Like homophobia, but for transgender people

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The number of Japanese who study German has halved in just a decade. Part of this is the EU’s appalling woke propaganda.

If you study Italian or Hindi, you will literally study Italian or Hindu culture, history, arts and so on. In German studies, you will be lectured on Nazi guilt, analsex, feminists and the importance of staying childless, democracy, the rule of law, diversity and gang bangs.

It is a disgusting moral lecturing and brainwash that no totalitarian cult in the world matches, not even the old Soviet regime or North Korea.

The would-be-students in Tokyo are greeted with alarming brainwash and misinformation, images of brown and black “New Germans”, ridiculous lies about the biology of men and women, and utter pseudoscience such as political correctness and antisemitism.

Abortions, prostitution, childlessness are all good-to-go. Gay sex and genital mutilations and drugs and idiocy are now Western mainstream.

If you study English, you talk about the weather and family; and Spanish, about weather and food. In German, you talk about racism, guilt and holocaust. It is the most insane, unnecessary and mostly self-inflicted collapse of a society in all of human history, comparable only to farewell of the Ostrogoths and Aztecs.

The final blow to the former land of poets and thinkers was undoubtedly the politicization of German grammar. In the Germanic languages, we may take most verbs and turn them into persons by adding -er.

Grammatically speaking, that noun is then masculine. Semantically, however, we know it refers to both genders, thus is neutral. But not so the leftists who feel that a “doer” or a ‘swimmer’ are offensively male privileges. Therefore they insist on a grammatically unambiguous female ending -(er)ess, preceded by an asterisk *.

All major regime media, newspapers and journals, textbooks and magazines and even the radio in Germany must now use BOTH –masculine AND feminine– endings. Thus, a simple address “Pirates, distinguished swimmers!” becomes “Pirates and Pirat*esses, distinguished swimmers and swimmer*esses!” All German texts are thus deliberately made stupid and eyesore.

Japan needs to investigate this crap and close it all down, also to save Goethe and for Germany’s sake.

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RE: Fridge horror: the consequences of rapists changing their legal sex on record

( SakuraBlossoms )
A rape kit would obviously show the victim was raped by a man. If the rape victim is able to provide a description of the rapist, they'll of course also mention that they were raped by a male, because they were. No one would think semen left behind at the crime scene came from a "female."

I would argue that forcing everyone to pretend that men are women is also an impediment to stopping rapists and other criminals. Imagine police asking a TRA if they saw any men leaving a crime scene at a certain time. Would they be so intent on pretending they didn't recognize the obvious male because he had a wig on that they wouldn't mention him, knowing that he could be a potential rape suspect?

( crodish )
Well of course no one would think the semen would come from a female. The problem comes when you have to go through the database and instead of narrowing it down to only males, you now need to search through "female" as well, because those males may or may not have already had their legal sex updated to read "female". It's just extra work and a waste of time for everyone involved.

I'm not super clear on which countries have completely allowed for this, or if it IS actually a thing atm, but imagine the scenario where a law says yep, don't bother keeping the change history on records, just update it to whatever and that's that.

( La_Terfa )
I hate TIMs even more than I hate moids.

Oh, yeah, they're moids.

( Nerdylesbian )
What's a moid?

(La_Terfa )
That's the correct, scientific term for "males".

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She's not wrong.

Satan is behind gender mutilation of children.

Satan loves abortion.

Satan loves the destruction of our schools where he has free reign.

Churches have been infiltrated. @EnjoyTheD

MTG is absolutely right. The same church leadership that is too weak to speak out against homosexuality, child trafficking, CRT and gender brainwashing of elementary school students is too weak to oppose our country being overrun by invaders. Look at the damage the churches that brought Somali refugees to the Minneapolis area have caused.

Satanist butchered the Bible . 700 stories they chose 60 to edit modify and fit there agendas . shame they forgot to take the flat earth out before nasa spun there ball earth in 1583 by pope 3rd . the year after they made the cagorian callender . Its God's Earth . a clue is in one Religon called the ROMAN catholic church . then jesuits invaded it in 1841 . became a child abusing Nazi cult run by a Jesuit freak in red shoes

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What it feels like talking to a TRA


spoilerPerson in front of the progress pride flag: “Republicans are wrecking human rights because they're not giving children sex damaging sterilizing hormones but not to mention that grown males are female if they get off to the idea of it and if you don't date them you're transphobic, let them in sports even if it makes real females uncomfortable because that’s #FEMINISM everything you said can be perceived as transphobic ageist ableist sexist homophobic or whatever else I come up with in the moment to discredit you without actually using an argument against you, hey by the way you have to go by queer now since it's inclusive and I don't care if it used to be a slur, grow up and deal with it, but also saying transsexuals and homosexual is literal violence and you need to ask for somebody's gender or assume it as they/them because that's inclusive, make every medical label in existence general even if it only affects males or females because they might not identify with their biology even if 99.5% of the rest do because the last thing you would want to do is trigger them.”
Person in front of the Labrys pride flag remains silent

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It all comes down to telling the truth. God IS truth. His Creation is reality. His law is perfect. His Word is our command and our comfort, for in it we have every answer to every question if we diligently seek it in loyalty to Him above all other voices.

Here’s a hard truth. In all my years of Christian truth-seeking I have never encountered any person whom I considered a candidate for the False Prophet of Matthew 24:24 and 2 Peter 2:1 until now. I’m not talking about the Antichrist, mind you, but the one who prepares the way for the Antichrist and perfects the delusions that enslave the people of the world on his behalf.

That candidate for False Prophet is Yuval Noah Harari, a spokesman for the World Economic Forum and “futurist” whose mission is to prepare humanity for “transhumanist” re-creation as a new species. He is a “Jewish homosexual,” “married” to a sodomy partner, whose vision for the future doesn’t just deny the reality and deity of God, it doesn’t even acknowledge Him. It is a vision so foreign to Biblical truth, and so enraptured with the technological potential for human “self-perfection” that it could have been the invention of Artificial Intelligence itself, but is in fact Satan’s ancient Luciferian dream of supplanting God – now finally within his grasp.

I’ve put “Jewish homosexual” in quotes because in God’s law equating Judaism to Yahweh-worship, homosexuality is an abomination (Leviticus 18:22), a capital offence (Romans 1:32), and thus “Jewish homosexual” is a self-contradictory phrase like “dry water,” a logical impossibility. But there IS a last days “Synagogue of Satan” made up of false Jews, warns Revelation 2:9, and Harari seems well suited to be it’s Rabbi (teacher). I strongly urge you to watch the videos linked above!

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RE: "Trans are the REAL suffragettes."

How can he even think this when they haven't even ever asked for their own spaces or accommodation? All they want is to take from women what we have established and fought for out of dire necessity. The delusion and self-pity, I swear!

