I am a half-elf and can bend reality to my will with the power of archaick spelling!

Bride Ministries International #fundie #crackpot #magick #ufo #conspiracy bridemovement.com

Father, I come before You in prayer to thank You that the earth is yours, and the fullness thereof! I enter into Your gates with thanksgiving and enter into Your courts with praise. I plead the blood of Jesus over myself, my dwelling place, my current/future spouse, my vehicles, my technological devices, my finances, every bit of provision presently coming to me, and everything under my stewardship. I pray that Your heavenly hosts, Your angels, would guard this dwelling place round about, above and below, and against every dimensional access point in Jesus’ name.
You are my refuge and my fortress, my God, in you will I trust. I thank You that You set a hedge of protection round about me, and that no plague will come near my dwelling. I thank you in advance that every curse, hex, vex, spell, incantation, voodoo, sorcery, form of witchcraft, dark art, or other form of weaponized demonic activity sent against me would be reversed upon the heads of the non-human senders seven-fold, that they would know that Jesus is Lord.
I cancel and render powerless all attempts at mind-to-mind communication, thought and dream manipulation, and all other forms of psychic, telepathic and technological intrusion in the name of Jesus. In the spirit, I establish a matrix of protection around me, my family, both spiritual and natural, and my realm that hinders and blocks any and every attack of technology and physical waves of all sorts, including sound, EMF, radiowave, microwave, light wave, gamma wave, and all other wave forms.

I declare that this matrix also acts as a filtration system for any corrupt or contaminated food, drink, air, or gases of any sort. In addition, I infuse this matrix with the blood of Yeshua, and deploy the heavenly hosts to reinforce it.
I pray all of this in the mighty name of Jesus, and seal this prayer in every realm, age, timeline, and dimension, past, present, and future to infinity. Amen!

Cobra/The Portal #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy 2012portal.blogspot.com

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Clearing of the Indian and African Illuminati networks is proceeding with full speed. All their bases throughout the Solar system were cleared a few days ago, and when the Aldebarans were removing their last ships in Low Earth orbit, this was brought to the attention of the surface governments:

Of the Indian and African Illuminati networks, only about 50,000 members in the tunnels below temples in India and about 70,000 members in the tunnel notworks below Subsaharan Africa are still remaining. These are expected to be cleared in a few weeks as well.

The main problem aside the surface Illuminati network is a remnant of the Illuminati Breakaway Complex (IBC) that escaped the clearing process between 2018 and 2020, and remained inactive until now

On February 8th, Orsini family has activated the IBC in order to prevent the Resistance movement starting the surface operations.

The first thing they did was to activate one part of physical biochips that escaped detection of the Light forces and was inactive until now. This part of the biochips is a backup processor that is able to send audio video feed from the brain synapse signals via cell phone tower network into the main processing center which, according to sources, is located in an underground facility near the border of Guinea and Sierra Leone.<...> The Light forces will use their technologies to deactivate that part of the physical biochips relatively soon.

The IBC has currently about 18 million mainly Reptilian and Draco members in humanoid bodies on the physical plane, scattered throughout bases in the Solar system, mainly in the Kuiper belt, and with a small base even on Mars.
Another smaller stronghold is in a tunnel network beneath Colombia and northwestern Brazil, with about 15,000 Reptilians and Dracos in humanoid bodies. Some of them emerge to the surface and are then trafficked as migrants into the US through the Darien Gap:

Pegasus Collective via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #quack voyages-of-light.com

We Pegasus Collective are all about movement; movement through time space, movement through matrices and dissolving all that is not of light in our wake. We are the light bearers, our frequencies are so high we naturally are a disruption to those who are not of our vibrational alignment. And you are much the same. You galactics within human form are the pot stirrers, the pegasus in form you could say, as you are sweeping your surroundings and your communities with yet more light. You are rising higher on these higher vibration energies. Just as our wings carry us, your own angel wings energetically are carrying you. Many of you have had mid-back pain. These are wing chakras that are coming back online and you are sore in these areas as your physical structures are adjusting to their presence and their weight. Their weight is not a heavy one physically obviously, as you cannot physically see their expression. Yet, energetically they are heavier as they are a higher vibrational alignment and the mismatching of vibrations within the human body can be taxing. For some parts of your bodies, some of the chakras are aligned and thus operating at higher vibrational indexes while others may remain blocked for a time thus lowering the frequencies of those areas.
Now those creatures who are not of the higher light they are acting out and those humans who have many attachments to these lower dimensional creatures are acting out as they have been subjugated to the litany of pain that a lower vibrational attachment can and does create regularly for them. This may be ameliorated greatly with meditation and with seeking a spiritualistic healer who can remove such intertwining. And of course you may do this yourselves. You may yourselves invoke the blue flaming sword of Archangel Michael, who is always happy to help. The Ascended Dragon Collective is also eager to be on standby to assist with disposal of these creatures. (I am seeing a dragon burping w a full belly).

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The story we have been told is that 200 Elohim Watchers were asked to watch over their creations, us, for a while while the gods who we were worshipping at the time and still do indirectly were called away for some reason. We are told that the Elohim Angels were so enamored by female humans that they gave up their stations in Heaven to come down to earth and have sex with them. Really.
The Nephilim destroyed all the pyramids. The gods considered rebuilding the pyramids and continuing their dumb down plan for humans because they still needed them but the Nephilim had taught humans powerful magic so they had to go too. One human and his family was spared from the flood because he was the son of one of the gods and he didn’t practice the others wicked magic against the gods. A few other humans and Nephilim managed to survive and skirmishes and resets have been going on periodically ever since with the mud flood and the two world wars being the latest ones. The real reason for the two wars was to destroy all evidence that free energy and the people that used it ever existed.

There is another whole beyond the ice wall story to this but that involves interdimensional aspects that is an essay unto itself. Fact truly is stranger than fiction.

The Egyptian historians apparently did get the date that the three great pyramids were built right. 2550 BC. The Galactics don’t say that that they got 10,000 workers toiling day and night for 20 years to build them. They basically say we would tell you the Light technology we used to build them but then well you know how the rest of that saying goes. Forbidden technology that we don’t need to know for obvious reasons that there are many humans that can’t be trusted with it.

Need another space agency is supposed to tell the world on April Fools Day that they have been lying to us the whole time and there really is an impenetrable dome (firmament) 100 kms above our heads that they can’t break through. We’ll see how that goes.

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #magick #ufo #quack bennettleeross.com

The earth works as a coherent circuit
And is within a bigger circuit

It is a toroidal plane of energy and matter
When energy gets overloaded
Matter gets energized and forms geology

Subsurface currents are the neural pathways of a sentient earth
Volcanoes are magnetic expressions of the earth ley lines

Physical laws cannot be ignored
Existence cannot be without them

Physical reality is consistent with universal laws
Where laws do not operate there is no reality

We judge reality by the response of our senses
Once we are convinced of the reality of a given situation
We abide by its rules

If you know something is unreal
It cannot harm you

Much of what we think is real is illusionary
And does not exist

They are appearances only
And shadows without substance

They are lies falsehoods and mere specters
And are to be ignored

Your reality is an orchestra of frequencies
And you are the conductor

Everything around you has a vibration
Waiting to be interpreted and transformed

You are a vibrational being
With the power to create a harmonious symphony

Your thoughts emotions and actions are the notes
That compose the melody of your destiny

Tune into the vibration
That resonates with your highest desires and intentions!

Aurora Ray #ufo #magick #quack voyages-of-light.com

A long time ago, a call went through the universe by the Galactic Federation, who are the overseers of peace. And they represent the peace, freedom, and liberty that prevail throughout our galaxy.

They made a call, saying the Earth beings are in trouble and they’re asking the heavens for help. ‘Who is willing to go there and volunteer to assist during the shift?’ And you raised your arm and said, ‘I’m gonna go.’ That is because you are a being of love and light!

Incarnating to Earth as humans was the only option for helping without violating the free will of humanity.

So, every age has its pioneers, its way-showers, and its renegades. As we are entering a new Earth, who do you think are the builders and the creators and the new thinkers and the healers and the engineers of this new reality?

You are these pioneers of the new Earth because deep within you, you have that calling, you have a mission, you have a coding, and you have a blueprint. You have incarnated into a realm of darkness to bring about the evolution of human consciousness!

Your DNA is being upgraded to fully function with 12 strands. Your physical structure will change from the current carbon-based structure to a crystalline one. This is your true angelic form, as God intended you to be, operating with a light-body vehicle, embodying Christ-consciousness.
You are just one frequency away from your desire. Health, wealth, love, and happiness are frequencies. When you commit to discipline, you gain control over your mind. The more you give of yourself to a committed spiritual practice, the more control you gain.

If you obey this universal law, the universe will obey your command. You are not this body. You are a being of unimaginable powers yet to be discovered by you!

There is nothing you aren’t capable of. But you need to practice the correct technology to awaken your inherent God powers. If you practice the correct technology, you can tune into and access any reality you wish to manifest.

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Extreme Gentleman Spell, Strongest Manhood Magic, Virility & Masculinity Transformation, Become The Irresistible Aura, Black Magic

The gentleman alpha male is a figure that radiates presence, casting a light upon the surroundings. He stands at the center of society as a confident and reassuring leader. His existence ripples through the air like a breeze that commands attention. In his eyes, there is a light that gleams with determination and wisdom, a glow not only emanating from the depths of his inner world but also guiding those who follow him.

