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Overprotective daddies of teen girls - biggest scum on this planet

Of teen or early post-teen, who still may have too much control over daughter, and so debil may be against his teen daughter being with chronologically older man, and so debil, as simple down-to earth man may fail to understand uniqueness of his daughter and her wanting to be artistic, spirritual, indifferent to material amd social wellbeing and to marry spiritually compatible man of culture, not some socioeconomically well established normie he prefers

Finding good waifu of culture is already extremely hard, but thanks to overprotective daddies it becomes much harder, as necessity to search not only for waifu of culture, but also her to be having daddy of culture, or being from dysfunctional family, with daddy not present, or not involved much, (which can create other problems, various daddy issues)

Anyone who fails to understand overprotective daddies being scum - are scum themselves, lower than any tranny or faggot

Overprotective daddies of teen girls are not compatible with kemonisation

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According to the third century Christian monks called the Desert Fathers, “pride” topped the list of the infamous Seven Deadly Sins. However, the Bible itself identifies homosexuality as the most deadly, giving it the special designation “toeva” (abomination) in the Leviticus 18 list of worst-possible sins which cause the land itself to “vomit out” its inhabitants, and making clear that widespread homosexuality was the cause of the incineration of Sodom and Gomorrah (Jude 1:7, referencing Genesis 19). That incident, unique in Biblical history, expressly linked male homosexual sodomy (and that sin alone) with the last-days destruction of the world by God.

So what should faithful Christians and Jews think of “Gay Pride,” the international month-long celebration of homosexual sodomy that occurs every June, drawing support from numerous governments around the world?

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You’ll excuse my confusion, but amidst the hyperventilating screeches — GLAAD claiming that Phil Robertson was pushing “vile and extreme stereotypes” — maybe I missed what it was the Duck Dynasty patriarch actually said that was wrong.

“It seems like, to me, a vagina — as a man — would
be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me.”

Is it a “vile and extreme stereotype” to say that gay men engage in anal sex with each other? Or is it in some way objectionable for heterosexuals to say that they prefer the opposite sex? Why is this offensive? To whom is it offensive and why?

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Here’s the basic thing to understand: there is one kind of sex that is normal, and that is a penis going in a vagina for the purpose of reproduction. If you have a sexual attraction to a child, it is no different than sexual attraction to another man, because it is non-reproductive sex. This is called “paraphilia.”

All of the following are defined as “paraphilia”:

Attraction to the same sex
Attraction to pre-pubescent children
Attraction to animals
Attraction to old women

“Consent” is a spook. No one can explain what it is. It is in theory “agreeing to something,” but then there are all of these ifs and ands.

Mentally ill people can’t “give consent.” This is accepted within consent theory. So, if you say a homosexual is mentally ill – which he obviously is – then how can he consent to sodomy? Homosexuality is obviously a mental illness, as it harms your body. These people get all kinds of diseases, which we know of, but do you know they have to wear buttplugs all the time because they lose control of their bowels? This is choosing to inflict harm on yourself and others in a pathological way, meaning it is the textbook definition of “mental illness.”

I have argued cogently that a woman should never be able to consent to anything, not simply because their decisions are so bad, but because they are psychologically incapable of accepting personal responsibility for their bad decisions. Remember that mother who killed her son recently? She blamed it on her boyfriend. Watch Hillary Clinton talk about the Benghazi scandal, or losing the election for that matter. All she does is go through a list of other people whose fault it was. Now think for a second: have you ever witnessed a woman, ever in your entire life, take personal responsibility for a bad decision they made? I’m talking about in your personal life. Just think about it for a few minutes, go through every horrible thing you’ve ever seen a woman do, and ask if you’ve ever seen one then say “this is my fault and I was wrong.”

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Whereas marriage and family have been protected in human rights law from antiquity, including the Babylonian Code of Hammurabi in 1789 BC, the Jewish Torah in approximately 1400 BC, the Christian Bible in approximately 60 AD, and the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights in 1948, and

Whereas human rights in Western nations have been rooted in theories of natural law, from the writings of the Greek philosopher Aristotle, to the Catholic theologian Thomas Aquinas, to the American Founding Fathers’ Declaration of Independence, and

Whereas natural law recognizes a natural order in sexual and family matters, and

Whereas the natural law presuppositions of human rights were reaffirmed in the Nurnberg Trials of 1945, providing the moral authority for the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and

Whereas none of the of the foundational human rights documents from the dawn of time until recent years have granted human rights based on homosexuality, but in several cases have expressly condemned such conduct,

Therefore, relying upon more than 4000 years of legal precedent and the moral and religious principles we share with the vast majority of the citizens of the world,

We Declare that the human rights of religious and moral people to protect family values is far superior to any claimed human right of those who practice homosexuality and other sexual deviance, and

We Call for the European Union and the international community to immediately abandon any campaign to create a human right for homosexual conduct, and to restore religious freedom and family values to their proper superior status.

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Have I mentioned this before? The endgame of all the radical secular left activists is really only about one thing: the complete eradication and abolition of Christianity. That is their ultimate and major focus. They hate God and his people, and they know that only the complete destruction of the Christian church will allow them the complete freedom to carry out their nefarious agenda.

Of course if they came out and said all this in so many words, they might get a bit of pushback. So as with all activists, they resort to euphemisms and they change the language. They know full well that societal change must be preceded by verbal change. Change the terminology and you can change the culture.

So they speak about their agenda items in terms of ‘diversity’ and ‘acceptance’ and ‘tolerance’. All that sounds pretty good – who would be opposed to those things? And of course anyone opposed to their militant mission is a bigot and intolerant and a hater.

Christians are the main haters in their view, and that means, among other things, that the Bible is full of hate speech. And now the activists have made it clear that even prayer is hateful! I kid you not. Consider what the pink mafia are up to in this regard in the UK

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And the pejorative term “conversion” is a lot of baloney anyway. No one is forcing anyone to do anything. We are simply saying that if a person is pleading for help and counsel on unwanted same-sex attractions, he or she should be able to get it, and not be robbed of that choice.

But our tyrannical governments are now so utterly in bed with the militant activists, that they have declared war on freedom, and war on those offering much-needed and much-wanted help. People who want to “convert” from one sex to another (something that is physically impossible) are fully supported and assisted by governments, but those who want freedom in other areas are denied it.

The rainbow and trans fascists have already won. Governments are now doing their every bidding. This is the end of choice. This is the end of freedom. This is the end of tolerance. This is the end of diversity. Now the coercive state demands complete uniformity and conformity. All those who dare to resist WILL be punished.

