Not nearly as smart as they think they are

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[From "The great myth of 215 dead Injun kids"]

As we've noted before, the current hysteria over "215 dead children" at the Kamloops Residential School is almost certainly bogus. Ground penetrating radar can't count the number of bodies nor even tell you which species the bones are: it might be 23 coyote carcasses for all we know. We don't know for sure that there are any kids let alone 215. Even if the bodies are human they might be all Caucasians, or adults, and might number less than 10
In 1923 it was rebuilt after the previous school burned down. Being a boarding school, it's entirely possible that the deaths took place during the fire. So if the bodies turned out to be burned down by the fire, where's the outrage? People die in fires to this very day, most notably in England a few years back
So did the Red Indian kids die in the fire? Or did they die of tuberculosis or polio, both of which were highly deadly diseases running through their populations in the early part of the 20th century? There's a big deal about "unmarked graves", but BCF readers are on the case for that as well
So everything the media is telling you about these deaths is a lie. Everything they tell you about the Residential Schools is a lie too, of course

But ignore the whining about 215 dead Red Indian children. It's all made up

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(Submitter’s note: these are excerpts from a much longer post.)

If you've been suckered into believing the myth that it's perfectly fine for a male gay couple to adopt a young boy or a male infant, assuming naively that everything LGBT advocates must be wonderful and beneficial to society just because the politically-correct, corrupt, pro-gay media have brainwashed you into not questioning anything they say - and despite the fact that you personally (and hypocritically) would never want to have been brought up by a gay couple...
... you're an imbecile (or a pedophile)!

If you choose to take sides in the silly, infantile media war between Vladimir Putin and LGBT - i.e. between two decidedly extremist sides/viewpoints, or if you actually believe that there is a "good" and a "bad" side when the zealous, deranged Catholic lobby fights against the zealous, deranged gay lobby...
... you're an imbecile and Larry Kramer loves you!

If you failed to notice - despite tons of evidence - that the western gay lobby is a pro-Marxist i.e. political movement that's got the media, culture and politics in a tight grip, and if it's totally escaped you that they increasingly take part in the Fascist-like curbing of freedom of speech just to push their questionable, selfish agenda - while hypocritically showing extreme intolerance toward anybody who disagrees on any little thing they hold sacred...
... you're a brainwashed imbecile and LGBT loves you!

If you assume that everyone who criticizes an extremist organization such as LGBT must automatically be someone who hates homosexuals, and if you actually think that LGBT represents all gays and lesbians...
... you're an imbecile and Susan Sarandon loves you!

If words such as "homophobic", "Islamophobic", or "racist" are part of your regular vocabulary...
... you're an imbecile!

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NASA and modern astronomy maintain that the Moon is a solid, spherical, Earth-like habitation which man has actually flown to and set foot on. They claim the Moon is a non-luminescent planetoid which receives and reflects all its light from the Sun. The reality is, however, that the Moon is not a solid body, it is clearly circular, but not spherical, and not in any way an Earth-like planetoid which humans could set foot on. In fact, the Moon is largely transparent and completely self-luminescent, shining with its own unique light.

The Sun’s light is golden, warm, drying, preservative and antiseptic, while the Moon’s light is silver, cool, damp, putrefying and septic. The Sun’s rays decrease the combustion of a bonfire, while the Moon’s rays increase combustion. Plant and animal substances exposed to sunlight quickly dry, shrink, coagulate, and lose the tendency to decompose and putrify; grapes and other fruits become solid, partially candied and preserved like raisins, dates, and prunes; animal flesh coagulates, loses its volatile gaseous constituents, becomes firm, dry, and slow to decay. When exposed to moonlight, however, plant and animal substances tend to show symptoms of putrefaction and decay.
So sunlight and moonlight clearly have altogether different properties, and furthermore the Moon itself cannot physically be both a spherical body and a reflector of the Sun’s light! Reflectors must be flat or concave for light rays to have any angle of incidence; If a reflector’s surface is convex then every ray of light points in a direct line with the radius perpendicular to the surface resulting in no reflection.

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The Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Saturday demanded that the central government take strict action against yoga guru Baba Ramdev after he allegedly described allopathy as a “stupid science” and stated that “lakhs of [Covid] patients have died after taking allopathic medicines”

The IMA said his “unlearned” comments could mislead people. On the other hand, the Haridwar-based Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust, of which Baba Ramdev is the founder, said the remarks were taken out of context

According to the IMA, a video circulating on social media shows Baba Ramdev calling modern medicine a “stupid science”. He allegedly goes on to say that medicines including remdesivir and fabiflu, approved by the Drugs Controller General of India, failed to treat Covid patients in India and have caused the deaths of lakhs of people.
Earlier in February, Patanjali re-launched its ‘Coronil’ medicine to treat Covid patients. Baba Ramdev’s organisation claimed it had received due approval from the union Ayush ministry as per the World Health Organisation’s certification scheme

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(Son of the 1st Revolution)
For all of our intelligence, we are just organisms trying different strategies to propagate our species as far as possible.

He says that Asians are more altruistic than whites, but is it altruism when they are helping out fellow Asians? How many times have we seen Chinese set up funds to feed poor whites in Appalachia? Or, to help out poor whites in Russia or the Ukraine? Yet, whites help out Asians in poor countries.

If anything, whites have a suicidal need to help out people from without their species and this is recipe for genetic suicide.

(Michael Himmler)
China is still a developing country, with GDP per capita equivalent to 10,000 USD in 2019. Japan is the fourth largest donor country in the world. An average Japanese donates more than an average American.

(Son of the 1st Revolution)
I cannot tell the difference between the average Japanese and the average Chinese. The fact that they donate to people who look like themselves, but not to whites, black, hispanics or anyone else makes them just one more selfish group in my eyes. That's not altruism.

(Michael Himmler)
We should praise the Japanese for doing so.

Race is biological. End of discussion. Race is real and those who deny racial reality are deluded fools living in a fantasy world. Every single person on this planet except a sizable percentage of whites is racially aware. Tread at your own peril, because if you think race is not an issue to other peoples, you are just beyond hope.

Race is not biological. Nor is it genetic (although genes can detect blacks). It certainly isn't evolution, the least reason being that evolution does not happen (not my job to educate people 30 years behind the technology curve).

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President Trump joined David Brody on Real America’s News on Monday. During the interview, Trump said he never conceded in the rigged 2020 election.

President Trump is not backing down and it ruins the Democrats and globalists.
Hopefully, the truth will be revealed soon.

President Trump also discussed his upcoming visit to the US Border with Texas Governor Abbot.

Via Real America’s Voice:

Washington, DC / June 21, 2021 — In an exclusive, wide-ranging interview with David Brody on Real America’s Voice, the rapidly growing digital and linear news network, President Donald J. Trump said that he never admitted defeat in the 2020 election and has not conceded the election.

The comments came after Brody asked about President Trump’s recent interview with Sean Hannity. “I want to start with something you told Sean Hannity last week,” said Brody. “The headlines were about how you admitted defeat in the 2020 election when you said ‘we didn’t win’ … Did you admit defeat? I just want to understand that.” Brody asked.

“No, I never admitted defeat,” responded Trump. “I never used the word concede, I have not conceded,” he continued.

Brody and President Trump then went on to discuss the mounting evidence of election illegalities and fraud being uncovered in Arizona, Georgia, and elsewhere. “There is a tremendous percentage [of the American people] that thinks the election was rigged and stolen,” said Trump.

The 45th President also noted that claims of election fraud are not new, referring to Hillary Clinton’s comments about his win following the 2016 election and Stacey Abram’s claims following the Democrats’ loss in Georgia. But, the President noted, “in this case there’s [actually] massive evidence.”

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[From "Neo-Darwinism is dead"]

Some of you will recall that I thoroughly, and in some detail, demonstrated the way in which, according to the present scientific understanding of astrophysics, genetic biology, and mathematics, the modern Neo-Darwinian synthesis of the theory of evolution by (mostly) natural selection is impossible, caught as it is between the Scylla of a fixed amount of time and the Charybdis of the number of fixed mutations required to take place in the evolution between one historical species and a present species
If we are told that a football team has gained 1,500 yards on the ground while averaging three yards per rushing play, and we know that the maximum number of offensive plays per team per game is 84, then we know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the yards reported were not gained in a single 60-minute game. They could not have been. It is impossible

In like manner, the number of fixed mutations that are presently observed to distinguish two species[…]are considerably - CONSIDERABLY - in excess of the maximum amount of time that could have passed since the speciation process is believed to have begun. There is only one defense against this straightforward mathematical observation, and that is the idea that enough parallel mutations happened very, very quickly to significantly reduce the average time
Discoveries are methodically reducing the already insufficient time
There was even more genetic diversity among early humans than previously believed

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RE: Anti-Brexit Ex-Speaker John Bercow Finally Joins the Labour Party

When the Soviet Union collapsed back in 91, the Western Worlds revolutionary leftists morphed into identity politics and infiltrated every single institution in their respective countries. It was a long game but planned and with strategy behind it. Bercow was one of them, 100% guaranteed. If this Tory abomination of a government was even remotely of the right and righteous, it would make sure Bercow had an unfortunate accident. Sally the Alley and their runt family as well. The lot of them are parasites and wouldn't be missed.

leftists morphed into the environmental brigade

Identity politics came later

No it didn't, the politics of race were being implemented bit by bit from the 60's. After Bush (senior) NWO speech in 1990 and the fall of Bolshevism, the left and their globalist masters actively pushed mass immigration upon Western and Northern Europe, North America and Oceania. The green agenda was just another tool to batter us over the head with.

The leftwing doctrine battered their white populations with endless stories of race. When I was at school through the 80's, the green agenda was hardly mentioned. It was race drip fed into everything and the evils of Empire.

The race question has been ongoing for nearly 400 years in the main. People were fighting race, when the industrial revolution was still an infant. The green agenda was jumped on by the left in the 90's, when the class war was over. That was real Labour being taken over by a bunch of druggie university "liberal" types. Old Labour wouldn't answer the door to mobs like Greenpeace and co. Old Labour was industry, New Labour is anti-industry.

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RE: Can I count myself as Slav?

Disagree. We should look into the social aspect of this example not just the genetic one. There are more males compared with females, meaning some guys must marry outside of their own ethnicity or die alone. I would rather prefer African-Macedonian mix if the dad is Macedonian than a Turk or anyone else cucking a Macedonian girl.

He is as Slavic as much as Obama is white. He is mix, and he can pass as Turk because ethnicity is passed from dad side not mom. Plus idk what this guy tripping, more than half of Macedonian Muslims call themselves as Turks in Macedonia. Simple example for this is the mayor of Plasnica, Ismail Jahoski. Plasnica nibbas we having last names with "ski" but they write themselves as Turks.

Macedonians and Bulgarians aren't as Slavic as Poles and Ukrainians for example(we have Balkan blood). So i think what u wanted to say is that u are attracted to Macedonian roots not Slavic in general.

