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r/RoevWadeCelebration - “What’s next?”

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Whats next is the banning of contraception and gay marriage. This country is finally walking with god.

( RangerRickReporting )
Thank you! 🥳 It is good to hear another who holds these truths in their heart ❤️ Jesus is King 🙏 and I am so proud this country 🇺🇲 is getting closer to walking alongside the Lord once again

( bobokino )
banning w*men from the internet would be a fire move as well

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Churches That Bless Gay Marriage Victimize Children
(continued from https://fstdt.com/.KW8KSR6YPPJ4 )
Empathy and compassion are required when relating to those who experience same-sex attraction. Our struggling brothers and sisters absolutely deserve our love and friendship. But woe to church leaders who believe themselves to be more tolerant and loving than the God who took three nails for them. Jesus gave no wiggle room when he described a very gendered definition of marriage in Matthew 19:4-5; “a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife,” conspicuously stating that God “made them male and female.”

These denominations are forced to twist and torture the plain teachings of Christ and the church fathers. Paul and other early church leaders were unambiguous about the need for Christians to “flee porneo,” a Greek term that refers to all sex, no matter with whom that sex is enjoyed, outside of male-female marriage. You’ll find unquestionably clear condemnations of homosexual behavior in the Bible’s Romans 1, 1 Cor 5:9-11, Eph 5:5, 1 Tim 1:9-10, Heb. 13:4, Rev 21:8, Rev 22:14-15, 1 Cor 6:9-10.

But these tolerant, accepting ministers aren’t letting pesky tradition nor consistent scripture stop them from basking in the rainbow limelight. Nor will they let natural law—the moral ought derived from nature—stand in their way. They seem to be following the woke Roman Road by “suppressing the truth” about “what has been made.” Most importantly, what has only ever “been made” has been so via male-female unions: children.


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If SCOTUS ends up overturning gay marriage on a federal level, do you all think that would be the catalyst for the LGBT movement to get their shit together again? Since they'd actually have a hill worth dying on.

It's not just marriage. As far as I can tell it's both sex (at least for gay men) and marriage if they were to overturn Lawrence v. Texas as well as Obergefell v. Hodges.

Considering monkeypox (and aids) has shown that gay men won't stop being sex fiends even at risk of disease, the T would be vastly overshadowed in an instant if sex and marriage for the gays were to be struck down. I'd even argue that some of the trans talking points could probably be weaponized against the LGB if someone was so inclined. If men can get pregnant and have vaginas why do you need to be sticking your dick in the ass of another guy?????

Queertardation reaching new levels.

Is it worth dying on? It's basically meaningless for gay people, there's no children unless some help from the opposite sex is involved.

Civil partnerships were that hill and it wasn't enough.

Not to mention that a lot of gay couples don't take it seriously much less so than straight people...they are basically taking the piss out of normality.

I await some salty fag telling me I don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry I already know and yet I still think it.

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Between my work schedule, the headache of covid-19, crazy inflation, the innocent people of Ukraine being murdered, and weekly mass shootings, I've been psychologically worn-out. Then there's my depression at the absurdist reality that there's not enough common-sense in this world to not let a man compete against women in a women's swimming competition. Then there's the fact that I've already covered so many aspects of homofascism from so many different angles already.

I remember the sadness I felt when SCOTUS redefined marriage for the nation. I was sad for the eternal souls of those in the glbt community that would be comforted in their journey to the wrath of God. I have homosexual coworkers that I really care about, and I have to live with the fact that they are on a collision course with the Word of God.

I am so jaded by the evil in this world, that I was stunned to see the Supreme Court get something right for a change. I never thought that I would see justice for the unborn from the highest court in the land.

I can see if a woman or girl has been impregnated without her consent, or her pregnancy will kill her, or incest between minors is involved, or fetal deformity is involved. That's different. But convenience abortion is murder in the eyes of God.

Look how much the glbt community used to love SCOTUS...

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Beauty and the Beast polluted.

I was going to see this movie with my wife until I heard about the homosexuality that was injected into this wonderful children's story.

Who's idea was this? Why did this story have to be altered in this way? If people are really born gay, which is what the glb communty was broadcasting when I was pulled into this conflict, then why do gays keep coming after the hearts and minds of children behind the backs of their parents?

People are getting feed up with homofascism. In a story that brought joy to my heart, a drive-in theater in Alabama actually refused to show this movie due to the homosexual content. People are starting to take a stand. Even I am powering up to begin advertising my blog.

Going after people's children is reprehensible. I can vow not to speak to a person's child about heterosexuality, yet when I challenge a homosexual to match my vow and not speak about homosexuality to a person's child without the conset of that child's parents only one homosexual has.

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RE: Do you would date a Trap?

(Bangkok or bust)
Fuck hell no. They are for faggots.

Boys are turning into traps coz our gynocentric male-bashing society makes them feel evil, contained and bad to be a male.

They are all anti-man agents too. Bring back patriarchy and we won't see such freaks.


If a Trap looks like Sue Lightning, Hunter Schafer or Somik Chan do you ascend with it?

No advantages.

If "she" looks passing and good it is chad only

yes I would fuck a trap
in the head with a baseball bat 100 times to make sure the cunt dies

Guys seem to develop shallow attitudes after "transitioning". Thus they voluntarily forfeit their main potential advantage over real women. So, even if you could, why date someone like that? Just for the dick or ass? Forget about it. Not that you could date them anyway, because they often become just as vain and insufferable as women, if not worse because they make it the core of their identity. Even women might have more personality.


Seems like the userbase consists of faggots

Yet when i said i would fuck a FTM or a black girl, i got called gay

FTM is even worse than MTF
either way the act of fucking a tranny is gay no matter what

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Chickens Hold Controversial 'Fox Story Hour' In Chicken Coop

FARMINGTON, MO—Progressive chickens at Stoodland Farms held a "Fox Storytime Hour" Friday, which some of the older hens considered controversial. During the event, various foxes were invited into the coop to read a story to the young chicks.
A number of hens were reportedly offended by the fox volunteers. "I can't believe what they're teaching our young-uns," said Pecky LeCorn. "I know there are foxes in the world, but to actually invite them into our coop to read to defensless chicks, it's uncheepable!"

Protests aside, LeCorn left her chicks in the care of the fox because she had a feathering appointment and babysitters were so hard to find. She reportedly took one last look and shook her head in dismay as Derrick the Fox read from Foxes Need To Eat Too And That's Perfectly Normal And Beautiful.

Rooster McStavens, an old cluck who loves the little chicks, was insulted that anyone could be so bothered.
"I say now, it's the year 2,022!" he crowed. "Your chicks ain't suddenly going to turn into foxes by hanging out with one! This coop needs to mature, I say. We done livin' in the dark ages, here!"
"Foxes are beautiful!"

At publishing time, all poultry in the coop was torn to shreds. Blood everywhere. Not even the young-uns survived.
To celebrate Pride Month, Mattel has released its first-ever pregnant man doll: Pregnant Ken! You can have all sorts of fun with the clearly MALE Ken doll and his pregnant belly! Available wherever non-gender-specific toys are sold.

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Churches That Bless Gay Marriage Victimize Children
Children are the ultimate victims of the theological battle the progressive church is waging against itself.

he Church of Scotland formally removed itself from the Christian faith last Monday when its authorities voted to permit same-sex unions. They join numerous mainline U.S. denominations in their denouncement of biblical teaching including the Presbyterian Church USA, the Episcopal Church, the United Church of Christ, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, each of which bless gay marriage in the name of Jesus, against his express commands.

