God says you have to do everything I tell you to!

metmom #fundie freerepublic.com

I'm not opposed to research or the search for knowledge or the practical use of science in the form of technology. I do not reject the scientific method as a means to study the physical world. I do not reject teaching science and the scientific method in school.
What I do reject is the abuse and misuse of science as a tool to promote leftist and agenda and establish political policy. I reject the misuse of it to justify government control of education. I reject the misuse of science as a weapon with which to bash and discredit religious beliefs and to make the Bible out to be a lie.

My decision to not accept the interpretation of the forensic and circumstantial evidence found in the fossil record that are used to support the ToE does not mean that I am anti-science. All it means is that I do not accept the interpretation of the fossil record because I think that their interpretation is wrong and that there are other better ones.

By your own definitions, the best scientists can do is say that the evidence supports their theory. That's not good enough. That's not a better reason to accept the ToE rather than to accept Scripture. On the contrary, believing the God who doesn't lie makes much more sense than believing the uncertain, indeterminate conclusions of men.

Calling me anti-science is a lie, plain and simple. It is not true and will never be no matter how often you repeat it and how much you wish it were so.

David J. Stewart #fundie jesus-is-savior.com

Most people have no idea just how ethical God is, and how much He does care, and the extent to which He thinks about other's well-being. I love listening to the Bible on DVD. When I bought the Bible on DVD, read aloud by Alexander Scourby, I began to hear and learn things that I had never noticed by reading the King James Bible. There's just something special about HEARING the Bible being read aloud. Does not Romans 10:17 say that faith cometh by HEARING!!! Yes, indeed it does! If you don't already have the King James Bible on DVD, please get it and listen to the Bible being read regularly. You will be blessed so much as I have.

A Christian woman who cares about morality will wear modest clothing. Women who dress like prostitutes in mini-skirts, halter-tops, open-blouses and tight clothing... don't care about causing lust, ruining families, displeasing God, nor being judged in eternity for their wickedness. They don't have any faith in God. They don't fear God, just as Romans 3:18 says most people don't. They don't care because they don't believe. If we have faith that there's a real God in Heaven, Who is keeping track of every decision that we make, and we'll have to give account one day for those decisions, then we're going to care about the things which we say and do (Romans 14:10-12).

It is so important that you care because everything else depends on it... how you treat yourself, your family, your neighbors, et cetera. A woman dresses modestly because she CARES. A mother doesn't abort her baby because she CARES. No caring woman kills her own flesh and blood. CARING is everything in life. A small handful of Washington D.C. politicians actually do the honest thing because they CARES (Dr. Ron Paul is one of them). Ron Paul CARES!

Álvaro Malaquias Santa Rosa, aka Peixão ("Big Fish") #fundie theguardian.com

Reports that a powerful Rio drug lord known for his extremist religious beliefs ordered Catholic churches near his stronghold to close have spooked worshipers and security experts and exposed the advent of a “narco-pentecostal”[…]
Claims emerged in the Brazilian press over the weekend that Álvaro Malaquias Santa Rosa – a notorious gang boss known as Peixão (Big Fish) – had determined that three places of worship should shut down in and around the agglomeration of favelas that he controls[…]
Since Peixão – whose nickname comes from the ichthys “Jesus” fish – took power in 2016 of five favelas that have become known as the Complexo de Israel, an allusion to the evangelical belief that the return of Jews to the Holy Land is a step towards the second coming of Christ and Armageddon[…]
In the past, Peixão’s troops have been accused of ransacking Afro-Brazilian temples and banning Afro-Brazilian celebrations in the Complex of Israel, where more than 100,000 people live. But this week’s reports were the first relating to Catholic places of worship

The first inkling that something was amiss came on Saturday when staff at the Our Lady of Conception and Saint Justin Martyr parish told parishioners that meetings and mass were suspended “until further notice”. The social media post was later deleted but, according to local newspapers, word quickly spread among churchgoers that the order had come from Peixão

The broadsheet O Globo said there were subsequent reports that armed men on motorbikes had visited two other local churches, Saint Hedwig and Saint Cecilia, and decreed that weddings or christenings should not take place. Those churches also published messages announcing their temporary closure

The Archdiocese of Rio denied the media reports, insisting their churches were operating as normal[…]
But the civil police’s anti-intolerance and racism unit is reportedly investigating. On Monday morning, military police launched an operation to remove barricades

Lk2117 #fundie #homophobia christianforums.com

[After being asked for rational reasons why homosexuality is unnatural, given that it's found throughout nature]

It seem you are trying to explian sin in a logical manner. Sin is not logical, if it where we could explain it away and the need for Jesus to die on the cross would be for nothing. But for those who like the head knolwedge and bible reading, Leviticus 18:22 says that homosexual acts are an abomination.