On that note, It's absolutely insane that trans people haven't once campaigned for third spaces. With the political support they currently have, they would be given whatever they want in a heartbeat. What the Americans with Disabilities Act did for disabled folks, trans folks people would get that and more if that's what they wanted. It's a reasonable request for necessary accommodation. Unfortunately, third spaces would absolutely shatter their delusions of femininity by separating them from women. THIS is why they don't want their own bathrooms, sport teams, etc. It doesn't support their fetish. They'd rather put women at risk and strip us of our dignity so they can keep playing pretend and jerking their dicks to their GenderFeelz. Makes me sick.

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RICHMOND, CA—"Appropriating the fashions, foods, music, and lifestyles of other cultures is evil and wrong," said a man wearing a flowery dress, jewelry, makeup, and demanding everyone call him "Denise."

"Just because you really, really like something that is different from the situation you were born into, does not make it right to just take it for your own sense of self-worth and happiness," said the man who was given the name Richard Nelvenburger at birth.

"Imagine how other cultures feel when you just take what makes them unique and make it your own. It’s unfair and wrong!" said the man who was born with a penis.

When confronted by a woman who pointed out the irony of what was being said, Denise rolled up the sleeves of her blouse and decked her.

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Well, seeing as I don't believe in gender identity and consider homosexuality a biblical sin I'm not entirely thrilled with normalization XD
Also none of this goes much ways to disproving my point that we are just going so far out of our way to be hip we're losing the threads of sanity.
Apparently people like ME don't count as people. I don't want to get political here but I've been treated like pond scum all of my life and people didn't see an issue with it.
But a subsection or the population is complaining about discrimination when they are continuously positively reinforced by every aspect of the media?

It seems...misguided.

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RE: Gender Descriptors Are Super Offensive as It Turns Out | by Rachel Bridgers | Apr, 2022 | An Injustice!

So much wrong with this article I don't even know where to start.

People who voted that "cis" was offensive "are the same people who called leftist “snowflakes that get offended by everything”".

I was one of those people voting on Twitter and I am a leftist.

This article assumes TWAW. If you start from the premise that this is true, then all sorts of conclusions flow logically from this starting point. But the author fails to comprehend that many of the people objecting to "cis" do so precisely because TW are not W (and TM are not M).

Of course if I assert "chairs are tables" then I can make all kinds of logical arguments based on that premise, and reach all kinds of conclusions, and many of them would be absurd.

And this BORING BORING fucking argument: "When I say I’m a white woman, are people offended by me saying I’m white? I’m simply stating a fact. No one attributes that to being a “subset” of my gender. It’s simply a ridiculous argument."

Yeah because white women are still women you idiot. TiMs are not women. That's the whole point.

This style of reasoning/arguing drives me insane because they are completely missing the point. The whole point is how you define woman. If you redefine it to include men then that's the ridiculous argument. But they sail past this bit, assuming TWAW is a "fact" (like the fact of a white woman being a woman) without acknowledging that disputing this fact is precisely what is at issue here.

There's no capacity or willingness to examine the statement TWAW. Instead a load of twaddle based on the premise that it's true. Fine to believe TWAW but be prepared to argue why you think this.


(edited for own stupidity)

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That doesn't mean we should just to do away with it like we could do away with capital, the financial system, or waged labour. Because denying gender is also denying actual forms of living and embodied human existence,

And here we get to the knotty know a the core of all of this.

Gender is a social construct. What would denying this construct mean? We do not deny that it exists. We think however, it is harmful. You would try to proscribe us critiquing a social system which exists in order to exploit us and undermine our humanity because some people 'identify' with this system, and have built their "forms of living and embodied human existence" on IDENTIFYING WITH THE MECHANISM OF OUR OPPRESSION.

If, as you seem to claim, gender identity is not innate, then why should we not question people who are forging identities by identifying with an oppressive and harmful system?

Why would you not join us in asserting that people can dress and act anyway that their personality

inclines them to, and that they do not need to do so by identifying with and reifying harmful and oppressive social structures, that they do not need to internalise and ossify these structures by making them the entire basis of their 'identities,' and that they do not need to try

and make people who have every political basis for rejecting these structures collude with them in their efforts to reify and ossify them as the basis of their identities?

Patriarchal gender is harmful to the humanity of female people.

We will not identify with it. We will not be defined by it. We will not turn a blind eye to people essentialising it. We will not forget that the way it shapes our subjectivity damages us.

We will not be told that we are privileged because we 'fit it.' We will not be gaslit by men who have no idea how much damage gender conformity does to women, that trans or queer people are the only people who know anything about gender, and that 'cis' women need to STFU, when

you have completely trashed the materialist analysis of why gender exists, have completely forgotten it has anything to do with exploiting female people, and in fact, have no fucking model of gender that makes any explanatory sense whatsoever.

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[From "Progress in the War on Gender"]

The male/female dichotomy is fundamental to the human conception of reality, as confirmed by gendered languages like Spanish, Russian, and German. The basic unit of civilization, the family, is based upon it. Leftist social engineers are determined to destroy it. Mark Dice brings us up to date on their alarming progress:
It seems radical that Democrats want to change our system of government through systemic election fraud, packing the Supreme Court, and abolishing the Electoral College. Actually, imposing a single-party authoritarian regime as they have effectively already done in California and New York is one of their more conventional objectives

Where cultural rot has allowed them to take sufficient control (e.g., California, New York), liberals impose criminal penalties against people who use objectively correct rather than politically correct pronouns, because refusing to refer to eccentrics like Bruce Jenner as “she” violates the precept that 2 + 2 = 5 if our moonbat rulers say it does

Liberals would destroy reality itself, but that lies beyond their power. So they are destroying our perception of it; that is, they are at war with sanity

On a tip from KirklesWorth

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White middle class men in drag really seem to get upset when a black succesful man goes on a stage and makes people laugh

The only thing they hate more than black men are mild-mannered British authors of children's books, it seems.

Here's my theory! I'm sure others have had this same take, so I apologize for the autism or regurgitation of common knowledge: It's like what many have said about "male feminists." They use that identity to get them "in." Clout, points, whatever - "I'm the good guy; now I'm on your side!"

God, I'm drunk on my first weekend off in a while here so bear with me...How do I put this articulately? It's like, these white "CIS men" who have been told for most of their lives that "white CIS men are the evil ones" they, not surprisingly, want to reject that, right? So they troon out. Ok, good. So now that they trooned out they can be "women" now - and NOW they can freely hurt women if they so want (because they are "women" now, ya follow?). Check. They "get" to do that now. How great for these men to be able to freely hurt us. Love that for us.

