics are a path, eventually, to all humans having prosperous and peaceful social conditions

It is Christian axiology that renders so much of Western Society so crime-ridden and so needlessly miserable. Christianity is a sect of ‘the least of these’, and so it is anti-eugenic i.e. dysgenic[…]
An absolute equality in social conditions? That is madness. That is Bolshevism. And the funny thing is that the above statement[…]was written in 1992 by the ‘conservatives’ Ratzinger—later Benedict XVI—Schönborn and Saint John Paul II. One of the reasons why I converted to traditionalist Catholicism is because I quickly found out that there was really no such thing as conservative post-conciliar Catholicism. They were all sell-outs and lunatics[…]
The virus with shoes that is destroying the planet, and swiftly rendering it uninhabitable is of ‘infinite value’[…]And it is not just humanity in sum that has infinite value, but each individual also! You can’t get depopulation done with beliefs like that![…]Christian axiology—which carries over into many forms of atheism—is the number one existential threat that humanity faces

Various Incels #psycho #sexist incels.is

[Serious] I might have accidentally hurt a female today

Was at the grocery store and pulling a shopping cart from the front. On the end there was a old roastie pulling a cart off the same row but the opposite end. Anyway my cart was stuck to the next cart as often happens so I gave it a real good tug and heard the roastie go “OW!” I think it pinched her finger or something when I pulled on the cart. I completely no sold it. Didn’t look at her and certainly didn’t white knight and he like omg roastie are you ok?:soy: Feels good man.

(Subhuman Orangutan)
Remove any feelings of remorse for toilets. I only wish you hit that bitch harder with your shopping cart.


”Thugmaxxed, how old she was?”

Old bro.

I helped a really old woman like 90yo to climb the stairs because she barely walked. I didn't feel like a simp but thoughts that she wouldn't even spit on me in her younger days did cross my mind. I stopped helping anyone who can help themselves and I stopped listening to anyone who is not willing to listen me.

GameDevCel #sexist #conspiracy #psycho incels.net

foids created a police state in order to subjugate man, and create an caste system based on looks

we literraly have an caste system of truecels,incels,normies,chadlites and chads , and normally man would control foids with force, but you if you try do that you are arrested, we literraly have no freedoms in order to give foids "equality" which is a load of ѕhit because they can do whatever they want with us meanwhile we are arrested for even looking at their direction, man who are worse looking are literraly being harrased by the state daily meanwhile good looking man can do whatever they want

Holden (aka caamib) #sexist #psycho cwckiforums.com

[previous poster]"So if I'm hearing you right, if a woman tried to leave you, you would try to harm her so that she wouldn't. If she still managed to leave you after that you would try to make her suffer a fate worse than death?"

You're not hearing me right. I'd make sure she's destroyed the moment she tries to leave me. Before we'd even start dating I'd make her do a porn with a horse or a dog, I'd have all her credit card numbers, I'd know all about her tiniest details.

It sucks, but no other way to keep a modern woman. However, that's just another hypothetical scenario. They're not capable for relationships anyway.

Elizabeth Nickson #wingnut #sexist #racist #conspiracy

I got sucked into The Morning Show on Apple TV, because sometimes I just like to hate-watch. I don’t watch violence anymore or sex, and if anything starts with someone on a toilet, I’m out. This essentially means I watch nothing, except we had a marvellous time with Ted Lasso which made me remember how much I used to love television. Now it’s a wasteland of lizards in skin suits fighting each other.

Or stupid women talking, like the Housewives or even more offensive, The Buccaneers. Edith Wharton’s last book was cast via skin shade dark-to-light, and rewritten in the you-go-Barbie-cheerleading-style, lots of screaming and running around the grass, shrieking and jumping up and down on beds, crossed with loads of resentment about their insane levels of wealth and THE PATRIARCHY. It is both boring and offensive. Hollywood, which is full-on demonic, can cast the great classics of American and English literature with black girls with vocal fry, but we can’t wear corn rows or self-tan, because “appropriation”.
There is no peace in the streets, EVER, your people have started three wars in the last two years. You kill millions of babies and agitate to kill more babies. You’ve demanded so much money for social justice, we are broke ten times over, and risk a Weimar Germany hellscape. Your repulsive politicians have enabled criminal cartels to loot the public purse. We are being invaded by millions of military-aged men on the border, and at the border, hundreds of thousands of women and children are raped and being sold into sex slavery. Women – most women - have zero consciousness of any of this. Almost one hundred thousand children have vanished into the sex trade. But they want the border open because COMPASSION. Never mind the sharp uptick of crime, sooner or later, honey, you are going to want a gun and a man because the world you created - go girl – is so dangerous.


turbosperg #dunning-kruger #psycho #sexist incels.is

RE: 12 year old whore sends 9 year old brother to meet god


This is how much foids hate incels.

