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White House BACKTRACKS After Being Called Out On Critical Race Document For Schools

The democrats are starting to get scared of wokeness. We saw the victory of Eric Adams in New York City, they're worried they're going to lose the midterms because get woke go broke.

It's funny you bring up Eric Adams because, in New York City, there were a couple of really woke candidates, you'dd think the Black Americans and Hispanic Americans would vote for the woke candidate. They didn't, they voted for the candidate who promised
more, not less, police. He said, "I'm going to make crime my number one issue."

They voted for the candidate that represented the least excesses of wokeness.

I'm not surprised, we saw what happened in South Texas or what happened in Miami. Of course, that was Hispanic individuals with experience with communism and marxism. We had Ricardo and Jose Lamazon, and Jose actually was in the anti-Fidel Castro underground in Cuba. He said some scary stuff, that if BLM gets real power, they're going to kill people, that these people are marxist, they're enemies from within, they're scary. And I'm like, man, this is a guy who had to flee Cuba because of what happened, now that is freaky. The difference between Cuba and the United States however, is that we got several hundred million people here, so, these are a lot of people that i don't think would allow wokism to become too pervasive.

Now, let's be fair, it's pervasive. It's in institutions, it's in video games, but i think people are starting to recoil from this, that's why the administration had to backtrack. They're getting worried. I'm hoping they realize they are poisoning their party with this stuff, I hope they're realizing they will lose elections unless they get away from this. But they're never getting my vote back anyway, they've crossed the Rubicon, they went nuts, like hardcore insane, and now they want to come back?

Yeah, nice try dude, I'm not gonna play that game with these people.

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A. Sat. 31 July The Real News:

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Police Officers, Fire fighters, Militaries, Doctors and Politicians are paid by The People to Protect and Help The People. It is finally time for everyone to Unite together for our Human Rights and Freedom. It is time to Unite against our common enemies: Globalists, Deep-State, Satanics, Communists, Socialists, Marxists, Dark forces, Reptilians, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Medias, Big corps, fraud Banking system, illegal taxation, FED, black projects, CIA, tyranic corrupt politicians, Human Trafficking, Pedophelia, Human farming, canibalism, crimes against humanity, trans-humanism, Chemtrails, Food and water poisoning, fluoride, etc. Time to end EVERY scams against humanity. We know it all and will end it all NOW.
If you’ve noticed, signs of cannibalism were everywhere all the time, including John Podesta’s enthusiasm for nut sauce, revealed as hell in Wikileaks emails, and reports of widespread use of adrenochrome.

Let me explain that the so-called “nut sauce” is obtained from the pineal gland of people who are terrorized, tortured and, as a rule, ritually killed before its extraction, and adrenochrome is extracted from the adrenal glands by the same methods.The latter is memorably presented in the stunning controversial film “Adrenochrome”, which was available for a while on Amazon Prime. There is an even more specific and revealing “Adrenochrome 2”, also subjected to a concerted attack to completely block its spread. And the fresh blood of raped, frightened and tortured children contains adrenochrome, and this is their favorite drink. I do not agree with the fact that the pineal gland produces adrenochrome. If you want, she produces her own elixir. The pineal gland is also a biological expression of the Third Eye, which makes it possible to perceive and realize beyond this reality.

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DAY OF YHWH: JULY 30, 2021 (7/30 = 7/3 = 7×3 = 777 = vיהוה‎ = YHWH), IS WHEN CIA HEADQUARTERS LOCATED IN GENEVA, SWITZERLAND STAGES ATTACKS, ASSASSINATIONS, BOMBINGS, NATURAL DISASTERS AND/OR TERROR EVENTS OFFERED UP TO JEWISH GOD OF YHWH VIA HER VAST ARRAY OF ARMIES & PROXY TERRORIST NETWORKS, POSSIBLY TRIGGERING WORLD WAR III (JULY 29, 2021): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting Assassinations, Attacks & Invasions by China, Iran and/or Russia, Biological Attacks and/or Outbreaks, Bombings, Chemical Attacks, Coup D’états, Cyber-Attacks, Earthquake Attacks, Hacks, Mass Riots, Natural Disasters, Nuclear Attacks, Terror Attacks and/or Terror Events by Al Shabaab, Al Qaeda and/or ISIS, Tornado Attacks and/or Tsunami Attacks as Part of Ritualistic Blood Sacrifice(s) Offered Up to Jewish God of YHWH on July 30, 2021, Exactly 24,411-Days After CERN (Secret Entrance to CIA Headquarters) was Purportedly Founded in Geneva, Switzerland Back on September 29, 1955, Exactly 26,740-Days After State of Israel was Founded Back on May 14, 1948, & Exactly 260,042-Days After Country of Switzerland (Confederation Helvetica) was First Founded Back on August 1, 1309—The Number 73 or 37 (3×7=777) is Found in the Esoteric Tetragrammaton of the Jewish God of YHWY (i.e., יהוה‎) Who the Israelites Worshipped Alongside the Canaanite Gods & Goddesses of Asherah, Baal & El

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RE: Chicago Mental Health Professionals Will Be Dispatched on 911 Calls Instead of Cops

"With only around 13,000 cops remaining, Fox News reported that Chicago’s 117,000 gang members now outnumber officers by roughly 10 to one, at a time when the Windy City is facing a surge in violent crime."

I imagine that cops hate answering calls involving the mentally ill, especially in black neighborhoods, where there freedom of action is restricted. Cops might actually like this policy. It remains to be seen whether social workers and “mental health professionals” have , on average, better outcomes.

"remains to be seen"? Are you serious? Most 911 Calls are from non-whites calling to quell their fellow non-whites and you can't tell what might happen when "mental health experts" show up?

For one, you know better and for two, I ain't no expert but even I know that violence is a guarantee and the "mental health experts" of Today will have no idea how to handle that.

The only Silver Lining here is that the SJW's of Sociology will finally get theirs.

'...The two teams each include a police officer trained in crisis intervention, a paramedic and a mental health clinician....' Alright, the Troika shall arrive and will face a De'Mark'Iand'A'Ndo with a rod in his hand, an empty look in his eyes, and his watermelon full of voices screaming and whispering something. Here's a psychotextbook clinical case for you: Which party - the Troika or the Voices - will De'Mark'Iand'A'Ndo listen to while the Troika is trying to outshout those voices?

Wrong and Right.

Blacks and Browns DO NOT Belong in The West and The Criminal/Criminally Insane Whites Will Be Dealt With BY Whites and

Non-Whites Take Care of Their Own in Their Own Lands.

Separation of The Races is God's Command. Disobey God and Your Civilization Will Rot Until You Correct Your Mistake.

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I've never gave them the benefit of the doubt. However, there is a difference between a black and a negro. They have to prove to me they are not a negro.

With that said.. my besty in the Navy was in fact black. The rest were negros and gave her a terribly hard time about being friends with a White. She never gave in. Her and I did have an unspoken agreement to never eat at each others house and we always took our own drinks. Now that I think about it, that's the only black house I've ever been willing to enter. Blacks are Very rare. Negros are the vast majority of their race.

No, it ain't the same anymore. And it will never be again. Especially since Whites are dying out. Any blacks hanging on to you are looking for the status boost or what they can get.

So your friend is black... They're not my friend... You bring them home into our neighbourhood. Suddenly they bring more. They see what's there and then come back and steal it. I defend my property and I go to jail. All because you NEED to have black friends.

Oh, she's a girl like you? Then her brother shows up. Then his bloods show up. Then they chuckin' shinola on my car.

It doesn't matter what you say to black coworkers. They'll twist it into racist pig. Not to your face, but behind your back. Then you find your tires slashed. I feel sorry for whites who have to work with blacks.

Why would I even go near a black. I avoid Whites, too. They try so hard to be black that they'll make up racist bull about you to show their black friends how whigga they be.

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Any White person working at an office with Blacks should never to talk to them. It's all down-side and no up-side.

Many Blacks think Trump supporters are racist. It's just a big minefield.