So next! These still "white" but now "un-CIS" ladies(?)...Well now there is the "minority" thing in question. But waitaminute! These white men in dresses "rank lower" than any minority out there because...Well, because they say so! And because they have created the "victim rankings" they get to rank "lower" than whomever they want. And because they rank themselves on the lowest victim tier they now get the full privilege to hate on, attack and say whatever they'd like about whomever they like.

But long story short: Men (and it's often white men, but I'm not trying to sperg by saying that) want a reason to be able to go all out on women and minorities while still retaining their liberal, progressive status. This is just a given. So I'm never surprised when I see troons happily posting about wanting to kill/cancel a black person or a woman or a lesbian - they "get to" do that now, free from consequences! It's what they've always wanted, really. Just had to troon out to do it, and now it's a goddamned free-for-all.

SakuraBlossoms #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: How do you react when you see TIMs overtly dehumanize women?

If they saw female experiences as human experiences, they wouldn't be trans. The entire foundation of their cult belief system is that there is some "feeling" that ~3.9 billion women share that is separate from the feeling that ~3.9 billion men share. If they saw women as equally human to men, they'd understand we're just normal people living our lives who happened to be born one of the two sexes. They'd know there is no way to copy us or identify into our group because being a woman goes no further than that. This is why I don't bother trying to see past differences with TIMs. The sexism and dehumanization is guaranteed if someone thinks woman is a feeling rather than a sex.

Criticallacitirc #biphobia #transphobia kiwifarms.net

The other side is the bisexual pride flag. I see so many bisexuals whine about biphobia, but they're mostly full of shit. Gender ideology essentially preaches bisexual supremacy because to them a person's sex isn't relevant in sexual attraction. This flag is basically saying trannies and bisexuals are the most oprressed in the community. Most bisexuals end up in heterosexual relationships and are seen as heterosexual, but they want to whine that they are some how more oppressed than gays & lesbians.

Katherine Deves #transphobia news.com.au

“Transvestism is very common amongst sexual predators, even serial killers,” she said.“So how are we women supposed to tell the difference between the ones who are a threat and the ones who aren’t? Easier for women to exclude all males from spaces where we are vulnerable.”

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RE: 'HER' - a (previously) lesbian dating app now has 'Terf Control'

( actualdyke )
lol they'd literally rather kick out wrongthinking women than actual males off of the app meant for women. i jumped ship on HER yearssss who when i realized the app was mostly men, but this is a new low lmao. I would pay to see the TIMs' faces when they eventually realize theyve run all the women off the app and now they're all the options are other men like them.

( Feminist_Username )
It'll be like Ashley Madison where there aren't any organic female users and the company just makes fake profiles to keep the men interested. It's exactly what they deserve and it's not like they know what a woman is anyway lol so they probably won't mind

( UnknownBeignet )
I mean, I'm also ok with the TIMs getting scammed by bots

( Feminist_Username )
Lmao. Look how long it took them to figure out they're the only ones posting and commenting on reddits "lesbian" subs. Years. Their entire movement flies in the face of reality, they're always the last ones to notice their own grossness and they have the disposable income to make themselves the perfect target for this kind of scam.

I genuinely feel bad for lesbians though. All I feel like I can do is keep calling it out when I see it.

( actualdyke )
haha yup they have no idea what a woman is until it's time to date one - Then they're just as dick exclusionary as us good ol terfs

SakuraBlossoms #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Female Jealousy versus Male Envy

This makes incredible sense. You have really opened my mind to an entirely new way of looking at this. TIMs are truly the utmost pinnacle of envy. Every single thing they feel has been "stolen" from them, literally everything on earth. No matter how horrible an experience is for a woman, we shouldn't be allowed to complain about it because some entitled fetishist envies it. Just today's Ovarit posts I saw--a man envying quinceañeras so much he stages one at 40, and then this insanity, a man... I'm honestly clueless. It's absolutely nuts. I've never seen this kind of envy in my life except from TIMs. It's basically incels channeling their envy they used to feel towards any man who had a girlfriend to instead envying absolutely anything and everything they were "entitled to" but were denied because they didn't get to pick their sex. It's a catch-22 though; the only way they are able to envy every aspect of womanhood like this is because they aren't women. If they had been born female they of course would not appreciate these things the way they think they would, because the irrational envy wouldn't have been there to begin with.

bellatrixbells #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Trans complains about the creepy crossdressing fetishists in their midst

This sounds a lot like another example of an autogynephile attempting to echo women's words and appropriate them to make himself feel more womanly, or to give credence to his movement.

I mean, let's break this down.

"What is up with some crossdressing fetishists persistently trying to insert themselves into trans people's (usually trans women's) spaces? And why is it usually older men who do this?"

What is up with some crossdressers persistently trying to insert themselves into opposite sex people's (especially women's) spaces? And why is it usually straight, older men who do this?

"I'm not usually one to kink shame (even though I find this particular fetish to be pretty misogynistic, the whole "sissy slut" thing), but it feels really gross and disrespectful to me."

Yeah, because dressing up as a woman (whatever that even means) and entering non consenting women's safe spaces isn't misogynistic, gross and disrespectful. It's only misogynistic, gross and disrespectful to TIMs if the man in question is an older fetishist.

"I get people and mods trying not to be gatekeep-y, but why does this sort of thing seem to be more tolerated than chasers?"

Because the whole premise of the trans movement is autogynephilia and the destruction of women's boundaries? Chasers harass men (TIMs), while TIMs "only" harass women. Of course the TIMs who have taken over women's spaces specifically to prevent any sort of gatekeeping will care about limiting chasers, but not autogynephiles. Doing so is antithetical to the entire trans movement which claims that anyone claiming a "female gender identity" should unquestioningly get to enter women's spaces.

"Fetishizing the trans experience, in a trans space no less is gross. It's gross when chasers do it, it's gross when other people do it too."

Dude, fetishizing and appropriating women's (and gay men's!) experience, in a female only, feminist, or gay men's space, is gross (and don't even get me started on lesbians!!). It's gross when crossdressers do it, it's gross when other people do it too. Even the poow widdle HSTS.


Scott Lively #homophobia #transphobia #fundie scottlively.net

It was February 4th, 1987 and I was part of a small group of men who had just been hired to sell knock-off “yellow-pages” advertising to businesses in Portland, Oregon. I had heard the news driving in and mentioned it to the group, one of whom was an outspoken Christian. His surprisingly blunt response to my Liberace mention was to say “Too bad he went straight to hell.” I instantly realized he was probably right but I was too intimidated by what the others might think of me to admit I too was a Christian who believed that. I felt ashamed, not because I agreed with him, but that my faith was so weak compared to his. It was a milestone in my Christian walk.