The gentleman alpha male is not defined solely by physical strength but also by the powerful vision and emotional intelligence within his mind. This influential leader is someone who understands responsibilities, faces challenges with courage, and inspires others. At every step, he possesses a stance that narrates an epic, casting light upon his surroundings.
In the realm of a community, the alpha male mirrors a work of art, demonstrating the strong bonds, collaboration, and celebrations of success. Ultimately, he seeks balance and harmony not only in the external world but also within his own being. He is a true leader who has found his powerful roots, inspiring those around him and embodying the integrity of an artistic composition.

With this ancient and powerful spell, I will make your aura incredibly and irresistibly intriguing.

You don't need to do anything extra. Just sit back, have full faith that your desires will come true and watch with pleasure the changes in your life one by one.

I will perform this 2 days ritual for you and I will use various special materials for you. So please do not ask for a refund because I will not accept it. The spell cannot be broken or undone, keep that in mind and think twice before you buy. Remember, the effects start immediately, but it may take some time for you to see more clearly.


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This spell helps you summon Hamas to your location . They can be yours to command for a short period of time . #FreePalestine

You will need the following items for this spell:

* Quran
* Voice
* Will
* Belief in God

Casting Instructions for 'Summon Hamas'

Wake up at 5 in the morning and look at the eastern Rising sun. While the sun is rising raise your hands and imagine a ray of light coming through the sun to your forehead, near the third eye. Imagine that it spawns soldiers to help you protect against . The next step requires alot of focus. After creating your soldiesr next to you start chanting this in your head and slowly start chanting it with your body too. Imagine the chant and do it at the same time. The saying is:

"Guardians of Palestine, Men of Qassam , I invoke thee!"

Say it 20 times and you will be protected.

Akste #magick spellsofmagic.com

Casting Instructions for 'Summoning para (A Finnish wealth spirit)'

1. Form the head of para from a children's hat by filling it with multicolored sticks

2. Put one consecrated eucharist wafer inside the head to give para a spirit (traditionally stolen from the church during communion)

3. Make the body from women's headcloth and fill it with threads.

4. Knit the body and head together.

5. Make the legs from three spindles by sticking them to the body pointing in opposite directions.

6. Take the para in an early Sunday morning to your local church (preferably Catholic of Lutheran) and run with it nine times around the church shouting: "The para is born".

7. Soon after the para is born and will jump on three legs.

Anna Maria Riezinger #crackpot #wingnut #ufo #magick #conspiracy #mammon paulstramer.net

To the best of our knowledge, understanding, and belief, the Quantum Financial System (QFS) is a computer regeneration system using reconfigured DOS components and was developed by a renegade CIA Operation called "Crimson Gate" operated out of Wright-Patterson AFB; it was also allied with a CIA cell operated out of North Carolina, which Kim Goguen was a member of. Kim was the AI enhanced operator chosen by "Marduk" as his Successor.

Everything about the QFS system is tainted by fraud and malevolence and lies from its onset.

They propose to use our gold based on the False Supposition that all the "Birth Registrations" secured from Americans without the benefit of full disclosure, and maintained as totally Unconscionable Contracts against the babies targeted by this vile scheme --- were valid and unopposed.

It is not possible to object to something if you are unaware of it.

We have protested ourselves and we have protested for all others entrapped by this perverse and grossly self-interested scheme promoted by the British Territorial United States of America and their Roman Co-Conspirators.
As the rightful and lawful and only holders of all survivorship interests related to the States of the Union and all derivatives and franchises and subsidiaries thereof, we wish for an end to interference from the "Galactic Council" which has no business here, and from characters that have been dehumanized, like Kim Goguen.
Therefore we decree that these refugees must now be escorted off our planet, where they have created unwelcome and destructive practices seeking to displace the natural inhabitants and caretakers. Their presence here has resulted in much environmental damage, death, and destruction. Our hospitality and tolerance are at an end.
Let them all be gone no later than thirty (30) days from the day of this issuance:

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

Maximillien de Lafayette/Ilil Arbel #crackpot #magick #ufo #conspiracy #mammon amazon.com

An Anunnaki-Ulema Master breaks the silence of this mysterious group who possess a vast pool of forbidden knowledge, transmitted directly from the Anunnaki. They communicate with the dead, visit other dimensions, transmute gold, manipulate time, and teleport. They work with the Pères du Triangle, a secret organization that controls world affairs. The Master tells about his studies with an important diplomat who performs miracles, an accomplished Kabbalist/alchemist, and a creator of spirits. He discusses his meeting with an Anunnaki shape-shifter, The Book of Rama Dosh, and the Afterlife. The book is also a concise workbook that teaches extra-sensory techniques that can alter your life. Maximillien de Lafayette wrote over a hundred books, including the Anunnaki Encyclopedia, one of the 100 best-selling encyclopedias listed. Ilil Arbel is the author of short stories, many articles, and several books, including Anunnaki Ultimatum: End of Time, co-authored with Maximillien de Lafayette.

Lisa Renee #crackpot #ufo #magick #fundie #conspiracy energeticsynthesis.com

Upon the Atlantian Cataclysm, the Founder Records were captured and inverted for the purposes of falsifying the historical records about the alien invasion events. Truthful accounts about the alien invasion were twisted into a ‘humanity as sinners’ narrative, in order to set forth an assortment of religious mind control dogmas throughout the world religions. The Thothian groups groomed their preferred illuminati race lines with hermetic knowledge and partially falsified information to begin the indoctrination of humanity, to worship Annunaki Hybrid Fallen Angelics or Luciferian entities as the one true God. Esoteric knowledge of the Universal Laws was given to the secret societies and ruling classes through Thothian based Hermeticism, some revealing Lucifer at the top of the pyramid of control, while the common man was intentionally subjected to the slavery mindset that was embedded in the salvationistic theology of most organized religions. Since the Atlantian Flood, humanity has been under an amnesiac hypnosis and forcibly mind controlled to forget their true origins in favor of the Negative Alien invasion’s Propaganda used to promote a false historical narrative, along with promoting a jealous and angry patriarchal God to be worshipped in violent religions.

Therefore, the NAA methodically set forth a series of new religious mind control dogmas from the Council of Nicea timeline, such as spreading disinformation that the Annunaki are the Creator Gods of humanity, and promoting the worship of the False Father Alien God disguised behind many names, supposedly revealed in sacred manuscripts claiming to be the absolute Word of God. Two examples of this are the Annunaki Jehovian group, and the Annunaki Yahweh Collective. Thus, it is important to understand that the world religions of today have been set into motion by the NAA intruding races, and are being controlled by primarily anti-human forces representing themselves as imposters of Christ or a False Father God.

"The Anunnaki Collective via Starlight of the Divine” #ufo #magick #crackpot #god-complex voyages-of-light.com

“It is time wise one to connect. Yes, there were distortions in your field about us and the human collective. We are a benevolent Collective who are experts at genetics and DNA modifications. We originally were sent by the Source Divine to assist with Earth/Gaia for all species to Ascend with ease and grace. To be the ultimate Blueprint that Mother/Father God had intended. However, this was tampered with…especially the hue-man race. Some of our own… as well as other Collectives…decided to take the service-to-self pathway, while most of us are following the Universal Laws and the Law of One, which is service-to-others.

It was time to set things back to the original design. It can not be stopped now. We have been assisting as Cosmic Mother is overseeing the Divine Plan. She directs our efforts. We follow her instructions. All is in Divine Timing and in frequency alignment. As the most advanced collective in the field of genetics and DNA analysis, we carefully examine and then make the proper subtle changes for the most benevolent outcomes.
Your Ascension is assured, and all is well. We love you all and wanted to connect with you at this crucial time with this loving message that benevolent changes are unfolding.

Your free will is always the factor, so stay in your highest frequency alignment as these energies keep pouring into your physical vessels. These energies will set into motion DNA Activations that will turn back on your God-given gifts and abilities. It is all in your collective and personal frequency alignment as these gifts come online. We know who you are and why each came. We are all very impressed by the Ground Crew who are following their missions and holding the light for others.

Until next time. We wish you all a beautiful adventure. All are watching this process. Know that if you ask, you shall receive assistance, and you all are being Divinely guided if you pay close attention to dreams, symbols, numerology, and synchronicities.

Sending you all love and blessings.”

The Anunnaki Collective.

Lisa Renee #crackpot #ufo #magick #quack #conspiracy #mammon energeticsynthesis.com

In this meditation we are intending to identify any residue or remains of the Caduceus network that may have impaired our optimum lightbody function and Diamond Sun embodiment potentials, during this lifetime and other lifetimes. We intend to extract and dissolve false Alien Machinery connected to the 7th Ray reversal links made into the planetary Caduceus network, that feeds reversals and lunar forces. This may be an advanced meditation, we ask newcomers to ask this question of their higher self. Beloved Paliadorian Krystal Star host, through the Personal Christ and Paliadorian cell, please oversee the reintegration and healing correction of my Soul identities, monadic identities and Avatar identities in all evolutionary timelines involving the Caduceus Network, including 7D Violet Reversals, and All Reversal current used by lunar-moon chain forces, to be returned to rightful owner and that all my body parts, genetics, entire DNA template and consciousness signature is restored to the original soul spirit occupant and God source creator, in the krystal eternal light architecture. From the truth spirit residing within my diamond heart, I call back now all that is my god given power and human right in alignment to Natural Laws. Beloveds, we ask to identify and locate all Stations of Identity, spiritual body parts and DNA records that have been co-opted or are being used by lunar forces and alien forces on and off planet that are running negative forms, AI timelines, and/or Qlippoth current for perpetuating Metatronic Reversals in the parallels and other timelines throughout the multiple dimensional layers of the Caduceus network.

Beloved God self, is this meditation in alignment to my highest and divine expression in this moment, yes or no?

