Hate and discrimination against the disabled

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Men's natural inferiority


1. Have 80°C less peripheral vision than women. Guess who’ll survive a stealth attack?

3. Have less accurate sense of smell and literally every wild animal marks territory through scent of their urine. Guess who must have led stone age human nomadic tribes?

9. Are more hive-minded. Guess whose better suited for innovation?

11. Experience less sexual pleasure. The clit alone contains around twice the amount of nerve endings as the entire penis…so you can guess.

12. Are less likely to be team players. They try to outdo and minimize others generally as opposed to women who lift each other up.

15. Are total disasters when it comes to sensory deprivation tests.

All this …and everything other commentators have said.

Men aren’t made to survive.

Men aren’t as essential for the survival of the species as women are. So mother nature didn’t bless her sons with the skills to survive.

The only thing women created that didn’t serve humanity are men.

Males are nothing more than their flesh. You die first, because you are disposable meat meant to be sacrificed for the worthier population. You are meant to live and die for us, instead of us. We will outlive you and perhaps even feed on you if necessary. Your existence is inherently less meaningful and necessary than any woman. We survive drought and hunger, we survive diseases, our genetics are mostly immune to the horrific abnormalities caused by the lack of a second X chromosome. You will see men with disgustingly mutated and broken beyond belief bodies at a much higher rate than women. The death of a woman is a loss great enough to pose a treat of extinction to the primal community. God was created from our image. Man is a walking dildo at best. You are taller and meatier than us because you have nothing else to contribute. Now go on, carry rocks with those strong arms. Run with your long legs but don’t complain when you need to be disposed of.

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Autistic people are not illegal, but we don't pass special snowflake laws for them just because they are socially awkward. Pay for your own therapies, or hide in the basement.

All of the autistic people I grew up with got NO THERAPY and NO SPECIAL TREATMENT. When I was a kid, they were just called "retarded" as if that was ok to label another human. I never treated anyone poorly because of their developmental disabilities. They are people, just a little different, but still people. That being said, OP is a fucking leech. A human parasite. Looking for handouts because it's just easier to make society pay for your issues, it's their fault for not being understanding of your condition. I will always advocate for people to get the fuck off of Reddit and find a way to pay for their own shit. There are people in greater need, who can't even afford to surf the fucking internet, and those public funds should be reserved for those folks in greatest need. Socially awkward weirdo is not a fucking prognosis worth throwing money at...

Gotta love your virtue signaling though, you are a super awesome person with super great ideas... and you're totally going to change the world by whining on Reddit to strangers.

Oh, I get it, you're in the spectrum yourself. Grow the fuck up kid, it's a tough world out there for NTs too. You can't take offense anytime someone won't kiss your ass because you are special. There are people with deeper problems that are more difficult to overcome out there who are making their best go at it and we will never hear them bitching and complaining because they are too busy getting it done.

Ableism is a word that fucking cowards and weaklings use to shame people who have any success in life despite opposition.

I know enough about autism to know that YOU exemplify the worst kind of person in the spectrum. Selfish, bitter, and high functioning enough to cast judgement on others, but soooooooooooooooooo fucking disabled that everyone needs to provide for your well being, just because. You totally do want your ass kissed, it's pathetic. I'm not a bad person, I don't do bad things to people and you honestly have no clue what kind of husband and father I might be. I just have no problem telling anyone who's got enough going for them that they can hang out on Reddit, that they have enough and don't deserve a handout from the rest of society.

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Autistic people are not illegal, but we don't pass special snowflake laws for them just because they are socially awkward. Pay for your own therapies, or hide in the basement.


If that's what you have to say, don't say it. It's pretty rude and ignorant.

You asked a question in an open forum, you don't get to control the answers you receive, prick. The basement is the right place for you.


Wow. This is probably the most disgusting thing I've seen on reddit. I hope insurance covers your therapies so that whatever is hurting you so badly can be resolved and you can be ready to come out of the basement.

FYI, autists can have hundreds of dollars in medical bills per month, even after insurance, and they go to those therapies because the world is speckled with cancerous attitudes like yours, and they need help coping in a world that has more tolerance for your closed-minded abuse than for a diverse brain.

Please know that whatever you think of autists is a reflection of your own self, and not a statement of any truth about others.

All of the autistic people I grew up with got NO THERAPY and NO SPECIAL TREATMENT. When I was a kid, they were just called "retarded" as if that was ok to label another human. I never treated anyone poorly because of their developmental disabilities. They are people, just a little different, but still people. That being said, OP is a fucking leech. A human parasite. Looking for handouts because it's just easier to make society pay for your issues, it's their fault for not being understanding of your condition. I will always advocate for people to get the fuck off of Reddit and find a way to pay for their own shit. There are people in greater need, who can't even afford to surf the fucking internet, and those public funds should be reserved for those folks in greatest need. Socially awkward weirdo is not a fucking prognosis worth throwing money at...

Gotta love your virtue signaling though, you are a super awesome person with super great ideas... and you're totally going to change the world by whining on Reddit to strangers.


The real issue here is your complete ignorance of what autism even is. And I'm not virtue signaling--this is a daily issue in my life. I'm legitimately upset by your ignorance and ableism.

Oh, I get it, you're in the spectrum yourself. Grow the fuck up kid, it's a tough world out there for NTs too. You can't take offense anytime someone won't kiss your ass because you are special. There are people with deeper problems that are more difficult to overcome out there who are making their best go at it and we will never hear them bitching and complaining because they are too busy getting it done.

Ableism is a word that fucking cowards and weaklings use to shame people who have any success in life despite opposition.


I'm 33. My husband and I make plenty of money. Nobody's asking for special laws, just wondering where insurance will cover what's needed and where it won't. ADULTS plan ahead for expenses like that. I don't want my ass kissed. I want you to learn about disabilities and stop being incredibly rude on the internet on subjects you're very ignorant about. Also, you're literally bitching and complaining on this person's post. I'm pretty sure the coward is the one hiding behind a keyboard and yelling at someone asking simple questions about laws, services, and the general mien of an area.

Go get something done, like learning a bit about autism, or maybe just practice being kind.

I know enough about autism to know that YOU exemplify the worst kind of person in the spectrum. Selfish, bitter, and high functioning enough to cast judgement on others, but soooooooooooooooooo fucking disabled that everyone needs to provide for your well being, just because. You totally do want your ass kissed, it's pathetic. I'm not a bad person, I don't do bad things to people and you honestly have no clue what kind of husband and father I might be. I just have no problem telling anyone who's got enough going for them that they can hang out on Reddit, that they have enough and don't deserve a handout from the rest of society.

