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Like homophobia, but for transgender people

Parents With Inconvenient Truths about Trans #transphobia

In 2014, my son started to ask for the popular block-building computer game known as "Minecraft." Later that year, my wife and I decided to get said game for him, and he loved it. He constantly showed us his latest creations and buildings.

Little did we know, this seemingly innocent game was a gateway drug to cross-sex hormones, wrong-gender pronouns, and a replaced name.

You see, while it may seem like a healthy outlet for creative expression, Minecraft is actually a very popular game among so-called "trans-identifying children." The reason for this is because the game allows for expression of dangerous ideas, and has little to no moderation, being primarily singleplayer.

One of the most problematic parts of this horrible game is the ability for players to upload their own "skins" – essentially, each player can create a character for themselves in simple photo editing apps such as photoshop. This means that the selection of characters is limited only by the players' imaginations. On the surface, this seems to be a positive of the game, but it turns out that it is not.

This unlimited customization dangerously blurs the boundaries of gender and sex, and, especially considering the predominantly young player base of Minecraft, can be very confusing in terms of gender. One of these confused young people is my son, now 21 years old, who, it turns out, had been using the default "girl" skin of Minecraft, often shown in marketing alongside a more fitting masculine character. While this is not concerning on its own, having done so since the age of 11 will surely have contributed to his gender confusion.

Dave Williams #fundie #homophobia #wingnut #biphobia #transphobia #enbyphobia

The Colorado GOP’s mass email titled “God Hates Pride,” read, in part, “The month of June has arrived and, once again, the godless groomers in our society want to attack what is decent, holy, and righteous so they can ultimately harm our children.”

The message to Colorado Republicans was headlined with an image reading “God Hates Flags,” a nod to the anti-gay slur on the picket signs of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church.

The party’s message was signed by chairman Dave Williams. A post from the Colorado Republican Party on X, formerly Twitter, read simply, “Burn all the #pride flags this June.”

Vox Day #wingnut #racist #transphobia

[From “D-Day, 80 Years Later”]

It just lands a lot differently than it did even 20 years ago. What, exactly, are we supposed to be celebrating these days? Clown World didn’t even preserve democracy or the rule of law


spoilerPicture of a GI smoking a cigarette captioned with “Y'know, speaking German sounds a whole lot better than a transexual mulatto grandkid…”

But at least our grandfathers paid the price to bring them freedom…

German police search 70 homes of people who posted hateful comments online

Never mind

Parents With Inconvenient Truths about Trans #transphobia

[Conclusion to a satirical retelling of Sleeping Beauty]

They all slept for a long time and when they woke up, they compared their experiences. They had all had the same nightmare! Men had become women and women had become men. Children had been taught lies and made to doubt the experiences of their own bodies. Delusion had taken the place of Reality and the world had been turned upside down.
The Princess sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes.
There was a delicious smell of baking and the distant sounds of singing and dancing, of children playing, of chickens clucking and animals calling. There was peace and laughter and, above all, relief.
She walked through the castle passing huge piles of discarded wigs and fake breasts and phalluses.
‘What are these?’ the Princess asked the Queen who was busy making scones.
‘Just a passing hobby,’ said the Queen wiping her floury hands on her apron. ‘It didn’t last long; it was just a fad led by a cult but it’s all over now. People are getting back to normal. Everyone’s making jam and cooking.’
‘Surely there’s no need to cook and bake?’ said the Princess.
‘There’s no need’, said the Queen, ‘but we’ve played with the new gadgets and the technology and we’ve got bored with it. We’ve tried every kind of sexual fetish and got bored with that too.
‘There are so many more interesting things to do in life!’
So, the Princess became an adult human female and lived happily ever after.

Persimmon64 #transphobia

What do Munroe Bergdorf and Andrew Tate have in common? | The Spectator

Haven't read the article yet, but imo, TIMs and AIMs (alpha-identified males, as I'm now going to refer to them) are just two sides of the same sexist coin of misogyny two testicles of the same scrotum.

They view men and women, not as male and female people with their own individual feelings and personalities, but as stereotypical roles we all play. Everything for them is about image.

Woman = feminine/submissive

Man = masculine/dominant

Women exist to be used by and serve men.

Edit: "two testicles of the same scrotum" I'm using this all the time now. Brilliant.

Suffering Mother #transphobia #conspiracy

I feel all the anguish that comes from this terrible cult for all parents including myself. Never in a million years did I think my family would be affected by this nor did I even know anything about it until it slapped me in the face! Recently, I asked that Chat AI to comprise a letter to my trans son and it refused!!! This how deep this still goes. I cursed the app then deleted it. I saw a picture of my son he looks different but somehow the same. It was a strange feeling but I saw the little boy that I raised deep in his face and it gave me some solace. I dread the holidays now which used to be such a wonderful time as I’m sure every parent does. Please God help us and most of all stop this incredible nonsense that is hurting so many people!

Parents With Inconvenient Truths about Trans #transphobia

"I am not your son"
Then what are you, hon?
You were gone for so long
It has been two years,
since I last visited you, in that land among
the people filled with fears.
I hid my tears, when I saw you.
E and "she" were coursing through
your veins and brains. Worst than my greatest fears.
Your face, grotesque.
Your voice, straining to sound human.
It does not.
My beloved son, with a face only a mother could love.
A face that despite its newfound horror, I cannot help but love.

Carol Dansereau #transphobia

Affirming Trans Identities is Harmful.
Don't do it. And don't teach children to do it either.

There’s a lot of pressure everywhere to affirm trans and nonbinary identities, including those declared by children. Affirmation is touted as kind, righteous, and even lifesaving. Many parents are committed to teaching their children to affirm, seeing it as an extension of the basic respect they want their young ones to show everyone.

But affirmation is not kind, respectful, righteous or lifesaving. It is not benign. In fact, it is extremely harmful to those who are affirmed, and those who do the affirming. This article discusses why, focusing on affirmation with respect to children.
Affirming children hurts them.

Those who promote the affirmation of children’s trans or nonbinary identities insist that doing so is essential for the mental health of those children. They may even argue that children might kill themselves in response to not being affirmed. These assertions are based in ideology, not science.


If not affirmed most children who reject their sex, come to accept it. In contrast, affirmation locks children into body rejection. It delivers vast numbers of children to unethical health professionals who implement invasive procedures without any credible evidentiary basis for doing so. By affirming children, you put them at risk of infertility, sexual dysfunction, and a range of other serious health problems, for no good reason.

To make matters worse, there is a good chance that the child you are affirming is among the most vulnerable of children. He or she is likely to be coping with one or more significant challenges, such as mental illness, a history of sexual abuse, and autism. He or she could also well be same-sex attracted and dealing with homophobia. By affirming trans or nonbinary identities you may well push these children towards so-called “gender affirmation medicine” and away from the help they need.

Affirmation bolsters the mystical and dangerous idea that some children are “born in the wrong body.” It ignores not only the specific challenges individual children may be facing, but also the fact that they’ve been subjected to aggressive indoctrination which promotes dissociation from the body.

FemmeEtal & Spencer_Shayy #transphobia

No, she’s not the “other mother” she is THE mother

( FemmeEtal )
The mommy fetish is probably the most disgusting for me. These men don’t feel maternal instinct, they never felt a stirring in their nonexistent wombs, lactated and fed an infant that came from them. They just have sick twisted desires and disorders about their own mothers and want to pervert the most innocent and pure thing, a child calling for their mother. It’s vile and infuriating.

( Spencer_Shayy )
This is so vile. I hate men.

Joseph Mattera #fundie #wingnut #homophobia #transphobia #sexist

With the collapse of Judeo/Christian values in Western culture, people are left to frame their lives through means that are not defined by the biblical narrative.