Yup, once foids hits puberty the mere sight of them sets them off, feel bad for any incels with older sisters, they probably beat the shit out of them


This is what happened:

1. The foid hit puberty.
2. Her hormones tell her brain to seek Chad's sperm to impregnate her.
3. Her hormones make her extremely disgusted of sub-Chad males, whose sperm threaten her drive to be impregnated by Chad. (if the roastie gets impregnated by a subhuman, it becomes less likely she will later score a Chad).
4. Foids feels the impulse to seek Chad and eliminate sub-Chad males from her vicinity.
5. Foid has poor impulse control due to being raised as an entitled princess.
6. Foid has incorporated all the cultural memes about males being worthless and disposable.
7. One night, when ovulating, her hormones are especially out of whack. She feels an irresistible urge to seek Chad and avoid sub-Chad males.
8. Foid has no option of moving out of the house, her strong drive to avoid of sub-Chad genes in her vicinity takes the form of murder.

Obviously, soyciety will say this is all the fault of incels. But we know better.

Edmund_Kemper #sexist #crackpot incels.is

[SuicideFuel] this is what the future will be like. WARNING: SUIFUEL ENDMANKINDFUEL

*sub10 law will exist and even 9/10 chads will be incel
*saying hello to a woman will become illegal (unless you're gigachad)
*women will be allowed to be naked in public and if you even look you're a registered sex offender and given the death penalty
*accusing someone of rape will be enough proof to convict them and castrate them in public
*all politicians will be foids
*all bathrooms will be unisex and men and women will share the bathrooms together (people are now actually advocating for this i shit you not)
*the age of consent will be raised to 21 so will the age of majority and marriage age and porn age and predator hunters will confront men who fuck 18-20 year olds and they will be castrated in public
*freedom of speech will be gone
*the word "female" will be illegal

Matt Forney #sexist gab.ai

Women who support gay rights but refuse to have anal sex are the weakest race.What do you think your gay besties are doing behind closed doors, honey? Holding hands while humming "It's Raining Men?"

Andrew Anglin #sexist #crackpot #racist #conspiracy dailystormer.name

[From “On the Deeply Personal Nature of My Agenda to Abolish the Age of Consent”]

The Jews put gigantic pictures of nearly nude women everywhere

They flood the entire internet with porno to the point that the average age for first seeing a hardcore porno is now nine (9)

Then they declare that[…]you will go to prison for hiring a hooker[…]
I’m not “pro-hooker,” necessarily

I’m anti-fornication[…]
Outlawing prostitution is a part of the agenda to spread sexual promiscuity throughout society

Both Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Augustine said this would happen if the government attempted to regulate hookers[…]
(From this, you can extrapolate that all state regulations on heterosexual sex are wrong[…])
Before the government regulation, women had one basic choice: “hooker or wife?”[…]
When they wiped out “hooker,” they wiped out the decision between the two. It’s not a coincidence that the countries that still have strong marriages – Moslem, Asian, and some Latin American ones – still have legal but discreet prostitution[…]
Jews used to run prostitutes, because they were just involved in every slimy thing[…]Now, Jews do porno – which literally is prostitution with a camera – while outlawing standard prostitution

Jews were at the forefront of feminism, pushing everything related to that agenda[…]
An age of consent on prostitution would be appropriate, because it’s a drastic decision for a girl to make. Marriage, however, is not a drastic decision, and it is traditionally made in consultation with the girl’s father[…]
I advocate lowering the age of consent primarily as a hymen protectionism measure[…]There is no reason these bitches should be in school[…]the younger she is the more able she is to acknowledge the husband as the new father[…]
The part about abolishing the age of consent being a deeply personal issue for me is a joke (it’s very funny), but the larger point is not a joke at all: the age of consent is an attack on the family

Edmund_Kemper #ableist #psycho #sexist incels.is

Venting In defense of suicide: why suicide sometimes can be the answer.

Normies always like to say suicide is never the answer and that it gets better. It doesn't always get matter. They seriously think that for every MF it actually gets better! Gwahahahaha! pathetic fools!