I would not say there is even Macedonian culture tbh as of 2021, because there is no suck thing as culture anymore in Macedonia since the 60s, We only have the language and some Christian traditions left.

If your dad was Macedonian and your mom Turkish i would have said u can identify as Macedonian but your mom is the only who married a Turk so no i would not want u to identify as Macedonian nor Slav. You should identify as mix Macedonian/Turk.

Is that really matters that my dad or my mother? Why one of them makes me less or makes me more?

Society, it's like this since ever. Dad side matters not mom side, u can identify as whatever u like but in reality almost all kids from mix marriages take the dad side ethnicity.

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Ten weeks ago, Gregory Hood and I launched a new podcast: Left, Right, and White. Now we’re inviting you to suggest topics for future episodes.

Greetings. How about discussing the tremendous ecological cost of unsustainable population growth fueled by heavy immigration flow?

You can always tell when an "environmentalist" is just an anti-white nutjob when their first priority is not controlling the population explosion of Africans but instead the immigration of these useless millions into white countries.

(Mr Anthrope)
Exactly - this is where the left/greens/marxists reveal their hypocrisy. They hate humanity, want euthanasia, full term abortion etc, yet when presented with the opportunity to rid the world of a billion people with the Flumanchoo, they lapse into full Stalin mode globally. Unfettered immigration? More garbage, crime, health system burdened, cars on fire or blocks, buildings defaced or razed, women with a half dozen kids by 5 men, all absent of course and no accountability (that would be racist).

Middle and upper class whites will scorn a working class white family as "white trash" if they go into a grocery store and get lots of good deals for cheap, but a black or Hispanic does it, these same whites either say nothing or say "Why, those Hispanics are good shoppers!" A white woman with more than 2 white kids, these whites scorn her for being a breeder, yet say nothing about nonwhites who have large families (and on our dime, too). Middle/upper class white people will lose their bleep when they see a confederate flag or a white nationalist rally, yet willingly support, kneel to and praise nonwhite militants (BLM, La Raza) who want them dead.

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Green Marxism (climate change propaganda) is a clever way to force White people to do things that they would not ordinarily do. It’s based on “computer models” of forecasted climate changes that have been manipulated for political purposes. In 1977, scientists said the earth was cooling. Now they say it’s warming. Next they’ll say it’s cooling again.

This NASA climate-change study is clever. They use fancy jargon to convince the stupid masses that “global warming” is real. An “observational estimate”?? What exactly is that, NASA?? Here’s a juicy quote, re: the NASA climate study:

“Loeb cautions that the study is only a snapshot relative to long-term climate change, and that it’s not possible to predict with any certainty what the coming decades might look like…” Ya don’t say! So, it’s just a guess?

The earth has warmed about 1 degree in the last 150 years. Which means nothing. The Middle Ages were actually warmer than now.

Furthermore, “climatology” is a very Jewish science. At least two of the 1970s godfathers of “ecology science” were Jews ...

“Political” Jewish scientists are famous for being wrong. One of those Jews, the famous Carl Sagan, long pushed the “Nuclear Winter” theory to include not only nuclear explosions (“nuclear bombs can cause a winter”) but the Kuwait oil-field fires in 1991. Sagan said that there would be “no summer” after the fires. But there was. Sagan was seriously wrong. “Nuclear Winter” theory is baloney, like all Jewish theories. There’s the key: it’s all “theory” (just like regular and Cultural Marxism).


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The latest freak-out is not just about how vaccine injection sites are magnetized but how raw meat from your local grocery store is also magnetized.

With all of the videos of vaccinated people becoming magnetized coinciding with all the videos about the evil spike proteins in the vaccine, this has led some to assume that the Globalists are now lacing the meat with the dread spike proteins.

In a time where nothing makes sense, the fear is that these lunatics who are so desperate to inject you with mRNA for a flu that has a 99% recovery rate aren’t getting enough volunteers, so they’re dumping this crap into the food supply. They need us all to get jacked into the Matrix of their Human Brain/Cloud Interface.
Ferritin is a natural iron-storage protein which can self-assemble into a “cage” that holds as many as 4,500 iron atoms but the magnetic forces generated are too small for practical applications. Chinese researcher, Bianxiao Cui combined the iron-binding ability of ferritin with the self-assembly properties of another protein, called Inkabox-PAK4cat.

In three days, the resulting crystals grew to about 45 microns in length (or about half the diameter of a human hair), without killing the host cells. These protein crystals are attracted to an applied magnetic field and move toward magnets even while embedded within living cells.

The science of magnetogenetics is still in its infancy but these studies demonstrate the feasibility of engineering protein assemblies for magnetic sensing. Because Dr Cui used human cells to genetically engineer his magnetic protein crystals, the transhumanist intent of this research is a given.

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Blacks are the only category of human that have invented nothing, never developed any society, buildings, technology, moral code, or anything that fundamentally separates humans from animals. Add to this the simian shelf, skeleton proportions, skull shape, teeth shape, and other body features only found in gorillas and chimpanzees, and no other human race - and it makes you question whether blacks are even really human.

I have never seen a subsaharan african who was civilized. Any bit of intelligence always coincides with some other race polluting their animal-like bloodline. It is easy to conclude that pure, subsaharan africans have no traits that make them distinctly human.

I have done my research. What I did find led me to the conclusion that there is a very high certainty that blacks are indeed human-gorilla or human-chimpanzee hybrids, and not fully human. It seems that the closer a black is to its pure unadulterated racial form, the less human it looks and behaves.

At some point, I will write an article to compile my new research into the topic.

If researchers were to compare blacks as a species not already "assuming" them human, it would not be taxonomically possible to conclude that blacks are of the same race or specials as other humans, in the same way that it is not possible to conclude that chimpanzees or gorillas are human.

From a rational standpoint, there is a phrase, "if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's a duck". Likewise if it looks like an ape, walks like an ape, and acts like an ape - it's an ape.

From a moral standpoint, blacks are the least human on every level of all the races, as defined in my first paragraph above.

So, are blacks human? You decide.

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Re: "White women shouldn’t report rape by black men"

In Sweden leftist politicians slightly ''accuses'' us (Swedish girls) by saying that we'll report about rapes done by non-Swedes much easier (and more often) than rapes done by Swedes. And politicians are blaiming that it is one of the reasons why statistics looks like as they do.

How do the Cowardly Degenerate GREEDY Politico Swine, Explain away the FACT BEFORE mass Third World turd Immigration, RAPE was near NON-ESISTENT in Sweden ? VIOLENT Crime as well. These GREEDY SCUM Politicos are Willing to SACRIFICE They're Daughters Well Being & Safety to Fulfill the jew-Marxist Agenda.AT NO TIME IN THE HISTORY has Taken place Before that an White Ethnic Group Voluntarily Financed other Ethnic SAVAGE TURD not Whites Conglomerations the Furtherance of their SAVAGE FOREIGN Culture on White Territory to the Disadvantage, Harm and Damage of our own People. Americans & Native Europeans are Paying people who Openly Proclaim to be our Enemies to Eradicate our RACE & Civilization & Telling us to Celebrate this as Tolerance. They are not even Hiding They're FIENDISH Genocidal Plans any Longer! As Another Commentators Stated I am at a LOSS of Words. We White Women When we go out Without our Husband's Should Always be Accompanied with Mister's Smith Wesson or Sam Colt! Along with Mister Situational Awareness! NOBODY Is going to Assist us but, we Ourselves, our Families. The Anti-White Whites Pushing this DESERVE Execution for TREASON to People & Culture.

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IX. How is it that all these tribes turn out to be Slavic?

Although the word “Slav” – in that form – does not appear before the 6th century, many of the tribes which we call Slavic do appear before the 6th century:






Legii (Lugii)




probably most of the Veneti and others

The common explanation is these were “Slavicized”. But this is strange. After hundreds of years of Germanization the Slavic Sorbs persist till this day. If the Slavs really Slavicized all these Germanic tribes they did so extraordinarily quickly.

But then why preserve the names of the original tribes? Elsewhere, when a small group of conquerors (Bulgars, Rus) take over a tribe quickly, they may become Slavicized but they keep the name and impose it on the rest of the population. If the group were larger, wouldn’t it be even more likely that they would have imposed their names on the various peoples in question?

X. If the above tribes could have been Slavicized, why not the Suevi?

Historians are ok with pointing out connections between Germanic and Slavic tribes. At least so long as theses tribes are small and insignificant. No one has suggested a Slavicization of the Suevi. It seems that that would make too many uncomfortable.

XI. And why if one can derive the name Slav from the name of a river, that river cannot be Solawa?

We know why. Because, we are told, the Slavs came from the East.

Solawa is particularly problematic because not only could its name be used etymologically to derive the name of the Slavs but it also occupies the region where the ancient authors found the river Suevus. That river, in turn, is associated with the Suevi and so the circle closes.

torino #dunning-kruger #pratt #wingnut jassa.org

XII. Was Grimm wrong in claiming that “Suevi” and “Slavs” Are Cognates?

Jacob Grimm was an excellent linguist. Yet his claim of the two words being cognates is almost embarrassingly swept under the carpet. Brueckner called it “unfortunate”. Curiously, Brueckner did not say that Grimm was wrong (presumably because then he’d have to explain why).

XIII. Why are so many the ancient German river names ending in -awa? and place names in -owa?

XIV. What do the Niemcy have to do with the Nemetes and the Slavs with the Suavi?

There is the old theory about the Slavic word for Germans – Niemcy – being a reference to the Niemcy not speaking Slavic (i.e., the “mutes”) and the Slavs being people of the “word” (slovo), i.e., being the ones who do speak a mutually understandable language. And yet, this theory seems to be based on nothing and to be based on a Volksetymologie.

At the same time the Nemetes just so happened to live right next to the Suevi.

XV. How can Suo-vene/Sla-vene have nothing to do with Vene-ti and nothing to do with Sue-vi either!?

There is a description of a Slav linguist conference where one of the participants raised the Suo-veni and Vene-ti link. The reference to this event goes on to explain that it was quickly explained to the overly curious linguist why he can’t be right. This recollection was brought up by the author of the book presumably to discredit any similar notion.

Yet the remarkable thing is that the book never says what the explanation given to the linguist was!

torino #crackpot #dunning-kruger #pratt #wingnut jassa.org

It is telling that no one has ever answered Wojciech Ketrzynski when he raised questions about the ethnicity of the Suevi.

The mainline teaching is:

Suevi occupied most of Germania

After Suevi disappeared, they were replaced by Slavs who came somewhere from the East

Slavs have nothing to do with the Suevi because the latter were “Germanic”.

