God says you have to do everything I tell you to!

Andrew Anglin #fundie #sexist #wingnut bitchute.com

[The Apostle] Paul was basically encouraging people to be incels. He also just said that women need to shut up and not be involved in anything. They should take care of their homes. People will say, “But Paul said to love your wife.” Well, obviously you don’t hate your wife. You should take care of your wife, she’s the mother of your children, but you should have total control over her. In this society, that is actually impossible, so there’s some question as to how you’re even supposed to do it, but that’s a topic for another time.

Anyone who tries to say that Christianity supports women and women’s dominance and that Christianity says women are not obsessed with sex and don’t base their entire existence around sex, go read the letters of Paul, go read any of the church fathers. It sounds like an incel forum if you read what the first Christians were writing.
I think the basic problem with all of Western civilization was that the church sold out the people, and the first big thing that caused everything else was allowing women to go to education…and this will help fuel women’s egos, which is not even healthy for women.

When women are liberated, they have higher expectations. So, because their expectations are not met, they become unhappy because they have new expectations from feminism. And it’s like, well, Occam’s Razor: the most obvious thing is that women don’t actually get any happiness from this liberation. What gives women happiness is marriage and being submissive to a man, which obviously, they don’t do that voluntarily. You’re not going to have a woman voluntarily submit to you; you have to force her. That’s the reality. You have to dominate the woman, and even if you do think you have dominance, she’s gonna keep pushing you. I mean, there’s women who get divorced in their 60s and 70s. So it’s a lifelong thing to try and wrangle this bitch like a wild horse, but a horse [eventually] breaks.

Shane Idleman #fundie #wingnut #conspiracy charismanews.com

As our prayers go out to the families of the recent mass shootings, I recently read an article where the FBI reported that there were 61 active shooter incidents reported in 2021, which is a 52% jump from 2020. If we compare this to Columbine, the trend is alarming.

What in the world is going on? In short, our nation has rejected God and we are reaping the whirlwind. Just as water rapidly eroded the banks of the mighty Colorado River and created a vast Grand Canyon, America's current belief system (relativism) has eroded her foundation and created a moral void.
The Enemy Within

Interestingly enough, the stability of America is one of the top concerns on the minds of many today. There was a time in recent history when America felt secure knowing that the most formidable enemies were abroad. Not so today. Our enemies are within our gates. We, like the mighty Roman Empire that collapsed centuries ago, are crumbling from within. There are people who attempt to be "one nation 'above' God," rather than "one nation 'under' God." Scripture identifies this as foolishness, self-exaltation and arrogance—the downfall of nations.

There is a saying that one generation plants trees for the next generation. I'm concerned that instead of planting, we are removing and destroying the roots. As a result, our legacy as a great and noble nation has all but been forgotten. For instance, most schools no longer teach students about the spiritual foundation that has guided America throughout its history.
Consequently, America's moral and religious heritage is often deleted, grossly distorted or revised altogether. Students often miss the critical connection between America's unparalleled greatness because we put God first. This should concern us. The ideas of the classroom in one generation will create the ideas of society within the next. And this is exactly what is happening today: There is no fear of God in this place.

Opus Dei, Pared Foundation, affiliated schools #fundie #homophobia #kinkshaming #dunning-kruger abc.net.au

[Title: Students at private Sydney school linked to Opus Dei told that masturbation is a disorder, porn puts holes in your brain.
How pressure recruitment is done is also in the article.]

a piece of sticky tape being passed from girl to girl around the classroom. "By the time it got to the last person, it was handed back to the teacher, and by that point the sticky tape was a bit grotty and not sticky anymore," she says. [...] 'That's what happens to you when you have sex before marriage, when you have multiple partners. You're not useful anymore, you're not valuable anymore, [...] you're dirty and unusable'."
Students say they were told that watching pornography caused holes in the brain, girls were discouraged from getting a life-saving cancer vaccine, pages on the curriculum were ripped out or redacted from text books, homophobia was rife and there were persistent attempts to recruit school students to Opus Dei.
HPV cervical cancer vaccine [...] it would promote promiscuity and they were expected to marry as virgins
masturbation is mentally disordered behaviour, as is homosexuality
"told that truth and fact is secondary to your ethos."
told that abortion and the contraceptive pill cause cancer
shown graphic cartoon videos of abortions without parental consent that showed foetuses with their limbs ripped off, which were inaccurate depictions
'Men are like cars, it's bad to rev the engine, but then not drive the car or leave it stuck in neutral' [...] focused around teaching us to behave in a certain way that we wouldn't lead men into temptation. [...] that men couldn't control themselves [...] Sex is too powerful an urge to be 'negotiated'. The very notion of rational consent to powerful passions, [...] is absurd [...]"
constantly told that homosexuality was a grave mortal sin that would damn them to hell
was encouraged to engage in "self-mortification" — whipping herself

Ann Barnhardt #racist #fundie barnhardt.biz

One of the greatest acts of counter-revolution today is LICITLY BREEDING (said the Spinster). Also, adopting and raising ethnically pagan children as devout Catholics. A married couple, even in their mid-to-late 30’s, can still have as many children as they want. Have as many of your own as God grants, and also ADOPT. The only horror stories I have ever heard about adoption were from Canadians who adopted already-sentient children (4 years old and over) from muslim Africa (in Canada, it was the trend for years, whereas in the US the trend was Chinese babies). I would NOT advise that. The African musloid children were already essentially demoniacs inculcated with murderous – LITERALLY MURDEROUS- intentions, and a deep-seated hatred of women.

MAN, if only someone had made a video presentation about EXACTLY THIS years ago so we all could have had a heads-up…

Seriously, if you have never seen this… yeah. It has aged in these eight years like the finest wine of the Pays-de-la-Loire. Sadly. It’s spooky, now. Now that’s IT’S ALL LEGIT HAPPENING.

(Followed by links to a series of video presentations)

Anthony of Westgate #fundie #conspiracy twitter.com

There’s literally nothing to explore in space it’s just a void occupied by demons. Atheist NASA cucks are obsessed with astronomy and space exploration because they can’t cope with the earth testifying to God’s existence.

Find an actual photo of a satellite orbiting in space, not a CGI image. It should be easy if there are allegedly 8,261 of them in orbit

It-goes-both-ways #sexist #fundie it-goes-both-ways.tumblr.com

Ask:Do you believe that men and women are wired differently or is it just that society (both men and women) have created a world where men and women are expected to think and act differently. I think the differences are mostly created by society and don't actually exist. Your thoughts?

