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There are many examples in society today where narratives are promoted by very powerful people and organizations that invert reality in the pursuit of certain agendas. These powerful entities work in conjunction with government, big tech, big media, the largest banks, international institutions, and multinational corporations to label anything that goes against their current propaganda as misinformation, disinformation, or hate speech.

Once these global collaborators declare something to be hate speech, intimidation tactics and threats are made to silence those who persist in speaking things of which they disapprove.
Because of his hatred of God and His creation, especially human beings that are made in His image, the father of lies, Satan, seeks the destruction of humanity through the demolition of the nuclear family, promotion of moral relativism, societal division, infanticide (abortion), infertility, euthanasia, and depopulation.
One of the tools the devil uses is the promotion of transgenderism through the medical and education industry, entertainment, and other mass media outlets. This sexual grooming targeting children is meant to confuse them regarding their immutable biological and binary nature and get them to undergo permanent genital mutilation and hormone treatments to supposedly change their sex, the end result being sterility, mental instability, depression, and too often, death.

Anyone telling the truth about this in order to protect children from this evil agenda often face censorship, deplatforming, and other sanctions. Schools, the media, and the medical industry indoctrinate children to turn them away from God, hate themselves, and hate those who do not go along with their unreality.
Do not fear the seemingly overwhelming power of the rulers of society and their efforts to suppress the truth. Their plans will crumble before God’s power.

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Results of Turkey’s 2023 general election were released, with Recep Tayyip Erdogan being re-elected as president, beating out social democrat Kemal Kiliçdaroglu[…]
Speaking to supporters in front of his Istanbul residence after the result, Erdogan thanked voters for putting their trust in him. He went on to speak out once more against the LGBTQ+ community, saying: “In our culture, family is sacred, no one can interfere. We will strangle anyone who dares to touch it”

He continued by suggesting that the so-called “LGBT forces” would not be able to infiltrate his party, the AKP. These sentiments align with his longstanding and openly homophobic beliefs that queer identities are inseparably linked with “terror, immorality, perversion and violence” and follow rhetoric he used in his recent re-election campaign

At a rally in Izmir earlier this year, for example, he said: “In this nation, the foundations of the family are stable. LGBT will not emerge in this country”

At another electoral rally, he affirmed that his party will “never be pro-LGBT, because the family is sacred to us”, a statement similar to the one he made after being re-elected on Sunday

Throughout his whole campaign, Erdogan put a heavy emphasis on striking down the LGBTQ+ community, seeking support from his Islamist base to win the election. Many of his speeches accused the opposition of undermining family values and being infiltrated by powerful LGBTQ+ networks, sometimes even hinting that they were being run by paymasters abroad, framing the queerness as “cultural terrorism” of the West

Furthermore, he called on people to vote for him in order to “take a stand against those who exhibit any kind of perversion forbidden by God, who exhibit any kind of heresy our lord has forbidden, and those who support them”

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Ugandan president signs anti-LGBTQ+ law with death penalty for same-sex acts

Uganda’s president, Yoweri Museveni, has signed into law the world’s harshest anti-LGBTQ+ bill, which allows the death penalty for homosexual acts.

The move immediately drew condemnation from many Ugandans as well as widespread international outrage.

Early on Monday, the speaker of the Ugandan parliament, Anita Annet Among, released a statement on social media confirming Museveni had assented to the law first passed by MPs in March. It imposes the death penalty or life imprisonment for certain same-sex acts, up to 20 years in prison for “recruitment, promotion and funding” of same-sex “activities”, and anyone convicted of “attempted aggravated homosexuality” faces a 14-year sentence.

Among tweeted on Monday morning: “The president … has assented to the Anti-Homosexuality Act. As the parliament of Uganda, we have answered the cries of our people. We have legislated to protect the sanctity of [the] family.

“We have stood strong to defend our culture and [the] aspirations of our people,” she said, thanking Museveni for his “steadfast action in the interest of Uganda”.

Martin Ssempa, one of the main backers of the bill, presented it as a victory against the US and Europe and suggested Uganda needed to push back against groups working to tackle HIV. He said: “The president has shown great courage to defy bullying of the Americans and Europeans. That bullying we shall not give you money. They intimidate and threaten you.”

In a joint statement, the heads of the Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria, UNAids and the US President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief (Pepfar) reacted with “deep concern” and said progress on tackling Aids and HIV was “now in grave jeopardy”.

Museveni claimed in March that his government was attempting to resist western efforts to “normalise” what he called “deviations”.

“The western countries should stop wasting the time of humanity by trying to impose their practices on other people,” he said.

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This SB 1172, passed in California, signed by Governor Jerry Brown, bans all counseling that would reduce or eliminate same-sex attractions and especially they ban this for minor who are people under the age of eighteen. So that means that parents, if you have a child who has come to you and said they have same-sex attractions and they think they are gay, and many kids with all the propaganda that is very one-sided are believing that the were born that way if they feel that way, but it’s the blessed parent who at least gets a chance to counsel them differently. Hopefully your response will be one that is, ‘I love you no matter what but this is wrong,’ so the two things at the same time, ‘but I will help you to find the counseling you need.’ California is basically banning heterosexuality. So for these children, if a child has been persuaded that they are born this way, that they have same-sex attractions, and you as a parent want to take them to a counselor, no licensed, professional counselor in the state of California is now going to be able—unless they break the law. Perhaps some of them will have a conscience on this and think differently and think that maybe their responsibility to their client on this as in other areas of counseling and that the client might want to have a choice in the matter as they do in other areas of counseling, they’re not supposed to counsel anything but ‘oh no, homosexuality, you must embrace that.’ It’s so anti-choice, it’s so rigid, it’s so fascist, this is just the same old stuff you get from the supposedly tolerant folks, tolerance is actually intolerance, inclusivity is actually exclusivity.

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What you are asking me to believe is simply insane. Here are the facts of this case:

Foley was a homosexual.
Foley was a pedophile.
Foley was being covered up by the democrats.
Foley was ousted by a REPUBLICAN(Dennis Hasert)

How many homosexuals are republicans? How about pedophiles? How many republican scandals are being covered up by democrats? How many republicans are betrayed by other republicans? The answer to all these questions are Zero. Foley was a democrat operative, no doubt sent in to provide a "Black eye" to the party he was misrepresenting. However the facts are on the table, he was a Democrat. Why do you think the democrats are under attack now? Because he supported a pedophile just because he was in their party.

The democrats have had a long time in putting operatives under "false" aliases and then later pretend to be a victim. Richard Nixon and Watergate. And let us not forget Clinton and Gerry Studds.