Thus, presently, there is a free-for-all system where every person defines their own laws, ethics and values. Self-expression is the new ethos, and even if self-destructive lifestyles diminish the quality of a society, restricting it is a great taboo and cited as a form of bigotry.

As traditional narratives continue to be deconstructed, this has also resulted in a loss of the collective metanarrative for understanding the world. This leads to uncertainty, nihilism and a feeling-based morality that determines public policy in which one’s identity trumps psychology above biology.

In the past, people made up for this loss of the biblical metanarrative primarily by deriving their identity from their ethnicity. However, with a rapid acceleration in individualism, autonomous secular humans are left with a reductionist mindset that has further collapsed their existential perspective to mere individual expression.
Corresponding to His ability to subdue chaos and fluidity, God made both male and female in His image to represent Him and to subdue the earth (Gen.1:27-28).

Consequently, it took both a man and a woman to express God’s image to exert dominion over creation; one man or woman could not fully express God’s image and likeness, nor could two men or two women. It takes both masculinity and femininity in covenant marriage to fully transmit God’s image to the next generation to continually perpetuate God’s kingdom influence.

Hence, before any further development of civilization existed, marriage between one man and one woman was the foundation of maintaining order and subduing the chaos in the created order.

Connected to this equilibrium that maintained order is that God originally framed humanity with two genders based on a biological framework, not a psychological one.

Tru Trips #homophobia #transphobia #pratt

(submitter’s note: in response to a post saying that it’s valid to be openly queer and it’s valid to be in the closet or still figuring things out.)

So this is Pride, are you proud of this? Absolutely VILE reprobates. Do what you want in private - STOP BEING P3RVERTS NAKED IN FRONT OF CHILDREN AND TRYING TO MAKE CHILDREN TAKE UNNEEDED MEDICATION!

Carrots90 , RighteousIndignation & Spencer_Shayy #transphobia

( Carrots90 )
New words for the GC dictionary, feel free to add

deGENDERate ‘non-binary’ males who feel entitled to use women’s spaces but don’t even pretend to think they are themselves women

duTIFul when TIFs cape for TIMs because TIFs have ‘male privilege’ and don’t suffer ‘transmisogyny’

feMENism libfemmery. Women centering men in their activism and labors

foresPEAK when someone is on the path to seeing how insane trans ideology is, but they are trying very hard not to see it

inFETISHtation the condition of being overrun with any type of perverted pestilence. eg “Reddit is now infetished with TIMs on all sites”

inTERFace the device or system everyone has to utilize when working with mentally stunted wokesters to prevent meltdowns, drama, and work stoppages

inTRANSigence the ability to steadfastly defend trans ideology despite facts, history, reason, common sense, etc

les-bane anyone who is a bane to lesbians. Any person who is not a woman exclusively attracted to women but claims the name, spaces, compliance, etc of lesbians

male-icious how uniquely horrible TransWomen treat women, friend or foe

masTERFul JKR dealing with TRA crybabies

overesTIMate how TIMs rate their passability/looks/personality

queersling from quisling. actual gay people who sell out the LGB for the TQIAA+++ headpats

subTERFuge undercover GC work. I’m convinced at least some of the ‘handmaidens’ are double agents. Pretending to be selling out the sistershood but doing the goddesses work. “You should definitely say that/wear that/post that” etc

suPERVise when TIMS invade lesbian spaces to look for wrongthink, and to perv

( RighteousIndignation )
Spatch-cocked when a man gets his penis turned inside out and shoved into a hole drilled thru his pelvis.

(courtesy of another ovarit user who's name I don't know).

( Spencer_Shayy )
These are hilarious! I think "les-bane" is my favorite. "Queersling" is good, too, but I prefer "Vichy Gay/Lesbian".

( Carrots90 )
I love Vichy Gay/Lesbian too!!

Someone dared to call Mr Menno that When he opposed trans lunacy. Which is rich, considering that the TQ is imho, the worst thing to happen to the LGB community in the West since HIV crisis

Daniel Estulin #wingnut #sexist #transphobia #homophobia #enbyphobia #conspiracy #dunning-kruger

And so it’s obvious, what we’re seeing right now the attack is directed against gender, as I said earlier. And so in the pre-modern times, gender was sacred. In other words, masculinity = closer to God, feminine = closer to the Earth. Modern put masculine and feminine on the same level. In other words, we’re equal. So postmodern affirms that equal rights cannot exist for men and women, male and female.

And in fact, again, we’re looking at the dialectic. Postmodern affirms that we have to eliminate gender because the existence of gender is already a pre-modern, a Patriarchal Model.

So according to them, the people behind all this pride, LGBT plus, plus, plus movements, gender has to be like a nation of individual choices, just like as human beings have the right to, for example, cross borders of different countries. People also have the right to change their sex. And not just once, but many, many, many, many times.

Again, I insist. This isn’t some wacky conspiracy theory. These people understand what they’re doing. We don’t understand, because we have no clue, because we’re being brainwashed into believing all this nonsense.
And everything that seemed absolutely unbreakable in the modern structure, that resulted from the process of liberation; from this transcendental verticality, all this, in turn in the Postmodern world is exposed to a deconstruction and change of meaning…And so, if the individual can represent a parliament of organs, then it is not an individual, it’s a “dividual”, not individual. In other words, the individual becomes a post-individual agglomerate.

So again, we’ve gone from humanity to trans-humanity. The next stage is post-humanity. We become a post-individual. And this has to do with the dispersion of personality…and so, instead of “me”, we have this Black Hole that makes itself known via this nebulosity, pulverization of these many different fragments.

ShoFuKan #transphobia

Trannies feel the need to place their politics everywhere because that's their one and only personality trait. Being Trans is political. It's why they always say "Trans Rights, Trans Rights" to each other without defining what those rights actually are. When they post the flag, it's to signal to other members of the "In group" that they're an ally/friend.

So the bumper sticker on Claire's truck in 2077,

the graffiti in A Hat in Time,

And now this,

Is it any wonder why people have a Pavlovian instinct to reject them when they see these colors/flag? This is a dog whistle, essentially. People sympathetic to this cause put it in as an empty virtue signal but it's really Aposematism to anyone not sympathetic. "This creation has been subverted by ideologically aligned people and buying it or playing it is at least acknowledging trans ideology, which is what they really want, so stay away." Is what it's saying when the "out group" looks at these colors.

The sad thing is trannies will never understand that if they don't force their ideology they might be accepted. The way they're doing it now is like using a crowbar in dentistry.
And all of this isn't talking about legitimate reasons to dislike trannies, namely being the pedastry that's practiced in the community.

Sheva, legopants & dasehe #transphobia #psycho

Man charged with killing transgender woman following argument in Harford County

( Sheva )
And no women were harmed. That sits just fine with me.

( legopants )
Just wait till this is posted by even one tra on Twitter. Women will be blamed immediately

( Sheva )
Women will be blamed regardless of the situation or the outcome. That’s what men do, especially TiMs

( dasehe )
I've hit the point I can't be arsed about what Twitter TRAs are going to do. TIMs are just gonna TIM. I only care that it isn't weaponised in legislation against women. I'm not an optimist about that point, but that's still a fight that has to be taken on.

Mike The Health Ranger Adams #wingnut #conspiracy #quack #transphobia

Brighteon Broadcast News, June 19, 2024 – RE-EDUCATION CAMPS being constructed across the country to detain AMERICANS

- FEMA camps and government weaponization. (7:53)

- Whistleblower's allegations of child mutilation cover-up in a Texas hospital.

