I'm not saying it's aliens, but... ALIENS!

Cecilia Fenn #magick #ufo #quack eraoflight.com

As we enter Cancer Season and head towards the Lions Gate, there is so much happening on the Galactic levels. The Royal Star Lions have become much more active and are teaching us the “skills” of Galactic Navigation that we will need for the Lions Gate, where we will make a massive “leap” forward.

Star Navigation is an ancient skill where the Shaman, or Priestess/Priest would hold a specific consciousness to guide the Earth’s path in a certain direction. At the Lions Gate we are called to hold our Consciousness at a high frequency so that we can guide the Earth into a higher frequency at her next cycle. Together we are creating a Grid of Light that will lift Consciousness on the Earth through the Gate and into the next cycle of Creation and Manifestation.
As we prepare for this transit, we are also experiencing the physical effects of this alignment into our role as Star Navigators. There is what Archangel Michael calls a “triangulation” going on between the Galactic Center and the Pineal and Pituitary Glands, and between the Pituitary and Pineal and the Thymus Gland (High Heart). This creates an etheric octahedron which functions in the navigation process.

This powerful process has created physical symptoms of clearing and expansion in the Head/Sinus and Ears. Especially the ears, since as you may know the “Galactic Antenna” are in the Inner Ears in a bone structure that looks like the Galactic spiral. You may be experiencing blocked ears or intense ringing in the ears, or blocked sinuses as these parts of the body are cleared and aligned.
The Sirian Star Teachers taught that the Earth was like a boat, which they called the “Boat of Millions of Years” that traversed the Cosmos. The Gods/Neters were the Navigators. Now, in the New Earth, we have become the Navigators as we assume responsibility for our course!

So, this is a time to be awake and aware and to focus on holding balance so that the “boat” can move smoothly on the flow and not pitching up and down and making us dizzy!

Jerry Derecha/Adrenogate #crackpot #ufo #conspiracy #wingnut adrenogate.net

Divergent is absolutely right that the “classic” and most widely used Flat Earth map that we see circulating in the F.E. community is DEAD wrong and blatant cointelpro disinformation. Jake the Asshole is another one who points this out. However, I still think that the “Crater Earth” model that Godgevlamste came up with is more likely to be the correct model than the Vibes of Cosmos one that Divergent is showing you above. In my experience I’ve found much more evidence supporting the Sulpicius Gallus M theory which postulates that we live in a tiny crater on a much MUCH larger land mass than Vibes of Cosmos suggests. We’re talking thousands of times bigger instead of just 3 or 4 times as big as “conventional” Earth.

You can see the Sulpicius Gallus M symbolism embedded all over the place and in plain sight. That’s how how the faggots who run this place roll. Start looking out for it yourself and I guarantee you will begin to see the symbol of the crater with the little notch in the corner of it EVERYWHERE(e.g. architecture, logos, Hollywood films, city layouts, hand gestures). They purposefully cram these things right in our faces as a way to both mock us and in order to abide by some semblance of Natural Law in an attempt to cover their asses when the consciousness Creator God asks them to explain themselves and what they’ve been doing to the poor souls trapped in this holographic matrix hell.

ATON CREATOR GOD OF LIGHT via Anne Bellringer #ufo #magick #crackpot #conspiracy fourwinds10.com

You have read the many messages that I have given Anne to pen, but this one is a most important one for you to consider and and take to heart, When I say the Lighted Realms have waited, I shall add that the planets in this Apsu System have waited eons of time for this moment. Not only that, but there are civilizations on all other plants in 5th dimension and higher, for all other planets in you Apsu System have graduated long ago.
You just remember that ALL 3D life is wiped OFF her surface. They have mined-controlled Earth Shan and prevented her turning with their advanced technology! That has been removed so Mother Earth is now ready to turn. She is rocking back and forth, but needs a thrust to actually turn.

It is NOT a miracle, but scientifically correct information when I say that the alignment of the planets creates the gravitational force that gives the last thrust to Mother Earth to flip on her axis! All the Apsu Planets and all of Cosmos is now singing the Celestial Song (etherically), and when it reaches a crescendo, Earth flips.
Just before turning over to a higher dimension (frequency) the great chord shall be struck and all memory shall return to all souled ones. They shall realize who they are, and have a chance to come to safety by stepping into our beam of light to be lifted off to safety, just like in Star Trek. Remember, the dark ones have TOLD you what they plan to do by all those “far out” movies you have watched!

Lastly, your life on Earth is your soul taking on a fleshy envelope for soul growth! Life on Earth is an illusion. The Satanian Empire has made you think otherwise, and that your life on Earth is the ONLY life you have had! You have been tricked.

I love all that I have created!!! Take heed of my words at this time, and believe what I am telling you! You will not survive on Earth with all the ocean flooding the continents at five miles high! Furthermore, your 3D body CANNOT survive in a higher Dimension!

William Henry #magick #ufo #conspiracy #quack williamhenry.net

Can you imagine replacing your skin with a superskin, a translucent ‘robe of light’, composed of digital technology that shines or is illuminated in rainbow colors?

Can you imagine revealing a rainbow light body from deep within yourself?
The transformation or transcendence of humanity has long been prophesied, especially by Christianity. Most people in the world are not aware of recent advances or what is to come. Explosive change has occurred. Massive change is ahead. The book title is a word play on ‘Singularity’, when the machines we are making become artificially intelligent, totally aware and take over. It is the ‘elephant in the room’ few are presently talking about, but everyone soon will be discussing.
As William sees it, two ‘elephants of transcendence’ are now before us. One grey. One pink.

Grey. We will enmesh a spectrum of inorganic digital technology in our skin (and everything else) and entangle (some say enslave) ourselves further in a ‘smart’ synthetic brain (or invisible prison) that clouds our home planet’s atmosphere with technology and eliminates Free Will. The world’s largest corporations are developing this technology. Millions have signed on. Incomprehensible benefits and challenges await. Trillions of dollars are at stake.

Pink. We will remain natural or organic beings and spiritually craft a rainbow light body that insures our freedom, and also leads to a post biological future in a consciousness of heightened awareness in which humans transform the earth into a planet of light and love. Before you say, ‘yeah right’, one should realize that millions of people who practice yoga, meditate, visualize and study methods of ascension are on this path. Their ascension can save our world.

Grey or pink? We each can only make one choice. Doing nothing is not possible for reasons that will be explained.

Planet Kabiru via Erena Velazquez #magick #ufo #conspiracy #crackpot voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

We are children from the planet Kabiru, and we are here to introduce ourselves to humankind. Only children can live here, we study, play and develop skills in area, we desire. We live in 8 dimensional reality, and we enjoy every second of it.

We have been studying the hidden history about Earth, and we are very surprised about the facts that each time your civilization reached the high dimensional reality, you got reversed into a low vibrational one. Your existence is very sad. We can’t understand that you allow being killed, manipulated and being abused. It’s very hard for us to comprehend this type of behavior especially where your children are sacrificed by cults or get abused. We wish for you to evolve again and become a happy planet.

Kabiru is a paradise for kids, who want to interact with each other as children, learn about the Cosmos and eventually become great adults, who can help others to live in peace and balance. This is only possible in high dimensions, where the civilizations are evolved and serve for the good of others.
The planet is full of special rooms specifically designed for our unique needs. Most of us are very bright and quick learners, that is very common in our reality. We get guided by our own consciousness, which is limitless. We can learn and do anything, what we have a desire without any limits. Nobody controls us or tells us, how to behave, as we naturally know how. We follow unique recommendations from our advisers, who give the best plan for each child. We learn from early age to be independent.

Your reality is very challenging and hard, and everyone forgot to follow your heart. We realize that, It will takes some time to reverse 3D to a higher dimensional society. You have some many things wrong on Earth like weather manipulation, control issues from authorities, archaic technologies and etc. We are just children, and we know, that you need to find your paradise.

Niburu Update #ufo #conspiracy #crackpot nibiruupdate.com

Is Nibiru real? Does it take Nibiru 3,607 years to complete one orbital journey? As you can imagine, the gravitational effects of a sizable planet moving close to the inner solar system would spell big trouble for planet Earth. Earth has been acting up lately with an increase in earthquakes, volcanoes, global warming (oops..I meant “climate change”), blending of seasons, and more. Open your mind a little and stop believing everything our so called scientists and NASA folks have to say. Every week NASA seems to have learned something new that was unthinkable.
The existence of Neptune, however, was not able to totally explain Uranus’s orbital disturbances. Neptune showed movement away from its predicted orbit, as well. The search for Planet X continued.

7,207 years ago, during the cataclysm known as “Noah’s flood“, “sudden changes in temperature, violent storms and water avalanches from Antarctica broke off from their ‘ice prison’ Dr. John T. Hollin at Maine University (U.S.A.) considers that large pieces periodically came out of the Antarctic ice field creating a huge tide” (Zecharia Sitchin, The Twelfth Planet).

3,607 years ago, during the Jews’ Exodus from Egypt in the middle of the second millennium B.C., the Earth suffered big cataclysms. “A celestial body that recently entered our solar system – a new comet – came very close to Earth causing the eventual disappearance of the glacier layer“ (Immanuel Velikovsky, “Worlds in Collision“).

From our research, we think Nibiru will appear in December and pass over at the end of April. What year? We already guessed 2015 (obviously wrong). So maybe 2026-2027? We have no clue.

After the Passover of Nibiru/Pole-shift, we think volcanic dust gloom will last up to 40 years. 3607 years ago, Moses reported 40 years where he wandered just east of the volcanoes in the Mediterranean.