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This line of reasoning is unsustainable. If seemingly "homosexual" acts among animals are in accordance with animal nature, then parental killing of offspring and intra-species devouring are also in accordance with animal nature. Bringing man into the equation complicates things further. Are we to conclude that filicide and cannibalism are according to human nature?

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I don't know whether it was because of social media sharing, a generous $20 donation, or both, but my petition to end Fundies Say The Darndest Things now has 275 signatures. That's over five times the average daily active user base on FSTDT and an increase of over 250 from when I last checked. Serves FSTDT right for quoting me, a guy whom even they acknowledge is harmless compared to most people they quote.

You can't win, you sons of guns. You're outnumbered now. Oh, and you may want to consider quoting Mickeymac96 instead of me if you must. He fits your definitions of "fundie," "psycho," and "moonbat" because he sends routine death threats to Donald Trump and Taylor Swift despite his claims of Christianity. Or maybe you don't want to quote him because you obviously share his Trump death wish.

{The following is from the comment section}

Yeah, the internets do not work that way and neither does US law. We "win" whenever you post more offensive bullshit, which you do a lot. You had your chance to talk but dunno if you forgot to mention it but you ran the fuck away whilst screaming something about how we are all blinded by hate to see your position and that was after you supposedly wanted to discuss things. You had to admit to us that you do not in fact see queer folks as valid people and consider them sick and in need of something, most likely the given iteration of the cosmic horror you worship. Face it, you're a fanatic, Bobby, touting that childish, simplified view of reality around like it's a virtue. You seemed like someone who could be reasoned with, until of course it came down to disputing your own bigotries, which you so delightfully hide behind your faith, like any good religious toadie. Yes, you're far from the monsters we often quote but you are far from harmless either. You're vocal about your bullshit, your cynical use of "inclusivness" to include your bigotries as valid convo points but disallow any offence to them and play the injured party at a drop of a hat. You mix an "ally" and a person who simply understands we're all valid people and deserve to be the final judges of our lives and how we want to live them, to you however, even that would be some sort of an autocratic dictate, as you've admitted plenty to both me and the guys. There is no "winning" this for you, Bobby. Each time you post some bigoted shit publicly on the web, we will quote it, just like that. There really ain't a thing you can do in this situation, except I suppose have a change of heart and decide to start living and letting live not just as a window dressing but in your actions and words as well.

Well, if it isn’t everyone’s favorite Satanist. I see you’ve finally resorted to trolling by showing up on my page, something you specifically said you and your fellow FSTDT users would not do. Consider this an epic fail to uphold one of the few standards you supposedly live by.

I never said that I should be the final judge of how you want to live your lives. If you want to mash private areas of the same type together or surgically alter your bodies so they match how you think your brains are wired, go ahead. That’s your life, not mine. I personally think doing that stuff is gross, but it doesn’t mean I see you as less than human. You live in Canada, the Great White North of the Free World, where there is literally nothing stopping you from living your life your way, so why whine about what some stranger says? You need to be more and less about what other people say about your sexual identity. You’ll be a lot happier when you do. I do not want to convert you. I could care less if you joined my church tomorrow and became friends with this lesbian realtor I know in our church (I still could use an explanation as to how she’s in our church). All I ask is for you to accept that I am not a “fundie.” I do not need to have a “change of heart” and see gays and trans folks’ bedroom behaviors and surgical operations as not gross. That stuff will always be gross to me, but it does not mean I think it’s a “disease.” Thinking it’s a disease would directly contradict our teaching that everyone and everything is useful and harmless, which is something everyone can choose to see for themselves to make the world a better place.

I cannot overstate that you are NOT the police of the Internet. You cannot tell me how to think, so, for the love of your juvenile parody religion, stop acting like you think you can.

Come to think of it, my church can’t tell me how to think either, but it does stress that actions have natural and logical consequences. Also, I don’t know if you were paying attention, but my God does not live exclusively in the sky or in space.

Oh, and this “Bobby” nonsense is not nearly half as funny as you think it is. You FSTDTers often fail to realize your own childish actions by fighting fire with fire. My name is Robert, and, while I will see people who do not identify as straight as friends so long as they embody such common virtues as lovingkindness, generosity, and a solid work ethic, I will never support homosexuality, bisexuality, pansexuality, or transgenderism in general, even if doing so would cause you to de-quote me immediately. I am not a “toadie.” I’m a leader. The leader of the revolution to expose the bitter truth about the most hotly opinionated liberal blog on the Web since RationalWiki, a site that goes sniffing around for “bigotry” while failing to acknowledge their own (seriously—you actually think “most” American conservatives are like the common stereotypes that FSTDT seeks to perpetuate!).

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Statistically speaking you're right. Despite homosexuals accounting for a very small percentage of the population they are responsible for nearly all child rapes. Basic math says that all homosexuals would have to be child molesters to account for the number of rapes and molestations they commit.

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At Least 9 Target Stores Received Fake Bomb Threats Over Pride Merchandise

At least nine Target locations in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Utah recently received false bomb threats amidst ongoing right-wing outcry against the brand’s annual Pride Month collection.

These threats, which impacted Target stores in the greater Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Salt Lake City areas, came in the form of an email from what Layton, Utah Police Sgt. John Ottesen declared a “bogus email address,” according to local news outlet KUTV.

Cleveland 19 News shared a screenshot of the email, in which the sender — who claims to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community — tells the news outlet that they intend to punish Target for recently pulling some of its Pride-themed merchandise from stores by placing bombs in select stores.

“We will continue to bomb your Targets until you stop cowering and bring back your LGBT merchandise,” the writer said. “We will not be erased, we won’t go quietly.”

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Marxism-Leninism is not only a straight heterosexual ideology but it is the ONLY heterosexual ideology.

All other ideologies have some perverse symbolism going on for them.

Here’s a scientific Freudian analysis that proves it:

Hammer and sickle: Symbolic heterosexual union of opposites. The passive and the active.

Swastika: Symbolic homosexual 4-way union. 4 aggressive active lines.

Hammer and sword: Symbolic homosexual union. 2 masculine symbols.

Fascist stick bundle: Symbolic bisexual union. 1 dominant masculine symbol. 1 dominated masculine symbol.


