Like homophobia, but for transgender people

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Today’s Situation Update podcast covers the weaponization of weather systems to target human infrastructure. It is over two hours in length and features interviews with Dane Wigington (see below) as well as a first responder on the ground in Central Florida.

As these interviews reveal, exotic weapon systems are being used to achieve global biosphere destruction which encompasses agricultural collapse, fertilizer disruptions and supply chain breakdowns that are designed to achieve mass global famine.

If these attacks on our world are not stopped, they could end in an Extinction Level Event (ELE), warns Wigington.

Each interview is posted here separately, followed by the full Situation Update podcast which includes other analysis.

First interview: Weather weaponization

– Dane Wigington from GeoengineeringWatch.org describes the weaponization of Hurricane Ian
– Modern tech can control the direction and intensity of storms and droughts
– Florida’s phosphate fertilizer industry was in direct path of the hurricane
– Global attacks against the biosphere target crops, fertilizer and food production
– The destruction of the biosphere is aiming to be an Extinction Level Event (ELE)
– Globalists are unleashing ecological destruction that will take CENTURIES to heal
Get the full analysis (2+ hours)
Full Situation Update podcast (which also includes the above two interviews):

– The storm took offline 50% of North America’s phosphate fertilizer production
– Supply chain disruptions mean REBUILDING Florida will take years
– Black mold is about to start growing in all the water-saturated buildings and homes
– Second interview with hurricane first responder who says US Coast Guard has massive stockpile of BODY BAGS
– Actress takes vaccine, sees half her face PARALYZED, and says she would take it again
– San Francisco hands out free monkeypox vaccines to black people (no whites), trans and prostitutes
– US Congress military aid to Ukraine hits $65 billion, but no money for US border wall

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Trans identity has risen among children exponentially in just the last five to ten years. We're talking about a ten or twentyfold increase, or more. This is the result of deliberate indoctrination. There can be no other explanation. I'll explain why.

The Left says the increase in trans identity is illusory. They say that there were always this many trans people but they simply weren't comfortable coming out in the past. This claim is absurd on its face and doesn't pass the common sense test, but it's also self-contradictory

Why? Because the Left ALSO says that if we do not "affirm" all of these children as trans, they will kill themselves. The worst form of emotional blackmail.

And yet, by their telling, there were MILLIONS of unaffirmed trans kids for decades and centuries before this. And yet there was never any epidemic of millions of kids killing themselves due to lack of affirmation.

No, the tragic epidemic of child suicide has happened ALONGSIDE the rapid increase in "affirmation." Which clearly shows that by "affirming" we are driving the suicide epidemic. Not the other way around. The trans agenda drags kids into despair and confusion and leaves them there

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In more recent years, we have seen subjective opinion elevated to the level of objective truth. If a person embraces “his truth” or “her truth,” then everyone else is supposed to embrace that as “truth” as well—at least in certain “politically correct” matters. We see this in recent developments in transgender issues. For millennia, gender was considered an objective issue—a person was male or female based on a set of external, objective, and verifiable criteria. Now, certain cultural forces are attempting to make gender subjective. A male who decides to be female is simply embracing “his truth” or as the cultural forces would have us say, “her truth.” And even though the transgender person’s gender is “subjective,” his or her subjective truth must be treated as objective, as if it fully conformed to reality. If a person hints that the chosen gender of a transgender person is merely “their truth,” then he has committed an almost unforgiveable sin. The subjective has been elevated to the level of the objective, and the objective has been denigrated to the level of the subjective. The world has been flipped upside down.

But reality has a way of encroaching on people’s opinions. Try as they might, it is impossible for people to get away from the concept of objective truth. A person who says that a person can choose his own gender is, in fact, making an objective statement. That statement is either true or false. The person who makes the statement will not be satisfied if you agree that this is only “their truth.” They will insist that this is an objective statement that is true for everyone. Even the statement “objective truth does not exist” is an objective statement. Those who make it will often try to argue that it corresponds to reality and is therefore objectively true, thus defeating their own argument.

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'Woke' Target Peddling 'Trans' Clothing to Teens.
Gender dysphoria is a mental illness that compels a majority of those who suffer from it to want to kill themselves. Target is making that illness normal for young teens by selling them “trans” underwear. What could go wrong?


I stopped going to Target when they started allowing men into the women’s bathroom. So, it’s been Years, since I’ve stepped foot inside one of those shitholes!! 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

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r/honesttransgender discussion about "genital preferences" goes as expected


( ladyagatha )
Literally every time “genital preferences” come up, it’s the same flow.

Genital preferences are valid!!! ➡️ Except you should really interrogate WHY you have them, did society TELL you to have genital preferences?? Maybe you should rethink that. ➡️ Genital preferences are transphobic.

( FemmeLesbian )
I fully believe that reason the conversation around rape culture suddenly stopped is because TIPs realized that them telling people "to examine their preferences" is, in fact, rape culture.

( ladyagatha )
Light bulb moment. Yikes. Makes sense. Just another MRA movement.

( crodish )
I don't even understand what kind of conversation these people are trying to have. They say it's fine to have "genital preferences" and in the same sentence claim it's transphobic. It's basically only okay for THEM to have, but not the people they want to date. Double standards at its finest

How the hell can you even have a conversation about this "respectfully"? The moment someone says they're not okay with one type, everyone of that type takes offense at it. They keep saying shit like "nothing wrong if you don't want to date transwomen, but it's transphobic if you don't want to date a transwoman because she has a dick" no my dude it's never been about the genitals. I don't care if "she" has gotten "her" dick inverted and it's the best vaginoplasty the butcher circle has seen. "She" is male, and that's why I'm not attracted, full stop.

Even for bisexuals, they aren't a dumping ground for rejected transgender people. Everyone has the right to be attracted to whomever they feel like and also reject them FOR ANY REASON. Relationships are not an obligation nor a contract.

( ProxyMusic )

I don't even understand what kind of conversation these people are trying to have.

Phew. I thought it was just me. I could not follow the line(s) of "reasoning" in that convo at all.

( hmimperialtortie )
That’s it. They can say no to anyone (as if they’re ever going to be in that position) but nobody is allowed to say no to them, for any reason.