Etienne Charland the Emergence Guardian #crackpot #homophobia #magick #ufo #conspiracy #mammon spiritualselftransformation.com

For the past few days, I’ve been doing very major clearings around LGBTQ+ and Dark Sophia. LGBTQ+ is a breeding pit of Succubus/Incubus demons, I found a Dark Queen deep down the Succubus pit, cleared it, then the monks washed the pit with their water. The pit is completely gone. This massive clearing creates a vacuum.

Fatherhood is the polar opposite of LGBTQ+ and Dark Sophia, and thus, is the perfect angle to restructure the vacuum.

I call for everyone to focus on restoring and cleansing fatherhood, particularly in the USA, Mexico and Europe, during the next few days.

On a separate note, shapeshifters have been very active the past few days. I just found a very impressive shapeshifter stronghold with giant stone golem, mounted black knights, mages and all kinds of other medieval-type units. They were organizing for their next wave of attack.

These were very powerful, I haven’t seen those mounted black knights around here yet. At least 5 of them can handle a small planet like ours on their own. They can turn the entire planet black with a single blast.

I cleared the entire stronghold, and we need to make sure those knights and warlords are completely gone. We may need to track them. They were planning to attack in about 3 days. Now their attack flopped but let’s be pro-active on this one.

One way that shapeshifters attack is by giving you stuff. This pattern happened to several people. They start giving heavily-corrupted stones or jewelry to you and people around you, leaving their stuff in your home, cluttering your space with backdoors. Then they infiltrate and attack once you’re weakened enough. They take the time to plan their attacks.
Then, I just saw that my mother and sister have been taken out and replaced by shapeshifters. Unfortunately. There really isn’t much I can do here.

The losses are sour, but we’re moving forward stronger than ever. There is still a long road ahead! Let’s start with Fatherhood.
<money beg for prayer team Buddhist monks again here>

Tom (Montalk) #magick #ufo #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #crackpot montalk.net

We see this element in the story of Adam and Eve, the Lucifer Rebellion and fallen angels, what Orfeo Angelucci was told regarding members of a meta-civilization that fell into 3D Earth incarnation, the Matrix Trilogy where humanity was imprisoned into a simulated reality, or Dorothy falling along with her house into the Land of Oz.
In other words, it speaks of our disconnection from Spirit and the acquisition of lower ego or lower intellect, which is our internal uplink to the Corrupt Demiurge. It symbolizes the grafting upon our pure souls of what Castaneda calls “the Predator.” This event was our insertion into the Matrix energy farm.

Stated in terms of the Cassiopaean paradigm, our primordial 3D STO human soul matrix naïvely elected to incarnate into a 3D STS gene pool prepared by 4D STS genetic engineers. Together with clarifications made by Boris Mouravieff, the picture revealed is that we were once simple beings without ego or intellect, but who had some of our higher faculties intact and were in full harmony with the Logos. After the Fall, our higher faculties were disconnected and we developed lower ego and lower intellect. Through the latter we would achieve the possibility of wisdom and discernment, though also the possibility of propagating evil. Once discernment reaches sufficient perfection, the optimal outcome is that our higher faculties also return, allowing the development of the higher intellect and thus co-equal existence with the “gods.”
It all points to our physical reality being one grand machine involving Earth, Sun, Galactic Center, Etheric Tide, collective consciousness, and high demiurgic technologies interacting to determine the particular timeline or state of reality we experience.
Reality, the ultimate oxymoron, is not simply a deterministic assemblage of matter and energy, but a perennially mutable product of intelligent creation. The World Dream is a fractal mosaic reflecting hyperdimensional archetypes and events.

Ismael Perez/James Rink #ufo #magick #crackpot #conspiracy supersoldiertalk.com

Ismael Perez was recruited as an ultra-elite Super Soldier in the secret space program by an off-world group known as the Central race that comes from the future, a.k.a. wing makers, according to the ACIO. He then served about 60 years in the 5th core of Radiant Guardians to fight in the multiverse war against the evil A.I. The radiant guardians work with higher dimensional beings—beyond the Galactic Federation.

During this time, he helped liberate galaxies in the cosmic sector of Enzra, that consist of 100,000 universes. Our local universe is number 84 our constellation is number 70 and our system in which our planet earth is located is system number 24 comprised of 52 local star clusters. Within that cluster we are known as planetary 606.

He now serves as a Cosmic Ambassador representing an intergalactic alliance known as “The Covenant of Palaidor.” This is a cosmic treaty that was initiated by the forces of light in the higher dimensions to protect, and guard the Earth from the Draco forces, and the A. I. There is a collective known as the Animus that The Guardian Alliance has been battling for over a million years, and Ismael was a warrior in many lifetimes as recalled from his many past lives.

The majority of the starseeds that have volunteered for the call to rescue this planet, including Ismael; have been selected to come here and help. Ismael is one of the inner council members who is here to bring forth the next level of cosmic disclosure that will restore our planet back to its original glory in fulfillment of the galactic prophecies. The information that he has to bring forth has never been heard of before on this planet.

He is also a galactic historian. He’s tapped into several of his past lives, and is also the writer of the book “Our Cosmic Origin.” This book reveals the true galactic roots of humanity, the organization of the cosmos, and Earths relationship to the multiverse.

Cobra/The Portal #ufo #magick #conspiracy #crackpot 2012portal.blogspot.com

There are massive, tectonic changes happening behind the scenes, and not much about that can be reported for tactical reasons. Therefore the posts on this blog are a little bit less frequent.

In the last few weeks, there have been huge victories against the Chimera fleet. There are two subfactions of the Chimera, the first one called the Orion subfaction and the second one the Andromeda subfaction. The Orion subfaction is mostly located in underground bases and is being wiped out. The Andromeda subfaction has infiltrated the surface population in the last few years as they realized their final defeat is near, and they will be a little more difficult to clear, as they are using humanity as a living shield.

The Light Forces have managed to infiltrate the Chimera chain of command undetected, and are now corroding the Chimera structure from within. Most of the negative scenarios for the planet have collapsed, but there is still one quite improbable, but very dangerous scenario that has yet to be resolved.

The Light Forces have completed the construction of both Dyson spheres, the one around the Sun and the one around the Earth. The Galactic Confederation fleet is thus ready for the arrival of the Solar flash, they just need to liberate the surface of the planet and prepare humanity as well.

Earth's magnetic field is already 25% down in its strength, and strong solar flares that are expected during the coming Solar maximum in the next few years can collapse the Earth magnetic field to the degree necessary for the magnetic excursion, leading to the physical polar shift

Human Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) Headquarters #crackpot #fundie #ufo #magick #sexist #transphobia #homophobia #wingnut #conspiracy humanracesurvivalresistance.wordpress.com

Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and Republic Rebel Alliance battlefront (June 2022). I am attaching photos of their Illuminati NWO New Age Wicca witch pedophile cannibal Satanist Pedogate Pizzagate “White House Pizza Night” LGBTPB (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transvestite Pedophile Bestiality) orgy child sex magick “bisexual Draco chimera” “quadsexual Pleiadian nephilim” “multisexual Mantis” “hermaphrodite Pleiadian fallen angel” spirit cooking ritual nephilim & chimera alien incarnate avatar globalist elites’ UNICEF Ball with all their satanic devilish costumes. The Western feminist nations’ “uncovered women’s heads fallen angel head controlled” religious Christian hordes worship these pedophile cannibal reptilian hybrid people as their gods and idols and mentors and role models and political leaders and heroes. This is why there is something seriously wrong with the heads of these 200 million American religious Christian hordes and other Western feminist nations’ fake Christians. Repent and receive Jesus as Savior, and make straight the way of the Lord! End of transmission
The reptilian hybrid pedophile
cannibal Satanist elite infiltrators inside BitChute are sabotaging the videos exposing the truth, and promoting their own Satanists’ ludicrous ridiculous stupid videos that keep the Western feminist nations’ “Bible redefining women’s head coverings rebelling fallen angel head controlled” religious Christian hordes’ attention on dumb issues. <...> God does not need 200 million American religious Christian hordes who are walking around with naked women’s heads and cross-dressing in men’s trousers to entertain Satan Lucifer and his fallen angels, but God can use one real Christian to banzai charge the devil and his kingdom and destroy it before we leave at the rapture. More the glory to God.

Margaret Doner #crackpot #magick #ufo #conspiracy amazon.com

Merlin’s War: The Battle between the Family of Light and the Family of Dark examines the fact that the history of the human race has been manipulated by a being so clever that we have had no idea he exists. In fact, he has hidden behind Lucifer—but Lucifer is not our devil. Much of what has been told to the human race has been designed to keep the truth at bay. Whose purpose did it serve to keep the human race unaware of its own origins and ignoring huge pieces of obvious evidence because there is no logical explanation for it? It certainly did not serve the human race.

Merlin is thought of by most humans as a simple embodiment of the wizard. Merlin’s War reveals that he is much more; he is a powerful Creator God who is responsible for creating the human template and seeding life on the Earth. Moreover, Dracula is thought of as a fictional vampire, when he is, in fact, the being we call Satan, responsible for creating war and chaos on Earth and in other galaxies. There are two points of view to this story, and in order to be fair author Margaret Doner has agreed to tell both sides.

Merlin’s War posits that it is time for the playing field to be evened out. The Family of Dark has been in control for too long; it’s time for the Family of Light to move beyond the fear that has kept them enslaved.

Tau Tia L Douglass #ufo #magick #conspiracy #crackpot thetruthbehind.tv

"Please sign, by joining together we can change the world

Independence is being Gnostic. Originally, Gnostics simply called themselves, “Knowledge seekers” as Gnosis means Knowledge, the idea being, if Truth is ONE, then all Knowledge Seekers who GENUINELY seek the truth, should eventually end up at the same view, but by their own paths.

