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Like homophobia, but for transgender people

various commenters #wingnut #racist #conspiracy #transphobia

• Putin didn’t try to force inject me with an experimental toxin.

• Putin isn’t trying to castrate and sexually mutilate American children.

• Putin didn’t send all our hard earned tax money to Ukraine when we needed it here.

• Putin isn’t the one calling American patriots “terrorists” while raiding the homes of pro-life pastors at gun point, putting MAGA grandmas in jail, and trying to destroy the life of a pillow salesman for questioning a questionable election.

Putin isn’t my problem, he’s doing more to expose the corruption in America than the FBI…which is nothing more than the Deep State’s personal goon squad. My problem is with these greedy war criminals in DC that are they themselves being controlled and funded by these godless Bolsheviks, that have for generations used people like cannon fodder by starting wars to push their central bank debt-slavery system on the rest of the world.

I’m rootin’ for Putin. I hope he wipes every illegal bioweapon lab we had in Ukraine off the map before these psychopaths release something even worse.




Never seen Putin mumbling incoherently
Never seen Putin children drunk naked
Never seen Putin children on crack
Never seen Putin sniffing children hair
Never seen Putin with a black face

I saw Putin playing Hockey
I saw Putin riding a horse
I saw Putin doing Judo
I saw Putin talking evident truth

@AmericanAFMindy. If people can't see the we, the US, is one of the "bad guys" in all this.. I dont know what to say. I'm with Putin on this too!

@AmericanAFMindy This conflict is backed by Jews on both sides to continue the Talmudic agenda of more White Genocide in Europe.

speculareffect #elitist #racist #sexist #homophobia #transphobia #conspiracy #wingnut

As I’ve explained before, Christianity, like Communism, is a feminine construct for the weak. So, too, is the “climate change” doctrine pushed by the Neo-Malthusisnist cultists. The racism against the human race ideation is nothing more than moral-fagging and moral-shaming. They are the lifeblood of each previously mentioned. After all, morality is a construct of the weak for the weak. This is especially the case with regards to moral absolutes pushed by Christrannies in order to achieve dominance and transcend being dominated. It is what is known as ressentiment—the fox and the grapes syndrome—a psychological gymnastics to feel better about being inferior. The trick is to then demonize and criticize your counterparts who dominate you, by claiming their behaviors and ways of life are immoral. From this gay, feminine psychological gymnastics, a life of asceticism is pursued “for the greater good” (an afterlife) (heaven).
The Techno-Communist agenda that envelopes the entire planet, its accompanying Neo-Malthusianist cult ideology and Cultural Marxism, each possess slave morality leanings. Marxist Communism is primarily concerned with the haves vs. the have-nots and creates a classwarfare where ressentiment is showcased by its most ardent adherents—the social justice warrior. Landlords are seen as evil parasites and usurpers. Whites are racist bigots . The rich and wealthy became rich and wealthy through exploitation. If not by their deeds, by the deeds of their forefathers. These social justice warriors are professors, doctors, lawyers and not just the cat glasses-wearing, pink and blue-haired freak at your local Trader Jews, who has her septum pierced. These weaklings are everywhere and their slave morality—ressentiment—is pervasive. Communism has taken over. Feminine values have taken over.

Henry Makow PhD #sexist #wingnut #transphobia #conspiracy

As one wag said, "Why would a man buy a used car instead of a new one?"

How many drivers has it had, or the damage done?

Western women are at a tipping point. Our satanist society teaches them that it is chic and empowering to be promiscuous. Onlyfans has two million "content creators."
College girls have "sugar daddies." Thousands are having their breasts removed as they transition.

Young women today don't realize they are victims of a depopulation agenda masterminded by the same people who brought you the COVID hoax and deadly vaccines. The goal is to forestall marriage and family formation.

For example, women are naturally hypergamous. They want husbands who are of higher status, who are confident leaders. Our society elevates women to higher status than men, either through idealization of sex, or discrimination. Men have been undermined psychologically. This undermines heterosexual union. Men have lost the confidence to approach and win a woman.
Men want power. Women want love. Heterosexual marriage is an exchange of female power for male power expressed as love. This exchange of power-for-love defines femininity. This is how two people become one.

Of course she must first find a man able to prove his trustworthiness through a long process of courtship.

Most women are defined by their reproductive services. When they are no longer fertile, they are less attractive to men. This is why men still want women who have consecrated their sexuality for their husbands and families. Women are the heart and soul of a family. They are cherished because they sacrifice themselves for husband and children.

Sexual intercourse is based on an exchange of power-- female surrender and male possession. When a man "makes love" to a woman, he is showing his appreciation for giving herself to him.

In contrast, a man has no reason to give pleasure to a stranger. He simply takes his own.

Intercourse symbolizes the permanent marital bond.

Brother Nathanael #racist #conspiracy #wingnut #transphobia

How many Jews does it take to be a Holocaust survivor?

All of them…and then some!

No matter what age, what parentage, what distance in years from 1945, every Jew jumps on the HoloHoax wagon.

Not me.

I was raised by two Jewish parents with Jewish relatives from Austria.

No one was looking to cash in.

You see, it gives the Jew a certain credibility to be a “son of a holocaust survivor.”

The Jew can be a murderer, a con artist, a thief.

A tranny funder, a campaign coffer stuffer, a censurer of truth, or a lying journalist.

You must cut him some slack because…weepy eyes you…he’s a “son of a holocaust survivor!”

The Jew says it, the media repeats it, but don’t believe it.
Vell…out of 23 main camps, with 900 sub-camps, how is it that Jews always pick only 2—“Auschwitz” and “Bergen-Belsen”—to astonishingly “survive” out of those “most horrible places?”

Vell, It’s all about the “brand.”

“Auschwitz” and “Bergen-Belsen” are Jewish brand names to sell the swindle.
I mean all 6 million survived!

The mom must’ve slapped that nazi guard right in the kisser, jumped over the barbed wire, cut a hole to let daughter and sister crawl through, with lots of kosher salami to munch on!


With the “pain” of the camps, I mean, those “con-cen-tra-tion” camps, the misery, the horror, that gnawing expectancy that “none would survive…”

Yet, somehow, (I don’t know how, I can only guess, wink wink, they were never there), in spite of those evil Cherman ‘nazi,’ swastika-bearing tormentors, they got out so the “son a holocaust survivor” could milk the bilk.
So as to air the Jewish affaire of survivors, cons, victims in lawn chairs, skeletons, shoes, lamp shades, and never, ever, declaring Allied bombing and starving of campers and those German shepherd guards…

…we need to find a new kind of holocaust for Jews to survive from.

Send them to IsraHell while they’re still alive.

pennygadget , CeruleanPisces & hypatia #transphobia

Trans protestors shut down McGill University talk on women's rights | Daily Mail Online

( pennygadget )

The protest was organized by trans activist Celeste Trianon, who said she was 'surprised, shocked and disgusted' by the subject of the talk.

'I feel like there's such a tragic irony where someone who is actively working toward dismantling human rights toward one of the most marginalized groups ... How such an event can be hosted at the McGill Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism,' she told CTV.

She added that the talk would lead to the deaths of trans people.

So melodramatic.

If simply discussing female civil rights leads to the death of trans people, than maybe trans people aren't fit for this earth. Why does Mr Celeste think its incumbent on women to sacrifice our rights, safety, and lives for the sake of trans people? Oh right! Its because he's an entitled, sexist MAN who thinks women only exist to serve as emotional support animals (and fuck toys) for men like him.