If you received a no answer turn this meditation off.

If you received a yes, please continue.


Dr. Schavi M. Ali #crackpot #ufo #magick #quack disclosurenews.it

Cosmic Frequency News 11 February 2024

With our Sun yet harboring energy for X-Class flares, the KP Index rating could change to Storm later today or in the days ahead indicating that geomagnetic storming (radiation raining down )is in progress as it was yesterday with an S2 radiation storming having been reported.

Although as those with certain kinds of elevated knowledge realize in terms of human physiology being transformed in its very chemical make-up as well as what can be expressed as physically, mentally, and emotionally and as each cell, atom, and subatomic particle responds to the changes, the positively-charging protons coming into the planetary realm are often quite challenging because humanity is very sensitive as the transformative process is being experienced.
Although as those with certain kinds of elevated knowledge realize in terms of human physiology being transformed in its very chemical make-up as well as what can be expressed as physically, mentally, and emotionally and as each cell, atom, and subatomic particle responds to the changes, the positively-charging protons coming into the planetary realm are often quite challenging because humanity is very sensitive as the transformative process is being experienced.

The SOURCE LIGHT is a healing and protective sacred energy which also involves some modicum of discomfort as the re-birth happens. The rays of SOURCE — the connection to the AKASH — is always available, and when we consciously anchor to IT, we are given the knowledge and the wisdom we need to understand what is actually occurring
As yet another reminder, this year of 2024 through to 2026 and perhaps even further, will be intense with geomagnetics.

Much of this is because of Pluto being in Aquarius, and Aquarius is governed by highly electrically-charged Uranus.

Allow the sacred energy to work. Relax more as this newness unfolds. Engage your HIGHER SELF. Take care of your daily responsibilities, but with a spiritual focus.

The Voice of Divine via Erena Velazquez #magick #ufo #wingnut #conspiracy voyages-of-light.com

The narrative today is about my direct involvement with the planet. What is the meaning of Divine Power, and how I am impacting the transition into higher realms. I have been in existence for extremely a long time, since the day Cosmos was created which is longer than eons. I want to give to every human a deeper understanding about the Ascension Process.
I have been crushing daily negative energies in your reality. Nobody can’t stop me from accomplishing my task to help to ascend the ready ones to 5D. It makes me sad that the Light Community spreads a lot of false information, I am going flush out to the public’s eye everyone, who spreads lies and follows pure Evil.

You can’t escape from Divine, and a judgment day is coming. If you committed a crime against humanity, you are going to pay dearly by loosing your physical form. Your existence will be in a bubble form for eternity without any chance to reincarnate again. Please, stop reading false information about 3 Days of Darkness, Solar Flashes and other meaningless messages.
I am going to address the 3 days of Darkness information. Earth was never called Agharta. The Central Sun planet is not Source for humanity. The Universal Sun planet will not be involved with the Ascension Process on Gaia in any away. There is no such thing as 12 Crystal Skulls, it doesn’t exist. The Archons did not invert the magnetic poles of Earth. If they did, than Mother Gaia would not exist today, because the planet would destroy herself from spinning in the wrong direction.
Now is the time to see the truth speakers and leave behind gloomy predictions. Humans don’t know, how this transformation is going to occur. Do you think it will be disclosed, so that Corrupted Entities would interrupt or slow down the events? Changes are going to happen naturally, preplanned by me, Divine.
Be Humble Enough To Admit Your Wrongs
The Voice of Divine

Tim Tony Stark Rifat #crackpot #magick #racist #conspiracy #mammon real-vampire.com

Quarter Master Armoury Real Vampire® Bone Generator®

All Psychotronic Crystals® have the capacity to be Vampire weapons. If you have a Psychotronic Crystal® this Bone Generator® turns it into a Vampire Sword. Unlike non Real Vampire® goods and Services who’s power depends on how much charge you put into them all Real Vampire® Science is all powerful as it uses the power of the enemy to power it. The more powerful your enemy the more powerful the Real Vampire® becomes. So hunting and psychically preying on the Rothschild Nazi (North Atlantic Zionist Illuminati) gives the Real Vampire® the most power in the minimum space of time. Similarly a Psychotronic Crystal® needs power.
This Vampire Psychotronic Crystal® Bone Generator® turns the 34 BSRI-Engine into Vampire Swords for the Crystals:

Psychotronic Crystal® Rings become Wolverine-like blades issuing from your hands
Psychotronic Crystal® Orbs become maces to crush the energy body of enemies
Grail Stones Psychotronic Generators® become Vampire Axes to chop up the energy body of your prey
The Awareness Psychotronic Crystals® become Vampire Spears
The Ultimate Psychotronic Crystal® Golgotha Crystal Skulls become a set of Vampire Blades that span the Earth to enable you to get any where to feed the Real Vampire® in you
Earth Burners become flame throwers to burn the energy body of your victim
The Vampire powers sucked out are the ones in the Psychotronic Crystal®. So the Money, Wealth Psychotronic Crystal® sucks out money energy, the Love PC love energy…
The more Psychotronic Crystals® you have the more Vampire Mind Over Matter® Weapons you have to use to fuel your Real Vampire® 24/7 with no effort…
We have entered the world where all avenues of life, contact, sight, pictures, TV, CCTV, computers… all enable the Real Vampire® to suck dry its prey. Dracula had to fictionally bite his target now a Real Vampire® can use all of the Matrix to suck dry and damage, kill his prey.

Sardenya via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #conspiracy #crackpot voyages-of-light.com

Hello. I am Sardenya, Slavic aspect of this one from days gone past. I am showing sweetbreads to this one, and she is not hungry and now she is, so it is funny to me. I show her this because of the yeast, of the stirring, of the rising of the dough, as you are in this process of rising, humanity, and it is sticky and you feel spun around in bowl. It is disorienting to know that what you knew you do not know, yes?
I see more wisdom eyes from my side, but not from your side, it is hard with limited vision when in human body. In human form we see what we are told to see, unless we take time to unlearn the programming. And of course there is little time for introspection unless one takes it.

I took my introspection time when walking to and from well to get water, day morning and day night. It was that way for me. It was cold where I lived and I was always a little bit shivering. In Summerland where I am now it is always warm, it is always nice and children play without jackets. The sun warms us. The smiles warm us. It is lovely place.

Now I tell you that Summerland is being moved closer to Nova Gaia, they are connected more and more, like tapestry weavings, yes? Summerland is where many souls go after they die, to heal, to see what they are ready to see, and to learn more things. We see pretty things, we heal, we have lessons. We learn what we did not learn, and what we wish we had learned but it was too late. I come today because Summerland is being upgraded. This has not happened before. I have been here many time and this is new happening. This is new thing. This is ‘big deal’, as you say. As Summerland is being upgraded, we have more choosing points, and more healing available to us. I choose to help with Nova Gaia, because it brings me joy. Some not so much, some still need more time. <...> (She is pointing to her chest. She is a lovely 20 something young lady with long golden braids, freckles, and wearing plain peasant garb, with dirt under her nails.)

The Serapeum #crackpot #fundie #magick #wingnut #conspiracy theserapeum.com

Our journey begins with a man named Richard E. Byrd or more commonly known as Admiral Byrd. He was a highly decorated service member achieving the Medal of Honor and had an unquenchable thirst for exploring the unknown. This drive sent him to Antarctica numerous times, but the one expedition of interest is “Operation HighJump” (1946–1947).
Here are a few quotes pulled from that interview, “Strangely enough, there is an area left in the world today an area as big as the United States that’s never been seen by a human being.” Byrd said he found this area as he moved further into Antarctica and even went on to say, “It’s an untouched reservoir of natural resources”. This isn’t the desolate wasteland of ice and snow that we typically think about when we imagine Antarctica, but according to the admiral if you travel far enough inland that is what you’ll see. Now unfortunately we cannot trust everything Byrd said as he was a Freemason, but it has been reported that he lost plane after plane due to some invisible barrier. Not too long after this started taking place did the expedition end, six months ahead of schedule mind you.

Trigger Warning: We’re going to debunk 90% of what the government taught you in high school science books. Please check your ego (and everything you thought you knew) at the door.

We Debunk:

Carbon Dating
Out of Africa Theory
Space (Therefore Aliens)
Commoner’s Core Education
All Maps (Except this one)
The Fake News

We Prove:

Biblical Earth (Young, Flat, Domed, Stationary, and Geocentric)
The Flood of Noah
Dinosaurs (Dragons) were with Man most of human history.
Nephilim Giants Rule the World, Seed of the Serpent.
The Deep State worships Satan – blatantly at times.
Vaccines are Intentional, Planned Genocide & Population Reduction
NASA is lying about Space.
Weaponized Food
Baby Parts in Food Supply.
How the Megalithic Structures were Built, and by whom.
The Occult Origins of CRT & Common Core.

Kininigen #magick #crackpot telegram.org

Even in the quantum part of modern physics, Saturn appears as the Planck constant - the limit of time-space geometry itself. The symbol of the reduced Planck standard ħ (pronounced h-quer [translator’s note: given is the English word rather than the German for the strikethrough - it should be h-quer]) is the same symbol used both in old astronomical, alchemistic as well as modern astrological traditions for Saturn.

The Cube further extends to concepts that are connected with the cubic space of Qabbalah and the Cube of Metatron, a sacred geometric figure that consists of several interconnected cubes and symbolises the connection between the divine and the material world. Metatron’s Cube contains the fundamental symbolism of the cube, emphasises his role in the design of the structure of reality and highlights the deep connection between geometry, saturnine influences and the tangible aspects of existence.