Why are these massive denominations ignoring the annals of church antiquity, a history in which the concept of same-sex marriage has never been conceived, let alone affirmed? The answer, as usual, is that empathy for the feels of adults has overridden tradition, scripture, and natural law. Case in point, one Scottish minister prattled about the vote: “I’ve seen the heartbreak of those in same-sex relationships in our congregations who are unable to marry in their home church, devout Christians though they are.”


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Harvey Milk was a pedophile. He only dated underage runaway boys, he did not want 'Gay Marriage' because he did not want to pay money or compensate when he threw out his boys that got 'too old.'

The Deep state wanted him pushing gay marriage, but he refused and wanted the pedophile agenda- he was killed. They used his death to push Feinstein into power.

The Gay community publically rejected the pedophile movement in 1980, and became the targeted focus of the AIDS agenda.

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For the past few days, I’ve been doing very major clearings around LGBTQ+ and Dark Sophia. LGBTQ+ is a breeding pit of Succubus/Incubus demons, I found a Dark Queen deep down the Succubus pit, cleared it, then the monks washed the pit with their water. The pit is completely gone. This massive clearing creates a vacuum.

Fatherhood is the polar opposite of LGBTQ+ and Dark Sophia, and thus, is the perfect angle to restructure the vacuum.

I call for everyone to focus on restoring and cleansing fatherhood, particularly in the USA, Mexico and Europe, during the next few days.

On a separate note, shapeshifters have been very active the past few days. I just found a very impressive shapeshifter stronghold with giant stone golem, mounted black knights, mages and all kinds of other medieval-type units. They were organizing for their next wave of attack.

These were very powerful, I haven’t seen those mounted black knights around here yet. At least 5 of them can handle a small planet like ours on their own. They can turn the entire planet black with a single blast.

I cleared the entire stronghold, and we need to make sure those knights and warlords are completely gone. We may need to track them. They were planning to attack in about 3 days. Now their attack flopped but let’s be pro-active on this one.

One way that shapeshifters attack is by giving you stuff. This pattern happened to several people. They start giving heavily-corrupted stones or jewelry to you and people around you, leaving their stuff in your home, cluttering your space with backdoors. Then they infiltrate and attack once you’re weakened enough. They take the time to plan their attacks.
Then, I just saw that my mother and sister have been taken out and replaced by shapeshifters. Unfortunately. There really isn’t much I can do here.

The losses are sour, but we’re moving forward stronger than ever. There is still a long road ahead! Let’s start with Fatherhood.
<money beg for prayer team Buddhist monks again here>

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“The Family Is Certainly at the Center of the Globalists’ Attack” – Archbishop Vigano on the New World Order – Part II
By Joe Hoft

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, a fearless opponent of the New World Order, where human rights are discounted and sacrificed for those in power, was interviewed recently by Attorney Reiner Füllmich.

We previously reported on Part I of this interview.
Today was have Part II of the interview:
Below are some key thoughts coming from Archbishop Vigano’s interview with attorney Reiner Füllmich.

* ...the authors of the pandemic farce are the same people who today would like to push the world towards a total war and a permanent energy crisis.
* False accusations are one of the means used by those who want to eliminate an adversary whom they fear and cannot fight fairly.
* Even the recent Russian-Ukrainian crisis significantly finds the globalist elite, NATO, the American deep state, the European Union, the World Economic Forum, the entire media machine, and the Vatican all aligned on the same side. Putin’s intervention in Ukraine is considered a threat to the New World Order that must be neutralized even at the cost of a global conflict.
* ...the Ukrainian crisis was deliberately provoked by the deep state in order to force the world to carry out the Great Reset reforms, in particular the so-called “technological transition” and the “green shift.” It is the second stage of the globalist technocrat coup, after the pandemic farce.
* Without a crisis, how could the increase in the price of gas and petrol be imposed as an instrument to force companies and individuals to make the famous “ecological transition” that no one has ever voted for and that has been imposed by bureaucrats who are enslaved by the elite?
* ...the ideological – and infernal – purposes of the elite make use of the complicity of economic potentates whose aims are merely to make profit.
* The family is certainly at the center of the globalists’ attack.
* striking at the family leads indefectibly to the dissolution of the social body, which by nature is incapable of replacing the role of the family.
There is much more below in the transcript from the interview.

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It’s about damn time that someone started talking about banning faggots, and staging a rebellion against this false Republic which tells us we all have to accept “anal marriage.”

It’s time to cast off the shackles!

It’s time for a real leader to rise!

"“Homosexuality is an abnormal lifestyle choice,” it reads, a statement that is not in the 2020 platform.""

It’s more than abnormal – it’s evil and satanic, and these people need to be thrown off of roofs. Tie their hands behind their backs with a piece of old cord, and heave them over.

Period. End of story. Roof the rump rangers.

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Section 3 includes the worst questions of all to ask 11-13 year-olds. These required questions invade students’ medical privacy and normalize things that no child should be thinking about, much less acting on. The question about talking to a “supportive adult” means a pro-LGBT person who can “counsel” them without their parents’ knowledge.

The questions about anxiety and depression are purposely meant to lead the child to think in that direction, and seek “help” from the school – often in the form of pro-LGBT counseling. This has led to terrible consequences.

The questions about sexuality similarly lead the child to think he is out of step if he is not engaging in sexual activities.

Mentioning “PrEP” (an HIV-preventative drug, which the survey incorrectly writes as PREP) will surely lead to curiosity about homosexual sex practices (and the belief that it can be safely engaged in). And mention of “dental dams” is intended to normalize oral sex.

Note that "competent health care" means health care "that can help you understand your identity" - i.e., accepts the radical LGBT ideology regarding children.

It should be no surprise that so many young children are falling into transgenderism, anal and oral sex, and other terrible behaviors. This is a window into the extreme and very destructive agenda being pushed on young children in their schools that parents and the public rarely see.

We have much more to present from our inside sources. In order to stop this carnage, it’s necessary to know what’s happening behind the scenes and where it’s coming from.

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Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and Republic Rebel Alliance battlefront (June 2022). I am attaching photos of their Illuminati NWO New Age Wicca witch pedophile cannibal Satanist Pedogate Pizzagate “White House Pizza Night” LGBTPB (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transvestite Pedophile Bestiality) orgy child sex magick “bisexual Draco chimera” “quadsexual Pleiadian nephilim” “multisexual Mantis” “hermaphrodite Pleiadian fallen angel” spirit cooking ritual nephilim & chimera alien incarnate avatar globalist elites’ UNICEF Ball with all their satanic devilish costumes. The Western feminist nations’ “uncovered women’s heads fallen angel head controlled” religious Christian hordes worship these pedophile cannibal reptilian hybrid people as their gods and idols and mentors and role models and political leaders and heroes. This is why there is something seriously wrong with the heads of these 200 million American religious Christian hordes and other Western feminist nations’ fake Christians. Repent and receive Jesus as Savior, and make straight the way of the Lord! End of transmission
The reptilian hybrid pedophile
cannibal Satanist elite infiltrators inside BitChute are sabotaging the videos exposing the truth, and promoting their own Satanists’ ludicrous ridiculous stupid videos that keep the Western feminist nations’ “Bible redefining women’s head coverings rebelling fallen angel head controlled” religious Christian hordes’ attention on dumb issues. <...> God does not need 200 million American religious Christian hordes who are walking around with naked women’s heads and cross-dressing in men’s trousers to entertain Satan Lucifer and his fallen angels, but God can use one real Christian to banzai charge the devil and his kingdom and destroy it before we leave at the rapture. More the glory to God.