Also, LOL at trans people being "the most marginalized group". This dude probably calls his mom a "nazi" when she buys him the wrong flavor of Hot Pockets

( CeruleanPisces )
When are people going to realize this is just men oppressing women as per usual? What if the talk was about mens rights vs trans rights?

( CeruleanPisces )
Lastly, if trans rights are so important to protect, and so badly requiring protection like they say they are, surely it would hold up to the scrutiny of a debate then?

Why do they fear open honest debate?

I know I can defend my stance on being a "terf", so why can't they defend their stance on their opinions?

Wait, wait, wait. They can't be lying about all of it can they?

( pennygadget )
The speaker who was targeted in this incident was a man. If it had been a woman giving the same talk, the mob likely would have behaved worse

( hypatia )
These are frustrated men who long for battle. They are chafing at the mediocrity and boredom of their privileged lives and desperately want to prove themselves by conquering enemies in battle.

Their male urges are understandable, but also act as further proof of how unwomanly they really are.

Prussian Society of America #sexist #elitist #homophobia #transphobia

[From "Women Behave and Think like Criminals"]

Men, generally are indifferent to other Men, whereas Women are never indifferent to other Women and view every other Women as a potential threat and rival [enemy]

Outside of Criminal Syndicates, or with the excessive need for overcoming Online “Censorship”, Men never use “Code-speak” with other Men or even with Women for that matter

It is Women who are always using Code-speak and hiding their intentions, saying one thing while meaning another

Also, Women make no shame about their attraction and interest towards dating Criminals, while outside of Criminal Syndicates, you would almost never hear of a Man who approves of other Criminals[…]
We must have total determination to break up and smash this society and world order that is determined to maintain the idea and notion that Men are only valued for Money[…]Natural Selection can be restored to its high

Our greatest tragedy today is that the Majority of both Men and Women are directly related to the Majority of Women alive, and not equally towards the pool of Men left in our genetic populations, and the fact that these majority of genetics that are being handed down, come from Filthy, Greedy, Money-hungry, Narcissistic/Psychopathic and Parasitic Pathological Lying types

We can only ultimately seek to bring about their extermination[…]
Women who are dishonest about attraction, also have dishonest sex drives[…]they will engage in deviant sexual behavior, which includes infidelity, experimenting with other Women or Transgender people, even their own Pets (especially Dogs), and that such Women are actually more only interested or turned on by a Man’s Wealth[…]
Women who have dishonest sex drives are also horrible in the bedroom. They are like a chore to deal with and expect the Man to do all the work and drain the Man of his sexual energies in the bedroom, and then drain his wallet

various commenters #transphobia #kinkshaming

RE: Trans is a red flag for domestic abuse.

( TheEthicalHedonist )
I would think many paraphilias correlate with abuse and trans is simply the latest in a long line of methods men use to abuse women. Part of what brought me to this movement was recognizing the scary similarities between the things said to me by my abusive ex-husband (BDSM paraphilia) and the TRAs.

( Calliope )
I think you're correct. It's not just AGP or transness, it's so many kinks, fetishes, paraphilias.

Editing to add: Most of these men have more than one gross kink or fetish. It seems pretty rare to find an AGP with only AGP.

( Luckystar )
I feel like trans fetish (sissy, crossdressing, shemale, whatever they wanna call it) is on the rise too. I saw a Pornhub infographic series of the year's trends and "transgender" was all over the top search hits for various demographics. I'm not exactly a porn trends expert but I don't remember that really being a thing even 10 or so years ago

( RuneOwl )
Trans ideology is really attractive to all sorts of sociopathic men, from incels to neo Nazis to pedophiles. And of course, they’re all entitled misogynists who deeply resent women and want to control us. This isn’t the least bit surprising.

They’re not even safe from each other. I knew a couple who are both TIMs—one was extremely financially and emotionally abusive towards the other, then cheated and left him for another TIM. I have never seen one in what seems like a healthy normal romantic relationship, and the trans community at large is full of infighting and unhinged toxicity. They absolutely are a mob of abusive people.

( CheshireBat )

Something startling I realized today is at probably around 40-50%% of the women I've dealt with in that capacity have revealed that their abuser is transing themselves, or has participating in cross dressing in a sexual context, or has stolen their underwear and been caught wearing it.

JFC. Is AGP just inherent to the male condition at this point???

( RuneOwl )
I honestly think the Y chromosome is a disability. I’m not even saying that in a glib “lol misandry” sort of way, I am convinced men are prone to self-destruction and overall degeneracy on a fundamental, genetic level.

I’d feel sorry for them if women weren’t always the collateral damage.

@AthenasWrench #transphobia

Even defining ourselves apart from men is a vile act of transphobia. There is nothing women can have that these sick woman hating pricks won’t steal - our wombs are not even off limits. Everything is theirs to steal. There is nothing we are allowed to have for ourselves. They will ensure it is all taken by force and law. They will bully, beat and malign us until they put these angry agrressive trans back in their man box. What a colossal mistake gender identity and trans activism was. No girl is safe from this. Fathers, protect your daughters. This is war.

Dr. Debra Soh #ableist #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #enbyphobia #pratt #sexist #transphobia #wingnut

Gender ideology is a form of grooming.

Conspiracy theorists are the ones who are paying attention.

If you can count to two, you know how many genders there are.

When the entire process thus far has been corrupt, I fully expect any “investigation” into it to also be corrupt.

Keep sex offenders out of women’s spaces.

Gender self-identification was designed to be exploited.

Biological sex is immutable. There’s nothing to debate.

The he/him “allies” are always the most insufferable.

The word ”woman” is being redefined in the name of stealing our opportunities and trophies.

Parents pushing transition need a psych evaluation.

Detransition will soon be more common than transition. That’s my prediction.

Autism, sexual assault, and being gay are the real reasons girls are transitioning.

Wokal Distance #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #pratt #transphobia #wingnut

The woke gender theorists think they are special and have access to knowledge the rest of us don't have.

Gender theorists think the rest of use have been brainwashed by society into thinking all humans are either male or female.

Woke Gender theorists think that all of society was created by straight white males to advance the goals, prestige, power, privilege, and interests of straight white males, and for that reason literally everything in society is "structured" to advance the interests of straight white males.

Everything. Hockey, buildings, McDonalds, The English language, roads and highways, the sewer system, lightposts...everything in society is built for the benefit of straight white males.

They woke gender theorists think that because, in their view, everything in society is built by and for straight white males, everything in society either implicitly or explicitly perpetuates the assumptions and ideas of straight white males...even if no one else is aware that this perpetuation of straight male ideas is happening.

Robin Diangelo uses similar reasoning when talking about race in the clip below. She says it's impossible not to have a racist worldview if you're white.

Everyone is asleep at the wheel, casually being socialized into straight male idea...but the woke gender theorists are "awake" and they can see what's going on.

In other words you need the special knowledge only the woke have.

So because they think they have special knowledge no one else has they want to spread it...but they also think most people are to brainwashed to be able to understand.

But you know which group has NOT been fully socialized yet?


They want your kids, introduced to, or "initiated" into their way of thinking so woke ideas have a chance to take root in the mind of your child before his mind is fully formed.

It is about introducing their woke ideology to the kids, and initiating them into the woke way of thinking at an early age while the child is still developing.

They want to make sure your child is brought into the circle of woke people who have "woken up" to the fact society is all built by and for straight men, and they want to "wake up" your child as well.