GodsSamus #fundie christianforums.com

If it [earth's magenetic field] repolarizes, as you claim, why don't birds ever migrate NORTH for the winter? Also, magnets of a like polarity REPEL each other, so why don't animals that eat a lot of iron fly off into space? As to the magnetic field, this would pull the moon closer because the Moon has iron in it. Therefore, it's magnetic. The magnetic field 3 billion years ago would destroy ALL life forms, and a repolarization would send EVERYTHING into space.

Crimmy #fundie answers.yahoo.com

Why does Mayor Newsome (Spawn of Satan) think that other states want to follow California?
When the state has wanted GOD out and liberalism in and this is what we got.
1.California’s $15 billion budget deficit
Democrats propose-increases spending year-over-year by $1.6 billion, including a 6.6 percent increase in spending for state health and welfare programs.
2.San Francisco, Mayor Gavin Newsom, helped launch the series of lawsuits that led the court to strike down California's one-man-one-woman marriage laws
3. SCHOOLS-Ninety-five pink slips have gone out in Novato, 206 in Vallejo, 86 in Pittsburg, 72 in alameda and in San Francisco, we learned that 535 teachers and school staff will get layoff warning notices.
4.8000 lightning strikes were responsible for starting the 800 recent wildfires in California. Many of these fires are still burning and Yosemitie is burning out of Control
5. California cities fill top 10 foreclosure list
Stockton, Calif. records highest foreclosure rate among nation's metro areas
Did I mention we had an Earthquake today?

Exodus: California Christian Groups Unite to Remove Children from Public Schoools..New laws mandate the positive potrayal of homosexuality in public schools...
As a Kid I remember this California! *sigh*

Arlomay #fundie teens-4-christ.org

[This is from a thread discussing whether there is such a thing as Christian rock and whether to call it Christian rock or X-tian rock.]

"I don't think Christ and rock and roll should be put together. Where do you think they got the title? THe guy that invented it called it that because he heard postitutes use it.
Rock em' and Roll em'. Get it?"

Lycere Cunningham #fundie wehuntedthemammoth.com

And how dare you suggest that someone’s desire to say “No” is more important than someone else’s desire to have sex with that person.

And before you get the idea that I’m an MRA troll, I want to tell you that I am something far more dangerous than that. I am a gynophilic trans man who has always been barred from having any sexual opportunities because people are prejudiced against my atypical-for-a-male body. I will not accept society’s “no’s” and soon people will learn that they will give disadvantaged people like me access to sexual things (whether it be socially, or by creating brothels where female-bodies people can be customers[there are legal brothels already, but only people with biological penises are allowed to hire the prostitutes; AFAB people are barred from entering]), or else there will be consequences.

Michelle #fundie myspace.com

It is interesting stuff. It's funny when discoveries like "The Neanderthal is proven to be a hoax" doesn't even make any kind of news or anything because it takes away from the proof that they want. Interesting what you find out when you do your own research instead of just relying on what you have been told.

pentecostal girl #fundie christianforums.com

MicroEvolution is not really evolution at all. It is the simple variation within a species... Macro Evolution is Religious in nature... Micro evolution states that all breeds of dog came from a dog. Macroevolution says that all dogs evolved from a rock.

John C. Wright #fundie scifiwright.com

So the Christian writer who decides to put a good witch like Glinda or Hermione or Samantha Stevens or Willow Rosenberg in his story runs the risk that some impressionable schoolgirl out in the crumbling wilderness of the modern world will decide that the path to self-respect and self-actualization is to don a pointy hat and take up her wand, go to an abortion mill, and sacrifice a baby girl to Moloch. One never knows, O Christian writer, whether the last story that schoolgirl read before she read yours was THE GOLDEN COMPASS or INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE or BLINDSIGHT, or some other work firmly in the camp and flying the black banners of the Culture of Death.

Charles J. #conspiracy #crackpot #fundie #racist #homophobia goodreads.com

A disease is going around. No, not the Wuhan Plague. This malady only affects the Right, and I name it Scrutonism. The symptoms of Scrutonism are a razor-sharp ability to identify one’s enemies and to understand their plans to destroy us, combined with a complete inability to imagine any way in which those enemies can be defeated. For a sufferer of this disease, his headspace is occupied by nostalgia and fear, in varying proportions—mostly the former in the late Roger Scruton’s case, mostly the latter in Rod Dreher’s case. Scrutonism’s harm is that it makes sufferers ignore the only question that matters for the Right today: what are you willing to do, given that your enemies are utterly committed to destroying you and yours?