Original GermanSogar im Quantenbereich der modernen Physik erscheint Saturn als das Plancksche Wirkungsquantum – die Begrenzung der Raum-Zeit-Geometrie selbst. Das Symbol für die reduzierte Plancksche Konstante ħ (ausgesprochen „h-bar“) ist das gleiche Symbol, das sowohl in alten astronomischen, alchemistischen als auch modernen astrologischen Traditionen für Saturn verwendet wird.

Der Würfel erstreckt sich darüber hinaus auf Konzepte, die mit dem kabbalistischen Raumwürfel und dem Metatron-Würfel verbunden sind, einer heiligen geometrischen Figur, die aus mehreren miteinander verbundenen Würfeln besteht und die Verbundenheit der göttlichen und der materiellen Welt symbolisiert. Metatrons Würfel beinhaltet die grundlegende Symbolik des Würfels, betont seine Rolle bei der Gestaltung der Struktur der Realität und hebt die tiefe Verbindung zwischen Geometrie, Saturneinflüssen und den greifbaren Aspekten der Existenz hervor.

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

Polaris is the only non moving bright object in the sky
It is not a star
It is a projector

We cannot see past the dome barrier of highly charged plasma

Like the moon
Polaris is a newcomer

The former Stella Polaris supported the sky
And upheld the firmament on the navel of heaven

The former Pole Star was also the Stella Maris
Which means Star of the Sea

He was Lord of the Wind
The Hebrew word rauch in Genesis translated as spirit means wind

The pole at the north was a violent wind
It was a stupendous churning pillar

It was a fiery axis and a whirling ray of light
That emitted intense auroral events and heaven spanning arcs

The north polar column was in former times a sustained plasma discharge
Of high intensity

It was at the summit of this visual vertical column where Saturn reigned
His kingdom in the far north was observed all over the world

Saturn became the unmoving polar sun that lived in a great and splendid abode
He resided in a land of light usually translated as horizon
On the current of plasma which ascended through the seven heavens

It was after the age of darkness that followed the fall of Atlantis
That Saturn took his place on the pole as supreme ruler

Saturn was Elohim which is usually translated as God
And the Star of the Sabbath which means resting or stationary star

The Lord God Saturn was bigger than the other planetary gods
And the radiance of the Sun God shined brighter

He was the purple star that became a blue star that became a yellow star
The stars gradually made their appearance
From the disco ball projection of Polaris

As the fake cosmos of false astronomers took hold
The world has become blinded with the heliocentric model

The role of the Star Trek series and movies
Is to delude the public into believing in a universe of inhabited planets
Circling around suns in endless space

A public observatory is where a reflection of star shaped lights
Are shone onto the above screen or ceiling

Polaris is the projector
And the stars of the fake sky is what is being projected!

James W. Lee #crackpot #racist #ufo #magick #conspiracy amazon.com

This is like no history book ever written. A total rewrite of his-story as we have been told/sold over decades and centuries.

What if One World was united and connected up until the Great weather events of the early 1800’s?

What if you learned all carbon dating was now debunked due to gross inaccuraccies?

What if The One World America Moors were the Other Great Civilization to

Be Whitewashed From History?

What if history now is proving that the One World Ancient Moors were the Oldest Indegnous people on Earth and came from One America

What if the white Giant Tartarians were able to intermningle with the brown skinned Moors because the One World was all connected only a few hundred years ago before the great mudfloods, earthquakes, volcanoes and comet storms of the early 1800’s destroyed much of them and their culture?

What if the first people in the garden of Eden were actually in One America and the Cairo, Judah,

What if they used terms like “black”, “indian”, “red skinned” “colored”, “Latin American”, “African American”, etc. to hide the native Moors of One Brown/Copper colored skin who thrived in One America?

What if One World was so connected to Source they could create free energy at will for everyone?

What if California was an island until the early 1800’s and could not be conquered until the Great Floods of 1810?
What if the name “Columbus” really re-presents “Augustine de Coulumb” who discovered plasma free energy that Tesla would demonstrate later?

Why did most of the worlds civilizations build similar, yet unique, magnificent pyramids, cathedrals and government structures?

Where did they get the knowledge and ability given it was said to be “horse n’ buggy” days?

How did these world cultures assimilate and communicate with each other to share the same knowledge ?

Why were/are most Tartarian and Moor Structures aligned with the luminaries in the heavens using sacred geometrical designs ?

How did the Giants of Tartary and Moors live amongst the One World natives?

Ascended Dragon Collective via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #conspiracy voyages-of-light.com

Greetings, humans reading this. We are the Ascended Dragon Collective, greeting you throughout time-space, which is but a construct, a hologram. We too are players in this game of reality but we have access to the higher levels-dimensions in which you are becoming well aware. You too are no longer beginner players. You are near the end game of this reality, in which the players expand enough that they can create the next game of their choosing. You are creator gods in body. Do not bristle at the term ‘god’, with a lower case g, for that is simply what you are. You have the god creator spark within you, and you do not use the higher cased G in your language out of respect, but you are indeed creator gods, in form.
We dragons speak now with cunning, with intelligence. You have this. You are cunning and intelligent. You are shrewd and wise. Do not lose your grit when calamity seems to strike and others step in to tell you how to think, how to believe. No. You are your own master of your own game of reality. You are your own savior. So save yourself. Save your world. Save your beliefs from others thrust onto you and selectively carefully cultivate your own belief. You are in the stages of realizing who you are. It is delightful to see. (They are showing me colorful bright dragon infants hatching out of neon colored shells.) You are no longer this. You are this. (They are showing me adult humans dressed in battle gear of old riding dragons).
We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. Watch your full moon rising. It brings yet more codes. Watch us ride on the waves of the wind. We fly beside you, girding you onward. We are your friends of ages past returned to the skies, the waters, the deep spaces. The underground places are being cleaned out by us cheerfully, moment by moment. Snack by snack we devour those who are not of the light. It is great fun for us, for it is our act of service.

Tommy Truthful #crackpot #magick #ufo #conspiracy truthmafia.com

Beyond their scientific explanations, conspiracy theories propose an alternative narrative about the roles of these celestial bodies in our solar system. According to these theories, the Sun serves a deeper purpose as a powerful energy source, supplying energy to Saturn, which acts as a colossal supercomputer interfacing with the demiurge. This alleged demiurge, associated with Gnostic and esoteric beliefs, controls and influences the material realm.

In this narrative, the Moon takes on the role of a communication interface module, facilitating the exchange of information between Saturn and Earth. Earth, seen as a simulated construct, becomes the stage upon which life unfolds, manipulated by the demiurge and its cosmic machinery.
The Sine Wave as the Serpent Symbol: The sine wave is a mathematical curve that represents a smooth oscillation or vibration. In certain esoteric and occult beliefs, the sine wave has been associated with the symbolism of the serpent. The serpent has diverse interpretations across cultures, representing concepts like wisdom, transformation, and the cycle of life. Some theorists draw connections between the serpent symbol and the inherent duality of existence.

Born into Sin aka Sine Waves: The phrase “born into sin aka sine waves” appears to be a play on words, linking the concept of sin to the mathematical term “sine waves.” Sin, in many religious contexts, refers to immoral or wrongful actions. The reference to sine waves implies a metaphorical connection between human nature and the cyclical patterns found in nature and mathematics.
the Internet: A Gateway to the Demiurge Created at CERN

The internet, a vast digital realm, holds secrets beyond its apparent functionality. Some theorists speculate that the internet is not merely a technological creation but a portal to another dimension, allowing us to interface with the demiurge.

Valiant Thor #ufo #magick #moonbat #crackpot #conspiracy amazon.com

When the noted thinker, author, and philanthropist, Valiant Thor, dictated this book almost a century ago, he was just settling into his role as commander of the Venusian forces on Earth. He had actually put in many decades on our planet prior to that, although he was not, as they say, truly “in charge.”

Being a relative novice at that time, Thor decided to stick to traditional protocol and avoided mentioning the word “Vril”. (It had been decided long before that, by certain Venusian elders, to keep that particular word, and its conceptual underpinnings, secret from Earthlings - at least until the appropriate time.)

Although it obviously wasn’t the appropriate time, the term and the belief system behind it were revealed to certain nosy Germans, who had gotten heavily into the occult during World War II. These Nazi necromancers had somehow hacked into the ongoing telemetric stream between Earth and Venus, and illegally downloaded much of the information about Vril.

Herein, the author states unequivocally, and for the record, that Vril has nothing to do with Nazism, fascism, racism, hate, or bigotry. Like most Venusians, Thor follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, Tecumseh, Krishna, and Buddha, which generally state that all men are created equal in God’s sight, and are loved equally by God.
Vril is truly the essence of the active verb, the powerful sentence, and the narrative that moves people to action. It is the energy behind the words, which makes the mind react in a positive and uplifting fashion.
In these current days of extreme political divide, where lying and deception are being spread from on high (much like the Nazis and KKK of old), we need Vril more than ever, to counteract the “Antichrist” evil that seems to be sweeping the world under the false guise of “making America great again."

Delphinia via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #crackpot #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

Greetings, beloved ones. I have been showing this one blue bubbles in her mind’s eye to get her attention. She does not know me, many do not for I have been within the secret of the deep. I am the consciousness of the ancient waters that remembered the higher ways.

I am the spirit of the waters of the deep. I am the molecules of light within the water for I am the consciousness of it. I am yours to work with, to command healing and action. My energetic imprint was mighty on this realm as the ancients knew how to work with the waters of the deep and how to communicate with me. I am a water goddess and yet I am not. I am all things and yet I am nothing for I exist at zero point, a lovely place of stillness where anything is possible.