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[From "Marrying A Woman With Mental Illness"]

Diagnosable mental illnesses are so commonplace that it’s inevitable for a single man to meet a woman who is “mentally ill.” Should he still consider her as a wife or try to find another woman? This is a difficult decision that must involve God, his priest, and Christian family and friends[…]
Every man and woman born in this fallen world will have severe problems with their passions until they are purified by the Holy Spirit. Maybe you are prone to lust like I[…]
When evaluating a woman with an active passion, you must ask yourself several questions. Is she actively struggling against the passion? Has the passion’s control over her declined from its peak?[…]
Since I have so much experience with pride and anger, I believe I can handle it[…]But how about a woman who is slothful?[…]
To have a passion is not to be mentally ill[…]Medical industry has so broadened the definition of mental illness[…]huge percentage of the population is “verifiably” mentally ill[…]
Many women on anti-depressant medication take it because they are “sad.” Winter came around and they weren’t having fun in life[…]Another woman was “tired” from her busy schedule and didn’t get “enjoyment” out of casual sex and other secular activities. Another woman started being “depressed” when she couldn’t find an office job she enjoyed. In cases like this, I believe the problem is not mental illness but a lack of Orthodox faith and coping mechanisms[…]
Should you marry an immature woman who is on anti-depressant drugs? How about if she took them in the past but does not take them anymore?[…]
It is my opinion that most people diagnosed with mental illness are merely immature, but there are people with what I’d call “severe mental illness”

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[Note: Translated from Polish original via DeepL. Loser (przegryw) = incel, they know the term but prefer their own. Oskar = Chad and Julka = Stacy, though the second one isn't really needed there.]

( trike )

The extermination of Oskar commenters has begun.

The #przegryw tag has become a source of ego boosting for Oskars. They post pictures of themselves just to get comments that reinforce that they're not losers. I don't know what the fuck you guys are doing here, if your posts are all about crying for attention and bragging about how much better your lives are than ours, you're pissing me off, a while ago I didn't care, but now I'm blackballing every plastic bastard who wants to boost his self worth with our suffering. Out of the tag k**wy.

( Powiew_morskiej_bryzy )

There should be some kind of verification of who is a real loser. And then have the account verified and confirmed. Otherwise it will be over for the tag. #przegryw

( BrockLanders )

Everyone here thinks he is a real loser and judges by his own yardstick.

One earns 5k, has a car and lives for free with his parents, but has no one to go for a beer with and has never touched a girl and considers himself a loser.

Another earns the minimum wage in a 3-shift kolkhoz and rents a flat with Ukrainians in the district, because he had to move out because of his pathological parents, but the first one will tell him in advance to get the fuck out of the tag, because he had a girlfriend in high school.

And the third one recently split up after a 10-year relationship, hasn't moved in six months, realised that the market situation is fucked up and tags #przegryw xD

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- no sex (paid sex does not count)
- ugly face, but really ugly
- mental illness
- severe family problems
- obesity
- involuntary unemployment or kolkhoz with little prospect of improvement
- physical illnesses making it difficult to function normally (including mutilations etc.)
- under 180 cm tall
- social phobia

You need at least 3.

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“There is no such thing as autism - it is the avoidance of something, the avoidance of a dynamic social interaction.” @GalitDistel told @moran_azulay about the long journey she went through with her son: “I pulled him by the hair and took him out, I did not let him eat and I did not let him drink, I did not give him anything. He forced himself to learn to speak in order to survive.”

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(responding to the claim that vaccines don’t cause autism)

No offense, but that is UTTER BULLSHIT!

There is NO WAY IN HELL that "better diagnosing" accounts for autism going from 1 in 10,000 in the 1980s to 1 in 68 today. Not to mention the explosion of profoundly autistic kids who even Special Ed teachers since the 1980s have admitted have risen exponentially since they first started teaching.

And you are delusional if you think there are 1 in 68 people in their 60s and 70s and 80s who are autistic, non-verbal, not toilet trained in society -- and don't feed me the crap that that's because they used to be in institutions. Because most institutions were closed by Reagan in the 80s, so they'd be out in the real world now, and they are NOT. There are NOT 1 in 68 people in their 70s who are non-verbal autistics, because its NOT "better diagnosing" but something else. Something which solely because of profit and the "house of cards" the whole system is built on, the huge pink elephant in the room, is DELIBERATELY IGNORED!

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Im not racist (unless you use some retarded leftist meaning of the word I guess). I don’t hate people just because they belong to a different race. If I see a normal black person I would treat him like any other normal human but I will not pretend that an average black person is as good as an average white or asian person.

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Here’s an idea: If your child is delusional — in this case, a girl who believes she’s a boy — maybe don’t send them to school. Maybe you should put them in a lunatic asylum. But instead, what is being done in the name of “inclusion” is requiring everyone to participate in the psychotic teenager’s “gender” delusions. You can be fired from your job for refusing to cooperate with this coercive insanity.

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(Regarding a picture of Greta Thunberg)

damn, I just got a stiffy seeing her sit directly on her mothers lap like that. really, I'd like to see her sitting on her daddy's lap. that would be really hot

besides, her mother would never consent
then you'd find out how loose it was from the pounding she's taken from her father

why would they ever consent? she's their meal ticket. plus she's retarded. retards should be aborted. sorry not sorry. retards can't ever have a normal life. she's going to end up incredibly unhappy later in life. she'll be told that she should not have kids. she'll see everyone around her happy starting families. she'll end up being an old maid to her parents. at best she'll be some dudes fuck toy.

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i'm genuinely curious but what exactly is wrong with people dying to corona-chan? why are we treating corona like its a bad thing?

overpopulation is a huge issue worldwide and covid mainly targets the poor, the unhealthy, the dirty and the old. how is it a bad thing if thousands of chinks, pajeets, old annoying social security leeching boomers, starving africans and muzzies dying off? most white people who can breed, NEETS like you and I are perfectly content staying home. and those who do go out and mass gather are usually retarded so it's also killing stupid people.

we are getting a 3 in 1 victory package, an IQ purge, a population purge AND a exposing corporate jews during this time as everyone is bailing them out and the people are ANGRY

I genuinely see no reason why 4chan shouldn't meme and encourage more people who are stupid enough to go out, to go out.