Several questions come to mind:

I. How is it possible that this giant tribal union devolved into nothing?

The Suevi of later years are:

the smallest contingent crossing the Rhine in 405/406;

the Suevi of Swabia;

the Suevi of Vannius;

The first group was small. As to the second group, German writers have went out of their way to draw an equal sign between the Schwaben and Alemanni. And yet the entry of the Alemanni suggests that the later Schwabia has as much to do with the Suevic Suavia as 19th century Prussia with 13th century one. The Suevi may well have left years before the Alemanni got there. The same claim is made about Bohemia with the Czechs taking the name of the Bohemians who had been driven out years before (or were the Czechs just coming back?).

II. How is it possible that when the “fog of war” clears, the Suevic area is entirely occupied by Slavs?

If the Suevi left the area, they did not leave it empty. And if they did then plenty of other invaders who would have kept portions of the country. But there are only Slavs.

What happened to Ockham’s Razor? Did historians leave it at home?

VIII. If the Slavs borrowed terms from “Iranian” languages, why couldn’t they have borrowed them from the Jazyges?

Because the Slavs did no live next to the Jazyges. The Suevi did. If they spoke an Iranian language, then the Danube Suevi-Jazyges connection could have provided all the materials needed.

F. Roger Devlin & Charles Murray #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut vdare.com

Charles Murray’s Facing Reality is a brief essay summarizing the mass of evidence for the existence and persistence of significant racial differences in two areas: cognitive ability and violent crime rates. This evidence is irrefutable, and experts have pretty well given up contesting it.

People who dislike accepting the existence of mean differences in intelligence are reckless with charges of test bias but, as Murray writes, such claims have “nearly disappeared from the technical literature.”

The literature on how well cognitive ability predicts job performance has become so extensive that the relevant chapter “is not a meta-analysis of existing studies; it is a review of many meta-analyses.”

Results emerge consistently:

Cognitive ability and job performance are positively correlated.

The correlation goes up as the job becomes more complex.

For intellectually demanding jobs, there is no point at which more cognitive ability doesn’t make a difference.

Let us consider jobs which require an exceptionally high IQ (135+). Give population and group differences, we can expect there to be about 57 qualified white applicants for every qualified black at this level. Since most companies are not large enough to need vast numbers of employees this intelligent, we should not be surprised to find many with no blacks in such positions at all.

This does not mean there is no racial discrimination in hiring, of course.

The job market systematically discriminates in favor of racial minorities other than Asians…A detached observer might even call it systemic racism.

Perhaps the real reason for all the empty chatter about “white privilege” is that if no such thing exists, our current system of racial discrimination becomes indefensible.

F. Roger Devlin & Charles Murray #dunning-kruger #pratt #racist #wingnut vdare.com

In these cities, black arrest rates for violent crime are on average 9.6 times as common as white rates. The Latin rates average 2.7 times white rates.

“Racist cops!” shout the faithful. Murray responds with the “largest and most rigorous study” he can find:

The odds of arrest for white offenders is approximately 22% higher for robbery [and] 13% higher for aggravated assault . . . than they are for black offenders.

There are no equally good studies for murder, but in New York the black/white ratio in reports to police has recently been 14.8, higher than the arrest ratio of 11.6.

Murray adds: “Triangulating data indicates that the arrest rates reflect, and perhaps understate, race differences in violent criminal activity.”

There is really nothing to criticize about Murray’s presentation, although it will be ignored by those who most need to face up to that evidence.

In a final chapter, he goes beyond the data to speculate on what might happen “If We Don’t Face Reality.”

He believes the current double standard forbidding Whites from pursuing their group interests, while encouraging such behavior in other groups, is a lesser evil than Whites starting to behave like everybody else. In his own words: “If Whites adopt identity politics, disaster follows.”

But disaster for whom? Not for Whites. Murray acknowledges:

If a minority consisting of 13 percent of the population can generate as much political energy and solidarity as America’s Blacks have, what happens when a large proportion of the 60 percent of the population that is White begins to use the same playbook?

The final chapter of Facing Reality is, unintentionally, the most encouraging argument in favor of white identity politics that I have ever read.

ClutchNes #sexist #crackpot #dunning-kruger reddit.com

What society gets wrong and what needs to change is.....

the concept that females are the prize, no, they are not. Men are prize, NOW MORE THAN EVER. Men are the protector, the provider, those who keep the system running, those who are doing the dirty and demanding jobs.

it's no surprise that women are extremely entitled and don't have to fear consequences to take responsibility for their actions, because society is still pretending that women are the prize. how the fuck are they the prize? they bring nothing but their wet holes to the table, can't even fucking cook or take care of the household, don't bring any useful skills, wasting time on nonsense, overpriced crap and social media, zero to none real hobbies and topics you can discuss with them. I don't get it, fuck gynocentrism and fuck feminism, this world will fucking burn to the ground once the females are in total control.

If we are honest, even back then women were nothing else but trophies, a prize for "decent" men, a tool to control the men and make them obedient tax payers, world builders, career men, because women being the prize NEVER made sense, it should always been that men are the prize, the only difference is how to convince men to still get their shit together and be the best man they can be, REGARDLESS of women - and this is what movements like MGTOW are trying to do, that's the real mindset, philosophy and spirit.

Dr. Jerry O. Lee Representing the Manifester Yada #crackpot #fundie #ufo #magick #dunning-kruger peacemanifestministries.com

<old but classic UFO Jesus>
On March 8,1970 I received a prophecy: "I will tell you of things that will come to pass. An Ark will be built on pillars so as to be secured from a plague of Rats during a time of a worldwide famine. (this day is developing).

The message is: As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be again in a future time. (This message has expanded realities as refers to "transporting").

Now today May 27, 2013 the Manifester Yada comes to tell the meaning of this parable...The Ark to be built is a "Virtual Reality Ark" to be put on the Manifester Yada Website. Its revelations, as people move through its corridors will be amazing. The "Pillars", the Ark is to be built on, will be called "nano-pillars". The electrical characterization of these Nano-Pillars, is that they will be constructed with an electronic transport having crystalline phrases.

These Nano-Pillars will use a conductive force of microscopy implementation. As to the Term "Rat s" , this refers to the susceptibility of today's and even future times, as to hackers, who are intruders and infiltrators. The Ark will hold secret reveals of scientific and potential military uses of energy and atomic-latticing. The method used to eradicate these "Rat s", is called: R emote A ccess T ools, (Remote Access Tools), or abbreviated "Rats".

You who read this post, and witness this word, and those who have some knowledge on this kind of structure, please make a comment and also express your interest to know more...(This is a 60fold interpretation).

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
Representing the Manifester Yada

Jason Riddle #wingnut #dunning-kruger businessinsider.com

A man who was charged after bragging that he had guzzled wine during the Capitol riot is now running for office — but appears to have accidentally joined the wrong race.

Jason Riddle of New Hampshire was arrested in February after he told NBC10 Boston that he joined rioters on January 6 as they stormed the Capitol.

He is accused of illegally entering a restricted building, theft of government property, and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, according to a criminal complaint.

He has now decided to enter politics and run for state representative, he said Sunday, with the intention of unseating the Democrat Ann Kuster in the 2022 midterms, the channel reported.

Kuster, however, is not a state representative but rather a member of the US Congress.

"I thought Ann was a state representative?" he said, when the reporter Katherine Underwood corrected him.

"No," Underwood said. "So, a state representative is in the State House in Concord."

"Yeah, that's what Ann is," Riddle said.

When Underwood informed him that Kuster actually worked out of Washington, DC, Riddle said: "Well, I guess I've got to run against that then."

Noob_master_slayer #dunning-kruger #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

The fact that the majority of suicide victims are men is shocking.

We're often told that over 80% of suicide victims are men, but have we ever thought how crazy that is? The crazy part is that men are saturated with testosterone (over 10x as much as women), a well know anti-depressent and stress busting hormone, but despite the anti-depressing properties of testosterone, men make up 80% of suicide victims?

Do you realize HOW MUCH pressure and misery must be needed to overwhelm the natural anti-depressive properties of testosterone? This is enough evidence for me that men don't have an easy life since their struggles are often dismissed and laughed at, most often by women themselves.

From a biological point of view, given equal struggles, one would expect women to be the majority of suicide victims, since they have a much lower concentration of the anti-depressive testosterone, but what do we see in real life? The complete opposite. This is alone proof that, at least in the West, it is women who have it easier than men.

This is what happens when you're told to "man up" and dismiss your depression.

Male privellege it is, right?

Peterphil #sexist #dunning-kruger fstdt.com

Lmao yes all those men fucking baste’s future wife right now are the real suckers, just training her up and stretching her out while future hubby spends his days relaxing and watchdogging on the internet, waiting for the fruit to ripen.

Sure her uterus will be ravaged up like the projects by the time he gets her but at least she’ll be experienced enough to take his dick once a month.

RadioPatriot #crackpot #dunning-kruger #conspiracy radiopatriot.net

Wilcock, per insiders he has been in contact with, claims that the device works much like the pineal gland in the human body, which is able to create a highly coherent energy vortex or torsion field under certain conditions allowing an individual to receive information by non-physical means. This is essentially describing the ability to Remote View, wherein an individual can become cognizant of objects or locations using mind-clearing techniques and theta states of consciousness.
According to the alleged insiders, The Looking Glass technology was apparently used to look backward and forward in time, using the consciousness of an operator as a type of steering mechanism. The operator would sit in a chair that was apparently recovered from a downed extraterrestrial craft capable of interfacing with consciousness directly. When the device was turned on, strong toroidal fields of energy cycled about a pouch of water at the center, which acted as a sort of resonator for in-streaming energies from the point of focus maintained by the operator. The data was collected and projected onto video monitors at incredible speeds, which later needed to be de-interlaced to reveal discernible images.

What’s interesting, is that the biases of the operator would have a direct effect on the images collected. For example, if one were to look back to the time of Jesus’ crucifixion, if the person doing so was an atheist, they may not see anything at all. But if the person was a Christian, they may see the infamous crucifixion event.

ImTheTrueFireStarter & bob-object #dunning-kruger #pratt #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

I hate what feminism has done to this country

I hate being called misogynistic because I don’t conform to the notion of a “rape culture”

I hate when men are always seen as aggressors in encounters between men and women

I hate when it is assumed that I am being nice to a girl just because I want her body.

I hate it when women can claim all of this crap about “male privilege” when they have much more actual privileges than men

I hate that women can opt out of parenthood, but a man can not.

I hate that women are always seen as victims in almost every situation.

I hate that actual issues that almost exclusively affect men and boys such as higher suicide rates, higher work place death rates, higher chance of developing a learning disability, lower chance of getting into college and graduate school, false rape allegations, custody disputes, child support, alimony and many other things are overlooked and anyone who brings this up is automatically labeled as misogynist,

I hate what feminism has done to our society.

The hubris, stubbornness, and stupidity of most young woman today is the sole reason I will never ever ever have kids.