Yet the activists and the rainbow State are fully in favour of conversion anyway. They want to convert everyone to their radical secular left worldview and ideology. They are seeking to convert ordinary citizens all the time. Everyone is in the conversion game.

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Arthur: But that’s what drag queens do. Drag entertainment is heavily connected to alcohol and drug use. They engage in sexually explicit acts – that’s the whole point of “drag.” Why are those people presenting to kids?

Arthur: Would you allow your children to be around drag queens?

Library Director: Yes.

Arthur: You’re pushing an agenda here on kids to engage in behaviors that are harmful to them. You do realize that?

Library Director: I’m not sure I agree with that. But I appreciate that’s how you feel. So thank you for sharing.

Arthur: You are the Library Director, and are allowing a Drag Queen, a sexually explicit entertainer, pushing this perversion on children.

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One thing queers really know how to do is to bully other people. Very few homosexuals actually want to get “married” but when they do, the first thing they do is go out and find a Christian bakery and demand they make a cake to celebrate this travesty of marriage. They just want to impose their own warped ideas on others and force participation. If they can bankrupt a business run by good, decent normal people they will be jumping up and down with glee.
Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer. lied atrociously, claiming that a refusal caused them to suffer physical harm including “depression, hysteria, impaired digestion, weight gain …” Rubbish! They are greedy and wanted to get the enormous financial damages awarded under a rotten law.

The Kleins were subjected to a homo-fascist mob that boycotted their business, threatened other wedding vendors and subjected their young children to death threats.

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Since 2014, the McArthurs. a lovely Christian couple who run a bakery in Northern Ireland, have suffered a litigation nightmare, since they turned down a request from LGBT activist Gareth Lee to bake a cake bearing the words “Support Gay Marriage”.

At this time, same-sex marriage was not legal in Northern Ireland, and it has never been democratically legalized since (it was imposed by the authoritarian decree of the Westminster Parliament against the will of the Northern Ireland people.)

Gareth Lee set out to entrap and humiliate the McArthurs, because as soon as they politely declined, on the grounds that, as Christians, they did not support this view, he sued them for discrimination. At first, he won and was awarded compensation. The judge at circuit level absurdly commented that to be discriminated against “because he was gay” was “humiliating, hurtful etc etc” whereas in fact, for the Ashers to be bullied in this way by an aggressive activist, and subjected to a lot of hate mail, was humiliating and hurtful.

After a four-year ordeal, the McArthurs got justice from the UK Supreme Court, which in 2018 correctly upheld their right not to be forced to say something they did not agree with. Compelled speech is a violation of the individual’s human rights. They had refused the contract, and would have refused it whoever brought the request, so this was not “discrimination”.

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A gay Iranian man has been reportedly beheaded by his brother and two cousins after they discovered he had been exempted from military service due to his sexuality.

Alireza Fazeli Monfared, 20, was allegedly taken by the three male members of his family to the village of Borumi, western Iran, and murdered.

Afterwards, the three killers allegedly called Alireza's mother to tell them they had 'finished him off'.

Alireza had applied for an exception from the compulsory Iranian military service for being gay so that he could leave the country and move to Turkey to live with his partner Aghil Abyat, according to 6Rang, the Iranian Lesbian and Transgender Network.

But when the exception card arrived at his home in the city of Ahvaz, Alireza was not home and instead his half-brother is said to have discovered his sexual orientation after finding the card.

At 7pm on Tuesday Alireza spoke to his mother on the phone for the last time, Abyat told IranWire.

Shortly afterwards, his half-brother arrived at Alireza's home and said their father needed to see him and drove him to Borumi during the night.

It was here that his sibling and two male cousins allegedly murdered and beheaded Alireza, before dumping his body by a palm tree.

'There was no news of him until Wednesday, when Alireza's stepbrother called his mother and told her: 'We've finished him off',' Abyat said.

'In other works, he confessed to murdering Alireza,' Abyat claimed. 'They found his body under some palm trees. It's now with the medical examiner and his mother has been hospitalised because of the shock.'

Three men - believed to be Alireza's half-brother and two cousins by Iranian media - were arrested and they are facing trial for the murder.
In Iran, homosexuality is punishable by execution. It is thought that thousands of gays have been executed in the country since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

As a result, homosexuals are often targeted in 'honour killings' as their families believe they have brought shame to them.

A 2020 6Rang report found that six in 10 gay people in Iran have been assaulted by members of their family, while almost 50 per cent have been publicly sexually assaulted.

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At Wichita State University, the student government voted to refuse official recognition of the libertarian Young Americans for Liberty group because it supports—gasp!—the First Amendment. Since other chapters of the group across the country have invited controversial conservative speakers to their campuses, the Kansas safe-spacers argued, it would be "dangerous" to allow them to operate in Kansas.

It's safe space for cows.And at Duquesne University, students have now declared that welcoming a Chick-fil-A on campus would put their "safe place" at "risk" because the founders of the fast-food company defended traditional marriage.

What the cluck? These millennial chicken littles have grown softer than the insides of waffle fries.

While they hype the existential dangers of exposure to discomfiting ideological dissent, the bubble-wrapped brigade ignores the real menaces in the academy

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Reddit is populated by lots of people who sexually identify as people who have a sexuality which will never be able to have biological children, think homosexual, lesbian and go from there.

If they, themselves point out their sexuality (which they do, at every possibility) everything is celebrated, BUT if someone else highlights a non-traditional sexuality, they really don't like it.

The post was a light hearted sentence and is the kind of thing Brits would find funny, unlike the people here.

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A same-sex wedding is the ceremonial blessing of behavior the Bible condemns. Affirmation of homosexual practice is intrinsic to gay nuptials. There is no need to ask the history of the couple or their reasons for marrying in order to figure out whether or not the marriage is one that God would approve. In contrast, while two heterosexuals wishing to marry may or may not be obeying God’s commands, the institution itself is one that God has affirmed.

Things that are obvious from a common-sense perspective — if somebody’s asking for two grooms on a wedding cake, this is not a “marriage” that any Bible-believer could be expected to endorse — are obscure to those blinded by ideological abstractions. Chief among these is the Left’s idolatrous devotion to Equality

Gay activists do not construe their “rights” in terms of liberty, but in terms of radical and absolute equality. They insist that same-sex relationships are identical to — entirely analogous to and fungible with — traditional marriage.

Common sense resists this assertion, perceiving something fundamentally false in the gay marriage argument. Yet it seems common-sense resistance can only be justified by resort to religious faith, through the understanding that men are “endowed by their Creator” with rights. Eliminate the Creator from discussion, and it becomes impossible to refute the activists’ indignant demand for equality.