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unpopular opinion but many gay men are not perverts because they‘re gay but because they‘re men.

straight men love to single out pedophilic and fetishist and sex offender gay men as if the big majority of pedophiles and fetishists and sex offenders arent straight men.

as if the issue is same-sex attraction and not maleness and masculinity.

on top i think straight male perversion is just more normalised than gay male perversion.

school girls are sexualised where school boys are not. girls‘ bodies are sexualised and even grown women are held to pedophilic standards (examples: shaved pussy, child like face, flat stomach). etc

they only care about gay male sexual violence because the victims are male, not because it‘s more common or worse in any way.

also, i think often sexual violence against men is not even committed by gay men but by other straight men (in prisons, at war, at school, hazing, by fathers, brothers, uncles …).

accusing gay men of being perverts due to homosexuality is just deflecting the real issue: maleness.

it‘s like white men singling out brown and black men when they commit violent acts. it‘s not because they‘re brown or black, it‘s because they‘re male.

just males being male.


“gay men are more promiscuous, they-”

Nah, it’s because it’s men, not because they’re gay. Women want to have sex less than men, so two men means more sex. The end.

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This is in line with the thread topic, because I am thinking in the context of Christian families who care about the people in society and are willing to take risks in order to help them. As an example, a few male friends who shared a house together took in someone who was an alcoholic. They let him live in their house and encouraged him for some time and he gradually got back into work and living a normal life. If someone can come off alcohol or drugs, then surely a person with homosexual or pedophile-type tendencies can be turned around if they express a desire to do so.
There was something on the news recently about the Spanish prison system. They have much better facilities for rehabilitation, and a much lower proportion of those released re-offend than in Britain.
I guess what I want to get across is that when a person loses something they think of as part of them, for example the freedom to express the desire to molest children (it being illegal), they need something to fill that hole. It can be a hobby or a friendship, something to take away the urges. Sometimes they will surface again but over time an offender can learn how to deal with unwanted desires and live a healthy lifestyle.
In churches where there is real conviction that homosexuality is against God's will, you will find individuals with the gift of helping people struggling in that area; they know how to support them, pray for them and help them change their lifestyle. A lot of it is about not being judgmental when they sometimes fall back into it, recognizing that change doesn't happen overnight.
You said, "How can any of that compare to homosexual relationships between consenting adults?  It is rather an insulting comparison in my opinion."
It depends on what you read. I have found literature which tells a different story about homosexual lifestyles from what one normally hears. You just have to read Shaker's post above to see that he is unwilling to see anything negative about them, or admit that they cause harm. Personally, one look at the biological evidence makes it quite clear that homosexual sex is nothing other than destructive.
We will see eventually whether or not the West's acceptance of homosexuality makes it stronger. It has been interesting to see how the USA and NATO were powerless to do anything about Russia's recent involvement in Syria.
Anyway, thanks for your thoughts.

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Family advocate Scarlett Johnson sounded the trumpet on Target in their ongoing crusade to purportedly promote diversity, equity and inclusion.

As June approaches, corporations have already begun gearing up for their Pride 2023 campaigns, and Target is facing severe backlash for their most recent collaboration.

Target and London-based designer Abprallen have teamed up for a new Pride collection to celebrate the LGBTQ lifestyle.

The founder of Abprallen, a gay-trans man named Erik, posts and sells much more graphic and satanic products than what Target is currently listing on its website.

Pins with crystals and goat heads with the words "Satan Respects Pronouns" fills Abprallen's social media account, and with its pastel colors and messages in support of transgender youth, appears to be targeted at the younger audience.
These are the exact words of The Satanic Temple.

They say in their belief statement that they do not believe in Satan as a being, simply as a symbol.

This belief in Satan is spreading like wildfire through the younger generation of GenZ, who is struggling with their identity more than any generation prior to theirs.

There is confusion, rejection, denial, ignorance and deception affecting their very perception of life. They are struggling to get a clear sense and picture of who God is and how much He loves them. In addition to their confusion of who God is, they do not truly know who Satan is and what his plans are for them.

The myth that Satan is tolerant of them and is loving could not be further from his true goal for them: eternal death separated from their Creator.
Target is one of the main purveyors of these messages, as even before they teamed up with a 'trans-satanist' they were battling calls for boycotts for promoting "tuck-friendly" swimsuit for infants and children along with chest-binders. Fury erupted when Target announced these items were specifically targeted toward children.

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If your #teachers were calling YOU a girl all day long, and trying to convince you to try homosexuality, as a boy, wouldn’t YOU want to shoot somebody? What if you’re a girl and they’re #governmentSchool you get a #sexChange? And punishing YOU for getting #angry?!

The Reason You Came

Is this the #child’s fault?

How about we stop this institutional #homosexual predator which has been written into the law by #Communists & #fatherless, or #motherless, sick #Americans?

There is nothing good about homosexuality. It’s such an offense to #humanDignity, it makes #people want to #shoot people. #RecriminalizeSodomy. Because #sodomy anywhere is a #threat to #sanity and #mentalHealth EVERYWHERE.

Always follow the law.

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In 2008 Anne and I relocated to Springfield, Massachusetts, with the intention of leaving the culture-war battlefield on LGBT issues to launch a more traditional inner-city mission to serve the bottom strata of society in one of the most depressed and decrepit population centers in the country.
Summer 2011 was exactly halfway through our first seven years, and it was at that biblically significant three-and-a-half year mark that a powerful supernatural event occurred, one I will share publicly for the very first time today.
Court Square is the symbolic and spiritual heart of the city. It was therefore greatly disturbing to me when I reached the end of the path at Main Street and discovered an official "Gay Pride" banner hanging from the lamppost in the same place and manner as the annual Christmas banners. I was deeply vexed in my spirit, because this was to my knowledge the very first time Springfield had allowed such a display – indicating that the historically Catholic city had succumbed to the LGBT Borg and had chosen the path of defilement instead of Christian redemption.

At 4:30 p.m. that very day a massive tornado touched down in Westfield and carved a 39 mile path of destruction through West Springfield, South Springfield and several towns eastward. It barely missed the Old First Church, but ripped through the rest of Court Square right where the offending banner had hung. The way I see it, God tore down that particular flag Himself.

Significantly to us, the tornado came right to the edge of our designated "Redemption Zone," turned south along its western border, then continued east along its southern border. There was damage only at the far southwest corner of our prayer-covered mission territory. One of our ministry staff standing on the back porch of the third floor of our church building actually watched the monster bear down directly at him from the west and then turn away south and then east.

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The Biden administration, which is a terrorist administration tearing the country apart, ends its support for long-standing signed policies prohibiting individuals who are HIV positive from serving in combat zones. That was based on sound science. It was tied to the need for HIV medications, which are very costly, and the danger of cross-infection through shared blood in a foxhole. Thrown out the door. Gets worse. The Biden's chief of naval operations, so-called Admiral Michael Gilday – I don't know who the hell he is – decided to add a book how to be an antichrist, one of the leading source books on so-called critical race theory, which is an anti-white hate fest. And, in the book given to our naval men and women now, are reading saying capitalism is, essentially, racist and that to be truly anti-racist, you also have to be fully anti-capitalist.

