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[From “Stormer Editorial Board Reiterates Support for One-State Solution in Palestine, Controlled by Hamas”]

Over ten years ago, the Daily Stormer endorsed a one-state solution in Palestine/”Israel”, fully controlled by Hamas

It is time again that the Stormer Editorial Board reiterate this position: the Daily Stormer officially backs a one-state solution to the Palestinian problem, wherein Hamas is installed as the governmental entity of the entire Palestinian territory

It will of course be the decision of the Hamas authorities what they do with the Jewish occupation population, but it is the opinion of the Stormer Editorial Board that the Jews be pushed into the sea

The Stormer also modestly requests that our team be allowed to build a statue of Adolf Hitler in Tel Aviv[…]
The Daily Stormer Editorial Board does not recognize any form of governmental authority in Palestine other than Hamas. That means that we also do not recognize the false authority of the shill Mahmoud Abbas and his fake government, which the Editorial Board recognizes as a Jew shill group designed to pacify the Palestinian people[…]
The Board would like to fully repeat its position that the Jews should be pushed into the sea, but that the Board will fully respect any decision that Hamas authorities choose to take in dealing with the filthy Jew occupiers

The Stormer Editorial Board once again wishes swift victory to Hamas in their battle against the Satanic Jew occupation force

Tina Garrison #wingnut grrrgraphics.com


Cartoon published 06/13/2024

Road Trumper, the Democrats are after you!

Road Trumper, they think if they indict you, you’re through.

Those Democrats are really some crazy CLOWNS,

When will they learn that they never can mow Trump down!

Poor little Road Trumper never bothers anyone.

‘Making America Great Again’ is his idea of having fun!

Kerry Cassidy #crackpot #wingnut #ufo #magick #conspiracy projectcamelotportal.com

ORCHESTRATION anybody? Juan O Savin has been telling people we would have a Cuban Missle crisis near death experience for a number of years. They think they need this so Trump and the military can take back our government from the Biden show ..for the people without engendering ‘civil war’. Of course Trump and the white hat military (including Space Force) are already in control…

Keeping in mind it’s the AI, Generals and whatever remote viewer/psychics they might have on the team that come up with these scenarios… Manipulate the masses in this case for a good purpose. But do the ends justify the means? I am not suggesting the White Hat Military is creating this event. But I am saying they know about it and will use it to their advantage which is what happens in war.

Strangely the Cuban Missile Crisis according to Captain Mark Richards was a Grey ET operation and was not at all what it appeared to be on the surface. Kennedy and Nixon were both well aware of this.
One possibility regarding the role of the Grey-regressive ET races (who are the drone-type Reptilian worker bees in essence…could involve something that the To the Stars Academy players revealed to the world that most people ignored is that contrary to the party line spread by fake democrat (primarily) light “workers” and people like Steven Greer is that the ETs have on occasion triggered missile silo sites to become active in an attempt to cause Russia and the U.S. to engage in a nuclear war that would decimate the population and allow the Reptilians and Grey ETs to complete their takeover plans for the Earth.
The placement of special weapons and tech on the island of Cuba in close proximity to the U.S. is only the tip of the iceberg related to a Grey-Reptilian agenda that is linked to the Anunnaki takeover plans aka the Lucierian Rebellion. This is the negative AI or Metatron agenda of the ETs who are working to counter the establishment of the Krist or Christ consciousness on Earth.

Mike Stone #wingnut #racist #fundie #conspiracy henrymakow.com

No bigger flim-flam has ever been foisted on the American people than the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 under Woodrow Wilson. It continues to be the scam-of-all-scams, flying under the nose of nearly every American for well over a hundred years.

A flim-flam of almost equal proportion was the taking of our country off the gold standard, first by Franklin Rosenfeld (his real name) in 1933, and again in 1971 by Richard Nixon; and the removal of our country's currency and coins off the silver standard, which happened in 1964, immediately after the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
These treasonous acts by Woodrow Wilson (the worst president of all time), Franklin Rosenfeld (the second worst president of all time), Lyndon Johnson (the third worst president of all time), Richard Nixon, and others are why our currency and coins today are essentially worthless. Sure, they can be exchanged for goods and services - as long as everyone else agrees to do the same - but there's nothing of value backing those bills in your wallet or the coins in your pocket.
When I tell people how to make gobs of money, they beg me for more information. When I tell them how to go to Heaven, I'm met with a fluoride stare. They're interested in the one, but not the other. And that's despite the former being of value only in this world, while the latter will literally take them to Heaven. Money is all they're interested in.
Keep that in mind as you navigate your way past the dopes, fools, and morons that make up American society. If those same people put as much effort into going to Heaven as they do into chasing get-rich-quick investment schemes, there would be a lot less stress in the world and a lot more souls in Heaven. You don't have to follow their example. You don't have to end up burning in hell as they inevitably will.

Tatsuya Ishida #conspiracy #wingnut sinfest.xyz

Submitter’s note: This the 5th comic in the “Through the Rabbi Hole” series, riffing on the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland.


The scene suggests a path though a forest glade, though the background art is inconsistent between panels. Throughout, Year Person 2024, in the role of Alice, just stands around looking at the other characters.

Panel 1: Tweedle-Biden says “I love Israel”, Tweedle-Trump says “I love Israel more”

Panel 2: Tweedle-Biden says “I love Israel times infinity”, Tweedle-Trump says “I love Israel times infinity plus one”

Panel 3: Tweedle-RFK jr runs to catch up with the other two, saying “Hey wait up guys, I love Israel too”

Panel 4: Tweedle-RFK jr looks at 2024 and does a bodybuilder flex pose, saying “Oh hello, check out my guns”

Joel Davis and Elijah Schaffer #racist #conspiracy #wingnut #psycho angrywhitemen.org

Elijah Schaffer once again spoke with Australian Neo-Nazi Joel Davis[…]
Davis told Schaffer that he looked forward to visiting America so he can perform a Nazi salute[…]and purchase a gun. He also said that Americans need to own firearms[…]
“My girlfriend is an American,” he said. “And I say, when she’s in America, I’m like ‘Take your gun, like, in the car,’ you know? Because what if you pull up at a gas station and like some nigger walks over and tries — you know, like…”