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It is quite simple, sir. Please consider that gender is assigned by God in the womb, and there are only male and female (Genesis 1:27) and that is simply all that really exists. The Cult of Transgender tends to force those who even have the slightest inclination they are something other than what God made them, they suck them in. Then they lobbied the psychological institutions to push so-called "transitioning" as the ONLY remedy for gender confusion, which is caused by the fluoride and the birth control hormones in the water. When people realized they have made a mistake, they seek to undo the bodily mutilation they were indoctrinated to undergo and the Cult of Transgender shames and rebukes them and ignores their existence so the mental health professionals they lobbied continue to go ahead and push teenagers on hormones. Also of note is that most Transgenderism in men is caused by autogynephilia as well as social rejection, and can be the result of a co-morbid disorder such as autism, which is caused by the mercury in vaccinations that kids are pushed on at such an early age. So-called Transgendered folks have a suicide rate of 41 percent, and sex changes only increase this rate. We need to treat the mentally ill far better than we do, but the liberals keep on pushing this ideology that you can exercise veto power over the will of God because mere man thinks he IS God nowadays. What a shame, really. --Elvis is King (talk) 20:35, 9 January 2018 (UTC)

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What is
It is the moment you see the emperor is naked. It can’t be unseen.

It is the moment when you stop being “both sides” and realise there is no both sides to sterilising children with puberty blockers and hormones.
No both sides to safe guarding women’s spaces

So when did you peak?

I peaked late in January 2022 after realising what kind of utter bullying from a group of grown men with large Twitter-accounts (trans allies) two of my Twitter sisters

They had been active long before I realised 2/

Before that, I had been kind. I had pressed “Like” on every tweet that had said “Trans women are women” (my excuse: I had no idea they meant it literally). I had written supportive comments to those who wrote that the TERFS just wanted the trans women to not exist. 3/

Before that, I believed the false narrative that the the gender critical people wanted trans people dead.

I had believed the false narrative that young people would kill themselves unless they got puberty blockers and hormones. Before that, I thought sex change was possible 4/

Before that I hadn’t understood the fuzz of not welcoming trans women into women’s changing rooms.

Before that, I thought all trans women were gorgeous influencers who had been dysphoric since they were toddlers and BELONGED in the women’s spaces. 5/

Before that, I didn’t have a clue that 90% of trans women have made no change to their body whatsoever, to look like a woman.
Thus their naked body is a male’s body.

Before that I had never heard of the self-ID-law, that was enforced in Norway in 2016, by the conservative government of
and her ministry of health,
(two of my former favourite politicians).

Before that, I didn’t know that all it takes for a man to “become a woman” in Norway, is to send an electronic form to the authorities.

“Self-ID”, thus no consultation needed beforehand.

One electronic form to become a woman and get access to vulnerable women’s safe spaces. 8/

Before that, I thought schools taught there are two sexes.
I knew that one sexologist (a trans), who hadn’t done any research but yet was referred to as a professor, claimed there were 7 sexes and that there is a difference between the sex you are and the sex you feel you are 9/

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Yeonmi Park has experienced plenty of struggle and hardship, but she does not call herself a victim.

One of several hundred North Korean defectors settled in the United States, Park, 27, transferred to Columbia University from a South Korean university in 2016 and was deeply disturbed by what she found.

"I expected that I was paying this fortune, all this time and energy, to learn how to think. But they are forcing you to think the way they want you to think," Park said in an interview with Fox News. "I realized, wow, this is insane. I thought America was different but I saw so many similarities to what I saw in North Korea that I started worrying."

Those similarities include anti-Western sentiment, collective guilt and suffocating political correctness.

She was also shocked and confused by issues surrounding gender and language, with every class asking students to announce their preferred pronouns.

"English is my third language. I learned it as an adult. I sometimes still say 'he' or 'she' by mistake and now they are going to ask me to call them 'they'? How the heck do I incorporate that into my sentences?"

"It was chaos," said Yeonmi. "It felt like the regression in civilization."

"Even North Korea is not this nuts," she admitted. "North Korea was pretty crazy, but not this crazy."

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1. Covid was used to control countless millions around the world and it was easy for the medical tyrants to pull it off. […]

2. The Democrats told us that Trump, with the help of Putin, rigged and stole the 2016 presidential election away from Hillary. […]

3. The Transexual fad is perhaps the most egregious delusion. […]

4. The Climate Change cultists are ruining our economy by pushing green energy, which simply cannot compete with oil, natural gas, and coal. […]

5. Kamala Harris and Biden’s press secretary cannot make the border secure simply by telling us that it is secure! […]

6. The Democrats are so deluded that they think spending more money can lessen inflation! […]

7. The Democrats have relentlessly demonized President Trump. […]

8. The mainstream media, also known as the legacy media, also known as presstitutes, are an insult to real journalism. […]

9. It’s a delusion to think we are being run by patriots looking out for the best interests of Americans. The Democrats despise MAGA. […]

10. It’s delusional to think we can again send humans to the moon when we never sent them there the first time…but that’s a subject for a future cartoon.

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Putin begins his speech. He starts talking about the "votes" to join Russia in Russia-controlled parts of Ukraine. "The people have made their choice [...] this is the will of millions." Putin says southeastern Ukraine is actually part of Russia because the Russian state's predecessors ruled it, it was part of the Russian empire, and because the USSR fought to free it from the Nazis in World War II. Putin says people in southeastern Ukraine now are going to live in "their true historical fatherland." "I want the Kyiv government and their real bosses in the west to hear me ... Residents of Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson are becoming our citizens forever." Putin calls on Ukraine to stop fighting and negotiate an end to the war with Russia. But these territories are off limits. "We will defend our lands with all the means at our disposal and do everything to protect our people. This is our great liberating mission." "The west is looking for new ways to strike against our country, to weaken and destroy Russia [...] they just can't put up with there being such a big country with its territory, rich natural resources, and people who won't live on anyone else's rules." Putin says the west wants to make Russia a "colony," "rob" it, and turn its people into a "crowd of voiceless slaves." "They don't need Russia, but we do." He says the western elite is "colonial" are "racist" because they are "spreading Russophobia all over the world." "The west has said for centuries it is bringing freedom and democracy to the world. Everything is exactly the opposite," Putin says. The only people who are ready to live according to US rules are "political masochists and other followers of non-traditional political relations," a homophobic joke. Putin rants about sex change operations. "This is unacceptable. We have our own future. "Outright Satanism" in the west (though Putin disappointingly did not expand on this). Putin says Russia wants to lead an "anti-colonial movement" to liberate the world. "We need to turn this disgraceful page. Western hegemony will be smashed. This is inevitable. We must do this for our people, the great historical Russia." "If I'm Russian, it means I love in Russian" "Truth is on our side. Russia is with us!"

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A woman from Scotland has flown to Miami to have her 16-year-old gender-confused child's healthy breasts removed. She, allegedly, was initially booked in a few days before the child's birthday but rearranged the date as she feared being arrested


It’s illegal to remove a child from the uk for fgm. How is this different? 😢

I just can’t contemplate how anyone can do this. My 14 yo asked for puberty blockers and I said I know puberty is shit but it stops. What you are asking is equivalent to chopping off your leg because you hate it NOW. She totally grew out of it after a few hoodie years.