This is what is going on.

Cookiecuttermaxy #conspiracy #homophobia #biphobia #transphobia #wingnut

Fuck it you know what Imma just say the most out-of-loop comment regarding LGBT and other shit, here comes nothing

If you want a minority to stop existing, then go ahead and shove LGBT down their throats, go ahead and do so. LGBT is literally implicit soft eugenics, there's a reason why people of color for a long time were against gay marrriage

Japan for this reason alone had to state the marriage is between a man and a woman

I mean it makes sense, I am for all lgbt people existing, but if we normalize then our CURRENT CIVILIZATION would cease to exist dipshits

But hey if the left wants religious, racial and ethnic minorities to stop existing, by all means normalize the shit out of lgbt culture and abortions

Makes sense, their memo never really changed, they just gotten more politically-cautious about it

Sall Grover #transphobia

An app marketed towards "females" has faced a barrage of online criticism for excluding transgender women with its use of artificial intelligence.

Giggle, which first launched in early 2020, according to The Verge, uses facial recognition to determine if new users are male or female.

"The way the app works is when you install it, you have to take a picture of yourself and it uses AI to analyze your face," said Jenny, a 23-year-old trans woman from California. "And if it decides you're a woman, it will let you in. If it decides you're a man, it will reject you. But if it rejects you, you can just submit another picture."

Giggle's founder and CEO, Sall Grover, has brashly pushed back against online criticism, including claims that the app uses technology that has failed to properly identify women of color, while publicly embracing an ideology that's considered harmful to trans people.

"This particular combination of gender categorization and facial recognition and race is something that we absolutely know is a problem," Casey Fiesler, a professor at the University of Colorado Boulder who studies technology ethics, told Insider.

The issue, however, has gone beyond the platform's questionable AI practices. Grover, who has embraced being called a "TERF" — trans-exclusionary radical feminist — told Insider that she decided to exclude trans women from the platform once trans activists began using it.

According to Giggle's website, the app sends a new user's selfie to the facial-recognition AI company Kairos, which analyzes the photo.

"Through computer vision and deep learning, they recognise females in videos, photos, and the real world," according to Giggle. If the Kairos AI is 95% certain the person is female, the person is allowed to create an account, Giggle says. Kairos did not return Insider's request for comment.

Grover said in a December tweet in the wake of the controversy that the app would be temporarily removed from the Google app store after the company was targeted with negative reviews by people she described in a tweet as "male" and "trolls."

The app was restored to Google Play in January and has remained available on the App Store. Neither Apple nor Google returned Insider's requests for comment about whether the app violated any policies.

Matt Osborne #transphobia

Name A Human Right Dylan Mulvaney Lacks And I Will Give You A Million Dollars

Nothing about him is marginalized. Dylan Mulvaney is not marginalized. His status has increased.

This writer cannot recall a single transgender person visibly decreasing in status from transition. On the contrary, “gender transition” has been a spectacular means to get attention since at least Christine Jorgensen.

Gender transition has received universally positive press coverage all my life. I cannot remember an actual countervailing wave of “transphobia” across media, ever. Not even within a specific media space except perhaps the most reactionary televangelism.

(Stop making the televangelists right about things, Joe Biden.)

Critical views are not welcome. Middle ground solutions are not welcome. Either submit to the demands of the “gendererd” or you will suffer the consequences.

This is the description of an elite class, one that hides its eliteness behind an obfuscating myth of its own fragility.

The only fragile thing about Dylan Mulvaney is his ego.

Dylan Mulvaney objects to women who dislike his opportunism. His intentions were pure, you see. He is the quintessential “nice guy.”

You can trust him, ladies. He says so. He’s just giving away tampons randomly, see? To women who need them. In their restrooms.

Not creepy at all. See? “No threat to you and your womanhood,” in his words. “How is someone doing something so nice so repulsive for you?”

In a recent video posted to his Instagram, nice guy Dylan denied being responsible for a tampon shortage.

“It’s not because I’m mysogynistic, it’s because you’re transphobic,” he explained. “You know, we gotta work through this.”

So reasonable. So nice. He just wants to be loved for endorsing tampons. He is actually jealous, he admits, that he isn’t a real woman. He wishes he had been born in a woman’s body.

Maleness was assigned to him, he says. Dylan is really really a woman inside, but being materially female is not what God had in mind, he says. Stupid God.

Dylan’s in your restroom for the most honorable and even godly of purposes. Godlier than God zerself. Suggestions otherwise are actual wounds to his soul.

“I’m not enjoying my womanhood as much as I used to,” he complains. “And my pain might be different from your pain, but it’s very real.” Can’t you feel his pain?


Utah republicans #transphobia

Utah step closer to banning gender-affirming care for transgender minors

A bill to prevent doctors from providing gender-affirming care to transgender youth has cruised through the state Senate and now goes to the Utah House for debate.

The Utah Senate gave final passage to a bill aiming to crack down on the ability of doctors to prescribe hormone therapy for minors who are transgender. The legislation, Senate Bill 16, would also enact an outright ban on body-altering surgeries, such as mastectomies, for transgender youth.

The bill has cruised through the Senate quickly during the first week of the 2023 general session.

State Sen. Mike Kennedy, R-Alpine, a physician by trade and the bill’s sponsor, said he understands some of his colleagues may disagree with his legislation.

“We all approach this with compassion, kindness and consideration. But we come to different conclusions. That’s the nature of different opinions, and it’s the nature of the political process,” Kennedy said.

In 2021, Kennedy wrote a letter to the editor published in The Salt Lake Tribune pushing back against COVID restrictions and vaccinations. In the letter, Kennedy argued that the government should not “usurp the power of parents” when deciding the best course of action for their children.

When asked about the 2021 letter during a news conference after the vote, Kennedy says his stances on parental rights and COVID restrictions are consistent with his policy goals contained in this year’s Transgender Medical Treatments and Procedures Amendments bill.

“When it comes to that, I do trust parents and taking care of their children. But there is no regulation right now in this area of transgender health care, and this bill does a great job bringing a regulatory framework so that our children are cared for in the safest, most effective fashion,” Kennedy said.


Hadley Freeman #transphobia

What gives men the right to use gender activism as a cover for misogyny?

And lo, it has come to pass. The rise of gender ideology — which for too long was dismissed as too niche and irrelevant to discuss by those too sexist or just too cowardly to listen to women’s concerns — has now exploded into a constitutional showdown, with the UK government blocking Nicola Sturgeon’s wildly unpopular gender recognition reform bill.
For those of us who have been writing for years about the insanity of rewriting the law to accommodate something no one can even define (is gender a feeling? A soul? Simple masculinity or femininity?), this feels a bit like watching your local cult band play at Wembley. Or, to put it from the perspective of those who desperately tried to pretend no problems could possibly arise from a philosophy that tries to rewrite the human experience, insisting being a woman is a mere feeling rather than a fact, this is like having a stain on your ceiling which you tried to ignore, only for it to then cause your whole house to collapse.