- Kansas AG sues #Pfizer over alleged fraud and #censorship collusion. (20:46)

- Holding pharmaceutical companies accountable for vaccine injuries and deaths. (25:58)

- Re-education camps for conservatives in the US. (30:49)

- USDA's alleged plans to exterminate cattle and farming communities as a food sabotage operation. (43:07)

- Mind control, fifth generation warfare, and technology manipulation. (56:33)

- Globalist agenda to control the population through technocracy. (1:07:59)

- Targeted individuals and mind control technology. (1:14:05)

- Manipulation of public opinion through media narratives and censorship. (1:22:37)

- 5G technology as a potential weapon system and the need for awareness and action to protect society. (1:38:34)

- AI, nanotechnology, and their potential dangers. (1:43:25)

Parents With Inconvenient Truths about Trans #transphobia

Dear Son,

It has been seven months since I last saw you. You looked then just like I had at your age, but with darker hair. Now, after more than half a year of wrong-sex-hormones, you have changed.

Your personality is more assertive, you look to take better care of your appearance. Is that because it is a lie? Because you can no longer look presentable without caring about it? You are brash and confident, like you are imitating your mother's powerful personality in a vain attempt to be more like her.

And you are like her. Looking at you now, after so long, I suddenly see it. I suddenly realize why this visit has been so uncanny. You no longer look like me, your brother, or any other man you know. You look just like your mother. You could be her daughter, but you are not. You will never be, though you have been deceived into believing you can be.

I will be waiting eagerly for you to return to us, in sanity, even though you reject your mother's and my attempts to bring you back.

various commenters #transphobia

“Gender-Affirming Care” Is Increasingly Being Recognized as Unscientific

( pennygadget )
Trans is the only mental/medical condition where the patient is allowed to diagnose themselves and decide which medications and surgeries they need. The doctors only exist to rubber stamp whatever they want. That's how you know the whole thing is bullshit

( Persimmon64 )
Trans is the only subculture fad that allows people to get cosmetic alterations and drugs given to them by doctors to enable them to get a certain aesthetic and the only subculture/fashion/fad that not only relies on fantasy, but forces others including the government and our laws, to play along

( SamanthaK )
Our paychecks too. Since gender affirming care is often paid for by the taxpayer.

( NastasyaFillipovna )
In the famous TV show House MD, its a running theme sorta that patiests lie, always. And House never took any patient for face value for what they were saying.

Wonder how they would've handled TiMs

( syntaxerror )
House frequently makes TRAs screech because of that episode where the patient of the week ended up being an XY male with androgen insensitivity syndrome (basically unresponsive to testosterone) making him appear to be completely female. The problem ended up being cancer on one of the patient’s undescended testicles.

House says the ultimate woman is a man and then says that he has cancer on his left testicle and the patient flips out and screams “I’m not a boy, I’m a girl!” It was revealed earlier in the episode that the girls father had sexually assaulted her (sex at her request, but she was supposed to be 15) and then House basically makes a comment about the dad being gay, now.

What I’m saying is, I can promise you House would not have put up with Trans bullshit for even a second. He was offensively blunt and cruel, and didn’t even mince words with a totally female presenting hermaphrodite because he had a Y chromosome

Parents With Inconvenient Truths about Trans #homophobia #transphobia

June is a tough month for many of us here. Between rainbow-dyed lattes sold at Starbucks, politically (but not grammatically or factually) correct emails from human resources, and roads blocked by another parade, we need to somehow get through the month of “celebrations” with dignity, sanity, and sobriety. I don't know your strategy, but I turn to nature, mindless youtube videos, and humor. Here is my ode to Pride Month. And please, share your non-violent coping strategies.

On the 12th day of Pride month,
the a-holes gave to me
Twelve "perfect allies",
Eleven dudes in dresses,
Ten girls with beards,
Nine meowing furries,
Eight nasty groomers,
Seven rainbow colors,
Six-pack Budweiser,
Five neopronouns,
Four rainbow lanyards,
Three Pride parades,
Two progress stickers,
And a pride flag in a pear tree.

CATHERINE SALGADO #transphobia #crackpot

So if a creepy dude in a dress is leering at you or your little daughter in the women’s restroom and you dislike it, then you’re the problem. Ignore the multiple examples of “transgender” or “gender fluid” males sexually assaulting, injuring, and even raping women and girls in bathrooms; all sane people must cater to those with mental illness. In short, the inmates are running the asylum.

Paul Bury #fundie #conspiracy #wingnut #transphobia #racist #senpai_noticed_us

A lot of parents are trying to find ways to keep their kids safe from the radicalization that is coming from schools, comic books, television shows, movies, and more. Even if a kid jokes about their gender then the radical activists in the schools are brainwashing them to mutilate their bodies, take hormones they should never take, and more. These people are not being held accountable for the damages they are causing our youth.

The government is currently completely in support of encouraging mental illness instead of treating it. I know a lot of parents tell me they can't get away from it. They have to work to pay for the massive inflationary costs thanks to Joe Biden and the Democrats. There are too many taxes they have to pay because the government is too bloated. There is an entire class in America that relies on the government to survive. The rest of us can't afford to pay the costs of all those hand out programs. Illegal aliens are pouring in and getting free services as well. Does anyone care? Is anyone going to correct the bad direction of the government?

I am having trouble finding very much entertainment that is not actively trying to brainwash the youth into their radical ideas that are actually the same old rebellion against God. Isn't it interesting that we can see who is behind all this? Parents if you can find a way to home school your children then do it. If you can find a way to get some land, and grow as much of your own food then do it. If you can find a way to make your own clothing then do it. If you can find a way to support the good entertainment then do it. Satan and his supporters continue to attack Family Friendly Gaming for daring to speak out against the delusions they are encouraging.

Arthur Schaper #homophobia #transphobia

Mayor Trujillo got two things right. The neutral flag policy was an attack on the pride flag, because there was an appropriate flag policy in place before he and his liberal colleagues insisted on forcing other flags on the community. And yes, MassResistance is a well-organized pro-family organization.

It is really shameful that Mayor Trujillo used his position to attack mothers, fathers, immigrants, and Downey residents in general because they did not want to fly the pride flag in the city. It’s really laughable that he calls MassResistance “anti-immigrant,” because we have many immigrants in our activist organization. In fact, in some of our activist groups, we have more immigrants than native-born citizens!

Last of all, it’s obscene that Mayor Trujillo claims that the removal of the pride flag is a step backwards for the community. Have a neutral flag policy is a step forwards for unity in the community. It’s a step forward for standing for truth. The promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism is not the next step in the civil rights movement, but a corruption and a theft of the Civil rights movement. It is deeply offensive that Mayor Trujillo and others insist on stealing the honor and dignity of the Civil Rights Movement to cover up and justify their private traumas and turn sexual perversions into a public spectacle.

To quote Karen Carpenter: “We’ve only just begun.” It is wrong for the city of Downey to provide taxpayer funding for the Downey Pride Festival. Why should any city celebrate an agenda which promotes harmful behaviors which short a person’s lifespan and spread disease. Even Councilman Ortiz opposed the pride festival when he ran for office last year.

This is disgusting behavior from an elected official who is supposed to represent all residents. I think such conduct deserves a motion of censure from this body. No elected official should be allowed to attack and shame city residents, the people whom he is supposed to serve.

CupOfAbominations #transphobia

TRAs and semantic bleaching
For those unfamiliar, semantic bleaching is when the strength of a word becomes diluted due to frequent exaggeration, misuse, or hyperbole. A good example is "literally" being used so often in a figurative sense that its "literal" meaning has been softened, no longer holding the same impact.

I see this happening everywhere, especially with the TQ crowd and I've grown to hate it. I hate it because it's led me to start doubting people at face value. They overuse powerful words to create a false sense of urgency for their cause or to drum up sympathy, and I hate it because of the real-life implications of these words taken less seriously.