How can the future grown-up daughter ever forgive her mother for this? In her almost guaranteed future agonisingly painful regret & grief how is she supposed to process this? All parents make mistakes but enthusiastic amputation of their children’s body parts is beyond fathomable

What kind of parent basically says to their child "Well you refuse to conform to societies regressive and sexist expectations of how a girl should be; therefore you are broken and need to be fixed."
I just can't 🙄

We need to start figuring out how to reach out to these parents in 5-10 yrs when their kids desist/detrans and the realisation hits them that they made it happen.
I can't imagine the knowledge that you actively hurt your child and there's no going back.

@SophieXY44 #transphobia twitter.com

Woman: adult human female
Lesbian: woman who loves women
Trans women: Men

I hope this glossary clears up what a disingenuous, manipulative little shit you are.

We can and will police homophobia and misogyny, thanks for playing.

Claiming lesbians aren’t lesbians for dating trans women is homophobic, we don’t get to police other peoples sexuality

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

TRA ("tell the rad fems") vs. Ally ("don't tell the rad fems")

( [Deleted] )
Why are some GC people so adamant to have "pet transes" to show around like a circus pony? And of course AGP-in-chief here is not gonna say no to free attention, that's a AGPs bread and butter after all.

No other movement does that shit either. Pro gay people don't have a pet homophobe to prove they're not hateful against homophobes, the trans don't have pet GC people etc etc.

Why should we only be able to fight for our human rights by supporting a pet trans in womanface????

( crodish )
It's part of the process to peaking I think. I mean there really are some women who absolutely shut it down right away and that's admirable, but I always wanted to compromise and be nice and kind of be like, "see, I don't hate them! We agree! Why can't we all get along?" Female socialization and trying really hard not to be the bad guy, basically, and also not thinking deeply about it enough. Transwidows Voices really opened my eyes to realizing there is absolutely no middle ground and no compromise, not when there's unseen women getting hurt by these men all the time.

When these "allies" demand special exceptions for themselves because they said all the right things, they've effectively become hypocrites. I won't ally with hypocrites. Walk the talk.

( [Deleted] )
You're right female socialisation is one hell of a drug! I remember firmly thinking that calling them men is mean 🤡 however most GC is see pushing these pet transes are men...

( crodish )
Took me about 4 years to peak from "true trans" and preferred pronouns. Just keep shouting, I guess. I learnt from women constantly telling me how wrong I was lol

( butchplease )
And to think I once allied with and defended this pervert.

( Turtlefuzz )
I did also. I'm willing to give most people a chance to prove themselves, whether it's that they're a good person or bad. Once I saw what he said, in his own words, I was convinced he isn't any different than other AGPs; he's just better at deflection.

( butchplease )
Yes. I bet he gets off on being radfem women's token gendercock.

[Deleted] #transphobia #pratt ovarit.com

Evidence to provide TRAs when questioned
Hello, I was wondering: does anyone have more science/biology based evidence for why the trans theory is bogus? People ask me and then I get flustered because I don't save every bit of evidence I see and then it gets lost and I can't find it. Also it would be nice to have it for my own interest too.

The one who asks has power!

As others said, turn it around! There's so many holes in this cult so there's plenty of questions, especially if you can act like you don't really know much yet.

But why does a woman wanting to dress as a man make her non binary, i thought women can do anything and clothes have no sex?

How can you have the wrong sex brain? Are humans also born with wrong sex arms and spleens sometimes? What medical measurement do you do on a brain to see it's wrong sex?

Isn't it homophobic to tell gay teens they can be straight and to make them irreversibly infertile? Isnt that a gay genocide?

Why is there a trans remeberence day when trans identified males kill more than they are killed?

If a man who identified as trans in prison but goes back to being a man immediately after, was he really trans?

If men can become women, how come none of them ever was pregnant or birthed a child? Not all women can be pregnant but it's more than zero. There has never been a pregnant man so how did he change sex? In what way? Is looking like the other sex = "changing sex"? But then wouldn't very manish looking women be men?

If you only know a person's gender by asking them, how can people be attracted to someone they haven't talked to?

Patick Courrielche & Luke Rudkowski #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #transphobia #wingnut youtube.com

RE: Woke Left Targeting Children, Crew Discusses Disney's Subliminal Messages

PC: They've been working this stuff, we saw it in 2012, before the whole transgender movement started taking off in America, we saw it being pushed at schools pretty heavily, and then of course you see these major writers writing these series, these movies, and they're part of this whole scene. It's been embedded within the culture for a while. We always wonder, how do these things happen? They happen because we've allowed the left and the woke to monopolize all of these institutions that define what it means to be American. The only way to fight back is to create our own institutions and get our own messages out there.

It's Gold Rush right now, the way that the right see this all happening at Disney and Netflix and what have you, they want other options. They just don't have the options out there. For so many years I would tell people, "Do not give money to these people's movies and their television shows, don't subscribe."

But then the the pandemic hits and now people are stuck at home, they have nothing to do, they have no other options, they need options.

LR: We have to fight back. I think memes are also extremely important, like the meme, there's a Doge dog in the 1920s saying, I lost my house, I lost my job, I lost my savings, I lost everything, and then you have the GigaChad Doge in 2020 saying I never had any of those things.

And when you're seeing messages like that, it resonates with people, because, yeah, I never had savings, I don't have a house, I don't have a real job, I have this gig economy created by Klaus Schwab in the World Economic Forum that literally is just screwing me over, so, memes I think are super, super important.

It is essentially human slavery which they're slowly conditioning us to be OK with. These inflation numbers don't represent what actually is happening out there in the real world. There is a total bloodbath, the poorest people of the world are being screwed over by all these globalists, by all these leaders that just want everything from them and it's disgusting.

various commenters #transphobia twitter.com

( @sueveneer )
Transactivism can be summed up in six words

Let men have what they want

Four words….Patriarchy intends to ‘win’.

Or 5.. You must respect my penis

Creepy, rapey men. Decent men don't want any of this.

The victimology from the transwomen is insane & just sexist. Men in skirts using age old manipulation to either force us to be w/ them or stripping us down, labeling us, to make since of their world. Its Neo-sexism at its finest.

@AbsMcFabs #transphobia twitter.com

An abbreviated version

I’m so glad that the bathroom signs for #xoxofest are a hit ☺️

Women! Ignore your instincts! Let men intrude on your boundaries!

And when the bad things inevitably happen, we'll use the fact that you ignored the big red flag warning against you - "Why did you smile at him instead of running away if you were 'uncomfortable', as you claim?"