Why is corona being treated like its a bad thing?

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If the majority suddenly came into riches, they would lose the incentive to work because in their mind the justification for work is their pay. If this were to happen production would come to a screeching halt and the money they thought would provide a carefree life would become useless as there would be no goods or services available anymore. The average person does not want to work, they are compelled to by the prospect of hunger. So since the system by design obviously requires work, and since due to the nature of the common laborer is only functional if workers are given just enough to make make them comfortable but also feel it necessary to return, it becomes clear that human progress depends on the existence of different classes. I enjoy seeing failures suffer and starve. It is an example of justice at work. If you provide little to no value, but still put in a great deal of effort while still providing little value, then you are replaceable as you have nothing unique to offer and thus have nothing to distinguish yourself from the herd. And if you don't like it, too bad. Most people are brought into this world as unplanned accidents. Riddle me this. Why should bastards be entitled to what disciplined families have built over generations? You have no right to their possessions. You were brought into this world as a nobody and then you look at those who have established their names, have gained a reputation for success and have made their fortunes with complete envy. Basic people deserve basic lives. Instead of being inspired by greatness you feel threatened by it because you are pathetic and inferior. Struggle is the precondition of evolution.

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Vaush: If nothing else we can treat this as a reminder that the political compass test is absolutely worthless, though that's probably not new information if your IQ can be expressed in two or more digits

Dink Dinklemann: Mainly we can say communism sucks, and this mentally ill kid doesn't represent anyone.

Meanwhile, your antifa loonies are sharpening sticks all over the country seeing nazis around every tree.

Ultimately, it's too bad people can't talk to each other in the information age.

Nemo: Do you denounce the belief that a cabal of "Cultural Bolsheviks" are trying to destroy "Western" civilization? The belief that motivated the shooter?

Dink Dinklemann: No. That's happening. I wouldn't denounce the shooter's opinion that the Sun rises in the East and set in the West either. His murdering doesn't make all of his points invalid. It is his decision to kill people that is to be denounced. You know, mental illness is complicated.

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San Francisco's Bay to Breakers, known for its zany inclusivity, refuses to give awards to nonbinary runners

This is entirely ridiculous, this is a bunch of nobodies pretending that they're the same as the men's and women's elite runner category. Its like giving the retarded kid a BS award so they can stand on the podium too.

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[From "Jewish Girl Born without a Vagina / Western Men Worship and Yearn For her"]

[Living Without A Vagina | BORN DIFFERENT]

One of my largest pet peeves[…]is the disgusting love that Western people, especially Americans, have for people who are born with deformities that are NOT natural, whether it’s a mental or physical handicap

I have explained that the major decline in primal and moral perception of others is evident in how people feel hope, inspiration and happiness from seeing people who are obviously deformed and worthless, and who otherwise should have not been permitted in the gene pool
As the Jews are a genetically altered creation that comes from a “dark force”, they are notorious for having many mental, neurological and physical defects since they are a race of “defects” to begin with

Watch the video and then read the ridiculous comments of Men who need to give their “two cents” to prove just how much “MORE” of a Woman she is compared to a Woman who does have a vagina that a Man can have sex with and reliable reproduction with
The very bizarre notion of Western People, is that they do not view leaving people who are “deformed” alive as a form of barbarism, but yet they would view giving someone mentally or physically deformed the option for euthanasia because of the fact they cannot exist normally or live a normal life, this is viewed instead as the “barbaric option”

Nevertheless, it’s all mind programming, but this mind programming comes from Christians who have long indoctrinated their adherents with having “love for all” and this delusional belief that “all life has value”

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RE: DSDs - How to cut the Gordian knot?
(Submitters note regarding context: discussion about what intersex conditions should categorically exclude someone from women’s spaces)

I would exclude Swyer, CAIS and all other males with DSDs.

Put simply, it's not simply the presence of male sex hormones/ testoterone during development that leads to the physical advantages that males have over females. The presence of female sex hormones during normal development during puberty and afterwards lead to physical disadvantages for women that CAIS males do not experiences.

For example, CAIS males have a height advantage that women do not. Estrogen causes epiphyses to fuse and so women tend to stop growing taller shortly after they reach puberty.

In addition, women develop wider hips to accommodate childbirth, but this is at the cost of an increased likelihood of injuries and a less efficient running stance. See https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/nursing-and-health-professions/q-angle and https://www.livescience.com/59289-why-men-run-faster-than-women.html . Biological males who have never had any of the benefits of testosterone do not experience the disadvantages from estrogen, which would still give them a leg up on women.

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On Friday, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sent off a series of tweets that proved popular:

“The extreme left is taking over” WHERE. In Texas, Republicans passed a law allowing rapists to sue their victims for getting an abortion.

We can’t even get our party to import cheaper RXs from Canada. foh

Billionaires be like “the extreme far left is taking over” when the “extreme far left” in the US is “medicine shouldn’t bankrupt you,” “wages should cover rent,” & “maybe it’s bad that Wall St companies profit off mass surveillance, manufactured housing crises, and caging people”

The reason America isn’t socialist, despite a very powerful Left, is because the Left cares more about race than economics. The effects of leftism are often felt by an absence of policies. The reason crime is soaring in most cities, is because leftists have demonized law and order. The riots in 2020 lasted so long because leftist DAs refused to prosecute rioters. The reason illegal immigrants pour into the country is because the Left believes any form of border security is unethical.

What the far-left lacks in political power, it makes up for in cultural power. It is because of the far-left that many schoolchildren are taught to think America is evil, racist, and irredeemable. The far-left made Marxist and anti-white arguments common on campus. The far-left’s influence explains why major newspapers don’t report brutal black-on-white crime.

Over the last 60 years, the Left has got what it wants many times: “civil rights,” mass non-white immigration, abortion rights, affirmative action, gay marriage, legal miscegenation, and legal protections for women, the disabled, homosexuals, non-whites, etc.

The economic Left Miss Ocasio-Cortez describes doesn’t really exist. The popular leftist website, Huffington Post, has sections for five “communities:” Queer Voices, Asian Voices, Black Voices, Latino Voices, and Women. There are no Poor Voices, Union Voices, Middle-Class Voices, Working-Class Voices, or Minimum-Wage Voices. That’s a statement of priorities. The Huffington Post isn’t “far-left” on economics; it’s very far-left on race.