Liberace, a piano prodigy from the age of four, was the most flamboyant homosexual of the 20th Century: described in the Daily Mirror in 1956 as “the summit of sex—the pinnacle of masculine, feminine and neuter. Everything that he, she and it can ever want… a deadly, winking, sniggering, snuggling, chromium-plated, scent-impregnated, luminous, quivering, giggling, fruit-flavoured, mincing, ice-covered heap of mother love.” Liberace always denied being a homosexual, but was outed by both his former teenage live-in lover/houseboy and by actress Betty White who admitted having many times been his “beard” in public (to give him the facade of heterosexual normalcy). Liberace died of AIDS.

From that day forward I carried on an inner struggle against self-censorship on politically incorrect topics. It was only after years of suffering persecution for my faith as the spokesman for a Christian political organization which fought abortion and the LGBT agenda that I finally won that internal battle and experienced the liberation from the expectations of men that is promised in John 8:36 “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” What He offers is not just freedom from the law of sin and death (Romans 8:2), it is the freedom to believe and speak hard truths regardless of what anyone else thinks about it.

Various Commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

The Russian soldiers who are raping little girls in Ukraine sure seem to know what makes us female.
I lost the link, but read on Twitter that girls under 10 are coming into the hospitals in Ukraine with rectal/vaginal tearing.

And of course older girls and women are also being raped regularly.

Turns out everyone knows exactly what it means to be a woman/girl when they want to rape us.

( Misssarcasm )
In my eyes the raped women and girls have it worse than the killed men.

I wonder what the many many "transwomen" say to this. If they feel jealous.

( omerta )
In war people expect women to be raped, it's just a a casual thing that happens as a result.

When it happens to men/boys, on the other hand, that's when it becomes an atrocity, a terrible human rights violation, etc. etc. because men are supposed to die with dignity during war while women suffer and are humiliated.

A non-passing TIM would be clocked and likely murdered, not raped, although many of them may fantasize about it. I don't think any passing TIM would be able to pass military fitness tests (would gain too much muscle) so that's not something they care much about.

( Snowy )
I have no doubt some of them actively fantasize about it.

( Gladys_Kravitz )
It's part of the perks of joining the military. It's been known for thousands upon thousands of years.

( pennygadget )

I wonder what the many many "transwomen" say to this. If they feel jealous.

They'd say: "Just tell the Russian soldiers you identify as a boy and that raping you would be gay!"

John C. Wright #homophobia #transphobia #fundie #dunning-kruger #pratt scifiwright.com

"So I wonder, other that the obvious purpose to deconstruct and destroy Superhero comics, if in the most clumsy manner the Woke are attempting to express their own immature drama and pining for romance into the wrong genre."

I have no insight to offer on this theory. I have strong doubts, because I am a cynic, but I do not know.

But I do have a rule of thumb to suggest: if one took a homo story from one of these comic books, and sex-swapped one character, so that gay Iceman was dating a girl instead of a boy (not Jean Grey, Kitty Pryde, Raven Darkholme, Lorna Dane, Judy Harmon, Zelda Kurtzberg, Laynia Petrovna, Annie Ghazikhanian, Opal Tanaka, or Marge Smith) but a new girl with all the same interests, virtues, traits and personality quirks as a girl as he had as a boy -- would the relationship nonetheless seem viable? Would the two seem to "go together"?

Likewise, if Tim Drake were dating Spoiler (Stephanie Brown) or Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark) or Secret (Greta Hayes) or Ariana Dzerchenko or
Tamara Fox instead of a boy, and she had all the same interests, virtues, traits and personality quirks as a girl as he had as a boy -- would the relationship nonetheless seem viable?

The cynic in me suspects I am asking a trick question. If you read the comics in question, the cynic in me strongly suspects you may find to your surprise that the gay boys these orientation-swapped supers are dating have no personalities to speak of, no flaws, no frustrations, no dreams to achieve, because the portrayal of imperfection in a gay boy offends the gay privilege our society currently affords perverts, due to what might be called "gay fragility".

Again, the cynic in me strongly suspects one will find the so called romances are not romances at all, with no romantic tensions, none of the thrill, doubt, heartache and so on that accompanies finding a mate and the mother of one's progeny to carry on the family name.

Love and romance are not part of their mental environment. Power is. The power to change men into women and normal men into perverts is a godlike power. They cannot exercise this power in real life, but they can force others to change pronouns, and can defecate on long established and well loved fictional characters. They cannot be god, but they can pretend to be god.

Douglas S. Winnail #transphobia #homophobia tomorrowsworld.org


There are sins that destroy civilizations. The consequences are clear throughout human history.

Today we are witnessing a massive effort to totally transform the cultures of the Western world. Behaviors long viewed as immoral perversions—abortion, prostitution, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, transvestitism, and transgenderism—are now being promoted as acceptable and even celebrated as “alternative lifestyles.”

Governments and churches are welcoming these “liberating” trends, and schoolchildren are being taught to view these behaviors as legitimate and desirable. Many who oppose or question this agenda are attacked as narrow-minded bigots clinging to an antiquated set of values. In some places, negative discourse about these now-sanctioned behaviors is often labeled “hate speech” and punished with fines or imprisonment. But are we witnessing real progress that will usher in a new era of acceptance, equity, and social harmony? Or are we watching history repeat itself with the return of perversions that will hasten the decline of nations and the debasement of civilization?

It has long been said that if we don’t remember the lessons of history, we will repeat the mistakes of history. So, are there sobering lessons of history that are especially relevant for us today? Are we making the same mistakes that led to the downfall and demise of earlier cultures and empires? If so, why aren’t modern leaders and educators pointing out the dangers of blindly going down the same path to destruction? Why isn’t the media calling out those who ignore the tragic lessons of the past? The record of history is certainly full of vivid examples—if we have eyes to see.


Douglas S. Winnail #homophobia #transphobia #fundie tomorrowsworld.org

(continued from https://fstdt.com/SDTLNFGWD9PQ3)
Since the fall of the Roman Empire, generally biblical moral values about marriage and sexuality have characterized much of Western civilization. These values were widespread in America, Western Europe, among the British-descended peoples, and in areas where their influence spread. However, in the last several decades, these moral values have been attacked, mocked, and pushed aside in the Western world by a rising tide of enforced secular values. Prior to the early 1960s, there were laws against abortion and all 50 states in America had laws that criminalized homosexual activity. Yet, today, nearly 70 percent of Americans now support same sex-marriage—up from only 27 percent in 1996 (“Gay marriage is the left’s biggest culture war victory,” TheWeek.com, June 8, 2021). “Majorities of adults in all 15 countries in Western Europe surveyed by Pew Research Center in 2017 support same-sex marriage…. Support is even higher in Sweden (88%), Denmark (86%) and the Netherlands (86%)” (“Where Europe Stands on Gay Marriage and Civil Unions,” PewResearch.org, October 28, 2019). In recent years, Gay “Pride” parades have attracted millions of spectators and thousands of scantily-clad participants in many Western countries—generating considerable tourist dollars for the sponsoring cities. In 2021, U.S. embassies were instructed to fly the rainbow flag in honor of “Pride Month.”