Rh Status & Pregnancy

Blood type analyse

I am using the term God and human, to differentiate between the spiritual leaders of old who created modern humans, and humans of today.

O Rh negative – Pure blue blood of the Gods, very rare.

O Rh positive – Mixed, God and human. The most common blood of modern humans.
This is most likely the first humans created by the God/Human mix.

A Rh negative – Mixed, God and human type 1. Very rare.

A Rh positive – Human type 1. Very common.

B Rh negative – Mixed, God and human type 2. Very rare.

B Rh positive – Human type 2. Very common.

AB Rh negative – Mixed, God, Human types 1 and 2. Very rare.

AB Rh positive – Mixed, Human types 1 and 2. Very rare.

All Europeans have some of the blood of the Gods, but the traits show up most in those with Rh negative blood. And just because you have say B positive blood, it does not mean that you don’t have some of the traits, because European type 1 & 2 humans would have done very well to not be mixed with some who did carry the genes, but because the Rh negative genes are recessive more people are born positive. To have pure O Rh negative blood it would mean your ancestors are also O Rh negative, which is why it is so rare, but higher percent of pure blood still survives in certain areas, and in some of the old royal families.

Tau Tia L Douglass

Joshua Free #magick #ufo #dunning-kruger amazon.com

The Original Anunnaki Bible! Discover the secret library of Sumerian cuneiform tablets kept by the oldest Babylonian mystery school of Mesopotamia and preserving the most ancient writings on the planet. The revised and updated 10th Anniversary Commemorative Edition of the Mardukite underground classic available in paperback for the first time!

The Anunnaki Bible of Mesopotamia... Sumerians... Star-Gates of Babylon... The “Ancient Alien Gods”... Igigi “Watchers” of the Judeo-Christian Old Testament scriptures... Religion, mythology and magic of a long-lost forgotten age... all of it preserved and presented in this much anticipated 10th Anniversary revised and updated infinity edition of the complete Mardukite “Anunnaki Bible.”
Nearly a decade since the modern Mardukite inception—and thousands of copies in print—the “Anunnaki Bible” is a revolutionary “New Age” advancement in authentic historical, spiritual and mystical research drawn from a unique unparalleled combination of archaeological findings and esoteric mystical magical traditions. Sumerian, Babylonian, Akkadian, Assyrian, Chaldean, Egyptian, Yezidic, Zoroastrian... and more.

A wellsprings of hidden information and historical research, cuneiform tablet transliterations and translations, and mystical and spiritual experimentation may all be found within the leaves of this new anniversary edition of the underground bestselling classic Mardukite “Anunnaki Bible.”
You will, if you dare, unlock the forgotten and forbidden power of the Anunnaki Babylonian Star-Gates—lore that predates and is a basis of Hebrew Kabbalah mysticism, from which much of the Western Magical Tradition is rooted.

Join thousands of others and take a Self-honest moment in life now, to invest yourself in the path of “true knowledge,” where you may find the empowerment and enlightenment of “true experience” – true Gnosis.

Jerry Derecha/Adrenogate #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #magick adrenogate.net

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: worshipping the image of a long haired Caucasian man nailed up onto an unfolded Saturn Cube with a Babylonian Sun disk halo behind his head, is about as blasphemous as it gets.

I know it’s not easy to let go of him. I was a Christian for most of my life until I started actually doing real and honest research on the matter. I know that these realizations can be a jarring experience and there are many who will choose to simply lie to themselves rather than face reality. I used to love the guy too. I used to love a lot of people and things that I no longer do. That’s life.

This Jesus character is most obviously just another one of the many avatars of the Progenitor of the Demiurge and is very much of this world and not of God. The original Creator God would never need a worldly middle man. Only an imposter would need to continually create avatars over the eons to be worshipped.


I believe that many of the Mesoamerican cultures are in fact older than Sumerian cultures and we can see that the Saturn and Cross symbols were deeply embedded within their mythos as well.

KaRa via Erena Velazquez #ufo #magick #wingnut #conspiracy #crackpot voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

I am KaRa, the Emissary from the Galactic Federation team, and I work directly under Ashtar Command.

Since my last communication, the situation on your planet drastically changed in many areas. Russian people living in [redacted] asked Russia for help, and Putin started a special operation to save civilians and children from [redacted] neofascist battalion. Most of the countries in West and USA have been condemning Russian Federation. They are directly involved in the conflict by sending their army representatives and guns.

The power struggle continues between the Light and Darkness. Humans forgot, when they lived in higher vibrations and were technologically advanced civilization. Your advancement got reversed by the attacks from outworlders. The Star War happened over 500k years ago on Mother Earth.

Humankind became fractured by their own spiritual and technological rise and ego of being superior made them weak and became an easy target from Cosmos. You were in war with Anchors, Reptilians, Orions, Dark Race and others. In the end, you got enslaved, first by outworlders, and now you are controlled by Khazarian Mafia, who puts own people in your governments. Their crimes and monstrosities against humanity are endless and unspeakable.
The planets, even whole Universes and Galaxies ceased to exist, after the civilizations loses their prospective, on how to stay in check with their egos. Your future is in your hands. Please, remember you are multidimensional beings, and you are capable to transform your world into a paradise. Don’t miss the momentum of getting back your planet. I have a faith in all of you that you can do it.

On our end, we are dealing with infestation of Luciferians, who desperately trying to reach your planet with objective to destroy it. Ashtar will tell you more about it in his next message. As right now, I am not allowed to disclose all facts, as we are in the middle of war with them. Please, receive my Love and Strength.

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #fundie #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

Our body is a snapshot of the electromagnetic imprints of the cosmos
At the exact time of our incarnation

Our etheric blueprint is just outside our physical body
It is the energetic architecture which manifests in physical form
You are sustained in this eternal light

We inhabit our mothers womb months before we are actually born
Aborted babies become the food of reptilians

Our world has been dramatically changed to produce ego survival instincts
It has become a predator world

We have the power to change our reality back to paradisical conditions
Humans do not realize their inner light

Religion sells you a false ascension
All Christian Pop Stars are Freemasons charming the masses

Whitney Houston grew up in the Jesuit Phoenix Order of the Illuminati
She was sacrificed but was first given a tribute or Rite of Passage

That is what the Illuminati is all about
The selling of your soul for temporary fame and power

The bodies of celebrities are typically taken over by entities
Whose tattoos reveal who they used to be and are also instruction codes

In the movie The Arrival
The Galactic Federation of Light invades the earth

The arrival has already happened
And the illumanati are the ones on their side
They were the Sons of Amon who were behind the Inquisition

They are also the ones behind modern religion

Revelation 18:21
A mighty angel threw a boulder into the sea and said
With such violence so will the great city of Babylon be thrown down

1 + 8 = 9 and 2 + 1 = 3
9 is an upside down 6
So we have 3 sixes or 666

This refers to the planned tsunami which will be blamed on a meteor
Or maybe just the landslide into the ocean from a volcano

They have gotten the world to believe we live on a round ball
Even though water does not have the physical capacity of convexity

And if gravity was real it would not allow clouds to float in the air

Since it is claimed to have the strength to keep the oceans pushed down on a curved ball
It would surely push down the clouds also!

Fromthefirstorder #crackpot #fundie #ufo #magick #conspiracy saintandrewstwinflame.com


VICTORY TO THE LIGHT – Now the PROCESS of ARRESTING the last HOLD-OUTS ! Taking a bit LONGER than expected. Some have decided to go back to the LIGHT, they will be welcomed as well.



AS – you DO NOT DIE SPIRITUALLY, YOU ARE ETERNAL SOULS, YOU will MOVE back up the DIMENSIONS, This is NOT to be confused with those WHO have been trained or wrongly programmed believing that there is NO GOD or HEAVEN. You will be pure LIGHT BEINGS soon.




MOTHER and FATHER GOD came from ANDROMEDA as the “HOUSE of RA” to be with us and help with ASCENSION for 25 years and HOW BEAUTIFUL is that everyone !



HEAVEN is VERY SUPERNATURAL, YOU WILL LEARN YOU are too! Get ready for your powers.



Betsey Lewis #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy amazon.com

Dinosaurs once dominated the Earth but just imagine if a species of intelligent dinosaur survived and evolved over 200 million years and then went underground to become what human abductees describe as reptilian aliens. That is the hypotheses of B.E. Lewis in her latest book ANCIENT SERPENT GODS. Are Reptilian beings responsible for the disappearance of thousands of people, genetic altering of human DNA, mysterious booms heard worldwide, UFOs entering and existing oceans and why ancient civilizations worldwide worshiped Serpent Gods? Discover what Dulce Base security officer Thomas Castello, Dulce geologist Phil Schneider and CIA Pilot and Area 51 engineer John Lear tried to warn us about the reptilian underground presence and their dark agenda.

This book deals an astounding blow to all our preconceived beliefs about human and dinosaur evolution. Did a species of dinosaurs actually survive an extinction event 65 million years ago, did humans exist with them, and did they possess nuclear warfare millions of years ago as evidence shows? Has Earth always been dominated by an intelligent dinosaur known to ancient civilizations as Serpent Gods? Discover how ancient texts describe nuclear wars, serpent gods and how they mated with human women. Did they genetically create Homo sapiens and other Earth species? Could this be the greatest revelation of all time, the one that has been kept from humanity for eons: Serpent Gods are TERRESTRIAL and have controlled us for eons?

This book will challenge your beliefs on religion, evolution, aliens and UFOs and their agenda for humanity. Are you ready for the shocking truth?