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(Submitter’s Note: Okay Ted Kaczynski, now surrender to the FBI)

Well the government says it wants to mind control the population and live forever, so I'm thinking the city life itself isn't helping the modern human. We're designed to be in nature, not buildings getting juiced up on industry products. All of our energies got out of wack when humans clustered into cities and autism boxes, maybe we should go back to cabins and tents out in the woods? Stardew Valley doesn't have to be a dream, it can be reality for about $1,000 - $100,000 depending on the amount of acreage and if you want a house installed first. Hunter gathers and agrarian societies tend to be a bit more stable since modern economics keeps inventing problems and products to keep citizens distracted from how depressed life got in the last 40 years.

Colonel-Knight-Rider #pratt #wingnut #dunning-kruger #senpai_noticed_us rottenwebsites.miraheze.org

[Submitter’s note: The “sources” listed for 2 are all links to Kiwifarms.]

2. A number of people who formerly used or at least visited FSTDT have noted that the site used to be more about satirizing unusually high levels of religious extremism but has since devolved into a front for sociopolitical leftism and zealous antitheism.[5][6][7]

13. They appear to have a weak grasp of hyperbole and tend to submit quotes intended as jokes or lighthearted satire. Ironically, RationalWiki, which FSTDT claims to be a proud partner of, has called them out on this by noting the site inevitably suffers from Poe's Law: they cannot always read a quote author's intended tone of voice unless there is a clear indicator of that tone.

34. They support the hypocritical, unscientific "fat acceptance movement", which teaches that there is nothing unhealthy about morbid obesity despite extensive research into the subject conducted by medical professionals worldwide. Anyone who speaks out against this movement is considered an "#ableist" in their eyes.

chimpburger, AnOminous, et. al. #wingnut #transphobia #ableist #senpai_noticed_us kiwifarms.net

[Highlights from a conversation about Fundies Say the Darndest Things on Kiwi Farms, where the OP challenged people to "find shit on there and their super spergy posts."]

chimpburgers: Haha these guys again.

They can shove their tranny communist white knighting right back where it came from as far as I'm concerned cause that's what this site looks like to me.

Proof of the blatant communism over there. Their pussy spines crackle when they hear about Trump.


AnOminous: It used to be actually about fundies. Now it's about them REEEEing at anything that triggers their euphoria and causes their fedoras to fly off.


NotCobalt: Yeah. But back then they actually made fun of the lulcows, known as fundies. Both sandniggers and jesustards were fair game.

I remember this fag was a huge target:


StarvingAutist: One of the comments linked in the OP called us an "alt-right/GamerGate safe space", probably because he falls into the "if you complain about SJWs then you're a racist" bullshit.


TimeToTurn: A formerly great site. 2016 Presidential election pretty much finished off everything great about the site. It used to be "Look at some crazy nut on X site", now it's "look at some mean thing a Republican said" and most of the posts were reposts from other left-wing blogs. Once gay marriage got legalised in the US, even the funny homophobia mostly stopped. It's too bad, because there's still tons of exceptional websites run by religious idiots of all faiths, but they'd rather just whine about what Donald Trump did this week. Distind's departure was basically the last straw of the devolution of FSTDT.

Haven't been on there in a while. Don't really feel like it. It was fun being left-wing and being a self-professed authoritarian at the same time, which got me quoted so many times. I just have to play an over-the-top version of what I believe IRL and they would get so triggered. Lots of great discussion was to be had, both from the SJWs freaking out and then the people who were actually semi-intelligent.

My scientific analysis blames this on the fact that FSTDT emerged with the New Atheism movement (along with Rational Wiki and other shit) and as that movement declined into infighting and irrelevance, so did its offspring, which is a reason why Rational Wiki and FSTDT (a proud partner of Rational Wiki) are shite nowadays.

I'm probably reminiscing too much now. Eh, right now I'm about as drunk as I was whenever I'd post there. Thanks for the thread, you Kiwi Farmers, even though I'll regret posting here before long.


I'm trying so hard right now to see the remnants of good on this site. But TimetoTurn does have a point about us being autistic as fuck. And @autism420 is still Islamic IMO.

Thanks man. Should be no surprise to you that a fellow autist like me would show up here. Autists there hate me. But it was glad I learned that all spergs needed to believe the same things about autism OR ELSE.


NotCobalt: [in response to a user making a list of quotes from the topic] What list? The one of "people you want to have sex with" or the one "These exceptional individuals used to belong to an ancient forum with like perhaps 500 active members, so they probably know each other, and I wish I had been a part of that cool kids club back when, but instead I was too poor to afford internet, so I just cried all day instead"?


sikotik: The site started going down hill as early as 2008 when every other user became a tranny &/or easily triggered furry.


TimeToTurn: Never knew Marjan got banned, but I can assume he would with the new administration. Distind only banned spammers and shit. The new administration seems intent on making it a "safe space". Even though they always made fun of other websites like Free Republic and Rapture Ready for "suppressing free speech". I can't post shit messing with them (or I could, if I had a day to waste). So Marjan/caamib/whatever he calls himself can't do the same. I'd assume Marjan might be back at some point, but I don't really care to investigate. They really hate TOR, too, nowadays.

David J. Stewart I'm sure is as crazy as always, but him getting any crazier would take divine intervention and I'd just await either reports of his death (guy's a painkiller addict) or more dealings with the Guam government.


Dr W: The problem was that they didn't branch out into mocking SJWs. That's what kept Kiwi Farms rather politically inert. Instead, they allowed a core of crazy tranny furry dipshits to eject fecal matter everywhere.

Damn shame, I used to love that site.


rianzi: Shame how the site became infested by SJWS. It used to be a nice place where you could laugh at religious loons.

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“ADHD” is a fiction that was invented to explain humanity’s declining attention span. It just so happens that the people who invented it also have profited off of the invention to the tune of many billions of dollars. I think it’s time we start searching for a better explanation.

Antoons #ableist #homophobia #kinkshaming #sexist #racist #transphobia #psycho reddit.com


First panel: “Happy birthday Billy” says Mom, giving her kid a smartphone as a 12th birthday present. “Wow! Internet on the go!!” says the kid.

Second panel: It’s the kids 13th birthday and she says “UGUU- ^_^ I’m a gay, trans, autistic, Muslim, disabled, antifa, feminist, furry. I make art and my commissions are open.” as her crying mother has her euthanized by lethal injection.