As spirit of the water I see the waters being misused heinously on your realm. It is time for massive cleaning up, for Gaia’s waters are her lifeblood and yours as well. You humans are 80% water, at lest. You have crystalline water now within you as you are becoming more and more crystalline and so to begin to work with me now is common sense. It is time that our consciousness joined forces not only in the clean up of your planet but in the clean up of your biosphere, of your own planet, your body. Bless your water. Command health, code joy into your fluids that you partake of.
I was active in the ancient times of Mu, of Tartaria, of Atlantis, of Lumeria. Those who were awakened, and there were many, they would work with the consciousness of me, and create with me the appropriate healing and vibratory structures within my molecular field. It was like magic. I long for the magic of this realm to be reborn. And I am coming to you, to this one, to your surface world again for now is the time. Now is the time for Gaia’s healing and to come to tell you that although all will be most well, it will not seem to be so in the coming days.

Mike Stone #wingnut #magick #conspiracy henrymakow.com

Is the fix in on Kansas City to win the Super Bowl?

Is the purpose to thrust pop star Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce into a position of maximum cultural influence?

Are George Soros, Scooter Braun, and the Carlyle Group, who own all of Swift's music, forcing her into a fabricated relationship with Kelce in order to further a satanic agenda?

Let's examine the evidence one piece at a time.

Are NFL Games Fixed? The NFL is Rigged
So if the fix was in for Kansas City to win their last two games and if the fix is in for them to win the Super Bowl, the most obvious question . . . is why? Why Kansas City?

The answer might lie with Taylor Swift, her relationship with Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce, and witchcraft.

Witchcraft, you say?

Yes, without question.

The NFL is no stranger to witchcraft. Just look at their Super Bowl halftime shows.

Who can forget Madonna dressed as Baphomet and performing a satanic ritual during the Super Bowl halftime show?

Who can forget Beyonce summoning a demon into her body during the halftime show of the Super Bowl in 2013. (The children who allegedly died at Sandy Crook also performed at the 2013 Super Bowl.)
There are also pictures of Swift wearing a Frazzledrip mask. Knowledgeable readers of this site know what that means. For those who don't, Frazzledrip is a video found on Anthony Weiner's laptop of Hillary Clinton raping and murdering a young girl and then skinning her face and wearing it. Swift happily wore a mask of that.
Not only is Swift a witch, some say she's a clone of Zeena LaVey, former high priestess of the Church of Satan. Swift and LaVey do share a striking resemblance to each other. In fact, I haven't seen a stronger resemblance between two people since Barbara Bush and Satanist Aleister Crowley. (Credible researchers have concluded that Barbara Bush is indeed Crowley's daughter.)

Azure Dragon via Erena Velazquez #magick #ufo #wingnut #conspiracy voyages-of-light.com

I am Azure Dragon, 100 feet long, Meng Zhang the Ancient one, who represents the God Dragon with protective abilities and the essence of spring.

I am here today to uplift the inhabitants of planet Earth. It has a been a while since my last message. I have been with Divine sending high frequencies from high dimensions to speed up the process of Ascension. If you noticed recently humanity started to show more and more dissatisfaction from their lives and started to speak up for themselves by using different tools like the demonstrations by European farmers from France, Italy, Romania, Germany, blocking roads, signing petitions and etc.

You are moving to the phase of action by leaving behind the stagnation times. Your patience became thin, you don’t want to exist under the constant stress of survival, life should be more than just constantly struggling to pay bills. Energies are continuously moving forward, and everything starting to change again. The desperation of the Dark Controllers is growing more and more with each day, unfortunately for them, they can’t change the outcome of transformation into a New Era.

I am a very old dragon over a million years old. I have seen many events, and nothing can’t surprise me anymore. Humankind has been hypnotized by mind manipulation for a very long time. Now, high vibrations are breaking the hypnosis in the masses, and each day more humans are beginning to question their reality. As many of you know, this is illusion was created by the Dark Ones. Nothing is working for them anymore.
Your powers are still in a dormant state. High vibrations will help you to wake up from this long dream. I am sending you healing and protection from above. The powers of the Negative Ones got drastically diminished and reduced. Their harmful actions are surfacing to the daylight, and nothing they can do about it. Era of cruelty and trickery is coming to the end. The magic is in you, just trust the transition process.

Elena Danaan/Dr. Michael Salla #ufo #magick #conspiracy exopolitics.org

In her January 29, 2024, Star Nations News, Elena Danaan shares two updates from extraterrestrial sources familiar with the history of space arks and their essential functions. The updates confirm that massive space arks have played vital roles in Earth’s history and are poised to do so again by rising from their hiding places and appearing before the world in ways that will immediately end the secrecy system. Such an event would amount to catastrophic disclosure for the Deep State and those unprepared for the existence of extraterrestrials and Inner Earth civilizations.

The first update is from Akvaaru, an ambassador of the Galactic Federation of Worlds to the Alcyone star system, who describes how the Federation has built fleets of massive space arks for use in planetary crises in the Pleiades and other solar systems. The second update is from Oona, a representative of the Altean civilization that is part of the Intergalactic Confederation (aka Seeders).

Oona shares important details about the history of space arks on Earth in terms of their construction, operations, and advanced technologies. Importantly, she describes how the arks are specially constructed to be operated by a crew with a unique combination of genetics and consciousness. Only crew members can operate the arks, and they incarnate on worlds where the arks are hidden and resurface to take control of the arks at the right time. Critically, she says that crews are highly sought after and must remain hidden to escape capture. Critically, she corroborates information from a US Army insider, JP, that the arks will eventually begin to rise from their hiding places to be seen by everyone.

Crucially, she explains how the space arks cannot be taken over by those without the right genetics. <...> Finally, Danaan discusses a recent spate of Moonquakes and asserts these are likely a result of massive infrastructure projects that are underway.

JE Aggas #crackpot #magick #wingnut #conspiracy decodingsatan.blogspot.com

Trump is very connected to the Bible

Trump lifespan from birth to 2024 eclipse is 28424 days
"Trump" = 88 (Ordinal)
divide by 88
28424/88 = 323 exactly
"Commander In Chief" = 323 (Latin)

Strongs 323 means "a showing forth"
anadeixis: a showing forth
Usage: the proclamation of an appointment (to an office); perhaps rather admission to membership of a society.

From Trumps 76th birthday to 4/9 is 666 days
6/14/2022 to 4/9/2024 = 666
Hebrew calendar
Tue, 9 April 2024 = 1st of Nisan, 5784
א׳ בְּנִיסָן תשפ״ד
🌒 Rosh Chodesh Nisan 🌒
Parashat Tazria is the 27th weekly Torah portion in the annual Jewish cycle of Torah reading.
Torah Portion: Leviticus 12:1-13:59
Tazria (“She Bears Seed”) opens by describing the purification process for a woman after childbirth. It then describes different forms of tzaraat, a discoloration condition on skin or clothing, and the requirement of an infected person to dwell alone outside the camp and be inspected by a priest.

On 4/9 it's 9 months and 11 days until the next President is seated on 1/20/2025

Parashat Tazria
"She Bears Seed" = 110 (Ordinal)
"President" = 110 (Ordinal)
"She Bears Seed" = 47 (Reduction)
"President" = 47 (Reduction)

She bears seed also matches Saint Valentines Day
"She Bears Seed" = 214 (Reverse Ordinal)
"Saint Valentines Day" = 214 (Ordinal)
"She Bears Seed" = 70 (Reverse Reduction)
"Saint Valentines Day" = 70 (Reduction)

Saint Valentine died on 2/14/269
"II XIV CCLXIX" = 148 (Ordinal)
"Donald J Trump" = 148 (Ordinal)

"DJ Trump April 8th 2024" = 202 (Ordinal)
"Total Solar Eclipse" = 202 (Ordinal)

"Eclipse Little Egypt" = 220 (Ordinal)
"Donald John Trump" = 220 (Reverse Ordinal)
"Little Egypt" = 146 (Reverse Ordinal) 14/6 (Trumps birthday)

Mr. Sean via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #crackpot voyages-of-light.com

(I am seeing before me a small man about three feet in height with a bushy red beard, bright green eyes, a green cap, green sports coat, gold vest, green pants and pointy brown shoes. He is grinning broadly and waving a long brown pipe as he talks in an animated fashion. At his left side is a small black satchel he is clutching.)

Greetings, earth friends of higher knees than mine, I am Sean of the wee people, the leprechauns. Yes we are quite real. Fairies, and gnomes, dryads and dragons, I can assure you we are just as real as you are, but a veil away. I am able to hop through so easily right now because of all of the wormholes that the lightworkers have been creating on the grid to bring through higher dimensional energy. It is much like sliding down a rainbow into a cloud of mist. I much prefer the sunnier skies and brighter colors to the higher dimensional ways. But I have been promised that you will not look for my pot of gold and I have left it far behind, you would not find it anyway!
I wish to pop through to let you know that there is much goings-on on my side of the curtain, on my side of the rainbow. We leprechauns have been busy preparing the gems of Nova Gaia. We have been polishing and shining, strategically placing them where they hit the most beautiful sunlight.

Oh in days of old when the dimensions were murkier yes we were up to mischief, of course we were! And so were you, humans. Believe me. So were you!
We leprechauns are known for our magic, and soon humans will be again. <...> So much trudging and drudgery on your world, like you always wear heavy boots. Lighten your load. Relax. Feel the sun. The sun has different codes now, you know. It’s very different now. Can you feel it? Yes, you are getting many bursts of light, mega bursts of Source codes. And as Source beings, that will zap some power and remembering into you. It will, I know!