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(A very conservative Christian reviews Rebel without a Cause, ignores all the gay subtext, and thinks it is an ode to tradition. Some choice selections from his review.)


At the station, Jim’s parents arrive and the first theme of the family comes into focus with the presentation of a mother who overly protects and a father who wants to be little more than a pal. The proper order of the household is thereby reversed, and, as the story unfolds, it’s clear that Jim grasps its effects. Fathers who are not authorities and bulwarks of strength produce wayward kids, though, notably, kids in search of the fathers they don’t have, as mirrored in the other characters of Jim’s age whom he slowly gets to know: Judy (Natalie Wood) who desperately wants her father to love and protect her, and Plato (Sal Mineo) who sees Jim as the father he has never known. Left to themselves for a brief time in a deserted mansion, the three fall into the roles of the father (Jim), mother (Judy), and son (Plato), which they yearn to see in their own fractured homes.

The second theme emerges in a high school field trip to a planetarium, where the students view an “educational” film about the beginning and ultimate annihilation of life on planet earth, or, as we might now say, the gospel according to Carl Sagan. As the students sit in the dark, the planetarium director coolly narrates the inevitable fate that awaits them all in a world “destroyed as we began in a burst of gas and fire.”


It’s a wonder he didn’t add, “Have a nice day.”


The title of what has become his most famous film may appear an appropriate epitaph for the life Dean led, but the film itself should banish the misconception, even as it teaches a few lessons that, sadly, still need to be inwardly digested by a society that has tenaciously resisted them. That’s another way of saying that James Dean was a rebel with a cause that needs to be ours.

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The post that especially incensed the Leftists was this, in which Dinsmoor insinuated that he would protest an upcoming “Pride Parade” in Anacortes, WA.

When Leftists began to point to it as proof of his intention to harm participants, Tyler clarified that, if he were to go, it would be to distribute flyers.

The post that especially incensed the Leftists was this, in which Dinsmoor insinuated that he would protest an upcoming “Pride Parade” in Anacortes, WA.

Some of Tyler’s other posts asserted that sodomites deserve the death penalty. This sounds harsh, but it is indisputably rooted in Scripture. [Leviticus 20:13]

Oak Harbor Detective Sgt. Jennifer Gravel, in her report quoted in the Whidbey News-Times article, slandered Tyler as a “racist,” “sexist,” and “anti-Semite.” Gravel, echoing Chief Dresker, wrote that Dinsmoor is “an extreme risk to the public.” Again, she noted that he owns firearms. She recommended that Tyler be ordered to submit to a psychological evaluation.

This illustrates the Regime’s accelerating conflation of speech with violence. Referring to a citizen’s protected First Amendment speech and religious practice as “violent” while repeatedly mentioning firearm ownership is the insidious logic underpinning Red Flag Laws.

For the crime of being a White Christian and posting scripture with some spicy (but legal) commentary, Tyler Dinsmoor is being held in county jail on an astronomically high $1,000,000 bail. He is being held in solitary confinement.

[From his own link: https://www.whidbeynewstimes.com/news/oak-harbor-man-with-history-of-homophobic-posts-arrested-on-1-million-bail/

“It wasn’t the online comments that led to arrest, however, but a homophobic threat he allegedly yelled at a North Whidbey woman on June 14, a police report states.”]

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To Christians

(continued from https://fstdt.com/2CWPLJ$5_Y7F )
And the big question is: why do you let the world define what's right to do? What will be "accepted" or not? What is "hate" or not? This defense of inaction completely undermines who Christ is and what God is able to do. Such cowardice should make us tremble. For God would not only be with us if we tried to talk some sense into the world, He is just as able to judge each Christian and the society we live in for our disloyalty and cold-heartedness. I believe right now, He is doing just exactly that.

The moral decline in our world--the violent images that are the daily bread of our children, the school shootings, the acceptable treason of our elected leaders--will not stop until the Church is willing to be politically incorrect and cry out loudly in protest to proclaim what is good, instead of meekly retreating in the face of evil. With all the hope that is in the Gospel, why do so many remain silent?

We win the argument in the end, of course. Homosexuality will eventually be seen for the lie it is, a lie against all that God created a person to be; a lie about how people are best to love and relate to one another; a lie of omission about the health hazards involved, the sinful origins of homosexual desire and the real possibility of change. It will be seen for a lie that invalidated the authenticity of Scripture for many, leading them to believe in false gods and goddesses, creating worship of a "Jesus" that does not exist. They will realize that the defenders of homosexuality were wolves masked by this false worship, leading many of Christ's sheep to be fed in fields fertile with enticing poison.

But it will be too late for America as we know it when "experts" and "authorities"--and even the Church's leaders--finally realize their error. My fear is that we've already crossed a line where Pandora's box cannot be closed. These practices are well-established already in the lives of many teens and young adults, and we are soon to live in a society of sexual barbarians where all types of unspeakable practices are accepted.


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Police on Saturday stopped a U-Haul in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and arrested 31 people inside who police say have ties to a hate group. No weapons were found. The charge was “conspiracy to riot” near a Gay Pride parade. Now there’s a fuzzy shadow-language crime if I’ve ever heard of one. Look for this to disappear into ether.
What’s the first thing police do when they arrest, let’s say, a home invader wearing a ski mask? Duh, they take the mask off. They also remove anything like gloves, sunglasses, etc. No hat removal here though, not even to check for hidden items or contraband.

Police had their perps kneel down with their faces hidden. Strange that they didn’t pull their masks down when they put them in cuffs. It almost looks like they want to keep these glowworms, well, undercover.

Why would they all already have masks on in the back of a dark truck where nobody could see them? And wearing sunglasses in a dark U-Haul? Don’t see how that combines.
It honestly takes a special person to allow themselves to be locked in the back of a hot dark truck with 30 other special agents — I mean grown men.

With country spiraling toward Sub-Zero induced Americazuela insolvency, there sure are way too many resources being spent on nonsense like this.

Look at their completely straight posture with not one person hunched over. Look how clean all their boots are. Look how nobody looks the least bit distraught about being arrested. You can see the police smiling and talking with the offenders like they’re all homeboys. That’s a whole lot of coincidences.
It’s all theater. Glowfest 2022 style. This glows so bright, it’s no wonder they let them keep wearing the shades and masks.

What did they even do that’s illegal? You can’t gather and demonstrate now?

What can they charge them with besides seatbelt violations? Even if the mode of transport in a U-Haul is absurd, you can’t go to a gay pride event wearing matching Reclaim America shirts and have some basic shield protection?

texas Republicans #wingnut #homophobia #transphobia #conspiracy reuters.com

Texas Republicans declare Biden election illegitimate, despite evidence

WASHINGTON, June 19 (Reuters) - Republicans in Texas formally rejected President Joe Biden's election in 2020 as illegitimate and voted in a state-wide convention that wrapped up this weekend on a party platform that calls homosexuality an "abnormal lifestyle choice."