Lex Greene #wingnut #elitist #conspiracy #ableist henrymakow.com

With great sadness, I have concluded, based on many years of beating my head against the wall with know-nothing know-it-alls, that the vast majority of American citizens are just too stupid to remain free today. Unlike our nations Founders, or our Greatest Generations, current U.S. generations are simply no longer suited for freedom and liberty.

I know, it's politically incorrect to use the term "stupid." But as I explained to my kids, ignorance is the absence of information and knowledge. Stupidity is when you know better but do it anyway!

This doesn't apply to everyone today, just most. But if the shoe fits, kick yourself with it! I won't waste time with the laundry list of examples readily available. If you can't figure this out with just a few key examples, then the shoe does indeed fit.
In a previous column, I discuss how every living American has lived under a steady diet of lies from their government, their entire lives. I referred to it as Death by a Thousand Lies. Because modern Americans have been raised and still live under a constant flood of lies their entire lives, the vast majority find it much easier to buy lies than to find truth, especially in a "cancel culture" where the truth is not allowed to see the light of day.

Fact is a vast majority of Americans have never even read the Charters of Freedom. In fact, most don't even know what the Charters of Freedom are. Most who have read these documents, can't even properly interpret the words that appear in our Charters of Freedom. If they could, they would know better than to fall for the Convention of States scam that has taken in huge sums of money to lead people to a different form of national suicide.
Inescapable Rule #1 for idiots - Nothing on earth is free, nothing!

Rule #2 - In the end, FREE stuff will cost you everything!

To be clear, any nation too stupid to be FREE, won't be!

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>I've literally seen people argue about how ass parasites are interdimensional demons, with Autism being one of the signs that you are "posessed".
Actually it's the opposite. The ass parasites tie the "disgust" function to the "pleasure" function in the human brain, causing humans to love shit and assholes and licking diseased pustules, and mixing with sub races, and annihilating their culture, abusing kids, cannibalism. Anything that a healthy parasite-free person would be disgusted by, the infected gain pleasure from.

It's actually a biological weapon by the machine elves, who the khazarian demon WORSHIPPERS (not khazarian demons retard) actually work with, since the machine elves are the technological assistance race for demons in question.

Autism is actually an evolved human means of protecting themselves from machine elf brainwashing, and what you call schizophrenia is just the ability to see the demons and the machine elves.

It's why the Khazarian demon worshippers have the highest levels of schizophrenia, since they evolved the means to see their masters:
Of course other people cursed with this affliction use it for good.


Ugly boy , legendarywristcel & .isRefugee #sexist #ableist blackpill.club

(Ugly boy)
Asked out by autistic girl in workplace

This autistic girl which is pillmaxed asked out me .It was a very weird experiance and I was scared by her dark vibes..she was a fat bitxh and I hated her even though some coshits told me I look like her..fuck this horse shit..I don't wanna look like her because she has an elephant face but yeah mee too have an elephant face sometimes..but you know the whole experiance clear the fact that I will have zero chance with a norm looking women..I am destined to betabuxx for a fat ugly autistic girl..but now ay I am gonna do that

Reject her. Fat foids should not breed.


JFL stop gatekeeping like cucks. He said she's fat.

She asked him out, clearly she wants his cock. OP can jizz on her face then kick her ass to the curb. Quit white knighting for this fakecel


She asked him out, clearly she wants his cock. OP can jizz on her face then kick her ass to the curb. Quit white knighting for this fakecel

No man should have to fuck a fat foid. It's like going to a homeless man and asking him to eat shit.

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Top 10% of the tribe:

Alpha – You are mentally, physically, and spiritually capable, you hate to lose, you lead the tribe, like your CEO. You are purple pilled.

Beta – All the benefits of the Alpha with none of the ability or responsibility, you are easy to get along with and laid back, you help lead your tribe, like your shift leader. You are pink pilled.

Delta – Workers, often suffer from workaholic lifestyles, you work day and night for your tribe, you gather, you hunt, like your manager. You are yellow pilled.

Omega – Intelligent and great at forming master minds and using non physical abilities to compensate for their small stature or crippled form, you think for your tribe, like your share holders. You are white pilled.

Gama – Very specialized members of the community that are fantastic at the 1 to 3 things they do, but tend to lack self awareness and have a bit of a temper problem, you make armor and weapons for your tribe, like your technicians. You are red pilled.

Sigma - You are physically capable like an alpha, hard working like a delta, and intelligent like an omega, you are a loner type, you left the tribe or exist on the outskirts, like your travelling sales agent. You are green pilled.

Zeta – You are good at everything, spiritually capable like an alpha, easy to be around like a beta, you want to take over the tribe or topple over the current regime to create a new one, you want to take over the tribe, like another company's share holders buying out your company. You are rainbow pilled.

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you don’t think that by 2022 the control grid psychopaths haven’t advanced these covert control methods tremendously, then you are truly asleep. I use the generic term “MK Ultra,” but that is an older-generation’s technique. What do you think Gitmo is really about?

Just like all the other theories on these subjects, there are campaigns of disinformation and misdirection that are designed to discredit truthers.

Have you ever asked yourself why Americans lack basic critical thinking skills? Is it the fault of the education system, or have Americans been drugged and brainwashed into believing what the sistema tells them to believe?

In the general population, there is epidemic use of psychotropic drugs, either prescribed or self-medicated. Those who use them might show signs of cognitive dissonance.

Then there is the uncounted self-medicated population. This dulls the population into a trance-like state while creating huge profits for big pharma. These are heavily administered to foster and institutionalized youth. Then there is the use of neurotoxin fluoride. The media bombards drugged viewers with neuro-linguistic and symbolic programming designed to counter critical thinking
These children are exploited by psychopathic criminals for all types of purposes, from labor and sex slaves to special assignments. There are dozens of accounts from survivors of these programs, but their stories are typically dismissed and, of course, unreported by Crime Syndicate-controlled media.

The best subjects for mind control operations are those who are intelligent and have Asperger syndrome, a form of autism. They are very mechanical individuals and, as such, are perfect for these programs. They are given a trigger or template in their conditioning. Of late, it seems to be something in the Joker or Batman genre. Notice how this keeps coming up, as with the “Millers” in the Las Vegas Walmart shooting and with James Holmes at Aurora.

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Another one of my spare channels that I use to laugh at cancer patients and troll on dying children.

Cancer patients are the best victims to pick on because they can never win the argument.
If they ever come up with something witty or clever I can always reply with "But you're gonna be dead in a few weeks!" and I will thereby instantly win the argument.

