Like homophobia, but for transgender people

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“We’re gonna limit internet access,” Szall declared. “You know who taught me this lesson recently? The frickin’ Taliban.”

“We export a lot of things here in the West,” Szall continued. “We export our sin. The first thing we do [when] we go into a country, we try to make sure they have abortion legalized, and we try to make sure that they’re not able to criminalize homosexuality. Well, the third thing we do is we export the internet to them, internet access.”

“We make a lot of bones about China being tyrannical and terrible,” he added. “China limits the access of their citizens to the internet. … North Korea is actually a very conservative society. There’s no such thing as a homosexual, an open homosexual in North Korea, no such thing as abortion. The North Koreans are very conservative; they’re tyrannical but conservative.”

“What we’re exporting, what we’re making available to people is a gateway to sin,” Szall proclaimed. “We need to, in the wake of a mentally ill epidemic, limit the access to the drug. One of the drugs here is more information about where you can change your gender, change your identity, think about life differently. No, how about we limit the access of free thought in this respect and instead raise children up in the way they must go?”

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RE: I'm Done With Reasoning and Explaining To People

( shewolfoffrance )
After the recent decision about TiMs in women's chess, I don't even care about justifying female-only spaces anymore. We should have female-only spaces because we want them. End of story.

( kin_kkum )
Yeah I had to block a friend of two years who claims to be a moderate on this and is seeing all the harms of trans ideology, agrees that it's caused a lot of harm, yet still chooses to believe in it. I tried to get her to see that it's the core belief that's the problem, wrote multiple essay-long texts, even went into the origins of gender ideology. Yet she still claimed she chooses to believe it because she wants to be "compassionate." It eventually got to a point where she basically admitted that she believes in it because she "wants to have a comfortable life" which is just selfishness, not compassion. She also knows I'm a victim of men in women's spaces, and yet, when I repeated my story to her and tried to relay why I felt dehumanized, she just doubled down and didn't seem to really sympathize. So I just blocked without a word.

( GCRadFem )
Justifying and explaining only gives them a chance to come up with another bogus excuse or rationale. Explaining is a trap. It is an exercise in futility. There is nothing that a man loves more than pontificating.

We want women-only spaces because we are women and men aren’t women.

Period. End of sentence.

( Unicorn )
Thank you for sharing; your words are powerful.

I understand the frustration of constantly having to repeat such points. This is why I made kindrad.org — I was tired of seeing women have to constantly rehash how the trans movement is harmful to humanity, especially to womankind.

DietCokeAddict & Women1st #transphobia ovarit.com

How to Spot TERF Ideology

( DietCokeAddict )
Lol in particular at the Talking In Person page “the unique danger of terf rhetoric is that it is styled to sound like feminism” no, the “danger” is that it makes far more sense than gender ideology.

And they end with “well, if your TRA arguments don’t convince them, just tell them they’re far right nazis, that should work”

( Women1st )
Holy shit, it is a cult. Who the hell has a pamphlet that provides step by step instructions for conversion?

Usually the group in power labels minority groups. How do you explain calling women “cis,” “cis woman,” “terf,” etc?

The reason you are called TIMs is bc we are NEVER going to accept your appropriation of womanhood. You will ALWAYS be a man. It’s the best way to describe your self-identification and your biological sex.

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[Blackpill] If you don’t hate atleast 90% of the world you’re a faggot

hate (not in order)

1. Niggers
2. Women
3. Jews
4. Some Mexicans
5. Native Americans
6. Aboriginals
7. Most other people
8. Chads
9. Normies
10. Stacies
11. Lefties
12. Conservatives
13. Fake religious people who are faggots and smoke weed and shit but still claim to be christian
14. Faggots and the rest of the lgbtq mentally ill club in general
15. Everyone not identified as a blackpilled incel
16. Some retards identified as a blackpilled incel

If you don’t hate most of society (atleast 90%) you are submissive cuckold who’s mom gets fucked by Jamal. I can’t see being an incel and not hating literally everyone around you. I just simply cannot!
List read in a vocaroo: View: https://voca.ro/4SLr2JxZ6Ef


1. Europeans because they are too fancy
2. I hate animals cuz they’re dumb
3. I hate whoever came up with makeup and women’s rights
4. I hate anyone who doesn’t like hitler
5. I hate police cuz they fight for women
7. I hate BLM cuz they’re even worse
8. I frickin hate Indians. Never seen one really but I bet they stink
9. I hate anime and cuz of that
10. I hate Japs
11. I hate people with Down syndrome and people who are literally brain dead and mentally retarded. I don’t think they deserve to live because they are literally an anchor to society.

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RE: A transcript of an argument I saw on Twitter between a libfem 'owning' a radfem on being cisgender. Who do you ladies think won the argument?

Being cisgender does not mean you can't be gender non-conforming.

Being gender non-conforming means you don't fall in line with the stereotypical behaviors or appearances typical of your sex. How is this different than being "trans"? What makes a "trans" person different from a "GNC" person? Neither act like a "typical" person of their sex. Neither wish to act or appear as a stereotype of their sex.

If you think sex-based oppression 'just exists' and isn't a social construction, then it would be impossible for a society to exist without it.

This is a nonsensical statement. The radfem is saying sex-based oppression is not a social construct and exists with our without society. Why would it be impossible for society to exist without something that is not a social construct? Wheels aren't a social construct. Is it also impossible for society to exist without wheels?

Why does violent homophobia against gay men exist?

Gay men are insulted, attacked, and killed because their actions are viewed as gross and sinful. Gay men are equal in strength to other men and have had the same rights in all areas of life, even marriage rights. They had the same right to marry a woman as every other man had and many have done so. Being insulted and laughed at, even beat up for your actions is not oppression. That happens to anyone who is viewed as weird, of a lower class, or sinful.


Having graduate degrees in sociology is what makes you a sociologist

Are you saying that an identity like "sociologist" actually corresponds to a material reality with characteristics and qualifications? What if I identify as a sociologist? Why isn't that viable and accepted but identifying as a woman is? Aren't degrees social constructs as well?. Much more so than being a woman is

catatonicLlama #transphobia reddit.com

,,Trans macabre''

I am a Venus
With a penis
One can not resist my anus

Thou are terf
Thou are not a woman real
'Tis a suffering to find a deal
That can make my boobies real
And not pain me with the bill

Gotta save for heels real quick
Party's coming in next week

Next week:
Hairless legs
My nails are done,
a pretty dress,
mascara on

Ready for a party now
Going to get drunk tonight
Find a handsome boy perhaps
Oh, he is gay, hmm what a shame
The second guy, he's nice, alright!
,,do you wanna dance perhaps?"
,,not my type, you are a little manly"
,,oh, that's fine, I was stressed out lately"

But I see a pretty girl
Looks like she's a lesbian
,,Hey there honey, wanna dance? ;)''
,,no I am gay, now get away :/''
,,What? The nerve.." now.. she is a perv
,,you have a penis.."

,,Hmph, how about a girldick? Happy?
Lesbos, why are you so snappy?
Can't you suck a little snack..
Little girldick is too much?
What an ungrateful brat!

How about I cut it there?
Are thou satisfied with hole in there?
ugh, thou are simply fetishist!
not a woman, but a beast!"

Got home real late
Got really drunk
And beat some terf
Oh, what a night!

Next day:
Can't believe how rad I am!
Gotta snap and text ,,I am great''
Have to gossip with my bff
But I am curious whats on net

Aww, a transgirl won a race
Get them girl, you are all grace,
feminity and strength,
not a wonder, they're so lame

We are sisters
You are cisters
We are wothy more than you
More athletic
You are pathetic
We win medals
We are faster, stronger, wiser
You are hateful, mean and prideful

Like you are jealous of our kind
Having no idea of how hard
is out not a privileged life

So much work I have to put
So that guys will think I am good
Will open doors and pay for drinks
Will put their lustful eyes on me
And think of me when they're asleep

I don't have a period, ugh
wish I had and put a tampon on
you have no idea of how hard
is our not a privileged life

Please, do show us some respect
We are truthful to ourselves,
brave and stunning, you are nothing
The least you can do is leave us alone
Don't be obsessed, and leave us at rest''

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[OP of thread]
waffleflavoredfloss: Just wondering at the hypocrisy of trans women who use medicare and employer insurance to get things like fake breasts and facial surgery etc. When will these services be free for women who have qualms about how they look? If Im flat chested can I claim breast implants are for my mental health or if I have large jaw can I use facial feminization surgery on the tax payer dollar too? I just found out these things were covered by medicare and Im honestly floored its so insulting and unbelievable.

[assorted comments]
natalwoman: If TIMs can get breast augmentation for having small breasts after hormones - why can't flat chested women get breast augmentation as well? Same with facial plastic surgery too!

You can be a woman and not have big comic book tits - but that doesn't fulfill their fucking fetish.

berryflakes: And you can be a woman and have a big and / or broken nose. We are taught that surgery shouldn’t be the first thing to do, even if you engage in self destructive actions because of your looks, and it’s never covered, but somehow they can get it free and without anyone questioning it?!

waffleflavoredfloss: I find it insulting to women who have features these people describe as male as well like do they not see how sexist they are?