I used to be a Dreher fanboy, until he lost the plot with the Wuhan Plague and, more generally, descended into constant unmanly maundering. I’m still a fan, however (to steal a line from Aaron Renn, though he was talking about Tim Keller, not Dreher). And Live Not by Lies has partially restored my opinion of Rod Dreher as a pillar of today’s Right. It is an outstanding book, tightly written and tightly focused. That does not mean it is complete, for reasons I will lay out today, but it is good for what it is—the sharp diagnosis of the ways, means, and ends of our enemies.

Mintee #fundie answers.yahoo.com

[Q - If we're made in God's image, why aren't we invisible?]

who says he is invisible.. Maybe we just cannot see him.. God created our ability to see, but we see onlya limited level of light rays.. Dogs and animals can see on higher color spectrums than we humans.. Maybe we just dont see whats out there, but its there nontheless..

Jamie James #fundie amazon.com

Imagine a poultry farm owner replaces chicken with horses. Scientists excavating the site some time later find the chicken fossils older than horse fossils. Assuming that this is the only place where the fossils were found, the Evolutionists will conclude that horses evolved from chicken because that is the only possibility.

Let us look at a practical scenario: There isn't a convincing hypothesis, let alone evidence to support the claim that those primitive fishes, defied its animal instinct and left its safe home, water, and crawled into a hostile place, land. Evolutionists, ignoring the contradictions and lack of evidences, argue that animals evolved from fishes just because animal fossils appear later in time than fish fossils in the fossil record.

It is perplexing that some of the finest brains in human history spend their entire life trying to prove a theory which borders with non-sense. Isn't it makes more sense that there is a d(D)esign for every system?

TreeofSephri #fundie #homophobia forums.narutofan.com

Atheist ideology is a ideology of fear and denial. They hide behind their pathetic science and empty logic and ignore the true power behind the universe. It’s really sad because they are so arrogant and have absolutely no reason to be. All I have to say is this either you bow now or you bow later but you will bow. Homosexuality is considered a form of sodomy or unnatural sex. That means that if you support homosexuality you also support beastiality. Man was never meant to love other men.

Rebecca in TX #fundie #pratt raycomfortfood.blogspot.com

To all the atheists that continue to try to dazzle everyone with your big fancy words...Blah, Blah, Blah!! We have heard it all before and guess what...you are still not convincing. Nobody is biting. We have lost faith in scientist to answer some very basic questions like, “Why are we here? How can everything come from nothing? Why is there anything instead of nothing? Or, if information comes from a mind, then how can the information from DNA have originated from inert chemicals?” They come up with silly things like Punctuated Equilibrium to explain the Cambrian Explosion or multi-verses to explain how everything came from nothing. Silly, silly, silly! Is it no wonder that we laugh at your scientific mumbo jumbo?! You don’t have to be a scientist to see that the God of the Bible makes way more sense and answers ALL of our questions with logic and reason.

Oniman #fundie #moonbat #psycho kanzenshuu.com

As a supporter of Islam, 9/11 was a act of justice and not terror because the US destroyed many lives in Afghanistan in the 80s when Ragen try to help Bin Laden against the Soviets. America act like a bunch of cry babies when their people die when the rest of the world deals with 9/11 style attacks every day. America is nothing more than a bunch of spoiled brats who finally got a taste of their own medicine in 2001.

badandygonzalez #fundie youtube.com

I know about evolution, and I choose to believe in creation therefore I am not ignorant, I am informed. Inform yourself in the word of God then you are no longer ignorant of the word. You are ignorant because you choose to believe in the writing of Darwin instead of informing yourself in the writing of Christ. That my friend is ingnorace in its purest form. Before you act like you know something study it first. You chose to be ignorant because its easier than studying Gods word.

Spiderman2 #fundie newsweek.washingtonpost.com

Is it scientifically possible that a thing can build something more intelligent than itself? The answer is a big NO.

The only reason why human DNA can transform into a more intelligent human BRAIN is because the transfomation is guided by someone more intelligent. Nothing can create something more intelligent than itself and that's a fact.

There MUST be a MAKER in between. That is science and most of all, that is COMMON SENSE.