Answer: If that were the case, how did they differentiate at all?

Men and women are far more similar than they are different, they just manifest differently. Empathy is not a female trait for example, while people find it more obvious in women because they’re more social, if there’s a dog drowning in a river or a child in a burning building, generally it’s men who will rescue them.
Right the way down to crimes such as rape, male rapists mostly target adult women while female ones will mostly target male children.

Women are generally more cautious and averse to personal accountability, using proxy violence or blaming others for their own actions. While men tend to be more overt about it, personally I’d take being punched in the face over being falsely accused any day. It makes perfect sense why this difference exists, of course women are more cautious, a pregnant woman wouldn’t last very long if she didn’t put herself first and early societies wouldn’t have lasted very long if they didn’t put women as a sex first. The differences in behaviour influenced society, not the other way around.

Obviously there are exceptions all round, #NotAll etc. The fact that it’s a biological thing is what makes it so bloody frustrating when dealing with feminists and tradcons alike.

Hunter Wallace #wingnut #fundie #racist occidentaldissent.com

[From "Counter-Currents: On the Christian Question"]

A quick glance at American politics and public opinion on White identity should be sufficient to answer the “Christian Question”[…]

Does Christianity help or hinder[…]“the efforts of the Right to defend the European-American way of life”? According to Giles Corey, that is the Christian Question (p. 2), and The Sword of Christ is his attempt to defend Christianity as not merely compatible with, but essential to, white European civilization[…]

Over 80% of Trump voters are White Christians

Over 3/4ths of the American Right are Christians and the “Far Right” is overwhelmingly Christian and specifically tends to be more evangelical and Protestant

If you look at rightwing voters who are secular, irreligious, agnostic or atheist (15% to 20% of Republican voters), they are people who are much more likely to have liberal and moderate politics than other conservatives[…]
Most people who oppose Third World immigration, who want to deport illegal aliens, who oppose miscegenation, who oppose the MLK federal holiday, who oppose the Great Replacement, who are concerned about anti-White discrimination and who have the warmest feelings toward other Whites are very conservative[…]Sure, there are woke evangelical elites who adopt African children and preen about racism or people who are Christian Zionists who support Israel, but those people are the exception[…]
The question makes sense when you realize that secular, irreligious and atheist Whites are overrepresented among White Nationalists, but White people who are secular, irreligious or atheists skew hard to the progressive Left[…]
If only Christians were allowed to vote in the United States, American politics would shift dramatically to the Right because the Far Left would be politically wiped out

various commenters #wingnut #fundie gab.com


spoilerDecades ago
when the Bible &
prayer were
banned from
schools many
wondered what
would become of
our society
Now we know.

@SeekUFind no God no God given rights

@SeekUFind What is even worse, when God was kicked out of the churches, for the pastors started preaching fables that they are told to preach over the truth of God's word. Then people wonder why there is so much separation in the church.

Sad how when one shows scriptures that the Holy Spirit is not the restrainer that goes away, exposes 6 fables the churches teach. For without truth, they live in lies and do not have God or Jesus and are not saved.

@SeekUFind It's hard to teach socialism with the Bible in the way!

Society isn't screwed up because of the removal of Christianity. It's screwed up because of what they replaced it with - holocaustianity and jewish secularism.

Dr. Jane Ruby #conspiracy #quack #fundie #wingnut beforeitsnews.com

NEW Dr. Jane Ruby (1/23/2023): All Americans Now Trapped by Vax Status — Z28.3 is a Coded 666!

Dr. Jane reveals the DOD/HHS plan to track you down by your injection status, including those who took the shots, realized this is mass genocide and don’t want any more; and the Deagel Forecast shows that, although the entire world has been subjected to medical tyranny, it is the United States that is the real target; did you know that pharma companies have violated federal laws for many years as a part of their normal business?

This is the Dr Jane Ruby Show and you’re about to enter Truth in Medicine.

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: (Rev 13:16)

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. (Rev 13:17)

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. (Rev 13:18)

FTW: The upper-level category code for these vax codes is Z28.3.

Z28.3 is a coded 666.

Z = 26th number in the alphabet: 26 = 13+13.

2+8+3 = 13

13 = the 6th prime number.

So, Z28.3 = three 13′s = three 6th prime numbers = coded 666.

Saiwana #transphobia #fundie forum.nationstates.net

No, what is sickening from my perspective is being expected to just pretend or go along with the notion (from people I see as rediculous) that men can be women and women can be men, rather than your sex being set at birth/in the womb like was the case for most of entire world history among our species.

I want a chance with my biological "other half" as the Garden of Eden fable describes. Not some artificial creation that is an abomination at worst and a poor imitation at best in my view. I will choose staying virgin forever if the only alternative was being intimate with an MtF that passes as a woman.

Rabbi Jonathan Blass #fundie yeshiva.co

Is it forbidden for observant Jewish students in the Diaspora to study on Saturdays?

I assume your question refers to secular studies since it is clearly desirable for Jews wherever they live to study Torah on Shabbat and on weekdays. It is permitted on Shabbat to read secular school books but ,if possible, this should be minimized (Shulchan Aruch Orach Chayyim 307 17; Mishna Berura 307, 65). With rare exceptions (Shu"t Chelkat Yaakov Yoreh Deah 190), it is not permitted to attend school- where a gentile teacher is writing on the blackboard and performing other labors- on Shabbat on a regular, planned basis (Mishna Berura 340, 21). Technically, it is almost impossible for a student to be present in such a situation while observing all the laws of Shabbat (Mishna Berura 340, 21).
All observant Jews, students and others, should be aware that continued living in the Diaspora at this time, when Aliyah to Israel is possible for most Jews, is halachically problematic.

Roger Helle #wingnut #transphobia #conspiracy #fundie patriotpost.us

I’m not sure why, but these movies remind me of progressives who have gone off the deep end, not looking for treasure but looking for ways to make the lives of average Americans miserable. How much time do they spend trying to find the latest microaggression or cultural appropriation?

Do they sleep at night? Do they form little bands of fellow snowflakes to come up with all of these offenses that can trigger them into a rage? What a miserable existence they must live, trying to make our lives miserable.