I've never liked blacks... but I didn't hate them. I'd give them the benefit of the doubt, and if they were 'decent', then they were fine by me. But, after the George Floyd thing and the massive, nationwide chimpouts and crime, and their in-your-face blatant racism towards Whites, I've learned to truly hate them. To me, now, they are guilty unless proven innocent, and even if they DO prove innocence, I still hate them. I've had it with anti-White racism, their constant anger and the constant chip on their shoulder. Now, if I saw a (n-word) on fire, I wouldn't pi$$ on them to put them out. They hate me for being White, they hate our great country, then to hell with them all. Go back to Africa if it's so terrible here!

(S Sinistrari)
I am an office worker, and have worked with blacks when I was in the office.

*Apefirmative Action black managers are absolutely useless. They are there solely to meet hiring quota. They say stupid things, have stupid ideas, and you can tell even the White liberal types there know they are stupid, but try to cover.

Black office workers a.k.a. McDonalds University Graduates who get their shot to work in and office (MUG shot, heheheh...) usually blow it by stealing stuff, always late, loitering, bothering other workers, not paying attention / doing their work, etc.

Anyway, THERE IS A DIFFERENCE in 'White / black relations'

Whites = Haven't we given enough?

Black = Why don't you want to give more?

Whites are TIRED of blacks and their bs. OF COURSE we don't want to deal with these useless morons.

Whites are tired of the GIBSMEDATS race!

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RE: That feeling when your city has a Slavic festival 😇


Man Id love that just for the food. Best thing about slavs

Yeah lol ofc a Croatian thinks food is the best thing about Slavs...like we’re some third word Mexicans or Indians or some other shitskin with no real accomplishments or some shit so they just focus on OMG I LOVE insert ethnicity FOOD

Can't apriciated our food or what?

Wtf is wrong with saying we got some amazing food

Okay, to be extremely explicit, the way you made your comment “best thing about slavs” was extremely reminiscent of the way westerners talk about subhuman people with no accomplishments when they try to justify their own ethnic replacement.

For example, when asked to defend the flood of Mexicans into the USA, regarding the contributions of Mexicans to America, it is not uncommon to hear Americans say something like “the food is so good!” as if white Americans could not make Mexican food themselves. This is a demonstration of how immigration of lesser peoples adds no value to a nation, because white Americans cannot think of a truly worthwhile contribution of Mexican immigrants aside from food and cheap labor. Similarly, Brits will talk all day long about their tasty kebabs and curries and whatever ethnic food.

So to say food is the “best thing about slavs” is pretty insulting on a certain level, because slavs are much more than their cuisine. Frankly, I think people mentally associate ethnicity with cultural cuisine a bit too much. It’s not like Serbs can’t decide to just make and eat Chinese food for some reason.

Could be bias but that's kainda the only thing RN that I can think off that's good. I want n care about. I can't think of anything else good that comes to my mind . Not gonna comment on the rest of the stuff

The only good thing about slavs you can think of is food?

Croat moment... 🙄🙄🙄

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[Re: WATCH: Stephen Colbert labels Trump supporters a 'death cult' for refusing vaccines]

The real death cult are leftist in America who decided to throw in with the Chinese communists, thinking that after they take over that they will be awarded more privilege, power, and status, when really these types will be put up against a wall and shot by the very people for which they sold out and betrayed their country. That's the real death cult right there. If their friends the Chicoms don't get rid of them, the American patriots will. They are screwed either way, as they are the ones who really chose death, for what, 30 pieces of silver?

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Fox News hosts discuss how to ban 'childless' liberals from voting


The idea was recently floated by Ohio Republican Senate candidate J.D. Vance.

"Let's give votes to all children in this country, but let's give control over those votes to the parents of the children," Vance told a conference ...

The hosts of Fox & Friends discussed the merits of the idea that the "childless left" should not be able to vote.

"I think it's an interesting idea," host Will Cain said. "... He's saying childless leaders are making decisions that are short-term in mind, not focused on the long-term future health of this country because they don't have a stake in the game. Parents have a stake in the game, they have children so give parents a bigger say."


"I don't know about that solution … ," Campos-Duffy said. "But I will say that I agree with the premise of it, that it is absolutely true that people like [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez], Pete Buttigieg -- you can name the left-wing politicians, people who think that we should legalize marijuana because they don't have kids and they don't really have a stake in what that looks like."


"That is looking at it through the lens of the actual solution, which is the family unit," co-host Pete Hegseth agreed. "So many ills that we have in our society stem from that breakdown. ... [It's] not a feasible policy but what it is in principle is a reflection of the fact that -- what Ronald Reagan said, freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction."

"And if you're Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez -- our favorite comrade -- and you've said the world is going to end in 12 years, what do you care? ... It's this idea of absolute pessimism that the world's going to end and as a result, we're the problem and don't have kids."

According to Hegseth, a large family is "a reflection of optimism."

"Do you want to pass AOC's America off to America or J.D. Vance's?" Campos-Duffy asked. "American Marxists want to tear down the American family."

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Hey diddle, diddle
The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon

Dear officials at the CDC and FDA and FBI and CIA and INTERPOL and WEF and IMF and UN and governors and mayors and city councils:

With regard to the above poetic protocol, as of tomorrow, Aug 1, 2021, you are directed. ordered, decreed, charged, bidden, and demanded to publicly exemplify/perform the above concluding sentence of the old children's fable.

That is, you are instructed by citizen "mandate" to hold a collective press conference on national TV wherein and whereby at least ONE representative from each of the named agencies shall assemble themselves together on camera, at twelve o'clock noon and shall then jointly - JUMP OVER THE MOON.

Yes, you read that right. Jump over the moon - or ELSE!

For well over a year now our so-called "leaders" have been indiscriminately ordering citizens around like animals, DEMANDING compliance with their "invented" and convoluted fairy tales
Yes, we can almost hear your objections in advance: "But . . but . . even if we COULD jump over the moon . . the long, 240,000 mile accelerating FALL back to earth would have us re-enter the atmosphere at such speed that, if we did not incinerate ourselves into incandescent molecules, we would subsequently impact the surface so violently as to end up as nothing more than red mush and mist, smeared over a half acre! How can you ask us to participate in a program ending with our own near-certain DEATH?

In answer we reply: Rest assured, dear politicians/banksters/globalists and other assorted treasonous elements now posing this question . . we are indeed VERY familiar with your concerns and objections, having LIVED (and died) on a planetary scale under similarly-lethal notions for at least two weeks now (oops, scratch that original "projection" -- it's now been nearly a YEAR and a half!) so if WE can do it -- why not you?? Is not "turn-around" FAIR PLAY?

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Down's Syndrome is a mental-biological defect whereas being gay or lesbian is perverted choice, a deviant 'lifestyle' that are the result of different influences perhaps early in childhood.

One of the clearest indications that homosexuality isn't 'normal' is that the parts don't match, and one cannot reproduce through a homosexual union. Nature always wants to carry on its seed for the purpose of species survival, and homosexuals and lesbians are unable to do this.

No 'gay gene' has yet been proven, although homosexuals often pretend as if it has.

Since they cannot reproduce, they must recruit. It's another indication that the movement is not biologically-based and runs counter to the natural order of things. The parts don't match and one cannot reproduce through the act.

I fail to see how it's a choice?

There is no concrete evidence that homosexuality is biological or genetic. It's one of a plethora of sexual dysfunctions and deviant behavior that humans engage in, and a sane society neither 'celebrates' it nor condones it because of the moral effects on society, including the break down of the family structure.

So should we do away with kissing, caressing, fellatio etc?

Whatever one chooses to do with their heterosexual spouse should be kept private, and no cultural movement should ever be created around one's sexual proclivities - and yet this is precisely what gays do.

No "intelligence gene" has been found so far too, but that doesn't mean it isn't there

I'm sorry, but there is far more evidence and rational for intelligence being genetic and having a biological foundation than gay sexual practices. I'm not denying early childhood influences and cultural pressure, but that's not the same as it being genetic in origin.

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Slavery Is Our ‘Original Sin’?!