I grew up with two sisters (both are smart, good looking and healthy); and the way they absolve themselves of any sort of responsibility or fault without self-reflection has fundamentally changed the way I view human nature. Feminism needs to be dismantled and society needs to address female nature by raising daughters to be HUMBLE and THOUGHTFUL.

I hear plenty of stories about older woman learning to be humble and thoughtful after they've "had their fun", but it's often too late at that age as they've already pumped toxic femininity into the world.

Christopher Newman #fundie #crackpot #dunning-kruger #pratt youtube.com

What crap! Birds are not dinosaurs. They are birds. Dinosaurs are dinosaurs. Common sense should tell you that. God said each species would create of its own. How desperate are these godless men to call birds, dinosaurs when species create of their own and don't develop into something else. They just don't want to acknowledge that there is a great god who created all things and to whom they are accountable to.

Slavicprideaccount71 #crackpot #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut reddit.com

RE: Broke up with my girlfriend for constantly ignoring and disrespecting my Slavic heritage

She is a 2nd generation Chinese immigrant

Bruh remote Albanian villagers will be genetically closer to Serbs then your children, and you are worrying about preserving Serbian culture...

If you somehow make your non white children culturally Serbian it will be like the Amerimutt 56% meme. Such children would never be truly Serbian.

You are destroying your children’s chance to have any kind of ethnic or racial identity and giving them a much higher average rate of mental and physical health problems, and that in my opinion is child abuse

With that being said, I am scared that there a few options here in the Zapad unless I just start dating Slavic women.

Why don’t you date Slavic women already?

You chose to live in a multicultural society when you could live in a homogeneous Serb region. And you chose to participate in multiracialism and race mixing which will destroy all if it is not stopped.

I will date Slavic women as of now, but I wouldn't think to cheat on my then girlfriend like some Zapad degen.

Having a non white girlfriend is Zapad degeneracy.

You are a fucking fanatic who literally says the first thing that comes to your mind

Yes, I’m not afraid to say what is in my mind and I don’t care if I get called racist or anti-Semitic. Because you can only call me names but never disprove my points which are correct. Leftists can never win an argument against me so they have to change the conversation to insults every single time.

all he does or look at is race and race.

The most important thing.

Genetics ≠ culture.

Expect it does.

Marjorie Taylor Greene #dunning-kruger #conspiracy #fundie #crackpot #quack rawstory.com

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) on Tuesday disputed the science behind virus research because she does not believe in evolution.

Greene made the remarks while speaking to Steve Bannon on Real America's Voice, where she argued that Dr. Anthony Fauci should be criminally charged over the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Georgia Republican said that she opposed so-called "gain of function" research on viruses.

"That's a bioweapon," she charged. "So we need to be very clear about what was the intent of COVID-19 and these viruses that they experiment with like some sort of Dr. Frankenstein experiment."

"I don't buy it because I don't believe in evolution," the congresswoman said. "I don't believe in that type of so-called science. I don't believe in evolution. I believe in God."

Greene added: "These viruses were not making people sick until they created them and made them into weaponized viruses to be able to attach to our cells and make us sick. This has caused so many people to die all over the world."

Louie Gohmert (Q-Tx) #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #wingnut thehill.com

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) on Tuesday asked a representative from the U.S. Forest Service if it was possible to alter the orbit of the moon or the Earth as a way of combating climate change, though it was unclear if he was being serious.

Gohmert was speaking with Jennifer Eberlien, associate deputy chief of the National Forest System, during a House Natural Resources Committee hearing.

"I understand from what's been testified to the Forest Service and the BLM [Bureau of Land Management], you want very much to work on the issue of climate change," Gohmert said to Eberlien, adding that a past director of NASA had once told him that orbits of the moon and the Earth were changing.

"Is there anything that the National Forest Service, or BLM can do to change the course of the moon's orbit or the Earth's orbit around the sun?" Gohmert asked Eberlien. "Obviously they would have profound effects on our climate."

"I would have to follow up with you on that one, Mr. Gohmert," Eberlien responded.

"Well, if you figure out a way that you in the Forest Service can make that change, I'd like to know," Gohmert added.

Gohmert later responded to tweets about his question by noting BLM stands for the Bureau of Land Management.

As NASA explains in a blog post, Earth's orbit changes from being close to perfectly circular to being slightly more elliptical in a cycle that takes about 100,000 years. The orbit is currently around as close to being circular as it can be.

The angle at which the Earth tilts also shifts slightly or "wobbles" on its axis over the course of tens of thousands of years.

These changes are called Milanković cycles after Milutin Milanković, the Serbian astronomer who first hypothesized them.

These shifts affect Earth's climate in both the short-term and long-term, though they have a relatively minor impact on the planet's seasons and are not behind global warming, according to NASA.

Astronomers have long observed that the Earth's moon is slowly drifting away, moving about an inch away every year.

Shagri'el #crackpot #ufo #fundie #magick #dunning-kruger consciousnessuniversal.com

Yahweh would be the first Greater Being brought forth into existence. It was believed to be by The Omni-Conscious directives, but this is conceived differently depending on what “forces” influenced the Mystic. What is known, is that his birth would be in The Plane of Holy, but he was not of any Elemental Race, for he was able to blend into all Planes.
He would leave the Plane of Holy much like he arrived, but this time would reappear in the Plane of Psyche. The Beings that still moved throughout this Plane were significantly weakened by their manifested counterparts soon on the verge of Martian obliteration. Yahweh restructured the Akashic Halls and gave leadership and structure to The Plane of Psyche.
There are those that are born with a knowledge of the multiple layers of existence, we are born into a society that may not be able to know as we do. Many of us are then silenced and learn to keep this hidden from those who cannot see past this veil. This would have been much worse if The Outer Universe was able to corrupt us earlier in earths cycles. This also stopped The Outer Universe from infecting us directly, it would have to find new means to expand while we were allowed to strengthen.

This led to the expansion of Water’s Evolution in The Atlantean Ages, which was acceptable for they still were of The Universal Mind. As we now know, they evolved into a great civilization with deep insights into the ways of matter manipulation. It was when they were capable of receptivity, that they opened the gateways to other Beings and Entities. The White Magi became pitted against The Black Magi. The Anunnaki became aware of us on this planet as well as the hosts of other Star Beings spoken of in the second book.

Pepe Escobar & Andrei Martyanov #dunning-kruger #pratt #wingnut archive.ph

The Disintegrated States of America

Andrei Martyanov's new book on imperial decline features a devastating indictment of US political mediocrity

Having lost the arms race and every single war it unleashed in the 21st century geoeconomics is essentially a “euphemism for America’s non-stop sanctions and attempts to sabotage the economies of any nation capable of competing with the United States.”

The United States cannot win wars. Inflicting hybrid war is another matter entirely, as in creating “a lot of misery around the world, from effectively starving people to killing them outright.”

Martyanov also feels compelled to update what he’s been excelling at for years: the fact that the arrival of hypersonic missiles “has changed warfare forever.” The Kinzhal, deployed way back in 2017, has a range of 2,000 kilometers and “is not interceptable by existing US anti-missile systems.”

The 3M22 Zircon, a scramjet-powered maneuvering anti-ship hypersonic cruise missile, “changes the calculus of both naval and ground warfare completely.” The US lag behind Russia in air defense systems is “massive, and both quantitative and qualitative.”

The book qualifies as a critique of the post-modernist phenomenon that’s responsible for the current social re-engineering of the US, in tandem with an oligarchy that, “realistically, is not very bright, despite being rich.”

Assuming the US avoids complete disintegration into “separatist territories,” Martyanov stresses that the only way for the American “elite” to maintain any kind of control “over generations increasingly woke, or desensitized by drugs,” is through tyranny. Actually, techno-tyranny. And that seems to be the brave new dysfunctional paradigm further on down the road.

Various Commenters #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #racist #sexist #wingnut stormfront.org

RE: Kamala Harris Humiliated During Her First Trip Abroad To Guatemala And Mexico – She Was Greeted With "Go Home" and "Trump Won" Signs That Were Ignored By The MSM

Why should we celebrate this?

Will these filthy Mestizos tell their damned fellow Orcs to stay in Guatemala and Mexico and NOT travel to the U.S?

another told the vice president that “Guatemala is pro life”

Yes the ban on Birth control has caused their population to explode. This has contributed to the economic and social conditions - along with the corruption of their drug trafficking Conservative government - that has pushed their people to flee to / invade America for Lebensraum.

American Conservatives really are stupid.

I've written about this topic before and the fools on the American political Right who fund all these groups in central America opposed to 3rd world non-white Birth control.....

"Cum-Swalla" Harris is a two-bit slutty whore who slept her way to the pinnacle of "success" in the sleazy, low-rent word of politics.

Anybody who sells her very soul to the Devil to achieve success in the dirty world of politics is the utter epitome of scum and filth, and the very lowest of the low.

The whole world knows the election was stolen except CNN, MSNBC, Youtube and Twitter.


I feel like I'm missing something here. Why would Mexicans support Trump? Trump called them murderers and rapists, and wanted to build a wall to keep them out of the US. This must be a very small group. I wouldn't expect it to be the general sentiment in Mexico.

Because Trump made it possible for the mexicans to keep their laborers...their laborers are not fleeing to the US...duh...lol...lmao...

Danecel #dunning-kruger #racist #sexist #wingnut incels.is

Using the incel argument with race included can make even the most SJWiest person turn into a right wing nazi, it offenses everyone

The secret to this is to use an incel argument from the perspective of an ethnic black guy or middle eastern guy that can't get laid.

This move makes both /pol/ alt right types and SJW's angry, and pisses of normalfags

I have offended dozens of white people by this.
Even the SJW's know deep down that we're right and that they prefer a white man, even through they proclaim to hate white people. It kind of hijacks their movement and completly destroyers them. I have though about joining a SJW communist group and then say that white people are racist because they don't date outside their races. And maybe talk about the inequality in dating.

The incel argument is enough to piss most people off but adding race to it can make even the SJWiest person into a right wing nazi if you continue to piss them off enough.

There have been many debates here and we all come to the conclusion that white people have it easier in dating since they can date black women or asian women easier.
It doens't mean that whites can't be incel.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #racist #dunning-kruger #conspiracy 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "I (still) ❤ Residential Schools"]

The usual crew of race hustlers and know-nothing activists have been getting a lot of column-inches over the past week about the news that human remains were found at the site of a Residential School in Kamloops
As is typical, the media gives absolutely zero coverage of any critical coverage of the event: lots of stories of people fawning over the results…and not a word that most of the published story doesn't make any sense
That's some impressive ground-penetrating radar work! Note however the things that are being breathlessly repeated without question…
As is typical, the mass media doesn't allow for much dissent on this topic[…]You have to go to blogs: SmallDeadAnimals and BlazingCatFur readers have some questions about these alleged deaths:
This happened before and the "murdered children" turned out to be animal bones?
As usual, far-left activists make a false claim based on zero evidence, the media runs with it, and then it's "hateful" to have sensible and logical objections to every aspect of the story from the facts to the "lesson" and to the "acceptable solutions"

aNiceDemon #crackpot #dunning-kruger #magick reddit.com

RE: When Chaos Magick Failed in the 1990s?