McKarty: I’m sorry, but they aren’t real women. There are only two types of woman: porn and anime.

Edit: and hentai women, of course, who are iNtErSeX— it’s a spectrum! Sorry to be so exclusionary; I’m still (always) learning.

vrishkin: It ok girl, I sexualize all women :* :*

I’ve asked people before if insurance should cover my meal prep, gym fees and supplements so I could match my dysmorphic body view and been told “yes” before.

TiM apologists are delusional

skallys: It's weird because they spend so much effort claiming everything about them "IS" female, but then do a 180 when insurance offers covered surgery on like 8 different parts of them.

tryingformighty: You have made an excellent point. How can they argue for "gender confirmation" surgery while arguing they shouldn't have to have SRS?

Of course I think we know the answer...both are ways they seek satisfaction from their fetish.

justhysterical2018: Reminds me of when the New Yorker wrote this pretty glowing piece about a stunning and brave TIMs facial feminization surgery. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2018/03/19/the-story-of-a-trans-womans-face

I read it and just laughed. Women like the Kardashians and the Real Housewives get made fun of all the time for their facial reconstruction projects. Sure these women look ridiculous, but where are our profiles in the New Yorker for getting "affirming" nose jobs and forehead reconstruction? When women get plastic surgery we're called vain and shallow if you can tell we've had work done. Can you imagine a New Yorker author discussing with sympathy how difficult it is for women to get fillers and nose jobs covered by insurance?

tryingformighty: Does this mean that if "transwomen are women" we can make fun of them for being vain and shallow when *they* have facial plastic surgery?

Jorgensen Shmorgensen #conspiracy #wingnut #transphobia #enbyphobia #racist #kinkshaming #fundie newdiscourses.com

Good day, children. Today our Grade 2 class celebrates another Transplendent day of anti-white Transness here in our magical kingdom of Translandia-Canadodoland. Remember that Grand-Wizard Lord Soros’ Trans Inc. liberated you from your own Caucasianness and Transformed you into mock-POC honoured allies after the State liberated you from your racist whyt-peepo parents who were charged with procreating whiteness and jailed in the penal colonies of all-white Antarctica to pay for their ancestors’ crimes of spreading Intergalactic Whiteness.

As your non-binary fa’afafine-adjacent genderflorin teacher-friend, I will be using some French words today to honour the anniversary of The Islamic Republic of France that liberated the mother-country whose racist forebears colonized our own country’s two-spirited peoples in the former French imperialist province of Le Pays de Cochons Blanc. So, mes enfants, let us celebrate today’s hagiographic calendar of Trans Saints with two very special hetero-Trans male martyrs.

Today we worship two Autogynophile Trans saints who triumphed over whiteness so that all maleborn be-penised white-beings can proudly flaunt “female” erections in our miniskirts thus liberating us from heteropatriarchal imperialism. Let us kneel and assume the position, ma petit choses. O Trans Saint Stu Rasmussen of Oregon. O Trans Saint Stef-On-Knee of Torontula. O ye Trans martyrs. Thou hast reverse-colonized heteronormative males who renounced their whiteness by donning female clothing and erotically self-sexualizing their Transness by wearing womanhood as a bonerizing skin suit. Blessed Be the Autogynophile jug-wow of your synthetic EEE fake breastial mam-hams. Blessed Be the instruments of your Autogynophile martyrdom, the miniskirt and the blonde she-wig. Deus Sex Trangendera! O Trans! Blessed Be!

@wundt_vil #transphobia twitter.com

Unmasking the Autogynephile (AGP)

We, the sane, know that most men who say they are women will in fact just be AGP. For those unaware of the term, AGP refers to men who are sexually aroused by the thought or image of themselves as women. 🧵 This thread contains horror stories 🚨

For years, especially before gender ideology took hold in the way it has done now, the agp was happy to refer to himself as such and spoke openly with researchers about his desires and depravity. Their were noted links between AGP and other paraphilias - most notably masochism

Another very prevalent paraphilia noted with the AGP male is forced feminisation. This is, partly, the sexual arousal these men experience when thinking of themselves experiencing the oppression the only women experience. A specific oppression that we men don’t experience.

This depravity is sadly only the beginning of their delusions. This next screenshot may upset people so please be aware of that. The AGP revels in the idea of seeing himself as a women and experiencing rape.

AGPs will rarely, practically never, fall in love with other men. Most won’t even actually have sex with other men unless it’s teamed with another paraphilia - like those above. They are straight men, mostly, with fetishes.

AGPs in the past were more than happy to identify as such. But where all they all now? The answer is very simple. They’ve joined the LGBTIQ++++ community and are therefore covered and extended the protections that this group of fools receive.

They’ve cottoned on the fact that if they now say they’re trans they’ll be celebrated, applauded and told how stunning and brave they really are. There is no way, without really serious and clinical exploration, to differentiate between these people - who I believe are a majority

Of people who say they’re ‘trans’ - and the regular joe caught up in this ideology. No man, no matter how well they may articulate their faux oppression, should be extended the protections and language the women have fought so hard for. I hope the above makes clear why.

Various Commenters #transphobia #enbyphobia ovarit.com

(GCnewb )

The thing about enbies

If men and women who identify as non-binary truly believe that they are a third gender or even sex, that they are neither men nor women, then why do they insist on being included in women's resources?


( Jellyfishes )
Unfortunately male NBs often enter women's spaces too

( XX_Power )
Male NBs are just lazy TIMs lol

( OutHereInTheDeep )
My thought has always been that they wanted to be seen as special, but don’t want to be associated with castration/want women to know they’re still sexually “available”.

( pennygadget )
For the female enbies, its a safety thing. They KNOW they'd be sitting ducks in a men's space

For the males, its the thrill of colonizing a female space and forcing all the girls inside to center him when he's there

Also, sadly, we know women are way more likely to tolerate this bullshit than men. Thats why our spaces are now a dumping ground for mentally ill gender-specials

( ElectricBlue )
I think there's also a wider difference in perception of TIFs/female nbs than TIMs/male nbs. I think the TWAW campaign has been so successful that a lot of people now do believe that TWAW, whereas whatever woke thing they might say, they still do just believe an NB woman is a woman with some kinda fancy deal going on.

( platypus )
Because everyone knows a "non-binary female" is just a woman.

The thing is, by trans rhetoric, we're all non-binary, too.

A lot of NB women are just trying to go along and say "well okay, if 'woman' now means 'someone with a female gender identity,' and a female with no internal gender identity is 'non-binary,' then I guess I'm non-binary? No big deal I guess?"

But of course, once you say those words, the pressure is on for you to "prove it" by going on T and getting top surgery.

It's a trick designed to induct women into the cult.

( no- )

we're all non-binary

That's the thing. If you're a human being and not a walking pair of tits who identifies as a sex object, you're technically not a woman according to genderism. Not liking sexism automatically makes you nonbinary, because we all know a real woman is a brave and stunning transwimmin who cosplays as a bimbo for fun.

@AthenasWrench #transphobia gettr.com

💬But in the last year, after divorcing her wife

🏁🏝️ Baltimore, you should have fired the fucking pervert
Transgender Baltimore City Firefighter Embraced By Peers After Coming Out: 'It's Just Fantastic'

After he divorced his wife he decided to live out his fetish full time. He knew since he was a teenager he was sexually aroused by wearing woman’s clothes. Now that he has embraced the feminine stereotypes and forced everyone to play in his fetish he is so happy about his life. He can finally practice his fetish in public for all to participate in. Stunning and brave.

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Dating App HER Suspended from Twitter after Insulting Lesbians

( Miss_Andrist )
The funny part of this whole thing is that if the TERFs all actually left, so would the TIMs. I deleted the app because even though there were a few women looking for women, I felt like I was being used as bait to attract TIMs to the app. No thanks.

Let them match up with each other. Even the “inclusive” “queer” women only virtue signal about dating TIMs, anyway. What you have left is basically Grindr but for TIMs. They can all join each other’s femmegirl, mentally-ill, sex obsessed, anime, polycules and pretend like they are having lesbian sex while seething that no one except other perverts will actually go near them. It’s the fate these colonizing assholes all deserve.

Edit: And they are back! I love the low engagement their tweets have. They suggest that we make a TERF dating app. I’d love that, but the TIMs would be desperate to get in before the app even launched. Cope harder losers. NO ONE WANTS YOU. 🖕

( Penthesilea )

They suggest that we make a TERF dating app

Club Monocle exists! And Giggle. But when TIMs get wind of these apps, they do shit like try to sue to be included. They don’t actually want us to have our own spaces when it comes down to it. Men can’t stand being excluded, ever.

( pennygadget )

The funny part of this whole thing is that if the TERFs all actually left, so would the TIMs.

This! If some TERFs went off and started a real lesbian dating app, the TIMs would immediately try colonizing it. It wouldn't matter if they had plenty of straight handmaidens on Her willing to LARP as lesbians give them a pity fuck. They get off on violating lesbian boundaries

( FutureBreedMachine )
Isn't that precisely what happened with Giggle?

( shewolfoffrance )

I felt like I was being used as bait to attract TIMs to the app. No thanks.