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Homosexuality is not about opinions or differences, it's about what's right or wrong. Homosexuals aren't a race of people, they are just people who can't control themselves nor their urges. Homosexuals aren't the difference between black and white, they consist of every race on this planet. You volunteer to stick your genitals where they don't belong, not because you have to, just because you want to.

This entire war has never been about opinion or tolerance, it's always been about the Homosexuals getting away with their lustful practices and hiding the truth behind their gay flag. If they can conform the world, they own the world. Once those who support the Gay agenda gain control of the world, they'll drop the Homosexual agenda like dead waste. This is a plan that has been hiding in the shadows for a long time, and now it's being taken to action underneath our very noses.

Homosexuality is the biggest lie and fiasco since the war between the red coats and our freedom struck many hundreds of years ago, when the King over the sea demanded tax we couldn't afford. The Militant Homosexuals lie, cheat, hurt, bully, attack, bludgeon, lust and lust and lust and lust and lust and lust and lust and lust at everything. They are out of control, it needs to stop.

While we must care about the person within each human being, as some of those who are in these things such as Homosexuality want out, there is nothing in the Bible nor in our nature as Human beings that prevents us from standing up for what is right.

It's not bigoted, to hate what is wrong.


On a different topic, don't you think it's weird most people on DA would rather be called a Demon than ever be called an Angel? If they wanted to have the word "Angel" referred to them they would add "Fallen" before the word "Angel", "Fallen Angel", and take long strides to make that point. People are so rebellious, it sickens me.

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Yet here in the 21st century, Rachel Andelman felt the need to “identify” as bisexual at age 14 when, in point of fact, Florida law doesn’t even consider 14-year-olds capable of consenting to sex. By the time she was a junior, she came out as a lesbian, already sufficiently fluent in radical feminist jargon to invoke “compulsory heterosexuality” as a force of patriarchal oppression. (When I was a high-school junior, heterosexuality sure as heck wasn’t “compulsory,” or else I’d have been getting some of that action.) Whether or not Rachel Andelman ever could have been heterosexual, had a mad scientist erased her memory and transported her in a time machine to 1976, is one of those interesting questions that must remain forever in the realm of hypothetical speculation. Certainly there were many teenage girls back then who were awkward and confused, but they didn’t have the Internet to tell them what to do about their confusion, whereas Rachel Andelman did “countless hours of research and reading” before arriving at her transgender destination at age 18.

Oh, and what a strange coincidence that her freshman roommate at college was also going through a sexual identity crisis. Except it’s not a coincidence, it’s a trend. Isn’t everybody in college going through a sexual identity crisis nowadays? LGBTQIA — pick a letter! Any letter!

Robert Stacy McCain #homophobia theothermccain.com

If someone had tried to get us to care about politics when I was a teenager, we’d have called them a “homo,” which was a sort of generalized insult that wasn’t homophobic because the word “homophobia” hadn’t been invented yet. Circa 1974, “homo” (like “queer” and “faggot”) was just an insult slung around among a group of teenage friends, without any actual suspicion of homosexuality. Perhaps a sociology professor or a Gender Studies major would interpret the use of such slang insults as expressions of “toxic masculinity” or whatever, but of course all professors and Gender Studies majors are homos, by the standards of normal teenagers. When I was in high school, all the cool kids were completely cynical about politics and politicians, and considering that I attended high school during the presidencies of Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, perhaps you can see why were were so cynical.

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TheQuartering's NOT mad about the idea of a gay Sonic character, he's mad that you're advocating for changing an established character's sexual orientation for NO good reason, therefore for NO reason.

(By the way, advocating for changing an established character's identity/trivial traits, which means that you're advocating for a pointless change to an established character, makes you come across as an asshole)

Indeed, changing an established character's sexual orientation, or any other identity traits, is SELFISH because they're only picking that character to ride their popularity.

True, especially because making an original character is creative and shows they can make something of their own for the benefit of others, NOT just themselves.

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Too bad politicians in the West don’t have the honesty to talk about protecting children from homosexuals. Even though homosexuals make up about 1.5 percent of the US population, studies suggest that they commit close to 33 percent of the child molestation.

Africa has a very serious problem with homosexual and bisexual men spreading AIDS. One source notes “17 million people have died since the AIDS epidemic began in the 1970s, more that 3.3 million of those children. An additional 12 million children have been orphaned by AIDS.” A responsible nation would pass laws to try to control the problem, but our liberal news media acts as though any repression of homosexuality is some great outrage.

The Russian republic under Vladimir Putin has banned homosexuals from trying to brainwash and recruit Russian children into their decadent lifestyle. The Supreme Court of India has recently ruled that homosexuality is illegal and even Red China considers homosexuality an immoral behavior.

The reason that homosexuals are promoted in our society is because the Jews protect them and see them as their allies. Weak-minded liberals, who don’t realize the danger to their children, are brainwashed to tolerate and accept homosexuals. Meanwhile, God clearly condemned homosexuality in Leviticus 18, just in case anyone cares.

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RE: "There's more cock in r/actuallesbians than here" says redditor in r/askgaybros

I literally don't consider gay men allies anymore. there are so few standing up to this cult that they've gone full traitor mode on lesbians. Lesbians, who fucking cared for them when they were dropping like flies of "gay plague".

And this is the pay back we get.

I really think that as we re-group as lesbians, we need to make one thing clear: we may have something in common with gay men, but they are not our allies. They are men. They are misogynist scum and they are traitors. Only a very few of them seem to care about us.

Just like only a very few straight men care about what happens to women.

So there you go, they're just men. And we need to keep that in mind going forward and never waste energy helping them again.

We should also distance ourselves from them politically and socially, if at all possible. Again, because they are males and the sexuality can poison everything and be quite perverted. Remember it was gay men who wanted to let pedophiles in the movement in the 70s, and it was lesbians who held the line and said, "uh, no, child raping is not a legit sexuality". If we weren't there, what would become of their civil rights movement?

I say we leave them to cope for themselves and if they eat themselves over gender cult or pedo bullshit, then it's their own fault. We need to stop wasting time and energy babysitting and advocating for men, because what happens is they reap all the rewards and we lose everything.

Everything. We literally don't have a community anymore. Where were gay men when that was happening? They can piss off as far as I'm concerned. We need to really take the Get The L Out movement seriously. Maybe some people will think that's too extreme or we need gay men or something, but I don't think so. Need them for what? They're men, most of them are worthless when it comes to creating anything positive for women.