Some people struggled to persevere. They tried their best, and things never got better. So they roped. Many times I would hope it'd get better, but it wouldn't. For example, I posted days ago about a 50 year old virgin with social anxiety disorder who never could find anyone because he had social anxiety disorder (a death sentence if you're sub8). He had zero chance of finding someone because of it, so there was no point in trying. Even if he found someone, he'd still feel depressed because he never got to do it when he was younger like over 99% of the population. He tried but never succeeded. And being a virgin at 50 would be a huge red flag to women (and even men for that matter). He decided he gave up on life and he said he would've killed himself a long time ago if it wasn't for false hope.

Suicide is labeled as selfish. Actually, forcing a person to continue suffering just so you can stay happy is actually selfish. I cannot think of anything more evil and inhumane than to force a person who is suffering to continue when they won't get better. If this 50 year old man really is suffering and has zero chance of getting better, let him end his life. It's over for him. He fucked up his life. Let him end it. I don't care about "what about your family?". You and others probably didn't help him until he threatened to rope anyways.

People say "my body my choice" for abortion but not for suicide. Well guess what? My body my choice. If i wanna rope, i can rope if i want. I get that death is horrifying, but if they're really suffering and it won't get better, let them go.People eventually move on. If you can't handle the mourning then just commit suicide yourself, too. It isn't such a big fuckin deal.

Anders Breivik #sexist sites.google.com

In my compendium I have written a great deal about the deconstruction or absence of moral stands in Norway after 1968. That's a big problem, but I can't elaborate on it at this moment. The problem is that today we have ideals in Norway that are harmful for Norway, that will cause us great harm in our future. STDs and the sexual revolution are not analysed well enough. And that caused great problems in Norway and Europe.

The ideal is to have sex with as many strangers as possible. Rather than to idealize the nuclear family, that was the emphasis in Europe until the mid sixties, we focus on dissolving the nuclear family with all the problems it brings with it. For example the ideals of "Sex in the city", where Samantha and Carrie have sex with over one hundred men during the course of 100, 200 episodes of the series. It is these ideals that are presented to our sisters and daughters today. This is a sickness. These sick ideals must be censored and kept away from our society.

Now I'll get to the neglect of our duty towards our families and our nation. People receive education, they travel, they are 35 before they decide on having children. That is not a sustainable development. Women should start having children in their twenties. Our birth rate lies below the necessary minimum. I will not elaborate further on that.

goydivision #psycho #sexist #ableist incels.is

[Experiment] Amputee fetish, or "acrotomophilia", and why it is the most refined of all fetishes

Of course I am only talking about quad amputees.

A woman without arms or legs is an ideal girl. It is easy to make her your bitch. Best of all, she cannot resist. She has no arms to claw you with. She has no legs to run away from you. She can scream, yes, but she cannot run or fight back. It is easy to make her your bitch.

An amputee bitch is completely reliant on you. She needs you to feed her, clean her, clothe her. Without you, she will rot and die. This also adds an added degree of power, from you, the guy, over the girl. It makes her obedient, because she knows that you can just leave her there to rot, and she can't take care of herself.

Of course, this is only for quad amputees. I feel nothing but disgust for those who aren't cute little nuggets.

David J. Stewart #fundie #sexist #psycho jesus-is-savior.com

I truly enjoy listening to the book of Revelation, particularly chapter 18 about the utter doom of Babylon (which is very clearly the United States). I think there will be a nuclear attack in the future, and America in one hour will be made desolate. We deserve what we get! Legalized queer marriages? Legalizing child-murder by abortion? Legalized smut, nakedness and indecency? Legalized screwing of the public by greedy businesses? Thug lawyers are tools used by ungodly people to hurt other people. We live in an insane society, where women dress like sluts, but then insanely expect men to respect them! I am 100% against harassment of any kind, but I am also 100% against women having “a right” to walk around promiscuous and lewd. They belong in prison!

If I were made a king, with absolute control over American society, I'd rip the flesh with a whip from the back of any woman who wore whorish attire! It would be a done deal. The Holy Bible says God will appoint us as rulers, to reign with Christ during the Millennium. In my city, women WILL wear proper modest attire, or you will beg for mercy when I finish with you! I am sick and tired of sluts and whores, who are contemptible compared to female dogs, walking around dressed provocatively in public, while the crazy law is waiting to put men into prison for life who as much as touch them. That is evil beyond words! That is nothing less than setting a trap for men! Men are aroused BY SIGHT (Matthew 5:28), and the Devil knows that! Argue as you may, the crime statistics PROVE my point. America is awash in sexual crimes nowadays, because women don't believe in modesty anymore. Sadly, being a whore in behavior and appearance is woefully promoted by the music video industry, magazines, fashion designers, television and Hollywood!!! Hell will be hot enough! The average country music video today is a scantily clad, slut-filled, short porno film! God damn America! I would NEVER ask for God to bless this cesspool of iniquity!