If that was a deliberate strategy to expand their customer base, it's an incredibly stupid, short-sighted one. Any man who wants to get into a specifically female space is the kind of man who will alienate all but the most diehard handmaidens with his aggressive behavior.

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[From "Why I Support Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine"]

I have nothing against the Ukrainian people[…]This is not about the Ukrainian people. This is about the Ukrainian government. I fully support the invasion of Ukraine by Vladamir Putin
Ukraine has been used by Western globalists as a base of operations for decadence, depravity, and cultural assault[…]especially since 2014[…]Kiev has been the launch point for anti-White and anti-Christian propaganda leveled not only at Russians, but also Eastern European neighbors, such as Belarus, Hungary, and Poland
Whereas Hungary’s Viktor Orban and Poland’s Andrzej Duda have no love for the Russians[…]they also likely know that Kiev is the center-point of anti-Hungarian and anti-Polish leftist activity
Since the Ukrainian Maidan Revolution[…]powerful, leftist interests with roots in the United States established a stranglehold on Ukraine, installing a puppet government that has done the globalist American bidding for the past eight years
Ukraine’s geographical position on the edge of Europe and on the Black Sea made it more important than Turkmenistan or Azerbaijan. First, it provides a strategic doorway to Russia[…]home to the very few quasi-warm, deep-water ports for the Soviets
Western governments began to place various NGOs into Ukraine to ensure she was turned into a vassal[…]George Soros has been in Kiev operating on behalf of “democracy” since 1991
On their webpages you can see their support for LGBTQ+ causes, as well as support for transgender affirmation and transition therapies for children. All are pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-open borders, pro-Muslim migration, and pro-Western cultural decadence
Whereas I feel horrible for the Ukrainian people, I feel no sympathy for the leftwing patsies in Kiev

Russia was right to invade Ukraine

Matt Walsh #transphobia #enbyphobia #fundie #quack sciencebasedmedicine.org

“What is a woman” is a documentary directed by far-right activist Matt Walsh, where he goes around interviewing various people asking them their definition of what a woman is.

When interviewing members of the African Maasai tribe, Walsh is told that in their culture, men and women have separate roles, men can’t become women, and trans people don’t exist. The tribe laughs when Walsh asks, “What if a woman has a penis?” Walsh adds, “In my country, I can’t go a day without hearing that”. The Maasai tribe’s answer to what a woman is, is that a woman delivers babies; a man cannot. Walsh concludes from this encounter, “It’s clear that gender ideology is a uniquely Western phenomenon”. He’s not entirely wrong, but not for the reasons he thinks. “Gender ideology” is a buzzword originated by anti-LGBTQ activists in Europe. It is neither an academic term nor an actual political movement. However, it is presented as a movement led by LGBTQ and feminist activists intent on upending the “traditional family” and “natural order” of society. The fear-mongering of “gender ideology” is grounded in two beliefs: first, that LGBTQ people somehow threaten Christian values and the traditional family, and, second, that men and women should follow antiquated gender roles, lest they corrupt society.

Interestingly, Walsh interviewed members of just one out of 3,000 tribes in Africa and no one else from any other culture outside of the U.S. This comes across as some spectacular cherry-picking that is unrepresentative of the diversity of beliefs and practices involving gender in the world. It is also unclear to us whether Walsh is aware that the Maasai tribe also has a tradition of female genital cutting. Though the practice is, thankfully, becoming increasingly uncommon, the ritual persists in some communities and is used to prepare girls as young as ten years old for marriage. This seems incongruous with Walsh’s mission: as he states in a clip from his appearance on The Dr. Phil Show, “I care about the truth, so basic truth matters, I want to live in a society where people care about the truth, I care about children”. It’s hard not to wonder if Walsh actually approves of a society in which gender roles are so rigidly constrained that girls are required to undergo genital cutting to enforce them.

behindyourightnow #sexist #transphobia kiwifarms.net

I think it is also the fantasy that they will get accepted into the private inner circle of women and be able to participate in secret, female-only stuff (which they think includes sharing tampons with each other). Posting about tampons on TikTok and other places is part of the fantasy; it's aspirational for other troons watching it, and the troon doing the posting gets pleasure both from building up his fantasy and from knowing that other troons envy his successful womanhood.

In reality, not only is "sharing tampons" a fantasy, but these men will never be accepted into women's inner circles. Not even the handmaidens actually want to hang out with male troons in real life; handmaiden support of brave transwomen extends to commenting enthusiastically on posts to show how enlightened they are, and nothing else. Most men who have already trooned out know this deep down, which is part of why they're so bitter and miserable.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

Yeah, your fellow TIMs lobbied to get it banned


( SlowCollapse )
The alternative treatment is what humanity has done for millennia:

- No internet porn.
- No social media, smartphones, or other exposure to toxic activism.
- Preserve the innocence of childhood. Don't sexualise kids.
- Allow puberty to happen normally.
- Make your life about your achievements, not your identity.
But just suggesting that would be 'hateful evil conversion therapy' these days...

( Unicorn )
TRAs demonized this type of "alternative treatment" as "conversion therapy" and threatened to revoke therapist's licenses for trying to encourage people to be okay with the sex they were born with. Good job reinventing the wheel, I guess.

( natkomer123 )
This is the biggest issue with combining the LGB with the T. Conversion therapy for LGB people is a horrible thing because being gay does not harm anyone. But T people are looking to take harmful hormones, remove healthy organs, and cut their genitals/breast off - these are people who need psychiatric help. But because we've combined LGBT, when we banned conversion therapy it had to include the T too.

( danaseilhan )
Somebody needs to remind the T's that WoMeN cAn HaVe PeNiSeS. It cannot possibly be "conversion therapy" to put a stop to gender surgeries and gender drugs, because supposedly you do not have to transition to be trans. They need to pick one or the other and quit moving the goalposts.

( Every-Man-His-Own-Football )
For gender (anatomic sex) dysphoric children/adolescents, that is. I doubt there will ever be effective treatment for AGPs unless they stop chasing their addictive fetish.

( Persimmon64 )
Yeah, there doesn't seem to be a way to treat sexual perversions. I don't think there's a known "cure" for pedophilia or sex offenders either. I suggest castration for all of them.

( a_shrubf )
Quick, get the holy trans anointing oil, there's some evil internalized transmisogyny to cast out with gender affirmation chants!!

( Persimmon64 )
They have found something that can be done for dysphoria instead of transitioning and it actually works quite well. These people just don't want that. They'd rather continue to indulge in their delusions than try to be comfortable in their own bodies.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: California State Assembly passed a bill allowing parents to lose custody of their children if they refuse to accept their child’s gender transition (Video) |

( legopants )
I couldn't imagine losing my child all because I refused to let them become a medical experiment of billionaires and perverted men. There are actual child abuse and neglect cases that go ignored and the child suffers severely or even dies. But sure, let's rip children out of perfectly good homes because they want to play pretend past recess.

( feministdna )

Why is ACTUAL child abuse ignored and so, so prevalent, and no one seems to care? But the Trans movement has got the general population on a witch hunt against mothers who are trying to protect their kids

( Clarus )
Definitely part of the trans-medical complex attempt to gain more control over children and to make lifelong patients out of them. The real answer should be to help children feel good in their current gender without needing thousands of dollars of surgeries. They're pushing hyper-consumerism on children.

( syntaxerror )
Wait, can someone explain to me what happens to the kids when they’re removed from custody? Are the put into the foster care system? Is it temporary? Permanent? These articles never seem to go into much detail. I don’t understand how that would even work.

( pennygadget )
That worries me as well. Are they specifically placed with some "queer glitter family" who will affirm everything they want? In some LGBTQAI2SWTF+ Group Home with other delusional gender-special children? How does this work?

( sojourner_truth_ )
Best case scenario it will be some Handmaiden who signs off on all the butchery and drugs. Other options include that handmaiden plus her polycule of stunning and brave who molest the kid, pimp the kid out, etc... or a group home where rape is guaranteed by staff and/or other residents.

( Carrots90 )
They really are coming for the children

Will this just apply to make custody cases that much worse?

Or will it be used to feed kids to the foster care system?

The thing that is only supposed to be for worst case scenario’s because it makes kids that much more vulnerable to exploitation

Oh, and you get paid more if the foster kid is gender special

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The most commonly seen sign in any street demonstration in America today displays an angry fist of revolution. The BLM racists have their black fist signs, the perverts have their rainbow fists, the Femi-Nazis have their fancy fingernail fists. A fist, it seems, is their love symbol.

Now, all those who wave such signs would probably consider the previous paragraph to be what they call "Hate Speech". Not because I hate them, but because they hate me. Identifying them accurately is "hate speech", to them. They want to force me, and you, to use only speech that approves of them, even though I do not approve of them. That doesn't mean I hate them; it just means I do not approve of what they stand for and what they are demonstrating about.
They've been, and they're being trained in this sick special thinking in schools, from kindergarten up to advanced degrees. Their teachers and professors hate Christianity, America, white people, men and sexual normalcy. They are, after all, Marxists, by philosophy if not politics. And that is to say they stand opposed to all existing social norms and standards, and support their violent overthrow as it says in the closing lines of Marx's Manifesto. That's what Marxism is really all about: overthrowing whatever exists and establishing a replacement system to rule the world, and then teach it how to behave.
Trannies are moved to commit suicide, and even mass-shootings just because everyone on earth does not kiss their asses and tell them how wonderful and natural and acceptable and special they are.