Those who say there is no Creator are fools and devoid of common sense.

andre #fundie scienceblogs.com

To clarify i am not associated with any church or creationist organization. I am just informed layman.Actually I believe the Earth to be in central position in the Universe as the Scripture says.Some creationists accept Copernicus.If you did not know the Copernican system is still a theory just as evolutionism is.

Mel Gibson #fundie complicitclergy.com

[From “Mel Gibson’s Letter to Archbishop Viganò”]

Dear Archbishop,

I’m sure you expected nothing else from Jorge Bergoglio

I know that you know he has no authority whatsoever – so I’m not sure how this will effect you going forward- I hope you will continue to say mass & receive the sacraments yourself – it really is a badge of honor to be shunned by the false, post conciliar church

You have my sympathies that you suffer publicly this grave injustice. To me & many others you are a most courageous Hero

As always, you have hit the nail on the head regarding the illegitimacy of Francis. You express the core problems with the institution that has eclipsed the true church & I applaud your courage in expressing that, but more than that in maintaining fidelity to the true church!

You are a modern day Athanasius! I have all respect for the way you defend Christ & his church. I agree with you 100% that the post conciliar church of Vatican II is a counterfeit church. This is why I built a Catholic Church that only worships traditionally. You are welcome to come & say mass there anytime

Of course being called a schismatic & being excommunicated by Jorge Bergoglio is like a badge of honor when you consider he is a total apostate & expels you from a false institution

Remember that true schism requires innovation, something you have not done but something that Bergoglio does with every breath

He, therefore, is the schismatic! However he already ipso facto excommunicated himself by his many public heresies (canon 188 in the 1917 code)

As you already know he has no power to excommunicate you because he is not even a Catholic

So rejoice! I am with you & I hope Bergoglio excommunicates me from his false church also

Bergoglio & his cohorts have the clothes & the buildings, but you have the faith

God bless & keep you. If you need anything just ask I will try my best to help

With admiration & undying respect

Bryan Fischer #fundie barbwire.com

[On President Obama's order for public schools to accommodate transgender students in their preferred restrooms:]

John King, the secretary of the Department of Education, said, "No student should ever have to go through the experience of feeling unwelcome at school or on a college campus." That is, unless they are sexually normal, in which case they can be made to feel as unwelcome and uncomfortable as any sexually confused fellow student wants them to be.


This is no time for the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot. The forces of homofascism are on the march, with our own president as their commander-in-chief. It's time for every state and every school district in America to defy this tyrannical overreach of our new Overlord of Sexual Deviancy. Before it's too late.

James Maxwell #fundie friendster.com

TO THE ATHEISTS: Do you actually know where your belief system came from? There is actually a bible that states your entire belief system. It's called the Satanic Bible. After hearing this, are you still willing to subscribe to your beliefs? :(

CHRISTIANITY IS NOT A RELIGION. It's beyond religion. Religion was an invention of man. Christianity was an invention by God. Religion is salvation by good works.

Unknown #fundie yecheadquarters.org

[Apparently those who believe in evolution are real assholes...]

So from all of their websites, and forums. I have come up with a current evolutionist Hit List:

1.) Atheist-evolutionist: Close to pure human, and always well educated.
2.) Atheist only: Predominately human, and mostly well educated.
3.) Theistic evolutionist (evolution plus God): Half human, and moderately educated.
4.) Old earth creationist (OEC): A little less than half human. Slightly educated.
5.) Creationist: Predominately animal. Not very intelligent.
6.) Young earth creationist (literal belief in God's word): Almost pure animal. Un-educatable.

So if you believe in the literal word of God, or in creation itself. What other category does that put you in, according to the mindset of evolutionists?

Pat Robertson #fundie cbnindia.org

"Scientists have shown that electrical current is generated by the human brain. According to at least one source I read, this current takes on the transmission qualities of radio signals. This explains, in some measure, why people who are very close often know what each other is thinking without spoken words being exchanged. For this reason, it is possible that Satan knows at least a little bit about what we are thinking.