Irredeemable Monster Award

Content warning: advocacy of child rape

Leucosticte and Zesto #psycho #sexist #racist rgif.is

[From "[Rapefuel] Don't forget, there's such a thing as second-chance adoptions"]

OP of the thread by Leucosticte:

You can adopt a 10-year-old girl and not have to wait as long for her to hit puberty. When Families Un-Adopt a Child - The Atlantic - Pocket

Sadly, a lot of them are niglets instead of cute white forbiddens:

Comment by Zesto:

Idk we have a fucked up system in this country.

What's the difference between that and foster children?

Seems like a better deal with the foster kids, the government pays you plus they get raped all the time.

Especially by the government.

Various Commenters #psycho #racist #sexist amren.com

RE: Indian Muslim Women Offered for Sale in ‘Auction’

Diversity doesn't work in India, either.

(Fed Up)
I can't stop laughing. This article is totally hilarious.

I wouldn't give a counterfeit penny for any Indian female, whether Muslim or not. I swear they were bred for ugliness.

(Francis Galton)
Among world religions, Islam is in a category of its own with regard to intolerance, hate, and violence directed towards non-Muslims. Therefore, I have a very hard time working up any sympathy for Muslims who find themselves targets of harassment or persecution. A person's religion is not even an immutable characteristic like race. If these people don't like being persecuted for their ignoble ideology, disavow it, or move to a Muslim majority country.

A map showing levels of racism around the globe had western nations scoring the lowest (no surprise there). The Middle East, Far East - even Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa - had higher rates. But the nation with the highest percentage of citizens who expressed racist views was India. Given that India has been a multi-ethnic society since forever, it doesn't bode well for our own multicult future.

Various Incels #sexist #racist #psycho incels.is

RE: [LifeFuel] Based niggers throws black foid into the dumpster



So a group of Black Men threw this Black girl in a dumpster last night as they all laughed and recorded her

HAHAHAHAHA The look on her face at the end.


That's all she's thinking about. She's not thinking about hoe embarrassed she looks online because she's still getting the attention and knows one simp is watching that and will find out where she lives and go "I'll fuck her." and she will fuck her troubles away.

This won't change anything about her.


This is what happens to worthless cunts, based, no simping


She looks so happy to be in her rightful place :)


to where she belongs. turns out niggers can get rid of the trash they leave behind.


jfl white mayo fags need to get on nigger levels

Cumskins are too soy and beta for that.

they are submissive faggots but love to hate on blacks while sitting infront of a screen, watching bulls breeding their white wives


Now it’s battle of “who’s most oppressed”. Will niggers defend their own men, or rush to their gross women?

Whites are restrained by Jews. Some of them do shit like the guy who shot up antifa in New Mexico when they tried taking down the conquistador statue.

Blacks can do what they want because the media won’t kill them and then push the narrative they’re all bad. If a white does anything the media will just racebait and the pushback against whites will be worse.

i get that, but shouldn't whites run numbers game at this point?
i just know that enough white people dislike blacks in burgerland. rise up you pussies.

Not really. Jews really do have control of white westerners. If a race war were to happen it would be whites killing whites.


Blacks living up to the stereotypes.
Should have shipped them back to the Black Continent after the abolition.
Unfortunately (((they))) killed Lincoln before he was able to do that.

And other whites were sold the lie that, given enough time, they would integrate to the western culture and become civilized.
We can clearly see now that it will never happen.

various commenters #wingnut #racist #sexist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
There are some old guys on Gab right now that are so desperate to sleep with young Asian women that they're willing to support those young Asian women when they stir up infighting between pro-Whites.

And then those desperate old guys actually carryout attacks on their fellow pro-White brothers and sisters, in defense of these non-white Asians who are stirring up fighting between White people.

It's times like this that I'm sincerely glad the pro-White community doesn't have any real power or influence. Our movement would be completely doomed if it was more recognized by the outside world right now.