They've been purposely dumbed-down, perverted and mal-educated in whatever schools they've been through. And they are probably completely unaware of having been Marxified, too. Some of them may be fully aware Marxist revolutionaries, but for the most part, most Marxist kids today do not even know that they are Marxists. They may not even know what Marxism is.

We could probably say the same thing about a lot of black Americans.

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[From "A Christian Nation or Heavenly Rebellion?"]

I’ve been watching and listening to the current debate#among my Christian brothers, and the false ones, on the idea of Christian Nationalism#
As God is sovereign over all things, it makes absolute sense that His divine purpose would be that all men submit to His authority in all things. This would include#all governments#The opposition, and I’m talking about Christians, seem to prefer something else, a nation state not constitutionally bound in obedience to the Almighty, but to a secular ideal of sort. How interesting?

There is nothing new under the sun, and we’ve seen this over and over again in the Bible, and especially with the kings of Israel#They never seemed to live up to those expectations. Even the good kings always seemed to stop just short#
They wanted Jehovah Nationalism, but only if they could keep a few things left untouched. Seems reasonable, except it eventually brought national destruction#
I remember when abortion was the law of the land; certain “Pro-Life” groups, including their denominational allies, regularly called abortion murder, and as the Bible clearly states, murder is a capital offense#When Our Divine Majesty gives them everything they want, they backtrack on the implementation of a just punishment for the murder of unborn children

Believe it or not, but sodomy and other homosexual acts were once illegal#Practitioners of such acts could go to jail. But that seemed unkind, although under the laws of God, it is also a capital offense#In modern America, our laws no longer subdue evil for the benefit of society, but our godless culture promotes every type of sexually deviant behavior all over the world. We even sacrifice our nation’s children, mutilating their genitalia, dressing them up as sex objects for pedophiles#
Christian Nationalism will never work in these United States, it’s just too big. However, it can work in states#
Deo Vindice!

God save the South!

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Noah built the Ark about 4,300 years ago. This event was both a judgment and a message of salvation. The Flood was a major geological, anthropological, and biological event in the history of the earth and humanity. If the Flood really happened, which it did, then most of the fossil record is the graveyard of that event. Yet evolutionists use the fossil record as supposed evidence of millions of years as part of the evolutionary story in regard to earth and life. Secularists claim the Ark Noah built couldn’t have fit all the land animal kinds as the bible teaches. They therefore say this event never happened. But the bible makes it clear the building of the Ark and the Flood of Noah really did happen in history.

If the events of the Ark and Flood are true, then all humans are descendants of Noah (who build the Ark) back to the first man Adam.

To deal with these issues and more, Answers in Genesis decided to build a life-size Ark based on the dimensions in the bible and fill it with exhibits answering the attacks people level at the bible’s account of Noah’s Flood. The building of this Ark was done to remind people of the truth of God’s Word and call them to salvation.

“But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.” (Matthew 24:37)

Regardless of how Christians may interpret Matthew 24 in regard to eschatology, there’s no doubt that this verse refers to the rebellion and judgment of Noah’s day. Christ used the catastrophic Flood that occurred over 4,300 years ago to warn of impending judgment. Many Christians believe this verse also alludes to the coming final judgment when Christ returns and makes a New Heaven and New Earth.

What was it like in Noah’s day? Genesis 6:5 states, “Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”

I believe it has been the right time to build a full scale model of Noah’s Ark!


Why was it the time right to build another Ark? Well, today there is great rebellion against God and His Word in the land. With increasing homosexual behavior and a growing acceptance of abortion and other moral evils (gender transition etc), God’s hand of judgment is being seen as He withdraws the restraining influence of His Holy Spirit.

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( legopants )
so pathetic. I actually got such bad secondhand embarrassment reading that. "They're trying to kill us :'''(" "I don't wanna die :'(((" get tf over yourself, dude. Your chances of actually being murdered go up MASSIVELY if you were a woman. You're falling to pieces and having a mental breakdown because some fake words that are entirely a lie that you read on a screen scare you? You'll never know how it feels to walk alone at night. Do you really think you could handle being a woman and what we deal with when you're cry typing and terrified over literally NOTHING? I don't think it's the blissful escape you've so deluded yourself to think. what a prick.

ETA: notice how he's fine with women having our rights taken away but not trans people. literally says it flat out. "i dont want my rights being taken away because I'm trans" followed by "being allowed to be a girl and have my rights taken away . I would mind much less"

I don't care how young this dude is he has no sympathy from me. That is such disgusting behavior and comments to make and shows his already porn rotting brain. Humanity is doomed.

( bluff )
Agreed. Cat's out of the bag with porn and I don't believe men will ever change. Sometimes I wish our planet would just get nuked already, the future is bleak when considering his sex class controls the world.

I don't like to hate people but I hate these people so much. We are just a fetish to them, not people who deserve dignity and rights. He even says it'd be better to be killed as a "girl." I hope he drowns.

( Persimmon64 )
"tehrye making it illegal to be ourselves"

They're making it illegal to violate same sex spaces and categories, lie about your sex, and give cosmetic surgeries and harmful drugs to minors.

No one needs drugs and surgery to "be themselves." If anything, they're making it "harder" for you to pass yourself off as something you're not. In other words, they're actually just requiring and encouraging you to "be yourself"

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A beginner's guide to TiMs


( sylviasmushrooms )
Oh God. I’ve met every single one of these, many times. Every single TIM I’ve ever met IRL fits so neatly into one of these categories that it’s eerie, even the specific parts hit like 85%!

( Persimmon64 )
I'd add one more HSTS category - the effeminate gay boy who "realized" he's a woman as a teen/young adult after he discovered most guys didn't want to screw him and found the idea of it repulsive. He also has had extensive plastic surgery and tries to "pass" the best he can so he can keep his sex secret from his dates or hookups. He gets off on the idea of stealing men from real women and the idea that the straight guys that found him gross before are now "attracted" to him. Has hatred and contempt for women due to jealousy and other gay men due to his own internalized homophobia.

( Sameseks )
So that Kelly Cadigan on Twitter who literally made a video admitting that he realized he was gay in his youth and didn’t like it

Now spends time being overtly homophobic towards other gay men

It’s just depressing

( m0RT_ )
UGH, i hate the fact that I can now recognize these types easily now.

I was blissfully ignoring these damn pathetic kinks until they started coming for women's sexed based rights and I peaked. Can't wait for this to be sorted out in the law so I can go back to completely ignoring what happens in their grotty bedrooms.

( OneStarWolf )
It’s missing all the delusional and naive TIFs that will handmaiden hard for these men, all while slowly crippling and killing themselves with excess T.

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ANYONE that uses "pronouns" should be cancelled. This is the EXACT PROBLEM. look if your a man and you dress up like a woman and put on makeup you are NOT A WOMAN. And you CANNOT FORCE ME to be a part of your mental illness. Period. NO amount of hormones or makeup will EVER change your DNA only 2 sets of chromosomes XX AND XY THAT 100% FACT AND you can't FORCE me to go against FACTS AMD TRUTH.

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RE: AFAB is now a TERF dogwhistle. Now what ?

( sodonewiththis )
Hahaha! So funny. I’ve already seen this use of AFAB in the wild among my children’s friends

They’ve all been raised to use pronouns and gender terminology religiously. And they are all incredibly pro-trans. Which is frankly understandable given how many trans kids they know — really nice kids too, who I desperately hope don’t grow up to suffer from serious medical issues.

But somehow even these incredibly pro-trans kids always end up needing a word to describe … well … you know … women.

For example, no right thinking Gen Z teenage girl would ever say she don’t want a trans woman gynecologist. But they will explain to you that “it’s uncomfortable to deal with AMABs in certain situations” so “I kind of feel like I’d rather have an AFAB gynecologist.”

Recently I overheard a conversation between several preteens about the bathrooms issue. And — I kid you not — they solemnly agreed that the “fair” solution to bathrooms would be to just get rid of “girls” and “boys” bathrooms and have “an AFAB bathroom, andAMAB bathroom, and a Unisex bathroom.”

I’m sure they aren’t the only Gen Z kids to come up with this solution. And no doubt that’s why the TRAs are now decreeing that AFAB is a transphobic term — even though they are the ones who forced it on us in the first place.

As someone who has dutifully read my De Mann, I can’t help but observe that it certainly seems like some words do represent a priori categories that are pre-existent to language and culture. And when we outlaw those words people seem to be quite ingenious at finding new words to signify those categories!

( shveya )
These guys are so authoritarian. Even when women obey them, it's not good enough. They have the right (in their minds) to tell us what to call ourselves, but heaven forbid we aren't 100%subservient towards their pornified whims.

This is why I'll always tell libfems that there's no point in caping for them. You're a woman, so nothing you could do to please them will ever be enough.