Twenty years ago, we didn’t know about personal pronouns, “nonbinary,” “transsexual,” “gender fluid,” “gender reassignment surgery,” or men getting pregnant. We didn’t have a boy wearing dresses to school, sexually assaulting a girl, then being sent to another school to do the same thing without any consequences. When the father of one of the victims expressed outrage about what happened to his daughter, he was thrown to the ground, handcuffed, and taken out of the school board meeting. How did we ever live not knowing all of these things? Pretty good, I think.

Twenty years ago, we still had the Rule of Law and equal justice under the law. Sure, the system had flaws because we live in a fallen world spiritually.
During the 1960s, while serving in the Marine Corps, I watched as Republicans were going all out to pass legislation giving blacks the same rights as whites. The Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, if I recall, did not receive one vote from a Democrat. The Republican Party passed it on its own.

Now, 58 years later, we’re told Republicans are racist, white supremacists, homophobic, and the scourge of people of color. Not that the Democrats really do anything to help minorities. They just keep them on the urban plantations with the promise that “someday” things will be better if they vote Democrat.

David Sorenson #conspiracy #fundie goldenageofgaia.com

They tried to kill me so I would not be able to tell you this
When I was conceived, a dark voice whispered to my parents: “Kill him!” They seriously considered aborting me, preventing me from ever seeing the daylight.

My mother, however, also heard a different whisper. “Don’t kill your baby…let him live!” She ultimately decided to listen to the second voice. While she held me in her arms, she heard a beautiful, warm voice tell her:

“Give this baby a lot of love, because I love him a lot.”

During my life, there were continuous attempts to take me out and prevent me from fulfilling the reason why I was to be born.
As a teenager, I experienced an existential crisis that prompted a strong push to commit suicide. During the middle of the night, while sitting near a canal with the razor at my wrist, I heard a voice: “Don’t do it. God has a plan with you in it.” I was puzzled. “God? What the heck…” I had run away from this Reality for years, and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I just hopped on my bike and rode away.

Once, I was poisoned at a hospital, which experience resulted in severe atrial fibrillation and arrhythmia; the doctor said there was no hope for me. My youngest son threw himself on my hospital bed and prayed for a miracle. A half-hour later, another doctor walked in and shocked me with a defibrillator. I walked out the door, totally fine.
These are just a few examples of the many attacks that I’ve survived. I believe that I’m still around thanks to the intervention of One who truly cares about all of us.

Through the years, I began to understand that I am alive for a reason. There’s a message that’s been placed inside of me, and it’s a burning fire that I cannot contain. This is the message:

The Creator did NOT appoint or anoint the wicked to rule on earth. They have no mandate, no divine blessing, no crown, and no scepter. The sole reason they have so much power is because of their sophisticated deceptions that blind and control mankind.

Joe Allen #conspiracy #wingnut #fundie joebot.substack.com

Chatbots are at the front lines of an unrelenting AI (Artificial Intelligence) invasion.

The steady increase of artificial minds in our collective psyche is akin to mass immigration - barely noticed and easily overlooked, until it's too late.

Our cultural landscape is being colonized by bots, and as with illegal aliens, much of our population welcomes this as "progress."

The bots will keep us company. They will learn and absorb our personalities. And when we die, they will become our digital ghosts. It's a morbid prospect, but the process is already underway.

E-learning institutions regularly deploy AI teachers. Chatbot companions are seducing lonesome souls by the millions, including religious chatbots who function as spiritual guides.

At the end of the road, various start-ups are developing cyber-shrines where families can commune with their departed loved ones and find comfort in the digital undead.

In the minds of tech enthusiasts, AI chatbots of all sorts will be our soulless companions on the trek toward the Future™.

These ephemeral "friends" are key psychological components of what many describe as human-AI symbiosis. They will be like artificial guardian angels in our palms - and by extension, in our heads - answering questions and steering decisions.

One thing is certain.

Whatever you think about this invasion, AIs are falling to earth like stars from a godless heaven.

And with each successive wave, their voices are that much more convincing.
Bots are invading our minds through,

our phones

our smart speakers

our educational institutions

our businesses

our government agencies

our intelligence agencies

our religious institutions,

...and through a growing variety of physical robots meant to accompany us 'from cradle to grave':

We are being primed for algocracy...

Past generations ignored mass immigration and environmental destruction, both fueled by tech innovations, until it was too late to turn back the tide.

James Gilliland #ufo #magick #fundie #conspiracy goldenageofgaia.com

I have often pondered the question what would happen if Jesus wanted to join the UFO community.

First of all, the Christians would denounce him for speaking about other civilizations, his fathers many houses. Even if the Pleiadians, Sons of Arcturus, and UFOs were mentioned in the bible.

Then the Luciferians, heavily entrenched in the UFO community and almost all other institutions, would censor him and try to character assassinate him.

After all he did warn them about harming children, child and sex trafficking is a definite no no. They would engage the mainstream media to shame and destroy his character, probably accuse him of Russian collusion and knowing all their classified secrets.

Then the scientists would have a go at him telling him he is a woo woo nut job. They would say metaphysics and spirituality is not science even though they acknowledge at least 11 other dimensions and 100 billion planets observed that can sustain life in this 3rd dimension alone.
What would happen if Jesus destroyed the controlled narrative and said we are not alone, there are whole civilizations of very advanced beings who have conquered war, disease, poverty, balanced and maintained their environment and if the leadership desired they would make contact and help bring Universal Law and healing to Humanity and the Earth?

An invite to join a Federation of Worlds in peace. How would that go with the war industry? The medical and pharmaceutical industry? The oil, gas, coal, all industries that provide our transportation and energy needs? How would governments react with most of the leadership in the back pocket of these major corporations?

What if they had replicators? No need for Wall Marts, Costcos, all your needs would be met just by hitting a button. Electric cars would not need batteries, they would not need tires due to anti/counter gravity.

Are you starting to understand now why we don’t have contact?

@kwood300 #wingnut #fundie gettr.com

“Famine is next. Tell them to plant 🌱 seeds.”
“The drones are coming!”
“Seven nations Army.”
“You are like Joan of Arc.”
“My Messenger.”
and showed me so much more
#pictures #Watchman #Micheal #Empath #compassion ✝️🙏✝️

spoiler#God told me in 2016...
1. @realDonaldTrump will #Win election
2. Help him by telling the #TrUth
3. They will come from the North and the South like a #Trojan Horse to cause chaos. Build camps to protect my people.
4. She is evil, expose #her
5. Children are being trafficked

spoiler6. #Watch the #Wall
7. #Watch #persecution on the #Cross
8. #Pray 4 #Ammon
9. I'm your #Manna
10. #Trump will be doing my work
11. @Israel come home
12. The lost dont know #TrUth or #jUStice they wont believe the peasant girl
13. #Danielll #Revelation
14. #InHisService #KOG

Hamline University; Aram Wedatalla; CAIR Minnesota #fundie wltx.com

An adjunct professor fired from Hamline University in St. Paul has filed a religious discrimination and defamation lawsuit against the school.