More anti-white rubbish.

How many times have you heard that slavery was “America’s original sin”? I’m not quite sure what that means, but I think the idea is that slavery was a uniquely horrible thing that defines the United States and will stain whites forever. It’s one of the few things Mitch McConnell and Barack Obama agree on. There are books about it. Here’s a college course at UC Davis called “Slavery: America’s Original Sin: Part 1.

If slavery is somebody’s Original Sin, it’s sure not ours. What became the United States imported just about 3 percent of all the slaves who crossed the Atlantic.

Tlingit and Haida Indians went raiding for slaves as far South as California. During ceremonial feasts, the Tlingit would kill slaves, just to show how rich they were.

When we bought Alaska, Indians were furious when they had to give up their slaves. The Tlingit carved this image of Abraham Lincoln to shame the government into compensating them for slaves.

Only about 20 percent of Southern households had even one slave, but 75 percent of the free-black households in South Carolina owned slaves.

During the 16th and 17th centuries, Arabs took more white slaves south across the Mediterranean than there were blacks shipped across the Atlantic.

And, of course, it was white people who abolished slavery, both in their own countries and, except for a few stubborn holdouts, the whole world. Africans, just like the Tlingit Indians, screamed about all the wealth we made them give up.

But slavery’s still our “original sin.” As Time magazine wrote just this month about slavery “Europeans and their colonial “descendants” in the United States engineered the most complete and enduring dehumanization of a people in history.

What a small minority of Americans did for 246 years — and in a relatively mild form — is worse than anything that was ever done anywhere by anyone.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the power of white privilege. I hope you are enjoying it.

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RE: It’s Eastern European discrimination awareness month. Here are some stories of Eastern European’s facing racism/xenophobia, discrimination in the west.


If you're European you do not complain about being oppressed and participate in the oppression olympics. This is a slave mentality only americans have. It's also why the collapse of America is guaranteed, in history there have been ZERO societies that embraced weakness and survived.

Any "European" that considers themselves perpetually oppressed is already americanized enough to not be considered European.

Im gonna sound like a bigot but complaining.about such things is stupid, girly and gay. Ofcourse theres gonna be comments like that from the locals, youre literaly an invader and theyve been flooded with foreigners for decades. We keep joking about how westerners are weak but the moment they show some backbone its apparently a problem.

This really makes my blood boil. Sure would want to go to the UK and beat some smug fuckers faces.

In America/Canada etc. it is a bit different because those are Pan-European countries, but in Western Europe I don’t care. They can discriminate against whoever they want, IMO they should discriminate more because their countries are being destroyed by foreigners.

If they don’t like it they should not abandon their own nation to try and assimilate into another nation which clearly does not want them.

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The liberal media and Big Tech tyrants are getting a little nervous about the 2020 stolen election. They’ve deplatformed anyone who talked about the election being stolen, and all the news anchors have done their most snarky feigned outrage at the Arizona audit, even though it found over 89k fraudulent ballots in a state election with a margin of 10.5k between Trump and Biden.

A new report by the LAA Voter Integrity Project has revealed that over 157,000 illegal ballots were cast during the 2020 election in Wisconsin. This is about eight times the 20,000 vote margin of victory in the presidential election.

So there are two states, that could be decertifying their elections soon, which only requires a majority vote in both chambers of the Republican-controlled legislatures in those states. You don’t need a crystal ball to predict that Biden got over 90 percent of the fraudulent ballots (if not 100%).

That leaves the state of Pennsylvania, which is also moving toward a forensic audit. Pennsylvania however could be overturned by throwing out all the ballots received after 8pm on election day, which is a rule which the governor and courts simply ignored. If Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Barrett can find their spines, the Supreme Court could rule all the ballots received after 8pm election in Pennsylvania invalid. Trump was winning Pennsylvania by nearly 700k votes at 11pm on election day.

We are getting closer and closer to proving that Biden lost the 2020 election. All we need right now is to know how many of the fraudulent ballots in Arizona and Wisconsin were for Biden. If it turns out the fraud was heavily in Biden’s favor (which it was) then all we need additionally is a Constitutional ruling on Pennsylvania to throw out the late ballots there and Trump will have won the 2020 election.

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Nesara & Gesara… here we go:

Debt forgiveness (Jubilee). All illegal banking and government activities such as credit cards, mortgage and loans or fees forgiven
No more Income Tax
Abolish tax collection agencies
Food, medicine, sale of old homes, or any essential items will be tax-free.
A flat rate tax (could be somewhere between 14-17%) on non-essential new items only as revenue for the government.
Senior citizens will receive increased benefits
Law and legal matters returned to Constitutional Law
Reinstating of the original Title of Nobility amendment
Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA’s announcement. The interim government will cancel all National Emergencies and return us back to Constitutional Law.
No more fraudulent elections owing to the new Quantum System
Creates a new U.S. Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver,
Taken from the old fiat currency (what we are currently used to now) to a gold backed standard (including silver and platinum precious metals) on the new Quantum System
Forbidding the sale of Birth Certificates and/or Baptism Certificates as currently happens
Initiates new Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law
Eliminates the Federal Reserve System. During the transition period the Federal Reserve will be allowed to operate side by side of the Treasury for one year in order to remove all Federal Reserve notes from the money supply.
Financial privacy restored
Retraining of all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law
The cessation of all aggressive government military actions worldwide
Peace established throughout the entire world
Enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes released
Over 6,000 suppressed technology patents released. Previously withheld from the public by the NWO. These will include free energy devices, anti gravity and sonic healing machines.

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Last week, the right-wing nationalist Konfederacja Party, which has 11 seats in Poland’s lower house of parliament, posted a video of Polish model Samuela Górska on its official social media platforms in which she says she does not think Jews belong in Poland.

“I don’t want Jewry either, I don’t want LGBT, I don’t want many things that are currently here,” she said. “Only Konfederacja […] ensures normality.”

Polish fashion brands subsequently cut ties with Górska and deleted her photos from their social media profiles.

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Trump stated on Inauguration day: We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the Earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the industries and technologies of tomorrow. A new national pride will stir our souls, lift our sights, and heal our divisions.
NESARA is meant to Enable the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public under the guise of national security.
Donald Trumps uncle, John Trump Was Asked to Inspect Nikola Tesla Papers After the Inventors Death.
Here are some incredible patents:
Craft using an inertial mass reduction device Patent US10144532B2
High frequency gravitational wave generator Patent US10322827B2
Triangular spacecraft patent Patent US20060145019A1
Full body teleportation system patent US20060071122A1
Cosmic gravitational energy antigravity flying saucer patent CN1850542A
AIDS Cure Patent US5676977
Quantum vacuum energy extraction US7379286B2
...and many more being withheld from the public.
Scientist Behind The Navy UFO Patents Has Filed One For A Compact Fusion Reactor.

Chloe352 #crackpot #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut #elitist o9a.org

Here in the West, like here in America, we are beginning to slowly understand that Democracy + Diversity + Equality – Honour – Debt – Hierarchy – Direction = Societal Collapse. Democracy here meaning: when the emotively whimsical Mass has the power to make decisions. People, especially from the third world, who come to America, no longer have any sense of Honour, Loyalty, or Duty. They come here for the free stuff, to out breed White people, and to ethnically struggle for dominance. Fractal patterns repeat, in degree, magnitude, and scale: what is happening right now in South Africa, will happen here in 25 years.

CTON #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut amren.com

Only White people, as a people, are sympathetic to people on the fringe of society. See, for example, how we treat people with Down's syndrome. No other race treats them more kindly than we do.

Yep, you are are safer being a minority amongst white people than any other group on the planet.

We have many examples of regular people voluntarily cooperating to help the poor, the needy, and the sick.

And yet, you never see those do-gooder whites (who help nonwhites) helping our whites in South Africa or Eastern Europeans. Hell, they don't even give a rip about poor whites in their area. They'd prefer to help out mestizos or hire them over poor whites.

It doesn't stop there. I've seen Bulgarians traveling and living in Africa helping the local population while only 20 km from where I live, there are blue eyed grandmas scavenging Trash cans.