Schaffer revealed that he owns guns for that same reason, saying, “I bought my guns to protect myself from Black people. And that’s not a hateful thing to say. It’s like my — well experience is I’ve been a victim of many crimes, okay, like in L.A., and they were all at the hands of Black people and one was Hispanic”

He also claimed to have advised his wife to “stay out of Black neighborhoods” and “avoid groups of Black people,” because “your chances of being involved in a serious violent crime … probably goes down near 100%”

Davis[…]said that “Americans need to be aware of” the “Indian problem, the pajeet question”[…]“the largest non-white ethnic group in Australia are Indians”

“And they’re able to, they’re not [gonna be] 2% of the population, they’re gonna keep growing and growing and growing like a virus, consuming all these tech companies”[…]
Schaffer asked Davis whether he is for or against Adolf Hitler[…]
Davis called himself “pro-Hitler,” and said that our current society, which opposes Nazism, “produces trannies, and infinity brown people, and women police officers that can’t do their job, and, like, a divorce rate over 50%, and the economy going to shit, and so on”

Davis openly longed for the years prior to World War II, when “every white country was racist,” and said what the Allied Forces “stood for was wrong”[…]
He also told Schaffer that Hitler “saw liberal democracy as weak and incapable of defending Western civilization against communism and against degeneracy”

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[From “D-Day, 80 Years Later”]

It just lands a lot differently than it did even 20 years ago. What, exactly, are we supposed to be celebrating these days? Clown World didn’t even preserve democracy or the rule of law


spoilerPicture of a GI smoking a cigarette captioned with “Y'know, speaking German sounds a whole lot better than a transexual mulatto grandkid…”

But at least our grandfathers paid the price to bring them freedom…

German police search 70 homes of people who posted hateful comments online

Never mind

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Weak, low status males love this COVID thing, because it allows them to LARP as heroes by simply wearing a mask, taking a shot, and harassing other people.

They can pretend to be strong, virtuous heroes, whilst being frail, fearful, flabby, pathetic cowards.

(submitter’s note: he has his gun holstered in his pants pointed at his dick)

Byl Holte #wingnut twitter.com

Black people, don’t cheer for this.

Donald J. Trump is Nelson Mandela.

Donald J. Trump is George Floyd.

Donald J. Trump is Trayvon Martin.

Donald J. Trump is Brianna Taylor.

Donald J. Trump is EVERY black person unjustly convicted under the democrat system of justice.

You’re cheering on his arrest, but the same system that targeted YOU targeted HIM.

Remember that, next time the democrats make you jump up and down about an officer kneeling on a black guys neck.
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“I am the mother of a child who suddenly claimed a transgender [identity] and became swiftly medicalized....

"I am a mere representative of the many thousands of parents who have had their child medicalized in as little as one visit to a gender affirming medical establishment. ....I am sharing the truth of gender identity medicine today as our family and countless others have experienced it.”

“.. Our story involves a young adult daughter while away at college. It was a mere few months after her prescription for testosterone that she had her breasts amputated. There is nothing that could have prepared our family for this tragedy that is still unfolding. She was gender conforming, had mostly female friends her entire life… and had little interest in stereotypical masculine activities at all.

“Our daughter was extremely gifted, highly creative, ....[but] she has strayed far from the promising trajectory she was once on. ...She has severed ties with all family members save for some tenuous contact with a sibling.... Can this possibly be medical care? She was encouraged by her like-minded peers, harbored by her university and swiftly led down the rabbit hole of transgender medicine ...

“... Regarding the thousands of parents in like situations, I know their stories too. Our stories are eerily similar and yet we read lie after lie in the mainstream media that we are bigots, 'transphobes,‘....and other names, many too despicable to mention. We read that we have disowned our children when the opposite is often true. ...We read the lies that only adults get surgeries or that our children have gone through rigorous psychological counseling. Neither of these is true. Some parents have even lost their children in the court of law when they question this supposed ‘care.’
And this mom closed by writing this: “....I live in fear for my daughter and other young people across this country where mutilating body parts is increasingly becoming second nature. ...”

Revisionist Historians for World Peace #racist #wingnut #conspiracy stateofthenation.co

Were the whole world to know the hidden history about “the Ukraine” (which translates to “borderland”), there would be no Ukraine War today. The true perpetrators of this barbaric armed conflict would be found out and held fully responsible for all of their heinous crime sprees committed against the human race over the centuries.

The Armenian Genocide,
World War I,
Bolshevik Revolution,
Spanish Flu Pandemic,
The Great Depression,
Holodomor Genocide,
Chinese Civil War,
World War II,
Korean War,
The Holocaust,
Chinese Cultural Revolution,
Vietnam War,
Cambodian Genocide,
Rwandan Genocide,
Iraq War,
9/11 Terrorist Attacks,
The War on Terror,
Afghanistan War,
Syrian War,
Libyan War,
Ukraine War,
& COVID-19 Pandemic
all have one thing in common— the Khazarian Tribe.
At this late date, it’s crucial to apprehend these critical details of this untold Ukraine back story. If you are an American reader, it’s absolutely vital to understand that the deliberate balkanization of Ukraine will soon be coming to the 50 states, for The Same Barbarians Are Inside The Gate … unless righteous Patriots rise up everywhere to terminate the Khazarian vice grip on the U.S. Federal Government and Corporate America.
Both the U.S. Federal Government and Corporate America are covertly controlled by a worldwide Khazarian-run network of secret societies, globalist organizations and financial entities which effectively rule planet Earth. As follows:

The Illuminati,
Black Nobility,
Khazarian Mafia,
Kahal Of the Cahilla,
Knights of Malta,
Society of Jesus,
Order of the Garter,
The Pilgrims Society,
The Vatican,
British Crown,
Council of Rome,
Committee of 300,
Crown Council of 13,
NWO Globalist Cabal,
Central Banking Cartel,
World Economic Forum,
International Banking Syndicate,
Deep State(s) of Western Powers,
Global Military-Industrial Complex,
Royal Institute of International Affairs
Council on Foreign Relations,
Trilateral Commission,
Bilderberg Group,
BlackRock, Vanguard & State Street
and Zio-Anglo-American Axis

Wayne Allyn Root #conspiracy #wingnut facebook.com

Just THINK. Democrats are communist tyrants. How do you know? They call Trump a “dictator.” But they just convicted him in rigged communist show trial. Could you convict Putin? Or Xi Jinping of China? They’d have you executed. If Trump was a dictator no one could steal his election, indict him, censor him, gag him, frame him, convict him?