I was in more danger of being raped by my ex than some trans girl minding her own business in the stall next to me.

Because your ex had more opportunity.

Yet you want to give predatory males more opportunity by opening up female-only spaces to any male who says he qualifies for entry.

Positron #transphobia #dunning-kruger kiwifarms.net

Corrupt Cali judge stripped conscientious father of custody of his son, using false analogy: "If your son is so fragile that he'd be mentally damaged if he is confronted about his delusion, will you insist on him getting help?"


TikTok to ban videos in support of "conversion therapy". How about yeeting your teets?

Conversion therapies has been "tried" but never really clinically "tested" -- there is no commonly agreed protocol to "test". To say it doesn't work is like saying randomly hacking the brain does not cure brain tumor. Also keep in mind that we are now seeing a new types of gender confusion -- ROGD -- that transsexual activists simply forbid researchers to investigate.

Positron #transphobia kiwifarms.net

Florida passed the Anti-Grooming Bill: https://kiwifarms.net/attachments/ron-png.3056808/

As if every single person in the classroom were begging to be turned gay or trans by predatory "teachers".


No, it is wrong for medical schools to avoid mentioning "transgender" and "gender dysphoria", especially given the prevalence of these conditions in America. They should address these conditions as mental illnesses.


Following Texas, Idaho passes a bill that criminalizes quacks who mutilate children's genitals.

ChaChaHeels:BlackOnes #transphobia kiwifarms.net

I’ve never ever ‘identified’ as woman because there has never been any need to do so.
Forms ask for M/F, not M/W.

I am a woman only because I was once a female zygote, then a female baby, then a female child and, due to the sheer good fortune of not dying in childhood, became a woman at the age of majority (ie adult human female = woman).

Mitch has never been a female zygote, nor a female baby, nor a female child. Thus, the way I became a woman (through aging out of childhood) has fuck all to do with the way Mitch became a pseudowoman.

Try again, Mitch.

Shmuel "Sam" Coinsniffer #ableist #dunning-kruger #pratt #transphobia kiwifarms.net

Why are troons always the masculine ones - I think I might have solved this mystery

Every tranny lolcow ever has an anvil jaw, 5'oclock shadow and look like a caveman with a wig. Not only do they never pass, but they are always the most masculine ones that decide to troon out. But why?

I was listening to MATI, and Jewrsh was talking about the autist-to-troon pipeline. Most trannies are autistic, this isn't news either. So autism, masculinity and trannies, how do they all connect.

I present to you: The extreme male brain theory:

The extreme male brain, explained

TL;DR Autists are exposed to abnormal amount of testosterone in utero and this affects the brain.

Well, actually it affects the appearance as well:

They created two sets of composite images made up of the facial appearance of individuals scoring high and low for symptoms of ASD. When these images were rated they found males with more symptoms of ASD to be rated as more masculine in appearance.

This finding not only lends support to Baron-Cohen’s theory but also connects physical traits and behaviour through hormonal effects.

Masculine Features Support ‘Extreme Male Brain’ Theory Of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Puzzle solved or am I being autistic.

for every tranny that passes


theres a dozen more that are built like linebackers with jawlines that could cut glass


Sick of seeing Chad trannies with a nicer jawline than me.

Many such cases! am lowkey jealous

When TiMs are confronted or misgendered, they get angry and resort to violence, while TiFs hide and start crying. They can cut off their tits and dick but they can't dig out the socialization (or autism).

Now find a link between autism and transitioning

Autist becomes incel becomes tranny. It's such a common thing Incel wiki has an article on it.


AGPinochet #wingnut #transphobia #fundie kiwifarms.ru

My TERF Sisters and Chud Brothers, do not despair for not only have the troons not actually won but their ultimate fate is unchanged. More and more anti-Troon Laws are being passed, a sitting congresswoman has gone on the largest news show in the country to advocate for making trooning out kids a federal offense, Richard Levine is a commonly mocked figure by normiecons. Remember when South Carolina cucked out of the bathroom bill? Those days are long gone and at the rate Christian Nationalism is gaining steam I would not be surprised if cutting off adult troons from their horse piss was a mainstream Republican position by 2030.

ParentsVoice B.C. #conspiracy #fundie #quack #racist #sexist #homophobia #transphobia cbc.ca

[Title: "New B.C. party pushing school board candidates with anti-vax and conspiratorial views". Mentioned names in the movement: Mark Vella, Teresa Docksteader, Carmen Halpenny, Fritz Radandt, Daniel and Terah Albertson.]

A new political organization with roots in conservative Christianity is endorsing a number of school board candidates across B.C. who have anti-vaccine, anti-government and conspiratorial views.

ParentsVoice B.C. is registered with Elections B.C. as an elector organization, or civic political party, and is backing 29 school board candidates in eight school districts.
Running under the slogan "Take Back Our Schools," the party says it's aiming to reverse what it sees as the politicization of classrooms.

Many candidates running under the party's banner support political positions inflamed by the pandemic, with rhetoric similar to right-wing groups in the United States — including criticism of public heath policies and school programs about racism, gender and sexuality.

But an in-depth review by CBC of candidates' online material found that instead of promoting their political beliefs, many candidates have tried to obscure them — in some cases by deleting old social media posts.

[Rest of article follows, subtitles: "Pandemic conspiracy theories", "School systems are dictating to parents", "Online profiles scrubbed", "A lot of parents live in kind of a bubble".]

littleowl12 & mrsmeyers #transphobia ovarit.com

( littleowl12 )
Girls are the bread and butter of gender clinics

I know gender clinics started their predatory crap with boys. But let's face it, there was never going to be that much growth, even with Jeanette Jennings parading poor Jazz around. Most parents would never allow their sons' genitals to be lopped off. Even for super dysfunctional homophobic families, it was just unthinkable. Even most adult TIMs don't bother with neo-vagina nonsense.

But look how much more "open-minded" parents are about mutilating their daughters' bodies. Early hysterectomies, breast amputation. Parents are so much more accommodating that now gender clinics focus on girls as their main prey. If a boy shows up, fine, but it's definitely about girls, now.

Does anyone have stats on the demand for neo-vaginas vs. phallo/metoidioplasty? I know the latter has far fewer surgeons and is much more expensive. But I'd love to know what percentage of TIFs at least attempt to get some sort of genital surgery.

It's just heart breaking how reckless parents are with their girls as opposed to their boys.

( mrsmeyers )
Making women and girls hate themselves is very economically viable. They are disposable, especially if they aren't "pretty."