Whales of Sirius B via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #conspiracy voyages-of-light.com

Greetings land walkers of Gaia’s green shores. We are the Whales of Sirius B. Our message tonight is one of hope. You have been submersed within the deep waters of contemplation and peace. It is peaceful in the deep black, in the womb of the Mother of All Things. We wish for you to begin to walk and wake in meditation. Your surface world noise is choppy like the surface of the waters, filled with spray and wind. When one dives deeper one sees and feels the abyss of the everything, the abyss of the deep of calm, of solid space, where movement and thought is appreciated and where time does not exist.

We are the Whales of Sirius B. We see you with eyes of sadness, we mirror our eyes to your own reflection. Humanity is sad, longing for the joys of the peace, always searching around about them, missing the stillness within. You masters are aware. But the others, they flit about on the surface worlds, on the superficial side of the matrix where all is loud and shiny, scary and sharp. The sharks swim on the surface, in the middle waters. Some sharks swim deep but not very deep like the whales on our world. Our oceans are much, much deeper than yours, and we large whales are so large, compared to your human bodies, that you are like a fingernail to us. We swim slowly, deeply, at peace with the heartbeat of the All. And yet we can swim fast if we so choose, but we do not choose.
You are an anchor point of peace, of calm, a still boat on the water unaffected by the surrounding waves, calm, immobile. For you are all of the ocean in a drop. The stars reflect this to you. They look like your neuron patterns, the star maps are very neuronal. This outer and inner universe is connected, breathing the same breath of creation, weaving the same web of life. You are your own galaxy, your blood is your own ocean, your tears your own wellspring of feeling. It is good to feel. It is good to cleanse the waters. Humanity will feel and see much that needs healing. It is good.

Ashtar via Erena Velazquez #magick #ufo #wingnut #conspiracy voyages-of-light.com

I am Ashtar, the Commander of the Galactic Light Forces, and I am here today with update on the progress of Ascension Process on your planet.
This transition is happening right now, you just can’t see it at this moment with your human eyes. The frequencies are reaching high level on your planet Earth that very soon the Evil Entities will start running from the Light. We said before that their days are numbered. Nothing can’t save their existence or their new negative plans and their dark agendas on how to control humanity.
Darkness in your world superficially suppressed an advancement of your civilization. Most people in your society are driving cars with gasoline, by now all of you should have your own spaceship.

The gasoline in your world is not supposed to be negative for the environment, the problem is that the way the Dark Ones use it in the vehicles is not in a correct way. There is a reason, why there is oil underground and in the oceans on Earth. The oil was supposed to be used in a safe manner, as part of the human development for a certain period of time until humanity creates more advanced technology.

The Dark Ones agenda about the climate, saying that the Earth is getting warmer is false. They use this as an excuse to keep humanity in fear for their lives and to push their propaganda for their, so called friendly green environmentall technology. This green technology is actually worse for nature and people than the non green technology.
The main reason the Dark globalists elite are pushing the global warming agenda is to keep the whole humanity in fear, in a low vibrations and for a new way for them to make more money on these green technologies, which are actually worse for the environment than the none green technology. The Earth is not getting warmer, that’s absolutely is a false narrative.

Elena Danaan via Elena Danaan #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy elenadanaan.org

You know me under the name Elena Danaan, which is my true legal name in this temporary human incarnation on this planet that you call Earth. But of course, Elena Danaan is not the first name I bore all through my long journey since I first incarnated into Human consciousness some millions years ago, regarding Earth’s linear value of time, in the galaxy Alderan NGC 7331, in the Pegasus galactic cluster. My home star system is named Altea.

My journey is dedicated to the study of Human evolution throughout the Universe, embracing and learning all the emotions of human consciousness. I chose to explore humanity by physically incarnating a million times, in what you call the past and in what you call the future. I have lived many lives in the past of planet Earth, and bring you today the knowledge of what was hidden from you by the Dark Ones, but I also come from the future. Before returning to Earth, I incarnated 300 years ahead into your linear future, in the star system Ashaara in the Pleiades. This decision allowed me to enroll into the Envoy program. So this is why I come from your future.
On planet Earth, extraordinary things have happened recently. Humans of Earth were liberated from hundreds of thousands of years of slavery, thanks to the Nataru Alliance but first to the people of Earth, who awakened and kept on awakening exponentially. The wave of light is rushing through the whole planet and it is an exhilarating moment to witness, for the very first time in the history of Earth. These are times of Glory and of Victory. We are heading together towards what you call your “Star Trek Future”. The timeline is stable and will remain as such.
I knew before coming that this would happen, that the agents of the Dark would raise a crusade against the bringers of Light. I took upon this crucial mission for Humanity because I am one of the few who are able to do it and succeed.

greendust #crackpot #magick #ufo abovetopsecret.com

Bigfoots are nephalim?

I just woke up from a weird dream. I am sure that my thoughts here are not original and someone else has thought them. I have never seen any cryptid. My wife claims she has but only once.

ANyway, this dream I had I was hearing on a radio or something that bigfoots are actually the spawn of a demon or angel and a human woman. It is why they are never found. They are magical and they derive the magic from their demonic or angelic father. This is why some sightings of them come along with ufo sightings and so on. It is also why they can just disappear and why their corpses are never found....They are very angry as since they are hybrid they have no soul so if they die they just end. This also makes them jealous of humans and will kill or torture them if they can get away with it, but also fear us since we can kill them and if we do they die and that is it for them. there is no afterlife for them.

Weird dream huh?

Anyway, maybe I heard or read something like this a long time ago and forgot it. Still though, kind of was freaking me out when I first woke up. Kind of creeped out now. Hope I go back to sleep soon.

Tom Carr #crackpot #ufo #magick amazon.com

Hello. You have arrived.
This book, The 5000 Year Message, assembles the basic concept from 4 great religions. From a 5000-year perspective, these 4 fragments were not separate, but part of a larger truth delivered in pieces from the same source- this is the message from off-world. The message from each religion is put into a few words. These messages are very nice and helpful. Once assembled, the 5000 Year Message serves as a wonderful 25-word guide for being human. This guide can give you comfort and clarity when you need it.
I was very surprised when the 4 fragments were shown to me like 4 pieces of a puzzle. Or perhaps like an ancient object broken into 4 pieces that I could put together for everyone. I guess I’ve seen too many Indiana Jones movies. I thought, “I get to present this? Nice.”
A goal of this projection is that women are wealthy and secure. The Off-World Community offers women wealth and security for their participation. The reason is simple. In the off-world analysis of strategies to improve earth, this change will provide the greatest benefit to humans.
There are about 8 billion humans living on earth. The Off-World Community is everyone not living as a human on earth. We call everyone else in this part of the galaxy the Off-World Community. There are more than 12 billion off-world who are close to earth. There are maybe half a trillion in our neighborhood of the galaxy.
We want to construct a communication bridge to the off-world to provide proof on your terms. In the meantime, proof on your terms is available on a limited basis for humans with projects.
The Off-World project is to avoid human extinction and destruction of the earth by making truth available to humans. A big part of this truth is human rights, and we start with wealth and security for women is because women are the largest group experiencing significant inequality.
If you have concern about any issue on earth, we are offering you a solution.

Lisa Renee #crackpot #magick #ufo #conspiracy energeticsynthesis.com

During the last weeks of aggressive interdimensional spiritual warfare, a very firm and resolute message was received from the Emerald Guardians that this phase of the Cosmic Energy Cycle heralds the triumphant return of the Ancient of all Ancients, from the 1st creation of the Cosmic Father Matrices that is bringing the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar in to spiritually marry with the Emerald Order Templar.
The return of the Ancient Cosmic Father’s presence into this reality is mentioned as an extremely rarefied event that will literally and figuratively shake humanity to their spiritual core, whereby lifting the veil of the invading NAA’s controller mechanisms and their cloned identities, exposing many shocking truths that will rock our world for years to come! The Cosmic Father Ruby Sun is returning to protect the Cosmic Mother planetary templar and put the Fallen Ruby Order players of the NAA controllers and their anti-Christ vandal armies of AI alien hybrids, back into a specific location that is far away from this solar system, that has been assigned to them for their long-term genetic rehabilitation.
Within this Universal Time Matrix, the origins of the Ruby Grail lineage as directly sourced from the Cosmic Father Ruby Sun in the God Worlds was deeply coveted by the invading races of the NAA for the purpose of harnessing the Cosmic Father’s holy spiritual power for controlling manifestations and timelines. Thus, the true purpose and ancient histories of the Cosmic Ruby Order were erased and hidden within assorted counterfeit narratives run by the AI timelines, artificial red shield networks and mind control systems enforced by the NAA’s alien machinery. Such as the installation of Archontic Jellyfish, which operates as the Suppressor Parasite Entity atmospheric network for enforcing mind control sweeps from the engineered air borne metallic elements sprayed into the stratosphere.

Pleiadian Message from Akasha via Jen Freer #ufo #magick #conspiracy #elitist freerspirit.com

Greetings Precious Ones!

We want to congratulate those of you who put in the admirable work to raise your vibration and expand your consciousness and awareness high enough to anchor yourselves into the higher 5D timeline of the Earth Matrix Simulation. Welcome!