( somegenerichandle )
Yeah, i agree. I've seen TIFs unironically make statements about AFAB when they want to talk about sex, not gender. And i definitely think they will rebrand it. This whole issue has made women constantly modify their language, such as women born womyn.

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( NO )
I honestly hate the TQ.

They're homophobic, misogynistic, absolutly terrible people.

Stop involving me in your fetish.

Stop forcing me to be around you in private spaces.

Stop telling me my sexuality is bad

Stop telling me I'm wrong

Stop forcing me to follow your religion.

You guys are just bigoted religious zealots.

( Feminist_strength )
I hate to generalize, but I agree with you. I’ve been around many “queer” people, and literally none of them are mentally stable. They have a superiority complex. And most of them are creepy. Anyone who identifies as trans provokes an instant “ick” in my gut.

( Tanana )
The TQ are parasites to the LGB. I just want to have nothing to do with those clowns.

( Spinstaa )
Just ridiculous! Where are all the so called allies talking about this?! Oh, right ! They only care about “queer” people. Who most are heterosexual.

I think it’s wild in my lifetime, I’ve seen same sex marriage legalized and those relationships being seen as a normal thing. To now. Where we can hate same sex attracted people, as long as we SAY we support the queer community (mostly heterosexual community)

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RE: AFAB is now a TERF dogwhistle. Now what ?

( heremirore )
The goal here is to stop women from referencing sex.

( ItsCalculated )
This. They want to punish speech and thought crime. They want control.

They want to erase the line between us because it invalidates them. That line, however, is immutable. Sex is immutable. They may as well try to erase gravity or time.

( songoftheworms )
Yep! TRAs are existentially threatened by women's development of class consciousness.

( kin_kkum )
They don't want "AFAB" to be replaced by anything. They simply do not want women to have any terms to refer to ourselves at all. They don't want women having the right to exclude men, not even in language. They don't want to acknowledge that women exist as our own class. They want to dominate us in every arena of our lives, including our own thoughts and language. I predict that even the more offensive terms like "menstruators" "birthing people" etc will also become "TERF dogwhistles" to them because as degrading they might be to us, they still reference a biological reality that only women experience. They are seeking a reality where we cannot discuss anything about ourselves that doesn't include them. The only way out is for this bizarre ideology to end.

( shewolfoffrance )
The euphemism treadmill will go on. They don't want women to have the language to talk about themselves as a class. But, they'll inevitably invent some new, degrading, nonsensical term to refer to the category of human beings they envy, and can never be. And the cycle will begin anew because they simply can't not talk about women.

( PlainSimpleTailor )
Yep. AFAB/AMAB was a loophole to justify trans identities and gender while still vaguely gesturing at the notion of biological sex. Therefore they could always claim that people criticizing gender ideology were just "confusing sex and gender, which are two totally different things". Now they've ran into tons of problems with that, so they want to eradicate any reference to biological sex.

( mathlover )
They don't like it because they think it is a sneaky way to refer to sex that is "transphobic". Eg: lesbians who specify AFAB only on dating apps now get banned for being "transphobes" because AFAB excludes the larping men.

( Dee )
We are living through a dystopian hell hole and few people realize it. What else is new?

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I agree that both transtrenders exist and that as of this day in 2023, they are the widespread reason people dislike trans people. Im a bisexual cis male with a trans male partner, im perfectly accepting and tolerant of trans people, but it really makes me wish i wasnt because at this rate its a fad and a social contagion. I feel bad for people who deal with gender disphoria, who get compared with teens handling very normal feelings during adolescence and watching a few tik toks and suddenly thinking their half cow.

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[From “That Middle-East Thing…”]

The fight between the Moslems and Jews, the Israelis and Palestinians[…]proves a simple point: We truly cannot get along. God made different nations and He has no desire that we all become one people

Humans were not made to get along. We need our own land and culture and language and beliefs and space. Forced integration is the most anti-human thing you can do to people

Israel and Hamas/Hezbollah are in a death match. You think it will be any different to import them to Europe and America? Do you expect the to become “good little universalists?” All this is lies. They Jews will drive the Moslem out of Gaza and them some lighbulb will decide they all need to move to Europe or America. There is a war against the White and Christian race

Our war is in our homelands. We are invaded, egged on by traitors and Jews who hate the White race. Whites who side with the Jews are traitors to their ancestors (breaking the Fifth Commandment) and traitors against Jesus Christ. They have joined the fraternity of Judas Iscariot. This applies to Trump’s daughter as well as the Biden family who have united with the Jews. Like Judas Iscariot, Biden has betrayed Jesus[…]
I realize this is “extreme” speech, but only “extreme” speech is free speech. Everything outside the approved conversation is “extreme”[…]
Do you think they’ve reached the limits of their depravity with trannies in grade school? Think again. Five years ago no one could have even imagined an evil like this. But it’s here

Give it a few more years and they will find new evils. The hidden depopulation agenda will become less hidden, and less “conspiracy.” Anyone opposing trannies, homos, depopulation, abortion, sex with children, “voluntary” human sacrifice, … will be deemed “extremist,” and potential domestic terrorists, Today’s Soccer Mom’s attending PTA meetings and opposing the Tranny Agenda went on FBI watch lists. Do you really think we are on the cusp of liberty?

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RE: Follow the money- the strong link with trans ideology and pedophilia

There's a money link and an obvious intellectual link. I've found it glaringly obvious from pretty much the get go that this was a bridge to normalizing and legalizing pedophilia. It's a short walk from "children can consent gender transition" to "children can consent to sex with adults." This is not a coincidence; it's the entire point.

( Sonnet )
“No kids are getting surgeries, that’s transphobic right-wing fear mongering.”

“A tiny number of kids are getting surgeries but they are a rare and life-saving intervention.”

“What right do you have to tell someone else’s child what to do with their bodies? Mind your own business. Teenage girls already get breast reductions and augmentations, so what? These are medically valid surgeries, otherwise doctors wouldn’t do them.”


“You think a child old enough to decide about having her breasts removed is too young to consent to showing her breasts to an adult? Kids know who they are. Clutch your pearls harder. Right-wing purity culture. Sexist shame about women’s bodies. ~Won’t somebody think of the children.~”

( opreroma )
This is such a good point. A while back, I asked someone, "If children can't consent to sexual intercourse, then why can they consent to sexual reassignment surgery?" They danced around the subject, after which I felt very numb. Because I realized that was the point all along.

Yea, they danced around because the reality is they do think children can consent. This is one of the resultant horrors of having a culture that says any sexual activity is acceptable as long as the participants consent. That proposition is obviously not true because that would make necrophilia, statutory rape, adultery, and incest morally acceptable sexual activity. Somehow the idea that there's more to sex than consent is now deemed puritanical religious extremism.

ETA: the specific sophistry/error is that they are confusing a necessary condition for a sufficient condition. Consent is a necessary condition, but not a sufficient condition. This is why some people intuitively know that incest, etc. is wrong, but they struggle to articulate why it's still wrong if the participants consent.

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Serious ignorance vibes

( Itzpapalotl )
1. If I had kids I would teach them that biology is immutable but that doesn't have any bearing on hobbies, interests, abilities or personalities...so no, I wouldn’t have a “trans” kid, because there’s no such thing. I also wouldn't have a “queer” kid, my kid would be either gay/lesbian, straight or bisexual - all of which are fine, natural and healthy.

2. “HRT” is to aid women going through menopause, NOT for deluded males. Cross sex hormones are highly experimental, and for anyone with a working brain it should be very obvious that pumping a healthy body full of entirely unnecessary chemicals/artificial hormones is a bad idea.

3. Most people would rather have a bad tattoo that a vastly decreased lifespan, osteoporosis, vaginal atrophy, increased chance of cancer, sterilisation and/or butchered genitals and destroyed sexual function...

4. “Gender” is not biological. Sex is biological and immutable. Single sex spaces for women need to be enforced because men are an inherent threat to us (as proven globally, historically and statistically) regardless of what they wear or believe themselves to be.

Yet again, mind boggling stupidity from dimwitted TRAs.

(1) Since trans is real, when scientists develop a genetic test for it, will they support selective abortion of "trans" fetuses? Or will they support forced birth in that scenario?

(2) So is bloodletting. Are we supposed to bring shit back because it's old? That's the opposite of progress, but the rest of their ideas are also regressive so it makes sense.

(3) It's called the "sunk cost fallacy."

(4) If gender is real, why are they demanding the police state enforce it? GCs want biological sex, which is a material reality, recognized by law. No one needs to enforce reality, but they do need to force us to all play along with their fantasies.

( Unicorn )
Gender is not biological. It is social constructs based on sex-based stereotypes. Sex is biological.

If gender is innate, why does it need a police state to enforce punishing gender critical people for wrongthink?