When the meaning of "child abuse" has been watered down to also include parents that won't give their children puberty blockers, how are genuine victims of child abuse going to get help when social services are flooded with kids that are "traumatized" because their parents won't call them Lilith?

The meaning of "lesbian" has become "non-man attracted to non-men" (while also implicitly including men in skirts in that definition) and real lesbians can no longer trust any space or community that claims to be lesbian.

"Trigger" no longer means something that can induce a severe PTSD flashback or panic attack, but "thing that makes me mildly uncomfortable"

Their use of "genocide" is perhaps one of the most infuriating. There are real, ongoing genocides happening all over the world. Darfur has been repeating history for several months and almost no major outlets are reporting on it. The Uyghurs are one of many, many ethnic minorities in China that are being cleansed. How narcissistic, how out of touch with reality do you have to be to put yourself on the same level as genocide victims because a law won't let children cut off their breasts?

Semantic bleaching of these powerful words is having a chilling effect on our ability to empathize with other humans. It's gradually making us more cynical, more skeptical when people bring up "abuse" and "trauma" and I hate seeing that cynicism grow within myself; an ugly seed that grows each time I see someone stealing these words to wear like accessories so that they can boast about who has the worst life.


terfology , Ava & Wrenn #transphobia

( terfology )
“You Can’t Define Woman Because of XYZ”
“You can’t define woman because _____”!

• “Some women don’t get periods!”

• “Some women are infertile!”

• [Insert other willfully ignorant excuses here]

Ignoring the fact that everyone — including the people making these arguments — are indeed aware of what is a woman and what is a man, its also a miracle that they only seem to misunderstand “the exception is not the rule” when it comes to women’s rights.

Let’s try applying that logic to other things as well, shall we?

Mammals are animals where the females breastfeed their young, among some other qualifications. According to TRA logic, women that can’t breastfeed are no longer mammals.

Humans are bipedal. According to TRA logic, people who have lost their legs or cannot use them are no longer humans.

Humans have two kidneys. If you get rid of one, I guess you’re no longer a person!

It’s almost like… TRAs are full of bullshit, and know exactly what a woman — er, sorry, I mean an “AFAB” — is!

Women who don’t have periods know they are women. Women who can’t get pregnant know they are women. The only women who need reassurance that they are women, aren’t women at all. They’re men.

(Feel free to add more examples in the comments if you want.)

( Ava )
Yeah, "TERFs" don't even claim that fertility is what makes you a woman.

Infertile women still have a female reproductive system. We can see that their bodies would produce viable eggs if not for whatever issue is inhibiting the process. Meanwhile TIMs are never considered "infertile" for not producing eggs, because we can see they have a male reproductive system organized around producing sperm.

Topics like menstruation and pregnancy are relevant to women's rights because only women can experience them, but that doesn't mean all women experience them. But as you said, TIMs are willfully ignorant. I'm sure they can understand this logic, they just think that playing word games will force people to accept them as women.

( Wrenn )
For people who claim to be so scientific, they really quickly forgot the basic premise of a subset.

Here are some to refresh the memory of any lurkers :


Not all women have a uterus. But all adults with a uterus are women.

Not all men are pornsick AGPs who cut off their penis. But all pornsick AGPs who cut off their penis are MEN!

ImNewHere & overanddone #transphobia

( ImNewHere )
I expect a fair few of you have also been through the sinking, often scary feeling of your female friends deserting you for being gender critical. How do you reconcile it and move on?

Yesterday I posted on instagram stories ‘I’m sick of this. It’s not hard to say woman’ under an article about women’s reproductive health that referred to ‘uterus owners’ and ‘people who get pregnant’ etc. That’s all I said. Within hours I’d had 3 separate girlfriends tell me I’m wrong because transmem aren’t women (nnng!!!), and 2 others flatly say I’m a bigot. A couple have unfollowed me. I’m talking people I’ve known since university.

I know reading this on the screen has a degree of anonymity and therefore it’s easy to say well that’s stupid, find new friends. But obviously it really really hurts too. And it’s really quite alarming to feel that you’re the only person who hasn’t fallen for this emperor’s new clothes lunacy. Most of my friends are the intelligent left-leaning types – like me!

Anyway, how do you mentally cope with it? I’ve been sick to my stomach all day. I’m confident that I’m right and I have a right to my own opinion, but it still doesn’t take away the feeling of “oh shoot, should I have done that?!”

( overanddone )
It's fear. They are afraid. Sad to say, I have many former friends like this. It was painful, but through the pain a few people poked their heads up and said me too. I treasure those people. They are true friends.

I circled the wagons with the few I could trust. And then...I am happy to say we spend time mocking the cult and figuring out ways to poke the beast. They are so easily mocked!

They know we are right. Who could argue with women's reproductive systems and how they affect our lives? Who could argue that a man should strip search a woman passenger in a TSA back room? Who can argue men in women's sports...prisons...hospitals...

We all could go on and on. Your friends know they have to tow the TRA line or be subjected to the same behavior you are receiving. They are scared. And they are not as strong as you are. They may also believe it's a right wing issue, that no one on the left is not enamored of the gender cult. This is so not true.

Find your few friends or family with whom you can be honest. Then have a right good gathering and mock the afflicted. My mother would not be proud that I just said that.

various commenters #transphobia

Normal people being awoken to the crazy shit you people are saying/doing =/= “far right” trying to start a culture war

( Unicorn )
Nah buddy, people are just sick of being fed bullshit.

And transgenderism is basically a culture war. The entire concept of trans exists on gender—socially, culturally, constructed sex-based stereotypes. Your group has been a "massive culture war" since its inception.

( no- )
“Why do people hate us just for existing?” They ask. No one gave an f about transsexuals before they decided everyone had to pray to their gender god or lose their jobs and reputation. Transgenderism is a lie, a pseudoscientific but profitable fabrication. There’s only so much bullshit and censorship people can take before they get sick of it, especially when it’s causing as much damage as it is.

( ratherbecomes )
That's what gets me. They started the culture war, and when anyone gets involved against it, they accuse them of actually being the ones starting a war.

( OwnLyingEyes )
They think they have some kind of divine right to tear everything down and remake it to suit themselves and are outraged that other people think we have some kind of right to oppose them.

( Exempli_Gratia )
Shit, it's not even just opposition, it's anything short of absolute brainwashed obedience - they want to completely recreate reality and the way we perceive it and we're not even allowed to say, "no thank you, I think I'll stick with my current beliefs and worldview." We have to live in and completely accept and believe their reality or they'll throw a gigantic screaming shitfit.

I'm sick of being asked to submit to the tantrums of grown-ass adults. I refuse to do it any more

( Women1st )
That’s how you silence someone. Call them a racist, transphobe, Karen, whatever.

( pennygadget )
"I don't think kids in public schools should be forced to accept Jesus Christ as their lord and Savior. Its not fair to kids who don't believe in Christianity"


various commenters #transphobia

Very human problems in the field of gender medicine

( Calidris )
I'd never tell anyone else what they should think, and I definitely do understand where you're coming from.

But I disagree. I am going full on scorched earth and I will call these people what I think they are, evil. If you cannot call the doctors who cut healthy organs off of mentally ill people evil, what is even evil? Thinking you're doing a good thing is not an excuse, as a German I should know, all our Nazis did their crimes against humanity for "the greater good" after all.

( sylviasmushrooms )
I’m an American. I think a big part of the problem is that people literally DO forget that the nazis and their followers were human beings, doing monstrous things… not monsters, unconditionally evil beyond comprehension.

That framing makes it easy for other people in this era doing monstrous things to write it off, because it’s as if a weird sense of determinism is guiding people’s morals. “Only monsters could ever fall into dangerous and damaging ideologies built on hate. I’m not a monster, therefore my ideology with colorful flags is good. We aren’t coercing and suppressing dissenting thoughts and speech, we are defeating HATE, among other monsters, who therefore must be nazis.”