Wait, are you serious? You have Eastern Europeans that got to Africa to help out Africans and not the Bulgarians in Bulgaria? hell, since they're in Africa, why don't they venture south to help the whites there? Wow, I didn't know you had liberal idiots like that in Bulgaria. Thought they were smarter than the West.

It's worse. They even teach them Bulgarian and Bulgarian dances. I wouldn't be surprised if some NGO is funding them to make sure Diversity quotas of "new Bulgarians" are met just like quotas for "new Frenchmen" and "new Germans".

That's weird, because most Bulgarians I've talked to, as with most Eastern Europeans, are NOT fans of nonwhites and are prowhite.

An armed society is a polite society

Depends on who the society is. A homogenous white population will have low crime, high trust and what not. A majority black/mestizo/arab/brown population--be they armed or not--will have violence, rapes, sexual crimes, dysfunction, low trust, etc.

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Many people mistakenly believe Marx to have been an atheist. On the contrary. Marx was a Satanist.

Now, to the rational mind, the first thing that tickles the fervor of the rationalists is the fact that there is no god, neither a Satan and while they are correct, it is important to comprehend what Satanism is — Kabbalist Judaism. The Kabbalist’s “god” is Lucifer/Samael — the angel who sought to transcend the power and supremacy of the epistemological god.

Confused? Well, look: Satanists — Kabbalists — like their “god” Lucifer/Samael, believe that humans are god. This means that they are in control of their lives, destinies and fates and not the god whose divinity and supremacy they mock and blaspheme. It is a rebellion that stems from a belief in a god or gods.

This is similar to atheistic non-belief, yet very significantly different. Whereas the atheist does see himself or herself as in control of their lives, destiny and fate; that there is no extant force which contributes to desired outcomes and preferences in life — the atheist holds that personal responsibility is paramount. However, this is not due to challenging the supremacy nor the divinity of some god. It isn’t rebellion. It is due to the lack of a belief in a god and gods, because such beliefs to the atheist are absurd and lack any evidence and rationality.

Marx was a misanthrope of the worst kind. There are misanthropes like myself, who do not want to, nor care to harm others, but simply isolate ourselves from humanity, because we see humans as rather dumb, shallow and bring nothing but trouble and drama. We just want to be left the fuck alone.
This is what communists are about. Willfully and unknowingly. (((They))) want to destroy everybody! They hate us goyim!

CTON #pratt #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: S. African Township Becomes ‘Racial’ Flashpoint in Rainbow Nation

Indian immigrants fight back against black marauders.

When nonwhites are attacked for their race and/or fight back in defense of their race, they are congratulated for fighting back.

When whites are attacked for their race and/or fight back in defense of their race, it is "racist, hateful" and "oh, come on! This has nothing to do with race!" "White genocide is a white conspiracy!"

Everywhere whites are at, they are humiliated, terrorized, attacked and many whites will not unite as whites.

“We are not racist,” insisted Karim Loven, the head of a local policing forum.

See non-Whites have to say it too :) Doesn't matter to blacks though everyone is racist towards them

I would advice these Indians not to start acting like the cuckolds white men have become. Even I don't want nonwhites to feel inferior, but I also do not want them thinking they have a right to attack us or dehumanize us either.

I'd say "You're only calling me racist because I'm white" or I'd say "This is another excuse for blacks to commit crimes."

Dominik Tarczinsky did just that in a famous interview, he said "call me racist or whatever you like, I only care about safety of my country.

If that were the words uttered by every white man in positions of power, our race would have a much higher chance of survival. Seems like it's only Eastern and Central European men with any racial backbone among the white race. I hope they stay prowhite, strong and traditional.

Worst case scenario this is the beginning of a total annihilation massacre of White and Indian South Africans.

But at least Indians have a continent they can flee to, people (even whites) will be sympathetic to their plight, Indian army could be sent in to rescue them, and Indians--unlike whites--will unite for their people. Whites, even when they're being targetted as whites, will not unite as whites.

Socrates #racist #wingnut vanguardnewsnetwork.com

White Privilege? No. Jewish Privilege

Go to your refrigerator and look inside. Examine the ketchup, mustard and pickle containers. You will see that they all have a little kosher (meaning “fit”) symbol on them, usually on the front label — a “U” or a “K” for example. That little symbol means that the food is “okay for Jews to eat.” In other words, the food was prepared in a special way and can “safely” be eaten by religious Jews without violating Jewish dietary rules [1].

Most packaged food in America today is marked with the kosher symbol. Even non-food items are often marked with the kosher symbol, e.g., aluminum foil, plastic wrap.

Given the fact that Jews make up only 2% of the U.S. population, that speaks loudly to how much power and privilege Jews have in America. (You’d think that Jews were extra-special or something! Actually, they do: Jews consider themselves to be “God’s chosen people” i.e., God’s favorite people).

(Consider this: if you went to Israel, and asked a dozen Israeli food producers to mark all of their packaged food with little Christian crosses on the labels, you’d probably get your ass beaten. White gentiles are such chumps. Jews have been waging war on White Western culture since ancient times, yet we put our enemy’s stamp on our food! Heaven help us!).


[1] Jews are both a race (a hybrid race via centuries of inbreeding) and a religion. White people occasionally convert to Judaism, but they are not considered to be “true” Jews.

Anonymous Californian #racist #wingnut amren.com

Proud to Be Gay and Proud to Be White

As a lesbian, I am supposed to be a band in Jesse Jackson’s rainbow. And for most of my life, I believed the left’s rhetoric about identity politics, voted Democrat, and supported the liberal agenda.

Growing up in Los Angeles, I attributed the racial conflicts I experienced to black oppression — when blacks called me “blondie” and pushed me around, they were venting legitimate frustration, given their history as victims of the system. When Watts burned, I rationalized: Years of police brutality had caused the riots, not the blacks themselves. Even as late as the 1980s I was still buying it.

I can think of three events that finally pushed me out of the rainbow. The first was President Clinton’s speech about the demographic future of America in which he rejoiced at the impending demise of the white majority. Although I rejected my own reaction at the time as racist, the words that came to my mind were “traitor to his race.”

The second was a job I nearly lost out on because I was white. The man who hired me told me he had been instructed to hire a “person of color.” To his credit, he disobeyed his supervisor and hired the most qualified candidate. A friend wasn’t so lucky. During a job interview she was told, without apology, that only blacks would be hired.

And third was the O.J. Simpson verdict.

As a lesbian, I can count on one hand the number of times I have been verbally harassed because I am gay. As a white person it has been an entirely different story. I have white lesbian friends who have been raped by black men; white gay male friends who have been beaten up by Hispanic gangs (in one case my friend died); and numerous straight white friends whose “quality of life” has been reduced by blacks and other people of color.

I am still uneasy with many aspects of the movement as I try to reconcile being a proud gay person with being a proud white person. But when push comes to shove, my guess is that race trumps sexual identity.

Socrates #crackpot #ableism #wingnut vanguardnewsnetwork.com

The Homeless Scam

Circa 1950, “the “homeless” were called “bums” or sometimes “hobos.” The police used to arrest them ...

Then suddenly about 1980 the liberal media began to call the bums “homeless people” (because ... if you want to normalize something unpleasant ... you must first rename the thing! As another example: calling the unhappy homosexuals “gay”). The media didn’t mention the fact that most of “the homeless” were mentally ill, or running from the law, or simply enjoyed the vagabond, panhandling, hippie lifestyle.

... “the homeless” have become saints, like George Floyd and Holocaust survivors. It’s not their fault that they’re homeless. Noooo. They’re simply innocent victims of White male capitalism and greed! ... Billions of tax dollars are spent on “the homeless.”

Guess what: if you give the “professionally homeless” more money and more free stuff, then more of them will arrive in your city! ...

