The 2021 Fundie of the Year awards #announcement blog

It’s the 2021 Fundie of the Year awards, that time of year when we recognize the fundies that stood out the most.

As always, our first step is a nomination round. Leave a comment on this blog post to nominate someone for an award, and second the nomination by starring it. Put in some justification in the form of a link. For example, if I wanted to nominate My Mother The Car for best TV show, I’d write this:


[b]Best TV show: My Mother The Car[/b]

For its clever writing, progressive values, and believable premise.

If you’re having trouble finding stuff, might I suggest the shiny advanced search function? You can search for stuff based on text, fundie name, tag, and date range.

The other major new thing going on here is a bit of much-needed election reform. The previous FOTY awards were done by posting comments saying who you were voting for, and manually counting votes. This was annoying, for many reasons:

- It discriminated against mobile users, who had trouble filling in the ballots.
- Since you picked one candidate to vote for, you got vote splitting. Doing it in multiple stages lessened the effect, but does not eliminate vote splitting entirely. This not only messed up the outcome, but would also influences who gets nominated, because everybody intuitively knows about it.
- Manually counting votes is work. I don’t like work, so the announcements got delayed.

All of these problems are solved by the new implementation of score voting, which you’ll get to use once the nominations are done. You give each candidate a score from 1 to 5, and the candidate with the highest mean score wins.

Now, if only we could get score voting implemented in elections that actually matter…


The categories

The following categories will almost certainly be used in the election round. You can nominate other awards that you want, just like you nominate candidates for these awards. If others propose candidates for your award idea, we’ll put it on the ballot.


- Religious #fundie of the year
- Right-wing #wingnut of the year
- Left-wing #moonbat of the year
- #conspiracy theorist of the year
- #ableist of the year
- #racist of the year
- #sexist of the year
- Grifter <#mammon>-worshipper of the year
- COVIDiot of the year
- Heteronormative Crusader Award for #homophobia, #transphobia, and #kinkshaming


- Jack Chick Memorial Award for worst piece of art
- Dr. Nick Riviera Award for dumbest piece of quack medicine
- Magnetic Crank Award for quotes with more than three #tags
- One-liner of the Year: two sentences and 280 characters max
- Funniest quote
- Most disturbing quote

Special Awards:

- Chicken Little Award for predictions that didn’t come true. As a special exception, you can nominate quotes from previous years, where the prophesy was supposed to come true by 2021 and didn’t.

Other nominations:

- Website of the year
- Quote submitter of the year
- Commenter of the year: please click the #12345 number to get a link to just the comment
- Troll of the year: a special award for fundies that show up in the comment section


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