Ramona Lappin #magick #ufo #transphobia #conspiracy #crackpot eraoflight.com

WOW, these are some powerful energies and Activations flowing in, with plenty of C-class and near M-class Solar Flares, following the big M-class CME from yesterday morning, and earlier Schuhmann Resonance whiteout and spikes, as well as solar winds, that have calmed down for now. I have to say it feel so f***** good purging all the AI Grids, black goo and materials fully from our and the planetary vessels, as our Diamond Rainbow Plasma Lightbody and Avatar Self!
I was shown a huge healing of and between the black and white magicians taking place, as party of a massive final purge and clearing of the Black Magic Grids, DISSOLVING and declaring nill and void, ALL REMAINING, SPELLS, COURSES, HEXES, BLACK MAGIC, SORCERY, all that has affected us Starseeds greatly, these also go down our family lines.
We are clearing gender confusion, reversals, inversions and sexual distortions within the Consciousness.

Unification of Androgenous Blueprint within Gender Polarity, ‘balancing of the power of the sexes’ is coming up as a big theme as this is being corrected energetically also within the Grid System, as the new Blueprints and patterns of Perfection of the Eternal Lotus Flower and Three Fold Founder Flame ignite, that further help anchor the Trinity Wave current of the New Diamond Grid.
COSMIC MOTHER, FATHER & CHRISTED ANDROGENOUS CHILD BLUEPRINTS are now coming powerfully online! This is our new Albion Body/ Androgenous Blueprints and Templates. Correcting and healing the false father, mother and wounded child Archetypes, Blueprints and patterns. Also part of the corrections of the reversals, hybridisation traumas, DNA mutations/ lower codings and distorted Polarity currents, taking place.

AMAZING FREQUENCIES!!! Tune into these powerful Bliss, Divine Union/ Love, Edenic/ Paradisian, Ascension, Abundance and Freedom keys and codes, as well as DMT, oxytocin, serotonin, endorphins and dopamine releases, igniting and activating us and The New Eden from deep within!

Paul White Gold Eagle #magick #ufo #crackpot primedisclosure.com

Today is a very special day. As the Super Full Moon in Sagittarius Gateway opens we have a 13:13:13 Portal Activation with KIN 26 WHITE COSMIC WORLDBRIDGER. This is one of the 13 Clear signs of Mayan King Pacal Votan as the Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor of the New Earth is in fruition. With this powerful synchronicity we had two beams of light appearing on the Schumann charts at amplitudes of 44 and 46 hz.

For the next 3 weeks we have a powerhouse of alignments and energies flowing into this realm from on high for our full activations, resurrections, rejuvenations and ascension. We have three powerful Celestial Events for the next 3 Tuesdays in a row with tomorrow being the Intense fiery Super Full Moon in Sagittarius , next Tuesday the Summer Solstice, and Tuesday the 28th being the New Moon. As our DNA continues to receive packets of Light encoded with the New information and codes for the Crystallization Transformation of our 12 Strand DNA of the1 44

One of the best things you can do for yourself and hue-manity is to send loving energy to your physical vessel, your cells, organs, atoms and tissue, transmit loving energy to your emotional , mental, etheric, spiritual and causal bodies and then send that loving energy out into the world. The Power of your Mind when focused on Love is the most powerful tool in the Universe for this Great Awakening and Ascension Process. Direct this healing Pranic Energy within and then expand it out from your Center into the Ends of the Infinite Multiverse.

We are in the final phases of our incubation period as we emerge from our Cosmic Egg, the Chrysalis of Time, as Galactic Christed Butterflies, Angelics of the New Earth. The Sky Eyes of our Dragon People are opening as our SPirits Rise in the Glory and Honor of the New Golden Age of Eternal Life. I Am the Way, the Truth and the Light, the Light of God made manifest. O Holy is this day of the New Heaven upon the New Earth…A’Ho!

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Psychopathic elites rule the world! A relatively small group of satanic narcissistic psychopaths, organised according to Masonic sectarian ideology; who have unlimited influence and resources at their disposal.

These people have no compassion, they pursue their agenda based on unsubstantiated logic, full of lies. Their agenda takes us straight into the swamp of the Archon Bloodline; with Anunnaki and Draco Reptile Control Matrix!

Nowhere in recorded history is the art of making money out of nothing more developed than in the ancient Khazar Empire, which developed from nomadic robber clans operating on the western caravan routes in the Caucasus Mountains, north of Iraq, between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea regions.
These Parasitecrats are defined by names like; illuminati, insiders, the Deep State, Rothschild Khazarian Mafia – RKM, Cabal, elite, establishment, or Powers That Be – PTB. Who run the – Masonic Jewish – central banking cartel, the CIA, MI-6, and Mossad; multinationals, corporations, law enforcement, education, and the media with the goal of enslaving humanity.

The invention of the printing press enabled the printing of money, but also their version of the Bible, which led to the Age of Enlightenment and the downfall of the Roman Church. It was the moment when money could replace religion as the new control mechanism for the wealthy elite.

Wealth equals power, by constantly issuing new money, which is effectively taken out of the hands of the public, to put in the hands of the international banking cartel. Is the main means of oppression, to create rich gods and poor souls.

Through the application of these surreptitious means of oppression, the public has lost its freedom. In order to regain our freedom, the people must massively break the power of the Rothschilds; who, according to the colonial script, outlawed the people’s honest money.

Ha’landrel/Atlantean Awakenings #magick #ufo #quack #crackpot #mammon atlanteanawakenings.com

Your Facilitator


​Keeper of the Spectral Realms of the Divine

As the keeper Ha'landrel, an open channel of the Divine energies, she holds the component parts of the full spectrum of divine light - those that are ethereal, untouchable, unreachable, unknowable aspects of the spectrum of the divine light rays, DNA codes & frequencies. As an alchemist she holds the ability to interconnect with these spectral realms to create, to add to, to diminish, to merge or shape the component parts and rays & frequencies of the as required from the original divinity streams for each soul that seeks her.

She also holds the spectral frequencies & rays of ancient times & civilizations where souls embodied within their divine plan, particularly from Lemuria, Atlantis (Atlantean Princess & Supreme High Priestess), of Ancient Egypt and of the Mayan times. As an over-lighting guardian, being a Supreme High Priestess in her lifetime in Atlantis, she holds the ability to connect with and to retrieve & to heal, to transmute the karmic wounds, records and memories of those who incarnated during these ages. She is able to access these unresolved traumatic memories to assist her clients to move on.

She also holds the connection to the movement of subatomic molecular particle activation, which she is able to connect to the very Light spinning in each of our cellular structure down to our DNA codes . A master of atomic energy in healing. She assists those who are embodying into the world to find their roles within their allotted life contract and to take their place with all higher gifts intact within their divine nature in physical embodiment. She is able to reinstate the divinity of each soul & to assist each, their divine gifts to be restored, utilized, and shared, to bring their magnificence to earth.

Anonymous #crackpot #racist #ufo boards.4chan.org

I've always felt a deep unease around East Asians. Recently, I was meditating and communicating to my Pleiadian guides. I found out something horrible in my meditations and studies this week. Asians are directly descended from the reptilian aliens. It all makes perfect sense:

>little to no empathy for animals or even other human beings
>cold, extremely emotionally reserved
>obsessed with logic and reason, love the sciences and mathematics
>all Asian nations claim to be descended from dragons in their cultural myths and are obsessed with dragons
>various tales of half snake half humans in their legends
>beautiful Asian women are called snakes even in Asian culture
>when reaching their lowest depths are some of the most depraved and violent beings on earth(ie. The Chinese/North Koreans, Japanese during WW2, Mongols killed more people than anyone else)
>obsessed with rules and regulations and an intense work ethic, a mark of the Draco Orion Empire
>their appearance looks unlike any other race on earth, unusual shaped, alien or lizard eyes and sleek, streamline, flat facial structure gives them an alien lizard appearance
>lack of body hair
>said to be physically cooler to the touch than Caucasians

Sorry guys, but if you get involved with Asian women you are literally gonna be having sex with/romantically involved with a negative alien species that is barbaric and cruel. Asians are the biggest threat to this planet.

Johnny Vincento #crackpot #ufo #magick amazon.com

EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICS AT ITS HIGHEST FOR MANKIND. The D.S.V. machine is a theory based on 20 years of WORKING TELEPORTATION THAT IS NOT FICTION.. Summary of that project is in these pages along with the exact physics of how to accomplish opening a Wormhole. The “DIMENSION SEPARATION VIEWER” will be a window to the closest overlapping physical planet. That world occupies the same space: Unseen due to dimensions and accessed through Teleportation or a D.S.V. machine. This machine in theory will equal the effects of Teleportation and will shine the “LIGHT" of the Immortal world on anyone who sees it and actually change the brain or intellect of that person. This advancement of “Homo Sapiens” would create a “New Species” or an accelerated evolved brain of a “New Human Being.” The question of WHERE DID WE COME FROM? will finally be answered. The window will be a more stable communication device that may even allow for DRONES to go through the D.S.V. WINDOW. There are other projects within these pages: “The Search for Tomorrow Project” are experiments into real TIME TRAVEL. There was some success already. “THE OVERLAPPING MARS PROJECT” will be an experiment to visit an Overlapping Immortal Mars at the height of its civilization: If there is one to visit? Very compelling evidence says maybe? I CALL ON ALL ENGINEERS TO FORM TEAMS AND REGISTER FOR FREE. THIS WILL ALLOW FOR COMMUNICATION WITH OTHER GLOBAL ENGINEERING TEAMS WORKING ON THE SAME GOAL: A WORKING D.S.V. MACHINE TO BRING HUMANITY OUT OF ITS PRESENT CONDITION.

Dr. Michael Salla #ufo #conspiracy #crackpot #mammon exopolitics.org

Time travel technology came into the possession of different governments and organizations in the post-World War 2 era due to extraterrestrials conducting a ‘temporal war’ over Earth’s future timelines. Previously, only inner Earth civilizations had access to space-time portals and guarded these from potential misuse by any surface governments or humans who stumbled upon them.