Wolverine (transcribed by Carpathia) #crackpot #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon operationdisclosureofficial.com

Global Currency Reset Tues. 11 June 2024 Wolverine:

God has sent me on this journey and now I cry, for I have the official news: It has been confirmed that the release of funds for currency exchanges and historical assets began after 12 noon EST on Tues. 11 June.
Funds will become liquid after the 800 is released to you on Wed. 12 June.
The last of this is a banking formality. Everything is done. The wait is over. What has been said so many times by so many that is going to happen has now happened!
C’s losses have already begun with the 27 Asian elderly and rogue families. It has started first with the Elders who are the trigger for all exchanges and redemptions.
Once the closing process begins for Zimbabwe dollar and the Iraqi Dinar, which are part of the first currencies to cross the International Monetary Fund, and which revalues the currencies, all currencies will continue to close until all IMF SDR currencies are revalued.
Congratulations you have made it. This is real. It has started.
I also received a message from the director of the CIC, which is the actual foundation for Mauricio. Right now, he is currently with the President of Colombia, handing out the documents and everything to the president so the funds can be released – I am not sure if it is televised or not, but it is happening right now! I just received a photo shoot!
I am beyond words right now! I am really, really, emotional.
What we need now is for the Tier4B notifications to start coming through, which will be tomorrow Wed. 12 June.
It is a privilege to have known these people (Marucio’s Team) who have changed my life. Especially my wife…. (sorry guys it has been hard, Wolverine is choked with emotion at this point). God bless you all, and hopefully, I pray to God, that that Opera will be released to you. Take care, have a beautiful day. Wolverine (transcribed by Carpathia)

Tulsi Gabbard 🌺 #wingnut twitter.com

This should be a wake up call to all Americans.

Biden and the Democrat Elite have turned our country into a banana republic. They will go after anyone who dares to challenge their power.

We, the people, are the only ones who can reverse this disaster and save our country by voting them out of power on Nov. 5th.
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(Curiously categorised in Books > Business and Career > Finances)

Jesus Was a Republican

What does it mean to be a good Christian? If you go to church, does that do it? If you give to charity, does that do it? If you bring your friends to a prayer group and get them involved in the church, does that do it? What if you see a homeless man on the street and you buy him a meal or even get him a job? Does that make you a good Christian? The answer is no. Kind acts are important but at the core of what makes someone a good Christian is not an act or two. It's all about the values. A good Christian will dedicate him or herself to following a strict adherence to the values set forth by Jesus Christ. This book explores precisely that question: What did Jesus believe when it came to Taxes, Abortion, Homosexuality, the Death Penalty and Guns and this book will conclusively demonstrate using Holy Scripture that Jesus, were he alive today, would most certainly be a Republican. Moreover, he would denounce the Democratic Party and would never view them as good Christians.

Taki Theodoracopulos #wingnut #racist #conspiracy takimag.com

Liberalism no longer has any meaning in these here United States, not when schools actually teach kids to hate their country. Not when fewer than half of all Americans can name the three branches of government, and a sizable chunk of college graduates actually think Judge Judy sits on the Supreme Court. I’ll come back to the Supreme Court in a jiffy. Did you know that 40 percent of Gen Z consider the American founders to be villains? In fact, to be white in America today is to feel alienated and guilty. A loss of faith in the nation and its institutions is spreading, and those responsible for it are riding high. Such as The New York Times, whose owners first came to this country as Jewish refugees who worked hard and whose intelligence rewarded them greatly. So what did their descendants do? They invented false history, like the 1619 Project, in an effort to completely blacken—pardon the pun—America’s past.

I cannot describe the glee and gloating by the mostly Jewish commentators of the Times as America becomes unglued and Trump is declared guilty in a trial as rigged as those back in Moscow circa 1935. <...> The Supreme Court is a target because it is the ultimate anchor and glue of the nation. When Sam Alito’s wife flew a flag upside down in protest to being harassed by left bum neighbors, the paper demands he recuse himself. When another justice had his life threatened, the New York Pravda didn’t even report it. You get my drift.

Yep, all you loyal Takimag readers, the country is a mess, and the left keeps winning. I blame the news media and the repellent people who don’t have the courage to tell it like it is. American society is plagued by enmity, distrust, isolation, willful misinformation by the lefty media, and just plain meanness. It’s no longer the country whose flag I once pledged allegiance to, and that’s a great pity.

Indian River County School Board #fundie #wingnut #god-complex news-journalonline.com

School officials in Florida have banned a book about book banning.

The Indian River County School Board voted to remove "Ban This Book" by Alan Gratz from its shelves in a meeting last month, overruling its own district book-review committee's decision to keep it.

The children's novel follows a fictional fourth grader who creates a secret banned books locker library after her school board pulled a multitude of titles off the shelves.

Indian River County School Board members said they disliked how it referenced other books that had been removed from schools and accused it of "teaching rebellion of school board authority," as described in the formal motion to oust it.

The book, which had been in two Indian River County elementary schools and a middle school, was challenged by Jennifer Pippin. She's the head of the area's local chapter of Moms for Liberty, a national conservative group that has become one of the loudest advocates for removing books they deem inappropriate.