The most recent battle in the ongoing cultural war is transgenderism. American president Joseph Biden has declared “transgender rights” as “the civil rights issue of our time”—and the push is on to eliminate anything that appears to discriminate against transsexuals. In America, public libraries are even sponsoring “Drag Queen story hours” in which men dressed as women read to children about two worms that love each other and a baby animal with two mommies or two daddies—themes that are also portrayed in animated cartoons on today’s children’s television programs.

Robert Stacy McCain #transphobia #ableist archive.ph

Here’s an idea: If your child is delusional — in this case, a girl who believes she’s a boy — maybe don’t send them to school. Maybe you should put them in a lunatic asylum. But instead, what is being done in the name of “inclusion” is requiring everyone to participate in the psychotic teenager’s “gender” delusions. You can be fired from your job for refusing to cooperate with this coercive insanity.

ChaChaHeels:BlackOnes #transphobia kiwifarms.net

I’ve never ever ‘identified’ as woman because there has never been any need to do so.
Forms ask for M/F, not M/W.

I am a woman only because I was once a female zygote, then a female baby, then a female child and, due to the sheer good fortune of not dying in childhood, became a woman at the age of majority (ie adult human female = woman).

Mitch has never been a female zygote, nor a female baby, nor a female child. Thus, the way I became a woman (through aging out of childhood) has fuck all to do with the way Mitch became a pseudowoman.

Try again, Mitch.

XX_Power ,crodish & BlackCirce #transphobia #sexist ovarit.com

RE: Male pattern behavior is male pattern behavior. A detrans label does not negate nor absolve that.

( XX_Power )
I mean they're deTRANS for a reason, at some point they saw the misogynistic clown show that is the trans movement and thought, wow, that really makes sense! Then his dick stopped working or he was "too ugly for a woman", or his AGP was getting boring and now he's back to being a super special misogynistic male.

I'm not about to slag off female detransitioners, from reading in their spaces most of them get that trans isn't anything and they just tried to run away from womanhood for any reason from hating dresses to severe sexual child abuse.

Now the males.... Some definitely get it. But most just seem to detrans because they hormones didn't transform them into a sexy catgirl lesbian of their dreams so they're bitter and disappointed but didn't actually stop believing in the insane ideology or even grasp the misogyny behind it.

But all these words to say: males be maleing

( crodish )
This detrans male has a history of being groomed in particular by female TRA and libfems and explains this as his reasoning for hating them as similar to how most radical feminists "hate" men.

I've not engaged with nor followed very closely the detrans twitter community, but from what I've seen of it (particularly after Detrans Awareness Day) it seems that within that community they are still very prone to TRA-like manners of thinking, and most of them just "upgraded" back to normal misogynists that acknowledge their sex, including most female detransitioners.

I'm cautious and worried that these people are simply just becoming a rebranded group that feminists will also have to defend themselves from. Sigh.

More worrying still is I think this male also took the advice to start his own community for other detrans males. Which... good for him, good job, but I can already foresee it becoming just another incel space but with the detrans label siiiiiigh

( BlackCirce )
Many (idk if it’s most) people blame feminists/feminism/women for trans. Some of them are angry and resentful that in order to be against trans, they have to share space with radical feminists, who have been fighting trans for over 40 years. They want to be anti-trans and anti-feminist at the same time, but find the political space occupied by a different group of feminists.


Joseph R. Chambers #fundie #homophobia #transphobia #kinkshaming pawcreek.org

But, homosexuality and lesbianism are sins that are in a war against God. The Bible calls these sins, which include bestiality and many varying actions connected with sexuality, sodomy. Sodomy is all unnatural acts of sex. A husband and a wife that have been induced into oral sex with each other have become sodomites and will be destroyed unless they repent and reclaim their sacred honor. Why are acts of sodomy so dark and degrading? The answer is beautiful and lies at the heart of our created glory. Our God created us in His own image and after His own likeness. The Holy Bible says that we were created a little lower than the angels, "For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour." (Psalm 8:5) We are sacred creatures and are accountable to the Creator for maintaining both our honor, as well as His honor. While all sin affects that honor, sodomy destroys that honor. Sodomy is one of the few human actions that has no basis in natural desires. Satan introduced humankind to this dark level of violent, savage depravity in his defiance of God and hatred for mankind, God’s unique creation.

An individual that becomes enslaved in this lifestyle has joined Satan’s war against God. This lifestyle had become rampant before the flood when fallen angels, led by Satan, went unto the daughters of men and they conceived and bare giants or Nephilims. A transvestite is probably the closest creature to this original result of sodomy. The sons of God were fallen angels that had developed uncontrollable lust for unnatural flesh. Sodomy has always been deeply connected with evil spirits, which are fallen angels. The Hebrew word for sodomite is a sacred person that serves as a temple prostitute. The action of sodomy is licentious idolatry. It is worship of Satan. It is the final act of a dying society.

@Catullus_vincit #transphobia gettr.com

Confused? Here's the quick down & dirty:

- TRANSWOMEN (deranged MEN) victimize WOMEN and CHILDREN, often through sexual assault

- TRANSMEN (deranged WOMEN) victimize CHILDREN through the schools, post-transition pregnancy & indoctrination

That's muh TedTalk. Thanks you.

Some /pol/ user #crackpot #dunning-kruger #homophobia #sexist #transphobia archive.4plebs.org

female only network makes users scan face in order to sign up - trannies seethe and review bomb app kek

It's seemed for a while to me now that radical feminists are trying to manipulate /pol/s natural aversion to trannies into supporting their feminist cause. There really is no reason to care about "trannies entering women's spaces." Like women's sport? Who gives a shit? The latest vanity app?
These things really are no big loss, and transgender invasion is maybe the most entertaining way to destroy them anyway.

*Danish Flag*

You're a retard if you don't see their cause the same as ours.

>Fact #1: Danes have smaller balls than Finns
This is true, actually Danes are already born with very small balls, tiny ones. And even after that they dont grow very much. Isn't that nuts?

>Fact #2: Danes have the lowest sperm count in Europe
Yes, I suppose this does make sense since they have such small balls. But their sperm count is really, really low! Finns have the highest in Europe and the difference is massive! The Finnish sperm count is a whopping 126.8 million ml−1, while the Danish sperm count is a pathetic 68.5 million ml−1, only half of the Finnish sperm count!