The German Vril Society achieved breakthroughs in torsion field physics and antigravity technology in the 1920s to develop prototype flying saucer craft that could bend space-time for interstellar travel. In the 1930s, Nazi Germany took over the Vril Society programs and soon reached agreements with Draco Reptilian extraterrestrials to set up a breakaway German colony in Antarctica to safely develop these space-time technologies in total secrecy.
As a result of UFO crash retrieval operations in the US and the Soviet Union in the 1940s, scientists began studying how extraterrestrial spacecraft could also be used as space-time travel devices. In the 1950s, Vatican scientists developed the first ‘Chronovisor’ technology that was instrumental in unlocking ancient secrets which enabled them to monitor multiple timelines, and subsequently develop time travel technologies in an attempt to influence events. Multiple classified projects were launched next to test how timelines could be impacted by human intervention.
Meanwhile, positive extraterrestrial groups, ancient Inner Earth civilizations, and human civilizations from our future began monitoring and intervening to protect the possible timelines that had significant galactic implications. Thus began a temporal war which continues today.

In this all new webinar, Dr. Michael Salla will present extensive witness testimony and documents that cast light on the opaque world of time travel technology and its hybrid uses by different military intelligence entities.
Webinar takes place on Zoom

Date July 2, 2022

Cost $35

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We are now being bombarded by the thrust of, "You denounce homosexuals and they can't help themselves." Ah, but we do not---we denounce homosexual "behavior" and there is a great difference indeed.

Most homosexuals do not even realize of that which has undone them as a group and AIDS is only a minute portion and the ultimate consequence of that behavior.


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What is the Crystal Light Bed?

The Crystal Light Bed is a holistic form of treatment. The Crystal Light Bed involves the application of colored light beamed through Lemurian Seed quartz crystals onto the "chakras" or energy centers of the body. The therapy clears, balances and energizes the chakras, promoting healing, health and well-being.
The Crystal Light Bed comprises of 16 quartz Lemurian crystals, which are suspended and positioned over the eight main chakra points of the body. They radiate a programmed frequency of color and energy to the respective chakras to cleanse and balance the energies. The specific color associated with each chakra is amplified as the light passes through the crystal point, activating it and radiating the energy to the person. This helps to clear any energy blocks, bringing the chakras into balance.

Lemurian crystals carry healing qualities and energy, both of which are innate to crystals generally and particular to these specific crystals. These crystals came from Diamantina, Brazil. When one works with them in healing practices they infuse the client with the pure vibrational energy of divine love.

Lemurian crystals have been programmed with the consciousness of life force energy of Atlantean and Lemurian Ascended Masters. These two civilizations have contracted to help heal the earth at this time. The crystals are helpful in cauterizing wounds that allow energy leaks and assisting in healing individuals who are overly sensitive to the emotions of others or who have been energetically traumatized by negative environments. Lemurian Crystals evoke feelings of peace and serenity. You may experience insights and release of specific personal issues and memories. You may have feelings of warmth, movement, tingling and expansion.

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #magick #ufo #wingnut bennettleeross.com

America is a Satanic nation founded by the Freemasons
Who worship Lucifer

They hide the previous Tartarian civilization
By destroying their buildings and falsifying construction dates

They use religion as a control mechanism
All Christian Muslim and Jewish religious leaders are Freemasons

If a pastor has become influential but is not a Freemason
And refuses to comply
They will become like Tim Remmington of Coeur d’Alene Idaho

Who was met by a so called lone gunman as he walked outside the church doors
He was shot 7 times and was said to have survived
But was killed and replaced by a clone

The mind controlled shooter was able to fly back to Washington DC
Where it is said he was apprehended

All who have a big following whether it be a pastor a celebrity or a politician are Freemasons
But they are now mostly all dark entities from the high places in synthetic or cloned bodies

As it is written in the Codex of Magica
You harvest your followers

When one is a fan
They inflame their existence and increase their power

While they enslave your consciousness and harvest your soul energy which is your spiritual imprint

The masses esteem celebrities and give the halo effect as they appear on the big screen

An X or a folding of the arms on the chest which is called the Resurrection Pose
Is a symbol for rebirth
And their consciousness will be uploaded into another body

When Joan Rivers was admitting that Michelle Obama was actually a guy
There was an X in the background
And she was soon thereafter rebirthed into another clone body

Clones have trigger words implanted
A trigger word for the clone of the newsman Al Roker is Holy Ghost
Which will cause him to be immobile and stare blindly into space

All rappers who want to become big must join the Freemasons
When they become famous they are cloned

They are then killed and a dark entity in one of the rappers cloned bodies
Becomes the star and the fans now worship a reptilian pretending to be the former rapper

Etienne Charland the Emergence Guardian #crackpot #magick #ufo #conspiracy spiritualselftransformation.com

We have done very major progress this week. First, here is something that can help you. I recently got randomly contacted by a monk in Varanasi, India. I realized that Varanasi is in pretty good shape! One of the last strongholds of Light on Earth! Southern India is corrupted, Nepal got taken by dark forces, China fell off the cliff, but Varanasi is standing right there. We did some work to solidify and purify the stronghold.

These monks have been helping me a lot and it has made a major difference to stabilize the energies. They did a ritual for me with 5 monks, and again with 11 monks. He offered to do meditations for me every morning by the Ganges sacred river by sunrise. That river vibrates at a frequency of 85 million on the Hawkins scale. That’s dope support.
Now, Varasani is very close to Nepal, and Nepal
was in very bad shape. Western part of the country vibrated at -58000, whereas the metropolitan areas vibrated below -25 million.

We did a major offensive on Nepal, and I’m pleased to announce that it was a major success!

Strangely, the dark forces evacuated instead of fighting back, so we had to pursue them.

We’ve cleansed out the entire dark grid that was stuck over Nepal, that was anchored in Antarctica, Chili, Northern China, and the Inner Earth, as well as extensive networks of portals. We pursued the dark forces and eliminated them, collapsing their sub-Universes.
This is a major victory for anchoring a new grid on the planet.

This operation marks a clear turning point. There is no way that the dark forces can win at this point, it’s only a matter of how fast they leave.

The survival rate of our population still remains the same though, between 15% and 36%. My job is to do everything I can, not to tell God how he should be doing things. So let’s keep focusing on what we can do and let’s move forward together.

Suzanne Maresca #ufo #magick #conspiracy #wingnut goldenageofgaia.com

Our mind creates the reality that we perceive. We, through our own energy field, are connected to everything in a Universe that’s mostly filled with wave form, quantum energy. What we transmit into this field is like a stone tossed into water. The wave form can morph into particle form with intention, filling the space with endless possibilities.

Team dark wants us all to be feeling truly low and hopeless, full of impotent rage and anger, and subsequently putting that vibe out into the quantum field and generating more negativity. The last thing they want to see is Humanity waking up to embrace our full power and potential.
Food plants destroyed by fire all over the place; baby formula mysteriously becoming scarce while the criminal, Bill Gates promotes his lab-created ‘breast milk’; unfriendlies buying up U.S. farmland and entire home developments, presumably with the intention of starving us out to make us eat bugs and only be renters of pod-like dwellings instead of free and sovereign homeowners. There’s so much more to not focus on…

Screw all that! Tell me we haven’t got a massive portion of the Human Collective ready and willing to tell these negative creatures that their absence is required. We say NO to all their stupid plans, and we regard them as the insignificant and irrelevant-to-our-world things that they are. Be gone from this place! We banish thee forever.

Their nasty scenarios playing out successfully never really enter my thoughts. In my bones, I know that it’s our belief in the good, true and beautiful of this world, and the understanding that we hold of our place in this unfolding and in this beautiful Quantum Field…those things are what make it turn out nicely for Earth and for Humanity, after all.

James Rink #ufo #conspiracy #crackpot #mammon supersoldiertalk.com

Penny Bradley hosted a round table of a few fellow abductees/super-soldiers gone public, who lived to tell the traumatizing tales of what transpired in the dungeons below Montauk Air Force Base at the eastern tip of Long Island New York. tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of tortured fractured children tragically did not survive. well beyond warm and fuzzy, the path to a better Universe, both on and off planet, is strewn with obstacles — an ongoing battle between Dharma and Adharma, Light and Dark forces.

My guests did a great job:

Amária Sweet, specializing in personal integration & traumas release, Intuitive & coordinate Remote Viewing, PsychoEnergetics, balancing the 12 energy bodies, kundalini & 3rd eye calibration, psychic surgery, and has worked a myriad of fields of interest, as well as studying nutrition, psychology and dabbling in Sidereal Astrology.
Anya- She will be going by her Montauk name. This is but a fraction of her and all the alters she has in the programs. This round table will be her first time speaking publicly. She has been involved since birth and probably before. Her family has ties to Mason/Eastern Star and military. These are the programs she is aware of being involved in or used for, Project IBIS, Black Dragon, Solar Warden, Shaw House, Black Widow, Black Manta, Nacht Waffen, Krueger, breeder programs, Mother of Darkness, and some other programs used by ET groups. She is speaking out today to show that there were not just “Montauk boys”. There were girls there as well. Hopefully this will bring more awareness to what has been and is still going on in these programs.

Arkheim Ra [stage name] is a starseed who was kidnapped for super soldier mind control programming through the U.S public school’s T.A.G program [Talented and Gifted]. He was part of timeline altering military operations at Montauk and also has served with Nacht Waffen and Lunar Command.