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[From “The Indian Question”]

Why are Indians so predominant in leftist movements[…]? Many older conservatives perpetuate the myth that Indians are conservative, as well[…]With the possible exception of Vivek Ramaswamy, even all of the Indian activists on the “Right” are to the left of their White peers[…]
1. They are part of the Coalition of the Ascendant
If you listen to any late 20th century propaganda[…]you’ll hear no shortage of whining about how WASPy something is[…]
Everybody knows a good grift when they see one. The Indians have merely joined in with the blacks, Hispanics, East Asians, and the rest in an attempt to extort tax money from the White middle-class[…]
2. They come from a collectivist culture that operates on shame
In all Eastern cultures, being out-of-line with the group consensus is the easiest way to get yourself exiled[…]
If you see an Indian bending over backwards (this isn’t a yoga joke) to double down on the leftist perspective to the point of absurdity, realize it’s because she’s read the room[…]
3. They feel confident they can maintain dominance over the Coalition of the Ascendant once they obtain power
Indians, particularly the ones in the U.S., are no strangers to ruling over less intelligent, more violent classes. They refer to it as the caste system[…]
They feel confident that they can easily govern a United States composed primarily of blacks and Hispanics as well[…]They’ll no-doubt import their “untouchable” Dalit class[…]History’s on their side[…]
America would resemble India with a colder climate. Nobody wants to live in India[…]
Don’t believe my prognosis? Is it possible to walk down the street anywhere in Mumbai free from rape, robbery, or murder?[…]If you are walking in Bombay, as Mumbai was called during the British Raj, yes[…]
If you can believe[…]that India under Indian rule became unlivable, it shouldn’t be a stretch[…]to believe that America under Indian rule will become unlivable

Marjorie Taylor Greene #wingnut #dunning-kruger #pratt theguardian.com

[Article Title: "Marjorie Taylor Greene compares Trump to Jesus at Las Vegas rally"]

“The Democrats and the fake news media want to constantly talk about ‘President Trump is a convicted felon’,” she told a crowd that waited in soaring early-summer temperatures. “Well, you want to know something? The man that I worship is also a convicted felon. And he was murdered on a Roman cross.”
It is not the first time Greene has drawn parallels between Trump and Christ – whom Christians consider to be the messiah and son of God – as well as other historical martyr figures.
“Trump is joining some of the most incredible people in history being arrested today. Nelson Mandela was arrested, served time in prison. Jesus was arrested and murdered by the Roman government,” she told the Right Side Broadcast Network.

“There have been many people throughout history that have been arrested and persecuted by radical, corrupt governments … I just can’t believe it’s happening, but I’ll always support him. He’s done nothing wrong.”

Racial Consciousness / @Nature_and_Race #wingnut #racist gab.com

On National Socialism

(Maxed out the character limit, still incomplete)


National Socialism, first and foremost, above all else, is a philosophy.

Not an economic system.

A philosophy predicated on a foundation of Nature: Understanding natural laws and natural order, and applying those laws and order to human society and civilization.

It's a philosophy that recognizes the fundamental and uttermost vital importance of the racial component of the human condition: Seeing race as the very origin of all human culture, and that pure culture can only come from pure race. To mix race is to corrupt pure culture.


The economy was the very last point of concern in the NS philosophy. NS Germany didn't even have a formally defined economic system. They just figured it out as they went along (and it worked miracles, seeing as Germany was pulled out of the catastrophe of the Versailles Treaty, and thrust into first-world superpower within about four years).

The Reichsmark, the German currency, was backed by labor, rather than gold or oil. It was revolutionary in its novelty. After WWI and the Versailles Treaty, Germany was completely bankrupt. Inflation was so bad it literally cost something like 17-trillion dollars just to buy a carton of eggs, a gallon of milk, and a loaf of bread. No exaggeration. So when Hitler took power, he started completely over from scratch, creating an entirely new currency.


Beyond that, their economy was based on agriculture and industry, like most first-world countries. Farms and factories were almost exclusively privately owned, and laws were put in place to ensure that they remained privately owned. As were all small shops, from grocery stores to clothing stores to furniture stores, as well as every type of repair shop of the age.


NS Germany had virtually no welfare system to speak of. Most of the welfare provided to the poor and the disabled was generated through public fundraising events like the Winterhilfswerk (WHW) program. Hitler's most memorable public statement on the subject was "German people, help yourselves!" And it was insanely successful (I even have a bunch of little trinkets from the WHW (pins, buttons, ribbons, keychain booklets, etc.)

Chuck Lowe #crackpot #wingnut #psycho tonyskansascity.com

Progressives, by and large are Fascists who DON'T want your opinion, or your input in any way to interfere with their Totalitarian agenda.

Yahoo recently eliminated comments. Eliminating comments is the de facto admission, that your argument is untenable, unsustainable in the face of criticism.

Look, if the Kansas City Star, did NOT want a free for all, completely wide open discussion of the topics it considered relevant - then they could state rules and regulations for comments, "Hey chuck, you can't swear, etc etc).

But that is not what they and every single Progressive publication are worried about. What the NYT, POST, NBC, ABC, Yahoo etc etc, are really worried about, is that people will be more open minded to differing opinions and different points of view and THEY WILL LOSE CONTROL OVER THE NARRATIVE.

Control, control, control, "Wear Your Slave Mask" CONTROL AND POWER is what they are afraid of losing.

The protections that 230 provide the bullies, Fascists and thugs that run Silicon Valley are not afforded to the rest of the 4th Estate.

Fuck Jack Off Dorsey and fuck Zuckerberg and fuck, fuck fuck Google.

Tim Brown #quack #crackpot #fundie #wingnut #conspiracy beforeitsnews.com

I have produced several radio shows on chlorine dioxide with people who not only use it themselves, but have also recommended or administered it to others. I make no claims to be a doctor, nor am I offering medical advice (If you need medical advice, consult your doctor), but I do believe that people are entitled to information to come to their own conclusions about their health and how to maintain it. With that in mind, a brand new documentary has finally been produced on chlorine dioxide titled “The Universal Antidote.” This is because people are using this for all sorts of ailments and it’s merely pennies to acquire without a prescription.

For the record, since I discovered chlorine dioxide a little over a year ago, I have taken it both when feeling well and also as I felt like I was ill. I can attest to seeing pretty tremendous results personally from taking it when I sensed the oncoming of illness. I even shared it with my father who also saw a drastic improvement in less than a day.
The information contained in this documentary, which was just released yesterday, second only I believe to the Gospel of the Kingdom, has the very real potential, to not only change your life, the life of your loved ones and friends, saving countless lives, and alleviating needless death, pain, and the poverty that goes with them. It deals with a simple, but remarkable, all-natural chemical compound (CLO2 -Chlorine Dioxide) aka MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution. CLO2 is safe and extremely effective at treating a host of the most serious adverse health conditions known to man (influenza, staph, MRSA, Lyme, autism, Covid, Malaria, Typhus, HIV, & Yellow Fever, Cancer, etc.) and has been the object of relentless attacks by bigpharma and FDA censorship for a decade. This is a game-changer in humanity’s quest for natural health and medical freedom.