( @PrincessKrav )
@Nature_and_Race its infuriating. It truly is. I was shocked the first time I saw it on Gab, older guys saying all western White women are awful and that if White guys want good "obedient" (HAH) wives, they need to look to the Asian countries. BULL. Dont call yourself pro-White and say that, please.

( @NordicWolf )
@PrincessKrav @Nature_and_Race
I'm pretty sure Asian women don't even have the capacity to love.
Referring mainly to Chinese. Japanese and Korean seem quite different but Chinese are mixed of many of the original east Asian sub clads and not actually pure in their own race.
Seldom does good ever come of race mixing, even among similar races.

( @jh182244 )
@Nature_and_Race my son calls asian women, fish face.

( @ToyotaZZchad )
@jh182244 @Nature_and_Race based lmao. Now you just got to teach him to throw fish at Asian women.

( @234jjj )
@Nature_and_Race I will never be glad we aren't a White run country. Regardless of our differences/disagreements. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

( @kungpowkitty )
@Nature_and_Race muh passport bros.
Filthy miscegenation

( @GSauce111 )
@Nature_and_Race I agree with you to an extent. I would always choose a White woman over anything…..BUT, when 90% of the White dating pool is completely unobtainable, demoralized, etc, I can’t really blame some older dude going after an Asian who treats him well. I’d rather see him be happy with his life than be bitter, angry and suicidal because all of the White women he comes into contact with are brainwashed, entitled, narcissistic c*nts. 🤷‍♂️

RetroSpriteResources #sexist forum.deviantart.com

So about two dozen women jumped on me because I'm pro-life and won't stop threatening me, cursing me out and spamming my page.

They have threatened to shove a cactus up my ass, cut off my dick and balls, force me to drink their period blood and much more.

On top of that, they have been accusing me of being a rapist, saying that I abuse my wife and even accused me of wanting to sexually abuse an anime girl because I uploaded a picture of her in a bikini in a parody journal.

They've also been sexually harassing me because they THINK they can get away with sexual harassment because they're female. They've been asking me for sex in a sarcastic, taunting way, they've been discussing what my penis tastes like and one even said she fapped to the idea of me getting raped by body builders.

They've been recruiting new women to harass me by the day by spamming a photoshopped comment where I say that I want rape to be legalized. They made me lose a great friend this way and made an alternate account making fun of me, as well as offensive memes with an ugly drawing of my face.

Please, I don't want rape to be legalized and I don't hate women. I'm only pro-life, is that really so bad? Do I really deserve all this abuse just because I don't support the mass slaughter of babies? People didn't treat the World War 2 vets this way after they stopped the Nazis from mass slaughtering the Jews.

These women are nothing but a bunch of disgusting sluts. You wanna know what I really said about legalized rape? I said that it should be legal to rape sluts because it's their fault rape is a problem to begin with. But I don't think that rape should be legal unless it's against your spouse or a slut.

Please, ban all these women!

TheLegendOfBentCock #sexist incels.is

Can you be too alpha?

From all my approaching, most femoids don't wanna know.

I feel like I am too alpha for them. I tell them straight "You look good" or "I like you're legs" and I think they can tell that they won't have a hope in hell of manipulating or influencing me at all.

I honestly feel like I am too alpha for them.

I'm just not cucked. It's my terms or none.

Henry Makow PhD #sexist #racist #wingnut #conspiracy henrymakow.com

The movie "War Games" (1983) illustrates how the Illuminati undermined heterosexuals in 39 short years.

In the movie, Matthew Broderick is a computer whiz who accidentally starts a nuclear countdown and races to avert catastrophe. His girlfriend, played by Ally Sheedy is seen in a complementary role, basically helping, encouraging, and admiring him. He is the leader. But her presence informs, validates, and heightens everything he does. It's as though his actions are dedicated to her.

This is the way heterosexuality works. Woman empowers man by entrusting her power to husband. This is how she loves, i.e. by "trusting," by enlisting as First Mate to his Captain.
But what makes a man love a woman in this way? Her sacrifice. By throwing her lot in with his, he includes her in his circle of self-interest. This is how two people become one.
Cabalist Jews and Freemasons are Satanists. They control by degrading and corrupting. Like termites, they eat away at the supporting columns of society. The family is the red blood cell of a healthy society. It provides us with our roles and identity, as well as necessary emotional and material support. It ensures the young are born, loved, and raised properly, and the aged are taken care of. Our family is our link in the chain of eternity.