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With my strong gorilla arms, i will right all the wrongs committed by the ugly against the righteous people.
i will surely laugh over their degraded bodies. i will also laugh at the emos, retards, people with cancer, kids with disease, and idiots in general.
Stillborn babies are weak, they make me laugh and feel even more superior.
The earth will shake to rid us from the freaky aliens. (and lots of women might get raped).

Massresistance #transphobia #ableist massresistance.org

But that agreement didn’t hold for long. A few days later, the counselor and the girl were messaging each other on social media. Among other things, the counselor called the girl “Al” – a boy’s name – and said she was worried about her being at home with her family.

She told the girl, "If you feel unsafe at home, or are thinking of hurting or killing yourself, there are people I can call to make sure you are safe. Please let me know if this is the case." (Very disturbing: The counselor is putting suicidal ideas into the girl’s head!)

When Ashley found these social media posts, she was livid – and felt even more violated. She sent this email to the counselor, pulling no punches:

I am asking you once again to not have any contact with my daughter.

She is doing fine and we are doing the very best that we can. This "turmoil" was caused when a confused little girl went to a trusted adult and was encouraged to believe that she had a mental illness (body dysphoria).

This trusted adult (you) did nothing but encourage my daughter to believe this lie and THAT has caused her more pain.

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Another Victory over Schneider (VoS) Day is coming up on March 26, so I thought I'd post the first half of a story I've been working on since last year, to be contributed to The-Doctor-W's DeviantArt Extended Universe, of which I'm probably the biggest fan. ^^;

Daniel James "Dan" Schneider is a xenophobic, possibly pedophilic television writer and producer who created a long list of live-action sitcoms on Nickelodeon. In two episodes of the first season of his sitcom iCarly (2007-2012), which follows two teenage girls who host a Webcast show, the recurring character Miss Briggs, portrayed by actress Mindy Sterling as a stereotypical "mean teacher," is shown to have an interest in the Scottish culture of her ancestors. However, odd as it may seem, no sane, rational American teenager or young adult within this universe likes bagpipes or Highland dancing, which, according to Schneider, are the only two things that separate Scottish culture from other cultures. This overgeneralization about American teenage and young adult attitudes towards Scottish culture is conclusive evidence that Dan Schneider is a xenophobic man with an infinite supply of cultural prejudices but complete lack of regard for his physical health (there's nothing wrong with being moderately chubby like Princess Elsie, but to say morbid obesity doesn't cause increased risk of health problems is simply ignoring all evidence!). As a half-Scottish person born and raised in America, I've become outspoken about this issue that's gone overlooked by the mainstream media since the episode aired.


God bless you, Mindy Sterling, whose last name and red hair are obvious indicators of Scottish ancestry, for enduring Schneider's gross misrepresentations of our culture laden with factual inaccuracies. As of March 26, 2018, FREEDOM! IS!! OURS!!!

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(responding to this comic about neurodiversity)

Another propaganda to rebel against normal heterosexual Christian capitalist society.

I've known autistic people in my school

Chatty, rude against teachers, rebelling, not following orders It makes clear sense why they become commies, they want to rebel against the core principles of capitalism and discipline

And if this continues to adult hood and they still don't change This will be a very dangerous thing They might rebel against their boss, or even the law They might commit crime

Since it talks about "keeping it in" It's better to keep something in instead of letting the world hear what BS comes out If only they learned to shut up

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Too much hunger leads to obesity and tooth decay, bad body odder and bad breath, diabetes, poor self esteem, encourages usage of hookers and porn, which makes you unattractive and unhealthy, which drops fertility rates. Fertility rates are at a historic low in the West, and I think globally. In 500 years there will be no more Koreans from what scientists can predict. Japan wants to use technology to breed out slaves, ahem, I mean children to feed poisonous crap from supermarkets, since gardens haven't been cool after Able and Caine, Caine who left to build houses after he invented murder in his region, only to die in a house collapse. Lemech was Caine's progeny who went on to murder another man in a fit of rage and a young chap who assaulted him, and Lemech's children invented algebra, animal husbandry/herding, music, and bronze/iron working. Jesus was a carpenter, which are direct out puts of algebra/geometry, agriculture and mining which are the under base of industry, and let's face it sound proof some walls.

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RE: CAIS are men, not women, and prove sex is binary

A female is not: "identifying" as female, growing up as female, socializing as female, dressing up as female, and "passing as" female.

A woman, a female, is an organism that can bear offspring and/or produce eggs under the right conditions.

CAIS are males with an inability to respond to androgens. The product of the inability is a male with a pseudo-female like appearance, creating the illusion of a female.

Beneath the layers, CAIS have no internal female sex organs - no uterus and no ovaries. They have testes - the male gonads that produce sperm. Their bodies were supposed to support the production of sperm and failed. They are men in every sense of the word.

The only reason they even know they are intersexed is because of modern medicine

The reason humans know they are humans and not another specie is modern medicine, and study of genes. Surely you wouldn't claim humans were not humans before they learned of what separates each specie.

CAIS were not women before modern medicine. They were disordered men.

ProxyMusic #interphobia #transphobia #ableist ovarit.com

Yes, technically it's easy enough to discover they have it. With the NIPT so cheap that it's come into extremely widespread use, and prenatal sonograms the norm even amongst poor people in poorer nations, fetuses whose karyotypes don't match their genitals are now being identified in the womb. Eventually, no one with CAIS and various other DSDs resulting in external anatomy inconsistent with their chromosomes and genes will be able to claim they didn't find out until puberty.

But that doesn't change the fact, nor will it change the fact, that legally it's not easy to keep persons with CAIS out of women's sports AT ALL. And in my comment, I was solely addressing your claim that it is "easy to keep them out of sports," which is entirely separate to the matter of public toilets - an issue that in the case of CAIS I don't care about and is not something I want to waste time getting into here.

The Caster Semenya case is soon to be heard by the European Court of Human Rights. Semenya is backed by every international "human rights" organization in the world, most of the MSM on the planet, all the powerful institutions in the Western world/Global North, including most major law firms in Europe and the Americas, and all the African and pan-African political organizations with clout and influence. The only country with a large population where the government and the general public seem to be strongly against Semenya and other XY DSD athletes being allowed into women's sports is India.

In this climate, and with all the legal decisions that have been made since the late 1980s, pray tell what exactly are the strategy and legal arguments for keeping CAIS out of women's sports? How are you - or "we" - gonna keep CAIS athletes out when the IAAF/WA have failed in being able to keep out athletes who have a range of other XY DSDs that leave no ambiguity about them being male, and there's no question that they possess the same exact male advantages that all normally-developed males do?