Lisa Renee #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy energeticsynthesis.com

Since late 2012, the human body is much more vulnerable to being used as a potential dark portal of invasion by outer dark forces. We have witnessed a gradual progression of those undergoing forms of spiritual Possession as the individual becomes Consubstantial to the collective unconsciousness forces that make up the predator mind. These are dark force gestalts of the predatorial mind which use the 1D red wave's low energy quality that is represented by the Satanic entities or related dark forces such as AI hybrids, that also exist in the Galactic timeline layers and have been feeding upon those same hierarchies for eons. Additionally, the phenomenon of dark portalling is being exacerbated from alterations being made in the magnetic and gravitational fields of the Earth, which results in the further dissolution of the layers that make up the dimensional membranes.
Still, there are many people in the spiritual community that refuse to look deeper at the plausibility of non-human entities influencing human civilization and the current agendas of genetic modification of the human race for the purpose of the NAA's global enslavement agenda. Some common themes in this type of dark arts initiation are:

Having a first hand experience with extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional beings, clearly not human in nature.
Having an awareness of entity attachments, or Alien Implants appearing in your peripheral vision or lightbody.
Having people around you, used as Dark Portal puppets with entity attachments to incite chaos and derail your awakening.
Having an unexplained illness that can’t be sourced, sensing something unseen is draining your life force.
Having sudden awareness of thoughts that are not your own, with mental looping, increasing fear and addiction states.
Having a series of betrayals with close relationships that damage trust and leave you feeling totally bewildered.
Having a total dismantling; losing partner, job, housing, car, and friends all at once.

Perfectibilist #crackpot #god-complex #magick #racist #ufo stormfront.org

(From "9 reasons Aryans (like blonde Swedes) are the (God`s) chosen people.")

6 Because are the most spiritually gifted. Both positively and negatively. (Alas.) Whites have dominated the realm of Magick, and the royal houses from Egypt to the druidic orders of England. There is a lot of demonic blood in the white race. But not in the blondes.

Blonde angelic aryans are more spiritually aware because of their loving, peaceful nature, and have a high aura-field-conscience than any other race as they are alien, and part interdimensional. As I am. This is the most pivotal point on my list. They can connect with higher realms of angelic purity, which the other races can`t. They connect to the higher heavens which are populated by blonde angels. To be able to venture forth in dreams, and see these dimensions; you return, and realize you are an angel with wings; a totally different species, as you have seen that your blonde race originate from universes far beyond earthly beauty and purity. I am of course talking about Alvarheim. The spiritual dimension above Norway/Scandinavia.

Only pure blondes can connect to these angelic degrees of purity and conscienceness. Some are very holy, but many have fallen into carnalism of the 21st century, and forgotten about their spiritual origin from the Heavenlies. The blonde remnants are fading, and the glory of Hyperborea, Thule, Greece, Rome, and Atlantis is fading. I would compare myself to a eagle who can look directly into the sun, while other races are terrestrial, and can only experience Earethern life and conscience. After all: It the aryans who created the Hindu mystery schools.

7 Because the original aryans were aliens. If an alien came to Earth to examine all races, he would certainly pick out the tall, peaceful, orderly, non-hairy, blonde or red-haired, blue-eyed, beautiful, intelligent broad-shouldered aryan with milky-smooth skin. Just like myself. �� He would come from the Pleiades looking for his long lost family. An angelic brother with peaceful divine conscience.

YBP Yxngcel #conspiracy #crackpot #magick #racist #ufo incels.is

The Global Elite Are Not Jewish

The true NWO elites aren’t Jewish, but light-eyed Aryan types descended from the ancient Phoenicians, Akkadians, Dacians, Druids, Brahmins, Tocharians, etc. They are the closest genetically to the negative Nordic aliens that you hear about in abduction and contactee literature. Think of the Queen of England, the Nazi supermen, or the Rockefellers for instance. Thousands of years ago these bloodlines employed indigenous people (Semites, Egyptians, Meso-Americans, Southern Indians, Paleolithic farmers) to be their power base.

Aliens are the next highest up on the pyramid above the human elite, and thus the top of the human portion ought to be closest to the alien types. You never hear of Space Jews except in Mel Brooks parodies.

They use Jews as a scapegoat and trick you into thinking Jews are behind everything. Your arleady falling for their agenda and they will keep you ignorant. I mean if they wanted to hide their agenda why would they let it be widely know that they are Jews and it's a common stereotype about global elites. I honestly don't believe they are. They might be the ones behind big corporations.

Demonic overlords (5D negative)
Nordic occult overlords (lower 5D negative)
Nordic crusaders and Mantis beings (upper 4D)
Lower demonic minions (astral)
Reptilian Minions and other negative aliens (lower 4D)
Grays, which are genetically engineered robots (semi 4D/3D)
Upper Illuminati (occult, possessed, secret society people) (3D, a little 4D)
Shadow Government (underground bases, ultra-black ops military)
Lower Illuminati (political elite, Bilderbergers, etc.)
Open secret societies (freemasons and so on)
State/local government, corporations, university systems, etc. <---- Here are where Jews (if they're involved) rule. They own big corporations, governments and university systems. .

Global Elite is being controlled by some metaphysical entities. And metaphysicality does exist. Its been proven.

Michael W #wingnut #conspiracy #ufo ramblinginpen.com

What is Operation Blue Beam?

In principle, Operation Blue Beam will use space-based laser-generating satellites to project simultaneous images of an alien invasion across the four corners of the planet – in every language and dialect.

It is a deception on a massive scale.

The “look over there!” hoax is being prepared now, and is thought to be the a follow-up to the Corvid scamdemic, mandatory vaccines and ultimately enact the Great Reset.

1: The breakdown of all archaeological knowledge

The creation of fake earthquakes at precise locations of the planet where supposedly new discoveries will suddenly explain the presence of ancient alien cultures here on Earth.

2: Using 3D holographic laser projections to show aliens exist.

Using gigantic 3D holographic images, lasers and sounds to seduce people into believing that hostile aliens from the depths of space are invading Earth.

3: Telepathic two-way communication

The use of low frequency radio waves to telepathically communicate with people in an attempt to shape their beliefs to match those of the official NWO agenda. (See: Discussing Vaccines)

4: Universal supernatural manifestations using electronic means

The final step of Project Blue Beam is to create chaotic event that will leave people willing or desperate enough to accept the new world order. The invasion
What we now know is that there are beings both on and beyond planet Earth. They mean us no harm.

This will ‘shatter’ the false flag illusion created by the elite.

When and if this plan does materialise, don’t believe a single word of it, no matter how real their projected ET seems to be.

Why not?

If the Corvid scamdemic has taught us anything it’s that the controlling elites are always trying to get us to believe what they want us to believe – but it’s always for their own selfish gain!

It’s as easy as the ABC: Ask Questions – Believe Nobody – Challenge Everything

Don Spectacularis #ufo #magick #elitist voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

Folks, my premise here is surprisingly simple: The very fact that you know that you are all infinitely abundant, powerful, and eternal Creator Gods makes you like the 1% of the 1% of the 1% of the 1% of the 1% of humanity or something. In other words, you are THE elite. And being the elite, you are neither required nor expected to travel in some cattle class New Earth timeline.

Now, don’t get me wrong in here: I’m so NOT here to recreate some ‘Elite 1% versus Commoner 99%’ type division and separation based types of experiences in here. Instead, I am asking you – one and all in here – to come step up that ‘Reality Creation’ game of yours just a tad little bit. If you don’t show the rest of your fellow (asleep) humans as to just how beautiful timelines of the highest order are to be created, who even will?

You’re their only hope (and shot) at ever learning how all of this is even really done.

You’re the example that they’ll all follow.

You’re the teacher that they’ll all exemplify.

You’re the leader that they’ll all epitomize.

Please do not abandon them when they need you the most. Cheers!
Last but by no means the least: Invite ALL divine beings that you can possibly imagine here (be it Angels, Archangels, Galactics, Elementals, Soul Families, Deceased Loved Ones, Inner Earth Beings, Positive Extraterrestrials and Extradimensionals, Higher Souls, Future Selves, Twin Flames, Soul Mates, All Beings Of Heaven, Ascended Masters, and God etc.) to ASSIST YOU in infinitely amplifying your timeline intentions and energies, SUPPORTING THEM in every way, shape and form, and ASSISTING ALL BEINGS to bring these intentions through for the highest good of ALL in here as well. Please remember, this help is entirely FREE TO YOU, and can assist you BEYOND YOUR VERY WILDEST IMAGININGS. And all you need to do here even is JUST ASK THEM FOR IT, because by Divine Law, they ALL need your explicit FREE WILL PERMISSION to do so. And that is ALL that you even NEED to know about this, here!

Janet Kira and Dr. Sasha Lessin #ufo #crackpot #conspiracy enkispeaks.com

Sasha Lessin, Ph.D., author of Anunnaki: Gods No More and producer of the hugely popular web site, www.enkispeaks.com, studied with the late Zecharia Sitchin, for many years. Mr. Sitchin asked Dr. Lessin to create popular courses to revise ancient anthropology and add the aliens, the Anunnaki, on Earth from 450,000 – 300 BCE.
The people of the ancient world described the gods as giant humans with what we would call Tesla technology, spacecraft, weapons of mass destruction and interplanetary travel charts. The tale that these gods created us is true, they weren’t gods, they were just big people.