>Fact #3: Up to 60% of Danish teenage boys grow breasts!
Yes. When Danish boys hit puberty, more than half of them start to develop breasts. Yes, just like a girl! I suppose this is because they have very low testosterone which results from having very small balls.

>Fact #4: Danish men have the softest cocks in the world!
Another truthbomb. Danes can not get hard. Their cocks are very soft compared to everyone else.
Source: NOS3 research

Danes are little balled low sperm count soft cock femboys that grow breasts

Anonymous #conspiracy #transphobia #racist boards.4chan.org

The lowest form of life on earth is the Janny. There is nothing on earth lower, more retarded, more degenerate or more eternally butthurt.
Just imainge: Spending every waking hour of every single day, combing through YOUR shitposts with a fine-tooth comb, with tired bags under their beady little eyes and a miserable, sour pucker on their dragon dildo sucking lips. Boiling over with anger at their inability to outright ban you for basic wrongthink, watching like a hawk for any threads that dig into the activities of their blood drinking satanic pedophile masters to bubble up out of the shitposting morass so they can promptly 404 them or, worse...

...Sometimes, to the jannies utmost horror, something worse than revealing the truth happens here. Sometimes they see Anons LAUGHING and HAVING FUN. This sends the Janny into a spasm of butthurt rage that can last hours, sometimes days. These displays of true and honest humanity remins these pitiful creatures of what they can never have, much the same way the sight of a beautiful woman reminds them of the necrotic, pustulant seep-hole synthetically hacked into their crotch, and how it will NEVER EVER be a real vagina. Even if they could make it not fill the room with the stench of wet shit, which they cannot.

And do you know the worst thing about this? The tireless subversion and humorless newfaggotry that they promote dy in and day out? THey receive NOTHING in compensation for their efforts. Zero remuneration. FOR FREE. Have you ever heard of anything so pathetic in your lives? Say what you will about the most demonic, rat faced globohomo kike on the planet, but at least that yid is smart enough to claw a shekel into it's grasp. Even a shbbos goyim CIA nigger still gets a paycheck for their faggotry. But no. Even a nigger knows how to steal a bike, a Janny would walk home in the rain. "No bike for me! I do it for free!"

Anonymous #racist #wingnut #transphobia boards.4chan.org

Imagine explaining to General Patton with video from the future in front of the assembled 3rd Army before DDay that a Jewish communist was running for president flying a tranny flag and that their own mulatto tranny grandkids would be too busy making twerking instructional videos on YouTube to visit them in a nursing home staffed entirely by niggers and foreigners. They would hijack every boat and plane in the UK and there would be a beach landing on the shores of the Potomac before DC burned to the ground.

Anonymous #racist #elitist #wingnut #pratt #transphobia boards.4chan.org


(The image depicts a caricature of an intersex pink–haired communist giving the middle finger with the text:)

Yeah communism has failed every time and killed 100,000,000 people but you know what millions of people starve in thirdworld shitholes so. Guess that means market economies are evil for not feeding millions of violent sub 80 IQ blacks who would rape and murder if they had the chance checkmate capitalist pigs oh and btw IQ isn’t real because 100 years ago the test was flawed. The mountains of empirical evidence showing how IQ is both genetic as well as correlated with violence, financial choices and overall time preference is wrong because a white guy discovered it so that means it must be wrong

@robjessel , @Syephanie & @bernie_eee #transphobia gettr.com

Theory: gender-confused people go militant when things start going wrong with their body.

Their misogyny is really inner rage at themselves, directed at an external target...because they can't bear the fact that their twice-a-day-dilated neo-vagina doesn't work as advertised.


Yes. It has occurred to me that if someone underwent the pain and hormonal trauma of cutting off testicles and inverting the penis, then found they really didn’t look like a woman, and had to dilate painfully many times a day, and risked or experienced disruptive and unpleasant urinary tract symptoms, deep despair and overwhelming anger at women who had ‘needed’ to do none of this would result. Depression, particularly in men, can present as aggression. I am sorry for youngsters who were stupid enough to fall for the lies of the medics about the capacity of surgery and hormones to effect real change. Their anger is misplaced and we women shouldn’t have to bear the brunt of it. Please lock up the doctors to stop this.

Transmen have internalised misogyny, transwomen are just misogynists. Makes sense women bear the brunt and get all the shit, for just existing.

wonderlexey #pratt #transphobia reddit.com

I think that non-passing trans women will never be happy or safe in this world

Kim Petras started her transition at 12, and has a perfect cis body, cis face and cis voice. People like her have a chance to be respected, accepted and loved. She is attractive to straight guys and lesbian girls. Those of us who started their transition after puberty and are not cis passing will never have those priviliges. And without them I doubt that my existence which is full of dysphoria and self hatred is justified. I want to end my life and escape this nightmare. I accept now that I will never be like a cis girl, which means that to most of the world I will be a guy. I cannot tolerate this and therefore it is better for me to quit. I think that body positivism or self acceptance or whatever it is are meaningless when it comes to the question of whether you pass or not. People with masculine facial structure, broad shoulders and with a female gender igentity will always be unhappy. I watched many videos by terfs and Ben Shapiro and I hated them. I disagreed with them. But today after I had massive dysphoria I started to see their point. If you do not pass, you cannot expect other people to treat you like a girl. It just WON'T happen. And even if it does, it's because they are being nice in supporting our 'delusion' because they know how painful our lives are. Even trans guys admit that being mtf is much harder. And the society is not developed or caring enough to provide us with necessary surgeries like FFS and stuff like that. Even with FFS, I will have male bone structure, I will be taller than 90% of girls and will have bigger hands and feet. Some people are just unhappy, Some just have no legs or arms and are disabled. Some people in Africa have AIDS and have no access to meds. Being a non perfectly passing trans woman is just another case of social injustice, and no one will help us. Even in super tolerant places like trans passing, if you are not pretty, people will just feel sorry for you, maybe lie about your apperance saying that it's not that bad, and those who have this privilige will enjoy their lives and have love and success and happiness. It is bettter if it all ends peacefully. I should just die to stop my endless pain.

Linda Harvey #fundie #conspiracy #homophobia #transphobia missionamerica.com

Now this sounds fine until you think about what they are doing here. What's involved in not using "anti-LGBT language"? Does this mean a student can't say homosexuality is a sin? Or that it's against his/her own personal ethics? It's highly likely that kind of language would be offensive to GLSEN, in which case this is a group that supports discrimination based on religion or denying free speech -- not to mention, they are clueless about the reality of homosexuality and gender confusion and their harmful impact on teens.