The evil inherent in this must be acknowledged, absolutely, but humans are the only species that just keeps falling for it so I think there’s a lot of truth in this piece.

( Persimmon64 )
"The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

We have countless movies and books and story arcs covering this very common theme, yet people are unable to recognize it when they are the ones commiting the atrocities.

( Spencer_Shayy )
I'm sure they also used the "greater good" excuse for lobotomies too. They sure as fuck use it for every goddamn war.

( elizamondegreen )
They're doing a terrible thing. That's not the same as doing a terrible thing with terrible intent... but of course very few people do terrible things with terrible intent. Most have to be persuaded by some idea -- however dangerous and deadly -- that they are doing some kind of good for someone (no matter the costs to others).

But where I suspect we agree is that their intentions don't diminish their culpability whatsoever.

SlowCollapse & pennygadget #transphobia

1 in 6 Hiring Managers have been told to stop hiring white men

( SlowCollapse )
Not gender-related you may say?

But consider this. There is one and only one way for a 'straight white male' to opt out of that lowest-of-the-low identity. Transition! - and that gets them directly to a triple oppression combo, trans/woman/lesbian, suddenly they're precious 'diverse individuals', in high demand by DEI-driven hiring.

Is the demonisation of the 'straight white male' a factor in the rise of trans identities? This isn't related to anger at men for their violence and mistreatment of women, it's about the weaponisation of intersectionality to create a common enemy of all 'oppressed groups', and lash out at it. It has been enabled by the redefinition of words, 'you can't be racist against whites or sexist against men', the same weaponisation of language that has empowered the trans movement.

( pennygadget )

Is the demonisation of the 'straight white male' a factor in the rise of trans identities?

I absolutely believe that it is. How can a White Man resist doing something simple to take himself from the bottom of the oppression stack to the top? Especially if he runs in leftist circles and it will benefit him in multiple avenues?

Geoffrey Grider #fundie #homophobia #transphobia #wingnut #conspiracy

The end times 2SLGBTQIAAP++ Movement and agenda has its roots firmly planted in the pages of the Bible in what Jesus calls the Days of Lot.

Here in the closing days of Barack Obama’s third term, the seeds he has planted in our nation since 2008 have grown up into a massive tree that dwarfs the landscape with a disproportionate focus on what is now called the…(taking a deep breath) the 2SLGBTQIAAP++ Movement. According to the site Queer Events, that stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Two-Spirit, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Agender and Pansexual. But the one letter that does not show up on the list but is most definitely there is ‘C’ for children, because that seems to the main target of all their activities, the grooming and recruiting of children. Just ask Elmo.

“He beholdeth all high things: he is a king over all the children of pride.” Job 41:34 (KJB)

On this episode of the NTEB Prophecy News Podcast, the Pride Movement started out in 1970 seeking tolerance for their lifestyle, and they soon got it. Next, they sought for acceptance and after a hard-fought battle they achieved that as well. For the third phase, dominance, they needed a president who could force their agenda through, and in 2008, Barack Obama was elected as Newsweek famously reported as the ‘first gay president’. It is from this point on that sexual orientation becomes the law of the land, with severe repercussions for anyone and everyone who stand against it. Remember the Christian baker? Careers and reputations were ruined as the behemoth, or more accurately, Levithan, that is the 2SLGBTQIAAP++ Movement roared into existence. On this episode, we show you just how dominant this movement has become, a movement that has its roots firmly planted in the Bible as the Days of Lot.

Persimmon64 , Uber & RighteousIndignation #transphobia

( Persimmon64 )
New Year's Resolution
I'm done using their language. I'm done playing their games.

My New Year's resolution for 2024 is to stop it all and take my language back.

I'm not calling it "transition" "medical transition" or "social transition" ever again. It's pretending to be the opposite sex. It's cosmetic surgeries, synthetic hormones, and genital mutilation for the purpose of deceiving others into believing one is the opposite sex.

I'm never calling another person "trans." They're men who pretend to be women and women who pretend to be men. The only concession I can make is calling them "trans-identified" as that's what they are, people who call themselves "trans." Otherwise, "trans" is a nonexistent concept that I won't play lip service to any longer.

No more "gender dysphoria." I'm calling it how I see it in different individuals: abusive parents, sexual fetish, low self-esteem, self-consciousness, body dysmorphia, autism, internalized homophobia, internalized misogyny, and plain old sexual perversion and misogyny.

No more "gender." These are sexist stereotypes and expectations we're talking about here.

I would encourage everyone here to stop using their terms as well. The language we use shapes our perceptions of the world around us. I know it will be difficult, as I've become so used to seeing, hearing, and using these terms myself, but I've found the more I do it, the easier it gets.

Any other words or phrases I should eliminate from my vocabulary?

( Uber )
Inclusive. I don't use it but I fucking HATE it, like nails on a chalkboard.

It's not really about different races, religions, nationalities, and sexual orientations (unless they're homosexual males) coming together so much as made up identities, victim mentalities, and people who are severely mentally ill and refuse to take the logical steps towards getting well.

( RighteousIndignation )
inclusive to me is just 1984 doublespeak it means exclusionary, it means threatening and excluding those who do not hold the fascist line.

I wave two fingers at everyone who uses the term inclusive, these people and organizations are creepy AF, its the soft spoken through gritted teeth I hate it, Jeffery Marsh is a prime example of what I mean, he hisses comply or else through a fake smile and childish tone.

Spencer_Shayy #transphobia

RE: 2024 could be the year America's trans bubble bursts - The Post

"The biggest drivers of public opposition to the trans movement has always been trans activists themselves"

I always love when people point that out. I was pro-live and let live for "trans" people until I actually met "trans" people and was exposed to the deranged, vile, hateful beliefs they have. To any "trans" lurkers who may come across this, YOU are the reason I hate you and your evil ideology. Congrats on all the enemies you've made. Really. It's mind boggling. The only "marginalized" group people feel LESS empathy towards the more they get to know you.

"General society is not willing to allow more rights for transgender people"

That's because you have "rights" confused with "privileges". You asking for special privileges (and that's all "trans rights" is) is NOT the same as supporting basic human rights for groups that are ACTUALLY oppressed.

"Public understanding of trans issues was always something activists explicitly avoided"

And here lies the heart of the hypocrisy. "Trans" people are treat everyone else like evil idiots, dangerous animals who are just so ignorant until the "wise" AGP incel or self hating pickme girl comes to "enlighten" us, insisting we'd change our minds if we "got to know trans people". And yet, the only reason your heinous ideology has taken hold in modern society is because of a decades long campaign done BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, with "activists" explicitly telling each other to avoid contact with the public and media. Read the Denton document. We were worried about the wrong fascists infiltrating.

Bring on the lawsuits. Bankrupt and jail every butcher who surgically experiments on people. Remove the licenses of every counselor and social worker who tells someone, especially a CHILD, that they're "born wrong". Fire every teacher who pushes children down the pipeline to sterilization and medical mutilation. Take the children away from the parents who "trans" them. Dismiss every doctor who pushes this heinous science denying ideology on their practice and patients. Drag everyone - regardless of who they are - supporting this hate movement wrapped in a pink and blue how.

It's time to put an end to these conservative-in-liberal-clothing tyrants once and for all.

various commenters #transphobia

( MaryDyer )
A common theme from “transbians” on lesbian subreddits
They’re constantly posting about “I just wanna girlfriend”, “why can’t I get a girlfriend?”, “I wanna be someone’s girlfriend”, “how do I get a girlfriend?”

I mean, if it wasn’t already obvious that the vast majority of “transbians” are simply incels trying to re-market themselves, then their posts should be evidence.

1000% desperate incel behavior. It’s pathetic.