Today, California is awash with thousands of “professionally homeless” who harass and assault people on the beaches and in the parks. (A bum will approach a citizen and demand money — after all, he’s “entitled” to it! If the citizen refuses the demand, he could very well be assaulted so he’ll usually cough up the money. Bums are also notorious for carrying communicable diseases, e.g., hepatitis, tuberculosis, strep and diphtheria).

... Liberals will say “there are 178 million homeless in America!” when in reality there are maybe 30,000, with most of them being in California. Why not Nebraska? Too cold, eh? Not liberal enough, eh? Not enough big cities, eh?

California is run by liberals, and liberals are idiots. To be precise: liberals lack common sense. They were born without “the common sense gene.” That’s why they should not be allowed to hold public office or make important policy decisions. …


Dr. Michael Salla/Elena Danaan #crackpot #ufo #conspiracy #wingnut exopolitics.org

According to Elena Danaan, a former professional French archeologist, the latest real-time intelligence data received from the Galactic Federation of Worlds is that Mars’ largest moon, Phobos, has just been liberated from a hostile extraterrestrial group she identifies as small Gray aliens from Zeta Reticuli.
Elena Danaan is among the very few credible extraterrestrial contactees with accurate intelligence on real-time space events involving the Galactic Federation of Worlds. The full truth about extraterrestrial affairs in space will certainly not be revealed by official channels through their limited hangouts and embedded operatives in the full disclosure community. It is through sincere individuals like Elena Danaan with an understanding of the scientific evidentiary process—gained through her 20-year career as a professional archeologist—that we can hope to learn the full truth, without any compromised agenda.

Her latest intel update from Thor Han suggests that the Galactic Federation is genuinely acting against hostile extraterrestrial civilizations on Mars, the Moon, the Earth, and elsewhere in our solar system. The clearing out of both of Mars’ moons of hostile extraterrestrial civilizations that have previously impacted scientific missions there, is a crucial development.

Elena’s intel suggests that the solar system is indeed in the process of being handed over to humanity and that a set of meetings on Jupiter did recently occur making this official. In the meantime, human groups such as the Deep State, the Dark Fleet, and an interplanetary corporate space program, which previously worked with the negative extraterrestrial groups, are losing power to an Earth Alliance of White Hats, the US Navy’s Solar Warden space program, Dark Fleet defectors, etc., that are working with the Galactic Federation.

Various Commenters #conspiracy #psycho #wingnut youtube.com

RE: Worldwide Covid Fascism is Here

(Jeremy Thompson)
With all this covid hysteria, you’d think there was a global ebola outbreak that killed 90% of those infected. The elite are seriously milking the hysteria for all its worth

(Nick Belt)
This is no longer about a vaccine. This is about total control and absolute power.

Alex Jones literally the sanest man in the room, never thought I would say that!

(Maddog McGraw)
i wouldnt have called myself at all religious last year, but my Lord, this really is begining to feel like the end times, get your mark or be persecuted... well, bring on the persecution then... dont worry gents, the world needs shepherds like yourselves...

(SHD 46)
Millions died so we would not need to show "papers" to live normal lives.

Good work Boris. You failed.

(proper job)
is there no legal means to fight againts this insanity? Are the human rights lawyers only for illegal immigrants? The objective is to get the kids jabbed up. just wait!

(Erik Johnsen)
Do not ever, ever, comply with authoritarians and their dictates. Fight them and destroy them. This is the only way that they will listen.

A tyrants blood for my freedom is a trade I’m willing to make.

(colin patton)

It’s an amazing argument the Israeli prime minister is making. If the vaccines are safe and effective, how are the unvaccinated endangering the vaccinated? If they are safe and effective, they are only endangering themselves and others who choose not to get vaccinated as well. The argument is self-defeating.

You are correct, I had this discussion with someone at work and it became about me not caring and killing people and the ages kept on getting younger-so surprised how easily brainwashed guys I've known for years have become

When this point is brought up they just can't understand and continue on script.

Awakened-UK #crackpot #ufo #conspiracy #racist #wingnut awakeneduk.wordpress.com

The current situation is the culmination of thousands of years of fighting between the controllers of humanity. It is a war between two factions of the RH- blood lines: The Lucifarians and The Satanists fighting against each other.

The RH- blood lines are the Fallen Angels of the bible, of which twenty-two went rogue to become the Synagogue of Satan.

The Satanists

The goal of the Satanists is to kill most of the RH+ blood groups (A+, B+, AB+ and O+) and control a smaller group of human subservient slaves. The killing of the RH+ is presently being done with laboratory made viruses and the vaccines that are supposed to protect people from the viruses.

We can recognise the Satanists as The Black Nobility families of Italy, The Rockerfellers of the USA, and The Rothschilds of Europe. They finance their political minions such as The Clintons, Bill Gates, Obama who put their evil plans into action via politics.

The Satanists invented Catholicisim and Christianity to control humanity through the Vatican which is currently being run by the Jesuits, the CryptoJew Babylonians.
The Lucifarians are the blood line of Enlil and Enki, two Annunaki brothers who came to Earth to mine gold for their own planet and who created modern humans as their gold mining slaves. The Annunaki are the original Fallen Angels.

Enki and his sister spent many years manipulating Neanderthal DNA with Annunaki DNA to create humanity as we know it through Adam and Eve. He loved his human creation and tried to protect them.

The Current Battle

This is Draco fighting Draco but it is Lucifarian (Draco with Pleaidian genetics) against the Satanists who aren’t balanced with Pleaidian genetics.

Karl Denninger and Ann Barnhardt #crackpot #conspiracy #fundie #wingnut #psycho barnhardt.biz

Dr. Brytney Cobia: I’m admitting young healthy people to the hospital with very serious COVID infections. One of the last things they do before they’re intubated is beg me for the vaccine. I hold their hand and tell them that I’m sorry, but it’s too late," she wrote.

"A few days later when I call time of death, I hug their family members and I tell them the best way to honor their loved one is to go get vaccinated and encourage everyone they know to do the same.

Karl Denninger:This sort of lie should cost Ms. LIAR her license and everyone who ran this bull**** should be ruined.

Her "hospital" -- any agency or entity that allows her to infest their premises should be flat-out destroyed along with every single person who works in any such place and gives her credibility by doing so.


This story is from Alabama.

Now I want you to look very carefully at this table.


According to that table not one person has died since the end of April in Alabama from Covid-19 according to that graph which goes through 7/20 -- yesterday.

What is "99% (unvaccinated) of ZERO (all people who died of Covid in Alabama SINCE APRIL)"?


But yes, Ms. Smiling Crazy Bitch is imploring people to get jabbed for what, she says, will stop becoming part of a wave of death that is happening right now.

Ann Barnhardt: The post-Christian culture is converging with the musloid culture more and more every day. Lying (taqiyya), child sex, child mutilation, honor killing, and on and on…

This Dr. Brytany Cobia lying psychopath brat is EXACTLY what Dr. Beep and Nurse Claire have warned us about. These millennial doctors are dishonest, unethical, emotionally incontinent, entitled, narcissistic brats that would kill you in a heartbeat without the slightest compunction in service to their Marxist, sodomitical, luciferian, post-Christian ideologies.

Ixion #wingnut calvinists4conservatism.wordpress.com

Of course, we should not be surprised that liberals murder generations of other Americans so that they can help criminals, all for the perverted doctrine of multiculturalism. The fact is that Democrats can’t rest easy unless they can force every American citizen to get an abortion, and then replace each of those murdered children with an illegal, who will undoubtedly show unswavering loyalty towards their party.

Various Commenters #racist #wingnut youtube.com

RE: BLM Activist Proposes Black Only Cities Or "Autonomous Zones" In D.C. Democrats Warn Of "Civil War"

(Eirik Bloodaxe)
There’s already a Black Autonomous Zone. It’s called Liberia.

(Alex Ketteman)

Didnt they end up conquering the natives? Talk about irony.

No, the original slaves and descendants who went to Liberia ended up settling it, creating a bustling economy, eventually declared independence and had a pretty cool thing going....then the native tribes ended up getting mad at them over petty tribal crap so the juntas started attacking nonstop and the government fell to a military takeover. Now it persists in constant failed state status.