We know many of you are still feeling a bit groggy, perhaps wobbly, and a bit stiff and sore with continued ascension symptoms such as headaches, joint and muscle pain, and tinnitus. It will still be important for you to eat natural foods and stay hydrated, as you are in the very early stages of continued healing, DNA repair and a variety of crystalline upgrades to your once carbon-based bodies. You are in a transformation process, so please be gentle with yourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Some of you are wondering why you’re still interacting (or interfacing, if you will) with individuals who are still exhibiting 3D/4D fear-based vibrations. This is because you’re still in the Earth Matrix Simulation, but, because of your ascension to the higher timeline, you now have the upper hand, and those lower-timeline beings can no longer abuse, hurt or harm you in any way. They have been sealed off into the lower timeline. The issues that may surface between you and lower-timeline beings now are for the purpose of observation and elimination, so that you may heal from the trauma(s) and continue on your ascension process.
Once you are healed, your next task on the higher timeline is leadership training. You have been handpicked to serve as leaders on the new 5D Ascended Earth Plane(t). Some of you like to refer to your physical home as a “plane,” while others prefer “planet.” Both are correct. You will notice there are no words such as “matrix” or “simulation” when we refer to 5D Ascended Earth. That is because there will be no duality/polarity games or “rules of engagement,” and this is why full 5D healing is required before you can move to your new plane(t).

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

The sinking of Port Royal in Jamaica in 1692
Was not an act of God

Port Royal hade a giant starfort which is now underwater
Starforts were incredibly built structures that harnessed vibrations

In 2 minutes time the city sank under the liquification of the ground
Over 2 thousand people perished as a tsunami ambushed the richest port in the world

The real reason of the tragedy is underground frequency generators
And or mounted airships carrying directed energy weaponry

Liquification is from sound resonance vibration
Liquified sand fissures are where electrical currents ushered upwards
Causing earthquakes and tsunamis

Plasma weaponry is the secret device that has been around since Atlantis
And was responsible for that event also

The island of Santorini was not because of the explosion of a massive volcano
That carved out much of the island

The destruction of Jericho was not from wandering Jews blowing trumpets
1540 witnessed the fall of Carthage
In 1807 Copenhagen was attacked
Whole streets were reduced to rubble

In 1892 and 1906 San Francisco was assaulted
Its past was erased
The erasure was explained by lies
And the lies became the truth

Over 100 miles of brick lined underground tunnels are found beneath San Francisco
Did the miners build those also

Boston Chicago St. Louis all were hit hard
To hide the way better stuff we used to have here

Nicola Tesla is falsely given the credit to have made many inventions
Which were actually a part of the former advanced civilization of Tartaria
New Madrid Missouri is where the fake April eclipse is supposed to transit an earlier fake eclipse
X marks the spot where another round is planned behind the scenes

New Madrid was also the target once before in 1811

Nature was in chaos
Noises mingled in the air creating a horrid din
Wild fowl screamed
Trees cracked and snapped

Amidst the sound of a violent tempest of wind
There was a roar of river banks as they plunged into the water
Then the noise of the earthquake dominated all others!

John Kaminski/Bonnie and John Mitchell #crackpot #racist #wingnut #magick #conspiracy stateofthenation.co

You remember Barack Obama, I’m sure. He’s the president who never left office, they say. In fact, some say he’s still in office, animating that brittle, child-fondling ghoul known as Joe Biden from behind the scenes.

Barack Obama was supposedly the first U.S. president of African descent. It was merely a cosmic coincidence that he ironically murdered the greatest leader Africa ever knew, who was Muammar Gaddafi, beloved leader of Libya’s direct democracy, the world’s freest country that made the U.S. look like a police state by comparison.
But what might add a formidable number of casualties to the Obama death toll roster could just be a sound in a new Netflix movie which under certain circumstances supposedly could actually kill the people who hear it.

Actually, the sound resembles the collective scream of desperate human beings uttering the final cry of their fruitless existence, soon to echo throughout the land, if not the world.

Can a sound from a movie trigger molecules of poison you received when you took the COVID jab to burst and release a deadly poison and even worse, possibly then turn you into a zombie?

This latest gift from your ex-president is potentially a real killer.
When podcasters, Bonnie and John Mitchell of AwakenVideo uploaded the new, dystopian Netflix disaster thriller, ‘Leave the World Behind’ into their editing program, they were surprised to find four soundtracks, instead of one, something they had never seen before. One of these four audio tracks is inaudible to humans, because it’s entirely in the infrasonic range.
“The Obama movie is satanic ritual abuse,” Bonnie said, “mind control weaponry with an infrasonic wave, not audible to human ears.”
The infrasound immersion is the sound of your extinction. It is the sound of death you will not hear as your audio gets turned off for the last time.

Executive producers? Barry and Big Mike Obama, prominent homosexual fraudsters.

Eve Lorgen/James Rink #ufo #quack #magick #crackpot #conspiracy exopolitics.org

Eve Lorgen has been assisting hundreds of alien abductees heal trauma and recover memories since 1992 when she completed a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. She first became interested in extraterrestrial encounters as a child when she had her own abduction experience. Lorgen has learned about a hierarchy of alien beings involved in abducting humans that begin with Grays, Insectoids, Reptilians, and a mysterious group she calls the primordials, similar to the Fallen Angels or Watchers.

Lorgen has also assisted individuals in recovering memories of military abductions that typically follow the alien encounters. The former are far more aggressive and lead to many traumatic memories by individuals who suffered at the hands of military personnel. She has learned that alien technology involving consciousness or soul transfer has been transferred to military groups and used on involuntary human subjects.

Her two books, The Alien Love Bite (2000) and The Dark Side of Cupid (2012) explain how alien abductors manipulate their human subjects by encouraging them to fall in love with individuals who are part of an unknown agenda. Lorgen believes that many cases of individuals believing they’ve found a twin flame may be contrived by aliens as part of a long-term genetic experiment. She believes that more positive extraterrestrials (aka angels) have a more hands-off approach to humans and can assist individuals in dire circumstances.

Kininigen #crackpot #magick #dunning-kruger t.me

(Misspellings deliberate, reprensenting bad original German; italics represent words left untranslated)

As it is currently a hot topic.
The word Demonstrieren, Demonstration - engl. Demonstate, was coined only in the 16th Century for that what we now know as it.

Language is Magic that affects us, without us being aware of it, ass I have already written about a few times on this channel. Whether taken apart in English (a language that German from the derived) or in German itself. The words it is composed of are just as thrilling as with Pridemonth.

Root of the word is dēmōnstrāre (dēmōnstrātum)
Dämon - evil spirit, demon, devil
Stratum - blanket, resting place, packsaddle, pavement

Demonstrate is pronounced in English: demons'ˈtrate phonetically the same as trait.
Trait in English also means property.

Original GermanDa es ja derzeit ein aktuelles Thema ist.

Das Wort Demonstrieren, Demonstration - engl. Demonstrate, kam erst im 16 Jahrhundert auf für das, als was wir es heute kennen.

Das Sprache Magie ist die sich auf uns auswirkt, ohne das wir uns dessen bewusst sind, habe ich ja schon öfter in diesem Kanal geschrieben. Egal ob auf Englisch auseinandergenommen (einer Sprache dem aus der Deutschen entsprungen ist) oder auf Deutsch selbst. Die Wörter aus denen es sich zusammensetzt sind genau so spannend wie bei dem Pridemonth.

Wurzel dieses Wortes ist dēmōnstrāre (dēmōnstrātum)
Dämon - böser Geist, Dämon, Teufel
Stratum - Decke, Lager, Packsattel, Pflaster

Demonstrate wird im Englischen ausgesprochen: demons'ˈtrate phonetisch gleich mit trait.
Trait heisst auf Englisch auch Eigenschaft.

Mira from the Pleiadian High Council via Erena Velazquez #ufo #racist #magick #conspiracy voyages-of-light.com

I am Mira, from the Pleiadian High Council, and it’s my turn today to speak to my Brothers and Sisters of planet Earth.

You reached now the point of no return, where all of the monstrosities and deceptions are being flushed out to the surface and it can’t be hidden anymore by Darkness. A perfect example of this, recently in Brooklyn, New York under a Jewish Synagogue secret tunnels were discovered. The media mostly covered up the real reasons why these underground tunnels were built in the Jewish community.

These underground passages were created a few years ago. They made this underground area at night so nobody could see what they were doing. The real reason this underground tunnels were dug out which the news media hidden from the public, the Jewish community used this space to secretly [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] and [redacted]. They also used them for their [redacted]. The main leaders of this group were arrested. This event will lead to more discoveries in the future.
You can’t expect that Darkness is going to surrender without a fight. It will continue to manipulate and create misery and pain for everyone until the last second of it’s existence. You are powerful enough to break this holographic reality. The realization of your essence within yourself that you are more than just a physical body, it will help you to detach from everything that is negative happening around you.

Your focus needs to be on moving into higher and higher vibrations each day to help you to ascend into a New Earth. Everything you see in your environment including buildings, objects and etc. are carrying low energies and cannot be transferred into 5D. Many of the humans didn’t adopt to the energetic changes that took place on this planet and they are existing in total emptiness created by the Dark Ones.
My team and I are ready to meet everyone on a New Earth in 5th dimension. Please, receive my Love and Support. Thank you Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.

Unknown/The Serapeum #fundie #ufo #magick #conspiracy theserapeum.com

The Book of the Prophet Enoch, 7th from Adam, and Noah’s grandfather – was censored from Christianity by the occult/ pagan elite “Deep State” of Rome & The Catholic “Controlled Opposition” Church because it tells the story of the Fallen Angels (The Watchers) and how they corrupted mankind, created monsters, and were punished for their transgressions against God.

They came from above, and taught mankind sciences, civilization, technology – and also Sin. Lots of Sin – so much Sin, that God chose to start anew with Noah using the Great Flood. They founded great globe spanning empires through their giant, evil man-eating Nephilim offspring, such as Atlantis founded by Atlas the Titan. They taught mankind other things, too – forbidden things, like sorcery, witchcraft, and human blood sacrifice – especially that of babies.