One more piece of information for those of you out there who want to know why I say Rome did not pass away, it was assassinated, and we are committing suicide because of the LGBTQ and other far-left maniacs. They're looking at readings that are required at West Point right now. There are now slides labeled white power at West Point, Carl. Can you believe this? Now, if this goes on, I predicted 20 years ago in a not-so-joking way, like a Jonathan Swift, that if we don't stop these psychopathic haters, they will snap the crosses off the graves of our war memorials. How far away are we from someone saying all those crosses make me uncomfortable, and I want them snapped off the graves of dead soldiers. Who's gonna stop them, Carl?

I'll stop them. Know this, Carl. I've had enough. I've had enough. I'm an old man. But I'll tell you something, I'm willing to pick up arms. I can't take it anymore. I can't take this anymore.

Jim Rutz #conspiracy #homophobia wnd.com

There's a slow poison out there that's severely damaging our children and threatening to tear apart our culture. The ironic part is, it's a "health food," one of our most popular.

Now, I'm a health-food guy, a fanatic who seldom allows anything into his kitchen unless it's organic. I state my bias here just so you'll know I'm not anti-health food.

The dangerous food I'm speaking of is soy. Soybean products are feminizing, and they're all over the place. You can hardly escape them anymore.

Soy is feminizing, and commonly leads to a decrease in the size of the penis, sexual confusion and homosexuality. That's why most of the medical (not socio-spiritual) blame for today's rise in homosexuality must fall upon the rise in soy formula and other soy products. (Most babies are bottle-fed during some part of their infancy, and one-fourth of them are getting soy milk!) Homosexuals often argue that their homosexuality is inborn because "I can't remember a time when I wasn't homosexual." No, homosexuality is always deviant. But now many of them can truthfully say that they can't remember a time when excess estrogen wasn't influencing them.

Rick Wiles #homophobia #fundie rightwingwatch.org

It’s not an exaggeration to say homofascist because the German Nazi Party was homosexual, Hitler was a homosexual, the top Nazi leadership, all of them were homosexuals, it was a radical homosexual movement that gained political power, military power, and they were creating a homosexual special race. That’s what it was all about. It wasn’t this thing about an Aryan race of white people, blue-eyed, blonde-haired, white people, Hitler was trying to create a race of super gay male soldiers. That’s what he was creating. [Emphasis added]

When you understand what the real agenda of the homosexual movement was in the 30s and 40s and you see it is happening now here in the United States of America. I’m telling you, this is not an exaggeration. If it’s not stopped, it will end up in America just like it was in Germany but it won’t be the Jews that will be slaughtered, it will be the Christians.

Judson Phillips #homophobia #wingnut rightwingwatch.org

The left and the homosexual lobby in America went into overdrive to kill this bill. Conservatives rallied for this bill and Governor Brewer opted for cowardice instead of courage.

Why is this bill so important and what did it mean for not only Arizona but America? The issue can be boiled down to one word: Freedom.

A free man or woman controls their labor. A slave has no control over their labor. A free man or woman decides who they will work for and under what conditions. The slave cannot.

The left and the homosexual lobby are both pushing slavery using the Orwellian concepts of “tolerance” and “inclusiveness.”

Immediately the left and the homosexual lobby went into high dudgeon. Arizona’s SB1062 must be defeated because Americans really are no longer free and must be forced to serve the great liberal state, regardless of their beliefs.

The storm rose against Arizona and Jan Brewer proved she was no Ronald Reagan. She has an honored place in the ranks of the French Republicans.

The left loves to come up with absurd hypotheticals to scream that there must be compliance with their fascism, so how about a couple from our side.

Should a devote baker be required to create a cake for a homosexual wedding that has a giant phallic symbol on it or should a baker be required to create pastries for a homosexual wedding in the shape of genitallia [sic]? Or should a photographer be required to photograph a homosexual wedding where the participants decide they want to be nude or engage in sexual behavior? Would they force a Jewish photographer to work a Klan or Nazi event? How about forcing a Muslim caterer to work a pork barbeque dinner?

SB1062 is a bigger story than simply the story of a cowardly governor who has no core beliefs. SB1062 is the story of liberalism at work in America. Liberalism is the paranoid belief that leftists have that somewhere, someone may be thinking for themselves. It is the tyrannical belief that no deviation in belief is allowed from the decreed orthodoxy.

It is the antithesis of liberty. It is tyranny on the march.

IbJensen #homophobia freerepublic.com

All homosexuals are potential pedophiles. As they grow older the supply of fresh flesh dries up and they begin hitting on young people and recruiting.

When you suggest refraining from ‘painting everyone with a broad brush’ you ignore some basic facts about homosexual activity.

Homosexuals head the list of serial killers.

Homosexuals spread disease by their untidy actions during their so-called ‘love-making’ sessions in that they ingest fecal matter and are apt to ‘score’ with multiple partners.

The imbecilic attempt to legitimize thereby making a mockery of marriage is anathema to a well-ordered society. Homosexuals tend to flit from partner to partner and no piece of paper is going to stop that.

I believe that homosexuals and their agenda for this nation and the world is as dangerous as terrorists. Damage after terror attacks can be repaired. The damage homosexuals do eats into the moral fiber of America and will last until the Second Coming unless it is curbed once and for all.

JonC #wingnut #homophobia #psycho baptistboard.com

I agree. It is practice.

If we killed any US resident who spoke poorly against President Biden (while serving as POTUS) imagine how kinder our political system would look.

If we would kill adulterers just think how stronger a family unit we would have.

If we would kill women who lied about being virgins imagine how much more pure our youth would be.

If we killed any child who cursed at a parent think of how well behaved our children would act.

If we killed anybody who advocated another religion imagine how Christian our culture would be.

If we killed all homosexuals then think how less crazy the world would be.

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This week, far out in America’s heartland, Lizzo repudiated law and mangled grammar in one easy stroke. The heavyweight singer counseled kids at her recent Nebraska concert, “Don’t let any laws tell you who you not.” She pronounced herself a “safe space” for transgendered children in a state that just banned gender mutilation surgeries. If you’ve seen Lizzo, you know that’s plenty of space.