GLSEN pairs up approval of homosexuality and gender confusion with preventing bullying. Will some kids be manipulated into signing this, thinking they are being compassionate and that there's no other possible solution? Of course they will. And GLSEN has stated one of the goals -- to identify those who are, as they put it, "anti-gay." If you don't go along with the way GLSEN has inaccurately defined the situation with their erroneous solutions, you are the same as a bully, a mean, heartless person. GLSEN is using peer pressure to indoctrinate the entire school community (if they can get away with this) into embracing homosexuality and gender confusion. It's another of their attempted re-education programs, enlisting straight "allies." But such allies are no friends to their homosexually attracted peers if they go along with this.

And what about Christian kids, and others who have faith objections to homosexual behavior? There's no room for their beliefs here, no tolerance, no diversity.

In schools where kids are allowed to distribute these pledge cards and get people to sign their list, you may see T-shirts and posters as well, but it's not appropriate for schools to allow this, since it's again, a back-door way to get people to give approval to known high risk, immoral behavior. And since no child is born homosexual or in the wrong sex body, no responsible organization or school should be selling "gay" behavior to kids in the first place.

Canadian Anon #crackpot #kinkshaming #pratt #sexist #transphobia #wingnut archive.wakarimasen.moe

I'll still never get this.
It's one thing to take hormones, keep your dick, and hopefully find a fetishist to date but the mentality in thinking anyone would ever want that axe wound is another world of insane.

This. I "transitioned" but the reality was I was forcing my bdsm goth sissy fetish on people in public because literally no one could or would stop me. Natalie Mars style hair, heavy doll face make-up, chastity cage, black denim straightjacket with belts and locks all over it, black skull print dress, etc. I thankfully looked like an attractive tranny but it was a ton of work and I knew I was never a real woman and it was just demented fetish shit. I stopped after doing it less than a year. I absolutely loved all the attention I could get and it definitely got me laid much easier than when I was presenting as male but FFS anyone who is mentally ill enough to literally think GRS is a valid option probably should be removed from the gene pool. That's going to massive amounts of trouble and ongoing medical issues for zero return. I didn't even like having to put make-up on every single day, I can't imagine anyone wanting it enough.....

It was to get what I wanted from the start. I took hormones for about a year. What I was doing is called transmaxing; sissy incels who are tired of not getting laid do it to get fetish sex all the time. It was an absolutely calculated move to advance my career and be practically immune to criticism in this progressive shit hole of a country while forcing my feminization fetish on the public. I would post pics but I don't want to dox myself even though I look almost nothing like I looked then as a man again. It only worked because of how heavy the goth makeup I wore and how body forming the corset and fashion I wore. For a tranny I'd say I was about a 7/10 when I put hours of effort daily (between workouts, shaving my entire body and makeup). I just stopped doing it when it was no longer practical for me to do it. I miss doing it but it was literally so much fucking work it wasn't worth it just for the fetish and I never believed I was a woman.

Various Commenters #transphobia #sexist ovarit.com

Don’t give young TIMs a pass
I know it’s easy to be sympathetic towards dysphoric young TIMs but they can be just as creepy (if not even more so) than the older ones. The newest generations of TIMs have been raised on hardcore fetish porn and even more strictly enforced gender roles. They are even more openly depraved than the previous generations of TIMs and are unafraid of showing it. Just look at Twitter! Don’t give them a pass. Chase them out of female spaces!

( youwholou )
YES. Same for TIFs. I made the mistake of thinking they were harmless and I ended up getting sexually harassed by them. Their mindset is so toxic and fueled by misogyny and porn. Don't let these people into your lives and spaces if you can help it.

( jeannedeaux )
The testosterone overdose cannot possibly be helping. I've read that TIF violent-crime rates increase to nearly match those of men after they go on T.

( XxWomanxX )
As a gen z currently surrounded by these TIMs I approve of this message . They are into some of the most disgusting fetishes 🤢 Seriously don’t let their youth fool you they will eventually turn into the classic creepy middle aged AGP as they age. The only difference is that now they have been given the confidence to act out their fetishes in the open and then being praised for being their authentic self

( itsnotaboutewe )
These teen boys who come out as trans seem to change from being young men who were brought up to be respectful towards their elders and polite to women and girls, and turn into disgusting and hateful misogynists who take enjoyment from tormenting and threatening women. I wonder what their mothers think of their new and horrifying personalities? Is this stuff lurking under the polite facade of every male?

Various Commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: "Most transsexuals are AGPs" - true?

( Tortoisemouse )
Thanks for all replies.

Is it not the case that many TiMs are gay men with internalised homophobia and/or struggling with being gender-nonconforming? Presumably they wouldn't be AGP?

I don't know for sure but I would hazard a guess that most of the TiMs I see around campus are gay men. They are student age. But I guess I am only seeing a subsection of the demographic, as this is a University city.

( IrishTheFrenchie )
Those are the minority of TIMs.

Blanchard was quoted as saying he estimated 75% or so were AGP back when he did his research (so that’s back in 80’s-90’s). The number must be higher today.

( Ladylucy )
Do you think there more AGPs because the internet has normalized fetishes?

( IrishTheFrenchie )
I think it's normalized but I also think the increasing perversion in society and easier access to violent, degrading porn has played a role.

( LOriginedumonde )
One would think that there must be a negative correlation between gay acceptance and the prevalence of HSTS, and a positive correlation between gay acceptance and the prevalence of AGPs.

( IrishTheFrenchie )
Straight men in pursuit of orgasm are definitely more privileged and act more entitled than a gay man trying to escape homophobia.

( ProxyMusic )
But most gay men who adopt a cross-sex identity as a response to homophobia are also in pursuit of orgasm. Gay boys and men are just as much driven by the male libido and male pursuit of their own sexual pleasure as any bog standard straight guys are.

Moreover, gay boys and men who become TIMs are not necessarily "trying to escape homophobia." Their actions are partly or largely a way of responding to homophobia, yes, but responding to homophobia isn't the same as an attempt to escape homophobia. On the contrary, for the majority of gay guys who become TIMs, adopting an opposite-sex identity seems to be their way of caving to and thoroughly embracing homophobia.

Many gay TIMs with internalized homophobia also have lots of externalized homophobia too. They say and do many things that are overtly homophobic. Some celebrate their own homophobia towards gay guys who aren't TIMs and especially towards lesbians. Which is why it's so easy for them to find fellowship and solidarity with straight men with AGP.

Anonymous #sexist #transphobia fstdt.com

[On a (possibly fake) post featuring an admitted paedophile who happens to be trans]

Another good reason to oppose the trans agenda. This dude goes around raping his daughter but because he claims to be female (I'm sure his cock....sorry lady penis....is still intact though) when he is finally arrested this will be recorded as a female perpetuated rape. It makes me feel physically sick to see people in the comment thread here referring to this child rapist scumbag as "her" and "she".