( pennygadget )
They could easily solve their problem by dating one another. But they don't because they know that all the transbians are disgusting men. They crave the validation of guilting an actual lesbian into fucking them

Many of these scrotes won't even settle for a pity fuck from a bisexual handmaiden because its not validating enough

( bittersweetcreature )
It is hilarious how none of them seem to be attracted to each other despite their claims to be "real women." Like, their dicks sure as hell can identify women even if their brains claim not to

( mathlover )
"Trans lesbians" are 100% heterosexual men, and remain attracted to women who fulfill male ideals of what women should. They constantly talk about being attracted to straight women and primarily to only very "femme" lesbians

And, yes, there is the also constant whining "I need a gf". Sorry guys, you're stuck with each other. lol

( IrissaIridium )
One of the funniest fucking things to come out of the delusional Trans Lesbians Are Lesbians movement is how the transbians took over the lesbian dating app Her, kicked out all the real lesbians for being TERFs and now do nothing but sit around complaining that no women ever want to hit them up. "Is this app transphobic or sumthin?" Yes, boys, your transaturated "lesbian" app is transphobic (just like reality). Shouldn't be a problem for you to date each other though, right? 🤣

( Sheva )
HER. Otherwise known as HIM

I used to have an account on HER. I had one question and answer listed and it was “what is the biggest attractor for you?” And my answer was “Two X Chromosomes”

I had in my bio “2X only” and “no dudes under any circumstances, in any way shape or form!”

And I STILL got TIMs trying to connect with me. I get offended. Like, that fucking MALE audacity to think I, a Lesbian, would want you, a greasy, hairy man, grotesque man in a dress and a wig that doesn’t quite sit right on your half balding head


various commenters #transphobia

( TisTheSeason )
People have become dumber, but that's also the fault of government and scientific institutions. When they lie about obvious shit, people believe anything. Also there is no more trust in them.

( TheWombstress )
Yeah like the uterus transplants😭 TIMs believe it will happen in 10-20 years even though doctors can’t cure female reproductive illnesses (endometriosis, PCOS, ect) or female cancers.

( SapphoFinn )
To be fair, if it's going to benefit a man, then TIMs might be right and they will probably get the transplants a lot sooner than women will ever get any beneficial research to endometriosis/PCOS etc lol.

( FemmeEtal )
Trust and believe, if the trans billionaire lobby keeps going this way at all, they’ll try to make it happen. How long have breast implants been around and yet we have no cure for breast cancer. Body modification has clearly gotten out of control and isn’t about what’s healthy or realistic.

( VestalVirgin )
I am not sure if all men really would like if that happened.

Cause if it were possible to turn men into fertile women, the logical conclusion is that all the rich and powerful men would turn all the other men into women.

(Putin needs more babies to replace his killed soldiers? Why not turn all those men who have bad knees or whatnot and can therefore not be used as soldiers into women?)

Really, it would be fascinating to create a video game where you rule a country and can turn men into women and vice versa, and watch what players do with it.

Kaisar #wingnut #racist #conspiracy #homophobia #transphobia #fundie

[From “End Results From Winning World War 2”]

Sometimes it is useful to look at the ramifications—the actual, tangible end results—from any event to determine if it was actually a net positive

The West supposedly “won” World War 2. So what were the fruits of that victory?

spoiler"Winning" WW2
•country becomes borderless economic zone
•infinite debt slavery
•infinite immigration
•culture erased
•6 y/o son becomes your daughter
•15 y/o daughter becomes "s*x-worker"
•govt & media call you evil for existing
•you get thrown in jail for asking why

Don’t forget to add:
•Increasing hatred of the races/nations that actually “won” the war
•Complete loss of kin/community because of individualism
•Proliferation of soyboy and industrialized foods
•Widespread demoralization
•State-enforced laws against whites
•Complete loss of true religious faith in the mainstream
•And plenty of others

Sounds kind of like a bad tree bearing bad fruits, doesn’t it?

We sure acquired material abundance here in the States from that war. But given the spiritual decay and massive cultural degeneration that the abundance came wrapped in, I think I would have preferred poverty, truthfully. At least then we’d still have our national soul
@Matthew 16:26

For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?[…]

Just replace “man” with “civilization”. The West[…]certainly won the whole world from that war

As Christ asked, what was the profit? Sixty-ish years of prosperity and abundance?

Maybe I’m radical, but the prosperity we had for those sixty-some years does not quite seem worth the above degeneration list[…]
We made that Faustian trade. Looking back, it sure does not seem worth it. These end results are worse than anyone that actually fought that war back then could have ever imagined

various commenters #transphobia

Abigail Thorn/Philosophy Tube: "let's make transphobia a career-ending move."

( Spencer_Shayy )
It IS already a career-ending move. So many women (and even some men) have been torn to shreds on social media, lost their jobs, threatened, blacklisted, stalked, and even assaulted for not kowtowing to these ugly incels. Declaring yourself "transgender" should be the career-ending move. I'm beyond sick of living under "trans" people's tyranny.

( Exempli_Gratia )
LOL. Bring it on, man. There is nothing you can do to make me bend the knee to you. Nothing you can say that will make me play pretend. No amount of lies, pressure, cancellation or threats will make me submit to you. I dare you to fucking try.

( Sheva )
You minding your own business. Approached from behind by someone with a clearly male voice. “Sorry sir what did you want?” Only to turn around and see a fully grown man in a wig and dress starting tear up. Suddenly you’ve lost your only source of income, unable to provide for your family because this MAN cried “transphobia”.

My point is. 99% of what TIMs and their TRA army call transphobia is made up in their own heads. People should NEVER be punished for the weird shit going on in other peoples heads.

Sure you may get a small handful of people who actually meant to hurt someone, but 99% of the people this clips will be innocent people.

But hey, the more dystopian bullshit they push the more women (and men) peak.

( Agrona )
Why not make men being in women’s spaces a punishable offence? Misogyny? Skinwalking?

( RusticTroglodyte )
It would be much easier to just make being a man a punishable offense, an idea I wholeheartedly support

( Tq231442 )
"Men should start off in jail and prove their way out" 😂😂😂

( BiblikliAkyeretTerf7 )
Uhh... it hasn't already been that?? Women have already lost their jobs for perceived "transphobia". What the hell more does he want?

Anyway, I think these people are dreaming if they don't see the writing on the wall that was 2023. 2024 will be, if anything, a year where transgenderism in particular and wokeness in general (and cancel culture) just becomes even more unpopular that it already has been. This will only increase in the coming years, don't they know that? They are destined to lose.

Amanacer-Fiend0 #transphobia

Personally I think that one of the major problems we have is how easy it is to just declare yourself to be trans and do the bare minimum of looking like a man or woman and Leftists just go along with it because they are afraid of looking transphobic. No amount of questioning what so ever about the "trans" person's intentions.

Like remember Jessica Yaniv? That one "Transwoman" who would go to women's spas and demand the owners give them a bikini wax that they couldn't do due to not being properly trained for the male anatomy? And then filing a lawsuit against the spa for discrimination so that Yaniv can get money from them? And doing this to multiple different spas?

Or Chris-Chan. One of the internet's most infamous lolcows who became a transwoman simply because it can increase his dating pool with lesbians? And Leftists actively defend them since they declared themselves a woman when, going through his well-documented history, he really shouldn't be given any benefit of the doubt?

People like this are why we need to revitalize the term TransTrender, i.e. People who pretend to be trans because they get both social brownie points and a convenient shield to protect them against pushback whenever they do something screwed up. They are seriously making actual trans people look like a bunch of whiny bullies who use their weaponized victim card with impunity whenever they get any pushback for their antics.