This morbidly obese entertainer—doubling as the face of body positivity—prances around in lingerie that showcases her flesh in a most appalling fashion. Like all people in the “people in larger bodies” movement, she pretends that her obesity defies the laws of nature; in her shameless universe, extreme overweight is both sexy and healthy.

Her statement supporting transgenderism was no surprise given the unholy consortium of causes that embody the left. A motley crew has gathered under one nasty and ever-expanding tent to champion every illogical idea and sexual proclivity that comes along. Abortion activists, pansexuals, socialists, satanists, transgenders, the proudly obese, and pedophiles—to name just a few— have joined forces against everything good, beautiful, and true.
More than their unifying craziness, though, they’re drawn together by their common hatred for a God whose created order and sovereignty will not bend or cave to their wishes. They resent the gnawing shame they feel under his gaze. Rejecting his authority over bodies, they hope to destroy him—finally free to soak in the glory they chased.

Our cultural elites only play supporting roles in a drama that opened long ago. As children, we think Satan is a horned devil, but according to scripture, he was beautiful and esteemed among angels. But he would not submit to the kingship of God; it was a glory he craved for himself. His hapless attempts to topple the throne still fuel his rage against the King, and he seethes at the image of God in lowly man.

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do you have any evidence that shows homosexuality doesnt cause cancer, break up families or lead to drug use????

[Do you have evidence that it does?]

no its not my obligation to provide evidence for common knowledge. this is like you asking me to provide mathematical proof that 2x2=4

[Its not the homosexuality that breaks up families, its the intolerance for homosexuality that breaks apart families.]

last i checked, it does break up families and causes children to become homosexual themselves.

[Since when is drug use a problem linked only to homosexuals?]

studies have shown that many people in prison are there based on drug related charges, and we know that many prisoners practice homosexuality amongst each other. there is a correlation between the two

Doc Cassidy #homophobia kiwifarms.net

It's well known that homosexuals disproportionately molest children. Although I can't be bothered to look up the exact stats boys are sexually abused at a similar rate as girls despite homosexual men only being around 1.5% of the population at most. However, I believe that all child molesters are homosexual, even the ones that molest girls. Let me explain why.

When a boy enters puberty he goes through mild changes. His voice deepens, his shoulders widen, and he grows denser body hair. The changes in a girl however are drastic!

The most noticeable is the development of breasts, something essential to heterosexual attraction. She develops curves, the hips widen, the thighs thicken. She becomes a woman and looks nothing like the child she was before. These are called "secondary sex characteristics". It's practically a metamorphosis, these changes make the woman completely unlike the child she was before and it's specifically these differences that a straight man are interested in.

A girl's body holds no appeal to straight men; but what kind of man would be interested in someone with a flat chest and no hips or thighs? You guessed it, a homosexual man. Obviously the men that molest boys are homosexual but the men that abuse girls are simply closeted homosexuals that target girls so they can lie to themselves and say they're straight. Despite the fact that a busty and curvy body holds no appeal to them they're too ashamed to admit they're homosexual.

If there are any scientists on this site I would recommend looking into this.

@AmericasMansMan #wingnut #racist #homophobia gettr.com

#WokeInc #CorporateBullshit

It’s time to destroy the #CivilRightsAct.

#AmericasMansMan’s simple #SocialPlan to restore #America is:


Trusted. Respected.
The Reason You Came

We believe in #Men who #ACTlikeMEN. #Women who #actAndDress like women. Be comfortable in the #SkinYoureIn.

#DonaldTrumpIsMyPresident #deathPenaltyForDems #EndWhiteGenocide

#jesus #kids #Bible #Christian #homeschooled #truckers #MAGA #whitejoy #whiteculture #standupfightback #country #americana #classic #agriculture #fjb #Mississippi #Wyoming #Alabama #WestVirginia #South

Lordareon #homophobia forum.nationstates.net

But the underlining cause is homosexuality itself homosexuality is not a permanent state were thos who are homosexuals are born that way no it mainly stems for the persons upbringing such as sexual abuse as a child etc can lead to homosexuality we must not treat homosexuality as a ethnic grouping it must be handled as a disorder not a state of being we must cure not ignore.


Richard P. Fitzgibbons, MD, Director of Comprehensive Counseling Services at a sate psychiatric research center, wrote in a Jan. 24, 2014 letter to the World heath organization:

"There is substantial evidence based on years of clinical experience that homosexuality is a developmental disorder.

Every child has a healthy need to identify positively with the parent of the same sex, have same-sex friendships, a positive body image and a confident sexual identity. Homosexual feelings can occur when these needs are not met appropriately.

The adolescent's unmet needs become entangled with emerging sexual feelings and produce same-sex attraction.

Therapy consists in helping male clients to understand the emotional causes of their attraction and to strengthen their masculine identity. It has been our clinical experience that as these men become more conformable and confident with their manhood, same-sex attractions resolve or decrease significantly in many patients."

sylviacroft #fundie #homophobia christiannews.net

There is a difference between not wanting a nation or people to put their stamp of approval on something and executing those who do it. We never executed homosexuals in the USA, but it wasn’t normalized or legal so those who practiced it kept it secret. Now with normalizing it homosexuals are insisting on being given access to our children to teach them it is “normal” and in the process are “converting” many gullible young people to enter their lifestyle. I loved my brother who was a homosexual. But I did not give him access to my children or let him bring his “partners” around them. He died at 32 years old of AIDS. He also had relationships with other men without telling them he had AIDS and infected some of them. Many homosexuals like my brother were full of anger and bitterness and hurt others because of it.

Alan Smithee:
Your brother may well have been angry and bitter, but don’t you think that might be in part the way he was treated by people, including members of his own family? Why would you deny your children the right to get to know their uncle? You said he was homosexual and had partners. Were any of those partners children? What danger did he present to your children? He was not a pedophile, he was a homosexual.
The worst thing he might have done as far as your children are concerned is teach them that some people are homosexuals, and that they’re still valuable members of society. Your brother might have made some poor decisions, especially in terms of having multiple partners, but the fact he was homosexual isn’t something he chose.
There are promiscuous people on earth, and it’s not a healthy behavior. But that goes for straight and gay people alike. Homosexuality is not related to that at all. It’s very sad you denied your children the right to get to know their uncle. He might have had a lot of great qualities they never got the chance to experience.

Eden Decoded #fundie #homophobia facebook.com

This is why they are in the streets ‘protesting.’ Don’t let them fool you. It’s ALL about homosexuals, witches and pagans trying to rally against Christianity.