Andrew Hatcher #fundie talkorigins.org

I would first like to ask how you as an evolutionist can ridicule creationism and call it unbelievable. There is just as much evidence for creationism as you think there might be for evolutionism! Did you know that the sun is shrinking? Did you know, in fact, that if the sun is now currently shrinking, that at one time, it was bigger? And did you further know that the sun is shrinking in such a rate that if the earth and everything was billions of years old, the sun would have been, at one time, large enough to where it would have swallowed up the earth? Did you know that the moon is moving further and further away from the earth? Did you know that this means that at one time, the moon was closer to the earth? Did you further know that if the earth and everything was billions, even millions of years old, at one time the moon would have been close enough to cause such tides that all the life on earth was washed away twice a day? Did you also know that the earth is slowing down in its rotation? Did you know that this means that at one time, the earth was spinning faster? Did you further know that if the earth was billions or millions of years old, the earth would have been spinning so fast that everything would have shot off it like little kids from a merry go round? Do you know what happens to kids shooting off from a spinning merry go round? As they are travelling away from the merry go round, they themselves are spinning in the same direction as the merry go round was! If there was a big bang, and everything went shooting off of a spinning dot of compressed matter, then everything we see in space should be spinnning in the same direction, right? Well, its not! There are moons of planets travelling in a different direction than the rest of the moons of other planets, there are planets that are spinning in different directions, and, if our own galaxy were spinnning for billions or millions of years, it would have spun itself into a perfect circle years ago! I challenge you to explain away these facts to me. I challenge you to fit these things into your theory of evolution. I challenge all who believe in evolution to tell me how these things are in agreement with evolution. Because if just one of these things cannot be explained, if one of these things cannot agree with evolution, then you cannot accept the theory of evolution as truth, and cannot accept evolution at all.

Andrew Whitman #fundie quora.com

If humanity created a jail, does that make us a monster?

I am always fascinated by the assumptions inherent in this kind of question. Have you ever considered them? It assumes, first of all, that Hell is inherently evil. Why? Because, in our minds, it is unfair to humans. Which is to say that it is an injustice against humans. Which is to say that it is a sin against humans.

We humans are happy to love a God that does not offend us. We are happy to love a God that gives us what we want, provides for our needs, and accepts us with all of our faults. If he does not do these things, he is apparently unworthy of our love. And if he strikes us for offending him, then he is in the wrong. He should be judged by us and condemned if he sins against us.

So, you can see, then, that we agree that sin should be punished. We simply disagree on who God is. If God is God, then He is in the right, and our offense against Him deserves to be punished. But if humanity is God, then we are in the right, and God deserves to be punished for have the audacity of imposing on our sovereign self-determination.

Good luck enforcing your discipline on God. Good luck creating a Heaven where you can live eternally apart from God. Which, consequently, is the definition of Hell.

Ray Comfort #fundie twitter.com

The Excuses

. . . one accord . . . (Luke 14:18)

“But they all with one accord began to make excuses. The first said to him, ‘I have bought a piece of ground, and I must go and see it. I ask you to have me excused'”(Luke 14:18). There is no reasonable excuse or any legitimate reason for sinners to reject the gospel. The only justification that could ever be on the table would be willful delusion, and that is the case with those who offer their excuses.

Gregg #fundie christianwebsite.com

[On atheist parody webpages]

They will find out just how much God exists at the great white throne judgement when they are standing before God answering for their sins and rebellion. Then they won't think their humor is so funny.

Grayson Bakich #transphobia #fundie web.archive.org

Back in March, MRCTV described how another 11-year-old student appeared before the county school board and caught sight of him in the girls' locker room, saying she was "panicked" and "wanted to cry" because of how uncomfortable she was with the prospect of changing in front of him.

Nice going, Lebanon Middle School.

This story sounds very similar to a similar incident that occurred at Pennbrook Middle School a bit further east in North Wales, Pa. My friend Stephen Green covered it earlier this week, describing how a transgender "girl" supposedly kept a "hit list" of actual girls he intended to attack, blindsiding one of them at lunch and pulverizing his victim with a Stanley cup and sending her into the hospital, screaming about how he was going to kill her all the while.

The worst part about that one was that another girl had warned teachers and staff that it was going to happen (five hours in advance), but the school just brushed it off saying that nothing would happen.

As Stephen put it, "It never does happen. Right until it does."
In all seriousness, I am convinced that being "trans" is just an excuse for men to act out their worst impulses, and the media will keep it under wraps because the trans victimhood narrative is still a hot (albeit cooling) commodity.

For instance, two weeks ago I wrote about some loony named Kyle Calvert, a self-described "trans non-binary" man who unsuccessfully tried to nail-bomb the Alabama State Capitol, and supposedly had issues with violent impulses.

That same day, my buddy Matt Margolis briefly touched upon what has been happening at Planet Fitness facilities, but I don't think he covered enough of the sort of perverted stuff going on there (my indispensable guides in finding stuff to write about at Libs of TikTok can elaborate, but bring eye bleach).