It was inevitable the fantasies sold by gender activists would crash on the hard rocks of reality, and not just because of the endless internal contradictions (if gender is different from biological sex, and given that sport is segregated by sex, why are trans women now on women’s sports teams?). The movement is increasingly underpinned by a frothing misogyny that is becoming all too visible to even the most casual observers. Some insist it is impossible to engage rationally with this “debate” because, they say, “both sides are equally toxic”. Parliament last week gave lie to that. When Rosie Duffield spoke on Tuesday, calmly — and rightly — saying that Scotland’s bill “clearly conflicts with the Equality Act and would have repercussions for women across the UK”, she was jeered by men in her own party, most obviously Ben Bradshaw and Lloyd Russell-Moyle. After Conservative MP Miriam Cates spoke about the threats the bill poses to women’s “dignity and safety”, Russell-Moyle, pink with rage, called Cates’s speech “disgusting” and added, wagging his finger: “You should be ashamed!”


@LoveHerMadly & @AthenasWrench #transphobia

( @LoveHerMadly )
Being female is a biological reality. You are either born female or male. You do not identify into a sex. It is determined at the point of conception. Joe Biden is a piece of shit who should fry in hell right now!

spoilerAccording to this new
USDA policy,
organizations that
accept food stamps or
other federal food
funding must allow
men into women's
private spaces,
including showers and
sleeping areas, if they
identify as female.
These organizations are
also required to allow
male staff to dress as
women while working.

( @AthenasWrench )
Trans activism is an incel rights movement.

@AthenasWrench & @zelosaletheia #transphobia

( @AthenasWrench )
Can’t wait for the documentary. Matt is doing what almost no left wing men are doing, standing up for women. Where are the left wing men? I’ve been banned from all the left wing facebook groups i was in, harassed by left wing men calling me a transphobe and a fake feminist because I refuse to acknowledge men can be women if they say so. Women too afraid to speak up because they see the pushback from even the most respectful questions. It’s a cult.

What is a woman?!? 🤔


#trans #transgender #ideology #lgbtq #pronouns #woke #mindvirus #sex #terf #radfem #sexisreal #male #female #nonbinary #femalepenis #malevagina #identity #diversity #inclusion #equity #adulthumanfemale #twosexes #twogenders #agp #usa #progressive #boys #girls #socialcontagion #whatisawoman

( @zelosaletheia )
I'd rather date a pro-lifer than a leftist who thinks women can have a penis. And I am a leftist myself! At least he still lives in the real world and not in some postmodernist simulation. 🤮

various commenters #wingnut #transphobia

It's a big first step. Thank you, Governor.

spoilerI just signed SB3 to prevent gender
transition services for minors at
Oklahoma Children's Hospital at OU
This is just the first step.
I am calling on the Legislature to ban all
irreversible gender transition surgeries
and hormone therapies on minors

@sethdillon Great. Step two, start making arrests.

@sethdillon final step is outlawing it for all people. We don’t let schizos dig the illuminati tracking chip out of their heads, so why do we allow “transgenders” to mutilate their genitals?

It should be considered Child Abuse and you should go to prison for at least twenty years for each child you abused.

@sethdillon Just the first step to ban "transition" bodily mutilation for everyone. People with mental illness need a therapist, not a surgeon.

@sethdillon Can we also get the medical licenses of all medical workers participating in 'transistioning' revoked? Let them go to another country and practice what they call 'medicine'.

@sethdillon It just seems eminently reasonable to wait untl kids are at least 21 and can make a really informed consent first...

various commenters #transphobia

RE: How would you feel about TIFs using the women's restroom?

( Tiramisuomi )
They are women and they belong there. However, if they have made such alterations to themselves that they look like men, they should be prepared for questions and women being uncomfortable - their voice usually gives it away, anyway.

( Greatlakeshotdish )
Forcing TIFS to use the men's restroom would result in violence and discrimination against butch lesbians and any other women who don't perform femininity. Bathroom use should be sex-based, nothing else

( vulvapeople )
At least with bathrooms, I'm in favor of the implied gentlemen's agreement that existed before captured governments started mandating that women tolerate men in our spaces. In the past, a TIM would only enter if he felt he passed. If he was questioned, it was incumbent on him to leave and not return. I think this worked somewhat well in that it left it in women's hands to tell men to GTFO or ask security to do so.

Although, truth be told, I'm not sure if that would work today thanks to greater trans awareness. Women who don't buy into trans identity now have reason to question male-appearing users of the restrooms (whether women or TIMs) while, in the past, they would have been more likely to extend the benefit of the doubt.

So it likely would have to come down to sex in order to protect women and have accurate government documents to show when there's a dispute. Too bad, so sad for TIMs who could have flown under the radar 40 years ago, but, as far as I'm concerned, this outcome is their fault.

( DietCokeAddict )
I’m fine with it. If I have to share a bathroom with either a woman on steroids, or a man in a wig, I’ll pick the woman every time no matter what she looks like.

( opreroma )
I don't want trans anything in the bathroom, because trans shouldn't exist.

The TIF is certainly safer with the women, but depending on how well the TIF passes, why should the women be subjected to that shock?

( Galko )
TiF should use the female bathrooms for their own safety. As for the imaginary panic, the hips don't lie. IRL, nobody passes. Look at Ellen and all the money she's spent on cosmetic procedures. Also, at least in my limited experience, the TiF know why we want sex separated spaces. They just think they've beat the system, not destroy it like the men do.

@DebJane & @AthenasWrench #transphobia

( @DebJane )
Stella Creasy is so wrong on so many levels. Men who ID as women are not suffering misogyny from the patriarchy, they are the patriarchy. Women suffer misogyny because of their biology, these men are picked on because they are men who do not conform to male gender stereotypes, that’s nothing to do with misogyny.

( @AthenasWrench )
They are also picked in because so many insist on trying to mimic 16 year old school girls or hookers. They look ridiculous.

( @DebJane )
Absolutely! Idiots and fetishests

prosperina65 #transphobia

(from a thread about annoying commercials)

The commercial for the new HIV prep drug, Descovy, annoy the hell out of me. Specifically the bit where one of the actors says that it hasn't been tested on people who were assigned "female" at birth. No, you mean people born female. The actual biological sex they were born as. Because all but small percentage of people were born either male or female. It's not like gender, which is cultural and something you can be assigned, it's a biological fact.

So basically this drug hasn't been tested for anyone who was born female, regardless of how they might identify now. Just say that.

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Intelligent GNC female, bullied for her looks, on the spectrum showing signs/symptoms of burgeoning trans identity. Quelle surprise

( pennygadget )
I hate that she's too deep in the cult to see how this harms her climate change activism. How are we supposed to "believe the science" when these same activists who scream about climate change also say dumb shit like, "Some males have a magical girl soul that turns them into a real girl the moment they announce she/her pronouns" or "There’s no safety issue with letting penis people freely enter female spaces. And if you object to male rapists being locked in female prisons, you're a bigot who is literally trying to Holocaust the trans community"

( hmimperialtortie )
As a poster on that Twitter thread said - “Believe the science (that you agree with).”

( meranii )
Fighting sexism and outdated gender roles by declaring yourself trans/nb is like fighting climate change by moving somewhere where you think the weather's nicer.

( yikesforever )
i've never seen that trans symbol with the feminist symbol inside... very odd to see as a gender critical feminist where to me (us) it seems like gender identity and feminism are at odds with each other.

( Ladylucy )
It’s just one more thing TIPs are taking from women. Soon, all of our symbols will be theirs, and all of our heroines will be trans or non-binary. They are hellbent on erasing us.