Let us NOT forget those ‘Bathroom Laws’ where men can legally enter women’s bathrooms in search of young girls, and all those Christian businesses that have been targeted and forced to close all by the hand of homosexuals; and definitely don’t forget how homosexuals and witches have been targeting our children in school perverting them with sex and anti-christ rhetoric...don’t have a short attention span!

They are in the streets crying right now, because they’ve been checkmated by God. Thank you Trump and Pence!

Here’s is a quick glimpse at why homosexuals, witches and pagans hate Mike Pence (by the way WE love the boldness of Pence throughout his political career!):

[LGBT rights policy] Pence has been a staunch opponent of efforts to expand LGBT civil rights. In 2000, Pence stated “Congress should oppose any effort to recognize homosexuals as a ‘discrete and insular minority’ entitled to the protection of anti-discrimination laws similar to those extended to women and ethnic minorities.”

Pence called for “an audit to ensure that federal dollars were no longer being given to organizations that celebrate and encourage the types of behaviors that facilitate the spreading of the HIV virus” and instead advocated for resources to be directed toward conversion therapy programs, “[for] those seeking to change their sexual behavior.”

Pence has said that homosexuals should not serve in the military, saying, “Homosexuality is incompatible with military service because the presence of homosexuals in the ranks weakens unit cohesion.”

Pence opposed the repeal of don’t ask, don’t tell, saying in 2010 that allowing gays and lesbians to openly serve in the military would “have an impact on unit cohesion.”

In 2007, Pence voted against the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would have banned workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

Pence opposed the 2009 Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act, saying that Barack Obama wanted to “advance a radical social agenda” and said that pastors “could be charged or be subject to intimidation for simply expressing a Biblical worldview on the issue of homosexual behavior.”

Pence opposes both same-sex marriage and civil unions. While in the House, he said that “societal collapse was always brought about following an advent of the deterioration of marriage and family”.

Anna Perez #wingnut #homophobia rumble.com

There’s nothing worse than conservatives that are fake conservatives. And you know they’re fake conservatives — a good test for me is I start using words that, like, really push the envelope…I’ll throw the word ‘faggot’ around, you know, things of that nature and see how they react.

If it’s a RINO you’re dealing with, they’ll usually wince almost. If it’s a not-RINO, he or she will laugh…and it will add to the humor, it’ll add to the entertainment quality of the joke. That’s a good test right there.

Austin Ruse #homophobia #fundie #wingnut crisismagazine.com

A month of the Sacred Heart—has been taken over by perversion. The love that dares not speak its name screams all month long in our faces. You cannot get away. Rainbows everywhere. You are tempted to stay inside, lower the shades, like the three days of darkness, praying for the demons to pass by.

You can count on seeing their anti-Christian hate rainbow everywhere. There will be a rainbow sticker on the ATM at the bank. You want cash? You get the rainbow, too.
You have to hand it to the rainbows. They make up no more than 1.6 percent of the adult population. That’s a mere four million people who “identify” as rainbow, about the size of Los Angeles or the state of Oklahoma. There are more Methodists. Of course, they want you to think they make up 10 percent of the total population, roughly 33 million. That was always a lie ginned up in the criminal work of wicked Alfred Kinsey, high priest of the Rainbow Zeus.

So successful has been that lie that youngsters now believe that 25 percent—83 million—of the population are rainbow. Of course, calling yourself non-binary gets you cost-free into the Rainbow Club, and it is a safe harbor that comes with all sorts of societal huzzahs. Even if the numbers lie, hats off to the rainbows for their achievements. They have made us all if not worship Rainbow Zeus, at least acknowledge him or grit your teeth as you look away.

“Rainbow Zeus” was coined by my friend Professor Matthew Mehan, Associate Dean of the exalted Hillsdale College’s D.C. campus. Rainbow Zeus is a false god, an angry god who demands our attention if not our worship. This is why so many people think they have to bend the knee.

You have to light the candle to get along, not get fired. You must wear the rainbow lanyard, salute the rainbow flag, even if you utterly reject the gay rainbow; even if you understand that the LGBTQ+ rainbow is a giant middle finger to the Triune God. It is. The rainbow is His. It was His promise that He would not destroy mankind again.

aCultureWarrior #fundie #homophobia theologyonline.com

More on the Boy Scouts considering not denying membership to youth on the basis of sexual orientation.

From the memo above:

“For this reason, the Executive Committee, on behalf of the National Executive Board, wrote a resolution for consideration that would remove the restriction denying membership to youth on the basis of sexual orientation alone and would maintain the current membership policy for all adult leaders of the Boy Scouts of America. The voting members will take action on the resolution during the Boy Scouts of America’s National Annual Meeting on May 23, 2013.”

First of all, is anyone else bothered that society, and especially a youth mentor organization that was founded on biblical values, is accepting the term “gay youth”? These children need spiritual and pyschological guidance to help them become free from this perversion known as homosexuality, not being told that it’s a legitimate behavior.

Secondly, let’s say that 12 year old Timmy, who was adopted by Adam and Steve at age 2, sodomized by them or their homosexual friends at age 5, and told by his ‘parents’ and the culture he is raised in that homosexual behavior is perfectly normal and hence turns out to be a proud and unrepentant homosexual himself, what kind of message is that sending to the other Boy Scouts?

Let’s say that little Timmy stays with the Scouts and in his upper teens makes it to the rank of Eagle Scout, will he be allowed to mentor younger Scouts, including going on overnight campouts with them?

Of course the homosexual movement won’t just accept the fact that “gay youth” will be accepted into the BSA (if the BSA should decide to go that route in May), as that would be “discriminatory”, thus the lawsuits will continue against the BSA.

Like everything that homosexuality touches, should the Boy Scouts decide to change their once biblical foundation to allow people that are proud of their immoral behavior into their organization, the Boy Scouts of America will die a slow agonizing death.

Gerald Nash #homophobia #fundie groups.google.com

[Title: "Homosexuality *IS* WRONG!"]

It *IS* wrong. So VERY, VERY WRONG.

How *can* anyone (other than a homosexual) claim otherwise?

*If* it's right, why do most, if not all, homosexuals die young of diseases
like AIDS, Hepatitis and Cancer?

How can it be right, and natural, if the human race would become extinct
if everyone in the world were to practice homosexuality?

And, how can homosexuals be Christians when the Bible *clearly* states that
homosexuality is wrong?

Finally, why can't *anyone* answer questions like these with the truth?

Lauren Boebert #wingnut #homophobia #transphobia twitter.com

Well, I guess North Face wanted to get a taste of what conservatives did to Bud Light and Target.

How many times do we have to explain to the woke marketing departments at these disgusting companies that America is not a nation of degenerates?