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The reason preferred pronouns present a dilemma for Christians is that they imply something the Bible indicates is false: that a person can change genders or be born into the wrong biological sex. Referring to a person who is biologically male as “she” or “her” is, in literal terms, to say something untrue. Worse, when it comes to an issue such as transgenderism, using preferred pronouns can be construed as enabling or endorsing a harmful, unbiblical situation.

From a spiritual and scriptural standpoint, then, the literal intent behind preferred pronouns is unbiblical. Men are not women, and vice versa. Other than a tiny percentage of persons who are biologically intersexed and deserving of special consideration, there are no third, fourth, fifth, etc., genders, nor any basis for a person to “choose” such a thing. For the same reason that believers ought not pretend that other faiths offer salvation (John 14:6) or that other gods are real (1 John 4:1) or that something sinful is morally right (Isaiah 5:20), many believers conclude that it’s immoral to enable the basic premise behind the use of preferred pronouns.

This is why, at the very least, all believers, in all circumstances, need to be careful not to give the impression of accepting the assumption behind preferred pronouns. While Christ was merciful and loving to both the adulterous woman (John 8:10) and the woman at the well (John 4:23–24), He gave no mixed signals about their sin (John 4:17–18; 8:11).


Preferred pronouns also create issues from a secular standpoint, without taking religious values into account. As stated above, using words like he or she implies something about the biology of the subject. Forcing people to use preferred pronouns, then, would literally be a coercion of speech. Demanding that others use such terms implies that you have a right for other people to speak or write in ways that agree with you. At least in legal terms, it’s hard to imagine society could forcibly require the use of language that overtly contradicts certain opinions or ideas.

As a parallel, demanding use of preferred pronouns would be like insisting that others refer to us as “your majesty,” with a bow or curtsey, because we feel we are royal-blooded, even though they don’t believe we are.

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( GraceHoward1729 )
Misogynists are not welcome here.

💜🤍💚 Here are a couple of facts, as a friendly reminder:

Men who pretend to be women are men.

Women are female; men are male.

Lesbians are female homosexuals and exclusively own all sapphic spaces.

Calling men who pretend to be women "women" makes you a misogynist.

Lesbians are female homosexuals. Lesbians are not male heterosexuals. And no matter how much whining they do, misogynists can't change that fact.

This all doesn't need to be said, because reality exists independent of people's words. Reality doesn't require mass campaigns of psychological control with official contradictory slogans to be repeated ad nauseam; reality doesn't rely upon doublethink or propaganda-induced fear for compliance. I am not forgetting any facts, because reality is impossible to forget, not sorry.

( Champagne_Lasagne )
MEN are not welcome here.

💜 Here's a couple of facts, as a friendly reminder:

Transwomen are men.

All women have vaginas, all men have penises.

Enby lesbians are misogynist "not like other girls" women and are not welcome here and in all sapphic spaces.

Calling women "females" is degrading yet necessary, because some fuckwits refuse to acknowledge the meaning of "woman".

Lesbians are women who love women. Lesbians are only Cis women who love Cis women. And no matter how much whining they do, men and homophobes can't change that fact.

Evidently this all needs to be said all the time. Moids and handmaidens are always ignoring these types of facts however, fuck them.

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This is it. This is the end game of these queer theorists and gender ideologues: the sexualization of children. It was always going to end up here. This is what all these drag queen story hours mean, and these "family-friendly drag shows". It's all about sexualizing children and grooming them to become prey for pedophiles -- sorry, "Minor-Attracted Persons."

Did they even go this far in Weimar Germany?

How much more of this are we prepared to tolerate?

I note that Hungary is hated by some Western European governments because it will not put up with this crap -- because the Hungarians have understood from the beginning what is at the heart of this corruption.


Will the GOP candidates rise to the occasion? We will see. It is time to start putting Biden, Pelosi, and every Democratic official on the spot and force them to defend this barbarism. Not just the child sexual mutilations in hospitals, but all of this sexualization of children. Today it's a Spanish communist state minister pushing pederasty. How long before it starts here in America? Don't say never. A lot of the stuff that's totally mainstream now we were told would never happen here -- and that people who warned that it was coming were nothing but a bunch of Religious Right bigots trying to scare people into failing to recognize that #LoveWins.

If we as a society will not defend our children from these sickos, we don't deserve to survive. In Canada, within living memory, that pervert Magister Juggs would not have dared to wear giant prosthetic boobs to teach a high school class because fathers would not have tolerated it. At last, though, fed-up Canadians are protesting outside the high school where that fetishy teacher is employed.

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God specifically created two distinct genders to serve two distinct roles in His creation (Genesis 1:27). God made Adam in a special act of creation (Genesis 2:7). Then He created a woman, Eve, from Adam’s rib to be a helper for him (Genesis 2:20–22). Adam and Eve had distinctly different physical attributes. They were clearly different because God designed them to be different, and He liked them that way (Genesis 1:31). The man and woman were designed to reproduce so that the earth would be filled with beings who bore the image of God (Genesis 1:28). Only a male and a female coming together can create a new human being, and it takes those physical gender differences to make that happen.

When God gave the Law to Israel, He put prohibitions against the blurring of gender. Deuteronomy 22:5 says, “A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this.” This does not refer to a woman slipping into a pair of work pants to muck the stalls or a man putting on an apron to grill steaks. This verse is referencing a trend on the increase today: the intentional masking of male or female characteristics in an attempt to defy one’s God-given gender.


Pop culture is going gender-insane, throwing common sense and reality out the window in its attempt to be “edgy” and “progressive.” Androgyny is now celebrated, and gender-reality is looked upon with disdain, but celebrating something doesn’t make it right, and despising something doesn’t make it wrong. Slavery was once celebrated; that didn’t make it right. Child labor is acceptable in many parts of the world; that doesn’t make it right. Prostitution and child trafficking are rampant in many countries; that doesn’t make them right. And, even though gender-confusion, transgenderism, and androgyny are riding a wave of popularity today, that doesn’t make them right.

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Twitter poll: Would you have sex with a trans person?

( femlez34 )
I love the response, "No, because they are misogynists". Kudos if that was one of you ladies. It's so true though, even if you could be attracted to them, their sexist views would kill the vibe. Not just with TIMs, I've met a couple non-medical NB women that I've been attracted to, but I couldn't stand the idea of dating someone who thinks they're special and unique and as a "cis woman" I must love all the abuse and discrimination. Even though my wife and I are nearly on opposite ends of the lesbian presentation spectrum, we're still united as women.

( RusticTroglodyte )
Ugh it kills me to see tifs being misogynists, I'm like what the fuck is wrong with you, girl. You can't self ID your way out of being a woman.