They went after the women, who they deemed fickle, vain, and feeble-minded.
Western feminists, you've forfeited your most precious gift for nothing. You're vulgar, a real turn-off. You lack personality, charm, style, substance. You can't love it. You're not even sexy. And soon you won't have youth. You'll have nothing but your job, your dog, and your equally desperate friends.

Western feminists, you've been robbed, betrayed by your society, teachers, and political and cultural leaders; and consequently you've joined their traitorous ranks. You've betrayed your unborn children, your culture, your family and the promise of the future. But worst of all, you've betrayed yourself.

beatles123 #sexist wrestlingforum.com

[in response to a thread showing videos of an incel who got angry that he couldn't get a date who sympathised with mass shooters]

That said, feminism has discouraged a lot of males like this. We're in a society where Betas like this are encouraged in order to "Liberate" female oppression. He needs to learn to go out and TAKE what he wants.

Prussian Society of America #sexist prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Viewing Women In College as Equivalent To Women Who Are Single Mothers"]

It is imperative that Men view Women who are in College as tantamount to Single Mothers, as worthless liabilities who are wasted up and discarded refuse in society

Even once the girl has matriculated into her University Education, she is already sold in and damaged[…]
You would be taking someone on who is a walking “bad deal”, being trained everyday that Men are evil and scum of the earth and being reared to serve Corporate Interests and Agendas

It is like buying a Car that has an oil leak and is a guaranteed money pit and machine that will get run into the ground

When a girl tells you that she is in college, that should immediately be a turn-off in a Man’s mind, and it should also be an immediate indicator that her Father was a pussy and a poor figure in her life, lazy and not attentive because he did not train her in things in life that real matter, namely a Man and raising a family

I have no respect for such fathers or parents in general, and neither should you

Women in general, are bad investments, and they are an investment whether or not you like to view them as that. They are objects, and at most times, there is “nobody at home” in them

The only Women who have actual value are ones who do have somebody at home, but almost none of them are that way, so they are just bodies and baby creation machines

All Women who become college educated become bad at sex and also are mentally sterile human beings[…]
It’s all about ego, and getting paid scholarships, and trying to pursue one’s own selfish ambitions, especially in competition against Men, since most Women who enter College already hate Men to begin with anyway

Men should make no hesitation also, in letting a girl who is in college know how unattractive she has become[…]
Women should be shamed for attending University, even if their parents forced them

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( @Nature_and_Race )
In an ideal world, race-mixing (including self-indulgent recreational sex) would be viewed as treason against your own people, and thus would result in the death penalty.

However, we don't live in an ideal world. Not even close.

@Nature_and_Race Wahmen are retarded and mudsharks get the rope.

( @Weiss_Drache )
@Nature_and_Race As far as I'm concerned you can have all the "recreational sex" you want as long as it's with a White person and your intention is to eventually have children.

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@Nature_and_Race It's an act against nature.

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@Nature_and_Race why are niggers so hyper violent and faggots so hyper sexual? Like what’s up with that? Mudsharks really are disgusting. There are hardly any men who fuck black chicks as they are little all disgusting. Niggers are hideous

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@ObersturmbannFuhrer88 @Nature_and_Race All faggots are pedos. Niggers are just plain stupid, like wild animals.

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@Nature_and_Race This is where I will disagree with you.

Death for something like that is asinine, unless it was a "conspiracy" Intention.

Best case is to ostracize them completely from the people. If you choose to race mix (depending on your circumstance of mutt status) you willfully choose an alternative culture then you should be with that culture. You choose differently, you must LIVE with that choice literally.

50 states, You telling me between all the purist of whites, blacks, etc etc all segregated up and then sub segregated groups of mixed races (based on culture identity). If you are a white boy who mixes with the opposite race, you and that race now must live in a different community.

( @Rabbi_Spacelaser )
@Nature_and_Race In an ideal world there would be no niggers

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Should autistic men be put down like dogs in order to spare them from a lifetime of misery?

I personally voted yes. Autism has made my inceldom unquestionably worse.

Yes Votes: 17 70.8%
No, it’s to inhumane. Votes: 7 29.2%


I'm kinda glad ER went ER on his ricecel roommates. HE WAS JUST PUTTING THEM OUT OF THEIR MISERY

Didn’t think about that. High IQ post.

When you reach a certain level of blackpill these things are just intuitive, they certainly were for ER

No, they deserve a chance to become legends like Adam Lanza

No, it’s women causing problems for autistic men so just take away women’s rights and problem solved.

Why stop at men?

Putting down subhumans in general should be mandatory