Fabian May & Anderson, PLLP, announced Tuesday that the firm is filing the suit on behalf of Dr. Erika López Prater, who was let go from her position at the university after she displayed an artistic depiction of the Prophet Muhammad during an Oct. 6, 2022 lecture.


Prater's course syllabus included the following disclaimer:

"I aim to affirm students of all religious observances and beliefs in the content of the course. Additionally, this course will introduce students to several religious traditions and the visual cultures they have produced historically. This includes showing and discussing both representational and non-representational depictions of holy figures (for example, the Prophet Muhammad, Jesus Christ, and the Buddha). If you have any questions or concerns about either missing class for a religious observance or the visual content that will be presented, please do not hesitate to contact me."


López Prater distributed the syllabus to students and reviewed it with her class. It was also posted online.

On the day the images were shown in class, López Prater told the Times that she warned students right before the painting was shown in case they wanted to leave.

After a student in her class filed a complaint, López Prater was let go from her position. That student, Aram Wedatalla, is also president of the Muslim Student Association at Hamline University.

“I’m 23 years old, I’ve never seen a picture of a prophet. Never in my whole life” Wedatalla said at a recent press conference hosted by the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “It hurts; it breaks my heart to stand here to tell people and beg people to understand me. To feel what I feel.”


Though on Jan. 13, the national CAIR chapter released its own statement, writing in a series of tweets that the organization had seen "no evidence that a former Hamline University professor acted with bigoted intent or engaged in Islamophobia when she analyzed a medieval painting depicting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that was drawn hundreds of years after his passing by a Muslim artist."

Mohammad Javad Larijani #fundie #sexist #psycho iranintl.com

Iranian conservative politician and former diplomat Javad Larijani has defended stoning for adultery, saying it is a good Islamic law protecting “family values”[…]
In an interview with Fars website of the Revolutionary Guard Saturday, Iran’s former Secretary of High Council for Human Rights claimed some good laws have been passed by the Islamic Republic to protect women's rights

He said stoning is one of the good Islamic laws and has been a very nice deterrent so far

“When we say our women should enter the community, we should have provided them with a very safe work and social environment,” added Larijani stressing that “Stoning is a very important restraining law to protect the marriage contract of families”[…]
Death by stoning came into force in Iran after the 1979 revolution, but the judiciary placed a moratorium in 2002 and it was replaced by the death penalty more than a decade ago

@FutureFantasy #conspiracy #fundie #wingnut gettr.com

Dave Talks #782 - There Are No Coincidences.
I cover the lies, double standards, coverups, and crimes of the evil mind virus known as communism. My aim is to educate the people and build a movement to keep criminals out of power. MACA. Make America Christian Again. The elimination of communism is justice! Please watch the entire video. #nwo #Biden #trump

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut #fundie gab.com

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
You catch the most flak when you're over the target. I wear Biden's attacks on me (when he can say them coherently) as a badge of honor. The anti-Christian Biden Regime will be defeated by God and the America First Movement.

@DrPaulGosar I dare you to say White People. When you say antiChristian, you mean antiwhite. When you say America First, you actually mean stopping White erasure. Say it.

@TrueBonnieBlue Furthermore, have Paul prove his own point by talking about the Jews in the media and federal government.


@DrPaulGosar The Regime is blatantly #AntiWhite.

When are you going to address #AntiWhitism - the greatest moral evil of our age?

The Regime is only anti-Christian because Christianity is the religion of #Westmen.

How is the America First Movement going to succeed in the face of overwhelming #WhiteErasure?

There is no Western civilization without #Westernkind.

@DrPaulGosar The satanic Biden regime is far more than anti-Christian. Satan's role is to destroy all souls at any cost by any means. The indwelling Holy Spirit owns me but all others Satan leads to Hell.

@DrPaulGosar fuck off. Name the jew pussy


You are a Jew pawn.

You are a Zionist, just like all other Republicans.

@RyanMessano1 @DrPaulGosar it's a one-party system masquerading as a two-party system with all roads leading to Zion.

@DrPaulGosar when will you be as brave as Kanye West and name the jew? Without, well, you're just another Matt Walsh.

@bmcbc @DrPaulGosar - Evil can get into anything. Just because Jews are the easiest target to exploit doesn't mean evil isn't clawing its way into everything else... relentlessly!

You're doing evil a favor when you try and trick people into thinking it can only come from ONE source... kinda narrows your shit down.

@DrPaulGosar While they are anti-Christian, they are first and foremost antiWhite. There's a reason they most viciously attack White Christians.

Monica Cole #fundie #conspiracy #wingnut #homophobia onemillionmoms.com

Many parents have already found out that Disney Junior is no longer safe for young children. Now, Disney’s animated series Firebuds has added a same-sex couple to the program. One of the main characters, Violet, has two moms in the Vega-Vaughn family.

The creator of the show, Craig Gerber, tweeted, “After I sold the #firebuds pitch, my 1st detailed show overview included Violet’s 2 moms. Disney gave us 100% full support from day one. Thrilled to be making an inclusive show that reflects the diverse world we live in w/folks who care as much as I do.”

This isn’t the first time a same-sex couple has appeared on Disney Junior. In 2017, two lesbian moms were included in the Doc McStuffins episode titled “Emergency Plan.”

Conservative families will continue to have no choice but to stop watching the Disney Channel network or Disney+ in their homes so they can avoid previews, commercials, and reruns. Families will be unable to allow Disney in their homes since the network continually veers away from family-friendly content.

1MM is so concerned with the normalization of a sinful lifestyle choice during a children’s animated show designed for preschoolers. This type of sexuality should never be included in a children’s cartoon, much less praised.

Discussion of such controversial topics should be left up to parents. Disney should not introduce this information to young children. Therefore, Disney should stick to entertaining and providing family-friendly programming instead of pushing an agenda.