In the early years some practioners had been attempting to use pop culture icons like superman or Cthulu. After a couple of decades it started to show that using these figures as Godforms in your magick was not as effective as using ancient deities. This really shook up the community as one of the most central tenets was that a magician could use anything as long as the belief was there.

I am a chaos magician who works with Cthulhu and I don't have any less success that way. I have worked with entirely made up forms of divinity successfully, and so have others in my organization.

An archetype is a personified form of a formless force of nature. You could invent all of your own archetypes right now and they'd be no less valid than ancient ones.

Faith in success is crucial, and all of the techniques people use, be they chaos-based, life-based like witchcraft, or death-based (necromancy) is irrelevant to the nature of mind altering techniques.

Because every observer is in awareness 10 dimensional, every perception of the universe is an entire mini universe, because on the highest dimension, all things are one, including your awareness and all of existence (see Hawking's theoretical model of String Theory on YT).

Every interpretation of a deity is an archetype. Because of the uniqueness of even a universe which differs only on the smallest of perceptions, there are infinite possible archetypes.

The differences are infinite and so is the number of valid archetypes of these nameless and formless forces. Chaos is the space in between and archetypes there are similarly infinite.

I hope people find this technically correct specification here understandable and beneficial.

Q #crackpot #dunning-kruger #racist dailystormer.name

A lot of the online right is obsessed with anime, which I believe to be an insidious plot to turn you into a tranny and infantilized Japanese toy consumer. I want to bring to their attention some facts about the vile Japanese race which might allow them to reconsider the media vice that has attached to their eternal soul with a death grip and threatens to drag them down to hell forever.

Japanese are the second most degenerate pervert race on earth, after only the Jews. Other than the Jews, no other race is more associated with pornography than the Japanese. Both Japanese and Jews seem to have a primary mission to fill society with filth regardless of how much material comfort they have, indicating that their drive to corrupt is an otherworldly matter of spirit. Also similar to Jews, Japanese are overwhelmingly extremely unlikable people but thanks to controlling wildly popular video media they have a positive reputation.


Much like Jews, Japs are obsessed with engaging in sex acts with children and have a long and documented history with it. You’ve heard of Bushido, the samurai code? Well, what they didn’t tell you is that it actually codified pederasty and established a legal and moral framework by which samurai could have sex with little boys.

After 40 years of relentless international pressure, in 2014 Japan finally outlawed the possession of child pornography (prior to that they were the biggest exporter of child porn in the world). Still, forms of simulated child pornography like “lolicon” are incredibly common in Japan and generally so socially normalized that you can purchase media with them on the street.

The Japanese are a vile, evil race and we should have kept dropping bombs at the end of WWII. They are also a sworn adversary of China, the one decent and moral power in the Far East.

Jim #sexist #dunning-kruger #crackpot blog.reaction.la

[From "Mate guarding game"]

The common wisdom in the manosphere is that mate guarding in hopeless: “She’s not yours, it was just your turn”

Even though a minority of men do get laid, laid by the overwhelming majority of women, none of them get what men actually want. This is the black pill and the council of despair

It also happens to be overwhelmingly true in our society. Owning a woman, in our society is difficult, dangerous, and illegal
As long as a women is free to keep endlessly cruising for an upgrade, men are not going to invest in her and her children. This is the cause of our failure to reproduce. Men and women are afraid. Men are afraid of women’s freedom, and women are afraid of their own freedom

Men are highly motivated to possess a woman. But women are also highly motivated to be possessed
If you move to protect your investment: curfew, restricting some out of the house activities and requiring her to get your approval for all out of house activities, making her log you into her Find My Iphone on all your devices, unpredictable video calls, and unpredictable in person visits to her out of the house activities, (brief in person visits, hovering and following her around is needy) she is going to test you for that strength with a massive shit test, that may well have go all the way to giving her a beating. Or several as the shit test keeps on going

dvintologi & mrbroman2 #dunning-kruger #moonbat #racist reddit.com

Why racemaxxing is good for society
There isn't any clear way to divide humans into races, any such attempt will be arbitrary and thus race is actually a social construct in the sense that we as a society have created arbitrary categories for it that.

Since race socially is defined largely by appearance changing your race is very possible and this may also improve your quality of life. People being able to change their race means that race itself becomes less meaningful since it's more of an identity/presentation and less about what you were born as.

Of course people into toxic identity politics may very much oppose transracialism since it goes against their toxic ideologies but society itself do benefit very much from judging people by their actual abilities rather than the color of their skin.

Changing the color of your skin is very common, all you need to do is go out in the sun and tan. The difference between tanning and transracialism is just a difference in degree.

Also race mixing is rooted in misogyny


It’s even rooted in imperialism

Are you referring to how the conquistadors raped the natives at a massive scale? (south america).


I am not sure why that would matter today regarding whether or not racemixing is good.

Mixing 2 races can result in a hybrid vigor


I can see why some people are into racial conservatism but i do not think it's viable, you are just trying to delay the inevitable.

Vox Day #dunning-kruger #wingnut #conspiracy voxday.blogspot.com

[From "Memorializing a massive mistake"]

Already, nearly one-third of Americans either aren't sure or believe that US involvement in WWII was a mistake[…]WWII was a massive mistake for Americans, a far more catastrophic and costly mistake than Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan combined
If every U.S. citizen were to read Stalin's War[…]by Sean McMeekin that relies heavily upon Soviet records that were not available before 1989, that 32 percent figure would rise to at least 98 percent
President Roosevelt didn't make the right decision[…]Both President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill were very clearly taking orders from someone, presumably someone connected to the small group of Jews who declared war on Germany in 1933[…]both elected leaders were instructed to back Stalin without question
Stalin not only double-crossed Roosevelt and Churchill, he also eventually betrayed their masters[…]Today's neoclowns now reside in the United States and are still banging the drum for a revenge war with Russia
Roosevelt summarily rejected Germany's attempt to surrender to the Western Allies in April 1943, despite the fact that Stalin was not only willing to accept an end to the war, but offered Germany a separate peace in two rounds of negotiations held in Stockholm through the spring of 1943[…]Of course Hitler, being an idiot, didn't accept the Soviet offer

cskeyyy #crackpot #dunning-kruger #psycho #sexist reddit.com

Male suicide is misogynistic, and here's why

Moid suicide is just a scrote's final, desperate attempt to lash out against women. When you actually break it down, who suffers most when a scrote kills themselves? It's gonna be the women in their lives who end up performing EXTENSIVE emotional labour for those affected, especially since moids aren't capable of processing grief themselves (men are actually lacking in emotional range to experience complex emotions such as grief but let's just call what they feel "grief" to save time). At BEST suicidal moids are not considering the workload their suicide will bring to the women in their life, which is MISOGYNY

The motivation for male suicide (scroticide) is also inherently misogynistic. First of all you're a moid living under patriarchy, so...like...why are you complaining?? Why are you pretending that your life is hard? Women are living under constant fear of being raped and murdered DAILY but you want people to care about your problems? What problems? Dying in super mario?? Sis, I can't...

As we all know, the only thing a scrote requires to be happy in life is sex. YA'LL THEY ARE LITERALLY KILLING THEMSELVES BECAUSE THEY FEEL ENTITLED TO OUR BODIES

Ya'll, I am tired. I am tired of playing unpaid therapist for these useless scrotes who think they're entitled to me - to my body, to my energy, to my soul. From now on, I point blank refuse to feel sorry for any moid who kills themselves, and I encourage ya'll to do the same. Put yourself first

And to the scrotes are who are gonna read this and tell me I'm a bitch, or a c*nt, or whatever other incel slur you feel like throwing at me - I don't care. Because I'm tired of playing mommy for you.

Shagri'el #crackpot #ufo #magick #dunning-kruger consciousnessuniversal.com

All Galactic Beings residing in the residue of our
manifested forms expressing their individual
experiences of what was. But all with New
Consciousness and reassembling towards Absolute
Truth. The Greater Beings will manifest through a
variety of Planes and become known as Gods to the
early evolutions on earth.
We will individually create understandings
through our separate experiences, this will become
accepted truth for the current civilizations. Names of
all Beings and Entities will process through many
lifetimes and constantly be given new names and
titles. Two among The Dark Dragons will even
incarnate on Earth through a later realization to give
wisdom to those who walked the Conscious Paths.
The Dark Beings would later seek to control
our societies as many types of Warlike Deities that
demanded our service. While Good Deities led by a
host of Natural Greater Elementals that influenced
earth consciousness as a counterbalance.
Holy Beings walked among us as Psyche Beings
structured our societies. Men if white garbs
personally walking among societies and doing great
amount of good. They will haunt our ancient
literature with obscurities that will stay rewritten by
Visionaries and Empathic Mystics far past the time of

Next, for the first-time earth will produce its
own Greater Beings. They will lead in both good and
bad ways and will be met with the arrival of Star
Beings. The fight has been taken to dimensions
and realms that we are awakening to. Those left are
The Holy Alliance and The Plane of Dark. I will
impart more of what The Conscious Collective knows,
and still The Absolute Laws were in manifestation.

Cyrus A. Parsa #crackpot #conspiracy #wingnut #dunning-kruger theaiorganization.com

In respect for and the sprit of Black History Month, the Black Community and the security of humanity at large, I write this article as a warning about China CCP, their racism, and ask that it be shared for everyone’s sake.

When I immigrated to the U.S from Iran as a child, I lived amongst the Black Community for 6 years, and learned English, Football, their culture and got to feel, experience and understand their pain and strong spirits, personally. I then lived in an all Anglo-Saxon area in the Midwest, learning their culture and the way they think and feel. Yet, nothing concerned me more than what I experienced living in China when I would leave the fighting Monks in the Mountains to visit the cities for supplies.

In 2019, wrote in the book Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity, that the Chinese Communist Regime heads slandered Blacks by calling them Monkey’s and Apes. Middle Easterners Rodents, Whites Pigs, and everyone knows how they treat their own citizens by putting them in concentration camps.
Further, the CCP is expanding its BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) from China, to the Middle East and to Africa. This means, once they have laid the 5G-6G towers, created monetary, supply and psychological dependence on the African people, the CCP can surveille, control and enslave the black people against their will with Artificial Intelligence and even put them in concentration camps in the future. Robots, drones, facial recognition and other A.I. based machines can be used to enforce racist policies against the Black Communities or put them in enslavement.