You can see it right out in the open - the trans activists basically only ever talk about tims. Tims are the loud ones, they get all the attention.

I don't understand how Tifs and NBs don't see the blatant misogyny

( femlez34 )
Omg, the sexism within the trans community is staggering. TIMs accuse the TIFs of having "male privilege" and just steamroll them. You see this on the trans reddit subs all the time, a TIF will politely bring up that TIFs still have the problems with reproductive issues, or being socialized as girls, and the TIMs explode.

( mathlover )
Never. I'm lesbian so would never have sex with a man. All transwomen are men so there is absolutely no way, ever, that I would have sex with one. No lesbian would - a lesbian having sex with a man is always rape. Wouldn't matter what they looked like or if they have had their junk made into a front hole.

And I wouldn't date any of the deluded women trying to escape mysogyny by pretending they are men. They are not capable of mentally healthy relationships and need to devote any emotional energy to all the psychological healing they will need when the delusion eventually betrays them.

( Turtlefuzz )
I'm bi and I would not want to be bumpin' uglies with a TIM or a TIF. Super bi, super fly 😎

( Tiramisuomi )
AGPs came at me likes flies when I was online dating because I listed myself as bi. "You'll have the best of both worlds uwu"

🤮You mean the worst of both worlds. Worst.

( friedparata )
the worst of male.

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Of course TIMs are more viscerally repulsive to lesbians than normal men. While sex with a lesbian may be a fantasy for a lot of normal men, they don't specifically seek to rape lesbians as the only way they can obtain sexual gratification and "validate" who they are as men. In contrast, ALL het male TIMs actively seek to rape lesbians. That makes them viscerally more creepy, digusting, repulsive,and threatening - because they are.

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[From "National Capitalism and Sanctions on Russia"]

The Global American Empire thought sanctions would ruin Russia[…]Formerly talking weeks, now talking years

The Russian economy has, according to statistics, been knocked down ten or twenty percent[…]The question is, is it, like the ruble, bouncing back, or going over a cliff?[…]
The effect of the sanctions has been to impose National Capitalism on Russia from outside

A modest dose of national capitalism worked great for the Trump economy. It spectacularly industrialized South Korea
National Capitalism defined
National Capitalism is self sufficiency in the organization of people for production, and self sufficiency in the skills and equipment needed for production, that relies on internal free markets and supports local businessmen[…]
If the skills and equipment needed for producing one thing are in your country, rather than in a foreign country, production of that thing has large beneficial externalities, making it easier for others of your people to produce other things, creating opportunity and incentive for the talented among your people[…]
So how is this working out for Russia
A builder in the middle of a one horse town found that nails and screws were unobtainable or absurdly expensive[…]
According to Global America Economists, that builder is now going to stop building[…]What he did instead of building was go to China and buy a self contained computer controlled machine that turns metal into nails and screws[…]
If millions of Russians are doing something similar[…]long term effect will be to create Russian skills and jobs[…]
When the McDonalds franchise pulled out of Russia. The former franchisees organized a new franchise[…]Which means that Russians are a whole lot less likely to be forced to watch black people, mixed race couples, transexuals, and faggots, eating burgers on television

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Everything women were demonised for predicting has happened

Men are infiltrating women’s spaces&sports

Young children are socially transitioned

GNC children are unnecessarily medicalised

Women are harmed as a result of Self ID

“Terf” was just a word for women with foresight

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I'm always amazed of the lefts capacity for justifying their evil using straw man arguments and blaming everyone else for the atrocities they are committing.
-The way they are (medicinally) castrating children to change their gender identity/puberty. Future society will look back at this like we do lobotomy now.
-murder unborn children (Nazis would be proud of this, specially for non-aryan races)
-rioting in the streets in the name of "peaceful blm protests" with pre-delivered piles of bricks to boot!
-attempting and succeeding in propaganda and indoctrination in our school system (another thing nazis are very proud of, socialists as well)
-the various institutions of "reverse-racism" against white people and others such as affirmative action, progressivism, reparations for history no one had part in, wokeism, etc.
-control of the mainstream media and social media with aggressive silencing of any opposing opinions. Nazi germany all the way up to modern communist states love this.
-using government police (FBI) and IRS to harass political opponents and anyone else who supports them.
-politicizing and in some cases allowing to happen, mass shootings in the sole goal of disarming the people so they can more easily exact total control.
-calling your political opposition "deplorable" similar to how the Nazis called other races "Untermenschen" to ease the acceptance of mass genocide of said peoples.
-and most grave in my view, is frauding the presidential election to instill their own dictator over the United States in opposition to the people's vote, justifying it because "the current president is a nazi and he must be removed at any cost".

Those are all I can think of off the top of my head and I am sure there are more. But that should be enough to scare anyone who believes in the US constitution and values of a free society.

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RE: Remind the Dems that they can't weaponize Roe to get our votes until they have their own anti-woman platform

( real_feminist )
I said this (i forgot to mention pro-surrogacy, whoops):

"The Democratic Party has spent the last several years dehumanizing women and pushing a misogynistic platform. You are now pro-sex work, pro-porn, and pro-gender identity. All issues that strip women of our humanity just as much as the attacks from the Republicans. Democrats have argued for our bodies to be bought, sold, rented, and mocked. You have fought for protect the men who rape sex workers and the men who wear womenface from accountability. Biden has also abused his power to strip us of our legal sex-based rights.

I say 'you' and not 'we' because, although I have been a lifelong Democrat, I no longer consider myself a part of your party since you no longer see me a human being.

The last two days have been awful. Our abortion rights have become time-limited. Yet, Democrats still refuse to acknowledge sex-based oppression or your role in the War on Women. Say it -- "WOMEN". Adult human females. Sex-based oppression.

You have exploited this opportunity to coerce us into voting for you. Why on earth do you think that we'll vote for a party that is controlled by MALE SUPREMACISTS and portrays feminists as the root of all evil?!


( madderthanhell )
Warning that they'll ignore the issues you raise and use your email to build their fundraising list.

I submitted a comment to them last week complaining about their party's promotion of regressive, sexist, gender identity ideology. Got an automated reply promising response in a day or two. Then...nothing. No response. Until today when for the first time ever I got a request for a monetary donation, focusing on the Roe issue, and signed Kamala Harris... F*ckers. Fastest ever hit on an "unsubscribe" button.

( real_feminist )
Ugh. I hope they get slaughtered in the voting booth. We're completely fucked either way.

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“Old fashioned cross dressing” was not OK, and not something we should go back to. When it was “behind closed doors”, wives were still being coerced. Nobody these days would say that hitting your wife is OK as long as you do it quietly and nobody else knows.