( pennygadget )
Its yet another thing the gender-specials can't let us have to ourselves. They have to colonize everything

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RE: Kentucky senator's TIF daughter, 24, committed suicide. Blames it on laws protecting women's safe spaces and sex-based rights

( pennygadget )
If they need to blame anyone for their daughter's death,, they should be blaming the psychological institutions that push the narrative that suicide is inevitable if a trans person doesn't get everything that they want the moment they demand it. Actual therapists recognize how dangerous it is to treat suicide that way when it comes to other problems. But, when it comes to trans people, they're like, "Aiden, you know that trans people will immediately jump into traffic if they're misgendered, right?" or "If you can't get a T prescription, your dysphoria will metastasize and you'll have no choice but to kill yourself".

THIS is why these people end their lives. Their mental illness is exacerbated by a medical system that cares more about selling them services than helping them live functional lives!

( softglow )
TIMs hate TIFs, envy them for their comparative ease in passing, in getting lesbians, for their genitals (which they also hate them for squandering). They use TIFs for validation, for victimhood status when claiming female rape statistics, and piss their pants and shriek about transmisogyny, and how very dare any TIFs suggest that they might still be victim of actual misogyny from transwomen, who grew up with (this is the worst thing you can accuse them of, so remember it) MALE SOCIALIZATION.

There's so many reasons why a TIF might kill herself, but I refuse to believe that the constant toxic demands that TIMs make on them didn't play at least a small part here. I guarantee there's going to be some whispers between her friends about the ghoulish reaction transwomen will have, after they've seen how TIFs are treated by them, and god willing that will peak a few. It does happen, rare as it is; TIMs are so unpleasant that they can snap us out of our delusions sometimes, and if there's any silver lining to such an awful situation, I hope that's one.

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Government School Sponsors Lecture, Book Signing By “The Transgender Child” Author

I no longer call them “public schools.” They aren’t working for the public’s best interest, they don’t consider public sentiment or priorities, and for more than 2 years, they weren’t open to the public. They are government schools. They’re run by the government, fueled by politics, used to indoctrinate children with government agendas, and funded by American tax dollars that are being increasingly confiscated by the government from hardworking Americans amid unprecedented reckless government spending. They are government schools, not public schools.


And the Davis Joint Unified School District government school in Davis County, California, is using taxpayer funds to sponsor a lecture and book signing event by Rachel Pepper, a licensed marriage and family therapist (terrifying) and author of a book titled, “The Transgender Child; A Handbook for Parents and Professionals Supporting Transgender and Nonbinary Children.” The event promises “a groundbreaking, compassionate, and comprehensive GPS for offering understanding, love and support to gender expansive and transgender young people.” All good things, but in and by a government school, sponsored by taxpayers, and pushing an extremely polarizing agenda? I certainly don’t agree with that. If they’re sponsoring entire events and book signings, what else is happening in the classrooms that aren’t quite as advertised?

(At this point the author includes a tweet advertising the event, and then a description of the event)

Children 12 and over are “welcome to attend with an adult.” Notice it doesn’t way “with a parent.” Because perhaps they’ll be coming with an adult who is helping them keep secrets from their parents?

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RE: NYC Instagram model Nikki Secondino killed dad, stabbed sister over laptop: DA

( Alec Berg )

Stop encouraging these people by playing along with their mental illness. He is a 22 year old man. Stop referring to him as she/her. It is an indisputable fact that a man cannot be changed into a woman and vice versa. Period!

( james halpert )

Can't we assume that all these gender confused individuals have mental issues?

( John Lap )

They are possessed...they use plurals as pronouns...she...they..indicating more than one...the demon is seeking a way boasting...this one's mine..hence the confusion of who and what they truly are.

( FloridaFreedom )

That is not a she. That is an it.

( Branduhhhn Magoo )

hopefully they put the man in rikers with the rest of the men.

( DS )

If put in jail with the men. He/She would be popular I think.

( MakeitReal )

Stop referring to him as an Instagram model. First, that is not even a job. It is more likely that he was a male prostitute using Instagram to hook in straight men.

( Mr Coinblatt )

Straight? One look at that and you know it's a freak...

( NSamuelle )

Is it going to women’s prison?

( Nurse Ratchet )

Unfortunately, the answer is probably yes. There are many known cases now that “men are transitioning” to commit or right after committing crimes so they can get (what they feel will be) preferential treatment in prison. CRAZY WORLD!!!!!

( notforlong )

Great jugs, though ....

( Klammer )

This "manster" will be in the news again in a year from now for impregnating fellow female inmates at rikers. Your tax dollars at work.

( Ogie Ogilthorp )

The post needs to stop it with the trans freaks pronouns. That’s a guy and it and no other trans freakazoid will ever be a woman

( Mr Coinblatt )

Hopefully this hideous freak gets murdered in jail...

It probably has a pretty good beard by now...

( Concerned Canadian )

I think "model" means Instagram prostitute

( Chase )

The left considers all norms wrong and the mentally ill should be enabled. This is another example of how that's working out in this country. Keep voting Democrat until we have the luggage thief as President and jean Pierre as VP

( Banned Heretic )

Born with a penis: male

Born with a vagina: female

You people in the media need psychological help.

@AthenasWrench #transphobia

Trans privilege. They are NOT marginalized and Vulnerable, and they know it.

The right to:
- choose your preferred prison estate
- lie about your sex on official identity documents - and compel officials to collaborate
- plastic surgery on demand, free, with unlimited revisions
- surgeons' rights to sell cosmetic procedures to children
- impose language reform on everyone, obfuscating reference to sex, enforced with "hate speech" policies
- men can evade sex-specific safeguarding restrictions with a declaration
- compulsory bisexuality for everyone
- flaunt fetishes in public, including at the workplace, with impunity

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You Meet More Perverts When You're Poor

( Mapleshade )
And it’s disgusting TiMs act like they’re at risk because the perverts don’t want them. They want women - real women not males masquerading as women. The men who like raping and hurting women aren’t interested in males they want to hurt women. They want to rape and hurt females. For them to act like they have any idea of your pain and our pain is disgusting. They have nothing to fear because they’re male and other males can clock them.

( pennygadget )
If a TIM doesn't want that oppression, he can take the lady costume off. The rest of us don't have that luxury

( GCRadFem )
I only disagree with this statement:

But the girls who make the rules now, they don’t see any reason why a couple of “bad apples” should prevent poor suffering homosexual men from being able to live their true authentic life in the body they deserve.

It is not the”poor suffering homosexual men” wanting to live life in their “authentic body” it is the men with an AGP paraphilia. That is an important distinction. If a homosexual man is a drag queen (hate to even write it) he knows he is a gay man and he doesn’t live in his dress unless he is really an AGP.

( RisingUp )
I think the author knows that’s wrong. It’s supposed to be from the libfem POV.

It might be too generous to them though. Many of them know lots of TIMs are perverts, and simply don’t care about the lower class women they hurt.

@Bertie007 & @Belindatobin #transphobia

( @Bertie007 )
Trans is an anti women movement, the absolute worst of the #mensrights movements, evil misogynist and any woman who supports them is a traitor to her sex, who will find out later on how much they despise her #menarenotwomen #womendonthavepenises

( @Belindatobin )
WOMEN who are not aware or just don't care are really beginning to piss me off 🙄

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut #conspiracy #racist #homophobia #transphobia

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
America must be put FIRST again.


@DrPaulGosar White people are sick of being erased.

@DrPaulGosar Call out the Jew and stick up for Whites and THEN you have our support.

@DrPaulGosar I am sicker of the Jews destroying it with their open borders policy, homosexuality, trannies, pornography, child sacrifice, etc.

@DrPaulGosar A special tax should be levied on whoever is found to be in support of this--AND the illegal invasion! You voted for it, you buy it!