Prussian Society of America #racist #dunning-kruger #elitist prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "The Near Destruction of Europe / America and What’s to Come"]

The Average European and American person is completely oblivious and naive to their impending doom
This stupor means the inevitable total liquidation of many European Nations and Languages that are to occur
I believe that only several European Nations may survive, even as bad of a Nation as one of them is (Russia), it is legitimately positioning itself to outlive Europe[…]But Russia is only a half-European State, representative of a Eurasian Race, one which is not to the standards of Pure Europeans
I declare personally that the only future for White Europeans can be a new Prussian State, irrespective of where it exists, and maybe several other Caucasian Ethno-States that form as a result of the coming destruction that is inevitable at this time

However, Prussia must be positioned at the top of all affairs regarding both the European and Non-European world. Nothing less can be suffice
We are in a critical situation where literally over 4/5 of the population in virtually every Caucasian country is absolutely worthless, not viable as human beings, who have destructive malignancies and attributes (even down to their racial DNA) which means they should be eliminated from the population through the most brutal means, preferably by us rather than Invaders for obvious reasons
The majority of European Inhabitants today are the descendants of those who sided with the Communists and worked to destroy our Reich
We have to concern ourselves with the affairs of the European People and our Livingspace in all of our lands, no matter how few of us remain

The Final Wakeup Call #crackpot #conspiracy #wingnut #dunning-kruger finalwakeupcall.info

Nothing is what it seems’ and that must become common knowledge under the public over-all. There is no pandemic and Covid-virus doesn’t exist, no scientist has been able to locate this virus. We are being depopulated by our own government, that has been bribed and stays under control of the Satanic Deep State.
Even so with Facebook, Google, and Alphabet, to bring all entities under the Neural-link. Which, allows Deep-Mind control for an optimal digital brain that connects to the internet; all digital and bio-digital networks, human bodies, machines, robotics, etc. Making available; Enlarged Reality; Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Holograms and other technologies, that can be use available for surveillance, to track, manipulate, control, social engineering, re-engineering, reprogramming, brain washing, children hunting, quarantine, threaten, arrest, committing cultural genocide, and killing of human beings by machines. Bio-Digital AI, Digital AI, make robotics connected to the 5G, 6G and other networks and Deep State command centres.
On one side, there are the Dark Forces that have almost unlimited free reign on the surface of the planet and have had so for tens of thousands of years, while on the other hand there are the Light Forces – the Patriots that are making great efforts to remove the negative forces as soon as they can.

Roosh V #fundie #dunning-kruger rooshv.com

[From "The Theory Of Evolution Is Incompatible With Christianity"]

Evolutionism is at root an ideological justification for atheism. —E. Michael Jones in Logos Rising

The theory of evolution by natural selection to explain the creation of new species is Satan’s most elegant and effective lie. No other scientific theory has done more in killing God and faith[…]All truth comes from God, and since evolution is a lie, any Christian who believes in it is most likely in a state of deception

Let me first state that something resembling evolution does occur within species[…]The lie is that these changes, over the course of millions or billions of years, can lead to the creation of new species
Evolution is absurd on its face. To think that a “random mutation” can be introduced into a working and functioning system to create the beginning of an intermediary transition stage[…]requires so much faith that it would be a simpler matter to believe in the Bible
My field of study in university was microbiology, which included a year of biochemistry courses[…]Just one enzyme is so complex that you can give a computer simulator unlimited time and not even one of these proteins will ever be created through an evolutionary process
Evolution is a gateway to atheism. This is why Satan designed the theory and why it is pushed so forcefully on young people. I consider it Satan’s best work

David B Marshall #crackpot #fundie #dunning-kruger #quack #wingnut christthetao.blogspot.com

[From “Racism or the Tao?”]

Even St. Paul's most pared-down tool belt of virtues is both oddly formidable, and remarkably useful:  

"Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control."  

Social scientists have come to recognize the civilization-building power of the final item on this list.  Max Weber's classic The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism linked such religious virtues to secular success.  The fruits of the spirit may include patience and self-control, but to apply those virtues in the workplace, will bring money in the bank.  Likewise, Mona Charen's Sex Matters, and Heather MacDonald's War on Cops, demonstrate that a lack of self-control and sexual faithfulness undermines one's power to express love, destroys peace and joy, and creates a ruthless subculture of predators and prey. 

It is for want of "fruit of the Spirit" that murder rates soar on the South Side of Chicago.  

Virtue is power.  It is the reliable child who is given the flag to direct traffic.  Sexual self-control creates families and gives them strength.  Scrooge's hard work and careful saving allows him to buy a Christmas turkey for the Cratchits.  (Dickens' own father lost his son’s esteem by wasting his earnings.)  

Am I boring you?   Would you rather drive a "Black Lives Matter" sign into the front lawn of your church, and gain cheap grace?   Do you fear that telling men and women to get married before sleeping together will sound "patronizing," "bigoted," or "racist," because those are the only tools left in your belt?  Or are you afraid you might have to follow Paul’s code yourself?  Restrained sexuality may build civilizations, but it frightens a Roe Vs. Wade generation.  

David B Marshall #crackpot #dunning-kruger #fundie #quack #wingnut christthetao.blogspot.com

[From “Racism or the Tao?”]

"Do not be a racist" might be classified as one precept within the "Law of General Beneficence."  Lewis argued (quoting Confucius!) that a single law cannot stand alone, but derives validity from the whole.  

The fact that you obsess on one narrow statute, and forget the Tao from which it gains validity, reflects both moral progress and regress.  

Your concern about racism reflects progress, because the ancient Romans seldom recognized a duty to the poor and marginalized.  In his magisterial work Dominion, historian Tom Holland argues that our care for those on the margins of society comes from the Judeo-Christian tradition, in particular the teachings and life of Jesus.  I think one can find buds promising a similar blossoming on the stems of early Buddhism (the Dhammapada), the writings of Mozi, and to lesser degrees Confucius and Lao Zi, along with Greek and Roman Stoics.  (And the ethical nursery where Jesus no doubt picked up his own shoots before nurturing them to verdant blooms, the Hebrew prophets.)

But what all these pre-scientific thinkers held in common were well-stocked tool belts, not one sad hammer with which to pound like Bam Bam Rubble.      

The Tao encourages no narrow obsession.  Whether in Stoic, Buddhist, Confucian, or Christian forms, it provides a vastly richer and more positive worldview than either "Black Lives Matter" or even the New Ten Commandments hanging from my neighborhood church. 

The Tao allowed for progress, Lewis insisted.  Where feet were bound or widows burnt, followers of Jesus brought it.  The Tao may be as universal as the sky, but like the universe itself, it creates space for seekers of truth to expand into.  

Various Commenters #crackpot #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut stormfront.org

(Northern lights)

Eastern Europe is simply poorer than Western Europe. Their style of government doesn't have much to do with it. There's less wealth to hand around. Whether inequality is higher there or not I can't say.

I compare those to Scandinavia and there is not question that inequality is higher Eastern Europe. And that is part of culture, not via political system or how poor those are. As no matter what the political system will be called, the system will always be mold to correspondence to local people and their cultures by those local humans. That is why corruption is bigger problem in some areas vs some another areas.

(Britannic Nationalist)
There is certainly a difference between European ethnic groups that manifests in behavioural and cultural differences. Slavs seem the least suited to 'democracy'.

We're seeing how hollow these 'protections' in the West really are. Looks at how many of these constitutional protections, rights and checks were breached against Trump, for example. How Snowden or Assange were treated. How the Capital Hill January 6th people have been treated in the US - some of them are still in solitary confinement for minor chargers like 'trespassing'.

The West was under autocracy for 2500 years and we built the best (and fairest) society ever. Yet we've had democracy for the last century and we've been declining ever since.

A few months ago Lukashenko was confirmed to be the Grand son of Stalin.

His policies worked whereas Ukraine is a cesspole of jewish Oligarchs who want to restore the old jewish possessions at the Black sea.

Jews destroyed the Russian Empire. Putin rebuilt id, basically from scrap.

I think both of them did an admirable job.

Sclavius Scotus #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut amren.com

My son has blue eyes, pale skin, and blond hair.

But, somewhere back in the family tree, we must have had some black or blood mixed in.

To give him a head start, should I start to create a record for him now as being "black" by consistently checking off his identity as black?

The left claims race is simply a social construct, without biological meaning. My social construct -- the boy is black. Now, give him stuff and let him cut to the front of every line.

How did that work for Rachel Dolezal?

It got her a job. Probably more.

I identify as Solutrean.
Pay me.

You are white. Race is real, except for white people, and when BIPOCs have their IQs measured. /s

Who does the US government actually represent and work for?

It actively works against the interests of my family and my peers.

If our government no longer represents our interests, it is no longer our government.

I said it -- the US government lacks legitimacy. It should be resisted and subverted.

David B Marshall #crackpot #dunning-kruger #fundie #quack #wingnut christthetao.blogspot.com

[From “Racism or the Tao?”]

The concept of "racism" is a valuable tool.  Without it, some sudden gust of prejudice might blow the shingles off our roof and drench us all.  We must keep this hammer within easy reach, and be prepared to use it.  We do not want to return to the worst crimes of our past, which betrayed every "fruit of the spirit" on the deepest level.  

"That's just your pampered white reality!”  I hear a voice saying.  “Stop hiding your head in the sand!  Even if you don’t experience it in your suburban cocoon, listen to the news, and you'll know that acts of gross white-on-black racism occur in America every day!"  

I bet Pentheus wished he had hidden his head in the sand, before his mother tore it off his neck.

If America is really still a racist society (in the only sensible sense, a country that commonly and systematically mistreats people for their color), why have you fallen for every race-bating scam that has come down the pike in recent years?  

The word “racism” has become a powerful weapon to control Americans of all races, and keep them at one another’s throats.  This is why when you hear the word, you jump, like one of Pavlov's poor, reactionary hounds.   

Tobey Wheelock/Ra #crackpot #ufo #magick #dunning-kruger lawofone.info

The creation has seven levels, or densities; the eighth density forming the first density of the next octave of experience, just as the eighth note of a musical scale begins a new octave. Between seventh and eighth densities the creation re-merges in a period of timeless, formless unity with the Creator. It is Ra’s understanding that “the ways of the octave are without time; that is, there are seven densities in each creation infinitely.”
Third density is the density of self-awareness and the first density of consciousness of the spirit. It is the “axis upon which the creation turns”

Fourth density is the density of love or understanding. Those who have successfully chosen a path come together with others of like mind in what Ra calls a “social memory complex”

Fifth density is the density of light or wisdom. Lessons are often learned individually rather than as a social memory complex. Fifth-density entities are beautiful, by our standards, because they can consciously shape their physical forms.

Sixth density is the density of unity, in which love and wisdom are blended together. The two paths reunite as those on the service-to-self path, realizing that they cannot successfully master the lessons of unity without opening their hearts to others, switch their polarity to positive. Ra is sixth-density;

Seventh density is the gateway density, in which we once again become one with all.

Eighth density is also the beginning of the first density of the next Creation. It is “both omega and alpha, the spiritual mass of the infinite universes becoming one central sun or Creator once again."