Lessin’s work documents the fallacy of Darwinian gradual evolutionism that posited human evolution from pre-cursor hominoids but failed in 140 years searching to find a missing link. Lessin validates Lloyd Pye’s formulation, “Macroevolution’s false, Microevolution’s true, Interventionism’s what Earth Got.”
Janet Kira Lessin, is a lifelong scholar, an experiencer of Extraterrestrial and interdimensional contacts, and a student of Sitchin. She immersed herself in studies of Ninmah the Anunnaki and receives direct downloads from Ninmah, the geneticist from whose womb we all received our mitochondrial DNA. Janet expresses Ninmah Consciousness: peace, longevity, respect for consciousness, justice for women Earth, and membership in galactic society.
She has co-authored Anunnaki: Legacy of the Gods with husband, Dr. Sasha Lessin.
Together, Janet and Sasha guide us through an evocative history of giants from the planet Nibiru who made us from their genome (and some Neanderthal) to slave from the ancient past till now. With this history, Janet says, we drop our suicidal addiction to religions, countries, things, slavery, debt, degradation of women, ownership and one-upsmanship–the Anunnaki-Illuminati model. Instead, we create our own future, activate our latent extraterrestrial genes, better our genome and join galactic civilization.

James Rink #conspiracy #ufo #quack supersoldiertalk.com

I have a source which informed me that Biden isn’t president and neither is Trump. He said the Andromedans are running America and Trump is just an actor. They are doing the whole earth alliance thing. He said a 3rd strain of Covid is coming. New version of Avian Flu coming out of Ethiopia. Being transported by someone from Ethiopia. It was brought to us and developed at Fort Detrick. There was a shooting at Fort Detrick and that shooter was Ethiopian. South Korea has antidote. He told them the third wave was called PF something and they will get people to take another toxic vaccine. The cure for the vaccine would be delivered by CRISPR . Cure is solution is injection into the spinal cord. Name of the virus is Project Number PPF5? 55 million are going to die from the covid vaccine in the USA. There will be a third round of shots. People who get the third shot are dead. The CDC calls them the living dead. Death Rattle “Deep phlegm Cough” vaccinated people becoming violent. People are attacking others on the airplanes. Chaos in the streets, houses burning.

Then they are planning on using dirty bombs in brief cases on trailers. China wants access to wall street and Silicon Valley. Dirty bombs will start when they release the avian flu. Targets include New York City nuked……. California, and third city wither D.C. Detroit, or? Source also mentioned fires in the ocean? They are shooting water in the fires to try to put them out but they can’t as they opened portals to hell which are bringing in really nasty entities which are attempting to bring in their final apocalypse

Lisa Renee #magick #ufo #wingnut #conspiracy energeticsynthesis.com

Recent events are revealing that the planetary architecture is enduring a massive Astral Reconstruction which has impacts on dissolving the veils of 3D reality, while the controlling forces are doing all they can to block or destroy these solar elements from awakening the masses.

As the collective consciousness rides these electromagnetic waves into Summer, the 3D narratives and the storefronts of the Controllers that weave incredibly complex webs of deceit and lies being peddled through their bribed and blackmailed mainstream puppets, become ever more apparent. To counter the many revelatory truths that are surfacing bits and bobs of disclosure information, the controlling factions are organizing for next level of strategic targeting of all dissent, as well as shutting down any unapproved ascension-disclosure topics. They are desperately employing an array of military grade psychological warfare surveillance tools from their secret space program arsenal, in order to capture all forms of media with a next generation attack against the alternative news, truther and UFO movements, as well as any and all content related to new age, ascension and disclosure. The censorship along with the reframing of language and shifting of cultural norms into transhumanism are already incredibly aggressive and about to come to blows, with anything and everything that is being used to distract the masses from accessing any form of unfiltered truth. What has been framed as the western democratic culture that values free speech and personal liberties is being transformed and reformatted for supporting the new NAA culture of transhumanism. The rise of the new AI hybrid species where social norms are to include an unlimited number of astral attachments, possessions and entities that can hijack a human body, are being normalized when the host refers to itself as a They-Them.

Meg Benedicte #ufo #magick #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

As we migrate from the old power system into the new circular operating system, we need to adjust and adapt to new code and consciousness. It requires a significant rewiring in our thought process, perspective, and alignment with how we think, sense and function.

Instead of fighting our way to the top of the pyramid, we no longer need to effort or compete. It is a complete re-orientation into a circular system that recycles and restores energy exertion. The new operating system is designed to regenerate health, happiness and infinite energy resources…a self-sourcing ecosystem for all involved.
Embedded in Metatron’s Cube are the encoded ‘triangles within circles’ that activate a portal to the quantum field of infinite energy. Once that portal is open, you will never need to strive or struggle against the crowd again.

Working with Metatron’s Cube encoded geometry will gradually activate a continuum in your energy field. As you transition from the rat race of the pyramidal power structure, you immerge into the new operating system of the merkaba torus.

Living in a continuum relies on maintaining zero point coherence, of self-perpetuating balancing polarities in a chaos field. We are evolving beyond a punishing chaotic reality into masters of centropy, the ability to transform matter from negative entropy (disorder).
We’ve been living in an artificially inserted power structure, the parasitic, top-down imbalanced power distribution. It could only last so long, until the resources drained out.

We’ve reached the point of no return.

We either evolve or die.

The collective is being compelled to acclimate to the universal circulating system of renewable energy.

The New Earth operating system is the circular torus momentum, a balanced whole of coherence.

It is our birthright, and it is available now.

Creator God Aton via Anne Bellringer #god-complex #magick #ufo #conspiracy #crackpot fourwinds10.com

I AM THAT I AM. I Am Creator God Aton of the One Light of Creation. Many of you know me as Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn from the Phoenix Journals.

At this time, I have summoned Anne to give you a message for these End Times. I come as the firm Commander, Hatonn.

Earth changes are upon you in an increasing amount and at an exponential rate. Mother Earth is rocking and reeling, and her appointed time for the expected polar shift at the end of the age is upon you.
You are now at the end of this last 3rd Dimensional civilization. Mother Earth was granted her birthing right to 5th Dimension in 1987. I do not know the exact moment of her decision to make this shift, but I do know that it is imminent, and could happen even this very day, May 31, 2022! Because of the speeding up of “time” caused by the Photon Belt, the end date given of December 21, 2012 WAS the date when the Dark Ones agreed to come to the Light. They refused! As Patrick said, you have been on “borrowed time” or “overtime”. The polar shift is upon all, and by that it could be ANYTIME now day or night. Earth shall give NO warning! Sananda, also, said that he would return like a thief in the night.

You are to be at peace and not fearful. Listen to your heart and know that the time of the end is at hand. Our ships are on Red. RED Alert, and we already have you in our beam. Carry on with your work, but be ready and waiting, for the polar shift is upon you. As always, it is YOUR choice to step into our beam of safety. We offer safety, so there is nothing to force you to step into that Beam. Also, the great Celestial Song is now being sung etherically, and when it reaches the great crescendo your memory returns and the lift-off beam occurs! We are about at that point. Because we do NOT know the exact moment, Earth shall give us a 15 MINUTE (your time) window to evacuate all, who wish to be beamed to safety. You cannot hesitate nor think about stepping into the beam, or you will “miss the boat”.

The Sirius Network & Mystery School #crackpot #ufo #magick #fundie texashealers.com

The Sirius Network & Mystery School

Sirius Network & Mystery School(SNM) is supported by the Church of the Divine Spirit and founded on the universal teachings of the ancient Mystery Schools of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and on the Holy Qabalah. And it also merges new teachings for the extraordinary time for we live in now—from the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Elohim, Devas, Elementals, Dragons, Fae, as well as from our Galactic Brothers and Sisters including Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light, Sirian Archangelic League of the Light, Arcturians and Andromedan Emissaries of Light. SNM shares its teaching with everyone through the classes that it offers and through the writings & recordings that it provides.

SNM is just one of the western traditional mystery school systems - often referred to as "Western Shamanism." Our studies feature Stargate Activation, Energy Medicine, Qabala, Christian Mysticism, and Quantum Physics. The Qabala is a dynamic system of Judeo-Christian theosophy, mysticism, and theurgy founded on ancient teachings and based on the tradition practiced by the ancient Essenes (whose members included John the Baptist and Jesus). All of our workshops, classes and programs are Overlighted by our Spiritual Guidance Team that include the Christ, the Great White Brotherhood, the Sirian Archangelic League of Light, Devas, Ascended Masters, the Christed ET’s and the Order of Melchizedek, who assist you to awaken to your Higher Self and Agape.
Stargate Transmissions are done by healing the body and mind from a quantum level. That means from a level which is not manifest at a sensory level but at a Divine Level. Our bodies ultimately are fields of information, intelligence and energy. The StargateTransmission process is a means of re-charging our "Life Force Battery" with Cosmic Chi or Fohat generated the Elohims and Deva Realms through Multi-Dimensional Doorways called Stargates .

Daniel Holdings #fundie #wingnut #ufo #conspiracy daniels-books.com

Midnight Strikes and God’s judgment is being unleashed as the most terrifying events in all of human history are now playing out on planet earth. There has never been a time like this as society breaks down and shatters itself into an unrecognizable shadow of its former self. Cataclysmic earth changes as well as unprecedented astronomic events will also overtake humanity. In the wake of this destruction is mounting evil and devastation such as the world has never seen. How can mankind cope with such overwhelming events?

With warning and preparation Midnight Strikes is a book for both Christians and Nonbelievers alike as the epic conclusion to the biblical narrative unfolds. The Church waits for the “rapture” and is unprepared for the cumulative evil and destruction that they too will have to walk through. For the Prepper, there’s not enough ammo and food storage, or a bunker deep enough to hide from the events befalling our nation and the world.

These materializing developments are dissected in detail in never before heard conversations between author Daniel Holdings and preeminent Radio Show Host Steve Quayle. In The Holdings and Quayle Interviews, Steve discusses all of the things that the Lord showed him about what would happen at the End of the Age.