Kenneth Schmitt #fundie #magick #dunning-kruger consciousexpansion.org

Quantum physics has shown that we are multidimensional beings. We can be in more than one place at the same time. We can be aware of more than one dimension at the same time. We are all connected in our essential being, arising out of the quantum field of all potentialities. This is the nature of our Father/Mother God, Prime Creator. In our deepest Being, we are aware of the universal consciousness that enforms our being and everything that exists.
Quantum physicists have seen the basic proof that extends to the entire cosmos. By recognizing and accepting our empirical realm as real, we constantly draw it out of the quantum field and continue creating it. It is real, along with its inherent limitations, in the realization of each of us.

Who are we really? Let’s look to Jesus and other persons who showed similar abilities that humanity has recognized as masters. Jesus showed that he could be in more than one place at the same time. He could change the essence of material things. Healing diseases and disabilities requires the realization and belief of the reality of the healing on the part of the patient. Calling back a departed spirit requires the desire and belief of the spirit, because we are all sovereign beings, departed or embodied. Recognizing and communicating with the spirit in another dimension shows multidimensionality of being. These are all true and real in the quantum realm. Jesus showed us the perspective of the master, who knows the nature of reality beyond the material world. And he told us that we can also do everything that he did. Why don’t we? What is the quantum secret?

It is the frequency of love and joy, realized within so thoroughly that we remember who we really are as master creators of universes. This is the vibration of the higher dimension and the expression coming from the quantum field. We only need to recognize it and allow it to be real for us.

Vladimir Solovyov #crackpot #elitist #fundie #god-complex #psycho #wingnut pravda.com.ua

Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov has called on Russians not to be afraid of death, saying that "life is highly overrated" and death is inevitable anyway.

Source: Solovyov on his programme on Rossiya 1 [a Russian state-owned television channel – ed.]

Quote: "Life is highly overrated. Why fear what is inevitable? Especially when we’re going to heaven. Death is the end of one earthly path and the beginning of another. But to fear it, and let it influence your decisions..."

Details: The guests on the TV show supported Solovyov, saying that previously Russians had lived from day to day, but now they have an "intangible dream, a higher goal".

According to the propagandist, "it's only worth living for something you can die for, and that's how it should be."

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The vaxx is killing all who take it. Are you guys ready for stage 2? You might not like it..


Yeah it’s gonna get ugly in a few years, maybe sooner. They’ll let chaos run wild for a bit then swoop in and save the remaining survivors and give them a one world government under the guise of “bringing light” and telling us these people suppressed a bunch of hidden knowledge, we’re actually god, yadda yadda until the mark is introduced. Just stay strong and trust in Christ and you’ll be fine. The whole “great deception” is based around the fact that they’ll plunge the world into darkness, just to come and save us and turn you away from God. Sneaky fuckers those satanists. While we’re here, can reincarnation exist within the confines of Christianity, and if so why would people be trapped here after they take the mark? I have a bunch of autistic theories about this and might dump all of this shit here for the hell of it

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“Parent after parent calls my radio show, often close to tears, sometimes actually sobbing, pouring their heart out to me about being alone on holidays despite having children and grandchildren. In virtually every case, the parent is conservative, and the child is on the left.”

Mr. Prager speculates that there are three reasons for such heartlessness. The first is that committed leftists are unlikely to acknowledge any absolute moral code, such as that imposed by the Fourth Commandment.

The second reason is related to the first. One product of lives dedicated to secular concerns is the lack of conscience. The leftist’s dedication to “social justice” overrides any internal voice warning that keeping children from grandparents is deeply unjust to both.

Finally, Mr. Prager thinks that college has a significant adverse effect on the parent-child relationship. He argues that four years of leftist indoctrination drives a wedge that is difficult, perhaps impossible, for the parent to dislodge.
However, several vitriolic responses appeared on leftist sites, including the two below.

“There is not an ounce of tolerance in conservative circles. Tolerate the intolerance is what you’re asking, and we won’t.”

“Why invite people with dangerous views into your home voluntarily? That’s especially true if you have kids. Parents want to protect their children, and that may mean protecting them from their grandparents’ cuckoo bananas beliefs.”
The relationship between parents and children is—after the relationship with God and amongst spouses—the most basic. As with all relationships in this sinful and decadent world, many parent-child relationships are broken. Sometimes, the fault lies with the parents and other times with the children. Often, these broken relationships manifest themselves in rebellion. The “woke” vocabulary of “repression” and “social justice” are merely new weapons.

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THE MUD flood happened. Best to come to terms with that fact now. For
the remainder of this read, I am more than happy to play the part of the
tour guide and show you the hidden reality buried beneath us. You have
been warned though. The implications are glaring. We have been lied to,
again. His-Story has been hidden from us. Therefore, it is not, nor will it
ever be my intention however to convince you that it happened. Many
will kick and scream and only move forward should somebody drag them
by the hair, but I refuse to do that. Debates are elementary. Sometimes a
gentleman scholar simply offers to hold the door open, which is precisely
what is happening at this very moment. At the very least it can be said that
you noticed.
Once more, the aim of my writings is not to convince you that the
Millennial Kingdom of Messiah happened upon the earth. I mean, I believe
it went down, or else I wouldn’t have written a book on the subject. A
literal and physical thousand-year reign with Yahusha HaMashiach
holding the scepter. That is why the mud flood is so important to the
discussion. It serves as a divider of sorts—a mile marker. The mud flood
was a reset, more like a series of interconnected resets, intended to erase
the Millennial Kingdom of Messiah from our consciousness so that
HaSatan could go about doing his work.
Admit it. You’ve walked up and down lonely avenues such as these your
entire lives. You’ve passed repurposed buildings posing as libraries, and
others which go by false identities such as “Gothic Revival.” After noting
the buried windows and doors in your peripheral vision and wonder who
in their right mind would start the foundation of a building with only half
or a third of a story or less, you pushed the uncomfortable feeling aside
into the back alley of your consciousness with the thought of a movie or
a New York Times bestseller or the two planes that magically toppled
three buildings on 9/11—anything Illuminati sponsored.