The party's embrace of unfounded electoral fraud allegations in a bedrock Republican state came as a bipartisan congressional committee seeks to definitively and publicly debunk the false idea that Biden did not win the election.

Biden received 7 million more votes than rival Donald Trump. Biden also received 306 votes from the Electoral College, more than the 270 needed to win.

The congressional committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol is building a case that Trump's efforts to overturn his defeat in the 2020 presidential election -- including by denying he lost -- amounted to conspiracy to illegally hold onto power. read more

Trump, the 45th U.S. president, has denied any wrongdoing.

"We reject the certified results of the 2020 presidential election, and we hold that acting President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was not legitimately elected by the people of the United States," the Texas party said in a resolution, passed in a voice vote at its convention.

Texas is a major player in U.S. national politics, with 38 electoral votes, the second highest after California. Voters there have backed Republican presidents for the past four decades.

The White House had no comment.

According to a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, about two-thirds of Republicans believe the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Trump. State and federal judges dismissed more than 50 lawsuits brought by Trump and his allies challenging the election while reviews and audits found no evidence of widespread fraud.


Bishop Robert J. McManus #homophobia #fundie thehill.com

Bishop says school flying BLM, LGBTQ flags can no longer call itself Catholic

“The flying of these flags in front of a Catholic school sends a mixed, confusing and scandalous message to the public about the Church’s stance on these important moral and social issues,” Bishop Robert J. McManus of the Diocese of Worcester wrote Thursday in an official decree.

A Massachusetts middle school may no longer describe itself as Catholic after refusing to lower a Black Lives Matter flag and an LGBTQ+ Pride flag, a local bishop has declared.

Bishop Robert J. McManus on Thursday said the Nativity School of Worcester, a tuition-free middle school for boys from low-income families, is prohibited from identifying as a Catholic School over its decision to fly the flags, which he said in April represented ideologies that are inconsistent with Catholic beliefs.

“The flying of these flags in front of a Catholic school sends a mixed, confusing and scandalous message to the public about the Church’s stance on these important moral and social issues,” McManus wrote Thursday in an official decree.

Catholic mass, sacraments and sacramentals are no longer permitted to be celebrated on Nativity School grounds and the school is longer allowed to participate in fundraising involving other institutions in the Diocese of Worcester, McManus wrote in his decree, which is effective immediately.

The name of Bishop Emeritus Daniel P. Reilly must also be removed from a list of the school’s board of trustees.

“As Diocesan Bishop, it is my sacred duty and inherent responsibility to determine when a school claiming to be ‘Catholic’ is acting in such a way that is contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church,” McManus wrote. “Despite my insistence that the school administration remove these flags because of the confusion and the properly theological scandal that they do and can promote, they refuse to do so. This leaves me no other option but to take canonical action.”

In an open letter published by the Diocese of Worcester in May, McManus wrote that the flags flown at the Nativity School “embody specific agendas” that “contradict Catholic social and moral teaching,” warning that the school would be stripped of its Catholic identity if it continued to display the flags.


SwytheQ #homophobia #dunning-kruger archive.ph

Chris Evans recently called anyone who questions the gay kiss scene in Disney's recent bombing family movie "Lightyear" an idiot who will "die off like dinosaurs."

Statistically, the dinosaurs died off because there were not enough of them to survive through the extinction. If they would have reproduced more (and some did), they would not have "died off like dinosaurs."

That act requires male and female. It also requires guarding offspring and social behavior to maximize success. Guess what that means?

Any biology course would have explained that. They seems to have taken that out of Art School.

Disney's initial instincts to remove the scene was correct. Listening to woke has cost them $70,000,000. What is funny is how they push this as "censorship" when the movie was supposed to be about Buzz, not his new lesbian side character.

Rhetorically, I know its social engineering by psychopaths and psychotics, Why do they do this? Forcing the least organic characters into the lead role? Its not hip, or rebellious. Its not because it its Disney, the largest media company in history. They ARE the man, and by that position, cannot "rebel." A king cannot revolt against himself (except for Sheogorath).

Linda Harvey #homophobia #fundie missionamerica.com

To Christians

The conflict in our culture over homosexuality is heating up at an astonishing pace. The battle now needs to be waged on many fronts simultaneously: in the media, in our schools, in the courts, on campus, and within the medical profession. Most tragically of all, the battle over sexuality threatens to divide Christianity as nothing has since the Reformation.

It is in this last arena where I entered the fight to begin with, and where I believe our central focus should be. We are in a fight to determine who we are created to be. God is our Creator, so the battlefield always ends up at the foot of the cross.

So why isn't this issue of immediate concern to more confessing Christians? Homosexual activists and their allies are, in case one hasn't noticed, the torch-carriers for a movement to destroy biblically-oriented Christianity and its positive influence on our culture. They won't be able to reinvent Christianity, of course. Christ's authentic Church of true believers will remain steadfast even if we're stripped of all we have in this world. But they could destroy our culture. The bigger point is, how will Christians account to God for how we responded to this challenge, and the people whose souls, health and lives could have been salvaged?

I am increasingly convinced that much of the Church will have a lot of explaining to do. Why did most pastors allow evil to be "sold" to our young people with barely a whimper of protest? Why did you allow this tragic behavior to become a chic cause celebre in the media without trying to take a stand against it? Why did you let seminaries teach this blasphemy? Why did you spend little or no time in the pulpit dealing with this and all the related sexuality issues - promiscuity, pornography, adultery, fornication - sins that are tearing apart the families and personal lives of even Bible-confessing Christians? Why did you constantly decry "political involvement" when this is a deeply moral issue, one for which there are ready arguments to be made in the public square had more Christian leaders been willing to make them?


PsalmSevenBooks #homophobia #transphobia deviantart.com

[There’s much more to this one. Archived here.]

During Pride month, Christians are required to say no to some things. We can’t participate in sin (Eph. 5:11) nor can we celebrate evil (1 Cor. 13:6). So you may be accused of being “anti” everything. These are moments it’s helpful to remember that anytime you say “no” to one thing, it’s because you’re saying “yes” to something else. Something better.

When we say “no” to doing whatever you want sexually, it’s because we are saying “yes” to virtue, discipline, delayed gratification, and the satisfaction and intimacy that comes from forming relationships God’s way. When we say “no” to the idea that boys can become girls, we are saying “yes” to finding our created purpose. When we say “no” surrogacy so that a child can be placed with two dads, it’s because we are saying “yes” to each child to be known and loved by both their parents. When we say “no” to bad ideas, it’s because we’re saying “yes” to better ideas. Every time.

Robert Stacy McCain #homophobia #dunning-kruger theothermccain.com

“They had both grown up without a family. Rachel’s mom kicked her out at 14 for being a lesbian. Laurel had bounced from home to home after her father and brother died in a car accident when she was 3.”

Of course, there is no certain combination of circumstances that automatically lead to someone becoming homosexual, but as I’ve often said, there’s always a backstory. Back in the heyday of Freudian “talk therapy,” analysts often focused on their patients’ relationship with their parents as the best clues to the origin of their emotional problems, and there was extensive research about the correlations between certain disorders and various childhood factors. From this research emerged a number of observations about developmental patterns. For example, it was observed that the male homosexual was typically the son of a so-called “smother mother” household — “too much closeness to mother and a distant negative relationship with father.” We are no longer permitted to notice such patterns, apparently because any curiosity about the “why” of sexual deviance threatens the self-esteem of deviants.