BondiBlue #transphobia ovarit.com


- There is no such thing as a “trans or q~eer child.” There are kids who don’t fit into stereotypes. Some turn out to be gay or lesbian. Some are heterosexual, just nonconformist. But a “trans or q~eer child” is either a failure of parenting or a child being groomed by “q~eer” ideologues. The word, when used as a verb, means to deliberately render something or someone FUBAR as a radical and intentionally destructive political act. As a slur against gays and lesbians, it has only been “reclaimed” by sexual deviants looking to normalize the unthinkable, ride the coattails of normal LGBs’ hard-fought acceptance into mainstream society, and “drag” children along with it. If you are of the mentality that a “trans or q~eer child” is something that 1) exists and 2) is to be celebrated, please do not have kids. Most likely you should be under a restraining order barring you from contact or interaction with them.

- HRT was never meant to be used in wrong-sex applications. It is not only experimental, it is harmful quackery predicated upon the validity of woke medicine, and it should be outlawed for these deceptive and destructive purposes. These powerful drugs are used in serious applications such as for cancer patients, to treat symptoms of menopause, or to chemically castrate sex offenders. It is a “treatment” for something (gender nonconformism) that is not an illness. It was used in the conversion therapy of the brilliant gay scientist Alan Turing, who committed suicide rather than be rendered a eunuch. HRT prescribed under these applications is barbaric.

- Tattoos are elective body modification. No one ever argues that not getting a tattoo will cause someone to commit suicide or that tattoos are “life affirming care.” It is also not legal to get them under the age of 18, while gender butchery is being done to minors, again under the guise that it is “healthcare” rather than unethical cosmetic surgery. Tattooing is not covered by health insurance, and no one is being punished for not “affirming” someone as a zebra if he or she wishes to have full-body zebra stripes tattooed. But we see your obvious dig at JKR for calling this BS out. It’s tiresome and nobody believes it anymore.


knitsandhooks #transphobia ovarit.com

Canada warns '2SLGBTQI+' residents about traveling to US

Um, shouldn't it be the other way around? The US government needs to be warning American gays that if they travel to Canada they might be expected to undergo conversion therapy to sterilize them and remove their sex organs, and may even encounter giant crowds of angry blue-haired Canadian homophobes screaming at them that their sexuality is offensive to straight people.

Eric Stryker #transphobia #dunning-kruger #homophobia #racist archive.ph

"Welcome to the Future": Supervising Director of Disney's "Muppet Babies" Reboot Inserts Transsexual Gonzo

Disney’s CGI reboot of the 1980s children’s classic Muppet Babies is being lauded by the mainstream media for featuring Gonzo as a transsexual.

The episode, titled Gonzorella, features the iconic characters preparing for a ball, where the girls will be princesses and the boys will be dressed as knights. Gonzo expresses that he would rather go as a princess, but is told by his peers that he is expected to attend as a male.

Later on in the episode, a rat with a yellow star on his shirt gets the depressed Gonzo alone and uses his magic fairy wand to indulge him in his unnatural feelings.

The idea to include homosexual propaganda in a program meant for preschoolers was made by Matt Danner, the show’s supervising director and close relative of Jewish actress Gwyneth Paltrow. The leadership at the Walt Disney Corporation, considered one of the most “woke” in the entertainment business, is hyper-political and almost entirely Jewish.

On twitter, Danner, celebrated the decision to insert a sexually perverted Gonzo in a show for babies by exclaiming, “Welcome to the future.”

Sonnet, Calidris & TheKnitta #transphobia ovarit.com

Even 10 year olds know you're a man

( Sonnet )
He’s a man. But if I found out my kids were filming themselves singling-out and humiliating strangers at the fair like a roving pack of discount bullies, I would blast them into space.

( Calidris )
I'd have zero problems if my kids humiliated a man who's wearing their reality as a sex costume. I'd say the same about someone walking around in blackface. They deserve to be humiliated because they started it by including us in their perverted sex fetish.

( Calidris )
Ooof yeah. That is very very obviously just a man. He's the kind of TIM where I wouldn't even have known he's trying to "pass" as anything. I'd just have thought it's a kind of fruity dude.

I like that the young kids can instinctively tell there's something very wrong about a dude dressing up in women's clothing. There's a reason that before "trans" took off as a state religion, crossdressers were usually represented as deeply messed up, creepy and sometimes extremely violent men like buffalo bill.

( TheKnitta )
Oh no, genocided by children! They should all be sent to re-education to worship men in dresses, and be taught to never laugh at the obvious flat-footed clowns for parading their fetish in public and thinking they can get away with it.

Grow up, sir. You know full well you went to the fair dressed like a woman for attention, because performing your fetish in public gets you off. If you can’t handle kids laughing at you for being obvious, don’t do what they’re laughing at you for.

He probably still loved the attention, though.

Steven Crowder #wingnut #conspiracy #transphobia mediamatters.org

[TikTok is] not allowed in China for different reasons, because all the trans, you know, infiltration that happens there where people want you to text them on TikTok, slide into their DMs so your parents don't know and they can encourage you to transition. They believe that will poison the minds of the youth in China.

So they don't allow it in China, but now they want to lobby the United States to allow it because they know the irreparable damage that it can do to young people.

The role of the government - certainly the one legitimate role is to protect its citizens both from exterior and interior threats, and I would say Chinese propaganda and some content that they won't even allow in their country because they've seen the studies, they know the irreparable damage. Yeah, I would say that that's a legitimate --that falls under the legitimate purview of government, to prevent and eliminate that threat. By eliminate, I mean the app.

Russian Government #conspiracy #enbyphobia #fundie #homophobia #psycho #transphobia thestar.com

The Russian Justice Ministry on Friday said it has filed a lawsuit with the nation's Supreme Court to outlaw the LGBTQ+ “international public movement” as extremist, the latest crippling blow against the already beleaguered LGBTQ+ community in the increasingly conservative country.

The ministry said in an online statement announcing the lawsuit that authorities have identified “signs and manifestations of extremist nature” in “the activities of the LGBT movement active" in Russia, including “incitement of social and religious discord.” Russia's Supreme Court has scheduled a hearing to consider the lawsuit for Nov. 30, the ministry said.

The crackdown, which began a decade ago, slowly but surely chipped away at LGBTQ+ rights. In 2013, the Kremlin adopted the first legislation restricting LGBTQ+ rights, known as the “gay propaganda” law, banning any non-critical public depiction of “nontraditional sexual relations” among minors. In 2020, Putin pushed through a constitutional reform to extend his rule by two more terms that also outlawed same-sex marriage.

In 2022, after sending troops into Ukraine, the Kremlin ramped up its rhetoric about protecting “traditional values” from what it called the West’s “degrading” influence, in what rights advocates saw as an attempt to legitimize the war in Ukraine. That same year, the authorities adopted a law banning propaganda of “nontraditional sexual relations” among adults, too, effectively outlawing any public endorsement of LGBTQ+ people.

Another law passed this year prohibited gender transitioning procedures and gender-affirming care for trans people. The legislation prohibited any “medical interventions aimed at changing the sex of a person,” as well as changing one’s gender in official documents and public records. It also amended Russia’s Family Code by listing gender change as a reason to annul a marriage and adding those “who had changed gender” to a list of people who can’t become foster or adoptive parents.

“Do we really want to have here, in our country, in Russia, ‘Parent No. 1, No. 2, No. 3’ instead of ‘mom’ and ‘dad?’” Putin said in September 2022 at a ceremony to formalize Moscow's annexation of four Ukrainian regions. “Do we really want perversions that lead to degradation and extinction to be imposed in our schools from the primary grades?”

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

Where do you stand?

( Triselly )
I appreciate this comment may be removed, but what's the number for barely considering these monsters to be human anymore?

They are broken males who have forfeited their souls to their libidos.

( Lemonade_Masquerade )
Yeah, I keep it tamer on this site but I genuinely hate men who call themselves women. 10-15 years ago I was ignorant to how many there were, so I was mostly apathetic to them. They seemed like one of many breeds of sexist men, but a low priority issue. I consider that a mistake on my part. Now that I know they are actively trying to erode women's rights and teach children to hate their bodies and sterilize themselves, as well as co opting the LGB movement for themselves and their homophobic ends, I will not ignore them or underestimate them again. I may call them men here, but that's only because my preferred words are banned on this site. They've shot up my shit list ahead of incels/PUAs, male politicians, and "good christian" men in record time.

No concessions. No compromise. No "good" trans who gets a free pass for acknowledging sex. No men in women's spaces. Full stop.

( Chronicity )
I’m a 8.

TW are disturbed men who have been brainwashed into psychologically, chemically and physically harming themselves. Validating their identities is an assault on feminism when it requires us to pretend men can know what it feels like to be a woman.

( hard_headed_woman )
I'm a 10.

TW are men, who belong in the category of males for every aspect of their lives. I fight to rid the world of men larping as women on official documents like drivers' licenses and passports. I reject the claim that men know what it "feels" like to be a woman. I reject all medical interventions for any person under the age of 25, and do not believe that governments or insurance companies should pay for transgender cosmetic services and surgeries.