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All anyone has to do to get the USA back under her own constituton is:

1. Declare all laws, regulations, executive orders and supreme court legal precedents that violated any part of the constitution to be unconstitutional, null and void from this date forward.
2. Declare all federal bureaucracies and agencies who's purpose for being or authority for regulating violates any part of the constitution to be unconstitutional, and shut it down, firing everyone in it and denying retirement or other benefits associated with the job from this date forward.
3. Declare all federal office holders who violated the constitution by bringing any of these laws, regulations, bureaucracies and agencies, executive orders, supreme court legal precedents into being, or who violated any part of their sworn oaths of office, to be impeached from office and possibly indicted for crimes where appropriate.
4. Declare all Political Parties to be unconstitutional, anti-constitutional and illegal entities and shut them all down, with all funds and property of any kind to be forfeited to the US treasury.
5. Declare Socialism and all forms of Marxism to be anti-American, anti-constitution and outlawed in America. Consider decitizenizing and deporting Marxists.
6. Declare all forms of Islam to be anti-American, anti-constitution and outlawed in America. Consider decitizenizing and deporting all Moslems.
Secularism is an unconstitutional, anti-constitutional and therefore criminal form of militant and militating atheism. "Separation Of Church And State" is a criminally established attack on America's foundational Ethos. Since it's illegal establishment in American law it has been used as a legal political weapon to religiously cleanse America of Christianity.

In other words, a legal and political cleansing of the very basis for all of American law, which is supposed to be representative law. It was established by and is being maintained by criminal traitors to America.

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woodchip: So the Rep. led congress passed a Born Alive bill that requires hosp. to provide medical care to infant born alive after a botched abortion attempt. What surprised me was the Dems to a man voted against it. Now I realize we had some discussions here on abortion, but at this point the baby is born alive and as such is a American citizen . The Dems argue that this is still a womens right over her body. Excuse me but the baby is no longer in her body. So if the baby is a problem later on, do the Dems still think it is a womens right to off the baby in some sort of late late term abortion? Going to be interesting to read how the leftist agents here defend the Dems.

Spidey: Is a botched abortion considered a "birth"?

What if the botched abortion also caused brain damage?

An abortion is not complete until the widdle baby is dead dead dead.

"Awww he's so cute".
"Finish the job".

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All humanity are guilty, dirty, rotten, hell-deserving, sinners (Romans 3:10-23; 6:23). I heard Pastor Joel Osteen say that he doesn't preach against homosexuality because it has been exalted above other sins nowadays. What a cop out! That's exactly why we ought to take a Biblical stand against the sin of homosexuality! Sodomites are forcing their perverse deathstyle upon American society and our precious children.

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The blood oath is fundamental. Biden and most of his cabinet and most courts and congress have probably taken it. That’s why they are excluded from mandatory vaccines.
These people swore an oath or to represent citizens, but their true loyalty is to Satan (Communism.).They are traitors and should be treated as such.

Worldwide the vaccine passports is leading to a Chinese Communist social credit system where your every word and move are monitored for political correctness.

Like our “leaders,” the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)are Satanists.
We now face persecution from this evil red dragon in the form of medical tyranny.We’re dealing with PURE EVIL.

The Final Choice is Good or Evil. What Choice Will Those with a Blood Oath Make?

The ultimate and final choice is between Good and Evil.

The Chinese say, “you can’t stand in two boats”; as the boats move apart, you will be forced to choose one boat or fall into the water. Those who have taken a blood oath are conflicted between doing what is Good or following a path that stops at no Evil.

The way to discern good or evil is to evaluate it against Truth, Compassion and Tolerance; this is the characteristic of the cosmos. Those who adhere to these universal principles are good. The ones who deviate from Truth, Compassion and Tolerance are wicked.
The CCP requires a blood oath to join; it has brutally persecuted many groups in China since coming to power in 1949, killing an estimated 60-80m people who were opposed to communism.
The CCP is against Truth, Compassion and Tolerance. Now, the CCP and those aligned with it are utilizing every means at their disposal to persecute the entire world. Good people everywhere now face persecution from this evil red dragon in the form of medical tyranny.

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You do not need to experiment with sex. Sex is only for your future spouse. Masturbation is not God’s best – even if “you’re not hurting anyone” – you are hurting yourself – and hurting God’s feelings (1 Corinthians 6:18 ESV – “Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body”)

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Twitter has been on fire this week as people all over the world are waking up to the fact that we have all participated, albeit unwillingly, in the greatest mass medical experiment ever conducted. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a good thing, we love when people wake up and disengage from the Matrix, but waking up to what they did three years ago won’t help you much now if you don’t stay awake because they are reloading to do it again in 2023.

Welcome to Day 1,026 of 15 Days To Flatten The Curve, we’re serving red pills today.

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9 (KJB)

On this episode of the NTEB Prophecy News Podcast, we get you up to speed with everything that’s going on in politics, in religion, in economics, in finance, in the Middle East, and most important of all, what’s taking place in prophecy as foretold in the pages of your King James Bible. Anthony Fauci may have stepped down from the NIH and the CDC, but he’s getting ready to reappear someplace else. Have you ever heard of a region in America called Sorostan? You will today, it affects a full ten percent of the entire population of the United States, and it will make your jaw drop when we tell you about it. Bill Gates is busy injecting the animals of the food chain in Europe with mRNA vaccines to edit and alter their genetic information. Think what a great cheeseburger that will make. And Klaus Schwab? He’s been the busiest boy of the bunch, rewriting the code of life that affects each and every one of us. The Matrix is reloading, and on this edition of the Prophecy News Podcast, you will hear what’s happening first, to equip you for battle…TO THE FIGHT!

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The Damar Hamlin Freemasonic Induction Ritual in the Year of Skull and Bones
As this ritual took place on Monday Night Football, we saw all the players and coaches kneeling except for the one player wearing the number 33; the Freemasonic Highest Degree and Master Teacher Number. He stood up like the Master, the Shepherd of his flock. Hamlin on the other hand wear number 3, like a baby Mason, missing a ‘3’ and waiting to be whole. It was his ritual, his induction, and he collapsed during the game; as in ending this part of his former ‘life’ of unawareness and ignorance. That is how a Freemasonic induction works. You strip down of all your belongings, your older-self is killed, and you are reborn.

And it’s no coincidence that on January 5, after 3 days of unconsciousness, the media reports that he woke up at the hospital and opened his eyes. Player number 3 woke up after 3 days, like 33, reborn, ready for his new life. Same story as with Jesus who died at 33-years-old and resurrected on the third day. All scripted and acted of course, like they always do it.

So, we had Hamlin who collapsed during Monday Night football (MNF) in a Masonic ritual which caused games to be postponed.