So the fact that Rachel and her younger brother are both homosexuals, and that their parents divorced when they were young, is not something we can explore from the perspective of developmental psychology. Why? Because this might hurt their feelings. This quasi-therapeutic attitude of protecting the allegedly fragile self-esteem of Victims of Society is what justifies the Compulsory Approval Doctrine. We are supposed to believe that homosexuals are delicate creatures, emotional weaklings who are just one insult away from committing suicide, and therefore everyone must constantly applaud them for their courage.

Saudi Arabia #homophobia #fundie theguardian.com

Toy Story spin-off Lightyear will not be released in Saudi Arabia due to the inclusion of a same-sex kiss, the latest in a string of Hollywood films that have been banned in the Middle East over LGBTQ+ content

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the scene in question involved a space ranger called Alisha (voiced by Uzo Aduba) and her partner who greet each other with a kiss on the lips. Variety reports that Lightyear was not submitted to censors in Saudi Arabia, as it was anticipated it would not pass due to the country’s total prohibition of same-sex relationships. However, the Pixar film was submitted to censors in the comparatively more liberal United Arab Emirates, but the film’s licence was revoked after complaints on social media[…]
Lightyear’s problems in the Middle East are the latest in a string of difficulties faced by films containing LGBTQ+ content in the region

commerce ministry of saudi arabia #homophobia #fundie bbc.com

Saudi authorities seize rainbow toys for promoting homosexuality

Authorities in Saudi Arabia have been seizing rainbow-coloured toys and children's clothing, which they claim encourage homosexuality, state TV says.

An Al-Ekhbariya report showed commerce ministry officials removing a range of items from shops in the capital Riyadh.

They included hair clips, pop-its, t-shirts, hats and pencil cases.

One official said the items "contradict the Islamic faith and public morals, and promote homosexual colours targeting the younger generation".

The commerce ministry tweeted separately that its teams were confiscating "products that contain symbols and signs calling for deviation and contradicting common sense".

Shops found to be selling them would face legal penalties, it added.

In December, authorities in neighbouring Qatar announced that they had confiscated rainbow-coloured pop-its and other toys from shops for "bearing slogans that go against Islamic values".

Although Sunni Muslim-ruled Saudi Arabia has no laws regarding sexual orientation or gender identity, sexual relations outside marriage, including homosexual sex, are strictly prohibited.

Under the country's interpretation of Islamic law, consensual same-sex sexual conduct is punishable by death or flogging, depending on the perceived seriousness of the case.

It is also illegal for men to "behave like women" or to wear women's clothes, and vice versa, and for anyone to carry out online activity impinging on "public order, religious values, public morals, and privacy".

In April, cinemas in the kingdom did not screen the film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness after Disney refused a request from Saudi authorities to cut what they called "LGBTQ references".

A source close to Disney told AFP news agency on Tuesday that its new animated film Lightyear, which features a same-sex kiss, had also been banned in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi officials have not yet confirmed such a move, but the kingdom's two main cinema chains are not advertising screenings.


Moe Bedard the Gnostic Warrior #magick #conspiracy #homophobia #wingnut gnosticwarrior.com

The homosexual sex magick event I write about above would go down in official history as the main ceremony to bring about the golden age of Satanism in the Western World. A self-proclaimed Antichrist, Crowley evoked admiration, and to this day, even reverence as the de facto King of a liberal generation of wayward youth and counterculture adults.
But where Crowley was successful in helping to spawn a whole generation of Crowlites, both knowingly and unknowingly, who have unleashed holy hell upon the earth. One of his most notable contributions to the modern Western world was his emphasis on liberal sexuality, both homosexual and heterosexual, and his black magick rituals that “some Satanists” (not all) emulate all around the globe.

For example, in 2013, an ex-gay porn star who gave up his career in 1999 and became a Christian and author had come out of the closet about the dangers of anal sex and the occult rituals. Joseph Sciambra has detailed the story on his blog and Youtube channel over the last decade gaining worldwide media attention on his views against gay sex, the occult, and the porn industry.

He cites Aleister Crowley in his theory, saying “devil that would be given birth to anally—not physically more of a spiritual body.”

Many of Joseph Sciambra’s recent videos also oppose the Roman Catholic Churches modern views of homosexuality and acceptance of the LGBT community. He gives a long list of reasons not to have anal sex claiming its connection to the devil: “I do believe that it creates a doorway literally into the demonic into the supernatural […] I think it does release demonic entities.”

Let me add that Sciambra had to have his sphincter sewn shut at one point.

Maybe the Great Beast’s black magick rituals and demon semen has helped bring about the current Apocalypse of cancer, sodomites, and plague (COVID) Crowley had worked so hard for.

Yes, it is like that.

I’m sure Crowley, The Great Beast is couldn’t be more Proud and is laughing in his grave.

Kingston clan #fundie #racist #elitist #homophobia splcenter.org

Jessica Kingston[…]remembered[…]her Sunday school teacher coming into class with a bucket of water and a vial of black food coloring[…]
“The teacher was like, ‘You can never get that out, that is always there now’”[…]
Black people supposedly suffered from multiple scriptural curses, from the mark of Cain and Noah’s curse on Ham in the Old Testament to the racist tenets of early Mormonism[…]
Black blood was “the worst thing you can have,” Jessica said, particularly since the Kingstons consider themselves to be the whitest of the white, descended directly from Jesus Christ and King David[…]
Ex-Order members tell of a reputed church prophecy of an “End of the World War,” an apocalyptic vision that foresees a bloody race war with the Kingstons as the ultimate victors[…]
Kingstons command an estimated 6,000 adherents, boast a business empire reportedly worth as much as $1 billion[…]
A stern disciplinarian, who in later years looked and dressed like a mortician, [John] Ortell made incest a tenet of the clan’s faith, informed by his work breeding Holstein cows[…]
In order to maintain his family’s “superior bloodlines,” Ortell married and had children with two of his half-sisters and two nieces[…]
Control of The Order then passed to Ortell’s well-educated son Paul Kingston[…]
Another of Ortell’s teachings: Adolf Hitler had the right idea about creating a master race, but didn’t have the Lord’s help[…]
Being taught end-time prophecies, with a “cleansing” wherein the streets of Salt Lake City would run red with blood[…]
Another of the cult’s teachings was that soy can make you gay[…]
Don’t the infant deaths and tales of horrific deformities belie Ortell’s homespun eugenics?

Scott remembered that Ortell had an answer[…]
“Something along the lines of, to build a superhuman, if you have four or five defects to get the one good one, it’s worth it”

Gaybullingisreal #homophobia gaybullyingitisreal.wordpress.com

One thing queers really know how to do is to bully other people. Very few homosexuals actually want to get “married” but when they do, the first thing they do is go out and find a Christian bakery and demand they make a cake to celebrate this travesty of marriage. They just want to impose their own warped ideas on others and force participation. If they can bankrupt a business run by good, decent normal people they will be jumping up and down with glee.
Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer. lied atrociously, claiming that a refusal caused them to suffer physical harm including “depression, hysteria, impaired digestion, weight gain …” Rubbish! They are greedy and wanted to get the enormous financial damages awarded under a rotten law.

The Kleins were subjected to a homo-fascist mob that boycotted their business, threatened other wedding vendors and subjected their young children to death threats.