To those who discount the information as too good to be true, bear in mind, that the Gospel also sounds too good to be true.

Distruzio #wingnut forum.nationstates.net

Not necessarily. It’s just that religious conservatives don’t have the power and influence that they used to have, and now that they can’t force their lifestyle choice on others, they get pissed off and bitchy

Indeed. They're beginning to understand that "live and let live" was a mistake. And it confuses them (that's the bitchiness you're noticing). Religious conservatives thought that if they accepted the new rules of a NeUtRaL arbiter for justice, everyone could profit. They failed to recognize the snake in the garden. That's one thing I genuinely like about the contemporary Left... they understand that you cannot stop wielding the power once you've grabbed it. A single exception, when made, becomes an exploit that can be broadened.

Commander Val Thor of Venus #ufo #wingnut #conspiracy operationdisclosureofficial.com


With several countries going back to lockdown for the Omicron variant, which is the Military code for the cleanup operation for the CP P*dophiles & Traitors.

We’ve entered the [C]los{Ing [Ajct: – initiating the EBS, Military Tribunals and Full Disclosure Of The Galactic Alliance. Sending out the 5:5 MIL OPS was a confirmation SIG in our primary objective – rescuing our children from tunnels & DUMBs.

As the remaining countries lockdown and reports of COVID-19 diagnosis’ continue, the news unlocks the map of events. Prepare to archive and be offline. SHUTDOWN. John F Kennedy Jr. 19th Vice President WWG1WGA

Geoffrey Grider #fundie #homophobia #transphobia #wingnut #conspiracy nowtheendbegins.com

The end times 2SLGBTQIAAP++ Movement and agenda has its roots firmly planted in the pages of the Bible in what Jesus calls the Days of Lot.

Here in the closing days of Barack Obama’s third term, the seeds he has planted in our nation since 2008 have grown up into a massive tree that dwarfs the landscape with a disproportionate focus on what is now called the…(taking a deep breath) the 2SLGBTQIAAP++ Movement. According to the site Queer Events, that stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Two-Spirit, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Agender and Pansexual. But the one letter that does not show up on the list but is most definitely there is ‘C’ for children, because that seems to the main target of all their activities, the grooming and recruiting of children. Just ask Elmo.

“He beholdeth all high things: he is a king over all the children of pride.” Job 41:34 (KJB)

On this episode of the NTEB Prophecy News Podcast, the Pride Movement started out in 1970 seeking tolerance for their lifestyle, and they soon got it. Next, they sought for acceptance and after a hard-fought battle they achieved that as well. For the third phase, dominance, they needed a president who could force their agenda through, and in 2008, Barack Obama was elected as Newsweek famously reported as the ‘first gay president’. It is from this point on that sexual orientation becomes the law of the land, with severe repercussions for anyone and everyone who stand against it. Remember the Christian baker? Careers and reputations were ruined as the behemoth, or more accurately, Levithan, that is the 2SLGBTQIAAP++ Movement roared into existence. On this episode, we show you just how dominant this movement has become, a movement that has its roots firmly planted in the Bible as the Days of Lot.

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The United States has no vital interest in Ukraine, yet we’ve shoveled in around 100 billion dollars to support Zelensky’s war there.

He always wants more and Biden is eager to give it to him. Ukraine’s borders are of vital importance to Dementia Joe, while our own borders rank as being unimportant. Old ice cream lips said as much a few days ago. If we had not sent a dime to Ukraine, the war would have been settled long ago. Zelensky would have ceded a Russian-populated Donbas region to Russia. He would have agreed not to join NATO. The threat of nuclear war could have been averted. Instead we have a cocky jerk demanding endless billions of dollars from American taxpayers while he lied about a missile hitting Poland.

Both Democrats and Republicans love to say it’s about protecting and spreading ‘democracy.’ That has always had a hollow ring to it and it has no ring at all when it comes to Ukraine. Zelensky is not running a democracy there—he’s a dictator who has had his political opponents arrested.

He has silenced opposition media. He has shut down Russian Orthodox churches and religious leaders. He is spreading war and corruption, not democracy. Some of the weapons sent to him by America have ended up being sold to African countries. Zelensky’s cronies are stealing massive amounts of unaccountable US taxpayer money and spending it on themselves.

No, it’s not about spreading democracy. It’s about spreading globalist control and Russia is in the way. They’ve gone to gold ruble and Putin doesn’t want the WEF to dictate to his citizens how things are going to be.

Russians don’t want to enter a new dark age via a digital currency and ‘green’ energy, nor do they want their children being groomed into becoming ‘woke’ trannies. They do not want to ‘eat the bugs.’

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Could CERN, the creator and birthplace of the World Wide Web, be involved and even be behind the most ultimate conspiracy in all of history with their science, symmetry, Satanism, paganism, and rituals? This book is designed as a brief introduction into how CERN is deeply and darkly connected to many world leaders, the Vatican, the Hollywood elites, the deep state, the Illuminati, and the New World Order. My book takes the reader on a journey through what is easily one of the most secretive organizations in all of times and is an accessible and very carefully structured introduction into how it all started, how everything was created with the big bang, almost fourteen billion years ago, and CERN's burning desire to recreate those conditions through physics and by colliding particles together at almost the speed of light and attempting to be like God almighty.

They have created the largest machine in the world and even discovered the god particle, the glue that holds the entire universe together. Why would they build their nuclear research facility upon the burial grounds of Apollyon the Destroyer? Could CERN be responsible for releasing the devil from the bottomless pit, from his prison, hell, as written in the Bible in Revelation 9?

Behind the scenes, CERN's insidious plans are to open up wormholes, Stargates, and portals to other dimensions, not to enter through, but more so to let something evil into our world. What or who they intend to welcome is known to have many names, such as the horned god, Abaddon, Apollyon, the Beast, Lucifer, Satan, or as many of us would know to be, the devil.