Short version- bush people got mad and wrecked a western civilization built in Africa by black people from the United States. Culture and government was entirely incompatible.

(Ghaz Man)

And Trump supporters are still the ones accused of "insurrection," are they?

Democrats and hypocrisy have been synonymous for decades.

Chosen segregation. The old school democrat racists have evolved their tactics.


Bro the white supremes are creaming themselves over the stuff BLM is doing and pushing.

yeah, because creating a black ethnostate where whites are inferior is totally what the white Supremes want. At least old mush mouth Joe Biden gets his precious segregation back. Lord knows, he's wanted segregation since he first got into politics.

(Best Friend)
They already have black autonomous zones. It’s called the inner city of every democrat run state. How’s that going?

(Cheesy S)
If Africa is any standard to go by, it won’t end to well for them.

Greg Locke #conspiracy #crackpot #fundie #wingnut newsweek.com

Pastor Greg Locke Vows to Remove Anyone Wearing Mask in Church, Blasts 'Godless Democrats'

7/25/21 AT 5:33 PM EDT


The Tennessee-based Baptist pastor [Greg Locke] offered his latest tirade against "godless Democrats" and the Biden administration, claiming the federal government only wants "compliance," and not improved public health ...


"Don't believe this Delta variant nonsense. Stop it! Stop it! If they go through round two and you start showing up with all these masks and nonsense, I will ask you to leave," Locke told the cheering audience. "I will ask you to leave. I am not playing these Democrat games up in this church."

"I don't need to be a jerk for Jesus, but...I'm not going to kowtow down to a wicked godless culture," Locke continued, sparking raucous applause. "Here's what the left has told us: 'If you comply, you compromise, if you comply, eventually you'll get in our good graces.' But no, you'll never be able to comply enough!"


The conservative pastor's accusations against the Biden administration and Democratic lawmakers have included his claims that ... Kamala Harris is a "jezebel demon" and that the administration is overseeing "child-trafficking tunnels" beneath Washington, D.C.

"I ain't playing their games, shut the nation down for a second time...it didn't hurt the economy bad enough. You know what happens when they shut down private businesses? They open government businesses. The government isn't hurting one bit," Locke said ...

"Yes, I'm narrow-minded...doesn't matter to me what 'The View' says, what Oprah [Winfrey] says, what Whoopi [Goldberg] says, what [Pastor] Joel Osteen says. If you want to social distance, go to First Baptist Church but don't come to this one! I'm done with it, I said I'm done with it," Locke said ...

"They're talking about shutting down this nation for round two, talking about masking everybody back up, shutting down churches, hey, my hind leg if they think they're going to shut this church down," he added.

Texas Republicans #racist #sexist #wingnut news.bloomberglaw.com

The Texas Senate on Friday passed legislation that would end requirements that public schools include writings on women’s suffrage and the civil rights movement in social studies classes.

Among the figures whose works would be dropped: Susan B. Anthony, Cesar Chavez, and Martin Luther King Jr.

It would remove more than two dozen teaching requirements from a new law that bars the teaching of critical race theory, an academic framework exploring racism’s shaping of the country.

The bill would remove most mentions of people of color and women from those requirements, along with a requirement that students be taught about the history of white supremacy and “the ways in which it is morally wrong.”

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R), who presides over the Senate, said in a statement after the vote that “Senate Bill 3 will make certain that critical race philosophies including the debunked 1619 founding myth, are removed from our school curriculums statewide. Parents want their students to learn how to think critically, not be indoctrinated by the ridiculous leftist narrative that America and our Constitution are rooted in racism.”

“What we’re doing with this bill, we’re saying that specific reading list doesn’t belong in statute,” said the bill’s author, state Sen. Bryan Hughes (R).

The bill would prohibit teachers from being compelled to talk about current events or controversial issues, instructing those choosing to engage with students to discuss without “giving deference to any one perspective.”

Speaking on the chamber floor, state Sen. Judith Zaffirini (D) said the legislation amounts to “tying the hands of our teachers.”

“How could a teacher possibly discuss slavery, the Holocaust, or the mass shootings at the Walmart in El Paso or at the Sutherland Springs church in my district without giving deference to any one perspective?,” she said.

Ritesh Jha & other Hindutva #psycho #racist #sexist #wingnut aljazeera.com

Photographs of more than 80 Muslim women put up for sale on an app are triggering outrage and calls for action.

The creators of the platform offered visitors a chance to claim a “Sulli” – a derogatory term used by right-wing Hindu trolls for Muslim women – calling them “deals of the day”.

The incident came on a day a Hindu far-right man called for the abduction of Muslim women at a gathering in Pataudi.

GitHub, which hosted the app, took it down after public outrage and complaints.

A week after the app was discovered, no arrest has been made.

Prominent journalist and activist Rana Ayyub, who has been at the receiving end of vicious sexualised trolling for her outspoken views, said that this was and is done “systemically” to target vocal Muslim women.

“The way they [Hindu far-right groups] sexualise you is the only way they believe they can shame and silence Muslim women online. We are supposed to be ‘oppressed’ in their books – so they think, ‘How dare we speak out for ourselves?’” Ayyub, who is a columnist for the Washington Post, told Al Jazeera.

Media professional Sania Ahmad, whose profile also appeared on the Sulli Deals app, says this sort of violence online is hardly surprising.

“It’s a very sad thing, but I’ve gotten used to this. Last year, there was a poll running where a Hindutva account asked ‘Which of the Sanias should I choose for my harem?’ The results were eventually published and the comments below called for even more violence. There were comments like – ‘why should we add them to the harem, just f*** them and dump them’. Another one said, ‘I want to chop off their heads and use them to decorate my wall.’”

Ahmad’s images were morphed on pornographic visuals after she spoke out against a similar instance of virtual auctioning of Muslim women on the night before Eid this year. A YouTube channel run by “Liberal Doge Live”, reportedly a man by the name of Ritesh Jha, ran an “Eid Special” – a “live auction” of Muslim women from India and Pakistan.

William S. “Billyboy” Lind #wingnut #crackpot #sexist traditionalright.com

Then, beginning in the 1960s, women in increasing numbers decided they wanted the life of a man. This was feminism, an absurd notion that men and women were interchangeable. From being helpmeets, women became men’s competitors. Men found themselves working for women, taking orders from women (in the military!), and being accused by any woman they displeased of “sexual harassment”. Worse, as women attempted to become men, women’s duties went undone. Children were raised (badly) in daycare instead of in a home, meals went uncooked, houses unkept, clothes unwashed. No-fault divorce turned marriage from a mutual benefit to a scheme for stripping a man of half his assets. In movies and on television, petite, lovely women were regularly beating up big men.
It was all flight from reality, and, for women, a journey to extinction. As sex selection became the norm, people, including many women, selected more and more males. […]
The feminists howled, of course, but they could not stop a train they had set in motion. Bots replaced them not just for sex but for all the work women would no longer do. Once again, men came home to clean houses, great meals, ironed shirts, and well-mannered sons. What men had traditionally regarded as “girls’ stuff” was now “bots’ stuff”, at a lower price and with no headaches.
And so, like the Cheshire Cat, women slowly disappeared, leaving only the grin on the face of a bot. The last woman’s passing was certain to come (her name seems to have been Mabel, but everyone called her ByEve). It’s a man’s world now, where the fountains run with beer, endless free pizza is a birthright, and you can pee anywhere. Do we miss them? Nah.

Vox Nihili & Lee_CPA #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Mob Surrounds Cop Trying to Respond to Shooting in Atlanta

The crowd was hurling anti-white racism at the officer, including shouting things like “Get your white face out of here!"

(Vox Nihili)
Hopefully Buckhead will achieve their goal of separation from Atlanta, which will allow them to have their own police force. I'm sure this young white officer would be welcome. White officers in areas like this are taking too much risk.

On a side note, I'm impressed that the woman at the end in the BLM shirt actually tells everyone to back off and leave the cop alone. One person out of that whole mob.

She probably realized the cameras were rolling.