James Howard Kunstler #homophobia #transphobia #dunning-kruger #fundie kunstler.com

Do any of the mommies who bring their children to the drag queen story hour present themselves in public as women the way the drag queens do? As, above all, sexually super-available? Would, say, the Palo Alto mommy of a five-year-old pause to twerk in the frozen food section of the supermarket on any given afternoon? In that context, what might be the reaction of other mommies shopping for hot pockets and Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby?

Five-year-old children generally have no idea what adult sexuality is about. Should perhaps their first exposure to a realm so fraught and complex that many adults do not understand it be the presentation of women as monsters? And why are the mommies so avid for their children to be introduced to sexuality this way? Are some of the children perceptive and astute enough to suspect that drag queens on display are not really women? That, for instance, they might be… men? (A beard can be a give-away.) And might they take that thought a step or two further and ask themselves: why does this man want to pretend to be a monster-woman? Why doesn’t he want to be a daddy? Are mommies monsters? Can they turn into something like this when I’m not around? Are daddies who try to act like mommies monsters?

Of course, we have not begun to probe what might animate a man to present himself to the world as a monstrous parody of a woman. Suffice it to say that such behavior suggests some complicated psychodynamics. And why, exactly, are they suddenly on-display so extravagantly now across the country, supposedly for the edification of children? I’ll tell you why: It’s not actually for the sake of the children. The children are just pawns in what is actually a national political psychodrama. Or rather, they are hostages.

Jonathon Van Maren #fundie #homophobia #transphobia #dunning-kruger lifesitenews.com

“The events of the past weekend were horrifying and show a disturbing trend in which perverted adults are obsessed with sexualizing young children,” Slaton wrote in a statement. “As a father of two young children, I would never take my children to a drag show and I know Speaker Dan Phelan and the rest of my Republican colleagues wouldn’t either.”

California State Senator Scott Wiener, an open homosexual who represents San Francisco, tweeted out Slaton’s statement with a proposal of his own: “This guy just gave me a bill idea: Offering Drag Queen 101 as part of the K-12 curriculum. Attending Drag Queen Story Time will satisfy the requirement.”

Don’t think for a moment that Wiener is joking, either. Recent laws championed by Wiener include a 2017 bill to reduce the crime of knowingly exposing a sexual partner to HIV without disclosing the infection — previously a felony — to misdemeanour status. This change in law also applied to HIV-positive people who donate blood without informing the blood bank of their status. In 2020, Wiener sponsored another bill—signed by Governor Gavin Newsom — requiring California to imprison men who identify as women in female prisons. The view of the women locked up with these usually violent criminals is of no account to dangerous ideologues like Wiener, of course.

JustBelieveMe #fundie #homophobia disqus.com

No one is homophobic lol right is right wrong is wrong I call myself out on anything I do that is wrong and I’ll call anyone else out on anything else that’s wrong acts of sodomy is wrong lol man on man is wrong woman on woman is wrong prophet lot wife was destroyed because she went along with society in seeing nothing wrong with what was going on. And she was destroyed she didn’t partake in homosexual acts but she deemed it as being nothing wrong with it and she was destroyed. Wrong is wrong right is right. You can justify it all you want but homosexuality is wrong and goes against human nature.

Robert Oscar Lopez #homophobia americanthinker.com

By 2015, the deterioration of language was far-reaching. I participated in the legal efforts to resist the redefinition of family because I knew that every child has a mother and father, somewhere, even if one or both are in the grave. The only possession with which a child is naturally born, in fact, is his relationship to the man and woman from whose flesh he was conceived. Court after court brushed aside this commonsense reality and instead lost its train of thought in bizarre word definitions.

Robert Oscar Lopez #transphobia #homophobia americanthinker.com

"It gets better" is Orwellian. Most youths who begin a homosexual or transgender lifestyle will see their living conditions worsen. As they get older and adult demands weigh on them, they suffer from more health problems and an unsupportive LGBT community. LGBT networks reward them for joining by pulling them into needlessly stressful debates and unstable relationships. The slogan was aimed at young people, whose age afforded them the support of patient schools, families, and communities, which will no longer see them as babes to care for when they become adults and realize how cold and harsh the LGBT scene really is. The campaign commissioned aging LGBTs to speak via internet to impressionable teens and pre-teens, in essence imposing gross assumptions on them and lying to them about how happy gay and trans adults felt.

Nokidscel, BK-ash #fundie #homophobia #kinkshaming reddit.com

ISIS is based
gays are degenerate pedos, non penile-vaginal sex is a sin and should be punished greatly
Death to sexual freedom

If you see it that way, no matter if its the muslims, the russians or the chinese who conquere us things stand to improve really

Russians allow deviancy, so do Chinese, Muslims are the only based ones except they are mongrels so they would want to mix everyone and if they do conquer us many non muslim men will be incels because because of shit islamic rule that only male muslims can intermarry with non muslims
I hate all three I want to start a new culture

BK-ash: Absolutely based, I'd unironically join ISIS if killing people wasnt haram

Michael Hoffman #wingnut #homophobia #racist #conspiracy revisionistreview.blogspot.com

have been asked to comment on the tempest in a teapot here in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho concerning the preemptive detention of thirty-one “white nationalist” so-called “Patriot Front” members on June 11, which has been reported across America and throughout the western world.

The players arrested fall into the category of (mostly) unconscious servants of the Leftist-Soviet imperium which is rapidly developing in the U.S. These "extras" from Central Casting help to Sovietize America by acting parts in the Cryptocracy’s script, like the patsies in Michigan ("Wolverine Watchmen") who were lured into the FBI’s plot to kidnap the Democratic governor of that state.

Apparently there is an endless supply of useful idiots and patsies willing to act out the Federal government's entrapment theatre, thereby further empowering the Far Left change agents who conspire to paint Idaho as a white racist redoubt (only one of those arrested was an Idaho resident), and further empower the LGBTQ ideology. They succeeded on both counts.
However, the nature of these government-infiltrated patsy groups is such that they operate at a level that is one magnitude above mental retardation. The Patriot Front is not anitfa. I suspect the members of the "Front" have zero legal resources.
Why does the Cryptocracy target north Idaho with these charades? Because we are a Christian Constitutionalist demographic and overwhelmingly so.

Ours is not a racist region. It is a place where Americans of all races are welcome to come and enjoy freedom to home school or enroll their children in multiple charter and private Christians academies. We are a state highly resistant to mask and vaccination mandates. We do not appreciate interdiction by Soviet-style bureaucrats who have made life miserable for freedom-seeking Christian families in places such as New York, Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles.

Linda Harvey #transphobia #homophobia missionamerica.com

GLSEN Donated Books Will Corrupt Children at School

Everyone loves presents, right? Well maybe not all of them. There are some materials being donated in recent months to schools that should be packed up and returned immediately.

The homosexual group GLSEN, the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network, has a new project to send collections of books to as many schools as possible, and these books will not be Little Women or The Little Engine that Could. They call it the “Rainbow Library” but of course, their version of celebrating a rainbow is not a blessing and covenant from God but the opposite—defying God’s word by confusing and corrupting impressionable children about gender and homosexuality.

Here's what GLSEN writes about this effort, that “...Across 28 states and 3,600 schools, GLSEN has sent books that center the voices of queer authors of color and voices of trans and nonbinary authors.” GLSEN goes on to say that these books reflect the “feelings and fears” of “queer childhood.” Queer childhood?