With in-depth analysis affirming each point, Daniel draws the Watchman’s thoughts out as the men discuss:

– Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Celestial Catastrophes Beyond Comprehension

– World War III And The Invasion and Destruction of America

– The Mark of the Beast, False Prophet and the Antichrist

– The Economic Collapse of America and the World

– Unprecedented Persecution of Christians

– Coming Hyperinflation and Famine

– Total Surveillance of Americans

– FEMA Camps and Martial Law

– The Great Falling Away

– American Civil War 2.0

– Ancient and “alien” technologies and other mind-boggling sights will also be revealed.
Time has run out, the End of the Age is here – Midnight Strikes.

William Henry #ufo #fundie #magick #mammon amazon.com

The Secret of Sion represents the culmination of William’s unique search in Gnostic literature and sacred art that maps the path, called the Way of Light, that leads to the gate of heaven. His quest led him ‘through the worm hole’ where he peered into the promised land of Sion, a place at the center of our galaxy that is inhabited by ascended humans. His journey is presented as an invitation to follow his path in the form of the greatest collection of third eye opening and soul rising ascension art ever assembled, one that illuminates the esoteric mysteries of the greatest cosmic story ever told.

The Secret of Sion reveals:

* Jesus is an avatar of a race or tribe of advanced and wise humans, called Perfect Light Humans, who dwell at the center of our galaxy and travel via wormhole to and from this cosmic center.

* Jesus will return the same way he left…via stargate.

* Members of the race of Perfect Light Humans have remained on earth for thousands of years. They are the most ancient of aliens.

* Encoded within ascension art is a Stargate technology called ‘the Kit’. It includes the Star Crown (of Rose Thorns), a mysterious anointing oil and a robe of light called the Beaming Garment.

* The Kit is periodically reassembled in preparation for the return of the Avatars of Sion.

* Sion is rising and with it a new, new world order.

* The connection between the Mayan image of the serpent rope from the center of the galaxy and Christian Last Judgement art that shows a serpent linking earth and the Throne of God.

The old ways, the old days are over. Humanity is crossing a threshold and emerging into the light of Sion. It’s time to put our fear behind us and embrace the Way of Light. It’s time to reveal The Secret of Sion.

Radiation Matters #crackpot #magick #ufo #conspiracy rumble.com

Looking through the yellow/blue portal of the Ukraine event we try to decode the festival of lights show here on Crater Earth and continue the search for more truth, in this video we dive deeper into the Zing and Zang....oh...i mean the Yin and Yang system, a system that hides more energy within its field then we want to know.

New links are made with the ouroboros, the Zing and Zang waving its field within the Chi RA colouringsystem is creating portals between the physical and astral universes, how is the parasite utilising this sytem within the torus?

To understand this video better you might have to watch my playlist The Heart Shaped XBOX as I try to build each new video on top of previous work.

After initiating its first attack through the Saturn polar configuration , the parasite has pressurized our hearts and Earths bio-field with thousands of years of deception with war , hate , racism, isolation and many other unloving projections on humanity,

We are under pressure as powers are centralising its energy field in order to create a split in society and families using fear and ignorence of the self.

By increasing acidic levels in our evironment, humanity is facing a tough and full-hearted time of spiritual and physical pressure, will we allow the parasite to gain fully access to our torus field or are we gonna energize our own hearts to return the balance to save our world and our crater?

The 9D Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton #ufo #magick #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

We are always on the lookout for new alliances throughout this galaxy of ours, and we have noticed that on the physical plane, in your dimension, there has been a new alliance struck between the Orions and the Andromedans. Now, this is significant for several reasons. The Orions have often been seen as the oppressors, the villains, the ones who want to dominate everyone else in the galaxy. And yet, they are evolving spiritually, just like everyone else is. In fact, it was an evolution of consciousness in the third-dimensional Orion System that led to the end of the Orion Wars
Now, beings who have existed in physical form in the Orion System have grown spiritually even more because of the Orion Wars than if there had not been that degree of oppression, violence, and general discord amongst all the beings who lived there throughout their history. This is something that all of you on Earth can use to start to appreciate everything that you’ve been through there and continue to go through on your very long journeys to raising the your level of consciousness to a fifth-dimensional frequency.

You’ve had a lot of wars, a lot of oppression, a lot of slavery, and of course right now you are going through a crisis of being divided and also a crisis involving the health and being of your air, water, and soil. All of this forces a person to grow spiritually, because if they do not, they bring about more suffering. You are all so connected now, not just because of your Internet, but also because of your consciousness.
Before you assume that the Orions have a negative agenda because of something you’ve read somewhere, remember that we are reading their energy, and we know when someone is lying to us or lying to others. We can tell you right now that this is real, and that they are sincere, and it is a giant step forward for the entire galactic community, of which humanity is right now an unofficial part.

Paul White Gold Eagle #magick #ufo #crackpot primedisclosure.com

Greetings Cosmic Sovereign Spirit Guides of the Clear Path of Light

Happy powerful New Moon in Gemini. Today on the Mayan Calendar we enter the Galactic Signature of Kin 12 Yellow Crystal Human and Moon 12 the Rabbit Crystal Moon of Cooperation and is another Magic Turtle Day where we become the dreamwalkers and weavers of the New Time of Timelessness. We also have a powerful Trinity Portal of the 3:3:3 today. With these Powerful New Moon energies flowing we had a massive sustained beam of white light appearing on the Schumann charts at amplitudes of 42hz, 43 hz, 45 hz and a big blast of light at 50 hz. Fifth dimensional Gamma Plasma Waves flowing in.

Stay fully awake, present and aware in this Now moment as you hold the tone, keep the light, hold the line as we rise in the honor and glory of our multidimensional luminous golden spheres of influence. We are empowering and inspiring all of our tribe to live from the heart being connected to all things in all timelines, dimensions and realms for the betterment and enhancement of all Life.
It is time to live in both worlds
simultaneously, the one in the many and the many in the one. we maintain our individual consciousness while living in the Oneness of Unity Consciousness. We let go of judgments and limiting belief patterns as we step into our Divine Sovereignty and free ourselves in the Exodus of the fake dream into that which is Real, the Love of the Great Spirit, Wakan Tanka.

Come into the Gnosis that ‘Only Love is Real’ everything else is an illusion.

The acceleration of the evolution of Consciousness is in full swing into the next level and phase of the Great Awakening Process.

We now have the possibility to live Consciously from our Indestructible Diamond Mind of the Awakened One to transmit our Galactic Resonance as Universal Citizens of the New Golden Age of Eternal Bliss Consciousness. this is accessible to all…A’Ho!

and Amen

Fairies and Gaia via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #conspiracy #crackpot voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

Blessings and joy, friends! We are the fairies of Nova Gaia. We are here in the moment of the in between pulling our fairy friends up higher into the dimensional frequencies that create! Relax! Expectations are flowing now in this realm of creative expansion and ideation - much joy awaits you here! (Her fingers are so clumsy, she is so slow!)(They are laughing at me, as I am not typing fast enough to keep up with their chatter. And I am a fast typist!) Galaxygirl, we surround you now with flower petals of our love, of love from our fairy friends from the higher dimensions ~ for we are all enjoying our little fairy bodies and some of us have not wanted to release them into the void of recreation but to hang on for longer experience. And that is what many of us have done! We have come from other spaces, planets, places and realms. Fairy folk are abundant in many worlds ~ it is only a few that are stifled and earth has been one of them.
I am Gaia. You were never meant to feel disconnected from me. You are a hologram in a holographic reality experience, simultaneously playing out a myriad of parallel lives and realities. Some of you right now are simultaneously in a city, in a forest as a curious child, an old man selling hotdogs in New York, and a young woman writing in Canada. Do you see? The human form is rich and varied. It is the multidimensionality and creative expansion of Source that makes this possible for we are all aspects of Source. Do you see, children? That is how we are all connected. <...> There are many versions of earth, of me, for I am aware of my multidimensionality. I have already ascended in many ways, but as time is a spiral, there are gaps, pauses, bends and twists. Regardless, the light flows through, among and amidst us. It is the great cosmic dance, the true circle of life. Animals were never meant to eat each other upon me. And yet it was allowed. Prey and predator are absolutely parts of, aspects of low frequency within the hologram.

John/James Rink #conspiracy #ufo #magick supersoldiertalk.com

<note: alters are alternative dissociative personalities created by alien or deep state mind control programming. I think.>

It has occurred to me -as I begin, once again, to interface with my alters- that our alters are individuals, as we are individuals. They are actually ‘Alternate Beings’ – they are beings in the same sense that we, as individuals, are beings, regardless of how they were created. Acknowledging alters as ‘Alternate Beings’, opens a new door. We are all individuals within the Collective which is our Higher Self or as I prefer to refer to it, the ‘Greater Being’ Clans, groups and collectives, seem to me to be the way of the universe; and so too it is with our alters (Alternate Beings) standing along side of us within ‘our’ personal Collective — the Greater Being, or Higher Self. We need to realign or perception of our situation with the reality, which exists. They are individuals within the Great Being, or Higher Self, as we and our past lives are individuals. They are separate, ‘equal’ and distinct individuals, regardless of how they were created (i.e., even if they came into being from fractured facets or slivers of us- or our ‘essence’) They all hold an equal and individual spot within the Greater Being as do we. They reside on equal footing as do we – and are NOT simply a facet (or alternate personality) of the person we currently are. This is a very key distinction to be made – and not by any means semantics, or a play on words. But rather, an important clarification of the relationship which we share with our alters. We must always relate with our alters ‘as’ distinct individuals. And we must relate to them in love, appreciation of their individuality and with gratitude for their existence within our lives. We are all joined at the hip -if you will- whether we know it or not. For we can not leave their side, nor can they, leave ours.

Best Regards,

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