Every time you make an exception or a prevarication to show you’re “not transphobic” it’s trans widows and children of transitioners who pay the price.

You might as well say “they should have to put up with it so we don’t have to”.

Also I suspect, the myth of the benign part time domestic cross dresser, was put about by the Beaumont Society to gaslight and trap wives.

For the hard of thinking who are currently attracted to the top tweet here, it’s comparing fetishistic male cross dressing where the wife is forced to participate, as being coercive control on a par with physical abuse. Coercive control is a crime and this is a valid comparison

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(Matt Walsh)
Tennessee will become the first state in the country to make surgical and medical “gender transitions” for children illegal. We will pave the way. This is just the beginning.

The Left is wailing and screaming and threatening to have me arrested and even killed, but they are powerless to stop us. Their threats mean nothing to me and their insults and accusations mean even less. We’re going to see this through. No matter what.

(Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene)
Georgia next!
The 118th Congress must pass the Protect Children’s Innocence Act to make it a felony to perform “gender affirming care” on minors.
If we don’t some states are going to do the opposite of TN and protect genital mutilation of kids before they are old enough to vote.

(Matt Walsh)
Amen. Every Republican in Congress should be speaking out on this issue loudly and consistently. It is not only critically important and morally right, but a winning issue on top of it. Americans do not support castrating children.

Marjorie Taylor Greene & Various commenters #wingnut #transphobia gab.com

(Marjorie Taylor Greene)
“When it comes to ‘gender-affirming care,’ which is really child abuse, this is actually an assault and it’s child abuse. This practice should never happen.”

Read more about my bill, the Protect Children’s Innocence Act:https://thehill.com/changing-america/respect/equality/3607955-marjorie-taylor-greene-introduces-bill-to-make-gender-affirming-care-for-transgender-youth-a-felony/

@RealMarjorieGreene there are no transgender kids they are abused kids...

@RealMarjorieGreene how about a Bill for the Jan 6th prisoners?? This is outrage of Justice.

@RealMarjorieGreene It's way past abuse it's mutilation and it's evil

@RealMarjorieGreene Thanks for working to hold the line against the tyrannical Left.

@RealMarjorieGreene why does "gender-affirming care" NEVER include letting boys be boys and girls be girls?

@RealMarjorieGreene We should really be treating the Wine Moms that are suffering from Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy that are sending their sons to school wearing dresses. Fix the Wine Moms and gender-affirming care will go away.

@Sephardi_Bee #transphobia twitter.com

Would you engage in sexual relations with a trans person? If no, please explain why not in the comments. Please RT for coverage.

I would never be with someone that believed mocking another's sex with dress up parody was ok anymore than I think blackface as a hobby or personality traits is acceptable.

Like I don't care how much you "believe" you are that. It's not acceptable to play dress up and parody them. I don't care what your reasons are. It's dehumanizing behavior and I won't allow it in my life or even be associated with anyone that believed it was ok.

Andrew Anglin #sexist #racist #conspiracy #transphobia stormer-daily.rw

[From "UK: Government Bans Dating Ads Appealing to “Lonely Ukrainian Women”"]

There is a strict rule that nothing about the war against Russia is allowed to benefit anyone in the West in any way at all. This is strictly about “our values of who we are in a democracy rules-based order”

Therefore, men are absolutely, under no circumstances, allowed to pick up young Ukraine skanks[…]
British men must necessarily only date fat, tattooed, belligerent, drunken, British slags. All the young and attractive British girls have to go be drug-addicted hookers in the Paki gangs, and the Ukrainian women, well – they’re probably going to have to join the Pakis as well


The UK’s advertising regulator has banned online dating ads offering the chance to meet “lonely Ukrainian women” for being offensive[…]Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) addressed three ads for online dating service SofiaDate[…]

Vulnerability is a core element of sex appeal, according to biology. One of the top reasons that men will put up with women’s shit is that they feel they need to protect them. Outlawing people from associating vulnerability with male sexuality is… well, it’s on par with everything else that’s going on these days

But this is a government run by women. They will do everything to hurt men[…]then they will punish them for having been hurt

The government will ban you from trying to meet any woman who isn’t a fat, old, loud slob – then they will make it illegal to be an incel, and claim that if you’re not having sex with disgusting fat women, you’re probably planning terrorism[…]
And there are even worse things
Drag queen in library with kids]
They hate boys and men, and they want to destroy all of us

This isn’t even limited only to white people. Look at what black mamas do to their sons

Women are a source of total evil

Philosophy Freshman Syndrome Award

TERF Edition

divinedionne #transphobia #enbyphobia #fundie #pratt at.tumblr.com

It's only illogical if you never carefully thought about the difference between a concept and a human being. Between the ego and your essential human essence.

Celebrities are a good example because they have larger-than-life personal brands (concepts) that often obscure their humanity. For example, a superstar like Beyonce is associated with certain concepts in people's imaginations: glamour, sexiness, icon, being a diva etc.

She's so heavily associated with these things that people might use her name as a substitute for saying these words. They might look at an outfit and say "That's so Beyonce" or a way of dancing, behavior, and movement and say "That's Beyonce-esq".

Yet, if you were to take it one step further and say "I identify as a Beyonce" people would find it odd. Because they recognize that although Beyonce is heavily associated with some concepts, she's also a distinct human being. And to" identify as" her is almost like saying she's more of an idea than a real, living breathing person.

Yet, this is precisely what the concept of gender does to women. It takes ideas and aesthetics commonly associated with female human beings (softness, feminity, wearing dresses, certain hairsyles, nurturing a child etc) and uses those things as a substitute for actual living breathing human females walking this earth. This is the reason why gender has been defined as a tool of sexist oppression wielded against women.

To "identify as" Beyonce Knowles-Cater I would have to first remove her humanity (her distinct human thoughts, emotions, ideas, livingness, beingness) and flatten her into a concept, an idea, behaviors, styles of dress, movements that I can embody.

This is what every male who "identifies as" female does. Without exception. And it would be one thing if they did it to cope with some mental illness. But now "You don't need dysphoria to be trans". It's the normalization of female dehumanization.

Ok bye.

Marjorie Taylor Greene & Various commenters #wingnut #transphobia gab.com

(Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene)
Tomorrow, I will introduce the Protect Children’s Innocence Act to criminalize the child abuse that many call “gender-affirming care.”

My legislation would immediately make it a felony to subject children to puberty blockers or horrific “sex change” genital surgeries.

It also blocks all taxpayer-funding for these barbaric procedures, bans colleges from teaching it, and prohibits foreign aliens who commit these appalling acts from entering the U.S.

@repmtg What happened with The Age of Consent ? Parents/Doctors should be arrested for this type of abuse/atrocity on minor innocent children.