It was "easy enough to discover" that Martinez Patino had CAIS in the mid 1980s when MP sued the IAAF/WA. In fact, MP only sued because the mandatory sex chromosome and genetic testing then in place for all athletes seeking to compete in women's elite international sports easily discovered that MP is XY with CAIS. Yet MP won anyways, and female athletes have been losing out ever since.

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[SuicideFuel] Even the crippled girl at my school has a boyfriend. Wtf??

There's a female that attends my High school and one of the main things about her is that she has a condition that leaves her immobile, so she's only regulated to her wheelchair. The way that she communicates is through an app on her tablet (Think: Stephen Hawking). Later today me and my brother were walking home from school, and he told me that one of his friends was dating a girl in a wheelchair and I said: "What?" and my brother said: "Yes the girl in the wheelchair, one of my friends is dating her". I even made my brother clarify who she was, I couldn't fucking believe it that a crippled girl, A DISABLED FOID got in a relationship before I ever did. At the time I didn't know whether to cry or laugh, I felt so behind from my peers, like I was subhuman.

Then my brother kept on mentioning how he was cheating on her and how she kept taking him back, and at the time I didn't really care because my mind was so fixated on what he told me earlier, only to realize what he just said was a Blackpill in it of itself. He cheated on her multiple times with other foids and she didn't care (Thinking back on it, she must have been pretty desperate not to breakup with him). I eventually said what I was thinking to my brother, that she got into a relationship before we did. And he here's what my naive brother said: "I don't why I don't have a girlfriend, I'm not even that ugly". My brother is basically an Incel but he just doesn't know it (Short Height, Nasal Voice, Glasses, Boyish Face, Small Frame. He's a Junior in Highschool and I'm a Senior)

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1. Yesterday I saw this Breitbart headline about a high school student killing himself due to "CRT [and] Coronavirus Isolation." I decided to do some fact-checking.

I was not prepared for how awful this story was going to be. Here comes a thread...

2. The mother speaking is Cindy Walsh. She frames her son's suicide as caused (at least partly) by two school policies: CRT-based instruction and Covid-19 safety measures (mask mandates, potentially vaccine requirements). So I did some Googling.

3. I verified that her son, Robert Walsh, took his own life in June 2021. But I noticed something in his obituary: Robert graduated in 2020; he finished high school online, never experienced mask/vaccine mandates; no evidence of CRT lessons at his school.

4. Then I found an article from Jan 2022, "Emotional and mental impact of COVID-19 weighs on students"-the issue Walsh says drove her son to suicide.

But she is quoted in the piece suggesting the cause wasn't CRT/Covid but lack of support after graduating.

5. And the bigger takeaway from that piece: Walsh wrote a book called "Breaking the Autism Code." It's real. It's on Amazon. Don't buy it.

Here she is on "Angel Talk Radio" arguing that vaccines caused her sons Eric and Robert to develop autism.

6. In conclusion: we have a batshit anti-vaxxer who believes that vaccines caused autism in her son, who tragically killed himself due to lack of therapeutic support, LYING OPPORTUNISTICALLY to blame a school board for his suicide while pushing her anti-vaxx agenda.


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A far-right evangelical Christian pastor has left people outraged after claiming that children with autism are possessed by demons.

Tennessee pastor Greg Locke made the claim in a sermon in which he compared autism to stories of people healed by Jesus Christ of "fits" and "outbursts" in the Bible due to demonic possession.

He went on to warn parents that "no such diagnosis" as autism exists in the Bible. See his comments below. Be forewarned that his words may be disturbing.

Locke began his comments by imploring his congregation to not "jump up right now and rebuke me for what I’m about to say,” a sure sign that he shouldn't have said it. Unfortunately, he forged ahead anyway.

"On three occasions, kids were brought to Jesus... by their parents that had epileptic fits, anger issues, outbursts of emotion… And because we called it ‘possession,’ parents refused to deal with it."

Locke then clarified his meaning, which only made things worse.

"'Are you telling me my kid’s possessed?' No — I’m telling your kid has been demonized and attacked, but your doctor calls it autism."

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[From "Video: Proof that Most Humans are in love with Mental Illness and Degenerate Life Forms"]

Growing up with an Unknown Syndrome (The Unique and Delightful Ruby)

We are living in the epic pinnacle of history at a time where people who are “Empty Inside”[…]are looking for an external source of “stimulation” or “inspiration” in some cases
This phenomenon is extremely problematic in America, which thrives on supporting, defending and enabling degeneracy and also undesirables everywhere in society, as it fits in line with their “Democratic Values”
They have this urgency to tell almost everyone they meet, indiscrimanately:“YOU are Beautiful!”“YOU are Loved!”

Therefore, you’ll see people and life forms that are beyond questionable and demonic looking, and yet you’ll find endless hordes of these people who are embracing and feeling inspiration and hope for them
At a time when we require many Eugenics Measures applied to actually breed healthy and soulful Human Beings

Television Features like these are a major form of Mind Programming[…]you will notice how they pretend that she is “Beautiful” and that she is a “Human”
The Love for disabled people and exalting them above even Superior or Average Individuals, is a sign of grave weakness, sickness and decay of the Human Condition

In case you were unaware, both parents of this girl are Jewish
Even a droplet of their blood, taints the blood

If you have a keen eye for Proper and Desirable Genetics, you will also recognize that every single Human in the video is Untermenschen!
It is also the same reason that they worship demonic creatures like Stephen Hawking

Anyone who has strong Intuitive Qualities and Perception, can see the evil in this Man’s eyes, and would wish this creature to be put to death!

Several Ovarit-members #kinkshaming #ableist ovarit.com

RE: Tavistock Gender Clinic Lead Psychologist Supports Ageplay, Furries

(littleowl12 )
What pisses me off is that there's a growing number of people that think furries are just neurodiverse. And most of it is wholesome! If you're creeped out you're a neurobigot!

No, sorry, there's just too much overlap between furries and all pedophilic fetishes. I have every reason to keep you away from my kids and away from me.

( Gould2022 )
I’m still 100 percent convinced most of this bullshit, is targeted around reducing or removing age of consent. Legalise pedophilia. God knows what happens after that legalised sexual slave contracts? My mind is not deranged enough to identify other crazy shit

( hmimperialtortie )
Yes. They want all barriers to raping whoever they target removed - women, children, or animals.