@DrPaulGosar it's the Jews. If you go to the root, all signs lead to Judeaism

@Joyjoythedestroyer @DrPaulGosar Yes, but it is also Satan. The Jews would have no power in Christian America if “Christians” would have really been Christians and followed Jesus Christ who called the followers of the traditions of men, aka the Talmud, the devil’s children. Instead they let these people have power over our money, our government, our corporations, our media and our schools. No wonder America is being destroyed, so-called “Christians” let the devil’s children control everything even remotely important in this nation. Until and unless this is rectified America will continue to be destroyed. Already it is probably too late for this nation to survive.

@DrPaulGosar America, a soup of non-White alien invaders who leech off of and ruin everything White people created.

ProMoleratWaxer #transphobia

RE: Why aren’t true trans working harder to root out the AGPs?

"why aren't moderate incels working to disavow extreme incels"

because they are just various degrees of same hate movement, for example eli elrick is a violent serial rapist who confessed to ir and is still applauded and is doing some University of California Santa Cruz phd program while still interconnected with activism right now (btw TRAs bullied the victim into suicide allegedy), the tooth gap guy who i can't remember the name of has felony drug trafficking charges and is still trying to distribute drugs to kids.

They glofify the work of nazi genital transplant surgeons (which also catastrophically failed) who then went on to torture masses of jews to death in ww2. The founder of the gender identity sociology theory is someone who no consensually experimented on a male infant practiced on him infant cosmetic genital surgery and forced him to simulate sex acts on his also underage brother to make him a 'bottom'. Produced child porn of them under the gauze of 'genital inspections' and they both killed themselves compounded by these actions. You can watch the interview here where the victim asked whether he had to commit suicide for the experiments to be regarded as unsuccessful

it's not a bug its a feature even famous ones try to get child rapist + murderers leniency because they're the same religion.

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RE: Why aren’t true trans working harder to root out the AGPs?

( ProxyMusic )
Listen, I know most of us don’t believe in true trans and I’m not sure I do either, but how many TERFs started out fine with the idea of HSTS and then peaked because of depraved AGPs?

You're presuming an either/or categorization that I don't think exists. The fact is, AGPs can be and are just as much "true trans" as HSTSs. And plenty of HSTSs have AGP too. In fact, I believe that the vast majority of gay TIMs especially today have AGP.

As I see it, AGP is a sexualized expression of male narcissism driven by the male libido and male sexual fantasies inspired by pornography that can be found among self-absorbed, vain, preening, porn-consuming boys and men who are attracted to, enthralled by and/or aroused by the external trappings of "femininity" - regardless of their sexual orientation.

Those who believe in "true trans" say that to be legitimately "trans" requires having "gender dysphoria." But AGPs have just as much "gender dysphoria" as HSTS males who don't have AGP and TIFs do. In fact, sexologists like Blanchard and Bailey say, and some women acknowledge, that the erotically-driven "gender dysphoria" of men and adolescent boys with AGP is often the most painful, overwhelming, persistent and hard to bear and treat kind of "gender dysphoria" of all.

( Juniperius )
They're vastly outnumbered, and if they do try to push back against the agps they're called "truscum" and hounded out of the community for being transphobic.

( Kriegerin )
My guess is because most trans males are indeed AGP. I think it's something like 80%+ of trans identified men. The AGPs ARE the trans movement, at least by far the most visible transes. I can name Dick Levine, the creepy barbie pouch guy, Bruce Jenner, Tits McGee with the sex toy breasts, the creepy philosophy tube guys, the two German Parliament members, yaniv, ....

But hsts i only know the Blaire White dude.

( Tiramisuomi )
I feel like they feel an affinity to men no matter how much they claim to be women inside, and so they think even the worst among them deserves an outstretched hand to help them up.

They "escaped" the "prison" of being men and figured out a way to make otherwise "kill all men" women fawn over them, date them, and certainly no longer hold them in vitriolic regard. They want to help other men ascend.

Hadley Freeman #transphobia

What gives men the right to use gender activism as a cover for misogyny?

Gender activism has become the permissible face of misogyny for a certain kind of allegedly progressive man. It gives them latitude to call women derogatory names and make spittle-flecked videos, insisting that anyone who has a problem with male-born people in women-only spaces is on the wrong side of history. The effect is men’s-rights activism, but the energy is very incel — shorthand for people who are “involuntarily celibate”. Incels rage online about women who selfishly refuse to have sex with them; gender activists rage at women who won’t just bloody well shut up about their concerns about safety and say what the men tell them to say.
One of the sadder fallouts is the wedge it has driven between women and gay men. Once they were natural allies, not least during the Aids era, when so many women stepped in as caregivers to men with HIV. Gender is completely different from sexuality, yet because they are yoked together in the LGBT acronym, many gay men see anxieties about gender ideology as analogous to homophobia, hence, presumably, the “passion” of Russell-Moyle and Bradshaw, both of whom are gay.

Russell-Moyle has previously had to apologise to JK Rowling after accusing her of “using her own sexual assault as a justification for discriminating against a group of people who were not responsible for it”, ie trans women, ie male-born people. Perhaps he learnt something from that experience because he didn’t accuse Duffield — another survivor of male violence — of exploiting her own lived experience. But it’s a shame he is so unwilling, or maybe just unable, to understand no matter how passionately he shouts at women, he cannot make them believe something as undefined as “gender” renders all differences between the two sexes — males are stronger, males are more violent — irrelevant.


various commenters #transphobia

RE: Why aren’t true trans working harder to root out the AGPs?

( SecondSkin )
Why don’t decent men police and fix other men? Why don’t the good husbands, fathers, brothers and sons, ensure that other men aren’t raping, murdering and terrorising their mothers, sisters, wives and daughters?

It’s the same answer imho. Women and girls don’t matter enough to them. Even the decent men out there will believe they’ve done their bit by not treating us poorly, they won’t believe they have any responsibility for how other men treat us. At least not 99% of them. We can see the odd ‘true trans’ loudly speak up about the risk apg pose- Yardly did this, to the extent he had death threats, doxxed, dragged through court for ‘transphobia’. He was honest that TRAs were predator cultists grooming young lesbians, very vocally through the early years of this. One of Maya’s solicitors was a TiM who backed women all the way. There are a few rare men who can reflect on the power and privilege they have because of being male, and will use it to police other men’s behaviour towards women, even at cost to themselves. But these are the very very rare exceptions. 99.9% of men will not put themselves out for women (and I’m sure those who do have other flaws also).

( drdeeisback )
It's also the 'racket' that benefits the 'good men'. What worth is a 'good man' doing the minimum (not to say your examples are the 'minimum', the two you've mentioned do sound like they've honestly put their own reputations and peace of mind on the line to support women) if there aren't any 'bad men' to compare to? 'Aren't you lucky you have me around to protect you from them/aren't you lucky you've got me, one of the good ones? [even if I don't do my share of the housework/childcare and expect you to live up to standards I don't hold myself to]'

( DietCokeAddict )
If I’m wandering around in a cat costume pretending I’m a cat, the absolute last thing I should do is point out other people’s cat costumes and tell them they aren’t real cats. That’s the situation trans people are in - there’s no such thing as “true trans” because no human can or ever will change sex. Their only two options are to keep saying “no debate! No questions!” or admit that they’re all pretending and give up the whole charade.

( Inez )
You're asking why are men, acting like men. Because they're MEN.