Scott Lively #homophobia scottlively.net

This month, June, 2017, President Donald Trump’s State and Defense Departments, reaffirmed their support for the LGBT agenda. The White House itself did not, thankfully, but thus far, President Trump has NOT reversed Obama’s Executive Order that still commands the entire executive branch to actively undermine Biblical values on sex and marriage as a international priority.

I love my country, and am deeply grieved that in the area of sexual morality we indeed seem almost to have become, as the Iranians love to chant, the “Great Satan” of the world. When I read Chapters 17 and 18 of the Book of Revelation in my Bible, I cannot help but recognize a parallel between America and “Mystery Babylon,” whether or not they are actually the one and the same. “For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the passion of her immorality, and the kings of the earth have committed acts of immorality with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich by the wealth of her sensuality” (Rev 18:3).

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The pro-LGBTQ Human Rights Campaign (HRC) conducted a survey recently which found that upwards of 92 percent of all members of its community have received at least one injection of a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine.”

A press release about the HRC Foundation Survey reveals that homosexuals, bisexuals, transgenders, queers and others of this nature are among the most likely demographic to willingly and eagerly roll up their sleeves to get jabbed by the government and Big Pharma.
LGBTQ Asians and Pacific Islanders are the most compliant at 96 percent, followed by 90 percent of LGBTQ Hispanics. Black LGBTQs clocked in at 85 percent compliance, as did Native American, Alaskan, Middle Eastern and North African LGBTQs.

For some reason, light-skinned LGBTQs (Caucasians) were not even mentioned in this survey category (because white people are bad, according to the Left).
The only time white LGBTQs are even mentioned at all in the survey is when the HRC makes the claim that non-whites are experiencing far more “covid deaths” among their friends and family members – the suggestion being that covid is “racist” against “people of color.”
The Covid Blog finds none of this surprising in light of the fact that LGBTQs tend to be among the most aggressive pro-jab zealots in society. Even outside of the covid injection lineup, LGBTQs tend to be heavy promoters of vaccines in general.

“The current LGBTQ crowd as a whole are intolerant of any views contrary to theirs and will aggressively target anyone who expresses those views,” wrote one commenter at The Covid Blog. “Even other gay people.”

“So when you virtue signal and embrace the woke narrative, accept the consequences. The phrase ‘get woke, go broke’ should also include for the vaxxers ‘and suffer from your choices,” which include possibly life-changing injury and death.”

I.N. #racist #psycho #homophobia #wingnut #dunning-kruger chechar.wordpress.com

[From "First 2022 post"]

Hello Mr César. First of all, allow me to express my deep gratitude for feeling that my comment from exactly a year ago deeply resonates with you. It is an honour
I hope this comment grants me access to your select group of SS-like Seers[…]and zealots devoted to the manifestation of our pure and unquenchable desire to watch or at least contribute to the eventual absolute and uncontested domination of the Aryan superman over the entirety of this globe
A future in which energy consumption from a constantly growing and mentally passive and incompetent population of shitskins (that can barely function in their day to day lives without big state welfare at our expense or grasp rudimentary concepts, much less work) exceedingly supersedes the rate, the percentage and the quantity of the extraction, distribution, availability and affordability of rapidly depleting natural resources, is unsustainable and falls into the realm of childish science-fiction
Non-Nordic so-called ‘whites’ must accept that they are nothing more than stepping stones for Nordids and failed test subjects in this most intricate experiment called Life that evolution has chosen to discard
As for homosexuality, Himmler aptly addressed this matter in his speech dissecting this pathology and linking it with the chastity of the Catholic clergy
Sooner or later, all other hominid subspecies, even those that have common enemies with us or have forged uneasy alliances with whites in the past like Palestinians, Syrians, Iranians and Japanese respectively, are to be sacrificed at the altar of the doctrine of utter exterminationism like you espouse Mr César
Whites should honour and pay tribute to their heroes and forefathers[…]and strive to surpass them[…]Adolf Hitler was right and if the West refuses to accept this fact it will sooner or later be annihilated

Robert Stacy McCain #homophobia theothermccain.com

{from 2014}

There are multiple layers of irony here: Dr. Lively was supporting the suppression of pro-gay speech in Russia, while the protesters were suppressing anti-gay speech in America. My dangerous extremist idea? Let’s stop suppressing speech.

Remember when what’s-her-name, the actress, “came out” as lesbian at a conference last week? Did conservative Christians heckle her or disrupt her speech? I think not.

By the way, someone should tell Dr. Lively to stop calling these goons “homo-fascists.” They’re actually homo-Marxists.

Robert Stacy Mccain #homophobia theothermccain.com

{from 2014}

True, but it’s also an interesting insight into the weird priorities of modern liberalism. Instead of being enraged about a teenage boy being sexually exploited for the viewing pleasure of perverts, liberals were upset that the boy’s video performances — which are all over the Internet — led to him being “bullied” and suspended from school.

COCOA, Fla. — An 18-year-old high school senior at the center of a dispute over his appearance on a gay pornography website will return Wednesday to Cocoa High.
A Brevard Schools decision banning him from classes catapulted Robert Marucci into the international spotlight last week; however, the district Tuesday said the teen would be allowed to return to class.
“I’m just ready to return to school, like a normal day,” he said Tuesday.

A normal day? What does he consider “a normal day”?

The definition of “normal” seems very flexible nowadays. Is it “normal” for high school boys to engage in a six-way gay orgy with every sordid moment captured on video for commercial distribution?

John C. Wright #homophobia #elitist #kinkshaming scifiwright.com

{from 2014}

This has nothing to do with my religion. I joined the Catholics because they are against homosexuality. I did not become against homosexuality because I joined the Catholics.

There is no need for you to apologize. I am not the one who decided to act unprofessionally, and assault the character of a fellow writer int the field. Mr Hines is. I am not the bigot. Mr Hines is. I believe a certain degree of courtesy and respect is due to comrades, and that other loyalties exist aside from political loyalties: Mr Hines does not.

He is a member of a cult of hate; I am a member of a religion of love. I love mankind, love virtue, love truth, and love beauty to the same degree and with the same intensity that the Hate Cult hates all these things. There is no compromise, no quarter and no peace between us.

PS: Logically, your friend cannot have a 'wife.' Women cannot have wives for the same reason the mother of an orphan cannot be alive. The word refers to someone who forms one half of a sexual dyad.

What your friend has is a desire for her friend to masturbate together with her, which creates sexual sensations without the sex act. The sex act requires mates of the opposite sex to perform. I have no doubt their love is as sincere as a pederast for his underage lover, a sadomasochist for his partner in chains, and so on. The sincerity of the love does not change the unnatural love to a natural one.