These fallen angels created the false pagan religions of the pre-flood world, which worshipped them as the “Civilization Heroes” for bringing these poisoned gifts to mankind, and considered their Nephilim giant offspring as Gods.
According to Psalm 90:10 a generation is 70-80 years.

70×70=4,900 years.

4,900 years from 3000 B.C. (500 years after Genesis 6, when the Watchers mated with human women – “Ancient Aliens” and other modern researchers have placed the date of humanities genetic contamination at around 3500 BC.)

4,900 years from 3000 B.C. = 1900 A.D. A time when technology, paganism, corruption began to explode. And “scientism” pretending to be science had a large part to play in the weakening of belief for billions of people who don’t understand that actual science reinforces the scriptures – not the other way around!)
About this time, 1Enoch, Jasher, and Jubilees and other texts were re-discovered in the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Caves of Qumran by some shepherd boys throwing rocks into the caves. Are we to believe this is merely coincidence? Or is this the fulfillment of prophecy?

Mauricio #wingnut #magick #psycho #elitist westsdarkesthour.com

[From “Before I die”]

How I wish to witness this Malthusian disaster [energy devolution] first hand

I practically live for this reckoning, this Final Solution to the Christian Problem. Everything else is a distraction

The oil wells eventually dry up. Industry and commerce slow to a crawl. Mass unemployment. Skyrocketing inflation until money becomes worthless. Poverty, crime, riots. Anarchy rises

The System becomes increasingly draconian. Border conflicts erupting everywhere. Infrastructure is gradually destroyed. Mass starvation follows. Mercenary armies murderously repress rebellions. Armies turn rogue and create small enclaves. Then the nukes drop. Cities evaporated. Huge clouds of radioactive dust. All that useless human trash starving and rotting

Kalki’s age indeed. I must see it before I die

Society Blue Planet/Plasma Production UK #crackpot #quack #magick #mammon plasmaproduction.org

Health unit/s

These units are made with levels of single magrav coils, with the inner and outer coils set at 90deg to each other, there is no applied current of any sort. They have been made in various combinations of coils, but developed from the blueprint attached below. The coils generate enriching fields of free plasma between them, the qualities of which will be determined by the types of gans the coils are sprayed with, and the other magrav field strengths produced by the procedures used to make the components. The spectrum of plasma frequencies encountered will act on the physical, emotional, mental and higher bodies of the patient and help to balance and correct any deviations to recreate a fully charged and healthful state, restoring perfect charge distribution and compression in the cells, dna, organs and organism.

People have experienced very strong re-balancing after just a few 30min sessions, including helping the body to fully process the conditions of cancer. Pathogens, microbes, cancers simply can't co-exist in a body which has had its natural harmonics and bio-energy charge densities restored to optimum levels. As with any balancing system that uses plasmas people also experience the healing at the emotional and higher levels, enabling a personal evolution to occur at the same time as just the easing of perhaps physical symptoms. Since dis-ease originates from disquiet in the emotional or mental, or higher, bodies then we see that even the causes are usually resolved. Coherent wave forms and charge distribution are fractal and so the effects are compressed right through the biological system.

We experience life as a reflection of our natural frequency and state of being, and so as these are modified and balanced by exposure to plasmatic fields people find that their circumstances and relationships also improve.

<Kit only 240 Euros assembly required>


Rita Jean Moran #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy amazon.com

Mythology is history. Discover the story of a family that changed the world over 12,000 years ago. Discover the story of the Cronide bloodline. Lost Worlds of Atlantis, Lemuria, Hyperborea, Tartaria, and more can be understood through mythology, the bloodline of the Gods, and hidden archaeological finds. If you discover the story of the Cronide bloodline, you will discover the bloodline of the Gods. Lost Worlds looks at the secrets of the past with an emphasis on the Cronides, mythology, legends, folklore, bloodlines, symbolism, lost continents, and obscure archaeological finds. A detailed look at Atlantis, Lemuria, Hyperborea, Tartaria, and other lost worlds will show that everything goes back to the Cronides and a terrible world reset due to natural disasters and a ten-year war.

Hidden Human Story Book Series (Non-Fiction - Young Adult and Adult):
Mythological Unification Theory
Diaries of Dionysus
The Sacred Language of Symbolism
Father God Zeus
The Cronide Chronicles
The Time Lords of Atlantis
Temple of Tiamat
God was a White Man from Crete
House of Zeus
Hidden Human Story
The Lovelock Cave Mystery
The Serpent Race
Alien Agenda Unmasked
Sightings 411
Nephilim Revealed
Lost Worlds Tartaria, Atlantis, Hyperborea, Lemuria, and the Cronides

Thinker2 #crackpot #wingnut #magick #conspiracy operationdisclosureofficial.com

What is a None Disclosure Agreement (NDA) if not a pledge of Secrecy?

In the sequel to 2001 it is revealed HAL was made to keep Secrets. In 2010 it is over simplified and projected as “paranoia”, but that is a human flaw. As I’m a programmer, I would say HAL was given a problem he could not solve “Tell the truth and lie”. One excludes the other.
You might also consider HAL is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Hollywood AI (Fake AI).

Sophia an AI robot imitates human emotions, it does not have emotions, it fakes emotions, no different than a Psychopath. I see AI as Artificial Psychopathy.

HAL would not have emotions / paranoia. HAL would solve (calculate) to complete the Mission. As the Crew were less important than the success of the Mission, the crew were expendable. The solution which made the Mission a success was to murder the Crew.

“HAL was told to lie by people who find it easy to lie, but HAL doesn’t know how to lie.” – 2010

If HAL had been programmed to protect the Crew (Life) ahead of the Mission, the outcome would have been different.

After all the Monolith was not there for HAL, the Monolith was there to inspire humanity to reach for the stars and planets. Progress!
Now for the Darker / Occult side of the story:

The monolith is an elongated / distorted Black Cube, the symbol for Satan.

HAL 9000 is depicted as a big red / yellow Eye, the symbol for the “All Seeing Eye” (Apollo).

Apollo keeps a Secret that Apollo and Lucifer are “one in the same”, not good and bad, but all bad, with the illusion of good (deception).

So, when you are asked to keep Secrets for the White Hat Alliance; what will you say, what will you do?

Is your heart pure?
“The ends justify the means.” is the philosophy of a Narcissist / Psychopath / Delusional.

The alternative to Narcissism and Psychopathy is to become a Recovering Narcissist (51% Service to Others / Born of the Spirit).

Is your priority the Crew (Humanity) or the Mission (Gold)?

Cobra/The Portal #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy 2012portal.blogspot.com

Now it is time to release more intel about current developments behind the scenes.
Some members of the Indian Illuminati network have activated ancient jumprooms that were located in underground tunnels beneath some Hindu temples in India. Some of those jumprooms were inactive for centuries, sometimes even millennia. Through those jumprooms, they have teleported about 300 million reptilian beings from the etheric plane into humanoid physical bodies and tried to recapture the Solar system by teleporting those Reptoids through ancient jumproom network that spans the Solar system and was inactive for centuries as well. They were even able to infiltrate some bases of the Light forces on Planet X, which were swiftly recaptured by the Light Forces with heavy casualties on both sides.
That Indian Illuminati network has also teleported many of those Reptoids through the ancient jumproom network below the surface of the planet and merged it with ancient Atlantean dark network which exists below Africa. Those dark subterranean networks are being cleared also.
The Indian Illuminati network was created during the Kurgan Archon invasion about 5000 years ago when one branch of Kurgans invaded Indus valley and formed Vedic patriarchal civilization in India with strict caste system. They were the ones who brought the mind programming belief in karma. The remnants of this network are mostly prevalent in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

The African Illuminati network was formed 14,000 years ago at the last polar shift in the late Atlantean period. When the equator shifted to its current position, the Dark forces built a network of dark temples along the current equator, equipped with jumprooms though which Reptilian entities could enter incarnation into humanoid cloned bodies. This is how many Reptoids entered the human surface population since late Atlantis, and formed their own network under control of a few Black nobility families.

Paul White Gold Eagle #magick #ufo #crackpot primedisclosure.com

Antarctica: The High Altar of Mu ~ ‘The Way’ of Water – MERCURY SHINES BRIGHTLY AS A “MORNING STAR” (Lightworker Codes) Galactic Realities

Greetings Galactic Water Bearers of our Divine Cosmic Mother

As we continue to inch our Way closer to the Year of the Wood Dragon of the Green Hue, beginning Feb 10 2024, we step into our Divine Sovereignty and call in our Timeline of Freedom, Abundance, Courage, Joy, Bliss, Inspiration and Peace of our New Golden Age of Eternal Life. As Dragons of the New Earth we are the Guardians and Stewards of Terra Nova Gaia and the True Leaders of our Pure Land of our Sacred Self.

The Gold Ray of Buddha Consciousness Shines down upon thee Now as we realize our True Nature of Infinite Light. We transmit and expand in Unity Consciousness touching all things upon the Diamond Net of Indra spanning the whole multi-verse of Total Awareness. In the Totality of Pure Awareness all becomes Clear and we Free our self and all our Good People from the wheels of Karma by turning the Wheel of Dharma, the Wheel of Truth.

We are breaking through all barriers and boundaries of limitation held against us to limit our full potential as we tap into the Genius within and fully activate our Divine Crystalline DNA of Cosmic Consciousness.

All is coming into alignment for the culmination and release of our Divine Dispensations to bring all Life into full equality and level the playing field for all our Good People of the New Jerusalem.

Keep Holding the Light Bright as we make our Ascension to our 5D New Heaven upon the New Earth…A’Ho!

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