Saiwana #transphobia #fundie

No, what is sickening from my perspective is being expected to just pretend or go along with the notion (from people I see as rediculous) that men can be women and women can be men, rather than your sex being set at birth/in the womb like was the case for most of entire world history among our species.

I want a chance with my biological "other half" as the Garden of Eden fable describes. Not some artificial creation that is an abomination at worst and a poor imitation at best in my view. I will choose staying virgin forever if the only alternative was being intimate with an MtF that passes as a woman.

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RE: Why aren’t true trans working harder to root out the AGPs?

( Omina_Sentenziosa )
Those AGPs are the reason why tru trans got legal and political advancements. It was sexually abusive perverts who made trans a brand that got sold on social media and to the greater public.

Tru trans might be slightly saner than AGPs (highly debatable as far as I am concerned), but ultimately they are equally nonsensical and their ideology is based on the same "womanhood is a state of mind" mantra. Their position can be shredded to pieces just as easily as AGPs' s, so they need AGPs' s aggressiveness and their economical/social backing. AGPs are vindictive assholes, I don' t think it' s too farfetched that they might concoct a way to get their privileges while at the same time excluding their enemies, even when they are part of the same community.

So basically, going full force against them means that if tru trans are successfull, they get pushed back together with AGPs by society and the government, and if they fail, AGPs get their privileges and tru trans still get pushed away.

( Yemaya )
That’s a good point. So called true trans benefit from the rich AGP that can change laws and policy and make their surgeries easier to get so they sit back and don’t say anything.

And many “true trans” want to be “stealth” and then speaking out would ruin that.

( Hollyhock )
30 years ago the HSTS pretty much left women alone. They were gay men who primarily got boob jobs and dressed like drag queens. You'd encounter them in clubs and in very large cities but that's it. In fact, when the first bathroom bill thing happened in S. Carolina my first thought was, "is there even a single transvestite in the entire state?!?!?" I thought it was the GOP making a mountain over a single very mentally ill young girl.

The AGPs were monitored better by society.

Was I naive!

However, those HSTS weren't exactly allies to women. I remember them being jerks to women in clubs and grabbing us to try to see what real boobs felt like.

I just don't believe in the true trans vs.'s all some version of men trying to invade womanhood.

( pennygadget )
Part of the reason so many on the left support this shit is because they foolishly believe that all "trans-women" are harmless, twinky gay men. They're unaware of the tsunami of AGPs who make up 90% of the modern "trans-women" community

@Women4Trump & @RPMonteleone #wingnut #transphobia

( @Women4Trump )
Biden administration announces K-12 schools must allow boys into girls' bathrooms in order to qualify for federal funds used to pay for school lunches.

Time to teach your girls what to do to boys that invade their private space .. 👊👊👊👊

( @RPMonteleone )
Chance to pick up 2 easy wins:

Don’t pander to trannies.

Cut government spending.


Roger Helle #wingnut #transphobia #conspiracy #fundie

I’m not sure why, but these movies remind me of progressives who have gone off the deep end, not looking for treasure but looking for ways to make the lives of average Americans miserable. How much time do they spend trying to find the latest microaggression or cultural appropriation?

Do they sleep at night? Do they form little bands of fellow snowflakes to come up with all of these offenses that can trigger them into a rage? What a miserable existence they must live, trying to make our lives miserable.

Twenty years ago, we didn’t know about personal pronouns, “nonbinary,” “transsexual,” “gender fluid,” “gender reassignment surgery,” or men getting pregnant. We didn’t have a boy wearing dresses to school, sexually assaulting a girl, then being sent to another school to do the same thing without any consequences. When the father of one of the victims expressed outrage about what happened to his daughter, he was thrown to the ground, handcuffed, and taken out of the school board meeting. How did we ever live not knowing all of these things? Pretty good, I think.

Twenty years ago, we still had the Rule of Law and equal justice under the law. Sure, the system had flaws because we live in a fallen world spiritually.
During the 1960s, while serving in the Marine Corps, I watched as Republicans were going all out to pass legislation giving blacks the same rights as whites. The Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, if I recall, did not receive one vote from a Democrat. The Republican Party passed it on its own.

Now, 58 years later, we’re told Republicans are racist, white supremacists, homophobic, and the scourge of people of color. Not that the Democrats really do anything to help minorities. They just keep them on the urban plantations with the promise that “someday” things will be better if they vote Democrat.

wdcipher #dunning-kruger #transphobia #wingnut

RE: GFP released list of strongest armies in Europe for 2023, certain artist is rolling in his grave


Hard times, Create stronk men (and femboys)

See its basic math, in order to create a population of strong men, you need to make part o male population into femboys and focus their masculinity taken from those femboys directly into the remianing men. This will create a perfectly balanced male population. Now repeat the smae process, except with women and you create the perfect state of being.

Eliza Mondegreen #transphobia

Extremism-fluid: The neo-Nazi-to-trans pipeline
"Hate groups prey on people who feel like outsiders or that they don't belong."

The other day, I was talking to a friend about people—men in particular—going from neo-Nazis to transgender activists and he quipped: "What is the pipeline? The neo-Nazi becomes tired of being unpopular but still wants to be in a hate group?"

It’s a thing I’ve observed online and in real life. So what might be going on here?

When these Redditors talk about the allure of neo-Nazism, white supremacism, and the alt-right, they talk about being recruited online based on personality and life-situation factors like being young, frustrated, misfit, desperate to belong, confused, insecure, and too online. There’s a lot of insight here. They just don’t extend this insight from their dark pasts to their dark presents. In fact, now they see themselves as reformed. They believe they’ve left all that in the past.

But how did these young people come to the ‘saving’ realization that they were really trans? They were recruited. Online. Based on the very same personality and life-situation factors. Often in the same online spaces. By the same radicalizing algorithms. To participate in the same kinds of antisocial behavior and aggression.

Only the cause is different. The participants, recruitment methods, vulnerability factors, appeal, and behaviors are the same.

In other words, it sure looks like Hoffer was right when he observed what we could call the “fluidity” that so often goes along with fanaticism. It's easy for an extremist of one stripe to become an extremist of another type. The belief system on behalf of which they take an extremist stance is always secondary to the pull of extremism itself. More important that the belief system is the opportunity an extremist movement presents to vent hatred and channel self-contempt, as Hoffer observed:
The real question is what young people need to break up with fanaticism and extremism altogether, not how to get them to shift from one form of extremism to another, more fashionable one.

Brendan O’Neill #transphobia #enbyphobia

It’s time to call out the nonsense of nonbinary

That’s the other point – the staggering narcissism of the nonbinary ideology. These people really do believe that the entire world should mould itself around their ideology. Male and female awards must be scrapped. Female toilets, changing rooms and other private spaces must be thrown open to men who feel like women. Even language itself must be twisted and bent to these people’s identity feels. So we’re all expected to use ‘preferred pronouns’ and even to mangle grammar by using ‘they’ to refer to one person. My use of the he pronoun for Smith and the she pronoun for Corrin and D’Arcy will be judged by some a heinous act of bigotry. But I am not willing to sacrifice the sense and universalism of the language I use to appease the fever dreams of a minority movement.