The fact that your language is so degraded and debased that you cannot even form a non-paradoxical sentence, that you cannot speak the truth, but instead choose to speak what you know or should know to be nonsense about the matter indicates an alarming lack of mental integrity on your part.

Torchy Blane #conspiracy #quack #sexist #homophobia #transphobia #racist #wingnut #dunning-kruger winterwatch.net

The Crime Syndicate — or what some call the “New World Order” — do much more than culturally attack masculinity. A critical element of their crackpot plan and assault is to put or allow toxic agents into the environment that cause demasculinization.

For those who live in the U.S., this is manifested in what I would call the “metrosexual” or “fem” look. I first became aware of it in about 2000. At first, I thought it was just dress style and changing cultural norms, but gradually I realized it was more. This has mostly emerged and is noticeable among the Millennial and Y generations, meaning people born between about 1980 and 2005. It’s a bit less pronounced in Europe, at least as you go East.
All Species Becoming More Feminized
The herbicide atrazine is one of the most liberally applied pesticides in the world. As a result, atrazine is the most commonly detected pesticide contaminant of ground, surface and drinking water. It’s also a potent endocrine disruptor that is active at low concentrations.
Accordingly, pregnant women whose fetuses are exposed to this agent end up reproducing males with smaller or deformed genitalia. An increasing number of our males are experiencing delayed puberty, falling sperm counts and a rise in gender confusion as boys are increasingly feminized.
This topic goes on and on, and we could write a 5,000-word article full of just-the-facts citations. But of particular note is the lack of concern and the “what, me worry?” attitude of the Monsanto lobby, trans-humanists, transgender- and homosexual-infested health and governmental agencies running the show. Not much shows up in the Lugenpresse on this development either. WW submits it is all by design.

Matt Barber #homophobia #transphobia #fundie #conspiracy conservativefiringline.com

GLAAD is an extremist homosexual censorship group that, for its defamatory antics, was certified last year by the well-respected American Family Association as an “openly bigoted anti-Christian organization.” GLAAD’s primary purpose is to strong-arm the entertainment industry and news media into presenting unrealistically favorable portrayals of the homosexual and gender-confused lifestyles, while at once censoring positive portrayals of natural marriage and the natural family, and silencing those who hold biblical values relative to marriage and human sexuality.

One of GLAAD’s most troubling censorship efforts was its Orwellian “Commentator Accountability Project.” This was a desperate effort to “suppress the biblical worldview from media.” Various homosexual activists were conscripted to contact, badger and otherwise intimidate media outlets, such as CNN, Fox News, the New York Times, et al., into blacklisting leading Christian cultural analysts (yours truly included) from providing commentary and political analysis over the airwaves and in print.

Joe Newby #homophobia web.archive.org

“Our program staff monitors the media to make sure that anti-gay defamation is corrected and doesn’t occur anymore so that those stereotypes that you see about gay people in the media or when we have anti-gay voices in the media GLAAD responds to make sure that the LGBT community is heard,” he said.

In other words, the group works to ensure that only one side of the debate is heard while seeking the censorship of those who, like Phil Robertson, do not agree with the homosexual lifestyle.

John Derbyshire #homophobia vdare.com

In those years there was strong public disapproval of homosexuality, and laws against homosexual acts all over the U.S.A. That meant that government employees who were homosexual were vulnerable to blackmail.

Employees in areas connected with national security, in particular, were subject to recruitment by Soviet spies via blackmail. This was the height of the Cold War, remember. Consequently, and very reasonably, federal departments, especially the most security-conscious ones like State and Defense, fired employees who were found to be homosexual.

NASA in the 1960s took the same approach. At least one NASA employee was fired for homosexuality while James Webb was NASA chief.

No surprise then that earlier this year homosexual activists fired up a campaign to rename the James Webb telescope. It would be wrong, wrong they said to name such a major project after a homophobe.

Leaving aside the fact that James Webb is not known to have had any active part in firing homosexuals, this ignores the other fact that in the 1960s approximately ninety percent of Americans were homophobic by the standards of 2021.

James Fulford #homophobia vdare.com

It’s obvious that Dr Maali Ashamalla is from some foreign country, and some strange religion where gays have not been victorious in controlling the culture, and banning any sentiment disapproving of gayness from the press, the academy, the workplace, and the medical profession.

For purposes of this post, it doesn’t matter whether Dr. Ashamalla is a Muslim, a Hindu, or a member of a Christian minority in her native land, just that she hasn’t been part of the Great Reeducation of the last fifty years on this subject.

Well, that’s what you get if you import foreign professors to teach ethics, isn’t? Foreign ethics.

(I know they’re not really that foreign—Pat Buchanan, refusing to accept the Great Reeducation, has said the same thing, and many Americans agree with him. However, there’s no danger of Pat Buchanan being hired by a university.)

Perhaps the MBA department staff could be asked to sign some kind of loyalty oath saying they approve of homosexuality and love Big Brother. I don’t think that’s a good thing, but in this case it could free up some jobs to be taken by Americans.

Scott Lively #homophobia scottlively.net

Darwin’s intellectual descendants dominate western civilization today, including the so-called mainstream media. Individual politicians and journalists may not personally express such blatantly offensive beliefs, but their Neo-Colonial attitude toward the Africans in the matter of African countries legislating their own moral values is grossly paternalistic at best — and inescapably implicitly racist.

In contrast, I, and my fellow Christians who have served as missionaries to Africa for generations have always treated the Africans as equals, created in the image of God just as we are. Every Christian who has ever visited Uganda knows that the typical Ugandans are a warm and lovely people: intelligent, caring and capable. Though they are very poor, their culture (outside of some areas which still embrace paganism) is highly civilized and its leaders are well educated and quite competent.

Henry Makow PhD #conspiracy #racist #homophobia #sexist #transphobia #wingnut #fundie henrymakow.com

"Did you enjoy the Holiday Concert?" the school principal asked my friend.

"Yes, but why didn't you call it a Christmas Concert?'

"Oh I can't. The Superintendent said the concert must be inclusive of all the diverse cultures in the school. We are not allowed to mention Christmas, Christ, or Jesus."

This humiliating scene was replayed millions of times this Christmas season. Some Christian groups even boycotted retailers who dropped the word Christmas from their advertising. Celebrating the central Christian holiday, and even saying "Merry Christmas" has become a political act.