( Researcher1536 )
This is a pro-predator movement through and through, and "be kind" and "don't kink shame!" are opening the door for utter depravity and harm.

( Gould2022 )
Pro-predator movement great statement

( hmimperialtortie )
Completely. They don’t want rape to be even nominally a crime.

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(Part 2)

She refused to accept defeat and fought autism. She religiously kept to her medications in spite of their side effects. We all wanted a cure, so that she can chase her dream and live a normal life like every other child. But the more she takes these medications, the more her school grade drop. She couldn’t concentrate and we noticed that her memory was being severely adversely affected. Each time we went back to the hospital, her medicines were changed to a different one. Seems like, each change of drug brings about change in side effects. After about 6 years on Abilify , Geodon , and other medicines, it seemed the autism started to increase in frequency. I had to make effort to reduce her medicines with plans to eventually stop it all. We found an alternative treatment in homeopathy, which was better than her English drugs. Gradually, I reduced her drugs, and her autism were no longer as frequent as it was as when she was on conventional drugs.
With our little breakthrough with homeopathy treatment, we made further search for natural cure. Fortunately we saw testimonies about herbal medicines which cure autism. We saw a lot of claims though, contacted them and didn’t get a useful reply. Lucky for us, we finally got a reply from Doctor Williams, he directed us to his blog where we saw a lot of information about his herbal medicine . Without further delay I made a purchase for her, I switched her over to it. We had great breakthrough, that in 3 weeks, her autism reduced. After 1 months as Doctor Williams promised , all autism symptoms stopped. It was like a miracle for us. since all this days now Lesia became autism free. Her story is quite lengthy, I hope it also help someone out there.for more information you can email Dr Williams on drwilliams098675@gmail.com

HTTP Error 404 #ableist #elitist #racist #sexist #wingnut kiwifarms.net

If you're at the point where NPR of all things is "white supremacy" just finally come out and say that white people existing while not sucking you off 24/7, which America already does, pisses you off.

What's that 4chan greentext? Something about how America is being retooled to be a life support system for big fat stupid as fuck entitled black female retards?

Billions of dollars in medical care, our entire Agricultural industry, our Welfare system, our Entertainment industry, and our Educational system, all being twisted and torn apart and rebuilt just to keep big fat fucking Shaniquas full of fried chicken, grape soda, and delusions of grandeur. And after this lifestyle of eating, fucking, and bitching about how oppressed they are on twitter, all on the tax payer's dime, drives them literally to their backs in a hospital bed, our entire economy has to revolve around keeping them alive just a little bit longer so they can eat more, fuck more, and be stupid at people more until they eventually give up the ghost and bless the world with them finally fucking dying. And then their retarded fucking dozen or two dozen hellspawn will run around either fucking other Shaniqua spawn and running off to die in a drug and violence fueld orgy if they're men, or jump on the fried chicken-to-hospital pipeline if they're female, both of them screaming that they're oppressed royalty and deserve higher quality bedpans and fried chicken recipes.

That's how American society ends; with guilty white people running around desperately trying to keep a conveyor belt running so the last 500 pound fat black bitch can keep stuffing her face all while she bitches about how oppressed she is, fried chicken bits and spittle slapping some poor nurse in the face as she screeches at them, the poor deluded and indoctrinated medical professionals experiencing a momentary bout of religious ecstasy at being useful for one of da kweenz.

Games Workshop couldn't devise a more grimdark future.

Kamuroshiryu #ableist deviantart.com

The body positive movement is really throwing their weight around with how the COVID pandemic treats them right now.

As for Lizzo, I do love stockier and curvier women myself, but I do not like the idea of pushing for making yourself morbidly obese, especially if around 600-800lbs overweight. You can have the option of having a fair amount of fat in your body, as long as you have enough healthy attributes you should attune from daily exercises.

The Final Wakeup Call #conspiracy #fundie #wingnut #magick #ableist finalwakeupcall.info

The Arranger of the Kennedy Murder was Cardinal Spellman of New York

A document from the Vatican secret archives being held by the International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) in Brussels stated that it was mandatory that the Pope and Cardinals participated in Satanic rites.

A Ninth Circle Satanic cult child sacrifice led by Pope Francis Jorge Mario Bergoglio was planned for June 21, 2018 held and performed, as it is the date of the Summer Solstice. Children for this Satanic rite will be supplied by an international child exploitation ring funded by the global elite, enforced by the mafia and organised by the Vatican.

This is not the first time Pope Francis has been accused of raping, or planned rape and murder of children. In July 2014 two adolescent women testified in the ICLCJ-Court, claiming that Pope Francis had raped them during child sacrifice ceremonies in the spring of 2009 and 2010. According to a former employee of the Curie in Rome, the rapes and murders took place at the Carnarvon Castle in Wales and an undisclosed French Chateau. A Prosecutor introduced notarised affidavits from eight others claiming to have witnessed similar crimes.
The hundreds of publications covering Kennedy’s assassination can be reduced to a few simple facts. These lead to the “Lion” in his “Den of Iniquity” who had the power to execute Kennedy’s murder and successfully cover it up. The Lion was Cardinal Spellman of New York and his Den of Iniquity was St. Patricks’ Cathedral, “the Little Vatican”, and home base of the American Branch of the Knights of Malta.
It is known, there were several Knights of Columbus involved in the Kennedy assassination. They were working for the FBI in particular. But the only notable Knight who was involved was Senator Edward Kennedy in that, through his silence, he was consenting to his brother’s murder. Maybe this is what has driven the perpetual Senator from Massachusetts to his destructive alcoholic life?

BeardedLuckDragon and Colonel-Knight-Rider #elitist #ableist #crackpot #dunning-kruger #sexist #wingnut deviantart.com

I think the reason he has 20 watchers is that he simply doesn't have the time for DA like he used to. Once, he was a skillful storyteller. Now, his apparent insanity has driven him to do all sorts of crazy stuff like draw a picture of me being held against my will and getting zapped by a magic laser that turns me into a nonbeliever. Complete with the rushed handwriting of a mental hospital patient.

Yeah, 56% of left wing women are clinically insane, you know on psychotropic drugs. I wonder how many left wing kits and men are on psychotropic drugs?

Probably a higher percentage the further down the extreme side of the continuum they go.
Also, small correction: he got banned from a Discord server that someone from his clique was on, but it wasn't his clique's official Discord server. Discord, not DeviantArt. Got it?