( unlearningtrans )
I think transgender medicine should be banned for anyone but agree that under 25 is a good place to start.

yourclairygodmother #homophobia #transphobia #racist deviantart.com

A kid shouldn't be encouraged to see a movie because a certain ethnic group or whatever is in it! That's what SJWs do! If the minority was changed, the kids wouldn't be interested at all. Because it's SHALLOW! You want to make a movie with a gay or brown or trans lead? FINE! If it's important to the story or just how they are, FINE! But changing a character's skin tone for the sake of "inclusion", therefor erasing all the cultural significance and historical importance, is really disrespectful. Appearances shouldn't be a motivation. It DOESN'T "work", as you put it. They only fall in love with a character's looks, because you're saying that's all that matters to a child. That's treating kids like IDIOTS! Because, news flash lady, no kid gives a crap about these dumb race-baiting gender politics!

You want to have a black mermaid? Fine! But not ARIEL! Not The Little Mermaid, which has a specific ethnicity and specific time period and location. Changing the white mermaid to black would harm the story and suck you out of the fantasy, because it reminds you what your watching is fictional and inaccurate and then it doesn't invest you anymore, making you not enjoy the movie as much. Now, character design and appeal is important, but there's a difference between appealing designs and blatantly awful redesigns that aren't artistically motivated, but RACIALLY and POLITICALLY motivated. THIS mermaid, is the latter.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

Over half of transgender prisoners in Wisconsin are sex offenders

( itsnotaboutewe )
They have a choice. Either

1. Transgender identifying males are far more likely to be sexual offenders than the normal male prison population, or

2. Men who are not transgender are pretending to be trans just to invade women's spaces.

They have to choose one of those two explanations. If trans identifying males are more likely to be sex offenders than ordinary men, there is even more of a need for them to be kept out of all female spaces. If some men are falsely claiming to be trans in order to infiltrate female spaces, and there is no test to prove if they are really trans or not, then all males regardless of how they identify need to be kept out of female spaces. Simple.

( pennygadget )
Honestly, I'm surprised the number is that low

( MissBehaved )
They're just the ones who got convicted for that. Given the extremely low rate of rape convictions, we can safely assume the number is higher (and for other men too of course).

( OneStarWolf )
This. These were the very few trans id men that were actually caught AND convicted of a sex crime. The real number is probably much higher since we know the vast majority of these sex based offenders either never get caught/not reported or are not convicted.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if TiMs have a 70+ percent sex crime rate. The FBI has known for years that transsexualism was a common comorbidity and paraphilia with pedos, rapists, and serial killers that target women. There are so many creepy fucking men out there and it seems they’re all catching on to the trans cheat.

( Mandy )
So the question is, are they sex offenders because they're transwomen, or did they become transwomen when they were convicted of sex offenses?

( RusticTroglodyte )
Since a requirement to being a tim is to be pornsick, (at least the majority, who transition as adults. The ones who transition in childhood are denied a sex life due to puberty blockers) and pornsick men need to keep escalating, coupled with the fact that trans identified men are entitled and think they can do whatever they want, all the time, I'd say they're sex offenders bc they're trans

Just my unscientific opinion

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

( MaryDyer )
This is the chance to peak people, ladies
Very simple:

You: “I can just see Donald Trump declaring he’s a woman and being moved to a women’s prison if he’s convicted.”

Them: “What? They wouldn’t move a man to a women’s prison.”

You: “Hmm…you sure about that?” proceed to rattle off a list of names of male rapists who are living comfortably in women’s prisons

This is our chance to truly spread the word.

( Re-enacterf )
I said to my friend there are male rapists in women's prison right now, raping women. She said trans women are women, therefore there are no men in women's prison.

( Sonnet )
“Transwomen are women, so when a large, criminally dangerous male gets on top of a terrified female and forces his penis inside her without her consent, it is only women to blame.”

( realityismykink )
Did you reply that you couldn't possibly be friends with a misogynistic rape apologist, therefore you weren't friends anymore?

( Re-enacterf )
With TRA female friends, I wait for them to burn the bridge first. It was a horrific comment, but borne out of ignorance of male depravity. Unforgivable to handwave rape, yes, but she might realize what she's done some day. Male TRA friends who give me any guff I block. They know exactly what these TIMs are up to.

( Tailz1012 )
If TWAW and TWAM there are still men in women's prisons bc TIFs don't request transfers to men's prisons for obvious reasons. Regardless of your definition there are men in womens prisons. They need to decide which definition of men to kick out.

( MissBehaved )
I'm literally waiting on Trump to declare himself America's first woman president. I hope he does it. He's honestly nuts enough that I can imagine him doing this. Dems would be floundering, the whole country would go crazy haha

( BillyPilgrim )
He hates women too much to ever pretend to be one.

( SpatOutTheKoolaid )
That doesn't stop most TIMs.

( RusticTroglodyteSnazzy )
So do tims lol. Hating women is a necessary part of transition for both tims and tifs

( LunarWolf )
as opposed to most TIMs?

( Fluffy_gender )
Trump is pro trans actually. He was OK with a TIM in Miss Universe and he had a comment while running for president that he doesn't mind TIMs in women's bathrooms - after all, he also regularly barged into teen girls' changing rooms, too.

Anna Perez #fundie #homophobia #transphobia #conspiracy angrywhitemen.org

Anna Perez devoted the Oct. 30, 2023 episode of her Wrongthink Primetime show to claiming that Christians are the “most persecuted group”[…]During the episode she also claimed that “discrimination”[…]is a “key tenet of the Bible” and that Christians have been “too tolerant”

Perez played a clip of MSNBC host and former Biden White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki talking about Speaker of the House Mike Johnson[…]
She also drew attention to anti-gay statements Johnson made and remarked that discrimination is not a “key tenet of the Bible”

“Uh, actually Jen Psaki, discrimination is a key tenet of the Bible,” Perez countered. “Jesus and — even in the Old Testament and the New Testament, by the way, this is true for all of the religions that you claim to defend, yet you have a problem uniquely with Christianity[…]God was very clear in the Old and New Testament where we stood on homosexuality”

“And I hate to break it to you, I hate to burst your bubble, but you should probably re-read it,” she said. “Spoiler alert: He was not exactly in favor of the homosexual lifestyle”

Toward the end of the show, Perez complained that the so-called “uniparty” is “more than happy to not just ignore Christian rights, Christian persecution, but rather to continue to fund it”[…]
Perez referenced the reaction to the Covenant School shooting[…]
“Yes, that is exactly what happened, because some tranny freak, some faggot freakshow, decided to shoot up a school because he/she was uncomfortable with themselves and actually believed that Christians were the problem in this country, because much like many people in the world, they’re convinced that Christians are bad”[…]
“Do not let them tell you that we are not a persecuted class in America. We are the most persecuted class, not just in America, but around the world,” Perez claimed. “Christians are treated terribly. Honestly I believe we’ve been too tolerant. … We cannot let these heathens — these heathens — come against us”

g0ys.org #homophobia #transphobia #wingnut g0ys.org

(Warning: Much of the site is NSFW due to heavy use of homoerotic and even pornographic inages.)

Welcome to: G0YS.ORG - Reorient Your Paradigm!

Remember to bookmark / add to favorites!


Love, Trust, Respect, Discretion, Masculinity
FACT: The Majority of Men Admire Masculinity; -But Do NOT identify as: "GLITQEtc"!

Men who look into the rapidly growing G0YS movement find there is a place for men who love masculinity, but don't feel comfortable with contemporary "GAY-Male" culture due to the entrenched stigmas & appalling health statistics surrounding it (I.E: a rate of sexually transmitted diseases that is [according to the American Red Cross] +4,000.00% higher than the general population)! G0YS represent the majority (say "majority") of men (+60%), -who experience affection for masculinity & choose to express it in an atmosphere of pure respect - without the least hint of moral compromise - NOR a compulsion to promote unhealthy, emasculating stereotypes. G0YS: A sane, sober, approach to masculine intimacy; -with comprehensive theological apologetics for those men who have serious concerns about the religious & moral aspects of M/M affections. G0YS: Unapologetically rational -&- politically liberty-centric!

Most of the men who discover the g0ys (spelled w. a zer0) men's movement are looking for answers to some serious questions about themselves. Most are shocked when they learn that +60% of all men have similar feelings (Yes, +60% - a majority)! Most (but not all) of these men have feelings for women, but grapple with questions arising from the fact that they also deeply appreciate masculine aesthetics & experience affections for other men! But, such men don't identify as "GAY" because that term has been welded with odd, x-gender behavior & AnalSex []; -Activities that most men consider odd, unhealthy, disgusting, & emasculating. Because of these core differences - g0ys do NOT fit into the (GLIBTQETC...) alphabet-soup culture & find much of it to be antagonistic to our masculine ethos.

"G0YS" know instinctively that loving other men has nothing whatsoever to do with AnalSex, gender-bending, x-dressing or otherwise playing the female role! G0YS, -by our very nature, find the entire notion of AnalSex [] in any form to be dirty, dangerous, degrading & damn-un-masculine. And, by shunning casual sexual encounters & completely rejecting AnalSex, G0YS avoid the very perils that spread +98% of ALL STI's/STD's among men! Among g0ys, STDs/STIs are virtually nonexistent compared to the STD/STI figures for the GAY-male community - which are (according to the Red Cross) +4000% higher than the general population! So, while "GAY"-men are plagued with STDs/STIs; - G0YS are NOT! These massive differences are why the g0ys movement matters! If this was merely some superficial argument about petty subjective matter, - then our position would be no different than the likes of meaningless arguments about trivia & personal biases. But, the g0ys movement does center around germane issues of human behavior: Specifically - why men of good conscience need to loudly reject the extremely perilous & injurious actions of a flood of old, dead, callous fools who killed themselves by their very actions & a vestige of shallow cultural progeny who wish to perpetuate their deadly mantras into the future in the name of "diversity" & "tolerance".