I guess I'd prefer to hope that there's still a few blacks out there who realize the illogic of harassing an officer who is responding because one of THEIR people was shot.

True. There are good people and bad people in every race. The cynic in me says she may be a relative of one of the victims in the shooting.

I think if Buckhead accomplishes that and I believe they will, it'll lead to sections of other sick Democrat cities doing the same. Chicago and San Francisco come to mind.

I'm rooting for the Buckhead folks!

This is what twelve years of anti-police rhetoric will do for you. If I were that White officer, I would be looking for a new job first thing tomorrow. Surrounded by belligerent blacks who went so far as to put their hands on him. That keeps up and one of them makes a grab for his weapon, he will be forced to defend himself or die. If he defends himself, black "leadership" in Atlanta will throw him under the bus, just like they did those two White officers who shot Rayshard Brooks, the black who was found passed out in a Wendy's drive thru and fought two police officers when they tried to place him under arrest, grabbing one of the officer's taser and trying to shoot one of them with it.

JFK Jr./Whiplash347 #crackpot #conspiracy #wingnut dinarchronicles.com

JFK Jr.: Audits are coming. Durham is coming. Hunter’s laptop is coming. Hillary’s emails are coming. Weiner’s laptop is coming.Donald J. Trump is coming. Full DECLAS is coming. All lies will be revealed, [they] are just trying to get ahead of it. It won’t work.

The invisible enemy is throwing everything they’ve got at us. They know Trump has a War-chest of dynamite ready to blow. He has them on the edge of a cliff & they know it. Q: Does it make sense that the worst pandemic & extreme weather phenomenon, mass immigration & totalitarian tyranny are happening at exactly the same time as the World wakes up to: ELEKTION FRAUD, FAUCIGATE, CCP SPY OPS, ELITE HUMAN TRAFFICKING, THE DURHAM REPORT, LAPTOPS FROM HELL, BIDEN CRIME SYNDICATE, WALL-STREET FIX, PEGASUS / HAMR, SPYGATE, CLINTON FOUNDATION, CRT MALPRACTICE, FBI FALSE FLAGS, BIG PHARMA TYRANNY, UFO DISCLOSURE, GOV / BIG TECH COLLUSION, BIG TECH CENSORSHIP Did I miss anything? These are ALL potentially devastating to the Cabal & have only just begun to trickle out to the public. Is it a good time to be coerced to take an experimental medical concoction directly from the bad guys? Buckle up.

Whiplash347: What did I tell you about XRP – SEC Case Tuesday? Same day 2 Separate Typhoons are hitting China (3GD, Wuhan) & Japan. Have said absolutely happens until the 3GD collapses. The EVENT begins with 3GD collapsing. BTC Servers getting hit. What have I told you about BTC? I told you they want Regulation on July 28 – the day after. Mr Pool showed Document signing.

I posted last year that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING happens until the Three Gorges Dam collapses and the Nuke Event Reactors and Bitcoin Servers are whacked. It is all about the EVENT. PARIS shooting his arrow into ACHILLES to Kill The Cabal forever. BIG PHARMA LABS in Wuhan. We get 6000 Tesla Cures. It is how everything starts. Including the S.E.C XRP case. It is not meant to settle normally. It is all a show. That date ahead means 0. SEC Conf will be Analysed. Dark 10

Time Transportal #crackpot #conspiracy #wingnut #quack #dunning-kruger timetransportal.com

Floods in various countries. In China and Inner Mongolia dams collapsed and in Germany a dam was not drained, before the flood. Are we dealing with: controlled DAMolition? What about conscious water and Maritime Admiralty Law?
The mainstream media is trying to blame the floods on the good old Global Warming / Climate Change.
And it's such a coincidence that some European leaders want new Climate Change laws, rules, TAXes and the whole bunch. Off course. Because the Plandemic plans are not working anymore. There are too many people who don't believe the hype and many people who do not want to get the clotshot.
Q wrote these words "Watch The Water" in 3 different posts/Q Drops.

There's a Dutch phrase, saying: Drie Maal Is Scheepsrecht. When using Google translation, it translate to:
Three times is right. The phrase means something like: when you don't succeed two times, the third time you will succeed.

The exact translations would be: Three Times is Ship's Right.
A Ship's Right can be compared to: Maritime Admiralty Law.

Source: qalerts.app
Was Q referring to Maritime Admiralty Law? The Strawman principle? The persona, everybody has, in this Babylon system?
The Personal Identification Number that was given to you at birth. Your name in CAPITALS on your birth certificate.

Does WATCH THE WATER mean that everything will happen at once, just like the nature of water? The flow of water.

The streams of time. The currency flow of money, turning into QFS. The dams that are collapsing. And the underground structures beneath the dams. The end of the Strawman and Maritime Admiralty Law system.

Various Commenters #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: White Woman Making ‘Improved’ Congee Apologizes

Ethnic cooking is "cultural appropriation."


Aren’t Asians notorious for stealing or copying the technology of white people?

These Asians are stupid. Do you know how many versions of Chicken Paprikash there are? Hungarian cookbooks have different recipes for it. Then there are the non-Hungarians who make Paprikash. I am always up for a delicious variation on an old dish.

Good grief you petty stupid racist people, either shut up or give up everything invented by White people.

I would like to see them all go home considering how petty, racist and rotten they are.

These so called Asian academics are the epitome of petty and deplorable. Aren't there more serious things to consider than a woman updating a common rice dish? I am sure she thought it was a tribute to Asian culture. No good deed goes unpunished. I also love how the Asian author starts the article by saying "white woman Karen Taylor". Their hatred for whites is obvious.

Can you imagine if a white person wrote this about an Asian person? They would lose their job. This is why I always say that all non whites including Asians are aligned against whites.


What's happened to East Asians? An East Asian academic is leading the charge on this nonsense. East Asian activists, nowadays, are looking for micro-aggressions at every turn. A once dignified peoples, East Asians have lately descended into continuous whining and wallowing in victimhood.

East Asians are opportunistic, social climbing, and conformist by nature. They’re jumping on the “blame whitey for everything” bandwagon because that’s what the dominant narrative dictates.

Do these extortionists ever eat or cook Italian or French food? German? Polish, Greek?
I'm sure they do, 100%.
So they are are culturally appropriating, they must be stopped from eating or cooking European cuisine. Fair is fair.

Henry Makow, PhD #crackpot #conspiracy #wingnut #racist henrymakow.com

David Livingstone has convinced me that Left and Right are both part of a Cabalist (Freemason) world control grid.

The goal is a spoof religion called "Discordianism" - the worship of chaos: "Nothing is true and everything is permitted." People don't know what to believe.

Out of this chaos, Cabalists build their New World Order.

Livingstone says the Book of Revelation is their Blueprint. It is not Prophesy but a plan they intend to implement. So are the novels 1984 and Brave New World

He says the Book of Revelations was written in 400 AD and is Gnostic.

We are familiar with Communism on the Left. Not so much with Synarchism on the Right. Most conservatives and nationalists, he says, are not Christians but occultists who use Christianity as a Trojan Horse. The contrived conflict between Communism and this "Fascist International" feeds "Discordianism."

Livingstone lists White Russians, Alfred Rosenberg, Donald Trump, Alex Jones, Rene Guenon, Julius Evola, Borris Brazol, Henry Ford, Alexander Duggin and Neocon founder Leo Strauss as Synarchists. Others include the "Moral Majority," Paul Manafort, Lee Atwater, Arthur J Finklestein, Netanyahu, Roy Cohn, Norman Vincent Peale, the "Family," American Jewish League vs Communism, The John Birch Society, Willis Carto, the Liberty Lobby, Billy Graham, Bernard Baruch, the National Review, Knights of Malta. He says Barry Goldwater was Jewish and Jews created the KKK.
If anything, this reveals that despite his insights into the Illuminati dialectic, Livingstone is a Communist. He thinks that rigged elections, illegal mass migration, defund the police, critical race theory, "white supremacism," big-tech censorship, cancel culture, gender dysphoria etc. are all fascist strategies to discredit Jews and not Communist Jewish stratagems to destroy Western Civilization. He can't see that the Democrats are Communists and he probably thinks COVID is real.
David Livingstone was a friend, so I hate to say, "Go to Hell."