Why has this happened? The answer isn't pretty. The world financial elite wants to eradicate Christianity. Their forerunners crucified Christ. Christianity gives everyone a piece of the pie and elitists want it all for themselves.
According to Christianity, all human beings were created in God's image, i.e. Divine Truth resides in every soul. Accordingly, God loves everyone equally and human life is sacred. Our birthright is to know God by following Christ's teachings.

On the other hand, the New World Order wants to corrupt and debase humanity and snuff out any spark of Divinity. They want to allot us "human rights" (which they determine) instead of acknowledging our God given rights. You see, animals are better to herd and cull.
In our society however, some people are in George Orwell's words, "more equal than others." "Diversity" is a devious ploy to subjugate the Christian majority. Christians have to take a back seat to 1.5% of Jews for whom Chanukah is an insignificant holiday that doesn't even fall on December 25 half of the time. (I won't mention "Kwanza" since most Blacks are Christian.)

To degrade humanity, the elite has to dynamite the four pillars of human identity: race, religion, nation and family. Just as it promotes homosexuality and fe-manism to undermine family, it uses Jewish holidays to destroy Christianity.
No one objects except the foreign-based central bankers and the monolithic occult (i.e. Masonic) political and cultural establishment that they employ.

Arghoslent #homophobia #racist #conspiracy metal-archives.com

[Lyrics to “The Ghosts of Flossenbürg”]

Damnedest of the damned
Outcast among outcasts
Retreat into your land
A hate-bred maelstrom bloomed

Beneath the survival instinct
Infantile sex regression
Here the root causes of sodomy lie

Damnedest of the damned
Outcasts among outcasts
Sickened sodomites are slain
Ridden of their home and hearth

Into retrogressive phallic worship
Jewish archetypes are found
Beneath the inquisitory zeal of de Mepsche

The curse of Gomorrah
Sicken sodomites slain

Beneath the survival instinct
Infantile regression
Here the root causes of sodomy lie

The riddance of Assyrites' king
Beholden to the Jewish star
Sickened sodomites are slain
Ridden of their hearth and home

in retrogressive phallic worship
Jewish archetypes are found
Beneath the inquisitory zeal of de Mepsche

For sixty years
The priest curbs not his desire
In sixty lashes
Disciplined by brute force

In Flossenbürg was rekindled the past
Human targets in perfect formation in Sachsenhausen
Painfully, red hands shoveled the snow
It is gone...

May homophobia outlive us all

Alexander Iulianus #fundie #homophobia #wingnut twitter.com

Is it a uniquely Anglosphere phenomenon (by virtue of American cultural imperialism, of course) that there is a serious debate between "conservative Christians" and "LGBT et al" over whether or not homosexuality is a choice?

And just like every debate that manages to filter into the conversation of common people, both sides opt for the extreme: for conservatives, it is a conscious choice to not be heterosexual; and for progressives, a person is simply born gay. Both wrong, both stupid.

Then how does gayness come about if both are wrong?

Though humanity particulates into two sexes, sexual communion between them brings unifying reversion. This temporal reversion conjoins them into an immanent 'one', a state participating of god - a oneness and union mirroring the oneness and union of the divine itself.

But as with all encosmic things, our primal knowledge of sex is that known via sense. This level is little different to that of other species; desire is for the act alone, not for the union or product. For those overwhelmed by indulgence, having a sex preference is preventative.

This kind accounts only for a small number, however. The majority of those who peel from the sexual norm have so due to certain sensible 'impositions' impressed upon the mind from without, their material conditions inducing a reaction that results in novel sexuality.

Although explicit study into causes of sexuality has become a minefield due to politics, it is known that the frequency of having been a victim of historic or ongoing abuse (sexual or domestic) among those who identify by novel sexualities is disproportionately high.

Culture has also increasingly normalised novel sexuality, pressing it strongly among youth through sex education and media. Alongside this is consumerism's encouragement of selfishness and its glorification of frivolous and indulgent lifestyles.

This is just absolute speculation.

It's not speculation, it's Platonic metaphysics.

Eugene Gant #homophobia #racist vdare.com

A person you’ve never heard of named Ana Ma wants Amazon to pick the location of its new headquarters to reflect the company’s stated commitment to “equal rights” for homosexuals and other deviants.
Madame Ma argues that Amazon chieftain Jeff Bezos shouldn’t pick any state where evil Republicans are pushing laws to protect Christians from the zealots who would silence them and force them to bake cakes for homosexual nuptials.

But I have an idea, given that Madame Ma and Mr. Bezos are very likely of the same kidney when it comes to their opinion of President Trump’s assessment of certain countries as “s**tholes.”

Bezos should put the company’s $5 billion headquarters in downtown Port au Prince, Haiti, which would not only be a real commitment to “equality,” but also bring thousands of jobs to a poverty-stricken country whose people, we are told, are just as good and smart as any stupid American. After all, the likes of Ma and Bezos do tell us that America should welcome people from everywhere. But he can save them a trip. Build Amazon’s headquarters in Haiti.

Bezos’ managers should also include a large number of homosexuals, who will, undoubtedly, be perfectly happy to uproot themselves from this racist, fascist nation to escape Trump and live instead in the warm embrace of the Haitian people.

Scott Lively #homophobia scottlively.net

{from 2014}

“It is true that I am a danger to the LGBT agenda (but not the people): not because of “hate,” but because of love. I love my God and His truth enough to keep standing unapologetically for Him in this demonic LGBT battle against His Kingdom, working to turn from Hell and from the awful earthly consequences of their sin the very people who want to hang me.

“To be clear, while I recognize the right of the democratically-elected government of Uganda to set its own laws and policies, I do not support the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Law as written, even after the removal of the death penalty provision, and did not advocate for it in Uganda. I have always said that it is too harsh. My Letter to the Ugandan Parliament and their reply is published here: http://www.defendthefamily.com/pfrc/newsarchives.php?id=3261726

“I do support the 2013 Russian law banning homosexual propaganda to minors, and take a small share of credit for inspiring that law by advocating for it in my 50-city speaking tour of the former Soviet Union in 2006-2007. Importantly, the homosexual movement’s desire to corrupt children is clearly revealed in their hysterical reaction to this very reasonable law that preserves the right to privacy and the personal freedoms of adult homosexuals. http://www.scottlively.net/2014/03/07/russia-the-united-states-and-human-rights/

Scott Lively #homophobia scottlively.net

{from 2014}

There is no human right to sodomy to be found in nearly 4000 years of human rights jurisprudence. It is an invention of Cultural Marxists in the late 20th century, and rests on their dangerous premise that the state, not God, grants us our rights. In fact, the “right” to sodomy is really an anti-right, because it can only be granted at the expense of the true human rights of religious freedom and family values. Thus, the first principle of the Magna Carta stood unbreakable in Britain for almost 800 years until the recent introduction of “sexual orientation regulations” (SORs) and the first principle of the First Amendment stood for over 200 years until SORs were passed here in the United States.