Many men who discover the g0ys movement have been abused by religion & told that Same-Gender-Affections (SGA) are "sin". G0YS know that this abuse by religion is so severe that an in-depth section of the main g0ys website has been developed to give substantial, exonerating, in-depth theological answers from several sources (including a Rabbinic PhD who has thoughtfully written on the subject matter). What we have proven in the theological section is how relying on the actual Scriptures represents the real strength of our position (instead of trying to water-down or deride Biblical texts as so many "pro-gay" churches do). G0YS also go into great depth to explain the rationale behind what was & wasn't prohibited in the Torah & more importantly: WHY. G0YS also expose serious, intentional mistranslations in the Bible and how a gigantic LIE arose over time due to those very mistranslations! The theological section is absolutely liberating & very essential for men who demand solid, in-depth, in-context answers to reconcile their faith & feelings without compromising truth, safety or morality. In this regard, G0YS claim to be one of the most comprehensive resources for answers on the planet!

Also within the g0ys main site are many essays that give analytical insight into 3000+ years of history; -proving that it always has been completely normal for men to seek a deep bond with other men -even on the physical level (a/k/a "Bromance+"). And we show how the modern, so-called "gay movement" has shamed M2M affection for decades as it was hijacked by pornographers, perverts, & sociopathic-personalities -- all with agendas that attempt to link their emasculating & disease-spreading fetishes with all Same Gender Affections (by suggesting that it's all part of the same "movement" [GLIBTQETC...]). It's essential to understand how a socialization movement can be perverted by special interests, & how important it is to reject that movement after it has been irreparably perverted by unhealthy agendas. G0YS show how natural male affection has been discredited & contaminated by a gender-bending, pro-AnalSex [], disease-spreading set of fetishes; --And how the term "GAY" has morphed into a word used to push every perilous sex act & bizarre behavior under the guise of "tolerance". G0YS understand that when a social movement results in actions that indiscriminately harm others --then it's time to STOP TOLERATING IT. So: Even though you are a guy who loves men /too -doesn't mean that you need to embrace the culture that is called "GAY". Men loving men is NORMAL; -- NOT gender dimorphic, nor part of some minority with bizarre & unhealthy fetishes! G0YS reject the entire "Gay Paradigm" & choose an older, healthier & far nobler path!

Within the g0ys main site you will also find links to other g0y-centric groups that are growing at a rate almost too fast to keep up with. We've listed many of them with space to add yours if you decide to become pro-active as a g0y, too. We have over a decade of commentary in some of the core groups & encourage your participation after you've taken some time to look over the main site. Doing so will get many of your initial questions out of the way -so that your appearance in the groups won't leave you too "green" as to the general posturing of the members & movement overall.

The g0ys groups also contain a collection of astonishing images of handsome men. You'll discover that g0ys aren't prudes at all & we have no qualms against nudity. We do insist that images be tasteful, & never showcase disrespect of a model. We believe that love is totally awesome & we have no qualms with images that display it between men. We do not believe that "genderfuck", abuse, pain or forms of domination constitute acceptable content (unless such images are used to deride abusive principles themselves). G0YS are all about respect. Our use of imagery tries to relay the clear message that men can totally love other men without anyone losing his respect nor making any sacrifice of masculinity.

various commenters #transphobia #enbyphobia twitter.com

( @libsoftiktok )
This is a book called “Neither” and the suggested age range is 3-6. It teaches toddlers that they can be nonbinary and that there are many genders.

The author travels around to schools reading it to kids.

They’re after your kids.

( @JimJawja )
Something that gets lost here is that in this age range, toddlers are forming vocabulary and language skills. So these books quite literally seek to program toddlers with a very specific vocabulary. That's just sick.

( @ChrisB_Chambers )
They've been after kids for decades, they've just increased their efforts lately. And you are exposing them.

So sick and twisted. All of these pedophiles should be behind bars and miles away from children.

( @jake_j0hnson )
The so called "Trans Community" has an agenda to greatly expand their numbers and they know that the only way to do that is to go after the kids. This is an all out assault on kids with many so called "teachers" pushing this disgusting agenda.

( @TanyaNe00441025 )
Targeting to be nonbinary. They are openly targeting children now. He say it out loud.

( @hyoozuz )
But you're a Fascist Nazi book burner if you try to get those books out of the schools.


( @rocks_lax )
No such thing as “non-binary”. Completely made up ideology rhetoric

( @BigPoppaSwan )
Pushing gender ideology on toddlers who can't even tie their own shoes yet? Kids should be learning ABCs, not LGBTQs. Let them be kids without adult agendas clouding their innocence. School is for education, not indoctrination.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

( Bubsy3D )
Pushing back on genderist language. I mean all of it


So to return to the beginning, gender fetishists do not use a pronouns, they demand others to use a pronouns, and that's how we should talk about it.

They do not identify as man/woman/enby, nor do they think that they're one. If they really thought that they're the opposite sex, having their sex correctly identified would be met with genuine confusion and not rage. So in reality they demand other people to pretend that they're man/woman/enby.

It is NOT about "who they are". It's just stealing the narrative of LGB. Trans identity literally, directly requires participation of the other people. If people don't believe in their bs, they feel like they stop existing.

[...] I'd really like to see GC not use genderist language. If you have any more suggestions on how to reframe their concepts or suggest concepts for discussion, I'd love to hear it, because I'm too tired to cover the entire thing. Like should we call genderism a cult? A religion? A front?

( Unicorn )
I had a silly shower thought of TERFs taking back the term "misgender."

Someone calling Jessica Johathan Yaniv a woman? That's misgendering; he's a man who identifies as a transwoman.

Someone calling Buck Angel a man? That's some serious misgendering right there, she's a woman who identifies as a transman.

I'm so curious what would happen if this was attempted. Let's start confusing everybody, just like TRAs do when they misuse sex and gender! Remember, according to trans activists, words have no meaning!

( WatcherattheGates )
I have dropped the word "gender" almost entirely from my vocabulary. I talk about biological sex, and I talk about societally-imposed sex roles, sex norms, and sex expectations.

( Opals )
I don’t use ‘trans woman’, etc. They are ‘men who wish that they were women’ and so on

( RuneOwl )
I like “men who identify as transwomen”, it really gets to the point but also doesn’t confuse the average person by introducing new terms. I want them to start associating “transwoman” with man, because that’s the word they’ll most often be hearing.

( RusticTroglodyte )
I refuse to use "transwomen" unless I'm being sarcastic in reply to a TRA. I refer to them as trans identified males, men LARPing as women, etc

kirisheart , Calidris & AriadneOnNaxos #transphobia ovarit.com

( kirisheart )
How do all the libfem and TRA Potterheads miss how this is just like Order of the Phoenix?
Order of the Phoenix is a wild book to return too, as Harry is quite literally living JK Rowling's reality right now. Harry and JK Rowling are both famous and spoke the truth. Harry told the truth about Voldemort's return and JK Rowling has only ever expressed concerns about women and girls by allowing males to self ID as women and that biological sex is real.

For speaking the truth they have each become hated and smear campaigns turning everyone against them. Have any of you re-read it since this all started? It's wild. Just like with JK Rowling everyone turned on Harry. Dumbledore's Army is basically Radfems and TERFs.

It's just wild how she is living out Harry's reality, only because she's a woman she has has to deal with all the misogyny too.

How are all these potterheads or former potterheads blind to this connection??

( Calidris )
Yes and I'm not kidding when I say, think about this every single day

I wonder what she thinks? Imagine your book weirdly becoming the truth. If it follows as in the books, she'll eventually be vindicated and the TRAs will be chased out by centaurs lol

( AriadneOnNaxos )
Yep. She wrote her principles into a series of books and is living by them, and the very people who grew up on those books (I read them in my 20s) are completely oblivious and hate her passionately for doing exactly what they idolised her protagonists for.

I guess they thought the message of the books was “Owls are cool, you are magic, have some butter beer” or something.

It’s enough to make you give up on the power of art to shape the human psyche.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com


( ProxyMusic )
He probably has a forced-feeding fetish.

( Ptarmagant )
Ewww. That is such a possibility.

( RusticTroglodyte )
I doubt that it would include a feeding tube and a hospital bed in the prison infirmary lmao

Eta: then again he's a pornsick pervert so who knows

( sojourner_truth_ )
Entitled violent pervert uses emotional manipulation to get access to more female victims, news at 11.

( Hollyhock )
I have never understood hunger strikes, despite some of the people doing it I admire for their causes. Suffragettes, Ghandi are a few.

But, I still don't understand it. Why does one person's choice to starve make others cave to their demands? I honestly don't get it...it's always seemed like only an mentally unwell person would choose this.

( TheSimbul )

Die, you useless piece of shit.