Lauren Chen #homophobia #transphobia #biphobia

BlazeTV host Lauren Chen condemned Pride Month on the latest episode of her online show, Pseudo-Intellectual Live. During an interview with fellow BlazeTV personality Auron MacIntyre, Chen said she wanted America to “be on the list of countries where it is not socially acceptable to signal support for pride”[…]
Referring to Pride Month as “Hell Month,” Chen complained that her birthday falls in June and that the pro-LGBTQ celebrations put “a damper on it.” But she said that “this year pride seems to be a little more subdued than it has been previously,” and asked MacIntyre why he believes that is

MacIntyre blamed backlash after last year’s mass shooting at a parochial elementary school in Nashville[…]
Chen pointed out that car manufacturer BMW once again used rainbow versions of its logo on social media, including X (formerly Twitter). She also claimed that when asked why its Middle Eastern social media accounts don’t do this, BMW responded that it’s not “culturally acceptable” in those countries

Chen called this admission “refreshing” and said she wanted this anti-LGBTQ attitude to expand to other countries, like the U.S

“But, so what I want for America, and for every other Western country, is I want America and Canada and the U.K. to be on the list of countries where it is not socially acceptable to signal support for pride,” Chen said

“That’s what I want for the future. I want it to be like, you know, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, America, Canada — these are places where we don’t want our brand associated with pride because we know the public will reject it,” she added. “Because that’s how — honestly that’s how sick of pride I am. And that is how depraved pride I think has always been”

MATT MARGOLIS #dunning-kruger #transphobia

The differences between biological males and biological females explode during puberty," he began. "Girls, during puberty, develop 14% smaller hearts. Their lungs are 12% smaller... You cannot debate that. It's just a biological fact. That helps boys take in oxygen and pump blood more efficiently than girls can. That gives boys a clear edge in endurance sports like swimming, for example, cycling, rowing..."

Kennedy still wasn't done explaining the differences between boys and girls.

Girls develop a wider pelvis. That decreases the amount of force their legs exert when they're lifting, when they're kicking, when they're pedaling. That's another relative disadvantage, vis-à-vis boys or men, when you compare female athletes to their male counterparts. Now boys, in contrast, develop broader shoulders—a biological fact, folks—that allows them to make space for more upper body muscle mass and gives them a decided advantage when competing against a girl. It's hard to think—I can't think of a sport in which a higher muscle-to-fat ratio isn't helpful. The average boy will grow five inches taller than the average girl. It's just a fact. Even when men and women are the same height men have higher levels of bone density, which helps them move more forcefully and to escape more injuries.

Now, Democrats have, in the past sixteen years or so, gone all in on the idea that the physical and biological differences between males and females are irrelevant to what someone 'identifies" as, yet, as Kennedy so succinctly explains, the moment you let a male play on a women's sport's team just because he "identifies" as a woman, he's got a built-in advantage, and will steal opportunities from his female counterparts.

Will Democrats ever admit this?

Understanderson #transphobia

Types of trans
One of the confusing things about trying to talk with people about trans is arriving at a shared understanding of what "trans" even means. The word is used to cover such a broad range of different issues. I sat and wrote it down, and will probably make a graphic of the list once I have it finalized (will share!).

Input? Suggestions? Thanks!


- Classic trans (what most people still think all TIMs are): gay men (HSTS) with internalized homophobia (and in some cases misogyny) who are more comfortable pretending to be women. More likely to get surgeries than other types.

- Straight men (AGP) who are sexually excited either just by wearing women’s clothing or by the idea of themselves as women. Usually need to be “validated” by real women to keep the boner going. More delusional about their appearance than HSTS. Comfortable misogynists.

- Sensitive (mostly) young men who find male stereotypes restrictive or don’t want to be part of the oppressor group. Don't understand women.

- Men and boys caught up in sissy porn, anime and gaming. Incel to trans pipeline. View women as "living on easy mode." Overt misogynists.

- Drag queens - can be gay or straight—put on the “woman” with the clothes, parade her before the crowd, and take her off again when they’re done. Love using misogynist slurs when dressed up as women. Generally contemptuous of women.

- Trenders and opportunists


- Stone butches - “Life is just simpler if people think I’m a man.”

- Young, gender non-conforming lesbians. Internalized homophobia and/or confusion about a supposed lesbian community that includes men in dresses that it's bigoted to reject.

- Straight girls and women with internalized misogyny. Want to be loved by men as equals, not fetishized as female stereotypes; want to be recognized for their abilities and accomplishments without first being judged on their fuckability; are completely alienated by the idea of women presented in porn and popular culture and see what their mothers and other older women have been through and want nothing to do with it.

- Trenders and opportunists

Aero #transphobia #pratt #dunning-kruger

It became more common for minors to troon out in the latter half of the 2010s, as gross perverts online became more emboldened in grooming children to be confused about their sexuality or “gender identity.” Identifying as queer or trans became a fashion statement for many zoomers, similar to punk or goth, but with far more self-mutilation and chemical castration. It’s gotten to the point where it’s estimated that as much as 40% of zoomers identify as being LGBTQ. An obvious disaster for any future population growth, a sure sign of future societal collapse. And also a major self-own, as it casts reasonable doubt on the “born that way” meme.

IrissaIridium , WitchPlease & no- #transphobia

( IrissaIridium )
DAE notice the difference between lesbians' and transbians' responses to being excluded from dating pools?

Lesbians: *completely excluded from being with over 95% of women who are absolutely unwilling to date them*

Lesbians: "It sure does suck to have such a small dating pool! ☹️ I wish I could meet more compatible lesbians to date."

Transbians: *completely excluded from being with less than 1% of women who are absolutely unwilling to date them*

Transbians: "SUCK THE LADY DICK, DYKE! 💢👊💢 KILL ALL TERFS! DIE CIS SCUM! *slithers off to Preddit to post another sour grapes post about mean, ugly dykes/manifesto about lesbians unpacking their sexual biases and genital fetishes/payback rape fantasy against lesbians*"

Nothing says "I'm a man" quite like thinking you're entitled to sex and getting argumentative, aggressive and violent when you're told "no" by a tiny sliver of the population you'd like to have sex with.

(I know plenty of straight and bi women are unwilling to date TIMs too but my point is that lesbians are the only group TIMs have absolutely no hope of being with and they can't even handle the rejection of a tiny population of women without losing their shit).

( WitchPlease )
I find it very funny how they demand to bee seen as ~real lesbians~ and that lesbians date them, but they get upset that their "lesbian" spaces are filled with sausage. They barely pretend to believe the thing they demand everyone else to believe. They know they are men, they know others like them are men, but lesbians are not allowed to notice that.

( IrissaIridium )
I notice they don't go hard against other transbians who only want to be with real women. I've heard TRAs make some weak noises about "internalized transphobia" but it's nothing like the heavy bombing campaign against lesbians. I think their main objection to transbians saying "no T4T" is that those transbians are saying the quiet part out loud and if they're allowed to say that without repercussions, lesbians might get the idea that we are too.

( no- )
If they really believed trans identified men can be lesbians, they’d stop complaining about transphobic terfs who won’t suck dick and start dating each other.

Jormungandr #homophobia #transphobia

There are normal people who are gay/Bi/lesbian than straight, and then there are the, to use old cultural terminology, "mincing gays" which pretty much have become the face of the Rainbow Tumour. The latter are the ones who have gone mainstream.

And the "non-binary" folks I've seen? 90% of the time they're just ugly women, and 10% they're basically gay men in denial.

Unfortunately, when people think Rainbow Tumour, they don't think of the "normal but different orientation" people as a first thought; they automatically think of "fucking grooming weirdos" and "everything must be gay!" nutjobs.