Then the week before, PJ Media's resident funnyman Kevin Downey Jr. shared with us the absurdly evil words of Jason Lee Willie, arrested twice for making vile, unhinged threats of shooting up schools, bombing churches, and molesting kids.

Of course, that doesn't mean that women who "identify" as men are immune from being as equally despicable, as the Covenant shooter from last year and a would-be copycat named Andrea "Alex" Ye demonstrate

JesusIsTheAnswer #fundie #homophobia answers.yahoo.com

Help! How do I convince my Conservative-Christian dad that there is nothing wrong with gay marriage?

Answer :Homosexuality is not a God given right. It is a sinful lifestyle and should not be treated as an acceptable choice. The American Psyhiatric Association are the ones who began to give it legitimacy. But who are they. Are they gay people? Who are they accountable to? There is no historical support for homosexuality. It is a destructive lifestyle. It is already breaking down the unity of our country. Quit defending it and listen to your father's advice. he loves you. The gays don't. They want to rape children and have sex with animals. They cannot provide the leadership this nation provides.

lorac odraned #fundie #homophobia christiannews.net

Jimmy is dead wrong on that statement. Jesus/God made us in His image and likeness. We were created to know, love and serve Him so we can spend eternity in Heaven with Him. In the days of Moses, the penalty for homosexuality was death by stoning. He told His Israelites through Moses that a man must not lie with another man as he does with a woman. That is detestable. God said homosexuality is a sin. So why would Jesus approve of sinful behavior? He wouldn't and He doesn't!

Theophilus #fundie #homophobia thendtimes.com

I believe strongly that homosexuality is nothing but choice. I cannot be convinced that God would allow a genetic trait to be born into a person, then throw them into hell for it. Alcoholism is fully a choice. You do not crave the alcohol until you have consumed a large quantity of it for quite some time. One drink does not an alcoholic make.

Even if you are predisposed to alcoholism, you must first drink it on more than one occasion! Alcoholism is like drug addiction, or cigarette addiction: It is by choice. So is homosexuality. It is a spirit, no doubt, but hereditary? No way.

MarkD #fundie #wingnut #forced-birth #homophobia rr-bb.com

God help us all!

America is begging for God's wrath. The blood of millions of aborted babies, left gasping on counters to die, amongst other atrocities is crying out to God. (Look up Jill Stanek on the internet). I am from the Chicagoland area, not proudly, where this nurse worked at Christ's hospital. She gave a gruesome detailed testimony to the IL state senate depicting the horrible atrocities she had witnessed while working there. Horrible late and partial birth abortions, etc. Obama, after hearing this testimony, still voted in favor of all types of abortion to continue. He and many others have a lot of blood to account for some day. It takes a very cold heart to hear the stories this nurse tells and then turn around and vote to continue it. It sickens me. Then in his acceptance speech he thanks homosexuals-because after all they voted him in to. Thumbing homosexuality up in God's face is not advisable for our nation. See: Sodom and Gomorrah--Old testament. I don't think our economy beginning to fail is a coincidence.

God can no longer bless a nation that has kicked Him out. Look at the Israelites. Every time they turned away from God disaster struck.

Not to prophesy gloom and doom, but Pray People, Pray.

The blood cries out even as we speak.

Linda Harvey #fundie #homophobia #pratt rightwingwatch.org

People of this state already have the right to marry, adults in Ohio have the freedom to marry someone of the opposite sex because that’s what marriage is. Marriage law is simply a legal confirmation of what we see in nature, that a male and a female fit together anatomically, that this is how children and families are creation, that children and new humans are valuable, not a problem, so this is really a pro-life issue at its heart.

The fact that a few people have deviant desires and want to overturn marriage law for everyone is not an issue of equality, it’s an issue of morality. It’s rebellion against nature, against civil order and against the beautiful design of God. We need to tell the people and this effort a resounding ‘No.’

The question is sometimes asked, how would same-sex marriage harm your marriage? There are several simple answers. One, it changes what is considered normal and legal throughout our culture and therefore what is taught and modeled to our children and grandchildren. Do we want little Morgan in second grade to learn that when she grows up she might marry a boy or might marry a girl and either one is perfectly fine and she won’t know until she’s older which she prefers, but that’s OK. Do you think Morgan will develop with a secure and stable idea about her identity as a girl and woman with this shaky and morally irrational guidance? No wonder our kids are anxious, stressed out and feel they have nothing to believe in sometimes, they are being told what they can see themselves is foolishness and being told to swallow these lies and stay quiet if you don’t agree.