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This place must be confusing for them


I don’t understand this, can you explain it?

Leftists push heavily for open borders, immigration, overrepresentation of minority groups, the creation of a melting pot, etc. Those who oppose this get branded as ignorant racists. This subreddit is meant for peoples of different nations who oppose this push for mixing of cultures. No hate, just a shared desire to keep our respective cultures alive

Isn’t this whole sub an exercise in multiculturalism?

In a sense, I suppose. It's admiration of other cultures, and a desire to see them flourish and be preserved. The phrase has been memefied to hell, but I would call it 'separate but to be treated equal'.

when your neolib masters talk about "multiculturalism" they mean multiracial society plus one world monoculture. Multiculturalism = nationalism

For all their pretensions to be cosmopolitan citizens of the world, left-wingers - especially American left-wingers - can be incredibly narrow-minded, e.g seeing race relations all over the world through the lens of the American history of slavery.

In my personal experience, Left-Wingers have been the most uneducated, ignorant and conspirational individuals I have ever met.

And I happen to be an ardent moderate mind you.

racists will talk in a less demeaning fashion to minorities vs anti-racist libs

Geoffrey Grider #fundie #conspiracy #wingnut nowtheendbegins.com

John Legend, Keith Urban, and Angélique Kidjo led a version of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s utopian anthem “Imagine” at the Tokyo Olympics, which featured Legend, whose net worth is an estimated $75 million, belting out the line “imagine no possessions.”

This is the dream of all God-rejecting Liberals everywhere, to live in a world unencumbered by the perfect, righteous and holy God who will hold them accountable, and instead invite you to ‘imagine’ a a place where there is no hope of Heaven. That place is called Hell in the Bible, and you better pray that the imagination portrayed in that song does not come true for you. So after 17 months of a global pandemic, the whole world is coming together to imagine living without God.

In your King James Bible, the word ‘imagination’ appears 14 times, and in every one of those times it points to the wickedness and evil of the unregenerate human heart. I wonder if John Lennon knew that when he wrote the anti-God atheist national anthem ‘Imagine’? Fun fact, your Not Inspired Version NIV bible removes all 14 instances of the word ‘imagination’, providing only 2 spots with the word ‘imagination’, not matching the King James, and floundering in watered-down meaninglessness.

Dave Rubin #crackpot #wingnut patheos.com

... But I would say this, that consistent with me talking about sort of what’s happened with the post-modern left, with the progressives – and we see this now where there’s sort of nothing that’s empirically true and any given day you can feel anything about any particular topic – there’s a reason for that. And the reason is they’ve disconnected everything; their whole worldview is disconnected to anything that came before them. So that can be God or a religious set of ideas or something like that.

Who are the most intolerant people in society right now? It’s the people that are constantly telling you how tolerant they are; that’s the irony – it’s the people that tell you you’re a bunch of racists and bigots and homophobes and the rest of it. And that’s the real bizarre flip that we have happening in society, and I think that is linked to – however you want to phrase it – either a post-Christian world or a post-Judeo-Christian world or a post-modern world, however you want to define that.

We’ve removed God from the equation and what do we get? We get government. And they now pray basically to government. They think that they can figure out somehow by sitting in a room with a bunch of other politicians and bureaucrats.

Ellis Washington #racist #wingnut #magick #conspiracy elliswashingtonreport.com

Remember the ancient Khazarians were ethnically Slavic (being originally near the area known today as southeastern section of modern European Russia, southern Ukraine, Crimea, and Kazakhstan). I guess part of their original territory, Kazakhstan, is where the name “Khazars” originates and being racially white for the word, “Caucasian” derives from the Khazarian ancient territory bordering the Caucasus Mountains.

The Khazars were irredeemably a very warlike and criminal tribe, wholly devoted to paganism, the Babylonian occult magick arts and worshippers of Baal, which is the Satanic deity mentioned often times in the Old Testament associated with cannibalism and bloodletting, the sacrificing of children and babies.
During this period of history we see here that the Khazarians wantonly breached the terms of the treaty with the Russian Confederation to stop stealing and killing travelers through their lands and at the threat of total annihilation forced the Khazars to adopt an Abrahamic religion. The Khazars chose the Judean religion as a means to teach future generations of Khazarians to reform themselves through faith in the God of the Jews, but as with everything Khazarian the Devil is always in the details. For hundreds of years (800-1200 AD) they wantonly lied and broke their Treaty of Non-hostility and Bloodletting with the Russian Confederation by not following true Judaism, but secretly creating a new syncretistic Satanic religion—Babylon Talmudism which combined Judaism with their ancient pagan religion of Babylonian Occult Magick and Baal-Satan worship.

*Q: What part of the world are the Khazarians in today? Are the Khazarians still assuming the identities of other cultures, if so, who? What family or families are represented by the Khazarian Mafia. Hint: Ashkenazi Jews that descended from Eastern Europe and Russia have the answer in plain sight contained in their very name which descends from their ancient land Khazaria and Kazakhstan.

Ryan Messano AKA Silence DoGood #conspiracy #wingnut #pratt messanonews.com

[Submitter’s note: This is a letter to the company which employed him as a trucker]

Dear Schneider, I have had a great experience with Schneider. I have given the company my blood, toil, sweat, and tears, having worked 70 hours nearly every week I’ve been here.

Initially, I was disturbed by having to deliver to Walmart and Target, two of the biggest exploiters of the 1.4 billion slaves in China. But, I said nothing, while I avoid shopping at those two places like the plague.

Today was the final straw. I have to follow my conscience, and Target is constantly harassing me to wear a mask. Three reasons that makes no sense. First, 99.7% of those who get Covid under 70 recover. Second, the masks are not small enough to block coronavirus microbes, and third, the CDC and who both change the definition of a pandemic in 2009, from death to infections. Under the original definition, there would be no lock down, or mandatory masks. Due to this, I cannot cooperate with the biggest hoax in human history. I love my job, Schneider, and the many great people who work at Schneider, but I can no longer cooperate with a deliberate attempt to destroy the American middle class. If I have to lose my job, at least my conscience is still my friend. Here I stand, I can no other, so help me God, Please advise, Thank you kindly, Ryan

[BTW he was dismissed the following Monday]

Bud_Spencer #racist #wingnut forum.literotica.com

Peddling white shame/guilt is not teaching history.

CRT isn't history, it's agit-prop.

CRT is racism, distilled.

I'm not pleased when my ta dollars are used to propagandize America's youth with lies, distortions and crackpot "theories" that are not based on any provable fact.

then stop paying taxes.

It may come to that in the end. For now, I still have faith in reason, so I'll speak out and tell the truth that CRT is a baseless "theory" and a political project wrapped in a paper-thin veneer of academic jargon. There is no rigor, no facts, no method to it at all. Even Kendi,, that dreadlocked mountebank, couldn't even define racism when asked, when it's his entire reason for being.

A total mediocrity, professing total nonsense.

n order to protect the youths from all that indoctrination, you're gonna hafta go grassroots like they did in the '50s and '60s to stop forced integration.

What makes you think I'm not? I've met with the President of the local school board many times and have convinced her of the wickedness and intellectual bankruptcy of CRT, and it is now banned from our district, one of the best in the state.

No you haven't. What a stupid thing to lie about. No one your age fights for elementary school kids unless...

I have. Her first name is Jean, and she's the Board President. There are several wokesters in the school admin that are panting to ramp up the CRT indoctrination program, and Jean made cutting that nonsense off a priority of the board. I'm happy to say our district is now CRT-free and continues to excel academically.

I've also met with my State Senator's Chief of Staff at length (he's on the Education Committee) about banning the teaching of this poisonous lie in our universities, after which he introduced an amendment to this year's appropriations bill doing just that.

I've been quite successful at gutting CRT in my state. Aren't you proud of me?

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