Will CERN share its dangerous dark matter with a government or military that is dead set on war, world domination, and destruction? Will CERN create a black hole that swallows the world, or will they release Satan and his legion of demons, locusts, and armies upon the world as the last days predict and approach?

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There is absolutely no monarchy, the British Crown was dissolved years ago due to high treason committed by our treasonous government. The Queen was given the title of ‘The Head of State’ of a bankrupt corporation known as the City of London which is the financial pillar of the world and sits on foreign land exactly like Washington DC and the Vatican.

The fraudulent Royals of the bankrupt City of London, Tony Blair, David Cameron and all our corrupt government will face a traitor’s justice.

Police officers in the UK are nothing more than a private limited company and are security guards for the non existent corrupt fraudulent bankrupt corporation, they no longer work, have any power or have any authority over we the people of the UK as the Crown Corporation and all Crown Agents were dissolved in 1995 in a fraud and treasonous act by Tony Blair and his government, who moved to the Local Governments Act 1985.

This was a clear act of high treason and fraud upon we the people.
Tony Blair, George Bush, The Queen and Royals, MI5, MI6, CIA, MOSSAD and other Cabal intelligence agencies with Benjamin Netanyahu was involved in 9/11 and brought down the Twin Towers and murdered all those innocent people.

Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 was invoked by the Barons in 2001 due to the signing of the Nice Treaty as it was unconstitutional.

This means the Queen was dethroned and we the people have had all authority since 2001.

The people of the UK have had no lawful government or courts of justice since that time.

Common Law was Invoked in 2001, the Government and Monarchy was Dissolved in 2001.
Common Law is the Law of the Land, it’s our true law. We are not dead entities, we are living breathing men and women. We have been witnessing the destruction of the old guard for the last 5-6 years or so.
Trump’s 2017 World Tour was a capitulation tour. The Cabal is finished; they’ve been finished a long time.

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Webkilla: So... Trump was found guilty on all charges. should be the easiest appeals case ever to overturn - question is how long the appeals court will drag it out, if its as crooked as the judge that presided over the case was

Long Tom: Other political figures were indicted and convicted on fake charges, only for them to be overturned.

Webkilla: its the first president but ya, lets see how muc of this sticks - and how much of this he can get overturned on appeal.
... I mean, with the timing of this its OBVIOUSLY meant to just interfere with his ability to campaign

Long Tom: Oliver North and Lyn Nofziger were two Reagan administration officials convicted on dubious charges which were reversed on appeal. Yes, innocent people in prison in America is not a rarity. Gary Dotson was convicted for a rape he never committed, and it took a lot of rigmarole before he was finally exonerated and released.

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By definition, there has never been and never will be any possibility of right wing totalitarianism. By definition: totalitarianism = leftism; leftism = totalitarianism. For example, Communism, Nazism, and fascism are all leftist and are all totalitarians. Since modern American liberalism is closely related to Communism, Nazism, and fascism, it has strong totalitarian tendencies. In sharp contrast, the right is, by definition, anti-totalitarian.

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[From “Dmitry Suslov: It’s time for Russia to think about a ‘demonstrative’ nuclear test”]

There’s every indication that the US and several of its allies may soon allow Ukraine to use Western weapons, including long-range missiles, to attack targets located within – how do we put this? – Russia’s internationally recognized borders. Or those that existed before the 2014 Maidan in Kiev[…]
Such a decision would take the conflict to a fundamentally different level, would mean the erasure of one of the brightest “red lines” that has existed since February 24, 2022[…]
There are at least two reasons why the West is now discussing abandoning this principle. The first and main one is the increasingly difficult position of the Ukrainian army on the battlefield[…]
The second reason is Russia’s unwillingness to escalate relations with the West each time it crossed a ‘red line’ and became more involved in the conflict[…]
Thus, the West has come to believe that the cost of Kiev’s defeat is far greater than the risks of a direct military confrontation with Russia, as a result of allowing Western weapons to strike deep into its ‘old’ territory[…]
This logic can inevitably lead to World War III[…]
In a few months (or maybe even weeks), the same logic will be applied to stationing regular Western troops[…]
According to even the current Russian nuclear doctrine (certainly a ‘peacetime’ doctrine in need of tightening), such a scenario would amount to official grounds[…]
To confirm the seriousness of Russia’s intentions and to convince our adversaries of Moscow’s willingness to escalate, it is worth considering a demonstration (i.e. non-aggressive) nuclear explosion. The political and psychological effect of an atomic mushroom cloud, broadcast live on all the world’s television channels, will hopefully bring back to Western politicians the one thing that prevented wars between the great powers after 1945, and which they have now largely lost – the fear of nuclear war

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With the collapse of Judeo/Christian values in Western culture, people are left to frame their lives through means that are not defined by the biblical narrative.

Thus, presently, there is a free-for-all system where every person defines their own laws, ethics and values. Self-expression is the new ethos, and even if self-destructive lifestyles diminish the quality of a society, restricting it is a great taboo and cited as a form of bigotry.

As traditional narratives continue to be deconstructed, this has also resulted in a loss of the collective metanarrative for understanding the world. This leads to uncertainty, nihilism and a feeling-based morality that determines public policy in which one’s identity trumps psychology above biology.

In the past, people made up for this loss of the biblical metanarrative primarily by deriving their identity from their ethnicity. However, with a rapid acceleration in individualism, autonomous secular humans are left with a reductionist mindset that has further collapsed their existential perspective to mere individual expression.
Corresponding to His ability to subdue chaos and fluidity, God made both male and female in His image to represent Him and to subdue the earth (Gen.1:27-28).

Consequently, it took both a man and a woman to express God’s image to exert dominion over creation; one man or woman could not fully express God’s image and likeness, nor could two men or two women. It takes both masculinity and femininity in covenant marriage to fully transmit God’s image to the next generation to continually perpetuate God’s kingdom influence.

Hence, before any further development of civilization existed, marriage between one man and one woman was the foundation of maintaining order and subduing the chaos in the created order.

Connected to this equilibrium that maintained order is that God originally framed humanity with two genders based on a biological framework, not a psychological one.