This nonsense is already being taught in some schools and in those states where same-sex marriage is legal it has exploded. Many schools now routinely shut off all debate about homosexuality, there is only one viewpoint and it is pro-homosexual. The deception that results is a dark cloud hanging over our educational environment and our culture and it harms these precious, developing minds and hearts the most. I urge you friends to stand against same-sex marriage.

Living4JesusChrist #fundie christianforums.com

Think of this. The scientists nowadays are the ones that don't accept creationism etc. and are also the ones that aren't considered so great. Some scientists of the past happen to be Christian and guess what? It happens to be that these scientists that are Christian are considered to be the greatest of all time. God bless!

Bone_Mender #fundie rr-bb.com

Last night, I was reading to my two children out of their 'children's bible.' We got to the story of Abraham and Isaac and I read to them about Abraham being willing to sacrifice Isaac in obedience to God. When we finished my son, who is 9, looked very distraught. He then asked me the most difficult question that I have ever heard in my life....'Would you do that to me if God asked you to?' I sat for a moment and franically thought of what was best to say. Needless to say, my pause was cause for alarm in his mind. After a few agonizing moments, I responded with a very slow and distraught...'Yes. If God commanded me to, then I would have no choice but to be obedient; however, I hope that God would never demand such a thing from me.' He looked shocked. And I felt that I had said the wrong thing. Of course, my wife immediately spoke up and said that she would not ever do anything to hurt him. But I began to explain myself to him. I told him that he was saved, and that death on this earth brings life in heaven with Jesus. He understood perfectly and then said something amazing. He looked at his mother and said, 'I would rather die and go to heaven and God would be happy with you for obeying Him, than to know that when I died you could go to hell for not doing what you were told.'

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I have a niece who is a lesbian. She told her mother that her other grandfather sexually abused her.(not rape but just as abusive sexually) She says since he did that to her she turned away from normal procreation and sex and decided to turn her affection to women.

Then her sister was abused by the same grandfather in the same manner. The sister is quite normal and has had a marriage of 27 years to a good man. A friend in Boston was a lesbian and said she was sexually abused and this made her want men and women. Her grilfriend (lesbian) says her harmones make her have men's desires.

Why wouldn't either girl accept medical treatment for sexual abuse and harmones?

It is a choice. They didn't want to stop it because they got a lot of satisfaction from it. That would be the most honest answer.

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[Opinion piece title: "Putin pitches the American right with an ungodly invocation of God"]

[...]Vladimir Putin is sounding like someone who wants to enter the 2024 Republican presidential primaries. [...] the Russian dictator fired a series of heat-seeking verbal missiles into our culture wars.

“Look at what they’ve done to their own people,” he said of us Westerners. “They’re destroying family, national identity, they are abusing their children. Even pedophilia is announced as a normal thing in the West.” Never mind that Russia is a world leader in sex trafficking.
“And they’re recognizing same-sex marriages,” he said. “That’s fine that they’re adults. They’ve got the right to live their life. And we always, we’re very tolerant about this in Russia. Nobody is trying to enter private lives of people, and we’re not going to do this.”

Well, not quite, but he pressed on: “However, we need to tell them, but look at the scriptures of any religion in the world. Everything is said in there. And one of the things is that family is a union of a man and a woman.”

Among his enemies, Putin charged, “even the sacred texts are subjected to doubt.” Also, watch out, Britain: The “Anglican Church is planning to consider the idea of a gender-neutral God,” Putin mourned. “What can you say here? Millions of people in the West understand that they are being led to spiritual destruction.”

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Yet the rainbow mob who circles the wagons and denies the pedos exist among them, or if they do, they proudly extoll them.

Unlike the alphabets however, Christians/Republicans excise the pedos from among our ranks. We DO police our own. We don't defend them, we get them removed. We don't wagon circle and deny they exist. We do, however, tend to wait for proof to emerge first, and once we have proof, then we go after them and get them removed. We don't just accept blind accusations at face value. We require proof first. That's why it may seem to our opponents that we defend the pedos within our ranks, but if we do, it's only because there are accusations made without proof to back it up.

The alphabet mob on the other hand cheer and parade their pedophilic acts for the world to see. They extoll the likes of "Desmond is Amazing," a boy who dances in drag for grown men and even strips for them, like it's wonderful.

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Conservative Christian activist Scott Lively described Uganda’s “kill the gays” bill as “a step in the right direction” in an interview with radio talk-show host Alan Colmes, although Lively said the proposal goes too far in its punishments.