It’s time to boycott ANY product North Face has ever made.

Let’s make it as shameful to wear North Face as it is to drink Bud Light!

@AmericasMansMan #homophobia gettr.com

@CJShelp I just know that nothing causes more bloodshed than plowing another man. Not just because of the most immediate trauma to the anus, but also in the form of #SchoolShootings by young men and women lacking a mother or a father, or simply reacting naturally to #TWOMENPLOWING. It’s time to #recriminalizeSodomy. Yesterday!

Thanks for your thoughts. And you might very well be right on both counts.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #transphobia #homophobia 3edgesword.blogspot.com

[From "how me on the Teddy Bear where the homo touched you (because we know 100.00% of them do it)"]

Today is the Stollery Hospital's Teddy Bear Run event, which is a good day to remind you all that they are run by a faggot, intent on pushing the evil sodomite agenda, and are actively engaged in seriously harming mentally ill children (which, like shit, is just a weird thing that faggots get turned on by)

It is not widely known that the Stollery Children's Hospital is home to the Stollery Children’s Transgender Clinic. In fact, no mention of this clinic is made on the hospital's website. However, the clinic was involved in a study published in Pediatrics on November 1, 2021 about children referred to gender clinics across Canada for puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. The clinic has been in operation for several years now, as it was mentioned in the March 2017 edition of Alberta Street News by an Edmonton mother trying to access transition services for her underage son:[…]

When the Stolley talks about how they are dedicated to curing mental health, they certainly don't want you to know their role in making mental health problems worse by explicitly buying into the delusions of people with seriously damaged brains in need of repair

Why would they do such a thing? Oh, yeah, right....

Scott's husband and long-time partner, Douglas R. Stollery, also serves as an ARC Foundation Board Advisor. The son of Bob and Shirly Stollery, Douglas is the current president of The Stollery Charitable Foundation and the former director of the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. He is also counsel to the law firm of Reynolds Mirth Richards & Farmer LLP

A proud child molester involved in the massive genital mutilation of thousands of kids? Who knew?

Peter B. Meyer #wingnut #homophobia #transphobia #sexist #racist #conspiracy finalwakeupcall.info

They designed a secret step-by-step plan, to gradually achieve their long-awaited goal.

The roadmap

Change the monetary system to fiat paper money. This replaces wealth with fiat paper and transfers it to the Deep State via currency inflation and money devaluation.

Enslave all people with this euphemistically called fiat “reserve currency”.
Control the media, and use this medium to promote agenda 2030.

Use sophisticated propaganda, to influence the public in and on all issues.

Divide and rule by creating wars.

Maintain racial inequality through class warfare and hatred.

Destroy the family unit by putting mother, wife to work.

Humiliate women.

Promote homosexuality.

Glorify cohabitation with any variant such as unisex and/or transgenderism to promote all types of perversion.

Create government schools under the name of free public education.

Keep people stupid lest they think independently.

Indoctrinate the people through mind control.

Promote “brotherly love” according to the concept of altruism.

Maintain historically good-sounding names like constitution, privacy rights, private property, national flag, right to vote, democracy, elected representatives, free press, etc., to modify these institutions.

Keep the general public ignorant about gold and silver, which is real money, this should be erased from the notion.

Give them worthless crypto currency to distract from gold and silver ownership.

Control guns and pistols. To scare the public about guns by promoting the idea that guns are dangerous.

The end result justifies all means, from assassinations to lies, treachery, deception, e.g. talk of peace that is war.
Calling land ownership “private property” but levying perpetual and progressive property taxes.

Confuse terms like liberal, conservative, socialism, communism, fascism, democracy, republican, and promote anarchy – which actually means self-government – as dangerous to the public.

Jason Graber #homophobia #transphobia #fundie #psycho msn.com

“Any parent that would have their child, would have a transgender surgery done on them, any parent that would do that, they just need to be shot in the back of the head,” Graber said. “They need to be convicted in trial and immediately shot in the back of the head. Okay, and then we can string them up above a bridge so that the public can see the consequences of that kind of wickedness.”

“And so there should be no excuse to not put these people to death, no excuse whatsoever,” he added.

“These child molesters, that these child butchers, that these faggots, all the LGBTQ people, people that desire strange flesh, that they should all be put to death in a public execution by the government.”

Ethan Schmidt-Crockett #homophobia #psycho azcentral.com

In a tweet released by PatriotTakes, which monitors right-wing extremists, Schmidt, in a moving vehicle with a friend, first rants against Target, then says:

“I also like to hunt LGBT supporters on my free time. That’s one of my favorite pastimes, you know. Also we’re going to be going on hunting expeditions pretty soon, you know, hunting the LGBT supporters across Arizona and Phoenix. So, you know, keep an eye out for that because you’re not safe. If you support the LGBT agenda, you’re not safe. You’re not safe. Right, Kyle? (That's the driver, who responds, “yep.”)”

Martin #fundie #homophobia premierchristianity.com

JoKing: Martin,
I have never done anything to promote sexual immorality. I have led a heterosexual life, entirely within marriage. You are confused, and abusive. Making false accusations really is wickedness, according to Jesus. I do not decry the Old Testament. I apportion to it a lesser authority than you do, by submitting it to the authority of Jesus, my Lord. Honouring Jesus is not wickedness. I question the infallibility of the Old Testament, because Scripture makes no claim for it. The word "infallible" does not occur in any text. That is not wickedness; it is honouring the text, without adding to it, as you do. Your attachment to human invention above Scripture, seems close to wickedness.

Martin: Seems to me that you are promoting homosexuality here.
The authority of Jesus gives the same authority to the Old Testament as the New, you are not honouring Jesus.
Does that which comes from the mouth of God Himself have the capability of error?
So where have I added to Revelation?

JoKing: By your "Seems to me that you are promoting homosexuality" based on absolutely no evidence, shows what is quite obvious to all who read you: that you are so obsessive about attacking homosexuals, that your judgment is blinded by any disagreement. Anyone who opposes you. on any issue, you lump together with the "hateful sexual deviants", and pour your bile over all of us.
Well, I rank your rank company less bearable than some homosexuals I have had the privilege of knowing. Your addiction to what seems like a ultra-reformed system of dogma, and the way you express it, is entirely antithetical to the tender mercies of a compassionate God. That causes real concern that you have no real knowledge of Jesus, his character and purposes.
In your fleshly attempts at arguing for the "truth", you betray the cause of Jesus in all you say. You really need to beware of the real risk that your claims of faithful service will be met with "Go away, you worker of iniquity, I never knew you".
To all you people who read this, my apologies to have to speak so directly, but this man is presenting a terrible, harsh, substitute for the truth of the Gospel of Jesus.