Today, both the Magna Carta and the First Amendment are deemed to be trumped by the “right to sodomy” in case after case, and pro-homosexual activist federal judges in the U.S. are striking down “Defense of Marriage” laws in the most morally conservative states in the union with brazen disregard for the constitution and the will of the people.

I ask you, which is the greater threat to human rights: Russia’s law preventing homosexual activists from disseminating their propaganda to children, or the lawless decrees of these American federal judges? I submit that the former is not a threat at all, but a reaffirmation of true human rights (in that case the right of parents to raise their children according to their own values), while the latter is an egregious affront to liberty and an undermining of respect for the rule of law, which endangers all human rights.

Scott Lively #homophobia scottlively.net

{from 2013}

Despite having won a landmark Supreme Court decision in 2000 upholding its constitutional right to discriminate against homosexuals as scout leaders, the Boy Scouts of America is today just inches away from crying “uncle” and caving in to “gay” pressure.

What is the secret weapon that has all but demolished the BSA’s defenses? Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs), specifically the sexual orientation anti-discrimination policies of the Boy Scouts largest corporate donors. Homosexual agitators are trying to force these corporations to ban donations to the Boy Scouts as a violation of their company SORs.

It’s a clever strategy, but it exposes these SORs for what they really are: a sword to attack people of faith, not a shield to defend “gays” from losing their jobs or their homes. It’s a lesson we should all have learned about the SORs by now given the steady stream of lawsuits by homosexual activists suing Christians for declining to bake their “wedding” cakes or print their “Gay Pride” posters, or such like.

The simple solution is to amend the SORs with a First Amendment Supremacy Clause: “Under no circumstance shall sexual orientation regulations supercede the First Amendment rights of individuals, churches and religious organizations to freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

For the purpose of this amendment religious organizations are those whose policies or culture are substantially influenced by religious values such as Christian bookstores, adoption agencies or hospitals, as well as companies like Hobby Lobby and Chick Fil A, and social organizations like the Boy Scouts of America and Christian student clubs on college campuses.”

This amendment would stop 99% of abuses by “gay rights” aggressors while preserving 99% of anti-discrimination protections for homosexuals. It would also save the Boy Scouts. It should immediately be adopted by every city, state, corporation, college, association and government agency with SORs.

Vdare.com reader #dunning-kruger #wingnut #homophobia #conspiracy vdare.com

One of the key factors which, to me. explains the Left's takeover of our society is their abduction and perversion of the language. In the Appendix to 1984, George Orwell wrote:

"The purpose of Newspeak was not only to provide a medium of expression for the world-view and mental habits proper to the devotees of Ingsoc, but to make all other modes of thought impossible. It was intended that when Newspeak had been adopted once and for all and Oldspeak forgotten, a heretical thought — that is, a thought diverging from the principles of Ingsoc — should be literally unthinkable, at least so far as thought is dependent on words. Its vocabulary was so constructed as to give exact and often very subtle expression to every meaning that a Party member could properly wish to express, while excluding all other meanings and also the possibility of arriving at them by indirect methods. This was done partly by the invention of new words, but chiefly by eliminating undesirable words and by stripping such words as remained of unorthodox meanings, and so far as possible of all secondary meanings whatever."

We see this exact strategy applied today: "gay" substituted for sodomite, "enslaved persons" for slaves, "hate" for any reason for disagreeing with The Agenda, "youth" for thugs, "equity" for equality under the law, "differently abled" for disabled, etc., etc. The list goes on and on, including such absurd neologisms as "Homophobia" and "Environmental 'Justice.'" Then there are words that only certain people are allowed to speak, an extension that even Orwell didn't think of.

By adopting these perverted terms we legitimatize them and participate in our own destruction. I suggest we make an effort to resist using these terms, or at least challenging them. For example, I have started using "Income Diversity" instead of "Income Inequality." The beauty of this is that it highlights the fact that "Diversity" isn't the Universal Good that the Elite preach.

"Celebrate Income Diversity!"

Ann Coulter #racist #homophobia #dunning-kruger vdare.com

Numerous documentaries have covered Afghanistan’s practice of “bacha bazi," or “boy play.” This includes such “fuming racist all-capsing” productions as Vice Media’s “This Is What Winning Looks Like” and Najibullah Quraishi’s “The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan.”

In the Vice Media documentary, after a young boy is shot trying to escape his indigenous sodomizer, a U.S. Marine demands that the barracks be searched and any Afghan policemen hiding children be tried and jailed.

The Afghan police chief replies: "[The boys] like being there and giving their asses at night." He demands of the U.S. Marine: "If [my commanders] don't f*ck the asses of those boys, what should they f*ck? The p*ssies of their own grandmothers?”

Thank heaven we have "Law & Order: SVU" to expose NRA members!

In the brain of a “queer, Jewish feminist,” the thought process is: I personally don’t enjoy this perfectly traditional, masculine, Anglo-Saxon sport of hunting; therefore, I will portray American male hunters as butt-raping their own sons.

“Toxic masculinity” today: Dads don’t show up to their sons' soccer practice in time because they’re too busy working 60 hours a week to put a roof over their families' heads.

“Toxic masculinity” tomorrow: Dads demand the right to anally rape little boys—else they “f*ck? the p*ssies of their own grandmothers."

Anonymous #homophobia #transphobia #conspiracy #wingnut desuarchive.org

It's less deviant than homosexuality and nobody can prove otherwise. Compare a zoophile who maintains a normal family life with his or her animal lover in plain sight to a fag who has to go out of town for secret buttsex adventures until he gives his wife aids, or some mutilated tranny monster. The same propaganda machine that forced normies to tolerate faggots could easily do the same for animal fuckers if the lever pullers wanted to, but it seems that the sexual revolution has passed over the beast question and is going straight to pedophilia. This is probably because the entire purpose of the faggot/tranny/pedo agenda is to promote antisocial behaviors, and sex with animals doesn't provide the same ROI.

Consent theory is unsound, idiotic feminist gibberish when it concerns humans, let alone animals, and the only reason it gets misapplied to animals is because it's the only moral framework that liberal morons can grasp to justify their emotional rejection and disgust (keep in mind that these reddit ethicists could easily be forced to unconditionally accept zoo just as they accepted homos and trannies if the order came down from their masters). These retards treat "consent" like some intractable metaphysical problem as if we aren't discussing creatures that mindlessly rape and brutalize whatever they feel like, or claim that domestic animals possess the theory of mind to trick humans into unwittingly abusing them (but are somehow still too stupid to communicate "no").