@lili60 @repmtg The jews destroyed the concept of consent so they could keep fucking children. The entire LGBTP movement was founded by the same jew who started NAMBLA. "Gay rights" is about fucking your children. Trannies are about fucking children. Vaccines were about fucking children. And it was about fucking children the first time the jews did it all in Weimar. Nothing has changed.

If you submit to jewish pilpul and agree to their arguments that an 8 year old can "consent" to DNA-altering genetic therapy, or "consent" to having a nice jewish doctor cut their uterus out, then having sex with your child is quite literally the least damaging thing they can "consent" to.

Even their Talmud talks about how harmless it is to fuck a 3 year old.
This is the tribe that controls our banks, our media, our schools, and our government.

I'm old enough to remember when both the Right and the Left agreed that female circumcision performed by primitive tribes on young girls was an atrocity, and was to be decried and discouraged in every way possible. Surely, this childhood transexual madness is 1000 x more egregious? No?

How bout a bill to remove the jews from power over our political and financial systems...take away their power and endless money supply and the kids will be saved by default..
But wait...I almost forgot..
You're a low life jew shill whore...nevermind...

mathlover & WholeGrain #transphobia ovarit.com

Lesbian visibility week event ..with a TiM

( mathlover )
"L With the T" as the title of the event is horrific. It is basically saying that prey (lesbians) should have no way to avoid their predators (rapey male "trans").

( WholeGrain )
All these TiMs with their "LwiththeT" hashtags and the like, meanwhile I see actual lesbians use "LetTheLOut" the most. Tells you all you need to know.

radbelinda #transphobia #fundie #pratt #conspiracy at.tumblr.com

two rules to live by:

1. if you create a sacred caste of men who cannot be questioned or accused, abusers will do whatever they can to join this caste

2. if you create a group of women it's acceptable to shit on, even when there are valid critiques to be made of said women, men will take that criticism and apply it as viciously as they can to as many women as they can get away with

#'why would a man go to all the effort of dressing as a woman to abuse women when they can abuse women anyway?'#idk why did paedophilic men go to the effort of ordination to access children rather than just fathering children themselves#why do men go through years of med school to assault female patients rather than just going to clubs and finding easy targets

Rod Fleming #sexist #transphobia pitt.substack.com

The OP dances daintily around the real issue. Certainly some adolescent MtF is the result of autogynephilia. This can set on with staggering rapidity. Where I live, there are many ado AGPs and they are not shy. In many the 'change' took less than a month and in some, less than a week. Until we find out what actually triggers autogynephilia, we cannot formulate strategies to counter it, other than one-to-one counselling. There are not enough sceptical counsellors. (I am one.)

However, the OP rightly suggests that something else is going on and there is. It appears to be a form of autoandrophobia, the fear of being a man, or the hatred of the idea of being a man. This is evident from the statements of subjects with this condition. What the OP dpes not do, spectacularly, is even ask why this autoandrophobia exists. She does not point to decades of anti-masculine propaganda pushed out by Hollywood and the MSM. She does not mention the teachers deliberately punishing boys - for being boys. She does not discuss the literally billions of anti-masculine online comments, some of which have been rehearsed here, which basically say 'woman good, man bad'. This is only a tiny selection of the vast amount of anti-masculine hate-speak we live under - and mostly, promulgated through social media, conventional media and education.

No, not all men are rapists. No, not all men start wars, though they die in them. No, not all men are violent criminals. No, not all men are abusers. In fact, nearly all men are decent, kind, courteous and protective. Yet the opposite message is hammered out, day after day. And where does it come from? It comes from feminism and the relentless anti-masculine campaign its leaders have carried on for 50 years now.

If you want to save these boys, you have to destroy feminism. Otherwise, sacrifice them on the altar of a bitter, jealous, man-hating cult and then, please, stop complaining and trying to divert the blame. That's your choice and we shall know you by the decision you take.

Parents with Inconvenient Truths About Trans #transphobia #conspiracy pitt.substack.com

[Part of a much longer article]
QAnon and other well known forms of internet and social media triggered radicalization arise from online echo-chamber communities. Reddit forums, Twitter, transgender Discord communities, and even chat during online gaming are rife with gender indoctrination. Trans activists and older trans women are often the source of the information our boys get online about all things trans. Older trans women coach younger boys online into taking hormones as young as possible so that they pass, and stay youthful and childlike in appearance. Our boys are told slogans, and are taught to not question or believe anything contrary to the ideology. These people tell our boys that detransitioned people are evil. They tell our children to run away from home and join glitter families because parents are abusive transphobes for even questioning what is going on. They tell our sons that the only solution to their problems is to medically transition. These influencers steep our sons in trans ideology and create a system of online indoctrination that is not that different from any other form of radicalization happening today. If you don’t believe me or think I am exaggerating, I suggest that you visit a few sub Reddits like r/MtF, r/asktransgender, or just find the twitter account of a trans activist or two and you will quickly see what I mean.

yeehaww-cowgirl #fundie #transphobia at.tumblr.com

As a black girl, it’s just impossible for me to ignore the similarities between black face and drag as phenomenons that were/are incredibly normalized in popular culture. Both are offensive exaggerations of an oppressed class to the point of caricaturization by the oppressor class for entertainment and perpetuate harmful stereotypes. The defence line drag apologists always use is that drag is an exploration of gender expression especially for gender non conforming males who were never able to express their femininity and that’s why it’s different from black face in that sense which is just blatant racism. What they don’t know is that white performers often used the excuse of exploring their “inner negro” when in blackface and it was actually a very popular response to blackface criticism lol. And even then..why should women be mocked and made sexual objects in order for men to be able to “express themselves” it’s really just grade A sexism so many drag performers have expressed not thinking that women should participate. There is no other explanation for why drag queens are overwhelmingly much more popular than drag kings and that’s the fact that embodiments of men aren’t seen as jokes. Recently read this really fascinating paper that talks about how similar the two are I strongly recommend it

@Slatzism #transphobia twitter.com

once again: gender theory came from queer theory and queer theory came from a bunch of male French intellectuals trying to turn their pedophilia into an academic discipline.

blaming mUh FeMiniStS for this shit is insidious midwittery

all the roads of gender ideology lead back to male sexual degeneracy. all of them. every single one.

all the roads forward through gender ideology inevitably take us to the normalization of male sexual degeneracy. all of them. every single one.

feminists (esp. lesbian feminists) in the 60s and 70s were the only ones sounding the alarm about this shit!

what was the result? the total demonization of feminism until which point it had been sufficiently psyopped by liberal parasitism so as to be completely unrecognizable.