Lively, president of Abiding Truth Ministries, praised Uganda for “actively discouraging the mainstreaming of homosexuality” when he appeared on Colmes’s show Monday night. He told Colmes he does not agree with the legislation’s prescriptions of life imprisonment or capital punishment for gays in certain circumstances, and he does not think parliament will pass the measure as currently written. Pressed by the host about what he would consider appropriate punishment, Lively said only that he does not favor incarceration for gays and that society should encourage heterosexual marriage.

Lively was one of three U.S. conservative Christian leaders who spoke at a conference in Uganda last March on how to fight homosexuality. The bill was drafted shortly thereafter, and some press reports, like this New York Times article, have explored how U.S. evangelicals may have influenced the antigay movement in Uganda — although Lively and the other Americans have tried to distance themselves from the legislation.

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When in the world are these liberal secular humanistic people going to get it through their thick skulls that Almighty God all ready made a ruling about the homosexual issue centuries ago and what is it? HOMOSEXUALITY IS AN ABOMINATION AND A PERVERTED EVIL that is completely and totally against His teachings. From Genesis to Revelation this unnatural and abnormal death-style is spoken against. Talk about brain-dead people who insist on defying and rebelling against the will of God.

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Atheism. Atheism is not a religion. It is most remote from being a part of this great section. As we know, all atheists are in denial of the simple epistemologicial reality of the "theists". At best, atheism is pure closet homosexuality in public, where the disfigured, disgruntled completely irrational minded man says in front of everybody's face for no apparent reason, completely irrational statements, disguised on purpose which is what's worse. How do we expect a world of rationality and clear thought, to widen our horizons one day, when the level of rationality we see before us is as putrid as an example of this particular type of atheist? How can an atheist even claim his position is religious, or "one of religion", when it completely ignores this significant title by being nothing but a position of hatred? The answer is that it is not a religion, nor has ever been a religion. And the world better wisen up if it expects to one day have categories of religion taken seriously.

So I am furious that atheists believe they can be public homosexuals, physically and irrationally disfigured, christian hating "free souls", with no care to the consequences. But that nevertheless is not the point of my thread. I am furious at YOU, the atheist reader, and his public obvious stupiditys and personal hatreds. Furious with the many instances of atheist "morality" and hundreds of millenia worth of credit towards atheists/atheism. This is the essense of stupidity people, you will not be warned again.

By the by, this IS the reason this is in the religion subforum, I hope you all had a very lovely read, please feel free to reply in kind, I've waited about a month before returning to this low, debased forum for posting my thread about this topic. A topic about religiousness. Please feel free to "express" your religion. :angel:

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One, said kids do it because it’s trendy. All their friends are doing it. The mainstream media presents it as fashionable or glamorous to fuck those of the same sex, or to be willfully confused about what’s between your legs and hard-coded into your DNA. To sexually identify as an alien hermaphrodite with a barbie doll crotch. We do think of kids as being rebellious and so quick and eager to stick it to the man, or those in authority.

The only problem is, kids tend to only direct that rebelliousness towards their parents. Not towards the man, nor the establishment, nor towards crony capitalism, except maybe in word.
As much as we like to make fun of the regressive left for pretending to be edgy and rebellious despite having BEEN the establishment for a decade or longer, it’s easy for children to forget that. Many of them lack the maturity or the experience to understand that they are not being “liberated” or “freed” or being “authentic” or “true to themselves.”

I digress, but the point is, if the culture tells children that it’s cool to be a sodomite, they will take it to heart. They seldom have the cognitive ability to withstand that propaganda on their own. If sexual orientation were truly inborn or innate, this would be extremely harmful, probably even more so than forcing heterosexuality on adolescents who are clearly gay. They’re essentially persecuting those who carry society, carry the human population. Just because they’re jealous and angry at them.

But if homosexuality were made, not born, that provides an even stronger incentive to not normalize homosexuality. Like I said earlier, for even a large minority of the population to be LGBTQ is a disaster for any future population growth, or the well-being of future generations, as few in number as they may be. If homosexuality were made, not born, the last thing that you want would be an environment that actively fosters homosexual orientation in children. It doesn’t fucking matter how much society kisses the LGBTQ community on the ass. Being gay, or especially trans, significantly reduces your quality of life.

And the fewer people who are willing or able to bear children the natural way, or at least provide existing children with a stable home environment with parental role models of both sexes, the more likely society will collapse.