Hamlin = 33
Collapsed = 33
Masonry = 33
Secrecy = 33
Order = 33
MNF = 33
Postpone = 33
Also, his full name ‘Damar Hamlin’ is a double match to the word ‘Antichrist,’ making him very suitable for a ritual on the world stage.
And as I wrote several times in 2022, and on January 1st — 2023 is the year of Order 322, of Skull and Bones Freemasonry. And last year, we had the big ritual of the “collapse” of the Georgia Guidestones after a staged explosion. Since then, we have seen many players of the ‘bread and circuses’ entertainment system collapse in such manner. All symbolically connected. Damar Hamlin was one of them, and his ritual kicked off the new year of 2023, the year written as 223, or 322 in reverse, as in Order 322, Skull and Bones.

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(From the retracted 1986 Chick Tract “Satan’s Master”. The character is a “White Witch” infiltrating a Sunday school run by a former member of the coven who converted to Christianity,)
imageHannah the Witch: “You see, Jesus was a great teacher and was called a prophet of God. We are all children of God, we all have access to this power.”
Student 1, thinking: “You’re hanging yourself, lady.”
Student 2: “But, Hannah, where does this power come from?”
Hannah: “The use of the candle with the words of the prayers triggers the release of power from what we call the positive material plane… This is the very essence of the power that holds this universe together.*”
Footnote: “*Paraphrased from the Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Master’s Guide by Gygax, published by TSR Inc., page 40 | See Colossians 1:12-19″

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Are you fed up yet? Are you sick and tired of being pushed around, cornered, and pummeled by lust? Maybe you want lust out of your life but aren’t sure how to get there. Sex has been compared to fire. Fire is good if it’s contained in a fireplace. But fire can be horrific if it’s out of control; like a wild forest fire, it can cause tremendous destruction. Sex is great and good in marriage, but outside of marriage it has many devastating consequences.

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[in response to a Ray Comfort post about a fan supposedly coming to faith from watching his movie about Noah and the end of the world]

Trump should have declared martial law I had a feeling he wanted to but for the good of the country he did not. It's like one preacher said you either pay the price now or later we are paying it later with what's happening in America

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There’s a huge need people have but are often very blind to.

They seek it half-heartedly but never seem to find it.

It’s not in the churches, or other peoples faces.

They seek and seek but cant seem to find it.

Dont know where to begin, how to start,

His Book is so big, seems to have no end.

And all the screaming and shouting and pacing of preachers cant conjure it up.

This world seems a zoo.

Are you unable to obey, believe, trust?

Or are you traveling a path that only leads to your shoes being covered with dust?

Today, in this world, who can you trust?

Have you looked to authorities, scholars, philosophers?

Have they let you down? Feel you’re going insane?

Truth is actually very simple and plain. We must simply repent, say were sorry to God not some man, then obey!
Hes looking for a few who can trust and obey. He’s looking for leaders who will follow His orders.

He wants them to rule with a crown and live beside Him.

After this parts all complete, He’s got grander designs for all of His children, a new planet!

A totally recreated Garden of Eden here on earth with much greater landmass, less ocean, no stickers or thorns or dangerous animals. (Isa 11)

And no more demons to taunt and harass. He had this plan written down by Ezekiel 37.

That’s when everyone’s eyes will be opened

We will get to experience what God always intended.

The problem today is we have to many aliens.

They dont understand what obedience is, except to put people in pods and exist in their skin.
You just must agree to never look back. He wants us to obey and trust. He only needs a few leaders to be steadfast and trust.

To then will be white robes, new names, and crowns and special recognition. They will reign with Lotd Jesus together in His Kingdom and they will have found,

A treasure so priceless, rare, and so GREAT

Oh Come My Lord Jesus! I can hardly wait!

ps. The secret key is to keep His Sabbath = obedience, shows your attitude!

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Today, we entrust our beloved Pope emeritus Benedict XVI to our Most Holy Mother Mary, that she may accompany him in his passage from this world to God, said Pope Francis.
People get mad when I say that the Roman Catholic Church is not a Christian Church, and that it does not teach Bible doctrine. But guess what? It’s not, and they don’t. The stunning proof of that occurred this weekend at the Vatican, and it was committed by the man they call the ‘Vicar of Christ’, who is considered to be ‘infallible’ when speaking on matters of the Roman Catholic Church. What did Francis do? He committed the soul of Pope Benedict XVI to the care of the ‘Virgin Mary’ to bring him home to Heaven. Oopsie, wrong answer, enjoy eternity.
When she died, Mary’s soul went home to be with the Lord, no doubt about it. But since her homegoing she hasn’t heard or answered a single prayer for anyone, living or dead, on the face of the earth. Mary is not part of the Godhead, and because she’s not, she does not assist in any way in the ‘journey to Heaven’ of anyone. That’s something only God can do.

But how does a soul get to Heaven when they die? According to the Bible, that happens when a person trusts the Lord Jesus Christ, and nothing else, and by trusting in His death, burial and resurrection on the third day according to the scriptures, they become born again. Jesus says in John 3:1-5 that the only way to enter into the Kingdom of God is to be born again. This is not ‘secret knowledge’ or some deep and hidden truth known only to handful on initiates, it’s the gospel of Jesus Christ, and it is the only way to Heaven. So what on earth is Pope Francis doing ‘entrusting the soul’ of Benedict to the ‘most high Virgin Mary’? He’s committing blasphemy while teaching a false gospel at the same time. If you are trusting the ‘Virgin Mary’ to take you home to Heaven, you will be quite surprised at where you actually wind up. And it’ll be hot, very, very hot.

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But the larger problem with disproving evolution is twofold. First, it’s definition is so plastic that there really is no meaningful set of conditions that evolutionists would accept as falsifying it, in part because, like faith in the Bible, it is assumed true, and those defending it just look for harmonizations of the data, never considering falsification. Lack of intermediate forms? “Not enough data” or “punctuated equilibrium.” Lack of experimental evidence? “It takes too long to observe.” Genetic trees don’t match those based on morphology? “Convergent evolution.”

Second, the truth is, there are only two models for origins – one where all starts out as soup and by some law organizes into higher physical and living complexity and forms, and another where things start out organized by an intelligent designer and progress via thermodynamics and entropy towards disorder (which looks more like reality? Dawkins confession of “the appearance of design” looks very naive). Being without faith in the latter model, unbelievers MUST believe some form of evolution. So they won’t seriously consider any contrary evidence as falsification, just another chance to “improve the model.”

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The author of Qur’an makes several mentions that the self-proclaimed prophet of Islam is mentioned in the Torah and the Gospel.