Sadly enough, a lot of older gay men and women have said that if they'd have known what their campaigning would've resulted in thirty or forty years or so down the line, they'd have put down their picket signs and lived out their lives quietly somewhere. Even they're disgusted, and the fact that many want to retro-group back into just the LGB community than the LGBTQIA+Kitchen Sink community kinda says it all.

various commenters #transphobia

RE: Why do so many men defend gender ideology?

( BigBoats )
Unfortuntely, most of the people who push pro-TIM propaganda ARE women though (and TIMs of course). Just look at images of pro-trans demonstrations and you'll see most of them are women. It's the result of extreme female socialization, a desire to receive validation by being self-sacrificing to the extreme because it's been drilled into them that women are only valuable if they don't stand up for themselves.

I rarely see men defend pro-TIM nonsense. Most men don't even care because it doesnt affect them. And the few men who do defend it do so because it makes them look good and they have nothing to lose by defending it, probably.

( bluetinfoilhat )
I find most heterosexual men don't. Those that do generally haven't thought it out much or think it is linked to homophobia and they just knee jerkily want to see pro-gay. Unfortunately, a lot of gay men seem to support it or seem agitated when women talk about how it is negatively affecting women. Even though the trans movement is homophobic. No offense I think it is because many gay men don't value more feminine gay men, so they just don't care.

For the few heterosexual men who seem to support it a lot, I think they get off on trans women intimidating women, forcing themselves on lesbians, and taking away opportunities from women. They are personally not bold enough to go into the women's locker room, but they get off on that some men can get away with it.

( mathlover )
Because gender ideology is part of the foundation of the patriarchy maintaining male oppression of women. Men get what they want from gender ideology; they have no reason to ever object to it.

( Dogmother )
There once was a thread about TIMs and men on Reddit, and the top comment, I kid you not, was a guy saying "Straight men aren't attracted to women, they're attracted to femininity." A hundred replies or so, all defending this guy, it was insane. So pf course men are going to defend TIMs, as long as they make their dicks hard.

( drdeeisback )
Men will always support and defend other men. (Which is how you can be 100% sure they are well aware TIMs are men.)

( shewolfoffrance )
100%. You never see men lecturing other men on the need to be welcoming and inclusive towards TiFs. They're only interested in making sure that women continue to behave like service animals.

Russ Winter #wingnut #racist #transphobia #conspiracy

Even some loyal regular readers may dismiss Winter Watch’s focus on satanic forces and our use of the term “satanists,” but that’s how this spectacle manifests itself. There are more avowed Satanists than most people could possibly imagine. Others may not be Satanists openly, but they endorse inverted principles and, in most cases, without really knowing it. They dwell in a satanic mindset and world view. Thus, they are, at minimum, defacto untermenschen Satanists.

The defining theme of the Satanist, defacto or otherwise, is extreme selfishness, psychodrama and gaming.
The gaming psychodrama aspect of Satanists is what we write about constantly. In our article on dark triads, we highlighted three personality traits: narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy. This is the ticket to be a member of the lording and ruling caste, or what we call the Crime Syndicate or organized New Underworld Order (NUO).
Satanists often have some kind of revenge or grudge psychodrama going on against real and imagined slights and grievances, mostly imagined. A prime example of this is “virtue signalling” and the peddling of the “whiteness” or “white privilege” narrative.

What you are witnessing is effectively “The Matrix” in action. This works to brainwash and warp those who can’t see through it.
They aren’t up to even the minimal standards of a moral society that protects the young from predatory forces. There is a huge difference between what mature adults do sexually in private versus this public sexual grooming of children over the airwaves.

These Satanic PJWs have no concept of that. Satanic discordian untermenschen are hyper-tolerant and are hyper-moral relativists. As Satanists, they follow the Allister Crowley dictate of “Do What Thou Wilt.”

PJW Satanists don’t get the big picture about the sexual and pedophile grooming of children. Children are easy targets of abusers, and this PJW chortling and mocking enables and normalizes that.

Carrots90 , asmahan & Spencer_Shayy #transphobia #wingnut

Skinwalker Tony's U.S. Genocide Coloring Page (a/k/a "Erin's 2024 Anti-Trans Legislative Risk Map")

( Carrots90 )
I am disappointed and angry that my state looks welcoming

We do not want to encourage this

My hate should be enough to turn it Florida Black

( asmahan )
With the "do not travel" and such I think he's channeling the green book and probably compiling the map gave him the euphoria boner he always wanted from being oppressed, by appropriating the trappings of the American black experience.

( Spencer_Shayy )
Feeling so blessed that my state is not a safe place for these perverts.

"Every day, I’ve gotten messages from worried people wondering how they are supposed to assess their risk of staying in their home state."

White and straight people, rejoice! You, too, can now get on the oppression bandwagon and pretend that the public not validating the gender you picked from someone's Tumblr blog puts you on the same level as an actual oppressed person!

"The messages range from parents of trans youth wondering if their children will be taken from them"

Oh, they should. If you "trans" your child, you are abusive, dangerous, and that child should be given to a family who will accept them for who they are.

"trans teachers wondering if their jobs will be safe in coming years."

God, I hope not. Even if the "trans" teachers aren't perverts or deranged activists, do we really want someone who believes children can be born in the wrong body, and require unethical medical interventions to "fix" them, around kids?

"Sometimes people just want to know if there is a safer state they can move to nearby."

Keep in mind, these people aren't in any actual danger. They want to know which states uphold their ideology. That's it.

"Now more than ever, it is a question that needs answering for so many transgender people facing forced medical detransition,"

OK, that is not happening. At all. Detrainsitioners are choosing to do so because they've wised up and realized this "transgender" bullshit is just that - bullshit. No doctor is forcing someone to detransition. But hey, whatever gets you hard, Tony.


various commenters #transphobia

>Ask for the literal impossible >Whine on Reddit about how impossible things are impossible. ⚠️KEEP HIM AWAY FROM CHILDREN⚠️

( Re-enacterf )
I have no sympathy for a male who destroys his strength, health, and fertility for a fetish. None. Suck it up there bud

And yeah, he's probably a pedophile, who just wants an excuse to be around children.

( Lipsy )
Maybe someday this dude will identify as a mermaid and will become SUPER dysphoric about not being able to breathe oxygenated water through gills. "Well, I COULD keep breathing through my lungs landgills, but wink wink, we all know why I'd be doing that." And that'd be all he wrote 🧜🏿.

( legopants )
If this was an actual woman who genuinely wanted to be a mother, like the child was the actual focused, fostering or adopting would be fine.

Instead, it's a man who fetishizes something he'll never be able to do and likely gets off when he imagined it breastfeeding

( SamanthaK )
This is how kids go missing and then end up dead.

( Carrots90 )
Dude. Definitely don’t have kids

He doesn’t want kids, which is fine,

he just wants to be pregnant….which is creepy

BlackCirce & TheKnitta #transphobia

RE: Gender Ideology, Queer Theory, and Identity Politics are based on Post-Modernism not Liberalism

( BlackCirce )
Yeah I kinda bristle at the usage of liberal feminist to mean transfeminists or “intersectional” feminists or postmodern feminists. I’m not really sure what they should be called but they are definitely not liberal and the ones I know personally openly despise liberals. I usually say social justice (sj) feminists. It’s hard to even call them feminists because their stated goal is making everyone equal / liberated which doesn’t have anything to do specifically with women. I’ve also toyed with the idea of calling it post-feminism since if women don’t really exist, feminism is not necessary.

( TheKnitta )
That’s a good point. I’m quick to yell when people blame genderwoo on ‘the left’ that it’s not the real left, but I’m very guilty of using ‘liberal feminism’. The very term ‘liberal’ has been as mangled and perverted as the term ‘feminism’ in the current world we inhabit, and neither mean what the dictionary says.

‘Faux-feminists’ works well enough, although it’s very negative.