This kind of predatory thinking is exactly why the Florida Parental Rights Bill passed and exactly why we need a similar bill here in Ohio.

It’s heartbreaking that a number of schools may have already accepted GLSEN’s books, which come in sets of 10 for various ages groups. And if you caught it in their statement, GLSEN continues the effort to latch onto the coattails of the race movement with as many book characters of color as possible, so these books are included in “diversity, equity and inclusion” goals.

GLSEN somehow still maintains the deception that such books can literally “save kids’ lives.” No--It’s quite the opposite when children are fast-tracked into body and life-destroying behaviors.

GLSEN claims there are 800 schools on their waitlist and they just need more donations. I am truly hoping this is not true and is just a fundraising ploy but the radical educators out there may usher these books into your school.


Illinois Family Institute #homophobia #wingnut joemygod.blogspot.com

[Illinois Family Institute encouraging parents to pull their children out of classes headed by gay or liberal teachers]

1-Parents can go to their middle school and/or high school websites and find out which teachers sponsor gay and straight alliances and liberal political activist groups (e.g. AWARE).

2- Parents can also ask what texts will be taught or used (e.g. The Chocolate War, Fat Kid Rules the World, Angels in America, The Laramie Project, or The People’s History of the United States) by a particular teacher. Parents should ask for the reading list for the entire year. Teachers who have a reasonable degree of respect for the values and beliefs of all parents will not have highly controversial texts on either required or recommended reading lists.

3- If parents have children who have already gone through the school or have already completed a year or more, they should ask those children and/or their friends or friends’ parents which teachers are known for bringing their politics into the classroom or who displays a “Safe Space” sticker, the inverted pink triangle, the rainbow flag, or the lower case Greek letter “lambda” on their desk, classroom door, or wall. Students usually know who the liberal, activist teachers are. Liberal teachers develop reputations, often as the “cool” teachers.

Various Commenters #wingnut #sexist #homophobia gettr.com

Look what Governor DeSantis did to Disney when they tried to groom children

Now imagine his response to companies that want to push for unlimited abortion rights in Florida

Tread carefully, woke companies

MSM and Hollywood have spent decades foisting a massive case of Self-Effacing Solution Personality Disorder on the populous. Wokism = abuse of those suffering from SELF-EFFACING SOLUTION PERSONALITY DISORDER!

Whooo hooo! Bring it!!! Planned Parenthood is simply a baby killing, body parts trafficking donor for the Democrat party. And we fund it! Destroy Planned Parenthood, they are a scam. They are not “women’s healthcare”, they are about abortion.


Linda Harvey #fundie #homophobia #transphobia missionamerica.com

How Homosexual Friends Can Influence Our Kids
(continued from https://fstdt.com/C9T$X3$NZSF6B )
Christian Faith. The biggest danger is what this friendship will do to genuine Christian faith. Your child will hear the assertion over and over that the friend is not only well-adjusted, but sure that he could never be anything other than homosexual, or is really trapped in the wrong sex body. This is certainly a firm belief, but it’s not based on reality. The long-term evidence is that homosexuality and gender confusion arise out of dysfunction, including experiences like child sexual abuse, poor relationships with parents (especially the same sex parent), and peer difficulties. An introspective personality, and the availability of pornography may then turn a slight attraction into obsessive fantasies. It may influence the person with a shaky gender identity to fantasize about "becoming" the opposite sex (which can never actually happen).

The claim once made about the elusive “gay gene” has been quietly dropped by most of the pro-homosexual organizations, because it can’t be supported by science. Instead, the approach has begun to be, “Well, it doesn’t matter—if this is what we want, it must be natural and okay.” But dangerous behavior that arises out of unhappy, unhealthy circumstances does not call for affirmation. It cries out for a solution. Rather than blessing anal sex between 14- year- old boys—which is what "LGBTQ" advocacy groups believe is normal—most parents readily see that this is tantamount to insanity.

The Bible informs us that homosexual behavior is common among paganized cultures, along with lots of other very destructive actions. We are becoming a paganized society and, sure enough, all types of sexual (and other) behavior is more commonplace. Rather than being just a set percentage of people, homosexuality is instead one of a cafeteria selection of behaviors that adolescents especially are now trying. As we grow further separated from the truth of God, we are “exchanging the truth of God for the lie” (Romans 1:25) and worshipping ourselves and our own instincts, wherever they take us.


Linda Harvey #homophobia #transphobia #fundie missionamerica.com

How Homosexual Friends Can Influence Our Kids
(continued from https://fstdt.com/ZC5CLWC8YWX78)
The homosexually-inclined teen or college student, or the one who is gender deviant, invariably has a distorted version of faith. Sometimes it’s a New Age philosophy, sometimes lately even wicca or witchcraft. More commonly, it’s a compromised “christianity” that doesn’t believe Christ was our Saviour and maintains that there are many versions of truth. They will often have adopted the convoluted justifications for homosexuality that have been recently developed by homosexual-friendly churches. Along with this is usually an ample dose of hostility toward Christians who believe the truth, including you as your child’s hateful, repressed and obviously uninformed parents. Is this what you want your child to hear over and over?

This friend may do this all the while they are smiling in their encounters with you. My daughter had a friend who is not (to my knowledge) a lesbian, but has very pro-homosexual attitudes. She would call our house and very perkily ask for my daughter and would always greet me very pleasantly. On one occasion, I remember one such friendly call from her to my daughter. I was therefore quite surprised when I opened our local paper the next day, to see a letter to the editor from her discussing me by name and calling me a bigot. This was my first clue about what she really believed. My daughter then reported to me that this friend never missed an opportunity to mock my beliefs to my daughter and in front of others. Luckily, this friend did not have much influence on my child or the damage could have been disastrous.

Yet such a friendship can be an opportunity for witnessing to your child and teaching them the truth of the Gospel. First it’s important to do the research. Learn a lot about homosexuality and then how it is really presented in the Bible. The more I researched the current trends about what actually goes on among homosexuals and "transgenders" and what their claims are, the more clear the Gospel became. Its timeless truth became evident and that much more hopeful and beautiful for all of us.

Creator God Aton/Hatonn of the One Light of Creation via Patrick Bellringer #crackpot #homophobia #ufo #magick #conspiracy fourwinds10.com

We are now being bombarded by the thrust of, "You denounce homosexuals and they can't help themselves." Ah, but we do not---we denounce homosexual "behavior" and there is a great difference indeed.

Most homosexuals do not even realize of that which has undone them as a group and AIDS is only a minute portion and the ultimate consequence of that behavior.


Sandman #conspiracy #elitist #enbyphobia #homophobia #sexist youtube.com

Demi Lovato Gets Sexier Everyday - MGTOW

Singers deciding to be fat non-binary clown world shows. This is what happens when you go woke at the same time you hit the wall. She's 30 now and the music industry is brutal for women. The audience moves on to more attractive women that are prettier, younger and more fertile.

30 year old guys no longer find them as attractive as they once did, so instead such musicians embrace their inner butch to get those bucks.

Her new number of subscribers is falling but the views just keep going up and up. That's suspicious and it makes me believe that she's part of some sort of woke agenda and that's why she's being pushed by big platforms, the idea is that very attractive women with high SMV should be willing to reduce it. Feminists like this because they see it as a way to punish men when women don't live up to so-called "patriarchal beauty standards", most of us don't care though, all we do is find younger female musicians to listen to that are still feminine. There's always women willing to exploit their tits for clicks.