C .T. #wingnut #racist #dunning-kruger chechar.wordpress.com

[From "Derbyshire’s blindness"]

‘For the future of our civilisation’, John Derbyshire wrote in an article published yesterday, ‘I would like to see a task force—a Manhattan Project—of historians, psychiatrists, neurologists, behavioural geneticists, quantitative psychologists, sociologists, and anthropologists get to work explaining this strange, weird, suicidal phenomenon’ (white ethnosuicide).

Derbyshire is blind of course, inasmuch as he doesn’t want to see the elephant in the room. See what Robert Morgan answered him today: Christian ethics alone is the culprit. You don’t need a Manhattan Project of so-called ‘specialists’ to see the obvious!

Socrates #dunning-kruger #elitist #racist #wingnut vanguardnewsnetwork.com

Worthless Brown Potatoes, Shut Up

Seen on the web:

“It’s quite interesting to witness the development of a new right that only applies to non-whites and that is the right to not be offended. Basically, it’s alright to offend white people with bigoted terms like “white privilege” and “racist” but it’s a crime against humanity for white people to use the n word or to criticize people because they happen to be non-white.”

Whites invented the world, so if non-Whites don’t like Whites, they can go pound sand. We’ll take the world back, and then where will the worthless, non-productive Brown potatoes be? No electricity, no A/C, no cars, no clocks, no airplanes, no computers, no TV, no radio, etc. The worthless Brown potatoes would be back in the dark ages without Whites. The Brown potatoes better shut up and show some respect. We made the world. We gave you Brown potatoes democracy and what did you do with it? You can’t even run a country. Mexico?? A turd in a punch bowl. Central America? Ditto. Africa?? An entire continent run by hopeless retards. And you call Whites “trouble”?? You’re all a shit smear on the underwear of humanity.

Bill Vallicella #crackpot #dunning-kruger #fundie #quack #wingnut maverickphilosopher.typepad.com

Recycle or Dump in the Trash?

My wife recycles religiously. I have long been agnostic about its value and efficacy. Here is an article by Ross Pomeroy that supports my skepticism.

Just as I suspected, a lot of what people dutifully recycle, after wasting water washing the containers, gets thrown into landfills anyway. My wife's a good Catholic girl. She doesn't worship the Green Goddess, but some of my neighbors do. Across the street there lives a pussy-hatted liberal lady, single and reclusive, who actually trekked to Trump's inaugural there to protest the Orange Racist in her pussyhat. Said neighbor pays for a special recyclables pickup. She allows us to use her barrel gratis. Now we already have two scheduled trash pickups per week. The recyclables one makes for a third. This causes further environmental damage. The heavy truck stresses our street, burns fossil fuels, and makes a godawful, cat-scaring racket worse than the "infernal cracking of whips" about which Schopenhauer so eloquently complained in his classic On Noise.

When wifey is not looking, I just throw the trash in the normal receptacle and cover it up with used cat litter and the output of the shredder, all the while thinking mean thoughts about Miss Occasional Cortex.

As I always say: No day without political incorrectness!

Mirabile dictu, you may be saving the oceans by not recycling! Read the article for the reasoning behind this startling claim.

As for Bergoglio the Benighted, he too should read the article, stop worrying about straws in the ocean, and start teaching the Four Last Things. Assuming he hasn't forgotten what they are.

Bill Vallicella #dunning-kruger #fundie #crackpot #wingnut maverickphilosopher.typepad.com

The Way Forward

It seems we are condemned helplessly to watch our country be destroyed. The drift of events is ever downward. To turn things around would require something most of don't want to talk about -- and for good reason. Angelo Codevilla ends his analysis with talk of "rebuilding the Republic" but he offers no concrete proposals. What he and almost everyone else on our side offers is just more talk, more analysis. Our enemies are impervious to reason and appeals to reason. There can be no reasoned discourse with people who maintain absurdities -- e.g., that mathematics is racist -- and subvert language with their Orwellian innovations. To attempt to engage with them on the plane of reason in search of the truth is to fail to understand that it is power, not truth that they seek.

So what do you do? You secure your own little space and live the best life you can within it. That's the main thing. Retreat within your physical citadel, but even more importantly, retreat within your inner citadel to cultivate the soil therein. Properly cultivated, it should bring you to the insight that this world is a passing scene, a vanishing quantity, and nothing worthy of the full measure of your love and attention. But we ought not give up on it entirely. We watch and we wait. If there is an opportunity to make a difference, we do so. We may have only one night to spend in this bad inn, but it is a long night, and it is better to be warm than to shiver.

Literal Grammar Nazi Award

Bill Vallicella #crackpot #dunning-kruger #fundie #quack #racist #wingnut maverickphilosopher.typepad.com

Is Grammar Racist?

It has to be. Whatever blacks and other 'people of color' are not good at is racist; blacks and other 'people of color' are not good at grammar; ergo, etc. This also explains why logic, mathematics, natural science, chess, self-control, self-reliance, deferral of gratification, pulling up your pants, etc. are all racist.

It is also clear that in this Age of Pan-Racism, when everything is racist, grammar, etc. is racist. Racism is itself racist!

Seriously, the Rutgers English Department is in dire need of 'cancellation' or at least fumigation. Here:

In short, the Rutgers English Department wants to make sure that students who come to Rutgers with a poor grasp of standard written English not only remain in that state, but come to believe that learning standard English is a concession to racism. I remember when keeping "people of color" ignorant was considered part of white supremacy.

Bill Vallicella #crackpot #dunning-kruger #fundie #racist maverickphilosopher.typepad.com

[From “'Systemic Racism' is a Vicious, Hate-America, Leftist Myth”]

The Democrat Party is a party of race-hustlers. Clear proof of this is their endlessly repeated lie about 'systemic' or 'structural' or 'institutional' racism. David Horowitz, Big Agenda (Humanix, 2017), p. 51:

While institutional or systemic racism has been illegal in America for 50 years, the 2016 Democratic Party platform promises that "Democrats will fight to end institutional and systemic racism in our society." There is no evidence that such racism actually exists. It is asserted in a sleight of hand that attributes every statistical disparity affecting allegedly "oppressed" groups to prejudice against them because of their identity. This "prejudice," however, is a progressive myth. This is not to say that there aren't individuals who are prejudiced. But there is no systemic racism in America's institutions, and if there is, it is already illegal and easily remedied.

The Dem's race-obsession is an amazing thing to behold. With every passing day it becomes more insane. An Asian man becomes the focus of a controversy because his surname 'Lee,' which is a mere sound-preserving transliteration of some Asian characters, reminds some idiots of Robert E. Lee. Soon thereafter, a banana peel ignites a controversy at Ole Miss. One can only hope that the Dems keep it up and destroy themselves. They have found that playing the race card has gotten them what they want in many cases. But they need to think twice about transforming every card in the deck into a race card. For while the leaders of the party are extremists, many of the rank and file retain a modicum of common sense.

Wasp #dunning-kruger #racist amren.com

This is 100% true and I wish we did the same, but in fact we do not. Actually, it is those of us who are of "Anglo" heritage who are the least likely to be into these issues, unfortunately. Italians are strongly also identified with their origin, as are Greeks. We do not. Interesting thing about hispanics: Spaniards themselves are very UNLIKELY to feel proud of their heritage too. In places like Argentina, there are areas known as the "Italian" neighborhood or zone, but you never hear of a "Spaniard" neighborhood in Latin America. Here in the US, you get places like Little Italy, or Little Greece and you never really get "Little Spain" and that may be due to the fact that many Spaniards identify more with their region than with their "state". So in that sense they are similar to the British.

Speaking personally, I am a rarity because to me racial origins are also CENTRAL to who I am and how I perceive myself. I strongly believe in rationalism and a strong dose of racial determinism. No, I do not believe race determines your morals or how you act in every single situation, but to deny the reality of genetics is absolutely insulting. A horse is a horse, whether it is born in China or the Patagonia. Our "tics", habits, and instincts when it comes to certain cultural aspects are handed down by family, which is the result of genes. No man is an island. We are born into a family, we have genes and, we have a race. The lucky among us can identify with ONE race or origin, we are not "all mixed" as some clowns today say. And we are not "All immigrants" as so many stupid and ignorant people claim.

Vox Day #racist #psycho #dunning-kruger #psycho voxday.blogspot.com

[From "The political answer"]

It's been 100 years since the Emergency Quota Act transformed the USA into the most powerful nation on Earth by limiting immigration and restricting it to compatible nations:

The Emergency Quota Act restricted the number of immigrants admitted from any country annually to 3% of the number of residents from that same country living in the United States as of the U.S. Census of 1910. This meant that people from northern European countries had a higher quota and were more likely to be admitted to the U.S. than people from eastern Europe, southern Europe, or other, non-European countries[…]

100 years later, it is clear that if the USA is going to survive another decade or two intact - which it almost certainly isn't - a new Emergency Quota Act is required, albeit one that restores the 1910 demographics. Since this is a political solution, and since four years of the Trump administration didn't even manage to seriously slow the invasive flow from around the world, we can safely discount any chance of this proven measure being adopted in any meaningful timeframe

The much more likely alternative is that those demographics are more or less restored in a rump state after a considerable amount of war and ethnic cleansing over the territory of the former empire. Unless, of course, China manages to establish a Chung Kuo-like hegemony over North America, which at this point is probably more likely that the sensible solution

Raphael #crackpot #ufo #magick #dunning-kruger #fundie voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

At this point in linear time, we are very close to the middle of the cycle, soon to reach the exact mid-point between the out-breath and the in-breath of God. The universe began to reach this mid-point as unicellular organisms were emerging on the Earth, but the exact mid-point is yet to be attained. It will coincide with what has come to be called the Second Coming of Christ.

When any vibrational system reverses the momentum of its direction, as a pendulum does at the uppermost point of its swing, there is a moment of complete rest before it resumes its movement in the opposite direction. Since rest, or the total cessation of movement, constitutes the opposite of time, there is at the precise moment of its occurrence, a micro-interval of non-time, a moment of eternity. This is the same interval of non-time that occurs many times each second as the atoms of the physical world vibrate back and forth. This is an opening into the nagual, a doorway into the Presence from which all Life-energy springs.
So as you prepared to enter into the planetary relationship, you created beings to represent your original state of unified awareness. These are the angels. Their value, as well as their limitation, springs from the fact that they have no comprehension of the process you are undertaking. Their instructions were to pretty much stay out of things until near the very end of the process. Then, upon receipt of a pre-arranged signal, they were to commune with the human beings on Earth at that time and assist them in awakening to their original state of unified consciousness.

We received that signal nearly two thousand years ago.

Various Commenters #elitist #crackpot #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut amren.com

RE: Nearly One Year After George Floyd’s Murder, Black and White Americans Have Very Different Views on Race


61% of Black Americans reported often or sometimes experiencing discrimination, while 84% of white respondents said they had rarely or never experienced it.