Martin: Based on the fact that you are busily supporting those who are pushing sexual immorality here. If that isn't promoting homosexuality I don't know what is. I'd be quite happy to debate o.ther matters, and in fact do. It is preferable to having to say the same things over and over to those who will not listen. The doctrines of grace are the tender mercies of a loving God. A God who cares so much for His Creation that He will enter it and suffer abuse at the hands of His Creation in order to redeem His Creation.

JoKing: Martin, your "fact" is a fabrication of your dubious thought-processes. I do not, and have not, supported homosexuals, beyond offering them social acceptance. I oppose the rejection by some of the authority of NT authors. I would do that to anyone regardless of their sexual behaviour. I have repeatedly said this.
You seem utterly unable get your rigid thought-patterns to grasp the difference.
But I do subject the OT to the authority of Jesus. And it seems you reject that stance, but have no argument to back up your opposition to it. I wonder if your stand is as real as you make out. Do have plans to stone adulteresses?

Martin: That you have attacked me for my response to those who are making LGBT supporting claims gives the lie to your first statement.
That you imagine you are qualified to "subject the OT to the authority of Jesus" demonstrates that you do not understand that the OT is as much the words of the Lord Jesus as any words written in red in your Bible.
Clearly you do not understand the nature of the Bible, as your question "Do have plans to stone adulteresses" demonstrates.
You seem to delight in abusing me, when you are claiming to be addressing my abuse. It seems to me that you are entirely dishonest.

JoKing: Martin. It is you who first used uncivil terms to attack me, and you might notice that My responses a\re always more measured. Yet you continue to do so. You say I "attacked you", that I "imagine I am qualified", I "do not understand",(twice), I "delight in abusing" you, I am "entirely dishonest". Quite a catch! None of this is acceptable. I would encourage you to see if you can say what you want to, without such abuse.

Martin: I see nothing 'uncivil' in what I said. My interactions with David and Peter have taken place over a considerably longer period than you have been around. It has been necessary to become more forceful in that period.

JoKing: "Martin. These are the abusive personal comments in your last:
you have attacked me
you imagine you are qualified...
you do not understand (twice)
You seem to delight in abusing me,
you are entirely dishonest"
You could have made your points with phrasing such as:
"You apposed me strongly
You may not be qualified...
I suggest you may have not understood/.misunderstood
???? no suitable phrase comes to mind - perhaps the thought is too abusive
I fear I have to doubt your honesty"
Even like that the personal nature of your comments is aggressive because you are not debating the points, just accusing me of various failings. Peter has expressed a similar opinion of your mode of expression, and he has a longer experience of you, apparently.
With absolutely no interest in being provocative, and with no intention of personal attack, I have no aim beyond finding out how your reconcile - Lev 20 10: “If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife – with the wife of his neighbour – both the adulterer and the adulteress are to be put to death."
- with your current position. What do you think? Is it a practice that would be good for our society to adopt? Would you, if you had the power. It is God's inspired word, is it not?
see more

Martin: It is very simple, Leviticus contains three strands of law, the moral, the ceremonial and the civil law. The Christian does not live in the ancient state of Israel, so the civil law has no role. Of such is those laws with a penalty attached for breaking them such as the one for adultery. Equally, the Temple and it's sacrifices are no more, so the ceremonial is done away with by the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. The only law that remains is the moral law, which the Christian seeks to keep from love of His Saviour.

Andrew Stiles, Washington Free Beacon #ableist #racist #sexist #homophobia #transphobia #enbyphobia #biphobia #elitist #dunning-kruger #interphobia #wingnut freebeacon.com

Analysis: What If Woke Liberals Didn't Get To Label Everything?
Introducing the Washington Free Beacon Alternative Style Guide for Reporting on Issues of Controversy (ASGRIC)

It goes without saying: The mainstream media is run by liberal activists. This ideological bias manifests itself in several ways, including the words journalists are allowed to use when discussing controversial issues.

(1.5 paragraphs of hyperbolic whining about how journalists are forced to write)

The woke words and phrases used in media reports would make a lot more sense to the average American if these people weren't in charge—if journalists were forced to abide by the Washington Free Beacon Alternative Style Guide for Reporting on Issues of Controversy (ASGRIC):

Undocumented immigrant → Foreign-born fugitive from justice
Gender-affirming care for minors → Child abuse
LGBTQQIP2SAA+ rights → Gay rights
Drag Queen → Gender appropriator
Abortion → Extrajudicial fetal assassination, anti-life health care
Death penalty → Justice affirming care
Assault rifle → Freedom friend, justice dispenser
Racially inclusive → Racially obsessed
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion → Six-figure consulting fees
Black Lives Matter → Scam PAC
Pro-Palestinian activist → Jew hater
Teachers' unions → Anti-child activists
Tax cuts → Restorative justice
Democracy dies in darkness → Democracy thrives on Jennifer Rubin columns
War on Women → Kinetic military action against individuals with an active uterus
#MeToo era → Brief period of anti-male activism from 2017 until Tara Reade's credible accusation of sexual assault against Joe Biden
Speak truth to power → Leave Joe Biden alone
Hillary Clinton → Crooked
Long Covid → Mental illness
New York City Subway → Public toilet
WNBA fans→ Liars
Soccer → Performative falling
Bicycle → Morally abhorrent nerd-conveying road hazard
Happy Holidays → Merry Christmas
God bless you → God bless America

Scott Lively #fundie #homophobia joemygod.blogspot.com

Just because Secular Humanist America began to decriminalize sexual sins in civilian law starting in the early 1960s doesn’t mean criminal sanctions against homosexuality are “un-Christian.” Indeed, given the enormous damage to our culture from the so-called sexual revolution, it was obviously a big mistake for us to have done this. Knowing what we know now it is arguably more “un-Christian” to support the status quo than to support a return to the legal framework of the 1940s and 50s regarding sexual misbehavior.
There is one easy, guaranteed method of protecting oneself from ever being subject to the Anti-Homosexuality law in Uganda: Don’t Commit Sodomy! We all seem to forget, in the dense propaganda haze of American popular opinion, that homosexuality is defined by voluntary sexual acts. Homosexuals are no more compelled to commit sodomy with each other than a married man is compelled to cheat on his wife.

Since the alternative to passing this bill is to allow the continuing, rapid, foreigner-driven homosexualization of Ugandan culture, I am giving the revised Anti Homosexuality Bill my support.