It's really nobody's business what a man or woman does with his dog, horse, sheep, etc. so long as the creature isn't being subjected to serious pain or injury. It certainly shouldn't be more damaging to a man's reputation than being outed as an HIV+ gay anal degenerate meth addict, but this is the world we live in.

House Negro Award

Look at me! I'm not like those Other Queers! I'm one of the Good Ones!

YourClairyGodmother #elitist #god-complex #dunning-kruger #homophobia #transphobia deviantart.com

It's because of behavior and people like this that make those who oppose LGBTQ people dislike people in the LGBTQ community. People become transphobic and homophobic through this toxic behavior and attitude. As this behavior is common among a group of people, the transphobe/homophobe will view ALL trans and gay people as crazy "SJW" types, which will lead to them saying nasty things such as "That's not and will never be a real man/woman" when a trans woman or man asks to use a certain bathroom, or "Keep your political agenda out of my face" when they see an innocent gay couple kiss. It's general homophobia and transphobia caused by blokes like the Twitter crazies and the Tumblr loons making us all look bloody insane.

This is why when someone says "You're a lesbian and sane" and "You should be the face of all lesbians" to me I am both flattered and mortified. Flattered because, well who doesn't like a compliment, but mortified that I am an EXCEPTION and not the NORM. I know, I should be happy I stand out, but according to them I am the "good example", which sucks because it reminds me that there's so many SJW-type LGBTQ nut bars running around that I, a frankly normal person that is just living her life, am an EXCEPTION. I am an exception because the "others" are presented to the general public thanks to social media and the news as freaks and weirdos and, yes, bigots.

And that is my personal theory on how LGBTQ-phobia is spread by other "SJWS" and people of the like, making people like me once upon a time, skeptical and even hostile and snotty towards LGBTQ members. This is just something I needed to get off my chest. It's not a perfect theory, but that is what my brain thought up.

YourClairyGodmother #homophobia #dunning-kruger #elitist #transphobia #pratt deviantart.com

It's not so called "bigots" that cause homophobia/transphobia. It's the bigots that claim to fight against bigotry. The transtrenders, the "you don't need dysphoria to be trans" people, the "gay is my only trait" kind of homosexual, the "respect my pronouns or else" kind of person.


I should know, I was affected by these people screaming "stop being a bigot", to a point where I became an anti-SJW and said some pretty distasteful things towards people such as those who identify as non-binary and people who had different views on certain topics. Which to me at the time, was "SJW nonsense", as Google Trends show non-binary as a VERY recent thing, not as old as gay or trans. Not to mention, all the people I met who identified as NB were all insufferable "regressive" types. And it's THOSE PEOPLE, the ones who treated their "identity" as a bypass get-out-of-jail free card and an excuse to deflect criticism, that made my view on NB people sour. Which lead me to discredit actual people with gender dysphoria that need to be NB to cope. Not the "alt-right transphobes", but these people who take a serious issue like gender dysphoria and treat it like a freaking fashion trend or something that's "for fun". Or worse, pretend they have a mental illness or some other disorder to cry oppression, making people less kind to actual people with issues.

Gong Qian #homophobia #racist #wingnut globaltimes.cn

Political correctness to destroy Hollywood's reputation one day

The hashtag "how serious is the involution in Hollywood due to political correctness" began trending on Chinese social media on Monday. British writer J. K. Rowling's recent suffering, Disney's live action Snow White, the gay superhero in Marvel films… The batch of operations for political correctness in Hollywood has been satirized by many Chinese netizens, and if Hollywood continues down this road, it will dig its own grave and destroy its reputation one day.

The newest "joke" for most Chinese netizens came after Rowling did not appear for celebrations at the 20th anniversary of the film Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Yes, this is ironic: a writer who created the great IP was expelled by those who adapted her work. But HBO Max still insisted on not inviting the writer out of fear of being criticized for not obeying the rule of "political correctness."

Another series of changes that made most Chinese netizens' jaws drop is that the live action adaptations of Disney's classic works The Little Mermaid and Snow White have changed the protagonists from "white" to "black" and "Latino mixedrace." The more interesting part is that Gal Gadot, the bewitching woman who is in line with the beauty of white people, is going to play the evil queen in Snow White. Don't you think the picture might be really weird?

The recently released Eternals shows Marvel Studio's first gay superhero kiss. However, this brave attempt did not help Marvel win big at the box office at the worldwide film market. Many countries have banned the release of Eternals.

They made the decision not to achieve a better performance both in reputation and market, but mainly due to political correctness.

Look at the 2020's Oscars, even many filmmakers and media from the West started to mock the Academy Awards as becoming too "political correct."

New York Post wrote the article "political correctness at 2020 Oscars exposes Hollywood's hypocrisy."

Lundy Lawrence #homophobia #fundie deviantart.com

[This is a heavily abridged version of her DA bio. Click the link for the full text.]

I'm just gonna say this now so people can leave right now if it's too much of an eyesore, especially after having a friend pull some BS on me and other friends all of a sudden in 2017 over this opinion that added to my devastation that college year: I am not a Christian that condones homosexuality.

No matter how butthurt that makes some people, either you bear with the disagreement and live and let live like a sane and normal person, or hit that X button right tf now and spare me more BS from ignorant people who think disagreement = I MUST hate you or think you deserve hell for 'insert sin'.

You can consider even something as chill as live and let live 'homophobic' if you want and be an ignorant lying douche about my personhood, but I refuse to let that nor a religion justify treating LGBT people like dirt JUST for being LGBT. That's disgusting; we are all humans first and that is how I view any and everyone.

It's most likely because they know there's a difference between a preference in relationships or sexual behavior, and trying to FORCE/GUILT people to be how you'd prefer, or treating them like shit because of your different opinion.

If you expect to befriend me, don't act brain dead all of a sudden and try to dehumanize me and every other like-minded 'unupdated' Christian over that opinion because of your own salt against 'unupdated' Christianity because some Christians decided to go by what they thought GOD meant, and not by what man wants or what other people do.

Idgaf about other people; what kind of Christian changes her shit because of what someone else is doing anyways? You pull that backstabbing shit with me or any of my friends suggesting I'm still a homophobe no matter how much I have loved you and proved otherwise, and to even suggest that I should change my beliefs or I apparently hated you all along or something, and I want no part with you.

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