The difference is blacks wallow in victimhood and White people are getting sick, tired and fed up with it.

I wish you were right. But many Whites feel guilty.

Let us be blunt. Both Blacks, Whites, different factions, all their views on race is wrong. Totally crazy wrong like Biden and the SJW, or somewhat wrong on Fox. And we are the only ones that are right, let us say that openly. We respect science and statistics. Only us. All others are busy solving imaginary problems, falsifying crime statistics, misinforming the public, etc


more than half of respondents predicted that race relations would be better for future generations than they are now

That must be the white-nationalist cohort confidently expecting the establishment of separate ethnostates.

(Matthew D. Cragg)
On what basis would they believe race relations will improve in the future?

Blacks need more "gibs me dat" and lots of high paying jobs to sit in front of a computer all day long, not doing actual work, but looking at porn.

I was referring to whites. On what basis could they believe race relations will improve. I'm guessing perpetual naiveté, white savior complex, pathological altruism, etc.

How about ignorance and self-loathing.

Hence my interest in eugenics. If we could incentivize breeding patterns that will run these traits out of the pool we would seemingly build better societies.

Vox Day #fundie #dunning-kruger voxday.blogspot.com

[From “Revisiting the case against science”]

According to Sam Harris and other atheists, humanity is at dire risk of extinction. The causes of those risks, be they anthropogenic global warming or nuclear weapons, can be directly traced to science. It is obviously not religion that poses these deadly dangers; eliminating all religion from the planet would only reduce the total risk of war by approximately 7 percent, and would not reduce the risk of global warming at all. Therefore, if these dangers are to be taken seriously, then it is clear that it is the very concepts of science as body of knowledge and science as method which must be reconsidered and potentially rejected as a lethal threat to humanity, not religion.

Solar Rishi Salad Award

Lisa Renee #crackpot #ufo #magick #dunning-kruger energeticsynthesis.com

The Solar Rishi and Solar Dragon Kings are braiding themselves throughout the crystalline grids which hold the holographic celestial map of many Sun-Stars and constellations that are transmitting organic liquid plasma consciousness technology that catalyzes Solar Synthesis. This is a solar symbiosis process which blends physical matter with solar fire plasma codes throughout the Planetary Grid Network, which further energizes the Sophianic plasma shields and Solar Rainbow Dragon elemental shields which are animating crystal vapors into the fluids and waters in creation. These liquid plasma shields are designed to further re-encrypt elementals and purify the corrupted astral waters, fluids and vapors that are within the planetary crystalline matrix and the human body’s water management system. This is re-organizing the fascia crystalline matrix whereby solar codes are igniting plasma crystals in the extensive webbing of our neurological matrix, upgrading the cellular matrix in our bone, blood, skin and tissues to receive liquid plasma codes.

The increased solarization of the planetary grid network is occurring rapidly in the stellar grid areas where the Sun-Stars are being reconnected into multiple layers of crystalline grids and diamond diagonal grid networks that power up the master controller grids in the Albion. The magnetic field is shifting to the extent that the gravitational pull is lessening which causes the collapse of alien frequency fences and assorted controller machinery, which begins the transfiguration of the raw substances in physical matter and mental body matrices.

rope2cope #dunning-kruger #sexist #wingnut incels.is

Incel Meetup in North Korea 2021/2022

Why North Korea?

It's a comfy isolated country where we will be treated like kings by our qt North Korean milf tour guides... think about it... chilling in a North Korean bar drinking NK beers on a nice evening with our QT tour guides just chilling, nobody to judge us since there's nobody around and we can't be infiltrated by normies since the effort to come to NK will be too much... plus it'll be pretty funny.

B-but rope2cope how much will it cost?

Well, I was thinking we could book this one... it's a Bicycle tour around Nork's capital and will cost:

Price : €495 / €595

3 or 4 nights.

I'm thinking the 500 euro for 3 nights of Brocel bonding on bikes and getting a guided around by a qt Nork is lifefuel and will be fun.

This could be us chilling while Nork bar singers dance their little Nork asses away to impress us.

Incel.is Con 2021 in North Korea will happen, even if I make the trip solo... I guess an Incel convention with just 1 attendee will be somewhat poetic if you think about it.

Think about it brocels, live a little.

Please post interest here.

Also maybe we can cozy up to the NK government and be allowed to NEETmaxx there, non-autisticcels could get a job teaching Engrish to Nork universities and schools and we can live in the Supreme Leaders Paradise unmolested and get state sanctioned gf.

Prussian Society of America #racist #elitist #dunning-kruger prussianamericansociety.wordpress.com

[From "Only 2% of Americans have value, and about 8-15% of Europeans have value, Depending on the Country"]

As I’ve stated repeatedly, after true assessments of these Western Nations, the United States has some of the most worthless people in the world, and that Europe does not fare a whole lot better

These numbers are based on critical analysis of the population based on all kinds of factors and what is known about the quality of such populations including their DNA and genetic quality, assuming they are still of good racial stock

These factors do not account for anything to do with personal net worth or basing quality on the basis of poverty

In Germany, it’s roughly 11%
Before WW1, Germany had well over 50% value in the population, and while I cannot assess this information accurately, about 80-90% of the German population may have had value and viability

This should show you just how rapidly the West has decayed from the onset of the last century, between the arrival of Bolshevism and Two World Wars, and all kinds of technological advances
In America, there still exists well over 60 Million White Inhabitants who never have been born, due to Abortions

Unlike European countries, however, America has never had a majority of valuable population even from the earliest Colonial Days

As time presses on and the West deteriorates further, I believe that more and more people will take this message seriously and come to recognize just how real and wide the implications and reality of it are

The easiest way to detect if someone is worthless without even knowing them, is they constantly lick their lips for no reason as a nervous tic

Osipovark #dunning-kruger #homophobia #racist #transphobia #wingnut reddit.com

can't be a black man without them making chim noise

You are delusional. We may be racist (meaning not that we are bloodthirsty barbarians who want to genocide/enslave africans, but we just don't want to have a lot of them here and do not want them to assimilate in our society) but we are not that dumb. I live in Moscow and when i go out i sometimes see 1-3 black people a day (sometimes even 5 a day). No one just randomly makes chimp noises at them.

Im not against blacks learning here and then returning home to improve things there. Although there must be boundaries, like dating local girls must be the taboo.

Why tho?

A lot of reasons:

Why would we let foreign races dilute our gene pool? Makes no sense.

Mixed children have some serious identity issues. Just imagine that you are living in society where no one looks like you.

Much higher risk father will fuck off back to homeland as soon as a child is born. May be earlier.

Most people of color will kill you for being gay in countries I don’t want to mention, because of one specific religion.

What happened in western society is that some people are okay with your error. They say to you that you can become one with same gender physically, emotionally and socially. They say that gender is irrelevant. You can have stolen valor and pretend that you are another gender.

Why the fuck do you even want to prove it to him that we are actually ok with gays and transgenders? It's not a bad thing we hav few of them and they don't feel confident enough to spread their ideology.

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[From “The illogically optimistic atheist”]

I actually agree that a secular person who does right of his own accord is an inherently better person than a believer who does right out of the fear of God. The tragedy of the irrational atheist is that he usually is a genuinely decent individual; it is his own decency that blinds him to the corruption and evil in the hearts of others.

On a societal level, atheism does little harm when it is limited to an abstract-minded elite. But unleashing it on the more carnally minded masses is a recipe for disaster, as both Voltaire and Socrates recognized. What is ironic is that it is actually atheism which is the optimist's fairy tale; Christianity, on the other hand, is a grimly realistic faith which requires the willingness to stare squarely into the abyss and not shirk from what looks back.

Don't get me wrong. I may disagree with them and mock them at times, but I quite like irrational atheists. It's the rational ones who scare me, such as the nihilistic Chinese gentleman who wrote the following words:

Heaven brings forth innumerable things to help man.
Man has nothing with which to recompense Heaven.
Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.

The reference to Heaven notwithstanding, this is not the composition of a Deist. This is the desperation of a rational man who lacks both faith and Mr. Rasmussen's utilitarian edifice, who sees no reason not to unleash his empty bitterness and fury upon his fellow man.

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Satan Lucifer and his Illuminati NWO Nazi eugenics 5th Reich Pleiadian alien Watcher fallen angels’ Atlantis 6,000 year old Umbrella company is using 5G electromagnetic radiation to damage the human cell DNA and membrane, to allow the Asian ethnic race eugenics targeting biochemical weapon Sars-CoV13 (the coronavirus causing SARS against the ally Asian dragon families’ soldiers) and Sars-CoV-2 (the coronavirus causing COVID-19 against everyone to depopulate 99% of the earth’s population, including their own betrayed people, too) to penetrate the human cell membrane. 5G deployment maps show its correlation with COVID-19 outbreaks, such as the Wuhan 5G test and Lombardy Italy and the cruise ship. During the COVID-19 home lockdown globally, they are putting up as many 5G antennas as possible for the great massacre genocide terrorism extermination of God’s human homo-sapiens specie populace. The hybrid nephilim chimera alien incarnate avatar Elon Musk and his witch wife is sending up 42,000 satellites to create an electromagnetic field that will control the humans’ minds with their fallen angel devils fathers’ demon-possessed neurolink Skynet quantum AI network control linked to the 5G system The astronomers cannot see the stars now. They are creating an artificial electromagnetic holographic world quantum demon realm linked matrix reality of the fallen angels on the earth for the humans.

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RE: Europeans Were Asked If They’d Feel Comfortable “If Their Child Was In A Relationship With ___?” And Here’s The Result


For Montenegro I guarantee it’s in the negatives. We are:

Racist Homophobic Hate albanians & Bosnians (NOt white) Hate kosovars (albania likes them and they aren’t white) Hate greek & turky (darkskinned and gay) Hate macedonia (aren’t white) they’re monkeys Hate Romania (dark gypsys steal and rape)

We’re a small poor country with big mountains and we don’t care what westerners think

We’re still poor because less people want to tour here because they’re affended by the name - blame niggrs for that Because they’re the only ones that get mad and caused other people to get mad at the word BLACK (so we hate fucking them)

And we are based like Serbs (we ally with them) but just more sleepy sometimes

Do Czechs and Slovaks not give a fuck about political correctness? Because I think in reality the numbers in every country are far lower than declared here, but people tend to virtue signal in these kind of polls.

(Forward_Problem9242 (Czech))
We don’t, publicly. I personally don’t care if some dudes have homosex or someone racemix in their private homes, but I care when they take it out and normalize push it.

"A selected amount of people in big european cities has been asked" is what the titles should have been.

I'm certain that many of these maps aren't fully correct. I live in Spain and there's no way it's as liberal as some of these put it. They replied with the "correct" answers, not with how they would really feel.

Social-desirability bias. It's even worse when such interviews happen in person

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Based us

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