Those who follow the messenger, the Prophet who can neither read nor write, whom they will find described in the Torah and the Gospel, which are with them […]

So of course we should find Muhammad in the Bible that we have according to that passage. Guess what? He is!

Here are a few instances where he is found.


Matthew 7:15
Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.

Muslims pride themselves of outward appearances of piety, such as the month-long fasting period of Ramadan. However, they rarely tell you that this supposed fasting period is actually a feast during which food sales in Islamic countries double due to the extravagant food-gorging that happens between the sundown and sunrise.

Many people are suckled into coming into Islam by lofty promises. However, when they begin expressing doubts regarding the most obvious false prophet in the history, they soon discover a hidden facet of the religion: Islam is a one-way ticket. If you happen to live in a Muslim-majority country and you denounce islam, you will be killed. If you live in westernized country where Islamic murders do not have the favor of law, you may still find yourself ostracised by everyone you once thought is your friend, but who now think you don’t deserve to be treated as a human.

It is for this reason and others that Islam perfectly matches the description “sheep’s clothing, but inwardly ravenous wolves”.

Matthew 24:11

And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray.

The sheer number of victims of Muhammad the false prophet makes this an understatement of tragicomic proportions.

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Alex224922: I was raped by my boyfriend in high school. I was sitting on his bed, with all my clothes on, talking to him because I wanted to have a conversation with him and nothing else. He playfully pushed me down onto his bed and I said, "No hon, I'm not in the mood today." He tried again because he thought I was teasing, so I raised my voice, got angry and said, "NO, not today." He then proceeded to guilt me and tell me he really wanted to, but I stood my ground. Finally, he wasn't having it. He started horsing around with me and then pushed me onto the bed again, got on top of me, and started trying to take my clothes off. I told him NO again, trying to get up but he held me down. That's when I started yelling at him and hitting him, but he didn't stop. I was in shock. This was my boyfriend, and he definitely knew me well enough to know the difference between me "secretly wanting it" and not wanting to have sex. I kicked, I hit, I cursed, I CRIED and he still forced his way in.
There is a DIFFERENCE between rape and consensual sexual dominance. Yes, I enjoy being dominated in bed, but my new boyfriend ALSO enjoys being dominated. My ex didn't dominate me. He forced me to have sex that I DID NOT WANT. I did not enjoy it, I did not like being raped

Jgtemolder: If someone, regardless of sex or gender or sexuality, smashes the door down screaming about being raped like it's a merit badge and demanding everyone better get on their knees and not question anything they are saying, otherwise they'll pull out the rape-victim card to show how ashamed you should be (or just whip that thing out in the middle of a conversation); I say it's appropriate, again, regardless of sex.
(Especially when they admit to enjoy sexual domination games, and their text heavily implies they enjoyed them with the partner that supposedly raped them, yet not using the safe word... or were dumb enough not to establish one.)
If someone is simply relaying their experience, regardless of sex, and explain what it is, it is not.

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(Marjorie Taylor Greene)

spoilerPRAY to end
abortion in America.

@RealMarjorieGreene Yes and also work to end antiwhitism.

@RealMarjorieGreene Pray to end mass immigration. Pray to end all affirmative action programs.

@RealMarjorieGreene if repubs take back c0ngress are you guys going to impeach biden and that rootless rat mayorkas for engaging in ethnic cleansing of White America by opening the borders?

i wouldn’t hold my breath.

@RealMarjorieGreene Will anybody be arrested and punished for promoting these deadly "vaccines?"

@RealMarjorieGreene Is the US government ever going to stop sending money to Ukraine and Israel?

@jones_maltsberger @RealMarjorieGreene The ZOG has to ensure above all the interests and objectives of "Israel"

@RealMarjorieGreene Abortion is the least of our problems. Abortion is the only thing that has slightly reduced the hordes of people destroying our cities.

@TrueDepth @RealMarjorieGreene

Abortion isn’t the “least of our problems”. In my opinion, it is more abominable than sodomy. It is murder as the Law of God says and such women guilty of abortion will have their part in the lake of fire. Whoso sheds man’s blood by man(jesus christ) shall his blood be shed. This is the Law.

@RealMarjorieGreene Anti fag laws need to be reinstated and enforced also, or this nation is toast--Psa. 9:17--Rick Grenell et al notwithstanding.

Association of Qom Seminary Teachers (Jame’e Moddaresin-e Howzeh Elmiye-ye Qom), Ayatollah Abbas Ka’abi and Ayatollah Mohsen Araki #fundie #psycho iranintl.com

An influential hardliner clerical group in addition to executions demands punishing Iranian protesters by cutting fingers and toes instead of just exiling them

In a statement Saturday, the Association of Qom Seminary Teachers urged the authorities to continue executions but use the amputation punishment to deter people from joining the protests instead of lenient punishments in the law such as exile

The association (Jame’e Moddaresin-e Howzeh Elmiye-ye Qom) suggested that anyone who “instigates fear in society” -- supposedly by participation in anti-government protests -- is belligerent (mohareb) which in Iran's Sharia-based laws is punishable by death, crucifixion, severance of limbs, and/or exile

Ayatollah Abbas Ka’abi, a member of the clerical group, said last week that despite normal practice in the case of murders where victims’ families can practice the “right to blood” – that is demand retribution in kind (death sentence), ‘blood money’, or forgive -- the “imam” of the society should punish a belligerent protester even if the family forgives the killer

Another member, Ayatollah Mohsen Araki, said Friday that those who participate in the protests, whether this includes direct involvement in the killing of government forces or not, should be considered as belligerents and be found guilty of “corruption on earth”[…]
“The severing of fingers of one hand and toes of the opposite foot could be effective [as a deterrent punishment]” if a person “instigates fear in society, without the involvement of the [opposition] media and without urging others to follow suit,” the clerics of the powerful association suggested while arguing that the ‘exile’ option is too lenient to “prevent crime”[…]
Exile would be totally ineffective in such cases, they declared, because such actions tarnish Iran's image in the international community and bear other costs for the government

Amos37 #conspiracy #fundie gettr.com

Now on Rumble: Satanic Symbolism Divergent, Robo-Cop, and Transcendence

Yup more, it's a thing with Hellywood and they are non-stop deceiving us with so-called entertainment. This video shows several examples of Satanic, Illuminati, and New World Order symbolism in the recent movies that came out; Transcendence, Divergent, and RoboCop...

#hellywood #symbolism #nwoagenda #dystopia #JesusSaves

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