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No one should get death threats and I get them ALL THE TIME.

But lucky for Mr Fauci, he has Secret Service Protection at the tax payers expense.

I DO NOT, and have to pay for my own security and am a gun owner.

It’s not my comments that have people furious at Mr Fauci, it’s the FACT that his ridiculous, non-scientific, tyrannical policies DESTROYED people’s lives and he’s a narcissistic ass hole and liar which is why SO MANY people hate him.

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White nationalist broadcaster Stew Peters has a history of bigoted and violent rhetoric[…]
And on Friday, Peters made his first appearance on Rumble’s Fresh & Fit Podcast — a show hosted by antisemitic manosphere influencers Myron Gaines and Walter Weekes[…]
Peters told Gaines and Weekes that the U.S. “hasn’t seen a violent insurrection yet,” and told them that “if everybody that was in Washington on January 6 brought guns and really wanted to overthrow the government” they would have succeeded

Peters falsely claimed that the violent, armed mob that stormed the Capitol was “peaceful” until they were “provoked by agent provocateurs.” In response, co-host Walter Weekes said that if the crowd was armed with guns it would have been used as an excuse to confiscate Americans’ firearms

“And it’s comin, by the way,” Weekes added

“Okay. Yeah. It is coming. Until it’s not a one-off, but it becomes a national mantra that we’re not giving up our guns,” Peters said. “Like, if the feds come for my guns, I’m gonna shoot the feds. ‘Kay? And I’m going to die in a hail of gunfire. Because I’m not giving up my guns. Are you?”

Peters went on to say that if he’s a “one-off,” then the headlines would read “Crazy white guy, white nationalist, Nazi-sympathizing, Hitler-praising, far-right shock jock Stew Peters dies in hail of gunfire with the FBI”

But he said that if everyone else refuses to give up their guns, “then we become a formidable opponent to an infiltrated and weaponized Department of Justice and law enforcement apparatus that has openly declared war on the American people”

Peters also chastised people in the Rumble chat who thought this sounded “crazy”

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Trump lost 2024 because he didn’t advertise enough. Nobody even knew he was running. Everyone thought he was in prison. Biden got 934,569,334 votes, the most votes in the history of the world. It’s legit though and if you question it we’ll arrest you.
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The Western feminist nations’ End Times most wicked generation watch our videos on the swords and nuclear wars, and plagues and COVIDs, and famines and food shortages, and demon armies and vaccine passport government officials, but they do not watch our videos exposing the black nobility families that are running all of this, even when we real Christians risk our lives to post the videos on the black nobility families. The humans of this End Times most wicked vile evil generation are like brute beasts and selfish animal-instinct zombies whose brains are dead, and are only concerned about the immediate problems before their eyes and their survival, instead of the real forces that are causing those problems, instead of risking their lives for others by warning the 6 billion humans about those things. They do the opposite. They are like the parable of the Western feminist nations “Bible verses redefining, women’s head coverings rebelling, fallen angel head controlled” drag queen men’s pants cross-dressing soldiers, who are worried and wailing about the artillery shells that are exploding around them and complaining about the enemy who are shelling them, but they do not expose the artillery guns that are shooting at them, nor do they banzai charge the artillery positions to destroy them and eliminate the artillery fire. When we real Christians inform them the exact coordinates of the artillery guns, they ignore it as unimportant videos and they go and watch videos on sex and food and politics and economy and money and COVID vaccines and Ukraine wars. <...> Jezebel doctrines of “women’s equality” that is bringing in human extermination upon them and their civilization. If anyone has wisdom, let them hear. If anyone has wisdom, then kick out their pastors, before they get killed by them. They are religious enchanters and deceivers and distractors and cover-up agents and false doctrine spreaders and illegal tithe income tax extortionists.

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Chuck Schumer is the majority leader of the United States Senate.

In this post, I'm not commenting on his statements about not having enough workers or the immigration issue. I want to deal solely with this statement he made in a recent video clip (from 05 to 12). He said:

“We have a population that is not reproducing on it’s own with the same level that it used to…”.

What a hypocrite.

Here's what I believe he should of said, "We have a population that is not reproducing on it's own with the same level that it used to because I and most other politicians and many in the judiciary have totally supported killing off as many, in fact tens of millions of children as we can before they are even born."

The abortion holocaust (for which we've written a lot about on the
website) is a stench before the God of creation for which they will be held accountable one day. And I want to warn Chuck Schumer, "It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God" (Hebrews 10:31).
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I will never forgive and I will never forget. This goes out to all you retards. You know who you are.

If any of this is true (there is no evidence that it is), vaxxtards deserve whatever the fuck they get. They became hostile and belligerent when I told them the vaxx is a hoax; that it was suicide to take it, despite the there being no evidence for the latter. I’ll never forget how they treated me for not wearing a fucking mask. They were belittling, insulting and at times, violent. I will NEVER forget!

I knew this day was coming! However, not for the reasons you may think and I will explain in a bit. There will be more news reports like this one. Guaranteed. Why? Simply because PEOPLE ARE FUCKING STUPID!

It worsens

The vaxxed retards called us “conspiracy theorists” and “schizos” when we told them about nanobots in the death shots (another claim and suspicion also having no evidence to support it). Now, the very same concept is being normalized in the mainstream ethos. I wonder why.
I know some retard is going to read this and say, “I know four people in my church who suddenly died in their twenties and thirties, less than a month after taking the jab. Are you going to sit there and act as if excess deaths isn’t an actual metric?” My answer will be, “Yes, I am, because you’re lying and I don’t believe you.” To me, these people are no different to Jewish mainstream media articles that claim covid is real and killed millions and vaxxtards are dying from the Jew sauce. Zero (count it) evidence!
ll that matters is the behavioral modification experiment (the best way I can describe it) conducted was successful. All the other shit about excess deaths, both from/of covid hoax and the vaxx hoax has zero (count it) evidence.

Freedom was fucked with and continues to be, and many were ready and willing to take that away from you, violently. They still are and the reason they are co-opting our sentiments is because they are getting ready to hit us with the real chaos!

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Ohio State University Study: COVID-Vaccinated Patients Die at Near Double the Rate than Non-Vaccinated, Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients.