If we factored out all m2t rapists and all female perpetuated statutory rapes, would there be *any* actual female rapists?

Anyway this dude should spend the rest of his life behind bars and be made to *actually* be trans if you catch my drift lol.

Kiwifarms.net #transphobia kiwifarms.net

Was reading Grant Morrison's Wikipedia page and noticed the extensive use of "they" and got a bad feeling about it. And what do I find?

No....not you Grant. You just look like a foolish old man now. Just be a dude. You already had talent - you don't need shitty stupid labels to write.

Grant the hell are you doing.

Keeping himself safe from cancellation...

@AthenasWrench #transphobia gettr.com

(@AthenasWrench )
Thanks as always. I’m so f**king mad by this. Every single time these men who hate us get to set policy that destroys women. Trans is a hate movement. It’s pure hatred to put rapists in womens prisons. Why the f**k does a pronoun means more than any woman? Why are their assumed identities protected? Trans need to be recognized as a hate movement.

They are nothing but filthy, dangerous predators, and shame on the utter fuckwits who collude with them, give them power and ball palm them.

Massresistance #homophobia #transphobia #pratt massresistance.org

LIE #1: "You were born that way and can't change"
That is the politically correct message these days. But it flies in the face of all medical science. No legitimate study has found a "gay gene," and no one was born that way. People become addicted to homosexuality through a number of often complicated factors. And the worldwide ex-gay movement has shown that people can heal and change if they desire. (Sexual radicals themselves say that sexual orientation or expression can be "fluid" -- viz., "bisexuality.")

LIE #2: "It gets better"
No, It DOESN'T get better. Statistically it gets much worse. The numbers of diseases (from AIDS and STDs to bowel diseases, etc.) and the range of mental illnesses and addictions connected with homosexual behavior are staggering. It's commonly estimated that male homosexual behavior takes 20 years off one's life. Homosexual men commonly have hundreds (even thousands) of sexual partners and suffer from alcohol and drug problems, plus high rates of partner abuse. Loneliness and depression are par for the course.

LIE #3: Suicide is caused by hate and intolerance
Virtually all responsible medical people and ex-gays themselves will tell you that when "gay" teens contemplate suicide, it's because they're horrified at the disgusting things they're doing to themselves (along with other dysfunction in their lives). But they find themselves addicted to it. And they think that there is no way to ever change. But when they are told they can heal from those behaviors they feel relieved. "Intolerance" has little if anything to do with it. The same suicide rates happen in places where homosexuality is completely tolerated. When you tell a child the truth -- that his homosexual tendencies are destructive -- but he can be healed and can change -- you are doing him a favor on many levels. Actually, this site purposefully exaggerates the suicide rate by "gay" teens. (Reliable statistics are difficult to find.)

Lie #4: Promoting homosexuality as being normal and natural is good for troubled kids
This is probably the biggest lie of all. Especially for vulnerable kids who may be going through some psychological trauma, or are just unsure of themselves, this is the worst possible thing you can do to them -- emotionally, psychologically, and certainly medically.

littleowl12 #transphobia ovarit.com

How come it's never on trans people to "be kind?"

Some asshole on Twitter was banging on about how he would rather teach his "kid" to "lose well" than to be unkind, referring to boys in girls' sports. People pointed out that he could therefore put his sons in boys' sports teams where they would then have the opportunity to lose well.

Oh, but that's not what he meant!

One TIM actually tried to explain that as someone truly dysphoric, he'd NEVER want to be on a girl's team. Beating them all and crushing them with ease would only underline his male body, not validate his feminine identity. Mr. Be Kind didn't understand this and asked why he wouldn't want to be on a team with girls who shared his "gender identity" and the TIM added that he'd feel ashamed for cheating girls, especially with his male body. And that's a very good point- I don't believe that men who enter women's sports are dysphoric in the least. They're very happy with their male bodies.

Mr. Be Kind was stumped on that one.

It's never on trans people to "Be Kind" to anyone else. Creeping family members out by naming yourself after one of them? Tough. Scaring women by being in their vulnerable space? Tough. Taking advantage of sexually inexperienced young men by lying about your actual sex? Tough. Hounding lesbians and ruining them/their spaces? Tough. Destroying fair competition in a sport? Tough. Comparing your bullshit to the difficulties black women face everyday? Tough.

It's all take, take, take, and they don't feel they have to contribute anything in particular, for any reason.

Stella O’Malley & Jennifer Bilek #conspiracy #psycho #quack #transphobia healthliberationnow.com

Leaked audio confirms Genspect director as anti-trans conversion therapist targeting youth

Right at the start, O’Malley goes mask-off in exposing her primary motivation: the full-scale prevention of medical transition for trans youth.

Stella O’Malley: “I suppose, uh, where I’m coming from this more than anything is, uh, to, um, make sure that children are, if- if at all possible, are stopped from medical transition. I think that’s the most important thing for me."

O’Malley presents genuine distress from gender dysphoria among trans youth as a kind of “porn induced” compulsion that needs to be controlled by anti-trans parents and clinicians.

This isn’t the only time compulsions are mentioned. In fact, a few minutes later, O’Malley draws a direct connection between “AGP” and pedophilia. In doing so, she repeats transmisogynistic tropes of trans women being sexual predators while simultaneously making light of childhood sexual abuse.

After her previous confessions, she also tells a room filled with extremists accusing her of not being harsh enough to trans people that she doesn’t think they “should have empathy or sympathy” for adolescent trans girls like those in her care.

By telling a Space full of hardline, exterminationist transphobes that they don’t need to have empathy or sympathy for trans girls, O’Malley enables escalation that makes phenomenon like TAnon a reality. In fact, Jennifer Bilek, one of the main anti-trans critics towards O’Malley and a thought-leader in TAnon, shows up in the comments of the leaked audio. Bilek insists that trans people (particularly trans women in this context) can’t have any public presence in society, as that is akin to platforming serial killers. According to Bilek the mere existence of trans people is a “[f]etish [that] needs to be abolished in the public.” A former member of Deep Green Resistance known best for her accelerationism and antisemitic conspiracy theories about Jewish billionaires funding the trans movement, she serves as a prime example of the hardline eliminationist approaches taken by those following her lead.


Snake Baker #homophobia #transphobia archive.ph


The most important thing we can teach our children is that there are all kinds of different things they can shove up their anuses, and all kinds of different ways they can mutilate their bodies.

This is who we are in a rules-based order of values.

@JonKUhlerLPC #transphobia gettr.com

The ultimate goal of the Trans Deception? The elimination of women from any position of power or influence in society, and relegating them to sexual submission and servitude. Women in marriage will be replaced by AI robots. Ultimately, real women will be relegated to being sexual abused via KINK and Bondage, then used for spare parts and cloning.