I was going through my twitter feed the other day and there was a woman complaining that three of the girls in her daughter's class were actually transitioning and on male hormones, and that one kid was non-binary. This is part of the whole transhumanism agenda. In order to break down what it means to be human, our overlords need to first break down gender by saying that there are more genders than flavors of baskin robbins and then eventually the push would be to make all of us non-binary.

I believe Lovato is exploiting this for her own financial gain and probably doesn't understand the insidious nature of what's going on.

I'm in the process of reinventing myself in this "sigma sphere", a term I just coined. I'mm trying to covertly carry over MGTOW philosophy to the most productive and desirable men in our society and I'm coining phrases like "relationships and marriage are kryptonite for your mind" and "kryptonite for your grind." I believe in sigma because I realized I have had all the characteristics of it my entire life, so it's a natural fit for me, but to fully self-actualize as a sigma you need to embrace being single.

Republican Party of Texas #wingnut #fundie #homophobia #transphobia texasgop.org

[From "Report of 2020 Platform & Resolutions Committee"]

21. Environment:We oppose environmentalism that obstructs legitimate business interests[…]Abolition of the [EPA][…]
26. Minimum Wage[…]Minimum Wage Act should be repealed[…]
65. State Sovereignty[…]Federal government has impaired our right of local self-government[…]Texas retains the right to secede from the United States should a future president and congress change our political system from a constitutional republic[…]
71. State Electoral College[…]Electors selected by the popular votes cast within each individual state senatorial district, who shall then elect all statewide office holders[…]
73. US Citizenship: We support a change to the 14th Amendment to eliminate “birth tourism” or anchor babies[…]citizenship only to those with at least one biological parent who is a US citizen[…]
86. Amend Texas Constitution[…]Strike the following words[…]“but the Legislature shall have power, by law, to regulate the wearing of arms”[…]
95. CPS: We call for the eventual abolishment of CPS[…]
109. Hate Crimes:We urge the complete repeal of the hate crimes laws[…]
136. Scientific Theories:We support objective teaching of scientific theories, such as life origins and climate change[…]
145. Sexual Education[…]Prohibiting the teaching of sex education[…]
175. Defund Big Government, Not the Police:Any large city or county that cuts its police budget by
more than 10 percent should be required to cut its property tax[…]
232. Israel[…]We oppose the creation of a Palestinian state[…]force Israel to give up land that God gave to the Jewish people as referenced in Genesis[…]
253. Natural Medical Right[…]Right to refuse vaccination or medical treatment

Betsey McCaughey #transphobia #enbyphobia #homophobia #biphobia #dunning-kruger #conspiracy nypost.com

Gender dysphoria — a rare medical condition that makes people feel mismatched with their sexual anatomy — occurs in about 0.6 percent of the adult population, according to the UCLA School of Law’s Williams Institute. Anyone afflicted should be treated with kindness and offered medical help.

It first appears in childhood, but with so few children affected, the curriculum should not be distorted for everyone. Elementary-school teachers are putting words on the blackboard like “nonbinary” and “transgender” even before kids have learned multiplication.

But Maine’s Department of Education reports that between 13 percent and 18 percent of public high-school students say they’re “lesbian, gay, bisexual or unsure” of their sexual identity. It’s no wonder when the curriculum programs them to doubt their identity. In school it’s cool to be anything but heterosexual.

Maine requires public-school teachers to explore the achievements of LGBTQ+ individuals, not just in health class but also in history and social studies. That’s indoctrination since teachers are not asked to do the same for the celibate, for example.

Linda Harvey #fundie #homophobia #transphobia missionamerica.com

How Homosexual Friends Can Influence Our Kids
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But depending on how close the friendship is, some real dangers exist, particularly if your child is not a Christian or is not well-grounded in the faith. Several parents have called us and tearfully related their experiences about a child who was eventually drawn into a homosexual relationship this way, when there was no previous sign of same sex attraction. There is even more vulnerability if the homosexual is a few years older and viewed as a mentor of some kind. And of course, you should never allow your child to become close to an adult who is a homosexual, even if that person is a relative, nor to a male identifying as a female or vice versa. The role modeling alone sets a poor example.

However, even if the homosexual friend is of the opposite sex, there are still some very serious dangers. Some women, for instance, are drawn to homosexual men as friends. There’s even a name for women who have lots of male homosexual friends in the “gay” community— the “fag hag.” Men with gender identity issues are sometimes drawn to women as friends, and your daughter may be the tender-hearted person who responds. However, just because a guy declares himself to be attracted to men does not mean he is incapable of having sex with women. In fact, ex-homosexuals I know relate that it’s extremely common for “gay” men to sometimes have sex with women, either “straight” or lesbian. (This is just one more of the many testimonies to the fact that no one is “born” gay).

Why does this happen? The reasons could be loneliness, or his “once last chance” attempt to prove masculinity, or an attempt by the female to “save” him from these desires by her intense love. And your son or daughter may have a secret crush on this person, believing that eventually the “gay” friend will love them in the same way. Alcohol is often a factor that may suddenly transform the friendship into a hook-up, just like it’s happening among heterosexual students.

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Oh no! Everyone's calling everyone else "groomer" and now we're all confused! Are you a groomer? Is your neighbor a groomer? Let the experts at The Babylon Bee help you sort it out. Here are all the warning signs you may be a groomer:

1. Do you talk about sex with 5-year-olds behind their parents' back?

2. Do you begin sentences with, "Don't tell your parents, but..."

3. Do you encourage kids to cut off their sex organs?

4. Are you a Disney Executive?

5. Did you quit your teaching job after they passed the Parental Rights Act in Florida?

6. Does taking other people's kids to a drag show and calling it a "field trip" seem ok to you?

7. Do you drive around in a windowless van with "FREE GENDER-AFFIRMING CARE" scrawled on the side?

8. Have you ever helped a child acquire sex hormones without their parent's knowledge?

9. Does David French think you're a "blessing of liberty?"

Tally up your number of "Yes" answers and consult this chart:

1-2: Oh no! You're a groomer!

3-4: Wow. Definitely a groomer.

5-6: Yep, still groomer.

7-8: There's a Law & Order SVU episode with your name on it.

9: Ok, we're calling the police.

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[From "Edmonton Child Molester Parade cancelled for fourth straight† year"]
† Pun intended.

It was a treat when we celebrated it[…]
Now it just seems like the status quo[…]
For the fourth year in a row there will be no #yegfaggotwalk held. According to Trevor Watson[…]there's no plans to have one this year or perhaps even any year in the future. He's too busy touching little boys on city busses while their leftist parents admire his disgusting lifestyle choice[…]
Does that mean that Watson and his fellow evil uranists are just laying low? No, of course not: they and the rest of their illegitimate club are going to be busy waving in your face you nd down the streets, just less coordinated than usual[…]They already are busy in your schools turning your kids towards their evil orientation because again 100% of them are guilty of it. Some of them like them older than Watson, a sizeable minority like them younger, and all of them need to be stopped at all costs

Ironically even as they cancelled the past two years over a disease that only kinda infected their perverted kind[…]they do it instead in the shadow of a new[i][…][/i]disease spreading around the globe 100% caused by their wicked ways[…]They started this whole endeavour in the shadow of the last disease spread almost exclusively by their inability to have a real loving relationship