However, the mainstream media totally ignores the study. That’s why important for everyone to read and repost. Thanks!
From trialsitenews.com
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In late December 2020, the incoming Biden Administration placed America on a clear trajectory for a thermonuclear World War III on a timeline underpinned by the 2024 election. The projected theaters contained in the analysis are Russia/Ukraine, China/Taiwan/South China Sea and the Middle East/Iran/Syria, et al.
The same United Nations that led-out on the fraudulent COVID-19 “pandemic” will oversee the treaty process and the official handover of the US to a Globalist cartel in league with a compromised US Intelligence apparatus and using China and the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism as the battle axe and enforcement mechanism.

This is why the US more closely resembles a Marxist hell hole under Biden and as borne out of Dynastic Bush than the Constitutional Republic with which the Founding Fathers endowed us.
Events continue to unfold in exact alignment with incredibly well-sourced analysis that remains remarkably accurate as written years in advance and calibrated to an electoral timeline with a 6-month range positioned as 05 Nov 24 +/- 3 months.

The result will be the continued escalation of events until a kinetic flashpoint is reached and the designs will intercede on the election as an impediment to Trump’s foregone return to the Executive.

Or it will hamstring the Trump Administration in the event the Intelligence Community reconciles him as an unavoidable circumstance and determines that the only way to maintain control of the populace is to permit him to win the election he’s already won.

Of course the other scenario entails both Biden and Trump removed and new proxies installed; likely a Michelle Obama first term to give Barack his fifth [he undermined Trump during his third and enjoys his fourth pulling Biden’s strings].

Unless some event occurs to fundamentally alter the geopolitical landscape, we’re headed for war and relatively soon or as they would say, right on time.

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The Communist Agenda of Gay Rights and Evolution

I did some research on singer Taylor Swift, and of the 350,000,000 souls in America, I am the ONLY person who exposes this rotten satanic filth. Am I the only one who notices and get angry over this demonic attack against our youth? It would seem so. Kindly, Taylor Swift has sold her soul for fame and fortune, but her day of reckoning before God almighty is coming!!! Life is short and she cannot take one penny of her $280,000,000 with her into eternity. Truly, Miss Swift is one of the poorest of the damned rich who know not God in history.

To no surprise, when I uploaded my article exposing Taylor Swift's satanism, which is the truth, a false rumor was started (no doubt by her handlers) that she was a high priestess in Anton LaVey's Church of Satan. The reason obviously is to hide the truth of my article. This Church of Satan rumor about Miss Swift has never been verified, so it ought not be taken as credible. However, the music video screenshot in this article I wrote speaks 1,000 words and is satanic to the core, showing that Taylor Swift is clearly fulfilling the agenda of the Luciferian elite to corrupt our youth. Why you say? It is to destroy the Old World Order (family values, faith in God, national patriotism, individuality and morality) and build a New World Order (i.e., the Beast system of the coming Antichrist, the man of sin). Only an ungodly, immoral, senseless people will embrace the man of sin when he comes (which I believe to be quite soon). Any honest observer, who has been around long enough to witness the changes, knows that the whole world is gradually moving toward apostasy (a turning away from Biblical Christianity). Instead, a pagan religion of feel good, love everyone (it is a superficial fake love), sin all you want just so long as you don't hurt anybody (sin always hurt the innocent),

Homosexuality is confusion. Sexual immorality is a sin. God says it is confusion. Young people are being deliberately confused. If parents truly understood the sinister satanic agenda behind Walt Disney, they'd burn the place to the ground. The smut picture industry is a major business today. God hates dirty images. It is a sin to look upon the nakedness of the opposite sex, to whom you are not married. Our baby-murdering, arrogant, neighbor-destroying, God-cursing, ungodly society, scoffs at such high Biblical moral standards. Please don't misunderstand me. We ought not be unkind to those living in sin. However, we must never excuse, pardon or condone such wickedness! Homosexuality is a sin! God hates it! It is confusion. God created human beings male and female. Anything else is total confusion. As long as things are confused, Satan is happy and God is grieved. Anything outside of God's plan is confusion. We are are messed up in America. Europe is messed up! Australia is messed up! Africa is messed up! The world is messed up!

God is a God of order, not disorder! Evolutionists are having a hard time with the discovery of DNA. Why you say? It is because all DNA shows incredible order, and intelligent design, behind creation. Science cannot explain such a great mystery without an omnisapient (all-wise) and omnipotent (all-powerful) God. Ironically, the heathen world has been making many movies to suggest that human life began with aliens. Well, what do you think God is? God is extraterrestrial (not of this earth). I don't believe God is a little green man who travels around in a flying saucer, but by very definition, God is an alien. Could not God be an alien? Ask this question to the next professed atheist who believes in the possibility of alien life. The truth is that they just don't want to believe in a righteous God, because then they are accountable for the sins they commit against Him (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14).

The perverted gender identity fraud plaguing America today is intended by Satan to confuse everyone, especially young people. But there is no controversy if you believe the Holy Bible. God created all humans either male or female (Genesis 1:27). It's that simple.

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In a nation as immoral as ours is now, the homosexual angle itself won’t hurt her as much as we believe. Just as we know that Obama is a homosexual. But here is how it may hurt her. She is planning to announce that Bill has some sort of disease. She’s going to use that to insulate herself and Bill from criticism. It is their strategy to try and deflect all of Trump’s punches on their horrible record and behavior in the past. Much of it criminal. And when Trump brings up Bill’s sexual assaults and rapes, Hillary will claim that Trump is attacking a very sick man, and that she is again the loyal devoted wife. If the lesbian lover angle comes out, that ruins her deflection strategy.

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The Colorado GOP’s mass email titled “God Hates Pride,” read, in part, “The month of June has arrived and, once again, the godless groomers in our society want to attack what is decent, holy, and righteous so they can ultimately harm our children.”

The message to Colorado Republicans was headlined with an image reading “God Hates Flags,” a nod to the anti-gay slur on the picket signs of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church.

The party’s message was signed by chairman Dave Williams. A post from the Colorado Republican Party on X, formerly Twitter, read simply, “Burn all the #pride flags this June.”