‘For the narcissist, the world is a mirror’, said Christopher Lasch. The narcissist must always see ‘his “grandiose self” reflected in the attentions of others’, he said. So it is with the trans movement. It expects every realm of society – every awards ceremony, every woman’s space, every linguistic tradition – to bow and scrape before its post-truth, ahistorical belief that people are whatever sex they say they are. The truly oppressive force was not the Brits having male and female categories but the pressure put on the Brits to scrap those categories in order to flatter the narcissistic delusions of a few nonbinaries. This is the opposite of a civil-rights movement. Progressive movements in the past were concerned with changing the world to make it better for all. The regressive, navel-gazing cult of gender play is obsessed with altering the world so that its own adherents never have to encounter an idea or a space that dents their fragile egos. The irony of their misuse of the word ‘they’ is that they are myopically focused on me, me, me.

There is a serious philosophical question in all this: should people have the right to liberate themselves from reality? I say no. Sam Smith and Emma Corrin and the rest can wear what they want, call themselves what they want and use whatever pronouns they want. But why should the rest of us have to play along with them and abandon everything we know to be true and right? Sam Smith is a man, Emma Corrin is a woman, and it is not bigotry to say so. Truth is never bigotry.

@PeteTheCozyRana #wingnut #conspiracy #quack #homophobia #transphobia

You just cant make this damn shit up.

They #NWO cable has threatened and lied to all of us, conning us, forcing a #PoisonJab on us and our children, yet they don't take it themselves

#WakeUpAmerica #DoNotComply

Be #SuperStrait - stay #UltraMAGA - keep #PureBlood



various commenters #transphobia

Some Trans People Are Preparing to Flee the US and Seek Asylum Abroad

( BondiBlue )
Sweden is reversing course because the evidence doesn’t stack up for mutilating troubled kids. Canada remains stubborn for now but I don’t think it’ll be that way forever. Maybe TRAs should go and seek asylum in, you know, an actual asylum, where they can be counseled away from their delusion, or segregated away from normal people who do face a threat from their deviant paraphilia.

( Every-Man-His-Own-Football )

“I was like, ‘Wait a minute, this is crazy,” Willgohs remembered thinking. “I can actually declare asylum just because I’m trans?’”

Almost like it's a privilege.

( assignedpooratbirth )

“ draconian legislation that criminalizes their very existence,”

The person that wrote this article is a fucking dork. No, being told you can’t use the women’s room doesn’t “criminalize your existence.” Use the other bathroom.

( KittyWhawWhaw )
It’s just as bad as torture, murder, rape, or any other human rights violation, if not worse!- not getting to use the woman’s bathroom. Oh the humanity!

( worried19 )
Real question, what are trans people so upset about? They're not hunted down and beaten and killed on the streets in the USA. Thank God, of course.

It's also not like it was 40 or 50 years ago when trans women were forced to work as street prostitutes or nightclub entertainers because they couldn't get gainful employment elsewhere. Trans people are mostly mainstream. They're able to to get jobs. They're able to get housing. They're able to get married to a partner of either sex.

Medical transition is not being threatened for adults at all. As far as I know, no one is proposing outlawing hormones or surgeries for legal adults. So what's preventing them from living their lives happily and safely in the USA?

( Stealthygal )
Where? Iran?

( Mandy )
Being forced to wear the hijab will be really affirming for them; euphoria all day long.

( KittyWhawWhaw )
Let’s see how long their little game of dress up lasts there. Must be nice to be able to be a woman only when it’s convenient…

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RE: How much longer do you think the TRA movement will last and what do you think the next big topic will be?

I don’t know when this will “end” if ever. But I hope that if/when this movement peaks, the next step will be reversal of the policies and recompense, including apologies from the major institutions and governments that were captured by this, and a naming and shaming (and mass firing) of its most prominent advocates (like the Pritzkers, Rothblatt, and the paragons of so-called q~eer theory).

I want public statements on record that no child is born in the ‘wrong’ body, sex is physical and immutable; ‘gender’ is a set of stereotypes; there is no such thing as “non-binary-gender”; and especially, a woman is an adult human female. I want that chevron flag designated a homophobic and misogynistic hate symbol, the q~eer swastika (note: the Nazis’ designation for gay people they sought to eliminate was, infamously, a pink triangle, just like the sharp spear gutting the LGB rainbow like an invading army).

As for what the next “thing” is or ought to be, I hope to see a return to empirical evidence, rational inquiry, and open debate in the academy. If it’s junk science, call it that based on the facts, rather than because it doesn’t check these or those boxes in a DIE statement. Or because even broaching X subject purportedly “opens the door to genocide.”

In terms of what I would like to see as the next ideology to fall, because I have a personal stake as a sufferer of mental illness, I hope it’s “mad pride”/“neurodivergency” and its cousins in “crip pride.” I want honest studies to be done on the biological roots of things like schizophrenia, autism, and A.D.H.D. with intent of finding a cure. Not this TRA-mimicking, Woke Scientology nonsense that brands someone a Nazi eliminationist because he or she wants to be normal (oh, how they hate that word) rather than suffer from a broken brain. There are even people who want spinal cord research kiboshed because it supposedly discriminates against “people of diverse mobility.” I kid you not.


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[Context: they are replying to someone who is criticizing J.K. Rowling and pointing out that supporting her is transphobic].

"You are supporting her, which means you are not a supporter of trans rights. It's incredibly simple."

Not even trying to be an asshole but I feel bad for you. That moral absolutism and rigidity will not be of service to you in the real world. Long life ahead of you, person.

It’s convenient for them and it makes them feel superior. They’ve probably spent money on a dozen other things in the past few weeks that support more cruel and impactful people, but this one is a minimal effort win for them.

Ding ding ding!

But all the people that their purchases have affected are thousands of miles away, they don't hear their outcry and see their faces so they can just ignore them. It's like you said, it was an easy decision for them to make to feel morally superior.

BTW my trans sister and her trans wife are excited to play this game lol they're not gonna buy it but they're gonna play it!

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How much longer do you think the TRA movement will last and what do you think the next big topic will be?
There will always be TRAs, but it it seems that the movement is losing ground and that more and more people are becoming tired of them. I give them 3-5 years till the movement becomes pretty much dead. I think it will be a mixture of people getting annoyed by them and the TRA allies getting bored of the topic, after awhile there's only so much you can say.

What topic do you think will replace them?

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the movement might die in that time but repealing the legislation they have pushed through, and undoing the instituitional capture, will take much longer.

the fact that prominent TERFs are in a position where, to get their voices amplified and money to do their work, they sometimes end up working with very right wing organisations that want to remove our reproductive rights and push us back towards traditional womens roles makes me worry that the next steps will be steps backwards. i.e. we will get our single sex spaces back but lose ground elsewhere. i hope i'm wrong.

i understand why those women do that, we need all the money and airspace we can get and the dangers of TRAs are so widespread that the calculation of losing some rights to safeguard others works out such that it might be worth it in the short term. but i'm not optimistic about the short to medium term. we are facing attacks from all angles.

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Great point. Even if/when this fades, our institutions, governments, laws, and organizations will take a long time to recover and get back on course. I’m optimistic that the pendulum won’t swing too far the other way, but it’s still going to take a massive effort to hold the line and then reclaim what we’ve lost.

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It's hard to imagine how this will all be rolled back when I literally am asked my 'gender identity' on institutional forms, and the other day was expected to state on a form whether I 'identified as disabled' (at this point I just 'decline to state' anything that has to do with 'identifying as' anything, as I don't identify as anything)--on the other hand, this all happened very quickly, maybe it can disappear just as quickly, who knows.

It also worries me that so many kids are being taught gender ideology as 'fact'--not sure how difficult it will be to undo that, when they learn it so young.